706,000 Send Canada Day Message

History is being made in Canada today. Not just the fact that this is our country’s 143rd birthday; not because Queen Elizabeth has joined the celebrations; not not even because the HST has come into effect.

No, history is being made because, for the first time since Confederation, the PEOPLE have sent the most important Canada Day message … to our “leaders” and our politicians and all their strategists and all their apologists: WE”RE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Usually on Canada Day the message come in the other direction: from the Premier, the Opposition Leader, the Prime Minister, the Governor General and all kinds of other officials and self-designated imaginary potentates who think we are moved, stimulated and  impressed by their message.

But the real message that moved, stimulated and impressed me was the one delivered yesterday, in time for Canada Day,  by 706,000 British Columbians and will resound with ALL elected officials across the country: don’t mess with us anymore …we’ve had it!

They said it couldn’t be done; the pundits laughed, chuckled and derided the man leading the charge; the government was so arrogant they didn’t even register to take part in the fight … but Wednesday former Premier Bill Vander Zalm made them all eat humble pie when he delivered petitions signed by more than 706,000 British Columbians … ALL of them VOTERS!! … to Elections B.C. opposing the much hated HST, trying to force the BC government to cancel the tax or hold a referendum on it.

Of course, the tax went into effect today, as the majority Liberal government directed under legislation passed earlier: but the victory is clearly NOT the government’s.

The PEOPLE have won the day,  openly and with determination, sending their own Canada Day message:

Don’t lie to us; don’t deceive us; don’t take us for fools; don’t think we aren’t watching; don’t think we are all totally complacent; don’t believe we won’t mobilize; don’t dream we won’t strike back; and, don’t think you’ll pay for your disdain of us!

Premier Gordon Campbell is the biggest loser in all this. He may have his tax, and will no doubt reap some sort of corporate/political reward down the reward in the not-too-distant future … but his personal reputation, after more than 30 years of public service, lies in the gutter.  Disliked; disrespected, disbelieved, dishonoured and disdained by the the majority of the very same people who trusted him and elected him: a tragic figure of Shakespearean proportions.

And I believe the reasons for his public fall from grace goes beyond the HST.

Talk to people and there are many other things they are also very unhappy with in this “the best place on earth”, even though they may not personally be affected … right now. Like….

The $8/hour minimum wage …or the even more incredible $6/hour “training” wage …  the lowest in Canada: unchanged since 2001 and a disgrace that should embarrass us all;

The disgraceful treatment of our paramedics … still struggling for a fair wage agreement … but denied both binding arbitration and also the right to strike … modern day slaves under Campbell’s Liberal government’s twisted labour policies;

The promise NOT to sell BC Rail …but then effectively in the eyes of many doing just that, with a 900-year lease to CNR  of the rail bed, in my view thumbing their noses at the voters;

The pre-election lies about the province’s deficit situation, so wildly out of whack, it had to be deliberate or an example of the worst financial incompetence, rivaling the NDP’s fast ferry fiasco;

Speaking of the fast ferries, what about the $800 million convention centre overrun … just another mistake?

And all those cuts to hospitals, schools, kids, community centres …while piling millions into the pockets of those who will profit (including the huge casino/hotel being built next door) from the $458 million BC Place new roof project (wait for the final bill on that one!) on BC Place.

There IS a message in the public’s anger and that’s why so many were motivated to get out, seek out and walk or drive to an anti-HST rallying point just to sign the petition … even thousands upon thousands who readily admitted igt wasn’t so much the HST itself that brought them into action … but the overall deceit and disatisfaction with Campbell and his government.

Campbell will pay; many current Liberal MLAs will pay: the message from the people has not yet been completely delivered.  Just the first part.

Happy Canada Day!

Harv Oberfeld

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24 Responses to 706,000 Send Canada Day Message

  1. sunshine coast girl says:

    Delivering the petitions yesterday was the highlight of my life. Everyone was so giddy you would have sworn they were drunk, and none had touched a drop. You could FEEL the power of the people. And it hasn’t diminished at all; in fact it’s grown. It’s an honour to be part of this.

    You’re right HO. The message has not yet been completely delivered. This is simply the first salvo to be delivered in the war that Campbell, Hansen, the other Liberal MLAs and their big business cronies started. We will finish it. Recall in the fall!

  2. Kim says:

    Canvassing signatures was also a great experience. I found I didn’t have to explain things to people, just sit back and they came to me in droves! I felt empowered and I felt much more a part of society in such a good way.

  3. J.S. says:

    I still think the HST is a good idea, especially for low-income people. Cheques arrive next Monday in your bank accounts, many of you, and maybe even me!

    I also realize, and must respect, that the anti-HST campaign was a catch-all of rage by primarily NDP voters, angered that they’ve been out of power for almost a decade because of a series of incompetent party leaders and their catastrophic missteps. Fast Ferries anyone?

    To these well-meaning, but very edgy folks, I say be careful what you wish for. What DO you wish for? Another NDP government with higher taxes and a big business evacuation out of BC?

    The Campbell Liberals have had their problems, and still do. Show me a government that meets your impossible standard of “perfect”. There ain’t one. And Utopia, tried by Pol Pot and other Commies, didn’t happen. Too many dead people.

    The world is much different NOW than it was in 2001. I don’t know; but if the NDP were still in power, how would it be handling things? No clue.

    It’s great to be angry. It’s great to say “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Fine, get mad, get over it. But be careful as you try to get even. That could get dangerous and innocent people could get hurt. If a recall campaign starts up this fall, consider the potential economic fall-out.

    Step back from your non-alcoholic giddiness, and try to see BC’s role in the rest of the world.
    We’re still small spuds, not some world-size major player where angry left-wing voters can somehow sway the course of world history to fit their particular Utopian aims.

    Don’t soil the nest. Which you are. Be responsible for your own actions and don’t take the rest of us down with your ship.

    Also, watch the fox in the hen house. Mr. Vander Zalm, who spent big bucks fighting the GST when he was in office, and failed, is playing you like fiddles; the Pied Piper of BC, leading zombies.

    Ask, what’s in it for him? Another premiership leading a hard right-wing party that will make the Liberals look like socialists? Something like that? I dunno. You tell me, you political rocket scientists. Apparently you’re so sure of everything. Solutions provided my mobs. Read your history.

    (Response: I think you’re very wrong about one thing. The anti-HST rage was “catch-all of rage by primarily NDP voters”., To the contrary…the NDPers have been angry about a lot of things since the last election, but they could never raise such widespread interest in their issues. The real rage lately is coming from non-NDPers ..people who believed in and trusted and voted for the Libs …and then came after election day came to feel they had been lied to, deceived, taken for fools and disrespected. They are the angriest…the ones raging the most. h.o)

  4. Jack Bennest says:

    Now – to bad the NDP was not able to capitalize on that anger. Maybe capitalize is the wrong word. Now – to bad the NNDP was not able to unify and exploit that anger. Maybe exploit is the wrong word. Harvey can help me I am sure.

    (Response: Not that they haven’t tried! 🙂 The NDP will never convince dedicated anti-NDP right-wing conservatives to vote for them … no matter how badly the Libs do. BUT they don’t have to do that: all they have to do is convince enough non-aligned in the middle to move their way, encourage enough angry people who have never voted to get out this time and also hope that enough on the right stay away from voting as a protest or move their votes with some other third party .. and election night would be really interesting. However, history has shown the Libs are terrific at raising the “scare” factor as election day nears ..esp when the corporately-owned media, editorialists, talk show hosts etc pick up their refrain. And with “a new, improved” Lib leader to boot? h.o)

  5. sunshine coast girl says:

    Too bad the NDP doesn’t seem to have the will to say what they intend. All they have to do is come right out and clearly say that one of the first things they will do if elected, is to either rescind the HST or hold a binding referendum. Apparently they seem unable to do that. Doesn’t look too good guys. Get it together! Lots of New Democrats not too thrilled with their party right now!

    (Response: Actually what I’d really like them to say is how, if they shift the tax burden away from consumers, where do they intend to get the lost income? Increase corporate taxes? Income taxes? We need openness and transparency from all our politicians ..not just the Libs, but the NDP and Conservatives as well. h.o)

  6. Crankypants says:

    It was great to see the citizens of BC respond to the NOHST Initiative in such huge numbers. I’ve read many articles on the Globe & Mail website about the campaign, and there were many comments from people in Ontario who wish they had the opportunity to voice their displeasure with the HST in the same way.

    I think for the first time in many years the people feel engaged again. Maybe this will actually lead to more people participating in future elections.

    I would hope that the government deals with the initiative in the house rather than waste the time and money holding a referendum. The time for a drawn out debate should have been before implementation of the HST, not after the fact.

    Kudos to Bill Vander Zalm, Chris Delaney and Bill Tieleman for leading the charge from the getgo. The cheap shots they took from from the majority of the MSM, the BC Liberal MLAs and the political pundits could not have been easy to listen to by them. Maybe the crap thrown their way gave them greater resolve, who knows.

    And a great big thank you must go to all the canvassers. They invested many, many hours of their personal time to make this happen. I’m sure they all had dozens of other things they would rather have been doing.

    Let’s hope that there can be a few successful recalls to really put our politicians on notice that we are not just their personal piggy banks, no matter which party they belong to.

    (Response: At some point, I hope some sociologist or information analyst also looks at how important the internet (bloggers included) was in promoting, helping organize and getting the vote out in the anti-HST campaign. It sure wasn’t promoted by the MSM …in fact it was derided and Vander Zalm was laughed at and castigated. And the media sure didnt provide free advertising space as a public service to spread the word, help organize oir tell people exactly where they could sign. It was all done on the Internet…through websites and blogs and e-mails … certaintly a new historic record in terms of informing and motivating British Columbians. That’s worth a story in itself ..but don’t look for it in the MSM. 🙂 h.o.)

  7. tf says:

    J.S. says –
    “What DO you wish for? Another NDP government with higher taxes and a big business evacuation out of BC?”
    I have to raise the big question about vision in our province – this province has so much going for it. Why do we have to sell it to the highest bidder? Why do people say we need big business? I say that we don’t. I say that our job as informed and active citizens is to look out for our province. Let’s operate from a position of power and let big business beg to be here.
    J.S. also says –
    “…try to see BC’s role in the rest of the world.
    We’re still small spuds, not some world-size major player where angry left-wing voters can somehow sway the course of world history to fit their particular Utopian aims.”
    Again – why do we have to be a world-size player? What for? Does it benefit you J.S.? It only goes to benefit the global corporations owned by a handful of billionaires. I say proudly that I care for my neighbours and I work to benefit all of us. You can label that however you want but I say work for the benefit of your community, not the stakeholders of big business.
    Thanks for letting me rant Harvey!

    (Response; My pleasure. And thousands upon thousands have now heard you. 🙂 h.o

  8. Henri Paul says:

    sunshine coast girl // Jul 2, 2010 at 12:34 am
    Too bad the NDP doesn’t seem to have the will to say what they intend
    (Revised)Too bad the NDP doesn’t have the guts to immediately replace Carol James , as she will again be their undoing at election time, guaranteed.

  9. DM Johnston says:

    Let us not forget Mr. Campbell’s pet RAV/Canada Line, first pegged at $1.3 billion, which has ballooned to about (according to Susan Heyes) $2.8 billion! To add insult to injury, the costs for RAV were escalating so fast, that the scope of the projects was cut back to such an extent that it is the only heavy-tail metro in the world that doesn’t have the capacity of a simple streetcar line, costing a fraction to build.

    Cost to increase capacity when needed…………

    Are you ready for this………….

    Drum-roll please……………………

    Ta – da – $1 billion to $2 billion more!

    Campbell and crew make Glen Clark look very good in retrospect and I do yearn for the bad old 90’s when people actually has money to spend.

    (Response: Exactly! Funny how so many who recall over and over again NDP gaffs forget or downplay Lib ones so quickly. h.o)

  10. AJ says:

    I’m out of the province, did the world as we know it come to an end on July 1 or did the media fine a new pony to ride?

    (Response: The sky did not fall …but clearly the media and their pundits are upset that the people have tried to derail the Lib government’s HST: the latest arguments are that how will we now pay for all the services we need. hmm… wasn’t the tax touted as revenue neutral? More on this in my next blog. h.o.)

  11. J.S. says:

    Hi tf,

    No, I don’t think BC should be tarted up and sold to the highest corporate, or labour union, bidder. No Way, Jose.

    British Columbia is an incredibly special place (I was born here towards the end of WW2). BC’s geographic location and resource base give it very muscular potential that first manifested itself during the reign of WACCY Bennett, who wasn’t wacky at all, but extremely cunning and a British Columbian through and through. A good man.

    He had big dreams and he made them happen. He laid the infrastructure (highways, hydro dams and ferries) to get this province into the real world as a viable economic player which it still is.

    What holds this province’s development back is a lack of people. Four million in an area 30 per cent larger than California which has 36 million pop.

    When I say development, I don’t mean cutting down every tree and expelling every aging hippie.

    I mean “development”. It is an all-encompassing word that caters to the current and future needs of the population. The people must determine developments. And they do through a variety of levers available in a democracy including this HST-whine.

    We must be careful what we wish for, because our future is tied up with what’s going on elsewhere in this world.We all know by now the perilous condition of the world’s economy.
    And we must, therefore be mindful of our behavior which is noticed elsewhere. Amazing though BC is, we are not indispensible to the world.

    Big business, not big government, supplies the money to make things happen. That’s the way it is. Government merely taxes them, and the rest of us, and redistributes OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY for the “greater good.”

    Corporations, are not owned by billionaires. That’s stupid. Some shareholders are billionaires, but if you own a mutual fund or collect the CPP you are a shareholder. But are you also one of those horrible billionaires? That’s why corporate profits are so neccessary. It is the grease that keeps it all going and keeps coins in your pocket.

    If you want government to go into business then welcome to the former USSR, East Germany, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, old commie China. How about Saudia Arbaia, Syria, and other “democracies”?

    To say that you can grow B.C. without big business is utter nonsense, tf.

    Can’t and won’t happen. If it could then it would have happened by now.

    People have choices, and that includes shareholders, who can band together, and they do, to effect change within corporations which, once again, are created and run by actual people to make things and make money.

  12. DanR. says:

    But all for not. Campbell does not care about the people, his business cronies are fighting it on constitutional grounds (Why I wonder? an out for Campbell? as it is non binding Campbell can vote it down, it is like he does not want to be blamed?)

    Why isn’t Harper and Iggy getting lamed as much as Campbell either?

    (Response: Because Harper diidn’t promise one thing and do another just a few days after his election! And I don’t believe the protest is all for not. Yes we have the HST and I’m not sure the NDP would do away with it. BUT the message now sent to all politicians is don’t promise one thing and then break your promise so blatantly so soon after the election or you and possibly even your party will be turned to toast! h.o)

  13. cassandra says:

    Campbell and Hansen just do not get it, as either citizens or as politicians.

    It is not the amount of the HST that afflicts us as individual citizens – it is that the way Hansen in particular introduced the HST had the same feeling as being robbed at gun point – the sense of violation lasts for years.

    And any liberal supporter that thinks this is a minor blip had better think again – the socialist hordes fit the mantle of a “liberal” far easier than the present provincial liberal party.

    (Response: I agree the fallout will last a long time … the Libs only hope is to get rid of Campbell… and probably Hansen too … pick a new leader ublemished by being part of their current caucus (Taylor, Watts ?) and hope the NDP stick with Carol James. h.o)

  14. patrick bell (NOT THE MLA) says:

    The Zalm and Delaney were basically scoffed at when this whole thing started. And they pulled it off….now bring on the recalls ….pick off each one of these vulnerable MLAs one at a time and send a message out that Democracy is alive and well in the province of BC…funny, just when we thought Vander Zalm was down and out…got to hand it to him…

    If the BC Conservatives can attract the hard core Liberals and some of the NDPers, the BC Liberals will suffer the same fate as the former SoCreds…

    So much for Campbell’s legacy…toast 🙂

    J.S. Well argued. A healthy private sector is the key to the well being of any jurisdiction…and it doesn’t have to be in the form of a complete sellout the way we are currently seeing it by the current regime…

    (Response: I don’t think a reborn provincial Conservative paqrty would pull much support from NDPers..BUT it definitely could draw former Liberals (many of whom were always conservatives anyway) and a lot of middle-roaders, who want an alternative, but not NDP. h.o)

  15. Kam L says:

    I have just arrived back from the USA. We did some shopping, etc, This is the sad facts about the trip, are you listening colin (edited..h.o) hansen? Money saved above and beyond my wildest dreams. I saved $12.00 in fuel costs, $40.00 in food costs!That was on purchases of $110.00, quite a savings. (That was only one day there) The (edited) said that we would be charged 12% as we came across the border, nope. We not only saved the HST, we saved a lot of money besides that tax. We will be going south as much as we can, good work (edited) hansen! I figure we will save about $1000.00 per year minimum. So colin, take the (edited) campbell and just go! RECALL IN THE FALL!

    (Response: Some really good info and interesting figures. I wish, though, you wouldn’t name call …it may feel good, but it takes away from your arguments. h.o)

  16. patrick bell (NOT THE MLA) says:

    Harvey. I’m a regular NDP voter and I’ll vote conservative……I’m not hard left though…I consider myself middle of the road. I know a lot of NDPers that won’t vote for the current version of the party….they haven’t really progressed. Same ol’ Same ol’ They are wishy washy with no clear agenda…..
    be interesting though…some to the Greens, the hardcore faithful still with the NDP and a Conservative alternative to the Libs….predictions ?

    (Response: But what if the NDP had a new leader, a new platform (at least until after the election 🙂 and a better campaign than they had last time ? h.o )

  17. Ian says:

    Three things about Carole James and the NDP:

    1. They’ve played the petition exactly right. Making this about the NDP would have politicized the effort and led to its failure. But MLAs and party constiuency organizations have taken leadership roles at the local level, generating volunteers and support. Without that the petition would not have been successful.

    2. James and her caucus eviscerated the Government for three months in the house, generating story after story about the HST destroying the government’s spin. James and Ralston have been particularly effective. In contrast Campbell and Hansen have been made to look like the pathetic lying fools they are on this and many other issues.

    3. To lay out a complete and final HST ‘recall’ strategy three years before the election is foolish. A real leader needs to think three years down the road and consider the factors that could be in place that will determine how to make change. Check Chretien’s about face on the GST – his rash promise made him a liar on the GST.

    In three years BC may have surpluses that allow all kinds of options, the federal government may be led by a different party and prime minister giving us more negotiating room, including forgiveness of the $1.6 billion bribe.

    Most importantly we may be able to situate the HST into the real debate – the shift under Campbell from a progressive income tax to a regressive user fee and consumer tax driven system that rewards the well off and hits the middle class and lower. That would be truly progressive and bold.

    A real leader thinks ahead and leaves herself the room to do big and important things. I’m biased but I think James’ has done that with a promise that says action on the HST but action that serves British Columbians well for a long time. It’s the reverse of Campbell’s short term decision to lie about the deficit and HST during the election and then change direction three days after a debased win.

    (Response: I agree with most of your points …but I believe Carol James would lead the NDP to another defeat. Sure, she could probably beat Campbell … but the big money behind the Libs know that and he will be gone … well rewarded for his work on their behalf ..but gone. I think a new Liberal leader, such as Watts, or Taylor, or Leckstrom or ??? would have an advantage over James ..a new look, a winning record etc and be able to play, once more, to the fears many still have about disaster under an NDP government. I suspect the NDP know this and James will retire … but in politics, like comedy, timing is everything. Wait for it. h.o)

  18. A Dave says:

    I have to say it is quite impressive to see British Columbians bucking the trend of voter apathy and the feeling of helplessness in the face of indifferent, arrogant, autocratic government. It’s true that on some of the national news sites Ontarians are feeling sadly impotent as they see our province unite against Campbell, while their population does nothing. I’ve noticed that, in general, people are speaking out about local issues more, and rallying support against proposals (in Vancouver, the towers proposed in many neighbourhoods) that would have passed with little opposition in the past except for a few professional activists. The grassroots hold immense power, and it is very heartening to see people beginning to realize that they can influence important outcomes.

    The HST is not some magic cure-all, r.s., and you should maybe check some facts first before you make this endorsement. One thing I noticed when researching the HST (as a small biz owner) was that the Liberals made machinery and construction equipment (the largest capital costs of any business) PST exempt way back in 2001. This was designed to stimulate forestry and mining sectors, create job growth in these sectors, and encourage capital investment – the exact same reasoning for the HST rebate for business.

    Sadly, Stats Can shows that despite this major corporate concession in 2001, BC has lagged the Canadian average in capital investment of equipment and machinery and investment intensity, and the forest industry has lost nearly 40,000 jobs in BC since Campbell took over. The only measurable difference is that corporations operating in BC (mostly American owned) have since soared ahead of the rest of Canada in terms of profit, by a whopping 2.5 times the national average.

    The fact is, Campbell’s and rs’s reasoning should be based on real data, rather than largely discredited economic theory. If these sectors have not been paying PST on major capital investments for 10 years now, how in the heck will charging the PST and rebating it back somehow stimulate 100,000 jobs and create corporate investment? Not paying the PST failed miserably and didn’t accomplish anything other than to increase foreign corporate profits. So why on earth does anyone in the business community believe the HST will accomplish anything different? Sadly, I think they know the facts, and are only licking their chops at the prospect of higher profits on the backs of taxpayers.

  19. Willy P says:

    I own and operate a small service based business. Yesterday was the start of collecting HST and not a very pleasant one for my customers or myself. Om gross receipts of $600 , I asked them to cough up another 7%, on top of the existing 5%. A service call of $90 now nets at $100.80, but I will lose some customers over this and I will no doubt be approached for a “cash deal”. I’ve resisted that temptation in my 30 years of self employment, but not as a stamp of approval with what governments waste my tax money on, but more in the line of keeping my business of value and basic honesty.
    A simple look at the proponents of the judicial review will show some pretty serious money flowed from them to Liberal coffers. I’ve also looked at the slope provincial corporate taxes have been lowered and see why the government coffers are bare. I’m fed up with lies, deceit and Gordo’s “fine print” . Time for him and the rest of his marionettes to GO!

  20. Lynn says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. Economy and future success depends on a lot more than just big business.
    It does start with a selfless dream to provide a future. There is no disputing the fact that Mr. WAC Bennett had several to sustain this province for decades. He was a man who I believe loved this province and it’s potential. He wanted the resources of this province to remain with it’s citizens.
    I don’t bestow the same to your friend campbell.
    Selling off crown assets contradicts Bennett’s legacy. I always found it ammusing how gordie would take a run up to Kelowna for a photo op with Bill Bennett around election time.
    Shifting taxes from business (that already had the lowest applied taxes in the country) to a debt burdened consumer is not the answer.
    Also, it has been predicted by economists that a subprime like debacle is coming to Canada.
    you know js, if businesses ran themselves like the government does they would be out of business. Oh wait a minute-that doesn’t happen anymore because of corporate welfare bailouts.
    Simple solutions simply do not work anymore because one entity wants all the marbles without regard of future.
    Taxing, taxing and more taxing is not the answer either. Especially when those whom are being taxed are NOT getting value for what they are being taxed for.
    I am getting taxed so a non-canadian company can reap profits due to infastructure contracts while some of my fellow canadians wait for scans, or their children lose educational funding, or so affordable power disappearing? Tell me js, is that the BC or Canada WAC Bennett envisioned following your birth in the 40’s?
    I think not.
    The new business model being run about now by business big or small is not the answer.
    Unless of course you are the big business.

  21. Lynn says:

    Patrick Bell (NTMLA)
    I was scoffed at by friends for attending the first HST rally. I swear I could hear laughing as I walked away from those who echoed the liberal marketing lines.
    Now that you have totaled up your cross border savings add to your cost the value of your time. Say 10 bucks an hour. You waited at the border line ups for a few hours heading south and then north.
    Now calculate the loss of value in your own community because you choose to support American intiatives over Canadian ones. I believe you didn’t save any money in the long term. Stepping on a 20 dollar bill to pick up a 5’er is not a cost effective way of saving anything.
    There is a better way, Kam.
    You can go to independent businesses, and ask for a better deal. If they say no, explain the pricing is too high and you will go down the street.
    Remember, there is no law saying you have to pay retail!
    There IS room in their margins to make a deal with you. Consider a business’s overhead costs. Low
    Business tax, low employee wages. Low consumption lighting.
    Low lease costs. Inventory on demand so money isn’t tied up by sitting on the shelf for extended periods of time.
    Do not be afraid to ask for a deal. The worst is they say no the best is you have the power to walk away.
    There is also value in being a loyal customer to a small business.

    (Response: I think small local businesses should also adopt the “restaurant delivery” policy: you know, they ask “How will you be paying?”, and if you say credit card, you get an official traceable bill, but if you choose cash, the only “bill” comes from one of those cheap paper receipt books they probably buy somewhere for a dime apiece … totally untraceable. I also wonder if they also pay for many of their delivered vegs and supplies in cash. There is also nothing illegal about offering and paying cash. Especially when government imposes taxes without representatiion. Cash saves the retailer/service provider those credit card commissions they pay, makes possible lower prices, and it’s not our business to ensure they declare all their sales to the government …esp governments that so disrespect the consumer. h.o)

  22. Ian says:

    Just got on the ferry and am using the lounge. Did the semi public/private ferry corp lower their prices to accommodate the hst? No, they took advantage of it to raise the lounge price 20% to $12 from $10.

    Hansen is just plain lying about cost cuts that trickle down to consumers.

    (Response: Would be a good story for the news to folo. h.o)

  23. kootcoot says:

    Just when you’re making sense Harvey you go and say something stupid like:

    The pre-election lies about the province’s deficit situation, so wildly out of whack, it had to be deliberate or an example of the worst financial incompetence, rivaling the NDP’s fast ferry fiasco

    The (as you call it) “fast ferry fiasco” isn’t even in the same league as the financial fiascos and outright scams of this government and I’m for one sick and tired of hearing about the “bad old days” of the NDP – IT IS PABLUMbrigade right wing cant that ISN’T supported by the facts.

    It has been the LIEberals who have gutted this province for almost a decade, using lies all the way and whose business dealings are either purposely crooked or siimply demented. Forcing BC Hydro to buy power for 20-25 tiimes what they can sell it for on the grid, building the triple over budget and virtually useless (in terms of solving real lower mainland transportation issues) Canada Line, the questionable fancy overpriced bridges no one can afford to use, practically paying CN to take a railroad Campbell promised not to part with, the overpriced new roof on the marshmallow to satisfy casino interests, the continual deficits, even in boom times because of tax cuts to the rich and the corporations and I could go on for another hour or two, but anyone not in a coma should get my drift.

    I haven’t even mentioned what they’ve done to health care, to forestry, to education……..the fast ferries were a raging success compared to pretty well anything the LIEberals have done (except for fattening their own and their friends’ bank accounts) – at least the money invested (or lost) on the fast ferries stayed in BC, provided jobs in BC and supported education and health care in BC. The biggest problem with the fast ferries was they were new technology and they weren’t used on the appropriate routes – they disturbed rich LIEberal supporters waterfront property with their wakes and were therefore hardly on routes that could take advantage of their speed. Thanks to Gordo’s petty drive to make the NDP look bad, Washington Marine got a really good deal and so did Abu Dubai or where ever they are performing successfully now.

    NDP equalled balanced budgets in slow economic times (for a resource based jurisdiction like BC) with severely depressed commodity prices.

    Meanwhile the LIEberals managed to run massive deficits AND virtually extinquish the forest industry during the BIGGEST building boom/bubble in US history………that’s classic economic mastery….NOT!

  24. Kam Lee says:


    Please excuse my anger, my words perhaps were not appropriate. BUT, the reality is that the lieberals have done more harm, more damage, and more grief for all of BC. I was away this past week on business up country. Wow, it seems that the “hurtlands” are exactly that. They do not like the HST, as it is counter-productive to a successful economy. We could argue both ways in this matter, but the sharp reality of this scam is already showing disastrous results.

    Outside of the lower mainland is quickly turning into ghost owns. The folks I talked to in central, as well as south east BC are struggling to put food in their mouths. That’s the simple truth. As gordo plays, BC burns. Time for him to go, RECALL IN THE FALL!

    People close to the Alberta border, doing all their shopping there (Saving 7% plus)

    I, myself went to the states and saved $60.00, and no border hassle, and no HST or whatever Hansen said would be charged to me.

    I contracted a fellow to do some home reno’s for me… cash price, no taxes.

    This is the start of very destruction actions, and we have only gordo to blame!

    (Response: I think you sum it all up really well. People will cut back, or pay cash, or shop in Alberta or the U.S. whenever they can. And I’m do think that recall is really looming now for some vulnerable Liberal MLAs unless the government does something to appease the still-boiling anger of the voters. h.o)

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