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A Joke That’s No Laughing Matter: Saudi Arabia Sits on the UN Human Rights Council

October 22nd, 2018 · 25 Comments

Could the United Nations disgrace itself any more?

No one has apparently noticed or dared to remind the world … until my pointing it out now  … that the current world focus for its brutal, murderous conduct … Saudi Arabia … is an honoured member of the UN’s Human Rights Council!

I say “honoured” because the UN General Assembly ELECTS the members of UNHRC, a body “responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and for addressing situations of human rights violations and make recommendations on them.”

Clearly the UN General Assembly has a sense of humour.

Saudi Arabia … despite its DECADES-LONG record of human rights violations, including intimidation, imprisonment, beatings, kidnappings, assassinations, torture of critics, protesters,  political opponents, women’s rights advocates,  homosexuals, even bloggers … with thousands subjected public floggings, limb amputations and executions by beheadings  and even stoning …. was elected to the UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL  by the UN General Assembly in 2016 and will sit there until 2019.

That’s no joke!

“A recent report by the European Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR) shows that the number of beheadings in the kingdom during the first quarter of 2018 rose by over 70 percent compared to the same period last year,” according to Wikipedia.

And let me remind you what I wrote about Saudi Arabia just weeks ago, after Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland did the honourable thing and denounced Saudi brutality and inhumanity”

“In the latest cases, which finally drew condemnation from the Canadian government, the Saudis have jailed two women’s rights activists, Samar Badawi and Nassim al-Sadah. For daring to suggest women deserve equal rights! Despicable!!
But there’s more. Clearly the Saudi government/establishment is trying to send a wider harsher message
As CBC has reported: “Badawi is the sister of Raif Badawi, a Saudi dissident blogger who has been imprisoned by the Saudi government since 2012 on charges of apostasy and “insulting Islam through electronic channels.”
Think about that. Raif has been imprisoned in a Saudi prison for SIX YEARS for blogging his ideas! And he has also been sentenced to 1,000 LASHES … still to be carried out.”

That is some sick example for the world by a UN Human Rights Council member supposedly involved in defending human rights!

The truth is the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul Oct 2 was just another in a long line of barbaristic acts by Saudi authorities … just another victim who would go unnoticed or soon forgotten, I bet they thought, under-estimating the outrage the killing of a well-known internationally-known commentator and Washington Post columnist would evoke.

No one is laughing now.

And frankly, the latest BIG LIE …. there have been many …. emanating from Saudi authorities saying Jamal died in a sudden unexpected brawl at the consulate … disgraces not only the Saudis (they seem to be used to that by now) but also the UN Human Rights Council they were elected to sit on!

The truth, though, is the UNHRC has long been dishonoured by many who sit on it, so UN apologists cannot argue that Saudi Arabia is just the one bad example among 47 states on the Council.   Because other current UNHRC members include China, Cuba, Hungary, Iraq, Qatar, Pakistan and Venezuela … all of them serious human rights abusers … yet ELECTED to the UNHRC by the General Assembly. Total disgrace!

Trust ANY of those to defend and promote human rights?  Maybe it IS a joke?  But it’s budget … more than $200 million dollars a year is not.

Readers of this blog will know I am NO fan of President Donald Trump. But I was HAPPY to see the US take a stand and withdraw its support and funding from the UNHRC in June … after years of watching the organization regularly and repeatedly pass resolutions condemning Israel, but somehow staying silent on violations by Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon or horrific barbaric actions in countries sitting right there on the UNHRC..

“Human rights abusers continue to serve on, and be elected to, the council,” said Haley, listing US grievances with the body. “The world’s most inhumane regimes continue to escape its scrutiny, and the council continues politicizing scapegoating of countries with positive human rights records in an attempt to distract from the abusers in its ranks,” US Ambassador Nikki Haley said at the time.


Too bad Canada has not followed suit … probably because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still determined to score a UN Security Council seat for Canada as part of his personal political legacy.

Unfortunately, despite the US withdrawal the UNHRC is NOT getting better: among those the General Assembly voted just a week ago to install for the 2019-2022 term are: the Philippines, Bahrain, India, Somalia, Cameroon and Bangladesh … ALL of these with VERY questionable human rights records.

Don’t take my word for it: read what the left-leaning newspaper The Guardian reported:

And here’s how even the Philippines Star reported the prospect of that country being appointed to the Council just days before it happened:

“UN member countries should show their outrage at the Philippines and Eritrea by leaving two spots on the ballot sheet blank and keeping them off the council,” Louis Charbonneau, UN director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement Thursday.
“Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s abusive ‘war on drugs’ has been a killing frenzy that has left thousands dead,” he said.

They didn’t …. so along with the existing and new members, some of the world’s worst murderers, abusers and torturers will continue to sit on and make a mockery of the UN’s Human Rights Council.

Which is so sad … at a time when a REAL world-wide defender and promoter of human rights is needed more than ever.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 RIsaak // Oct 22, 2018 at 9:22 am

    The UN security council is the biggest farce going! With Russia, China & the US there is never consensus, zero chance for objective or just decisions, and all Justin wants is a seat in the least effective group of UN members who continually are constrained by the vetos enjoyed by the permanent members!

    The UN itself has become a rather large, semi ineffectual, self congratulatory, relic of bygone days.

    Lots of bureaucrats from many nations would beg to differ, of course it’s their bread which buttering consumes much of the money…

    Simply wishing to join such groups as the UN will not get Canada’s wishes to the point of effecting any real change, all most folks will see is just more Blah blah blah, with next to no tangible change associated.

  • 2 13 // Oct 22, 2018 at 9:33 am

    UN anything. Fifa. Olympics. Canadian senate.
    Corruption gone wild. Waste on steroids.

  • 3 BMCQ // Oct 22, 2018 at 11:03 am

    First of All I am an Interventionist.

    In a “Perfect World” I would like to see an Honest, Reputable, Moral, Fair, Non Political Body like the UN to Police the World and Ensure/Guarantee Safety, Food, Health Care, Shelter, Education, a Democratically Elected Government and all around good Standard of Living for the literally Millions of Poor People of all World Nations.

    When I was quite young I always thought that was what the UN was always meant to be. Obviously I was too naive to understand the reality of the situation.

    Instead the UN, not just the Securiuty Council is run by People that are sent their by their Home Countries that consider their own Self Serving Interests ahead of everything else, they Care Nothing about the Innocents without Food, Shelter, Health Care, Safetey or any of the others.

    Unfortunately ALL Too OFTEN it is UN Officials and Military that are the Rapists, Offenders of other types that represent the UN in Countries in need. Those Bastards care nothing about Innocent People or any Race, Religion, Gender, or Political Persuassion.

    The UN Needs an Over Haul and it needds it NOW, hopefully we will see some action from the U.S. on this, so far so good under this Administration.

    Unfortunately U.S. Ambassador Haley has left to pursue future political ambitions but she was the Best in a Long Time.

    As Harvey States, the whole make up and history of the UN Security Council is a JOKE and NO Laughing Matter. How does anyone discuss anything about the UN without getting sick to their Stomach.

    The most important thing 90% of the People do at the UN each and every day is they spend much of their time deciding which kind of Caviar and Champagne they will dine on later that evening.

    Here are just a handful of the Disgusting Countries I can recall that have served on the UN Security Council.

    Uganda, Cuba, Lebanon, Syvia, Saudi Arabia as mentioned, Venezuela, Turkey, Libya for God Sake, what the Hell is going on?

    Then of course there are the so called Elected Heads of the past many years, Carpetbaggers at Best

    Then of course there is the Ugly Truth that sees so called Good countries Decade after Decade dealing with the Worst Bastard Nations in the World, Nations that care nothing about Human Rights.

    Nations need to Push Back against the UN and hopefully see will see more of that from Western Nations and other Free Democratic Countries in the World.

    The Canadian Prime Minister should Call Out and Denounce UN Every Day Practices and Demand Change before he seeks to have Canada Serve on the UN Security Council.

    Really, I must ask, What does it Mean, why is a Security Council Seat anything something PM Justin would want for His so called Legacy?

    Gut Wrenching and Disgusting.

    (Response: The Security Council is another ineffectual UN body, but this current blog topic surrounds the UN’s Human Rights Council… which is an organization responsible to and elected by the General Assembly, not the Security Council. The General Assembly not only seems to ignore its duty to support and expand human rights, it also thumbs its nose at the whole idea by appointing some of the worst abusers to its human rights body. h.o.)

  • 4 Gary T // Oct 22, 2018 at 11:29 am

    The UN is a colossal waste of money, and probably the biggest contributor to global warming that exists currently.

  • 5 BMCQ // Oct 22, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Harvey – Response – 3

    Whoops !!

    My Mistake!

    I somehow conflated/confused the two.

    Well truth be known I suppose they are all Bad Guys and Girls.

    Sorry Harvey.

    Seeing as We are ALL still here.

    They name of the Body should be changed to the

    “UN Human Wrongs Council”

  • 6 e.a.f. // Oct 22, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    I recall when Saudi Arabia got the position and nearly lost my breakfast. Its one of the reasons the UN. needs a very big over haul or be abolished. It doesn’t even have requirements to be a good world citizens and adhere to some basic rules to become a member of the H.R. committee or chair it. Don’t know who voted for them, well I expect every one who got some thing from them, but it is a disgrace and you’d think by now some one would have suggested they be removed from the committee.

    Yes, executions have increased in Saudi Arabia, turns out Jared’s buddy is a little more thin skinned than others so if you don’t say nice things about him, you can lose your head. On the other hand, has their rate of execution exceeded that of the U.S.A.?

    There are a lot of common things between Saudi Arabia and the U.S.A. U.S.A. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, 2 Million and half are African American. So its sort of like how the Saudi’s treat people of other religions. The Saudi’s chop off hands but in the U.S.A. they might as well, because many people never do find any type of work for even minor infractions, which gets them thrown in jail for years on end. they execute children, they toss children in jail for decades or did some one forget to watch White Boy Rick, oh, yes he has done the 30 years and they made a movie but have a look at how long black children are sentenced to jail. then there are all the crimes within the American jail system, no the two countries ought to get a room some where and stay there and let the rest of the world get on with life.

    It really is about time people started to deal with Saudi Arabia they way they do with other countries which have war lords running them.

    (Response: The biggest problems at the UN, in my opinion, is that the votes and policies of too many countries can be bought and sold or are based on ethnic, religious biases and prejudices the UN was set up to avoid and defeat. For those reasons, the General Assembly IS a joke … and that is reflected in what so many of its organizations examine and act upon or just ignore or soft-pedal… most of it out of the public spotlight, making it even more dangerous. The Security Council still has some value as a forum for crises to be discussed, and although that’s also from a biased point of view, at least they have to defend themselves while the world is watching. So the Security Council should be kept ..but the useless General Assembly should be done away with…its number of organizations severely cutback and those that are really uncorrupted and still needed should placed under the scrutiny of the Security Council and its Secretariat. h.o.)

  • 7 Marge // Oct 22, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    Thanks to BMCQ I am not so sure about the Saudi affair. I thought the gentleman was a victim. Not so inclined now that we have a little background on the family. For example I found this about the dad which makes you go: “Hmmm”.

  • 8 nonconfidencevote // Oct 22, 2018 at 7:32 pm

    There was a British Consular official who had served his entire career in Africa.
    Upon his retirement the African leaders decided to throw him a farewell party.
    They all made wonderful speeches about what a great man he was.
    Finally it was his turn to speak.
    He ripped them all a new one.
    One of his best lines was, ” I shall no longer miss spending days , weeks and months lobbying 1st world govts for aid money only to see it stolen by the recipients while they urinate at my feet….”
    The Leaders stormed out ..

    Time for the US to pull out of the UN , kick the headquarters out of New York and send all these beaurocrats home to their 3rd world countries?

  • 9 Gene the Bean // Oct 23, 2018 at 9:13 am

    We’ve all discussed the futility of the UN a few times, I have nothing more to add.

    Some of the comments over the last few days , wow.

    Either outright or inferred straw man nonsense, victim blaming, justifying (wink wink nudge nudge) violence. You Trumpastanis really need a gut check.

  • 10 D. M. Johnston // Oct 23, 2018 at 9:52 am

    Saudi Arabia is a bronze age potentate and should be treated as such.

    Oil has made them wealthy, but a bronze age mind set remains.

    As the people struggle to enter a 21st century world, they must fight the bronze age absolute leadership.

    A lot of people do not realize that the Berlin wall collapsed due, in part, to the ability of then Eastern Block citizens to receive Western TV, via satellite. It was impossible to stop. The populations could see, real time, life in the west.

    The same is true with Saudi Arabia, time marches on and the population are seeing the world, not from a bronze age point of view, but from a 21st century point of view.

    The United nations are stuck in the 1950’s and 60’s world, where the majority of leaders are despots, trying desperately to return to feudal times. The lack of leadership from the politically correct West has left the organization in a shambles.

    Time to say adios to the UN.

    (Response: One of the factors that helped bring about the fall of East Germany is that it’s neighbours were well-founded successful democracies … and the people knew that, wanted that badly: Saudi Arabia’s fellow Arab neighbours are all despotic, autocratic states not much better than the Saudis… so there are few “allies” for people who want change, freedom, democracy to turn to for support. In fact, I suspect the Arab states’ real animosity to Israel is NOT because of the Palestinians (most of the Arab states couldn’t care less about them), it’s because it is a democracy, where political freedom/debate rages from far left to far right, where women have long held positions of power, where gay rights are protected (despite the religious zealots) and with a free press etc. etc. That’s why people like Khashogii … who support freedoms … get imprisoned or even killed.h.o.)

  • 11 BMCQ // Oct 23, 2018 at 10:15 am

    Please see the attached WaPo Piece by Mr. Khashoggi written a little while back.

    It is rather interesting that he discusses Saudi Arabia, Iran, and some of the rest including the Israel Dynamic.

    I find it rather interesting and really quite pathetic that one or two that Post here almost never have anything of value to say.

    They just Post to simply criticize others that do their best to offer argument, discussion, debate, insight, and genuine thoughtful commentary pertaining to the Topic.

    Is that not a Blog like this is all about?

    Talk about the need for a “Gut Check” !

    It would be funny if it was coming from a twelve year old but……….

    Then again considering the source, we should really not expect anything more.

  • 12 Hawgwash // Oct 23, 2018 at 11:47 am

    Marge, I hope you are not judged by the sins of your mother. Though the topic of the last discussion, in this instance, the concensus is, Mr. Khashoggi was assinated for being a journalist, not a son.

    Bean the Gene, care to wager on Nov. 6?

    D. M. Johnston, your assessment of the UN by “ages” and decades is easy to agree with. All facets of the UN are nothing more than an excuse to self serve and spend the working mans money. There is no value in it at all and we are bequeathing the clean up to those growing up in this age.

    BMCQ, please explain how it is acceptable to criticize “name callers” by doing the same, both overtly and covertly.

  • 13 BMCQ // Oct 23, 2018 at 2:35 pm

    A very short time ago I was in the Middle East and I have Friends that are From various Middle Eastern backgrounds.

    I do not pretend to be an expert on Israel or any other Middle Eastern Country but I am fortunate to know many reputable honest people from various MiddlecEastern Countries and I have learned enough from them to know and understand here is almost NO Consensus or Agreement on anything. Literally everything is Fluid, it is much like attempting to “Nail Jello to a Wall”.

    Virtually every Middle Eastern Country is Governed by Strong Men that have no respect for Democracy, Human Life, Women, Minorities of Gays, Religions, Special Needs People, Live Stock, or those that may disagree with them.

    We now see the Turks playing the Part of the Pure and Innocent, please spare me the Drama.

    The facts is the Leadership of most Middle Eastern Nations is no better than you might get from ISIS or say Idi Amin or Magabe, the Worst of the Worst.

    To me it seems absolutely amazing that the Carter, Begin, Sadat Peace Deal still works today.

    Because of that long lasting agreement and many other wonderful Herculian Efforts by King Abdullah of JORDAN I am of the Opinion Abdullah is perhaps the Bravest Person Alive today. AbdullAh is virtually ignored when he should be given Great Credit for his Leadership. Abdullah is a Great Statesman and he should have been a Nobel Prize Winner years ago, before the Nobel became a Joke after awarding Obama a Peace Prize after he was barely in Office for more than a few weeks. That was the end of any and all Credibility for the Nobel Organization. The Nobel Prize now has no more Significance than Winning the Little League Baseball Championship at Little Mountain.

    I really wonder other than JORDAN which other ME Nation is worthy of Any Appointment to Any Body such as the UN is supposed to represent. Of course once again the questionable Character of the UN and it’s Member Nations once. Ones up.

    (Edited… Off topic. Let’s get back to the subject matter of the blog… and cut the personal remarks about others. Please! h.o) )

  • 14 13 // Oct 23, 2018 at 6:28 pm

    It seems the MSM has embraced the Khashoggi killing. Were going to teach the Saudis a lesson by canceling some sort of arms deal. Were (and I mean you and I and every other tax payer) are going to cough up a cool billion in cancellation penalties.
    (on top of the 20 billion in bad debts to auto manufacturers Justin just wrote off).So if the Saudis havent learned a lesson the stupid Canadian tax payers certainly have. So after this punishment we can expect the Arab world to straighten up and fly right.
    BTW were welcoming home the Canadian ISIS fighters as we speak. I wonder what that costs us. Maybe the Saudis will start taking in some of the refugees. Did they ever pay Germany for all of the Mosques that were built to serve the refugees?
    (Edited…off topic. h.o)

  • 15 Gilbert // Oct 24, 2018 at 3:50 am

    I didn’t realize that Saudi Arabia was a member of the UNHRC. With such members, I’m not sure what the UNHRC can hope to accomplish. I don’t have the disdain for Hungary that many in the media do, however. Hungary was under the control of the Ottoman Empire for about 150 years, so it’s perfectly understandable that it doesn’t want open borders. It seems most Hungarians agree with the Hungarian government on this issue.

    (Response: History has shown us MANY times that just because “most” people agree with a government at any particular time does not make their actions right…or humane. As for the UNHRC, you would think the General Assembly would want decent, moral, honest countries on their Human Rights Council; the fact that they DON’T testifies to the corrupt, dictatorial amoral biased pedigree of so many of those who voted … and the truth that the last thing they want is decent, moral, honest countries on the UNHRC. h.o.)

  • 16 BMCQ // Oct 24, 2018 at 6:07 am

    Hawg – 12

    I find it rather interesting that almost perhaps everyone that Posts on this Blog and most people I know (and probably you) fully realize and understand that the UN is a Discredited, Unjust, Crooked, and Morally Bankrupt World Body, regardless of whether it is the HR Council, Security Council, or any other Fraudulent and Fake Section the UN uses to Fleece Tax Payers from Rich and Poor Nations.

    I can understand many Middle Eastern, African, South American, and Asian Citizens/Voters not really being aware of the Colossal Waste and Cesspool of Bureaucracy the UN has become but I really wonder why we in so-called aware and educated Countries simply sit back and allow our Political Masters to have their way with Tax Payers Money all the while in most cases accomplishing nothing.

    Somewhere, Some How, in Some Way we need Politicians or A Politician to Stand UP to bodies like the UN, NATO, and other similar Organizations or Treaty Signators and challenge those Bodies to be More Accountable, Less Bureaucratic, More Efficient, Provide Serivice for Investement without “5” STAR Standards of Living for Member Nations Staff, and there needs to be Full Accountability and Transparency.

    Now all we need to do is somehow find a Politician that will challenge the UN, NATO, and the Rest, someone that is NOT afraid to Ruffle Feathers and Hold those Bodies, All of them to Account!

    We need that World Leader to come forward now, even if he is Rude, Boorish, Abhorant, Impatient, Bombastic, and even Orange, can you think of anyone?

    Hey, Wait a Minute!!

    Again, those in Poor Countries that really know nothing about their own Government cannot be expected to Demand more from their UN Human Rights Council, Security Council, or other UN Representatives but those of us in the West and other Free Nations know better and we need to demand more and we need to speak up for Accountability.

    Once again, here is another area where Media of ALL Types and brands are letting us down.

    In the meantime Innocent Children, Women, and Poor Uneducated Men Suffer while those at the UN worry about which type of Caviar and Champagne they will Dine on this Evening.

    A Crime Against Humanioty and Nothing Less.

    My apologies, my original answer to your question was edited and after all, it is Harfvey’s Blog.

  • 17 e.a.f. // Oct 25, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    Hungary may have some racism and its probably been there for a long time and it has nothing to do with being part of a large empire. Look at Poland and its refusal to accept migrants. they and Hungary certainly accepted all the E.U. money which helped their countries, but they don’t want to accept the responsibilities of being part of the E.U. and hence their attitude towards H.R. they’re there for only ethnic Hungarians. As for Poland, no one ought to ever be surprised about their racism. It was there front and center during WW II when the Warsaw Ghetto rose up and the Polish refused to offer any support.

    Some countries are just racist because they’re “nationalists”. They think their culture is superior and so they don’t really care what Saudi Arabia does because it doesn’t impact them. Like that old saying goes, about evil things happening when “good” people stand by and let it happen. That is all it takes.

    We have seen what Saudi Arabia has done to Mr. Khashoggi and not one country has stood up in the U.N. and demanded they be removed as chair of the H.R. committee. Its because it hasn’t impacted them. Now we see bombs being delivered to Democrats all over the U.S.A. that same evening the President goes on his same old rants. Now it maybe people care but don’t have the energy to do anything or they just don’t care because its not happening to them. Well they killed Mr. Khashoggi and that really violated his H.R. and now they’re trying to violate the H.R. of the Obamas, the Clintons, Maxine Waters, Joe Biden, the list goes on. This is how things go down the toilet quickly.

  • 18 BMCQ // Oct 26, 2018 at 6:25 am

    Between this Blog Topic and the previous one by Harvey we have been discussing the Human Rights Record and literal Human Atrocities of and by Saudi Arabia.

    I pointed out that I thought the King of Saudi Arabia would use another crown Prince to Do His Bidding by “Changing out One Crown Prince for another as MbS is now recognized World Wide as the Worst of the Worst, and as with all Arab Dictatorships in the Middle East his behavior is only the Tip of the Ice Burg.

    Well, as I suspected that thing is about to take place.

    Then of course we have the “Pure as Driven Snow” President of Turkey Erdogan and his Country of Turkey and his/their Human Rights Record.

    The HR Record of Turkey has been totally overlooked by the World and the UN while we agonize over what appears to be the Torture, Slaughter, and Murder of Mr. Khashoggi.

    Then of course there is the Captivity by Turkey and President of Pastor Andrew Brunson a few years ago. Where was Human Rights Watch, the EU, CNN, MSNBC, Obama, Biden and the Rest of the Holier than Thou Sno Flakes on that?

    Did Obama Draw another Line in the Sand demanding Brunsons release? Did he Draw another Famous Obama Line in the Sand demanding the release of Brunson by Erdogan?
    No? Really?

    Good thiong that the current U.S. Administration became ionvolved and actually Humbled the Economy of Turkey and President Erdogan, all of a sudden Brunson was found sipping Tea with the Evil and Orange President Trump.

    Now I ask you this, If a loved one of YOURS was Improsoned far off in a Dictatorship and “Banana Republic” like Turkey who would YOU rather have going to Bat for You or Your Loved One, “Warrior King” Barack or the “Orange One”. No need to answer.

    It is fine for President Erdogan to criticize and demand explanations from the Saudi crown Prince but until something is done about His REcord and the Record of Turkey he really has no right to find fault with anyone.

    And Just How many People were rounded up Tortured, Slaughtered and Murdered after the attempted Turkish Coup Brunson was blamed supposed to be leading?

    AS to the Human Rights of HRC, Bubba, and the rest?

    What about Steve Scalise, have we forgottren so soon? What about Republicans attacked in Restaurants and also Innopcents being attacked by ANTIFA?

    Maxine Waters you say? She literally Ordered WEido Snow Flakes to Chase Republicans Down and put their Life under Threat? Do YOU Condone that?

    Then of course there is this mostly unreported story.

    Or does that not count?

    No, it is NOT JUST Saudi Arabia, other Middle Eastern Countries that DO NOT believe in Human Rrights, it is many Countries including the Worst Country in the World, China.

    I find ir rather Sand and Pathetic that some here only look at the world through very cloudy and very biased Contact Lenses.

    I am embarrassed for you.

    (Response: Readers of this blog may recall my remarks that two years ago, while on a cruise that stopped in Turkey, I declined to take a shore excursion, see the sites and spend $$$ there because of Erdogan’s fascistic style of governing, arresting opponents and imprisoning MANY journalists who dared to criticize him/his regime. I would have liked to have seen Ephesus, but I remain proud/stand by my position. Nevertheless, as has been said, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” …so I applaud Erdogan’s strong stance against the Saudi murderers/cover up attempts … fulling understanding it has as much to do with uplifting Erdogan’s personal stature in the Sunni world as really seeking truth/justice. h.o.)

  • 19 BMCQ // Oct 26, 2018 at 9:30 am

    Harvey – 18 – Response

    I am first to admit that like most other people I subscribe to the “Common Enemies” Theory.

    That is why I feel that over the Bush and Obama Admins they were correct to approach Russia for a Working Relationship with Russia. Of course Putin is a Thug and of course Putting cannot be trusted but when it comes to ISIS, China, other Middle East problems such as Syria the West/Nato/the U.S. should work with Putin and Russia.

    then of course there is the problem of Ukraine/Crimea, a Firm Hand and Stance must be taken by NATO and the U.S. but that does not meman we can not work with Putin on other problems. It takes a Firm Hand and it takes Negotiations.

    I find it rather Sad and Pathetic that all of a sudden Democratic Leadership in the U.S. pretend the Dems like HRC and Obama did not attempt to Re-Set with Russia and Putin!!


    Then we must never forget that Churchill, Roosevelt, Truman, and the rest of the Allies worked with Stalin to Defeat Hitler and Stalin next to Hitler was perhaps the Worst Man that ever lived!! Next to Doanld Trump of Course !!

    Erdogan is simply a Criminal and one of the Worst of the Worst when it comes to Human Rights for his own peop[le. Let’s be honest, there are literally Scores of them in the Middle East.

    Next thing we know after this Fiasco Canadian PM Justin and Turk Erdogan will both be Serving on the UN Human Rights Council.

    Harvey is 100% correct about Erdogan care more about his own Power and Uplifting his Pesonal Stature in the Sunni World.

    Erdogan believes and he is more than likely corect that most Countries and their Leaders will ignore his and his Countries own Record when it comes to Human Rights.

  • 20 Helena Handcart // Oct 26, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    Hi Harvey, I would hate to see a world where we only communicate with those who share our views and values. Churchill knew that WWII would have been a close run thing but for our (then) friends the Russians. Sometimes we need to sup with the devil (but use a long spoon). By the way, I’m glad to see that our old friend BMCQ is allowing you to contribute to his blog……

    (Response: Communicating with those of different ideologies etc is fine…as long as we don’t sacrifice our own values and beliefs …just for bucks and contracts. Meanwhile, I try to allow the BROADEST discussions I can … as long as they stick at least close to the topic of my post. Length doesn’t bother me … and I know readers have a choice: they can just skim or pass over comments they find too long. h.o.)

  • 21 13 // Oct 26, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    #20 Helena and HO response.
    I find it odd that Helena a modest contributor would join the ranks of her / his left leaning comrades calling for some sort of ban on BMCQ.I am often guilty of posting with my heart and not always researching other angles or evidence. Seems many of us are content to simply post based on our ideology and not based on facts. No doubt BMCQ also posts based on his ideology, but he usually backs up his posts with attachments that support his position. If brevity is your goal post then read GTB. If facts figures and studied opinions are your goals then peruse BMCQ,
    Harveys response is as diplomatic as need be. polite and accommodating.

  • 22 helena handcart // Oct 27, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    I am a modest contributor 13. Truth is; I do not feel the need to comment on every topic. Nor do I think that the world needs to know every thought that goes through my head. Apparently you are an expert on everything as witness your postings. As to banning BMCQ: I have no control over that. I just wish that he could get his points across in a form that I can read, as I’m sure that he has something to contribute to my education. I’d hate to see this blog go the same way as PSR.

  • 23 13 // Oct 27, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    Helena, your right about thoughts in your head. Your wrong about my expertise on everything. Your right about control over banning anyone but when you ask the moderator why BMCQ allows him on his own blog you are taking a shot at both BMCQ and HO. I follow PSR and am unaware of its demise. I think that it has quite a following.

    (Response: Can we get back yo the topic of the blog, please. Much more important. h.o.)

  • 24 BMCQ // Oct 28, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    For the moment the whole Saudi Torture, Slaughter, and Murder of Khashoggi Story has been replaced in the News Cycle with the Horrific Assasinations and Hate Crimes in Pittsburgh, the Mad Bomber out of FLA and the Honduran/El Salvadoran and others Migrant Caravan traveling through Mexico but it appears that the Saudi King is about to make that change of replacing one so called Crown Prince (Disgraced) with another.

    Much like Shuffling the Chairs On the Deck of the Titanic but “None of It” will even come close to “Sticking to the Boots” of any Saudi Royal Family Member or any of the Plush Carpet at any Department or Headquarters at the UN.

    BTW – A Long Ago lost Relative of mine who unfortunately was on the Titanic is buried at Fairview Nova Scotia, Gravestone 183. He was not traveling First Class. Helena can simply read by this bit.

    And who says we are not all “Headed to Hell in a Hand Cart”?

    Let’s hope that Media somehow bring this Heinous Story back to the attention of the “Great Unwashed”!

    Someone needs to Hold the UN, it’s Member Nations, and Saudi Arabia to account.

  • 25 BMCQ // Nov 2, 2018 at 11:19 am