Adrian Dix: Brilliant Move or Giveaway?

There will be NO EXCUSE for anyone not to vote in the next provincial election.  Thanks to the NDP’s choice of Adrian Dix as its new leader.

For years, how many times have we heard those who do not vote saying “They’re all the same.”? Well, not this time.  Adrian Dix and Christy Clark are so different in so many ways …and so will be the constituencies they will appeal to in their election campaigns and platforms. And for younger voters, who have been disinterested in politics at any level, this will be THEIR opportunity to effect change.

Clark will represent the establishment,  the big business corporate community, the investor side of the resource industries,  real estate and yes, the owners/managers behind the big mainstream media. Her message will be not to rock the boat economically, not to scare off investment and not to turn over the province to the unions.

Dix, with his clearly stated goals of raising taxes on banks and big business to fund expanded social programs is as different from Clark as day is to night. His will be a message of social justice, more breaks for low-income, seniors and middle class families. with a shift of more of the tax burden from individuals back to big business.

It will be a great battle!

I’m sure the Liberals will make much of the fact that Dix was Chief of Staff to former Premier Glen Clark and resigned in 1996 after it was revealed he back-dated a memo, trying to protect Clark from the Casinogate controversy that later led him to resign.

 And the NDP will remind voters that it was Christy Clark who, as Education Minister, closed 120 schools in the province, has been accused of being more involved in the sale of BC Rail than she admits, and will, like her predecessor, favor big business over working British Columbians.

The NDP have gambled big …movimg further left of centre than they would have under Mike Farnworth:  a brilliant move … or a suicidal one.

Of course, no matter what the biased party supporters say, or the media, or yes, the bloggers say,  the people will have the final say.

 And this time, NO ONE will be able to say they’re all the same.

Harv Oberfeld

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20 Responses to Adrian Dix: Brilliant Move or Giveaway?

  1. mariner says:

    It is about time that the politicians thought about BC instead of selling it off for cents on the dollar.

    It would be great if David Eby (the lawyer) could win Campbell’s old riding – that really would be a smack in the mouth for the BC Liberals. Crusty Clark getting beaten by a new BC NDP candidate – taking what has been considered a safe BC Liberal seat. Ha – I can see it now.

    O yes sirree, May 11th is going to be very interesting and the political advertizing and inuendos are gonna come thick and fast.

    Crusty Clark is going to wonder what hit her – he he.

    Suddenly things start to look a little brighter. There is even a chance that with Ignatieff waking up and stirring, that out contemptuous dictator Harper, will loose even more seats and really become the minority government. The time is ripe and people are getting sick and tired of the misinformation eminating from the federal Conservatives.

    So between May 2nd and May 11th, it will be quite and interesting month.

    (Response: I keep thinking back to my look-ahead piece ror 2011 I did for New Years. It’s actually deeveloping even better than even a news/politics addict could have predicted. As for Eby, if he beat Clark (in Point grey????) that would probably delay a provincial election for quite some time so she can “rebuild”. So maybe you should hope she wins that by-election! h.o)

  2. sue says:

    I would have preferred Horgan but will happily support Dix. It was a difficult choice, but John is a very good guy (and I know someone who works in his office)

    Dix dealt with a health issue for me, even though I was not a constituent. He dealt with it personally, btw; I was very grateful for his assistance.

    (My MLA is a Cabinet Minister in the Liberal government whose response was to send an invitation to a fundraising BBQ – it rained that day but I wouldn’t have gone anyways.)

    Anyways, it should be interesting but I find that the media spin that he’s “far left” says more about the media than it does about Adrian.

    Are they scared of him?

    (Response: The real duty of an elected politician is to represent their consituents and deal with their problems …not just get quoted in the news. So the fact that he helped you. not from his riding, speaks well for him. But I”m sure that’s NOT the type of stuff the Liberals will be pointing out about him. h.o)

  3. 13 says:

    Harvey I hope that Dix spells suicide for the NDP. A hard line left winger is without a doubt a better opponent for Christy than the middle of the road Farnsworth. It seems that the NDP are stuck in the 1990s. The unions private and public do not have the clout that they once had. But your right this should prove to be a fight of polar opposites. I think that the sooner the election the better for the Liberals. The Conservative vote split might present more of a problem than Dix.

    (Response: You never know… if he can motivate the young people and other people who feel left out of the political proces, he could win. But I’m sure the Libs will pour all kinds of money into ads showing things he has said/done and try to scare people away from him/the NDP as being too radical. h.o)

  4. Sun W says:

    Reminds me of an old Dilbert comic where Dogbert opines that picking a CEO/leader merely required picking the guy with the best hair. 😉

    There may be something to picking the guy who looks the youngest and doesn’t seem like the old boy picking on Christie …

    (Response: Actually, when I wrote in an earlier blog that I thought Farnworth would give Christy the best run, part of my own reasoning waas that Dix was too young, or at least looked too young. But IF he can motivate the young voters … his age/looks could prove to be an asset. h.o)

  5. Genuine says:

    Ah ,Harv that knock out punch would have felt much sweeter coming from H organ.

  6. diverdarren says:

    I like the look of this show down a coming. The election of Dix (I hope) is a swing back to the old style NDP. Back when they were pro-labour, Anti-rich people, and especially before the Dosanjh-James days of “social justice” policies.

    I think the average union supporting working Joe 6-pack is quite socially conservative.

    Workers who make up the back bone of BC society want to see themselves being treated fairly, and not all the spoils of their hard work going to corporate big-wigs (via BC Liberals) or help out a lazy junkie policies. (via Dosanjh-James old style NDP)

    If the NDP move back to true labour based party politics under Dix they might win back might vote, but they still have to lose the “lets empower the low-life junkies of society who leech off the rest of us types” attitude.

    I think British Colombians are tired of supporting those members who aren’t pulling their weight. Be it: fat cats on Howe St. or welfare bums on E. Hastings.

    (Response: I see the Liberals have already gone on the attack ..saying BC had the highest taxes and highest unemployment ever under the NDP when Dix was advising Clark. Staticians will argue whether that is true or not ..but I’d bet we’re going to hear al ot more of that in the next few months. h.o)

  7. Gary E says:

    I’m getting a little upset with people saying left wing bad, right wing good. As far as I am concerned “right wing” is big business that wants to trample our rights and push for not paying any taxes to improve their bottom line. “Left wing” are the people who actually vote to have someone represent them. Businesses don’t vote, people do.

    (Response: Well, what do you expect people on the right or left to say…that what they believe in is bad? Of course, those who support right wing parties/policies will say the left wing is bad and vice versa. It shouldn’t surprise or upset you. The only uncertainty is where the majority of peeople who actually get out to vote will stand. h.o)

  8. StandUpforBC says:

    Harvey, I’m disappointed in you. All you seem to relish is a “big battle!” I’m looking for decent government. This is disaster for the province.

    Dix is a liar and a cheat (faking letters, membership registration fraud). And, he’s the darling of the big-bully unions. Spunky Clark is a liar, a bigger cheat (BC Rail) and the darling of the powerful robber barons of today, the corporate raiders and plunderers.

    Now can’t vote for the NDP or the Liberals. Forget the Cons. We are sunk.

    My only hope now is that we get a “coalition” government here in BC.

    (Response: Sorry..but that’s the political scientist in me (the degree I hold). I … and I believe a lot of people who are political junkies of every persuasion, really enjoy watching political parties and leaders manoeuvre their message, their campaigns, their ads to convince the public to vote for them. Sometimes I even MOST admire the campagin put on by a party I have decided NOT to vote for that time around. h.o)

  9. Iwannajob says:

    Thanks a lot NDP, you have just given “Snooki” Clark the best chance of actually becoming our premier. My God, what have you done?

    (Response: I’d bet behind the scenes a lot of “middle of the road” NDP supporters are saying the same thing. But maybe the party’s gamble ..that Dix can motivate many of those who do not vote to come aboard … will work. And of course, outweight those soft NDP supporters who fear losing major investments in the province and will now change over to the Liberals. h.o)

  10. Leah says:

    Unless Dix can come up with a message that knocks the socks off voters…and one the MSM can’t ignore, while sighing in pleasure serving the “media wunderkind” that is Christy Clark…it’s already over.

    The MSM here have been ragging on with every news broadcast since 6 am, about Dix’s faux pas while Chief of Staff to Glen Clark, of course led by Barry Penner. Humor evident in their voices, they’re finding the choice of NDP’ers amazing…but not in a good way.

    Remember that old saw about “repeat the same thing often enough, it will become truth”…unless Dix can pull a rabbit out of his hat…

    (Response: I suspect your last line sums up exactly what the Libs will do. And watch for some of their big corporate friends to lead the way with warnings they will cancel new investment or projects, pending the outcome of the election. h.o)

  11. D.G.B. says:

    I’m disappointed that moderation didn’t occur last night at the NDP Convention. We’re taking a step backwards now, and resuming the polarization that doesn’t serve anyone. Us vs them will be the mantra. John Horgan would’ve brought “squishy” Liberals to vote for him along with red and white NDPers.
    Adrian Dix rhymes with “dirty tricks” – we saw the Surrey cash being delivered. Where does Moe fit in to this new picture now?

    (Response: There’s often a big difference between party members and the general electorate. Usually, pragmatism forces moderation from what some party membership would really like … eg federal Tories and now BC NDP. It will be fascinating to see Dix’s and Clark’s stands on various issues … only then will we know for sure how different their governments would be. h.o)_

  12. RVKnudson says:

    Did you notice the cool reception Dix received as he got on stage to receive the leader’s mantle. There was polite applause to be sure but not the ovation one would expect for the messiah who will lead the party from the wilderness to the promised land of majority government. His awkwardly delivered opening line, to paraphrase, “The work has just begun to defeat the Liberals.” was not received with thunderous applause.

    Dix’s claim to fame is that he can motivate the socialist vote to get out for the next election. However, at the convention attended by the party faithful who want to select the best leader for the times, 1,100 members did not vote from the first round of 19,992 votes to 18,867 voted in the last round. 1,100 members who lost their motivation.

    To answer your question “Adrian Dix: Brilliant Move or Giveaway?”


    (Response: It’s not unusual for a lot of memebers who supported other losing candidates to be less than enthusiastic in applauding the winner. I remember when John Turner defeated Chretien at an Ottawa convention, I was in a room of Chretien supporters watching the results. And when it went to Turner, they booed and one, with tears in her eyes told me “We’ll get that guy” . And they did: Turner had as many enemies inside his party trying to do him in as he had on the other side of the House… and many of them, in my view, sabotaged him at every turn to get rid of him and bring Chretien to the fore. And that’s what happened. I think the NDP will be more united in terms of the next election …but if Dix loses ,it won’t take long for the knives to emerge. h.o.)

  13. Ian Fromme-Nelson says:

    I would have preferred Horgan, but under Dix BC will make corporations pay their fair share (finally), and take better care of its most defenseless citizens who have been so shabbily treated this past decade — and Premier Dix will work well with Prime Minister Layton.

    Keep up the good work, Harv! Have a great week!

    (Response: Prime Minister Layton ..not likely …but maybe Opposition Leader? 🙂 h.o.

  14. Julie says:

    I would have liked to have seen Horgan win. However, all the candidates are very good people. They have vowed to work together, for the BC people and the province. It would be lovely for the BC people, to not have to watch their backs, in fear of what the BC Liberals, would do to us next.

    BC is the most corrupt province in Canada, thanks to the BC Liberals. Our BCR was thieved and sold. Even though Campbell’s election lie said, he would not sell it. Our rivers stolen from us and sold. Campbell and Hansen’s elections lies and deceit, the HST wasn’t on their radar, along with the lie, of BC’s small provincial deficit. The BC Liberals, non stop dirty tactics. And, the BC Liberals have the gall, to point at Dix?

    So far, all Christy has done, is have a photo shoot of herself, with a hockey sweater on portraying, aren’t I ever a good mom. There are thousands of good BC moms, who would love to send their kids to private school, and their kids would love to play hockey too. But, average mom can’t afford hockey for their kids, nor private school. The average people send their kids to school, who have cold portables, with mold growing in them. Schools so crowded, I read, they may have to go to school in shifts. First Nations kids, have portables so cold, they have to wear their winter jackets. Hands too cold to even hold a pencil. There are over 121,000 BC children living in poverty, the numbers higher now, because of the HST. BC children, too hungry to even do their lessons. What about families first, Christy? We don’t forget you backed, the monster Campbell right to the nines, and called us the Taliban, for protesting Campbell’s cruel insanity.

    What is Christy going to do about, Campbell’s corrupt sale of the BCR? Ignore it because, that hits too close to home? That would be my guess. We want our BCR back with all the real estate, worth a fortune, that went with it. We want our rivers back. We want everything back, the BC Liberal crime family thieved from us. You just aren’t quite an angel yet, Christy.

  15. rye says:

    Also don’t forget the wholsale sell off of BC Gas( Terasen) and BC Hydro. I can’t wait for the cost of those utlities to rise. Oh wait, they already have! Thanks again to the Liberals for selling off BC piece by piece!

  16. ron wilton says:

    Why take the highway when it is so much more difficult to take the pathway through the woods, over the mountain, around the lake, accross the bog, through the tunnel and under the bridge to get to the same place you were at when you started.

    Once again in their blindered, I already know what I’m doing, way, the NDP have snatched potential defeat from the jaws of a certain victory, by staying with the known and refusing to embrace the charisma and winning presence of John Horgan.

  17. Ernie d says:

    To an interested observer from another province it appears, from these posts, that all is not well within NDP ranks. This probably does not bode well for the NDP, despite the Liberal vulnerability.

    (Response: I think the party will be highly united and all working together during the provincial election campaign. The divisions will only surface if they lose. By the way, judging by your e-mail address (for my eyes only) I see you’re from Sask …where I started I began my career, at the Star Phoenix in 1969 ..and then the Leader Post from 69-71 ..and remember being there, covering City Hall, when Blakeney defeated Thatcher for Premiership and the NDP took power there. Great memories of Sask! h.o)

  18. Gloria says:

    The BC Liberals have done such terrible damage to BC, and to the people. I think the NDP would be a God send to us.

    For ten years, the BC citizens have been thieved from, lied to, deceived, lived with terrible corruption, cheating to win elections, dirty tactics, contending with criminals, in our governing bodies. None of the NDP would never sink to the BC Liberals level. They would be a sigh of relief, for the BC people. We had to, constantly watch our backs, for the dirty tricks the Liberals would do to us.

  19. Colin says:

    Wow Harvey, a lot of your commenters sure have short memories! Many seem to see the NDP as the party of saviours, pure & honest… All we need to do is elect them and all of our worries will be over. They’ll end child poverty, build new schools and hospitals and bring happiness to all. To pay for this joy ride, they’ll simply increase corporate tax rates… which will be fine until the corp’s find a more welcome place to set up shop. Julie wants her BCR back… I want my Fast Ferry money back!!

  20. On Corporate Taxation, Warren Buffett once said he did not mind paying taxes as that was his clearest indication that both he and Berkshire Hathaway were making money.
    He also said that if the top businesses in America paid the same level of taxes that he pays there would be no need for personal income taxes or payroll taxes, but hey he is only one of the wealthiest men in America.
    I am guessing the same could be true here in Canada.

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