Amazing: Trudeau Has Finally Impressed!

I’m not sure …maybe it’s because the parade of Conservatives through the Courts is more like watching The Godfather TV series than seeing our federal government at work … but I am certainly searching the alternatives.

One thing is abundantly clear about THIS federal election … Canadians WILL have clear choices.

And even though I have often concluded Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is shallow, too young, inexperienced … he came up this week with SEVERAL policy pronouncements/promises that do find quite appealing; and even though many might worry NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair would be too radical left-wing … he also has come out with statements/policies aimed at helping the middle class, while promoting Canadian businesses and protecting the environment. Great stuff!

What’s an uncommitted voter to do????

This past week, it’s been Trudeau who has been setting out several clear policies on both domestic and foreign policy and has offered himself up for several IN DEPTH media interviews. Nothing like a drop in the polls to make a politician deliver several policy announcements and make himself much more available!

But I have to admit, a bit grudgingly, that what he said, what he promised and how delivered the message actually had me thinking …. maybe I could vote for him/Liberals …. at least not rule them out as readily as I have until now, because of my concerns about his shortcomings.

I liked Trudeau’s calls for: a middle class tax cut;  boosting benefits to families with children; no GST increase; introducing electoral reform;  a continental clean energy policy; easing border blockages;  and, reforming the Senate, not abolishing it (not possible anyway).

The federal NDP has also supported electoral reform, increasing corporate taxes, reducing small business taxes. introducing new tax credits for research and development, and introducing a federal minimum wage of $15/hour.

I favour those ideas    …  and have to concede,  I am becoming more  impressed with the alternatives. Every week that goes by Harper and the Conservatives are increasingly mired in more and more disgraces … their faces pinned up on tv screens like the rogue’s gallery we used to see at the local post office … and there have been other very serious gaffes, like refusing to take part in the upcoming national tv debates  … although I still believe that decision may change (as they watch the polls).

Maybe Trudeau IS growing into the job, perhaps he has pretty good policy advisors and campaign strategists  … but at least, it is an alternative to the hard-edge cold dictatorship we’ve endured under Harper.  And certainly, this past week, he was really “out there”, announcing  SPECIFIC  policies and promises … certainly a welcome change from seeing the PM’s former Parliamentary Secretary paraded before the cameras in handcuffs and shackles on his way to jail.

During his appearance on the CBC’s Power and Politics,  Trudeau DID propose major change from Harper’s policies on foreign affairs.

He would end Canada’s combat bombing missions against ISIS (I do NOT agree with him on that); he would DOUBLE Canada’s 70 military advisors in Iraq to help train Iraqi army forces (Good luck!) ; and he would restore Canada’s diplomatic relations with Iran (I don’t trust the terrorist-supporting religious fanatics in charge over there … but I’m not against trying to at least engage diplomatically).

All very interesting … and he DOES have me paying attention, even if I disagree on some it.

Now Mulcair has to step it up too … announcing more SPECIFICS on NDP domestic promises  AND clearly set out NDP foreign policies.

One thing is already abundantly clear … those of us who have not yet decided WILL have very clear choices this time around … and OUR votes will be the most critical.

Harv Oberfeld

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74 Responses to Amazing: Trudeau Has Finally Impressed!

  1. DBW says:

    You asked “what’s an uncommitted voter to do?”

    Simple: Anybody but Conservative. (You point out some of the reasons not to reward them.)

    And if you can’t decide between the alternatives, then select the one that has the best chance of defeating the Conservative candidate in your riding.

    (Responsible: It’s beginning to look like that could happen: I’ve always said I like minority governments ..and could be satisfied with one this time, preferably for me led by the Liberals, with NDP support/backing. Even maybe a coalition. h.o)

  2. r says:

    strategic vote time ?
    minority gov?
    orange crush with some red perhaps

  3. larry Bennett says:

    Raising the minimum wage to $15/hour? Are you losing it Harvey? Just what do you think that will accomplish besides making the dollar worth less in its buying power and putting seniors and others in even deeper doo-doo than they are now. Give your head a shake my friend, though not too aggressively.
    Also, opening diplomatic realations with Iran would only signal to them that we are as naive and as anti Christian/Jewish is the swaying/sashaying double-jointed idiot in the White house!

    (Response: I could support that … over time. And certainly, when you look at all the bodies being imprisoned, forced to walk the plank or thrown overboard on the Good Ship Harper, as it lists badly to the right … supporting another party that calls for a $15 minimum wage is much less of a concern. h.o)

  4. e.a.f. says:

    I want Bill C-51 gone. I want that election disenfranchisement bill gone. I want the Cons gone.

    I see no reason to not have an embassy in Iran. We had one for years until Steve had a pissie fit of some sort. All Trudeau said was “I’m fairly certain that there are ways to re-engage with Iran. He is correct. All sorts of “normal” countries “engage with Iran”. Why can’t Canada? O.K. perhaps Steve doesn’t like the idea Iran is providing subsidies for its citizens who convert to solar power I don’t know. to say Iran is a terrorist country, well lets not get picky Steve. How about Saudi Arabia? Exporter of such fine things as money and bombers who blew up the World trade Centre, gave us Bin Laden. Saudi Arabia financed it all. They finance all sorts of things, based on their wacked out version of islam. You know flog a blogger to death a week at a time.

    If Steve wants to talk terrorism, why does he want to back Ukraine. Has he had a really, really good look at the neo Nazis over there on the “good guy side”.

    Trudeau will be an improvement over Harper. His party just doesn’t have the same number of crooks.

    of course I’d like to see Mulcair in that nice house for a term.

    (Response: I agree on an Iranian embassy …doesn’t mean I like them, trust them or would oppose actions against their Republican Guards or Hesbollah or other terrorist groups they have funded. But we have diplomatic relations with all kinds of countries we disagree with and have supported insurrection groups… ie Russia, China, the US. h.o)

  5. workforfun says:

    I would be happy to see a coalition government instead of the arrogant dishonest Conservatives.
    Maybe a coalition is what is needed these days, to do the right thing for Canada and not some large corporation. Might take time to get agreement, but hopefully it would be a fair compromise.

    I can tell you that I have had enough of the dictatorial style of this Harper government.

    The October election can not come soon enough for me.

    (Responses: I’d prefer minority government …but could support a coalition IF the Libs had more power than the NDP. At least that’s my view right now …and the campaign hasn’t officially even begun yet! Maybe even Harper will look better before it’s all over …although with Nigel Wright to testify under oath later this summer, I won’t bet on that. h.o)

  6. Gene the Bean says:

    Hi Harv, seems we are agreeing a lot lately……

    I am uncommitted (voting wise…) and I know the PC’s have to go….but who gets to sit in the big chair?

    Mulcair…smart, little if any bench strength but too invested in Quebec for me.

    Trudeau…he reminds me of that kid in high school that was popular, the teachers loved him, always got the girl, nice car etc etc – and didn’t have to put in any effort or work a day in his life. The easy road. I will never trust people like that.

    Harper – NO.

    So….by default….. a minority government without the Cons in control.

    OFF TOPIC – Vaughn Palmer is tripping over himself these days sort of, ummm, maybe, ummmm, we need “another look” at the Health Care scandal. Then, in an interview, he directly parrots the BC Liberal speaking points about a “public inquiry costs too much and takes too much time.” Just when you think there is a glimmer there….it is back to the dark side.

    (Response: It’s not as if there are one or two Tories in disgrace…there’s an entire cast now of people who violated our trust and the law. I can’t hide the fact that I have been very critical and had many doubts about Trudeau … but people I respect keep telling me, don’t worry …he has a lot of experienced people behind the scenes, who would control his “childishness”. Not totally convinced, esp after THREE ISIS attacks killing dozens, from France to Kuwait to Tunisia today alone, I do not agree with him that Canada should not be involved in hitting the terrorists, even from the air. But I also have no idea where Mulcair/NDP stand …maybe even worse in confronting the terrorists from my point of view. Maybe that’s what Harper/Tories are counting on …doubts about Trudeau’s/Mulcair’s abilities/willingness to confront/stop terrorism.

  7. Gilbert says:

    Justin Trudeau is the PM ISIS wants. He’s too inexperienced and naive to be PM. Without his name, he’d be nowhere in politics.

    (Response: That is one of my fears ..would Trudeau or Mulcair be the Neville Chamberlain of the modern age? In fact, not even with a phoney piece of paper, but just by sticking their heads in the sand …hearing, seeing and speaking no evil … as ISIS moves to enslave/behead thousands more. h.o)

  8. larry Bennett says:

    One gets the feeling here that the Conservatives are goners, with no hope of re-election! It seems to me, that is exactly what was thought of Cameron’s gang in Britain this past election. Tory voters there were all seen as racists, sexists and homophobes, and the same old tiresome accusations ensued right up to the election day. Labour was absolutely giddy. Even after the last exit poll at 0230 AM, their functionaries
    were assuring Miliband of a huge sweep. A British news presenter is quoted as saying “Labour is saying the exit poll is wrong”. Off air, he was heard to say “In a few hours they’ll be wishing it was right”!
    Also, UKIP’s support base was 61% working class, which was way more than Labour. On top of this all, Cameron rid himself (and England) of the LibDems.
    It would seem likely that Cameron can do even more in his next term than he did in the last. Whodda thunk?

    (Response: I wouldn’t say the PCs are a goner … remember Christy Clark? And of course, Cameron. My comments are a snapshot of how I assess what I see right NOW. I have always said I believe elections are usually won or lost in the two or three weeks before the vote. A lot depends on the ads, the promises, the debates and any gaffes etc. Stand by …there’s a lot of time left! h.o)

  9. DBW says:

    The Conservatives in the Senate want to quash debate of the bill that would see unions forced to disclose spending, a bill that is opposed by seven provinces representing 80% of the population.
    The privacy commissioner has expressed reservations to it and most constitutional experts feel it won’t hold up in court.

    Even the Conservative speaker rules against their motion saying it breaks the rules which is does.

    The Conservative senators then challenge the speaker’s ruling which passes so they can now break the rules and pass an unconstitutional law.

    Just one more example of why the Steven Harper Conservatives need to be replaced.

  10. e.a.f. says:

    who cares what Canada’s position is on ISIS, etc. We’re a non entity on the world stage. Yes we’d like to believe we are, but truly, not so much. the players are the U.S.A., G.B., Germany, France, China, Russia, Japan.

    They keep Canada around because of our work in WW II and guys like Lester Pearson, Trudeau Sr., even Mulroney. Canada and its 6 jets are a joke. Not to mention are ships are kept afloat with spare parts from craigslist. Hell, even Italy probably has a bigger influence in Europe and we aren’t in Europe. Their navy and coast guard does better.

    Canada’s contribution was its peacekeeping abilities. Now we have a P.M. who likes to play Mr. dressup in camos. Lets not forget he and kiddy Kenny with their “spyglasses” trying to look military. Took Canada’s ship out of the “exercises”. Upp another photo op. In the grand scheme of things Canada is not much on the international stage. we are a 36 million citizen country, with an idiot for a P.M. and an Armed Forces with more guts than supplies.

    once this deal with Iran is signed, they will most likely have a higher profile on the world stage. they may well become the major player in the middle east. they and the Kurds will divide up what they want and leave the rest to a new country, run by ISIS. over time ISIS, will simply become another government. probably won’t get invited out much, sort of like North Korea, but hey all the countries still act like they are there. If we want to talk about terror and killing, gee that is one government who gives ISIS a run for its money and what do we really do about them? Not much. when things get really tough for its citizens we send supplies and ask china to get them to tow the line.

    (Response: You say Canada is a non-entity …but then you list a number of extraordinary efforts/contributions Canada made when we were even smaller on the world stage. And I notice that nowhere do you mention the word “responsibility”: so you think Canada should do nothing to help stop thousands of innocent people from being slaughtered …including kids, elderly, Christians, other “non-Sunnis”. If Canada doesn’t do anything, why should France, Britain etc. Yes, we need the ARAB nations to do more, but we have to be there too. h.o)

  11. morry says:

    best thing for Canadian democracy is to kick Harper out. The rest is secondary/

  12. Gary L. says:

    “A lot depends on the ads, the promises, the debates and any gaffes etc.”

    Sad isn’t it?

    And we wonder how people with ulterior motives

    get foisted upon high.

    (Response: It is sad …because many people vote the way they buy soap suds … a catchy ad or clip, brochure or debate point. Very few go on the Internet and actually read the policies and positions of the parties. h.o)

  13. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey, let me clarify. When I referred to Canada as a non entity, I meant in these times,. not in the past. those days are gone. We now have a P.M. who isn’t into peacekeeping which is what we were recognized for. The P.M.s I mentioned had personality, intelligence, and were respected on the world stage. Our current stooge not so much.

    P.M. Harper goes around war mongering, in my opinion. He does little to get parties to sit down and discuss things. He wants to fight in the Ukraine. Tells Poland, we’ll be there for you. Ya, with what. the disagreements in Europe right now are for the Europeans to resolve and that includes any “discussions” with Russia/Putin. Harper mouthing off about the Ukraine just leaves Putin laughing. We have nothing to back Steve’s mouth with.

    Now as to the middle east. you need a score card and computer to figure out who is doing what to whom. Each side has about as many killers as the next. If Harper were really interested in saving lives in the middle east why are tens of thousands of Christians sitting in refugee camps in the middle east. why aren’t they coming into Canada. Hell Sweden is taking 100K refugees. If Canada wants to help, help with the refugees. Greece is up to its eye balls in refugees, with no money, but still they take them in, when they wash up on shore. Italy isn’t in great shape, but they’re out there with their navy and coast guard saving them by the hundreds and then feeding and clothing them. Where is Canada in all of this? Not too close that I can see.

    The fighting in the middle east is not going to end until other countries stop selling arms and that isn’t going to stop. The fighting in the middle east is simply a place for a test run. Its also taking areas into a place they once were before the west interfered.

    I always like to remember one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.

    The last time I checked harper and his cons won’t even permit a doctor to bring a dozen kids from the middle east to Ontario for medical treatment. Now tell me how does that help anyone. My opinion is, Harper and his cons and their religious convictions are not so different from those Taliban thugs. And he isn’t that different from Putin.

    Harper’s attack on Muslims is not doing Canada and anyone else any good and that starts with his last minute piece of leg. introduced by a Sikh. How clever. But then lots of us know there is a lot of religious strife in India between Sikhs and Muslims. Doing his Sussex Dr. fast breaking thing isn’t impressing me one bit.

    We could bomb ISIS from now until the end of time, but if one of them is left they will be fighting. If you want to save lives, negotiate. Sit down and find out what they want and give it to them. Then anyone who wants to leave the area, let them. Iran is holding its own,. The Kurds are hanging on to what they want. Iraq, well they don’t care. its not theirs and the west got rid of Sadam Hussan. You reap what you sow.

    we are dropping $90K bombs in the middle east and not endearing ourselves to the population at all. if we wanted to do something in the middle east, give Jordan a hand with their refugees. use the money spend on bombs on schools, housing, water, food. I’d even pay more taxes for that, but those silly 6 Jets. for get it. Its a waste of our money. The Saudi’s have enough money and jets and they export teorrism all the time. Let them deal with it.

    So getting back to the subject, yes Trudeau is starting to look better to voters. Lets hope he keeps it up.

    (Response: Before you have peace-keeping, you have to have a cessation of violence … and I don’t see ANYONE in ISIS, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran ready for that yet. Far, far from it …and I believe we have a duty to stand up against terrorism, not just stay on the sidelines. But I would not put Canadian boots on the ground …while the locals in those Arab countries most affected, most in danger … hide. h.O)

  14. Barry says:

    One simple reason I am not voting Liberal: Bill C-51.

    Not going to vote for someone who think that turning Canada into a police state is a good thing. The last 4 PM’s, and several civil liberties groups are against it. Yesterday even CICS said they didn’t need it.

  15. RIsaak says:

    J T’s support of C-51 all but guarantees this Canadian will not vote for him. The fact many old school Liberal operatives are still active in the party is also a smell that no clothespin will save me from. Thinking about Tom a lot, hoping he can engage some more sound fiscal reasoning.

    (Response: Need to hear a lot more from Mulcair …on how to fight terrorism at home, what role should Canada take against ISIS, on Israel/Palestinians on dealings with US and NATO etc. h.o)

  16. BMCQ says:

    My opinion may change one day but until then
    it is still my humble opinion that Justin Trudeau couldn’t find “Girls” at Hugh Hefners House!

    I will not go on here but please Google: Justin Trudeau Gaffe’s and you will get your answer there.

  17. e.a.f. says:


    Justin may have “gaffes”, but Steve has enough criminals or about to be criminals in his party that they could qualify as a Hell’s Angels chapter.

    So I’d go with Justin any day of the week. Everyone makes gaffes, moves on, learns, gets advise, etc.

    A political party with that many people in positions of power who have fraud charges, sent to jail for fraud, under investigation for fraud, not to mention having sex with teenager doesn’t get my vote.

    If I lived in a riding which had a Con. and a Bloc running and it was one or the other, I’d vote Bloc.

  18. morry says:

    “One simple reason I am not voting Liberal: Bill C-51.”

    that leaves the NDP.

    (Response: Don’t forget the Greens. h.o)

  19. 13 says:

    While supporting herr Harper isnt getting any easier, not wanting a Trudeau running a country is as easy today as ever. His advisors havent done a very good job up to this point. Maybe Justin doesnt listen to his handlers. Either way it doesnt make him a good leader.

    Its always easier to oppose than to govern.

  20. DBW says:

    Harvey says he is impressed with Trudeau and BMCQ is rendered virtually speechless – 44 words consisting of a lame joke and a request to do a google search. YIKES!

    I think it is abundantly clear that those who oppose the Conservatives have several reasons to not vote for them, to find an alternative. As the party in power, they have made decisions over the nine years that can be judged. And we can judge them not just on the policy decisions they have made (which in the past boiled down to partisan arguments about economic or social direction) but on how they do business. There is a lack of respect for parliament and expert testimony and the press and Canadians in general through attacks on various groups. The PMO has always had too much power; it is worse today.

    Look at the attitude of the Conservative house leader in the Senate. They knew the speaker was following the rules. They know that the legislation they are passing is not supported by the provinces that the Senate supposedly represents. They know that the legislation will likely be overturned by the Supreme Court. Yet they challenged the speaker’s decision so they can break the rules. THEY VOTED TO BREAK THE RULES.

    And the speaker had the audacity to say “We live in a democracy”

    As far as I am concerned that sums up everything wrong about the Conservatives.

    They need to be voted out and hopefully they can reestablish themselves in the true Tory tradition of Diefenbaker, Stanfield, Clark, Mulroney so that we have a viable alternative should the Liberals or NDP fail our expectations.

    (Response: I am looking for alternatives and this week it was Trudeau who captured the spotlight, giving several long interviews (he used to avoid these) and making new policy announcements; next week it might be Mulcair. The real problem I have is HOW could I vote for Harper/Tories in light of the ever-growing rogues gallery of disgraced Tories, Harper’s own arrogance, dictatorial style and refusal to hold press conferences, shutting down public officials from even answering questions, and now refusal to take part in the national televised debates. In fact, the only thing I do like is Harper’s strong/principled stances on foreign matters … calling out Putin publicly, helping fight ISIS, providing aid to the Ukraine (we should give them anti-tank weapons etc too), support for Israel against Hamas/Hesbollah terrorists and denouncing the bigoted UN “Human Rights” Council for what it is.

  21. Hawgwash says:

    Since I emerged from a Hippy fog, sometime in the late 60s, I have been a fairly consistent NDP supporter; my most devout service being the campaign to elect Mr Barrett in ’72.

    I have never been a so entrenched as to be a blind voter though and have on occasion sat upon my hands because of distasteful choices. That is where I find myself today and will likely ignore “party” and vote for the candidate in my new riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands who appeals to me most.

    To me, Harper is a dictator, JT is a kid and “Tom” at times makes my skin crawl. Tom is tied too much to the QC and it’s votes; but aren’t they all. I find him quite disingenuous at times and just don’t trust him. I run hot and cold on Elizabeth May so, I have a dilemma if I am to not sit this one out. Doing that is as unappealing as the 3 leaders.

    BMCQ; just curious here…
    A few months back you vowed to, and I paraphrase, read but not post again. A sort of take my ball and go home declaration. I’m not suggesting you go away but rather am wondering what event triggered the fall from the wagon, the relapse and the return of the addiction. Having familiarity with many demons, I sympathize, I really do.

    (Response: I think you reflect the views of many undecided Canadians: we don’t like what we have, but aren’t overly convinced the alternatives would be better. I love watching Mulcair speak …but I would not buy a used car from him. And I know there is NO way he would ever reduce Quebec’s excessive power in Ottawa so that BC could just get its fair share of power, spending . As I stated, I like several of the polices Trudeau outlined this week … but NOT his foreign affairs stance/weakness.

  22. BMCQ says:

    DBW – 20

    Thank you for the kind words!

    Sorry I was attempting to keep it short.

    Would this be better?

    Yes, I do agree with SOME of Justin’s points in his new Platform.

    Problem for me is I do not think hen has the Strength of Character, the Intellect, or the Integrity to Lead The Country.

    I agree with those that say his Foreign Affairs policies are absolutely unacceptable.

    Hide your Head in the Sand?

    The Instability in the Middle East, Isis, Refugees, Putin, China, all must be addressed and that requires a “Firm Hand at the Controls.

    The World needs Leaders that will support Israel and stand up against the forces of Isis and other Terrorist Organizations and supporters of them like Iran, Russia, China, N. Korea and others.

    Mulcair is also not capable of leading the Country especially when it comes to The Economy, Tax and Spend, and Foreign Affairs.

    We already have enough Weak Impotent Leadership coming from The White House when it comes to World Affairs including the
    Middle East.

    The last thing we need in this Country is to elect either one of “The Muldeau Twins” PM!!

    As most of us I have almost everything I own invested in this Country and Province. Each Month I am responsible for a fairly hefty Payroll here and in The USA.

    I do not want to see Canada go the way of The EU. Open your eyes and see what is taking place there People. It is not just “The Five Pigs’ including Greece it will soon be France to follow, eventually perhaps even Germany!!

    Between poor Economic policies, over Taxation at all levels of Government a Social Welfare state of Entitlements, Horrific Immigration problems and an unsustainable demand on other Services they are doomed to fail.

    It is unfolding right before us!!! We are only 15 years behind them, the USA is knocking on the door right now as I type this!!

    As tio “The Muldeau Twins”

    Sure let’s “Cherry Pick” the odd good idea they have in their Platform. But to make either one of them King?!!! YIKES!

    Frankly I feel that Mulcair would be a very competent opposition leader in the next Parliament but we cannot afford his Economic, Social Welfare policies and his Foreign affairs would be disastrous for Canada and the rest of the World.

    Contrary to what many of you think here Canada is well respected on the World stage and the G – 7-8.

    Hawg – 21

    A while back I thought you and I could disagree on most everything but still respect one another.

    Ever since I questioned the abilities and lack of stability I see in Mayor Hepner I sense an anger from you directed towards me.

    Or was it the time that you seemed to accuse me of having an over abundance of activities, or visiting too many places in my life after telling a story of “The Walled City of Kowloon”. You seemed to imply that I was over stating a few things. I suppose I somewhat angrily pushed back.

    I ask you this, what would you have done under the same circumstances?

    You may also recall that you stated that “Look BMCQ I will not be apologizing for what I said” Remember?

    I did not ask for an apology. Sorry.

    Don’t really know what happened but we did have some enjoyable debates initially even when we disagreed.

    In reference to your point about me taking time away from the Blog.

    I believe it was back in November or December and I had commented on a few things which caused a few here to call for me to leave, be banned, or start my own Blog.

    At that time I stated that I was sorry I upset people, I thought that this was a place to argue discuss, debate etc.

    I then believe I said that I would go away for a while but I would continue to participate by reading the Blog. and return at a later date.

    If I recall it was 13 and then you that actually spoke up on my behalf.

    If I recall correctly you said something like “Don’t worry BMCQ I have your back”!!!

    Again I believe you said, “We may disagree BMCQ but you have the right to voice your opinion. Decisions like that should be left to Harvey”!

    If I am mistaken here and this is not an accurate recollection of the events feel free to correct me.

    Ooh and by the way, “Thank you for the Addiction comment.

    Never had one myself but I had a Sister that died quite young from a Drug Overdose.

    Perhaps that may explain why I am behind the Harper Conservatives “Law and Order Platform!!

    But then what do I know?

    Once again I am quite sure I managed to make a few more friends here.

    I look forward to the incoming “Kind Words of Support”!

  23. larry Bennett says:

    Hawgwash – Just how “hot” do you get with Lizzie May, anyway? I understand she is a cheap date, a couple of (I’m betting, Molsens) and she’s putty in your hands! But really, I can’t think Stephen Harper would condone most of what is going on in some murky corners of the party. If he did, try to control too fiercely these kinds of things he would once again be accused of being “controlling”. You think for a minute, that had one of his M.P.s been caught (on camera) palming a diamond ring, that he would then allow that same smeak theif to go on a government funded junket to Scotland because, … well because he was just being a lad, a light fingered and footed lad at that. Where were the almighty media on that one? Where was the outrage from the likes of Hawgwarts er…. Hawgwash?

  24. harry lawson says:


    interesting post, at this time it appears to be trudeau’s and mulcair’s to lose.

    however we are about a 112 days away from the election.
    we are assuming that mr harper will still be the leader.

    if mr harper resigns and the conservatives have a late august or early september leadership convention ,all bets are off

    (Response: Can’t imagine that happening at all: Harper is not that type of leader….. I don’t think. But wouldn’t that be exciting! h.o)

  25. D. M. Johnston says:

    Well, La Dauphin or Trudeau the Younger may impress, but the likes of Mark Marrisen, photo-op’s X and of BC Rail fame, advising La Dauphin does not impress.

    Too many of the old guard still controlling the Liberal party, which may sway my vote to Mulchair. Sorry Greens.

    (Response: I’m not sure too many voters are knowledgeable about old guards etc… they vote on promises, image, record, the campaign ads …and yes, the debates. h.o)

  26. larry Bennett says:

    BMCQ @ 22 – Well said!

  27. Hawgwash says:

    Being mad at you is just not in the line up. That would accomplish about as much as sitting on the floor in the sunbeam snatching at the floating dust. Just a waste of time and everyone would think I was nutz, or nutzer, take your pick.

    No, to be honest, I don’t recall any of the topics you threw out especially Linda who? Most of what you write just goes in one eye and out the other and what is worth retaining is disposed of via senility; mine, not yours. So, mad? No. In fact I think it would be highly entertaining to throw this whole bunch, including Larry, together around a campfire and a keg.

    I just find it real easy to yank your chain and wait…

    Larry; your fixation with Svend is very suspicious. Wouldn’t be some kind of diversion, would it? Are we going to see you riding in a convertible smart car with Gregor in the Pride Parade?

    Lizzie May? Well, being a newbie to her riding, I’m finding quite a mixed reaction to her. Seems like she has done at least some good for the people here. More than my old MP Hedley Fry. Besides Lizzie is cuter ‘n Hedley.

    See you at the bonfire.

  28. CGHZD says:

    This impresses even more.
    NDP 32.4%
    Cons 28.9%
    Libs 27.4%

    The Liberals have lied and cheated Canadians far to long and it won’t change under this wanker.

    (Response: Fascinating. And Harpers refusal t6o take part in the national televised debates cannot possibly help him. It will be like giving Mulcair two hours of free air time …since I figure Trudeau will be no match at all for him. h.o)

  29. Splashdancer says:

    @Harry Lawson…A new PC Leader, but who?

    Who is the most honourable Conservative member with high moral standards, a man, or woman befitting what the PC`s are all about..

    This person is the epitome of everything Stephen Harper stands for.!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_960/image.jpg

  30. Marge says:

    Today in Vancouver Trudeau said the Liberals would suspend admission fees to national parks in 2017. And beginning in 2018, admission to national parks would be free for children and adults who are new Canadian citizens. What about the rest of us “OLD” Canadian citizens, are we going to subsidize all of this??? Don’t think he’s going to do anything about your other topic below this one Harvey about immigrants milking the system at our expense. We are SCREWED!

  31. art smith says:

    And don’t forget for a minute Harv, that Trudeau is also from Quebec and thinks that people from elsewhere just don’t know how to govern. as he mentioned on a Qc talk show.

    (Response: Yes, I wrote about that some time ago … and what frustrated me most is when the Liberals and NDP Leaders BOTH said quite openly if BC got any more seats, so should Quebec to maintain their “traditional” favoured status …defeating the whole purposes of giving BC, with it growing population. And the worst? I didn’t see or hear from a SINGLE Liberal or NDP MP from BC speak out and stand up for BC in the face of such an outrageous injustice: I can assure you Quebec, Ontario, Maritimes MPs would not be so cowardly. h.o)

  32. e.a.f. says:

    O.K. if you’re looking for a new P.C. leader, no federal party by that name. We have the Conservative Party and looking for some one honest, etc. Let me know when you find one. You see when you lay down with dogs you get fleas and for the Cons currently in Parliament, they all lay down with the dogs.

    Now if we went back to the P.C. party of Canada, hey I can get with that agenda. Didn’t like Mulroney–he certainly had his faults, but the guy did do some good. Of course he is a tad long in the tooth, but Joe Clark, now I always did like him. Would I vote for him if I had a chance. Most likely in a heart beat. Does the Conservative Party as created by Steve have some of Joe Clark or Mulroney’s caliber? No, I doubt it.

    The P.C.s had a type of who they called a Red Tory. Now they I liked. They had some really decent ideas. They were decent people.

    I simply could not vote for a party which has that many criminals and has cheated in every election they “won”. I’d rather take my changes with some one else because once a fraudster, always a fraudster. The senator isn’t the only one of the Cons who had sex with a teenager. Come on down Vic Toews. He was the one having it on with this sister in law’s nanny and then inviting a family babysitter over when there were no children home nor was his wife. —

    There is nothing more morality disgusting than cutting the anti porn budget in the RCMP, letting more Vets and Armed Forces personnel kill themselves than died in the middle east; and not providing clean drinking water to a reserve and no adequate housing. So much for those about 60 good Christians of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church who believe the bible is “inerrant” and the second coming is “imminent”. Just reminds me of those Taliban thugs.

  33. DBW says:

    1. In another post you defended the Conservatives by saying they at least have given money to help shipbuilding in BC. Not so fast. From the right leaning National Post.

    2. Also from the National Post and I would
    be curious how Conservative apologists feel about this. Say what you want about any party’s foreign policy statements or plans, is a party that would stoop so low as to use images of the brutal deaths of innocents for political gain the kind of party you want leading our country?

    3. As to foreign policy, there is certainly a debate to be had, but to just flat out say that Trudeau is not ready because of a stance he has taken does not further the debate. For example, in 2003, Steven Harper was insistent that Canada join the US coalition to invade Iraq. I think the general consensus now says that he was wrong (that Bush and the US were wrong). Was Harper just not ready back then?

    4. Some apologists like Harper’s tough guy stance. And of course we need to stand up to world bullies and terrorists. And we have to play our part and take responsibility for ensuring that we do the best we can to keep the peace. But there are different ways of doing that.

    Canada has a history of doing well in world wars when it comes to that. But it also has a great history of being the middle power, the diplomat that both sides can respect. Even when we took sides, countries viewed us with respect. We were looked upon to be an intermediary.

    I think we have lost that role. Think of Mulroney and Clark standing up to both Reagan and Thatcher over South Africa. What would Harper have done?

    Looking tough with Putin is just bluster and false swagger when we alone have nothing to back us up. Challenging the United Nations may be fair game but not if it blocks our future attempts to influence that organization.

    I am not even sure how many Canadians see foreign policy as being a deal breaker when casting their ballot, but I am not so sure that the Conservatives have anything particular to brag about if it is.

    (Response: I’m never surprised if politicians don’t keep their promises … but let’s keep it real: the Coast guard cutters are already under construction, the other vessels to follow have not been cancelled …and are still scheduled …at least officially. And I’d sure put that record ahead of any previous federal government’s commitments to build ships in BC … or any promises I’ve seen by the Libs and NDP to do so…instead of just handing all the contracts to Halifax and St. Jean…. even when their bids are higher. h.o)

    (CORRECTION: I was wrong when I said the ships were already under construction: what was signed with Seaspan was the agreement in principle to build three ships …construction contract would follow final design and cost estimates …if the government doesn’t back out. But I STILL believe that if the ships get the final go ahead there’s a much higher chance with the Tories than the Libs or NDP that they will be built in BC and not Halifax, N.S. or St Jean, Que. Here’s more details on the agreement announced: h.o)

  34. larry Bennett says:

    Hawgwash – Diversions and etc.? Have you felt a movement in your loins? You do seem to know an awful lot about these parades making their serpentine way throughout our cities. Have never been interested in this stuff and such, although I am usually up for various spectacles.
    I have a nephew who is a bright young man, who will make all the other males in the family look like idiots when it comes to success, but he and his “mate” do not do this sort of thing, doesn’t believe in SSM or gay adoption or the rest, just lives his life as quietly as is possible. He’s in my prayers always! My main dislike for Svend was his self-importance, his constant state of lividity and self-righteousness, and his exceptionalism, even while being the most common of thieves.

  35. Marge says:

    And now we find out today that Mulcair is a closet Conservative wannabe, maybe.

    According to Macleans magazine “NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was in discussions in 2007 to join the Conservative party as a senior adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, discussions that several sources, including former senior Harper staffers, say was the first step in securing Mulcair to run as a Conservative candidate in 2008.

    The negotiations between the Conservative government and the man who is today leader of the left-leaning official Opposition allegedly broke down over money: Mulcair wanted nearly double what Harper’s office offered, two sources tell Maclean’s.”

    Apparently Tom wanted $300,000 from the Cons and they were offering him half that amount.

    Politicians got to love them, don’t you. Sell their souls for money and more money. Now tell me who is out there with any personal integrity that we can put our trust or faith in???

    (Response: Interesting. Even before I learned this, I sometimes sensed similarities between Mulcair and Bouchard and David Emerson: whose dedication and principles seemed to me to be flexible, to put it mildly, if they personally could gain power and prestige. Mulcair was a LIBERAL in Quebec …. a provincial cabinet minister under Jean Charest … so who knows what the future will hold. h.o)

  36. larry Bennett says:

    Harve, in reference to some of the above – just heard from Ezra over at The Rebel.Media, (I do visit the odd other sites) that Ms Knotely over in Alberta has just hired one, Brent Michael Dancey as Chief of Staff to Shannon Phillips, Minister of Enviro and Status of Women, who was convicted in 1994 of assault causing bodily harm, and did a mere 9 months for almost killing another fellow, out in the wilderness that is Manitoba! Seems that crimes committed by socialists do not attract the attention that Conservative misdeeds do. I trust the MSM is on this and it will be all over the place in hours?

  37. Hawgwash says:

    Thanks for the info on yet another opportunist.
    Even if the spin “Tom” is now putting on this is correct, damage has been done and he has reinforced my feelings of his shiftiness.

    This could turn off the voters like Wild Rosers opportunistic ship jump in AB. Ok, I know “Tom” didn’t jump ship but the optics are not good at all.

    It will be interesting to see how this one is spun and justified.

  38. BMCQ says:

    Art – 31

    Yes, very valid point!

    I paraphrase here and have not looked this up but…..

    Was it not only a few months ago when Justin stated that if Quebec was to separate he would live there as opposed to Canada?

    DBW – 33

    You make some fair points. For me I must Vote for the Party that presents the best options for my Business. By my Business being successful we are able to look after the Employees who in my opinion are the most import of any Business. They in turn can Feed, Clothe, Shelter and Educate their Families. Same for me, my Family and I come after The Business and the Employees.

    IMHO all Canadian Voters must vote for the Party that offers them the best for their Employment Opportunities, Creates Wealth for those in the Country, provides a good Social Safety Net, and ensures Law and Order a Safe Secure Country, the Control of Spending and an honest effort to help with World Problems either Social, or Militarily within the abilities of our Country. Really quite basic.

    Who offers that best of the current crop of hopefuls is the question.

    One thing for sure I do not want to see Leadership that increases the Entitlement Gravy Train for those that could and should be contributing to our Society!

    Before you make up your mind on entitlements watch events Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the rest of The EU.

    Very sadly we could see mass unemployment, chaos, violence, and perhaps even revolution.

    Now Puerto Rico seems to be faltering.

    Please understand that The USA is on the same track and no Country is immune to the problems that can arise from Fiscal Mismanagement, lack of Accountability, and a Culture of Entitlements

    Mqrge – 35

    Thank you for the Head’s Up!! Read it with great interest and then heard more on MSM this morning.

    The unsavory World of Politics!!

    I am not a Mulcair Fan myself and I can understand some that are suspicious of him.

    Arrogant at best!

    Bouchard and Emerson are probably good comparisons. Political opportunists?

    Or Carpetbaggers?


    As Fred Williams stated in the old “Dirty Harry” Movie, “I just gotsta ask”?!!!

    any questions about your boy Thom now?

    Marge – 35

  39. BMCQ says:

    Hawg – 27

    I will bring the Keg!
    Or should that be Kegs?

    We can seat Larry and 13 in between Laura, and Marge! e.a.f. can referee!

  40. Laura says:

    Larry, you’re not getting it even my after my last post to you.

    Rachel Notley didn’t run on a law and order platform. She hasn’t said people convicted of a crime are not welcome and should never be given another chance. A junior ministry hiring someone as their chief of staff who 20 years ago was convicted of assault is not news. There’s no hypocrisy there.

    A cabinet minister saying “you’re with us or you’re with the child molestors” after sleeping with his family’s babysitter, is both hypocritical and news.

    Same story with Paul Colandra being on the ethics committee.

    The Conservatives campaign on law and order and claim to be, literally, holier than the rest of us. As you do too.

    Besides, if you’re so concerned about anyone with a criminal past why do you follow Ezra Levant who has been found guilty in the past of libel?

  41. Laura says:

    BMCQ, the economics you believe in have never worked. Krugman and others call them “zombies” because they should be dead and buried but they still keep walking.

    Attacking entitlements is like attacking the idea of happiness. Its admitting capitalism has failed but think a purer form will somehow work when its never worked before.

    Read Piketty and try and understand it.

  42. e.a.f. says:

    You would trust me to referee? ?this ought to be good. Usually my idea of “referring” is, now is every body unhappy. If the answer is yes, the next question is: but can you live with it. If the answer is Yes, we have a deal.

    My other option to some has been, look do you want to take this outside and we settle it there so the rest can have a civilized chat.

    Oh, to get this off to a right start. no camp fires. we have a burn ban. Now as a compromise here are the some choices: sitting in the dark
    battery operated candles in a circle to look like a camp fire
    propane fired thing which looks like a camp fire.
    All getting on a B.C. Ferry and sitting upstairs while it floats along.

    We can discuss Tom//Thom.

    I don’t know if Mulcair was in discussions with the Cons and I don’t care.Everyone has to make a living. I’m just interested in how they would do the job. If some one can deliver the goods and keep things on track I’m not that concerned about what other parties they may have belonged to, etc.
    At least people might be more interested in Mulcair now. He may not appear to be so “left” as they thought. Just remember, Glen Clark is the President of the Pattison Group. Seems to be doing a great job.

    Notley is an NDPer, from Alberta. is she the same NDPERS in other parts of Canada. Most likely not. She seems to refer to Peter Lougheed’s time in office frequently. Is there anything wrong with that. No, Lougheed was a very good premier. If Notley uses his play book and manages the economy and social issues, she could be there for a very long time. Some times it doesn’t matter so much where people have been, but where they are going and how they plan on getting there. However, there are some who have no redeeming features and that starts with harper and his fraudsters.

    Any political party (Conservatives)who would use ISIS pictures in an attack ad on another party leader, just isn’t ready for anything but the dust bin. Under the Conservatives Bill C-51 that is illegal, but they did it anyhow.

  43. Emma Rose says:

    Great discussion. I learn more from these type of discussions than from reading the newspaper. Lots of food for thought.

  44. Emma Rose says:

    Great discussion.
    I learn more from these type of conversations than from reading the newspapers.
    Lots of food for thought.

  45. morry says:

    “Front-runner Mulcair is now the target of scrutiny” … OH OH! HO

  46. morry says:

    “Any political party (Conservatives)who would use ISIS pictures in an attack ad on another party leader, just isn’t ready for anything but the dust bin. Under the Conservatives Bill C-51 that is illegal, but they did it anyhow.”

    GOLD! Right on!

  47. larry Bennett says:

    laura – Ezra was charged, likely for calling a spade a spade, (if in deed, he was). Brent Michael Dancey attempted ( as far as I’m concerned,) to kill another man! I am proud of you, that said, for admitting that the NDP do not even pretend to be pro: law and order! I wonder, if Mulcair has French citizenship, can he run for political position in France? And if so, may we encourage him to do so? Also, if Mulcair is a Catholic, as he attests, and his wife is a Jew, would his children be Jewish Catholics? I wouldn’t be the first time – look at Edith Stein. If so, does he believe that Catholic schools, as per Quebec’s history, should be supported by the taxpayers? I certainly do, given that Catholics pay taxes also.

  48. larry Bennett says:

    New Financial Post magazine came with N.P. today. In the list of Canada’s 500 largest corps, (by city) – Vancouver came in at #38 (Telus) and those ahead of her were either, for the most part, from Toronto, Montreal, and other central Canadian cities, although Calgary did come in amongst the rest. Vancouver comes in again at 57 (Teck Resources) and 59 (Jim Pattison Group); and so it goes.
    Does anyone really think that Trudeau and Mulcair will be bringing jobs to B.C.? And we are aware of what Ms Knotely has planned for Alberta. If the Cons do not come through with ship building contracts, and pipelines and shipping ports and dams and mines, along with tightened immigration rules for rich investors in Asia, who plead poverty while seeking citizenship, they are going to lose a lot of votes. Not so much from many here, but from reasonable folks who want in on the spending.

  49. Jay Jones says:

    Voting would certainly be a lot easier if one of the parties would commit to renaming nickle to ‘beaver’, dime to ‘sailboat’, quarter to ‘moose’ and toonie to ‘polar bear’.

  50. 13 says:

    BMCQ, if you want to fight with Laura and Marge be my guest. I propose a proxy fight.

    Jenny and Svend in a tag team no holes barred cage match against Duffy and Wallin.
    The winning team gets a get outta jail free pass.

    Oops I think Jenny a Svend have already recd that prize.

  51. BMCQ says:

    Piketty? Really?

    Hell, why not Marx then?

    Once again, watch and see what what is unfolding right in front of your eyes in much of The EU.

    The Tax and Spend Policies and The Culture of Entitlements followed by most in The EU is unsustainable!!

    Even much of The EU Leadership is finally admitting the path they have embarked on is not working.

    Anyone that is not in total denial can see that!

    For anyone to attempt a very anemic at best “Spin” to frame it any differently is nothing less than delusional and frankly dishonest!!

    Sometime within a very few months The UK will hold a referendum on actually leaving The EU!

    By that time there may be even fewer Members for the UK to leave behind!

    Thank God that that “Beast” Margret Thatcher did not sign The UK onto The Euro!! That in itself will soon be a disaster!! The Euro is currently circling the drain and may well soon go down for good!!

    Picketty? YIKES!!

    Now that we are ordering people to read certain Authors I would like to simply suggest and recommend the following.

    “Things That Matter – Charles Krauthammer

    A very interesting man.

    Raised in Montreal, Krathammer has a very interesting view of things. Insightful and thought provoking. I believe it is soon to be available in Paper Back.

    I would send a copy of Krauthammer’s Book to you but I do not believe Canada Post can deliver parcels back to your current address in “1964 East Berlin”!

    Emma – 44

    Yes, I agree some interesting points of view here!

    Larry – 48

    Ship Building is already a reality. Of course we would like more going into the future but who knows.

    My company is a supplier to the various Ship Yards and the feeling is that we in B.C. will have a great future down on the Docks going thanks to the existing commitments from the Feds on the current contracts.

    We will soon have a new better Infrastructure and a “World Class” Labour Force that should serve us well going into the future. Real jobs for “Real People”!

    Biggest and most serious impediments to the reality of seeing any Pipe lines completed in B.C. or the rest of that Canada for that matter are the negotiations with First Nations!!

    Interesting how a Country like Norway almost all Left of Centre types hold up as something “Special” for their Economic Policies have Pipelines, Off Shore Drilling, Fracking, Pipelines, Oil Tankers, LNG, Fish Farming and a lot more in the way of Infrastructure that would blasphemous be unthinkable here!

    Biggest difference between Norway and Canada? No First Nations to negotiate with!!

    If Hawgwash was to Host a Bon Fire for this learned group count me in. Even with the “Ban” being a concern as e.a.f. points out.

    My only concern is that with many that post and probably read on this Blog attending the gathering may very well morph into something more like “Burning Man”!!! “The Horror of it all?! I can hardly wait to see the “Pics”!

    Happy Canada Day!!

    Embrace each and every Day you live in this Country!!

  52. DBW says:

    Seriously Larry. Like a typical Conservative ad you take somebody’s comment out of context and twist it into something it isn’t. Laura did not admit that the NDP were not pro law and order.

    Similar to using the last moments of ISIL victims before they are horrifically murdered to somehow suggest that Justin Trudeau is just not ready. Still waiting for a Conservative apologist to justify the use of those images.

    Nobody is going to defend Brent Dancey’s actions of 21 years ago but we don’t know what he has done with himself in the last 20 years. I just hope you have the same level of disgust for Steven Harper’s appointment of drunk driving Gordon Campbell to a much more lucrative position.

    As for your hero Ezra Levant and his self righteous rants: You have mocked Elizabeth May for her recent comments at the press gallery but wasn’t she just “calling a spade a spade”.

    And you imply that Laura was making up Levant’s libel convictions. I believe he has been found guilty five or six times. Using Levant as a source might not be your best bet.

    Larry, people get judged on their actions. No matter how you spin it the Conservatives have lots to answer for. As Harvey said

    “The real problem I have is HOW could I vote for Harper/Tories in light of the ever-growing rogues gallery of disgraced Tories, Harper’s own arrogance, dictatorial style and refusal to hold press conferences, shutting down public officials from even answering questions, and now refusal to take part in the national televised debates.”

    No matter what we think of the alternatives, there is no way that we should be rewarding Steven Harper and his Conservative brand.

  53. larry Bennett says:

    DBW – You gotta wonder at the comparison of someone blowing over .08 (or whatever in Hawaii) and beating the snot our of a man, even as he lay helpless and likely unconscious on the ground! On top of this, he only gets 9 months! And, DBW, you admit that people must be judged for thier actions, and Ms May’s sloppy, slovenly and almost incoherent diatribe gives us to wonder if we want this harridan, this termagant, representing Canada (and Canadian women) on the world stage?

  54. Laura says:

    Larry, you’re mistaken if you believe Ezra was only charged, he was convicted, twice, of libel.

    And yet he’s your shining media star? How many libel convictions would the man have to have before you question him?

    As for bringing jobs to BC, when do Harper and Clark plan on doing that? I know you don’t look at stats but employment per capita in BC has fallen since they took power. What percentage of the population has to be without jobs in BC before you question their policies?

    As for Catholic this and that, voters don’t care. And judging by your positions, neither do you.

  55. Laura says:

    BMCQ, Krauthammer? He’s not even an economist, he’s a psychiatrist. LOL

    As Piketty has pointed out, the problems with right-wing economic policies in Europe and elsewhere are that they produce inequality. No other outcome is possible given the gradual dismantling of redistributive policies by the Right over the last 35 years. If the rate of return on investment is higher than inflation then wealth will flow upwards and poverty will grow. Something he proves over and over with historical evidence. If you think such a simple and fundamental statement is wrong and can prove it then you should publish asap.

    We see it in stats showing that for the majority of people there has been no increase in wages over the last 30 years. And when you factor in the rising cost of housing people are actually worse off. We see from the stats that the wealth from economic growth was concentrated in few hands propelling further inequality.

    Since you think that we need to dismantle even more redistributive policies such as pensions and other safety nets I have to ask for what purpose? To make the rich even richer?

    Because you’re certainly going to make the poor and average people a lot worse off. It’ll destroy the middle class which is already being hollowed out by right-wing policies.

    Do you miss feudalism and think the little people should work to support globe-trotting by you and others?

    Since you seem to have lots of time for long-winded replies, by all means tell me how reducing social spending and increasing inequality will improve the world. Or perhaps you know it won’t but don’t care because you think people should support the “economy” instead of the other way around?

    First thing of course is you’re going to have to learn a lot of things, like that the ECB and IMF, or for that matter Merkel’s government or Greek governments prior to the election of Syriza, are not “left-wing” organizations. But then I doubt you have much interest in such matters since they don’t fit your view of the world.

  56. Laura says:

    Larry, you’re complaining someone got only 9 months for assault? How about a drunk driver getting elected premier of BC? Where was the punishment there or was one night in jail good enough in your opinion? You really are quite the law and order man, aren’t you? I bet you even voted for him. Quite the high standard.

  57. BMCQ says:

    Laura – 55

    Here I come back into the house after a great “Canada Day” Lunch with some good friends and I see you are celebrating in your own way!!.

    I see you think we have a “Gotchya Moment”!!
    Really quite Funny or as you might say LOL!!

    Fact is if you would re-read my Post I had quite clearly finished addressing you regarding your ridiculous claims about,” If you are against Entitlements your against happiness” etc. I am still laughing about that!!

    An absurd claim at best! Please re-read what you wrote. “What The Eck”?!!

    You ordered me to “Learn” about something by reading. So………

    I was simply offering up a Book that I thought anyone that Posts or Reads here might find interesting regardless of their Politics. Totally unrelated to your boy Picketty. Sorry to confuse you.

    Yes, you are correct about Krauthammer being a Psychiatrist. But he is so much more than that.
    As I mentioned he was raised in Montreal, injure while he was very young and has been in a Wheel Chair ever since.

    The Man has an incredible History, he is Bright, a great Columnist in over 400 Papers, a great interview, seems tom be very open minded, Time Magazine over the years and in my opinion a person worth listening to.

    I am especially interested in what he had to say about Winston Churchill and his place in History! I agree with Charles very much on that.

    I have been reading his Column for years and as a matter of fact I gave about 24 of his Books out this last Christmas as Gifts to some Family and Friends.

    So far not one of those People has returned a book!

    Oh, and he is one of the few and maybe the only Person in the World that received a Public Written Apology from the Obama Administration that was not just a silly Fluff Piece attributed to a Politically Correct Vote Getting Stunt!!

    “Not an Economist”, you say!! Really!

    Sure Laura, you got me on that alright.

    Oh and by the way, “Happy Canada Day”!!


    Still Funny Though!

  58. Laura says:

    Not the reply I hoped for but it is what I expected.

    You really should read Piketty, you would learn more about economics than you did in 40 years of reading Krauthammer.

    You have a good Canada Day too.

  59. larry Bennett says:

    Dear, dear, Laura – In fact, I did vote for Mr. Campbell – because you see, being a good Christian (even, Catholic) I can see where such may happen to a man (or woman) under preassure, (even myself!). On the other hand, pounding someone nearly to death, is a sign, not of weakness, but of evil.
    Now as regards Ezra Levant, we see a man of passion, who has, over the years, paid dearly (I mean in the thousands $) for his passion. Still, I admire his passion. ” ..problems with right-wing economic policies in Europe … are that they produce inequalities”. No Laura, they define what each person should be paid for their qualities, thus encouraging them to improve their state in life!
    And as for my Catholicism and etc. – left-wing policies have led to the death of thousands of the faithful, i.e. Stalin’s murder of (at least) 100,000 religious. And that only of the clergy – priests, nuns, and monks during the purges of 1937/1938. Millions more of the laity, prior to this.

  60. BMCQ says:

    I do not quite understand why you cannot accept the fact that I was not discussing anything about Economics or Piketty when I mentioned Mr. Krauthammer.

    It was a totally different point about a Book that some here may enjoy, regardless of their Political leaning.

    Any more of this I will be contacting Larry Bennett for the name of a good Exorcist!!

  61. Laura says:

    Larry, you’re free to call yourself a Christian but its in name only. Christianity wouldn’t want you. Peddle your pro-corruption religion to someone else.

    Reminds me of ISIL calling themselves good Muslims.

  62. Laura says:

    BMCQ, you’re confused, based on your history I never expected you to say anything remotely coherent on the subject of economics.

  63. BMCQ says:

    I am confused?

    You might want to consider the fact that just up the page here there is a full record of our exchange regarding this topic.

    Any one that cares to spend a minute or two reading that exchange between the two of us can see the TRUTH for themselves!

  64. e.a.f. says:

    Larry, if Mulcair is a Catholic and his wife is Jewish, their children are considered Jewish. The children inherit their religion from their mother. You can convert to Judism if you wish, just as you can convert to Catholism.

    Levant passionate??? na, I’d say more like a creepy racist.

    Got charged and tossed in jail for fighting when young? who cares, that was a long time ago and its what a lot of young men and now women, do. Wish they didn’t because sometimes they kill each other and no one wins.

    how people interpret “economics” frequently depends upon their personal “economics”, how they are doing financially. if you’re successful and the money is rolling in you are much more likely to be of the opinion the current government is doing a good job. If you’re making min. wage and having to line up for food, you’d have another opinion.

    The old line of “if you work hard enough” doesn’t work. Sometimes it is just being at the right place at the right time. I considered myself successful during my working career. yes, I worked hard, but I also was luck and had mentors. Could I have done it with out that?

    I was luck I had smart parents, who taught me how to present myself at a job interview, how to sit, stand, etc. Could I have made it without that?

    I am so tired of that work “entitlements”. its not “entitlements”, its social services and a “civilized” society provides that to people so they can live a decent life. health care, adequate pensions, decent schools, etc. are not entitlements. They are the rights of an citizens and yes that includes the mentally ill, the drunks, the addicts, etc. “there but for the grace of god go I”.

    Some are so concerned about the cost of everything, but really what is the cost of a life? What is the cost of a human’s dignity?

    Now to religion. Mom taught us, watch out for those religious types who go to church on Sunday and stab their business partners in the back on Monday. Then she cited a number of people in the category, from our community. Learnt a lot.

  65. larry Bennett says:

    Laura, the Jesuit brothers named Berrigan are so ’60’s!
    If you mean they wouldn’t want me, you’re spot on. They and their heros, the Alger Hiss’s and the rest, would compare William F. Buckley, Clare Luce and Sheen and etc., to the Elizabethan torturers, Topcliffe and William Lee – so very tiresome Laura! (Oh, and, the ISIL are in fact, Muslim, at least going by their own definition)

  66. Laura says:

    BMCQ, confused is only one of your issues.

    Now if I were you I wouldn’t want anyone reading your streams of consciousness, but that is the choice you make when you post.

  67. Laura says:

    Larry, you’re about as Christian as my desk is. But tell yourself whatever you want.

  68. larry Bennett says:

    e.a.f. – You are a little confused there, because to be a Jew, nationality wise, your mother must be Jewish. If you wish to worship in the Jewish faith, your mother must be Jewish, However, if you are born in Canada, you can become a Catholic. You can be Canadian and worship at a synagogue. I can be a Catholic, and still be a Canadian. When Eizabeth Taylor married (was it Mike Todd or Eddie Fisher) she “converted” to Judaism. As one Jew made note, she will be Jewish until the first pogram. I don’t know how seriously Judaism takes converts, I suppose it would be rude to refuse them.
    In order for Mulcair to be married to a Jewess, in a Catholic Church, it would be essential for his wife to agree to bring up the children, Catholic. She is not forced to become Catholic. I am not sure how it would be done in a synagogue, but Mulcair would be disallowed Communion unless Holy Matrimony has been preformed. Perhaps Harve can explain the other view? That said, I’m sure your parents did everything within their power to make you a successful young man – I’m not so sure they succeeded.

  69. BMCQ says:

    Splashdancer – 66

    Oh, sorry I mean Laura.

    A little angry are we?

    More name calling?

    I am not really surprised mind you, I do not think Larry would be surprised either.

    The facts speak for themselves, just right up the page a bit. You misread my Post. simple.

    Nothing really all that bad about being mistaken or misreading someone’s Post.

    Since my arrival here 11 months ago Harvey, e.a.f. Neck, and Lew have all challenged statements that I have Posted/made.

    Several times my position was most difficult to defend but I feel I did a decent job of justifying my position.

    On a couple of different Blogs I had posted the well thought out arguments from some mentioned here caused me to change my mind.

    On two others I was mistaken and admitted to it.

    I have no problem whatsoever admitting when I am mistaken or when I change my mind for that matter.

    To me that is what a Blog like this is all about, an exchange of ideas.

    But then, I really do not expect you to……

    1. Agree with me.

    2. Admit you misread my post.

    I am not really all that surprised.

    Kind of sad really!

  70. DBW says:

    Again, seriously Larry!

    Reread your last line to e.a.f. at #68, then ask yourself why Laura said what she did at #67.

    Even if you are joking (and it doesn’t come across that way) and even if it were true (and I’m betting it isn’t), it’s not something my Christian friends would have said.

  71. larry Bennett says:

    DBW – You live in a Liberal dreamworld. Your Christian friends are likely the kind that beleive in abortion-on-demand, homosexual marriage and who believe in a Santa like god, a big happy clown of a god. Take some time someday to read the Old Testament, or most anything in the New one. In fact, Christ mentions Hell more times in 4 Gospels, than is mentioned in the entire Old Testament.
    That said, he is a forgiving God, more than can be said for your bunch!

  72. Laura says:

    My god BMCQ, you’re so lost there’s no way I can lead you out. Re-read it all about 10 times and maybe you’ll get it.

    If not, I don’t care, it won’t be the first time you’ve been confused and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

  73. e.a.f. says:

    Larry being Jewish isn’t a nationality. Its a religion. Just like any other religion. You can be Jewish and a citizen of any country in the world. There is a difference between being a citizen of Israel and being Jewish.

    Even if a man and woman agree to bring up their children as Catholic, so they can be married in the Catholic Church, if the woman is Jewish, her children will still be considered Jewish, by the faith. You may choose to not practice your faith, but you are born a Jew if your mother is a Jew. Its that simply.

    Now lets be nice. This is supposed to be fun.

  74. DBW says:

    Larry, my friends – Christian and non-Christian – like most of us are a pretty forgiving bunch. I am not sure why you would think otherwise.

    And yes, although I haven’t taken any polls, I am guessing that most of the people I know – both Christian and non-Christian would be pr0-choice and supportive of gay marriage, like most of us. One very active church member once told me that he was too worried about how God would judge his own life to be too worried about who other people loved and married.

    What I don’t understand is why you are so opposed to gay marriage. There are lots of topics that I will disagree with people, even passionately but I can understand their point of view. Gay marriage is not one of those topics. I just don’t understand the opposition.

    I am not suggesting that you will change my mind but I would really like to understand your point of view. Thanks in advance.

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