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America’s Pain Could be Canada’s Gain

March 6th, 2017 · 50 Comments

Each Spring, the huge American eagle …actually, dozens of them … swoop  out of the skies and hunt out Canadian universities, where they target and scoop up many young graduates, carrying them back to their richly feathered nests in the United States.

The Americans go after some of OUR best …. who were educated to a very high degree in our  top institutions for free or heavily subsidized by Canadian taxpayers. They offer them large US-dollar salaries, signing bonuses and even superb benefits and immigration passes to go to work in expensive American private institutions … many in the health care field  (from doctors to nurses to anesthesiologists to x-ray technicians, therapists and lab workers … but also newly graduated engineers, architects, scientists, computer experts and almost every other profession.

Since Canada is a democracy, we cannot forbid materialistic or opportunistic graduates from going … but I have long believed we should have laws that require immediate absconders to reimburse Canadian taxpayers for the cost of educating them at higher institutions if they don’t stay and contribute back to our society for at least five years.  (Hopefully, by working inside Canada by the end of that period, they would be firmly established and even mature enough to realize that quality of life is not just about money and in Canada that quality of living in terms of civility, safety and services, especially for  for families is actually  much better.)

Alas, our politicians don’t have the backbone to bring in laws like I’ve mentioned above.

BUT there is something Canada could and should do now to compete … and maybe even beat … the Americans at their own game.

Our own  hunters … immigration experts, bureaucrats and  even politicians …. should be swooping in on United States campuses, cities, communities and letting educated, skilled Americans know of immigration opportunities and advantages of life NORTH of the 49th parallel.

WE should take advantage of the very clear concerns/fears and just plain unhappiness by people there of  what they see as declining civility, growing political extremism , loss of freedoms and the general quality of life in the U.S. for them and especially their kids.

There are good people of every race, ethnic, religious group in the U.S. who now feel unhappy, unsafe, uncertain in what they see as a growing divided intolerant America under Donald Trump …  and they don’t see that improving for a very long time, even if Trump loses the next election.

Canada should take advantage of that and entice away some of their best just as, for decades, they have tried to raid ours.

Our selling points?

How about a civilized society that is not perfect, but where:  there are NOT more than 30,000 murders each year; where the number of shootings did NOT reach 100,000 in 2016;  where there are no laws that allow anyone .. even those found to be mentally unstable …to buy and walk around with .45 Magnum in their belt or keep machine guns and bazookas in their homes and/or cars;  where most people are polite, friendly and are not constantly angry at each other and the world; where MOST people can and do have political discussions without getting insulting or coming to blows; and, yes, where there ARE jobs for skilled and educated workers; where health care IS affordable and quite good (if again, not perfect); in fact, where life expectancy is now a full TWO YEARS higher than in the US; where there is a VERY HIGH degree of not just tolerance, but even welcoming towards minorities; where women’s and gay rights ARE protected and supported by most everywhere in the country;  where a LOT of people DO care about clean air and waters; and, where you don’t really have to fear your kids going out at night or to a party with friends and individuals and families can walk unafraid on so many more city streets at night than do people in the US.

Just don’t mention the snow … unless they ski or skate.

I am convinced there ARE opportunities for Canada to attract thousands upon thousands of educated, quality immigrants from the US, who don’t like what they now see and experience down there. Not just refugees and illegal migrants … but educated, skilled Americans who would enjoy living the real land of the free.

All we need is for the Canadian government to go after them,  publicize our doors are open  and the Welcome mat is out, while the US continues to build walls … inside their society as well as on their border … and  beyond.

If you agree, I urge you to contact: Prime minister Justin Trudeau  or Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen or your own MP.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 Harry lawson // Mar 6, 2017 at 10:01 am


    I totally agree Canada really benifeted from the draft dodgers from the Vietnam war.

    We should take advantage of the fear of Trump in the USA.

    There are benefits such as climate and housing affordability that is better in parts of the USA.

    Our government can change tax policies, if we got rid of marketing boards our milk cheese and eggs would be about the same price.

    Canada should put out the welcome mat to all highly skilled people from around the world and make it easier for their credentials to be upgraded and recognized.

    Is it really so bad to expect anyone who receives a subsidized education to stay a couple of years serving Canadians in return.

    (Response: There is no doubt we too have our problems …but most of us can’t imagine what it like living in a country where division, anger and intolerance have so gripped society …from the political leadership on down…and where minorities are REALLY scared. The US is a GREAT place to visit and MANY Americans are wonderful people…but it is a society where many, many people feel threatened and unwelcome or just unsafe …and Canada could offer them a GREAT peaceful and safe alternative. h.o.)

  • 2 nonconfidencevote // Mar 6, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Illegal alien Americans applying for refugee status……

    (Response: No…they need not be illegal; we should seek out and WELCOME them as legitimate immigrants …just we do others from so many other lands. h.o)

  • 3 Diverdarren // Mar 6, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    Harvey, “educated, quality immigrants from the US, who don’t like what they now see and experience down there”

    Do you believe that the experience of educated, quality Americans is one of the negative stereotypes of; shooting and murders, machine guns and bazookas, anger and intolerance, poor healthcare, dirty air and water, where children are not safe on the street?

    Where does your travel agent book you when you travel to the United States… the inner-city of Chicago?

    You are describing the US that the poor, uneducated, predominantly Black Americans experience. If all I did was describe Canada by looking at an Indian Reservation in Northern Quebec I could askew the reality of the situation as well.

    The America for educated, quality citizens is quite pleasant.

    The US enjoy greater take-home pay. (ie:lower taxes) Canada tax-freedom day (2016) June 7th.
    US Tax-freedom day (2016) April 24th.

    The US enjoys lower cost of living. “the cost of living in the United States is remarkably less. While Canadians may pay less for larger-life events, Americans pay less for day-to-day expenses such as eating and housing costs.”
    Globe and Mail, Oct 2012.

    Educated, quality people in the US tend to have health insurance through their employer. If you have employer subsidized heath insurance in the US you probably have healthcare that is superior to Canadian government healthcare. This is especially true in regards to timeliness of service provided. However, if you are part of the under-class in either country then Canadian government healthcare is better.

    But this isn’t about where the under-class wants to live, we’re talking about the upper-class.

    As to your social justice discrepancies between the US and Canada, painting all of the US the same is a deceptive task. Do you think that all of America thinks like an Alabamian? Do you think all of Canada thinks like a Vancouverite? Educated quality people can move and live in the any part of the country that suits their personal need for societal justice.

    I think you’ve made the error thinking that all Americans live in the South-Central LA conditions you see on the nightly news. The immigrants you want are very comfortable with their lives in the US. They already enjoy the positives that Canada could offer at a “cheaper” price, and they can enjoy it under the California sun.

    Here in Canada all we can offer is snow or lots of snow to go with our tax or lots of tax.

    (Response: Must have been some time since you have travelled extensively in the US. I have not only BEEN recently in California, Texas and Florida but have been talking to, watching and reading extensively about the great divides and fears that are gripping working class and middle class and successful professional Americans right across the country …people who don’t ever go near the urban inner cities, live in gated communities, drive with their doors locked, train their kids to travel in groups or their older ones to keep driving to a gas station or till they see police if they get bumped in traffic etc. etc … and THESE are just the WHITE ones, who used to know no fear. For successful blacks, or Muslims or East Indians or Latinos or Jewish people or even liberals of every denomination …it’s even worse! America has changed drastically …and not for the better. This is an opportunity we should not hesitate to respond to … now. h.o)

  • 4 D. M. Johnston // Mar 6, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    As you stated; “Canadian politicians do not have the backbone………….”

    And here is the real issue, Americans, including their politicians, think Canada a land of cowards, if they think of us at all. The Americans have “0″ respect for Canada and Canadians.

    Just visiting my wife’s sister in Seattle, our family have been called unpleasant names including “Cheeseheads” (at restaurant in Bellingham) “lazy” (god knows where they got that from) and “cowards” (again haven’t a clue).

    But this is the USA in a nutshell, a large rather ignorant populace, who are vulgar, crude and rude.

    Sounds like Trump, eh?

    Canadian’s have to show backbone and if we suffer a bit, well it’s character building.

    A lot of Canadian students are lured South by sport scholarships and I think this is plain wrong, because we now have high school sports geared to feed into the US college sports scene (basically the people who profit from college sport). I think it is wrong and counter productive.

    Canadian politicians, as always are paying off their supporters with over priced, gold plated mega projects or bottomless pit bureaucracies like Indian Affairs (lawyers love that one). Our politicians, with indexed pensions have no stomach to lead the country as they drift along in their Upper/Lower Canada ennui. They rather give the failing Bombardier Inc. billions, but our students oh f*** no!

    I guess one can say; “Who is not afraid to bell the US cat?” or Who is not afraid to offer a new home to the best and the brightest from an apparently failing country.

    Opportunity is knocking, but everyone seams to be deaf.

    @Driverdan: Taxes maybe lower in the USA but healthcare and user fees are extreme. Healthcare, insurance, water rates (my brother in-law in Seattle pays in excess of $900 us annually and they have a strict rule when to use the toilet or 2 minute showers), car tabs etc.

    The elites of society are well subsidized by their jobs, clubs, etc. The average American, when compared to an average Canadian, pays more to live annually.


    I have a Jewish friend who has a cottage in Whatcom County and she is keeping the cottage (about 1 km from the Canadian boarder) as a safe haven just in case really bad thing start happening. Antisemitism is on the rise through the Excited states and she wants to be close to the boarder, just in case! She’s no fool as she is a scientist, with a large extended family right out of a Norman Lear sitcom!

    (Response: I find most Americans are still very open and friendly. What has happened, though, is the minority of ignorant and bigoted basket of deplorables …YES they do exist… feel emboldened under Trump to speak out and act up. The result: minorities and social liberals, even middle of the road conservatives, feel concerned, especially for their kids. This is unfortunate … but does provide an OPPORTUNITY to offer an attractive alternative for skilled, trained people more socially akin to Canadian values rather than the “new’ America they see around them. h.o.)

  • 5 Lew // Mar 6, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Looks like the idea is being explored from coast to coast, Harvey. Time will tell how many will come. I note this morning that Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father who has been a U.S. citizen for over 30 years and lost his son who died fighting for the U.S. has cancelled a trip to Toronto because his travel status is being reviewed by the American government. It’s turning into a scary country under Mr. Trump, and he and his band have just started.

    (Response: interesting info. Hope the federal government is receiving letters from Canadians urging them to go after these potential skilled, educated immigrants …and not just await refugees and mostly under-educated illegal migrants. h.o.)

  • 6 Gene The Bean // Mar 6, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Have read a lot of good things here and this is near the top of the heap. Great idea! Agree completely.

    Then the pessimism started …. wondering how many comments before the “I’m not a racist but…” Trumpettes and Harperites emerge to spew forth and comment …..
    Disappointed, as usual ……

  • 7 Diverdarren // Mar 6, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    @ D.M. Johnston.

    Your brother-in-law does pay a lot for water in Seattle. It is about $5 more a month in Seattle over Vancouver, when you compare the same amount used and sewer, pipe size and service charge. But one anecdote doesn’t change that when the bean counters do the math the USA has a lower cost of living index.

    These educated and quality potential immigrants that Harvey seeks for Canada, will have to be willing to work the same and watch more of their hard earned wages get taken away and redistributed towards various socialist programs.

    Work hard, but get less for your family to have a better life… But you’ll feel good about it because the Canadians getting your taxes aren’t vulgar, crude and rude.

    It’s hardly a slogan for the “Harvey US Immigration Plan” that will have the Yanks beating down our door.

    BTW it’s Diverdarren… not Dan.

  • 8 e.a.f. // Mar 6, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    GOOD POST”! We can just send your post off to our politicians. they’ll get the drift.

    Many may be interested in moving to Canada if only to avoid the way in which they are treated when returning to their own country. i.e. Muhammed Ali’s son and former wife. The son was approached and detained for two hours.

    As more and more Americans are subjected to “travel restrictions”, i.e. Mr. Khan the Gold Star father, more may consider living here.

    Many of those who we attract may be entrepeneurs who will create additional jobs here. Calgary has a lot of office space which isn’t expensive and neither are homes.

    The Maritimes has whole areas which have been depopulated. We may have Americans who want to live in quite rural areas.

    When Bannon, Trump, et al started their anti Muslim rhetoric it resulted in acts of violence against Jews. There have been approx. 100 since the start of this year. Yes, if I were a practising Jew in the U.S.A. with kids, I’d be looking for an exit strategy, even if it meant learning French. This isn’t going to get better.

    So far 3 men of Indian descent have been shot in the U.S.A. (two dead) because they were of Indian descent. If you don’t think people of South Asian descent aren’t looking at Canada as a place to live, give your head a shake.
    The current Minister of Defense is a practising Sikh. Then have a look at the American cabinet. Another Cabinet Minister came to Canada as a refugee. Half the Canadian Cabinet is female.

    as to our health care system, you bet its better, even with all its flaws and 2 recent deaths at Abbotsford because in the U.S.A SOME people don’t even get to see a doctor in a hospital. We may wait for health care, but you do get it. In the U.S.A. wrong insurance policy, no insurance policy, no health care. Back in the 1990s friends moved to the U.S.A. and to have B.C. style heath care it was $900 per month. Friends who live in Hawaii, its $900 per month until they got the ACA and it dropped to $350 per month but they still have to pay $50 each time they go to see their G.P.

    Our public schools are safe. Our teachers are good. In the U.S.A. some of those schools, well you might be better off home schooling.

    We have a more European social program approach to things and as such have a safer, healthier life. if American citizens want to immigrate to Canada, let them as long as they don’t have big time criminal records and promise to leave their guns at the border.

    Many who came here during the Vietnam war went on to jobs as teachers, health care workers, social workers, etc. We did just fine by them and they did fine by us. That experience can be repeated and hey they won’t leave their houses empty. they’ll be living here, working here, paying taxes here.

    Canada could benefit big time. Like Harvey’s idea.

  • 9 BMCQ // Mar 6, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    D.M.J. – 4

    I read the
    Topic and analysis from Harvey, then I read the interesting comment from NonCon then I read the very insightful comment from Diver.

    I then read your post where you pointed out how you have heard Americans call Canadians names and how you thought that was horrible.

    Then before even taking a breath you begin to Trash Americans and call them even worse names than you claim they call Virtuous Canadians!

    Really? Now let me see, how do I spell “Hypocrite”?

    Frankly I am “Aghast”and may perhaps need the rest of the evening to recover before I can read more Anti-American Rhetoric from the Mostly Smug, Arrogant and Superior Posters that frequent this Blog.

    I cannot believe or understand the amount of Hate against The U.S. and Americans I see on this Blog, frankly it disgusts me!

    ‘False Superiority”?

    Perhaps I will have more courage tomorrow!

  • 10 nonconfidencevote // Mar 7, 2017 at 6:21 am

    @#9 BMCQ
    “I cannot believe or understand the amount of Hate against The U.S. and Americans I see on this Blog, frankly it disgusts me!”
    Are you speaking about these comments or comments on this blog over a period of time?

    While I think that generalizations such as “Canadians are cowards” or “Americans are stupid” are the comments of a few, its not the consensus of the majority.
    God knows, some of the people I know are very nice but not too bright when speaking before thinking is a requirement.
    As for educated Canadians( doctors, engineers, etc) that have moved to the States for work over the years…I wouldnt be surprised if some of them aren’t looking at their options to return. I know of one person who is Lebanese Canadian, a heart specialist, and works in the US….Unfortunately after all his Canadian govt paid training…..not one province would hire him….no money. He was forced to look in the US and they wasted no time in snapping him up. Will he return? Maybe if Canada could hire him.
    We wont be recieving the “cream of the American crop”
    I think the Trudeau govt will have its hands full this Spring, Summer and Fall when the trickle of illegal refugees turns into an overwhelming flood.
    Something about US Customs seizing children and seperating them from their parents………

  • 11 13 // Mar 7, 2017 at 6:28 am

    Harvey Im not sure if I agree on this one. Not because the premise of wanting the best of the best to stay in Canada and allowing the best of the best to immigrate to Canada . That seems to be a good idea that already is in effect.
    I dont think we should legislate any graduates of our schools as to where they should work .
    I have not lived in the USA but I have relatives that do. My impression of the Canada vs USA for livability is that depending on your personal preferences either country can beat the other in almost every category of quality of life. Canada is probably the clear winner if you cant work due to a disability . Sadly were also the clear winner if you cant work because you simply choose not to.
    Were also a safer country if you choose to earn a living by being a criminal.
    The most interesting part of this topic for me so far is looking at the posters that think we are so superior to our neighbors to the South.

    (Response: I agree we should not legislate where people work or live …BUT if Canadian taxpayers pay a small fortune for their free or subsidized advanced educations, surely we have a right to be reimbursed if they leave immediately upon graduation for “greener” fields across the border… benefitting other countries which contributed not a penny to producing their skills. h.o)

  • 12 13 // Mar 7, 2017 at 7:36 am

    Harvey, it would be hard to argue that people should not abuse tax payer subsidized institutions.
    I think any government that decides to clamp down on the waste in out taxpayer funded institutions will get my support. Currently our federal government is more apt to squander tax payer funds than they are apt to change laws to force Canadians to stay here and pay back their subsidized (fill in the blank for the social safety net item of your choice) services.
    But I do agree with the idea of making tax payers aware of those that take advantage of our systems with an eye towards saving tax payers some money.
    I guess the argument becomes when a graduate gets a job somewhere other than Canada was that a waste of taxpayers funds or a legitimate use of the funds by a Canadian? Do we care who paid for the education of people coming to Canada?

  • 13 BMCQ // Mar 7, 2017 at 7:52 am

    NonCon – 10

    I was referring to the Anti U.S. and Americans that are posted on a more or less regular basis on this Blog.

    I had only red to the point of where DMJ did his “Pirouette” and insulted and called Americans names, after that I Posted and went on to pother things until I arrived at work this AM.

    In my opinion It seems that it is far too easy for too many Canadians on this Blog and other places to act out a silly juvenile Superior attitude when referring to our American Brothers and Sisters.

    We must keep in mind that the U.S. has taken in more Refugees than any Country in the World and contrary to popular belief they are productive, safe, happy, and raising families.

    The United States has always been a welcoming Country and I do not see that changing for Law Abiding Legally Documented Potential Citizens any time soon.

    I am quite confident that now I have criticized DMJ there will be fewer direct Anti American or U.S. comments

    U.S. Residents are not all Morons, no matter how much many here would like to believe.

    In fact Educated, Intelligent, and Talented People from all over the World are still flocking to the U.S. even if they are from Muslim Countries, are Muslim, or are Visible Minorities.

    Is the U.S. as welcoming as Canada? Yes it is, but keep in mind that there are about 350 Million U.S. Residents as opposed to about 34 Million Canadian Residents so you are almost assured that there are about 10 times more of everything in the U.S. and that includes Bigots and Morons. Facts are Facts.

    Having said that.

    How often do you see 30 or 40 Americans run off down to the Beach in Florida, cobble together a Raft out of old Cigar Boxes and Row off to Cuba?

    I am happy that you agree with what I have been talking about for about two years and something that I pointed out would soon happen after the Election of POTUS Trump.

    The President promised to build a Wall, Secure the Border, and Deport Criminal Felons.

    That is what will happen.

    My point on this Blog a few threads back is that a huge percentage of those Convicted Criminal Felons will not want to go back to their Home Countries like Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, France, Turkey, Somalia, and others.

    They will learn through the Pipeline and various News Reports that Canada, especially Vancouver and it’s Activist Mayor Gregor who promises a Sanctuary City is easy as we are Soft on Crime, Soft on Drugs, offer Free Housing, Health Care, and so many other Free Services.

    Yes we should take a certain number of Vetted Refugees but contrary to what some people believe we will soon face a Literal Tsunami of Undocumented Aliens and many of them will be Hard Core Criminals.

    Again, we should offer safe Haven to Minority Jews from The EU, the Middle East, and North Africa. Yes, there are plenty in this group that are Bright, well Educated, and they would fit right in.

    Yes, let’s also encourage People of ALL Ethnic Backgrounds and Religions to Canada that may want to come from the U.S.

    Let’s also suggest to your PM Justin that we invite Educated, Successful, People of ALL Ethnic Backgrounds from the EU.

    Let’s also talk to Business Leaders in the EU that may wish to Invest or Move Business to Canada, that could be even more important as those same Business employee Canadians that are already looking for new opportunities.

    Canada is a perfect for EU Business and People simply for our Weather alone.

    EU Residents are also better conditioned to Social Engineering than U.S. Residents that may find some of our Taxing Policies and Leftist Policies unattractive.

    Diverdarren is correct with most of what he states.

    Harvey sees things somewhat different, much of what he points out is factual but personally I do not see a lot of successful, educated, Legal Immigrants coming to Canada over places like California, Florida, Texas, Oregon, and others.

    Yes JFK, SFO, and parts of Orange County have expensive Housing costs but those that qualify for the so-called Dream Job have their Medical paid for by the Corporations they work for.

    I know literally dozens through my own Business dealings in the U.S.

    I will be in various U.S. Cities for the month of April and I will pay special attention to what is going on there but I do not think I will change my mind.

    As to Racism in the U.S.? Yes it certainly exists, my Son is a highly visible Minority and played College Golf in a Wealthy Enclave in California.

    He was pulled over several times until the local Cops got to know him, they also pulled over friends of his that were White, my Son and his Friends were all treated with respect during the stops.

    My Son was stopped in Downtown Vancouver right in front of My Barber shop which is also his. I was pulled over only a few blocks away a few weeks later on my way to a Funeral.


    It is unconstitutional to order anyone that comes to Canada where live or work in any one area. It has happened but if it was ever challenged the order would collapse quicker than the credibility of Bernie Madoff.

    Harvey has put up some good ideas here and between what Diverdarren responded with those two Posts should guarantee an interesting discussion.

  • 14 BMCQ // Mar 7, 2017 at 8:00 am

    NonCon – 12

    The report of separating Undocumented Parents and Children is meant to discourage more crossings before the U.S./Mexico Border is secured.

    Of course it could happen, especially when you have somewhere between 10 and 15 Million Undocumented People in the U.S. now with more coming every day.

    Think about it, what would we do if 1 Million or more Undocumented People, many of them Convicted Felons crossed out Southern Border over the next two years?

    What would that do to our Education System, Health Care, Wages and Salaries, Pensions, other Benefits, Housing, it would be a catastrophe for a small Country like Canada.

    In the meantime you have a PM and Vancouver Mayor inviting everyone and anyone to “Come on In”!!

    When that becomes a reality we had better hope that many of the People Harvey wants to invite to Canada happen to be accredited Doctors and Nurses!!

  • 15 D. M. Johnston // Mar 7, 2017 at 8:02 am

    @ BMCQ

    Sorry to hurt your American sympathies, but let you know, my great, great, (great?) grandfather was born in Minnesota, fought for the G.A.R. and came West to cut trees.

    The fact of the matter is that Americans do not think of Canadians, many do not know we even exist, being some long lost British enclave.

    To be Canadian, you need to be non American, you see, Canadians took the rather peaceful journey to nationhood, while the American’s revolted and the winners murdered and raped as they stole property of those loyal to the crown.

    So much for history or is it?

    Much of Canada has been populated by those who did not fit, or were not wanted by the “American Experiment” and they came North and we are richer for it.

    The Syrian refugees that Trump and his oligarch are so afraid of, which made their way to Canada were people of means, businessmen, educators, managers people who valued good education and are smart enough to “depart”.

    Not all will be happy here but many will and in a couple generations they too will be a complete fit in the Canadian fabric.

    What we have to be careful of is Trump dumping convicts into the country as what Cuba did to the USA, some time ago.

  • 16 BMCQ // Mar 7, 2017 at 8:42 am

    How many would choose Switzerland over Canada?

  • 17 BMCQ // Mar 7, 2017 at 8:56 am

    Here is a piece from the Vancouver Sun.

    I believe those that do not scroll down may find it of some interest.

  • 18 E. Johnson // Mar 7, 2017 at 11:41 am

    Perhaps our country needs to look at why American companies are so successful in recruiting our university graduates. Is it because opportunities are lacking in Canada? Are Canadian companies less aggressive in their recruiting efforts? Should our country be more concerned about supporting an economic climate that will increase opportunities for our best and brightest rather than seeking same from other countries?
    Unfortunately we now live in a society where people are quick to affix negative labels on others when they disagree with their particular beliefs and opinions. It is a quick way to negate discussion and free flow of ideas. Sad state of affairs min my opinion.

    (Response: It’s not very complicated: a country of 350 million surely offers more opportunities than a nation with one tenth that population. I am not suggesting Canadians should not be able to move…only that those who do ..after WE have paid to educate them …should reimburse us from the healthy earnings down south. Of course, once they get there, many discover the down side of life in the US: much higher levels of violence and crime; anger and social divides beyond anything we see up north; very high health costs; higher municipal taxes … not to fund great city/social services but huge numbers of police; lousy public education system; and, a much larger degree of inner city chaos. My real point is that things are RIPE for Canada to be able to reverse the flow by letting successful educated Americans know about all the things WE do better, including a more harmonized peaceful society, better health, social services, higher degree of tolerance … and cleaner air, water etc. … making Canada these days a better place for many to raise a family. h.o)

  • 19 Lew // Mar 7, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    @D.M. Johnston #15:

    Those Americans who do not even know we exist might be surprised to learn who burned down their White House during the War of 1812, and the fact the lyrics to their national anthem is based on a battle in that war.

    Had our forebears not repulsed the U.S. attack we might not be concerned about any international border between us because we would now be saluting President Trump.

    Our “rather peaceful” journey to nationhood in 1867 included the Seven Year’s War, the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and later the war of 1812. The U.S. beat us to nationhood by 80 years in a similarly peaceful manner, but almost disintegrated in the horrible Civil War fought just before Canada became a nation.

    The way things are going down there with the crew currently in the White House, it could happen again.

  • 20 r // Mar 7, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    So there might be a USA real estate agent sign going to from airport now?

  • 21 Marge // Mar 7, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    Big reason no one will come – taxes and the over inflated cost of land here. We pay too much, they not enough. Also the hoops to get here if you’re an American are astronomical. Have daughter who would love to move closer to home now that we are “getting older” – according to her not us!! Have a son in law who would love to work here. Trained in a high field of need. Can’t get in here. They are looking a relocating to Oregon or Washington.

  • 22 Jay Jones // Mar 7, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    The recruiters would certainly need to be highly skilled:

  • 23 nonconfidencevote // Mar 8, 2017 at 6:21 am

    @#14 BMCQ
    Well if THIS becomes US policy…

    Then expect a flood of refugees……..

    So much for affordable daycare.

    Uber coming to Vancouver is what keeps the elctorate “busy”………

    Politicians may be morons but they know what “important” issues the voters pay attention to….

  • 24 e.a.f. // Mar 8, 2017 at 11:13 am

    Jay Jones, 22, quite correct, people with over seas qualifications are not always accepted in Canada and they wind up driving taxis. its usually professions which guard their turf beyond reason.

    Look at all the doctors who came to Canada. Unless you’re educated in a couple of countries, they won’t accept your education. they make re qualifying almost impossible. you’d think some one along the way might have suggested permitting them to take a qualifying test and at least hire them as doctor assitants and give them a path. When it comes to engineering, etc. same game rules. yes language might be an issue, but that can be learned in about a year. Its the protectionist attitudes of some professions which make it almost impossible for professionals and skilled trades to work in their chosen profession in this country.

    As to those who receive their education in Canada and leave, yes, they ought to reimburse the Canadian government for at least some of the costs.

    As to criminals coming with “regular” refugees, we’ve been hearing about that since the days of the Hungarian refugees coming to Canada. Real criminals are some what lazy and won’t want to drudge through a field of snow and ice.

    We have refugees in this world because first world countries have messed up more than a few second and third world countries or sat around and did nothing while countries went down the toilet. What goes on in the middle east goes back to when western countries divied up the area. Now its all come home to roost. if the U.S.A. hadn’t propped up the Shah of Iran, their might not have been the “revolution” and what followed. Had the west not kept Saddam Hussein in power so long, who knows how it would have turned out. Had he been dealt with back in the day when he gassed Kurds, it might have been different. You reap what you sow.

    . Trying to keep out refugees isn’t going to work. If you lived in Somali would you want to stay? What would you do to leave? Could the west have handled things differently there? Usually the west backs the political thug who can promise the best deal to our corporations. Of course that takes us back to Harvey’s other post on the U.N. and that takes me off topic. So to sum up, if we do not welcome refugees and set up a plan to make it work all that will happen is they will come anyhow and it could get messy.

  • 25 BMCQ // Mar 8, 2017 at 11:54 am

    NonCon – 23

    I could be wrong and most here would say I am always wrong but I believe this conversation is more designed as a ploy to assist in temporarily holding a Mass Migration of those People with Families from many different Nations coming into the U.S. from Mexico.

    So often we hear Politicians say “We are considering”, or “Could look at” etc.

    I believe most Parents would not cross into any Country if they thought there was any chance that they could be separated from their Children.

    I believe that is what Kelly is hoping to accomplish but again I could be way off base.

    I believe that desperate people in the Middle East travelling to the EU are forced into desperate measures and that is why we see the tragedies in the Med with Boating accidents, unfortunately they feel they have no choice if they have any chance to save their Families.

    I also do not believe that the two Houses would allow that kind of action.

    Unfortunately in the meantime there will be thousands of desperate people with and without Families that cross into Canada because they have been misinformed by Fear Mongering in MSM or they simply misunderstand that it is Convicted Felons that will be the target of I.C.E.

    Easy for me to say but I believe the people that committed Illegal Acts by falsifying I.D. to get a job will eventually become exempt.

    I stand by my comments of several months ago when I was criticized for stating that it will be a Tsunami of Undocumented People crossing into Canada through our Southern Border.

    I am in favour of helping a certain amount and allowing them to enter Canada but we need to demand they have full proper Vetting before they are awarded any Status.

    I believe a Country like Canada must consider complete Families with Children.

    No Single Males of Fighting Age, and then others that Harvey has pointed out in his original Post along with suggestions from other Posters.

    We should looking at making it easier for Doctors, Nurses, other Health Care Professionals and others from any Nation that
    would benefit the Canadian Economies and our
    way of life.

    Ultimately we will as you say get “A Flood of Refugees” but we must ensure that PM Justin and other Liberal Politicians do not just simply “Open the Door” and allow anywhere between 100 K and 1 or 2 Million Random Refugees enter our Country, Canada and Canadians deserve better!!

    We must be vigilant, this is going to happen very quickly.

    Take a minute and write every Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Politician that you can, there is no time to waste.


    The Problem with most Politicians is the fact that the very next day after an Election they begin to plan on getting Re-Elected again.

    We must demand that ALL Three Levels of Government adopt a Two or Three Term Policy for any Politician.

    We need Fresh Ideas, New Blood, and we need Politicians that work to pass meaningful Legislation, not politicians that worry about the next Election.

    I suppose that last bit is off topic so chop if you must.

  • 26 nonconfidencevote // Mar 8, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    @#25 BMCQ
    I agree with most of what you said.
    But the most important thing on Trudeas mind today(International Womens Day) was promising $650,000,000.00 to educating and helping the worlds women.
    Unless you’re a taxpayer in Canada.

  • 27 Lew // Mar 8, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    Here’s an example of a possible benefit to Canada from Trump’s policies.

    The statements by Trump et al that only the worst “Bad Hombres” and convicted felons are being targeted by I.C.E. agents are blatant and easily demonstrable lies. That’s what is causing the fear and panic. Trump is proving almost daily that his word means nothing. Even the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee says what he says shouldn’t be taken literally. If HE can’t trust him, how does anyone expect a vulnerable undocumented immigrant to believe what he says?

    The U.S. President has the right and the power to deport anyone who is in the U.S. illegally. But he also has a duty to tell the truth about what his agents are doing.

  • 28 BMCQ // Mar 8, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    NonCon – 26

    You make a very valid point when you bring up PM
    Justin once again choosing the Fluffy PC Photo Op “Women’s” Issue playing to his base rather than being an Adult PM concerning himself with The Undocumented Migrant Catastrophe about to over run Canada and Canadians.

    How long will it take to or will he ever Grow Up?

    Instead he should be exploring ways to encourage and allow the Educated Dr’s, Nurses, other Professionals that Harvey speaks about to come to Canada and build a life.

    As I mentioned he could talk to Corporations, Investors, Entrepeneurs, and others from The EU and other areas that are now struggling to become established in Canada which could in turn attract those talented and educated individuals to come to Canada to live and work.

    Wealthy Investors are leaving France and other EU Nations and they are re-locating in Australia, New Zealand, U.S., Canada, and a few others, we need to do more to attract investment which just might attract MORE people of substance to also come to Canada.

    Without a Healthy,Strong, and Vibrant Economy it is most difficult to provide the Programs people seem to want these days.

    To foster economic growth and attract investment a country needs to create an atmosphere that encourages that investment.

    That atmosphere means an attractive Tax Structure, Corporate and Individual, we must keep in mind that to attract a talented and educated work force from other Countries we must have something to offer that will compete with what other countries have.

    Interestingly enough the Corporate Tax Rate in Canada is already quite reasonable but I doubt that will last long as PM Justin will change that very soon with the upcoming Budget.

    At the same time we cannot expect to attract the Educated Prifessionals Harvey talks about with our Personal Income System.

    We will also see PM Justin increase the Capital Gain Tax quite dramatically in that Budget and that will not encourage Entrepeneurial Investment
    Or High Income Earners to come to Canada.

    Sure we have fresh air, we are safe, we have a fairly good social safety net, decent Heslth Care if you do not count the wait lists but we have relatively high taxation, bad weather, very expensive housing, and a very high cost of living otherwise.

    We have our work cut for us if we want attract the Best of the Best!

    In the meantime we will certainly attract the far to many Criminal Felons that will be up for deportation from the U.S. But that is another story.

  • 29 hawgwash // Mar 8, 2017 at 10:35 pm

    Great discussion.
    I am concerned by how much people are entertained by this tyrant when they should be very worried about what he might be capable of.

    He is also giving a certain free rein to like minded individuals in positions of command and I see a Serb, Croat situation developing; pitting family members and neighbours against one another.

    A highly regarded PROF not too far south of us pretty much has the welcome mat out for him here, wants out, but is afraid to come now.

    His parents and siblings are US born. Since November his NC sisters have become estranged from him and his NH parents. Anxiety abounds, but that is not why he fears coming here. He has been pretty outspoken, published and is fairly well known for his social views. He feels if he leaves, he, or his adult children may not be able to freely visit back and forth, to and from the land of the free. He is also becoming more hesitant to communicate with his Canadian friends.

    A couple from Calgary on their way home from Mexico were taken aside, palm printed and photographed, during a routine plane change in the US. US authorities say they do it all the time and when contacted, our Government shrugged.

    In both instances, it is as much about people with power, doing things simply because they can.

    I will not be crossing the border any time soon.

  • 30 e.a.f. // Mar 8, 2017 at 10:57 pm

    when immigration officers of most countries go looking for people to deport they first look for the “low hanging” fruit. those are frequently people who have some sort of work, etc. That is why we are seeing people such as the mother being deported because she is a felon. That isn’t going to change. They will scoop and deport as many as they can so the base can be fed. If Trump and his ICE people do not deport the base will be unhappy.

    Trump seems to see people in stero types. Mexicans are “bad hombres”, like where did that word come from lately except out of his mouth. The real criminals, the really bad boys, most of them are born in the U.S.A. There may well be others involved in Crime but smart criminals don’t get caught in ICE raids. they don’t work, they don’t go to church, etc.

    This is all theatre for the rabid base. It would be interesting to see how many in American prisons are actually “illegals” or just plain old born and bred Americans.

    given Trump’s actions I’d say he is the bad “hombre” sexual assault?????? and he’s the good guy.

    Oh, I’[m off topic. However, I do not expect hordes of criminals to come over the border into Canada. it is entertaining to note how some words are being used like “waves, floods, etc.” none of them create positive thoughts, more like danger…..

    If refugees need to come to Canada fine, I’m good with it. it makes the country more varied and that is always a good thing, in my opinion. to much of one kind, leads to stagnation and doesn’t help the gene pool.

  • 31 BMCQ // Mar 9, 2017 at 10:25 am

    I fully understand that there can be abuse of power by Border Services Authorities when entering ANY Country.

    I have experienced two unpleasant experiences with Customs coming back into Canada that resulted in two heated exchanges and I am a Canadian Citizen and was Birthed in St. Pauls Hospital.

    Again, to stay with the topic I believe we should be open to Educated Professional Immigrants that may have something to offer Canada. It could be investment, Skill, a Profession such as Dr., Nurse, CPA, or other.

    I believe most that are educated are aware and understand that Canada is welcoming but we need to address Income Tax, and several other impediments that may discourage those wanting to consider Canada as a new Home.

    Those things mentioned must all be addressed by Government before we become attractive enough for many.

    Please keep in mind the Non-Felon, Educated Professional we talk about will be aware that they are secure in the U.S., there is however a chance that the majority we are likely to see come to Canada may be coming here because they are up for Deportation.

    Do WE want them at any cost? Can we be so Blind, So Liberal, are we like the EU?

    Please remember that once we let in many thousands or more Refugees we cannot change our mind overnight, ask those in Europe.

    The silly criticism against POTUS DJT regarding his crude comments are nothing compared to what many in the EU are experiencing from

    Looks to me like most victims of Crime from Violent Migrants are Women and Children of both sexes. Those same Violent Migrants do not care if you are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, we surely must recognize the crime wave for what it is.

    Do you really trust your Elected Officials to tell you the truth about Crime Stats?

    The wholesale welcome of thousands upon thousands or more of Migrants and Refugees could and would change Canada for ever!!

    I agree with Harvey and many of the rest here that are in favour of bringing both Educated and Professional People from many different Countries to Canada but we need proper Vetting and we need to demand the best.

    We should not bring in Single Men of Fighting Age in our Refugee group.

    We should bring in complete Families with Children and we should bring in Single Mothers with Children and we should bring in Orphaned Children, there would be no shortage of Adoptive Families.

    I still believe it may be somewhat difficult to attract some so-called “Heavy Hitters with the current Tax Regime and that should be discussed within the Framework of a Non-Partisan Committee in Parliament.

  • 32 e.a.f. // Mar 9, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    BMCQ, your insistence that families be let in and not single men of fighting age, well please reconsider your position. Being gay in many parts of the world is a death sentence. So if I can’t get you to change your position on single men of fighting age, lets at least open the door for those who will be persecuted and/or killed for being gay.

    On the topic of keeping people out of the U.S.A., there is an excellent article on Lawyers, Guns, and money which presents another point of view. worth the read.

    the attitude I see about admitting “migrants, etc” is one of “there goes the neighbourhood” I’m sure there is more than one First Nation’s person thinking along those lines. Forty years ago that thinking in B.C. was aimed at people coming from India, in particular those who were Sikhs. Today the Minister of Defense is a practising Sikh. The deputy leader of the NDP in Ontario, a practising Sikh. the first elected MLA in Canada who was a practising Sikh, was here in B.C., Moe Sihota.

    Some in the Netherlands have their things in an uproar because of Muslims coming into the country. I recall well how they reacted when those who had Dutch citizenship came from Indonesia. Then in the 1960s people came from Turkey because Holland needed more workers and the Dutch, like Americans weren’t up to doing “dirty physical” work. (at the time if you wanted to refer to some one as a not very bright you called them (translated) a turk burger.)

    Canada has gained with each group of arriving immigrants and forty years later, its not a big deal. People may think they’re not racist when they have family members or close personal friends who are not WASPS, but that isn’t always so. Its the nature of the beast to reject those who are unlike us, whether it be race, religion, class, etc. it is only when we sit down and think about it rationally that we sometimes come to the right decision.

    At one time people who were ethnically Japanese were vilified in North America. Twenty years after the WW II, those of us who went to school couldn’t figure out what the problem had been. as time changes so do attitudes, but some do harbour the resentment of change, we have only to look at the Wolf Pack which demonstrated in Quebec recently. (that is the same name as a motorcycle gang in Russia who Putin rides with and who support him).

    This may be a good chance for Canada to pick up the best and brightest from other countries but we need to also be willing to accept others, not criminals with criminal records, but others. Any one who would risk life and loose limbs to get into this country, in my opinion, can stay. Crooks don’t put out that much energy.

  • 33 BMCQ // Mar 9, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    I suppose all any of us have when it comes to Migration or Refugees is our own opinions gathered from anecdotal evidence, factual stats, examples we see in news stories, or any other examples of information we glean from other sources available.

    In am a person that believes in all kinds of Immigration, everything from highly educated individuals from any country or ethnic background as Harvey speaks of in his Subject Blog above to Refugees as I have laid out.

    The most important thing to me is that WE as Canadians have the right to demand that our Elected Politicians regardless of Brand that may only be in Power for a very short Four Years do not make drastic changes to our Immigration Policies that threaten our Canadian Culture, Our Rule of Law, and our Cituzens.

    Personally I do not like or trust what I see In our current Prime Minister and his Cabinet who were appointed by some silly Gender Equity and Politically Correct Mumbo Jumbo that really seems simply Juvenile.

    How can we gamble the Future of ‘our Country, our Children, and our Grandchildren to PM Justin and his Group?

    To me this is Madness!

    Please open your eyes and see what uncontrolled Migration has done to the whole of the EU, and please look at what uncontrolled Migration has done to the U.S.

    Can’t you see the dangers that could befall our Canada?

    ‘One must never be bound by a Straight Jacket of Ideology”!

  • 34 nonconfidencevote // Mar 9, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    @#31 BMCQ
    We should bring in complete Families with Children and we should bring in Single Mothers with Children and we should bring in Orphaned Children, there would be no shortage of Adoptive Families.”
    Not to worry.
    If the Trump doctrine holds true( arrest and seperate the parents from the children, jail them and eventually deport both. Unlike previous incidents where they arrest parents and children and then release them with a “promise to appear” before a judge…..)
    All bets are off.
    Those mothers and children will be arriving by the thousands……illegally……. any week now.
    Are our govt support agencies ready?

  • 35 BMCQ // Mar 9, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    NonCon – 34

    My comment was directed to PM Justin’s already extisting commitment and plan to bring in Syrian and other Middle Eastern Migrants/Refugees to a Luke Warm welcome to Canada.

    Now that we are guaranteed to have a huge influx of Migrants from the US the
    number of planned incoming Migrants should be capped almost immediately.

    Let’s not be silly,we are well aware we could be in for huge group of Migrants arriving into Canada daily.

    Our PM is not ready, his Cabinet is not ready, Government Agencies especially Health Care are not ready, Education is not ready, Housing is not ready and most unfortunate Canadians are not ready.

    Again, unless there are extraordinary circumstances it is unconstitutional to separate Parents and Children, whether they be Citizens, Migrants, or Refugees.

    I cannot get over the fact that PM Justin, his Cabinet, Mayor Gregor, his Visionite Minions, so many Social Engineers, and so many on this Blog simply shrug their shoulders in denial!

  • 36 e.a.f. // Mar 10, 2017 at 1:07 am

    “our Canadian culture”, that was my point BMCQ. “our Canadian culture” changes as time changes. Culture is not stagnant. It is not static, it changes. Culture in all its forms changes, music, painting, pottery, sculpture, opera, advertising, how children are raised, how peole relate to each other, dance. If we do not change, we die, as a society.

    for you a male, perhaps gender equity is silly. For women who have fought for equal pay for equal work and equal pay for work of equal value, gender equity isn’t a silly thing. women still make about 82 cents on the dollar in Canada and far less in the U.S.A. Had not Trudeau created a 50/50 Cabinet how much longer would Canada and women have had to wait until the boys club admitted them. Some times to effect change measures such as Trudeau’s need to be taken. The sky has not fallen in, the Country is alive and well. This is the new century get with the agenda. Part of that new agenda is how our country will change and what will drive that change. Some of it may come from people from other countries who have no where else to go. What would we do? Let them die? Leave them in camps? Some of them are hell holes where women and children are sexually exploited with little to no medical care for any one, in adequate food, etc. Is that what you wish on some one with no where else to go? Pain, misery, and death?

  • 37 nonconfidencevote // Mar 10, 2017 at 6:33 am

    @#36 e.a.f.

    Lets face it.
    The majority of illegal Latin immigrants that arrive with children are here for economic reasons.
    I find it hard to believe that if a mother with 4 children were deported back to here country of origin would be thrown in prison. and her parentless ,expensive kids would become”wards of the state”

    But in the touchy feely world we live in. Everyone is welcome. Whether Canada can afford the massive, expensive influx or not.
    Just a thought.
    Perhaps the $650 million dollar “hand out” to the women of the world Trudeau so grandly announced we( the taxpayer) will be handing out could be better spent here?
    I for one pay enough taxes and after watching our Federal defict rise by billions now that Trudeau has come into power I dread what I’ll be paying next year and the year after that.
    Helping refugees costs big bucks.
    Welcoming the worlds, sick, uneducated and unemployable is a financial recipe for disaster.
    Enjoy higher taxes. And then even higher taxes while someone , willing to work for half your wage takes your job.
    But what the hell, lets wrap ourselfs in the gender equality flag. because I for one would love to stay at home looking after the kids while the wife goes out into the pc correct world to bring home the bacon.

  • 38 BMCQ // Mar 10, 2017 at 7:22 am

    Frankly I consider it an insult for you to suggest that I believe Gender Equity is “Silly”

    The TWO Highest Paid Employees in my Company happen to be Female!!

    They are paid exactly the same as any Male would be Salaried.

    The difference between me and PMJT is the fact that those TWO Employees are in those positions because of their qualifications, their Abilities, and their Work Ethic, not for some goofy ridiculous reach to be PC to appeal “To My Base”!! This is crazy!

    FYI a Paramedic, a VPD Officer, a VFD Member,
    an MP, an MLA, and thousands of other Vocations Pay exactly the same regardless of Gender!!

    The example you and other Pretend Feminists and Left of centre Politicians of any of the four or five Genders Champion are Political Talking Points.

    I am sick and tired of people attempting to compare Salaries/Wages for Loggers who for the most parts are Male and Day Care Workers who happen to be mostly Female.

    I again ask this question.

    Most Canadian Federal Cabinets consist of somewhere between 17 and 22 Members.

    What if the 16 most qualified and most talented Cabinet Potentials were Transgender or Female?

    Would Mensa Member and Canadian Captain Justin still insist on putting in a balance and appoint say NINE or TEN Male Cabinet Members?

    How Crazy and ridiculous is that?

    One more question.

    Do YOU believe Canadians are that Stupid?

    Look e.a.f. my Parents Families were both Immigrants to this Country, they came here to assimilate and become Canadians.

    Unfortunately as we see in The EU as an example they have a Huge Migrants that believe their Religious Beliefs take presidents over “The Rule of Law” in every single one of the EU Nations!!

    Yes societies change and evolve but what the “Willfully Blind” are trying to sell will have a very harsh and detrimental affect on Canada and Canadians!!

    Digest this for a minute before you reject it as a made up story.

    My wife and I have a Muslim Couple that live in Manchester by way of Tanzania who we are very close to. She is a successful Lawyer, he is a Senior Police Official.

    They have two Young Daughters 10 and 12.

    They want to Immigrate to Canada and they would be perfect Candidates under the criteria Harvey is calling for with this thread.

    The reason they want to Canada is because they are very concerned of what their two Daughters will eventually be faced with “Sharia Street Cops”!!

    Now as a self described Feminist the conditions ALL Muslim Women and Girls potentially live under in a Democratic Nation like the UK should concern you.

    Canada and Canadians have not only the right but we have the responsibility to ALL Canadian Citizens and our culture that we DO NOT change this Country in a five year period and that is what we are in for if your PM Justin and Activist Mayors and Politicians like Gregor gets their way.

    Remember and Consider something very important, changes like we have seen in The EU, The UK, and the U.S. are not temporary, they last a Lifetime and many many Generations!!

    The more I think about it I am beginning to believe that our Federal Government should make great efforts to encourage and bring in the People H.O. has described in his initial Post and Analysis.

    Those People regardless of their Religion, Ethnic Background, or Gender would be coming to Canada as tax Paying and Contributing Members of Society.

    I believe they would have a much better chance of Assimilating to our Canadian Culture and Society.

    As to the poor Souls that are displaced in the Middle East and Africa.

    Bring the Minority Jews and Christians to Canada, the U.S. and other Nations like Australia and New Zealand, they will assimilate and they will contribute to society.

    As discussed we could bring in a very well vetted group of Middle Eastern Complete Families with Children, Single Mothers with Children and Orphaned Children.

    Your PM Justin must go to the UN “Roll Up His Sleeves”, and give a Speech demanding that Countries like Saudi Araia, Kuait, Emarites, Iran, other Opec Nations, Japan, Russia, China, and others provide $ Billions to Jordan nd other Arab Nations that are Hosting Refugees in Camps to provide better Shelter, Food, Education, Health Care and other necessities.

    I am sorry but Canada cannot afford to “Roll the Dice” with our Country, our People, our Culture, and our Future!

    I am “Aghast”!!

  • 39 hawgwash // Mar 10, 2017 at 8:20 am

    “FYI a Paramedic, a VPD Officer, a VFD Member,
    an MP, an MLA, and thousands of other Vocations Pay exactly the same regardless of Gender!!”

    HIA again.

    The pay grade is there, the equal opportunity for all genders to reach it is not.

  • 40 BMCQ // Mar 10, 2017 at 9:31 am

    sorry – precedence.

  • 41 BMCQ // Mar 10, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    Were you talking to me?

    Prove it!!

    Name four different Vocations today that favour White Males over Women or Minorities in the Work Place or at the Interview Stage during the Application Process.

    Show me just one Municipality in B.C. that ones not have Affirmative Action Hiring Practices in Place.

    Those same Municipalities pay Employees exactly the same regardless of their Gender.

    Of course some Jobs may pay more than others but that is different Work for different qualifications.

    As usual, I await your reply with great anticipation.

    “Grasping at Straws”!

    Perhaps Noneck could clarify, he is very informed, Left of Centre Individual and does not agree with me more than 10% of the time.

    Perhaps even DBW, if he would, he could talk about the BCTF and their Salaries and how Female and Male Members are compensated.

    Of course I understand things are not perfect but they are One Hell of a Lot Better in B.C. and Canada than almost anywhere in the World.

    Please do not come back at me about the EU.

    It is very difficult to make Friends around here.

  • 42 e.a.f. // Mar 10, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    Non Confidience, the number of Mexican citizens coming into the U.S.A. illegally is down, approx. 40% down. Some stats reflect there is actually a flow back to Mexico. Those who are attempting to come into the U.S.A. from mexico are nationals from other countries, i.e Haiti and central American countries. Those fleeing Central American countries are running from more than poverty, its death. Check out Hondurous’s murder rate. Mexico has approx. 30K Haitians sitting on the border wanting to get in the U.S.A.

    Regardless of what we do people will come if they think life will improve or they can continue to live. Have a look at what is going on in Somali and the U.N.s comments on it.

    You may not like the increase in money Trudeau is spending abroad, but look at it this way, more birth control, fewer illegals trying to get into Canada. perhaps that will get some people’s attention.

    what goes on in G.B. with “sharia cops” is because the British allowed it to happen. Had they done something about it from the beginning it could have been avoided but the Brits, where happy to see people of colour move into their own areas and be forgotten. Friends who go to England regularly complain of areas they can not go into and the police don’t either. The police ought to be able to go where they need to. The decision to not go, was political many years ago and now they have a problem. Ditto in the Netherlands. Some one decided it would be a good idea to educate Arab children in their own language instead of Dutch. Ya, and then they’re all surprised there are social problems later. Large numbers of refugees coming into Canada are privately sponsoured and have a much better rate of making the transition.

    If we don’t invite people in, in an orderly manner they will come anyhow and then there may well be problems. We can not keep out people when they are determined to come, unless you ring the country with the armed forces and are willing to shoot. So until you are prepared to kill to keep others out, they will come. Lawyers, Guns, and Money has a interesting article up about the “killing” of migrants by forcing them to go through death zones.

    Hagwash has it right.

    Oh. we are not going to agree on this topic so off to the next. oh, he is going on vacation again……….oh, dear what to do next, garden, garden, garden.

  • 43 Lew // Mar 10, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    My experience with immigration and wage disparity informs me that some of the worst discrimination happens within the immigrant community itself. I saw some very nasty business there in the past during my career and while there were several layers of discrimination, the females were pretty much always the bottom layer.

    Overt discrimination in the general workplace is far less common than in even the fairly recent past, but there is still a systemic disparity between male and female wages. This article gives us a few reasons why we aren’t there yet with parity.

    Comparing relative gender competence in a federal or any other political cabinet to a general discussion on wage parity is not helpful. There are many political considerations that go into choosing the makeup of such a body, and the reality is that the choices are and always will be made with politics, geography and diversification in mind. A pool of competent individuals will be identified (and by exclusion a pool less so) and from the competent pool assignments best suited to particular roles will be made.

    Having said that, the real expertise in any ministry is in the bureaucracy, and that’s where appointments should be made strictly on merit, or even the most competent minister will fail. Similarly, a business owner can’t afford to choose anyone but the most qualified individual for any skilled position. Failure to do so will negatively affect the bottom line sooner or later.

    Because of human nature, and sometimes the distance from bottom line to management (especially in larger organizations) however, we all know the best choices for the organization aren’t always made. The debate is whether that automatically means females are disadvantaged to a greater degree. I suspect that debate will continue until the stats tell us we’ve reached parity.

  • 44 Eldon // Mar 12, 2017 at 11:09 am

    I would welcome another ‘Loyalist’ migration. American defectors built this country. If they are opposed to Trumpian politics, we should lay out the welcome mat. Unlike refugees it would cost almost nothing to integrate Americans into Canada. Get on it PM Trudeau!
    (Response: I am in Florida now…and the anger, division and angst is not diminishing. Canada should take advantage of this by attracting people …of all political leanings … who share OUR more moderate values and want their kids to live in a gun-free, more civil society under a Parliamentary system. h.o)

  • 45 BMCQ // Mar 12, 2017 at 11:52 am

    Lew -43

    That was an excellent Post!

    Your first Paragraph is ‘Key’ and most important.

    A lack of English Language Skills, unfamiliarity with Canadian Labour Law, a Cultural Divide, Unscrupulous Employers, and Labour Brokers who would serve their own Mothers into Servitude get away with the unthinkable.

    I would like to agree with more and dispute some of what you say but “Topic Cop and Keeping it Resl” Special Prosecutor Gene the Bean will have me up for Deportation!

    Perhaps some of the Talented and Highly Educated New Migrants and Potential Immigrants That are the subject on this Thread could get involved to ensure Canadian Rule Of Law and Labour Codes for All Genders are improved and most importantly enforced.

  • 46 hawgwash // Mar 12, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    Harvey, can you expand on your response to 44;
    “I am in Florida now…and the anger, division and angst is not diminishing.”

    Where is the anger, division and angst directed and is one group more angry than another?

    Are the blue collars feeling duped?

    Are citizens aligning more against each other?

    (Response: It’s almost as if the election never took place: many Republican supporters, even though their President/party are in power, are still angry with government, the media, Muslims, anything to do with Obama, Clinton (still think she should be locked up etc. and Democrats; and Democrats still talk about the need to reach out to middle American states with a different message, but spend most of their actual time attacking Trump, his backers and tweets etc. … rather than offering anything new that is actually getting people to follow or even listen very much. h.o.)

  • 47 e.a.f. // Mar 12, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    Gee here I was thinking you were suffering through all the snow we have been. Oh, well you always were smart and this just proved it. You left town and avoided the snow.

    Is it that Americans are so divided and entrenched in their views that they are no longer capable of seeing what is best for their nation? What age group is it that are still having these feelings? I’m just curious, so if you wanted to share, just for information and I know it is off topic, but hey, its interesting. Now totally off topic so feel free to not print, but I’m following the election in the Netherlands and that just blows me away. This evening it was on the 6 pm news and it had extensive coverage, for Vancouver 6 p.m. news. they covered it with an interview with the ceo of the Rotterdam harbour if Holland left the E.U., etc. because Wilders want to take the Netherlands out of the E.U., close Mosques, etc. There were short clips from two people speaking Dutch who supported Wilders. it blew me away, they were aging baby boomers whose parents would have lived through the Nazi/German occupation. This week alone here in Vancouver the Jewish Community Centre has had two threats and been evacuated. The anti Muslim rhetoric in the U.S.A. has led to over a 100 threats to Jewish organizations. it is all very threatening. very scary. When we were still in elementary school I remember my Mother saying, the holocaust could happen again. Given the attitudes towards those who are different it is scary. to think Holland of all places with a guy like Wilders doing reasonably well in the polls and his racist/fascist attitudes and all that country went through during WW II. Mind you when I think back to the time after people who had Dutch citizenship came from Indonseia to Holland there was a lot of racism, and then with the influx of workers from Turkey, perhaps it isn’t so strange after all, but pulling out of the E.U. hell 70% of Holland’s production goes to other E.U. countries.
    So when I look at that and the American issues, who knows and then add in Le Pen……… O.K. I’ve gotten that off my chest, have a great vacation. Rest up really, really well. I think once you start posting on the May election some of us will really be “responding”/. Just tell BMCQ not to take it personally and if he has a stroke he better have it in NDP Alberta because they have the best response treatment time in almost the world, 30 minutes and treatment is started. Very interesting. oh, and they have a shorter waiting time for getting in to see specialists and they hired 50 prosecutors to move criminal cases along…….. I know just delete it all, I’m really off topic. I’m just needling BMCQ. he’s just so easy…

    (Response: I Shall return!! h.o)

  • 48 hawgwash // Mar 13, 2017 at 9:10 am

    BM @ 41;
    Of topic, I know but happy hour is approaching in Hollywood Florida, so maybe it will slip by.

    I wasn’t going to respond because you challenged a comment I DID NOT make. A habit you have, it seems. I can’t type any slower so, I don’t know how you missed my point.

    But, let’s work with your list (a) followed by your rebuttal (b);

    (a) “FYI a Paramedic, a VPD Officer, a VFD Member, an MP, an MLA, and thousands of other Vocations Pay exactly the same regardless of Gender!!”
    (b) “Name four different Vocations today that favour White Males over Women or Minorities in the Work Place or at the Interview Stage during the Application Process.”

    MLA, your word not mine and though it’s reverse discrimination, you have been very vocal about the NDP MLA, gender/minority selection bias.

    Further, most every militaristic organization, of which you listed three, is still entrenched in the old school, boys only, tree fort mentality.

    Was it a lapse or deliberate that the RCMP missed your list?

  • 49 BMCQ // Mar 13, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    e.a.f. – 47

    I Do Not get Strokes, I give them!!

    The People in ALL of the EU are very very Frightened!!

    Long before the EU Leadership and Barack Obama figured it out (most still have not figured it out) the Citizens of the EU and the U.S. learned the hard way that without Borders and without Control of Migration and Immigration you have NO Country.

    Unfortunately it is far too late for the Citizens of the EU but just the same they are now beginning to fight back.

    Because of EU Leadership and Obama mistakes allowing ISIs to gain strength and destroy most of the Middle East which forced 5 Million displaced Persons to migrate to the EU and mismanagement, and their Social Engineering Experiments which were ALL Catastrophic Mistakes the EU is about to implode.

    Sadly it cannot be repaired.

    All of the Politicians like the disengaged and very weak Barack Obama, Merkel, Cameron, who resigned in disgrace, Blair, who is gone, Sarkozy, Hollande, who will not even face the Voters, Renzi, who resigned Lofven, Juncker, and so many others that have been voted out, resigned, or who will soon be voted out will each and every one of them retire to a life of relative Luxury living in nice Apartments with Secret Service Members armed better than most small Countries.

    In the meantime the Innocent Citizens of those Countries regardless of Ethnic Backgrounds or Religion must travel to work or school each morning, Lunches, Dinner and the Theatre looking over their Shoulder each and every day watching for a Sharp Blade, a Truck, or an individual with a Body Bomb Strapped to their Ass, never knowing when they will strike.

    That is why People in the EU and U.S. are so upset with Leadership in their Countries.

    Unfortunately a Bi-Product of the current unrest is the new Rise of the Radical Fascist Right Wing Groups.

    How is that for Leadership?

    In One Generation those Leaders and others I have not mentioned have managed to take Western Society to the Brink and perhaps beyond in some cases.

    In the meantime Millions of People have Migrated into the EU that feel their Religions are more important than and in fact supersede the Rule of Law in The EU and all 27 Member Nations. WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And you wonder why People in the EU and the U.S. are Upset?

    Originally the whole of the EU should have simply entered into a Free Trade Agreement between all 27 Memb3ers much like they have today.

    Otherwise each of those Member Nations should have maintained control of Immigration and their own Borders.

    The actual EURO Currency may have in fact worked better under an EU Free Trade Agreement rather than having a Central Government in Brussels.

    As it looks now the EU, the EURO could all be doomed to failure as the Economies of so many EU Nations crumble and collapse right before our Eyes.

    That would have been a successful arrangement and the EU would have prospered yet at the same time controlling their own fate and preserving their individual Cultures.

    What they have now is nothing less than a Mitigated Disaster and quite possibly the end of
    those European Cultures that were once the envy of the World!!

    Imagine those EU Leaders along with Obama and a few others managing to destroy a whole Continent, it’s Peoples way of life, their Cultures and Rule of Law in less than One Generation!!

    As I mentioned earlier in reference to Harvey’s call to those that feel uncomfortable with the changes in the U.S. we should demand that Your PM Justin “Roll Up His Sleeves” and begin to attract Corporations, Talented and Educated People and Entrepreneurs from the EU to come to Canada to build a Life and Contribute to Canada and a Great Canadian Future.

    “Let’s Make Canada Great Again” !!!!!!!!!

    New Zealand is looking quite good right about Now!!

  • 50 BMCQ // Mar 13, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    hawg – 48

    As you can tell from my Post 43 directed to Lew I happily agree that there are many instances/circumstances where there is a genuine Female/Male Geneer Wage Gap.

    The ones pointed out in the Post of Lew’s, the ones I covered, and the ones you yourself pointed out.

    (Edited… Surprise! this was getting really off topic … again. Not fair to those who care about the issue the blog is about h.o.)