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And Now the Fun Begins ….

June 30th, 2017 · 46 Comments

Premier John Horgan, his Cabinet Ministers,  MLAs, financial backers and party supporters will be smiling and celebrating for days; and, so will Greens leader Andrew Weaver, his MLAs, financial backers and party supporters.

And then … after that …. the  real fun will begin.

Political junkies who prefer to keep it real can hardly wait to see the new government in action!

Horgan, Weaver will soon learn what every one of their predecessors as government leaders has learned on the job:  it’s a lot harder to balance differing interests, pressures, conflicts, commitments and necessities when in government than just making promises in opposition.

Especially when thousands of jobs, even lives, can be impacted with each decision … for good or bad.

So the most important thing to watch …. after the fascination with who gets which Cabinet post … will be the  new government’s first BUDGET … coming in August or early September.

That will tell us all quite a lot.

The good news: the NDP/Greens will have a lot more money to work with than they may have expected.

As voters found out last week, the Liberals … facing loss of power, privileges, even their dignity … suddenly found $1.3 BILLION more of a SURPLUS  than they had announced in the Liberal Budget in February.

That’s a $2.8 BILLION SUPLUS in BC’s bank account for the NDP/Greens to spend on their commitments!!

Enough to do all kinds of wonderful things they had promised but that the Liberals had said right up until May 9 BC couldn’t possibly afford.

Well, we can now! Or can we?

The NDP are well aware their Achilles heel in the past was a reputation …. real or imagined … but certainly expertly exploited by their opponents … for fiscal mismanagement, corruption, waste and incompetence.

You know … the same things NDP supporters have said about the Liberals for 16 years.

No doubt, every British Columbian will be watching the first NDP/Greens Budget wanting to know “What’s in it for me?”

But if the NDP/Greens going on a wild spending spree, they could be setting themselves up for another 16 years in Opposition.

Because shortly after the wonderful announcements,  statistics will start to emerge on job creation, unemployment rates and economic growth under the new NDP/Green alliance. And THAT will ultimately determine who’s smiling after the next election takes place … in no doubt a lot sooner than four years.

Now let the fun begin!

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 k.v. // Jun 30, 2017 at 7:30 am

    Why is Bill Good so wrapped up badmouthing the NDP and the Greens. He is so biased on his opinions and really shows his favourite Liberals. He tend to scold the Greens because they formed an alliance with the NDP. the new govt has not even been formed and he is already giving bad premonitions and he made it sound like it really will fail. Let us give the new govt a chance. I wonder why he is even allowed to be on air. He spreads poison not opinion

    (Response: Can’t respond … I don’t listen to him. h.o)

  • 2 13 // Jun 30, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Massey Bridge soon to become the twinning of the massey tunnel is one of the greendp promises that can be kept without costing tax payers millions. It also will show how much influence the Port of Vancouver has over provincial matters. That bridge should not be built as a tunnel will work just fine at less cost. The only real loser is the POV. As for site c it will be interesting to see the outcome as Weaver did support the dam. The Kinder Morgan fight and how much time and money the greendp waste on that will be fun to watch. Alberta NDP and BC Greendp will be a fin battle to watch.
    I guess the speculation now turns to how long the coalition holds up and how much damage can occur with an anti business government.
    Other speculation will be how many Liberal voters voted green and will they punish the greens at the first chance.

  • 3 RIsaak // Jun 30, 2017 at 8:08 am

    Now we may find out the real truth behind, BC Rail, Mt. Polley, fired healthcare researchers and a few other matters which have been conveniently swept under the carpet of internalized investigations.

    Massey Bridge, site C, both should face immediate axing as the requisite research was shortcut on both.

    Silly Liberal knife in the back season should be entertaining, many grumbling Liberals today, face it they are a very entitled bunch and no doubt Christy has more than a few explanations to deliver to her own party, especially after the “clone” speech.

    Popcorn, beer & potato chips at the ready for the soon to come political festivities!

    (Response: Actually, that’s part of what I am REALLY looking forward to learning more about … BC Rail, Mt. Polley, fired healthcare researchers … just for a start. I’d bet BC Mary is looking down …and smiling. h.o.)

  • 4 Gene The Bean // Jun 30, 2017 at 8:40 am

    Compassion and action soon to be headed towards the elderly, the sick, the disadvantaged, the challenged, kids in care and working people…..


    This is BC. We don’t care about those things, right?

    Where is the outrage?

    (Response: Yippee! I qualify as senior AND under chronic illness … and some would say challenged as well. My cheques are no doubt already in the mail! Will let you all know the monthly amount of each! h.o)

  • 5 Hawgwash // Jun 30, 2017 at 8:42 am

    “… suddenly found $1.3 BILLION more of a SURPLUS…”

    Yup, sure, uh huh.

    That number will be heard a lot over the next several years and if the NDP fails to hold onto power, the $1.3 billion will replace fast ferries as the next 20 year battle cry.

    The new government will immediately try to downplay the number and show the books are a mess, while the Liberals (or replacement party) will be reminding us of the squandered 1.3 billion left to them.

    I am happy with the result.
    I am especially happy for Sonia Furstenau, a feisty individual who has spanked the liberals twice now and deserves recognition beyond “MLA.”

    As a first timer, it could be argued Sonia was the difference between a Liberal or NDP majority.

    I have been hard on Mr. Horgan over the past couple years and congratulate him. Now he must convince me and all of BC, he is a worthy leader and Green partner.

    Harvey, you have been handed a plate that will feed you for a long time to come and I look forward to your first scathing blog post. I’m sure I won’t be waiting long.

    The next election campaign has begun.

    (Response: Will no doubt have lots to question, poke, doubt and condemn in the next year. 🙂 h.o)

  • 6 rainclouds // Jun 30, 2017 at 9:03 am

    Will be interesting to see if the Red/ Green coalition can convince 1 disaffected, close to retiring, need a few more bucks, lib to roll over and be speaker

  • 7 D. M. Johnston // Jun 30, 2017 at 9:20 am

    @ 13.

    Yes, the Liberal mega project, the replacement bridge for the Massey Tunnel, will halt. The reasons are several, including the outrageous cost of $12 billion.

    There are some technical issues, such as no bedrock until one drills 350m down, through the peat and alluvial grit.

    The other problem is that the bridge will just move gridlock to Steveston Highway and as one transportation engineer told me the Massey Tunnel actively calms traffic (I know truck drivers hate it) entering Richmond, take the tunnel away and the choke points will multiply down the 99.

    “Until the MoT addresses a North Arm crossing, the multi billion dollar bridge would be a “white elephant” sucking up transportation monies much needed in other parts of the region.”

    In my opinion, government will replace the Patullo, before another tube or bridge crosses the South Fraser.

    What Horgan and Weaver will do is look to projects that may deliver votes, but with a $190 billion deficit (including contractual obligations), they will not have a lot of money to play with.

    TransLink is thinking it will get piles of cash from Horgan, but I think not, which will lead to retaliatory actions.

    TransLink maybe reorganized, but not privatized, as I believe Gordon Campbell wanted to do.

    The NDP were never anti business and this is a myth that the likes of ‘NW (I am on their bad boy list) and Bill Boring keep repeating.

    As I said before, I think the coalition government will last over 2 years (unless someone dies), as I think Clark will be toppled as leader and a few older MLA, may take retirement in the fall as the grind of minority government becomes too much.

    It will be interesting and if a joker appears in the fray, like a nasty skeleton unearthed from the bowels of the Liberal Party, then the Liberals may not want an election at all.

    We do live in interesting times!

  • 8 jdavidcoxj // Jun 30, 2017 at 9:34 am

    What I do not understand is why the NDP and Greens are perceived as anti-business. Both parties are way more supportive of small businesses, local businesses, green businesses and worker-filled businesses. The Libs like pipes and dams and more and more corruption and taxes. Or tolls. The Libs are caught out lying and cheating all the time. And gifting their supporters. The Libs stiff kids, education and lie about budgets. How is THAT better business? How is cheerleading good management? How is saddling crown corps with debt while siphoning off their profits sound practice? Is this not just branding? Bus this not just blind party loyalty?

    (Response: Maybe you should ask the 50,000 people who left for Alberta and elsewhere to find jobs when they were in power? h.o)

  • 9 Island Lookout // Jun 30, 2017 at 10:25 am


    Very enlightening comments there, #13. You’re right.

    A one seat majority would make most “new” premiers cringe in fear.

    But not the NDP and the feckless Mr. Weaver and his two buds.

    They all love power for power’s sake and they will use and abuse it for all it’s worth.

    Just imagine the line-up forming outside the “precincts” for those treasured “political appointments” jobs, hundreds of them going to otherwise unemployable NDP/Green grunts who’ve toiled for decades in the trenches now wanting their piece of the action.

    This reminds me of the Harcourt years and the shoveling of taxpayers money off the back of a speeding truck that so obviously went on in 1991-92.

    I remember Mike telling me, after he was sworn in, that “you’ve got to hire your friends.”

    No kidding there, Mr. Mike.

    So, back to today: how deep in the steel workers union pocket is Mr. Horgan crammed?

    And Mr. Weaver. Are you a puff hankie for the US environmental movement?

    What’s the goal here you two?

    To unionize everything with two legs and turn BC over to underweight California ageing hippies looking for “another trip” before they finally and mercifully expire?

    Gentlemen, meanwhile I have a warning on something new to you.

    President Trump wants Canada to help him to “Make America Great Again.”


    American financial interests seem to have persuaded our Central Bank governor to raise our interest rates in lock-step with current and future American rates for the next two years.


    To narrow the currency differences so US exports to Canada will be more profitable to American manufacturers, and so on.

    Make America Great Again: get it you dolts?

    Our Feds are handing over a key element of our independence to Wall Street. We’re letting the Yanks control our interest rates.

    What this all means is that borrowing costs for BC (bonds, and BC Hydro as well) will rise and taxpayers will get higher tax rates and few of those social programs won’t be happening.

    Our housing market could explode here as well.

    We’re allowing our country to be sold down the river ahead of Canada Day 150.

    Happy Birthday.

    (Response: I have no problem with newly elected governments/parties hiring friends….as long as they’re competent and honest. Why in the world would they hire those who opposed them, disagreed with their ideas and would work to undermine them? My larger fear …with all governments the handing out of contracts to friends and supporters, especially without a tender process, just because they’re friends and supporters, even if they have no expertise … and/or the contract job is an invented one. h.o.)

  • 10 D. M. Johnston // Jun 30, 2017 at 11:06 am

    @ jdavidcoxj

    Indeed, many people left BC during the NDP reign but the Alberta oil patch was beginning to pay silly money for workers.

    In the 90’s, there was a world wide slump in the cost of commodities and business was laggard.

    I owned/ran a store in downtown Vancouver in the 90’s and I can say it was the best of times!, but, when Campbell’s Liberals were elected and started all those hidden taxes and user fees on the average people, did business begin to slow and I sold out by 2005.

    Today, the oil patch jobs are thin and far between and a lot of people who went to seek their fortune in Alberta are coming back to find homes unnafordable and jobs poorly paid.

    If one wants to point at the killer of jobs, good jobs, it is Gordon Campbell and his neoliberal Trumpites,

    Clark just inherited Campbell’s, elitist entitlement philosophy and took it to the next level.

    For Clark, the “night of the long knives” is quickly approaching and her last flip-flop clone budget, just made the blades sharper.

  • 11 Hawgwash // Jun 30, 2017 at 11:15 am

    RIsaak and others looking for answers on BC Rail will have a long wait. I figure it’s ancient history now and there are too many current issues to rummage through.

    rainclouds, are you being general about a rollover speaker or do you have someone in mind.

    I would much rather see a very long line of protected whistleblowers.

    (Response: Except the NDP know another election isn’t really four years away … could happen a LOT faster: so if they can find some dirt on these issues, might make great fodder in the next election campaign (ads, debate etc.) h.o)

  • 12 r // Jun 30, 2017 at 11:43 am

    no site c =save 9 billion

    no massey bridge ,instead,twin tunnel 3.5 billion dollars less 1 billion=save 2.5 billion

    cancel IPP private power contracts= save 800 million a year! (theyre about 3x regular rates)

    review all p3 contracts =save?

  • 13 r // Jun 30, 2017 at 11:45 am

    CAPP party donations=save 4 +million a year in
    tax refunds.

    review royalty resource rates=save ?

  • 14 Chuckstraight // Jun 30, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    I was one tradesperson that came back to BC when the NDP came to power after leaving BC for 30 months when the Socreds were in power (80`s). Lots of work in the 90`s, and worked for a Pattison company that expanded in the 90`s.

  • 15 Diverdarren // Jun 30, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    Harvey you’re right about it being interesting.

    Balancing the ambitions of MLA’s to their loyalty to their party will be precarious.

    All it would take is one less than honorable MLA (not that one exists) to demand some concession (be it a demand for a cabinet, or whatever) from Premier Horgan in exchange for continuing party loyalty. Then what happens?

    Horgan concedes and sets precedent that if you demand something you’ll get it. Or, he calls the devious MLA’s bluff, and hopes He/she hasn’t made a side deal and cross the floor to the libs.

    Of course that’s just crazy. These honorable members have Stronach party loyalty.

    Ooops… Did I say Stronach? I meant strong.

    (Response: I think the NDP’s biggest problem won’t be from ambitions within … but from Green blackmail, esp as time goes on, because the Green base will likely get pretty frustrated seeing their own beliefs subjugated to preserve an NDP government. h.o)

  • 16 Hawgwash // Jun 30, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Here’s a good topic;
    How many bi-elections are coming in the next 10 to 12 months and where will they be?

    A Liberal for a Liberal makes no difference but an NDP or 2 for Liberals starts to really change things. Even a couple more Greens can drastically change the power structure.

    And if a Liberal wanted to cross the floor, would/should they be embraced by either party?

  • 17 Helena Handcart // Jun 30, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Aside from the ever predictable Island Lookout, we should all want the government to succeed. What is in it for the people of BC if the GNDP fails? It is like hoping that your plane crashes because you dislike the pilot. Let’s hope for success for all our politicians.. (yes, even Trump) and a better life for all BC’ers.

  • 18 BMCQ // Jun 30, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Helena – 17

    I just opened the Blog and happened to see your post first and thought I should expand upon your wish for the success of the Two Headed Monster of Horgan and Weaver that now Lead B.C.

    Do you mean sort of like 90% of the Posters on this Blog that wished for the success of the Premier Clark and Gordon Campbell B.C. Liberal Government of the past 16 years or so?

    Really? That is not exactly the way I remember it.

  • 19 nonconfidencevote // Jun 30, 2017 at 3:43 pm


    5 years ago I chose the name Nonconfidencevote for my “moniker” in all political blogs in the forelorn hope that Christy Clark would go down in flames on a Non confidence vote…..
    Christy Clark, a delusional narcissist with meglomaniacal leanings who is incapable of speaking a one word sentence without gross fabrication to self promote, is finally dragged kicking and screaming out of the spotlight and into the political trash bin of history where she belongs.
    I was thinking of changing my name to “ConvictedOfAllCharges” in the vain hope that the NDP will start a truly independant investigation of BC Rail, her brother and her ex husband…what they knew and when…..Then they can move on to the cesspool of political contributors and the lavish Liberal govt contracts handed out like so much candy………
    Disgust doesnt even begin to describe my loathing for that morally bankrupt “leader” of the Liberals.
    The “Night of the Long Knives” cant come soon enough

    i can dream

  • 20 BMCQ // Jun 30, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    Helena – 17

    I do get your point and agree that we should always wish the best for ant elected Government regardless of it’s Brand or Ideology.

    I just could not help but laugh out loud when I read your comment.

    I doubt if there are many on this Blog hoping for the success of POTUS Donald J. Trump either.

    I believe Horgan and Weaver have so much dislike for Christy Clark personally that their Partnership will hold as long as she remains Liberal Leader.

    CLark almost won the 2013 Election all on her own and she in turn more or less the May 9 Election all of her own by “Grasping Defeat from the Jaws of Victory” by not recognizing that younger Voters want “Free Stuff”, and they want to “Tax the Rich”.

    Contrary to popular opinion a Provincial Government gets regular Reports from the Feds and they knew the Surplus was close to the $ 2.8 Billion. The Libs should have done away with Tolls a year ago and they would have held the Surrey Seats.

    They also should have done away with MSP and absorbed half of the cost within that Budget and attached the rest to Individual Infome Tax with the Higher Income Earners paying more graduating down to those with Working Level Incomes.

    By doing those two things alone they would have actually increased their Majority of Seats in the Legislature.

    Clark should immediately Fall Over On Her Sword, resign as Leader and MLA, and there should be a By Election to allow a New Leader like Diane Watts to enter the Legislature to put pressure on the Alliance. Watts is wasting her time in Orrawa and she could also be instrumental in getting the Surrey Seats back in what could then become an earlier Election Call.

    Then watch for ‘Weaver’ Geens to be “Run Over” in that Election.


    One thing for sure, now that John Horgan is Premier we can surely guarantee the end of the Fentanyl Crisis almost overnight. Thank God!

    Then of course there will be the immediate guarantee that never again will a Child lose their life while in Government Care.
    Praise the Lord!

    Then of course Mr. Horgan will then Show us how he can walk across the Salish Sea without getting his Feet Wet or even Oily!

    One last thing here.

    Keep your Eye Out for the Explosion/Tsunami of PTSD – Stress Leave for Public Sector Workers such as Fire, Police, Nurses, BCGEU, BCTF, and others under the New NDP Government we wish so much success.

    I forecast that within two or three years the cost to Fund Stress Leave alone will Reach the dizzying heights of over $ 1 Billion Dollars each year!!

    That will only be the Beginning!

    I believe cracks would soon show in the Horgan Weaver Coupling.

  • 21 Island Lookout // Jun 30, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    #17 Helena Handcart

    “…ever predictable Island Lookout…” Really? Something wrong with that?

    Y’know HH, you’re right. We all wish this government succeeds.

    What makes me believe it will fail is the nature of the left-wing, especially when one of its parties gains power after years spent wandering in the political wilderness.

    It’s what lies under the surface in the way of back-biting/stabbing, gossiping, meaness and the like, that generally predicts its course: success or failure.

    I was listening to interviews of various intellectuals of the BC political science persuation and the general consensus is that BCers voted in an unstable and, at some point, an unworkable regime.

    That is the pack journalism POV.

    I’d like to add another factor: the internals of the BC Liberals. What is the state of back-biting, etc.?

    And what of Christy Clark’s future as leader of the Opposiiton. Or will she slink away into a private life and do something else? Will other MLAs simply pack it in forcing byelections? Will the Libs win them all or will the NDP/Greenies?

    For now we’re all focussing on this strange new political apparatus and whether it’ll accomplish anything at all.

    Predicting is a fool’s game I figure.

  • 22 Ed Seedhouse // Jun 30, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    One thing seems fairly certain, and that’s that Horgan will now be blamed by the mainstream media for everything that goes wrong. If it rains on Canada day it will now be John’s fault.

    Of course, being human, he will make mistakes and should be held accountable for those and I’m sure Harv will be one of the ones doing that.

    But my memory goes back to 1975 and how the press turned on the N.D.P. like lightning and again in the 1990’s. Sometimes these N.D.P. governments also deserved criticism for their mistakes of course.

    But my point is that the N.D.P. shouldn’t expect any better treatment today than they got before and should have plans to deal with that likely fact. Not any plans that abridge press freedom of course.

  • 23 G. Barry Stewart // Jun 30, 2017 at 5:45 pm


    “Do you mean sort of like 90% of the Posters on this Blog that wished for the success of the Premier Clark and Gordon Campbell B.C. Liberal Government of the past 16 years or so?”

    Perhaps like “CKNDP”, Harvey should rebadge his site “Keeping it Left,” LOL!

    Yes, it will be fun times…

  • 24 Jamie E // Jun 30, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    What the NDP and Greens will fail to understand is that vastly increasing program spending when you are at an economic high water mark leaves massive deficits when the province inevitably cycles back to an economic low water mark. That’s why handing the keys to the NDP/Green Alliance right now is so dangerous. They’ll think the economic good times are going to last forever and spend like sailors on shore leave and their worst offence – as always – will be massive payoffs to public sector unions.

  • 25 Chuckstraight // Jun 30, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Re: Jamie E- some of us are just dummies who have worked hard for over 40 years, paid taxes like a good citizen, and have a hard time understanding a system ( economics) that is based on something very unscientific. How did we ever get this far?

  • 26 13govenments // Jun 30, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    This has been one of the most entertaining posts ever on Keeping it Real.
    I can almost visualize Horgan opening the secret panel and looking at the switches all in the off position. Flip toggle switch one and presto homeless and housing affordability problems solved. Switch two and the DTES is a vibrant neighborhood with no trace of addiction issues. Switches three to ten are all connected to the BCGEU offices in Langley. They represent the teams of public sector workers gearing up for lay offs as all problems have now been solved.
    And to HH over the past 10 years of reading Harveys blog I got tired of reading post after post about people wishing the BC Libs well and thanking them for their efforts.
    Now we can all wait for the truth about BC Rail, Mt Poley and the fired health care contractors. Surely we can expect jail terms for each and everyone in the BC Lib government.
    Yes indeed it has been entertaining. Even the comments that people dont understand how the NDP can be accused of not being business friendly.
    Between Justin Trudeau Federal Horgan/Weaver provincial I expect that my tax burden will disappear. Good thing Jordan Bateman got a new job as there will be no need for a Tax Payers Federation with these fiscally responsible governments looking after us .

  • 27 nonconfidencevote // Jul 1, 2017 at 7:46 am

    @#26 13govts.

    Ahhh yes.
    NDP bad, Liberals good.
    I’m glad things are so defined in your world.
    Well, I’d rather take one 12 month term ( IF this coalition even lasts 12 months) of NDP-Green rule than more of Christy Clarks lies(BC Rail?), fabrication( Site C?), obsfucation( the Budget?), and procrastination(leaving office?).

    Clark only cares about her leadership role and all the media attention and financial perks it brings.
    She cares nothing about the Province, and the people in it.
    She represents the worst of a majority rule system that allows a greedy, manipulative political hack to run roughshod over all for their personal power and (one would assume)gain.
    Hence the explosion of minority govts all over Canada and the world.
    Voters are sick of her and the system of greed , lies and spin the “system” represents.
    I for one, will enjoy the razor thin minority coalition that will have to megotiate with each other all while eyeing the polls to run this province.
    Her cozy relationship with the Global TV, Radio media and its owners, all for not.
    Site C gone? Good. Another multibillion dollar boondoggle that makes Glen Clarks Fast Ferries fiasco look like a popcorn vendor set up outside Sothbys auction house.
    I could go on ad nauseum but my coffee is ready and Clark is now a footnote in the political history of BC unless, of course a forensic audit of her political contributors, her expenses and BC Rail turn something of interest to Crown Council up……
    Its been a long 5 years of suffering through her inane, babbling, smirking, flippant, arrogant BS. I hope its over.
    Happy Canada Day Harvey and fellow blog readers.
    Enjoy the long weekend

  • 28 Hawgwash // Jul 1, 2017 at 10:23 am

    nonconfidencevote, yes, time for a name change.
    You re on a roll.

    Who was it?
    Cyndi Lauper?
    That sang True Colors.

    Christy Clarks final days where so a revealing and in her very last act as Premier of BC she lied, in full view of LG Judith Guichon.

    In the end, we all owe a debt of gratitude to that same LG for her professionalism on our behalf.

    What an historical, political embarrassment.

    That Christy could emerge from Government House and just meters from where the LG sat watching, lie about what was said in the previous 30 minutes, so clearly defines who Christy is.

    I don’t know.

    I really think so.

    She has attached an enormous stink to the Liberal brand, that I hope hovers for a very long time.

    It will be up to the Liberal membership to have her removed, not MLAs or caucus. If she does not go on her own, I figure we might see some real fireworks from within the party.

    I look forward to that.

  • 29 Gary T. // Jul 1, 2017 at 11:06 am

    BMCQ #20. Seriously ? Diane Watts ? She is nothing more than a female Gordon Campbell. She was Surreys gift to developers, and for them, the pot was always overflowing. For the common person, not so much.

  • 30 13 // Jul 1, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    @27 noncon
    Ahyess liberals good ndp bad

    Sorry after that my Gordo filter kicked in and the rest looked like a captcha code.

    I did however get a chuckle from your earlier post
    I like the new moniker

    Happy Canada day back at you

  • 31 Harry lawson // Jul 1, 2017 at 1:20 pm


    I just wonder how much of the surplus will go towards judicial enquires, crown prosecutors , legal expenses for former government officials, and then of course the forensic audits of the crown corps , and of course severance pay . It will truly be interesting

  • 32 BMCQ // Jul 1, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    Barry – 23

    As you are aware, I believe Harvey provides a Great Public Service by allowing what is mostly intellectual discourse for those that care to voice their opinion whatever their politics may be.

    IMHO about 8 out of ten that actually post here are left of Centre by varying degrees.

    The key to this Blog is the fact that Harvey actually encourages those of that are more conservative minded to voice our opinions and ideas.

    Yes there those here that would have someone like Island Lookout or myself banished from this Blog but they are Left (no pun intended) alone and ignored in their belief that anyone that is successful in life is greedy and unhinged.

    I believe most are here on this Blog to participate in a little healthy argument, discussion, and debate, the way I look at I learn something each and every time I open this Blog up whether I may agree with someone or not.

    Not much wrong with a healthy exchange of ideas in my mind.

    Oh and by the way, Happy Canada Day “Mr. Bean”

    Contrary to what some would paint here we actually have no idea what the Hard/Alt Right is here in North America other than a few unstable individuals but that goes the same for the Hard Left.

    Again, as you are aware we do not see that on other Blogs in this part of the world.

    NonCon – 27

    Of course I am only guessing but I regretfully and truly believe you will soon be required to change your handle to

    ” B.C.andfederalforevergrowingdeficits”

    Just think NonCon, within a few weeks you will be able to tell us that the next time you vote Provincially it will be abhw!

    ‘Anyone but Horgan or Weaver”

    Happy Canada Day to you Harvey and the same wishes to almost all of the rest of the Readers and Posters on this Blog!!

    (Response: I think that …just as NDP supporters loved tearing apart the Liberal government … Liberal and Conservative supporters are about to get their chance once the NDP/Greens get their start. Should make for fun discussions! 🙂 Happy Canada Day 150 and Bonne Fete Montreal 325. h.o)

  • 33 BMCQ // Jul 1, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    Gary – 29

    Yes Diane Watts, she was a good Mayor for Surrey, she was very much Non-partisan, she was a consensus builder, she was inclusive, she managed to get along with other levels of Government, she was supported by people of ALL ethnic backgrounds, she literally developed and grew with her single handled strong will and she is a person of integrity and strong character.

    Perhaps you would provide some evidence to the contrary.

    And what is wrong with Developers?
    Do they not pay tax, create jobs?

    Perhaps you could expand on that comment a little bit.

  • 34 e.a.f. // Jul 1, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    wishing a politician success depends upon what you deem “success”. I detest Trump. but wish him success as President. yes, if he can deal with health care without cutting 22 M off of health care insurance. Now for others that is not success. Success is getting those off Medicaid and providing tax breaks for the top 600 financial elites.

    So when I wish Horgan and Co. success, for me it means dealing constructively with child poverty in B.C. One in five is not a good thing. When schools have to fund raise to provide meal programs that is not success. Its when the provincial government provides grants to schools for food programs for kids along with health care and medication. That is success.

    For others success is maintaining low corporate taxes and lots of royality breaks to the resource industry. That isn’t success to me. I’ve read Norm Farrell’s blog and seen how much money went to those companies with not such a great return on “investment” for the tax payers.

    Success will depend upon who’s ox is gored and whose is spared.

    People can expect first responders to start taking sick leave for PTSD. I’m sure the one who wrote on this subject has not had to work with the opiod crisis and run from one call to the next to see people dead or dying. At some point fire fighters, paramedics will have reached the end of their ropes. Have you ever had a really, really good look at a dead teenager and then at their parents and friends? Have you ever had to go up those ugly alleys in Vancouver to administer narcon or watching human beings lie there in their own filth, twitching, eyes rolled back.

    the opiod crisis is one thing the new government will not be able to deal with to any great extent. it would be best to focus on kids and get them into rehab and if that is going to cost a lot of money then so be it. Adults may have to be on their own on this one.

    Policing may be the answer to dealing with fent,. You sell it, you get charged with attempted murder.

    Norm Farrell has written enough about who gets what and who is owed what that ending some of the “benefits” allotted to corporations by the b.c. lieberals will help balance the books. Its like the mining companies not paying up for “the accident pool” or not having to pay their electricity bill, just the interest. that needs to end. I’m not suggesting the government can’t play a roll in providing tax incentives to some industries, but when there is no return on the investment, why put money into it. At least with investing with kids you have a decent change of getting a decent adult.

    I’ve always said I wanted to live long enough to see el gordo come back in hand cuffs for the B.C. Rail “give away”. However, investigating all of these things will take a lot of time, money, energy which can be better spent on kids, health care, housing for people who need it, education. I’d like nothing better than to sit in court and watch the trials or inquiries but spending tens of millions, not so much. The money would be better spent on cleaner hospitals, food programs in schools, etc. So to all of you, who like me want the investigations, etc. lets just get over it and get on with improving lives now and not dwelling on the past. If some one runs across enough paper to support a case, send it to Crown counsel.

    It will be entertaining to listen/watch the MSM as they pick over everything the NDP/Green alliance does. Expect to have them carry on as if a billion or two has been wasted if an MLA spends five cents more than the MSM thinks it ought to. Expect the msm to use words which are not neutral, things like seizing control of the government will be a theme not the b.c. lieberals lost confidence of the leg. Much will be made of the two parties agreeing to things but of course there was no mention of the rather large umbrella of political opinions under the B.C. Lieberals.

    For all the passes Christy and her cabal got from the msm don’t expect the same “courtesy” to be extended to the NDP. While Christy held her pay to play soirees we never did see the msm camp out to see who attended where, but you can bet the first name Horgan names to the cabinet will have an extensive back ground check done on them by the msm. If Horgan is seen meeting with a Union officer or Weaver with an environmentalist, we`ll hear about it from now to Christmas. If Christy`s appointees are fired and replaced by others the msm will carry on like it was the end of the world, regardless of their qualification. The msm will not wish the new government any type of success. They will be happier if there is a mess and yearn for the days children were inadequately served by government, when people died in hospitals for lack of proper care, etc.

    As to those waiting to see if criminal charges will be laid in the mount polley disaster. By the time Horgan forms government the time limit will have expired. So get over it and just encourage the new government to ensure it doesn`t happen again. Like new tough rules which are enforced with huge fines if there is no compliance. Yes, that will require a few more mine inspectors, etc. but hey think of it as job creation. Firing Pammy and replacing her with a mine dam inspectors is better value. firing 200 of Christy`s `media`types and hiring 200 park rangers, conservation officers is money much better spent.

    What would make my day would be getting rid of private operators in provincial camp grounds and an end to permitting private corporations to place trailers in the parks which most of us can`t afford. One of the nice things about the last NDP government was they created 200 parks in this province which are still around today for the enjoyment of all. We need provincial camp grounds for those who live in B.C. We paid for them, we ought to have first crack at them.

    time to go look at the garden.

  • 35 e.a.f. // Jul 1, 2017 at 5:42 pm


    doesn’t matter what we have to complain about in Canada, the fact is we are better off than most in the world. Hey we even get to bitch and complain about our governments and then change them. So here is to us all, HAPPY CANADA DAY!

  • 36 13 // Jul 1, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    I have to admit that I find myself disagreeing with so much of your opinion that it’s hard to pick a starting point.
    Today’s point PTSD for public sector workers.
    If you choose a career in fire rescue or policing I think that you have chosen a stress filled occupation. So I suppose you should expect to be stressed. I have worked close to forty years always in a union environment
    Not only have I never had stress leavoe granted even unpaid I’ve never had paid sick days. The ndp don’t care a hoot about private sector workers. If your not in the employ of the gov you don’t exist

  • 37 Hawgwash // Jul 2, 2017 at 8:22 am

    The 3 Amigos group hug and declaration that they all want to and can work together across party lines is just more comedy.

    Even in defeat and while resigning Christy managed to congratulate John Horgan with a cheap shot.

    For the willingly blind on here, who are still infatuated with this creature, don’t take it from the likes of Bob Mackin, who calls her the Dutch of Dunbar or from us other lefties on the outside.

    Instead, take it from people who were on the inside and had to deal with her on the half dozen times she actually showed up for work.

    From Vicki Huntington, as solid an MLA as could be found and one so highly regarded, she could have been elected posthumously;
    “The Diva of Deflection.”

    From Dr. Moira Stilwell, LIBERAL MLA and Cabinet Minister under Campbell and Clark;
    “The Princess of Politics.”

    Or from The Honorable Judith Guichon, LG, OBC, who was not amused by Clark’s distortion of recorded, undisputable facts, on their final official piece of business.

    John Horgan is a seasoned politician who knows what’s coming in the way of midnight raids, where the media is told in advance. He can handle it.

    The folks who need to be very, very watchful, are the dozen first time, perhaps naïve MLAs. Every word will be examined, every picture blown up to show soup on a shirt.

    There will be no harmony in the house; this is serious (big) business.

  • 38 jdavidcoxj // Jul 2, 2017 at 9:53 am

    This perception that we are all left or right is a constant political mistake made by just about everyone. I voted Green the last three elections, do not care for the apologist nature of the NDP and despise the duplicity, greed and rapacious exploitation of our heritage by the Liberals. But I consider myself small c conservative because I am frugal, conserve, have traditional values and believe in small government. I advised my Green MLA to emphasize small business. And my meandering walk over the political spectrum is not new, not unusual, not extraordinary. We all want what is best for our province. This labelling of our politics is stupid and only serves to polarize. It also supports the marketers, those who push a brand. The NDP aren’t new. The Greens are more than tree huggers and the Liberals were painted Socred until that brand went sour. Do you really think Conservatives are conservative? If course not. They just can’t sell Bigot or Ignoramus as a party name. So they purloined Conservative. It means nothing, it is just a name like Apple, Tesla or Ex-Lax. Bottom line: BC should look past the labels, the brand’s, the imagery – they are the first of the lies that follow.

    (Response: I think there are a lot of us who are like you: can’t be pigeon-holed into a particular political box. As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, I have voted for every one of the four major parties in Canada and BC over the years. There is not one party I can agree with entirely: in fact, I feel sad for those who do! h.o)

  • 39 Hawgwash // Jul 2, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Post 38 and response.
    Although, I don’t believe I have ever voted Conservative. I missed Follow John by a year.

  • 40 Island Lookout // Jul 2, 2017 at 5:25 pm


    While we all await the NDP’s cabinet swearing-in and various appointments, we also need to look past these events.

    All the way into September and what sort of shape the Liberal Opposition will take.

    Will they all stay on? Or will some depart leaving the way open for byelections?

    Whither Christy Clark a lightning rod for the Left who despise her beyond all reason? Will she stay or go? She’s said she will stay. Really? Hmm.

    What those in Opposition for the last 16 years must realize is that once they become government folks like Mike Smyth and Bob Mackin will be after them like wolves.

    If Mr. Horgan remains premier for the next couple of years or more you’ll be seeing a lot of mud chucked his way. And then watch for caucus strife. Mike Harcourt has a few stories to tell!

    In the meantime the Opposition will set the tone: either to immediately go after this new arrangement with a vengeance or simply watch and wait for some screw-up and then the clappers of hell.

    I have no clue what lies ahead but I will be watching with interest.

    #23 a good post there.

  • 41 Hawgwash // Jul 2, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Isand Lookout, we agree on something; it’s anybody’s guess at this point although I’m betting Christy goes.

    She had fun on the way up, not so much now.
    She won’t like the commute or common carrier.
    She’ll get an offer she can’t refuse.

    Is there an opening in London?

    Safe seat; no harm, but some of the others could swing.

    Good thing Jenny’s in Ottawa.

  • 42 13govenments // Jul 3, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Its amusing that BMCQ recommends Watts as a perfect fit to lead the Liberals and someone posts that she is a female Gordon Campbell. I guess if BMCQ had nominated Jenny Kwan to lead the Libs that would have been okay.
    Ms Watts was probably the most capable mayor in recent memory. Currently as a Federal Conservative MP she is wasting her talents in Ottawa. Sadly the love affair with the inept hairdo might carry on for another term. (God help us all.) Her presence in BC as Liberal leader might not satisfy the left wingers on this blog but she would be likely the best possible replacement for Clark. With any luck she might even encourage developers to invest in BC after the Horgan Weaver team has alienated everyone except the BCGEU and the BCTF

  • 43 BMCQ // Jul 3, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    13Govs – 42

    You use the word capable when describing Watts and I agree very much.

    Watts has many attributes that would make her a great Leader of any Party and I cannot see any reason for being against her even if one has different Politics.

    For sure she has always been a consensus builder and her ability to reach across Party Lines is well documented!

    I would have given a lot if there was any way possible to have had her as Mayor of Vancouver instead of the inept, scheming, dishonest, disastrous, and very confused Gregor “Mumbles” Robertson!

    Each and every time I hear that guy speak I feel like I need to call for a

    Again, I believe Clark should be made to walk the Plank asap and the Libs should then do their best to get Watts or someone like her as B. C. Liberal Party Leader before the NDP/Geens get any traction.

  • 44 e.a.f. // Jul 3, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    Hawgwash, 31, your last line made me laugh! at some level how true.

    BMCQ, Watts was a big frog in a little pond. she has done nothing to set herself apart or as a good politicians in Ottawa. have yet to see her up on her pins going for it say such as Sheila Copps did when she was in opposition, back in the day. Watts just sits there, collecting a salary, waiting for her pension. It is doubtful some of those B.C. Lieberals are going to hand her the part and she hasn’t demonstrated she has the chops to take it.

  • 45 BMCQ // Jul 3, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    ea.f. – 44

    You oppose absolutely everything Diane Watts would believe in, of course you would not endorse Diane Watts.

    Sheila Copps? Yikes!

  • 46 13 // Jul 3, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    @BMCQ &eaf

    When someone that uses the term “liebral” as religiously as eaf does I have suspicions when she tries to help pick a new leader for the BC Liberals. Me thinks she is worried that Ms Watts might be a very effective leader of the opposition and a very good premier.

    It would almost be as bad if you were to recommend Adrian Dix or John Horgan to lead the Negative Doubters Party. Oops I guess that ship has sailed