Andrew Scheer Has a Point on Foreign Aid … Despite All the Pushback

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer may read this blog! Or his strategists do.

Back in July I raised the question: WHY is Canada providing $64 Million in foreign aid this year to India … when that country has squandered more than A BILLION DOLLARS to send a rocket to land/transmit from the moon (it failed) … and also spent $480 MILLION on a 597 feet high “Unity” statue????


You can review that Blog piece and all the reactions here:

And in the spirited discussion that followed, I wrote: ” a country … any country … that cannot feed, house MILLIONS of its its own people spends BILLIONS on “Space” … we should cut them off…. spend our money elsewhere.”

” I have no objection to Canada helping where we can …generously …as long as the recipients (countries and organizations and people) are not squandering their own funds or stealing ours,” I added.

Turns out these sentiments and concerns are apparently shared by many Canadians … and Scheer and the Tories have noticed.

“It’s time for Canada to put our money where our mouth is and only use foreign aid to support the Canadian values we hold dear,” Scheer said Tuesday in Toronto as he talked about how a Conservative government would handle international affairs, including development assistance,” reported The Canadian Press.

“Under a plan announced by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer on Tuesday, that kind of foreign aid would be cut. Scheer promised a 25% cut to foreign-aid funding that would see high-income countries and dictatorships get the boot,” explained the website

“Canadian taxpayers sent $7.1 million to China in foreign aid last year. The Trudeau Liberals also sent $5 million to North Korea, $4 million to Iran and even Putin’s Russia got $200,000,” added commentator Brian Lilley.

“If you find it hard to believe that we are funding some of these countries, here are the numbers from the government’s own figures for last year: Mexico, $6.8 million; Turkey, $4.5 million; Brazil, $4.3 million; and Argentina, $2.1 million.

“Why on earth would Canada fund any of these countries with foreign-aid money? They are wealthy trading partners, not countries with the basic needs of their citizens not being met,” he added.

These are valid questions; how foreign aid is spent IS a valid issue; and, where funding goes IS a valid concern … deserving discussion.

Scheer said money cut from foreign aid …. $1.5 Billion … could be better spent on assistance projects at home and on tax cuts.

His proposal, however, ran into a lot of pushback almost immediately.

In an article in the National Post, under a headline using the phrase “Baloney Meter” , writer Teresa Wright of CP was critical of Scheer’s reasoning, quoting a federal review:

“The report also notes that some of the assistance provided to Iran and China was part of an estimated portion of Canada’s institutional support to organizations such as the World Food Program, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the Global Environment Facility.”

The Toronto Star pointed out Canada is already spending LESS on foreign aid than many other OECD countries:

And the CBC fired back as well:

“North African nations would no longer qualify for Canadian aid, nor would South Africa. And in the Middle East, only Syria and Yemen would make the grade. The list in Asia would be whittled down to Afghanistan — Canada’s top foreign aid recipient at $237.97 million last year — Pakistan, Myanmar and Nepal,” wrote the CBC’s Jonathon Gatehouse.

“It was Lester Pearson, the former prime minister, who helped the UN set a development spending target for wealthy nations — 0.7 per cent of GDP — back in 1970. It’s a goal that Canada has been committed to for 50 years, but has never come close to attaining. At present, Ottawa’s $6.1 billion aid budget is 0.28 per cent of GDP. The proposed Conservative cut would drop that figure to 0.21 per cent,” he added.

But I’m glad Scheer raised the issue … especially during a campaign when the leaders have been trying so hard not to offend anyone, not to speak hard truths to power, and not to even suggest curbing any waste of taxpayers’ dollars on anything that some voters might support.

It IS time for Canada to review it’s foreign aid policies … and stop aiding and abetting wasteful, corrupt countries that squander their own money … and then ask us to bail their poor out.

Nothing wrong with a reassessment, a readjustment … even if that costs Canada the coveted UN Security Council seat Justin Trudeau has been pandering for so long.

Harv Oberfeld

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24 Responses to Andrew Scheer Has a Point on Foreign Aid … Despite All the Pushback

  1. John says:

    How about a 100% cut to foreign aid until we fix our own problems. And maybe even have a balanced budget. And reduce the debt………………………

    (Response: Dreamer! h.o)

  2. 13 says:

    This is a no brainer Harvey. Scheer will of course be compared to “Herr Harper” by the sjw tree hugging yes Ill gladly pay more taxes crowd. If Scheer gets enough traction with the promise to spend more at home instead of wasting money on foreign aid to countries that can afford space programs or perhaps dont need it in the first place maybe there is hope. Hope to see equalization payments end . Hope to see the endless growth of public sector wages and pensions. The end of feel good spending projects. Hope that Canadas seniors will be rewarded for building this great country instead of being punished with unaffordable drug costs and unattainable housing. All the while watching city after city finding housing for drug addicts never mind covering their medical costs . Before the usual crowd sets whats left of their hair ablaze after we take better care of seniors we can then focus on ways to not just house our drug addicts but help them to rehab and become tax paying responsible citizens .
    This would be common sense. Not the bizzare Justin Trudeau platform of tax tax tax spend spend spend without any end in sight.

  3. D. M. Johnston says:

    Somewhere back in the history of Canada, Canadian politicians began to believe that foreign aid somehow made Canada look important.

    Well today, we look like chumps and the foreign aid is mainly wasted on the country receiving political friends and insiders.

    Now Canada should be contributing to countries that need food and care, not to countries that send rockets to the moon or maintain large armies.

    But foreign aid is a boon for bureaucrats, who like to travel and politicians to done little being shown doing a lot. It also makes Canada look good at the UN, which isn’t hard these days, foreign aid or no.

    How about this little gem from the past, The New York Port Authority’s version of our proprietary light metro system (incorrectly called SkyTrain), the JFK AirTrain, was paid for largely from Canada’s Overseas Development Bank and golly ghee whizz who owns the proprietary light metro, then called ART, well the patent holders are Bombardier and SNC Lavalin.

    Foreign aid also helps our political friends and insiders.

    (Response: As I’ve written, I don’t object to foreign aid per se … only wasteful spending in countries that abuse their own revenues, often corruptly or on mega ego projects. And I do believe we should not provide any aid to dictators/dictatorships where human rights are denied or abused. h.o)

  4. Gene The Bean says:

    This feels like a do-over but as I and many others have already said, do not give other countries cash.

    Source Canadian products and go build schools, drinking water wells, clean energy projects etc etc.

    A far better use of the funds then Harper ..ooops, Scheer, to use it as corporate welfare or to give tax breaks to millionaires. If anyone actually believes the Cons would make working peoples lives easier you truly need your head examined.

  5. DBW says:

    Nobody will argue that Canada should review the money that is spent on foreign aid to determine whether it is money well spent. Nobody.

    But let’s be clear. Scheer is not asking for a re-evaluation; he is cutting spending by 25% and using false statistics/different definitions to make his point.

    Of course we shouldn’t be sending $2M in foreign aid to Italy. But it wasn’t foreign aid per se. It was used to support international security.

    In your last post BMCQ said that the money should be given to Jordan to help them support all the refugees in that country. I agree 100%. But under Scheer’s definition (which differs from the definition used by other countries) Jordan is above his so-called poverty line and wouldn’t qualify.

    I totally agree with the assessment by the person quoted in the National Post article.

    “To my mind the policy is kind of purposely misleading the public about what Canada’s aid does and, because Canada’s public doesn’t know so much about that, it’s pretty easy to lie with statistics — in this case, to try to make it look like we’re funnelling all sorts of money to dictators and wealthy countries, when in reality those funds are doing a lot of different things that aren’t’ really aid.”

    Like I said, nobody will disagree with reviews of projects where money is spent, but let’s have an honest conversation based on facts. Starting with should we be cutting foreign aid by 25% when we already spend less per capita than most of the other countries in the OECD.

    (Response: I’m not really stuck on reducing … wouldn’t even mind increasing Foreign Aid … IF it really goes to help needy people in struggling countries with honest governments that are not stealing, wasting or redirecting our funds into their own pockets or to their friends and relatives … or spending millions on financing wars or terrorist activities. So a comprehensive review and reassessment would be a good thing … whichever party wins the election… and I commend Scheer for at least opening up the topic. h.o)

  6. hawgwash says:

    Gene; “Source Canadian products and go build schools, drinking water wells, clean energy projects etc etc.”
    That $64 Million HO talks about, would do a lot in the Bahamas right now, but that news cycle is over.
    Canada should have a type of rainy day fund instead of foreign aid. A fund that could, in situations like the Bahamas, be used to buy every spare brick and nail in our country; send skilled labour from here and hire the unskilled in the Bahamas.
    A wisely spent $64 Million could do wonderful things for those people and make Canada great again.

  7. Gene The Bean says:

    Hawg – what a great idea.
    Instead of the ‘normal’ institutional aid program, keep a fund for special cases and emergencies, like the Bahamas.
    Just imagine if Canadians put money and boots on the ground, bringing a freighter of supplies and rebuilt schools, hospitals and provided building materials for the people affected to try and get their lives back on track.
    The Bahamians would look at us like the Dutch do. People never forget when you help them out of a real jam. It would do good for all of our souls too.
    Sure is a more human way to spend money than giving corporate welfare to for-profit oil companies to ensure they support the next Con leader.

  8. Nancy says:

    I totally agree with Scheer on this one. I was taught to first pay your bills, put some into savings, give yourself a little ” fun” money (you gotta live!) and give a small amount to charity.

    (Response: Hmmm… Canada has run a deficit for decades (thus, not paying our bills … FAIL); has maybe too often given itself “fun money” (World’s Fairs, Olympic Games, arenas, festivals, parties, etc…. FAIL); and depending on ones point of view, given too much or too little to charities at home and abroad … (success or failure UNDECIDED) . That’s not a great score …certainly lots of room for improvement! ho)

  9. BMCQ says:

    Good analysis and essay here, I am happy that Scheer brought this forward .

    As far as the mechanics of this would be structured there needs to be a lot of discussion but just the fact that a Party and Leader brings this forward is commendable .

    Unlike some here I would not care if Singh brought this up, we need open discussion on Foreign Aid and if Singh or Scheer were to lead I care not .

    Look, I am at heart an interventionist and I would like to see every Strong Man and his Thugs in the Middle East that preys on young girls, minorities, LGBTQ, Jewish People, Minority Christians, and any one else that does not fit the description they desire taken down and destroyed by Drones and Smart Missile .

    I am however open to do what Israel is doing with their Medical Emergency for Syrians who cross into Israel in the dark for Medical Aid, Canada could send Funding and equipment to Israel for that specific purpose instead of what we currently do where Strong Men and other crooks take for themselves .

    First of al though Scheer needs to re direct a lot of that ‘Foreign Aid saving to Funding Senior Housing and increasing Pensions in Canada, hecan start by making Senior Pensions Tax Free if the total income is under $ 100 K per year . Those with incomes of over that amount and up to $ 200 K pay a 20% Flat Tax, then the rest as it now currently sits .

    Any Foreign Aid should be given to Canadian Manufactures that in turn manufacture Canadian Built Product directly to the recipient Country, NO Cash unless in cases of Disaster Relief as pointed out by my good friend and Soul Mate Hawgwash, this is just simple common sense .

    I believe we get many better solutions on this Blog than most Government Task Forces and that should annoy those here an awful lot .

    At least Scheer brought this up and one day he may actually get an “Atta Boy” from one or two of you here .

    Thanks Harvey !

  10. BMCQ says:


    It is up to people like you to offer constructive suggestions to point out a flaw and offer a complimentary idea to what Sheer put forward . Your point is well taken and under certain circumstances changes should be considered even if it is only periodically . This is how discussions and eventually legislation should work ideas can come from any political Brand and that is Democracy .

  11. e.a.f. says:

    “to support the Canadian values we hold dear”. When ever I read those words it reminds me of Trump. What are Canadian values? Scheer’s or his party’s. We have seen “American political values” ban the use of American money to support anything to do with abortion and in some cases even birth control. What are the Canadian values Scheer is talking about? It is not up to us to impose “his/our values” on other countries. So would Scheer demand that no monies be spent in countries where women wear hiqabs? No money for birth control or abortion? Its a very slippery slope.

    I’m not in favour of giving money to governments which are nasty pieces of business where they use the foreign aid to further their own position, i.e. India and its quest for the moon or whatever. Perhaps we ought to define foreign aid and break it away from military aid. Yes, Canada might well impart cash to a country to assist them with some military installations, in which we share an interest. Hence money going to Italy. I can see foreign military aid to countries such as the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, etc.

    Gene the Bean makes good points. Hawgwash and the emergency fund is a great idea. I’d feel very good about going to poorer countries which have had natural disasters and help re build. Canadian influence internationally would actually grow. We’d become the country which actually helps the people.

    When Scheer make his speech, he had a political agenda which had little to do with what would help less financially secure countries or even save Canada money. given some of scheer’s attitudes I’m concerned “Canadian values” is just a buzz word for his values and those of some of his more racist supporters. My Canadian values are different from other Canadians and vis versa. I see foreign aid as being used to help citizens in other countries, not their leaders. If we want to send military aid, fine but that is not in my opinion foreign aid. Foreign aid for me means helping build schools, wells, roads, housing, providing health care, rebuilding after disasters.

    Although some want products from Canada to go to areas which need aid, that isn’t always the best plan. It costs to ship things. Frequently things can be sourced locally or near by, which would cost less, which in turn creates jobs and encourages people to get their businesses up and running. Of course that in turn requires some monitoring. Most critical is the food aid. We need to monitor it so that it doesn’t wind up in black market shops or in the hands of the country’s military or political leaders’ friends.

    We might want to look at a volunteer organization, under the government of Canada, which taps into the experience of Canadian business and federal service employees who have retired or could take a leave of absence to work in these countries in need of aid. Over my life time, I’ve met federal government directors, managers, etc. and business people who did incredible jobs. They retire and all that knowledge goes to waste. It would be great if some of them could be encouraged to go over seas on assignment to share that knowledge and mentor people in developing countries. Its not enough to always have people come to Canada for their education. we need to mentor people. There are people within government and business who have incredible organizational skills. It would be great if that could be put to use in another country.

    (Response: You seem to be hinting at establishing a kind of Canada Youth or Volunteers Corps, which may sound good … but these days, a lot of countries might find that a bit “colonial”: they want to have their own people make the decisions, do the work and direct the efforts. And of course, that also makes it easier to steal, cheat and misappropriate the aid! It’s not easy, but certainly there’s no doubt a lot of waste or aid going to countries/regiomes that don’t deserve it. For those interested …here is a country by country breakdown: h.o)

  12. Harry Lawson says:

    I agree that we need to revisit our foreign aid priorities. I agree that charity begin at home. We have citizens living in conditions that we send money overseas to fix and yet in Canada we ignore. We not only need to look at foreign aid we need to look at our social contract with each other.
    I can understand why Mr Trudeau skipped the debate on foreign policy. Hard record to defend .

    (Response: Yes, perhaps he realized how vulnerable he was: doing too much, from the right; doing too little, from the left. And HOW we’re doing it is wrong … from ALL the opposition parties. h.o)

  13. 13 says:

    Gene you always have a line that gets my attention. This time it’s ” anyone that believes…”
    Just the simple fact that the cons will lower taxes will be a benefit to workers. The Liberals spend taxes frivolously and it’s tax dollars wasted no matter where they are collected.
    BTW bean If you havent noticed trudeau is running in the red . Imagine if he had to weather the 2008 global recession. Than God for Herr harper

  14. Marge says:

    I think until all of our debt is paid up (which will never happen in our lifetime) that NO money is given to countries such as China and India, who are doing well on their own. China especially who is still holding onto our Canadians in their decrepit prisons and blocking our agricultural products. India can send rockets up but needs our dough – who in their right minds would give them money, except a vote buying government made up of Liberals.

    In 2017, Trudeau handed $250M to the Chinese-owned Asian Infrastructure Bank to build roads, bridges, and pipelines halfway around the world. He hasn’t pulled the funding even after Beijing blocked Canadian imports and detained our citizens. Yet he can’t build Canada’s pipeline nor help its citizens (see how he’s treated indigenous communities who need clean water) who need the money.

    I also think NGOs such as the Mennonites and the Red Cross do a much better job of working in needy countries. Spending money to buy votes isn’t on their agendas so there are no political ties.

    Trudeau sees this largesse as a means of gaining large voting Sikh and Chinese blocs without using any of the Liberal money but our tax money instead. Win win for him. I am sure that he fears losing votes to the NDP in BC because of the association with Mr. Singh. Wait in the next few days for a big announcement from him giving more cash to India.

    Trudeau with his narcissistic personality would give money to anyone just to get noticed or buy votes. Did you notice his hypocrisy in having not one but two planes to ferry him across the country while pretending to be an eco warrior? Why didn’t’ the MSM (CBC, Global, etc.) not bring this up? They too are in on the cash deals. The Liberals are incredibly corrupt but strangely people do not see this. Have they been brain washed by the media’s depiction of anything not liberal as pure evil? It appears to be so.

    I was thinking that if this had been Trudeau proposing this, Gene would be shouting its wonders from the rooftops. We are all in this together Gene. I don’t think Mr. Scheer is the devil that you and the Liberals want to make him out to be.

  15. BMCQ says:


    Almost total agreement .

    (Edited…. Criticizing others’ point of view is fine…but can’t we have a discussion of ideas/issues/policies without descending to personal insults?? It cheapens the discussion…and the points you try to make. h.o.)

    So we are now at the point there are only a few weeks left in the Campaign before the Election and we do not have that many Debates left to watch and listen too before the most important Vote in Canadian History .

    I am quite confident in what I see as the result of that Election but I still have great concern about the Media and their inability or unwillingness to do their duty, the Media are almost disinterested or perhaps they are intentionally ignoring the collapse of Liberal and NDP support .

    IMHO the Media, Print, Radio, TV, and Debate Moderators are completely ignoring Pipelines, The JWR Fiasco, Deficit and Debt, Migration, Borders, First Nations, Trade, China, and so much more that will affect Canadians for Generations .

    How can Canadians of any Political Brand cast an informed vote when the Media in General have abdicated their responsibility ?

    I wonder, could the fact that Media are so disinterested and are not willing to ask probing questions have anything to do with the fact that their “People Kind” PM Justin might even appear more Impotent, Disengaged, Inept, Imbecilic, Immature, and Moronic than he has already proven to be ?

    Of course that is the reason, the Media that support the Liberals and PM Justin want to ensure that the “Great Unwashed” are more “Kept in the Dark” when it comes to the Sins of the PM and his Minions, but guess what ?


    Tick Tock !

  16. 13 says:

    @eaf, your post includes the provision that some foreign aid techniques require monitoring. The same level of monitoring that allows Trudeau to fly 2 planes and begin campaign spending way ahead of the writ being dropped. The same sort of monitoring that allows SNC to bribe dictators buy prostitutes to land contracts. That was caught by Canadian monitors and the monitors were removed from their jobs. The same sort of monitoring that keeps our senators from spending sprees. The same sort of monitoring that has an off limits oasis or massage parlors and cheap restaurant meals for politicians located near metro town. I could go on for pages and pages of how auditors that monitor government spending are constantly ignored. TAX DOLLAR GET FLUSHED every day . Monitor government waste . What a pipe dream.
    Trudeau has promised enough government spending to require thousands of monitors .Everyone of them another pension (gold plated) .
    What we need is a conservative government that will control spending. The Canadian voters have been monitoring Trudeau and they are about to take action against him

  17. DBW says:

    I am fascinated by this topic because it gives us an indication of how each of us views the world and how we would like to see government prioritize the money it spends.

    Not making any pretense at being an expert here, but Canada does rank 14/28 in % of GNI spent on foreign at at .28% If the Conservatives cut 25% that would drop us to 19th tied with Italy. The UN has recommended .7% as a benchmark which is met by only six countries – Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the UK as well as Qatar and the UAE who are not OECD members.

    I am not going to suggest that Canada has to reach that benchmark, but as the 10th largest economy in the world, I would think we could be moving up from .28% and 14rh place rather than down.

    Second, I think there is a lot of assumptions going on here. When we hear that Canada is giving money to relatively well-off countries or human rights violators we are rightly indignant. But we are not even sure how that money is spent. If Iran had a massive earthquake should Canada give some humanitarian aid to help those in desperate need? I would say yes, but I could see why some of you might say no.

    Should Canada not give money to multi-lateral organizations that are doing good work around the world because that organization spends some of its money in countries like India?

    Even this idea of not giving cash but rather materials and expertise may not always be the best plan. I read about an organization that gave cash right to the citizens of an impoverished village. They bypassed the middleman (government) and gave it to the people who needed it. Besides spending it on their immediate needs of food and medicine, some used it to upgrade their homes or buy goats or send their kids to school.
    I am sure some was wasted but probably no more than had it gone through some bureaucracy.

    There are lots of good ideas and good work being done around the world. Some people have suggested good ideas here. I would hate to see Canadians cutting back just because we “think” (without evidence) that it is being wasted.

    And to be clear I am all in favour of reviewing projects on a regular basis.

    (Response: I agree with much of what you say: my complaint is not that we should cut foreign aid … but REFOCUS on where/who we support and how we spend. And not just concentrate on economic needs but what kind of governments and human rights exist where we deliver financial support. Frankly, I also feel that kind of review should take place not only on $$$ spent abroad … but at home too an “assistance” projects where so much is wasted on ineffective projects … or just pocketed by those in charge or their friends and relations. h.o.)

  18. BMCQ says:


    Good points, as has been suggested Canada needs to do a major review of Foreign Aid and that should be reviewed every few years by an independent non partisan body with full transparency for the Tax Payer to see .

    Unfortunately the UN cannot and should not be given the power to recommend or control as that organization has been proven to be most corrupt and they are not accountable . It is common knowledge that UN Groups providing aid in many countries have been known to trade food and water for Sex as an example .

    The UN is a Corrupt Organization at best and a Criminal Organization much of the time.

    In only a few posts here better ideas have been put forward than what the UN provides .

    All Donating Nations need to somehow ensure Funds, Services, or other Aid is actually getting to those in need .

    As Hawgwash suggested earlier and as you have pointed out Aid in the case of Natural Disasters must get to people at risk whether it be Iran or any other Nation in need .

    It is the people we should rescue and serve not the Government, we must just somehow make the Aid makes it to the people without the criminal elements in Government get it first . We are all aware of the horror stories .

    We must also never forget that time and time again when a natural disaster strikes it is always the USA that gets there first with everything from rescue, to food, to medical aid, to shelter, to clothing, and everything else required .

    Just how often do we hear that China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, NOKO, or almost any EU Nations other than the UK, and Poland are quick out of the gate to respond with Aid of any kind in cases of disaster ? When was the last time you heard the Swedes (my mother’s home country) the Danes, or the Turks were first out of the gate with Disaster Aid ?

    Countries like Canada and those others who care need to coordinate a better way to respond to Disasters independent of the Carpetbaggers at the UN, those people in need deserve better than what they are now getting from that most Corrupt UN Organization .

    It was only a short time ago that Myanmar Burma actually turned down Disaster Relief because the did not want Aid Providers from Rescue Nations to see the conditions in that country .

    Same thing for that Socialist Valhalla of Venezuela with the Worlds Largest Proven Oil and Gas Reserves, Leadership there actually turned down Aid from the Red Cross and the USA while Citizens of that once wealthy nation survive by eating Zoo Animals .

    Unfortunately PM Justin and his Minions will be more concerned about finding ways to increase Carbon Tax and doing what they can to pander to Quebec and a few SJW right across Canada .

  19. Gilbert says:

    Why did we send $5 million to North Korea? Do Communist nations automatically qualify under the Trudeau admunistration? If the money was used to help the North Korean people, it’s fine, but I don’t trust Kim Jong-Eun.

  20. e.a.f. says:

    I don’t see it as “colonial”, I see it as keeping an eye on our money and helping countries which may ask for assistance. If its Canadian tax dollars, Canadians have a right to know its being spent on what it is intended to do.

    Agree with Marge on NGOs i.e. the Mennonites and Red Cross. Many of us know about the work the Red Cross does, but not many know about the work the Mennonites do over seas. They aren’t out there peddling religion, they’re out there working and making life better for others. The Mennonites also do a great job re settling refuges.

  21. DBW says:

    Hopefully this topic will continue.

    BMCQ. You are absolutely wrong about your ancestral home. Sweden contributes a huge amount in humanitarian aid, especially as a % of their GDP.

    You are letting your bias against the EU influence you. Even if you were correct, this is not a contest. We have to decide if Scheer’s plan to reduce the amount Canada spends on foreign aid is good policy or not, especially when he is using faulty statistics to make his point.

    Gilbert asks a question about aid to North Korea. I don’t have a definite answer but I will bet that the money gets no where close to Kim Jong Un. It might go to an organization like this one to help resettle North Korean refugees which I think would be money well spent.

    Harvey this is a great topic. Another one where I am taking the time to look stuff up. If I am learning anything it’s that the topic is far more complicated than we might think.

    (Response: It IS complicated. There are, of course, many different kinds of foreign aid: direct cash; food; export goods/products; technology assistance; personnel training; equipment funding, advisors, construction grants etc. and, in cases of disasters or emergencies all kinds of special funding and assistance. The challenge is to provide aid without imposing on a country and/or impacting its independence or self-determination. Add to all that the international politics, the dictators, corrupt officials, thieves, human rights abusers that far too often interfere with our intentions and you can see how complex it all is. I know that … but sometimes (like the waste I wrote about regarding India … spending $480 MILLION on a statue!) … it’s obvious we could better spend our precious money/resources elsewhere. h.o)

  22. BMCQ says:


    Please re read my comment .I stated that Sweden and many others do not do the heavy lifting, they do not actually show up to the scene of a Disaster anywhere near as often as they should, the U.S. is always there .

    It is kind and good that many nations contribute to Disaster Relief but there are only so many that attend virtually every natural disaster or attend to assist attacks on many innocent people under attack in Rogue Nations .


    I find it rather interesting that you are very quick to fact check BMCQ but you must admit you are most conspicuous with your absence fact checking others on this Blog .

    And just what would you say if I was name calling like one or two of your Leftist Friends on this Blog .

    I always enjoy your posts and quite often I learn from your comments, on top of that you have been instrumental in helping me change my mind on several issues, however, I would ask that you do us all a favour and treat us all equally, just because we are all one People Kind .

    If I am not correct about the Disaster Response from Sweden I will apologize, that is something I am always happy to do .

    Having said all of that this Blog Topic is/was a good one and I am sad to see it end so soon .

  23. DBW says:

    I am sorry Harvey, but BMCQ is feeling persecuted again, so if I may I will answer his question by referring him to a couple of your old posts.

    BMCQ, scroll to the end. 13 and I had a nice discussion fact checking one of your “friends”.

    Again, scroll to the end and I kind of fact check another of your “friends”.

    To stay on topic here. The US has 32x the population of Sweden and 40x the wealth so obviously more Americans than Swedes will show up at some disaster. I am struggling to see your point.

    Harvey, I have no problem with your last comment to me. I think we agree that the foreign aid budget should at least remain the same and that projects should be evaluated on a regular basis. Where we might differ is on how we evaluate which projects are inappropriate and how the money may be better spent. And it might just come down to your cynicism vs my naivety about foreign aid spending. Likely, a combination of both.

  24. BMCQ says:


    I am going to assume I might be on topic by replying .

    I only use the word “Persecuted” in special circumstances, my point was that far too often we criticize those unlike us much more vociferously than those of like mind, simple .

    In my opinion the size or GDP of a Nation does not always matter, it is obvious that a smaller Nation like Poland as an example always pulls more than its weight .

    Yes Sweden donates much and that is good, I always note the U.S. because they shed Blood and Treasure like no other Nation on the Globe and most would rather vilify them than give credit . Their Military, Red Cross, and all other resources are in the air and on the ground within minutes and hours in the case of any event just as they did in WW II .

    Many countries like Sweden and Canada do their share but the U.S. has almost always led by example .

    (Edited…the topic of this blog is foreign aid.)

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