BREAKING NEWS: Park Board Meeting Thursday EVE on STANLEY PARK Road Closure

Here are the details:

YOU can sign the petition … and also sign up to take part via video link. Vancouver’s mobility challenged, elderly, concessionaires, families deserve the same access as everyone else to the FULL park … not to be shunned and excluded !

Now…back to our current topic:

As World Concentrates on Covid … Iran Expands Nuclear Development

In the end, Iran could prove more dangerous for the world than Covid-19.

The world has been very busy: Covid-19; economic impact; Brexit; Donald Trump; immigration; regional wars; terrorism; ethnic cleansing; refugees; migrants; poverty, the environment; human rights; Black Lives Matter; Meng Wenzhou and the two Michaels; and, of course, the NHL playoffs; and the Vancouver Park Board’s discrimination against handicapped and the elderly.

No doubt these issues … and others as well … have taken up a lot of people’s time and focus in recent months.

And while we’ve all been at that, Iran has been busy as well.

Scarily so!

The United Nations’ nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), last week expressed “serious concern” that Iran has been blocking inspections at TWO of its nuclear development sites.

And there’s more.

” Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium is now almost eight times the limit fixed in the accord, according to an IAEA assessment published earlier this month,” Agence France Press has reported.

EIGHT TIMES OVER the allowed limit in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, signed in 2015 by Iran, Germany, France, Britain, China, Russia and the United States that allows Iran to keep a stockpile of 202.8 kilograms (447 pounds).

It now has EIGHT TIMES that … capable of further enrichment!

Of course, we know that the US, after Trump was elected, withdrew from the accord in 2018 … a move many around the world criticized and condemned.

However, the other five countries and Iran vowed to maintain and keep the JCPOA in force: and Iran continued to receive benefits and avoided sanctions from those nations.

And yet … now we know: Iran has openly VIOLATED the agreement it said it is still following … HUGELY expanding its nuclear stockpile and BLOCKING access to UN inspectors to two nuclear sites.


” The IAEA reported that Iran has also been continuing to enrich uranium to a purity of 4.5 percent, higher than the 3.67 percent allowed under the JCPOA. It is also above the pact’s limitations on heavy water,” the publication Defense News has now reported.

At least Trump and the US publicly withdrew from the accord; surely it’s worse for Iran to say it is still “in”, but then violate such key provisions, without any consequences.

Where are those five other nations that promised the world (and especially Israel) that it would ACT IMMEDIATELY if Iran violated the treaty in any way?

Why are they doing NOTHING to enforce the JCPOA? To force Iran back into compliance? To impose the sanctions it promised if Iran failed to keep its word?

They’ve done NOTHING concrete.

Visions of the 1930s all over again!

Once more, major European nations are doing nothing as a real threat to world steps up its violations of a signed agreement, continues its bellicose rhetoric and hate speech against the Jews and increases its armed support/expansion for brutal, murderous dictatorships and terrorists in Syria, southern Lebanon and Gaza.

The signatories to the accord are letting the entire planet down by letting Iran get away with its increasing aggression … and now even nuclear agreement violations.

Surely, they can’t believe that the US and/or Israel will let this go on much longer before acting to “take out” the growing Iranian nuclear threat!!

The danger to the world of Iran’s program to push ahead with its nuclear ambitions, while the world is engrossed in other key issues, could end up costing more lives than Covid!

Harv Oberfeld

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29 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Park Board Meeting Thursday EVE on STANLEY PARK Road Closure

  1. helena handcart says:

    Well Harvey, Let’s see who has nuclear weapons:
    Iran has none at present. Israel has 90. I wonder which of them is the greatest nuclear threat in the Middle East.
    While you guys were setting your hair in fire about driving through the park, it might have escaped your notice that the US (they’re the country that tore up the Iran nuclear deal) has resumed nuclear weapons testing. Apparently the 6000 warheads that they have are not enough. Russia, UK, France, North Korea, China, India, Pakistan are all nuclear nations. None of those are a threat to anyone??
    You call for US/Israel to “take out” Iran. Nothing aggressive about that. Would we not be better off to re-start talks with the Iranian regime and try to lower the temperature in the region.? That would take leadership and diplomacy. Not much evidence of that in our current climate.

    (Response: PLEASE stop putting words in my mouth! I did not “CALL FOR” Israel/US to take out Iran: I predicted it could happen. My actual line questioned whether the other signatories really believe US/Israel “will let this go on much longer before acting to “take out” the growing Iranian nuclear threat?”. Big difference! And you also missed the alarm bell being sounded by the topic: the immediate danger/issue is not which countries or whether any should have nuclear weapons … it’s the fact that Iran is now extensively VIOLATING the key JCPOA agreement it signed!! Just not reading it … or trying to move the discussion away from Iran’s breaking its agreement/word? Deliberate spin? h.o)

  2. max avelli says:

    I agree completely with Hell In A Handcart.

    I’m not sure what your supposed area of expertise is, Harvey. But it is definitely not foreign affairs.

    (Edited… you are welcome to disagree, but when you insult/name-call, it’s your own shortcomings that are front and center. h.o)

  3. D. M. Johnston says:

    Well, a lot of things are slipping under the Covid door and Iran is another problem.

    Iran is a theocracy of the worse sort and in effect a very nasty police state.

    The West have continually interfered with Iran and as the the old biblical quote goes, “As ye sows, so shall ye reap.

    What to do?

    Any attack will be considered an act of war and the entire Muslim world will go into jihad mode.

    We can deal with that, but there maybe another way.

    A lot of professional Iranians live abroad and still conduct business in Iran and it is time to put an embargo on this.

    Starve Iran of cash, which still flows in great amounts throughout the country.

    Sadly change must come from within and the West must chart a course to implode the country as any overt military action will lead to a domino effect to something really, really bad.

    (Response: I would disagree with your view that “the entire Muslim world will go into jihad mode” if Iran was attacked. The Saudis, Egypt, Jordan and other Sunni nations would be relieved and, although maybe only behind the scenes, I suspect highly supportive. But of course, any military attack should only come as a last resort. Your other suggestion is a much better idea …stepping up economic sanctions/embargos would exert pressure and likely generate pressures on the regime internally. The worst thing is to do nothing as Iran escalates its nuclear treaty violations, further bars UN inspectors and amasses huge stockpiles of processed uranium. h.o)

  4. nvg says:

    I have a copy of Nevil Shute’s On the Beach if you’re interested.

    I read it, again, fourth time at the beginning of our isolation.

    Skip the movie, the book is better, and real.

    No One Survives

    (Response: Interesting theory: but doing nothing didn’t work out so well in dealing with another extreme dictatorship’s military buildup, threats and treaty violations in the 30s, did it. h.o)

  5. HARRY LAWSON says:


    where to start? your post is well thought out well written , kudos

    i truly believe we are on the cusp of a world war . India Pakistan.The Koreans , the Middle East, China Taiwan , Russia and the Ukraine etc.

    we have to look at not only the economic reset as well as the loss of life on the economies of the world.

    many would take the position that with covid 19 we are all ready in a world war.

    ISRAEL has a right to exist ,Jews have a right to live in peace.

    (Response: I don’t see a world wide war coming: but I do see an increase in regional conflict violence. Just today, Chinese soldiers killed three Indian soldiers in a border clash … the first fatal confrontation there since 1975. North Korea today blew up the dialogue center on its border with the South; there was Russia’s seizure of Crimea; and Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights. But none of these included or involved the threat or mounting violations of nuclear treaties/agreements: that’s what the UN Atomic Energy experts are sounding the alarms about .. and the world should not sit by and say/do nothing. Here’s some details … quite scary: h.o)

  6. Keith says:

    Meanwhile, not much point of imposing further sanctions if the present ones aren’t enforced.

    (Response: I agree and disagree. 🙂 Yes, sanctions are certainly weakened if not enforced; BUT keeping it real, it’s almost impossible for a country or group of democratic countries to enforce sanctions between one human-rights-crushing dictatorship and another… without escalating to military conflict. Certainly, in my view, not worth it to stop Iran from shipping oil to Venezuela (how ironic is that by the way!) However, sanctions COULD work if enforced by our own allies …the other signatories to the FCPOA, who promised to act if Iran violated the agreement, could afford to react, but yet are doing nothing: THAT’S the real threat to peace. h.o)

  7. BMCQ says:

    A good essay and analysis Harvey .


    Let me start by saying that I go to bed each and every night praying to the Spirit of the and Soul of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (who I did t one time meet) that I will not wake up the next morning finding that YOU agree with me about anything .


    Let’s start by pointing out that since 1979 Iran has lied about everything, they have abused their own people and they are perhaps the World’s Worst Sponsor or Terrorism .

    Iranian Leadership simply “Hoodwinked” World Leaders like the inept dithering Barack Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, Juncker, Tusk, and the rest when the original JCPOA was signed and ever since . Making a deal with Iran is absolutely no different than investing with Bernie Madoff, nothing ever quite turns out the way one might wish . Then to top all of that off Barack Obamas OWN secret Service and CIA exposed the very dishonest POTUS Obama and his $$ CASH Payoff to Iranian Leadership, I wonder did those Righteous Mullahs put the funds directly into Religious Studies ?

    Iran lies about everything, it would be easier for the people of B.C. to find a White Grizzly at Oakridge Shopping Centre than Iranian Leadership Truth .

    As to the silly comment above about being concerned with Israel having a stock of Nuclear Ballistic Missiles ? Who would you rather have holding that weaponry in the middle east, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Libya. ? Other than the USA the biggest deterrent against Iran is Israel and its military capability . How juvenile to have that point of view .

    AS to the comment that the entire Muslim will go wild if Iran is taken to task ?
    Most of the test of the Muslim World Nations Hate Iran Leadership and everything it represents . Even the Good Citizens of Iran HATE Iranian Leadership but they are basically under the Yoke of Iranian Leaders and dare not push back or they just might end up in a package of Soylent Green .

    It was only a few years ago while Warrior king Barack Obama was Leading the World that Freedom Loving Brave Iranian People attempted to overthrow the Iranian Mullahs and they were close but alas, Obama threw them nothing but an Anchor . That might be different next time as the Free World led by the “Bad Orange” Man, BOJO, Poland, Australia, several EU Leaders and more will now assist the Freedom Fighters or Iran, the next time they will be successful .

    Muslim Populations in Countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, and many more have absolutely no interest in supporting Iran, Iran is like “Kryptonite” to them .

    It reminds me of how so many here and on CNN, CBC, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT, and so many more attempted to call DJT a Racist because he banned travel from Iran, and a few more countries . Those just mentioned nations have over a billion Muslim citizens and NONE of them were banned from the USA . LIARS .

    Bill Clinton, George Gush, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, and Barack Obama along with other world leaders had plenty of time, it was early enough, and they were facing an Iran that had absolutely no capabilities whatsoever compared to those nations mentioned, those Leaders just mentioned missed their chance, they fumbled the ball, they were basically all Dithering and passed the buck to future leaders .

    Todays World Leaders and the Free World are now left to deal with Iran and unfortunately I feel we must act sooner rather than later .

    In the meantime Iran contrary to what some have stated up the page are suffering, their Leadership is in peril and the good people of Iran are ready to take Freedom back from their oppressive Leadership .

    Iran must be stopped, they must not be allowed to continue their race of destruction .
    At the same time Iran must be forced to give up it’s Terrorist Activities and it’s Proxy Wars, that time is now here .

    The USA, the UK, the EU, Australia, Poland who always punch above their weight, Saudi Arabia (at least we can trust them against Iran) Israel, and many other Middle Eastern Countries are ready willing and able to hold Iran to account, just watch what takes place over the next 4 months .

    Then of course NATO which includes 28 Nations is more than capable and willing to assist in the Fight Against Iran Terrorism, they finally realize they have no choice.

    Thanks to the “Bad Orange Man” NATO has never been as well prepared and NATO has never been stronger, I believe the only NATO Nation not injecting it’s full 2$ into Defense Spending is Canada but then again with he Canadian PM and Defense Minister we are blessed with I am not surprised . Imagine any G 20 Nation retaining a Defense Minister that is a proven Liar, disgusting, I am embarrassed .

    Please keep in mind that Bloomberg is no friend of he POTUS, sometimes the truth
    just needs to be reported .

    I am fully very confident when I say that IRAN will soon experience some vey drastic changes and those changes will mean so vey much to the good brave people of Iran, they deserve so much better than what they have had to endured for the last forty years .

    Let’s hope Canadians and Canadian Leadership can be part of that change and transformation .

    The Middle East will more than likely ever work very well but Terrorism and Wars between Middle Eastern states involving innocent people must be prevented and stopped soon .

    I remember reading a Kissinger Book and he recalled a conversation he once had with Richard Nixon .

    Kissinger stated

    “Well Mr. President don’t you thin k the Shah is a bit of a Thug” ?

    To which Nixon replied

    “Of course he is a Thug Henry, but he is OUR Thug” and that makes a big difference .

    The Shah kept the Cover on the Boiling Pot that was the Middle East and once he was forced out of power the whole region Exploded .

    NO it is simply DAFT to suggest that the Worlds Population of Muslims will rise up against any aggression against Iran, as a matter of fact there are many Middle Eastern Muslim Nations that will assist in taking Iran down in any way they are able .

    (Response: Thanks for keeping it real with the extent of Iran’s lying, misrepresentation and failures with regard to its relationships with other Muslim countries …let alone the West. But I disagree on Obama’s supposed billion-dollar “payout” to Iran: that was not, as spun by the right, as a payout or payoff …but merely a releasing of IRAN’S own seized bank accounts/funds/assets in the US after they signed the FCPOA. Big difference. h.o)

  8. BMCQ says:

    Should e be surprised ?

    The families of the poor souls that perished in the crash need not worry though, PM Justin will vey soon arrange for the repatriation of the pilfered cherished family treasures, just a few days after he arranges for the release and safe return of he “Two Michaels” currently being held in the China Gulag .

  9. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – response to BMCQ

    You said, “Spun by the RIGHT as a Payout or Payoff” .

    Through my different business dealings I change money between different business’s and different governments all the time and I NEVER NEVER EVER carry out ANY KIND of Money Transfer by exchanging $ CASH !!!

    I need someone to please explain to me why the transaction was in Cash and under cover without prying eyes to see ?

    Why was it not just a simple wire transfer between Banks like the rest of what was exchanged and possibly returned ?

    Were the Wire Transfer Capabilities somehow “Off Line” that particular few days ?
    Or was POTUS Obama going to drop the money off himself on his next visit to Iran and the Mullahs required the CASH much sooner and could not wait for the visit from “O” ?

    CASH is ALWAYS a “Red Light” for any transaction anywhere, all one in this part of the world needs to do is look at the High End Automobiles, the Casino Money Laundering, many Real Estate Transactions, and the rest were done with CASH .

    No, I am afraid it was not Right Wing Spin, it was CASH and I would not even take the word of Bonnie Henry if she bought a new Lambo with CASH . Nothing makes less sense .

    I ask anyone here to explain to me if it would have been Democratic Liberal Spin if George Bush stacked $ 500 Million Dollars in Bags on several Skids and shipped them to a country of his choosing to be deposited in that countries government bank accounts ?

    There is absolutely no way a country to country money transaction would be done in CASH .

    It might be different if one was carrying out a business transaction with the friendly Mexican Sinaloa Cartel, they might prefer CASH but other than Iran Leadership, NOKO Leadership, Yemen Leadership, Cuban Leadership, Venezuelan Leadership and similar Despot Led Nations CASH is not transferred between governments .

    Just how would that be received by CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, L.A. Times, NYT, BBC, CBC, NBC, ABC, ? I really wonder .

    I will make one last attempt here to get my point across . the attached is from CNN who obviously have “Great Love” for POTUS “O” and Hate the “Bad Orange Man” .

    Even they did not attempt to SPIN the transaction .

  10. e.a.f. says:

    A lot of nations, people are thinking of the here and now and not down the road. Europe is more concerned with COVID in the short term and what Russia is up to, in the longer term. The orange maggot is once again making noise about pulling all American troops out of Germany. the Russians could roll through with tanks tomorrow morning, Iran is a tad further away. out of sight, out of mind.

    Some may think if they’re aiming it all at Israel, who cares. End of problem in the middle east. Others will think they aim it at the U.S.A. and some will think, well it was Trump who started this problem, who cares. China doesn’t care, N.K. certainly won’t and the rest of the countries around the globe don’t have a beef with Iran. No one in South American is going to care. Australia and N.Z., well out of the picture.
    N.K. will be happy–they can buy some.
    In my opinion countries/people are more usually going to think of “world peace” when things are going well.
    some countries/politicians/generals will think if Israel gets concerned they’ll do what they did before, fly over and bomb it all to ground.

    Until there is a new Pres. in the U.S.A. not much is going to be done.
    In my opinion, Iran isn’t getting ready for a nuclear war, its getting ready to threaten its way back into its place in the world. The Americans imposed/Trump imposed sanctions and its not working for the Iranians and its not working for anyone else either, but given financial transactions around the world go through the American or whatever they call that financial system, so Iran is out of luck doing business. Just look at what happened to Ms. Meng. So if Iran has a great big store of nuclear material, it may hasten the idea which has been floating around Europe for awhile a new system which enables countries to no longer be subject to the americans and what every flits through the orange maggots mind, at the moment.

    I’ve never been too concerned about Iran. It maybe Iran is more concerned about Saudi Arabia and what the Americans send them in arms which is causing them to do what they’re doing. A nice nuclear stock pile might cause the Saudi’s to have second thoughts about taking a run at Iran.

    Europe has more immediate problems especially if Turkey sends along another million refugees. Ms. Merkel had Germany take in a million refugees. That takes awhile to absorb. She just doesn’t have time to deal with it all. Macron, he just doesn’t have it to deal with it. Not smart enough and the French were always more about themselves. Spain, Italy, Greece: they’re just trying to survive and their Armed Forces aren’t big enough to deal with it. Canada, our armed forces aren’t big enough to deal with it. Japan, they don’t have an invasion force. China doesn’t care. Russia would love it, gives Putin time to have a good run at Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. the Scanda countries, not their problem. Netherlands, Belgium, Luxumberg–too small to care much.

    If I were concerned about two countries having nuclear weapons it would be India and Pakistan.

    Israel has been very focused on internal politics. the Generals are watching , but until they get concerned, I’m not concerned, mind you I haven’t been keeping track either..

    In my opinion, the Iranians are bulking up to take on Saudi Arabia or Turkey once they are tossed out of NATO. The Iranians saw how much attention Kim 3 got out of his threats, perhaps they simply want to do the same.

    At some level the Americans via Trump set this up and the rest of the countries do not keep large enough military forces to deal with much of anything. As I’ve suggested before Canada needs to a lot more money on its military and that includes more subs, jets, solider, and even a nuke or so, because as it now stands the U.S.A. can’t be relied on for anything and Iran knows it. Do wonder if Trump’s business is negotiating a Trump tower some where in Iran………

    (Response: The current dilemma with Iran is not the US’s responsibility: it belongs to the other nations that still are “in” the agreement with Iran… Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia. The Americans are “out”: I disagreed with Trump’s withdrawal of the US from the agreement; I think the US should have stayed in, because that agreement at least provided some influence/control on Iran’s actions. But the US is out: so it falls to the countries that stayed with the treaty and promised the world they would ensure Iran followed its provisions, to now do so! Why are they doing nothing? What does that say to Iran? What does that say to Iran’s prime target ..Israel? That’s what scares me. h.o)

  11. Gilbert says:

    I say that North Korea and Iran are similar in many ways. One is that we can’t negotiate with them. Their goal is to maintain power at all costs, and they’ll lie in their attempts to charm the world, but we mustn’t be fooled. Most Iranians don’t want to be ruled by their religious leaders, but sadly, many in the west seem to think appeasement is the best option. It isn’t. Neville Chamberlain proved that.

    (Response: The difference is Iran SIGNED a treaty promising to limit its nuclear development and open its sites for verification: now it is violating BOTH those provisions. At least, North Korea has signed no nuclear non-proliferation agreement, so although we may not like its policies or actions, they are at least not breaking their word or any treaty. h.o)

  12. DBW says:

    I usually stay out of discussions where I don’t know much about the topic. But I do like to learn.

    BMCQ you questioned Harvey’s response about the pallets of cash by asking

    “I need someone to please explain to me why the transaction was in Cash and under cover without prying eyes to see ? Why was it not just a simple wire transfer between Banks like the rest of what was exchanged and possibly returned ?”

    And then you linked a CNN article as some kind of proof of whatever point you were trying to make.

    In the article you linked: “The money was flown into Iran on wooden pallets stacked with Swiss francs, euros and other currencies as the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement resolving claims at an international tribunal at The Hague over a failed arms deal under the time of the Shah.”

    which was Harvey’s point and then later in the article

    “US officials said cash had to be flown in because existing US sanctions ban American dollars from being used in a transaction with Iran and because Iran could not access the global financial system due to international sanctions it was under at the time. ”

    which answers the question you were so concerned about. In the article YOU linked!!!!!

    I have no idea if the Iran deal was a good one or not. I would put Iran in the “not our friend” column. But once the Americans left the deal and slapped on sanctions and threatened companies that were doing business with Iran then the deal is on pretty shaky ground no matter what the other five signatories (two of whom are friendly with Iran anyway) are going to say.

    From the article you linked Harvey

    “With the violations, Iran has said it hopes to pressure the remaining parties to the nuclear deal — Germany, France, Britain, Russia and China — to provide additional economic relief to offset American sanctions.”

    I am not trying to defend Iran by any means. But this topic is incredibly complicated. So I promise not to comment further.

    (Response: We ALL have a right to comment and discuss what is happening … maybe even a duty … because I can assure you if Iran continues to expand and enrich its nuclear stockpile in violation of the treaty, the Israelis, the Americans and maybe even the Saudis and the Egyptians WILL take it out …literally. And we will ALL be in greater danger. As for me, I think it’s a simple issue: if a country is a participant in a treaty, it has a duty to honour and follow it … and Iran is clearly violating the FCPOA and its word and signature. At least Trump (stupidly I believe) formally pulled out: more honourable than staying in … but ignoring it, as Iran has done! The five other signatories should apply sanctions to force Iran back into compliance … and avoid military confrontation. h.o)

  13. 13 says:

    Im having a hard time with this topic. It assumes that treaties with Iran or North Korea and like minded terrorist countries can be negotiated. It also assumes that the USA doesnt hold sway when it pulls out of a treaty .
    Both of those assumptions are probably wrong. NATO and the UN two more orgs that the US told all of its allies “pay your fair share”
    The USA is as important today as it has ever been and without Obama drawing imaginary lines in the imaginary sand it is a country to be reckoned with.

    (Response: The prime aim of modern day dictators is self-preservation, followed by secondary goals of robbery of the treasury/resources or forcefully imposing ideology or religious fanaticism. So peace treaties can work, because they enable or even assist them to pursue their nefarious aims … but ONLY if the other signatories have the backbone to enforce the requirements/provisions of the agreement when they are tested or violated. h.o)

  14. BMCQ says:


    Just opened Blog up and read your post very quickly and I have one comment and a question .

    There is no regulation that would cause the U.S. to not transfer money through banks, that argument will not work as there were $Billions exchanged through transfers .

    There was quite possibly $ 2 Billion released back to Iran, WHY then was somewhere between $ 400 and $ 500 Million ONLY sent in bags on skids ?

    This whole topic is only complicated if one wishes it to be, and Iran has relied on the dithering, inept, do nothing, liberal western leadership for over 20 years to carry out their proxy wars, terrorism, and crimes against humanity and it is now time to hold Iran accountable .

    It is long past time for the Free World and other enemies of Iran accountable whether we like it or not, this is NO time for Safe Spaces .

    Contrary to what some here state the sanctions have crippled Iran and even good Iranian people here in YVR, Canada, and other Free World Nations want Regime Change .

    Someone mentions China and Iran, those two nations are very close and are always conspiring to take away everything you have and they will not give up .

    Ask yourself this question . How do you think Iran was so heavily affected by COVID 19 ?
    O suggest you search the relationship between China and Iran, especially the travel between the two Anti Free World Nations, thst will explain it all .

    Somehow we in the rest of the world must get it through our heads that treaties and agreements with Iran mean nothing, and verification means nothing, Iran Leaders have no scruples, they care nothing about their own people, they prove that every day, why would they care about you or telling Obama, Merkel, PM Justin, or any of the rest of most Liberal Worl Leaders the truth about their enrichment program ?

  15. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Your response to DBW was right on the money, i thought dithering was very diplomatic.

    I was on a naval base in San Diego the day the hostages were released the talk in the officers club was the Iran was scared that President Reagan would turn Iran in to a oil slick.

    Foreign policy is akin to being fiends with a addict enabling is disabling,

  16. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – DBW

    Full transparency and disclosure here .

    I may (and I say may) need to somewhat walk back my comments regarding the $ Cash Payments to Iran as I cannot now find the original CNN piece from I believe 2015 that spoke about $ Cash and $ Money Wire Transfers and the questions that CNN actually had at the time, especially with the $ 400 K (in Swiss and France notes) flown to the Iran Mullahs .

    As stated, even CNN had questions about the $ Cash payments in Bags on Skids as other funds were done with wire transfer in that piece .

    I have however attached something else below from that describes WAPO piece how funds were wire transferred to Iran, and that in my opinion should cover me .

    Having said all of that I do not want to appear to have intentionally misled anyone here, I can see why you might disagree with my claim .

    Decide for yourself, the comments about the wire transfer are close to the bottom of the WAPO article .

    I still feel very strongly that something smells about that whole period where so much $ money changed hands, much more to this .


    You talk about “Russia Russia Russia” !!

    The only people left in the Whole World that still believe the “Russia Hoax” and anything connected to it like the Steel Dossier, the FISA Fiasco, the Corrupt FBI Investigation, the Corrupt DOJ, Comey, the poor inept and confused Mueller who makes Joe Biden look like he is ready to “Split the Atom”, and the crooked Strozk, Page, McCabe, Lynch, Rice, Brennen, Clapper, and a few more is YOU, Hillary Clinton, and the 97 year old World War II Japanese Soldier who is about come out from a cave on Okinawa Saturday afternoon later this week .

    I am quite sure you will not accept my comments that the whole “Russia Hoax was and is a “Nothing Burger” but I am sure it might make you feel better to go on believing the unbelievable . Why confuse ourselves with the facts .

    You also said amongst other things that nothing will change and the U.S. can no longer be depended on . I would not bet on that, and in the not too distant future I will be reminding you of your comments .

    The U.S. is doing what they have always done, they as they should just simply want other nations like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, NATO, and many more to do their fair share, is that too much to ask ?

  17. helena handcart says:

    While there is no question that the current regime in Iran is an extremely brutal theocracy, I doubt that it is any worse than the last regime that the US imposed on the Iranians. The Shah’s secret police could match the Republican Guard any day.
    You speak of Iran lying about their nuclear capability. Here is a piece from the WAPO last year, sorry about the length:

    Trump’s Iran policy has long been rooted in falsehoods. In 2017, his administration refused to certify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — the Iran nuclear deal — on the premise that Iran wasn’t complying with the terms. That wasn’t true. Earlier that year, the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed Iran’s compliance; the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reported to Congress that “Iran is adhering to its JCPOA obligations”; and the U.S. intelligence community presented no evidence justifying Trump’s decertification.
    Trump’s subsequent decision to withdraw from the JCPOA was no surprise. For years, he had railed against it as the “worst deal ever negotiated” by tossing out a raft of easily debunked assertions: that Iran was given $150 billion under the terms of the deal, a claim The Washington Post’s Fact Checker rated with four Pinocchios; that Iran’s regime was verging on “total collapse” before the deal, implying that somehow the deal lent the regime new life. After pulling out, Trump has continued to dispute his own intelligence community’s assessment that Iran had been complying. Numbed to a president who lies so regularly that it’s become the background noise to our political culture, his reckless exit from a multilateral, U.N. Security Council-endorsed arms-control agreement that wasn’t being violated was treated as just another routine turn of events in Trump’s Washington.
    Since then, Trump’s administration has made every effort to manufacture a crisis with Iran. To the dismay of our closest European allies, the administration has repeatedly imposed new sanctions; officially designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization; announced an “Iran Action Group” in the same week as the 65th anniversary of a U.S.-backed coup in Iran; threatened, via a tweeted-out video message from national security adviser John Bolton, that the Iranian regime wouldn’t “have many more anniversaries to enjoy”; and hinted that the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force against al-Qaeda and associated forces could be applied to war with Iran.
    This month, the manufactured crisis was escalated. Bolton announced the deployment of a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the region, referencing unspecified “troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” from Iran that could lead to the use of “unrelenting force” by the United States. Days later, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that any attacks from Iran or its proxies would be met with a “swift and decisive U.S. response.” The State Department has drawn down some of our personnel in nearby Baghdad, again citing unspecified threats from Iran.
    Our allies have contradicted this view: Speaking at the Pentagon this week, a British major general stated, “There’s been no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria.”

    I wonder why the Iranians might be a little worried about their vulnerability.

    As I said before; if we had ANY statesmen in this equation, we would be trying to cool down the rhetoric in the ME instead of sabre-rattling. No one wants a war, not even President Trump. He wants all troops out of harm’s way in that region. The attempts by the US to impose their brand of “democracy” has not worked well in recent times. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria have all cost needless US lives. The Iranians, like the North Koreans, will not be a walk-over. Trump is wise to stay out. It is time for a leader, not a general.

  18. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, its e.a.f. THANK GOODNESS we’re back to disagreeing. Yes, I’m concerned about Russia, well perhaps not Russia, but Putin. Now that is one smart man. don’t like him, but he is smart and way ahead of other world leaders. O.K. not Merkel. Xi knows him well also. sort of similar types.

    We know Russia went into Ukraine and Chetnia, and will go where it thinks it can and that will be Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, if they can get away with it–its the sea ports

    Now Harvey, there is an interesting article I believe in Time which deals with some of the issues the E.U. is dealing with and hence their “neglect’ of Iran and the deal. My take on the article was the E.U. doesn’t care. they don’t see Iran as a problem. they’d rather do business with them and about all that is stopping them is the financial system. I’m sure the E.U. would like to be able to purchase oil from Iran and not be so dependent upon Russia or Saudi Arabia. they’ve have choices and better deals.

    Iran isn’t a democratic country, O.K. they do have elections, but the field is some what “condensed”. On the other hand there are any number of countries which aren’t that much different, Russia, China, N.K. Brazil, Egypt, Somalia, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc. Phillipines– Pres. D. did put that journalist on trial. One could say the U.S.A. isn’t a democractic country with all their voter suppression–struck 200K off of the voter roles in Georgia, red lining, incarceration to the tune of 2 million, lack of the rule of law, murdering of people of colour–right now they have found 4 black men hanging from trees in the last few weeks, 80 protestors to support Black Lives Matter in a very small town, met by 700 white Nazi types, Bikers for trump, kkk types, etc.

    What makes Iran different is their nuclear program. Will they use it? In my opinion, no–not with the current leadership. If we go back a bit we did have Kim 3 and the orange maggot going at it and threatening to nuke each other.

    Having always worried about Israel, I still don’t think Iran will “nuke” them. it will simply kill too many in the area, besides Israel. On the other hand I don’t believe under the current leadership of the U.S.A. if Iran “nuked” Israel that the U.S.A. would do a dam thing about it. Trump’s base wouldn’t like it (Jews will not replace us–very fine people on both sides) and as some of the material in Bolton’s book indicate, all Trump is interested in is his re election. Between Bolton’s book, Fred Jr’s daughter’s book the book on Ivanka we’re getting a great read on the Trumps. If Trump is left in office, the U.S.A. will look like Iran quite quickly. It will be the “Christian Taliban”. Neither of the Talibans make me feel comfortable.

    Read an interesting article about a guy who did a study back in 2010, using computers and events in the past 200 yrs in the U.S..A and he predicted this. )2020) The expectation is this unrest can go on for 5 to 25 yrs.

    I agree Iran isn’t a great place and their nuclear program is something to be concerned about but the E.U. isn’t going to do anything if much about it. They saw the deal as a beginning of changing relationships. then Trump was elected and there went the plan. O.K. I hope they know where the 49th parallel is.

    (Response: You don’t believe Iran would nuke Israel if it could? Never underestimate what fanatics will do: remember the Holocaust, Pearl Harbour, Pol Pot, Stalin’s deliberate starvation of 3.9 million Ukrainians, 911. I respect your view, but I don’t think Israel could or should … enough to take that chance! h.o)

  19. Gilbert says:

    I read here that Iran under the Shah was no better than it is today. While there were many problems under the Shah, the Iranians I know believe life was much better when he was in power. As one Iranian told me, Iran was not a pariah then. Let’s not also forget that it was a cultural hub, it had a vibrant tourism industry, Islam was not shoved down people’s throats, people were not told how to dress, were allowed to drink, could watch Hollywood films, and didn’t have to deal with the sanctions that they do today.

    If anyone here believes that life in Iran today is the same as it was under the Shah, that individual is mistaken. Iran has improved for those who don’t believe in the separation of church and state, for those who want to destroy Israel, for those who are in the Iranian government, and for those who are intolerant of others’ beliefs. For everyone else, it is definitely worse.

  20. e.a..f says:

    Gilbert, read the same line you did.
    Don’t know if any of it was better or worse in Iran in the time of the Shah, it was just different and they had better P.R. he was given the “star” treatment by the American media, but as I do recall there was just as much suppression, torture, etc. as there is today. Its just that the Shah projected a “western” image.

    The Shah was over thrown by a revolution. They couldn’t have done that without all the unhappy people of the time. It started with one old guy sitting in France and sending out his “tapes”. I don’t think a lot of people expected the revolution to turn out the way it did, turning it into a religious state, but I remember the crowds and that was a revolution.

    Things did get worse for women in Iran because of the religious police. It became a male dominated society, but then when you compare it to many “western/progressive” countries, we’re talking degrees. If we look at our own country and how much less women make, etc. In the U.S.A. you can’t get an abortion in some states. Some of those evangelicals have views on women not so different than Iran.

    Iran’s judicial system is not exactly great, but then have a look at china’s or Russia’s, etc.

    Iran without the nukes might be much easier to take, but in my opinion, that isn’t going to happen. they don’t trust the rest of the world and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

    OFF topic: does any one know how last night’s park’s board meeting went?

    (Response: Will blog about the meeting …as soon as I get more free time. h.o)

  21. BMCQ says:


    The Vancouver Parks Board are much the same as the Mullahs that Rule over the Good Independent Democracy Seeking Iranian People, there is no difference .

    Both the Iranian Mullahs and the Vancouver Parks Board only represent their own party supporters, other ruling elites, and the various special interest groups that support them .

    Neither the Mullahs or the Vancouver parks Board cares or gives a fig about the hard working tax paying public that pay the bills .

    Next thing we know the Vancouver Parks Board will be re purposing HMCS Discovery by offering it up for Downtown West End Social Housing, Injection Site, Consumption Site, Detox, Rahab, Vancouver Antifa Headquarters with a Boat Launch for the Antifa Navy, a Tent City, an agriculture area for growing everything from Opium Heroin Poppy Plants, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Cannabis, Indigenous Peyote, and anything else they might desire, a Medical and Dental centre, and an Emergency Hospital Triage Ward .

    Starting today the former NPA which was been left in tatters after the Disastrous Leadership of Peter Ladner, Jennifer Clarke, and few others needs to re organize and begin to give re birth to that same NPA Party, provide common sense ideas and a platform that is inclusive of all moderate Left of Centre, Centrist and Centre Right residents/voters of Vancouver .

    If the NPA do not take action in the very near future the City of Vancouver will suffer the same defeat and downfall as New York, Detroit, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, London under the Blood Sucking Mayor Khan, Paris, Stockholm, and many many more once World Class Cities taken down by Anarchist, Leftist, Elite, Liberal Politicians who care nothing about the Tax Payer or Equal Fair Treatment of ALL Residents/Citizens of their once Great Cities .

    (Response: You stole my line!!! After the Thursday meeting, seemed to me they are ruling like Mullahs …not elected reps. Read my next blog .. although you seem to already know exactly where it is going! LOL. h.o)

  22. Gilbert says:

    On the topic of Iran, let me just add one more point. The number of executions in Iran today is higher than it was under the Shah.

  23. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ THERE is a great deal of difference between the Parks’ Board and the Mullahs of Iran. Bikini’s are still O.K. on Vancouver beaches and once you get to Wreck Beach you can run around without clothes. Try that in Iran.

    (Response: Ahhh! Don’t forget … Wreck is NOT a Park Board property…it’s Regional. But don’t shine the light there …or the Board will have the City remove the car parking from the streets above too! h.o)

  24. BMCQ says:


    As pointed out .

    The greatest similarity between the Mullahs of Iran and the Power Mad COPE Green Activist Anti Democratic Mob that are currently running the Vancouver Parks Board is the fact they DO NOT Govern equally for all citizens, they only govern for their friends, party supporters, special interest groups, and others they might consider elite .

    I must point out that whichever Middle Eastern Country other than Israel if you are part of the Ruling Class or see things the same as the Leadership you have privilege the masses do not, you can even wear Bikini’s under the right conditions, you can also consume liquor drugs, and almost anything else, that is how So called Leaders like the Mullahs and the Vancouver Parks Board Rule, power corrupts .

    Every single one of them make all different kinds of Mumbo Jumbo pronouncements and statements of equality and inclusiveness but they mean none of it and media never ask the tough follow up question, I saw and heard the Moronic Parks Board Chair interviewed the other day and he said absolutely nothing that offered any kind of clarity, my wife ELMCQ then yelled at the TV Screen, “Why not ask they (PC of course) if the Parks Board will be sealing off the access to and the parking for the Vancouver Parks Board Offices” but it was not an question and answer interview it was just a speech, no questions were asked .

    As to Wreck Beach ?

    The Vancouver Parks Board have laid claim to govern over the historical Endowment Lands Beach and they have already announced that Old People Kind with Old Tattoos will NOT be allowed down the path to the beach .

    I myself during my last year of high school spent many a summers late Friday night down on the beach with any given number of friends, some beer, and some Mateus Rose,
    we did not have a care in the world and none of us could have imagined that we would see leadership like we are now witnessing from the Mayor and Council of Vancouver and the Vancouver Parks Board .

    Who we thought the people of Vancouver would ever see the day that they would be better off with Joachim Foikas as Mayor as opposed to Mayor Mumbles Robertson and the Financial Wizard Kennedy Stewart the current Mayor but we are actually living that nightmare right now . The Horror, The Horror .

  25. e.a.f. says:

    Mateus Rose, you must have been working to afford that. The Fraser Arms had beer and if you could get into the Marpole Liquor store the cheapest stuff was Andres Crackling Rose. $1.25 for about a gallon. omg, to this day I can’t drink wine o.k. the odd ice wine. After that it was straight into the rum. The gun towers were as far as we’d want to walk, we were lazy and it was hard being drunk and walking back to the Ed. building on campus. (the drinking age was still 21 and we were all below that min.). Now did I ever think at that time there would be these types of changes to the Parks system? No. I thought my life would go on as it was forever. Then I found a better liquor, an apartment, and etc. Never crossed my mind we would not be able to drive/race through Stanley Park. Even into the 90s didn’t think there would be these changes to the Parks.

    Discovery, I thought that was still in federal hands Oh, right, BMCQ, that would mean it was easy to transfer with the current government. Cadets used to go there. Nice place for housing though, but certainly don’t expect it to be social housing. that land and the condos they could build, omg, the money to be made. Lets see, I do believe John Laxton or his kids built some of those condos right by Stanley Park and the Bayshore, I’m sure some of his kids could handle a condo or so there. I think Bob Rennie would be out of the running. Personally I’d favour mixed housing–affordable and market. You can not mix social housing with “family” housing, well you can but its been my experience you can usually have only one “fxxk up” per 50 units, but that’s it. (social and affordable housing, in my opinion are separate things)

    As to COPE and the Greens, I don’t know who they “govern” for and perhaps they don’t either.

    Banning “old types” from Wreck Beach–trail too dangerous. yikes, just don’t bother with the trail. climb through the forest, it can be done in business attire, if necessary. That was the late 60s though.

    The current Parks board needs to focus on maintaining the Parks as they have been for decades, add more, and improve. Social engineering isn’t part of their mandate. Camping in the parks has got to be done away with. There is much more at play here than the parks. If they offered them the parking lots out at the PNE, I’m sure they wouldn’t go. Its not about housing. For some its, in my opinion about maintaining their market share of their businesses. For some its a political spring board, but they aren’t smart enough to move up the ladder. Bruce Erikson and Harry Rankin they’re not.

    For those who want to “camp”, I’m sure the provincial government can find them a 100 acres between Hope and Prince George which will work, but I don’t think they are interested in that either. The sooner this Park’s Board is gone the better.
    time to find the morning’s second cup of coffee, ya I know its afternoon by every one else’s clock……..

    (Response: Just FYI … I’m waiting for Stanley Park road to reopen this week: will then do blog reviewing the “new” reality. h.o)

  26. BMCQ says:

    I had a job at Safeway where I was able usually able to get two night crews a week and a shift Saturday, I thought I had more money than Jimmy Pattison . I worked with people with all different ethnicities and had Managers tougher than a Marine Drill Sergeant . The Safeway job was a great education, taught me responsibility, taught me team work, how to work with others even if you did not like them, and most importantly it taught me life was not always fair and one might need to learn how to fight back and stand up for ones self . Imagine that .

    I can guarantee you that once Stanley Park is re opened to “Chaos” and the “New Reality” of “Traffic Mayhem”, there will be many confusion, confrontations, physical assaults, accidents, more calls for police, traffic jams and in fact total gridlock on some sunny days . Tax Payers will also see a dramatic increase in the cost of operating Stanley Park as there will be much more staffing required, but the Parks Board do not care, the residents of Vancouver can afford to finance any whim .

    Then on the overwhelming number of cool or cold wet slippery days in a year when there is absolutely no bike traffic Stanley Park just like all of the other Bike right of ways on bridges and streets will be empty other than for backed up vehicles, but we already know that don’t we . Commuters driving to and from work and those that drive for a living are exposed to that each and every day but they do not count, just like the Mullahs of Iran the Vancouver Parks only caters to Special Interests, the 1% that really count, Green COPE party members and other Special Interests .

    I can guarantee you one more thing, very rarely will rickets be issued to helmet less bike riders , violation tickets for cyclists riding without helmets will be as rare as Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart speaking off the cuff for any statement containing more than seven words .

    Does anyone out there care about the restaurants, the Aquarium, retail, physically challenged, oldsters, young families and so many more ?

    I guess we already have the answer to that, don’t we .

    Then after a year of the chaos we can look back and see the damage done to the park by the several tent cities that pop up in different now isolated corners of the park, the continual damage from fires of all kinds, vandalism, assaults, drugs, needles, “No Go” Zones for any given number of illegal activities, continual removal of garbage, old tents, campgrounds, and any number of other disasters about to be inflicted on the citizens and they Jewel of Vancouver .

    Whether it be Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago where criminals managed to shoot about 60 people and kill 18 a few days ago, to New York which has once again turned into a Hell Hole, the “Tail is Wagging the Dog” .

    How can authorities allow Anarchy to run rampant in cities our fore “People Kind” worked so hard to build, how can we allow Leftist Anarchist Politicians to literally destroy our cities ?

  27. BMCQ says:

    One last thing which I neglected to mention on my previous post .

    Please, let us not forget that in amongst all of the dirt, filth, and corruption about to take place in and around Stanley Park we must not forget about the upcoming need for portable toilets required to be scattered right around Stanley Park . Of course each and every one of them will require a change out each and every day but that is just fine with the Vancouver Parks Board, the Tax Payer can fund that quite easily . Then we must also keep in mind one very important thing, a very high percentage of those that might be living in any given tent city in Stanley Park or anywhere else would not at any time bother wasting their time making the trek to a Porta Potty, any place at any time is the rule of the day, every day .

    What else might you expect ?

    Whether the park has one lane for vehicular traffic or it has none the Jewel of Vancouver will very quickly descend into a Cesspool, just watch .

  28. e.a.f. says:

    Forgot you had a job at Safeway, remember you writing about it in the past. well that certainly gave you spending money. working at Safeway was a good gig back in the day because the salaries were good. no explainations required to parental units as to why an infusion of capital was required.

    OMG, I’m still on my first cup of coffee and your post…………..let me get another coffee. porta potties in Stanley Park, no way. they’ll get tipped over and the chemicals will ruin the flora and fawna.

    Some may find there is not an inexhaustible amount of money. A lot of businesses aren’t going to re open. Many who do re open may be sharing space with another business to keep going and therefore less in property taxes. Property taxes from home owners may not be coming in as they once were. With portfolios taking a hit and people having to help out their off spring they may decide to not pay their property taxes–let the estate handle it. The Park’s Board may have a problem. Even the current council will understand the property taxes are not an inexhaustible supply of money. Although over 60% of those who live in Vancouver are renters, the increase in taxes will be passed on to them. then there would be the no small problem of the City budget. campers in the parks or lay offs at the Police and Fire Dept. Even renters can figure that one out.
    Even in my misspent youth, the Police and Fire Depts were important to me.

    With tourism at an all time low, keeping all Lower Mainland Parks in prime condition will be important.

    ( topic.)

    If there are no vehicles permitted in Stanley Park it will be difficult for parents with kids to go there after work and let the kids run and play on the beach in the summer

    Perhaps it is time to figure out what is truly going on in Vancouver. We have lots of opinion pieces, but not much in the way of investigative pieces. Who are these people, who funds them, where do they come from or are they home grown, what other organizations do they belong to, if any. Perhaps some student of journalism could do a bit of checking. Some times a spot light works better than a camera light.

  29. BMCQ says:


    An excellent post, I think I may be coming down with a fever .

    The Parks Board, Mayor, and Council, Greens, Cope, and other similar ideologues have no ability to reason, care, understand or appreciate the important factors of most centre left to centre right voters, that have worked, paid taxes, and have been contributors to our society, they are takers and they basically want to destroy what you and I might believe in . You and I are different but only by degrees and we can argue and debate and compromise, those now in power at PB and Council do not and will not compromise .

    Renters are hurt more by Municipal and Parks Board because the landlord has no choice but to increase rents because of massive increases in property tax of up to almost 8% this year, keep in mind that rents are capped at 2.6% so the landlords continue to fall behind because of waste, bloat, and inefficiencies in municipal government .

    Then add to that the problems business including restaurants are experiencing by C 10, restricted parking because of bike lanes, Stanley Park restrictions, tourism that may not come because of C q9, Stanley Park problems with restricted lanes and parking it can become a threat to a cities survival .

    As tourism suffers it has a dramatic impact on restaurants, retail, services, hotels, and people become unemployed, it becomes a vicious circle, almost like the snake eating its own tail, nothing is noticed until it eats itself up to the shoulder and by that time it is too late . Watch this happen very quickly in Seattle .

    For many reasons we in Vancouver and Victoria are on a very slippery slope and the SP roadway problem will only exasperate the problem and it will quicken the “Death Spiral” of a once great world class city .

    In the meantime the juvenile symbolic leftist activist Parks Board, Mayor and Council will continue to fiddle while the city around them burns .

    I was in Detroit last Dec 1 and 2 and I can’t help but think of a similar hollowing out of Vancouver and Seattle . Yes Seattle is further along the path to disintegration but things happen very quickly .

    Safeway was an amazing life experience while I was in school, the discipline, the work experience, the union wage, and the comradely with older co workers still serves me today .

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