BC Election: YOUR Chance to Make the GREENS Pay for Their Silence, Discrimination, Exclusion of Handicapped, Elderly by the Green-dominated Park Board!

Let’s keep it real: the Greens are the Greens are the Greens!

Legally, the provincial party is separate from the federal party and the municipal party, but we all know there is much more than unites them than separates them.

Including the loud silence of Greens at all levels for months, while the Vancouver Park Board Greens inflicted discrimination/exclusion on the handicapped and mobility-challenged elderly with a TOTAL vehicle ban on access to roads/parking spaces … including even those set aside for the handicapped … at Vancouver parks and beaches and the four square kilometres of Stanley Park.

For the ENTIRE Spring and Summer, right up until just recently.

Despite pleas and petitions signed by 30,000 people/families affected by and/or opposing their hate-on campaign against cars … severely impacting and barring from so many “public” areas those who are handicapped or elderly and need vehicles to get around.

And don’t give me that feeble excuse that Greens at one level shouldn’t really comment on policies/issues at other levels of politics/government.

History is littered with the carcasses of pathetic political “leaders” who stayed silent while others were abused, because it wasn’t “their” responsibility.

That ” separation”, in fact, didn’t stop the then-federal Leader Elizabeth May, at a press conference barely a week ago on the federal Throne Speech, to take a shot at NDP Premier John Horgan/NDP for calling a provincial election.

The Greens are the Greens are the Greens!

Provincially, they don’t have ANY hope of winning the election, but giving them votes could have a disastrous effect for those who don’t want the Liberals to win the election.

Voters who want to prevent that can, at the same time, send a province-wide message to the Greens that British Columbians prefer moderation, minority accommodation and respect for our handicapped and elderly.

NOT the brutal imposition of fascist style discriminatory/exclusion/governance the Greens at the Vancouver Park Board inflicted on the public this Spring and Summer … while provincial Greens stayed silent.

Harv Oberfeld

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13 Responses to BC Election: YOUR Chance to Make the GREENS Pay for Their Silence, Discrimination, Exclusion of Handicapped, Elderly by the Green-dominated Park Board!

  1. HARRY LAWSON says:


    i agree with your sentiment, thus i cannot even consider voting for the N D P , the links between the Vision and the NDP are just as horrendous.

    (Response: True, the NDP/left alliance that dominates Vancouver City Hall also has a lot to answer for: all the West End exits from Stanley Park, as well as a number of beach parking lots and eastbound Beach Avenue still all remain closed to vehicles and the City aided and abetted the GREEN/COPE Park Board war on cars (and also hurt the handicapped/elderly) by shutting down/restricting street access/parking around the city’s parks and beaches. That could actually lose them some votes to the Liberals, but I believe its the GREENS who were the worst human rights violators in the selective way they responded to Covid … using it as an excuse/chance to ban vehicles so extensively from almost everywhere they could … and to hell with the elderly and the handicapped. Everyone should send them a message this election …so next Spring/Summer maybe they’ll be more respectful and inclusive. h.o)

  2. e.a.f. says:

    sending a message would be good. Strategic voting works. some times it necessary as in this case. The Greens in my opinion are too focused on one item in an agenda of many. Yes, we have to improve when it comes to the environment, but we need to have decent health care, education, housing, parks which are available to all. If they can’t get their heads wrapped around that, they need to learn about politics and how to run a city, province, country or they’ll never get anywhere.

    I’ll vote federal Liberal if I have to vote strategically although I’m further left than that. Some times the great good requires it, so in this election it might be a good time to send their new leader a message.

    (Response: Elections are the best time for citizens to let politicians and parties know what we really think of the job they are all doing. And yes, even indirectly. If any provincial party does well or poorly in an election, believe me their federal party leaders, strategists and officials ALL take notice. So the BC election offers every British Columbian a chance to speak up and let the Greens know we don’t like dictatorships, like we watched on the news when all those handicapped people (and elderly and families too …unable to trek miles and miles on foot or bike) pleaded for vehicle access to/around Stanley Park and were ignored and barred for months by the GREEN/COPE dominated Park board. h.o)

  3. DBW says:

    I have a strange brain. When I first read your post I thought here we go again. Even with Stanley Park now open to traffic and a survey being distributed to get feedback, Harvey is still compelled to attack the Greens. I will sit this out.

    But, then after Harry and e.a.f. both agreed that the Greens should be punished, and indicated that they would likely be voting for the parties they always voted for, I thought how do you punish a party that gets 17% of the vote at the best of times. I mean the NDP got whacked upside the head in 2001 and Harper was spanked in 2015 and Clark got a finger wagging in 2017, but seriously how do you punish a party that gets so little support to begin with.

    And then I thought how so Vancouver-centric. In my town, I doubt that few beyond me followed the Stanley Park “controversy” with any degree of interest especially considering the pandemic and it would affect their vote nary a whisper. I am sure that is the case in most non-Vancouver ridings and maybe even in most Vancouver ridings. I doubt that Stanley Park ranks high on the issues list for Oct. 24.

    But then I got to really thinking after Annamie Paul won the leadership of the federal Greens. And seeing that yesterday was Sunday, I recalled a Bible verse. Well the Sunday part didn’t matter but I did recall a Bible verse and googled “sins of the father”.

    Deuteronomy 24:16 “Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin.”

    So question Harvey. How far do you want to go with your punishment. Annamie Paul is running in the by election formally held by Bill Morneau. She sounds like a decent human being with a soldid background. Bill Morneau represents everything that is wrong about the Liberals. The Conservatives are still tainted by Harper. The NDP are still floundering.

    Are you going to tell the people of Toronto Centre not to vote for Paul because of the “sins” of three minor politicians way out in Vancouver?

    (Response: No, I don’t think boycotting the Greens in a Toronto by-election would be justifiable to send a message about the Vancouver Park Board’s Green/COPE fascist style of governing. BUT I could see and would support a boycott of the Greens in the Toronto by-election to send a message to the federal party about their anti-Semitic policies and attitudes openly expressed by far too many of its members. By the way, I hope readers noticed that the anti-Semitism within the party I blogged about in August finally made Global National News last week …and I heard it talked about today on CBC radio. Great! And I would remind you, it’s really only during an election that ordinary voters ..not represented by lobbyists and lawyers etc. can send a message to ANY party if we are unhappy with their actions where they ARE in power. And yes, I believe, the association of Park Board Greens and Vancouver Greens and BC Greens IS close enough to send that message that we expect them to respect and accommodate the handicapped and elderly … and NOW is a chance to do it: DON’T VOTE GREEN if you really care, and don’t just pay lip service, to human rights! h.o)

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    First off the “Greens” in Vancouver are not the “Greens” provincially, but when you are weak third any claims for being bigger are welcomed with little scrutiny.

    There are no real Greens sitting on Vancouver Council, just lil anarchists pretending they are some one but are nobodies. Hurting the elderly and handicap seems to be a plus these days, as demonstrated by Trump.

    What are the Greens?

    In Canada, they are political opportunists, a rag tag collection of commando cyclists, rabid anti this and anti that and the disenchanted. No Greta Thunbergs are they.

    But, in BC, they play the part as the NDP are nothing more than Vancouver’s dreaded Vision Vancouver, Visionista’s, and the Liberals a spin off of Campbell/Trumpian politics where money speaks over the voter and taxpayer.

    All three political parties are equally as bad.

    So here is my conundrum, who to vote for because who I vote for will ultimately hurt the province.

    The Liberals seem in bed with casino money launderers as are the NDP, so it seems. Both the NDP and Liberals are wedded to massive mega projects, which we all know will turn sour and over budget, which is a windfall for union workers (NDP base) and corporations (Liberal) base.

    Lessons of the FastFerries have been forgotten by both parties. Dishonesty and hubris reign in Victoria.

    The elderly and handicapped are abused by all political parties because their votes do not count and if ones vote does not count, politicians don’t give a damn.

    I will vote, I will hold my nose and vote Green, but it will be a wasted vote because I cannot tell the politicians how utterly disgusted I am with them. As our democracy erodes under corrupt political agendas, voting is now seen more as a joke by the “lost generation” Gen Z crowd, because the political parties don’t give one damn about them and worse, treat them with utter contempt.

    (Response: You don’t have vote NDP or Liberal: any protest vote for a minor party or independent candidate sends a message. As you may recall, I voted federally for an independent candidate last election because I didn’t like the way Trudeau had acted …and so did thousands of others: the independent won! But I’m urging people who care about rights and respect for handicapped people and mobility challenged elderly to NOT VOTE for the GREENS. They have ZERO chance of winning and I truly believe that if enough send them a message … and their vote falls …they will smarten up, do a “mea culpa” and pledge to respect and accommodate more than just the cycling, jogging and long distance hiking crowd. h.o)

  5. e.a.f. says:

    Harry, if you’re not voting for the NDP because of their connection to Vision and what goes on in Vancouver, do you think the B.C. Lieberals will do any better or don’t you remember the last 16 yrs the B.C. Lieberals were in office and B.C. having the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 15 of those 16 years. We tied with Manitobia one year.

    In my opinion, even if you’re not that happy with the NDP, do you really think Wilkinson and his gang are going to do better. Remember all that money laundering in our province? well there are a lot of B.C. Lieberals who kept their mouths shut while that was going on. For those 16 yrs, this province developed a lot of social problems and the B.C. Lieberals did nothing except of course ignore them or disband RCMP units. You can not expect the NDP to “fix” it all in 3 years. Do you really think you’ll do better with the B.C. Lieberals in office?

    For 16 yrs. the B.C. Lieberals knew we didn’t have enough doctors. They didn’t do anything about it. We in Nanaimo had a real problem, so at least now we have a Nurse Practioner clinic which sees people. 8 medical professionals. the young families in my neighbourhood are really happy about it because their kids now get health care. if we still had a B.C. lieberal government we would not have that clinic and we’d still have a great money laundering system in place. People may not like how the NDP is housing the homeless, but they were out there on the streets all the time. now at least they’re inside part of the time. They’re getting some help. Its not an instant cure because it took 16 yrs. for this problem to get to this point. It will most likely take 16 yrs. to get through it.

    I was not happy with the care I received while at home from the home care system, but it was just as bad with the B.C. Lieberrls. people I know could write you a book. I’m still voting NDP. Don’t care about Site C, don’t care about their mistakes. I just know the B.C. Lieberals are worse, way worse as were the socreds before them. Not much changes in this province.

    (Response: This election really is different than most: I believe it is, and should be, a fight for power between two major contenders with substantial ideological and policy differences. Other minor parties or independents can gum up the works, but I don’t see proper conditions in play this time for the kind of deal Horgan and Weaver worked out. Plus, as I wrote, this is a PERFECT and RARE opportunity for voters everywhere in the province to get away from just lip service send a REAL message about tolerance and fairness …especially towards the handicapped and our elderly ..to the GREENS, who ran roughshod over them in what I saw as a truly despicable manner …to cater to the cycling crowd. h.o)

  6. Gilbert says:

    John Horgan is an interesting premier. After promising to honour the agreement with the Green Party, he decided he could no longer do so. After telling us that minority governments are excellent and governing with one for so long, he decided he needed a majority. The contrast between him and Andrew Wilkinson is considerable.

    Andrew Wilkinson has a very impressive resume and was an exemplary student. John Horgan was a poor student who grew showed little interest in his studies. However, his working-class background and simple communication style seems to resonate with many people.

    People have to ask themselves what they want for the province. It’s true that voters are often reluctant to change leaders during a crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic. However, it’s clear that with the NDP at the helm, more people will rely on government to take care of them and taxes will continue to increase.

    Some like to say that child poverty was a big problem under previous governments. This want us to believe that we live in a developing country and that children suffered the sorts of conditions that we might see in Somalia and Bangladesh. This is utter nonsense.

    What happens when corporate tax rates become unreasonable and government becomes bigger and bigger? It’s simple. It punishes achievement, leads to a loss of revenue and makes investment go elsewhere. People need to decide if they want a government that lets them create opportunities in the free market or if they want a government that overregulates, overtaxes and overspends.

    (Response: Horgan announces the NDP’s full platform today: Wilkinson will give the Liberals” plan for dealing with ICBC. It will be interesting to compare the two …and how they each plan to pay for it all! The Greens’ platform is irrelevant, since they have NO chance of forming power and would likely even be reluctant to enter into a new “agreement” with the NDP … and the Greens should pay a price for what Greens have done to Stanley Park and our most challenged citizens. So this election, more than any before, really is a battle between TWO parties … and TWO visions. h.o)

  7. e.a.f says:

    Gilbert, How the children of B.C. lived during the B.C. Lieberal era was not good. It wasn’t some third world country type poverty but it was poverty which ought not to have existed in this province. A province which is really rich. Lets not forget el gordo reduced corporate taxes when he came into office. There were great deals for corporations — mining, etc.

    It is not the end of the world if companies have to pay taxes. Just look at Norway and their level of taxes or some other western European countries. As the cousins in the Netherlands say, we in Canada don’t even know the meaning of taxes. In Western Europe they’re doing fine as are their billionaires. Don’t forget during the IKE years in the U.S.A. corporations paid a tax rate of approx. 80%. they did really well inspite of that.

    One in five children live below the poverty line. When Christy Clark was clawing back child support from kids who were living at 50% below the poverty line, that was in my opinion a form of child abuse. It was mean. the government of B.C. collected $14M from those children. Now do you not think Christy and the gang could have lived without that money, given how much they were spending on advertising?

    Leaving a child to live with a parent at $1,200 a month just doesn’t work. Now as a child we were never poor. By the time it was the 60s we had gone from working class to middle class. I’ve never been poor in my life, but I’ve seen it and it is not pretty. Even as a child I knew people got poor because they lost jobs. Things went from being fine one day to the next month, neighbours leaving food on their porches. If there is one thing I hate in this life, its child poverty. It corrodes the soul of those children.

    I live in Nanaimo and a decent small two bedroom apartment in a house will run you $1,200 to $1,400 month. How will a child’s parent provide for that child when they don’t receive much more than that. I’ve not seen a company around here, with all the tax breaks go under, but I’ve seen kids go under because of a lack of money in their homes. In adequate housing, always having hand me down clothes.

    If a company can’t afford to stay in business because they have to pay their fare share of taxes, they are going to go under sooner than later. Now I’m not taking about the property taxes small business have to pay in the lower mainland, I’m talking regular taxes, as in income taxes for companies, and individuals, etc.

    Gilbert perhaps you need to get out a bit more. Talk to some teachers in low income neighbourhoods. Talk to some single parents working for min. wage or not much more.

    Wilkinson may have an academic background. Horgan has a life experience back ground. He understands the problems from a personal perspective when he was a child. Wilkinson, all I’ve ever seen him do is talk about those “poor” seniors on the west side of Vancouver who can’t pay their property taxes. They don’t have to, but they want to, to ensure their children have bigger inheritances. It always boggles my mind that Wilkinson stands up for them but doesn’t seem to understand that the vast majority in Vancouver will never own a home of their own. As I recall one of Harvey’s blogs advised 60% of people living in Vancouver are renters. If renters loose their jobs they have to move because they can’t afford their homes. But for some reason Wilkinson gets a hair up his butt if some one on the west side can’t afford their home anymore because they don’t want to defer their home property taxes.
    this is not an either/or situation. its a case of allocating funds where they are needed and ensuring kids are feed is priority one. Don’t know where you live or what you do, but I do know people who have seen it and I’ve seen it. A few years ago, the Surrey Food Bank advised 10% of their case load were people working full time for lousy wages. You can bet most of them had kids.

    As we are winging our way up to Christmas we will hear and read about helping those less fortunate and organizations putting together food hampers, buying presents for kids. What about the rest of the year?

    children can’t help the situation they are in and we as a society have a moral obligation to ensure they are fed, clothed and housed in an adequate manner and one in five in this province aren’t.

    I have watched the children of this province be declared and abused and even murdered under the governments of the Socreds and B.C. LIeberals. Now many will say the NDP isn’t much better, but they are a bit better. I will always know where my vote goes.

  8. nonconfidencevote says:

    Speaking of Parks.
    I see the original estimate to clean all the needles, knives and knuckledusters out of Oppenheimer Park was off by ….oh……100%
    Clean up estimate $450 k
    Bill to date $870k

    Thats a lot of “Green”.

    Hizzoner Kennedy nowhere to be seen……
    The pre bills for “Take Back Oppenheimer ” are ???$$$???
    The Greens, The Liberals, The NDP …… a dearth of leadership so pathetically toxic that voters dont vote “for” a person.
    They vote “against” the incumbent……

    2020 “democracy”

    (Response: Voting “against” whoever is in power is a long, often tried and true tradition. But I don’t think it will be the case this time: the polls before the election call and since show the NDP is highly favored over the Liberals. I wrote recently about the ONLY way I could see Wilkinson/Libs win … and so far, have not seen them taking my advice! To their own peril. LOL! h.o)

  9. HARRY LAWSON says:


    i really could use the kool aid you are drinking.

    the reality is neither the libera; or the NDP are the same parties from the past.

    we are in year three of a NDP mandate yet the health care and health authorities are a mess . i could give the goverment a pass foe the first year or so not now.

    you sir have been thru hell like many people in this province.

    this past Saturday my wife was attended to by about at least a dozen first responders , 2 ambulances ,mission fire rescue and i was told the RCMP over a dozen people working on my wife for at least a half hour, yet they discharge her 14 hours later for community care lol me , still haven’t heard and my physical and mental health burning out
    please pass the kool aid cheers

  10. DBW says:

    I am not surprised but nobody seems to be talking about your topic. It has shifted to a general discussion of the best party to lead the province rather than talking about punishing a third party.

    Anyway, here is the good news for you. I can guarantee that 826 people in my riding who voted Green last election will not be voting Green this time around. I can also guarantee that around 16,000 people province wide will not be voting Green this time when they voted Green last time. It has nothing to do with those rascally Ayatollahs on the Parks Board mind you. The Greens are only running in 74 ridings this year compared to 83 last time.

    At the top of your column you claimed that a Green was a Green was a Green regardless if they were civic, provincial or federal. But when I asked you if Annamie Paul should be punished in Toronto Central for the policies of the Parks Board members in Vancouver you said no. If a Green is a Green is a Green where do you draw the line? Manitoba? Vancouver Island?

    But that is not the weirdest thing going on here. You said that the people of Toronto Central should send a message to the Greens by not voting for Annamie Paul because of the anti-semitism in the party. The Jewish person who faced the anti-semitism and vows to rid the party of the bigotry should be punished because ?

    I am not trying to defend the Greens, but if Annamie Paul or some other Green candidate with solid credentials were running in my riding I would at least expect people to consider voting Green despite whatever misgivings you may have about the three minor politicians the big city.

    (Response: I suspect the “good news” that the number of Green candidates is down is because the party, as I have pointed out, has gone too radical … and more moderate “greens” are supporting the NDP. Even Weaver … to whom the Grens owe so much, didn’t only resign his leadership, but has quit the party completely. In a way, it’s sad: as I have mentioned I have voted Green in the past … but would never now, after seeing how the Greens on the Park Board have acted (and will probably act again next Spring) re not just Stanley Park but the city’s other parks, I mean campgrounds, as well. Disgraceful. h.o)

  11. e.a.f. says:

    Harry Lawson, I am truly sorry to hear about your wife’s health and the lack of services you experience. The sibling has the ambulance, fire dept. etc. at our home regularly. Now we are lucky because we live in Nanaimo and the hospital here is better than a lot of others.

    The medical care in this province was handled by the B.C. Lieberals for 16 yrs and its going to take at least that long to get it back to where it ought to be. given the financial constraints on the government (people don’t want to pay more taxes and wanted rid of the MSP plan) there is only so much money to go around.

    If you go back an article or so there are comments by Isaak and myself regarding home care. We’ve experienced the downside of health care in this province. We are simply short of doctors. Now that is not an unknown factor. I can recall at least two decades ago government’s knew that. At the time Alberta increased the number of seats at their university for doctors. B.C. did nothing. Then there are all the residents, who come from other countries, who take up space. Our people, immigrants with medical degrees can’t complete residencies. Working conditions for nurses are not premium and over the years they’ve had to go on strike. Had the Socreds/B.C. Lieberals improved the number of doctors we had coming into the system we would have had more doctors. The Socreds and B.C. Lieberals were also good at privitizing hospitals. Not a good thing.

    Having some experience with hospitals around the province, there are ones which are better than others. there are hospitals I would not go to because my chance of survival would not be as good as in other hospitals. One of the siblings has a name for a disease here in B.C. “death by hospital”. Some hospitals they have given that title to, others not.

    People want low taxes and balanced budgets. That does not allow for a lot of new medical facilities or more medical staff. One of my lines is, you vote for a party and you learn to live with it or die because of it. Now one of these days I’m going to have a jammer. IF the timing is wrong, I’ll be dead and I know it. If I’m lucky and the Fire Dept. gets here fast, I might survive it. And just to stay on topic, I don’t see the Greens having much interest in improving the health care system. They’re all about the environment and me being selfish would like it to be about health care, advanced age and all.

    The health care system in this province needs a great big over haul so what happened with your wife doesn’t ever happen again. No one ought to have to go through that and neither should their loved ones.

  12. frozentundra says:

    If you are bringing up a topic, heres one for you: Why are the 3 leaders abandoning the rest of the province? Wilkinson has been only as far as Kamloops, Horgan hasnt been upcountry except for a 30 min stop in Terrace and that was only because one of the most effective Liberals has been Ellis Ross, and Fursteneau seems to believe that BC ends at the Langley/Surrey border.

    BC is in real danger of becoming a 2 tier province: the 604 and southern Vancouver Island and the rest of the province. All 3 parties have abandoned the rest of the province to get votes in the Lower Mainland.

    Many of you claim to be disgusted when the federal elections are done by the Ont/Manitoba border or the last election where Toronto saved Trudeau. BC is in danger of becoming a microcosm of Canada where a small sliver of the province determines everything else. People outside of Vancouver couldnt care less about the election because it isnt about them; its about what Vancouver wants.

    (Response: Interesting point! I can actually recall the good old days when ALL the TV networks and the newspapers had the money and huge competitive drive to send their own reporters ALL around the province …so the party Leaders went everywhere. Those days are long gone: the media say they’re broke, can’t travel much and now even share pool cameras/feeds etc. .. so the Leaders don’t go far away very often from where the media can reach quickly and cheaply…. like day trips. Add Covid to that … no crowds, no rallies, no shaking hands or kissing babies and campaigning this time is almost all virtual … with even less travel than ever! But they still need seats outside Vancouver and Victoria …so watch for more travel and attention to the Island, the interior and north in the next couple of weeks after all the full platforms are out. h.o)

  13. Gilbert says:

    I agree that the Greens need to pay for the way they have treated the elderly and the handicapped. It has been an absolute disgrace. The NDP also needs to pay for doing nothing about tents in parks, aggressive beggars and the unnecessary lockdowns.

    I would have never guessed that the socialist government of Sweden would be so sensible during this pandemic. The left-wing media was quick to criticize Sweden earlier, but it many now well be that many there have immunity. The coronavirus is a concern, but there’s no need to become hysterical about it.

    Our government is wasting a lot of money and two areas that come to mind are downtown hotels for the homeless and supplying drug addicts. Both are the products of misguided ideology that seems to assume that rewarding the marginalized will make them productive members of society. This is ridiculous. What these people need is treatment (remember the homeless who were on the streets when the NDP closed mental asylums?) Imagine if we had free alcohol for alcoholics. How would that ever help them to turn their lives around? These programs are nothing more than vote-buying and misplaced compassion.

    Now let me say a bit about taxes. I’ve always believed that individuals can spend their money better than the government can. I’ve been to Norway, and I know that many Norwegians complain about their high taxes. Of course one big advantage for Norway is that is has large oil reserves and the government is not doing everything in its power to destroy the oil industry unlike PM Butts, oops I mean PM Trudeau.

    I hope British Columbians will have the good sense to punish not only the Greens but also Premer Horgan. With a Liberal government back in power, we’ll see a much better economy and policies that encourage individual responsibility rather than far too much dependence on government.

    (Response: I’m surprised …or maybe I’m not … that the media have not made a major issue of how under the left-dominated (NDP, COPE, Green types) Vancouver City Council , Granville Street has badly deteriorated all the way from Hastings to Drake now. I would not recommend people (especially women or the elderly) walk there alone, even during the day. With more and more homeless and mentally ill housed in hotels there and a whole plethora of social agencies growing on the abutting streets…. even Yaletown nearby is suffering. Since it’s the NDP provincial government that funds a lot of this, maybe they should be held accountable during the election …but the Liberals don’t seem to realize the potential the issue has with growing anger among voters. h.o)

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