BC Freedoms/Democracy Being Eroded

Connect the dots … and the picture of modern life emerging in British Columbia is not a pretty one: that is, if you respect those nagging little things like freedom and democracy.

The trouble is most of us …and most of the BC media (who should be professional enough to know better) … look at life and issues individually, so we often fail to put it all together in a bigger picture.

Let me help you.

First … a very troubling fact: we have a premier and a government that have NEVER received a mandate from the people of the province.  That is old news, but it’s now becoming very apparent of what that has since wrought for the province.

As I have previously discussed on this blog, Christy Clark herself has made it VERY CLEAR … especially when questions about BC RAIL, the original disgraceful way the HST was imposed etc. etc … that her government is NOT Campbell’s government.  So totally different, in fact, that she vowed, when running in the Point Grey by-election for a a seat as an MLA,  to hold a general election AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if elected.

Then she was elected as an MLA … and promptly ignored her promise. And since then, democracy has clearly proved to be an inconvenience.    I guess if you don’t hold an election, you don’t have to follow all kinds of other rules or traditions either.

That’s where the dots started: with an unelected premier, leading an unelected government and introducing all kinds of legislation without any public mandate to do so.

With that kind of governing standard, how could we be surprised when, de facto, the Clark government decided to ignore the vote of the people on the HST.  Does anyone really believe they couldn’t get rid of the hated tax (that’s bringing the government hundreds of millions in extra revenues) before 2013???

The Clark administration reminds me of the oil companies: ever notice how FAST prices go up when “world conditions” can be used as an excuse …but how SLOW they fall when stability and supplies are doing fine?  That’s exactly how the will of the BC voters is being ignored, for so long,  allowing Clark to exploit every last possible gouging dollar out of the taxpayers.  (Filling the goody bank to buy votes next spring?).

No doubt easy to do for a premier who disdained even getting a mandate from those same taxpayers.

Another dot … the cavalier trampling of BC teachers’ democratic rights … without even allowing the appointment of an INDEPENDENT mediator.

Sure, no one wants BC kids to suffer; no one wants working parents to suffer through the dilemma of finding daycare for their children with schools closed; no one wants the government to give in to all the demands of the BCTF.

BUT there  are decent responsible ways to solve the dispute when negotiations fail: with an INDEPENDENT mediator to get both sides to try to work things out… or binding arbitration through an INDEPENDENT arbitrator.

Even that apparently is too much for the current governmewnt ..and given how THEY themselves achieved power … why should we be surprised!

So first came the newest dot: shooting down the decision of the BC Labour Relations Board to allow limited and restricted job action by the teachers.

By imposing another HUGE dot:  legislation outlawing any strike or lockout in the dispute, and IMPOSING a GOVERNMENT-SELECTED AND APPOINTED mediator.  Any bets on how successful that process will be???

Then there was the dictatorial dot: even cutting short debate in the legislature to ram the legislation through.

Are you starting to connect the dots .. and see how politicans who don’t respect the voters also don’t respect tradition or citizens’ rights, and apparently feel they can just impose their will through Draconian legislation, enforced with massive penalties to be imposed by the courts … and pretty well accommodated by a complacent media, most of whom dropped the “outrage” from their journalistic backbones a decade ago.

With all this, it’s also now easy to understand how Clark is getting away with one of the biggest dots in the emerging picture of how she governs:  delaying TWO by-elections as long as possible … denying taxpayers not only a VOTE but REPRESENTATION for as long as possible.

The people of Port Moody/Coquitlam haven’t had an MLA since OCT 1, when their LIBERAL MLA resigned to take a job in private business.  It’s now MARCH: has there really been not enough time yet to call a by-election.  Of course, there has …unless you fear losing to the NDP , or even worse, the Conservatives!  So ignore democracy and voters’ rights!

In Chilliwack-Hope, the MLA (another Liberal) announced in November he would leave in January..and did.  Still no by-election date there either. Surprise!

Enough dots yet to see the  real picture?

Well how about a couple more to frame the BIG picture or where democracy now stands in BC.

Even though Clark hasn’t called the two by-election dates (she has until Spril 7 in the first and July 30 in the latter) that hasn’t stopped her from campagning in both!!!

When you ignore democracy in your own case, it’s easy to also shunt it aside in the cases of others … and even have cronies who act illegally.

In Chilliwack, the aspiring local Liberal hopeful has even had election signs up …until those were ruled illegal, because no by-electon had yet been called and no permits (otherwise required) had been applied for or obtained from the municipality to erect advertising signs.

But when the leader ignores that which she finds inconvenient, why shouldn’t her supporters!

This is BC today.

Connect the dots … and the picture that emerges is NOT a pretty one.

Harv Oberfeld





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40 Responses to BC Freedoms/Democracy Being Eroded

  1. Jason says:

    And my reasoning to leave BC only gets reinforced every day that the new-boss-same-as-the-old-boss government continues to operate as they see fit. Their handling of the teacher’s strike is eerily familiar to the playbook the government used on BC’s paramedics… especially appointing a government chosen Liberal pocket-ally to do their dirty work a la Lee Doney.

  2. gb in victoria says:

    All of these connected dots makes one feel oppressed, angry and I hate to admit it but fearful. Watching Question Period each day and hearing the ‘answers’ to the NDPs questions only increases one’s anger. We need a revolt as 2013 seems many years away. Thank you for making the dots glaringly visible.

  3. Mike says:

    Once again Mr. Oberfeld, you are correct.

    The only little thing that I would like to point out is that if you choose to believe what was revealed on AlexGTsakumis.com last week then not only is Ms. Photo-Op not an elected premier, there is a very good chance that she subverted the process of the BC Liberal Party nomination process and stole the leadership, in effect stealing the Office of the Premier.

    If this is true, then anybody thinking that we live in an open and democratic society is fooling themselves.

  4. DonGar says:

    Another great post Harvey.

    Democracy here is starting to look a lot like “democracy” in Iran and Russia. Lets hope they never get electronic voting in-place.

  5. Ian Fromme-Nelson says:

    Not to mention Christy Clark trying to secure a visa for convicted terrorist hit-squad member Jaspar Atwal — that’s not just disgusting, it’s downright scary.

    And you’re right Harv, the Mainstream Media continue to putrify. Is this the same Media that showed up outside Glen Clark’s private home within minutes of the police showing up to talk to him, filming the little chat through his living-room window? Actually, I heard some crews got the tip too early and showed up BEFORE the boys in blue!
    Anyway, Glen Clark was totally cleared — but don’t these people smell what’s happening with this current gang?
    Thanks onceagain for showing those gutless, unprincipled hacks how to do it — glad we’ve got you and http://www.alexgtsakumis.com

    cheers, keep the faith
    P.S: Your CAPTCHA code currently says 4cus — why does that remind me of the current BC gov’t?

  6. Lew says:

    Here’s a classic example of a shameless “premier” AGAIN trying to make us believe she landed the shipbuilding contract for BC. And to make matters worse, the Vancouver Sun publishes this nonsense with no hard questions from the reporter or quotes from the workers she is using, but includes lots of flattering photos.

    She had absolutely nothing to do with any of the examples she uses in this puff-piece except maybe the relaxing of red tape for the mining industry (which means giving up any pretense of protecting the environment), but the Sun gives her a free pass. Pathetic.


  7. diverdarren says:

    Harvey, your points are valid but the failure is not in the Liberals persay, but with our system. They have not done anything illegal. The libs are just exercising their authority to the fullest extent as government. An authority we have given them.

    The fault is with us, the people. We have become complacent and over trusting of our leadership.
    We have very limited tools under our system to rein in government. A system where our only real check and balance to the legislature is the courts, (not including elections) but since the gov is not violating the law the courts have no say in the actions of the gov.

    It’s not the Liberals that are the problem; it is that we have a system that lets them become a problem. Of course I don’t hear any party talking about giving up any of the government’s authority back to the people.

    (Response: I would agree that disrespect for the taxpayers and voters and the “right thing” is not isolated to the Liberals; all parties have the highest standards while in oppostion and then fall short after taking power. But we cannot give them a free pass when they operate barely within the lines of legality. We should still expose their shortcomings and demand better … to defend the people’s interests. And in the case of Clark, who has NEVER sought a mandate as she said she would, it all grates even more. h.o)

  8. mariner says:

    Well, the BC Liberals lied to get elected and have lied ever since. The Decade of Dishonesty, Deception and Deceit has proven just how corrupt this provincial government really is.

    Clark is acting like some ” teenage bimbo ” with nary a brain and original thought in her head – sad part is, it appears to be working for her. Where are the huge demonstrations and protests against a corrupt government ???

    Sadly, it is the people of BC who are as much to blame for allowing this insult on democracy to continue. Where are the people who oppose the current situation – the BC NDP sit and speak in the house, but where are the challenges, the demands etc. We know the government complicit press won’t help.

    What we need are some serious situations that challenge the government and it’s integrity, it’s record and authority.

    (Response: At least Campbell held an election. Clark didn’t even bother! I guess democracy is such a pesky hindrance to just governing. h.o)

  9. kwm says:

    Hi Harvey,
    I keep returning to your website to read the truth that is so seldom found in the corporate media and even the CBC that our tax dollars fund. I also remember you fondly from a more ethical and promise-filled time before our province was turned upside down and sold off to the most strategic bidder. Everything I warned family, friends, and colleagues about before Campbell took office has come true and so much more. I take absolutely no pleasure and am only deeply saddened by what has become the norm. I understand that some people have done well and have been paid handsomely for their silence and support but is this really the kind of society they want for their grandchildren? It’s Dickensian. The richest of the rich–a perpetuating North American myth–will need to travel in armoires vehicles to go from compound to compound to protect themselves from the social ills that their ‘success’ is predicated upon. I find your blog consoling as it speaks a rare truth and reminds me of a time when journalists had insight, ethics, and had finely tuned minds that did not allow for such glaring inconsistencies. BC politics and the media are like a very poorly written episode of The West Wing. Although I AMA proponent of multiculturalism, a mass influx of lower-paid and initially less discerning (easy to manipulate) voters who will be preoccupied just trying to settle and survive will not bode well for informed and educated democratic processes either. The Grapes of Wrath comes to mind here. Shudder. Thanks, Harvey, for keeping it real.

    (Response: Thanks. Writing this blog is only a hobby for me …no revenues etc. But if I ever get bored or discouraged, I will read your words again. And let’s hope that one day, the media in BC will revitalize, drop the laziness, the corporate Liberal bias, and really start reflecting the views and interests of the voters. h.o)

  10. Norm Farrell says:

    Concise and incisive analysis that should unsettle any citizen who cares about this province and the principles of democracy, Liberal partisans excepted.

  11. D. M. Johnston says:

    It is not only the provincial government where democracy has been eroded, the rot has spread to municipal government as well.

    As I have indicated in previous posts, I have been engaged in a minor war with Delta Council, who seem not to want to be councilors at all, rather photo-op specialists and nothing more.

    They do not respond to emails, nor do they give a damn about the average taxpayer and let their rather nasty bureaucrats undemocratically to do the dirty work.

    On my lawyers advice, I did not sue for malfeasance, rather I went to the property assessment review panel with my sad story and they instantly saw the problem and they reduced the value of my property by $100,000.00! That’s right, not a zero misplaced!

    But that isn’t the real story. I am left to deal with the mindless and soulless bureaucrats, who have seemed to have graduated from the Orwell school of public relations.

    This story is right out of a Kafka novel, I am forced to pay double utilities on a decommissioned in-law (secondary suit) who was, at one time, occupied by myseld and my family.

    20 years ago my parents installed a legal in-law suit so I could be near my aged parents to take care of them. Fast forward to 2012, my father passed away and my mother is in ECU and I now own the house, but never fear, I am being charged double utilities because a M. Johnston is registered in a legal in-law suit (now a secondary suit) located in a house now owned by the very same M. Johnston, to which a signed affidavit states that M. Johnston is not to pay rent to the owner of the house, the very same M. Johnston!

    This is all taken very seriously by Delta’s bureaucrats and invisible Delta politicians, who want me to gut the in-law suit renovations for fear that a M. Johnston will move back in!!

    Democracy, ha, this is the sort of crap that would happen in Russia and China or maybe not!

  12. Maharg says:

    Your correct Harvey,”Respect (for) those nagging little things like freedom and democracy” is sadly absent in today’ so-called democratic world. It always amazed me how China controlled their huge populace. I now recognize their control was and is through brutality and corruption, just like the objectives of both Harper and Clark.

    And as you said “… democracy has clearly proved to be an inconvenience ….. you don’t have to follow all kinds of other rules or traditions ….”.

    Your comments support the perception of many citizens who have finally realized that our politicians are only puppets for the elite. They do not care one iota for John or Mary Public. They only care to fatten their own unbalanced wealth of their masters and themselves.

    The only chance of recovering to our very short-lived democracy is by instituting some sort of proportional representation. We have been down that path before….hopefully the masses will finally wake-up before we are all relegated back to serfdom.

    Many have talked about things being worse than the dirty 30’s, but unless our citizens wake-up we will be in the Middle Ages.

  13. Leah says:

    Don’t expect anything to change until the ones pulling her strings are tired of making their puppet dance…or until they’ve decided their pockets are full enough.

    And don’t expect them to be living in the mess they’ve created once their run is over – now might be a good time to start checking for home ownership out of the province…or out of the country entirely for that matter.

  14. tired of waiting says:

    So we will lose the good teachers who can go, same as the good paramedics that went, or plan to leave.
    Who’s next?
    Why stay?
    If they are good and are not tied down, they are treated better elsewhere.
    And our leaders dont care, they made their money, and are driven by greed and power.

  15. Doug R says:

    Harvey…well said and thank you for writing it.

    Now as to a resolution, all of your readers are obviously “computer-literate” so they are capable of writing emails. I regularly write to my municipal council, provincial MLAs and federal MPs to let them know where I stand. How many of your readers do the same? We can identify the problems till the cows come home, but until we get off our asses and pen complaints to the offenders, nothing changes.
    Come on BC, get on your keyboards and start writing…that is, unless you want to have a lot more dots to connect.

  16. Scotty on Denman says:

    Yes, Christy Clark broke her promise of an early election and currently sits as a Premier without a mandate of her own, a sort of double faux-pas voters aren’t going to forget. It only adds to the list of grudges for which the BC Liberals will surely get their come-uppance in fourteen months from now. The situation is small, very small consolation to an electorate so betrayed that it actually accepts the BC Liberals are now, with the fate of their party sealed, only in the game to seal insider deals with their profiteering buddies, destroy evidence of malfeasance and attempt an orderly, scorched earth retreat. It’s infuriating that our province will be all the worse off for having to wait, with no other recourse, while the culprits cut themselves in on cushy contracts at our expense and mine their path of retreat such that it will take years of forensic audit to discover. In our New Westminster system, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles and most of us are resigned to this unfortunate fact.

    But the cookie can also crumble in other ways given that our politics for the next few years will be all about taking things apart. Who can blame Christy Clark for not prancing with her usual majorette vigour? She’s way down in the polls and continues to slide. She’s starting to wear the same sad face as her caucus did when they realized who their new leader was going to be. Their subsequent lack of enthusiasm has been plain. If she were to unknowingly walk toward a cliff, none of them would try to stop her. The new BC Conservative party has stolen about half her thunder and the cookie may really start to crumble if any of her disunited caucus decides to cross over to them. The odds of this happening will grow even more if the party loses both upcoming by-elections.

    I don’t think, however, it’s as likely as mass resignations (or floor-crossings) beginning mid November because after that date no resignation will precipitate a by-election before the fixed-election date in May, 2013. It’s not a favour to Christy, rather an cogent strategy of mutually culpable culprits getting away with as much as they can with as little chance of getting caught as time allows.

    Christy alone holds the snap-election card but there’s one reason why she’s unlikely to use it to forestal one of these many dangers that surround her and it’s the same reason why she didn’t call an election immediately after she won the leadership: it’s not about her party nor the province; it’s about not wanting to show, by calling an election, that the empress has no clothes, unbearably mortifying to this hubris stuffed Hesperus even as she is about to be wrecked on the shoals of election day.

    She would have done better to call the election when she’d promised to. At least then she still had a thong and maybe a few pasties. Too late for that now.

  17. Kreditanstalt says:

    You’re in dreamland.

    Collective bargaining “rights” – indeed any traditional, adversarial employer-employee rules – are increasingly redundant.

    Does anyone realize what’s happening OUTSIDE lotus-land? 46 million Americans are on food stamps. Real (U-6) unemployment there is over 16%. Canadians are in debt to the tune of 153% of income. Every government lives on borrowed money and all run deficits. Check Ontario.

    And now watch out for “your” pensions:


    Do you think that “it’s different here” or that B.C. is somehow immune?

    “Collective bargaining” is no longer affordable.

    IF – and that’s a BIG “if” – the current government is serious about reining in these expensive employees and their union “rights”, I applaud them for their commitment to preparing for the coming rather bitter economic winter.

    But…we can only hope they mean what they say…

    (Response: So collective bargaining is no longer possible. You clearly have swallowed to Republican/Fox News corproate koolaid: times are so tough …yada, yada, yada. Have you LOOKED at the annual reports of the oil companies, the banks, mining companies and other big corporations? Profits BIGGER than ever!! As ror the public sector, yes, things are tight…but why? Take a look at all the corporate subsidies, tax writeoffs, tax breaks and handouts given by right wing governments to their supporters. I’d bet just ending the writeoffs of all the dinners, entertainment expenses (like private boxes at Canucks games) and vacations …sorry, conventions and meetings…, held by execs at golf and ski resorts, Whistler getaways, Hawaii, Europe etc , complete with their entire families, would pay for more than enough to settle the paramedicvs dispute. And that’s just for a start. Funny how there’s LOTS of money for that…but not to give working people a living wage or even c.o.l.a increase. h.o)

  18. Keith says:

    Hi Harvey,

    In addition to the excellent connect the dots, I would also add “pay to play” political donations for services expected and rendered. Along with the instant mass sign-ups just before the eleventh hour of party members that have been shown to often decide the outcomes of the various electoral processes, as practiced by all poilitical parties and individuals who like it that way.

    Add and connect more dots with the inevitable conclusion the average punter participates in the political equivalent of the WWF

  19. Henri says:

    #14 said in part
    now might be a good time to start checking for home ownership out of the province…or out of the country entirely for that matter.
    Leave a Comment
    Wrong ,wrong, wrong, running away is not the answer in fact you will only contaminate your new surroundings with this attitude . The answer is to stay and fight for your principals and your rights. The very reason we are in our present position of losing our democratic rights is because people will not fight or stand up for their constitutional rights or collective agreements , very few are willing to sacrifice some wage loss for strikes or possibly some jail time.This alright Jack attitude has about run its course.
    Yesterday Dix said he isn’t going to partake in the same type of dirty politics as the Liberals. Have one message for you Dix ,nice guys finish last in the world of politics , you had better grow some gonads, fast..

  20. DonGar says:

    Well Christy is now running from the press with her new pit bull Sarah Macintire providing the blocking.

    Let’s see how soon she shuts down the legislature. Too many questions to dodge.

  21. morry says:

    it’s very disheartening to see how easily people get brainwashed.

    Take Kreditanstalt for example : He is unable to see the dots never mind trying to connect them.

    This is what we are up against. And I’ll bet he isn’t one of 1%ers

  22. kwm says:

    I agree about Kredinatalt. It reminds me of a time prior to the ‘Owe-lympics’ when I saw an old truck with its back bumper falling off with a sticker saying “I support the bid.” Like people cheering in the streets who couldn’t afford a single event, this image said everything about people’s ability to connect the dots and realization who did and did not benefit from a decade-long injection of time, money and attention while everything else has fallen apart around us. Please note: The truck driver’s other vehicle was not a Mercedes.

  23. 13 says:

    Harvey, your piece is written from years of experience as a journalist that wants to get to the truth. I can only imagine the sence of hoplessness you feel day after day. I ask you , name the political arena that lives up to the standards of truth and honesty that you think they should achieve.

    Ill bet there isnt one. As bad as the current liberal gov seems they are as you say operating on the edge. They push the envelope constantly. If and when they cross the line the NDP will be there ready to pounce. Mr Dix is no stranger to pushing the envelope. Or stuffing the envelope or forging the envelope.

    As for the teachers they have painted themselves into a corner. With all of the other public sector contracts containing me to clauses they know the gov has to play hardball. Any mediator independant or otherwise will be handcuffed by the me to clause. Ill bet even the superman Ready will not want to come within a mile of this mess.

    Another thing that I find amusing is the teachers pleading passionately for their students. Tales of woe. Tough situations they face everyday. NEWS flash. Most people in the REAL world go to work and have to overcome problems everyday. The difference is most people dont have the bottomless pockets of tax payers to dip into to solve their problems.

    The dots lead me to believe that the NDP will form the next provincial government. I only hope that by the time they pay back their debts to the unions that we still have lint in our pockets.

    (Response: Frankly, they all have flaws. But it’s a matter of degree: I don’t think the people of most other provinces would tolerate someone getting elected as an MLa and then seizing power without seeking a mandate at some reasonable interval. And without the local media and pundits howling with outrage …for a long, long time. By the way I left out another dot in the ugly BC picture …governing in a new session, with a new plan without even having a Throne speech. Even the L-G has been kicked to the curb…and I don’t know ANYWHERE else that this is all happening so readily. h.o)

  24. e.a.f. says:

    Dots you say, its more like boulders coming in an avalanche. Chrustie doesn’t have any respect for the democratic process & it goes back to her student days.

    we are stuck with the lieberals until the last possible day before she has to call an election & I’m sure if they could find away around that they would also.

    The MSM has a responsibility also for all of this mess. They didn’t report things which media used to report on. They must have thought they were part of the club. Now that we have sergent major Sara they can see they aren’t part of the club, they aren’t even invited through the door way.

    Chrustie was paid & bought for/by multi national corporations, the citizens of B.C. are just like pesky flys.

    I know the recall campaigns didn’t work but maybe another one would, somewhere in the province because as it stands now citizens aren’t getting the right to vote for who represents them. They have no MLA at all.

  25. Graham says:

    I am constantly annoyed in BC by the fact we never get to vote for someone. I’m not saying that we do not get to vote but it seems we get to vote against someone. The only reason that we were able to vote on the HST is because of the extreme efforts taken. We voted it out however, wonder if the ruling party allowed it to be on the election platform how we would have voted. I wonder . . . It is however just another example of how our rights are being trampled on. Where is our election se we can comment on the suitablity of our appointed premier. Better still I would like to see a viable third party so we could maybe have a minority government. Oh wait it’s too expensive . . . They never last . . . . Nothing gets accomplished . . . However, they are responsive to the electorite. Here are some examples of what some Minority governments in Canada have accomplished. 1. Universal healthcare. 2. Canadian Flag. 3. Canadian Pension Plan. 4. Elections called when Govenment is in scandal or being run poorly. I know I am an optimist but I also know that the public sectors unions are going to unwittingly provide the government with the means to manufacture a goodie budget and some people with fall for it. I know I will be yelling out BC Rail, HST (and spent all of that money during a campangne to have a vote), Olyimpic costs and infrastructure way higher than projected. Exactly how/when did the economy blossom after that event. Just my rambling thoughts

  26. larben says:

    Speaking of democracy being eroded vis a vis the BCTF and the government over their labour contract, can we say the same of both of them press-ganging very young children into wearing pink T-shirts in promotion of a sexual “ideal” that these kids could never understand, and of forcing parochial schools to teach that said lifestyle or attractions are perfectly normal in all ways, morally and otherwise? This despite the fact that their parents pay education taxes like all others in the province?

    (Response: Children should never be “forced” into participating in any kind of campaign. But I think teaching them about and getting them involved voluntarily in anti-discrimination anti-bullying programs and activities etc. is a positive thing, so they don’t end up as awful and bigotted as some of their parents. h.o.)

  27. mariner says:

    Re. Grahams comment on the HST.

    Isn’t the HST removal supposed to put the tax situation back to where it was originally, before the HST was voted out ?

    If so, aren’t the tax changes the BC Liberals want to make – illegal, wrt to the HST removal ????


  28. Leah says:

    Henri – sorry to confuse! I meant it’s time for us to start digging and find out how many politicians are buying properties elsewhere. With the horrific mess they’ve made, and how much worse it gets by the day…they might not feel safe here for too long once their terms are over and the pensions start kicking in.

    And no, that is not a threat – it’s an observation. 😀

  29. Gloria says:

    Another Common Wealth country’s media has said, how badly Democracy has been eroded in Canada. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken from us.

    Isn’t Boessenkool a Conservative who lobbied for Enbridge and worked for Harper? Why is Boessenkool working for Christy? However, Campbell works for Harper too. Campbell was rewarded, High Commissioner to England.

    I guess that’s why, so many citizens don’t bother to vote. Young people especially, don’t vote. I don’t blame them…I am to that point as well. We changed from one tyrant to another tyrant.

    Canada has steadily slid downhill. China is buying up the tar sands. They are bringing their own people, to work their vast projects.

    Campbell shipped some of our mills to China, along with our raw logs. China also owns BC mines…China is bringing their own miners, to work them.

    Campbell thieved and sold BC’s assets. Boessenkool and Christy are selling, what is left of BC’s buildings and Real Estate.

    We will see, just how many of Christy’s imported foreign workers, will be from China?

  30. Richard says:

    Avoid democracy at all costs. That’s the BC Liberal mantra. Blended with their extreme right wing ideology what we end up with is one of the most corrupt and unethical provincial governments in Canadian history.

    May 2013 can’t come soon enough. All the best Harvey. Keep up the good work!!

  31. larben says:

    Harvey, I do agree with you that children should be taught that they shouldn’t bully others for any reason, but we should all be taught to be discriminating to some extent. As a young boy in both parochial and public schools (50’s and 60’s) we were taught that, but we weren’t made to try to understand sexuality prior to, or during puberty. Nor were we made to do inane things like wear pink shirts to appease some teacher’s private passion. By the way, who gets to decide which parents are “awful and bigoted” – you?

    (Response: Not me. I think people like that give themselves with their own words and actions. h.o.)

  32. Canadian Malcontent says:

    We need a revolt as 2013 seems many years away.

    No kidding and since she is desperate I wonder if she would repeal the fix election date so she could go the full five years and have us not going to the polls until May 2014? She has nothing to lose and I am not saying she will do that but sometimes if one is desperate enough they will do desperate things so to speak.

    Voters have short memories unless it is to do with the NDP (but that is due to almost all the so called main stream media being right wing) . heck even the Robo call scandal which should have every Canadian up in arms seems to be fading for those that care as most do not from what I hear..

    (Response: I don’t think she would dare! But then again, I never expected her to wait until 2013 beforee seeking a mandate. h.o)

  33. Scotty on Denman says:

    The only thing that would drive me crazier than Christy repealing the fixed-election date (so’s to postpone her date with the political executioner) would be Christy bringing in easily-corruptible online voting….

    …No, wait…on second thought, an online referendum on online voting would drive me completely over the edge.

  34. ron wilton says:

    Connecting the dots is a very intriguing and betimes eye-opening enterprise.

    Conspiracy theorist and/or paranoid schizophrenic that I have become since sojourning into the netherworld of the blogosphere, I see larger dots over-arching the smaller dots, and even another larger layer above those.

    Clearly our present provincial government seems duty bound to create as much provincial mayhem and distress as any of us are equipped to tolerate, but in their turn, our masters of mayhem have, as yet unseen or confirmed, but larger suspected dots pulling their strings.

    In my paranoid condition, I see the present and long standing, but overwhelming infiltration of our provincial body politic by the federally connected Conservative (in name only) interlopers as a much larger organized intent to expedite the control of, and direct the disbursement of, all our publicly owned provincial assets and avenues to an even higher, suspected but as yet not clearly identified, layer of dots.

    I suspect the top echelon controllers deliberately and willfully recruit operators of sufficient temper of mindset to initiate their plans, but not inclined to advance in the hierarchy and thereby become a cause of concern beyond replacement.

    Seemingly, the acquisition of financial wealth beyond their ability to spend it in their lifetime is the goal, and the desecration of the planet and the impoverishment of most of the inhabitents, have no cause for concern or consideration to them as long as they maintain an overpowering military presence to cower the masses and assure their agenda.

    Democracy is not ‘threatened’ by these entities, for them it is nothing more than a philosphical concept which pales in deference to their motivating reality.

    We, with a sigh, and a nod to the hoplessness and helplessness of our condition, will continue to lead our lives of quiet desperation as long as we are not united and physically and mentally prepared to stop the madness.

    Perhaps attaching the names of the persons that each dot is represented by, would aid in our ability to target the sinster forces that so beguile us.

    The future for our children lays in the balance.

  35. CB says:

    Call me a frustrated resident of BC. I can not remember a time in BC history when I have been so disgusted and repulsed by this Liberal Government led by such an incompetent. She has total disregard for the people, reporters, economy and our beautiful eco systems. How is it that we can let this woman and the people she hires at our expense, who also show no regard to anyone, carry on and destroy this Province? We who did not elect her should be able to force her out. She has no clue about anything that is going on here, which is shown by her look at me attitude and I don’t have to talk to you. What happened to the open Government? Lied. Families first? Lied. Jobs? 39000, where? Lied. But I am Ok, my family first and forget the rest of you.

    Sorry, did’nt want to go on, but what can be done legally to start the process. She refuses to move.

  36. HB says:

    Over the years I have been increasingly distressed by public officials “not available for comment”, “didn’t respond by deadline”, “won’t comment”, and all of the rest of the nonsense of not being accountable.

    Is it not about time that there be a strike? If you won’t talk to us, we will not talk to you.

    Is this totally unrealistic?

    Something must be done to re-invigorate democracy.

    Keep up the good fight.

  37. Hugh says:

    Remember the 2010 Olympics, there was Bill 13 which allowed police to break into people’s homes to remove signs. Bill 13 is still there, only no longer in force.

  38. Ara Hepburn says:

    We want a balanced gov’t that works for both taxpayer and business. Now that the buy-elections have been called Phil Hochstein of the IBCA, (part of Business that really runs this province) will have to stop the NDP attack ads. Remember how much he spent to keep the HST when the Lieberals in their hubris did not register as opponents so could not legally run opposition?
    All he’s got is ‘a memo’??? After 10 years of egregious Liberal corruption?!?!
    And fed up with our taxpayer monies being used against us by this illegal gov’t also.

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