BC Greens Choose New Leader as Handicapped, Elderly Suffer Under BC’s ONLY Green-Governed Body

BC Greens leadership hopefuls will debate Tuesday … but I doubt they’ll even discuss, let stand up for the thousands of mobility-challenged handicapped, elderly and families still being discriminated against and shut out of many areas of Stanley Park.

The Vancouver Park Board … the only governing body in Canada I’m aware of where elected GREENS hold sway … has made a shambles of areas under its jurisdiction!

Take a look at the degree of permissiveness, even encouragement, they’ve imposed on our city campgrounds … oops, I mean “parks” … and the ugliness and dysfunctionality they’ve inflicted on our world-renowned gem of Stanley Park.

The GREEN/COPE dominated Board still blocks ANY entry to the Park from the North Shore, still denies vehicle access to several popular sites, including Brockton Point, the Nine-o-clock gun, the Lighthouse and still discourages/severely limits even stopping close to the Prospect Point viewpoint, restaurant, the Tea House or use of ANY of the exits directly into the West End and English Bay.

It’s all part of what I described months ago as the “hate-on” for cars by the GREEN/COPE controlled Park Board … not just blocking TOTAL access to Stanley Park, but all the parking lots at Vancouver’s waterfront parks and beaches.

The Board said they were fighting Covid … but tens of thousands (those capable of walking, running, cycling there) were still allowed to access all those areas … keeping out ONLY those who could get to any of them in a vehicle: notably the handicapped; elderly.

And the NDP/Green/COPE-controlled Vancouver City Hall has aided and abetted the discrimination and systemic war on those who drive cars by removing parking on abutting streets and restricting access anywhere nearby. (Amazingly, even though Vancouver is now supposedly in Phase Three Re-opening, the “Temporary” No Stopping area on Arbutus, north of Cornwall remains!)

SOME parking lots were re-opened and SOME car access was PARTIALLY restored to Stanley Park in late June … but the Park now looks the ugliest I have ever seen it; and, getting around for both motorists and cyclists is now so challenging, it’s almost impossible to enjoy the drive around.

A terrific story on CTV News at Six this past week revealed the Park Board spent $75,000 on those ugly orange traffic cones now marring Stanley Park. How GREEN is that??? And they’re paying out another $10,000 a month on electric signing warning visitors of all the new changes/restrictions.

And how’s this: the CTV report said accidents involving pedestrians, bikes, vehicles in the park are HIGHER under the new setup than before!

And not even petitions signed by 30,000 voters appealing for ALL areas of Stanley Park to be open to ALL (Equality USED TO BE a good thing!) or several really sad appeals/interviews on radio and television by handicapped or very elderly victims of Green policy …. or even appeals/threats of lawsuits by severely impacted local businesses moved the GREEN-dominated Park Board!

As I said before …every BC voter should take a look at life under the fascist-style governance of the Greens at the Vancouver Park Board: be warned!!!

The BC Greens will announce their new leader Sept 14.

Will the issue even come up at the BC Greens Leadership Debate Tuesday? Will the media push any of the three candidates running about the suffering of the handicapped and elderly under the GREEN-dominated Park Board?

Let’s hope so!

The Greens in power have shown they are ideologues: fascist-style dictators driven by uncompromising ideology and unresponsive to public appeals … and heartless too: ignoring the discriminating and harmful impact their policies have had on so many handicapped and elderly victims.

Harv Oberfeld

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18 Responses to BC Greens Choose New Leader as Handicapped, Elderly Suffer Under BC’s ONLY Green-Governed Body

  1. nvg says:

    “the only governing body in Canada where elected GREENS hold sway … ”

    That’s an interesting thought.

    And the Greens in Victoria don’t hold sway over British Columbia’s governing body which is in Canada.

    (Response: Some Victoria Council members may identify personally as supporters of the Greens or other parties … but the Official results of Victoria’s 2018 election does NOT list most by party electoral organization: check it out https://www.victoria.ca/assets/City~Hall/Elections/OFFICIAL%20RESULTS_Declaration2018.pdf h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    The Green Party is not “Green”, rather it is a mixture of political wannabe’s, political hacks, and an assorted mixture of people who do not fit other party molds.

    Green, hell no.

    Certainly there are “Green” people who believe in environmentalism and so forth, but they are few and in-between.

    The so called car-haters now sitting on Vancouver council do not understand the transit issue, nor do they understand what should do.

    No sir they ban cars in Stanley Park, affecting mobility impaired people and vote for a $3 billion half subway which will siphon money from other, much more needed transit initiatives.

    Today’s Greens are an embarrassment and from what i can see is nosediving in popularity.

    So many of them suffer from today’s malady of people who think they know everything but in the end, know nothing.

    Arrogance, combined with ignorance is a very bad thing and unfortunately the Green party suffers badly from this.

    From what was a party to park my vote because my opinion of the other big 3 is about as low as one can get, but today the Greens rate a 0, the NDP a 1, the Conservatives are tied with the Liberals at a rating of 2.

    It is so, so sad that out politics have been driven into the ground and no party has the moral fibre to do what is good for Canada and not their political friends.

    (Response: Actually, the current Stanley Park access/traffic fiasco is both anti-Green and dangerous. There’s extra pollution of cars lining up, crawling behind a horse-drawn carriage or idling at places where they can’t stop to admire a view, plus CTV says there have been MORE accidents involving cyclists, pedestrians, vehicles than before AND the exclusive extreme uphill bike lane heading up to Prospect Point is literally insurmountable for many casual bikers/families. There were reportedly fewer problems when cars/bikes shared both lanes of the roads. Looks to me like this is just ideology gone amuck serving a small vocal selfish minority at the substantial expense of the majority. Disgraceful. h.o)

  3. e.a.f. says:

    Nothing worse than a senior, retired journalist/reporter, with time on their hands and a blog of their own. The Greens might want to pay attention! Its just not those of us who read and comment here, but most of us I’m sure talk a lot to others and you can imagine one of the topics. Back in the day, 1970s, organizations who weren’t happy with a government or their policy used to know that for each letter which they sent to their M.P. meant to the politician there would be another thousand with a similar opinion.

    This could have an impact on the Green party is there were to be an election federally or provincially. The ads would be easy to put together: this is what happens when the Greens have power and its impact on the disabled…………….a few sliding bikes, cars not knowing where to go, ugly cones everywhere, etc.

    What is going on in Stanley Park is not a good thing. It clearly demonstrates the Greens don’t care about a large segment of society and small business. This isn’t helping the Tea House at all. Now it maybe the Greens want the Tea House gone, but for some of us, it holds memories, and it does provide jobs.

    In my opinion the Greens haven’t gotten the concept that humans form part of the ecology and have the right to walk and drive around parks in the City of Vancouver. There is a plan, that I am sure, but that plan which has now been activated, for phase one, isn’t about you, me, our friends and neighbours, relatives, who aren’t joggers, etc. but something else.

    The cost of all of this, although at some level is minimal, it ought not to be money used in this manner during these times. the money ought to be spent on other things. We still do have that drug death problem in the province.

    The message the Greens are sending is disabled and elderly human beings don’t really count. The news report I saw clearly demonstrated what a clusterfuck it is in the park. Time for the Greens to be voted out of office.

    (Response: As I have written before, I have actually voted Green on occasion in the past because I have seen with my own eyes the terrible negative impact of climate change etc. However, I am … like I believe MOST Canadians are … a moderate: I don’t just give lip service to respecting/supporting minorities and others with different needs and desires, but truly believe accommodating/co-operating together is the best way to achieve improvements. Unfortunately, the GREENS/COPE running the Park Board have governed in my view more as fanatical ideology-driven Ayatollahs, who have inflicted great pain and suffering on hundreds of thousands people who used to really enjoy Stanley Park. The GREENs have not sufficiently listened, have not sufficiently accommodated others … not even the handicapped, the mobility challenged seniors or businesses/workers struggling to survive under their unilaterally imposed catering to a much smaller minority. Disgraceful! Imagine if the GREENS ran the entire city or province!!! I hope the media go after the contenders for the party’s top job to see where they stand on such gross intolerance and shameful governance. h.o)

  4. e.a.f. says:

    D.M. Johnston, your first para. is bang on. That is what the party has become. Thank you for the reminder. There is at least one Green M.P. who was rejected by the N.D.P. and joined the Greens to get elected. I understand people quitting a party to join another, once elected, out of principle, but shopping for a party who will accept you as a candidate, na not so much. I understand one political party “head hunting” another to go from Provincial to Federal, but the Greens, as a way to get ahead, not so much.

  5. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, I have been re-reading an article entitled Auto-Mobility and Freedom by Sam Kazman. I think it can probably be accessed on Google for those who might like to read it. In the article he, among other things posits, that getting rid of cars is a means of control and taking away of personal liberty. It is much easier if you have people all living in rabbit warrens, rather than being able to come and go as they please, without having to rely on mass transit for mobility, and being able to live where they please, even if that area is not serviced by transit. He also brings up many other points, city planning for instance, and the role of ecology groups such as Greenpeace. A number of things he argues against, fit right in with what you say about the “Do What You’re Told” group in the Parks Board that obviously hate cars.

    (Response: Based on the GREENS actions at the Park Board level, there is no doubt in my mind that GREENS want to discourage the use of cars by restricting their access, slowing traffic to a crawl, eliminating parking, increasing taxes, fees, meters etc. etc … and have us all literally march or cycle to THEIR tune. And Yes, severely limiting and restricting people’s mobility also limits and restricts their freedom … and forces conformity. They got away with it at the Park Board level because too few voters showed up at the polls: unaware of their intentions and how ruthlessly they would impose their ideology … even openly discriminating against the frail elderly and the handicapped to impose their will. No one should doubt the GREENS would do the same if they ever took over City Hall or the BC government. h.o)

  6. nvg says:

    H.O. When I wrote “Greens in Victoria don’t hold sway over British Columbia’s governing body” I was referring to the BC Legislative Assembly not the City of Victoria.

    (Response: 🙂 You meant THAT Victoria! Well, the Greens in the legislature have “influence” over a minority government. But that’s NOTHING like having/being the real power to determine major policies, legislation… and at the legislature, that’s clearly the NDP. h.o)

  7. nonconfidencevote says:

    When I first moved here years ago I was amused that they actually had elected Parks Board Members.
    Elections? For Parks? And people actually vote?
    Usually the Parks Board was a dept of bureaucrats run by city council.

    Then I realized it was a stepping stone for neophyte political hacks that eventually allowed their inflated egos to consider running for City Council and ….if their egos inflated enough…..Provincial politics.

    The elected Parks board should be abolished and the money saved put into buying manure for the flowers.

    (Response: The Park Board should be disbanded: it should merely exist as an advisory committee set up by and under City Hall. The current setup lets them rule like Ayatollahs … pushing their own ideology, dedicated and catering to only a small minority, inflicting all kinds of discrimination and suffering on others … while their fellow ideologues/allies at City Hall can PRETEND it has nothing to do with them! And in this case, City Hall has even aided and abetted the Park Board’s abuse of the handicapped and mobility challenged elderly: removing street parking and even barricading street access in areas close to popular parks/beaches. h.o)

  8. DBW says:

    I was going to stay out of this one, but oh well…

    Sample size Harvey. In your (non-joking?) discussion of hockey referees and bias against Canadian teams you used a sample size of 10 games (7-3) as evidence. “The facts speak for themselves.” Later when I pointed out that it was now 17-13 (a drop from 70-57%) you said that made you even more paranoid. It is now 18-16 (53%) which is pretty much insignificant.

    Now in this discussion you are using a sample size of ONE, a city parks board with only 3 Greens 0ut of 7 members, who have put in a controversial policy that you don’t like to suggest that

    The Greens in power have shown they are ideologues: fascist-style dictators driven by uncompromising ideology and unresponsive to public appeals … and heartless too

    Don’t get me wrong Harvey. I don’t care if you hate the Greens. You don’t like the perceived anti-Semitism in their ranks. You don’t like their anti-car, anti-pipeline platform. Perfectly good reasons to stay clear if that is the case. But

    In your last post, despite your misgivings about the Harper led Conservatives, you are still willing to give Erin O’Toole a shot. Although you did say you may vote for the Liberals despite misgivings about them. Are you willing to give Annamie Paul who you seemed to like when you wrote about her the same consideration or one of the three hopefuls in the BC race. Or are the workings of three minor politicians and their one controversial decision on a political body that they don’t even completely control going to colour your perception of the Greens forever and always.

    And to be clear Harvey, I am not a supporter of the Green Party. I have never voted for them. It will be interesting to see what happens next civic election and whether or not your outrage is citywide enough to affect change at the polls.

    My concern is broad generalizations based on insignificant sample sizes.

    (Response: First of all, don’t downplay the anti-Semitism inside the GREENS by calling it “perceived”. Did you read what their own leadership candidate said she has faced: not ONE insult or ONE denunciation for being Jewish … but several. Shameful and made worse by the fact that the GREENS haven’t drummed those people out of the party. I have NO doubt they would already be gone had they attacked any candidate for being Black or Muslim or Indigenous … why do the GREENS give a pass to anti-Semites??? As for the sample of ONE: I think in terms of any party taking power for the first time .. ONE is enough. Just ask the people of Belarus, Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Saudi Arabia … ONE power term was quite enough for citizens to realize what kind of fascist dictators had taken over and would be controlling their lives … blind to the majority’s desires, rights and suffering, catering only to their own ideology and fanatical followers. And notice, NO ONE from the BC or federal GREENS have spoken out and criticized the actions and discrimination and suffering inflicted by the Park Board GREENS! h.o)

  9. nonconfidencevote says:

    “ONE power term was quite enough for citizens to realize what kind of fascist dictators had taken over and would be controlling their lives … blind to the majority’s desires, rights and suffering, catering only to their own ideology”

    Reminds me of Trudeau and HIS new Green agenda…………$450 BILLION in debt THIS YEAR and climbing.
    The insanity of the Green agenda.
    Numbers, people, …….nothing else matters……. just THEIR ideology.

  10. hawgwash says:

    How did we get from Vancouver Greens and the Parks Board to Belarus, Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Saudi Arabia? That has to be a record for HO deflection.

    “ONE power term was quite enough for citizens to realize what kind of fascist dictators had taken over and would be controlling their lives.”

    Stuart MacKinnon was first elected to the Parks Board in 2008. The top three Parks Board vote getters in 2018, were the Green members, all of them receiving 50% more votes than the number four spot and the rest of the pack.

    Had I lived in Vancouver, those would not have been my choices, but Harvey, you are clearly at odds with the majority of Vancouver voters.

    (Response: I disagree: I never saw ANY Greens campaigning for the Park Board vowing to bar cars 100% from Stanley Park under any circumstances; shut off totally the exit to or access from the North Shore; block all three direct exits from the Park into the West End; and shut off almost all vehicle access to the restaurants in the Park. I doubt they would have won if they had revealed those ideas/plans … many of which, by the way are STILL in place, even though we are supposedly now in Phase Three restoration of norms. The challenge will be how they do in the NEXT election … and hopefully other more moderate parties will get out enough voters to toss the leftist extremists. h.o)

  11. DBW says:

    Harvey I actually debated with myself about whether to respond both originally and after your response to me. I don’t want to diminish your passion for the situation in Stanley Park. Doesn’t matter whether people agree or disagree with that stance, you are using your voice in a peaceful, democratic way to oppose a decision. Good for you. But, there is always a but.

    1. I said “perceived” anti-Semitic because the Green Party has federal, provincial and maybe even civic parties. The anti-Semiticism complaint seems to be at the federal level mainly because of BDS which is no longer a policy. One of the contenders for the federal Greens is an advocate of BDS and he was removed from the Green shadow cabinet back in 2016 because of his stance. This was before it became policy. He was a vocal critic of Andrew Weaver because Weaver opposed the BDS motion. Are you suggesting or have any evidence that the provincial Greens or the three guys on the Parks board are anti-Semitic?

    2. There is no doubt that Annamie Paul has faced racist bigotry. I am not trying to downplay it. It is repugnant. But you make it sound like the leadership knows who these bigots are. You said you had no doubt that these people would be drummed out if the attacks had been against a black or Muslim or Indigenous person. Harvey, Annamie Paul is black. She converted to Judaism after meeting her Jewish husband. During the townhall virtual debate somebody hacked in. Paul was called the N word and the candidate with Syrian ancestry was called a F’ing Jew. The non-Jewish Syrian! That is how ignorant bigots can be. But the leadership quickly denounced this attack and contacted the RCMP to see if the hackers could be traced.

    3. Annamie Paul does want federal Greens to be more diverse. She wants the party to be more forceful when denouncing racists as silence only emboldens the haters. That is fair criticism. But if the party was that rife with anti-Semiticism why in the world would a person of Ms Paul’s credentials make the effort to become its leader. She is not trying for the leadership of the Klan. She has said that she will be a stronger voice for diversity and rooting out extremists. I applaud her.

    4, By the way, all of this is a bit of a distraction from my sample size complaint as I see you have now doubled down. Are you seriously comparing the entirety of the Green party, provincially and federally, to abusive, dictatorial regimes like Iran, Cuba, Venezuela etc who are in power through revolution or military coup because of a single parks board decision that you don’t like?

    5. I am sure there is plenty to discuss and disagree with both the federal and provincial Greens as they choose new leadership. Did you watch the debate. When I tried to find a news report all I could find was a link to youtube which I don’t have the time or the inclination to watch. And that is the problem. We don’t have the time or inclination to study something in depth, so it’s easy to come up with conclusions (which may or may not be correct) based on flimsy evidence.

    (Response: I have seen no signs that the BC Greens are directly anti-Semitic ,,, but can’t help but notice they have not issued a statement or press release condemning the attacks inside the federal party against a leadership candidate. In fact, former BC leader Andrew Weaver DID speak out when the anti-Semitism reared its ugly head on the federal level. Do BC Greens now only stand up against racism when it directly affects themselves? They know very well how badly it makes the Green movement look …and should speak out. As for their style of government, I see very little difference between the way the GREEN/COPE group on the Park Board govern and the way the Ayatollahs and dictators of the countries mentioned: they seem to me to cater to only their far left wing anti-vehicle base: totally oblivious to REAL public consultations, petitions, appeals and the suffering their decisions have had on others … in fact the vast majority of the population who do not cycle, cant run or even walk all the way around Stanley Park, all those people who have invested big dollars into park businesses and the harm the Board has inflicted on those who work at those establishments ..or at least used to.

    By the weay, if anyone wants to take the City’s Survey on what was done to the park … and hopefully, support restoring it’s beauty and accessibility to all …here’s the link: https://shapeyourcity.ca/stanley-park.

  12. Harry Lawson says:


    I was born and raised in Vancouver, I remember a park system that was the envy of all.

    We had free parking ,we had affordable concession stands, we had garbage picked up daily , we had grass cut and flowers and trees cared for. We had bathrooms open and clean . Hell you could even run a drop in yoga for the the community without a permit or fine lol,

    That was the legacy of past boards,

    Look at the park system now that is the legacy of the visionites and the greens.

    Do you really want the greens involved in any level of government.

    (Response: No. I voted Green in the past …but now that I’ve seen how dictatorial, unresponsive to public appeals …even to the point of inflicting suffering on the handicapped and the elderly … just to push what I believe is a hate-on-cars agenda, I would never vote for them again. I hope people respond to the survey, supporting what used to be a proud, democratic principle many fought so hard for decades to achieve: EQUALITY. Open ALL areas ALL access to ALL. Restore the park road/seawall/sites to the way they used to be ..ironically, when there were FEWER reported accidents, injuries: open to all and then educate/emphasize respect, co-operation and safety. h.o)

  13. DBW says:

    Harvey – you can disagree with the Parks Board decision. You can disagree with how they implemented the plan. You can even say although some might find this hyperbolic

    “I see very little difference between the way the GREEN/COPE group on the Park Board govern and the Ayatollahs.

    because you are directing criticism at the people involved. But even here, your assessment breaks down. When was the last time the Ayatollahs consulted with their constituents with a survey similar to the one you linked.

    Anyway, I feel I am sounding too much like a Green supporter when I try to explain that you can’t lump an entire group into a handy package based on the actions of three people, so let me shift away a bit.

    Whatever possessed me to do this I don’t know but I went to your twitter account to see if anybody responds there to your articles. Nothing on this one or the Conservative leadership or the NHL BUT on the “anti-Semiticism rearing its head in the Green Party” there was a single comment. “Palestinian and Indigenous Lives Matter.” So I went to that guy’s twitter account and away we go into the inner world of the Federal Green Party.

    Seems that some members of the federal Greens still want a policy on BDS which – as an outsider – is not something that would inspire me to support the Greens. They are talking about a guaranteed liveable wage, climate policies, restructuring the economy for the future, improving the social safety net. Those are hills that I would die on and I believe there are plenty of Canadians who feel the same. Foreign affairs in general and a specific policy directed at one country is not going to garner much voter support. Might even be negative.

    But the problem is even weirder. Most parties are top down. What Trudeau or O’Toole or Singh want the party wants. The Greens are proud of their bottom up approach. Annamie Paul has been critical of Israeli settlement policies but she does not support BDS. As far as I can tell, her critics are asking that she say she will support BDS should the party move in that direction.

    From what little I know Annamie Paul would make a good leader of the Greens. I know almost zero about the other candidates. But oh the drama within that party.

    Serves me right for checking your twitter feed.

    (Response: We agree. The agenda most supporters/voters identify with the Greens deals with the environment … and the crisis I agree the world faces. Not BDS! Especially when the Greens ONLY single out the Jewish state …passing NO resolutions calling for boycotts of much worse human rights violator/murderous states. … and remember, that BDS motion PASSED at its federal convention ,so they can’t argue anti-Semitism discrimination is only a hatred held by a minority. Just to remind people how bad it is within the Greens: here’s my original post: http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/greens-make-anti-israel-hate-official-policy/ …and then the follow up: http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/weaverbc-greens-disavow-federal-greens-policy-of-hate/. Now, here it is again ..raising its ugly head with insults and questions of “loyalty” to Canada directed at a leadership candidate who is Jewish! Disgusting! And what makes it even worse…the party has not responded, tossed the bigots out. Says a lot to me. h.o)

  14. Gilbert says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but Annamie Paul isn’t so well-known, is she? I would never guess she was Jewish by her name nor her appearance. Is she prominent in the Jewish community?

    (Response: Don’t fret: I had never heard of either until I decided to check up on the federal Greens leadership race. I learned she had previously been a candidate for the party in Toronto, was impressed by her background … here’s a link to her Bio: https://www.annamiepaul.ca/about … and then I discovered the article about her in Vancouver’s Jewish Independent, in which she openly discussed how surprised she was at all the anti-Semitic insults/abuse she had been subjected to within the Greens since declaring her candidacy. (Click on that article in my Blog piece for details.) What really motivated my piece was my surprise that neither the party nor Canada’s national media had covered … let alone dealt with … the disgusting bigoted attacks: I have no doubt that if ANY candidate had been attacked or told he/she had no business running because they were Black or Muslim or Indigenous etc. the party and the media would have been all over the issue! But somehow anti-Semitic attacks have been given a pass. Disgraceful! h.o)

  15. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey Lawson, you must be old because I am and I remember the same park system. I remember Second Beach, which is where we usually went on weekends. Bathrooms were very clean as were the changing rooms. No garbage around on the ground. Fish and Chips were excellent and reasonably priced, so were the ice cream bars. the parental unit simply parked the car, we found a spot and you were there for the day. Some times your parents would see people they knew from work. Just about every one must have gone because it was where one of our parental units was recruited to sing with the Vancouver Opera. Yes, went to get fish and chips and as usual was singing. Man walking by heard him, stopped him, introduced himself, gave him his card and told him to come. He sang for years with the chorus of the Vancouver Opera.

    From what I can remember of that time, and not just in Vancouver, people who were involved in local politics frequently were in it to help their community, not to get ahead in politics. It was more about what you contributed than about who you were. I can remember as a teenager, one of my friend’s Dad was a senior officer of a major B.C. corp and his specialty was handling the finances of the corp. He was asked to run for the local school board which he did and then was voted to head it. It was because of his understanding of money, not his political leanings. It would be nice if those who ran for the Park Board were interested in parks and their good maitance rather than a political agenda. Alas, that isn’t going to happen any time soon, so we will most likely see the current situation continue until all are parks are either unusable due to camping or restrictions on the elderly, disabled, and those at the end of the economic scale.

    When I look back on it, there was a progression for our family. First the City beaches, then camping, and eventually a lovely house on the beach in the Gulf Islands. For many now, the first stage is impossible to attain. How very sad for the children who won’t know what fun is to be had at the beaches of Vancouver and for the elderly who might want to look at the ocean and re live their younger years.

    Happy Labour Day Weekend, and please every one, wear your mask and socially distance.

    (Response: Nice memories ..for not only Harry. My first “apt” in Vancouver was in one of Dicimbriani’s white and black City within a City houses …with just a bed, hotplate and toilet … shared shower/bath. Then I moved up, literally, to a suite in an apt building on Barclay. Loved the West End, English Bay, Dineland Chinese, Pizza Patio and the neighborhood atmosphere! Everybody got along …courtesy ruled. Now …it’s different: so many pedestrians and cyclists who seem angry … jaywalking everywhere midblock, crossing against Dont Walk lights, showing no courtesy for others, living out their hate-on those who drive … encouraged by elected City and Park Board extremists …who, by the way, are STILL barring street parking/access along much of it, including blocked entrances to parking lots all along Beach Ave … all of them CLOSED to driving public, including Second Beach, the viewpoint loops etc … further insulting and barring handicapped and elderly from getting anywhere near. So much for sharing and brotherly/sisterly love under the NDP/Greens/COPE now running the city. h.o)

  16. DBW says:

    Harvey back in the NHL ref conspiracy theory blog post, I suggested that you had to be joking and wondered how serious you were about other topics. (Before I go on, the Canucks had fewer penalties in six of the seven games bringing the playoff total to 19-18 favouring the Canadian teams.)

    Now in this post. Am I to take you seriously, when you say,

    so many pedestrians and cyclists who seem angry … jaywalking everywhere midblock, crossing against Dont Walk lights, showing no courtesy for others, living out their hate-on those who drive … encouraged by elected City and Park Board extremists

    OK don’t live in Vancouver, so the first half of the sentence I will accept. But they are behaving this way for no other reason than their hate on for cars and this discourteous if not illegal behaviour is being encouraged by City Hall and Parks Board extremists. Seriously?

    And this idea that people get involved in civic politics not for the good of the community but for personal advancement should be studied. I have been involved in two civic appointed community groups for the past 12 years. I don’t think anybody I have worked with has used these volunteer jobs as a stepping stone to a school board or council position. And if they did, their experience on these boards should be helpful in their new position. No doubt there are people on school board and council who may be driven by personal gain and some people don’t know when to quit, but at the civic level anyway, I think more are driven by a desire to help rather than gain personally.

    Maybe this is just a small town thing. Really don’t know. But, before Vancouver gets rid of the Parks Board (which may or may not be a good idea) I would strongly suggest it get rid of the political parties. On our city council, I kind of know who may be left leaning or right leaning (eg union leader, chamber of commerce etc) and no doubt they get support/endorsements from members of certain organizations but I never feel that any of them are involved in any political partisanship. There is no way anybody in my town or pretty much any BC town except Vancouver could refer to a Parks Board or School Board or Council as Green or NPA or whatever led. It is a total distraction to the what should be individual contributions of each member. There may be a role for parties at the more diverse provincial or federal level but at the city level not really. Look at the US for example where there are huge problems in various cities and it comes down to finger pointing – Democrat or Republican led.

    I think I am done. Looking forward to a new post.

    (Response: Yes, seriously. I don’t just make these things up: I drive around the city quite a lot and I pay attention to what I see, experience .. and there is absolutely a BIG difference/decline in pedestrian/cyclist courtesy towards motorists in certain parts of Vancouver. And among the WORST areas for that are the downtown eastside and the West End … where so many pedestrians literally show no respect for others. Now, I can understand why that may happen in the downtown eastside; but the West End??? I believe it’s because City Hall sanctions it all, by lowering speed limits to 30 km/hour …that’s 18 miles an hour, blocking off so many streets to vehicles completely, making the use of others very difficult, prohibiting any turns at all at many intersections, reducing/denying parking on both commercial and residential streets both downtown and in the West End … all of that accompanied by almost ZERO enforcement of jaywalking bylaws, cycling bylaws anywhere … mid-block or even at busy intersections…. where Don’t Walk signals mean NOTHING! All this contributes to the sense of privilege/exemption many pedestrians/cyclists flaunt … and without any enforcement, City Hall is encouraging that to get even worse. h.o)

  17. Jason says:

    Many thanks, Mr Oberfeld, for continuing to cover the Green Party and its shenanigans while in office and the issues around anti-semitism in its Federal leadership race (which I first read about here and had to look very hard around the internet to find any more information about it).

    I posted about the Green’s back in June and I continue to maintain that despite their claims that they are a moderate political movement, that in reality, they are a project of the hard left.

    If anyone thinks that the Green’s are merely interested in ecological concerns (a reasonable thing to worry about) just have a look at the (Green) Park Board Commissioners twitter account. You’ll find a rather interesting litany of demands to legalize narcotics, feminist stimulus projects, and decolonizing Canadian institutions. Oh, and allow for drinking liquor in public parks, while defunding the Vancouver City Police Department.

    One might think the Green’s are simply delusional but I think it’s much more than that. They are a revolutionary political movement, designed to undermine the rule of law and sundry other institutions that we all rely upon. And I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic. The Green’s need to be voted out of office at the next Civic Election. The NPA really need to make their move at this point. (And I actually consider myself a mild NDP voter but I’ll vote right wing if I have to, if only to restore a semblance of sanity to the city).

    A bit off topic but I find it interesting to read some of the comments about the decline of the park system in Vancouver in the discussion. I think things really started to take a downward spiral under the ten years of Vision Vancouver rule. An example are the Field Houses in the parks. Previously there were live in caretakers who were on site night and day to keep an eye on the parks and maintain the facilities but the Vision Park Boards began turning the some of the Field Houses into art studios and I think at one point, housing for refugees. Relatively quickly, the facilities began to become run down (eg. the washrooms became unclean, the soap dispensers were unfilled, the hand dryers failed to work etc.).

    Vision previously (and the Greens today) hold these wonderfully politically correct attitudes but they can’t perform the basic tasks of maintaining basic public services. It’s time to replace them with representatives who can!

    (Response: The NPA certainly has to get its act together: lots of internal friction and pretty mild spokespersons on so many disastrous policies that are harming not just the Park Board jurisdictions, but City Hall’s as well. And the moderate voters, who support sharing and accommodation and tolerance for others’ needs/desires have to step up too: the radical left activists and bike lobbyists etc. are very good about getting out to the polls, making sure their Green/COPE allies get elected. Hopefully, in the next elections, more people will realize they are indeed affected by the outcome …and will turn out to get rid of the Green/COPE radicals. h.o)

  18. hawgwash says:

    Stanley Park is quite a hot button; what are they trying to distract us from?
    Now the Vancouver Humane Society wants horse drawn carriages banned. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/petition-calls-for-park-board-to-boot-horse-drawn-carriages-from-stanley-park-1.5094269

    Gilbert; I’m still trying to figure out how to tell a Jewish person by appearance.

    DBW; Think Evander Holyfield.

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