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BC Greens … Once More … Could Prove NDP’s Nightmare

April 5th, 2017 · 47 Comments

Sometimes I enjoy watching re-runs on TV … like Columbo, Hogans’ Heros (sorry), Blazing Saddles, Fawlty Towers and any Monty Python creation.

But I like my politics FRESH and NEW … even though, let’s face it, it’s often the same old scripts and dramas re-run again … but at least with new faces on new issues, new arguments and new accusations and even new scandals and new charges.

Yet here we go again.

The 2017 election campaign is so far looking so much like the last one, in 2013.

The NDP is leading the polls province-wide at 29% support; the Liberals are in second place at 25% and the Greens are trailing again at 14%.

However, there ARE signs the Greens could prove spoilers … hurt the NDP even more than they did last time.

According to the latest Mainstreet/Postmedia polling,  on Vancouver Island … for the first time ever, the Greens are LEADING with 25% expressed voter support, followed by the NDP at 22% and the Liberals at 20%.

But take out the “undecided” voters and the Greens are TIED on Vancouver Island with the Liberals, at 32% voter support, with the NDP trailing both at 28%.


BAD news for the NDP, who have had four years to come up with new strategies, policies and appeal to the undecided and center-of-the-road middle class voters to outflank and even sweep aside the impact of their arch nemesis Green competition.

Sure does not look at this point like they have succeeded in ANY of that!


No attractive new plans or policies? Not a very effective or appealing leader? Or still stuck fighting old battles, with old promises, old give-away policies?

Apparently absolutely nothing …so far … to move or motivate enough voters to even get out and vote with any enthusiasm.  Even though, I’m sure their strategists know,  a low turnout will likely benefit the Liberals.

The way things are going right now, I would not be surprised to see the Greens take much of Vancouver Island and the Liberals, once again, take enough of the interior, the north and the Lower Mainland to stay in power.

Of course, we still have a full month to go … but with all the Liberal attack ads gearing up and the promises, cheques and gifts still to come … hard to see at THIS point, how the Official Opposition will become government.

Unless the people have simply had enough of Christy and her crew.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 r // Apr 5, 2017 at 7:41 am

    split the vote ..sink the boat.? Are greens BC Lib lite?

  • 2 North Van's Grumps // Apr 5, 2017 at 8:17 am

    An NDP nightmare??

    Majority of voter nightmares

  • 3 D. M. Johnston // Apr 5, 2017 at 10:46 am

    So far, the NDP are like the Bourbons of old, they have forgotten nothing and they have learned nothing.

    The NDP live in an alternative universe and their elections reflect this.

    That being said, I think the “Greens” are worrying the Liberals more than the NDP.


    Undoubtedly the BC Liberal government is utterly and completely corrupt and many a BC Liberal (those who detest the NDP) may just want to park their vote with the Greens for this election.


    According Norman Ferrel, the BC debt, including finical obligations has skyrocketed under Clark to $170 billion. Even if the NDP get in, there is not much they can do, the province is next to bankrupt and the real provincial GNP, when one subtract house sales, is poor.

    The Greens have always been BC Liberal lite and I do not see any “Greenness’ with the Greens.

    Again, this will be the NDP’s election to lose and I think they will, where money and a Trump style campaign, may convince the rabid right-wingers to vote for them, with fake news and alternative facts.

    The people who will be most hurt will be those who do not vote, because civics is not taught anymore, are the 18 to 30 crowd and they have given up, defeated before they could even start, they don’t care but are waiting to get even.

    (Response: I doubt the Greens really expect to win …but imagine the political earthquake that would shake this province if they became Official Opposition …or even took over the NDP stronghold of Vancouver Island. h.o)

  • 4 Howard // Apr 5, 2017 at 10:51 am

    You said it all, and it’s like Groundhog Day watching the NDP being effectively the enablers of the sickening Liberals and their witch-like leader once again, and it seems in perpetuity.

    The NDP really sucks, and it’s hard to imagine how the Mike Farnworths and David Ebys can stand being a part of it, and have to exist under
    the uninspiring, low energy “leadership” of such a dullard as they now have up front.

    My choice in Coquitlam is between a Liberal who was evidently selected based on race and an NDP incumbent who has successfully duplicated the same worthless representation as an MLA that she provided as a member of the city council.

    I haven’t seen anything from the Green candidate since the news of her nomination, but she’s likely going to get my vote based solely on her party’s values and leadership.

    I agree with every single word of your post and see the proverbial “fresh Hell” of another term
    of Liberal depravity a virtual certainty.

    (Response: If Horgan doesn’t pull a victory out of his campaign bag, I’d bet Eby will become the next NDP leader. But despite my opinion expressed in this piece, a lot can happen or come out in the campaign and any debates before May 9…so Clark and the Libs should not be too confident. h.o)

  • 5 13 // Apr 5, 2017 at 11:45 am

    Great to see your back.
    I agree with your assessment. I look forward to the attack ads with the eventual liberal victory

    (Response: I’m almost embarrassed to say it but I enjoy the attack ads …more than all the promises, platitudes and phony smiles on so many of the “regular” ads. h.o)

  • 6 Harry lawson // Apr 5, 2017 at 12:33 pm


    Welcome back, I agree with your assessment, Christy Clark has never stopped campaigning, regetfully the NDP hasn’t started. When the NDP ousted Carol James they basically killed their chances for government. Do I think that the liberals or the ndp deserve to govern ? No. The ndp couldnt even act as oppossition yet they want to govern.

    The greens will play a pivotal role this election. We could end up with the greens having the balance of power in a minority government. That will truly be interesting

    (Response: Politics are always interesting for those of us who are political junkies …or just care about what is going on in our city, province or country. Good to be back at it. h.o)

  • 7 Gene The Bean // Apr 5, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    Fresh and New … in BC politics … HAHAHA – good one Harvey!

    The righty tighty whiteys will continue to follow their stone cold hearts to their own betterment and screw anyone and everyone else. Conservatism is growing because of the simpletons that accept the fear mongering (whether it be ‘brown’ people, or jobs or the economy) – the conservative agenda is all based upon fear.

    The BC NDP have the progressive agenda, which is desperately needed in BC – but it is managed by nincompoops.

    The Greens (financially backed by behind the scenes BC Liberal bagmen who know every vote for a Green is actually a vote for the BC LIEberals) like to set themselves up as ‘fresh and new’ but their policies are mostly derived from what the others aren’t saying.

    I expect those in the shadows who really run this Province will continue to push the Green Party as it benefits them, and the status quo.

    That being said, a very important example what happens when you vote selfishly and inclusively just occurred in a little country south of here. That is going to be a BIG wake up call for those that sit on the sidelines and not vote. If 20% of the traditional block of “I cant be bothered to vote” people, actually vote…… we’ll have a different outcome.

    Could happen…….

    (Response: Yes it could happen ..IF the campaign generates enough life in it to actually evoke much attention and reaction. h.o.)

  • 8 e.a.f. // Apr 5, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    Welcome home. You were missed, well your blog was…………………..(just joking) .missed the rest of the contributors also.

    Yes the NDP’s nightmare and that of the environment, the schools and health care system, elderly, kids, etc.

    Weaver has done almost nothing on any of the important issues in B.C. People might as well have voted for the B.C. Lieberals, when it comes to opposing much.

    With 8 dead kids, 4 dead people in the past month or so from “death by hospital” people might want to give some thought to how they are going to stay alive. If they don’t care about themselves perhaps they could think about all the kids in this province who don’t get to vote.

    The NDP hasn’t run many good candidates on V.I. so if the Greens have more appealing ones, those who are fed up with the B.C. Lieberals may vote for them. Of course the problem may be once they are elected Weaver might go for the toss if they ran as Greens and think the environment is important. Can’t see where Weaver has made that a priority. In my opinion that will be the entertaining part of all of this, if Weaver and the Greens were to win a number of seats, will he be able to stay on as leader or will the new ones give him the heave and will the party then be hijacked as the B.C. Lieberals were by el gordo, when Gordon Wilson was the leader. of course Gordon Wilson has been handsomely paid over the years, even if they do it via a numbered company. Guess they don’t want him to run as a Green, being a sheep farmer and all. Hey this is B.C. and its always entertaining when it comes to politics, it would be more entertaining if so many people didn’t die because of it.

    (Response: I think the Libs are quite vulnerable on health care, MSP fees and hospital waits and failures. Of course, there all kinds of other issues (education, environment, economy) ..BUT the one thing that really SCARES people is the worry surrounding having a catastrophe befall themselves or a family member … and then not being able to get an ambulance within minutes, or being stuck in a chair or hallway at a hospital for hours without adequate care. h.o.)

  • 9 Diverdarren // Apr 5, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    Good to see you back Harvey.

    It’s pretty much as you laid it out. I saw my first NDP party ad on TV yesterday. A nice little attack ad against Christy. Of course, the Liberals have been running ads for about the last 2 months, so the NDP has a bit of catch-up.

    But now they have a bus! So it’s full steam ahead to another loss. Way to go… What’s his name?

    In a first past the post system any split either on the right or the left is a political death sentence.

    Just like the joining of the Federal right parties of Reform and PC, if the left in BC can’t bring it together they will only ever enjoy opposition status.

    (Response: Election ads, campaign buses and hard hats … democracy IS literally on the road in BC. By the way, with SO MANY construction sites visited … how come all their hard hats are always so WHITE and CLEAN? h.o)

  • 10 Rasterman // Apr 5, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    The environment needs all the help it can get!
    Mt Polley, Lake Shawnigan, Site C.
    Support good candidates of any stripe!

  • 11 Gordie // Apr 5, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    Martyn Brown presents some info that casts doubt on the validity of the polls that are referenced in this blog.

    The NDP don’t have the bags of money that the Liberals have. I have thought that due to the lack of funds, the NDP would wait until closer to the election to come out with their ads and start campaigning. At least, that’s the strategy that I would use. It is often said that voters have short memories. If this is true, and if I had a limited budget, I would flood the airways with attack ads etc. in the last 2 – 4 weeks of the writ period.

    Just recently (last couple of days) I have begun to see NDP attack ads.

    (Response: Recent history has shown on many levels that polls are quite often not as accurate as they used to be. Why? Maybe not as many/varied people agree to take part; lots of potential voters don’t have home landlines; and people may be reluctant to say how they really will vote. h.o)

  • 12 SB // Apr 5, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    The Liberals need a time out way too many scandals a record level of debt and a declining standard of living .
    Healthcare education and prudent local infrastructure improvement are all issues the election should revolve around i cannot support the BC LIB party it at worst is corrupt at best too arrogant to think the taxpayers count .
    Im awaiting the NDP full platform the Greens are almost conservative i see mixed messages from them and atbthis point Ndp cant hurt we need a change in direction in Victoria.

  • 13 Eldon // Apr 5, 2017 at 6:11 pm

    I can’t wait to see the leader debates! I met Andrew Weaver and he struck me as an impressive man. Sharp witted and charismatic. He said something that stuck with me: “Instead of voting against the candidate you hate, why not vote for a candidate you like?”

    (Response: I too an looking forward to the debates. Could be more important to help me decide than ever before. h.o)

  • 14 OldIslander // Apr 5, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Welcome back, Harvey.

    It is fascinating that folks in BC are so jaded with the two traditional ballot choices, that they are shifting to the Greens — a party with so little experience and substance. It will be interesting to see how many candidates they are actually able to run throughout the province.

    For a couple of generations, we’ve heard that any given NDP government will spend like a drunken sailor. The Liberals tell us that for fiscal responsibility, we’d be fools to consider anyone but Christy. Yet, she’s run up the provincial dept almost $15B since the last election — almost $5B in the last year alone. Ironic in that we were supposed to be on our way to zero debt; swimming in LNG royalties. And there have been a ongoing parade of mini-scandals; each demonstrating her lack of moral character and Trumpian disregard for the truth.

    Interestingly, the Green platform seems as close to Mulcair’s ‘Leap Manifesto’, as Horgan. He says some parts of it (which he does not identify…) are not right for BC, but most others are, including being weaned off fossil fuels by 2050. Certainly no more pipe lines or LNG plants — ever.

    But if I was a bettin’ man, I’d put my money on Christie to win. Last time, the Lib’s were so far down in the poll toilets, that it was inconceivable that they’d win. But Christie seemed to know they were okay — maybe a better polling company than the media’s? I just don’t see enough substance in the NDP and Green camps, for someone who voted for Christie last time, to switch.

    (Response: I have voted Green at times in the past, when I was younger and perhaps more idealistically motivated. But despite my observation in this this blog of how well they are doing and could do, I have to admit I am not leaning to them this time. But what does that leave? Not much so far impresses me …and I suspect there are many others in the same position …which could leave to a low turnout, unless someone starts to excite voters. h.o)

  • 15 r // Apr 5, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    if you are not voting for something then vote against something.
    site c

  • 16 Crankypants // Apr 5, 2017 at 11:59 pm

    There was an interesting letter to the editor in Tuesday’s Province newspaper. According to the writer the Green Party candidate in Port Moody is not going to campaign and doesn’t want to be a MLA. Another Green candidate for Richmond-South resides in the Kootenays and also has no plan to campaign in the riding.

    Last provincial election the Green Party candidate in Coquitlam-Maillardville was a virtual ghost. No photo on the Green Party website, no show at any riding debates and only spent $250 on his campaign according to the Election BC website. This fellow still managed to get over 1,000 votes.

    If the Green Party wants to be seen as a viable option to govern this province, or anywhere else for that matter, shouldn’t they at least be seen to offer up more than a name on a ballot?

  • 17 Sid Evans // Apr 6, 2017 at 3:11 am

    It was easy to fall asleep in the decade that it all began back then politicians were held to accountability reporters such as Harvey and the great team he worked with I hope I get it right BC TV when the 6 o’clock or 11 o’clock News came on you can trust what was being reported used to love cknw Jack Webster Rafe Mair etc the trial of BC rail was I where I found unbelievable journalism it wasn’t on TV or in the newspapers I found the truth by accident through the Internet Gordon Campbell was able to very subtly Control the message through the television and print media. A lot of people in high positions of trust affecting the very fabric of our society did some very bad things fast-forward to today the scale of corruption involving Christy Clark and company is mind boggling the fact that A news team was there to Record the police arresting Glen Clark for getting some help to build a deck and Christy Clark gets a flyby and trust me my rant is not so I can convince you to vote one way or the other I am simply explaining the truth Andrew Weaver who represents the Green party supports independent power projects which is stunning given the fact that IPP’s have virtually no oversight when it comes to environmental impact studies regarding what ever river or stream these IPP’s operate on in Christy Clark’s world we are to trust the operators of these IPP’s Will not disturb incredibly sensitive spawning grounds nesting areas etc. etc. Show me where Andrew Weaver has stood on any hilltop and screamed bloody murder for what’s happening to the environment in BC because he should be the procurement of Site C alone raises all kinds of alarm bells regarding Christy Clark hello atty. Gen. Susan Anton isn’t it her job as top legal authority in this province as a resident of the province you might want to throw up right about now so that pretty much takes care of Green candidate leaving me with the Socialist rep. I guess I’m voting NDP it really sucks the Liberals should not be gearing up for election they should be lawyering up for investigation.

    (Response: I particularly remember how fiercely competitive the political reporting was back then between TV stations: each had their OWN team travelling with/following the leaders and trying to get the best story of the day. Even CBC was in there, right up with BCTV and CTV to get the best stories out: and what I really enjoyed doing is sometimes bypassing the standard rally speech (ho hum) and wandering off into the towns, cities, coffee shops and work places and find out what were the REAL issues for the REAL people … then forcing the politicians to veer away from their set speeches to respond to questions about what the PEOPLE told us. They sure don’t do that any more: now sharing coverage, footage etc because full coverage and travel is too expensive. I understand that, but it’s a pity and the voters suffer for it. h.o)

  • 18 Tee Emm // Apr 6, 2017 at 7:30 am

    Don’t overlook the independents as there are some good ones this time.

    Peace River North has 3 independents running, all of whom could succeed almost anywhere, but I believe Bob Fedderly will carry the day. Perhaps with very large numbers.

    Neither independents nor Greens will take a lot of seats but, in combo, could really change the landscape and to me, that’s a good thing.

    (Response: Independents may win in a couple of ridings …would be really interesting if they won enough seats to hold the balance of power! h.o)

  • 19 Mark Shaw // Apr 6, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Welcome Back.

    I won’t disagree with your suggestion that the Green Party could prove to be the spoilers. That is quite possible. I guess potential Green voters will have to ask themselves if they want four more years of Christy Clark.

    Right now, I wouldn’t want to predict the outcome. This is one time when campaigns will matter.

    However, I’m puzzled when some of your readers suggest that the NDP is somehow responsible for this. How? What are they supposed to do? Merge with the Greens?

    Good luck with that! There are many Greens who suggest that the NDP is even more corrupt than the Liberals. Given that the NDP hasn’t been in government for 16 years, I’m having a lot of trouble with that logic.

    At the same time, there are many New Democrats who believe that there is at least an informal alliance between the Liberals and Greens. The Greens seem to spend more time attacking the NDP than the Liberals; and the Liberals certainly have nice things to say about Weaver. We’ll see if this honeymoon can last if the Greens start cutting into Liberal support.

    Back to my main point: if the Greens do act as spoilers, it is the will of the voters; not the choice of the parties. It isn’t really fair to blame the NDP for the presence of the Greens.

    I will respect the choice of the voters, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it. This is democracy at work. All I can ask is that everyone do as much as possible, to make an informed choice.

    (Response: The only chance the NDP have for victory are NOT the Green types, but the UNCOMMITTED middle of the road but socially conscious free enterprise working people … a fairly large demographic the NDP have failed to appeal to and win over in the last three elections….because they kept trying to concentrate/win back much smaller numbers of fleeting NDPers going Green. And even though that has NOT worked for them for decades, they seem obsessed with that rather than going after the much larger block of voters in the middle, who don’t like the Liberals, but don’t feel the NDP represents their interests. h.o)

  • 20 e.a.f. // Apr 6, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    Saw the first, I think, NDP T.V. election ad. LOVED IT. The cheque is in the mail. Not at all what the last election ads were like. If they keep these types of ads up, they just might win.

    Couple that with the news we’re receiving about lack of medical services, i.e. the young woman who has to be bandaged each day and had her care cut back because she turned 19, yes those ads will work. Find out some one in a hospice only gets a bath once a week because that is all the funding they get for care. Find out seniors in care homes are only given one bath a week at government expense. yes, those ads will work because for many of us in the province who are over 60 that too may become our reality unless you have a couple of hundred K in the bank or have an “exit strategy”/..

    Just think you’re dying in a hospice and you only get one bath a week or in a care home and you only get one bath a week because that is all the government will fund. So if you want a bath you have to pay and it isn’t cheap. A few more ads like the one I saw last night and they focus on the lack of care in this province……….. The Greens may support a lack of baths because it saves water, but if you’re the one without the bath, who cares…….

    Until that ad last nigh I didn’t think the NDP had much of a chance to win, but now, perhaps they do if they run the rest of the campaign like that. Add in the BCTF ads and the Nurses Union ads, it informs people of the things the MSM won’t.

    The province is deeply in debt so the B.C. Lieberals can’t argue they’re the great money managers. Finding a place to live is getting and more difficult and unlike Kathleen Wynne who has come out and spoken on the subject in terms of rent controls, the B.C. Premier, has been all about nothing and Big rich’s sale of government housing to private non profit entities is not something which may sit well with tax payers. as in who is buying these provincial government assets and at what fire sale prices.

    Right ads and the NDP just might pull it off. Guess we’ll see if some B.C. Lieberals start funding Weaver and his Greens to ensure a vote split.

    (Response: This campaign will be FULL of negative ads …from both the NDP and Liberals. And why not? Most voters place very little credence in the rest of their ads … that tell us how much they will be doing for us …yada, yada, yada …but always seem to omit all the tax, fee and every other kind of increase they’ll impose on later to cater to their base and/or financial masters. h.o)

  • 21 evad neesap // Apr 6, 2017 at 1:03 pm


    What everyone seems to overlook are white, middle aged males like myself who have been traditional Socred/Liberals and whose vote either party take for granted by thinking increased rhetoric will bring them alongside.

    There is little choice for many of us as the 2 major parties pander to (insert name of protest/sexual/identity/advocate group d’jour of your choice here).

    I am not a fan of the present government nor a fan of the current NDP, although MLA’s such as Eby, Farnsworth, Chandra-Herbert are hard working and represent issues and their constituents well.

    As a long time Liberal voter, I will be voting Green (a protest vote) as I know they won’t have a chance of winning in my riding or the Province.

    As a resident of Vancouver and BC I am fed up with increasing fees, taxes and reduced services from the City and the Province whilst the government screeches about balanced budgets all the while creating conditions that worsen everyday living to the peace and health of person.

    The lack of regard to real environmental issues, serious educational issues, worsening health provisions and the lack of serious attention (except at election time of course) to issues related for autistic persons, the elderly and working and middle classes, housing, etc make this a Blechhh election!

    Neither party can be trusted to do the right thing to address and deliver real solutions the serious issues most of us face.

    Worst of all neither party seem to want or care about the average person in this province as they out pander themselves without really looking at the greater good.

    Oh for days of real leadership, inspirational leadership, visionary leadership, heck,,,,, any leadership!

    A pox on both their houses!

    On the bright side it may get sunny later today!

    (Response:I think you represent and sum up the feelings of many middle age voters…male and female. But I doubt most of them …no matter how disillusioned with the government and Clark …will vote Green. I think THEY actually could be the key for the NDP … if Horgan could concentrate more on them with policies that can appeal to them (and younger working people)and pull himself away from the usual boring visits/photo ops with seniors etc. h.o)

  • 22 BMCQ // Apr 6, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Welcome back to your Blog, I hope you are well rested with Batteries fully charged!

    Yes the Greens do. and will split off a certain percentage of NDP Votes but the biggest few problems facing Horgan and his NDP Minions must deal with is the Huge Split in their own Party that has them losing support from both Union and Non Union Blue Collar Construction Workers that rely on Pipeline, Site C, Bridges, Forestry, Mining, Fishing, and so many other Industries that get nothing of value from the Horgan “Party of No”!

    Then there are the rest of the many Undecided Hard Working Voters that earn decent but not high Annual Incomes that are sick and tired of Public Sector Workers taking home unrealistic Wage, Benefit, and Underfunded and Unsustainable Pension Packages with the ever increasing Bloated Government Cesspools of Beauracracy that we can no longer afford!

    FYI – Health Care in B.C. Is already 45% of the B.C. Budget and Education is about 25% and both receive more and more Funding each year. Just how high do any of You NDP Supporters want those Percentages to increase?

    Do any of you think Horgan and his Mensa Member Minions would control any of that?

    As I Have mentioned previously I have lost aSiater to a Drug Overdose and it happened under the Harcourt Admin. How stupid would it be of me to blame the NDP for my Sisters Poor Life Style Choices? Somehow we must get it through our heads that we cannot blame Government for our own idiotic mistakes.

    I can guarantee you that the current Epidemic of Fentanyl Deaths would still be taking place under Caped Crusader Mike Farnworth were he Attorney General!

    As to B.C. debt? Why is it that none of you point out that unlike Wynne of Ontario who has turned that Province into the Worlds Largest Sub Sovereign Debtor by Government Growth alone where the much more modest Government Debt was created by largely Infrastructure Projects like Port Mann Bridge, Olympicsand Legacies, Canada Line, Evergreen Line, Richmond Oval, Site “C”, Sea to Sky, Children’s, St. Paul’s , other Hospitals that benefit Citizens all over B.C.! Oh and by the way many of those were the ideas of former NDP Governments!

    Having said that I doubt if any of them would have seen the light of day under Premier Dix or Horgan!

    (Response: I’ve talked to a lot of people over the last year about election concerns, complaints and wish lists, and not one has voiced unhappiness to me over “Public Sector Workers taking home unrealistic Wage, Benefit, and Underfunded and Unsustainable Pension Packages.” Not that many don’t agree with what you feel … plus how often laziness and incompetency in public sector is too often overlooked, forgiven and even awarded with “bonuses”!!! BUT it’s just not an election or voting issue …from what I’ve seen and heard. h.o)

  • 23 Leah // Apr 6, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    It surprises me how otherwise intelligent people put so much credence into what the “polls” are saying.
    Last election, I watched and listened as people become too puffed up, too sure of themselves…and some voters that I talked to were “we’ve got this one in the bag” regardless. Christy walked around looking like the cat that swallowed the canary all the while…shouldn’t that have been a hint?!
    (I wonder when she’s going to do her stint with 100 Huntley Street on TV this year come to think of it.)
    The polls are really quite useless, they tell you nothing of any import, unless it’s a poll you’ve created for your own purposes. Anyone can make a poll say whatever they want it to say…the same thing is being done with this election, already! The polls, the polls. Wake up people, you’re being manipulated along with them!

    (Response: Certainly the history of polls in recent elections …not just in BC…have been dubious and even worse. They should NOT affect how people vote: rather that should be based on policies and people. Unfortunately, too many people are just blindly partisan and vote for “their” party …regardless of lousy plans, policies or candidates. The REAL power lies with those of us in the middle …who can … and have … voted over the years for either side of the political divide. And frankly, I have seen almost nothing that makes me feel there’s anything in it for me so that I would want to vote for any of them. h.o)

  • 24 nonconfidencevote // Apr 7, 2017 at 5:38 am

    @#21 dave paseen
    “As a long time Liberal voter, I will be voting Green (a protest vote) as I know they won’t have a chance of winning in my riding or the Province.

    As a resident of Vancouver and BC I am fed up with increasing fees, taxes and reduced services from the City and the Province whilst the government screeches about balanced budgets all the while creating conditions that worsen everyday living to the peace and health of person.

    The lack of regard to real environmental issues, serious educational issues, worsening health provisions and the lack of serious attention (except at election time of course) to issues related for autistic persons, the elderly and working and middle classes, housing, etc make this a Blechhh election!

    Neither party can be trusted to do the right thing to address and deliver real solutions the serious issues most of us face.

    Worst of all neither party seem to want or care about the average person in this province as they out pander themselves without really looking at the greater good.

    Well said. It deserved repeating.
    Total agreement.

  • 25 BMCQ // Apr 7, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Harvey – 22 – response

    A big part of Brexit was Hard Woking People Rich and not so Rich tired of Liberal Elites, Government Public Sector Workers taking advantage of their positions along with the fact U.K. Citizens once again wanted to control Immigration/migration and re-establish strict Borders.

    I must run with a different crowd than you but every day I hear Business People that Pay Triple Nets and Property Taxes that have become unaffordable complain about Public Sector Wage and Benefit Packages which happen to be the biggest part of those Rents and Property Taxes!

    As an example we now have 70000 fewer Students in the Public School System than ten years ago in B.C. and we allow Activist Supreme Court Judges to recommend the Provincial Government re-negotiate with BCTF? My math tells me we should have 3000 fewer Teachers on staff. Sure perhaps we could have more Special Needs but not simply more Teachers. Are you also aware that in Vancouver we now have over 7000 fewer Students Registered than 10 years ago?

    Where have they all gone, did they vanish like the Salmon?

    Yes SURREY is certainly growing, build some Schools which has been announced and shift Teachers from Vancouver.

    Unfortunately the Libs caved into the Judges because they thought that by doing so and hiring more Teachers it would benefit them Politically, shame on them, they should have kept negotiating right up to and through May 9. I believe the Libs and the Tax Payer would have been better off.

    Please be aware that several Hospitals are being built and planned right now.

    Also keep in mind that we have a population that is getting older. Also keep in mind that virtually ALL Immigrants, Refugees, and soon to be a Tsunami of Migrants many Criminal Felons have and will enter Canada, especially B.C., many of them have had NO proper Health or Education their entire lives. On top of that they will bring Children and Wobbly Old Parents through Family Unification, they will need Education, Knees, Hips, and a lot more.

    Somehow we need to elect a Government that promises to control Government Spending and Waste, we need to demand more from Greens, The NDP, and in their Platforms on many things but especially how will they provide Health Care and Education and maintain Spending Controls.

    We cannot afford to Elect a Government that opens up the Bank to Public Sector Unions.

    I strongly believe many more people in B.C. And Canada are concerned about than you might think.

  • 26 e.a.f. // Apr 7, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    BMCQ, please take a deep breath and relax. it is acknowledged you do associate with a different group than many of us commenters. We’re retired. You’re still out there slogging away. We thank you for it. Some one has to pay the taxes.

    Now as to paying triple nets, that is not the fault of any government. That is the doing of land lords who gouge and have been for decades. Once upon a time you rented a property and that was it. Now they want triple net. Property taxes again aren’t controlled by governments exactly. if property prices go up so does the property tax. the rise in property is largely driven by the market of which the government is no part. Now if a renter is unhappy with having to pay the property taxes for the owners and the triple net they could try negotiating that out of the tenant package. it has been done.

    Now as to the complaint of large pensions and salaries of public sector workers. Who exactly are we talking about? Is it deputy ministers, the 200 public relations people Christy hired or are we talking about police, fire departments, nurses, doctors, teachers, paramedics, etc.? This latter group are the last of the decently paid working middle class. Do you want them to take a pay cut? A cut to their pensions? I for one don’t. You pay for what you get.

    Are you complaining about the workers at ICBC? but not their board of directors which are anointed by Christy. How about all those anointed by Christy to the various boards around the province. it a big chunk of change. if you went to Norm Farrell’s blog you could look up how many are friends of the B.C. Lieberals, what they are paid to sit on these boards and then how much they donate to the B.C. Lieberals.

    As to blaming staff for performance issues, etc. The real blame rests with management. If they were managing properly there wouldn’t be a problem.

    You go to Surrey the number one issue for people is education because that is where young families have had to move to afford to live. its where you find all those police officers, nurses, paramedic, doctors, fire fighters living. You see they can’t afford to live in the cities they provide services in because the cost of housing is so high.

    In Surrey you can find a 3 year old schools with portables every where. yes, we need more teachers or at least teachers’ aides to help teachers with their classes.

    You go to areas where their are a lot of older people they care about health care as their friends and family wind up in care or in hospices and E.R.s With 4 dead recently in “death by hospital” its an issue. when they are lined up in hall ways, its an issue, when they are getting one bath a week, its an issue.

    Younger working people with kids, they want schools, they’d like to not have to pay those tolls, they’d like to be able to afford something more than just getting by.

    Then when you look at C.C. and the B.C. lieberals and their “scandals” it can be a little off putting. yes there have been “mega projects” but when you look at the cost and how many people were employed are we really getting value for our money when it comes to job creation. Its great to have bridges but when people can’t afford to take them because of the tolls what use are they. When the deficiets are so large tax payer dollars are going to be required to bail out these bridges do you think working families are going to be happy. Its not like they benefited.

    C.C. wants to built a Richmond to Delta bridge costing billions. Well are we getting value for job creation or will most of them money wind up in off shore companies’ bank accounts? that bridge is meant to accommodate huge ships from China not traffic. if that bridge weren’t built and the tolls taken off the Port Mann we wouldn’t need a new tunnel right away.

    Christy Clark has driven this province into more debt than any socialist would have. when you factor in B.C. Hydro we are beginning to look a lot like not Christmas, but Detroit. if there is a 2% rise in interest rates we are going to be in big trouble. BMCQ if you want to know about B.C. government finances go have a look at Norm Farrell’s blog. He has it all there with the government’s own figures. Oh, ya, he has experience in money. He used to be a very shrewd accountant and is very good at looking up where the money is. its what he did besides keeping a very big business in Vancouver up and running in his younger days, not that he is that old right now, just older.

    gotta run they’re coming to give the truck’s battery a boost, its spring……..

  • 27 Harry lawson // Apr 7, 2017 at 2:07 pm


    I had quite a discussion today with several of my senior friends in Langley today, this is a cross section of 70+ year olds who in the past has voted across the spectrum.

    The shocker for me was they feel politically homeless. They are tired of holding their nose and being a 10 second supporter . They are talking about not voting , just staying home because it not about the people any more.

    I have to ask what role is apathy going to play in this election? How many more feel like this group ?
    One said maybe our silence will be deafening, some one else said only if they are listenening .

    (Response: They are not alone. As I mentioned in my response to Oldislander, none of the parties seem to be offering anything to me or people like me: retired but nor really rich or poor, which means we get none of the breaks the rich and poor get, but have been hit for years with all the cost increases (Hydro, ICBC, cable, transit, MSP, property taxes, home or tenant insurance hikes, groceries, parking, gas etc.) while our pensions have gone nowhere … many of us without private pensions or even if we do have one, often without c.o.l.a or any medical or dental coverage provided. Whoever WE vote for would be like asking for more … more taxes, more fees, more hikes, and more neglect for our group! So why bother! h.o)

  • 28 noneck // Apr 7, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    BMCQ #25 writes:

    “we allow Activist Supreme Court Judges”.

    Activist? Let me get this right… the highest court in the land are left leaning activists because you don’t agree with their decision?

    BMCQ then writes:

    “Unfortunately the Libs caved into the Judges because they thought that by doing so and hiring more Teachers it would benefit them Politically, shame on them,”

    Caved in? They should have ignored the legal ruling of the SCC and continued down the illegal path they forged 12 years earlier (and lost millions of taxpayers’ $$$ in the process)?

    Finally, BMCQ writes:

    “We cannot afford to Elect a Government that opens up the Bank to Public Sector Unions.”

    Yes, instead we should continue to elect a government that “opens up the bank” and uses taxpayer dollars to fund friends’ and cronies’ business ventures who then, in turn, siphon a proportion of our dollars back into their $12M war chest (and Christy’s stipend, etc.).

    Yeah, that is what’s best for BC.

  • 29 nonconfidencevote // Apr 7, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    @#25 BMCQ

    “Unfortunately the Libs caved into the Judges because they thought that by doing so and hiring more Teachers it would benefit them Politically, shame on them, they should have kept negotiating right up to and through May 9…..”

    What are you talking about?
    Is this just another myopic Liberal fantasy?

    The Liberals didnt “cave” ……

    They LOST a 15 year Court battle that cost taxpayers millions. A Court battle that wound its way all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada….because the LIBERALS kept appealing it………..No more appeals….THEY LOST.

    ANOTHER grotesque LIBERAL waste of
    taxpayer dollars.
    Christy Clark, another leader in an endless stream of Liberal leadership hacks only interested in their vain self promotion and inane “legacy” projects.
    Campbells’ Owe limp Icks went how much over budget? 2 billion?
    Well Christy’s well on her way to blowing that 2 billion dollar , 10 day “party” out the door with LNG, SiteC and the Deas Bridge.
    They should all rot in prison as far as I’m concerned……..but I’m sure Christy has several directorship appointments waiting if she loses this election.

  • 30 13 // Apr 7, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    The NDP have never come to grips with the fact that
    back in the good old days they enjoyed the unqualified support of every union member in the province. Because they have embraced the environmental movement they have alienated many private sector unions and their members.
    The private sector unions have turned into dues collection agencies. They have embraced concepts such as down sizing, wage freezes, concession bargaining, benefit plans that have ever increasing deductibles and lower yearly caps. These private sector workers look at the public sector union workers and see constant wage increases, incredible benefit plans, defined pension plans, job security second to none.
    Just today we were walking through a city park in Chilliwack. A city truck was driving through the park emptying garbage cans. It was a small truck and the garbage cans were not very big. The truck had THREE city workers in it. This job would have been better suited to a golf cart and a single operator.
    I can attest to the ever increasing gap between the public and private sector unions . Currently I am a proud member of Unifor. We have no benefits, no medical, no dental, no sick days, no pension plan of any description, no long or short term disability coverage.

  • 31 Harry lawson // Apr 7, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Just a point of clarification , public service contracts are costed out including the benefits, the insurance plans for the most part were self funded, the government used to borrow from that pool of money ,then complain when they had to put it back
    public service as pensions were never underfunded, contributions from both sides were used by the government at a lower interest rate. Then the government of the day kept borrowing from the funds . Then the contributors retired. Time to pay the piper So the mis management is the employees fault ?

    (Response: I think part of the problem is elected officials, who must approve wage agreements/benefits etc, are not under the same pressures as private sector negotiators from their bosses to keep costs and especially benefits (including longer vacations, all kinds of paid leave, generous sick days, etc.) down. And although I support unions …have to admit, I believe MANY of those in the public sector do not work as hard or are not pushed as hard as those in private sector … and frankly often seem to be overstaffed in numbers, while under-performing and wasteful in they way they handle public funds/responsibilities. h.o)

  • 32 BMCQ // Apr 8, 2017 at 6:10 am

    Thought we might get a bit of a reaction from some of my fellow “Harvey” Bloggers.

    As I have always said most of us vote for whichever Party or Individual represents Best what we believe in or who benefits us most and that is fair ball.

    Personally I vote for the Party that benefits my Business and the Employees best, my family is just fine so we come next.

    Activist Judges? Have any of you read the S Court Ruling? There was NO order to hire more Teachers, there was an order to Negotiate in good faith. Do any of you deny that there are over 70K fewer Students in Public Schools and over 7 K of same in Vancouver than 10 years ago?

    Fact is and any QC with half a Brain will tell you the SC were Activist Judges that Ruled on Politics, not the “Rule of Law”. I am sorry but those are simple facts.

    Again, the CC Libs hired more BCTF because of Politics, not necessity. Shame on them.

    As I have mentioned before here, Taxes of all kinds will have a very negative affect on all we hold dear in B.C. especially YVR. I have experienced more than 100% PT increases over the past 10 years in Res and Comm and Ind Properties.

    It is not always the Greedy Landlord increasing rents unnecessarily, they all need to pay PT even if they have no Renters in any particular unit.

    Only 2 months ago when we discussed Granville St. I pointed out that David St. then along Denman and up Robson St. to Buttatd exhibits over 50 Empty Store Fronts. Business cannot afford PT which is the Biggest part of their Rent. IN ONLY 3 WEEKS iconic Dover Arms Pub on Denman St. will close because their Monthly T Net goes from $35 K each Month to $39 K! That is because of increased Value of Premises which forces up PT. 25 good jobs gone after 40 years!

    Cities, especially Vancouver now take in $ Millions and Millions more than ever before and yet they provide fewer services.

    Much of that massive increase in PT goes to support Mayor Mumbles SRO Binge that houses literally thousands of Criminal Felons that arrive here from other Provinces.

    When The Mayor took Office there were 2 Communications Staff at City Hall and now only 7 years later there are 25.

    Much of the Funding that Activist Mayors Squandor comes from Increased Taxes at all three Levels of Government and we need a Provincial Government that will control Taxes and safeguard the future of our Province by controlling the size of Government and at the same control Government waste while at the same time provide Transportation, Healthcare, Education, and the rest that provides for all B.C. Residents and the Public Sector Workers while at the same time keeping in mind that not everyone that lives and works in B.C. Earns over $60,000 each year.

    If John Horgan and his Minions can Promise that I will Vore for them.

    YES, Activist Judges!

  • 33 nonconfidencevote // Apr 8, 2017 at 8:45 am

    @#30 13
    “I can attest to the ever increasing gap between the public and private sector unions . Currently I am a proud member of Unifor. We have no benefits, no medical, no dental, no sick days, no pension plan of any description, no long or short term disability coverage.”

    Yep. Total agreement.
    I manage a small company with unionized workers. We pay at least $500/ per employee/ per month in union dues and benefits.
    Their pensions and benefits are garbage.
    They would be far better off investing the $500 month in self directed RRSP’s that the union leadership couldnt get their lazy, grubby claws into for doing essentially …..nothing.
    Year in and year out. No wage increases, no new benefits, nothing….but the dues increase….every damn year.
    I also have friends that work in the public sector unions……,
    Huge wages, unbelievable benefits( unused sick time gets accumulated….one fellow has 14 months of accumulated ‘sick days” that he can legally use…no questions asked), overstaffed, underworked,….
    They spend countless hours navel gazing in meetings discussing how to “improve their efficiencies”, or creating “harrassment free work environments” or “gender neutral job postings…”
    All while the latest newsflash statement from Christy Clark is about….wait for it……” Compulsary wearing of High Heels in the work place is now illegal….”
    This is what keeps the vapid proletariat catatonically amused…
    One wonders what footwear transgendered waitresses’ will wear when they want to earn tips in the economically and morally bankrupt, politically correct nirvana we, as a delusional society, have created……..
    To Hell with a balanced budget!
    Transgendered toilets for everyone!

  • 34 Marge // Apr 8, 2017 at 9:09 am

    @BMCQ I don’t think you understand law one bit. The liberals kept chasing a hopeless dream trying to avoid doing the right thing. They wasted millions and millions of all of OUR tax payer money only to be told in the end they were wrong. Do you think they felt any guilt about this? Do you think Clark actually went to bed and said: “Gee. I should have never started the fight in the first place. That money could have gone to health care.”

    Clark and her cronies literally don’t give a damn about you, me or the goal post. All they care about is that their salaries keep flooding in with higher and higher “extras” – wink,wink,nudge,nudge. She will do and say anything to keep the cash flowing.

    As for the NDP, they love being the bridesmaid at the election wedding. Just look sweet and envy the bride. Their proposals tend to be so far left that no one legitimately vote for them.

    @13 Most garbage removal is contracted out I believe independently to companies who bid on it. In my city there is only one truck driver. I felt sorry when those poor kids lost their jobs when they went to the one driver. They are also less efficient as many times they don’t pick up our stuff – when the kids were on the ground, actually picking up garbage, this was not the case. The kids who did this awful stinky job in the past were usually those with little or no education and at least it helped them financially. Where are they now? Better a bit of a chance of a decent job, than being on welfare or worse.

    I am also a union member and when I retire the money I put into that retirement plan my union offers will help me live a sustainable future. I also pay a ton of union dues and wonder where it all goes to.

    If the politicians want my vote, they need to earn it. I am tired of the same old, same old lies from the Liberals and the same old, same old leftie logic from the NDP. I want to know what’s in it for me. The promise of maybe maybe in the future Ms. Phony Baloney Clark will reduce my health care premiums to nothing doesn’t cut it. The Green party made the news for a bill that lets restaurant workers choose the shoes they wear. It was probably touted by the Liberals and widely mentioned in the media so that the Greens and NDP split the vote. They also want kids to start school at 3 and 4 – kind of stealing the thunder from the NDP $10 a day for daycare. None of this is of benefit to me whatsoever.

    I am a middle aged woman looking for something for me. Anything that makes my life a bit better. Right now no party offers that.

  • 35 Gene The Bean // Apr 8, 2017 at 9:49 am

    So….refresh my memory …. what is the term to describe a person that makes wildly inflammatory comments just to illicit reactions …… ???????

    Politics is a blood sport in BC, mostly because of the conservative principles that bleed the 99% dry.

    The LIEberals run this province like a drunken sailor living in a $400,000 house with a $5,000,000 mortgage.

    Anyone that cant see that and react appropriately should just go back to living under the bridge.

  • 36 nonconfidencevote // Apr 8, 2017 at 10:01 am

    @#34 Marge

    I agree with what you have said about all the political parties.
    The only reason I am voting NDP in the next election will be to boot out a lazy, bloated, morally bankrupt bunch of political hacks that have been in power so long they dont even know why they are there……
    The last 4 years of Clark seemed to fly by …for the most part….but the thought of suffering through 4 more years of her “folksy talkin’ ta the people” is a bit more than even I can bear…
    Boot them out.
    And in 4 years….. after the NDP have made complete socialist fools of themselves for another generation of voters,…..
    Kick THEM out.
    Wipe the slate clean……(Personally I’ve always thought a 2 term leadership limit in all levels of govt should be mandatory)

    Time for a complete reset of both parties in 4 years and hopefully some new faces that actually want to change things for the better.

  • 37 BMCQ // Apr 8, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Marge – 34

    From memory, the SCourt Decision restored much of the Language in the 15 year old Contract which varies in certain of 60 BC School Districts. It was not a Unanamous Decision, they Court rushed through the Decision for Political Reasons no matter how one would like to spin it.

    Yes a certain number of BCTF would be rehired under that decision but NOT one person on this Blog will admit that there are over 70 K fewer Students in BC Public Schools than 10 years ago and the Activist S Court were wrong.

    Again, the Libs did NOT feel guilty, they are in fact hiring more Teachers because they feel the move will help them with the Electorate.

    13, NonCon and others are correct when they point out the inequities between Public and Private Sector Union Agreements and many others by the millions in BC and the rest of Canada are not happy and they will not Vote NDP as they feel Horgan will open up the Treasury tu Public Sector Unions.

    For the most part there are good hard working people in PS Unions but there are also too many that are not doing a good job and Government Red Tape and Beuracracy is killing the Tax Payer.

    $ 10.00 Day Care will mean another Layer of P Sector Workers and in 5 years it will cost the Provincial Tax Payer close to $ 1 Billion!

    As a Middle Aged Person of any Gender the best thing you could do for yourself is to Vote for a Party that pledges to keep Taxes low and control the size of Government.

    Not many here like JORDAN Bateman but I would suggest that you read some of the Tax Payers Association Literature on Line.

    Also keep in mind that when Property Taxes Increase it affects the Rents of everyone!

    It is your choice.

  • 38 BMCQ // Apr 8, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    NonCon – 29

    FYI – Again by memory, the 2010 Olympics was the Brain Child of Joy McPhail an other NDP Members of the Government of the day!

    Personally IMHO no matter what Party Brand I happen to be I think it was a wonderful idea, it benefitted Millions of Canadians, and it was more than worth the cost and accumulated Debt it.

  • 39 e.a.f. // Apr 8, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Harvey, in your response to Harry Lawson regarding the work ethic of government workers, I’d suggest the issue isn’t the government workers and how they work, its the lack of management’s ability to manage and that goes back to the 1980s. Most managers find it easier to sit in their offices, go to meetings, etc. than go out there and manage the workers. That can be a real job. Most managers like the pay and the title but the managing part, not so much.

    Regarding how governments used worker pension funds, oh ya. For 19 years both the federal Conservatives and Liberals used the pension funds of the Postal Workers to balance their budgets. The workers paid into the pension. The federal government didn’t. 19 years later we have Harper waxing on about not being able to afford postal workers and their pensions. he forgot they paid for all the “balanced” budgets Paul Martin, etc. put out.

    at one time, prior to the changes to the federal worker’s pension plan, it was accepted knowledge that the federal government had the money and used it to in turn to give/loan money to provincial governments at 3% interest. That was going on while interest rates were up around 19%. If federal government workers’ pension plans had been in the bank gaining interest that pot of money would have been further ahead, but not the various forms of government. then we get all those who benefited complaining about government worker pensions. Well some one ought to have figured out government workers did not live forever. they did tend to die within 5 years of retiring. then they stopped dying and the government had a problem. they had to pay out the money. Now every one bitches about government worker pensions. No one sees how much they actually pay into it.

    Non confidence as I’ve always said, if you don’t like the union leadership change it. It never was that difficult. You get active and run for office yourself. Its not that hard. its just that it is easier to complain than get out there and do the work.

    With all the complaining about unions, have a look at non union working conditions. Many workers don’t want to strike. they aren’t prepared for a long haul strike so their union representative bargain and frequently they loose. Workers also have put governments into office which gutted labour laws. Back in the day you knew you were going on strike, you put money aside, then people started to live on credit cards and people just weren’t prepared for a long strike.

    Now this of course has taken me some what off topic, but one could say that this is some what related to the upcoming election. Who to vote for? who is going to work for me. if you don’t think either major party will, how about spending some time challenging some of those parties at meetings. its not that hard. The friends from the coffee group will do just fine. Just go and open your mouth, but keep it civil.

    As to not knowing who to vote for because neither major party isn’t representing your needs or view. Here is a suggestion: try thinking about how the next government will treat your kids, your GRANDCHILDREN. I’m old. The government doesn’t care about me. Will the NDP care any more about me? perhaps a tiny bit but when I look at the children; which government will provide them with something better. I know the B.C. Lieberals hasn’t done much for them over the past 15 years, so the vote goes to the NDP. At my age, I don’t like how things are working out, I can deploy an exit strategy. As an official senior, if I wind up “in care” its either $10K a month with my own care givers or a government funded place in a facility. Neither option has much appeal because I’m not going to improve, so an exit strategy would work nicely for me. The B.C. Lieberals fund care homes for seniors for one bath a week. is that what you want for yourself? if not find a government who will change that. If they won’t then you need to understand that in the grand scheme of things, unless you have wealth you as a senior are not valued. Do you want to hang out for that?????? or do you want to go out with a group of friends and lobby each party for a min. of 4 baths a week while in care or in hospice. the choice is always yours.

  • 40 DBW // Apr 9, 2017 at 6:01 am

    BMCQ said,

    “Fact is and any QC with half a Brain will tell you the SC were Activist Judges that Ruled on Politics, not the “Rule of Law”. I am sorry but those are simple facts.

    No BMCQ, that is a simple opinion. The supreme court judges (6 of whom were selected by Harper and one each by Mulroney, Martin and J. Trudeau, so hardly activist) used the rule of law in their 7-2 decision. Only one of these judges is from BC so I am not even sure what politics were involved.

    and BMCQ said

    “NOT one person on this Blog will admit that there are over 70 K fewer … ”


    “CC Libs hired more BCTF because of Politics, not necessity.”

    Nobody is denying that there are fewer students than past years. My school district employed over 200 teachers 15-20 years ago. Now it’s around 150. Where did those 50+ teachers go?

    The court case ruled that the BC government had illegally ripped up a contract. The language is now restored.

    The language dealt with ratios so it doesn’t matter if the population has gone up or down. If the government has been funding based on one set of numbers but the contract now requires it to follow a different set of numbers more teachers will need to be hired to honor the contract language.

    Now you can argue all you want about what the ratio should be. That is certainly fair game and I am sure future negotiations will be interesting, but right now, the government has to obey the language that they illegally stripped in 2002.

    As a businessman, I am sure you understand the importance of legally binding contracts.

    and BMCQ said

    Why is it that none of you point out that … Debt was created by largely Infrastructure Projects like Port Mann Bridge, Olympics and Legacies, Canada Line, Evergreen Line, Richmond Oval, Site “C”, Sea to Sky, Children’s, St. Paul’s , other Hospitals”

    but according to Norm Farrel, the provincial debt does not include contractual obligations which

    “became a major financial commitment in the mid-2000s when Liberals privatized public services and moved major capital projects off balance sheet. Schools, healthcare facilities, bridges, highways and power installations – although commissioned by and for the public and paid for by the public – were financed by private organizations and therefore excluded from direct provincial debt.”

    One last comment specifically about the election.

    BMCQ has said this

    ‘One must never be bound by a Straight Jacket of Ideology”!

    After 16 years of

    it might be time to take off the straight jacket.

  • 41 nonconfidencevote // Apr 9, 2017 at 8:14 am

    @ BMCQ
    I have no illusions of the fiscal ineptness of the NDP and the ramifications of $10/day childcare.
    Affordable? Hardly.
    I believe welfare rates are pushing well over $1 Billion per year. Perhaps we could make all welfare recipients eligable for work as child daycare monitors? two birds one stone….so to speak.
    As for the teachers and your statement, “the Libs did NOT feel guilty, they are in fact hiring more Teachers because they feel the move will help them with the Electorate….”
    Bwahahahaha . Are you a speech writer for the Libs?
    They “chose” nothing. They LOST an expensive, 15 year battle that wound all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. “Chose” had nothing to do with it. They were forced to hire more teachers and now they ( and you) are trying to spin it as a “win win” for the electorate.

    I have no doubt that if the Liberals could have buried this court case and paid off all the Lawyers a la the BC Rail and a $6 million dollar payout with a mandatory non disclosure “agreement”.
    They would have done so in a nanosecond.

    Please dont become a shill for the Liberal propaganda machine. They have $13.5 million in donations and endless taxpayer funded tv ads to fill the empty impressionable gourds of vapid voters heads with the same drivel and………You’re better than that.

  • 42 noneck // Apr 9, 2017 at 10:56 am

    I encourage everyone to read Laila Yuile’s latest post :

    Don’t forget to scroll down and read Lew’s comments on our fine Premier’s words and actions.

    Now please explain how this warrants another term in office.

    If this is acceptable practice from the “3s in the sea of 2s”, then I’d have to say that straightjacket is bound up pretty tight.

    (Response: Read my next blog post too. h.o)

  • 43 e.a.f. // Apr 9, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    Took noneck’s suggestion and just read Laila’s post and the comments. OMG. Looks like C.C. did the old B.C. Lieberal thing and “had no recollection”. If I recall correctly that is what we heard a lot of during the B.C. Rail trial. it was as if they suddenly had a great on set of early dementia and an immediate recovery when it came to everything else.

    C.C. and the B.C. Lieberals need to go if for no other reason another dead person compliments of the B.C. Lieberals and their government. Lets see 8 kids dead in care; 4 by “death by hospital” and one suicide. if you looked at in terms of how many dead during their administration from things which could have been prevented the B.C. Lieberals in my opinion are coming close to being serial killers. Some might consider that an extreme statement but really have a look at just the last couple of kids who died or killed themselves. Had the ministry responsible for them done a better job they might well be alive.

    “death by hospital” the MSM reports led me to conclude the hospitals were so understaffed and dis organized the people might have lived had they gone to a better hospital.

    when people die needlessly, from government in action or actions, well everyone can come to their own conclusions.

    (Harvey I understand if you “edit” some of this)

  • 44 BMCQ // Apr 9, 2017 at 11:50 pm

    DBW, NonCon, and Neck

    As always you have all put forward some interesting and thoughtful Points of view and presented excellent arguments.

    Unfortunately before I came to this Thread and Topic tonight I made the grave mistake of reading Harvey’s next Blog Post and the “Hate Folled” ten or so Posts attached and I have all of a sudden recognized that the Blog is very quickly turning into a “Hatefest” against anything Federal Cobservative, B.C. Liberal, or for that matter anything that represents a more or less “Free Enterprise” point of view.

    I have never felt very welcome here but when Contributors start to promote the idea that the B.C. Liberal Government are actually killing people and then others like Bean accuse B.C. lLiberal Supporters of “Digusting” him I think it is time to leave the Blog to the handful of “Haters” that do not want to read or see an opposing point of view to what they hold dear.

    Should be great sport for the handful of Posters that hate the Libs to Post their three sad pathetic lines on any new Blog Topic and find there is no push back to challenge them. That should make their day, it might also make things less entertaining but then that is what people like Bean wish for.

    I am now away from Canada until a few days before the B.C. Election but I will continue to read here to see if the tone changes somewhat.

    An open and honest argument, discussion, and debate is good for the soul and provides great mental exercise but open hatred and vilification of a debating opponent accomplish es nothing.

    Oh and by the way, as one or two of you may recall I lost a Sister to aDrug Overdose and my Father died as a result of an altercation during a Home Burglary.

    Both of those sad events happened under a B.C NDP Government!

    Do I blame that NDP Government for either of those two very sad events?

    No I do not.

    Over to you Bean, tell us how much I disgust you.

    (Response: Just because people disagree with policies or dislike persons supporting or affiliated to another party or point of view doesn’t make it a “hatefest” when they express that view. h.o.)

  • 45 BMCQ // Apr 11, 2017 at 2:28 am

    h.o. – 44 – response

    With respect. I have no problem with your criticism of the Provincial Government’s Employees, Management, Deputies, or more Senior Members including Cabinet Members and the Premier in the Health Firings Injustice, you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

    When I read your then new Blog Topic regarding the Firings and accountability I felt that several of the Posts were too Agee to blame the Government for everything that ever goes wrong including each and every Unfortunate and tragic death that rakes place within the jurisdiction of any BC. Government Ministry.

    That was what prompted my “Hatefest” comment.

    As a matter of fact I wanted to challenge some of the comments in your initial analysis and several of the first Posts but I concluded that any challenge from me on any of those opinions voiced would not have been received very well.

    Of course I agree that The whole Health Firing Fiasco was mishandled and in fact there should have been even more of an investigation into the tragedy that goes without saying.

    I just do not like the idea of any Government be it NDP or Liberal being blamed for every Death that takes place under the jurisdiction of any Ministry.
    There is always much more to it than that.

    We may not like any certain Political Party and that is certainly our right but sometimes I feel it is too convenient to blame a sitting Government for far more than what they may be guilty of or responsible for.

    Because of those reasons I felt I did not want to touch the next Post, I just wanted to walk on by and leave it to others to judge as they certainly have.


  • 46 Lew // Apr 11, 2017 at 10:08 am


    The coroner drew a fairly straight line between Mr. MacIsaac’s actions and the actions of government.

    Remember, at the time Roderick MacIsaac did this the Minister of Health was publicly stating that the fired researchers would be receiving a visit from the RCMP.

  • 47 BMCQ // Apr 11, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Lew – 46

    Thank you for taking the time to Post the Coroners Report.

    It makes quite the impact when you read the Official Document.

    My Heart goes out to the MacIsaac Family.

    Mr MacIsaac must have gone through Hell his final days.

    As mentioned I am currently away from Canada but I will make a serious effort to learn more about this tragic sequence of events.

    I have not read the Ombudsmans Report but I will do so.

    This is very hard for me to address or even comment on as I have experienced a very close Family Member suffer in a similar way.

    We as Humans differ greatly when it comes to our emotional well being, some of us are very fragile and the rest of us are better equipped to cope with a crisis.

    Mr MacIsaac and his Family deserved better.

    Thanks again, very much appreciated.