BC Judges ENABLE and ENCOURAGE Property Crime

Vancouver has been invaded … and is losing the battle against druggies and criminals from right across the province and the rest of Canada who have heard of the “good life” they can enjoy on the West Coast.

There’s the temperate climate; the (literally) accomodating left-looney-controlled City Council, who happily supply taxpayer-funded free housing for anyone from anywhere; an underfunded, understaffed police force; and, best of all an ineffective “Justice” system that is almost a total FARCE.

And then there are the BC judges.

They have clearly forgotten … or were never taught … that a KEY part of the Justice System is (or at least USED to be) protection of society.

Citizens should be able to go about their daily routines without fearing … or these days in Vancouver, EXPECTING to see shattered/plywooded storefronts, police tape, cops completing reports, shoplifters running down the streets/lanes with their daily hauls … or even be accosted, robbed or stabbed themselves downtown or their own neighbourhoods … in broad daylight.

Thank BC judges!

Because there’s a pretty good chance the miscreant mugging or scaring the hell out of seniors on their way to grocery shop, ripping off and even threatening shopkeepers and staff in retail outlets … was before a judge on similar charges days or even hours before.

And were let out again and again and again and again by BC Judges, FAILING to do their jobs and protecting society.

We all know their excuses: under the Canadian “Justice” system, if there’s a reasonable belief an accused will show up for their trial … months later …. no one should be incarcerated before actually being convicted. (And even then, if anyone is convicted, jail time for property crime is almost never imposed, or is minimal or, worse, almost always suspended.)

The result: there are little or NO consequences for property crime in BC!!!

And you CAN blame the JUDGES for that!

Because the Law (is there any for druggies?) does ALLOW Judges to keep accused in custody to protect the public.

Ahh! “Protect the public”! Now there’s a part of their JOB (or concept in the Criminal Code of Canada) apparently long forgotten, ignored by too many BC Judges!!!

That would inconvenience the druggies, thieves. shoplifters, muggers … and increasingly lately, the assaulters, threateners and stabbers too.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Read this from Vancouver is Awesome:

“Weapons that we’re commonly seeing are things like needles, knives, bear spray, physical force, or other blunt objects that are used to intimidate staff members in the stores,” Sgt. Steve Addison said last week.

“Since 2019 these types of crimes have jumped by 550 per cent. Over the same period commercial robbery is up 126 per cent. So far in 2021 there have been more than 850 violent shoplifting incidents. Over the same period in 2019 there were 130 cases” the community newspaper reported.

Read their whole story here: https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/local-news/32-people-arrested-across-vancouver-during-busy-weekend-for-police-4736849.

As I’ve written before, the extreme lefty-looney thinking and incompetent policies, planning and projects emanating from Vancouver City Hell encouraged the spread of druggies, crime and crazies throughout the downtown core, Strathcona, Yaletown and now the West End.

People are increasingly afraid: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/metro-vancouver-leads-the-province-fear-of-crime-survey

And BC JUDGES have made it all WORSE!!

Even when police step up enforcements, make dozens or hundreds of arrests, seize thousands of stolen goods … little or nothing happens.

The JUDGES’ refusal to do their duty … to keep citizens safe … releasing MULTIPLE CHARGED repeat offenders while their cases lazily meander through the BC “Justice” system … and, even when there are convictions, their refusal to impose any kind of meaningful incarceration for almost anyone found guilty of property crimes … even after 40 convictions (LOL!!!) … is destroying Vancouver.

And it’s doing absolutely NOTHING to help the drug-addicted either.

If the Judges really cared, they’d send repeat recidivists to prison for two or three years so they at least have a shot at getting the drug treatment and counselling they need.

And give the rest of us a much-needed break as well!

Harv Oberfeld

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21 Responses to BC Judges ENABLE and ENCOURAGE Property Crime

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    If the law supposes that,” said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, “the law is a ass — a idiot. If that’s the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is, that his eye may be opened by experience — by experience.”

    Charles Dickens

    In BC the Law and Judges are an ass, a pox on this land.

    The law is supposed to protect our legal rights from infringement, but in BC and the rest of Canada, the law, which is upheld by courts and judges has been so diluted, that one wonders if the courts are the repository for those so incompetent, they can’t make their fortunes in the legal profession as lawyers.

    The law in BC is a joke, different laws are applied to different folk or even worse, the law is dealt with by the police and ICBC, with no recourse to the court.

    (My personal vetch as my son was utterly stupid, got caught by the police and has been bled dry by the local police and ICBC ever since.

    He was never charged, never offered a court date and was tried, convicted and sentenced without being offered any legal niceties.

    I would have rather have him face a judge and so dealt with, because the results that faced him were far worse than the justice meted out by the courts for petty thieves, shop lifters, drug dealers, and other criminals)

    The notion that “do the crime, do the time” is long gone and those who are constantly before the courts, seem to get a free pass to do their criminal deeds.

    In BC, John Horgan’s BC, the law is dealt with differently with each social strata, with each ethnic group. The judges we have are nothing more than bureaucrats pleasing their paymaster.

    It seems no one has the backbone to change things.

    It has all become a bad joke.

    (Response: For a civilized society to exist, the population MUST have confidence in the government and the Courts. In Vancouver right now, I believe neither can claim that!!! h.o.)

  2. Steve Cooley says:

    Are there no prisons? Are there no work houses?

    Today’s answer is NO. We have had years of closing institutions in the name of more humane systems to support the socially challenged with services in the community. Looked good on paper. Required many people with integrity, resourcefulness, workable case loads and support systems. All gone at the shrine of public private partnerships.

    What is the facility a mile or two off the highway near Robert’s Lake being used for now? How many more facilities like it are there around the province that once were a part of the rehab and incarceration part of our legal system.

    (Response: Rehab MUST be part of incarceration. I realize druggies are sick … mentally as well as physically … and should get help. BUT our Courts MUST not forget the PRIORITY should be (clearly no longer is) the public, the victims, the community’s safety and honest people’s right to make a living. When will the Judges get that???? When their spouses complain that all their favorite high end shops have closed …unable to afford HUGE insurance rates and repair bills???? h.O)

    • NVG says:

      As to where the correctional facilities are, this link is from BC Catalogue Data. The links, once you download the file, opens in Google Earth and the ‘black dots’ the sites. I didn’t know this one existed, and so close to the highway.

      eg. Facility Name: North Fraser Pretrial Centre
      Correctional Facility Type: PRETRIAL
      Street Address: 1451 Kingsway Ave
      Locality: Port Coquitlam

      Facility Name: Burnaby Youth Custody Services Custody Centre
      Correctional Facility Type: YOUTH CUSTODY
      Street Address: 3655 Willingdon Ave
      Facility Name: Vancouver Pretrial Services Centre
      Correctional Facility Type: PRETRIAL
      Street Address: 275 E Cordova St
      Locality: Vancouver
      Facility Name: Nanaimo Correctional Centre
      Correctional Facility Type: PRISON
      Street Address: 3945 Biggs Rd
      Locality: Nanaimo
      Victoria has Three


      (Response: Thanks for this. One of the enjoyments that make my efforts to run this Blog is the concrete information that those who participate add to the discussion. 🙂 Clearly, there IS a need for more facilities, programs and funding: but that should not prevent BC Judges from doing their jobs and keeping the public safe by getting and keeping the recidivists away from us. h.o)

  3. Rainclouds says:

    There you go again displaying common sense. Shame on you!

    Yes, live in DT Van and see the degradation happening like a frog boiling over the years.
    The petty criminals have been emboldened and really don’t have any concerns regarding punishment. Watched some young jerk in an alley off Smithe and Cambie in the middle of the day with bolt cutters trying to cut a bicycle off its rack. I asked him WTF he was doing? I got a surly snarl. At least he walked away. No doubt came back after I left. The Cops must be very frustrated with our idiot council mayor AND the Justice System. I know I am!

    (Response: How many times do you think he had been convicted for theft before? Clearly he did not fear the consequences! And if he needs $$$ for drags, the BEST thing the last Judge who dealt with him could have done is send him away for two years or more, so he could get help!!! And do at least something to PROTECT the citizenry! h.o)

  4. Lpsm says:

    The main reason so many are re offending and seen on the streets again so quickly and so often, is there is nowhere to put them!
    We need more jails. We need more centers where people can be put away as punishment AND get rehabilitation. We need places like Riverview re opened for the mentally challenged. And as mentioned earlier, we need a larger police force.
    Instead, the money and reinforcements are going towards other “important” issues such as bike lanes and protests and protests and protests….and don’t get me going on the Indigenous demands again, and anything else that is more important than the , as you say, safety of the public and the rights for honest people to make a living.

    (Response: Can’t wait for the “working” media to investigate this: is there really a shortfall in facilities to hold criminals, treat and heal the mentally ill? What is being done about it? If not enough, why not? Let’s see the politicians’ feet feel a little heat! And if they say there ARE facilities available, then back to the Judges: WHY aren’t they putting the druggies there??? h.o)

  5. r says:

    Its hard to feel and see the street from the club?
    Have no fear the hamster wheel is here.
    If its not on the 6 o clock news its not news?

    (Response: Maybe if the 6 o’clock news took it on, day after day after day … start naming the Judges who keep letting the recidivists out, the Courts would take notice. The COPE/Greens/One City members of City Council and the weak Mayor are just hopeless and haven’t a clue what to do: they have to go in the next election!!! h.o)

  6. Charles Waggett says:

    I was in retail in Vancouver for 35 years. As time went on things got worse. I was broken into 5 times. They stole the petty cash and thousands in damage. I got to loath those 2am calls from the alarm company. The last 10 years things really went downhill. I was always concerned about my staff or my own personal safety when leaving the store at night. At 65 in 2018 I retired closed the store, sold the house and moved the Vancouver Island. My wife and I were very happy to leave Vancouver, the Island even there are problems there too is like heaven in comparison. Any time we go back to Van for a visit we can see more and more degradation. Garbage everywhere, street people sleeping on the sidewalks and in doorways, human shit, stores with bars and gates. It is becoming a wasteland. We are so happy when we get back.

    (Response: So sad! And so true! It’s appalling what the do-gooders have allowed … almost completely unchecked … to happen to Vancouver. it started at Hastings/Main …but City Hell and the BC Court Judges have HELPED spread the decay quite wide by now. It’s time to say ENOUGH!! And take the city away from the homeless from all across BC and Canada, the thieves, muggers and crazies and turn the city back to the citizens and taxpayers! h.o)

  7. r says:

    Bike lanes matter bike lanes matter .oh wait there pretty empty lately.
    Rock the YVR vote muni style 2022 back to basics!
    Put city hall at Main and Hastings and see how quick things change?
    City has put help centers around city like Seymour st Hornby etc .may not be helping?
    Riverview hospital closed not helping?

    (Response: Exactly. We need proper facilities offering proper treatment … and we need proper Judges directing the recidivists into them … so they can get help …and the rest of us can walk down the street without fearing for our safety. h.o.)

  8. e.a.f. says:

    send them to prison, you say. They aren’t going to get better or over their drug addictions in prison. Neither are the mentally ill going to “get better” in prison. both groups need an alternative to prison. Prisons create mental illness and a need to take drugs. What drug addicts need, if they are being sentenced for their crimes to some sort of incarceration, is health care in an appropriate facility which is secure, no stepping out. Not only do drug addicts need treatment in a safe and calm enviornment, which prisons aren’t, when they leave the institution they need to go some where which is not their old stomping grounds and an income which will sustain them with decent housing and adequate food and clothing.

    There are only two long term private treatment centers in the province that I know of and they’re expensive. One is approx. $20K for 3 months and a year’s follow up. I can just hear the howls from some of the public about spending that kind of money on “druggies”. /then there is the problem of a lack of professionals to treat drug addicts.

    Putting people in prison isn’t going to solve the problem. They are all going to get out sooner than later and things will be back to what they were. Part of the problem is housing, another is a lack of income. When the doors of the prison are opened, people go to group homes with other prisoners, but what do they actually learn there? How to get better at being a crook. sending more people to prison for longer terms will simply result in the problem the U.S.A. has a couple of million people in prison, a huge budget for it, corporations making a mint, violations of human rights, mental and physical abuse. Ya, that is going to work real well for everyone. As to who is going to work in these prisons, well there is an old Johnny Cash song and it refers to prison guards as prisoners who get out now and again.

    If we want to solve the problem we need to start with children. Yes, that will cost money but in the long run, its more economical. With one in five children in this country living below the poverty line, how do you think some of them are going to turn out. Kids of all income groups start drugs while still in elementry school. If their parents notice and want to do something about it where do they go? If your kid as a mental health crisis its a two week wait to see a shrink. Some parents don’t recognize the issues, some kids go undiagnosed.

    Judges are not the problem. It is society at large which refuses to pay for the services required to assist people. Yes, there are some criminals who are never going to go straight. Its a life style some actually enjoy but the majority if offered something else, would jump at the chance. I recall when we “discussed” these types of issues, BMCQ would provide statistics regarding the number of crimes one individual would commit. it was huge. /these repeat offenders are a problem. the solution, who knows but prison for ever isn’t going to help. One prolific car thief stole a bait car in Surrey some years ago, and the video clearly shows some one very high on drugs and really out fo their mind.

    Now as to putting people in jail as they await trials, who is going to pay for that? Does any one know what it costs to run a place like the surrey pretrial center? the current government is playing catch up building new hospitals and schools. They are going to be paying a lot to deal with the forest fires and now we can add to that the rebuilding of highways.

    If people didn’t become criminals to begin with, we would be in better shape. What we are talking about is usually classified as petty crime. /when you get too much of it, its not petty and it certainly isn’t petty to small business owners or the people who work in these stores. The people who you are discussing Harvey at one time remained on the DTES and now they are moving every where. It was an issue of containment. Not too many cared, it was in specific areas but now its on Robson St. and other areas. Well welcome to the real world. Now we get to decide how we deal with it and how much are we willing to pay to deal with it, starting with children.

    (Response: The problem is all the do-gooders are killing the druggies and the mentally ill with all their “love” and “understanding”. Take a wak on Hastings…or even Granville and Davie now …to see the results of a decade of doing nothing. Detention in prisons (or hospitals) well equipped to handle them …after committing crime after crime after crime … is the only way to achieve the numbers of rehabilitation and psychological help now needed. Society is being overrun with fear, crime, thefts, violence because of the “liberal” social policies of laissez faire that really does little but accommodate, facilitate and eventually kill. (except for the relatively very few who seek help) h.o0

  9. JC says:

    I remember your article on Granville Street on the decline of public safety from more than five years ago and how things have only gotten worse (in all parts of Greater Vancouver and the province as a whole). The Provincial Government has to get a handle on this and quick.

    Most of the commenters agree on the need to remand more accused offenders and longer sentences for prolific offenders. I agree with that too. But, here’s the trouble:
    In 2002, the then BC Liberal Government eviscerated the Corrections department with a 1/3 cut in their operations budget and they were forced to close half the Provincial Jails in the province (the Minister responsible for that piece of insanity was given a six figure pay bonus!). There were 3 remand facilities in the Lower Mainland, 20 years later there are only 2 (the Downtown Vancouver remand was closed in 2002). They also closed 2 provincial jails in Greater Vancouver and never replaced them with any other facilities. The Solicitor General at the time said public safety wouldn’t suffer because bail montoring would be stricter and short jail sentences would be replaced with more enhanced probation measures. That obviously worked out well, lol.

    What remaining facilities are left, are woefully understaffed. The 2019 Auditor General’s report on Corrections (the last one available online) states that the two remaining pretrial centres and the two main provincial jails in Maple Ridge for the Lower Mainland are all operating under capacity with empty living units, solely because of staff shortages at Corrections (and its much the same at other facilities around the Province).

    Most people will remember a few weeks ago, a young woman was stabbed with a dirty needle outside the Tim Horton’s at Cordova and Abbot. The accused was already on bail for assault and uttering threats from an offence six weeks prior to the incident at the Tim Horton’s. And guess what? She was released again on a promise to appear, with no financial surety! Twenty years ago, you can bet she would have been remanded in custody until trial and the streets would have been a bit safer for a while.

    The situation has deteriorated so much in the last two decades, there can’t be a quick fix. It’s going to be like turning a supertanker but I think there are some things that can be done.

    In the short term, BC Corrections needs a boost in funding. They need to quickly hire some new Officers so they can get capacity at all the Lower Mainland jails to 100% as soon as possible. Corrections has always been seen as an inferior work place to Policing so they would have to get creative in recruiting. Maybe cash bonuses for new recruits, like a lot of private sector employers are doing now might be an option. The Attorney General also needs to recruit more Crown Counsel, so cases can be brought quickly to Court. And there should be a directive to the Crown Prosecutors to seek remand in custody for more offenders and longer sentences for prolific and violent offenders.

    Long term, the government needs to build a new remand Centre in the Lower Mainland and probably a new Provincial Jail as well. A lot of municipalities won’t be thrilled to have a prison in their backyard but the need is very real. Again, some creative thinking is needed. There’s empty land owned by the Province where a Provincial jail used to be at Mount Thurston in Chilliwack. And I believe the Province owns some land in South East Vancouver, around Kent and Fraser, its mostly an industrial area and is fairly close to the Downtown Courts, it might work as a site for a remand Centre.

    I think we can all sympathize with people who have substance abuse issues and bad upbringings and no one wants American style, 3 strikes and your out, mass incarceration, but the situation we face now is completely out of hand. Something has to give.

    (Response: Hard to believe it’s five years since I wrote that warning: http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/granville-street-turning-into-another-downtown-eastside/. Things have gotten even worse! At the time, the moderately left Vision was in power at City Hell; now there’s an NDP Mayor and radical left-controlled Council, (COPE, Greens, One City) elected with the help of the cycling, poverty activist, far left crowd. .. because too many middle of the road voters (left and right) didn’t vote. now THEY are paying the heaviest price! Hopefully, they’ll turn out next time and throw the bums out. h.o.)

  10. elle says:

    Harvey, this problem exists all over Canada. You have heard the stories of farmers in Saskatchewan and Manitoba fearing for their safety as natives terrorize them in their own homes. Everything is up for grabs no matter if you are there or not. I have relatives that live in Northern Alberta and they also farm. They, however, do not live on the property. They also work other jobs so they are very busy trying to make a living. A few months ago they went to the farm to find that someone had stolen a few items that were stored in the yard. Then they were hit again with the thieves taking a quad and some smaller items. Then they received another visit from these thieves, this time taking well over $40,000 worth of property, including a trailer and a side by side that they put on it. My relatives are so upset. There is no way to protect themselves. The police say to not approach anyone you see out there because they are armed. There is no wifi so no security is available and you know that the thieves know that. They are at their wit’s end, meanwhile dealing with cancer during the pandemic and trying to fight for care. The country is going to hell in a handbasket and we are allowing it. Why should a person work hard their entire lives and then have some drugged up souls just take it away and then walk away. They are just laughing at us.

    (Response: Yes, there are problems in other places too with growing disrespect for the law … by both the criminal element and the citizenry… and also lax sentencing, even for multi repeat offenders in many communities. But that’s nothing like what has happened in Vancouver: lawlessness rules! You can thieve, assault, stab, run amok terrorizing people, disrupring even destroying businesses, block streets, bridges … on a LARGE scale with little or no consequences. It’s almost impossible for the police to keep up … and when they do lay charges, the Judges will make sure the criminals are not inconvenienced, let alone punished. While seniors and ordinary shoppers, drivers and retailers fear just going out or to work, even during the day. h.o.)

  11. e.a.f. says:

    JC outlines quite nicely how we got here, Lots of problems started with the B.C. Lieberals and their cost cutting. Now its time to play catch up, when there are so many other demands on government money. does the government deal with the flooding after effects or build more jails?

    Had the B.C. LIeberals not been so anxious to cut costs and close jails and court houses, we might not have these problems. Of course the whole idea was to have balanced budgets which is what the voters of this province said they wanted. Its hard to blame the B.C. Lieberals for delivering what voters wanted. Of course they did abdicate their roles as leaders, but such is life. People don’t want to pay taxes and this is what you get.

    All of this petty crime is not the fault of the Vancouver Mayor. Its been going on for decades, its just moved into areas it wasn’t supposed to, like middle class and up areas. The Mayor of Vancouver has no control over the judges of the province nor does he make the law. The creation of laws is a whole other department and level of government. Judges can’t send people to jails which don’t exist or aren’t staffed.

    What JC suggests makes sense, but the real question is: will tax payers want to pay for this? My guess is NOT SO MUCH. When we go to pay our taxes next year and every one gets an extra bill which states: for new prisons and prison staff and rehab, etc. ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to a thousand you will be able to hear the howls all the way to Calgary and there will be demands for the heads of any one and everyone who sent out those notices.

    As Mom taught me, you get what you pay for.

    if you want a quality judicial system, you will have to pay for it. $56,925 is the average base salary for a B.C. prison guard.

    In 2016 B.C.’s largest prison was opened in the O.K. and it cost $200 million with a staff of 300 for approx. 140 prisoners.

    With voters unwilling to pay more taxes and having to pay for all the fire fighting this summer and all the flooding this fall what do you think is going to happen and what will be the priority.

    Of course there is one thing we haven’t mentioned. People steal things to sell them to buy drugs. If people didn’t buy “hot” goods others wouldn’t have a reason to steal them. How many have bought “hot” goods because it was a good deal from some one? How many buy off on line listings from individual sellers who you don’t know or don’t know where the goods come from or accept the weak excuse as to where the goods came from. It isn’t the first time the VPD has busted a house which was acting as a store for “hot” goods. We have only to look at the increase in thefts of catelytic convertors. Some one has to be buying them or people wouldn’t be stealing them and thus it goes on. When some one steals from expensive fashion shops, who buys it?

    (Response: You love to blame the Liberals for EVERYTHING that besets BC …but let’s keep it real: the NDP have governed BC since 2017 and the left have governed Vancouver City Hell even longer …and the WORST DETERIORATION of Vancouver’s downtown core, crime, drugs and violence growth has occurred on THEIR watch …not the Liberals. And it’s still getting worse EVERY DAY, not better …so the one’s to blame NOW are the NDP’s Stewart, Horgan Eby, Farnworth, the current City Council and the Judges. h.o)

    • JC says:

      Speaking as an NDP voter (further to the right than most NDP voters to be fair), I’ll say that neither of the main political parties have done a good job on the issue of crime and disorder in BC. But the NDP have their majority now and its their mess to take care of.

      I do think that Mike Farnworth has the right instincts though, he was a good critic of the Solicitor General when the NDP were in opposition and I think the more moderate NDP cabinet members know they have to do something about the rise in crime or they will risk alienating moderate voters and losing suburban seats. The hard left type activists can’t be a millstone around the necks of the government.

      E.A.F. asks if tax payers are willing to pay more in taxes to deter crime and disorder. I think many would actually. E.A.F. mentioned the new Okanagan Provincial jail which is operating at only 50% capacity because of staff shortages. I bet a lot of people in Vernon, Penticton, Kelowna (where the crime rates are soaring) would be happy to see prolific offenders off the streets for a time. And were not just dealing with property crime, there’s a lot of violent offenders out there being let out on bail with next to no conditions. If public safety is at risk, I think people will see the need for more public spending.

      I know no new facilities will be built for quite a long time, given the financial pressures were facing post-storm. But, the government has been throwing plenty of money around during the pandemic. Hiring a few dozen new prison guards is not going to break the bank.

      I know of a Facebook page dedicated to to naming and shaming prolific property offenders in Greater Vancouver. The conversation is pretty civil for the most part but I’ve noticed there is an unsettling new edge that’s come up in the last few months: people openly advocating for vigilante and mob justice. If the authorities can’t maintain order, people will begin to take the law into their own hands. And no sane person would want to see that happen.

  12. Nonconfidencevote says:

    @ e.a.f.

    Oh the poor poor misunderstood drug addicts.
    How can we do more for them.
    I know!
    When they’re caught, stealing, assaulting, robbing, terrorizing…lets trying the following.
    No jail just bail.
    Convicted? Pffft …Slaps on the wrist.
    Safe injection sites.
    Free Narcan.
    Free needles.
    Free drugs?

    And after alllll that crime is through the roof, over dose deaths are….through the roof….

    But you keep blaming “the system” e.a.f. because it makes you feel better.
    I’ll blame the criminals that break the Law.
    And the next time another bleeding heart politician tries to get my vote……

    And judging from abysmal polls Kennedy “invisible” Stewart is getting.
    He’s toast.

  13. e.a.f. says:

    Good morning Harvey and Nonconfidencevote,

    Yes, its true, I do blame the B.C. Lieberals for a lot because in my opinion a lot of our problems started under their watch. Harvey, you are quite correct in writing the NDP has been in office since 2017 and things have gotten worse under their watch. They have approached this as a social issue, not a criminal one. The crime was gone into other areas because housing was provided in those areas for the homeless which includes those who are drug addicted. Previously it was “containmnet” in specific areas. Had the B.C. Liberals not closed their eyes to the increase in fent. cases we might not be here today, with these problems. There was just so much money to be made off of the drugs and then it all was laundered via the casinos and real estate.

    When the NDP came to office their priorities seemed to be schools and hospitals, crime not so much.

    Now NCV, yes the poor drug addicts. No one starts out life wanting to be a drug addict, it just happens. Just saying NO hasn’t ever worked and it isn’t going to work. Treatment works and that is what is lacking. without treatment no one is ever going to get better and some with addictions never get better even with treatment. What needs to happen is to sort out which fall into which categories and provide services. Providing drugs to addicts does save lives. If it was your friend or family member what would you want? Dead or alive.

    I have seen people go from being “normal” to drug addicts and crime within a few months. It happened in our neighbourhood. The rest of us talk about how fast it happened to the people.

    Blaming the system does not make me feel better. What would make me feel better is medical treatment for the addicted. Back in the day I had a friend who became an addict and they stole and yes from me also. You try to help, but in the end, without treatment, you have to cut them out of your daily life and remember them as they were prior to the addiction taking hold. Back in 1970 I purchased the morning paper while waiting for the bus to go to work. The article which I first saw was about two bodies found at Cultus Lake, they were boys I’d gone to school with, English Lit. 12. we had all graduated in 1967. It has always made me wonder how did it go from English Lit. to dead and their bodies thrown away.

    Here in Nanaimo we have a fair number of addicts and homeless. When you see them, you do wonder how did it get this bad for them. Some who clearly have no shelter have gotten very dirty, their cloths more or less rags, their bodies hunched over. We don’t let dogs, cats, horses live like this but humans with drug addictions, no problem.

    Some of these people are dangerous and some very dangerous, but they still are people. Many have lost their humanity, but they are not to be thrown away.

    As to people being criminals breaking the law, yes, that is true. There is also a point in the law,, where people are not guilty because they don’t comprehend what they are doing and if you have a good look at some, that is where they are at. Do we provide them with treatment or at least a place to be? NO we don’t and that is a wrong we need to correct in our society because none of this is going to get better.
    People who stick needles in strangers ought not to be on the street running free to do it again and again. They need to be in a secure place with no access to the streets. But where is that place? Have we provided one? The Judges turn people back onto the streets because there is no place to put them, no jails, no hospitals, no treatment centers, etc. What do you want to do about it? What are any of us prepared to do about it? Not voting for the NDP, fine but what does that achieve. we certainly didn’t have better services for the addicted from the B.C. Lieberals. Not voting again for the Mayor of Vancouver, yes I truly understand that, I wouldn’t either. However, who would we vote for as Mayor of Vancouver? There doesn’t appear to be a candidate from either the left, right or center which appeals to enough people. Want to vote for Christy Clark’s ex husband, hear he is thinking of running. The people of Vancouver simply do not go out and vote. It easy for one party to hold office because they get out their vote.

    No one did address my point regarding the selling of “hot” goods to the “non criminal class”.

    There is no easy solution to this problem. What ever solution the government/society comes up with is going to cost money and that is the problem. No one really wants to put out the money. Portugal does have a decent program for addicts and its fairly cost effective. Perhaps we need to look at that.

    Unless people are prepared to do something, nothing is going to happen because right now the government is dealing with the after effects of the fires this summer and then they’re going to have to deal with the effects of the flooding and re building of highways. All of this is going to cost a great deal of money and very little will go to dealing with the crime dealt with in this article. Perhaps it could start with the arrest of those who run the drug gangs, organizer the import of the drugs, the manufacture of drugs, simply dry up the drug supply. Its not much, but its a start. Once this illegal money is in the economy it stays there for good and it makes it into the “regular” economy and it doesn’t leave–not an original thought, came from an article about drug money in B.C. and how it effects the economy.

    • Jane says:

      I can answer the hot good’s question.. when a large boost happens, if you follow the right groups, you see alerts for pop up sales.
      The goods turn up on Hastings with postings on what’s available cheap.. that’s why you see folks on DTES with designer clothes and the latest electronics.. steak and cheese days are very popular too.
      All sanctioned by a city taxpayer rent paid street market.

      I see you don’t live in Vancouver at the moment.. trust me there’s such a thing as compassion fatigue.
      Sadly the Liberals and NDP are to blame..
      Eby is now in a bad position because he taught folks well on how to resist the law.. now he’s stuck fixing what he started years ago.
      Vancouver is dying, every neighbourhood has low barrier housing projects, which has spread addictions city wide.. it’s a living hell.
      I have 2 within 3 blocks from my home.
      Word is there might be competition in the next run for Mayor.. and it’s isn’t Christy’s ex..

      (Response: My fear is that there will be too many competitors for the Mayor’s job ..splitting the vote and allowing Stewart to be re-elected. I hope several of them will keep it real: run for Councillor instead to launch their political career and then show us what they stand for and can do … leaving the run for the Mayor’s post to only the top two or three contenders. h.o.0

  14. Jay says:

    There’s the old saying, you get what you paid for. People would rather have low taxes so they can buy more beer and popcorn than live in a safe environment with good services.

    We rather spend as little as possible and take a chance things will be okay instead of spending a little more to ensure things will be okay.

    Re: Judges. They are simply doing their job. Blame the lawmakers who create the laws and sentencing guidelines that judges must follow.

    (Response; I don’t think many British Columbians consider their taxes “low”. It’s not that most don’t pay enough: it’s what they do with what they get out of us that’s the problem. And clearly in Vancouver, with the far left radicals Running City Hall and the Park Board, the money is not being used to serve or protect the majority! h.o)

  15. e.a.f. says:

    Jane, thank you for the information. I’m aware of the place you’re referring to but I was not aware how much it had grown. Being in and out of Greater Vancouver frequently the DTES is not a place worth frequenting nor is the old Chinatown. Its a shame though because there are great old buildings to look at, at least there used to be.

    If “hot” goods are being sold in an open market as you describe its about time the VPD went in and either closed it down or arrested vendors and customers. Harvey’s response to Jay has a valid point, but I wouldn’t describe the far left radicals running things as far left radicals. They’re idiots. Having been considered a far left radical by others and known a few, none of us would ever think it was apporpriate to have a market such as you describe. If politicians are turning a blind eye to it, then they are aiding and abetting crime. What it comes down to is the people of Vancouver don’t vote. this is how they got a park’s board and council which do need to find something else to do or figure out how to really run a city. IF there are to be changes, then it is suggested some of those would be politicians listen to Harvey’s advise and not all run to allow the current mayor to come up through the middle.

    Wonder why the insurance companies, who have to cover these losses, in some cases aren’t being a tad more proactive. Wonder where the Board of trade is along with a whole lot of other organizations who should want a more crime free city.

    • Jane says:

      I’m sorry but based on your reply, its obvious you haven’t been in Vancouver for a very long time..
      “If “hot” goods are being sold in an open market as you describe its about time the VPD went in and either closed it down or arrested vendors and customers.”

  16. Clavinova says:

    Want to see Hastings street in the 70s? Watch on YouTube Whistling Smith. A CBC series of a cop on the beat on skid row.
    Worth the watch.

    (Response: Good idea! Sure has changed ..and not for the good: despite the hundreds of millions of public dollars ploughed into it!

  17. Greg says:

    What ever happened to the replacement buildings for the Riverview site that were supposed to be started by 2019 (after it closed in 2015)? That is what is needed – a facility large enough to house and treat the severely addicted and mentally ill.

    (Response: Promises, promises, promises..but no action?)

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