Conservatives REALLY Frighten BC Liberals!

The most interesting thing about those latest radio ads by the BC Liberals is the fact they were done at all … now … more than 18 months (supposedly) before the next provincial election.  And there’s an entire website set up just to attack Cummins!  Congratulations, John! You’ve now officially made it as a real force in BC politics!!!

The Liberals are clearly running scared … very scared!

Christy Clark decided not to hold an election so she could concentrate instead on jobs, families and the economy.  I suspect almost no one believes that (do the Liberals EVER learn?)

The truth was no doubt that internal polling told the Liberals they would not win at this time … and that their only hope would be to wait so they could chip away at support for their old nemesis, the NDP.

But NEITHER of the recently-released Liberal radio ads go after the NDP at all: they’re BOTH totally aimed at discrediting Cummins, leader of the Conservatives!  Until now, widely regarded as a small, weak, largely still unknown, splinter party with candidates  …. apart from leader John Cummins, few have ever heard of  or with specific policies many voters could enunciate.

Not any more!

Liberal internal polling MUST be showing that a very large number of fed up and disaffected former Liberal supporters are indeed moving their hopes, their support and the voting intentions to the Conservatives.

And the longer the un-elected, ineffective, and increasingly unbelievable Campbell …oops, Clark …  remains at the helm, the Liberals are steering right towards the rocks …  and disaster.

While Cummins and the Conservatives are on the rise … and with 18 months to continue building and growing as a true free enterprise small business, socially conservative alternative … as Clark fumbles, stumbles and crumbles, the Liberals will increasingly be in trouble with THEIR constituency.

That’s I suspect is what the party strategists see in the party’s future, and thus, the campaign has begun …not against the NDP (that need only take place closer to the actual election) but against their REAL current rivals, John Cummins and his Conservative alternative.

And if I was a Liberal backer …political or financial (which you all know I am not:)  ) … I’d be even more worried now after listening to the recent Liberal ads. You can hear them both and visit the anti-Cummins website by clicking HERE.

Negative ads DO work, but I believe these do more to remind anyone,  politically attuned,  more about the past dismal  double-dipping history of the Liberals and Campbell than anything Cummins has done.

Both talk about “unprincipled politicians”.  Ring any bells?  Bet it’s not Cummins who comes to mind!! And the second almost had me falling off my chair with laughter when it asks: How can you trust a politician who says one thing and does another?

Exactly! Good point!  I agree!

However, how could ANY Liberal strategist think THAT’S a good point to draw attention to with British Columbians at this time???   It made me …. and I’m sure almost everyone who heard it think more about Campbell (over and over … too many reasons to list here) and Clark (as the new premier I will seek an early election!)  than anything Cummins ever said or did.

Do you think the Liberals could have a secret Conservative agent in their midst?  LOL!  Probably not.

Yet another example of how the party is floundering.  No wonder they decided not to hold an election now … and Clark just seized power without putting forward either herself as premier or her agenda/platform for public approval before pushing it all through the legisalture with  dictatorial powers over the next 18 months.

All the while Cummins and the Conservatives will continue to grow and build as an HONOURABLE free enterprise alternative to the NDP … and the Liberals.

Harv Oberfeld

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29 Responses to Conservatives REALLY Frighten BC Liberals!

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    John Cummins was the best MP I never voted for; I like John – hated Harper.

    I have talked to the man several times at several events up and down the Fraser Valley in the past 4 years and I can say, he probably understands the taxpayer’s plight more than Clark or Dix.

    The taxpayer (me) is drained and anymore taxes to pay for government incompetence and political cronies is a “no vote” in my book. Cummins, a man of the people, understands this, Clark, supported by big corporations and Dix, by well heeled union members, don’t.

    Damn right Cummins scares the hell out of the NDP and the Liberals because he will present a credible political alternative.

    In an age of political slime, corruption, and indifference, Cummins maybe the new broom that will sweep clean.

    Unless the Cummins Conservatives run a real idiot in Delta South, I may switch my vote from the NDP to Cummins. The NDP still leave me cold and their transportation policy a politically correct missive that will do nothing, while the Liberals still want to build multi billion dollar metros and highways, leading to more congestion and pollution.

    Be scare Clark and Dix, be very scared of a third way.

  2. Mo says:

    Christy : be scared… be VERY scared

    The voters are going to pull the trigger on ya zoo has the writ be dropped.

  3. Gini says:

    I just came back from visiting that anti-Cummins website. It sure felt good to answer their little questionnaire.

    My reply to the first question? I trust John Cummins 100% more than I trust Christy Clark.

    The second question I answered with a question of my own: Do you think Campbell should be getting a similar pension while filling a plum Federal position overseas?

    The third question referred to Cummins’ vote for the NDP in 2009. IMO, that was perfectly acceptable considering the only conservative party in the running was an evil, corrupt one (the BC Liberal party).

    What do I think of Cummins now? I hope his Conservative party wipes the BC Libs right off the political map, and I hope it happens long before May 2013.

    That’s what I submitted and I hope that many others who read this blog will do the same. Christy’s plan to imitate Harper’s attack ads on Iggy is going to backfire on her……big time!

    (Response: Well, they sure won’t be listing you as “undecided” when they tally the results! h.o)

  4. Alec says:

    The pure hypocrisy of the Liberal smear attempt is unreal. I can’t believe they’d be so daft as to go after Cummins for what are, arguably, all of their own failings. It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

    Reading their ‘canttrustcummins’ website and listening to their rediculous radio ads was the last straw – enough to finally turn my support from Liberal to Conservative (I will not support NDP governance but feel they should be opposition) – so I suppose in a way I should thank them for their idiocy in this matter.

    While there are a couple of things I disagree with about the Conservatives – primarily thier stance on the minimum wage and corporate taxes – I do think these guys are the best option for BC. I think a lot of disillusioned Liberal voters will be thinking the same thing.

    Patiently waiting for 2013….

    (Response: Seems to me the Liberals have actually given Cummins and the Conservatives a MUCH HIGHER profile with these ads. And I’d bet a lot of free-enterprisers unhappy with the Libs and feeling they will go down under Clark will now be giving Cummins a long, hard look. h.o)

  5. Rocker Rich says:

    John Cummins undoubtedly peeved his federal Tory confreres with his protests against native-only fisheries. The Harper government, like the previous Chretien/Martin Liberals, preferred to look the other way. Cummins wasn’t a team player on that file plus fish farms.

    That’s probably why the likes of Stockwell Day continue to stand behind the BC Liberals.

    No surprise that the provincial NDP are defending Cummins against the attack ads. They’re salivating at the prospect of his candidates siphoning off enough centre-right votes to let the Dippers win the next election.

    But the NDP could find themselves just as disliked as the Grits due to their apparent support for Quebec getting more federal seats to offset those awarded BC, Alberta and Ontario via redustribution.

    So these could be very interesting times for Cummins.

  6. Crankypants says:

    I keep on hearing that attack ads work but question such an assertion. Although the federal Conservative Party prevailed versus Dionne and Ignatieff, was it the attack ads or just a coincidence? Remember the attack ads the Conservatives ran out against Chretien were a total bust. Maybe the real story was that the Liberal Party just chose the wrong leaders.

    That being said, I can’t see this campaign by the BC Liberal Party helping their cause in the least. As the saying goes, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” and in my opinion, they are tossing boulders.

    This campaign may play well with the dyed in the wool BC Liberal supporters but will likely do nothing but turn off those that are not married to any party, or swing voters, if you will. This may or may not have been Christy Clark’s idea but she endorsed it fully on the news tonight which just shows that she is not the breath of fresh air many make her out to be.

  7. Diverdarren says:

    You can hardly blame the Liberal planers for trying something, anything to put the brakes on the emboldened Conservatives. The current Libs were going to have a hard enough time beating the NDP without a vote split on the right.

    A social & fiscal conservative platform is very attractive, and now there is a place to park that vote, it should guarantee a NDP win. What the Lib’s think tank should have done with the money they are using (and will need to use in the future ) to fight off the Cons is either buy off Cummings, or invest in some new party that is socially conservative but labour friendly, in an attempt to split the left.

    But, that would probably be a tough to explain item line in the lib’s budget come convention time.

    (Response:P I don’t blame them. I’m just surprised that Cummins/Conservatives have them running so scared, so early. And if that’s the case, are these ads the best they could come up with? Seems to me the blowback on the Liberals is greater than any damage to Cummins. h.o)

  8. mariner says:

    While Cummins may just be what the BC electorate needs, what about the monied people ??

    Big business have it oh so good with the BC Liberals – a bastardized conservative party at best.
    I am pretty sure there will be lot’s of money to give to the BC Conservative party for further access to the public purse. You can be rest assured that the big companies and corporations will want to hang on to their “tax windfall” – spending huge amounts to ensure that the tax freedom continues.

    I am not knocking John Cummins personally as I would Clark, but the parties are so similar in ideology, it could be scary. The big difference here is that the BC Liberals have shown continuously, that they are dishonest and lie and say whatever they want, to get their way – for a decade ! Time will tell how the BC Conservatives behave – but with Harper in power in Ottawa, it may be better that the NDP come through.

    Just a thought and a different look at the political circus that is British Columbian politics.

    (Response: I would think the big money and big business will still flock to the Liberals who they clearly see as their trusted voice and allies. But while big business can deliver dollars, small business people, conservative supporters and middle class free-enterprisers who don’t like Clark/Libs can delive votes … lots of them … to Cummins if he succeeds in growing his support and not putting his foot in his mouth. h.o)

  9. Gloria says:

    I don’t know about the Conservatives.

    I don’t have a lick of use for Harper, he has really dirtied Canada’s good name. Harper gave Campbell the post of High Commissioner to England. Campbell has the worst, most corrupt and evil political reputation, in this Nations history.

    Campbell works for Harper. The HST is one damned good example. They also plan to force the Endbridge pipeline and dirty oil tankers onto the BC people and province. They plan to drill oil and gas wells, off BC’s coast.

    Harper is no different than Campbell. They use identical methods of, dirty tactics towards their own citizens.

  10. Splendor Sine Occasu says:

    I would sure like to see those polls that got the BC Liberals in such a panic…

    (Response: Why not write Cristy and ask her for them. Then let us all know her response. (She wouldn’t lie to you, would she?) h.o)

  11. Ed Seedhouse says:

    The best long term strategy right now for the far right and the large business power elites may be be to get five or six of the more right wing liberals to cross the floor and allow the NDP to form a minority government. Then the attack from the elite controlled press will immediately swing hard to a huge attack on the new minority, forcing Dix to possibly call an early election, or even defeating his second or budget to force an election on the issues they choose, instead of the issue of how much people dislike the present government. Then the Conservatives under Cummings might have a good chance to either form a minority government or to wipe the Liberals off the map for good.

    Of course the risk is that Dix and a minority NDP government might do a good enough job to get a majority, but it might be a better risk to take than letting Dix in with a majority right from the start.

    By the way I’ve always voted NDP, so maybe they might find my advice suspicious and flee from it. That would be a good thing from my partisan viewpoint since I think the right wing split is going to happen and put the NDP in as a majority, and I think Dix is smart enough to avoid the mistakes of earlier NDP administrations.

    (Response: I think the Libs will still garner most of the right of center votes in any election, BUT if the NDP were to win, that could be the end of the Liberal franchise as we know it: their support and funding moving to the “new” Conservatives for the following election. The Libs are no doubt hoping for Cummins/Conservatives to implode with some more outrageous statements on gays, or on abortion, drug treatment or immigration etc. h.o)

  12. Ian Fromme-Nelson says:

    I suppose Cummins and the boys are about as “honourable” as any other homophobe… can’t wait to hear the banjo music in their campaign ads.

    (Response: Apples and oranges. If he or she is honest about what they stand for, and says so exactly, a politician can still be seen as an honourable person …. even if you disagree with every policy they outline. h.o)

  13. Julie says:

    I too believe, attack ads are a signal of fear. Christy’s time in office so far, has spent millions on attack ads, regarding the HST.

    Christy has attacked Cummin’s as a double dipper. What about Campbell? He has a gold plated pension, and he has been awarded the High Commissioner post to England. However, Campbell is too much of a coward, to return to BC, for his totally undeserved OBC.

    I believe Christy to be, scared to death of Cummins. We all know why Christy wouldn’t call a fall election?? She hadn’t a prayer of winning. She knows it, and we know it.

    (Response: I suspect she/Liberals are counting on an improved economy within the next year and a half so the voters forgive, if not forget. h.o)

  14. Scotty on Denman says:

    I literally had to mop up the puddle of dancing, laughing tears from my desk after hearing the Cummins attack ad and, admittedly, it did take me a little while to start looking at it a bit more seriously.

    Now, maybe it’s true that the BC Liberals are floating a trial balloon and might take some instruction from the wide derision it has gotten. Now would be the time to do it, nineteen months before their day of doom. It’s fair to parry with Mr Cummins in detail (and he has already articulated details of his platform) but, for now, the BC Liberals have bought into the effectiveness of “going negative” personally. As mentioned above, that effectiveness is not always and everywhere true.

    I think that this stupid ad is symptomatic of a government that is divided, with Christy Clark and her office on one side and the Campbellite caucus on the other, and any org that is operating at cross purposes often does dumb things.

    Christy’s vision of herself was, at the outset, as a heroic princess warrior, supremely self-confident, saviour of the embattled BC Liberal party, boldly promising, with foolhardy bravery, an early election. Perhaps she actually convinced herself that she would have to renege on that promise after a string of consecutive reality checks: no caucus support for her leadership bid, an embarrassingly narrow by-election win and the failed championship of the HST. There can be no doubt, however, that heavy pressure was applied by caucus, which never liked her and ridiculed her election promise before she won the leadership. They were armed with polling numbers that told them that, just like their leadership contests, they were unelectable, tainted Campbellites. Their lot is to seal some deals, cover some tracks and bail before the day of doom in May, 2013. Thus the two factions are at cross purposes.

    So a compromise has been made. Christy now seems cowed and obedient, so unlike her real self. Nevertheless, longtime buddies of the BC Liberals have become nervous enough to start taking matters into their own hands: witness the recent propaganda from the fish farm industry and from Independent Power Producers, spooked by some bold talk by the old Christy Clark. To keep her out of the kitchen she has now been given a hobby horse : a province-wide tour of jobs, jobs, jobs speeches, while back in Vitoria the Campbellites are busy looking after the interests of friends like IPPs and Smartmeter installers.

    Compromised leadership will come to no good for BC and Christy Clark alike. The surreal will enter, like stupid attack ads, from wrong wings on the political stage, the orchestra will miscue and play out of tune, half the cast will quit before the curtain falls. BC politics, like all good theatre, both tragic and comic, will give us all a question to think about as we shuffle out the aisles: Christy! Was it worth it?

    (Response: We know negative ads CAN work…but they’d probablty have a btter chance by zeroing in on his seeming intolerance/homophobia etc rather than zero in with stupid statements that just remind voters of their own hypocrisy and flip-flops. h.o)

  15. Bruce A says:

    What is the difference between the BCCONS and the BCLIBS. They are both right wing parties who’s only purpose seems to be to impliment the corporate agenda as it is the corps that pay for both of these parties election funding. So what would be the difference if the CONS were elected to government? Although I support the NDP – I think the BCCONS would be easier to work with than the Fibs. I would feel much more comfortable with the BCCONS than with the Fibs again’

    (Response: Actually, although both right of center, there are differences. And they’ll emerge quite clearly as they each stake their ground. You can also go to their websites to have a look. h.o)

  16. morry says:

    @BruceA forget the right/left nonsense. vote for those that offer something new or as a protest against the liars who have been around too long. I firmly believe in throwing out ANY government after they have been in power for more than three terms. It’s just plain health for us lowly voters.

  17. As a BC Liberal supporter, I absolutely despise John Cummins and the BC Conservatives.

    How dare they destroy the free enterprise coalition and allow the NDP to win!

    How can anyone take Cummins seriously? He was opposed to first nations as an MP.

    He is nothing more than an opportunistic and unprincipled politician.

    The BC Cons have no credibility, whatsoever, in the Vancouver-Richmond-North Shore-Burnaby-New West-Tri/Cities area…..An area where any party must do well.

    The BC Cons are vulnerable to being taken over by social conservatives, just as the Wild Rose Alliance is in next-door Alberta.

    Do British Columbians really want Tea Party North taking over? Do we really want the ilk of Sarah Pallin and Susan Bauchman running things?

    (Response: Cummins did oppose giving aboriginals special fishing rights, but I don’t think that makes him “opposed to first nations”. As for the Conservatives being closer to Palin, Tea Party I think the Libs should consult with you on their next ads …Conservatives probably more vulnerable in that area than what we heard in recent ads. h.o)

  18. 13 says:

    Its hard for a BC Lib supporter to watch the Christy leadership flounder.
    If she doesnt manage to eliminate the vote splitting Conservatives were doomed to the NDP and Dix. So as a right wing supporter I will hope that Christy either gets her act together or the Conservatives can win against the NDP.

    (Response: Maybe over 18 months the Libs could pull it together…but frankly they don’t seem to have changed that much when it comes to openness, honesty and respect for the voters. So I figure the Conservatives see victory in two stages: first the NDP defeat the Libs; and then the Conservatives emerge as the new alternative. It would be very unusual for the Conservatives would go from NO sitting members to victory…. but these days, you never know! h.o)

  19. Splendor Sine Occasu says:

    Sean in Vancouver,

    If you are upset at the rise of the BC Conservatives, you should be asking the BC Liberals why that is.

    Why are they incompetent and/or corrupt?
    Why did they elect someone totally unqualified to be their leader and our premier?
    Why do they follow a neo-liberal/corporatist agenda, while defunding ESSENTIAL government services?
    Why have they hung out a FOR SALE sign on our Province?

    That is why the free-enterprise coalition is in trouble, and why the Socialist Horde will win the next election.

  20. Mo says:

    Best thing for BC is a term under Dix and the NDP. I am done with the fake-liberals

  21. Henri says:

    Harvey responded to 13 // Sep 20, 2011 at 4:11 am.
    Maybe over 18 months the Libs could pull it together
    Make that “maybe over 18 YEARS the Libs could pull it together” maybe…

  22. terminalcitygirl says:

    The Cons have been running the Liberals (Gordo was no Liberal and neither is Christy) and know they have run that party into the ground for a long time. I expect the ads are intended to do exactly as they are – give that wingnut Cummins more legitimacy and more profile so the Cons can become the party to challenge the NDP next election. Cummins would not chuck a good thing in Ottawa for such a long shot here in BC. He has help in high places. IMHO.WLW

  23. jack-be-nimble says:

    The second I heard one of those ads I thought, “Who the Heck advises these people?”

    I can’t believe the rehashing of attack ad based politics.

    Why can’t politicians just say something like, “Try us and we’ll”TRY” and do these things, you know what the others stand for!” and that’s it!

    Be honest and totally focus on what you’ll do…don’t promise too much citing you’ll try…I believe stooping to attack ads is the lowest a party can go. People who vote know what is going on.

    The best thing the NDP can do is keep their nose clean and question the odd Liberal decision as they’re suppose to, but try and keep their appearances to a minimal… the current rate, the Libs will destroy themselves…

  24. Dan says:

    With members like Randy White and Reed Elley hanging off the wagon the Cons are not going to get big numbers in today’s world.

  25. Grumpy BC Taxpayer says:

    Best thing for this province is for her Snookieness and the LIEberals to die a quick death. Almost anything would be better than this bunch of liars and losers. I wouldn’t trust any of them with anything that requires ethics or morals.

    Cummins may or may not be the best shot, but he’s head and shoulders over what we have now.

  26. BG says:

    Historically conservatives have opposed big corporations, big banks and big governments. They were fiscally conservative (that means “no debt”) and socially conservative.

    Ever since Mulroney and Reagan conservatives have supported big corporations and big debt and that’s all they’ve stood for. Things got worse with Bush and Harper.

    John Cummins looks like the real conservative deal, without the b.s. of Campbell, Christy and the rest of the bunch.

  27. CrabbyD says:

    One conservative party going after the other conservative party. lol

    This bodes well for a vote split and an NDP government next time. 🙂

  28. Alexander says:

    Reed Elley elected Conservative party president this weekend??, lovely, the bigots and religous zealots officially have a new home.

  29. Geovanny says:

    What wonderful ancits we receive in the news But have we forgotten that the people of British Columbia voted to remove the HST.All well and good to bring up more dirt on this Liberal Government But the first job of this government in the first sitting is to complete the orders received by their Boss. (The people of British Columbia)The change back to GST/PST with original can be done in less than three weeks.It does not require Eighteen months (18) to reinstate the above (we are in High tech world not pen and paper world) it is 2011 not 1950.If the HST stays in place for the above period of time, the government will take Six Billion dollars from the people of British columbia having thousands struggling to make ends meet on the staples of life.People will be forced to cut back on their spending to stay within budget.investing in housing will decrease with the attached decrease in work and material sales.May Be the people of British Columbia should allow the MLA’s to sit and then surround the parliament biuldings and not allow the government out until they have passed to order.I’m willing to believe that the people of British Columbia are up to the task.

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