BC Media Waking Up to NDP Manipulation, Lack of Transparency

I’ve been sounding the alarm for months: warning how the BC NDP government has been “playing” and “spinning” the BC media … turning too many of them into government messengers, spokespersons and even cheerleaders.

I prefer a media that is challenging, critical, cynical and, yes, even a bit antagonistic towards politicians who control billions of dollars of public monies and can sign Orders and pass laws that impose restrictions on our lives and our civil rights.

Nothing personal: it’s just the media’s JOB … whichever party is in power!

Now, the BC media … or at least SOME of them … are waking up.

What a terrific story, by Nathan Griffiths, in The Vancouver Sun Thursday!

The headline said it all: “Leaked reports show B.C. health authorities withholding data from the public”.

Despite promises of “transparency”, the NDP government and it’s appointed health officials have been holding back massive amounts of details they had about EXACTLY WHERE the highest spikes in Covid spread were occurring.

Political correctness trumping the public’s right to know? Afraid of embarrassing NDP-supporting neighbourhoods? Covering up ethnic-related Covid spread data? Worried about revealing certain areas are consistently ignoring Public Health Orders?

“A pair of internal reports leaked from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control highlights that health authorities in B.C. are only releasing a fraction of their available COVID-19 information to the public,” Griffiths reported.

“The reports include neighbourhood-level information on case and vaccination counts, for example, a level of detail the Centre has so far refused to make public despite repeated calls from academics and researchers. The city of Toronto regularly publishes neighbourhood-level case and vaccination data, as well as breakdowns by age, income and ethnicity,” the Sun article revealed.

You can read the entire Vancouver Sun expose here: https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/covid-19-leaked-reports-show-health-authorities-withholding-data-from-the-public.

Why did it take a leak for the public to see this information?

For months, the Health Minister and Dr. Bonnie Henry have been mesmerizing the media with all kinds of stats, including not just Covid cases, but also numbers of rubber gloves ordered, face masks acquired, hospital bed capacity … yada, yada, yada.

I’d bet most British Columbians would rather know EXACTLY WHERE the big outbreaks are occurring … and EXACTLY WHO is making it so difficult for the rest of us to put this &*%# pandemic behind us.

And that wasn’t the ONLY lack of transparency by the BC NDP government revealed last week!

On Tuesday, CTV News at Six had a superb piece of investigative journalism about a BC government Public Health official “fired amidst a spending scandal”.

Benoit Morin was paid $352,000 a year by the NDP government as President and CEO of the BC Provincial Health Services Authority for just one year, before being removed, reported CTV’s Penny Daflos.

“On top of his salary … taxpayers paid for an entire year’s rent of $4,500 per month, as well as six months furniture rental ($36,914), utilities and miscellaneous expenses, totaling more than $115,000,” Daflos revealed.

Revealed? Yes, because CTV had to undertake the time, effort and cost to file a Freedom of Information demand to get the 172 pages in documents detailing what happened in Morin’s case.

“Morin came under investigation following allegations he initiated hundreds of thousands in unnecessary renovations to the PHSA offices and thousands on catered lunches for executives, while signing a deal for $7 million worth of face masks that were poor quality and unusable,” Daflos reported.

“He’s being fired specifically, or dismissed I should say, without cause, which means he will receive severance consistent with his contract, which I believe is nine months,” Health Minister Adrian Dix told CTV.

That works out to $264,000.

Take that … BC taxpayers!

No wonder the NDP government didn’t release all that information until CTV won its Freedom of Information case.

Some transparency, eh!

Then Friday, Vancouver Sun Columnist Vaughn Palmer also took up the NDP’s lack of transparency: “NDP fails three tests in a week of its promise of openness”.

” The past week has featured three tests of Premier John Horgan’s promise of openness and transparency — and his NDP government failed all three,” Palmer wrote.

He cited the withheld Public Health reports, as well as government officials’ refusal to make public the business plan behind a “decision to set up a Crown corporation to oversee $500 million worth of investments in venture capital and other B.C. based businesses.”

Why? No public “right-to-know” there!

Palmer also pointed to “the Horgan government’s deliberate withholding of information was also on display in the fight against the Site C project by the West Moberly First Nations”.

Read all of Palmer’s revelations here: https://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/vaughn-palmer-ndp-fails-three-tests-in-a-week-of-its-promise-of-openness.

So glad to see the BC media … some of them at least … are waking up to realize the public wants, deserves the TRUTH, answers to HARD questions, the FULL story …not just the NDP message-du-jour spun out by government Ministers … and their hired help.

Harv Oberfeld

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32 Responses to BC Media Waking Up to NDP Manipulation, Lack of Transparency

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    I think this story is multi barreled on many levels.

    First and foremost is the public’s right to know and this has been so badly trampled on that the public is treated by the media Tokyo Rose or Lord HawHaw brigade as rubes.

    The problem with the NDP, the public is not as stupid as they think we are; we are not whinging dolts runny around in our underpants, rather the little greys cells work quite well. It was well know a year ago that due to certain ethnic reasons, surrey was and still is a Covid hotbed.

    Tale of two weddings.

    We had a wedding last July in our back yard for my wife’s nephew and all was done to Dr. B’s rules, no more than 50 people; everyone checked twice for body temperature; all names were taken down; seating was arranged at 2 metres apart (well it was 1 metre apart outside). Only people allowed inside was to use the bathrooms and we had a bathroom monitor. We had washing stations and sanitizing stations in 3 locations outside.

    No covid.

    My wife’s coworker who is South Asian, went to her cousins wedding, in Surrey, with over 300 people, the father rented two back yards for a total of 3 houses, no checks no balances. The coworker stayed all of 5 minutes and delivered the present and left, post haste. In the end, aside of creating a family rift, but the wedding was also a source of a major covid outbreak and sadly deaths.

    One does not play fast and loose with covid.

    But I think there is another item at play, the mainstream media is loosing its audience; I think Dead Dog 98, et al, have been evolving into a gossip column, rather a “talk and news” radio station as it once was two decades ago.

    I have, through emails, Facebook, and mail, I have been asked to do surveys and since Feb. I have done no fewer than 6 surveys mainly asking questions about news, news gathering and news platforms.

    The picture I get is that the media conglomerates are getting worried that their politically correct shtick; their offend no one drivel; thir current pablum that passes for news is loosing favour and viewership.

    The public wants news and commentary, for myself I do not want Conservative news or Liberal news, just news and I also want commentary, a largely unbiased news and interpretations of events.

    The result, more “hitting” news, more directing of government and their policies. More holding the government accountable.

    The winners are us and good or bad, we must be told the truth and if politicians are afraid of the truth, they should be made more afraid by the media, a lot more afraid!

    (Response: The public have the right to expect reporters to be tough on politicians …regardless of the party in power. It’s the media’s job, between elections, to keep them honest, to find out what’s REALLY going on, and to let the politicians know what the “people” are thinking and are concerned/mad about. Not just be the government’s messenger … or make excuses for them. Readers know how I’ve been at it for quite a while: decrying the lack of tough questions, the friendliness of too many media to those they cover and warning how they are being spun and played like fiddles. But I always said I still had HOPE that things would change: maybe they are… at least with some. h.o)

  2. Gilbert says:

    It seems that Premier Horgan’s main focus was to get re-elected, and now that he’s accomplished that, he’s been largely missing in action. He needs to put all the people of British Columbia first, not just his base and his political supporters. The media should be tough on all parties. Maybe the media in BC is finally waking up.

    (Response: I’m hoping it IS happening, at last! No journalist worth his or her “salt” wants to be used by those they cover. Friday, Global TV’s Richard Zussman did the Newshour’s catch-up story to the Vancouver Sun’s Thursday scoop. He began with a clip of Premier John Horgan in November saying “We have been as transparent as any jurisdiction in North America”. Then Zussman took his shot: “Seven months later it has become blatantly clear that wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now.” Wow! Zussman then went on to give the details of the leaked government health reports and included an interview with a data analyst, who said “It seems like the province thinks as long as they have the data and look at it, that’s good … and the public doesn’t need to know”. Bravo! That s REAL reporting … and I hope a lot of journalists will now realize the NDP government HAS been holding back LOTS of important information from them … and the public. Their feet MUST be held to the fire much more often! h.o)

  3. Keith says:

    The contrast in Ontario isn’t just limited to Toronto, the daily updates also include the areas surrounding the GTA, and any hotspots that flare up. At present there is a problem in Brampton, so it’s reported there is a problem in Brampton with the accompanying data, what to do and how to do it, it’s not hard. Similarly the Maritimes and New Brunswick don’t seem to be hiding or shading anything covid related the public need to know. If there is a hotspot, they say so and ask people from the hotspots not to travel to an area that is more open with fewer cases. Rules, closures and fines are clearly defined.

    But despite Ontario being quite transparent compared to B.C., Rob Ford has seen his popularity drop like a stone as he now flails around whilst the covid numbers go up big time.

    I’m sure Horgan, Dix and Bonnie Henry all now face dropping approval ratings and credibility now the cat’s out of the bag, and so dumb to keep the data under wraps as all it did was confirm what many had suspected. It’s yet another slap in the face to those of us that were doing what’s right, then continually be told that we have to do more.

    Hopefully the press when given the opportunity at the very handy for the govt. officials one question and a follow-up at the covid briefings will hammer away at the hypocrisy, and if the answer isn’t sufficient, the next reporter on the line will follow up until they and we get an answer to the present fiasco and is there anything else they know but aren’t sharing.

    (Response: Those press briefings are another example of how the NDP is controlling the media. With just one question ad one follow up, there is no room for the kind of pressing questioning/discussions the media used to be allowed to get into with our “leaders”. It’s not so subtle control by the government! Plus, the very few who get to pose questions usually use their own first question for their own already pre-determined story; and their “follow up” to ask another pre-determined question on behalf of a colleague at their station/newspaper working on a different story. Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell did not do restrict questions the way the NDP do! The Legislative Press Gallery should be screaming like hell about the NDP’s now regular RESTRICTIONS on questions … even do stories on it to embarrass Horgan and the government into respecting the media’s right to ask questions. What are they afraid of anyway? h.o)

  4. r says:

    BCHydro 16 years of flat demand and 16 billion dollars spent before site C fired up.?Another dumpster fire?

    BC pc cookie cutter covid policy with no hot zone smart treatment re fraser health -with half of BC cases.?

    (Response: There’s something about Fraser Health region that really scares the NDP government: either they know many there won’t listen to whatever they say, so why bother; or they fear their voting power. So the government picks on those in other regions, where the Covid numbers are much lower, but where people are more easily pushed around, restricted and more prone to follow Orders. But people are getting fed up with this one-sidedness …and unless the government is SEEN cracking down on the REAL offenders, more and more of the rest will also just start ignoring Horgan, Dix and Bonnie. h.o.)

  5. 13 says:

    Horgan got what he wanted. A majority government that no longer answered to the green party. He has taken the no need to answer to the greens and expanded that to include just about everyone in BC. Money laundering investigation might pale when someone capable of crunching the covid statas that the NDP have kept under wraps to see what the real costs in human lives was during the unneeded election as the pandemic ramped up victims.
    Horgan has also failed BC by not holding the Federal Liberals responsible for a vaccine roll out that cost more lives. Add to that his reluctance to act on securing boarders. Hes has allowed Trudeau to ignore the variants arriving at YVR. He has continually clamped down on those that follow the rules and ignore the large groups of protesters that act with impunity. All the while watching Albertans cross the Rockies lleaving the worst pandemic spread in N America. Once again he has blockades to keep BCers at home
    Horgan has been aided and abetted by the media. The media have been nothing more than a propoganda machine for the NDP. Lets hope in light of recent developments the media are shamed into action. I wont hold my breath.

    (Response: I believe many British Columbians would agree with your line: “He has continually clamped down on those that follow the rules and ignore the large groups of protesters that act with impunity.” It’s as if the government knows most of us, in the hope of curbing the pandemic, will go along with being pushed around by Health Orders, suspension of our civil rights and unfair targeting … not even being able to travel in our very limited family bubble … so Horgan and the NDP government keep squeezing us to do less and less, while they still do little or nothing for the REAL problem…the large crowds who gather, rally and party … giving Covid great chances to spread and multiply over the ensuing couple of weeks. h.o)

  6. BMCQ says:

    I more or less agree with everything H.O. has stated in his essay above .

    I also agree 1005% with what Harvey and more than likely everyone and anyone posts here regarding the “Right to Know” of the “Great Unwashed”, WHY IS IT Governments at any of the three levels and Governments of any Brand do everything they can to keep the public in the dark ?

    How many times have any of us our friends been heard to say, “Why don’t we know what is going on” ? Why is Government always intent on keeping the public in the dark ? What makes Government arrogant enough that they want to keep knowledge and developments away from the citizens ?

    Yes, it does appear that Media may FINALLY be covering the stories regarding Covid – 19 and other related goings on but WHY has it taken so long, and let’s not forget, Media still have a very long way to go in caching up on the science, developments, and so called “Breaking News” that in some cases be months old ?

    H.O. , people on this Blog, and friends and relatives along with other reports one might see in other places are sometimes/quite often ahead of B.C. and Canadian Federal Media on any given subject including Covid – 19, WHY ?

    Why do Citizens Canada or those of any province need to be “Kept in the dark”, why do
    those same citizens need to beg for knowledge, the science, the latest in treatments, Vax Roll Out, information of side effects, or anything else ?

    Why can WE in Canada get more information out of the Daily Mail – On Line than we get from our own Provincial or Federal Governments ?

    The latest silliness of the Stats being withheld from the public should cause citizens of any political brand to “Revolt” ! am “Quite Sure” that some here may defend Premier Horgan, Geoff Meggs, Dr. “B”, Dix, and the rest but could you or would you defend the “Gordo” B.C. Liberal Government on any of this ? Yes, I should not be surprised, YOU are “Not Sure” or YOU are too busy Baking Sour Dough Bread ! How silly .

    Why is it that when Canadian PM Justin and say Provincial Premier Horgan make announcements the narrative is controlled so closely, why is it Media do not “Push Back” ?

    Why can Media not stand together, support each other and tell Premier Horgan, or PM Justin that they or their Handlers cannot control that narrative, Media should stand together and demand that questions should be random with follow ups and openness, if the Feds or Province will not allow that the Media should stand together and walk away, that alone would create change, NO Government wants to be stood up by the Media and NO Government wants to look foolish, actions like that may force more transparency .

    As some of have asked on many previous occasions, are media incompetent, compliant, complacent, or as I always say, “Complicit” ? Perhaps a little or a lot of each . Are Media themselves out of touch or arfe what I believe Assignment Editors out of touch, or is it they just do not care . It would make sense to me that if a so called “Intrepid Investigate Reporter” made the effort to ask more important questions, force answers to pertinent questions that Reporters Media Outlet might profit from an increase in readership/viewers, or listeners, would that not make sense ? Would that not force more media outlets to follow, would that not be more professional, and would that not provide more knowledge to citizens right across this country ? Of course it would .

    Then we are also left wondering about many things that Media do not seem to be aware about and WHY NOT ?

    Do you or have you heard the PM Justin, Dr. WHO/Tam, ANY Premier, Premier Horgan, Dr. “B”, Dix, the now invisible Penny Ballem, mention or make a statement on the attached ?

    Let’s contact Media and encourage them to ask more about the attached from Federal, Provincial Politicians and Health Authorities right across this country .


    Why do WE not know more about this ? Why is this not discussed ?

    I am sure there are many more important topical questions that Media could be taking on, let’s hope Media Outlets are finally beginning to hold Politicians and Health Authorities to account right across Canada .

    Peoples Health and our collective Economies are at risk, it is time to act now .

  7. Tim says:

    Horgan’s communication style has changed dramatically over the last few months, he looks mostly robotic into the camera and has lost much of his warmth that he seemingly worked hard to get it right. While handing the spotlight over to Henry and Dix early in the pandemic was a good strategic move, the two of them now need someone who connects with people to get consistent messaging out there as they’ve floundered most of the last 6 months or so. The stand outs in the data whitewashing has been community spread, stubbornness around the mask mandate and the punitive approach to small business. Saw a sign yesterday from a Diner, “we’re now closed until Bonnie says so- sorry we tried take out but were losing our shirts”, while anti maskers gather in large groups a few blocks away without any kind of enforcement action. The third wave in Canada rests entirely on the shoulders of all levels of government and has caused totally unnecessary strain on the health care system, small business and those of us doing the bare minimum to avoid becoming one of the infection stats, albeit not knowing a thing about where and why the infection occurred of course.

    (Response: “Warm” is not a word I ever associated with Horgan: but earnest and competent and caring were. Now he seems more frustrated, defensive and deceptive. I can understand why: things are not going as well as intended; people are not as happy; too many have tuned out; and thus his not-so-nice side is surfacing, civil rights are pushed aside … and now, even some of the compliant, complacent media are waking up to how he/officials have been playing them like fiddles. Not fun times for Horgan. h.o)

  8. e a f says:

    The right to know

    The right to privacy

    Both have legislation dealing with those pieces of legislation

    Given our society isn’t the most progressive when it comes to race relations perhaps there is a concern how others will act if a neighbourhood with a particular ethnic group has a higher Covid rate. I’m sure you’ve all read about the increase in attacks on people they think are “Chinese” when in fact they are Canadian or might be of Vietnamese descent or Thai etc

    The right to know vs the right to privacy, safety in your home, on the street etc

    So why does everyone want to know. I’ve seen racism up front and personal oh and I’m on of those Europeans who are ever so white. Family crime—immigrants with parental units speaking perfect English with an accent

    I know about race riots in China town and no Jews or people of colour in the British Properties

    In my opinion most who “want to know” have another agenda.
    And no I am not accusing anyone here of racism

    Harvey does raise valid points but I’m going with the right to privacy. If specific areas have higher Covid rates then vaccinate this neighborhoods.

    (Response: This has nothing to do with the right to privacy: no one is expecting the names, addresses of those infected with Covid. But I believe the public has a basic right to statistical data from ALL publicly-funded studies, evaluations, surveys etc. After all, WE paid for it! Otherwise, you leave the dissemination of FACTS to politicians and bureaucrats … who have a long not-so-proud history of hiding and twisting information. And if there are specific areas where Covid is spreading well beyond average, they SHOULD be called on it, have violators cracked down on and even be embarrassed to pull together and do better. h.o)

  9. D. M. Johnston says:

    The BC mainstream media had better wake up and start asking real questions because something is radically wrong in this province.


    Then there is this;


    If the Covid don’t getcha a villains bullet will.

    It seems Tail Gunner John has bailed out and the BC is in free-fall, the NDP either do not care or are very afraid of of the truth. 20 years ago the likes of Rafe Mair would demand the resignation of Eby and Farnsworth as would Jack Webster and the other great men of the old news media.

    I do not care about child care or vulgar people calling other people names, I do care about being shot going to the store or being assaulted it what should be one of the most secure areas in BC, YVR.

    I heard BS Baldry on Dead Dog 98 and really, one would think he was a spin doctor for the NDP…..maybe he is, but we need real newsie’s asking real and pointed questions of our elected representatives, because the current state of affairs cannot continue.

    It is time for Horgan to come clean on covid and the on going drug war, but these days it easier finding Where’s Waldo than the premier.

    I am just disgusted with the continued gun play and with the governments mishandling of Covid and I wish Horgan would do or say something, other than the usual spin doctored drivel that comes from the legislature these days.

    I am mad, very mad and it seems the NDP are trying to sleepwalk through this. It is at this time that BC media show their mettle, or pack up their bags and apply at Fox News, because things just cannot last.

    (Response: The media should be LEADING in expressing the public’s frustration and anger at both the continuing weakness/failure of the NDP government in taking on Covid scofflaws and the Wild West shootings now making it dangerous to go out shopping even during the day! But I watched the Dix/Henry briefing today and there wasn’t any “hot” questioning at all on Covid. Disappointing! h.o)

  10. nonconfidencevote says:

    “There’s something about Fraser Health region that really scares the NDP government: either they know many there won’t listen to whatever they say, so why bother; or they fear their voting power.”


    The race card.
    No one will publicly say that Surrey has been the worst covid hotspot for weeks if not months.
    Far be it for me to suggest that the flights were landing from India at YVR far longer than they should have.
    Good old Justin doesn’t want to annoy his potential voters in the coming election now does he?
    Far be it for me to suggest anything because….we just dont know.
    Our political correctness and anti racism Laws wont allow any public official to say , “Some cultures really dont care about the rules.”
    Let alone point out that the vast majority of patients in Surrey may or may not be from one group of people from a certain ethnic group?
    Hell we cant even suggest it as a scientific study.
    Just the suggestion to actually take statistical analysis of who, ethnically, is getting sick in greater numbers would raise the WOKE crowd into a frenzy of anti everything.
    Even if the study found some races had a natural immunity to Covid that might help other races……..
    Light your hair on fire and scream racism at the top of your lungs……while your lungs still work..

    (Response: I’m not that familiar with Fraser Health’s neighbourhood makeup, but the hidden maps of Covid cases showed the bright red problem area was in the northwest corner of Surrey …whoever lives there should be quite concerned about why they are doing so poorly. Maybe we’re back to the weak BC media not telling the true story? Because a few months ago, in Montreal, there were very high Covid spread counts in one area …populated heavily with Hassidic Jewish people whose culture encourages large gatherings for prayer, funerals weddings, holiday celebrations etc…. and that was widely reported. The issue went public and I believe the situation has become much better. So if the media can keep it real in Montreal, why not BC …regardless of which group or groups’ actions may be hindering the fight against Covid. It doesn’t mean they’re bad…just need more education and pressure to do better. h.o)

  11. RIsaak says:

    Health care just like media news is all about ratings, perception and when available, manipulation.

    Just turned on my computer to a shiny new online ad campaign (taxpayer money must have purchased it) stating more clinics, more health workers. The NDP could spend the PR money on front line health care, but no a shiny ad campaign is deemed more important.

    Of course we have more health care workers, the BCNU members who used to work at more than one facility not being able to anymore dictates they had to hire to fill gaps left when the policy was changed, obviously simple dots to connect.

    How many health ministry employees who do no medicine would we need if we had system not fractured with regional health boards, religious organizations running facilities & a centralized ministry with 1 purchasing entity?

    Computer systems in our health care system are very old, mostly coming to the end of their useful time & every heath ministry employee has a better processor in their smart phone.

    The bureaucracy and PR employees of health care, are far in excess of what should be the case, how many ex-media types now butter their bread as spokespersons for one or another govt. entity? Could the elected actually speak and explain themselves?

    The ethnic make up of any region may be public knowledge, the risks taken by some seem to be newsworthy, others not so much? Churches made out to be covid pariahs, large weddings on country estates seem to somehow escape the same scrutiny?

    Of course in my new area (Okanagan), Albertans towing travel trailers, motorcycles & driving convertibles seem to be everywhere, but my kids cannot come visit from the lower mainland?

    Remember, the selective administration of justice & law is actually a vacuum of justice & law. Political desires be damned!

    I’ll go sit by hwy 97 & count plates and their province of origin, just to share the current hypocrisy with all of you.

    (Response: Governments spend millions, even between elections, to “communicate” with the public necessary information, but also the “good news” of how wonderful a job they are doing. Many people believe the large advertising spending they do has an impact on news coverage…. much greater than it used to a decade ago. I don’t believe there is any direct day to day influence in newsrooms, but I do worry about management: I fear too many “sales personnel” or corporate owners/investors influencing top decisions on staffing, direction and, yes, attitudes towards their “clients”. h.o)

  12. HARRY LAWSON says:


    The key takee away from this post is the effectiveness of funding investigative journalism.

    It is a win ,win, news stories get out. Ratings and readership goes up wich usually means more revenue.

    Over the decades the bean counters have cut back on the news budgets literally chopping the sources of revenue that fed them .

    I think back now much BC T V used to spend and get the ratings return was incredible.

    (Response: The BC public were very fortunate to have BCTV management, from the top executives to the newsroom managers who supported investigative reporting with time, money and air time. Kudos to CTV for giving Daflos that support last week! The public needs to see MORE of that on ALL stations… not so many puff pieces on cultural festivals or pets or gentle interviews with politicians! h.o)

  13. Keith says:

    And if you need to report vaccine side effects, the form is a bureaucratic nightmare.


  14. Stu de Baker says:

    Just another disguised Bonnie bash-fest. Very little here, is related to the headline “Media Waking Up.”

    But anyway…
    Are there two Vaughn Palmers?

    (Edited… once more, when you can’t refute what others say, you stoop to personal attacks. )

    Or, the one now being hailed as a journalistic hero, who should be the next Bruce Allen?

    Or is it simply short memories and long agendas?

  15. 13 says:

    What an easy way to divert attention from the Horgan NDPs short commings. Toss a race grenade into the mix. All of the PC crowd snap to attention and close their eyes and pretend that the stats that Horgan wants to hide should be hidden for our own good.
    Hiding cold hard facts doesnt protect anyone. Publishing the facts doenst ignite any racism that didnt exist in the first place. Most of us can deal with the truth.

    (Response: The truth shall set you free …unless you’re a politician or bureaucrat who believes controlling the message and denying the public the full story is the better way to go! h.o)

  16. Richard Skelly says:

    One reason the Horgan-Henry tandem are withholding the details of where COVID spikes are happening is to keep guidelines/controls in place for the entire province. If I heard a recent news report correctly, Dr. Henry is opposed to low-risk areas of B.C. being opened up ahead of others.

    (Response: I would think first opening up areas where Covid rates are the lowest would be a sensible way to reward good performance and achievement … while stepping up enforcement of Public Health Orders in areas where non-compliance is highest. h.o)

  17. e a f says:

    Opening up areas where Covid rates are lowest???!! Like Vancouver Island. No Thank You. If things are opened up go the Covid rates again and if travel restrictions are lifted it could be a nightmare
    Covid spreads easily and then people die. What people need to wrap their heads around is until their is a cure or vaccines deal with all variants present and future the world as we knew it is gone
    Dr F advised he believes we will continue to mask up at certain times of the year
    Even if we vaccinate all of Canada it will be a decade at least before the world is vaccinated and that will most likely be funded by people who funded things like measles shot around the world irradiating it in third world countries while North Americans got it again.

    (Response: I doubt most Vancouver Islanders want to be cut off and isolated as long as you might like. Covid will never be eliminated … at least not for a decade or more: we have to learn how to “live” with it: vaccinations, masks, crowd restrictions where and when needed. And yes, open up areas and restore our liberties to move around as soon and possible and practical … not when Big Brother or Big Sister would IDEALLY prefer. h.o)

  18. nonconfidencevote says:

    “The public needs to see MORE of that on ALL stations… not so many puff pieces on cultural festivals or pets or gentle interviews with politicians!”


    I dont think I’ve made it through one 6pm Global “News” Hour without the obligatory ‘happy animal” rescue/ capture/ discovery.

    Dogs, cats, birds, etc. all rescued, found, repaired, etc.
    Considering everything else tthats happening in the world.

    And why is it that the 11pm News highlights are ALWAYS far more interesting than the drivel spoon fed to us at 6?

    (Response: Blog readers know I rarely watch the 6 p.m News “live”: I record Global’s Newshour and CTV at Six …and then speed through them later, stopping at what seems new or interesting. I watch BOTH for coverage of Covid-related updates … and then whatever else captures my attention, and usually I’m done in 20 minutes. I do find myself stopping more often at CTV stories: Global is pretty well everything I’ve already heard on radio earlier in the day …and lots of fluff; but CTV frequently has stories/video I have not seen/heard elsewhere …. also has fluff, but less of it. h.o)

  19. BMCQ says:

    Following up on what NonCon and H.O. pointed out earlier .

    Would you not think that all types of media, media management, assignment editors, and the rest might by now recognize that NOT ALL listeners are people kind that are interested in the fluff pieces ?

    Would you not think that more than just a few of those media types mentioned might by now recognize that there are other stories out there that might have “More Meat on the bone” that could/might draw more listeners, viewers, readers ?

    In turn would not those same media types not figure out and understand that the improvement in serious meaningful content which should attract more followers might in turn attract more advertisers wanting to market and increase the sales of any given product ?

    Time and time again we read it on this blog and we hear it from friends, family, and associates that media for the most part are not doing their job and they are letting the public and consumer down .

    Why can’t media figure any of this out ? Do they even care ?

    Yes funding is not quite as ample as it once was but I know from my own business and other business ventures I am familiar with that for the most part growth, success, and profit almost always go hand in hand with thought, planning/R & D, effort, hard work, and market research .

    Yes, e.a.f., I would never forget another important factor, the respect and treatment of hard working loyal employees is always an important factor, that was perhaps the first and most important thing I ever did learn, that and along with finding a friendly banker who took the time to listen .

    It is not necessarily simple but if managed thoughtfully and properly it can be a success .

    BTW – In our house we also pre record and speed through until something catches our attention . I believe that is common in many households .

    We can all hope for better from media, but can we expect to get more ?

    Do they even care ?

  20. Not Sure says:

    I stayed out of the last topic because I believed it to be more complicated than people seem to think. Same could be said for this topic.

    This is what you said to e.a.f. about withholding information.”WE paid for it! Otherwise, you leave the dissemination of FACTS to politicians and bureaucrats … who have a long not-so-proud history of hiding and twisting information.”

    Fair enough. But that fails to take into account every Tom, Dick and Harriet on social media who think they are an expert and will take some of that information and twist it (innocently or on purpose) spreading it far and wide, sowing confusion. Even real experts like professors and doctors and social scientists can analyze the data and come to a different legitimate conclusion. And there is nothing wrong with having that second opinion, except I have no doubt that Dr. Henry and her vast team have already considered those issues, probably had heated debate over them, and then agreed on a path forward. How many second guessers do we need?

    Now to be absolutely clear, I am not suggesting that the information not be available. I am more concerned with what people do with the information. Consider..

    You also said this “And if there are specific areas where Covid is spreading well beyond average, they SHOULD be called on it, have violators cracked down on and even be embarrassed to pull together and do better.”

    I don’t know. Definitely call out the flagrant rule breakers, especially those who participate in super spreader events. But this sure looks like finger pointing at the vast majority of people in a hotspot who are innocent victims of this virus. Here is an article explaining the complexities for one neighbourhood.

    And then you said this. “I would think first opening up areas where Covid rates are the lowest would be a sensible way to reward good performance and achievement … while stepping up enforcement of Public Health Orders in areas where non-compliance is highest.”

    Ignoring the finger pointing, are we forgetting that covid travels. How are you going to stop people from say Surrey going to restaurants in Richmond. How are you going to stop people from taking the virus from Kelowna to Vernon if Kelowna were a hotspot and Vernon was allowed to open.

    Anyway, sorry for interrupting. Just felt the need to say “It’s complicated.”

    (Response: Wow! what an indefensible suggestion that in a democratic state, the public should be denied information because “that fails to take into account every Tom, Dick and Harriet on social media who think they are an expert and will take some of that information and twist it (innocently or on purpose) spreading it far and wide, sowing confusion.” Yes … people could twist info, not understand info, spread their interpretation of info: in fact, that happens every day in just about every conversation, discussion, position every one of us have every day on every topic! Of course what is true, accurate or false and inaccurate … or just plain stupid is decided by each individual who hears, reads or sees it. It’s all an ESSENTIAL part of DEMOCRACY and FREE SPEECH … and I’m appalled that an educated person like yourself does not absolutely defend that! h.o)

  21. 13 says:

    I read not sures post a couple of times. He mentions Tom Dick Harriet social media proffessors doctors amd social scientists.
    Not a word about the John, Adrian, Mike crowd. Just a reminder the last bunch decided not to enlighten Tom Dick Harry or even 13.
    BTW the 250,000 that recd the astra vax had better hope that the science says its okay to mess with mixing vaccines as well as ignoring the drug makers instructions

  22. Keith says:

    Apologies for chiming in again, but this came to light.

    It seems they didn’t just keep quiet on where the outbreaks and high cases were until it was leaked, also keeping schools in the dark by playing down the data..


  23. e.a.f. says:

    agree with Not Sure,
    when Not Sure writes Dr. Henry and others most likely have already thought of that, Not Sure is correct. these decisions are not made by her and a couple of politicians. they are usually made by groups from various ministeries with various specialities, who look at things on a global basis.

    You can talk all you want about liberty and democracy but what about an ethnic group having the liberty to go around without being singled out by others. As I’ve written and we have seen in the press how people of “Asian” descent have been treated. If the government starts naming neighbourhoods or areas which have higher covid rates, just watch what happens. people in those areas from ethnic miniorities will start finding their kids aren’t welcome at events, schools, etc. They will find flyers on their streets telling them to “go home”. “you’re not wanted here”.

    It is as simple as the e.g,. at the top of the comments about the tale of two weddings. yes, they named the ethnic back ground most of the people in attendance at one wedding. Now was that necessary to the conversation? Not in my opinion.

    You’d be surprised at the number of people on Vancouver island who are just fine with the way things are. They feel safer than on the mainland.

    As I’ve written many times, you can get over a lot of things, but not death. its just so final. this isn’t about democracy and liberty, in my opinion, its about staying alive. the government isn’t trying to turn this into something other than a democracy but the committees who make these decisions have a real good idea of what happens when some things get out there, that will not improve any one’s life.

    Now I’m not that great with a computer but if I check with one of the “kids” and tell them this is the neighbourhood I want the names and address of all the people who live there, bet you in less than 30 minutes I’ll have it. Now with that I can send lots of lovely harassing letters, mass a bunch of racists in their streets and have a fine old time.

    as to the media doing their job. they haven’t done their job, like they used to since the 1980s. they used to do investigative reporting, series of articles, etc. Its too expensive these days to use reporters for the work they used to do. well in the opinion of those who own the newspapers, its too expensive. If I want news I purchase a N.Y., Times and pay $11 for it. It has some news in it. the local papers, not so much. You want news check PBS, CBC, some of the British Media and a few other European countries and Al Jazeera–they do good news on everything except Israel.

    (Response: It’s simply unacceptable that politicians and bureaucrats will impose province-wide restrictions and punishments on millions of people … causing hundreds of thousands great economic pain of lost jobs, shuttered businesses, even in areas where Covid compliance and infection rates are VERY low … but HIDE from the public the TRUTH, about which areas are the biggest source of the problem. h.o)

  24. RIsaak says:

    I’ll just toss in this possibility, ad revenues plummet so news dept. runs more fluff pieces because ad buyer X wants more female viewers to hawk their products to. Sorry, but the shrinking group of ad buyers may have more sway due to the reality of minuscule revenues.

    200 vehicles counted on hwy 97 yesterday in North Okanagan. Semi trucks & farm equipment omitted.

    137 BC

    58 Alberta, 31 of which were rec vehicles or towing toys (boats, motorcycles etc.)

    2 Sask

    1 Manitoba

    1 Quebec

    1 Nova Scotia

    8 BC plated rec vehicles vs. 31 from Alberta.

    Either way, our region (which elected no NDP except one) may not be a priority, we have in my vicinity (50 km radius) had not many covid cases.

    I have noticed far more Albertans this spring compared to last.

    (Response: Other provinces have closed their borders to neighboring provinces when Covid has spiked, so it certainly seems weak and confusing when BC does not… even though Alberta currently has the highest Covid infection rate in Canada. Instead, the BC government is spending a small fortune (HOW MUCH so far, media??) using the RCMP inside the province to harass its own citizens …. and are heavily restricted where we can go fishing, camping boating most of whom are doing a great job of following Health Orders without Big Brother trashing their civil rights and oppressing them. While infected Albertans can come in with campers, boats, tenting gear to camp, boat, go fishing without even a test! h.o.)

  25. Not Sure says:

    It’s complicated Harvey.

    Here is what you said in response to me.

    “Wow! what an indefensible suggestion that in a democratic state, the public should be denied information … ”

    Did I say that? I thought I said this

    “Now to be absolutely clear, I am not suggesting that the information not be available.”

    I know it’s a double negative (my bad) but am I suggesting that the information not be available? No. I am NOT suggesting that.

    Let’s review what I said to see where we disagree.

    * Information should be made available.
    *There can be a downside to getting information. People for a variety of reasons can misinterpret or misuse the data and with social media the way it is, that misinformation can spread.
    *That does not mean the information should not be available (damn double negative); it just means that we should be careful how we use it ourselves and how we view other people’s interpretations.

    I then used a couple of examples that I thought were problematic. How do we deal with hotspots. Do we point fingers and blame and shame them for the high numbers. Or do we try to look at all the factors (language barriers, poverty, multi-generational homes, low paying jobs doing essential work etc) that may be contributing factors.

    And no matter what, as e.a.f. pointed out, race will complicate things. Personally, I don’t understand why the border isn’t closed but if RIsaak’s anecdotal numbers are accurate and if Kelowna for example became a hotspot, the citizens of Kelowna would not be blamed and shamed. It would be blamed on those Albertans or some other complicating circumstance. Certain neighbourhoods in Fraser Health on the other hand?

    (Response: Glad you clarified. We do agree “People for a variety of reasons can misinterpret or misuse the data” … yes, they can. However their freedom to do so is the price we must pay in a free society: people can and often do misuse and twist info; politicians, salespeople, do it every day; the rest of us do it when it suits a position in a discussion! But most important is PRPOTECTING the public’s right to publicly funded data (unless security or personal info is involved) … and we should NEVER leave it to politicians or their hired help to decided which data we can see and which we cannot. h.o)

  26. e.a.f. says:

    agreed RIsaack, the road blocks seem to be to keep the Albertans out of the lower mainland but they can have at it for the rest of the province. Now it maybe a lot of those Albertans actually are b.C.ers who work in Alberta, but still consider B.C. home. Lots of people in B.C. buy and register their vehicles in Alberta. Its cheaper

    In Nanaimo, its full of former Albertans. they moved due to a lack of work. some are those who lived in Alberta for 20 years for work, some have never lived in B.c. and moved here. In our street, in Nanaimo another family from Alberta just moved in. that now makes 5 Albertan families in two blocks. Some still have their Alberta plates, but home is now B.C.

    Harvey you and I are not going to agree on this topic. I don’t consider it punishment. I consider it protection for my health. Yes, jobs disappeared, but the people are still alive. If we open things up, the covid rates will increase on Vancouver Island. Some small businesses have handled it better than others. Some small businesses were in better financial condition and are able to take the changes.

    In all of this, it may be better for the environment. Not as many driving, not as many people buying things of plastic or disposable items which land in the land fill, etc. Lots fewer jets coming in to VIA. BETTER for air quality I’m sure.

    some scientists are now saying we may never reach herd immunity in nOrth America not enough people will get vaccinated and the variants. oh, yes, lets open things up. Let the dying begin. If you do some reading on how far covid can spread in the air, you might have a different opinion on opening things up. It spreads a lot further than those two meters. one mask reduces your chances of catching covid by 60%, 2 maks, 90%. Yes, I use two makes.

    Not every one is going to agree to wear a mask. came over on the ferry, no crew on deck at that moment. guy gets out of vehicle next to mine, no mask. put mine on, roll down window, advise him it is required that every one wear a mask on ferry property. resonse, mind my own business. me: it is my business, I don’t want covid. well he could not give me ocvid. on it went. he nor his wife were going to put on their masks. Yet other people had their masks on even if they were getting out of their front seats to check on their children in the back seat. What was so weird was they had masks handing in their vehicle. they must have been told to wear masks by the crew when they went upstairs because they did have them on then, but getting out of their vehicle, standing there, windows rolled down, walking on the care deck, no masks and that is why I believe we need to keep the rules in place. covid travels a hell of lot further than we are told, yes, most of it is 6 ft. but it can and does go a lot further, if you start reading medical reports.

    I’m one of those who has a 25% chance of living through covid. the sibling, none, none at all. so you might be on about liberty and democracy, etc. I’m all about staying alive. there has been no reduction in our liberty, democracy, etc. we just can’t always go where we want because of a very deadly disease.

    (Response: Everyone wants to survive Covid …even the scofflaws, I’m sure. And I support important measures to curb the spread of the virus … as long as the government doesn’t play6 favorites or politics or political correctness in applying and enforcing the rules. And that includes restricting the rights of citizens ONLY when and where it is absolutely necessary. And frankly, the NDP government is NOT doing that: I believe they deliberately hid from the public exactly where the highest infection and lowest vaccine-takeup areas were; I believe the highway crackdown …. while doing NOTHING to stop infected Albertans from arriving, towing boats and campers etc. … is a publicity stunt, a costly farce to make it LOOK lije they’re doing something, while in reality, they are still ignoring the bigger Covid spreading events. So yes, WE will not agree on this one! h.o)

  27. nonconfidencevote says:

    I’m thinking that it’s not so much the Albertans being “let in” to the province…. so much as its Lower Mainlander’s being “kept out” of the rest of the province.

    Perhaps the geniuses in control consider the Lower Main Land the super spreader for the rest of BC.

    Or perhaps the VOTERS in BC havent screamed loud enough to get the politicians attention.

    Kinda like the airplanes landing from India that have been stopped….?

    Time will tell.

    (Response: According to news reports, only a few people have been turned around and only one ticket issued so far…. during a speeding stop, not a roadcheck. British Columbians ARE generally doing very well in following the rules…. while infected Albertans can come and go freely to camp, boat and shop. What a misdirected waste of police resources and public funds by the NDP government! h.o)

  28. nonconfidencevote says:

    Did anyone here about the pro Palestinian demonstration at the Vancouver Art Galley last Wednesday?

    A friend of mine said he was on Robson St. at about 5;15 pm and he said THOUSANDS of people blocked the street for at least 15 minutes as they streamed by towards the VAG.

    He had no idea what was going on and asked people what was going on.


    Did anyone hear anything about it?

    (Response: I wonder if there were any tickets issued to the organizers? Surely that’s a more risky activity to spread Covid than a family from the Lower Mainland going camping in the Okanagan! h.o)

  29. Gilbert says:

    Maybe the government doesn’t want to issue lots of tickets when protests involve a lot of its own supporters. On the other hand, a few seniors who want to go fishing or boating, and who might tend to be on the right, are a target.

    (Response: I believe there’s a lot in what you say: I suspect a lot of those who hold protests (against pipelines, anti police spending, for India’s farmers, etc.) would tend to vote left (NDP or Green) …and the NDP government knows that, so may be more reluctant to crack down on them. h.o)

  30. e.a.f. says:

    found an interesting article which informed the readers that approx. 800 international jets had landed at small airports, when they’re supposed to land at specific airports. because these jets were private and smaller, they simply land where they want from anywhere in the world. we might want to pay a tad more attention to that. we banned international flights from specific countries but if you’re rich and have a small private jet you can land at some municipal airport and just get out and walk away. ah, money can buy you just about anything except of course death.

  31. Eldon says:

    Tough week! This is wrong on many levels. BC Liberal incompetence is not a free pass for the NDP. Do better!

    (Response: My next blog will feature my Rx for doing better… with a chance for every reader to add their ideas. Maybe it’s time for Dr Henry and the government to listen … not punish us, while they ignore/reward the scofflaws. h.o)

  32. 13 says:

    W ell Harvey its been quite a week. Ive been sitting at home (my choice not Doc Hernrys)
    and I wont jump the gunand offer any suggestions re how the NDP could do better. I will however predict the postings of Stud / Sure.
    Those two are loath to mention Horgan /Diz et al by name possibly because in their instruction packets it clearly states ” donot ever accept any blame for ANY mistakes that the current government may have made.”
    Stud claims that the current government wannders the legislature reading KIR and giggiling like school children at how imature the blogosphere is. Also claiming bloggers are racists trying to incite panic . Sures job is to confuse all issues by questioning every posters ability to understand complicated facts/science etc. that only highly educated souls are capable of diseminating.
    Personally I have a few ideas at how HORGAN and Dix could show some leadership and better governance.

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