BC NDP and MPs Lapdogs to Federal Party

British Columbians should be concerned …very concerned … about events surrounding the  recent revelations that interim federal NDP Leader Nycole Turmel  was a member of the separatist Bloc Queecois AND also a member of Quebec Solidaire (Quebec Solidarity)  the SOVEREIGNIST  nationalist  provincial political party.

And she made financial contributions too! 

Does that really sound to you like someone who just signed memebership cards to help a friend?  Does that really meet YOUR criteria,  as a British Columbian, for a federal party leader who will show no bias in judging one province against another in backing competing bids for federal contracts ?

Turmel says she is now a federalist …but she only resigned from Quebec Solidaire last Thursday, after word got out that she held that membership  card as well as Bloc Quebecois.  Is that good enough for a federal party leader, who is supposed to represent fairly and equally all parts of the country?

Let’s face it, when it comes to issues of policy, power and, most importantly huge federal contracts ….. like those billion dollar navy shipbuilding  contracts … anyone who thinks she will publicly call and push for BC to win those bucks and jobs over Quebec is dreaming in technicolour!

And how has Adrian Dix, who wants to be BC’s Premier, dealt with all this?

He defended her.  Said she’s a federalist and he’s satisifed with that.  No call for her to step aside in favour of someone  more-acceptable to most Canadians as a national party leader.  

Taking a stand like that …  Dix looked more like a lapdog of the federal NDP than a real representative of British Columbians or BC’s interests on the national scene.

And what about BC’s NDP MPs?

Longtime federal NDP lapdogs …all of them.

Readers of this blog realized that during the last federal election. I repeatedly pointed out how the federal party was  saying one thing in BC and the West and quite another in Quebec. It was really no surprise that so many Quebeckers went for the NDP : the party promised them almost anything any of them might want.  Great for Quebec …not so good for the rest of us if they ever take power!

 For example, out here, the NDP supported long-held demands by a burdgeoning BC population for fair representation in the House of Commons.  But in Quebec, leader Jack Layton said that any increase in seats in BC, Alberta or Ontario … to reflect their growing size … must be countered by adding more seats to Quebec to ensure that province, even while declining in population, would still hold a full 25 per cent of the Commons seats, like it has now.

Huh???  In other words, make sure Quebec keeps its current favored position  of power over BC … forever,  even as we grow and their population declines. Can any loyal British Columbian support that guarantee of permanent inferior position for our province?

And where were our BC NDP MPs on this?  Nowhere!  I can’t find ANY references to ANY of them standing up for their own province and for fairness and justice on our behalf, when the federal NDP adopted that position.  Lapdogs!

Nor did they stand up for BC or Western Canada when a New Brunswick Francaphone NDP MP came up with a Private Members Bill that would change a hundred years of equality of English and French-speaking judges on Canada’s Supreme Court … with expert translation services available for either ..  and require instead, by law,  that all new appointments be fully expertly bilingual.  in other words, keep most Western Canadian lawyers and judges OUT ..no matter how brilliant their legal abilities.

BC’s NDP MPs went along with that discriminatory bill, because it pleased Quebeckers ..and, with the NDP and Liberals voting for it, the bill actually passed the minority-party dominated Commons ..only failing to become law when the Tories in the Senate turned it back.

Where were BC NDP MPs on that standing up for BC? Nowhere.  Lapdogs to the national party.

British Columbian NDP supporterss, who are not party lapdogs, know very well the party is now  in deep trouble in the West. And they can’t be impressed with how their BC NDP MPs  have rolled over and failed to speak up or stand up for their province.

And Dix was also a “no show”.

If they want the NDP to avoid becoming just a Quebec voice in Ottawa, BC NDP members had better start speaking up, delivering that message loud and clear to their party …and, most of all, to their BC MLA’s and MPs.

Harv Oberfeld

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35 Responses to BC NDP and MPs Lapdogs to Federal Party

  1. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey, please, try to keep the blood pressure down. Yes, Nycole Turmel carried cards from other parties and gave money but hey its no big deal.
    When you are involved in federal union politics you frequently “belong” to any number of organizations and donate money. Its just the “right” thing to do.
    Lets try and remember two of Harper’s conservatives came from other parties. Didn’t that Bernier come for the PQ or something like that? Didn’t the entire conservative party come from the Progressive Conservative Party and the Reform party?
    Its not unusal for some companies to donate to all political parties.
    Nycole Turmel will do a good job of representing the Ndp. She will not be running for the leadership, so by naming her as interium leader Jack Layton would not be giving anyone a leg up.
    Turmel is also a good choice because a lot of the new MPs are from Quebec. She knows how to hold things together. that is what she did in her union positions.
    Turmel also has a good handle on social issues.
    Oh, gee I remember reading where Pierre Trudeau once belonged to the NDP.
    It doesn’t matter what your past is, its where you are going in the future.
    People need to give Turmel a chance.
    She led the 3rd largest union in Canada for 6 yrs.

    (Response: Don’t you wonder why she ddin’t opt instead for the Quebec NDP to join? And do you really believe she’ll back BC against Quebec in any bids for those big federal contracts? h.o)

  2. StandUpforBC says:

    Harvey, why are you so incensed about the NDP courting Quebec? All parties have been doing this for decades, centuries even. And the party that is best at it usually wins (or wins big enough, in the NDP’s case last time).

    Let’s not get our shorts in a knot about whether the interim national NDP leader will support BC or Quebec in ship-building. When there are competing bids from various regions of the country, it’s not automatic that BC will be the best candidate. Why should any leader of a national party necessarily and automatically support BC ship-building or any venture over another region’s bid. What the heck do virtually all politicians do? Go with the ones that brung them, as Lyin Brian Mulroney used to say.

    We have far, far more serious and pressing problems. This just reeks of opportunistic smear tactics once again. Can’t we please stop this kind of superficial piling-on about a trumped up issue? No one I know is even faintly bothered by this, despite how badly news media wanted to whip it up.

    As for Western judges and lawyers being shut out, jeez Harv where the heck have you been. Do you really want BC’s corrupt legal community to rule on anything? I’ll take my chances with judges from back East anytime over the sorry, slimy lot we have operating here in BC. A few may have “abilities” but what good is that when they play so fast and loose with the law?

    As for changing parties, look at David Emerson. The ink wasn’t even dry on the ballot tallies when that s.o.b. gave us voters the finger and high-tailed it to another party for personal gain, no less. The list of party-changers is a long one. People change; heredity no longer dictates life-long allegiance to a party. None issue.

    This just isn’t anything to get so damn exercised about. In fact, it kind of seems like a grab-bag of every gripe about this person that you could muster.

    There are far more important issues to choose from that could benefit from your sharp intellect. I’d suggest you zero in on some of the lapdog NDP MLAs who are dozing at the feet of the BC Liberals. Now that’s where Dix is really blowing it, in my opinion.

    And thanks for the opportunity to spout my opinion, bouquets and brickbats alike!

    (Response: Where to begin! First of all, of course all parties court Quebec…the threatening mistress who always has to be showered with gifts and be told we love her. But British Ciolumbians should be able to expect OUR MPs and OUR provincial leaders to stand up for us. Believe me, the reps from the Maritimes and Ontario and the Prairies do that loudly in Ottawa all the time …except those from the NDP, who are clearly mesmerized these days by the dream of power to the extent they are willing to set aisde their standards and principles. h.o)

  3. D. M. Johnston says:

    Dix’s chance for an NDP government in BC has just been dashed – adiós the NDP!

    The real winner in all this is John Cummins, who will make the NDP wear the Turmel noose and garner much needed votes to win the all important valley seats in the next election.

    Layton looked like a dead man walking at his news conference and I wonder if he has not been unduly influenced by the Quebec wing of the party.

    The NDP is no longer a “Canadian” political party, it is now a “Quebec” political party.

    Maybe Prem Christie had better call a fall election to both save her and Dix’s electoral butts, because I think Turmel will make the provincial NDP unelectable in BC, while the stench of the past 10 years of Liberal rule will drive former Liberal and NDP voters to the “rogue” John Cummins Conservative Party.

    As I understand, both the NDP and the BC Liberals are extremely concerned about all provincial seats from Surrey to Hope. Just the mention of John Cummins causes shudders down their collective spine.

    (Response: I wouldn’t say it’s game over for Dix. The election could be a long way away…but he had better start standing up for BC and not just play lapdog to the federal party. Because his failure to do so … complete with quotes … will make great fodder for the Libs when the campaign comes. h.o)

  4. mariner says:

    I would hate to see the Quebec issue rear it’s ugly head again, after so many years or reason and sanity.

    I suppose it is different for someone born and raised in Quebec – as they are better tuned into the inside workings of local politics (Quebec). You Harvey, have a distinct advantage over most of the readers and perhaps a better reasoned article might be in order – not admonishing you, but others will be quick to jump on the seperatist issue.

    I suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens over the next few months.

    (Response: I know exactly how Quebec works politically … and it works financially for them! They are the loved but horribly spoiled child who continuously threatens to leave home unless, unless, unless over and over again …and the rest give in to them to hold the family together. I don’t even begrudge them that tactic …if federal governments are dumb enough to give in. But I expect BC MPs and BC politicians to stand up for our province. If you ever wonder why BC fails to get its fair share of federal power, contracts, spending, federal government offices … just take a look at two things: our less-than-fair representation in both the Commons and the Senate ..AND the weakness (or in the case of the NDP COMPLETE FAILURE) in speaking out for this province’s interests at the federal level. h.o)

  5. Gary says:

    I agree with you Harvey. For far too long we have been ignored by the very people we elect to look after BCs interests in Ottawa. The next time that Quebec wants to throw a tantrum and separate , let them. Have a referendun and I will bet that the actual people in Quebec will vote to stay, they know where their bread is buttered. It is only the radicals in Quebec that think they can separate and still keep the benefits that we provide them with. Our politicians do everyone a disservice by letting Quebec think that if they go , they will still be entitled to everything they have now. It should be made clear to them that if they want to leave, then that is it, period, your on your own and no more money or bailouts. I have no problem with the people of Quebec, what I have a problem with is the draconian way they try to shut out the english speaking people of Canada ( again, by the more radical elements that rule there ). Just my thoughts on the matter.

    (Response: I want Quebec to stay and I believe we should accommodate their cultural linguistic protections and aspirations as much as is reasonable. But just as their Premier, their Opposition Leader their MLAs and their MPS speak ouit loudly to make sure Quebec’s interests are promoted in Ottawa, I expect the same from our reps in B.C> ..not some BC NDP MPs standing there smiliing like Cheshire cats in solidairty with Turmel as she tries to hang on to a national leadership job for which her past and biases eminently disqualify her! h.o)

  6. Donna says:

    The east has always dictated to the west. The west has funneled our tax dollars to the east, and we only get crumbs in return.

    The west doesn’t have the population to win concessions. So of course, the provinces with the highest population, gets every demand they make.

    Then BC gets a (edited.. h.o.) premier, Gordon Campbell, who works hand in hand with our P.M. Harper, to totally destroy our province and the people. Campbell Hansen and Harper, colluded on the HST, long before the BC election. The HST was forced onto the BC people. BC being a province of natural resources, the HST does absolutely nothing for the BC citizens. This is a scam by, Harper, Campbell and Hansen, to thieve from the people, to give to big business.

    Years ago, there was talk of the west, separating from the east. It is our folly, that we didn’t.

    Campbell thieved our assets and sold them. Then, Campbell the monster, working with Harper the monster, completely destroyed BC.

    So, what’s the difference Harv? Turmel is just business as usual.

    How many times, have we caught our politicians involved in, lying, stealing, corruption, dirty tactics and cheating to win?

    Look what Campbell gained, by doing Harper’s dirty work. A very cushy job of, High Commissioner to England. In Canada, crime really does pay.

    (Response: I have been inside Canada House in London … huge building on Traflgar Square … and on my June trip to London, as I walked right by it. I couldn’t help think of how Campbell, who left offuce in disgrace, will be esconced there for years, at huge pay, with an entertainment budget greater than most British Columbians’ salaries, with high end digs to live in and chauffeur. Those who serve big business and big corporate interests do get rewarded ..esp by a Conservative federal government. h.o)

  7. ron wilton says:

    I have not heard, read or seen anything official regarding the Campbell appointment.

    Did I miss it, or is the PM waiting for a more ‘opportune’ time to make the announcement?

    (Response: The offiical announcement is pending. Probably AFTER voting here on HST is out of the way. I wonder if enough e-mails and letters to the PM could change his mind. Not likely. h.o)

  8. StandUpforBC says:

    Harvey, I’m back, but to agree with you on your central point, namely that our BC MPs and MLAs should have spoken up.

    Maybe they did, behind closed doors.

    My objections to your article was that it seemed to take the NDP to task for what all parties do in varying degrees. For example, no party is more “whipped” than the Conservatives. Man, they even muzzle the bureaucrats who supposedly work for us, the people. Can’t have our scientists talking to the media??? Won’t let their cabinet ministers say anything without it first being scripted by the PMO’s inner sanctum?

    So that was my beef with how you framed this subject, that you seemed to single out the NDP for doing something the other parties always do and for which they are usually admired in the press as being politically “savvy” and strong.

    In the main I share your utter frustration with the spoiled princess that is Quebec, and the lack of spine in our own politicians in BC, federal and provincial.

    But please let’s not castigate the NDP too much, either federally or provincially. I’m no fan of Dix at all, but we need to get the corrupt bastards and their appointed cronies out of BC or we won’t recover (economically, politically or as a society).

    We need to give the NDP at both levels of government a chance to find their footing. Otherwise, we’ll become serfs at the beck and call of the corporate elite who have taken over this province, and this country.

    The Quebec issue is a concern. I love that province but hate what its presence does to warp our country.

    But I hate worse the thieves and plunderers of our country and our people: Campbell, Harper, and the rest of the “market economy” snake oil salesmen who have lawyers and judges do their dirty work for them. All cut from the same mould as Bernie Madoff — common, despicable thieves who would do their own mothers in, given half a chance.

    (Response: Yes, federal MPs may be “whipped” but we all know there are times when MPs speak out …and this should have been one of those occasions. But BC’s NDP MPs NEVER seem to find occasions to stand up for us …and if not on the three very important issues I blogged about…then when? Is Dix also whipped by the federal party? Remember, NDP supporters tell us they would be different. V Really? Or just more of the same …weakness, lies, secret agendas …except with a different crowd at the trough enjoying favours, contracts and previously unannouced privileges … all, once more, at the cost of the ordinary taxpayer? h.o)

  9. morry says:

    “Those who serve big business and big corporate interests do get rewarded ”

    Drunk Driving Campbell is something to get incensed about:
    Sale OF BC Rail, Bankrupting of BC Hydro, Sacrificing of Salmon to Fish Farm interests …

    Of real concern is how the dictatorial PM will be totally unopposed come the next two years or so.
    Now this is something got get incensed about.

    The NDP interim leader and what BC NDPers may have to say about is peanuts.

  10. Lew says:

    How the hell can Harper look anyone in the eye and say that Campbell is the best ambassador available in all of Canada to represent us in the UK?

    I hope he wears it when Campbell is summoned back here to appear before the public inquiry called into BC Rail after the next election.

    (Response: You’d be amazed at how politicans of every strip can look at you straight in the eye and lie to you ..without even blinking! h.o)

  11. Julie says:

    I do believe, some BC citizens sent Campbell’s profile to England, including his drunk mug shots.

    England does not allow their politicians to lie and steal from the country, nor the people. There are two M.P’s doing time right now, for corruption and stealing.

    Harper wants the dirty oil sands, to go to England and Europe. This will be one of Campbell’s duties. But, the Brits have demonstrated at the office of the High Commissioner, they are deadly against the dirty oil.

    Campbell just may not be welcome in England. The Brits don’t take the crap, from their government, as the Canadian people are forced to. Nor is their press bought and muzzled, as it is in Canada. The paparazzi in London, could just have a field day with Campbell’s, very, very, bad record.

    (Response: It gives me hope ..would love to see him questionned once again by real reporters with tough questions … not just satisifed with any cilp or woirse, acting as his shill and never asking any really tough questions h.o)

  12. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey, its the Conservatives who give out the big contracts not the NDP. The NDP is the opposition.
    Do people think Libby Davies could do better leading the NDP? Not so much, some may remember her less than flattering remarks about Israel.
    Layton also needed some one who was bi-lingual, something Turmel is.
    She understands the social issues. She has not only been the president of the PSAC but the president of CEIU.
    And what is the differance between a B.C.er trying to award contracts to B.C. instead of a Quebecor trying to award contracts to Quebec.
    At least the contracts stays in Canada unlike the B.C. Lieberals who awarded the ferry contracts to Germany.
    The real focus should be can Turmel stand up to Harper in the House of Commons? Can Turmel hold the party together until Layton can resume his position or if he can’t can she hold the party together until a new leader is choosen.
    I do not believe B.C. voters will reject the NDP just because Turmel is the interium leader of the NDP.
    If the voters of B.C. re-elect the Lieberals after all the misery they have created then B.C. deserves them. The B.C. Lieberals have done nothing much beyond rewarding all their friends with jobs, contracts, spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need.

    (Response: Of course, it’s the government that hands out the contracts, but it’s the Opposition’s duty to make sure its done fairly …not just given to a province for political rerasons …like Mulroney did in giving the CF-18 contract to Quebec even though Manitoba scored higher in EVERY reviwew. Do you really belive Turmel will stand up for British Columbia rates higher but the Tories, once again, favour Quebec for political reasons? Please!!! h.o)

  13. BC Mary says:

    Tell us more about Canada House and our wonderful new High Commissioner … is it true that our loyal Gordo (as Canada’s High Commissioner) has been given a whole lot of authority over who comes, who goes, and what goes on amongst the travelling public passing through London now?

    Seems to me there’s a stinkin’ heap of media procrastination going on about “Campbell’s Reward”.

    As for Madam Turmel, she was chosen to do a specific interim job. Not lead the Opposition into the future, but a specific caretaker job.

    Was she a good choice as Interim leader? I thought so.

    And I became more convinced while watching that avid trouble-maker – Tom Flanagan – smiling and rubbing his hands with glee that Turmel was providing so many EASY ways to kick the NDP. Harper’s former RIGHT-hand man says he hopes Turmel stays and stays. Creep.

    Surely “politics” doesn’t have to be as down-and-dirty as this. Does it?

    (Response: It’s up to the working media to do the research and tell you all about Canada House in London and its role in Canada-UK relations. I’m retired. 🙂 As for Turmel, yes, she’s interim now …but all the exposure in the partyy and the backrooms will give her a step up …esp being bilingual ..if Layton can’t return to work. Then BC and the West would really be screwed. To protect BC’s interests, she has to go NOW …and Dix should be saying so. He’s looking very weak. h.o)

  14. DonGar says:

    Good piece on how our locally elected MP’s do little to stand up for BC. It’s all about the party not the taxpayers.

    On the other point about more MP’s in Ottawa I think we as a country have far too many now. We don’t need bigger government with more high priced helpers for each MP and then their big fat pensions that go on and on. Downsize and redistribute remaining seats based on population.

    (Response: The problem is some riding are already HUGE. Having even fewer MPs would downgrade the availability of political representation to many, many Canadians. h.o)

  15. Wilson says:

    This why we appreciate the time you spent in Ottawa Oberfeld and for telling it like it is. The NDP continue to be a disgrace….they sold their soul to Quebec just for votes and power. It dumbfounds me that Jack Layton picked this separatist to lead the NDP. They have some better people in the NDP caucus, that much is for sure.

    (Response: Thanks. The truth is all parties pander to Quebec …not just because of their 75 seats (Ontario has 106) but because Quebec has honed the spolied-baby act to a fine art: give me more, more, more or I’ll run away from home. And most Quebeckers couldn’t care less if they’re taking away FAIR portions of frederal spending from other provinces. That’s why we need strong BC MPs to speak up for us…not just stand there smiling as we get screwed in spending, screwed in policy, screwed in representation. And how Dix can also stand there …not protesting this latest catastrophe …having an interim Opposition Leader who is a past DOUBLE separatist party member in office when those HUGE navy contracts will be debated…boggles thye mind. h.o)

  16. Julie says:

    I am not absolutely sure about this.

    If Campbell is spirited out of Canada to England, he can’t be charged for any of his crimes. Campbell has immunity, we can’t touch him.

    I know I read this somewhere. I have to go digging, to find the article again. Or perhaps Harv, you know of this law?

    (Response: Apart from those who hate him and rant about him ..there is no indication anywhere, by anyone in authority that Campbell is under investigation by any agency for any crime. Any diplomatic rep could have diplomatic immunity from crimes committed in the country where they are posted. But many countries now wave that immunity for serious crimes committed by their diplomats abroad. And can simply recall him or her if any charges were levelled at home. h.o)

  17. crh says:

    Quebec has been moving towards a more federalist position in the last few years. People chose the NDP over the BLOC because the separatist issue is not important anymore. There are many people who would love to separate here in the west as well. With your opinion on Quebec, and you are not alone, it must make Quebecers wonder why they even try. They are damned if they do and damed if they don’t. I for one am happy that they are turning to a more national approach to their politics and have abandoned the BLOC. Although after this reaction, they may just go back.

    As for Ms. Turmel, the temporary NDP leader, she has never publicly voted for, voiced her opinion in favour of, or written that she is in favour of separating from Canada. She has been a member of the NDP for 20 years. There is no benefit to demonizing Quebecers as being the evil doers of Canada, only more polarization.

    Your whole opinion is based on misinformation, but I won’t bother trying to change it. It is always entrenched once it is written.

    (Response: Quebec done with separatism? Don’t bet your house on that. I agree the current sentiment, esp by the young people, is to have good jobs, make money, etc. But part of thatv is because they have become so used to getting more than their fair share of power and federal spending ..and of course that comes at the cost of others, whose share of power and contracts is diminished to prop up Quebec’s favoured status. Examples? How about all those uuqualizatiion hundreds of millions that go to Quebec, that turns aroundf and uses the money from other procvinces to guive ITS population the best social services, including first-class almosdt free daycare, in the country. And the Parti Quebecois could still very well form government in the next provincial election …and is expert at creating crises to make it look like Quebec is being snookered by Canada. Separatism is not dead…just taking a nap. h.o)

  18. Rocker Rich says:

    First the NDP executive punted on the issue of removing those dated references to hard-line socialism in the party’s constitution.

    And now the Turmel imbroglio.

    The federal Liberals have got to be doing high-fives. Thanks to Jack Layton’s ego- and (likely) illness-induced decisions regarding Turmel, the NDP is well en route to third-party status after the next election.

    Mwanwhile, here in BC, the NDP must formally separate itself from the federal wing. In Manitoba, a Dipper can buy a provicial membership because of that prudent separation. (Perhaps not coincidentally, the Manitoba NDP has formed government many more times than the BC Dippers.)

    (Response: Clearly, several recent events have demonstrated the weakness of the present NDP membership setup in BC …join BC, you’re also a federal member. In other provinces the NDP have separated the two. Maybe if the NDP did that here, BC NDPers could actually speak up for BC …even if it means disagreeing with their now heavily Quebec-based federal party. h.o)

  19. Julie says:

    I was reading some U.K’s posts.

    The Brits are saying, they have exposed…The Canadian government, is doing unprecedented lobbying, for the dirty tar sands. Seems there is a group of Canadians in the U.K. and, are including the rest of Europe.

    They are saying. Our country’s democratic credentials, have been compared, to less than savory regimes, where oil is extracted.

    They say, the Ottawa Ministers are trying to undermine, the European fuel legislation. They have attempted to mislead Europe, underplaying the heavy nature, of assessing Europe’s petrol standards. Canada has had, one hundred and ten meetings in Europe, within two years.

    They say, Canada needs to disclose, the “genuine” G.H. gases, and stop making false statements. The Canadians have managed to delay Europe’s deadline Jan 2011, for confirming the baseline default values.

    They say, it’s unprecedented a government, of one of the most developed country’s, can devise and implement a strategy that involves…Undermining an independent science, and, the deliberately misleading of it’s international partner.

    I’m afraid, the Brits will not welcome Campbell. Nor, do they have any use for Harper and his government.

    I really don’t think, the Brits will want any part of Campbell, Harper, nor the Federal Ministers.

    How many more times, do Canadians have to be embarrassed by Harper and Campbell. These underhanded baboons, are lying and deceitful. This is very, very shameful.

    Don’t burst my bubble Harv. I am grasping at straws to see Campbell, put where he belongs.

    (Response: Wouldn’t want to burst your bubble! 🙂 Just trying to keep it real and, as I saidm I know of NO criminal investigation under way involveng Campbell …but I do agree with you that, as Canadian high commissioner, he may face much tougher questionning from the very aggressive British media on the issues you mentioned than he ever did here … on any topic. Enjoy it when it happens. h.o)

  20. Robert says:

    Hope you listened to the drivel on Money Talks on Saturday as Jurock was on and Mike was as usual saying you can’t tax businesses.

    (Response: Didn’t listen …but sounds like the same old same old tired right wing propaganda I believe that program has become. I don’t blame Campbell ..if he can get away with it, wouldn’t expect any less. The stain, in my view is on CKNW and Corus radio who denigrate themselves and their reputation by allowing it…. ior even worse, paying for it! h.o)

  21. D. M. Johnston says:

    If Julie, et al, really want to make Campbell squirm, email the British newspapers and tabloids the Campbell file, including BC Rail.

    I would think they would think it delightful.

    Of course there was no criminal investigation of Campbell and his cohorts and this was the very reason the Liberals shut down the BC Rail trial by paying all the defendants costs, because they did not want any information to come out that could lead (and I stress could lead) to criminal charges.

    Certainly the British would have no qualms in advertising Campbell’s private life to the public and if fed the right information probably will do. Certainly his Hawaiian escapades would raise eyebrows across the pond, in the UK.

    The British press will either treat Campbell as some third world potentate, sent off to pasture and ignore him or embarrass the hell out of him by printing none too flattering stories, like “Where Mr. Campbell was going when he was pulled over in Hawaii and why……….

    As a note, Kevin Potvin’s Republic of East Vancouver newspaper (now defunct) did a stunning story on Campbell, Hawaii, etc. so much so I thought Campbell must sue for defamation, yet despite calls for Potvin to refute the story no further action was taken.

    What he wrote was bombshell after bombshell, yet there was no libel case. If someone could get a copy of that article and forward it to the appropriate papers in the UK, Mr. Campbell’s life would be that much more uneasy.

    The Brits take their libel very seriously and not to defend ones self is to admit that the stories are indeed true.

    (Response: Just because someone doesn’t sue for libel doesn’t mean the libel didn’t occur or the defamation is true. From my working days, I learned there are many difficulties with suiing for libel, even if someone has been libelled. First, it’s very very costly: second, even if you win …if the loser has no money, no sizable assets, you can’t collect from a stone or even get your legal costs back; third, most of those who libel, especialy on the frontier-like wild Internet are “nobodies” with very few readers, assets. credibility so all you would do is make them famous, without being able to collect even if you win. Of course, if the libeller is high profile, has lots of readers, listeners or viewers and assets the game changes dramatically. h.o. )

  22. Julie says:

    This is the part of the judicial system, that is so unfair.

    As we have seen over and over…Justice in BC is, only for those who can afford it. The average everyday citizens of BC, don’t warrant special prosecutors either.

    How many corrupt BC Liberals, have ever had to pay for their crimes?

    There is a two tiered, system of justice in BC. Would any of us get let off on a DUI charge? Can the regular guy get off with, thieving and selling what isn’t ours. What if we scammed others and broke our word, to extort money from them?

    There is no point in asking Campbell where he was going, on his drunken night in Hawaii. If he was drunk enough to drive, on the wrong side of the road…I doubt he even knew, where he was going. He only found out himself where he was headed, when he woke up in the drunk tank.

    Is there another province, that has a judicial system as corrupt as BC?

  23. SB says:

    I can understand the questions regarding Fed NDP but im not sure why we should expect Dix or any provincial party member to say much sometimes its time to speak on a matter others wait till the dust settles and see i am sure Dix has other things that matter more in BC than anything else at this time .
    I would like to know more about many issues provincially and look to Dix as best hope to get them .
    I expect the fed NDP to take a step back and the Liberals to regain some support back as well how much depends on what they do and what Harper does in next few yrs .

    (Response: This is part of the reason BC gets the shaft in Ottawa: provincial leaders don’t scream like hell while they’re fixing the deck of cards back East to make sure we won’t win. There’s a HUGE decision coming in mere months worth MANY BILIONS for contracts to build a fleet of new navy ships and we should have a more INDEPENDENT Leader of the Official Oppsition to critique the Tories’ decision when it comes. And DIX should have realized that and cut that problem off at the pass by protesting and getting Turmel out of there. He accepted her as national party choice and failed to speak out for BC. With Turmel’s stated background and apparent sentiments, do you really think she will shout NO if the bulk of the contracts go to Quebec (like previous shipbuilidng contracts and aviation contracts) giving BC only a couple of small vessel contracts. Until British Columbians of all parties put this province FIRST and not their poliitcal party, we will always get the short end of all the power and financia sticks wield in Ottawa. h.o)

  24. 13 says:

    As one who hates the thought of the NDP ever in charge in BC I have to thank the federal NDP for allowing Dix to shot himself in the foot.

    I wonder if Gordo ever thinks to himself
    ” I should have stayed on”

  25. Mo says:

    “There’s a HUGE decision coming in mere months worth MANY BILIONS for contracts to build a fleet of new navy ships and we should have a more INDEPENDENT Leader of the Official Oppsition to critique the Tories’ decision when it comes. ”
    Sounds like yo think the FIX is in for BC NOT to get the contract. So what do you think whining by the NDP is going to do?

    (Response: Actually I am hopeful Harper will do more for BC than Mulroney did when in similar position. But it would help if we had an Opposition Leader in Ottawa fighting for that., which we clearly do NOT under Turmel. And part ofr the problem is too many BC NDP supporters …and the leader …put their federal party ahead of their province. h.o)

  26. SB says:

    Bc Is 2nd tier to all fed politicians Harvey and its dead plain simple why -numbers , just look at populations of Quebec Ontario and BC i do understand and share the frustration but Dix is the opposition leader and if the issue is so big where the hell are the BC Libs so quiet jobs and economy benefiting BC should be a huge issue ?
    I as said before dont se NDP maintaining the number of seats next time either so traditional Liberals will migrate back in time but i still dont see why Dix as leader of provincial opposition regardless of party should be more responsible for what happens to federal contracts than or present govt is ,lets face it Clarks said so much about Harper im betting hes laughing at how it will sting to send money elsewhere and that is not Dixs fault if layton cannot come back its an issue if he does shes a seat warmer with some Quebec issues .

    (Response: Actually the BC Libs have been speasking out on Turmel and Dix’s soft acceptance of her. Of course the Libs are being partisan. I just wonder how Dix…who thinks he’s Premier material… was so weak in defending BC’s interests and could give them that on a platter. h.o)

  27. cherylb says:

    I’m far more concerned about the damage that I KNOW Harper is going to do to Canada during the next four years than any minor “possible” damage Nycole Turmel might do as temporary NDP leader. We have more important things to worry about than that. On that note, get well soon Jack…..

  28. SB says:

    I do not think Harper will play one minute to help BC regardless he needs Que and Ont which was my point earlier Dix can spray paint himself in glow in dark glitter and jump naked off the tower in Ottawa and i doubt it would matter one bit when it comes to those contracts as the NDP issues itself sits yes the interim leader seems a bit shady but no criminal charges as some Tory players close to PMO have had dont matter which way we look they all are playing games to take our money and pay it to friends.

  29. DanR says:

    So how is this any different than having a PM that wanted to put a firewall around Alberta?

    The media including you Harv just love to dump on the NDP for every little thing…

    yet when it comes to Harper the media does or says nothing. Although you have on occasion.

    Yet the media just loves to tear NDP to shreds it seems.

    (Response: Oh don’t give me that NDP crybaby crap! Check my blog archives…I’ve been much more critical of Campbell, Liberals (fed and provincial) Clark etc etc (.not because of political bias but because they are in gocetnment and much more susceptible to criticism for their actions). But as soon as someone ..even with my go-after-both-sides credentials..and points to problems or failings in the NDP ..we’re part of some anti-NDP consipracy. Grow up. h.o)

  30. DanR says:

    You call NDP MP’s lapdogs but gee the conservative ones seem to be bigger lap dogs. The thing is in reality regardless of what party an MP is from they are all lap dogs and they all kiss Quebecs butt..

  31. DanR says:

    Don’t forget Harvey our ship builders were not good enough to build the new ferries (yes I am being sarcastic but I hope you remember this when the next BC election is called how Christy voted to send jobs overseas instead of always trashing NDP), the conservatives masquerading as liberals had to send the work to Germany…

    (Response: I agree with you on this one as far as remembering how the Libs have acted on a WHOLE NUMBER OF THINGS. But that doesn’t mean I won’t go after the NDP for theuir failing too. … like that pathetic appearance by Ginny Sims on CKNW today. She was no better or more forthright than the worst of the squirming Liberals. h.o)

  32. DanR says:

    **The real winner in all this is John Cummins, who will make the NDP wear the Turmel noose and garner much needed votes to win the all important valley seats in the next election.**

    I hope he does, sot he vote is split with Liberals and the NDP will win. 🙂

  33. DanR says:

    or in the case of the NDP COMPLETE FAILURE) in speaking out for this province’s interests at the federal level. h.o)

    Then what about the cons? They have more MP’s in BC than the rest combined.

    (Response: Well, the spoke out about Turmel. And we’ll wait and see how the government decides those naval vessel contracts to judge whether they too arev lapdogs. h.o)

  34. D. M. Johnston says:

    Quote: “Yet the media just loves to tear NDP to shreds it seems.”

    Sorry DanR, the NDP are tearing themselves to shreds.

    I am a bit of a rad, left leaning type and I find the NDP completely inept; a political party that is tied to a cadre of old party hacks and union types, who collectively live in the 1960’s and fail to realize it is 2011.

    Earth calling Dix.

    To win the next election, the NDP must show themselves as a party for BC, not the Federal NDP and what I see with the Turmel fiasco and Dix’s kow-towing to the federal party faithful, is just a moma’s boy, waiting for orders from Toronto.

    I know for a fact that a few NDP MLA’s are on the verge of jumping ship and may even join Cummins mob.

    I want a Premier for BC that is a people’s premier, not a Toronto’s BC Premier not the banks premier or NW’s premier.

    Until the NDP realize that to win they must garner support from the people and not the current mob of special interest groups, they will always end up with second prize.

    Personally I think Dix is toast and a Cummins surprise is on the horizon.

    (Response: If you think Dix is bad, you should have heard Jinny Sims MP on NW Monday.. another ice skating NDP federal lap dog, who had great trouble answering very clear questions. h.o)

  35. Mo says:

    “Conservative transport minister Denis Lebel confirms former ties to the Bloc”

    Which BC lapdogs will you prod next?

    (Response: Lapdogf? He’s no lapdog…I’ll bet he does a GREAT JOB standing up for HIS province: Quebec! That’s exactly my point: we NEED MPs from BC to stand up for BC!!! h.o)

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