BC’s Greatest Need for 2021…

So you think you pay attention to what’s going on in BC? Close attention?

Well, tell me WHO, on Dec 24, suggested BC schools are very, very safe places because testing of 1% of all BC students for Covid revealed a positivity rate of only .07% … and then said “This is the reason we haven’t closed the schools.”

Premier John Horgan? Health Minister Adrian Dix? Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside? Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry?

Whoever you chose … you were wrong.

Those words … including the reason “we” haven’t closed the schools …were spoken by a BC news reporter.

“WE” ?

From a REPORTER referring to a GOVERNMENT action, lack of action, policy or decision.


What the hell’s going on, I wondered?

Shouldn’t it be “THEY” when a journalist refers to GOVERNMENT?

Perhaps just a slip? Maybe it was a collective “we” … as in referring to BC, the province, its people, its society?

But then on Dec 30, I also heard a BC reporter, talking about 800 individuals who had tested Covid positive and were asked to quarantine, but couldn’t be traced/found 14 days later to check again their status, say this: “We knew who they were when they were tested, but after 14 days, they had moved on or didn’t want to be contacted”.

“WE” knew who they were???? I sure didn’t know who they were; I doubt you, my readers, knew who they were; and the reporter didn’t know who they were either!

So again, why “WE”?

Again, it looked to me like the reporter referring to the BC government as “we”?

“We” should all be alarmed!

This is happening far too often in BC: “REPORTERS” are sounding/acting more and more like government spokespersons, like bureaucrats, like cheerleaders.

Rather than hard-nosed, cynical challengers of power and privilege … demanding the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth … for the “people”.

And the implications of this in a free society should be of GREAT concern for all of of us.

The “questioning” of government officials (elected and appointed) is now so weak, so tepid, British Columbians are losing one of our most precious freedoms: a vibrant, truly informative, inquisitive and demanding PRESS, that acts not just as a messenger from government TO the people but even more importantly, FROM the people TO government.

And nowhere was the FAILURE of the latter more evident than last week’s total mishandling by the BC government and Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry of the New Year’s Eve alcohol sales fiasco.

Did Premier John Horgan, Health Minister Adrian Dix and Public Health Officer Dr. Henry not know that New Year’s Eve comes every Dec 31st?

Were they unaware … or just oblivious … to the realities that hundreds of thousands British Columbians PLAN well ahead, make SPECIAL reservations to wine/dine out, responsibly, late that night; that tens of thousands of BC restaurants and dining rooms across the province ORDER millions of dollars of SPECIAL perishable entrees, meats, seafoods, dairy products, cakes, desserts and confections just for that occasion; and that hundreds of thousands of servers RELY on the higher tips that night (based on higher alcohol-inflated total bills) to boost what has been a terrible year for their incomes?

The BC government really screwed up its handling of this most-important year-end event.

Whenever the spread of Covid and rising numbers/severity has required cutbacks, British Columbians have understood and co-operated. No problem … with most of us.

BUT the TIMING of Dr. Henry’s Order, just the day before New Year’s Eve, to announce the shut down of ALL alcohol sales around the province at 8 p.m. New Year’s Eve was insensitive, inconsiderate and inexcusable.

It arguably could have even helped spread Covid by forcing so many people to rush out/line up last minute at grocery outlets, delis, bakeries, liquor stores to make alternative plans/arrangements after Dr. Henry’s shoot from the lip late Order hit the fan!

MANY people who were affected were outraged! MANY businesses, already struggling, were shafted. MANY servers, already badly hurting, were robbed.

And yet, the “questioning” by BC’s media at the Henry/Dix subsequent press conference was tepid, to put in generously. Just give us a clip … any clip. Thanks.

In response, the “spin” was in …that there had been “hints” this was coming (NO!!) and it was only for that one night, yada, yada, yada … and no “reporter” challenged what I believed was Dr. Henry’s inadequate response or pushed hard enough on the issue of the announcement’s TIMING and the terrible impact on so many.


Again, the issue wasn’t so much whether the shutdown was necessary, how could Dr. Henry and Dix not let all those who would be impacted know at least a week or two in advance????

I believe making the announcement so late, impacting so many was inexcusable, a bad gaffe inflicting unnecessary suffering on so many innocent, rule-abiding British Columbians .

Just think of the heat Dr. Henry and Dix … and even Horgan … would have and should have faced on this timing fiasco if notable journalists like Clem Chapple was still asking questions, or John Gibbs, John Daly, Russ Froese or yes, Harv O, or if pundits of the rank of Jack Webster, Marjorie Nichols, Gary Bannerman or Rafe Mair were holding the government’s feet to the fire!

BC’s media today is too complacent … too often sounding like government messengers, or some would even say, propagandists.

And that’s reflected in not only the daily “reporting”, but also in radio interviews, town hall broadcasts and most pundits’ commentaries.

Hasn’t anyone else noticed how little detail the government is releasing on exactly who (teachers, students, staff, administrators?) is affected when Covid has broken out at schools? How brief and restricted their government-controlled “press conferences” are: one question and only one follow-up …with the government, not a press gallery executive member, choosing who even is allowed to pose questions?

British Columbia is SUFFERING from a dearth of tough reporters, asking tough questions, challenging real power and expressing the real concerns and EMOTIONS of their readers, listeners, viewers.

This FAILURE is hurting BC … not just at the provincial political level, but also at regional, municipal government, park board, school board, land development, and corporate dealings levels … all around the province.

And the FAULT goes well beyond the reporters themselves.

I blame newsroom management … too many of whom are either so inexperienced, so incompetent or just so lazy, they let their reporters get away with such lackluster questioning.

Imagine how the powerhouses who built BCTV’s Newshour to 650,000 daily viewers … News Director Cameron Bell and Assignment Editor Keith Bradbury … would react to the level of today’s reporting and questioning!!!

BC needs a RENAISSANCE in reporting in 2021!

Time to kick ass again! For the sake of the people.

And it could be done. There is hope!

Over the past year, I have heard from several BC news colleagues at EVERY level (reporters, producers, technical staff, even managers) who tell me how bad it has become at so many news outlets … and urge me to keep up the fight for improvement.

They WANT to make it better; they WANT to do REAL journalism; they WANT to have tough questions asked and tough issues pushed … but face complacency and even resistance from those in management around above them … as well as those out on the beat.

British Columbians deserve better… and it’s my New Year’s wish that 2021 will see that happen.

If the people demand it!

(Following publication of this piece, I was interviewed by Talk Digital Network on this topic. https://www.howestreet.com/2021/01/canadian-tv-news-manipulated-or-incompetent-harvey-oberfeld/ or https://youtu.be/LUTkMzHma9o )

Harv Oberfeld

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33 Responses to BC’s Greatest Need for 2021…

  1. NVG says:

    Happy New Year Harvey

    Aren’t you making a possible incorrect assumption with “let all those who would be impacted know at least a week or two in advance”?

    Perhaps ‘Those that would be impacted’ never watch, or listen to the news.

    (Response: I disagree: LOTS of people who would book dinners out for New Years Eve and LOTS of people who run/supply/service/work at restaurants and dining rooms do pay attention to the news … especially that which affects their lives and livelihoods. And it’s also the MEDIA’s job to hold the government RESPONSIBILE for giving such inadequate warning before implementing changes that could have such ruinous impact on so many h.o)

  2. Debi Pelletier says:

    Amen, brother.
    What you describe is terribly disappointing, given the vibrant, competitive and tenacious media that I remember in BC. Unfortunately, this is a rot that has been growing for a long time, as bureau chiefs and station managers became increasingly dependent on bottom lines, prestigious personalities and corporate attorneys who no longer found ways to say yes to stories.
    The US has set the standard for vapid, lazy reporting – and look at how well that has worked out in holding the power brokers accountable.
    Time to be afraid, I’d say. Very afraid.
    Just for reference, I worked in BC from 1974 to 1993, then in Montreal until 1996 when I moved to the US. I continued working in the media until 2009, when I could no longer ignore the fact I had become an extinct species of journalist.
    I am planning my escape back to Canada.
    I am glad to find that you are still kicking, hissing and spitting.

    (Response: Thanks for the support. Before moving to the US, Debi worked at CKPG, CFJC, CFTK, CJOR and was a national correspondent for the Canadian Press. So she gets it!!! In fact, I think she would be aghast to see the BC’s government’s current apparently UNCHALLENGED control of the BC media: today, for example, (Monday) at Dr. Henry and Health Minister Dix’s Press conference (held now only two or three times a week) Dr. Henry spoke for a half hour; Dix spoke for eight minutes …and then accepted Questions from only FOUR reporters … each SELECTED to ask a question by a government official!! Not like in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and Ottawa where elected and appointed officials hold almost DAILY weekday briefings and take LOTS of questions. And that has been going in BC on for months now… apparently without ANY loud objections I’ve seen by the BC Press, pundits, TV or the Radio “reporters”, calling the government out publicly on this … or better yet, doing a story on it!!! Very sad. h.o)

  3. Marge says:

    I don’t think reporters act or think the way they did in the past nor will they ever revert back to the way things used to be. They are bought and paid for minions of the government (see CBC for the best example). With the millions of subsidies they receive from government plus huge advertising revenue, why wouldn’t we expect the media to not be good little representers of the government line? Of course they are “we” propaganda machines as who is paying their bread and butter these days? Why would we expect otherwise?

    How much money did the federal government give media? How much advertising does the federal Liberal government give to media? The Conservatives promise to defund the CBC and let it go on its own, so guess how many negative articles they will receive as a direct result of daring to oppose Mother Corporation. It’s only human nature to support the hand that feeds you and it blatantly shows in the media coverage of anything political.
    What about the provincial government – how much money do they pour into tv advertising about COVID and who gets the benefit of this – how many ads have you seen Dr. Henry in lately, all paid for with our tax dollars? I am sure revenues are down from “general” advertisers because of COVID so it’s smart of the government to keep spending our tax dimes to buy the media off.

    My faith in reporters being honest and open ended the day one Global sports reporter picked the other Global sports reporter’s name in a Children’s Hospital Home prize. This should never have been allowed to happen but it did and therein my suspicions about the “fairness” of reporting ended once and for all.

    We will not ever be able to hold the media’s feet to the fire. It’s too late. The horse is out of the stable thanks to the largesse of federal and provincial governments, all at tax payer expense.

    (Response: First, I have never seen, nor heard even a scintilla of evidence that it was anything but a total coincidence that a Global reporter won a lottery prize. But apart from that, I agree with many of your other concerns: I have never liked the assistance … financial or regulatory … the federal government and/or its agencies have bestowed on media entities and their corporate owners. It’s scary, dangerous and it stinks with many readers, listeners and viewers. And I don’t believe it has really helped IMPROVE the media’s ability to improve its coverage or standards. One of the worst decisions I think the CRTC ever made was to let Shaw drop its local Cable Channel that featured City Hall meeting coverage etc. That has really hurt public access and knowledge of what’s going on in their communities and with their money! Yet, I believe the severe decline in journalistic standards, reporting and coverage goes well beyond any financial controls: it’s more about lousy newsroom bosses and managers (apologies to the good ones who try, and try and try …to no avail) and too soft, too lazy, too complacent “reporters” who are too friendly with those they cover. h.o)

  4. NVG says:

    Interesting, the comparison between BC and the rest of Canada. Reporters/Officials being more open there and YET, from Alberta to Quebec officials/politicians have been jet setting during the Covid-19 lock-up

    (Response: Maybe they figure in those provinces … judging by their much larger Covid numbers and massive ignoring of the Health Orders, they can get away with travel too! h.o)

  5. D. M. Johnston says:

    BC media … Ha!

    The once tenacious BC media has become nothing more than a toothless parody of the Herr Goebbels school of propaganda. The media is nothing more than entertainment, spiced with “Braking News” items, which are neither “breaking” or even news.

    As the late Rafe Mair opined decades ago, the media has become tamed, sipping wine and sharing canapes with politicians at wine and cheese parties or other semi formal political affairs.

    I have been involved with regional transit affairs for over three decades but I am blacklisted by CORUS and Dead Dog 98, Global, and the CBC. I have been told so by reporters who phoned for info, but warned me that they cannot use my name; not even a hint that they contacted me.

    There are many people like me, who have intrinsic knowledge of their pet issues, but because they are seen as anti government, daring to defy Victoria, their friends.

    Covid is more of this, where government friendly reporters ask puff questions and go tut, tut, if a real question is asked.

    Hard questions by the media in BC, no, nada, not a chance. Hard questions means no more sipping wine and tasting canapes at political events. Life in Lotus Land, isn’t it grand.

    (Response: If you are indeed blackballed, as you say, you’re hopefully in good company: I’ve been blackballed too. LOL! Notice despite all the many awards I won for BCTV and whatever role I had in attracting some of the 650,000 daily viewers during my 26 years at the Newshour, they left me and any of my stories completely out of their promos, vignettes of their 60th anniversary? Wonder if it was my union organizing support? Or serving as Union spokesperson during our strike and then also as Vice-President? Or my post-retirement blogging about the general cost-cutting and decline of TV news quality? Or maybe it was what I did that would show up their crop of current reporters … like, when at a Trudeau press conference in Ottawa, BCTV couldn’t get recognized to pose a question, I stood up and demanded that those of from the West get to ask questions too, or when I embarrassed Paul Martin at a Vancouver press conference, where his personal assistant was calling almost entirely on Ottawa reporters, I interrupted and asked if Martin came to the Coast to talk to Eastern media??? In both cases … BC media got their turn too!! And Trudeau, Martin and the Press Gallery organizers never overlooked us again. 🙂 But sadly, these days, most of the BC media seem to have been tamed and trained. Great for government, but not so much for those who still read, listen and watch the news! h.o)

  6. 13 says:

    My disgust with Global /Corus/Shaw is absolute. They provide next to no investigative reporting. The “we ” problem runs rampant . Just listen to the Global Washington crew.
    For the entire Trump presidency and subsequent election they were so biased that they sounded like a propaganda machine.
    I still listen to NW because every now and then they show a weak pulse. A glimmer of hope. Tune in the audio vault for Sunday at 730am. You will hear 1/2 hour of radio that will make you think all is not lost. Stirling Faux interviews a man Named Burton. Mr Burton is an EXPERT on Canada China relations and the interview explains why Canada is so unable and unwilling to follow in Australia’s footsteps.
    ON NW just like the good old days.

    (Response: I think most listeners still tune in to NW out of habit, and I do like Mike Smyth, although think he’s better in print, far too soft in radio interviews: and Global too is watched out of habit (I suspect mostly by an aging demographic). I actually record both Global and CTV newscasts at 6 pm. …and then spin through them, stopping at something that looks interesting or NEW ..and I will say I do find myself stopping to watch CTV more often than the Newshour: CTV often has more NEW content, more viewer-friendly stories and more on the scene reporting; Global has almost nothing anymore I haven’t already heard on the radio (ugh!) or seen before (old, old file footage used far too much) but I do respect Baldrey’s experience, terrific knowledge (although he’s too soft on politicians) and I like Global’s court coverage… Rumina Daya in particular…but miss John Daly! h.o)

  7. 13 says:

    A short list that the “WE”crowd could ask the politicians and demand answers
    Why did we pause the government for 5 weeks to elect a new government during a pandemic.
    Why should anyone believeHernrys assertion that people should have expected to see their New Years Plans scuttled
    Why we can not get a handle on seniors care and make it safe
    Why we worry more about drug addicts dying that seniors dying
    Why BC Ferries makes us go up on deck instead staying in the safety or our covid free cars
    Why after all the hoopla over vaccines we lag behind in the distribution. Did Horgan/Dix/Henery not want to pay overtime wages during the holidays
    Why are protesters allowed to flaunt the health orders
    Why bars are open and churches closed
    Why are workers allowed to work at two or more jobs/locations
    Why do we supply safe free drugs to addicts and make seniors pay and pay and pay
    Why do addicts get free housing and senior pay and pay and pay
    Why did Horgan choose to base financial help based on 2019 income levels
    Why did Horgan never pay the $400 renters grant
    Why do we rely on China to supply our PPE
    Why did we ever have to pay to park at hospitals
    Will Horgan see the light and make hospital parking free going forward
    Why hasnt Horgan ordered paid sick days for all non union employees
    Why hasnt Horgan shamed the union shops that dont pay sick days
    Why not mask students in class abundance of caution should apply

    Now if “we” cant ask these questions why dont “we” quit calling ourselves journalists or reporters and “we ” can all get jobs working for the public relations offices for Vancouver and BC governments. You all seem to working for them now they might as well pick up the tab.

    (Response: You’re hired! When can you start? Now, to be fair, some of these questions HAVE been asked: but my criticism is they are not pushed, so we get a spin response and the reporters, radio hosts and town hall anchors move on. NO!! We NEED pushback, we need questioners who will say ..You’re not answering the question!!!” and demand a better response. Even if it means chasing them down the hall (I used to enjoy doing that …and they hated me for it, but also RESPECTED me for that! As Mulroney wrote on a photo I was give of us scrumming: “Harvey, I like you better without the mike!”. Too many reporters pundits are too chummy with the people they cover …VERY knowledgeable but maybe have done it too long …so they sound more like government bureaucrats delivering the “message”, never upsetting any leader with tough, aggressive questioning anymore, and and their “bosses” are too weak, too inexperienced, too intimidated to push them to do better. h.o)

  8. RIsaak says:

    We used to get news & current events at 6:00pm. Now we get 45 odd minutes of “Entertainment tonight”, many very lame attempts at humor and on a good day maybe 3 odd minutes of actual pertinent news.
    Subsidized media in conjunction with corporate board editorial influence have created the current vacuum.
    Massive communications departments in all political bodies (over 20 just for the city of Vancouver) have created employment for folks who once may have actually worked for news gathering organizations, you know the ones which actually go out and try to uncover stories as opposed to the hoards of copy & paste journalism seen today.
    Our politicians, who seem incapable of directly communicating their thoughts and require paid mouthpieces so as to deflect attention from the fact the elected officials. The watering down of accountability is almost complete, why should any elected official be accountable in this current time?

    (Response: And nowhere is the need for real reporting and scrutiny more apparent than at the municipal and regional levels, all around the province but especially in Vancouver. EVERY newspaper, radio and TV station radio should have a full time reporter based at City Hall … covering not just the odd Council meeting, but Committees, going in depth on development plans and giving a much louder voice to residents and community groups that try to hold Council and City Hall bureaucrats accountable. They say there is not enough money …but I disagree: with redirection of existing funding to REAL news, especially on radio and tv, and allowing stories to go three minutes or more where warranted, not the 1:45 often shallow, meaningless drivel we now see, local news coverage would become RELEVANT again …and likely attract more listeners and viewers. h.o)

  9. Brian Graves says:

    Very well written. Very well said and absolutely true Harvey. In my view, the rot in BC started in and has progressed through, the mid 1980’s. Many of the Legislative press gallery ( not to mention the swamp which was and is the Parliamentary Press gallery) at the time easily fit Rafe’s definition and have gone downhill since then. Fearless reporting of the crimes and foibles of those elevated above us was even then a thing of the past. Unless someone did have the testicular fortitude to find and report something shattering. Then the response was to attack the finder who dared report what they all knew about and had deliberately ignored. Focussing, not on the criminal act, but some salaciousness they had been giggling behind their hands about for years. Fast forward to present day and listen to the death throes of CKNW where few of the on-air staff can properly use the English language and even fewer can pronounce common words…and those are the news staff! Small wonder Terry left. Where has “been” gone? It has migrated to “ben”. Going to? “Goona”, Wouldn’t? “Woont”. Couldn’t? “Coont”. Nuclear? “Nucular”. Jewelery? “Joolery”. It has not all gone to hell. It has been there for decades and there is neither interest nor courage to return us to the halcyon days.

    (Response: Thanks. As many already know, I had my own start in journalism in PRINT: I loved writing and the use of appropriate words and creative style to tell stories. Never ever thought I’d end up doing TV … until BCTV News Director Cameron Bell and Assignment Editor Keith Bradbury made me an offer I couldn’t refuse … not because it was so much money, but because I knew my bosses at The Vancouver Sun were not happy with my union work at our just ended 8-month newspaper strike! LOL! So I made the jump, learned a whole new way of telling stories … BUT never forgot how to ask REAL questions, push for REAL facts, try to still write creatively …with the help of very skilled camera people, editors and graphics experts. And I never was satisfied or happy with a friendly response from politicians or bureacrats that said little or nothing. Those in power never loved me, nor did my bosses when I called out unfairness I saw even in the newsroom, but the readers and viewers apparently did … and, in the end, that’s what really counts! h.o)

  10. Horace B. says:

    It is beyond me why everyone does not love reporters. True, they have a somewhat negative reputation of being untrustworthy and personally invasive.

    But we know that reporters are usually idealistic and their editors are the more jaded. This could be a lovely profession for those not gifted in math, but it is a craft, not a full profession. One could develop their professional status by making them all signatories to a strong professional code of honesty and objectivity. Those that break the code would be censured and their respective media outlets would advertise their high standards or apologize for their low standards.

    High quality journalism is very useful to maintain the quality of our democracy and so I propose a Royal Commission into low quality journalism and make recommendations followed up by subsidies tied to the sizes of their audiences.

    Of course government advertising already partially funds news outlets, but these outlets have been hit again and again with free competition from the internet which gives the outlets’ news stories away for free.

    Finally may I suggest that some of our retired journalists turn to writing fiction about courageous reporters. I am tired of police and lawyer stories. Let our journalists be our heroes.

    (Response: The last thing we need are bureaucrats or professional reviewers of journalistic standards or quality: the best judges are the readers, listeners, viewers themselves. In fact, they are already very active: dropping ratings, lack of growth in audience (print, radio, tv) tell the REAL story. What media managers and their bosses need to realize that “news” is not just about providing the facts, but entertaining as well, with skilled, quality writing and story telling, expre3ssed personality (on radio ad tv) and real pictures (NOT lots of old file tape run for the 150th time!)…. and, yes, TOUGH questioning of those in power … not just be their messengers. h.o)

  11. 13 says:

    Late breaking news this am from Global. Cartoon characters. Global reports that Indigenous people are under represented in cartoons. Visible minorities are catching up to white cartoon characters. Thankfully white men have dropped from 74% of all cartoon characters to a far more reasonable 50%. I wonder when Global will switch from footage of real cats stuck in real trees to cartoon cats stuck in cartoon trees and use file footage.
    Yes Harvey you might be onto something.

    (Response: Didn’t see that Breaking News expose … but I’d bet they didn’t come up with it themselves (unless someone issued a press release): probably got it instead from another network, probably in the US or UK? h.o)

  12. BMCQ says:

    HNY to you Harvey and all that participate or read this blog, some really good comments so far and as usual your analysis and essay are superb and should be re printed and re-broadcast in other media “Right across this country, from uh coast to uh coast, to uh coast” !

    (Edited…off topic, which is the media.)

    The analysis as laid out by Harvey and the comments so far basically say it all and
    media and government need to get on board and immediately be more transparent, more forth coming, and media need to pretend to be journalists and ask ALL the right and tough questions of Dr. Bonnie, Dix, the Horgan Government, the Federal Government and ALL Health Agencies and their Leaders .

    Canadian Tax Payers, Citizens, Seniors, and so many more great Canadians deserve so much better than what we are getting from media and various levels of government .

    Someone asked where have the investigative reporters disappeared to, perhaps they vanished like the Pacific Salmon who are actually being caught in the very far northern Pacific Ocean by the Chinese, the Korans, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Russians, are credible journalists simply vanishing or could it be the fact that Educational Institutions, assignment Editors, and News Directors falling down on the job ?

    Cameron bell and K. Bradbury were mentioned up the page, they were both fairly left of centre as I remember but their politics did not affect their ability to send intrepid reporters out to sniff out all of the stories, no matter who they were investigating, politics did not enter into their assignments, we need more of that now, especially now that our country will need to somehow recover from the devastation of Covid – 19, the ineptness and impotent inabilities of the Canadian PM to get Oil to market amongst other failures of his admin, and the inability of all three levels of government to halt protests on every street corner and rail line across our once great country .

    Canadians need help from media and we need it now .

    I am not a journalist and I do not have the experience of Harvey or some others but I see some hope in Jordan Armstrong, Michael Smyth, and Jill Bennett, let’s hope they are as good as I hope and let’s if they are capable others out their will do the job without influence from petty politics .

    Great responses right down the page Harvey !!

    One last point here, perhaps I missed the report but IMHO we need to get separate numbers and up dates for infections, recoveries, and deaths from Long Term care Facilities, our seniors deserve much better than what they are getting and ALL citizens right across the country deserve to see transparency and we need to see accountability when necessary .

    (Edited..off topic)

    Dix and Dr. Bonnie need to be asked the questions today, tomorrow, and every other single day they hold a news conference .

    Thee is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Dix and Dr. Bonnie should be given full credit for the re election of the Horgan Government but things have just not seemed right since the unnecessary election call by Premier Horgan, the “Ball was Dropped”, C – 19 spread and it is/was disgusting .

    (Response: There are still several good reporters, working mostly in print, but some too on radio and tv. The problem, I believe, is some are not given the time and or support from management to do their jobs properly; others are just not pushed to do their jobs properly because management is weak or doesn’t have a clue! h.o)

  13. E. Johnson says:

    Can a reporter or bureau chief be in the same position too long Harvey? I feel that the Global legislative chief has been sounding like “we” of government for a rather long time. It is becoming more noticeable as Covid drags on and the daily stats and remedies are reported. I prefer to read my news as much as possible these days.

    (Response: Very interesting question! Different people, including different reporters, would see the topic differently. Certainly, longevity brings with it experience, which can be a great asset. However, I believe it can also bring about laxity, boredom, too much chumminess with those you cover and it all can become too easy and can even result in a loss of enthusiasm and aggressiveness. In fact, I found in my own career, after about six or seven years on the same beat (municipal/regional, provincial and federal) it usually got too easy and although my bosses still seemed to like my stories/coverage/knowledge/easy of contacts … I got bored because I felt I had “seen it all before” (or most of it) and didn’t get excited as easily anymore. So I would move on if/when I could! In fact, I was initially sent to Ottawa by BCTV for two years; then asked to stay a third, and then a fourth and so on… each time with a raise, more benefits (including fully paid flights/hotels/rental car visits “home” every several weeks) and was even provided a cameraman and sound technician/ editor who were assigned only to me. Great team together! BUT after 8 years, I just felt bored, missed Vancouver and BC a lot … and realized I had lost my enthusiasm for trekking up to the Hill, especially on cold, snowy days!! So … much to BCTV’s chagrin, it was MY decision to pull the plug on Ottawa and exercise my right to be moved back to the West Coast. NEVER regretted that a day … change was good, and, interestingly, won LOTS of awards for various stories/series AFTER getting back to BC! So I think CHANGE IS GOOD …or at least it was for me. h.o)

  14. E. Johnson says:

    Thank you for your detailed and honest response to my question. I believe many of us experience those same feelings when the lustre begins to wear off a job we have been in for too long. We either need to take on new challenges within the job or look for something different. I realize that not everyone has the means to do that of course. If there were journalists like yourself, Marjorie Nichols, Jack Webster et Al still in the business, I would go back to watching television news at least once daily.

    (Response: I’m amazed how people would be “out of the loop” at work during BCTV’s golden era if they hadn’t watched the Newshour the previous night …we had so many NEW stories we had uncovered ourselves. Now, almost all of it just seems to be what was on radio all day, or sometimes even the morning newspapers. That’s a management problem! However, as I mentioned in another response, I sometimes do find interesting stories on CTV at 6 that I haven’t heard or seen elsewhere … and they are on-scene LIVE much more often, even during the pandemic. So I still have hope that improvements/competition can lie ahead. h.o)

  15. D. M. Johnston says:

    Here is the hard question that no reporter will ask.

    Does Horgan take responsibility for the current surge of Covid infections due to the 4 to 6 week pre election and election in October?

    Far too much coincidence.

    On another Covid reporting note and the reporters are doing some work on this, thank god. All those politicians and bureaucrats who took holidays and prepaid holidays out of Canada during the national emergency, will they have the moral fibre to resign or do they confirm the notion that they are better than us?

    I know many people who have lost their parents due to Covid and have not been allowed to see them; I know several people who have caught Covid because of lax government involvement with air flights and catching Covid from people who caught it on airplanes.

    Worried looks by politicians on TV doesn’t work for me anymore; Bonnie Henry doesn’t work for me any more; far too many loopholes; far too many shrugs of the shoulders by politicians. Until the mainstream media start again asking hardball questions and stop being the mouthpiece of government, they remain complicit with the government and the spread of Covid-19.

    I remain, hunkered down in my wee bubble of 7 people, watching those flaunting the mandated Covid rules and common sense with impunity.

    (Response: The problem with the premise of your question is that Covid rates have risen in other provinces as well that didn’t hold an election…. Ontario, more than 4,000 new cases reported yesterday alone. But I think what should be asked is whether public fatigue is setting in … and people are just starting to more and more ignore Dr Henry and Dix’s Orders …and even her messages. And let’s keep it real: it’s probably not helping when they hear …with so many out of work, facing financial ruin or businesses going bankrupt … that priority is being given to providing vaccines to prisoners and First Nations communities. I get it …but I think many do not. h.o)

  16. BMCQ says:

    The other day I mentioned that the “Great Unwashed” need a better accounting of what is going on in Long Term Care Facilities, the public need to know the exact numbers and they should have those numbers read out during the Dix/Dr. Bonnie news briefings .

    The situation at the Little Mountain LTC Facility is abhorrent at best, imagine almost 100 cases out of say about 115 residents, how can that be kept secret, the public need to know, the families of the residents need to know and it appears it was all being kept a secret . Let’s be honest, living in or having loved ones in residence in LTC is like playing “Russian Roulette” it is only a matter of time before one becomes infected .

    Yes it appears that media are finally forcing the hand of the authorities to provide more complete information on the LTC Facilities but it has taken far too long, we need transparency and we need accountability .

    It is not just B.C. ‘s Greatest Need” …………., each province needs to do better and Federal Oversight is mediocre at best .

    As to media ? Who was it that said, “Familiarity Breeds Contempt” ? Yes, it was Aesop.

    As to Harveys reply to DMJ, let us not forget that a very high percentage of hard working tax paying Canadians and retirees see literally scores of their “Betters”, politicians going against their own health regulations and rules, no wonder citizens are pushing back and sometimes ignoring regulations themselves .

    Do you not find it interesting that citizens are fined and vilified when the politicians who are supposed to lead by example get away with a slap on the wrist or a temporary loss of an appointment ?

    It is also interesting that monsters like R. Willy Pickton will be getting his “Jab” while in the meantime hundreds of other Canadians and Canadian seniors will be without that vaccine, become ill and in fact perish after laying in a hospital bed with a hose shoved down their throat choking and struggling for breath for two or three weeks before they succumb to Covid – 19 .

  17. BMCQ says:

    BTW – 13

    Your post up at the top of the page was/is really well stated .

  18. HARRY LAWSON says:

    Happy new year to you and all the readers and posters .

    The media has definitely been dummied down over the decades , is it because of corporate ownership ? is it because of apathy? i don’t know

    i wonder how many reporters who say we , are trying to get a job in the communications department?

    the blogosphere has for the most part taken over the hard questions and investigative reporting.

    the sad thing is the younger people never experienced great reporting and reporters, and that is a shame

    this is akin to losing fine dining only to be replaced by fast food and centralized kitchens , edible occasionally savory

    (Response: I think there are good reasons so many people, especially young people, have abandoned tv news: it’s old! Too many old, bored and boring reporters, too rarely challenging those they cover; using too many old, boring video files, the same footage over and over again; too little investigative, revealing, journalism; too many foreign “feeds” network “feature” stories, totally irrelevant to local viewers; too much boring local “feature” content, evoking little or no emotion, laughter, anger; too much “cheerleading” sports coverage, an insult to real journalism; and almost NO content very relevant to millennials. And management wonder why fewer watch! h.o)

  19. dani says:

    Happy New Year to you, your readers and contributors here. So many relevant topics and excellent responses, once again.
    Unfortunately I just saw that CTV reporter Jon Woodward will now be moving to Toronto. That’s a loss for Vancouver and BC.
    Your last response to Mr. Lawson really hit home for me. I moved here from Manitoba several years ago and got hooked on Global news. What a sad story state it has become from those days so long ago. I rarely watch them now and have turned to CTV, mainly for the local coverage. I scour the internet for everything else.
    One thing that really bothers me and now seems to be happening more and more everywhere. Why does everyone in the news now feel that a personal comment has to be provided following every story?? Where in the hell does this come from? No offense. I’m sure you are all very nice people but I really don’t give a rat’s petute about how you “feel” about the latest coverage. It’s not relevant and I don’t tune in for your personal opinions.
    Also, enough already about stories about lost dogs, cute otters, or horses. Sorry, I don’t believe this is really newsworthy as well. Way too many fluff pieces. Maybe that’s just me.
    Finally, I really believe it’s all about the bottom line. I don’t know too much about the cost of running a news room but I suspect that it’s more expensive to pay for hard hitting investigative reporters, than the drivel and repetitious video clips being offered up by the “news readers” we now get. Also, I wonder if it’s not cheaper to hire a younger news person than to keep someone older, more experienced, who might be more knowledgeable in the long run? Some layoffs by news organizations in the last few years have me scratching my head.

    (Response: Personal comments/opinions should be confined to editorial comments, interviews, blogs etc. …not in “news” stories themselves. I too spot LOTS of bias, personal opinion by reporters in “news” pieces … and, yes, it bothers me, but what most people miss is the biggest BIAS … made by management: that is, what gets reported in the first place… and what does not! The actual choice of stories/assignments is the FIRST bias; the SECOND is how it’s reported … what slant the story will take … not just remarks by the “reporter”, who will get interviewed …and who will not. People should listen, watch closely for that … sometimes not easy to discern, but vey fascinating once you start spotting it. h.o)

  20. HARRY LAWSON says:


    I heard a great comment about the state of reporting, so i will paraphrase.

    most reporters have gone from journalist to stenographers . newsrooms no longer investigate they present .

    Without a active and effective media we are on the cusp of tyranny

    (Response: I don’t think we’re heading to tyranny …just poorer government, making partisan political decisions, gaffes, without adequately being held to account through hard questioning and tough scrutiny or being forced to defend the impact of what they’re doing. h.o)

  21. e.a.f. says:

    So I was just checking to see if you came back to work early, you know because of the American situation. Happy New Year! Glad you’re back.

    Having been interested in the use of words since I was young, — Gobells and all that. Later became interested in what Noam Chomsky had to say. There is a reason, in my opinion, that reporters use the words they instead of government. It removed government from people’s minds. Then when covering unpleasant things I noticed the B.C. media used the term government when it might have been more accurate to state, which government–B.C. Liberal or NDP. Using generalisations removes the names of important institutions. It permits the reading public to forget or not think about who is responsible. Language is important.

    The short notice used to “change” the rules for New Year’s Eve was, in my opinion a smart move. It didn’t give people a lot of time to make plans for alternative events which would have been super spreader events. Yes, resturants were left in the lurch, but as I understood the rules, it was simply they could not serve booze after 8 p.m. People could still go out and eat. Now if eating and celebrating New Years must be a booze related event, perhaps there is a general problem in this province. It would most likely not be out of the realm to suggest 20% of the population is dependant upon liquor. Business is aware of it and it sustains business.

    Before some one jumps on me as anti liquor, please I love the stuff. Not beer or wine but hard liquor. Nothing better than Drambie on Patetonni first thing in the morning. Not a lot just enough to taste it. Don’t use flavoured coffee creams but a teaspoon of the real stuff.

    Watching restaurant owners and others carry on as if it was the end of the world left me wondering what was more important to them, their profit or their lives? Yes, the restaurant and bar owners have poured their lives into their businesses. However, if you go bankrupt, you can re build. If you die because of COVID you will not only not be in a position to re build your life/business, but your family and friends will not have you in their lives. No one has ever come back from the dead. People might want to remember that before they have a hissy fit over the fact they are going to loose money. In these days of the pandemic, you can loose money or you can loose your life. The problem is, when many are willing to loose their lives, they also put other people in danger and I for one am fine with how Dr. Henry handled it.

    (Response: If someone has their life savings and huge borrowed money invested in a restaurant or lounge or any business and you go bankrupt, it’s not easy to just rebuild. Who will finance that venture? Yes, Covid must be fought, stopped. But when policies are made by politicians and public officials who have never invested in any personal business, never operated a restaurant or bar, never made a payroll …basically have lived their lives and careers with, as an old Chinese expression goes, “an iron rice bowl” for themselves, and they overlook and/or underestimate the REAL harm they do to people with their policies and announcements. Three perfect examples of that, I believe, was Dr Henry’s early Order affecting everyone in the entire area from Vancouver to Hope, because there was clearly a Covid problem in south Surrey; and then her New Years Eve Order …a total fiasco, poorly handled, inadequate, almost cruel in its lack of advance notice … maybe even exposing people to MORE Covid danger by forcing them to rush out, stand in lines to get food/supplies for home celebrations; and then there are those continuing protests for farmers in India ..lots of people attending, clear lack of distancing …and no one is ticketed ..or (wake up MEDIA!!!) even questioned about WHY they are flouting Health Rules and will place so many who come into contact with them in danger over the following week or so!!! The result of all this? Even scarier… I’m noticing people are starting to simply IGNORE the Orders. Everywhere I go, I see LOTS of people gathering together, not wearing masks and looking nothing like a single family household bubble. And now, the vaccine program seems to be faltering too … in delivery and preferential treatment for prisoners and others many don’t believe deserve it … which could cause even more to ignore/disrespect Dr Henry and Dix. h.o)

  22. Ron Baker says:

    You must enjoy herring Harvey, because you have dished up a few and they were all red.

    1-Journalists in bed with the politicians in BC is not just a recent thing. Most local reporters got there honorary memberships and golf club passes during the Liberal decades. Harry Lawson said it has been happening for decades and he is correct.

    2-“Outrage” over a loss of two hours in liquor sales is disingenuous. What shallow lives that people can’t go two hours without a shot. Anyone cancelling a reservation over two hours of no booze, aren’t what you could call loyal customers and it’s not like they went to another restaurant.

    3-Millions in tossed perishables is a storm in a tea cup. See point two and blame the self-centred, shallow boozers.

    4- Did Premier John Horgan, Health Minister Adrian Dix and Public Health Officer Dr. Henry not know that New Year’s Eve comes every Dec 31st? The reddest of red herrings.

    5-Were they unaware … or just oblivious … to the realities that hundreds of thousands British Columbians PLAN well ahead, make SPECIAL reservations to wine/dine out.

    Really? REALLY??? People shouldn’t have even been considering that in a covid year. Hundreds of thousands? Laughable!

    New Year’s Eve could have been a great opportunity to do something different, something new, something memorable about this most unusual time.

    Instead, sometime in the future when asked “what did you do on Dec. 31, 2020, the reply from the blame crowd will be; “oh, the same as usual, just sat and complained.”

    If you want to be better than the miscreant reporters you slag, provided some facts in the way of names or at the very least, links to the content quoted.

    Otherwise, this is no better than the quilting club or Facebook and BC’s greatest need for 2021, is that you rise above that.

    (Response: Clearly you don’t listen to the news on radio, read newspapers or watch the news on tv: ALL the points I cited and which you poo-pooh were made on all those media by REAL people, REAL families, REAL workers, REAL restaurant, REAL business owners who have suffered terribly (jobs lost, businesses crippled or even lost completely) as a result of all the announcements and closures. They get it: Covid must be defeated … BUT surely it’s not too much to question much better than has been done so far WHY are religious places closed completely … not even allowed partial openings … but bars, restaurants, malls …where there are more people and more crowding … allowed to stay open????? And is shouldn’t be too much to expect politicians and health officials to give adequate advance notice of major changes/closures, not just 27 hours, in advance of MAJOR occasions like New Years Eve. Easy to judge others if you yourself had no plans … but try a little empathy for others … maybe you’ll understand how disruptive Dr Henry/s last minute Order was…. and likely exposed many to extra Covid danger …by forcing them unexpectedly to have to rush out to buy beer, liquor, party foods etc to mark the event at home, if it was at all important to them. As for the failure of the media to adequately PUSH for more than press release statements… we are ALL still waiting for a REAL questioning of Dr Henry and/or Adrian Dix on what REAL justification (not just spin) there was to close down all restaurants, bars, liquor stores etc. at 8 pm. instead of allowing people, fully obeying the rules and in their allowed bubble, to continue a few more hours. h.o)

  23. Gilbert says:

    I completely agree with this post. Dr. Henry needs to be more organized and careful when she makes decisions. Many politicians have their priorities all wrong. Giving vaccines to our prisoners before other Canadians, keeping abortion clinics open while closing churches and travelling while telling Canadians not to travel is terrible.

    The media is also a problem. A well-known columnist once wrote that he enjoyed drinking wine with a former BC cabinet minister. To make readers feel better, he assured them that was only after hours. For me that was not my main concern. It was that he was so friendly with a cabinet minister, and had no qualms about telling us.

    (Response: Exactly! You get it! And I think most British Columbians get it too: we are NOT opponents of the fight against Covid; most BCers are doing very, very well in trying to be careful and prevent the spread. BUT we expect Dr Henry and the government to, exactly as you say ” be more organized and careful when she makes decisions” … not shoot from the lip, with ill-thought-out sudden or overly-wide restrictions/shut downs/requirements that will hurt innocent people well beyond reason and just be ignored by those who should be targeted. Otherwise, more and more people will join those who, unfortunately, are already tuning her out, or never tuned her in. Those guilty of LARGE violations are the ones Henry and the government should target …starting with the large protests, the organizers, the demonstrators standing side by side, many without masks, and those sometimes large extended families still holding house gatherings to celebrate “special occasions” … or just to party. h.o.)

  24. Ron Baker says:

    And there it is, making my point better than I did;
    “we are ALL still waiting for a REAL questioning of Dr Henry and/or Adrian Dix on what REAL justification (not just spin) there was to close down all restaurants, bars, liquor stores etc. at 8 pm. instead of allowing people, fully obeying the rules and in their allowed bubble, to continue a few more hours.”

    It was not an order to “close down all restaurants, bars, liquor stores etc. at 8 pm” and that didn’t happen. Liquor sales and service was stopped at 8 pm instead of 10 pm. Two hours of grog taken away.

    All other functions of the restaurant including the continuance of perishable food sales carried on as (covid) usual.

    I’d like to think this misleading extremism is due to you being away during this time and not blatant anti-Bonnie embellishment.

    (Response: Actually you’re right…I meant to say liquor sales at restaurants at 8 p.m. The closure of the actual restaurants was at 10 p.m … on NEW YEARS EVE!!! Ridiculous. Unnecessary. Mostly hurting innocent order-obeying British Columbians….who are NOT the problem Let’s keep it real: the yahoos who don’t give a damn were not the ones with Special Reservations for New Years Eve at dining venues; they were not the ones whose lives were disrupted with the ridiculous one-day notice: judging by Covid numbers since then, those who are the REAL problem probably partied on ..regardless of Dr Henry’s ill-timed announcement and shut-down. And if anyone knows of ANY OTHER province (or state or country) that announced such extreme New Years clampdown only 27 hours before the event …please let us know. I know of NONE …anywhere in the world! h.o)

  25. Rob R says:

    I turned on CKNW news at 7:30 one morning and the first news item was about a garage fire at a house in Ottawa.
    Wow, we open with a fire in Ottawa, it was read by rookie reporter last name parKER, who is now doing traffic. That did it for me. I’m down to watching BBC news in the morning.
    I long for the old days of news and radio in this town.

    (Response: CKNW used to be known as the “Top Dog” of radio news in Vancouver: I get the impression their “newsroom” is but a shadow of what it used to be. When I’m out in my car, I often find myself tuning instead to News 1130 for news, weather… kind of like a fast food update when I want a news fix. Also interesting… both NW and Global are now owned by the same media conglomerate, Corus, headquartered in Toronto ..which may explain a lot. h.o)

  26. DBW says:

    As often happens Harvey, you have several topics in your post which makes it difficult to focus. Are we talking about media in general? weak journalists? “Big Sister” Bonnie’s poor decision? Given your headline and your last sentences I am going to stick with media in general.

    Summarizing, the news media particularly local Vancouver media, particularly TV news, particularly Global BC sucks. I won’t dispute that but as Horace B pointed out, the internet is giving the stories away for free, including the media outlets themselves. Why should I bother watching TV news or buy a newspaper when all I have to do is go to the Global site or its facebook page. And that goes for the Sun and the Province and CTV and the National Post etc. (the Globe and Mail uses a paywall.) What kind of ad revenue can they muster when people have the ability to PVR the entire broadcast as you, yourself, do? Does anybody use the classifieds anymore to sell their car or old freezer? When I first left Vancouver, BCTV had only the CBC as competition. Now there’s another. Plus morning, noon, and 5:00 news. In fact, we have 24 hour news. Why bother waiting for the six o’clock show? How many blogs like this one are challenging for viewership?

    And if revenue is down, what does that do for retention of quality reporters. I live in a small town and we see plenty of young reporters come through who are excellent. I knew one well enough to chat on the street. He was always asking me about certain local stories (he covered city hall) not because he particularly cared about my personal opinion but because he was looking for angles. He left our daily paper before it was bought out and became a weekly which no longer has the resources to cover city hall.

    I am certainly not saying the media is great, but if we are going to lament the passing of the good old days, then I think we have to acknowledge the good old present as part of the problem.

    I will acknowledge though that local news seems to have suffered the most. But how to sell more wagon wheels when the car is dominant is still a tough slog.

    Anyway, happy new year.

    (Response: You are certainly correct that there are many more sources of news available these days …but they should ENHANCE and EXPAND the public’s knowledge of what’s going on in our cities, our provinces, our country and world … not replace it. And that’s also exactly why the formal newscasts should be making RENEWED efforts at breaking NEW stories not just repeat everything that could be read, heard, seen everywhere else while people are riding buses, at work, or in their cars etc.; why the formal newscasts should be showing MORE REAL VIDEO of the stories they report, better on a big screen than on tiny four-inch phone screen, instead of using huge amounts of stale old footage over and over, without even identifying it; and why the formal newscasts should be doing MORE investigative pieces, in-depth stories on local issues to attract viewers. There IS still a market and demand for news broadcasting … just look at all the cable news channels now thriving and still expanding … making billions in profits. But, as with any other business, don’t expect growth and success if product selection, quality, staffing and service is cut and cut and cut. h.o)

  27. 13 says:

    @eaf. I just erased a long winded slightly off topic response to your post. On topic and brief. If I were ready to buy into the theory that government knows best as you do, your quite right , who needs media to keep government honest. @DBW same response to your wagon wheel.
    Interesting web site “Vancouvers Restaurant Graveyard” Go for a drive anywhere and you will find that Pattison wastes no time removing signage from closed businesses.

  28. BMCQ says:


    Very well put, the facts as you point out make it very difficult for traditional media to compete . Yes I am sure the Globals the CKNW’s, and print could do a much better job but with the 24 hr news cycle, the net, social media, and so many fighting over the same stories and advertising dollars it becomes problematic .

    It becomes even more of a problem when economies are suffering from the many different costs and crippling cash flow problems that we are experiencing due to C – 19 and other related Damage to business of all kinds, unfortunately the collateral damage from C – 19 will be much worse than most think, that might be a good story for B.C. media to begin to investigate and report on .

    It is only my opinion but local media of all types could do themselves a big favour and attract listeners, readers, and viewership if News Directors and Assignment Editors encouraged reporters to be more creative and strive to expand their horizons thus increasing followers and in turn advertisers .

    If those mentioned do not soon get with it they risk going down the same path as Blackberry which I still use, Polaroid, Blockbuster, and several more .

  29. e.a.f. says:

    13, a sweeping statement such as yours regarding my statement, lets clarify matters for you; I do not believe “government knows best as you do”. Getting back to one of Harvey’s points about what I interpret as the use of generalizations, the word “government” is a tad general. There are various levels of government, various branches of government and most importantly various political parties. Not all governments know best and not all governments know best all the time. Currently the NDP is the provincial government and my interpretation of your comments is, that you are referring to the NDP provincial government. surprise. I don’t agree with them on everything. the NDP provincial government is not always “correct/right”.

    I agree with the decision of Dr. Bonnie Henry and Andrian Dix, when they decided “late in the game” to move the closing time for the serving of liquor to 8 p.m. My rationale, as I’ve written, is you can recover from bankruptcy if you are alive. If you are dead, not a chance. COVID kills. I have knows since I was 5 years old diseases can kill. At that time the big one was polio. Until we had vaccines many childhood diseases could result in death. then came the late 1970s and AIDS became the killer. You could have unprotected sex, share needles, etc. and risk dying. Having learnt at age 5, you can die from diseases doctors tell you you can die from, changed my behaviour. Hep. C resurfaced and some died because of it. Change in behaviour. No interest in dying. Now we have COVID and doctors are telling us we can die from it. I paid attention to what China was telling the world about COVID before it ever got to Canada and was set to stay in doors and stay away from others. I’m still in that mode. I don’t want to die.

    (Edited…this is getting WAY OFF the main topic, which is the media/government relationship!)

    It has been my experience that when people drink booze they don’t always behave in a rational manner or are less careful, so why risk this type of behaviour in the middle of a pandemic. given that approx. 20% of the B.C. population is alchol dependant, we can’t cut off sales. however we can restrict the access to it. Now if you’re suggesting drunk people or people under the influence, i.e. 08 still behave responsibly, give your head a shake.

    Vancouver Resturant Graveyard, how dramatic. I saw the graves of people who died of AIDs. There is an abandoned grave yard outside of Greenwood, with dead people in it, mostly young, like babies and people in their early 20s. they all died during the Spanish Flu years. A business dying is not like going to a funeral and seeing a casket with the body of some one you care about at the front of the church or funeral home. a Resturant dying is not like having to attend 100 funerals in about 10 months–yes an acquaintance of mine, in the epidemic of AIDS, was a tad down, having attended 100 funerals up to about the fall of that year.

    (Edited…off topic)

    Life is not about the restaurant business. yes, people will loose their jobs, but the slack could be picked up by those people going into other careers, such as the medical field. There is a real shortage of care aids in Nanaimo because they keep cancelling service on weekends because they don’t have staff. Care homes don’t have enough staff.

    (Edited…off topic) For some kids having their parental units die, it stays with them for life. if cutting off the liquor supply in a restaurant early saves even one life, its worth it.

  30. BMCQ says:

    A week or ten days ago I was working on a project at home and at about 8:40 PM I turned on NW for their 9 PM news cast . The full of self self importance windbag that host the show had a very good guest on who was taking calls on Covid 19 and various medications for treatment and vaccines available now and coming soon .

    I took the opportunity to call in and ask a question of which the screener put me on hold for . My question was this, “Is it advisable to mix the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, taking one first then the other later on as the second dose, can they be mixed” . While I was on the screeners hold I thought of another question . so when I was put on air I asked the questions this way, “Can the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines be mixed from dose one to dose two or must the patient be treated with the same vaccine, can any harm arise from mixng the two”? I then said, I have read and heard many reports of the Death Count in Long Term Care Homes and in the public in general where actual deaths from the flu are down by as much as 80 – 90%, I am wondering if there is a chance that thousands or even millions of Flu deaths world wide are being counted/categorized as Covid – 19 which might skew Covid deaths way up and in turn skew deaths from flu way down, in your opinion is that scenario a possibility and should be be getting more transparency from government and health authorities” ?

    Right there the host Charles Adler chimed in and announced they were going to a break and would return .

    When he returned to air he stated more or less the following, ” Callers like that last one who sneak on trying to promote a Conspiracy Theory should never get on the air, we are not hear to help him promote his conspiracy theories, we are better than that” . ‘We will not allow people like him on the air” . And thee I was simply just asking a simple question or two, something I thought we all might like answered .

    To me that behavior is unacceptable and it is a classic example of how “Some” in media conduct their business to suit a certain agenda/narrative .

    The other concerning thing about not having my two questions answered is the fact the guest had proven to me that he was capable of answering the question correctly and unlike Adler the guest had absolutely no agenda, he was doing his best to inform the public . Rather refreshing compared to Adler .

    Charles Adler is truly only a legend in his own basement .

    If this is somehow off topic or libelous please feel free to delete .

    (Response: I think it’s a fair topic for discussion: the media need to have thick skins, especially those who spend a lot of time editorializing and pontificating. I don’t know much about your premise or doubt in any way the impact/severity of Covid, but if it’s on topic or close to topic … I would see no reason to cut it off. h.o)

  31. 13 says:

    Harvey, if you get a moment listen to NW audio vault for 1/12/21 at 636 . Simi has the NDP spokesperson Richard Zussman on for an interview. Mr Zussman explains quite clearly how and why Doc Henry (aka Elliot Ness) acted as she did on New Years Eve
    Doc Henry got intel from her secret sources that the restauranteurs were planning to go hog wild serving booze to large gatherings into the wee small hours. She rounded up her agents Horgan and Dix and they pulled the plug on New Years. They wanted to rent a large truck and burst through the doors of the illegal and immoral purveyors of demon drink but they couldnt find a rental unit with a big enough shovel mounted on the front end.
    As I listened to this piece of NDP propaganda I wondered if Zussman had a straight face as he spewed that load of crap.

    (Response: I heard it … and although you clearly exaggerate, I too was not impressed. (Just to keep it real … Zussman is a reporter for Global, not a spokesperson for the government, but I get your point). I would have challenged her for more detail on exactly what information did she have, from whom …. and how is it fair to shut down an entire province, affecting thousands upon thousands of people, because of possible problems in select venues??? But that kind of questioning doesn’t seem to take place any more in BC. h.o)

  32. Brian Graves says:

    I suspect Dr. Henry’s NY lapse was more the effect of extreme exhaustion allowing her to give in to political pressure from Horgan and Forger Dix. Can you imagine the state of affairs were she not there dispensing intelligent advice? It is a sad commentary on the state of politics in BC that Horgan and his acolytes are the “best of a bad lot”. The “best”? As for CKNW; Adler, who’s principal and abiding interest is hearing his own voice aside, the station is barely worth listening to at all anymore. As observed above, the newsroom has degenerated to a training ground for failed BCIT candidates. But even the supposedly “seasoned” hosts make the most egrigious errors in pronunciation and improper word use. Personally, I can stand a few hours of Mike an excellent reporter, despite the fact he is an appalling broadcaster. He is a bit of a bulldog, though the Top Dog in it’s hay-day, would have sent him wimpering into the weeds. Cheers.

    (Response: She certainly did cite alternative facts to what others have cited when she pointed to statistics saying after one dose, the vaccines are more than 90% effective for many weeks. I’m no scientist, I’m no health officer …but I know we have ALL always been told, in taking medications …especially SERIOUS life-saving ones … never deviate from the recommended doses or frequency. And when politicians start fiddling with the timing, and the manufacturer and national governing health authorities warn against that, we should be alarmed. And yes, the media should be much more aggressive in making officials …like Dr Henry and Dix in BC and others in other jurisdictions explain IF and WHY we are now to view medication dosage and frequency instructions like just suggestions? h.o)

  33. nonconfidencevote says:

    Global 6pm “News” is a yawn fest.
    Cats in trees.
    House fire burns out family.
    Covid 19 statistics ad nauseum

    The “reporters” waiting for a pink slip so they can apply for a cushy govt job in the media dept.

    Anyone notice the “highlight stories” for the 11pm late news are far more interesting than the pabulum spoon fed to the catatonic audience at 6pm?

    (Response: The ratings seem to bear that out: daily viewership at 6 p.m. DOWN 200,000 to 250,000 from the 600,000 to 650,000 they regularly got in the Newshour’s golden era. h.o)

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