Bernier’s Inclusion Will RAISE Profile of Immigration, Migration, Asylum … and Multiculturalism in Election

Adding People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier to the Official Election Debates on Oct 7 (English) and Oct 10 (French) will dramatically change the tone and content of the event … and possibly even the election.

Debates Commissioner David Johnston has reversed a preliminary ruling last month that found Bernier failed to meet two of the commission’s three criteria to qualify.

“Johnston’s initial conclusion was that, according to polling data current at the time, the PPC didn’t have a “legitimate chance” to win more than one seat. He gave the PPC time to submit more material to change his mind,” the CBC reported.

“And now Johnston has — by citing polling data from four ridings the PPC itself had identified as winnable and by factoring in what Johnston called the “recent political context” that included the party’s membership and fundraising activity.”

I believe it was PRESSURE from the PUBLIC and SOCIAL MEDIA (a VICTORY for the BLOGOSPHERE!) … certainly NOT from Canada’s establishment political parties or establishment media … that forced the change.

This does not mean the public and those of us engaged in social media agree with all, most or even any of the statements and stands Bernier and his party take on the issues of immigration, migration, refugees or even multiculturalism.

But we DO believe in REASONABLE rules for inclusion in democratic discussion and debate of ALL ideas and points of view that do not subvert or contravene the laws of Canada.

And as someone who pushed for letting Bernier participate, let me be perfectly clear:

I personally SUPPORT immigration; I WELCOME legitimate refugees seeking asylum; I ACCEPT (although not enthusiastically) to some extent, multiculturalism … so I’m not likely a voter worthy of much attention by Bernier or his local candidate.

However, being the elected leader of a national party running almost a full slate of candidates, he DOES deserve a chance to take part in the Official Debates. Period!

And make no mistake …. Bernier being there will alter the dialogue.

Yes, immigration and refugees etc would still have been discussed … but I’d bet in a much more limited and wishy-washy style than Bernier will likely now force!

Watch for him to raise the cultural, linguistic, maybe even religious implications of these issues for Canada.

Could make the debates much more heated and emotional.

And interesting to watch!

Harv Oberfeld

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34 Responses to Bernier’s Inclusion Will RAISE Profile of Immigration, Migration, Asylum … and Multiculturalism in Election

  1. BMCQ says:

    Great Subject Harvey .

    Being a man of few words I do not want to go on here as I have already for the most part addressed this subject in my last Post on the last thread regarding Debates . I therefore beg participants to scroll back to that last Blog Topic .

    I do however have one pr two things to add .

    This whole decision is a Sham and it is literally Gerrymandering by Johnson and his Commission . Yes I know it is balanced with several different appointees but……..

    Things DO NOT happen this quickly especially in Canada, who do they think they are kidding, this is about splitting the Conservative Centre Vote because they have their own Polling that shows Scheer is much stronger than initially thought .

    How stupid do they think Canadians are ? Talk about Arrogance .

    As to the Polling Johnson quotes ? Are those the same Polls that forecast President Hillary, Premier Dix, a NO Brexit Vote ?

    Come on, Polling information on Max and his PPC could not have changed that much in the past what 5vDays !

    This is crazy and is a direct Assault on Democracy .

    Again, I fully agree Max had/has the right to appear but this is so twisted it should sicken anyone that thinks about what they are attempting to do here .

    Please read my last post on the last thread it applies here .

    This kind of stuff does not even happen in Cuba, Egypt, or Russia.

    What the Hell are we allowing dishonest devious, unscrupulous, and treasonous, Politicians and their Minions to do to our once Great Democracy .

  2. hawgwash says:

    Mr. Singh, the champion of the underdog, the fighter of fairness, should keep his mouth shut on this.
    He should relish going after Bernier in the debate and leave the commishioner alone; it just makes him look bad.

    (Response: Singh and the federal NDP disappoint me … again. The issue about whether Bernier should have the RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE in the debate should not rest on his beliefs/policies (as long as they not advocate illegal actions or contradict Canadian laws). Singh and the NDP should SUPPORT his right ..not try to deny it in Court. And the hypocrisy is all the more emphasized by his/the party’s weak stance on Quebec’s bigoted Charter of Rights freedom-denying Bill 21. h.o)

  3. Leila Paul says:

    Certainly Max Bernier has as much right to participate in the debates as does Elizabeth May. The history of the Green Party seems to have become flat in terms of going from the beginning to now. Initially, I believe, the Greens were created to bring attention to environmental issues. Today, all parties recognize the need to minimize damage to our shared planet. I think May and the Greens are possibly no longer relevant.

    Bernier, on the other hand, offers an alternate view on many conservative and national policies and he’s more straightforward and outspoken than most politicians. Bernier’s inclusion in the debates will give us a better picture of Andrew Scheer as well. Scheer’s stature has stature has improved and how he interacts with Bernier reveal more about both candidates.

    Bernier is likely to raise issies that will force us to consider the standards on which we admit immigrants, their extended family, elder relatives who will need health care and pensions. Most significantly, Max may force us to redefine the meaning of “refugee”.

    The UN agency for refugees website claims there are 70.8 million displaced persons on this planet: Internally Displaced = 41.3 million; Refugees = 29.5 Million; Asylum Seekers = 3.5 Million.

    Are internally displaced at less risk than refugees? How does the UNHCR define the criteria to determine who belong in which category?

    More importantly, how will our Canadian future policies define displaced vs refugee or asylum seeker?

    For that matter, should we have a category for economic advancement seeker?

    Hopefully, Bernier will have the fortitude to raise these questions and ask for how distinctions are determined?

    Most importantly, will our Canadians mult-generational Canadians, living on streets, unemployed, sick and hungry – will they be considered “internally displaced” or even “internal refugees”?

    There is a concept of pre-existing obligations.

    Have we Canadians met all our existing obligations to our fellow Canadians? If not, can we continue to ignore them and allocate resources to other countries’ displaced, discarded or abused persons or victims of war?

    Decision-making is a painful experience sometimes. And it takes courageous people to make the painful choices that must be made with a view to whether we have pre-existing obligations.

    If so, do we have a moral duty to our internally displaced or homeless Canadians and does that take precedence over victims of other abusive or negligent countries?

    How many refugees do we have jobs to offer? What about housing? If we allocate more land for housing, what about agrcultural food production?

    I hope some of these questions are addressed in the debates as well in speeches on the campaign stops.

    (Response: I suspect those are the very issues/questions Bernier will raise …over and over again … no matter what the topic of the segment is … including the economy, education, seniors …and probably even sports spending! Because he is seeking to appeal to a certain “base”. Should be interesting ..even if he raises my blood pressure as he does it! h.o)

  4. Gene The Bean says:

    The fact that the PPC candidate in PoCo personally emailed Bernier with a request of assistance in refuting the PPC’s connection to white nationalism and white supremacy and he was dropped as a candidate tells you all you need to know about the PPC.

    They will skim the biggest dregs out of the PC fold – still leaving enough of the “I’m not a racist but….” types and the ‘show’ just continues.

    As mentioned, I couldn’t care less about manufactured reality TV debates so his inclusion or omission is not interesting or relevant to me.

    I am already tired of it. The ads disgust me. Trudeau “isn’t as advertised”. Scheer is “exactly as advertised”. The debates may bring some more content but it is essentially the Cons saying they will cut taxes (the dimwits are still buying that one after 30 years, if you are not a millionaire or a corporation … Pssssst… your taxes wont be cut) and the Liberals saying “they are on our side.”

    (Edited…off the topic of Bernier and the debates)

  5. Leila Paul says:

    Text of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees; Text of the 1967 Protocol; Resolution 2198 (XXI) of the UNGA.
    Page 3 contains definitions

    (Harv: this is the correct number for refugees: 25.9 Million, not 29.5 M.)

  6. 13 says:

    So the CBC was given some new info ? From whom ? Butts? Maybe the information that got Maxine Bernier on a debate podium was a poll. A poll showing the Conservatives under Scheer pulling ahead of the corruption crowd. Another ethics breach? Another momentary lapse in judgement. More than likely a planned move . If not than show us all the details of who what when and where spawned the Max ban. Then the changes in great detail as to who what why and where the changes occurred.
    It will be interesting to hear the usual suspects compare Max to Harper. Scheer to Harper. Ford to Harper. Trump to Harper.

  7. Gilbert says:

    I’m happy that Maxime Bernier will be in the debates. He’s intelligent and will highlight the incompetence of PM Trudeau. He’ll take votes from the Conservatives, but at the same time, he’ll make Andrew Scheer look more and more like a centrist. This decision is good for Canadian voters. By the way, why did PM Trudeau call the election on September 11? What a horrible decision! I guess he was desperate to hide the news of obstruction into the RCMP’s investigation of possible justice of obstruction.

  8. Leila Paul says:

    @Gene the Bean:

    If someone has an income > $250K (but not anywhere near 1/2 million or a full million) and lives in one of our three major cities, then he/she has huge expenses and likely falls into the 52% tax bracket.

    If they’ve paid off a student loan – some of whom ended up with loans of near $100K and are trying to save for their retirement since there won’t be a government pension for them – do you really think they’re rich?

    To want to enjoy the fruits of one’s own labour and pay reasonable taxes is neither greedy nor racist. To save for one’s own pension since the CPP cupboard will be bare by the time today’s working youth retire, is not greedy.

    To save for one’s own retirement, rather than pay for the UN’s pet projects that we cannot personally verify – that is not racist. It’s rational and its essential if future generations are to survive not to mention having minimal comforts.

    Which of the UN’s nearly 71 Million “displaced, refugees or asylum seekers” should those honest young hard working Canadians support? What if they have parents who need to be supported. Who do they choose to support? Refugees who may be lying, or their own parents or grandparents?

    Nothing the UN claims can be verified first hand and much of their heart wrenching photo shoots may well be choreographed photo ops.

    What no one (or too few) is saying is that the planet is overpopulated. That results in competitions that create “refugees” or opportunists seeking to be supported in a welfare state.

    By seeking asylum in someone else’s country at someone else’s expense, instead of cooperating to rebuild their own economies and societies, they are essentially throwing away their home countries.

    If they can’t get along with their people of their own culture and ethnicity, why would they necessarily integrate or assimilate here? Because they’ll be paid to behave? What happens when there’s not enough to pay them to behave?

    I’m old enough it won’t make a difference to me and I’m delighted I do not have grandchildren to worry about. But other people do. And they have a right to reject migrants who could not make their own countries productive and peaceful enough to provide them with decent lives.

    Their inability to solve their problems, overcome hostilities and work together, suggests a lack of initiative, imagination, work ethic, ability to cooperate with those they prefer to see as enemies. And all that will be part of the baggage they bring here and then it becomes the problem of the next Canadian generations.

    They’ll be fine at first. But when and if there’s a shortage of housing, food, fuel – then the result will be they create what they ran away from right here.

    (Response: Your reference to ” heart wrenching photo shoots may well be choreographed photo ops” goes well beyond, in my view, the UN. Yes, I also believe they “arrange” them to elicit sympathetic responses specifically from those of us in the West … because they know WE are malleable, vulnerable, welcoming and generous, while people and governments in Russia, China, most Arab, African, other Asian and/or South American countries are oblivious, much less welcoming or just couldn’t care a damn. And, in my opinion, anyone who watches BBC World, Al Jazeera or CBC The National with a critical eye to spot one-sided reporting … ie carefully crafted propaganda … will understand why I believe that. In fact, the election offers a good chance to try and spot that on ALL the networks …. how critically and aggressively they “question” Bernier’s statements and policy announcements (which should be done) on these issues outlined in my blog piece versus how uncritically and unaggressively they “report” statements and policy announcements on the same issues by other leaders (which should NOT be done). Watch for it in the coverage! h.o)

  9. e. a. f. says:

    Oh, you’d be surprised there Leila about the Greens “may no longer being relevant”. The major parties know about the environment, but it isn’t like they’re doing much about it.
    Many people support the Greens and we have just seen in the Maritimes the role they played in their provincial elections. My take on it is, expect the Greens to increase the number of seats. Major parties are not doing enough about the environment, in terms of cleaning things up. I do believe there is still a lot of mercury in lakes, especially around areas where mines were. Grassy Narrows is still dealing with it.

    With parties like the Greens there will be a voice in Parliament to hold whomever’s feet to the fire. Should the Greens disappear, there will be no voice in Parliament. Future and younger generations may care, given all aging baby boomers will be dead.

    Bernier is some one whose values are very unwelcome to some in Canada, but he does meet the requirements and thus ought to be included. A democracy is about being able to speak freely and have a difference of opinion.

    Agree, this is going to change the debate big time and it ought to be some fun debate. It will expose many in this country for what they are, racists.

    living on the streets, hungry, etc. omg. lets give it a rest. Most are mentally ill or drug addicted. yes, they may have had families living in Canada for generations, but no one ever seemed to care when it was the Indigenous people living on the streets or being hungry, or having less money spent on Indigenous children when it came to education and health care, certainly not the Harper and his Conservatives of which Scheer was part as was Bernier.

    A very old man I once knew used to say, we either admit refugees, in some sort of controlled fashion or they will come any how. And they will come. Parts of the world are so “mess up”, its almost impossible to live. How did some of these countries get that way? We in the West started the trouble. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Lets not forget, this land mass once was lived in by the various nations. Canada has changed since those days many times. Its going to change again. We either get with the agenda or it will not be a smooth transition. When 500 refugees showed up in a boat off our coast some years ago some set their hair on fire or something like it. We’re still fine. the largest number of refugees in fairly modern times were the 100K Vietnamese. We’re a richer country for it. We have a big country. There is room.

    Once upon a time the U.S.A. and Canada refused admittance to Jews. Their ships were returned to Europe, where the majority of them died in concentration camps. We’ve seen Trump’s policies are resulting in deaths.
    We can not save the world, but we can at least try to save some.

    Now as to those multi generational Canadians living on the streets and going hungry. its easy. Not many are interested in their tax dollars being spent on the mentally ill, addicted. If they were we wouldn’t see the blow back we do on such things as modular housing for the homeless. I’ve seen enough letters to the editors of several news papers complaining these people are getting some thing for free. this country won’t even spend the money to ensure all seniors are decently housed, and hey they’re white.

    Voters tend to look at their kids and grand kids and say they come first.

    Racism comes in may forms and is excused in many ways. Denying refugees, more frequently people of colour, in my opinion, is usually just another form of racism. The old routine of we need to look after our own is just not washing. We’ve had over a hundred years to “look after our own” and have failed to do so.

    Singh most likely is of the opinion including Bernier in the debate will simply give his views more air than it deserves. However, I don’t agree. Fresh air always is good for a bad disease and some of Bernier’s views, are in my opinion, a bad disease. What the debates may do is expose Canadians to be as racist as Americans.

    This debate could be wild.

  10. 13 says:

    eaf, I believe that controlling boarders ,immigration, migrants,refugees, tourists, freight, cargo and anyone or anything that wants to enter Canada for what ever reason should be vetted at our boarders. Depending on the laws of our land they (it) should be granted entry or not. Racism to you common sense to many others. You live with guilt that you have because of historic events. A guilt that you wear like a badge. Your choice . Some others understand and learn from the past and move on. Neither those living with guilt or those that move on are right or wrong. Guilt that you inherit is a personal choice.
    Max =Harper, Scheer =Harper. you missed a few more but thats okay. I guess when we come across politicians that break the law, grope women, lie constantly,pretend to support women and just arent to bright we will compare XXX=Trudeau.

  11. 13 says:

    The op ed in the Vancouver Sun a week ago was basically the PPC platform. The Sun acted like a good lap dog , stuck its tail between its legs and cowered in a corner. Now the oped will get national air time. Not sure what this says about the editorial dept at the SUN but it makes me wonder?

  12. BMCQ says:

    13 – first Post to eaf

    Full agreement .

    But please remember, Do not confuse PC Guilt Riddled SJW with common sense and facts, they have already made their mind up .

    People need to understand that Canada has long welcomed Legal Immigrants, Refugees, their Customs, Cultures, Colour, and other ways of life with open arms, the key word being Legal and that is what all Leaders need to discuss openly without the PC BS .

    Just because some many Canadians including Canadians of Colour want Legal Immigration does not make them Racist as some Illegal Crossers are of Colour .

    Using Race, Colour, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, and other favorited Labels used by PC types against legitimately concerned Canadians that want a secure and orderly Canada is lazy, desperate, and in fact dishonest .

    Canadians and Americans, of any race, Colour, religion, have the right to speak out and show legitimate concern to have secure Borders and control of Immigration, it is simply just good common sense, to suggest otherwise is delusional .

    Those that have the silly juvenile “Guilt” thing going need to get over themselves, they owe more to their fellow Canadians and Canada than they do to Leaders of the EU, the Pope, or Politicians that demand free Democracies open their Borders in a whim of SJW Activism .

    Simply ask the good people of almost any EU Nation how they feel about Open Borders and the influx of Millions of People most of who have No Passports, No ID, was No Vetting .

    In my humble opinion Open Borders and Illegal Migration should be from and Centre in the next Debate .

    Canadians need to know where both the Liberals and Conservatives stand on this most important question of the 2019 Election, it means our future .

  13. Leila Paul says:

    I quote from your comment: People need to understand that Canada has long welcomed Legal Immigrants, Refugees, their Customs, Cultures, Colour, and other ways of life with open arms, the key word being Legal and that is what all Leaders need to discuss openly without the PC BS .

    It would seem the dearly beloved Canadian sense of righteousness is being echoed here, but you say that in good faith, I believe. Yet you are wrong.

    Until governments decided importing votes was a great idea, racism was legal. There were no laws prohibiting it and so lots of ethnic groups would create belligerent insults against the other. It was almost like a sport. I could give you tons of examples of many ethnic groups enduring insults and ridicule until the feds did a 360 to win over bloc votes of ethnic groups. And have we all already forgotten how men suspected of being gay were beaten? Lets stop patting ourselves on the back for unwarranted self-satisfaction.

    The belief of Canada being always welcoming and blind to ethnic or gender differences is not true. I can personally verify that my family left British Mandatory Palestine before Britain abandoned the Mandate in order to avoid being stateless and risk becoming refugees. We came to Canada as British subjects not refugees or migrants.

    Yet we were continually insulted, hounded, and beaten by gangs of kids and called “dirty Jews” and “fleas” as well as “DPs” (displaced persons). Yet our ancestors had been converted to Christianity but we were still taunted and beaten by other kids for being “dirty Jews”. We were white Caucasian and wore regular western clothing but we were believed to be Jews as we’d come from British PALESTINE.

    My father could not find jobs but he always managed to create legal work and eventually companies. All the children worked as soon as we were tall enough to help. We had no “welcome packet of money” we had no health care, no freebies whatever. But the human spirit of ingenuity rises above challenged if the wish is there and the opportunities are there.

    Today, even multi-generational Canadians are denied opportunities for we’ve shipped them off to other countries and instead we trade our exported jobs for imported economic dependents with no work skills or language skills.

    What could happen is the past may recur with variations. We are importing people who bring with them subdued hostilities to other migrants coming here. These hostilities may never rise to the surface but without careful management of who and how many are brought here, we could see even worse animosities aroused when shortages occur – as they surely will.

    As for those multi-generational Canadians you describe as mentally ill or drug addicted, many of that started with the breakdown of family life. Men were denied the dignity they once had as husbands and fathers. Women refused to care for their own children and did not want the burdens of motherhood.

    We used to joke, as in the U.S., that the cherished ideals of our culture were “motherhood and apple pie”. Well motherhood has been denigrated and men have been debased by being denied access to their children if they were once married. Lost jobs that were exported by corporation with government cooperation are a major factor in what’s happened to our former Protestant work ethic. Remember that phrase too?

    And yes, government has colluded with corporations, IMO, from my observations and other reliable reports. In fact, government itself is a corporation but a bloated unaccountable corporation for we, the share holders, no longer are its source of instruction but instead its supplicants and sometimes even its victims.

    Conservatives of older years remember all this. Max, as a French Canadian, has a sense of nationalism that we are now ashamed to have with pride. Today, we are a treated like cattle who are numbered, assessed on market value (taxable assets) and told what we will accept. No referendums have been held prior to the beginning of this massive population transfer.

    We will soon be like the biblical Tower of Babel where people are alienated from one another even if we live in close proximity. Some will form cooperative, kind and caring groups. Others will become gangs. We have laid the groundwork for predators among us.

    And we can thank the Liberals primarily but Stephen Harper also cooperated with the global trend. It was in his interests to do so. Remember who he was before he bacame PM and who he is now. Being PM or U.S. president is so greatly desired because of the rewards that come afterward. The same applies to MPs or U.S. House reps.

    I hope Max Bernier pokes the smug politicos and derails their self-serving goals.

  14. Leila Paul says:


    I type too quickly and fail to edit before I post. Mea culpa. I do not know that “racism was legal” although that is the effect that resulted. If there were laws prohibiting racism, they most certainly were not enforced; thus, almost making racism legal.

    Homophobia was legal for laws existed prohibiting one of its activities, so it had the effect of making homosexuality illegal.

    I also should have typed that government did a 180, not a 360.

    For those who may not know, Canadian citizenship in the past was governed by the Imperial British Subjects legislation (don’t know the exact wording) and has since undergone various legislative changes. By January 1947 residents of the Dominion of Canada were British subjects and if born here automatically citizens. Alien British subjects required approval before being admitted as potential citizens. One requirement was the applicant must speak English, as both my parents did. They also spoke some French.

    Language requirements are essential if immigrants are to integrate seamlessly and contribute to the national good.

    Liberals were the first to see the advantages of luring ethnic groups as bloc votes. Once most Canadians began to believe our own propaganda we accepted that we’d always been tolerant and desirous of “diversity”.

    Perhaps Conservative governments wanted to help corporations by destroying union power that had itself become a negative influence. Allowing migrants and refugees brought down labor costs.

    But all plans can go awry and allowing temporary or permanent cheap migrant labor can have unintended consequences.

  15. 13 says:

    (Edited…off topic)
    To stay on topic I will quickly state that of the 5 party leaders running for the office of PM I only support Scheer. Max I could tolerate, May , Singh would be disastrous and we all know what a COMPLETE failure Justin Trudeau has been.
    To reply in a very vague way to your personal stories, I feel blessed to live in Canada and furthermore I feel lucky to live next to the USA. These two countries may have room to improve but both are head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the world.
    At least you havent been belaboring the past history of these two countries and comparing their past to the present troubles across the globe. We have evolved and continue to evolve. Many other countries have much to do to catch up. Some may never .

  16. e.a.f. says:

    #13, it is not the guilt I live with. Perhaps others might, but not I. I COME FROM A FAMILY IT HAPPENED TO. My Grandfather was the only member of his family who did not go to the death camps and gas chambers. He was the only surviving member of his family. the Germany government paid him substantial raperations. Our Mother told us, it could always happen again. I do not have feelings of guilt. I have a sense of survival and a knowledge not only could it happen again. I’m watching it live on t.v. over the decades happen again. we need look no further than the U.S.A. and children dying in the trump concentration camps. I don’t want my country to turn out like other countries have/are.

    Do we stand by and let another Rwanda happen or do we take refugees.

    Leila’s beginning in this country echo ours. We arrived from the Netherlands in 1951. In the mid 50s I can recall our parents and some friends being referred to as “dirty D.P.s” in a park. All 4 adults were well dress and caucasion.

    On 8 Sept. 2019, we went to a highly rated restaurant on Vancouver Island. We were celebrating my and our cousin’s “historic” birthdays. She, her husband and adult daughter had made the trip to celebrate. At the restaurant, we spoke a mixture of English and Dutch. The table across were complaining, not quietly, that those foreigners had gotten a better table than they. (we made reservations and specified the table) They don’t come much “whiter” than we do, 3 red heads at a table out of 6.

    Leila’s experiences are not unusual. Irish Catholics did not get a free pass in Vancouver back in the day. That country/golf club on Steveston Highway was built by the Jewish community back in the 1960s because they were not permitted to join any of the clubs in Vancouver.

    We do need an orderly system. However, what some people go through to get to this country, some of them “earned” their place in our country. Queue jumping is not appropriate but I know why people do it. Lets not be so “righteous” because do we truly know what we would do if we were in the same place. As a friend of mine says, if a parent thinks the safest place for their child is a raft in the Mediterranean, there is a problem. If people walk through countries to get to another, they consider safe, you know there is a problem.

    We tend to look at those entering via a land border, but look at the figures for those entering undocumented via airports. Its way higher. If we want to look at “undocumented’ people coming into our country, lets have a better look at those who arrive via the various programs, where they use consultants and pay a tens of thousands of dollars. That however, will cost more in staff to examine matters. My take on it is, the government usually goes for the “low hanging fruit”, which doesn’t have much money.

    I do expect some of this to come up in the debates and it would be interesting if they had a debate which solely dealt with immigration, tourist visas, work visas, the refugee process (because it once worked much faster until some P.M. made it a political process and created the Immigration Refugee Board, which they staff with political appointees).

    I’ll get into the rest after I have another cup of coffee.

  17. D. M. Johnston says:

    Ah, the same screams of shock and disbelief from the right and the angst of the NDP bumbling along; the more things change, the more they remain the same.

    And the Greens, they are the biggest disappointment of all.

    This must make Trudeau and the Liberals happy.

    As for Bernier, ain’t going to vote for him but he will keep the others on their toes.

    I still hold to Mair’s political axiom #2 and Trudeau remains a 3 and Scheer remains a 2.

    The West will once again become the embarrassing anti this and that, keeping Quebec and Ontario the key to an election win. The Maritime s, if they play smart, will vote Liberal.

    When it is all said and done, I still think the independent, wearing a tin foil hat will still be the better candidate than most the political hacks, of all political stripes and their well crafted “messages” and well timed photo-ops and sound bites.

    This election is like a tontine, where the last Canadian will get what’s left of this once great country.

    The best thing to happen is a liberal minority and watching Trudeau squirm getting support from Raybould and Philpott.

  18. Leila Paul says:

    It’s such a pleasure to engage in this give and take of opinions and personal experiences.

    The irony is that as much as I criticize Liberals and now espouse conservative principles, I used to be viewed as leaning extremely left-wing. In fact, many decades ago, while I was just doing my job of challenging any authoritarian politician I was invited by the Opposition, Mike Harcourt, to run as a candidate for the NDP, which I obviously declined.

    However, at the time, most politicians in power were Socreds so, inevitably, they were the ones I’d challenge on the vagueness of their statements. I always challenged all individuals if I sensed their was a hidden agenda behind “talking points” given them by their handlers.

    In the past I never joined a political party. I have since joined first the NDP, was persuaded by a then influential Liberal to join the Liberals and was offered “all the money and votes I’d need” if I agreed to run as a Liberal and promote Muslim’s interests federally. I declined. Then I joined the Conservatives to find they were following the Liberal formula. Thus, now I do not even feel motivated to vote at all.

    Debates are so contrived and the debaters so rehearsed, I only watched the recent debate because of Harv’s blog. So we must always consider: Who is really determining our federal, provincial or even municipal policies? Do debates reveal enough of the candidates and their parties? Max Bernier just might be an exception. I hope so.

    Today, I have such mixed feelings. I know the agonies of what some of the refugees must be going through. My parents were suffiiciently informed and connected so that we and our Jewish Palestinian friends left before chaos ensued in the region.

    However, there is one major (of many) differences in the ominous challenges facing today’s refugees. Seventy years ago, the population was so much smaller and essentials were plentiful for those who were industrious and capable of working hard.

    Opportunities were vast with many jobs available. Corporations were rooted in the countries where they had their HQ or primary branches. Are some of you old enough to remember how (mostly) men worked at companies for a lifetime and retired with a gold watch? Who today has the opportunity to be loyal to a corporation when today’s corporations are global with no loyalties to more than their own elitist interests?

    Yes, my heart aches for many of those I see in reports about refugees which is one reason I’ve stopped watching TV and many online video reports.

    Remember the old caveat: Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

    Video can be edited or even completely generated by technology. Rumors repeated often enough become truth if they aren’t quickly refuted.

    I still doubt the motives of the UNHCR. The more refugees they claim need their care, the more they can demand money to support their jobs and the more they feel authorized to dictate which country must take refugees and how many. That reveals a clear lack of sovereignty and that should worry us.

    I agree with the writer who praises both Canada and the U.S. as the best countries we are lucky enough to live in. I learned to appreciate how generous and welcoming Americans can be when I worked there.

    As for the trauma of North America’s first nations, I have a perspective through my husband who was part Ojibwa (Chippewa). The problem that has not been discussed, however, is that my husband and his Ojibwa father were successful and well-educated because they chose to join what became the new reality. They did not isolate themselves in tribal communites and then demand they be given any differential (or preferential) treatment. They became part of the American and Canadian mainstream cultures and were not deprived by self-isolating on a reservation.

    We see a similar example now in Israel. If Arab-speaking peoples had joined Israeli society with good intentions and combined their many talents with that of Israelis, how much more could the world have benefited?

    Refugees, or immigrants, when they are legally accepted, still have the tendency to self-isolate and avoid “contamination” of the social mores of western culture. That is what I object to strongly.

    When (not if) we accept new Canadians, they can and should celebrate their ancestral heritage with pride. But in the present, and in the future, we must have one overall unifying culture with at least one universal language. Logically, that would be English.

    We need the basic ties that bind a nation together and make each of its citizens loyal to, and caring of, one another.

    Then we can drop the words “refugee” or “migrant” and just enjoy our fellow Canadians and the additional ancestral knowledge and cultural treasures they bring into our mutual shared interests as one nation.

  19. Keith says:

    I’m glad Bernier is in, but what the issue of him now being in the debates raises is: In the future what is the benchmark for someone to be included? or is it left to the debate committee to decide on a case by case basis. ?

    As a country dependant upon and encouraging immigration, to have a discussion around the various aspects and entry points of coming to Canada I believe is a healthy to have, however, it’s how that discussion is had. If M. Berniers entry into the political theatre achieves that then so much the better. As you said Harvey, left to the others it would be “wishy washy” with plenty spoken but nothing said.

    Another aspect I’ll be watching is the dynamics between E. May. J. Trudeau and J. Singh. The NDP are sinking out of sight and both the Libs. and Greens could do with moving NDP voters to their cause, Singh needs to hold on to whatever he can, so that could be the act 2 worth watching.

    (Response: I had a look at the People’s Party of Canada website today and I now believe the debate will be more interesting than I had thought. The PPC policies and platform include a lot more than just immigration/refugee hot buttons: there are policies that call for terminating endless Equalization Grants, reducing Canada’s commitments to the UN because of how it is controlled by dictators and appalling regimes, and getting rid of marketing boards controlling eggs, poultry, dairy so prices will come down. If Bernier gets to promote those currently little known PPC ideas at the debates, he could pick up a lot of interest and support from non-aligned viewers. h.o)

  20. BMCQ says:


    I am not wrong .

    No country is perfect and racism can be found in Canada but compared to other Nations Canada is a Shining Star .

    Canada it self, the Country has for decades welcomed described Legal Immigrants and Refugees from all ethnic backgrounds, skin colors, and religion .

    That does not mean some already here or even those from the new arrival groups did not carry out Racist Bullying , Comments, Exclusion, or any other form of unacceptable behavior to any one group .

    All one needs to do is travel to my Mothers home country of Sweden where long ago established Jewish People are being attacked daily by newer arrivals of the Muslim Faith . It is not only Sweden, that very same thing is taking place in the rest of the EU, America, and many other Countries .

    Long established Jewish Families are once again fleeing thecEU and ALL anadian Federal Leaders need to Debate why and how we can offer Safe Haven to Minority Jewish People from the EU, Africa, and the Middle East other than Israel for obvious reasons .

    I find it despicable that Leftists attempt to convince the Great Unwashed that Anti Semitic Crimes are being carried out by White HATERS when in fact the majority of those attacks in Sweden and the rest of the EU are being carried out by mostly more recent arrivals from the Middle East . Facts are facts and no amount of spin can change what is happening in Sweden, EU Nations and other countries .

    My own Son who is a Pacific Islander grew up on Vancouver Westside and attended Vancouver College Boys School experienced some Racism going into the Jewish Community Centre where he is still a member at 30years old .

    Believe it or not he was called a Dirty Jew by a rival St George’s Prep School Boy who was with two other White Students from Saints Basketball Team who were White . The Student that used the “Dirty Jew “ slur happened to be of African Decent . How crazy is that?

    There was actually a physical confrontation that day but things managed to work themselves out on the Basketball Court over time during inter school games and they became friends . Most of us do learn from mistakes, not all but most .

    Racism can come from anywhere but Canada and particularity Vancouver is a wonderful place for any minority of any kind to grow up and live in .

    Yes there can be acceptions but let’s “Keep it Real” Canada is a wonderful accepting country to anyone . Where would you rather be any of the LGBTQ, Canada, Africa, the Middle East ? There is no better Nation for inclusiveness other than Canada, it is not that our Government is perfect but our people long time residents, more recent arrivals are basically a welcoming people .

    We cannot allow Politicians like PM Justin to change the Shining Light Canada has become by promoting an Open Borders Policy that allows anyone to enter our Country without proper vetting and without coming here Legally .

    The Canadian Government no matter who is PM cannot allow Canada and Canadians to suffer the same fate as the EU . PM Justin needs to answer to what Immigration, Migration, Refugee and Border Policies he plans for Canada Going forward and Scheer and Max need to Debate that most important subject .

    The US will get their Wall and they will soon in early 2020 have DACA Legislation, around that the US Government will begin to Deport Undocumented Violent Convicted Felons back to their Home Countries of France, China, Mexico, El Salvador and many more

    Unfortunately for Canada and Canadians a very high number of those Violent Felons will not wait to be Deported back to their Home Country, they will instead to travel North to Canada .

    Canada has a PM that “We uh welcome uh Diversity etc. “ and he has in fact invited anyone and everyone to come to Canada . We are soft on Crime, Soft on Drugs, cannot convict any Criminals, provide Food, Shelter, even Transit Passes why would they not come to Canada ?

    You Liberal, NDP, and Green Supporters ask yourself the following question .

    What would happen if Canada all of a sudden allowed even just 2 Million Illegal and Legal Migrants and Refugees into our Country ?

    What would happen to Health Care, Education, Housing, The Criminal Justice System, Wages, Salaries, Pensions, and so much more we Hold so dear ?

    I suggest you strongly consider these questions because in only a few weeks Decision Time will be upon us .

    Can we afford to give PM Justin and his “Uh Sunny Ways” another 4 years ?

    Your very future and the future of your Children and Grand Children depends on that answer .

    Canada and Canadians need to hear from all the Federal Leaders on this and it should be front and Centre at the next Federal Debate .

    Imagine if PM Justin decided not to attend the next Two Debates, he may not even need to address this Illegal Migration Question .

    He is so arrogant he might attempt to not show up to Debate anything .

    I am quite confident that if “The Invisible PM” actually does show up he will be asked these most impportant questions by Max, Scheer, and hopefully the Moderator .

    The Moderator must ensure that PM Justin and the restanswer the Immigration, Migration, Border Questions, our very future depends on it .

    Think about it, our lives could change forever only a few weeks from now .

    (Response: Yesterday, I might have regarded the current trending discussion on here “off topic”. But tonight, Time Magazine has published a photo of Justin Trudeau in 2001 wearing blackface and a turban. Clearly, this will add a whole new dimension to the Debates and the entire election campaign … involving race, ethnicity and stereotypes etc. and Bernier’s railing against “multi culturalism” will add fuel to the fire. Can hardly wait. h.o)

  21. 13 says:

    So Harvey you edited a very topical sentence earlier where Leila Paul quoted 13 when she actually quoted BMCQ.
    On your response to the topic moving in a new direction because of Time Magazine publishing a picture of Justin acting like an idiot. Is it icing on the cake or fuel on the fire? If Trudeau wants to make fun of East Indians then he should really watch some Peter Sellers movies as Sellers did a great impersonation of that particular race. The movies were at the time considered comedies but in todays PC world would be considered bad taste. FUNNY that Justin has been caught yet again showing incredibly poor judgement.
    Maybe FAR WORSE THAN the garbage that Bernier is accused of.
    If somehow Trudeau is elected to the office of PM I will be ashamed to be a Canadian.
    Justin acts like a spoiled privileged 18 year old. He should not be allowed to make important decisions.

  22. BMCQ says:

    Saw the coverage on PM Justin in his so called “Brown Face” and lovely Costume on a couple of Networks this evening .

    I will not comment on that just yet but I have a question for all of you Liberal, NDP, and Green Supporters Out here in Blogosphere Land .

    Just exactly what would YOUR Comments be if the “People Kind” in the Turban, Brown Face and Nabob Ad Costume was Andrew Scheer ?

    I challenge any of you to answer that question honestly .

    Somehow I think ALL of you will right about now be Hiding Under Your Desks .

    Will any of you meet that Challenge ?

    I dare Bean to call PM Justin a “Hater of Brown People” .

    What about you eaf, what if that was a Pic of Scheer, any commentary ?

    Don’t you just Love the Double Standard of the Left ?

    I am Aghast, I swear PM Justin is going to Hell in a Handcart !

    I await your comments patiently .

    I think I might be waiting a while .

    “Sunny Ways my friends, Sunny Ways “

    Hypocritical Bastard !

  23. BMCQ says:


    I heard the Scheer Statement On “Brown Face” Justin tonight, he was measured, Prime Ministerial, and thoughtful without getting too political .

    I also heard Mr. Singh comment on the same, he was also measured, Prime Ministerisl, and thoughtful ,

    Mr. Singh was also very powerful and made those of us that have not experienced much if any Bullying in our whole lives understand just how traumatic, threatened, and frightened those that are on the receiving end of all of those and more .

    I was very impressed with Mr. Singh tonight, I thank him and I Salute him .

  24. Leila Paul says:


    I agree with much of what you say that Canada is less racist than other countries. I am someone who is among the few who is legally entitled to say I am a former Palestinian. I was born during the only time that Palestinian citizenship actually existed – during the British Mandate. At no other time was there an independent Palestinian state. It was always a province or satrap of one of the empires from ancient times who invaded Canaan, present day Israel and the satrapy of Palestina-Syria.

    (Edited…Getting way, way off the Canadian election/debates topic. h.o )

    The debates really must include the fact – the very fact – our governments at all levels are not allowing us to discuss the way Islamic refugees who do not want to adopt western values are going to affect this county and our entire way of life.

    I bitterly resent that our political leaders will debate that they’ve prohibited us from freedom of expression. Our governments will not allow us to discuss our feelings and justifiable fear about radical Islam.

    Muslims have done themselves more harm and created resentment by bribing the Liberals with promises of votes if they instituted the legislation or quasi-legislation that prohibits our discussion of our feelings and fears about Islam. Even Muslims who have been here for decades realize the new radicals, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and its related councils and associations, have destroyed our most cherished value of free speech.

    (Edited…off topic of current Canadian election/debate. h.o)

    We must hear the debaters discuss the right of a government to legislate a primal emotion. How can one cut off a fundamental part of our human nature. Love, Hate, Fear, Anger, Sorrow, Joy and all the range of emotions are what make us human. To have hatred as a focus of legal prohibitions is nearly insane. Yet, as if in mass hysteria, we all comply.

    And no one dares raise that in the debates.

    If I were able to ask Maxime Bernier a question it is this: is Alexandre Bisonnette a terrorist or a radical and fanatical Quebec nationalist like the men in the FLQ who kidnapped two diplomats in Quebec and killed one of them in the 1970 FLQ crisis.

    Remember the War Measures Act invoked by Pierre Trudeau? He was containing that extreme group of French nationalists and the dangers they posed to all of Canada. Have those sentiments been completely forgotten among the French descendants in Quebec? I think Alexandre Bissonette is a living example that fanatical Quebec nationalism still exists among a few. But that is NOT terrorism against Muslims. For Muslims to exploit that tragedy is disgraceful. And yet the issue is not debatable.

    After Quebec’s referendum was defeated in 1995 I believe this deferat is that provoked Jacques Parizeau to lament that it was the “ethnic vote” that defeated Quebec Sovereignty.

    Today, the Quebec nationalists are less significant in number since many of the French speaking mideastern “refugees” have gone to Quebec and now influence provincial policies as well as federal policies.

    We must debate why any one incoming group – aliens in the political sense – are controlling our federal Parliament and dictating which emotions we must tear out from our minds and hearts.

    One can feel hate and that is natural and is legal. Acting illegally on the basis of hatred and in ways that are ALREADY prohibited is what Muslim fanatic activists do not understand.

    (Edited… off the current topic.)

    Why must our youth pay the price by being denied the prosperity their parents, grandparents and great grandparents worked to leave to them through our federal and provincial safety nets?

    Each party member must contact the candidates and ask that the debates include the miscarriage of justice against innocent western nations. We must no longer allow ourselves to be blamed for we had no part in inter-tribal savagery in Africa and the middle east.

    Western imperialism is not the cause of refugees or asylum seekers or migrants. It is we who are being victimized by the same forces who drive them to come here expecting us to forfeit our freedoms, rights and privileges to accommodate their wishes and demands.

    Now it’s time we demand something too. At least debate the issues as they truly exist and make them a fundamental part of the upcoming election.

    I am not a religious person by nature. But I cannot help but call out “God Save Canada and the U.S.”

  25. 13 says:

    When I posted last night I was unaware that JT had pretended to be another race more than once or twice. JT likes to dress up and play act. When he is in parliament in a suit
    and tie we have often thought he was play acting and its becoming clearer by the day he is not smart enough, honest enough, ethical enough, to lead a country.
    About right now the Federal Liberals should be taking turns kicking each other in the ass for not gassing Trudeau over the SNC debacle and begging JWR to replace him.
    This election would be over before it started.

    (Response: I will do a Trudeau/Blackface posting next. h.o)

  26. D. M. Johnston says:

    This quote from Facebook, best sums up my feelings to this election.

    “our TV news is filled with the vaudeville performances of our Canadian politicians…”

    Bernier will add something more to the debate than the indignant howling at Trudeau’s “blackface”. We have big, big problems in this country and the mainstream media is saying squat.

    1) Climate change, its here and we do nothing but lip service.
    2) Corruption in government, it’s here and rampant in all major parties.
    3) Government spending. The feds antied up over a billion dollars so Translink could spend $4.6 billion on 12.8 km of rapid transit, using a an obsolete transit system, which patents are owned by SNC Lavalin and Bombardier Inc.
    (Hint: In Caen France, they just opened a 16km, 3 line tramway costing $373 million!)
    4) International relations with China, the USA, Russia and more. Are their 5th columnists working in Canada in favour of the big 3?
    5) As any government looked 5 minutes into the future? Big changes are coming, housing in unaffordable, good jobs scarce, education spotty. Is there a plan?
    6) Media in Canada, should the media be made truly independent and not owned by major corporations and trusts. (Hint: The Vancouver Sun and CKNW come to mind, both once good news providers are nothing more than propaganda machines.)

    Oh there is a lot more, but this election, debate will be:

    1) Blackface
    2) Climate change panders
    3) Abortion
    4) Tax cuts (Hint: mostly for the wealthy as tax credits are really a tax on the poor).
    5) Corruption

    Who ever gets elected will do as they please and the PM will act as a potentate, as all PM’s do.

  27. Gene Bean says:

    Harvey, the “current trending discussion” you speak of is nothing more than racism and white nationalism that is repeated over and over again in every comment.

    I find it disgusting and reprehensible to allow people a platform to spread such filth.

    We are better than this, aren’t we?

  28. hawgwash says:

    Firstly, BMCQ, be careful tossing out the “hypocritical bastard” phrase. What was Mr. Sheer’s take on his own party members just a few weeks ago? Didn’t it go something like “that was then, this is now; I accept their explanation and apology”?

    (Edited…off topic…which is Bernier/Debate.)

    Anyway, that’s not what I started to write about and now it does get interesting.
    Brown-faced, blue-faced, one-faced two-faced.

    Initially, I saw this as a not an unusual occurrence for 2001 and didn’t accept the notion of JT being in a position of power at the time.

    Then came the second, the third etc. and I began to filter out the gutter politics of it. I talked to my sons, who are JTs age and they both agreed that at age 30 they would have grown out of that kind of stuff and that Trudeau was, as a teacher, an influence. They also said they believed he was just a flat out attention seeker. In 2015 both sons voted for him.

    Now I read this bit from canadalandshow where it is asked why this has never surfaced before. The answer is interesting and thought provoking.

    To paraphrase; “Trudeau has been celebrity, since the day he was born, so there was nothing we didn’t already know about him.” Then in the same piece, his hypocrisy and demonstrated condescension, towards indigenous people, is pointed out.

    So, I have reassessed my first reaction and decided Trudeau is more than just a national embarrassment; he is, gosh, I can’t find the appropriate word.

    Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, must simply just go away.

  29. hawgwash says:

    To those who claim Canada is not much of a racist country, I disagree; we just hide it better.
    Our treatment of indigenous peoples is not far behind the US and has been going on from the first ship to hit our shores.
    Yes, we just hide it better.

  30. 13 says:

    @ Gene Your post where we are all labeled racists “racism and white nationalism…….in every comment”.is in itself insulting to everyone that takes part in this blog. Be careful that you dont hurt yourself its a long way to the ground from that high horse.

  31. BMCQ says:


    You talk about Taxes .

    What about the fact that Canada contributes barely 1% of World Carbon and we signed on to the silly Paris Climate Accord while China and India are required to nothing for at least 25 years ?

    (Edited…Off topic …which is Bernier/debate. DMJ mentioned taxes as a DEBATE topic that Bernier can/should touch on … Please, it was not 1,000 word treatise on DMJ’s view of taxes etc. … or the time for yours. h.o)

    Immigration, Migration, and Borders need to be Number One in any Debate and the current Election Campaign .

    Without control of Migration, Immigration, without defined Borders and with out the ability to Defend those Defined Borders one has NO country, all you need to do is speak to people in the EU or the soon to be Free UK to learn the truth about that .

    I have been in 17 Countries in the past year or so and trust me the ones with the most problems are the ones that have NO Borders or control of Migration and Immigration

    Yes, welcome new comers including Refugees of ALL Ethnic Backgrounds, but they must be Legal and they must be Vetted .

    The Harper Government passed Legislation that stipulated if a Naturalized Citizen was convicted of a Terror Act the Citizenship of that Terrorist was revoked and Deportation was ordered and acted upon immediately .

    The first few weeks PM Justin and JWR took Government they reversed that Legislation, please ask yourself WHY ?

    ALL Federal Leaders should answer that question in both upcoming Debates .

    We all agree with you DMJ there are many things that need to be touched upon but we are not doing Canada or Canadians a service if we dwell on Climate Change something that we cannot affect .

    ( topic.)

    Truth be known ALL Canadians of any Ethnic, Skin Colour, Religious Background want to be safe, they want their family to be safe and they want a Country that provides them the opportunities they did not have in their original Home Countries .

    That is why they seek to come to Canada .

    People want to Immigrate to Canada because quite frankly in most cases they are escaping the infamous **** Hole Nations where they are unsafe, oppressed, and in fear for their lives .

    Those same people want Canada to maintain the safety, security, and standard of living we currently have .

    New Comers are some of the biggest defenders of our way of live, our Justice System, and our Immigration and Borders . Think about it does that not make sense ?

    The Immigration, Migration, refugee, and Border concerns are not about Racism , surely we must have the ability to think, articulate, and defend one’s position beyond a Grade 7 Level .


    I have a feeling that things are ramping up quite nicely here, let’s hope that the Debate Moderators are paying attention .

    By discussing everything we are debating here we are in fact doing the right thing .

    This Debate is what Democracy is all about .

  32. Leila Paul says:

    Gene the Bean:

    White nationalism and racism, you say? Many of the comments are from those who have suffered from racism.

    Before you make such extreme allegations, you should provide actual quotes that are not about historical facts or personal experiences or eye witness reports. I’d suggest you’re either naive or trying the worn out strategy of silencing people by intimidating them with fears of false accusations.

    Harvey, I respect your right to edit content. However, I was trying to provide the background that gives a greater context. I was in a position to observe things many Canadians do not know. I’ve had personal experiences about how the strategy has been implemented to silence Canadian’s legitimate questions.

    If our public officials remain tempted, bribed or coerced into further imposing black outs on our right to know, and our right of free speech, then we delude ourselves in saying we’re a democracy.

    However, I thank you for providing such an excellent blog where so many ideas and experiences are being aired about the pablum of the debates and the campaign.

  33. Leila Paul says:

    Gene Bean:

    I will apologize to Harvey on your behalf because I belatedly realized your allegations insult Harv for allowing the spread of “such filth”.

    Harvey’s blog has to be one of the best online. I have not read all blogs, obviously, but Harvey has always been ethical and principled from the time I remember his work as a reporter at BCTV.

    I did not know Harvey well and we rarely spoke then, if ever. But I do remember his stories were always objective and fair and that Harvey had a quiet and dignified demeanor.

    I do not for a moment believe Harvey would knowingly hurt anyone nor would he tolerate any comments that would be racist, supremacist, false or malicious.

    We all write things impetuously, Gene. I’m sure you did not intend to insult anyone, especially not Harvey.

  34. Eldon says:

    I really enjoyed reading a different contributor. Thanks Leila! Reading the same posts from the same people does get repetitive.

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