Blog Takes a Mini Break …till April 7

Time to take a mini break.  The blog will be down for a couple of weeks, returning Wednesday, April 7.

Comments will continue to be posted until Wednesday, March 25 … then the site will close down to posts/discussion/monitoring:  anything submitted after March 25  until blog re-opens April 7 will not be able to make it onto the site.

Good time to review previous topics, though, using the Search box, and see how accurate or inaccurate we all were!

Back April 7.

Harv Oberfeld

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9 Responses to Blog Takes a Mini Break …till April 7

  1. 13 says:

    You deserve a break .happy Easter

    (Response: Many thanks. Same to you! h.o)

  2. DBW says:

    Enjoy your break.

    But I couldn’t let you leave without commenting on Rafe Mair’s analysis of the Trudeau speech that you found so offensive.

    Seems Rafe found the speech very appropriate. I am not sure how Rafe feels about the top three leaders, but in this particular case, he has given the nod to Trudeau.

    And I wouldn’t be referencing just anybody’s opinion here, but people were quoting the Rafe line about being a 3 when everyone else is a 2 as some justification for supporting Harper. Looks like Rafe may have e a difference of opinion as to who is the 3 and who is the 2.

    (Response: Very happy Rafe/Tyee/Trudeau have brought attention to Canada’s poor history of treatment of minorities. But so have I and countless others who have written/spoken/taught about our despicable treatment of First Nations, Japanese, Jews, Sikhs, Muslims etc. etc.: it really is nothing new …search those topics on my blog … and it certainly wasn’t a “major new policy speech”. What set Trudeau’s talk apart is that he, uniquely and for sheer partisan political gain, exaggerated our treatment of Muslims under Harper, comparing it to Canada’s rejection of Jews trying to escape the Holocaust. Not only inaccurate…but quite a disgraceful stretch, in a bid to garner Muslim votes. h.o)

  3. DBW says:

    Comment #2 Rafe doesn’t see it that way at all. Trudeau didn’t reference the Holocaust. He talked about the same kind of RHETORIC that led to a people being rejected.

    Rafe: Trudeau said this about that: “We should all shudder to hear the same rhetoric that led to a ‘none is too many’ immigration policy toward Jews in the ’30s and ’40s being used to raise fears against Muslims today.”

    Now this is critically important given that even Thomas Mulcair, along with many writers, has Trudeau conflating the treatment of Muslims with the Holocaust.

    He did nothing of the sort. He did not directly or inferentially mention the Holocaust …

    The policy he mentioned predated the Holocaust. The Jews in question were fleeing because of Kristallnacht, literally, “Night of Crystal,” of violent anti-Jewish pogroms which took place on Nov. 9-10, 1938.”

    You did tell us to review previous topics so…

    All Trudeau was doing was pointing out rhetoric used by Harper and other Conservatives that could just as easily be condemned by people like me who see Harper’s use of the fear of terror and the fear of Islamification as partisanship used to scare up (literally) some votes.

    Rafe again: “Let me put it plainly — the Harper government has, with full knowledge of the consequences, taken a public position in inflammatory language at a time when they knew or ought to have known this would bring out the worst in some people. Under these circumstances, how can one possibly criticize Trudeau for reminding us of where we have been in our less attractive moments and urging us to remember our history in dealing with situations of human rights today?

    Perhaps this was a matter of political opportunism. Frankly I don’t care because the message was important on its own terms.”

    Not that Rafe’s opinion is any more valuable than yours (Dueling Bloggers a possibility?) but on this one, I am definitely with Rafe.

    (And another thank you to you and Rafe for allowing the kind of debate, for giving us the kind of opposing views that are often missing in the MSM.)

  4. larry Bennett says:

    April is truly the cruelest month! And can we have some sympathy for those white, European Christian descendants on whose shoulders are supported the mass and misery of most of mankind? What broad shoulders have they when it comes to accepting blame for all those First Nations, Japanese, Jews, Sikhs, Muslims and etc., etc., ad nauseum, per saecula saeculorum!

  5. Gilbert says:

    There’s no question that Justin Trudeau wished to compare the treatment of Muslims under PM Harper to the treatment of Jews in the past. It won’t work, however, because Canadians are no longer in the mood to bend over backwards for every minority that wants to come to Canada, PM Harper has increased his share of the Jewish vote, and for every vote that Justin Trudeau gained from the speech, he probably lost one.

    (Response: Of course, you realize EVERY Canadian is a descendant of someone who came from somewhere else …usually fleeing terrible conditions. I believe most Canadians still welcome real refugees and immigrants who want to join us and become part of us. What many don’t want …and even fear … are those who come here or whose kids born here and then demand WE change to accommodate them and their old ways/hatreds and even tell us they HATE our society … and even deliberately try to intimidate/frighten/injure/kill us! h.o)

  6. BMCQ says:

    Thank you for all of the Hard Work, Hours, and Patience you put into the Blog.

    I have enjoyed being here very much!!

    Ever feel like you are “Herding Cats”?

    DBW –

    Rafe is wrong on this one.

    I usually do not have much of an opinion to offer on anything people post here but ……….

    I really believe that with what we see in World Events recently, with what we see in The Middle East, and some of the Terrorist Attacks in The EU, The U.S., Canada, and other Countries many people have a different view of who comes to Canada as an Immigrant.

    My Parents Families were both Immigrating Families to Canada. I am more or less Pro-Immigration but unfortunately because of some of the very violent Events in recent times my opinion of Immigration is gradually changing.

    I fully understand why many in this Country are now cautions.

    That may be sad and it may be wrong but I believe as Citizens of Canada we must do our best to “Stand On Guard”!!

    Once again I would like to suggest that PM Harper and Canadians offer HAVEN to Jews and other Minorities wanting to escape Persecution in The EU and parts of The Middle East.

    I know and understand that it is complicated and could be most difficult but we must try!!

    Far too often in our past Canadian History we y failed people and quite possibly sent innocents to their Death by rejecting their attempts for asylum.

    Surely we cannot let that happen again!

  7. Jay Jones says:

    To move forward, the political system needs a major upgrading.

    To continue on as is with expectation that things will suddenly improve greatly for doing so, is tantamount to trying to get an engine-less vehicle to roar to life by having different people turn the key.

  8. mrt says:

    Always enjoy reading your analyses and those of the other readers.

    Enjoy the break!

    (Response: Thanks. We DO get some interesting discussions on here! h.o)

  9. Hawgwash says:

    Enjoy the sabbatical Mr. O.

    (Response: Thanks. This is just a brief one …but almost hate to say it, because in a democracy what we all do here IS important, but working on some major travel soon too. After all, I’m retired! 🙂 h.o)

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