Boris Johnson MUST Take on “Corbynism” at BBC

Jeremy Corbyn lost the UK election very badly: the Labour Party sunk to its lowest number of seats in the House of Commons since the 1930s.

Corbyn … and his far left brand, his radical beliefs, his reputedly anti-Semitic-sympathizing policies and his dour, sour personality were strongly repudiated by British voters.

  He has already announced he will soon be leaving the political scene. Good riddance, I say.

BUT “Corbynism” is not dead: it lives on where it has thrived for years … on the airwaves of the BBC.

And Prime Minister Boris Johnson had better take it on …or face TWO very powerful regular Opposition forces: politically,  in Parliament and, much more powerfully, daily unending  Corbynism, in the form of radical left propaganda on BBC television.

I have warned before on this Blog about the deterioration of the BBC’s once-proud impartiality: and I believe it has actually been getting worse in the past few years … much worse.

In fact, I dare say anyone watching only BBC coverage of the campaign must have been shocked with the outcome: al I saw there were story after story of how awful it would be, how rewarding being in the EU was .. and barely a mention of the loss of control/powers or social impacts.

I had absolutely no doubt the BBC supported staying in the EU.

And similarly, I find today’s BBC is terribly one sided in its double-standard coverage of the mid-East (only critical of Israel, while ignoring anything the country does REGULARLY to reach out for peace ; while  ignoring Hamas/Jihad rockets still being fired by the hundreds across the border);  turning a blind eye to Palestinian corruption, horrible hate-filled textbooks used in schools and huge financial support for arrested/killed terrorists’ families;  and also being far too accepting/uncritical of the biased terrorist-supporting actions of the UN in Gaza; not to mention the many cases of UN corruption, exploitation and terrible financial waste exposed around the world. 

And while the BBC massively covers incidents/cases/complaints of discrimination/actions/oppression of Muslims anywhere (no problem with reporting that) …  the same cannot be said about BBC reporting of all the oppression/discrimination/violence that Christians and Jews and others are subjected to in Arab/Islamic nations around the world. Double standard.   

Plus there’s the environment: huge BBC coverage of where the Western nations are failing to meet guidelines (again, no problem exposing that) .. BUT why so little BBC coverage of the TERRIBLE … even WORSE … pollution and lack of actions in so many other countries … like Russia, China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan,  Cuba and so many African and other South American countries! Except, of course, right wing Brazil.

Just last week, when Johnson held his first Cabinet meeting, the BBC doubled dowsn with its never-ending pressures on the UK and Europe to take more, more, more asylum seekers from anywhere, everywhere.

I say doubled-down because the BBC show Impact this time zeroed in on …. the sad state of children in the refugee/asylum camp on the Greek Island of Lesbos.

Of course the kids were adorable, many, the story reported, suffering from the mental stresses of conditions in the camp and how long they have been there …. yearning for admission into the EU and/or the UK.

BUT nowhere was there a mention of how many MILLIONS the UK/EU have already taken in; no mention of the economic, social or political impacts the refugees/asylum seekers have had on the EU/UK; or why haven’t other major powers (Russia, China, Saudi Arabia etc) taken in significant numbers?????

Instead, here are excerpts … starting with the opening line:

“This is no place for a child….”  and it then points out there are 7,000 kids in this camp of 18,000, fleeing places of conflict … “and arrived here in Europe .. a place supposedly of humanity, safety and security’.

The focus then turns to an Afghan father with two children, one with epilepsy and autism, who had travelled for two months to get to Lesbos, Greece, finally crossing by boat from Turkey,”in desperate search of help for his family”.

Surely ANY credible news organization should have asked WHY the family had not applied for asylum/help along their two month journey … waiting ONLY for entry to Europe???

But NOT in the BBC’s Corbyn world.

I have no doubt that, left unchallenged and unchecked, the BBC will continue to be a far left propaganda “Corbyn”-style mouthpiece … not just on refugees, asylum seekers, but also Brexit …implications and arrangements, the Mid East, and UK/US relations etc.

Johnson MUST take them on.

Harv Oberfeld

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  1. 13 says:

    Harvey as I read your essay I could not help but think that your remarks could easily be pointed at most left wing news orgs. The CBC and CNN CBS NBC ABC. Especially the CBC.
    The Federal Conservatives MUST never get unbiased coverage from a government funded new org that they want to cut or eliminate funding.
    Merry Christmas Harvey.

    (Response: No doubt there is bias …left and right …increasingly in the media …and that worries and saddens me. It sure decreases my trust in their stories. However, when it is a PUBLICLY FUNDED radio or tv station, that’s much worse and unacceptable in my view … and should be called out and stopped. ho.)

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    Times have changed Harvey. There is no longer anything, anywhere, at any time that is neutral. That includes what we used to call news.

    Human selfishness and greed is mostly to blame. The Alt-Right, Reformers, Tea Party types took off to the far right pedalling hate and intolerance, bankrolled by the rich and connected.

    Centrists and the left responded in the other direction in an attempt to combat the morally reprehensible daily assault.

    It isn’t just the BBC or Fox News, it is everything, including you and me. It is all of us, all the time. Our choice is pass or play.

    So what do we do?

    So we play, we continue to try our best and to be good, honest and caring people while the morally bankrupt take their last shot at holding on to their privilege. And it will be their last shot. It has been going on for twenty years and it’ll probably go on for twenty more.

    For any history buffs out there, just look at the dynasty that Great Britain once was on this planet and look at today and their recent election – Corbyn v/s Johnson. Two of the biggest complete bozos on the planet fighting it out to lead what was once a great country. Highly educated multi-term congressmen in Trumpistan going on TV and saying a demented lying racist is the second coming of Jesus and has been sent by God to protect us from ‘the left’. This is what we’ve now become and some of you revel in it. You wear it well.

    (Response: I still do see some very good, very fair reporting out there …but have to agree there are many, many biases and agendas clearly visible to the critical eye. But when it is FUNDED by taxpayers $$$ …at the BBC or CBC … then it becomes a matter of public policy and concern. h.o.)

  3. Marge says:

    Sounds like the CBC and other media here in Canada supporting the Liberal agenda while denouncing all things conservative. Obviously it didn’t work as well as they thought with a minority government.

    At least the people in Britain were smarter and not conned by their media.

    (Response: Actually, very similar to CBC The National … pursuing advocacy journalism, in my view, a left wing agenda .. that I’ve outlined before. But even worse at BBC: have a critical look at BBC World and I suspect anyone can easily detect the one-sided reporting and clear “Corbynesque” agenda on many issues … and how they avoid, downplay or more often totally ignore the implications or any negative impacts of the policies/agendas/causes they push. h.o.)

  4. max avelli says:

    I don’t know what BBC you are watching or reading. Apparently not the same as me. I hardly think they are Corbynistas. They aren’t that totally stupid. No advantage in that, as he never had any chance of winning. No one likes Corbyn, not even the BBC. They have constantly slammed him. He was no supporter of the EU. No supporter of Brexit either. Flim-flam man. A terrible strategist and tactician.

    If you see the BBC as being pro-EU, it is only a sign that they have more sense in their heads than most of the British people. No credible economist thinks this will turn out well. Brexit deserves to be slammed.

    It seems you just cherry-pick some stories you don’t like and slam the BBC. That is not hard, and then your side carry out atrocious actions. Not a one off. As a matter of government policy.

    Did you also support the de Klerk apartheid policies in South Africa right up until the end?

    Shame on you.

    (Response: You make my point perfectly! Read your second paragraph again: “If you see the BBC as being pro-EU, it is only a sign that they have more sense in their heads than most of the British people. No credible economist thinks this will turn out well. Brexit deserves to be slammed.” That is YOUR opinion (and frankly, I share much of it) ..BUT that is NOT the job of the media …especially a publicly funded media take sides on any issue. I have watched the BBC (also CBC National and Al Jazeera and several US networks for years) The BBC FAILED miserably in REPORTING fairly …. not only how MANY Britons felt about their participation in he EU, controls over their immigration, refugees, asylum seekers, their agricultural quotas, but also how MANY Britons felt about the negative impacts on their society economically and socially (been to UK lately? I have). On Brexit, on refugees/asylum seekers … and a whole lot of other issues … the BBC has become more propaganda than fair and balanced reporting. I believe anyone with an open mind watching the BBC regularly and asking the Question: “Are both sides of each issue being presented?” will conclude NO. And I have no doubt the conclusion they will reach is that the side the BBC ALWAYS takes would be more likely supported by Corbyn than by Johnson …who a very large majority of British voters have now publicly supported. No need to become Johnson’s voice, but at least the BBC has a journalistic responsibility not to be just the voice of the left. h.o.)

    again: “

  5. 13 says:

    I find it odd that anyone can look at Boris landslide victory and say that the voters have no idea what they have done (or what they are doing). Sometimes people see what a disaster going in one direction has been and they decide enough is enough. No amount of biased government sponsored propaganda can stop a tsunami of common sense.
    From the day Trump won the election the left wing media in the USA has been on a crusade to overthrow a democratically elected president.
    Its insane to say that you believe in democracy and then say that the voters did not understand.
    The party that I wanted to win the last federal election lost. Likely some of that loss was due to the government owned media. The right has for many years had to win elections in spite of the world wide bias of left wing media. It isnt easy to win facing those odds so when the Brits toss out Corbyn, when Alberta tosses out the NDP when Ontario tosses out the liberals it isnt because of evil (read GTBS posts) it is because voters can see the results of the government that they reject even in the face of left wing media bias and propaganda.

  6. DBW says:

    If we watch cable news like CNN and Fox we see more talking heads spouting their obvious biased opinions rather than seeing reporters telling the facts of the stories.

    Is that what viewers want. Rather than watching a fact based narrative of a story, we take the the easy root of listening to someone we kind of trust whether a Maddow, Hannity or Cooper tell us their version of the story.

    What is the selling point broadcasters like the CBC or BBC who have incredibly good journalists telling high quality fact based stories when so many viewers are watching their bobble head favourites on their favourite comfy bubble channel?

    We all have our biases whether viewers, journalists, editorialists, etc. I know when I watch CNN that I am living in a false bubble. But I don’t see the same bias that you do when I watch CBC. (Don’t get BBC to make a comment here.) I have a sense that CBC skews left but where is the dividing line to determine complete fairness.

    When I hear a story about a measles outbreak and a doctor comes on telling us to vaccinate our children, should we automatically expect an anti-vaxxer to come behind the doctor with a counter opinion? How much time should each person get?

    And the same works with other stories. If the investigative journalists are discovering that evidence suggests that Brexit will be good (or bad) for the UK despite the opinions of the viewers how much time should given to reporting this evidence? Should the side with the more compelling evidence be given more reporting? Or is that just showing the broadcasters bias?

    (Response: Two important issues here: there’s a big difference between doing one or even two stories on, say, vaccinations, compared to repeated, weekly (some weeks even more often) one-sided “stories” on sustained issues, like Brexit, refugees, asylum seekers, the Mid-East over and over again over years and years. And, also there’s the an important distinction between privately-owned broadcast stations, which can be biased as part of their freedom of expression (the viewers can boycott their programs and/or advertisers), and publicly–financed news operations, which in my view, have a much greater responsibility to be fair and give varying sides of any major story … including opposing views and real or potential economic and social impacts and varying public points of view on all of it…. not just the “Corbynesque” leftist biases of the producers and those who share their ideology. h.o)

  7. harry lawson says:


    another great post, what is frustrating for me is that the BBC,CBC ,PBS all recieve public funds yet the reporting may not always be fair or balanced. with private sector media just like the old day papers you had your various left ,right and centralist. and that was and is ok . however public funded must be unbiased . to quote the cops in the tv show dragnet just the facts please;.

    [ want to take this moment to wish you and all the readers and posters a merry christmas.

    this year my wife will be in hospital for the holidays want to really acknowledge all those who work on the holidays to make sure we are safe .secure and cared for .

    (Response: First, and most importantly, hope all goes well with your wife … and you enjoy a Merry Christmas, despite the circumstances. Meanwhile, there was a perfect example of the BBC’s “Corbynist” bent today: they did a “story” about Bethlehem preparing for Christmas; and, veering away from the religious theme and the message behind Christmas … thrown in gratuitously, in my view, was a Palestinian Authority spokesman spewing anti-Israeli condemnations and propaganda… given not just one clip to express himself, but two. Heavily political and totally out of place in a Christmas/Christians prep story. Sure didn’t see anything like that from Israel on the BBC on Hanukkah! h.o)

  8. BMCQ says:

    An absolutely fantastic Essay and Analysis Harvey .

    I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again, This Essay Blog Post Topic of yours on the BBC, Corbyn and the Democratically Elected Boris Johnson Conservative Government should be re printed and replayed right across the Free World but in particular the UK and the EU . Brilliant !
    AS I always mention when you come out against the CBC, the BBC, or other Leftist Media outlet and happen to support or call out Anti Semitism far too many of your Punters on this Blog treat the Topic as if it was “Kryptonite” , unfortunately this one will be no different, responses in support of your thoughts will be muted or in fact absent all together .

    I must say i find it incredible that Bean attempts to once again blame Conservatives for the failure of the Leftist Anti Semitic Corbyn Labour Party defeat and their in fact Decapitation .

    Anyone that understands politics just a little bit would be able to conclude that if the Tories were far too Right any thinking Labour Party would push their Platform more to the Centre thus attracting Voters from the claimed Far Right Tories where more votes are to be had . Anyone with close to Room Temperature IQ could discern that .That thought process is really quite sad .

    Obviously once again the claim of poor Bean is False, Untrue, not a surprise to any of us that see his posts, all of them .

    Unlike Max Harvey we an almost ALL see exactly which BBC you are talking about and viewing, the reputation of the BBC is well known to anyone and everyone even if they do not watch or listen . Max is kidding himself if he thinks the Participants of this Blog are going to be fooled by any of his claims . Machiavellian perhaps ? YIKES .

    As to the claims about well known Economists forecasting the demise of the UK Economy ? Nothing more than wishful thinking and the dishonest, discredited, and manipulative BBC Max, find a real Economist that is not “Bound by a Straight Jacket of Ideology” .

    Your claim is no different than the discredited NYT Paul Krugman who Forecast the end of the USA Economy and the Stock Market three years ago after the Election of POTUS Trump, exactly the opposite took place and so it will be with a Free UK and BREXIT .

    The EU is already talking Free Trade behind closed Doors with UK Trade Officials and I forecast a Trade Deal with the EU and UK within a few months, the EU needs the UK more than the UK needs the EU . My company does several $ Million Dollars Business in the EU and the UK each and every year, I was recently there and I see nothing close to what you are wishfully thinking .

    Also keep the following in mind, contrary to what the BBC, Labour, Tony Blair, Remainers, people like you were calling for and pushing for Millions of FORMER Labour Voters defected from Labour and Voted Tory, why do you think that happened?

    Many Millions of those Voters were once Refugees, Immigrants, are from different Ethnic Backgrounds, Religions, Skin Hues, and Socio Economic Backgrounds, they felt more at home with the Conservatives and they do not care about Identity Politics which mean everything to people like you, the Labour Party, Canadian Federal Liberals and NDP, and Democrats in the USA .

    Those same people care about the standard of living for their families, they want secure Borders, control of Migration, Education, Health Care, and they want every one to have an equal chance to prosper, they do not want that chance to prosper to depend upon ones identity so they chose Conservative .

    The BBC did it’s best to sway the Voters of the UK and the Good People Voted Tory and they Voted BREXIT, enough .

    It is long past time for the Free UK Government to Break Up the BBC, time to start over and time for the Good Hard Working People of the UK to declare a New Day .

    It is now time for the “Elite” at the BBC to surrender their over paid positions, time to give up the expensive caviar and Champaign Business Meetings and it is time for Regional Media Centres to start over with a host of smaller independent Broadcasters .

    Lets not forget Bean and max, the conservatives picked up 365 Seats many in Labour Strong Holds and the Labour picked up a paltry 203 seats, don’t you think thee might be a few good reasons for that ?

    I do not expect any sort of a reply from either of you as there really is nothing you can say .

    Thank you so much for this Harvey, MSM will not touch this, not do you only still do the Best Investigative journalism around you are a Hell of a Writer !!

    Best Regards, Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays !

    Same to you Harry, God Bless You and your Wife, I am quite sure you are fortunate to have one another !

    (Response: I don’t think the solution is to ” to Break Up the BBC”. Publicly owned/financed broadcast entities like the BBC, CBC, NPR can fulfill several great functions, including providing coverage of events, places, features and issues that private broadcasters are too biased or too cheap or simply incapable of covering. BUT there MUST be a mechanism/oversight to prevent them from being taken over by ANY particular ideology or group. Sure looks to me like this has NOT been happening or adequately carried out at the BBC for years. If people watch BBC coverage of all major issues, HONESTLY asking themselves “Was that story one-sided?” … especially setting aside their own left-wing biases, I think they’ll be surprised and disappointed by the answer. And if they do that for a month …they’ll be journalistically enlightened …and appalled. h.o)

  9. BMCQ says:

    my apologies – top 2nd paragraph should read

    “Support Israel or Jewish People”


  10. BMCQ says:

    I watch BBC when I travel a lot because they actually provide coverage in far off spots so many others do not or can not, give you that .

    If they just report and cover report Hard News that is one thing OK but far too often they
    Tend to have that Leftist Agenda . I also watch some RT but once again one needs to do their own filtering of News but can be somewhat entertaining .

    To accomplish an oversight with BBC one would need to provide a Bi Partisan Oversight Committee consisting of Members from the three Major Parties who would then report to Parliament much the way the CRTC should work but I do not see that becoming a Multi Headed Monster costing Tax Payers $ Millions and accomplishing nothing more than the Bloat and Waste of that Commission Body .

    You more than likely know better than I do but I feel the BBC and CBC are nothing less than a Malignancy that needs to be but away from the poor over taxed and regulated Tax Payer . As always I agree with someone when I have called for the end of the CBC we in Canada need to somehow provide News and Communications for those in isolated areas , that is important .

    With the BBC it would be a much easier Break Up as the Geographical challenges and isolation are not as problematic in the UK as in Canada’s North .

    Again I may be mistaken but it just seems far too easy for Entitled Elite Leftists to manipulate and in fact falsify News and Documentary type Report Journalism .

    I believe the evidence that supports my suspicions lays in the Body of Work of the BBC, CBC, CNN, and a few others .

    I really do not see the “Honesty” you speak of taking place within the BBC but that is only my opinion .

  11. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey as every good reporter knows:
    “Brevity is the soul of wit.” ? William Shakespeare.
    “The more you say, the less people remember.” – Francois Fenelon.

    All ‘news’ organizations should subscribe to these quotes and just report the facts and not try and interpret everything. Having to be told what ‘stuff’ means and how you should feel about it is just meant for 1/3 of the electorate.

  12. nonconfidencevote says:

    Harvey, your comment deserved repeating…
    “…..BUT that is NOT the job of the media …especially a publicly funded media take sides on any issue…..”


    Total agreement.
    ALL the media.
    Private and Public , over the past few decades, have skewed their reports with an either Left or Right wing bias…
    And while it may have a short term appeal to the viewers, listeners or readers who agree with that particular media outlet’s “point of view’…… falling viewership and subscribers seem to tell a different story.

    The odd time I watch an informative, objective, unbiased news story or documentary and I thank my lucky stars PBS is still around.

    Have a good Christmas.

    (Response: Yes, I too don’t like the biases shown in broadcast these days .. BUT as I said, if someone or some corporation owns a station, they have the right to spew garbage (unless contrary to any law) and viewers/listeners can turn away and not fund their advertisers etc. BUT when taxpayers’ money is used and we have no way of really withholding our contribution ,there’s a greater duty to be fair and give differing points of view on major topics… not just push the producers’ (usually left wing these days) agendas. h.o.)

  13. helena handcart says:

    Harvey, Perhaps you and BMCQ and 13 can tell me exactly how much of your tax money goes to the BBC? I’m guessing it’s less than a buck..!!! I cannot comment on CBC as I do not watch it, but I follow BBC on the internet, its news coverage and the Parliamentary channel. I do not perceive a major bias one way or the other. Maybe you can suggest an alternative. Fox? Al Jazeera? CNN? The most egregious example of political bias is right here in your comments. It seems that some of your contributors can spew out their extreme views ad nauseam, no matter what the subject matter is. Let’s keep it real, but let’s also keep it reasonable. It IS the season of peace and goodwill to all, but not much sign of it around here.
    Still , I wish you and all your KIR “gang” a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    (Response: From Wikipedia: “The BBC is established under a Royal Charter[10] and operates under its Agreement with the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.[11] Its work is funded principally by an annual television licence fee[12] which is charged to all British households, companies, and organizations using any type of equipment to receive or record live television broadcasts …The fee is set by the British Government, agreed by Parliament,[14] and used to fund the BBC’s radio, TV, and online services covering the nations and regions of the UK. Since 1 April 2014, it has also funded the BBC World Service (launched in 1932 as the BBC Empire Service), which broadcasts in 28 languages and provides comprehensive TV, radio, and online services in Arabic and Persian.”
    That’s why I believe the BBC (and the CBC) … have a special DUTY to be fair and balanced … and not just PUSH advocacy journalism. And by the way, that last part of the BBC description … that they operate Arabic and Persian services as well as English …. giving them additional audience potential of hundreds of millions also explains their definite anti-Israel slant, and relentless questioning and pressure ….while almost non-existent exposure or even questioning of PLO (no elections there for 10 years now!) corruption, terrorist-funding,their hate-filled textbooks, and, almost a free pass to Hamas and Hesbollah corruption, oppression, murder of opponents … and continuing rocket attacks against Israel (hundreds again this year!…killing and terrorizing Israelis) but no doubt, the BBC will be right there, doing their “Corbyn” act … decrying “civilian” impact when Israel has had enough and strikes back forcefully. h.o.)

  14. DonGar says:

    Interesting post given the conformity doctorand of the politically correct justice warriors supported by the press too often afraid to offend the twitter world. No dissenting opinions allowed else you are branded racist, climate denier, etc etc. Brave new world, Fahrenheit 451 and the universities once places for open discussion of ideas shut down to shouters, victimhood, virtue signalers.

    Lenin Recruited A Corps Of “Useful Idiots” which is now ever truer as those who want to destroy freedom and democracy enlist the naïve to destroy free speech and the right to have differing opinions which by the way is ok and you can still be friends even though you don’t agree.

    And then the class and age worriers.

    It “sounds like Modern Monetary Theory is offering a free lunch, and most of us know there is no such thing,” Poloz said.

    Wishing you and your readers a happy health and prosperous new year. And I ask that all you who post here in the decade ahead think about posting positive and constructive ideas on how we can improve rather than criticize and destroy.

    (Response: Yes, political correctness in excess has become the enemy of free discussion and freedom of speech. And worldwide, for some reason I don’t quite understand, the left (which USED to stand up for minority rights, womens rights, democracy) has gone silent or worse, become the backer and voice of fascist, corrupt, even murderous dictatorships and terrorist groups (Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, PLO, Gaza, Hamas, Hesbollah) And left-leaning “news” organizations like the BBC, CBC pushing their “advocacy” agendas, contribute to that .. seldom pushing them with the same degree of tough questions, exposees and condemnations they direct at our own democracies. h.o.)

  15. 13 says:

    Every poster here (almost every) realizes that the BBC has no balance. The CBC has no balance. Many of the worlds ultra left leaders are being rejected at election time. People have grown tired of the PC nonsense. Hiring someone based on the need to meet a PC requirement instead of merit is insane. Government leaders appointing MPs MLAs based on some sort of gender balance sheet should be against the law.
    THE WORST of the PC insanity is how it has infected and is spreading like a terminal disease in our universities. Free speech as long as your speech meets our PC criteria.
    And the absolute unthinkable poor Harvey lumped in with the likes of BMCQ and 13

    (Response: Today there was another PERFECT example (there are many, many ,many if you watch with a critical eye) of the BBC’s “Corbynesque” view of Israel/Mid East. I’m in Florida, and ALL the networks (left, centre, right) were reporting that overnight Israeli PM Netanyahu was forced to interrupt a speech and flee to a bomb shelter after alarms went off after two rockets were fired from Gaza towards where he was speaking. Wow! So I tuned in BBC World … and Netanyahu was indeed the TOP story: BUT the topic was that he is facing a leadership review in what the BBC called “his biggest political challenge in a decade”. What??? Seems to me Netanyahu’s BIGGEST
    failure(s) are his failure to form a government, despite two elections (now heading to a third) and his personal criminal charges for bribery etc!! Even the BBC’s own correspondent on scene reported “only a handful of Knesset members” and some local Likud officials are opposing Netanyahu and supporting a challenger, who has “fierce” loyalty from many others… and he will very likely keep his leadership. Meanwhile, NOT A MENTION of the rocket attack from Gaza oor that the Israeli leader (and others) had to flee to a bomb shelter. Think about that: is there ANY OTHER country where the Prime Minister would have to interrupt a speech, flee to a shelter, while TWO rockets headed his way from a neighboring area … where the story would NOT be reported??? Not a word in the three BBC broadcasts I watched. Maybe they quickly reported it and moved on overnight? I doubt it:just imagine the BBC coverage had Israel fired rockets at any of its neighbours while the leader there was addressing a crowd! I suspect it’s just more of what I believe is a BBC “Corbynesque” agenda/bias to protect/downplay Palestinian terrorism/rocket attacks/actions directed by Hamas/Jihad/PLO in Gaza and the West Bank. In fact, I was shocked …checking today… to find out more thn 1,500 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza THIS YEAR ALONE …most shot down, but several hitting targets, killing, maiming, causing damage and terrorizing adults and kids alike. And this is what the Arabs call a “cease fire”??? And yet …also UNREPORTED by the BBC … Israel two weeks ago facilitated the delivery of 30 new emergency vehicles from Qatar into Gaza, assisted in the export of 450 tons of strawberries from Gaza; and regularly treats thousands of Gazans in Israeli medical facilities! How did Hamas/Jihad respond? Rockets … trying to kill Israeli civilians! The BBC is DERELICT in its duty to the British people and fair journalism in not reporting the TRUTH about what’s really going on with all the aggression from Gaza. But Corbyn would no doubt be smiling… but it’s time for Johnson to take them on. h.o)

  16. BMCQ says:


    PSP – high 50’s F – Yikes !

    The difference between you, HO, eaf, Harry, 13, NonCon, BMCQ, and a few others including ABC, CTV, MSNBC, or say FOX that post here or are other Media is the MOST important FACT that none of us/those are being Funded with Money from the Hard Working over Taxed Tax Payer . There is a difference don’t you think ?

    It really matters not if our Tax Payer Dollars Fund BBC, we should still be allowed to voice concerns about the more than obvious BBC Bias pointed out here, they are undeniable . After all, we do still live in Democracies do we not ?

    You say “Peace and Good Will to All” .

    I agree but why would and should we not be open to other ideas and opinions, the argument, the discussion, the debate ?

    Are you only here reading and posting to exchanges thoughts with those that agree with you ? Now that my friend sounds like CNN or the BBC .

    I was once again recently in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and points in between, the facts are much different than those painted by the BBC or for that matter the CBC, it is most painful how those two Media Outlets work so very hard to besmirch Israel, it’s People and Leadership .

    Sounds like you might disagree with me but I consider “Keeping it Real” as a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas with people I might not always agree with as in so many cases I become better educated on many different subjects and I sometimes even change my mindset on something when proven wrong and I for one consider that a good thing .

  17. D.M. Johnston says:

    This post is actually 3 issues:

    1) Corbyn and Cobynism
    2) The BBC
    3) Antisemitism

    Jeremy Corbyn is a throwback to the old “Stalinist” Labour, coal miners Labour Party, the problem is, Jeremy Corbyn was an unelectable candidate, whose insiders were part of the antisemitic communist survivors that oozed back into the political frame.

    Thoroughly so unelectable that the Labour party had its worst showing in half a century or more.

    Sounds like our NDP to a “T”.

    The BBC, like any other publicly funded organization plays to the tune to who is funding it. What the BBC does or says, come directly from those in power, sad to say. Thus what the BBC is airing is in fact the mind set of those in Parliament and at #10.

    Sounds like our CBC.

    Now this hoary subject of antisemitism, which combines all the hate, filth and ignorance like a broken record. What has the Jewish peoples done to to bring this ghastly historical “hate” that continues to this day?

    The only friend who I knew was Jewish (I really do not care to know ones religion, as it is none of my business) was born in New York and the antics of her family reads like a Norman Lear comedy, where one eagerly waits for the next installment of hilarious stories of cousins, aunts and uncles and the mind bending scrapes they got themselves into!

    The “clever clogs” of hate have morphed antisemitism with Israeli and Middle East politics, which is a minefield of hate, deception, bloody retribution and gamesmanship. This Orwellian Un-news is the news that the likes of the BBC, and most major news organizations pander too. Fox news just takes this sort of crap to even higher levels of un-news. Personally, I don’t trust the likes of the BBC, CBC and others

    So here we have it, a stale dated antisemitic Corbyn, combined with antisemitic “Yellow” journalism by the BBC is followed by the the equally stale-dated Trumpian, Boris Johnson, while the media ignore other and far more serious threats from the likes of Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping.

    (Response: The far left (politicians, activists, unions) are the new fascists: those who used to fight/support human rights for EVERYONE, now cherry pick … supporting it for ONLY those that share their NEW ideology. And that ideology, shamefully, now denies free speech to those they disagree with; turns a blind eye and silent mouth towards too many dictatorships, corrupt states and thieving leaders; supports anti-Semitism (open and disguised) on personal, political levels …including at the disgraceful UN;and even refuses to act against/boycott or call out proven violent terrorist groups that treat women like chattel, execute gays and imprison, torture kill opponents, true journalists and labour activists. And yet, the NEW left openly, frequently and loudly urge boycotts against Israel … a country 100 years ahead of ANY of its neighbours in terms of democracy, women, gay rights, education, health care, labour rights, pensions …not just for Jews, but its Christian and Muslim citizens as well. Time to call out the anti-Semitism of the left for what it is … the new disgraceful voice of bigotry of our civilization! And Boris Johnson should start taking it on …at the BBC. h.o)

  18. 13 says:

    Harvey my apologies. I am sorry that you have been lumped in with the likes of myself and BMCQ.
    There is a definite pattern by those that support a failure like Trudeau. Those that have deluded themselves into believing that the BBC and CBC are no more that propaganda machines no better than Pravda or any communist media.
    They attack those that complain because they really cant defend the indefensible. How can anyone agree with our universities banning speakers. VPL banning speakers. Gay Pride parades banning the police. BANNING in the name of free speech.
    If you believe that voters have voted in a government you dont agree with you demonize the voters or call them low info rubes. Money grubbers etc. In the pc sjw mind there are never two sides to a story. THATS WHY they defend the BBC/CBC

  19. helena handcart says:

    Bob, Although I do not usually bother to respond, I cannot let you have the last word. You listen to the BBC when you travel throughout the world yet you do not contribute a nickel to them. I suggest you send them a cheque for GP 154.50 to cover the cost of a license. Then you can criticize their coverage of world events without being accused of hypocrisy. You might also want to filter their news through your own critical faculties. I follow the BBC, The Guardian, Tyee and the Gazetteer among others. I also watch the UK Parliamentary channel and the BC Legislature Hansard. I most certainly do not believe all that I read or watch. I most certainly did not vote for Trudeau, but I would poke myself in the eye before I voted for Scheer. I hope that you are enjoying the desert. I’m missing my lunches at the Desert Willows this year. Went to Mexico City instead. For anyone that complains that they are paying too much in taxes, check out the infrastructure in Mexico or Greece. I’ll take Vancouver any day of the week.
    Wishing you a happy new year.

  20. helena handcart says:


    “BBC has no balance. The CBC has no balance”, I think that you missed RT, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, Fox, Global. None of them are without bias. Most of us take what we see and hear with a pinch of salt. That’s why the good lord gave us the ability to reason.
    I do not think that anyone that disagrees with me is an extremist. Most of us are set in our biases but I know that other people do not share my views. My brother is a hard right Republican from Dallas. He thinks that Trump is the second coming. We know by now not to talk US politics. We discuss Manchester United’s fall from glory instead.
    My hope for the new year is that we treat each other with a little more respect on Harvey’s blog and try not to comment on every story with the same old cut and paste extremism. I know what political views are held by you and most others in the comments. I really do not need to have it pounded into me every day. I’ll try to be more positive in future and wish you a happy new year.

  21. BMCQ says:

    Quite often I find BBC New informative and free of bias but then there is the problem with their bias regarding Anti Semitism, Anti Israel etc as discussed here and the HO Blog topic.

    Then the obvious Anti Semitic Malignancy within the Labour Party, Corbyn and many other Labour MP’s and Members, no amount of “Spin” can cover that up, but “Spin” they did and part of the reason the Labour was literally decapitated in the UK Election was the undeniable bias from the BBC which many voters connected to the Labour Party .

    Of course YVR has better infrastructure than many other world cities but that does not mean we cannot be better and why should Tax Payers pay more just because, government needs to find efficiencies .

    Whether it be the CBC or BBC who are Public Broadcasters it is incumbent on both of them to do everything possible to be fair and balanced and indeed ask Government at all three levels why Taxes continue to climb for no reason and they also need to refrain from influencing viewers with biased reporting and analysis, that should not be too much to ask from any Public Broadcaster . The BBC is not just Anti Israel and Anti Semitic, they in fact do everything to play down the short comings and crime of Refugees or other new comers to the UK and that is also unacceptable . Behavior like that now results in someone anyone being critical of newcomers that have committed sometimes heinous crimes Racist . How much sense does that make ? It even happens on this Blog as you are well aware .

    DJT is not the second coming and he is quite often rude, abhorrent, juvenile and even “Orange” but he is so much better than where Obama, Merkel, Tusk, Juncker, Hollande, and so many other Uber PC SJW USA and EU Leaders took the Free World it is not funny . Now with the BoJo Conservatives Elected to Lead a Soon To Be Free Uk in spite of the efforts of a very biased BBC there will be many changes for all of the EU and the ‘Free World and those changes will be for the better .

    Please tell your Brother he is a wise man ! My God Son plays for the Cowboys, next time I am in Dallas my GS and I will take your Brother out for Lunch .

    My posts usually only consist as responses to Bean and recently poor Max, I was brought up to defend my beliefs and to stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves and that will never change .

    There are four things you will see very soon out of the UK, the USA and the EU .

    A total review of the BBC by the BoJo Government with many changes to come.

    A Free Trade Deal between the USA, the UK, and hopefully Canada

    A EU and UK Free Trade Deal which is already being negotiated .

    Dramatic changes to the Immigration System and the Criminal Justice System in the UK, and the biased, devious, and dishonest BBC will fight those changes every step of the way, the BBC Brass cannot help themselves .

  22. BMCQ says:


    I hope we all noticed that the very Biased CBC have been behaving much like the BBC editing poor former private citizen DonaldvTrump out of a scene in a movie shown on (I think) the CBC .

    Now who says the CBC are not devious, dishonest, and biased ?

    Surely no one on this Blog would agree with that would they ? Nah, couldn’t be .

    Did you hear the pathetic excuse they coughed up as to why Trump was deleted ? How very Juvenile, but not a surprise .

    I honestly believe the reason for the edit was TDS .

    (Response: Make no mistake about it: what the CBC did was political CENSORSHIP. Absolutely indefensible and dangerous. Who knows what else the CBC ‘s activists have censored? in movies or programs or even news and discussions we see on there. Anyone who reads this blog already knows I have warned/ranted repeatedly how the CBC’s The NATIONAL is terribly biased … much of it’s “news” chosen, covered, or topics even ignored … all based I believe from a one sided left wing advocacy point of view. Favorite propaganda topics … where the LEFT point of view is regularly covered/featured/pushed: climate/environment … with economic costs/impacts of change virtually ignored; Women’s issues/abortion … only one side of a very personal/sensitive covered; First Nations … puffball advocacy reporting, never any hard questioning of leaders/chiefs about waste, corruption, failures/refusals/fighting against reporting full financial figures..even to band members etc.; EU/Brexit …years of biased slanted reporting; refugees; asylum seekers; Trump; Israel etc. …negative only coverage, while violations/attacks/rockets by the Palestinians, Hamas/Jihad/Hesbollah terrorists regularly ignored. The CBC the BBC … has an important role/mandate … but is failing miserably (and I hear its secret ratings show this) and must be brought back to its former higher journalistic standards. If it doesn’t self-correct now, it will pay a very heavy price … literally … once a new Conservative government is elected. h.o.)

  23. 13 says:

    Public sector and private sector occupations and workers often share jurisdictions and often have conflicts. The conflicts can be seen in healthcare, education and elsewhere.
    The elsewhere definitely becomes difficult when the country decides to elect a party with a different set of core values. Imagine the chaos if the CRA decided that they would treat people they perceived to be liberal supporters different than conservatives. CBSA , DMV,
    Permits, Meat Inspectors etc. All of these orgs need to act impartial irregardless of who is in power. Democracy depends on this cooperation in order to work.
    The media is a powerful force and democracy needs news orgs like the CBC and the BBC because the private sector media are by nature going to lean heavily in the direction that the owners direct them to.
    When the CBC fails to be impartial and acts the way the CBC has for many years they risk a government that they do not support getting elected. You would think that those that work (especially the top brass) would realize this and be very concerned about their jobs. Do they really believe that they are untouchable ?

  24. DBW says:

    Good try, Helena. You said,

    “My hope for the new year is that we treat each other with a little more respect on Harvey’s blog and try not to comment on every story with the same old cut and paste extremism.”

    And in response, you got the same cut and paste extremism.

    Harvey, I have no skin in this game. I don’t follow the BBC and I have no intention of defending them. But when people on here say with surety that the BBC is anti Semitic (not pro Palestinian, but anti Semitic) that is a serious charge directed at any broadcaster so I want to know if it is true. Google search “is the BBC anti Semitic?”

    I found articles like this one.

    The article tries to be balanced by presenting both sides but anybody reading this BBC article comes away thinking the Labour Party harbours anti-Semites and is not doing enough to remedy the problem. That is hardly an example of the BBC being anti-Semitic or pro Labour.

    Then, this article.

    The BBC is rejecting complaints from the Labour Party about the BBC broadcasting a documentary detailing anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. Again this hardy makes the BBC look anti Semitic or pro Labour. In fact quite the opposite.

    And then there is this where Corbyn accuses the BBC of being pro Israel. Not sure how that makes the BBC anti Semitic.

    Everybody wants our broadcasters to be fair and honest. That is the only way we can trust them. The same is true for people who comment here.

    (Response: I agree there is … on the surface … a difference between being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish: but I remember in my younger days how so many educated, supposedly intelligent, sophisticated people found ways to not promote or elect or appoint black people … NOT openly for being black, of course, but for being not quite the “best” objectively qualified fit person for a job, posting or award. Hogwash! They were imposing a DOUBLE or even TRIPLE STANDARD on people of African descent … examining THEIR qualifications, experience, actions with a mch finer tooth comb than they did good ole white Christians … unless sometimes, of course, they were Irish, German or Catholic etc. That’s how bigots work … these days so often in the case of Israel. They SAY they just are judging on the basis of actions … but I find it rather pathetic that these caring souls are simultaneously so silent … never passing motions, calling for boycotts or attacking speakers/supporters of the REAL demons/murderous regimes/torturers of the world … only the Jewish state. I believe in EQUALITY and I just don’t believe ANY of today’s huge number of left wing bigots … anti_israel politicos, activists, union agitators, UN human rights officials … could pass a lie detector test saying they judge the Jewish state the same way they judge their Arab neighbours. h.o.)

  25. e.a.f. says:

    helena handcart. Well said, also gave me a good laugh. thank you and have a good New Year’s weekend

  26. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – response to DBW

    Excellent, the facts speak for themselves .


    ‘Cut and Paste Extremism” , Really ?

    Do not be concerned about Helena he is more than capable of looking after himself .

    Some of us vote Left of Centre, Centre Right, somewhere one between or more or somewhat far or left . We might not always agree and that is why Electoral Town Halls or day Debates are held so Political hopefuls can offer their platforms and election talking points so the voters can decide who to vote for . That is democracy .

    I might be way out of touch on this but Once Again I have always thought this Blog was about the argument, discussion , debate, about the exchange of ideas and opinions hopefully backed with some facts .

    So we disagree, so what, that is what why we here is it not ? Tell me, should we all agree on everything ? Just how successful would that make this Blog .

    I simply asked Bean and poor Max to explain why literally Millions of Voters of all ethnic backgrounds, religions, races, skin colours including former refugees voted for and elected 365 Conservatives including in Labour Strongholds right across the UK and I am called extreme ? Think about it for just a minute, do you not think that might be a legitimate question ? Are the BBC reporting and analyzing that ?

    You do realize of course that many Media Outlets have called out Corbyn for his own Anti Semitism along with many of his own Labour Members and MP’s do you not ?

    You also must be aware that scores of Labour Candidates and sitting MP’s actually resigned from the Labour Party and in fact declined to run for the Labour and Corbyn connections to Anti Semitics and Terrorist Groups like Hezbollah . Imagine any politician actually giving up their Seat or the opportunity because they felt their own party supported Anti Semitism, now those are people with principle . I salute them .

    Trust me DBW when scores of Labour MP’s and Candidates are resigning from the Party there must be plenty of evidence the party and it’s Leadership are Anti Semitic .

    My apologies for my attempt to confuse you with the facts .

    I challenge you to fact check exactly what I have said about those Labour Resignstions and the fact that Conservatives won scores of Seats in Labour Strongholds and get back to us .

    Even former BBC Chairman has spoken out against the BBC Biased Coverage, how do you account for that ?

    “Extremism “ ?

    I guess there are just not enough “Safe Spaces” around for some of us .

    You are better than that .

  27. Jason says:

    I agree with many of your criticisms of the BBC. Andrew Marr, a senior presenter and political reporter at the BBC, confirmed many of your points in an interview several years ago. He stated that the bias at the BBC wasn’t necessarily a partisan one, in the sense that listeners and viewers would be urged to vote Tory, Labour or Monster Raving Loony. But that the BBC, by its very makeup in terms of staffing, was essentially a metropolitan liberal organization, that took very modish, politically correct stances on all the major issues of the day. Anyone deviating from this basic starting point, is excluded from programming or brought on only to be made a fool of.

    The trouble with this is that it ignores virtually half of the population in Britain, which I’d describe in crude terms as the Daily Mail old guard Tories and the Daily Mirror working class Labour supporters. This is the half of the country which put the Leave side over the top in the Referendum in 2016 and have now given Johnson his staggering majority in Parliament.

    The unfairness of this is increased by the nature of the way the BBC is funded. As you noted in a reply to another comment, the BBC is a public broadcaster but it isn’t subsidised by Parliament; every household must pay the License Fee annually, on threat of fines and in rare cases imprisonment. Essentially, it is a kind of Poll Tax and as such, the BBC has a particular duty to try and represent the divisions in the country fairly, something they simply aren’t doing.

    I think in the long term, the funding mechanism for the BBC may be its Achilles Heel. Something like three million fewer households are paying the License Fee, in comparison with a decade ago. It’s probably due to the changing technology and the rise of Netflix and other streaming services. In the long run, the BBC may simply wither away on the vine due to a lack of Sterling in the coming decades.

    Boris Johnson has the power to appoint a new Director General of the corporation, which is something Margaret Thatcher did. Some Free Market reforms were introduced to the BBC in the 1980s but the general political outlook remained essentially a leftist one, both in news and in entertainment programmes. Johnson could try revising the BBC’s Charter, but he might be restricted by EU regulations on broadcasting (as no one really knows when Britain will be able to leave the Single Market, even after the 31st of January next year).

    Also, despite old fashioned accent and manners, Boris Johnson is something of a North London Liberal and he essentially governed as one when he was Mayor of London. He rides a bicycle, is the first PM to be living in Number 10 with a girlfriend many years his junior, and strongly approves of increasing immigration, multiculturalism, the new ‘Green’ politics, the UN, and many other things that the Left support. Johnson also became a household name in Britain due to his numerous appearances on a BBC news/comedy programme called ‘Have I Got News for You’. I’m not certain he really disapproves all that much of the output of the BBC but I may be wrong. In any case, events may take his attention elsewhere in the next Parliament. Either way, I suspect it will be exciting!

    (Response: Thanks for your most informative and enlightening information. The discussions on this blog often provide me … and the readers … with fascinating additional background, details as well as opposing views. In this case, I actually feel more confident than ever in my calling out what I see virtually daily on BBC World. During the YEARS of the pre-Brexit vote, it was so obvious to me that there was a reporting slant favoring the EU, warning of dire consequences of leaving the EU and almost a dismissive (ridiculing?) attitude towards the belefs/fears/criticisms of “ordinary” folk about what they had seen happen to Britain/immigration/culture/independence etc under the EU. (By the way, I personally would have voted to REMAIN .. but I still saw terrible bias in the BBC’s coverage) Sometimes now, with the plethora of stories/features/interviews constantly decrying conditions facing Muslims anywhere/everywhere in the world (but very little on the violence, discrimination, terrible oppression, burning of churches, seizing of property facing Christians, Jews, Bahai … in the Muslim world) Often I feel I’m watching more an Islamic network than a British one. Surely, Johnson, his Cabinet members .. and the British people themselves ..MUST be aware of how the BBC has changed for the worse in recent years … and I hope they will do something to refocus as a fair and balanced news/documentaries operation. h.o.)

  28. D. M. Johnston says:

    I have to add this, the Canadian TV distribution of Home Alone had Trump edited out strictly to gain more advertising space, in 2014 (Before Trudeau and in Harper’s reign). Personally I think whoever did, did Trump a favour.

    Home alone is a dreadful movie, best watched once and forgotten about.

    Yet, here we have a dreadful president, sent by god, no less, watching an equally dreadful movie, which should be sent to the fiery furnace.

    Memo to Mr. B and 13: I know you hate Trudeau and I am not particularly fond of him either, but please in this season of goodwill to all, put a can to it, as blaming everything but the clogged kitchen sink on Trudeau is growing very thin.

    Well, happy New Year to all and be safe, wherever you travel.

    (Response: Even though Trump was not yet running for office, he was still at the time a very prominent American millionaire, tv star, arrogant blowhard … call him whatever … and I don’t buy the spin that he was edited out purely by coincidence for ad space. There were no doubt LOTS of other seconds elsewhere that could have been trimmed without anyone noticing a thing. h.o)

  29. 13 says:

    The story re the edit done years ago is meaningless. If the CBC were even close to unbiased they would realize the optics of the Trump edit and to avoid looking like a bad case of TDS they would have alowed to scene to play.

    (Edited…off topic. h.o)

  30. D. M. Johnston says:

    From what I have read, over 7 minutes were trimmed from the movie to meet advertising demands. I would think a cameo from Trump wasn’t a biggie then.

    In fact, most movies that are on TV are trimmed to meet advertising schedules; 20 seconds here, 15 seconds there and so on.

  31. BMCq says:


    OK, we will not blame PM Justin for Black Face, Brown Face, Costume Gate, JWR, Philpott, SNC Lavalin, the collapse of the Alberta Economy and the threat to the good people of Alberta, No Trans or other Pipelines, the $ 5 Billion Purchase of a Pipeline, a Porous Border, runaway Migration with the influx of Criminals, Bowing to China, Agha Khan, a Blind eye to the Opioid Crisis, Ever growing Deficits about $ 27 Billion next year, a Debt of hundreds of $ Billions when the economy in Canada and the USA has been good, no transparency as promised, no Electoral Reform, the Budgets will Balance themselves, Pensions Health Care Insurance for Vets, No Omnibus Bills, No $ 125 Billion for Infrastructure, did not maintain NATO Def Budget, in case you did not notice $ Billions in increased Taxes, He even promised Free Votes for MP’s . I am sure I missed much more but…………….

    Who do we blame then ? Harper ? Trump ?

    Not even the CBC or the BBC for that matter could sweep all of that under the rug .

    Some here may for some very odd reason accept the Spin from the CBC regarding the editing of Trump from the movie in question for Ads long before he became POTUS but you are kidding yourselves, that is a bit convenient don’t you think ?

    Do you actually believe that Obama would have received the same treatment ?Do you believe that the CBC might have re edited and put “O” back into the mix by now ?
    Of course the CBC would have put Obama and perhaps even his Wife back into the movie, if you do not believe that I cannot help you .

    One last question for anyone here, you can do research on both the CBC and the BBC for the answer .

    under POTUS Obama Legislation was enacted to allow for the export of Oil from the USA to Offshore countries .

    Please tell us how many Km of pipelines have been built in the USA since that date ?

    The answer – 60,000 Km

    How many Km of Pipelines since then have been built in Canada under PM Justin ?

    The answer ? “O” = Zero

    Again Damn that Trump and Damn that Harper .

    A Tip of My Panama Hat to the Great People of Alberta, YOU deserve better from the rest of Canada .

    Perhaps the CBC and or the BBC can look into all of this .

    We unfortunately do not need to go as low as the Clogged Kitchen Sink to find some very serious and dangerous examples of Poor Governance under PM Justin .

    The Truth Shall Set You Free .

    BTW – the name of the former BBC Chair that is highly critical of the BBC regarding their Pro Palestinian – Anti Israel coverage is Lord Michael Grade .

    Back to my Safe Space .

  32. helena handcart says:

    Comments by DBW got me reading a little further into this topic. See, we can all learn from HO’s blog.
    This is Corbyn’s statement on anti-semitism:
    “Labour is an anti-racist party and I utterly condemn antisemitism, which is why as leader of the Labour Party I want to be clear that I will not tolerate any form of antisemitism that exists in and around our movement. We must stamp this out from our party and movement.
    “We recognise that antisemitism has occurred in pockets within the Labour Party, causing pain and hurt to our Jewish community in the Labour Party and the rest of the country. I am sincerely sorry for the pain which has been caused.
    “Our party has deep roots in the Jewish community and is actively engaged with Jewish organisations across the country.
    “We are campaigning to increase support and confidence in Labour among Jewish people in the UK. I know that to do so, we must demonstrate our total commitment to excising pockets of antisemitism that exist in and around our party.
    “I will be meeting representatives from the Jewish community over the coming days, weeks and months to rebuild that confidence in Labour as a party which gives effective voice to Jewish concerns and is implacably opposed to antisemitism in all its forms. Labour will work to unite communities to achieve social justice in our society.”

    Jewish Voice, a media group that campaigns against anti-Semitism, supported Mr Corbyn’s statement. “We are used to party leaders who only point out the problems in other parties while ignoring the problems in their own party. But Corbyn is different & willing to look within Labour and admit change is needed.”

    If anyone thinks that antisemitism is confined to the Labour Party, here is a link to an article about Shai Masot who was sent by the Israeli government to their embassy in London with the express purpose of blackening the reputations of any politician with pro Palestinian views in both parties. Corbyn, Sir Alan Duncan and Crispin Blunt were targeted. They did not think that Boris was worth discrediting as “he is an idiot”.

    This is a good read for anyone who thinks that the Labour party is the only one with problems.

    (Response: You quote Corbyn’s too-little-too-late, self-serving Press Release …. and The Guardian ..a well-identified LEFT WING newspaper and what I would call a close friend of Labour, to put it mildly. But here’s what one of Corbyn’s own LABOUR MP herself said, after being defeated in the election, on the Website The Globalist after Britons voted:

    “Nasty Party”

    In the early hours of Friday, December 13, when Labour MP Ruth Smeeth learned that she had been defeated in the election she spoke bluntly about leader Jeremy Corbyn. She had been one of four female Jewish Labour MPs – now there is just one.

    Smeeth told the BBC, “Jeremy Corbyn’s actions on antisemitism have made us the nasty party. We are the racist party.”

    Of course, there are so few British Jews (approximately 260,000) that their vote made no meaningful difference to the overall election result. Many Jews who traditionally voted Labour are believed to have stayed home, or even voted Conservative.

    Refusal to apologize

    It was not just that Corbyn and some of his associates have long been forceful critics of Israel and staunch supporters of the Palestinians. There have been dozens of complaints made to Corbyn’s office about specific incidents of anti-Semitism at a considerable number of local Labour Party meetings across England.

    According to Smeeth and others, Corbyn has been reluctant to act forcefully on any of them.

    The issue went front and center during the election campaign when Corbyn was interviewed on the BBC by hard-hitting reporter Andrew Neil one week before the election. He asked Corbyn four times to discuss the issue and the Labour leader was continuously evasive.

    Corbyn’s refusal to take responsibility and apologize to Jews in the interview was the front-page headline in most of the UK’s newspapers. No longer was this just an issue of concern to Jews. It had escalated into a major issue of Corbyn’s character and of the Labour Party’s seeming tolerance for racism.

    This may very well have contributed to some extent to Labour’s defeat.”

    Methinks I’ll believe that LABOUR MP …rather than Corbyn/The Guardian on this one. h.o)

  33. helena handcart says:

    Some other things that I learned from HO’s blog.:
    Discussing Israel with Harvey is like discussing fish farms with the late Rafe Mair. Lots of fire, noise and smoke but not much light. “Facts” are batted back and forth and we all end up where we started.
    Unless I stop reading the Guardian and switch over to the Daily Flail, I’ll end up voting communist.
    My car wouldn’t start yesterday. Apparently it is Trudeau’s fault.
    After Smeeth lost her seat, she had a revelation that it was because of Corbyn’s antisemitism. Nothing to do with his wishy washy stand on Brexit, or the fact that most Brits find him a bit creepy.
    I’m going back in my hole. I’ll come out again in the new year.

    (Response: And then there are those who won’t look at the FACTS ..because they’re too inconvenient. Read all the responses above … lots of FACTS there from me and others. Tell us which one or two or three etc revealed pieces of omission/condemnation are factually wrong! We can’t help it if the truth doesn’t fit your bias. h.o.)

  34. DBW says:

    Harvey, although I shouldn’t be, I am always amazed at how easily our biases show up when discussing media bias. I am using OUR because I lump myself in.

    BMCQ. I wish you would reread my post. In your zeal to somehow prove me wrong, you listed all the ways Corbyn and Labour have been burdened with the stain of anti-Semiticism. I am not denying any of that. I find it abhorrent. I was simply asking if the same claim (your claim) can be made of the BBC. I listed several examples where the BBC has in fact challenged Corbyn and his anti-Semiticism.

    And now Harvey, in his response to Helena, gives another example of the BBC challenging Corbyn and in fact destroying him in the interview he references.

    Let me emphasize again that I am not defending the BBC, mainly because I don’t watch it enough to have an opinion. I am not questioning the assertion that it skews a particular point of view.

    But we can’t have it both ways. We can’t say the BBC is anti-Semitic and a supporter of Corbyn while the BBC is literally destroying Corbyn and his anti-Semiticism.

    Have a happy New Year, folks. I am resolving not to respond to people even when they misinterpret my remarks. It will be hard but I will try,

    (Response: It’s not that the BBC is anti-Semitic; it’s anti-Israel … and as I wrote earlier there IS a difference. And the BBC ,in my view is not only anti-Israel …easily observable in what they report and frankly, over-cover, and what they do NOT report or under-coverer in their coverage of that country … it is actively PRO-Palestinians, pro-PLO, even pro-Hamas in how often it gives voice/air time to their complaints/grievances/stresses but how little it covers their aggressive attacks with incendiary bombs and rockets/corruption/oppression of opponents and diverting supplies/resources into bomb/rockets/tunnel projects. (like how much better most Arab Israeli citizens live than their brothers/sisters in neighbouring Islamic countries, how many thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank and yes, even GAZA, Israel treats EACH MONTH in its medical facilities, how much it is assisting poor African nations with agricultural/irrigation projects, its fantastic high tech development/contributions … we ALL use many of these daily) … and yes, how Israel … not Egypt … recently assisted the export of tons of Gazan strawberries/agricultural products to foreign markets. And maybe the worst… how the BBC has become an unquestioning propaganda mouthpiece for corrupt/wasteful Arab-controlled UN agencies in the area ..whose schools/textbooks “teach” and celebrate hate/violence against Jews/Israel and in whose facilities other news agencies have revealed Hamas had actually hidden ROCKETS! Not to mention …but let’s, Hesbollah’s strangling and destruction of the once-viable and flourishing democracy and especially the Christian community in Lebanon …all financed, supported and armed by Iran. h.o)

  35. DBW says:

    Thanks for the clarification Harvey.

    I admitted in my previous post that I had biases that might show in my responses to this topic and one clearly is my bias toward public broadcasters like the BBC (even though I don’t watch) and the CBC which I do although, as technology moves along, I don’t watch as much as I did in the past. If I had to choose between CBC TV and CBC radio, radio would win hands down.

    But my real bias is toward the truth. I want my publicly funded broadcaster to be as fair and honest as can be. That doesn’t mean it can’t skew in a particular direction on various stories (as viewers we can push back) but the facts have to be correct. And there is no doubt that the CBC has high journalistic standards. As does the BBC.

    I just want the criticism to be fair. If they were in fact anti-Semitic, then something should have been done a long time ago. And if the BBC (and by extension the CBC because you have accused them of the same bias) are in fact “an unquestioning propaganda mouthpiece” then again something should have been done a long time ago. But since it is the New Year, I will ignore the hyperbole.

    (Response: Blog readers will know that I see nothing wrong with criticism of any country, politician, anything in fact: I do it all the time! I just want fairness and equality … ideally from all written and broadcast media … but ESPECIALLY from those that are publicly funded. And, although I tend to lean left myself on social issues and support welcoming legitimate refugees and asylum seekers and abhor human rights violations anywhere .. it bothers when only one side (right or left-leaning) is reported, supported or worse repeatedly and aggressively pushed on us by Big Brother. h.o)

  36. BMCQ says:


    I very carefully re read your posts and the attachments in their entirety .

    I apologize if you think I was not addressing or ignoring your points, i can see where you have concluded that I was conflating two issues .

    I always enjoy your posts and I welcome any criticisms you have regarding any of mine if you feel I am misrepresenting what you have stated . You are well aware unlike several I always answer any criticisms .to the best of my ability .Hell, I even throw in the odd apology if proven wrong .

    I will not go on here but I am very impressed with Harvey’s responses on this topic, i believe they are always well thought out and insightful but this time they are absolutely superb, he is at the top of his game . Time for an increase in his salary .

    I honestly believe that the BBC and the rest mentioned are biased against Israel and in many cases Jewish People or interests, I believe Corbyn was/is deflecting when he accuses/accused the BBC of transgressions, in other words he is creating a diversion that he believes his Base will accept . He was entirely mistaken and two faced about that, thank god Millions of traditional Labour Voters saw through his deceit and they voted for the Conservatives even in traditional Labour Strong Holds, the facts speak for themselves . Notice that Bean or Poor Max have not come back to defend their statements ? That is always the way with them, very sad .

    I take my Hat off to those Traditional Labour Voters, their action says a lot about their characdter and I would not be surprised to see them go back to Labour in the enxt Election if they are secure in the knowledge that the Labour Party has made significant changes, they have my greatest respect, I am sure it was not easy .

    I do not believe we saw much coverage of this on BBC, CNN, CBC, WaPo, NYT, MSNBC, and so many more Liberal Leftist Media .

    As a matter of fact those very Media Outlets did their best to make a concerted effort NOT to Report the musings of Labour Leader Corbyn .

    At least the National Post has the courage to report on Corbyns behavior .

    please follow this last one very carefully, it is very very interesting and oit shows a switch and bate given to Labour Supporter, if it was not so sickening and disgusting it might be humorous .

    I feel very strongly that the BBC, the CBC, and many more Media outlets either ignore Anti Semitic behavior or in fact slant their Reports against Israel or Jewish People one way or another and i will suggest that an awful lot evidence to support Harveys ascertions and factual evidence is very apparent on the Posts up the page .

    Yes, I agree, YOUR true Bias is always towards the truth, even when we sometimes disagree .

    That is why we have these discussions and debates is it not ?

  37. 13 says:

    DMJ, I have re read mine and your posts on this particular blog topic. It seems that we both mentioned Trudeau once. I called him a failure and you told us “Iam not particularly fond of him”
    You on the other hand called Trump a dreadful president and compared him to Putin and Xi Jinping. Glass house DMJ

  38. helena handcart says:

    For those of us in need of further enlightenment, let me suggest a subscription to It costs a few bucks and gives you access to the following news channels (among others):
    BBC news, BBC Parliament, Sky News, RT, CGTN, France 24, Al Jazeera, Euronews. PBS, ITV News. That’s a pretty broad spectrum of opinions. The only one missing seems to be the Voice of America.
    If you get really desperate you can watch Coronation Street and Eastenders.

    (Response: I do watch not only BBC World, CBC but also Al Jazeera …ALL of them very selective, anti-Israel pro-Palestinian propaganda outlets in my view. AND here’s a freebie I recommend: on Joy TV in BC … every eve there’s a half-hour Israel TV broadcast … of course, pro-Israel .. BUT it does show how often they are attacked with incendiary bombs and rockets, how it all impacts their residents/citizens/kids, how violent, corrupt and dishonest the Palestinian authorities and Hamas etc., how complicit the various UN agencies are with terrorist demands/goals are and also it’s surprisingly candid about their own chaotic politics, and the problems Arabs also have inside the country and the West Bank. By watching ALL of these … you get a much more fair and balanced view of the mid-East. h.o)

  39. DBW says:

    Not sure if you are bored yet with your current topic but I am not. It’s not so much that I am interested in the BBC, but I am interested in media bias and our own biases and how they determine how we view the stories we watch and read. So I have been digging around.

    A google search makes it clear that the BBC has a reputation of being anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian, but I don’t think we can go so far as to say the BBC is an “anti-Semitic, unquestioning propaganda mouthpiece, Big Brother” organization, but I won’t argue except to note that as little as five years ago, there were protests across England because of the perceived bias of the BBC in FAVOUR of Israel.

    But my interest was really piqued when I came across a variety of reviews about a BBC documentary (that I haven’t seen) on the conflict at the Gaza border in 2018 that resulted in dozens of Palestinian deaths and the UN condemning Israel’s actions. I have chosen three Israeli publications as examples. I don’t expect you to read the reviews but the headlines are interesting.

    First though, all three reviews praise the documentary although it isn’t without flaws. The documentary clearly states that Israel had reasons to act as they did so the BBC could hardly be accused of total pro-Palestinian bias. One of the publications (a more left leaning one) decided to use its headline to point out that both sides of the issue had reason to be angry.

    The second publication chose to emphasize the flaws – ‘almost right”

    And the third publication chose to make a dig at the BBC and its perceived bias even though they say that this documentary is worthwhile watching and for the most part fair.

    Three reviews, all of which came to the same basic conclusion, yet all three chose headlines that showed their own biases.

    But what further interested me was the one flaw that all three referenced: the translation of one word. A Palestinian angrily states that he wants to rip the heads off the Jehudi. In Arabic Jehudi is normally translated as Jews but the documentary used the word Israelis. The reviewers claimed that the BBC was trying to minimize the anti-Semiticism in this conflict, that it is more than just a battle for a homeland. The BBC claimed that after consulting with experts Israeli fit the context, that the man was angry at Israel not the Jews.

    Personally, I would have used the word Jew because that is how it is normally used. But here is the thing Harvey. As a person who is likely similar to the vast majority of viewers it wouldn’t have mattered what word was used. I would have seen an angry man so filled with hate for another people that he was ready to kill. That is a horrible image to witness. If the BBC was trying to get me to ignore anti-Semiticism then it missed the mark by a mile because I would not have caught that subtlety. In fact, by using Israeli, it gave people like the reviewers an opportunity to point out the anti-Semiticism that I would have missed anyway if Jews had been used in the first place.

    I will quit here before I set any records on length. I just found it interesting how other media show its bias when reporting on the bias of the BBC. As well, I have been able to look at my own biases and how I may or may not be influenced.

    Have a safe New Year’s Eve everybody and here’s hoping that 2020 is a good year for all of us.

  40. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – response to Helena

    I have friends in Israel, I do business there, and was recently there .

    I will be there again mid Sept.

    I have been told about and see many aspects of life for many people of Israel, not just Jewish People, it is at best most complicated and in far too many cases quite dangerous .

    The most stunning thing ever said to me by a Jewish Friend two years ago was this .

    “Each and every night I go to sleep I honestly do not know of my family and I will wake up the next morning “. I ask every one to consider that statement .


    You may not agree with me but I believe the UN is a despicable, less than human, very much discredited, corrupt organization and it needs a major re structuring .

    The UN itself may perhaps do more than any organization, country, or terrorist group to threaten Israel and Jewish People, and that is saying a lot .

    Something else about the UN .

    There are literally thousands of children in downtrodden Sh*t Hole countries world wide that have Rogue UN Soldiers and other UN Officials as fathers who abandoned those countries and there has been absolutely no accountability for any of those Bastards .

    Disgusting .

    How and why do we let it continue ?

    Where the Hell are the PC SJW when people living in horrific conditions really need them ?


    A Happy and Safe New Year to everyone here !

    That goes double for you and your wife Harry .

    (Response: Another perfect example on BBC today of what I see as bias: many news reports have covered the violent attacks on the US embassy in Baghdad by Iran-backed militia supporters. On BBC World, the anchor today updated the story with an interview with their own reporter from their Persian language service (that’s bad enough.. a news agency interviewing its own people); and worse, the first question was “What do you think protestors have achieved here?” HAVE ACHIEVED? Doesn’t that imply success? Slant? I would have asked “Did the protestors achieve anything?” Maybe they failed … since they never made it inside, despite several attempts and also failed to set it ablaze … a la Benghazi. BIG difference, journalistically,in my opinion, in just the way the issue was framed: ACHIEVED. Of course, most won’t notice the difference … but I did. And everyone should pay attention to slants like that. h.o.)

  41. e.a.f. says:

    Bias in the media is hard to root out, but it really needs to be more neutral, especially if the tax payers are funding it. Much of what creates the bias is not just how the story is covered but the actual words used. When a media outlet uses the phrase, “waves of refugees/immigrants/etc” it creates an image of over whelming. It would be much more factual to state, “50 thousand refugees arrived last year via various ports and means”. when we refer to murdered opposition, lets just use the words shot to death. Its more accurate. I find with news casts it s the words the talking head uses, which creates the image and frequently its so one sided.

    Its interesting to look at the use of words when discussing Israel. Israel is a country. Judism is a faith/religion and many who are Israeli citizens are not Jewish and not all Jews are Israelis. some one even went so far as to say they weren’t anti semetic because the Jews of Israel were all worthless imports from Europe. That there really weren’t any semitic Jews.

    What the government of Israel does should not be held against Jews. the P.M. of Israel happens to be a Jew. It would be like saying those Catholics in Italy and equate all Catholics to the Italians. or visa versa. Historically the press reported the news, they didn’t create it. Now its a tad different and as the media has become big business, it no longer is about the news, but about readership and profit. (that is not to say the media doesn’t need to turn a profit)


  42. BMCQ says:

    Of course it is only a guess on my part but somehow I do not think the BBC or CBC for that matter base any of their Biased or in fact Untruthful, Deceitful, and Manipulative Anti Israel Anti Jewish Reporting on “Profit”, please explain .

    “For Profit”, really ? Yikes .

    The last time I checked the BBC and the CBC would not be described as “For Profit”,
    A statement like that is beyond comprehension to say the least .

    Just how much of your Pension, Savings or other Assets would you invest in either of them ?

    You say

    “What the Government of Israel does should not be held against the Jewish People” .

    That is a very telling statement, think about it . Of course you would/could not be Biased against Israel could you ?

    Do you mean things that the Government of Israel does like the attached below ?

    I researched this very specific subject and it was glaring to me that I could not find one article from the CBC, the BBC, or CNN covering the Magnificent Herculean, Human Rights, Humanitarian effort by the Dreaded Government of Israel .

    I could have posted more but no need, I simply ask you to read the several responses of Harveys up the page addressed to many that participate on this Blog . His responses really have it all covered .

    Then let me ask you this, where would any LGBTQ, Christian, or any other given Minority choose to live in the Middle East or many parts of Africa for that matter if they were given the choice ?

    Iran, Saudi, Kuwait, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, and so many others or Israel ?

    Funny we did not need to think for longer than a second on that did we ?

    Christians and Jews are being killed in the Middle East and Africa by the thousands and in the EU they ae being persecuted every day, mostly by Islamist Extremists but again the BBC and other Media do not report that fact, they wouldrathe put the blame on White Males . Sickening .

    Of course the BBC, the CBC, CNN, and most other Liberal Media do their best not to name or describe most of the perpetrators because in far too many cases those offenders are Muslim or Radical Islam Sympathizers .

    I always find it odd how when on The Danforth in Toronto a Muslim Perpetrator yelling “Allah Akbar” kills several people he is categorized as “Mentally Ill” by PM Justin and the “Think Police” and if he was white he would have been categorized as a “White Supremist” .

    How really absurd and in fact stupid, yet the “Great Unwashed” seem to fall for this most manipulative and dishonest reporting time after time, how can we explain that ?

    Only a day ago a “Black” Murderer who attacked with a Machete in a Rabbi’s Home was of course conveniently categorized as Mentally Ill, what would they report if it would have been a White Male ? Far too convenient might you think ? Or would you ?

    The Media can and are complicit with “Omission” and other ways of phrasing, manipulation, or not reporting facts . Disgusting .

    I believe it is most appropriate for the PM of the Soon to be Free UK Boris Johnson make a total change and re structure of the BBC within his first six months of his mandate, right after he Frees the UK out from under the Yoke of the PC, SJW Madness of the EU, Juncker, Tusk, and Merkel and the rest of EU Leadership along with POTUS Obama that caused the Downfall, Destruction, and in fact the Collapse of many once proud EU Nations and their Cultures, who will unfortunately never ever recover .

    At least the Good people of the UK can say .

    “Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty, We are Free at Last”.

    Every day I think of the Millions of Labour Voters in Labour Strong Holds that voted for the Conservatives and a Free UK it makes me feel that there is hope . I Salute them All !

    Sorry Max

    Tick Tock, Tick Tock !!

  43. BMCQ says:


    Those Syrians who cross into Israel for the Medical Treatment “Dare Not” tell anyone where they have been into an Israeli Medical Centre for treatment as that would mean a very certain Death and that Death would include hours or days of Torture .

    Sure, let us not blame the Jewish People for what the Government of Israel does .


  44. 13 says:

    Its interesting to read all of this commentary about the bias in the media against
    Israel, Jews, and every angle for many different view points. Its a bias that might hinge on a word achieved . A few have argued or rationalized but over all I think Harvey has made a valid point that the media IS BIASED against Israel
    Now how about the medias unbridled in your face bias against Donald Trump.
    Now how about the medias unbridled in your face bias against the USA.
    Somehow I think that Harvey might crash the internet tossing those biases under a spotlight. I suppose that the bias against those two entities comes up over and over again but on the blog but it often morphs into a right vs left debate. I think that the media was counting on a Clinton victory. To this day the media hasnt come to terms with that election result. So as much as I know many on the blog are Trump haters can any of those haters at least admit that the media hasnt been fair to this president .

  45. 13 says:

    Just coincidentally I tuned in am 980 expecting to hear Adler. Guess whos filling in for him. Jodie Vance. If you want to hear pure uneducated bias being spewed by the media
    tune the audio vault and listen to Mz Vance reporting on Trumps reaction to Iranian attacks on the US embassy in Iraq. Normally I wouldnt have given Mz Vance even 5 minutes of my time as she is so anti Trump that it erases any credebility she might have on any issue but it was very on point of unbridled media bias. Totally unbalanced , in more ways than one.

    (Response: Haven’t listened … but there IS a difference between what we could/should expect from an opinionated talk show versus actual news reporting. And I’m sure there are others who think she’s terrific. h.o)

  46. DBW says:

    I am sorry, Harvey, but our biases are so obvious that I am beginning to wonder who or what to believe.

    My pal BMCQ stated this.

    “I researched this very specific subject and it was glaring to me that I could not find one article from the CBC, the BBC, or CNN covering the Magnificent Herculean, Human Rights, Humanitarian effort by the Dreaded Government of Israel .”

    He could NOT FIND ONE ARTICLE from the CBC the BBC or CNN.

    I typed in israel treating syrians bbc” (then cnn and then cbc) and found several. Here is one from each and as a bonus I have included an Israeli publication reporting on a BBC interview with an ex-ISIS fighter who praises Israel.

    Even your “perfect example” of BBC bias because an anchor asked “what have the protesters achieved” is hardly egregious. The reporter could have answered “nothing”. I didn’t see the show so have to go by your interpretation but how many parents have asked their kids “And what have you achieved” after the kid had done something stupid.

    I am glad you brought up the topic of media bias but I am dumbfounded on how to discuss the topic without interference from our own biases.

    (Response: Of course, we all have biases or preferences etc. … but the test for media (and everyone else) should be fairness and equality in discussions before reaching conclusions. BCMQ may be incorrect in saying he could not find “one article”, but success in finding one or two or even a few doesn’t make any network’s coverage fair. It is their overall coverage that counts … hundreds of stories … and I reach my conclusions of overwhelming bias on several networks/publications/radio shows after listening/reading/watching the BBC, CBC, Al Jazeera, Fox, MSNBC etc for YEARS. And in my view, there IS a serious “Corbynesque” problem with anti-Brexit, pro-EU, anti-US, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, even soft-on-Hamas left wing bias with the BBC …that seriously stains their coverage …not a doubt in my mind. And I hope Johnson takes that on. h.o)

  47. BMCQ says:

    Good work in finding the attached pieces, I fully admit and stated I could not find as I looked at perhaps only one pages .

    I suppose my Bias clearly shows through as I did not do a Deep Enough Dig simply choosing the first of a few I found . I was not even going to post two but I saw Reuters and The Independent immediately . Did not want to Post any of might be considered by many here as Biased or Jewish/Israeli affiliated Media Outlets because then I would be accused of Bias myself . Oh well, I did try .

    At least the response to you by H.O. covers off and clarifies even more the Media Bias quite well .

    My main point again was to challenge the eaf comment which stated
    “What the Government of Israel does cannot be held against the Jews” .

    That statement made me somewhat uneasy . Really ?

    Now that you have added more on the Gargantuan Charitable Medical Care offered Syrians by Israel I am expecting many Posts praising Israel and the Jewish People for their efforts .


    I am back at work now, it is very lonely at my Desk at 4:45 AM, but just the same I will attempt to keep a sharp eye out .

  48. BMCQ says:

    Bias ?

    The absolute “Decapitation” of the Anti Semitic, Socialist, Dishonest, Devious, Scheming, Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party by the Good People of the UK should be enough to show the World and particular the EU that the UK wants out of the EU but the BoJo Conservatives also needed to fight a desperate, lying, and biased, BBC along with other Biased Media Outlets and Carpetbaggers like Tony Blair, John Bercow, and John Major to get the message out . It was NO easy task .

    Boris Johnson should appoint Nigel Farage Ambassador to the UN, the EU, or the USA before the end of January . I am sure Merkel, Juncker, Tusk, and the rest would be thrilled to see Farage as EU Ambassador .

  49. helena handcart says:

    Captain Bob. Please!!!! Try to tone it down a bit. I am trying very hard to read your contributions and get a better understanding of how you think but your writing style makes it very hard.
    FACT: I published Corbyn’s statement on antisemitism. It was factual. Unfortunately it did not suit the narrative of some on this blog and was dismissed out of hand. “Too little too late”
    FACT: The BBC is funded by a license fee. It is discretionary. You are not forced to buy it. If you do not like BBC’s coverage of events; turn it off and watch Fox News. You aren’t paying for it.
    You provide two links to support your opinions. The first is a Sun report by a company named Civitas. A right wing think tank that operates out of the same premises as Business for Britain and Vote Leave. Two organizations committed to Brexit.
    Your second link is to an article in Unredacted. Once again, an extreme right wing organization run by Sam Frost. He previously worked for UKIP and Vote Leave. Gosh, I wonder what their views are ?
    “Anti Semitic, Socialist, Dishonest, Devious, Scheming, Jeremy Corbyn . desperate, lying, and biased, BBC .”
    My hope for a calmer, more reasoned and respectful comments section didn’t last long did it.

  50. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, its e.a.f. and I do wonder why my comment made you some what “uneasy”. Its nice to make a statement such as yours, but why? Is it some thing about me or the statement?

    Why would one religion be held accountable for the actions of a government. It was after all Hitler who held the Jews of Germany accountable for just about every bad thing which was going on in his country. We have only to look at the American White nationalist movements, they too hold Jews responsible for all sorts of things and none of them good. Israel is made up of a number of religions, the major one being Judism, however, Judism is not the same as being Israeli, no more than being a evangelical makes you an American or visa versa. Evangelicals can not be held responsible for some of the “weird” things the American government does. We need to keep religion and state separate.

    (Edited…off topic)

    It is acknowledged Israel provides medical aid for Syrians, but lets not get carried away with such words as “Garganuan”. That truly covers much more territory than is realistic.

    As to appointing Farage to E.U. ambassador. That would actually work well for the E.U. Forage would be out of his depth, his rantings would simply be put down as an e.g. of a deranged racist mind once again demonstrating the Brits think they’re still a major world power. (they did drop from 5th to 6th in the world economic rankings. The State of California become number 5 last year. I can not say though if that was caused by extra growth in California or a fall in British growth) The E.U. would simply tune him out and where will that leave G.B.

    Your comments regarding Majors and Blair really are a bit over the top. Both of these men did a decent job while in office. Now you may not agree with their politics, but in my opinion, they were much more suitable than Boris. of course we will have to see the outcome of the changes the “divorce” will bring.

  51. BMCQ says:

    Helena – DBW

    This is not an attempt at a direct quote but I believe it was Harvey that said he follows several media outlets and then does his best to draw reasonable and somewhat logical hopefully fact based conclusions on events reported .

    I am not perhaps as News Savvy as H.O., Helena, DBW, or 13 but I attempt to do the same and I am quite comfortable with my conclusions unless I can be shown my mistakes . Yes, we all have certain bias and we should all take that into account and try to maintain an open mind when we are challenged, again that is in my opinion the purpose of this Blog . In fact after several days of exchanges on this Blog I have concluded Media is much more Biased than what I thought . I feel I have learned a lot on this Blog Topic .

    Media Bias is much like Beauty as well, it is in the Eye of the Beholder . I admit I have a Bias in supporting Israel probably to a fault at times but again to quote one of my friends there “We can not afford to lose one Ear because it will be our Last” . Think about that .

    Every day I follow several Media Outlets, even the ones I do not like very much . I went to the BBC Home Page today and took in everything I could keeping in mind their Bias, BBC do some great reporting and their World Network is unsurpassed but…….

    Same thing goes for probably most other Media Outlets so we must all Filter News Reports and Opinion Pieces to make our own I hope informed conclusions . How much more can we do . Sometimes we arrive at conclusions that might be challenged and corrected and I can live with that, it means I have learned something, how can that be anything but positive .

    (Edited…for length and off topic)

    Let us now see if anything changes in the Culture at BBC after the Election, will they change their way or will they resist ? Or will the BoJo Government make the Major Decisions for the soon to be embattled BBC ?


    As to Israel and their Gargantuan Efforts to provide Life Changing and Life Saving Medical Services to Syrians who cross the Border in a War Zone ? If that is not Gargantuan Hugely Humanitarian and Heroic please explain what is ?

  52. BMCQ says:

    My apologies – paragraph 3

    Should read “one war” . – Yikes

  53. 13 says:

    Anyone that believes that church and state dont influence each other is deluding themselves.
    All of the posturing aside Boris has been handed a very strong mandate and as always those that dont want Brexit refuse to look at the strength of the mandate. If you compare the overwhelming mandate to the BBCs news coverage the bias becomes undeniable.
    Government funding dictates fairness and bias must not be tolerated.
    Im thinking about Harrys comment on our government funded medical system. My personal interaction with our medical system over the past 8 months and ongoing has been in the good to great category.
    Wishing Harry and his wife all the best in 2020

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