Bully’s Backdown Can Actually BOOST Canada’s Steel Exports to US!!

US President Donald trump must have read this blog!  Okay,  maybe also heard from a few others …in government, in business, in trade relations  … who let him know what a disaster it would be to include Canada in any steel tariffs.

Because RETALIATION would have had to follow!

There was NO WAY Prime Minister Justin Trudeau … still reeling politically and in popularity from his immaturity and silliness in India … could let Trump impose a 25% tariff on Canadian steel … and do NOTHING.

So retaliation would HAVE TO have come … probably hitting US products on the list I included in my previous blog: US-built aircraft (take that, Boeing, Cessna, Gulfstream); American motorcycles; American clothing (like Levis, shoes, boots, sports, fishing, boating and mountaineering gear): American recreational vehicles and other American-built equipment; American plastics, American computers, American agricultural goods that are also abundantly produced in Canada (apples, potatoes, chocolates, candies, canned goods: American wines.”

So the bully backed off! And picked on another potential victim that will huff and puff, but likely NOT retaliate in any major way: China.

China’s trade surplus with the US was a whopping $347 BILLION in 2016. It exported  (some say dumped) 2% of its steel production to America … worth a billion dollars in value: however, in the context of its overall trade surplus, not a huge enough amount to trigger a full trade war with Trump.

The European Union, though, will be hurt by the American tariff.  EU steel accounts for almost 21% of American steel imports … huge in comparison with China … and will suffer from Trump’s tariff attack.  So the EU WILL retaliate , hitting American products … but anyone who has watched Trump knows he’s not a great fan of most European countries/leaders and probably wouldn’t worry about getting into a spitting match with them..

Meanwhile …. without realizing it… Trump’s new tariffs on China’s and the EU’s steel will actually make CANADIAN steel more competitive and more attractive to US importers … who now know the quality,  relative proximity and continuing ease of access our steel enjoys in their markets will continue.

American steel production will increase, but the country …especially with its currently growing and expanding economy …will see continued growth in demand for steel … an essential component in virtually all construction but also in almost every product and machinery manufacturing venture.

So China’s and the EU’s LOSS of US market could be Canada’s GAIN!

And all the while, American exporting companies will pay the price from retaliation that is bound to come … especially from Europe … against US products.

There are already calculations that suggest the impact of Trump’s tariffs on higher production costs and foreign retaliation could result in a net LOSS of 146,000 US jobs within a year.

While Canadian steel exports to the US … already almost 18% of the US market, will stay strong … and, with other foreign competition handicapped …could even grow.

And also not to be missed: on the same day Trump caved in on Canada, we were also one of 11 countries that officially signed the Trans Pacific Partnership  … that will give Canadian businesses and exporters an extra “in” with countries overseas, now fuming at the increasingly isolationist US/Trump.

All in all … a VERY good week for Canada.

But Shhh!   Don’t tell the bully …. or his base.

Harv Oberfeld

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30 Responses to Bully’s Backdown Can Actually BOOST Canada’s Steel Exports to US!!

  1. Chuckstraight says:

    Not many Levis made in USA anymore. Or Canada.

    (Response: Interesting. Just checked: my Levis, which are emblazoned inside about their proud 135 year history, were made in Bangladesh. LOL! BUT my Wranglers WERE made in the USA .. and could be targeted …along with US wine etc. and Trump now knows this. h.o)

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    I think the silliness of the India trip may be the best thing that ever happened to the PM. Re-boot. Re-assess. Re-calibrate.

    Trump has the attention span of a puppy. He is literally incapable of the serious and deep thought required to do most jobs, let alone the POTUS.

    His opinion, as it has been widely reported, is based upon the LAST person who tried to twist his ear (see ‘attention span’ above).

    The scary part is 1/3 of the population would support him, no matter how dirty he is. When he bragged that he could shoot someone in Times Square and still be loved by his base, he is right.

    I wonder why so many have literally “no line”, he can do or be anything, crook, thief, liar, adulterer …. maybe the line is at child molester … doubt it…

    Anyways, the Canadian government handled this perfectly and hopefully we can move on to the next crisis perpetrated by the petulant man-child.

    Things are about to get a little Stormy……

    (Response: I would love to know…and I HOPE … that behind the scenes Canada/Trudeau were quite blunt that we WOULD retaliate against specific US exports to Canada ..and not just express “disappointment” etc. As I said, bullies will bully …until they know if they do deliver their threatened punch, they WILL get a bloody nose in return. h.o.)

  3. Greg says:

    Before you open the champagne Harvey, this is a short term reprieve dependant upon renegotiating favourable (to the US) NAFTA terms. So, in reality, it’s like holding a gun to our collective heads.

    (Response: Yes. Absolutely …could be short term , esp with someone as unstable as Trump. And I too suspect it was a threat aimed at softening us up in NAFTA talks. However, I think the bully has already had enough backlash and admonitions from political “allies” and business groups in the Us to realize he had better not impose the penalties on Canada. And if the EU retaliates …and I expect that will come fairly quickly… he would not want to activate even more retaliatory moves … this time from Canada. h.o)

  4. BMCQ says:

    I hate to burst a “Bubble” or two here but but your Hero PM Justin was busy “Hiding Under His Desk” just as he is regarding the Alberta/B.C. Pipe Line file.

    As I have stated numerous times before Trump is Negotiating at ALL times.

    He quite often starts demanding a lot and then he will pull back on some of his demands during the Negotiating Process.

    It is no different with what has taken place with North Korea. The Dithering, Impotent, and Inept, Barack Obama did nothing and in fact allowed Un to advance his Nuke Program farther than any one could have thought. I still believe that it is not as far along as what he would like us to think.

    Trump has called his bluff and with the assistance of pressure from China we may have talks. That is what Trump does.

    I must laugh out loud when Uber Liberal Media types struggle to give Trump credit bringing N. Korea to the table.

    I am not confident much will come of it because Un will simply try to kick the can down the road until Trump leaves the WH.

    Trump is attempting to maneuver Canada and Mexico into a position he wants to see them regarding on NAFTA, nothing more, nothing less.

    China is the real target on this whole trade thing and China will eventually need to make changes or the U.S. will make changes for them.

    China hold NO Power over the U.S., anyone that thinks so is dreaming.

    Keep in mind that China has Tarrifs that affect Canada, the U.S. and all other Exporters to that Country, the Media just do not want you to know about it.

    Media would rather have you think that Trump and the U.S. are Villains on this.

    I have many problems with Trump but I also would much rather have him in the White House than HRC, Barack Obama, or George Bush.



    Please keep in mind that the current Agreement on Steel is only temporary and we will need to include that in NAFTA.

    Contrary to popular belief we should also take the opportunity to attach Softwood Lumber to NAFTA, we need to secure a deal on that while the opportunity presents itself.

    PM Justin stands for nothing other than Cheap Little Symbolism, Photo Ops, Quotes on Instagram, Twitter, or Juvenile Slogans.

    We deserve much better.


    I could never visualize PM Justin standing up against any Bully any time any place.

    As to the Re-Boot Comment?

    Please, Give Me a Break!

    To PM Justin that means he thinks he might get a New Pair of Shoes!!

    (Response: I know you really don’t like Trudeau, but keep it real! If you have INSIDE SECRET sources that have revealed to you ” Justin was busy “Hiding Under His Desk”” please enlighten us with details. I think your just spouting bias and even wishful thinking. I have been very critical of JT too, but at least I try to be fair … and, knowing somewhat how politics and Ottawa works, I have no doubt that there were messages sent to Trump and US officials through direct and indirect channels warning JT and Canadian government would have NO CHOICE but to hit back…and that helped convince the bully to back off. Sorry if reality interferes with your desired narrative. h.o.)

  5. Island Lookout says:


    I think Trump, in contemplating trade sanctions against Canadian metal imports to the US, considered the straight truth;

    that the US economy will make more profit leaving Canada alone than it could hitting us with tariffs.


    Steel and aluminum heading south won’t now be 25 per cent and 10 per cent higher than they would have been with tariffs. Good for American business and jobs, I suppose. Canada? I think his considerations there were secondary.

    Trump has said many times during his presidency that he listens to others then announces his decision.

    I’m darned sure one of the key people he listened to over this tariff stuff was Leo Gerrard, the very tough Canadian-born president of the 1.2 million member Untied Steelworkers Union.

    Mr. Gerrard was front and centre in the White House during Trump’s signing of those Executive Orders. His people work those mills.

    The union has members at those key Hamilton ON steel plants, amongst the finest such plants on Earth for every possible reason you can think of.

    Why mess with such excellence?

    Trump flat-out did not. For now.

    Here are some quotes from Mr. Gerrard following Thursday’s EO signing by Trump:

    “Today the President took decisive action to ensure that adequate supplies…of aluminum and steel were available to support national security…and the announced action align with what every citizen knows: these products are vital to our national security.”

    Then there was this:“…For decades, the USW has fought foreign unfair and predatory trade practices to protect our members’ jobs and ensure a strong defense industrial base…steel and aluminum are critical products…

    “For too long, common sense has fallen prey to free trade ideology, multinational corporations and special interest lobbyists who have profited at the expense of domestic production and employment.”

    So, a deal the union has been demanding for decades from various Republican and Democrat Administrations has at long last been achieved by….The Trumpster!

    I don’t know if Trump is a bully, but I do know this; he is an American first, last and always.

    Good for him.

    I wish our PM was similarly endowed with such intelligence but he isn’t.

    Given over to fits of costume tryouts and walking out of trade talks with India and China in the last two months shows him to be more like Obama, shallow and disinterested in anyone but himself.

    Himself and Selfites. It fits.

    Meanwhile the NAFTA show goes on.

    This is the next big thing for Canada.

    It’s too soon to figure out how Trump will plunk down on a proposed deal.

    But it’ll profit the US more than us.

    Which is why I don’t think there will EVER be steel and aluminum tariffs levelled against us UNTIL the US has rebuilt its metals producing capacity to the level where Canadian product simply won’t be needed and THEN the tariffs will go full on.

    To that end, as mentioned here this week, another closed steel plant is opening in Granite City Illinois (500 workers), now, and an aluminum smelter, long dead in Kentucky (300 workers), reopens shortly.

    Change is happening.

    And what is Mr. T and the MPs doing?

    Celebrating some snowflake safe spaces event or another, so as not to offend anyone.

    Except our now struggling economy. Check out real estae. And where is the KM pipeline? Hey, Leo, give us some help. Your members will be constructing that line, remember? Also, do you now regret giving Comrade Horgan and his leftie minions $675k for the last B C election campaign? Made a goof there, you did.

    BTW the US economy now employs more Blacks and Hispanics than ever before.

    Nearly half the American population is now gainfully employed in jobs of all kinds. Half because you have to discount the retired, sick and children, lots of them.

    The Democratic Party is now in full panic mode in advance of the impending mid-terms. It seems their silly “#resistance” movement didn’t work.

    Why would it?

    And the MSM is having a kitten over Trump’s impending meeting with Little Rocket Man.

    Good times!

  6. Harry lawson says:


    A bully is a bully. So he decides to bully some one else. Until the next time.

    What really is at play is a diversion from his domestic issues , and of course the mid term elections .

    The reality is the us does not have the smelting infrastructure to meet a quarter of their needs. Almost all of the closed smelters are antiquated and inefficient.

    Stocks and currencies dropped people loss people will win on the rebounds. The bully hasn’t backed down .

    (Response: Well, he HAS indeed backed down from imposing that tariff on Canada and Mexico …at least for now. And I believe as the US starts to feel the effects of the retaliation from the EU, most of whom never liked him anyway, and to a lesser extent from China.. I believe even he won’t be stupid enough to expand the tariffs … unless NAFTA goes really downhill, which I doubt it will. h.o.)

  7. Gene The Bean says:

    This fawning over the bravado and intelligence of tRump is hilarious!!!

    Show of hands folks….

    1) How many Americans do you thing could find North Korea on an untitled map? (my guess is less than 20%)

    2) How many think tRump could? (not in a million years)

    Harvey, I now feel your frustration here when topics are political. The ‘ISM’s’ are so strong now that some on either side would fully support their party and leader if they were convicted child molesters. This is insane! How did this happen? Our parents and grandparents, no matter their political beliefs would have never done this.

    Trump is a blubbering slovenly compulsive lying idiot. If you cant see that – so are you.

    If this isn’t the best example of what I say often – moral bankruptcy – I don’t know what is. Fascism, maybe?

    Trump wont last the term. Period.

    (Response: I’m not sure why some people are SO partisan that they will defend their preferred party members and oppose the other side NO MATTER WHAT! It is not only so disappointing, so silly and so ridiculous but also so anti-intellectual in an educated society where a higher quality of thought and discussion should be the expectation. Surely there is nothing wrong with admitting someone or even some party did wrong … or did right … without throwing out ones entire overall ideology or philosophy. But I believe it’s precisely because of THOSE blind partisans that so many independent minded people are turned off of politics etc…. and that just makes things worse, as election turnouts and societal divisions at all levels in recent years have shown. h.o.)

  8. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey, your response to #2, regarding wanting to know about behind the scenes. I think that is Ms. Freeland’s dept. and I think she is tougher than she is given credit for. She did get that E.U. deal signed. Whatever it took, she just said I’m going home, no reason to stay here. In the U.S.A. she has been quietly going about her business “explaining” the difficulties for the U.S.A. if they imposed tariffs. She and hers have done nice out reach to those 35 Govenors. They spoke to Mattis and others. They may think Trudeau is all smiles and yoga, but Freeland, not so much. They may well under estimate her until its too late. It was interesting to watch her re arrange the 3 of them (American/Mexico/herself) for the photo op in Mexico. The two guys wanted her, the short person in the middle. she re arranged immediately. Quite interesting if you watch her.

    Trump is a bully, but he also is a narcist and needs people to “like” him. If he proceeded with the tariffs on Mexico and the U.S.A., he wouldn’t be liked at all. Too many are going to loose their jobs. Now he may not care about people loosing their jobs, but that base of his may not be happy come mid 2018. Health care down the toilet and then job loss. His tax leg. works for corporations but not athletes, doctors, consultants. As if some athletes didn’t dislike him enough.

    I’m just waiting for Ms. Daniels to go public. Who knows if it come during mid terms the republicans may just take a bit of a nose dive. Already places like Texas are fielding more women than usual.

    The tariffs the E.U. will impose will have an impact on the U.S.A. economy. Its targeted. Harley Davidson has one factory. Its a brand. It does well in Europe. Now if people in Europe stop buying and lay offs come , its very easy to build political commercials around that. Same with the booze. As to the Levis, Communist China can provide the knock offs and all will be well in jean land. Levis aren’t what they used to be.

  9. Gene The Bean says:

    Response to #7.
    “blind partisans” – that is I guess, the best way to put it. I could ‘flower it up’ a bit, but lets just go with that.

    I make no bones about my politics and how I would like to see our society, an inclusive place where everyone is safe, everyone is happy and the 1% don’t own the rest of us like indentured slaves.

    But as I mentioned here once before, even a ‘too quick at the lip’ centre-lefter like me can not and will not ‘bend over’ to the ‘left’ if they are saying and doing things that are batshit crazy. That is what got me, one of the most left leaning commenters her, banned from The Tyee, the MOST left leaning online site in the province. I called them on the BS. I called them on the nonsense. I called them on the lies and deceit – BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE DO! That is what people that care do. That is what people that have a moral compass do.

    The Trumpsters here and across the border either are suffering from some kind of psychosis or they are just repugnant, racist pigs like Trump.

    If there is another reason, more than glad to hear about it……

  10. nonconfidencevote says:

    Justin Trudeau threaten Trump with trade sanctions?

    Cant see it.

    As someone mentioned.
    Mid term elections looming in the US.

    Many Republicans were not happy with Trump’s trade threat regarding Steel and Aluminum with Canada/ Mexico.

    I’m sure after Trump spouted off last week he recieved major push back from his own party.

    But then again….as someone else mentioned…..Trump has the attention span of a fruit fly over a bowl of rotten cherries……

    Who knows what next weeks threats will be…… after all NAFTA aint signed yet.

  11. BMCQ says:

    Harvey – response – 4

    Facts are facts and if you go back and re read many of your own comments regarding PM Justin you will see you have been as critical as anyone.

    Of course I have no confidential information but I believe considering his past performance and track on many many different files my opinion of what transpired is every bit as close to the truth as yours when you suggest someone threatened the Bully.

    You know far better than me that the “Hiding Under his desk” comment is used day in and day out when Politicians of ANY Brand are avoiding tough questions from Media or other Politicians.

    I watched and listened to you when your were working and I saw how you with skillful questions made Politicians of all types cringe and avoid you and other Media types.

    I bet you used the “HidingUnder etc.” many times.

    I will guarantee you that many hard working Canadians right across this Country think the same thing of PM Justin.

    Up until today he has been MIA on many files of late.

    Full disclosure here.

    I must admit that I would not have wanted to deal with the Steel and Tariff crisis either.

    I have no respect for PMJustin and I am afraid for our Country and what he might do on many fronts over his Term.

    No different than the opinions and comments you voiced regarding PM Harper.

    Well my friend you got what you want, I hope you are happy!

    Then again by many of YOUR comments about PM Justin your opinion seems to be changing.

    Don’t worry, how can it get any worse over the next two years?

    Then again……….

    (Response: Absolutely. I have been very critical of JT .. and many other politicians. But when they do/achieve something I believe is good … I have no problem saying so. And I do believe this was a good week for Canada… and JT ….as we beat back the bully DJT…. certainly better than that week in India. h.o)

  12. r says:

    A tariff on little potatoes :)?

  13. BMCQ says:


    As concerned as i am about many things he believes in and what i am afraid he will do with his silly and juvenile Gender Equity Mumbles Jumbo, his Pandering to the PC Crowd, the Social Engineering, the Preening, Prancing, the Posing and all the rest I believe today he showed true Leadership with his Statement On Kinder Morgan.

    I am not even 100% sure how I feel about KM but he needed/needs to be clear on what his Government stands for.

    As I have stated before I do not support much of what /Horgan and his ?Minions believe in and I have grave concerns about their Wealth/Asset Tax, Growth of Government, and all the rest but for the sake of B.C. I hope they are successful, but that means doing the right thing.

    I have many problems with DJT, I would have preferred Kasich and Condoleezza Rice but we have Trump and he is better than Obama was or HRC.

    Trump will not run next time so it may be Pence and Haley, Rice, or Rubio, and you and 90% of those that Post andvLurk here will have another reason to be upset.

    Imagine 8 years after that a President Haley, Rice, or Rubio!!

    That will really upset the Democratic Party!

    Trump is Boorish, he should not Tweet so much, and he is all of the things you say but the Free World needs him now and believe it or not you will get it one day fairly soon.

  14. 13 says:

    Trump is an antidote to a poison. Or perhaps a drug to help save your life but with many bad side effects.
    Its laughable how the MSM are trying to spin any progress on N Korea as having nothing to do with Trump .
    Trudeau might have stood up to Trump, but we will never know as Trump has advisers and they seem to be a bit smarter than “team diversity”.
    GTB never have you been as correct as stating that Trudeau is in need of a good reboot. Hope he splits the uprights.
    Island Lookout, I am enjoying your retirement.

  15. 13 says:

    BTW I heard yet another experts opinion on steel. If the US imposes tariffs on Chinese steel , China will simply dump cheap steel in other jurisdictions.
    So we might yet get to see Justin flex his muscles when he stands up to a real bully .

  16. BMCQ says:

    I had to laugh out loud when someone tells us they have Great Moral compass and want everyone to be safe, happy, and the rest.

    We are all Wonderful people correct/

    Then in the Same Bloody Post they then go on to say that if someone supports any of POTUS Trumps ideas or legislation they are all of a sudden “Repugnant Racist Pigs”!!

    Should I also add “Morally Bankrupt, Corrupt, Greedy, Misogynistic, and Walks with Cloven Hooves”?

    Honestly I have never heard Statements like that from any other individual in my whole life.

    Even Hillary only called half of those that support Trump or Republican Policies “Deplorables”, and that contributed to her Election Defeat.

    I have been here since August 2014 and I have been a Political Junky for many years and I have never ever heard any other person anywhere describe a whole group of any Political Mainstream party as 100% ALL Racist etc.

    That kind of Mentality is simply “BatShit Crazy”!!

    I am also quite sure there was a lot more to the Tyee Story and if pattern holds true it would have more than likely involved “Hate Speech”!

    Care to shed any light on that?

    Can you please repost your Tyee comments here?

    Or are YOU “Hiding Under Your Desk”?

    Much like the Wizard of Oz some small, bitter, petty people become emboldened when they hve the ability to Hide Behind the Curtain but once the Curtain is pulled back it is a much different story!!

    Interestingly enough I do not even need to use that individuals name here because each and everyone that reads this Blog is well aware of who I am talking about.

    I wonder, what might that tell us?


    You owe me the little rant Harvey just based on what the subject of my rant stated up the page.


    As I stated last week the Tariff threat against Canada and Mexico is simply a Negotiating Tool used by Trump in the NAFTA discussions.

    Right or wrong that was the second most important fact in the Tariff.

    As I also stated last week the Key to the whole Tariff Action by Trump is China and it’s Satellite Countries of which there are many.

    As I also stated China has many Tariffs in place against many Countries like Canada, the U.S., the EU and others that restrict Product entering China.

    If you spend a few minutes studying this subject you will understand what DJT is doing.

    You may disagree but think about the Chinese Tariffs on Imported Duties and the facts speak for themselves.

    Fact is Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43. and Obama dithered on the job and they allowed China to “Run Rampage” with favoured Trade Status to their detriment.

    China took advantage of some very disengaged Presidents and it has had catastrophic results on Manufacturing in many Western Countries including the U.S. and Canada other Western countries and it needs to be addressed now.


    How is this for an een playing field?


    And here is what Elon Musk has to say about this subject.


    Of course I am saying this with the benefit of 20/20 Hindsight but I am really beginning to regret the fact that Richard Nixon visited and opened up China Talks way back when.

    Of course it is only the opinion of a “Greedy, Morally Bankrupt, Misogynistic, Racist but I feel we need to learn more about Trade with China before we attempt to attack Trump the Bully on this file.

    There is a whole lot more to this story.

  17. Gene The Bean says:

    From #9
    “If there is another reason, more than glad to hear about it……”


    I guess there isn’t another reason, so, know we know.

    Not that we are really surprised…..

  18. Gene The Bean says:

    In fairness, we should all try and really understand who and what Trump is. He is POTUS and is our neighbour and lets face it, almost everything he says and does has the potential to affect us all. Six months from now, everything could be rosy or we could be in real trouble (wars, nukes, economic collapse…?) This is important stuff.

    I watched a panel discussion on CNN and he was referred to as a Narcissistic Sociopath. I researched that a little bit and (for as much as you can trust things on the internet) this was the best descriptor that I could find:

    How do you spot a sociopathic narcissist? Watch for certain traits:

    A driven quest for power. If a narcissistic sociopath cares about anything other than himself, it is destructive power and control over people.

    Behaviors that seek love and admiration. To be sure, this isn’t needy love. It’s not even emotional love. It’s superficial. A narcissistic sociopath sees love and admiration as power tools to manipulate and dominate (Do Sociopaths Even Have Feelings?).

    No apologies, no guilt, no remorse under any circumstance. A sociopathic narcissist believes that she is a gift to the world who makes it richer and more colorful. Therefore, her calculated, even cruel actions are always justified.

    Invincibility. The narcissistic variety of sociopath believes he is indomitable. Even punishment and prison can’t stop him. They’re merely part of the game.

    Wholly self-serving. The needs and wants of others are insignificant and undeserving of consideration.

    Act as the producer, director, and only actor of his own show. The narcissistic sociopath casts people in roles that increase his power and sense of importance and when bored, casts them aside.

    By my definition, that is Trump to a tee. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any effective way to deal with a person with this disorder. Do your own research, Google is your friend. I’m not influencing your opinions, just trying to make people more aware of our reality. It is pretty interesting stuff.

    As an aside, while looking at all this psycho-analysis stuff, I came across info about what makes people mad, at a visceral level (apparently Trump has a horrible temper and rages and yells, sometimes at things like the TV).

    I’m paraphrasing but essentially how our minds work is we all think we are good people, even when some of us are not. It is like a safety mechanism. People don’t get truly angry at things that aren’t true, but can get really angry about things that are, and that get exposed. For instance, if someone called Bill Gates cheap, he would essentially laugh it off. If someone called Stephen Hawking stupid, same response.

    But …. say you really are a selfish person (even though your psyche protects you, you still know it, deep down) and someone calls you selfish, that’s when someone can really get viscerally angry.

    I find that really interesting, we can apply it to Trump …. and others. What gets said, what is the reaction – will tell us a lot.

    If Canada is going to be essentially fighting with a madman to protect our economy and sovereignty, bet to know the enemy…..

    (Response: Yes, Trump is POTUS and our neighbor and Canada has no choice but to deal with him. BUT Canada has no obligation to accept attack (Bombardier) after attack (lumber) and threats of even more without doing anything concrete to respond. He IS a bully, a narcissist and a moron … and until he seeks psychological help, Canada MUST not just sit back and take any further attacks. IF the American people stat to feel a backlash from his actions, THEY will demand he stop … and believe me (as T says) he will respond faster to them than to us just expressing regret etc. h.o.)

  19. 13 says:

    A panel discussion on CNN? And CNN did not have a favorable view on Trump?
    That would be akin to asking the NRA for an opinion on banning gun ownership.

  20. D. M. Johnston says:

    Do not think this is the end of it.

    This is just the opening shot on NAFTA.

    The real knife in the back will come during the midterm elections, where Trump must appease his base, in order for the GOP to win seats.

    Trump is unpredictable and probably suffers from mild dementia, which means vote getting proclamations will be made to appease the Evangelical right as well as the ultra conservatives in the USA.

    Interesting side bar: American friends of mine have a small cottage just on the other-side of the 49th and instead of selling it, they are fixing it up as sort of “holiday bunker” in case very bad things happen.

    They want to be as close to Canada as they can.

    These are not Hippie-dippy types, but scientists, afraid of their government and what POTUS can do.

    Canada may have dodges the tariff was for now, but it is not over, not by a long shot.

    (Response: You are correct: the mid term campaign will bring out a lot of Canadian red meat to throw at the gnashing, snarling base. That’s why Canada and JT MUST be strong: don’t act based on the rhetoric…BUT if the US DOES throw anti-trade actions up against us, react FAST and STRONGLY to teach them there IS a price to pay for doing so. I realize this may seem difficult for a relatively small country to do …but it will get much worse if Canada does nothing .. and an active retaliation that hurts the US economy/workers will ensure the trade war will end very quickly after Trump is out of office. h.o.)

  21. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey’s response to #18, oh ya, trump is all that and more. For those of you who haven’t seen Trump at his “finest”, his most racist, etc…… check out his speech today in Penn. if that is what they consider a world leader, not so much. The more distance we put between Canada and the U.S.A. the better.

    Perhaps we ought to ensure those countries which aren’t all that keen on Trump, have a very clear idea of where the 49th parallel is.

    Given what Trump said at the Republican rally in Penn. campaigning for Tuesday’s election, it was disgusting. All his dog whistle phrases were there including referring to Ms. Waters as a “low I.Q. person”. The racists in the crowd applauded and cheered. when I see Trump do these speeches it reminds me of Hitler, but of course Hitler spoke much better German than Trump ever will English. Hillary Clinton had it right, they are deplorables.

  22. Howard says:

    I don’t see it as a case of facing down a bully and doing an end zone dance; more of Trump using the threat of tariffs to press a good deal for the USA
    via NAFTA. Crediting the gormless Trudeau with any negotiating skills isn’t realistic at all.

    Right off the top of the list (suggesting retaliation against US products like Boeing) isn’t a practical course of action either when you consider it’d be like shooting yourself in the foot, with local companies like Avcorp in Delta producing parts for the 737/57/67/77 aircraft.

    We should never forget that Canada exists for all intents and purposes as a US protectorate at the great expense of the American taxpayer, and when Trump (or one of his associates) raised this recently in reference to military spending for the defence of North America, the issue of paying a fair share of this cost seemed to be emerging more prominently.

    We should also recognize that the Americans (regardless of the current leadership) are our best friends whether some people like it or not, and we should always ask ourselves which of the other countries in the world would we rather have positioned across the border.

    (Response: I could buy your argument that it’s just a negotiating tactic … IF we were dealing with a normal politician. But Trump is so manic and bipolar, that tactic does not work :he has not only now backed off on Canada and Mexico, but also Australia and soon Britain as well. His lack credibility is hurting him and the US abroad (and likely at home as well) … and that is NOT a good thing for a negotiator who uses threats as a tactic. h.o.)

  23. Temm says:

    Meanwhile we will continue to salivate over all those US bucks pouring across the border in the name of tourism.

    Chinese Renminbi?
    US Dollars?

    Canada is nothing more than a cheap hooker.

    Oh well, this space will lighten up some when HO does a SNL piece on the ON PC leadership.

  24. Harry lawson says:

    trump is pissed at China so he takes it out on Canada ,Mexico and Europe. That’s akin to a person having a bad day and then goes home and abuses his family.

    I honestly wonder if the USA and the world can endure another couple of years of policy by Twitter.

    Where is the libetarion party ?

  25. Eldon says:

    Freeland is not getting enough credit. She’s closed 2 deals already and is putting up a tough front on NAFTA. I know JT’s face and voice trigger the other side. If you can’t give him credit, give it to Freeland. She strikes me as competent.

  26. BMCQ says:

    Whenever someone compares Trump to Hitler it says a lot more about the accuser than Trump.

    No one that does that can expect to be taken seriously.

    Maxine Waters is a known Hater, Liar, and Hypocrite.

    Waters ears even on record stating that there was “NO Crisis with Fannie May”, she also criticizes Republicans by waving the American Flag, she lives in Luxury and not even in her own District, and she is a Dishonest Race Bayer.

    As to the “Low IQ” remarks?

    She has said far worse about others.

    Although Eashington States Northern Region from the Coast to the East is wonderful I am having a very difficult time to understand why “Two Scientidts” who are obviously better than most other Americans are better off living close to the Canadian Border, do they know something more about the Air there than ThevRegular Folks?

    Inquiring Minds Would Like to Know!

    BTW, the recent Italian Elections saw over 55% of their “Great Unwashed” vote for Parties that want Control of Borders and Migration.

    Former Leader Renzi, Junker, Merkel, and the rest of EU Leadership have just watched the beginning of the end of the EU.

    Unfortunately it is really much too late but Hard Working Tax Paying People all over Europe have had enough of Open Borders, Userious Taxation, Illegal Migration, a Degradation of Health Care, Education, The Criminal Justice System, Security, Social Engineering by SJW, and Dangers to their Families.

    They are no different than Hard Working Law Abiding Citizens of ALL Ethnic Backgrounds in the U.S. who wanted the same when they Voted GOP and those in the UK that Voted for “Brexit” and want the same thing for their Countries,

    Donald Trump is not perfect but he is a Product of the Rejection of Barack Obama, HRC, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth WARREN, Maxine Waters, and other SJW, Race Pimps, Poverty Pimps, and others in the Democratic Party.

    “Snells Law” – “Angle of Incidence equals Angle of Refraction”

    All of the credit for the Election of your Mortal Enemy Donald Trump as President can be laid at the Feet of Barack Obama’s and His Progressive Agenda.

    Howard – 22

    You will not get agreement from most here but as you point out and as I pointed out up the page the initial Tariffs by Trump are about China and The Negotiation Of NAFTA.

    The Main Target is China and Trump will Win on this, China will make big changes on their own Tarriffs against the U.S. while attempting to “Save Face” and other Allies of the U.S. will mostly be exempted with some minor changes.

    Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. need to Negotiate a Fair Deal That works for all and it will be tough.

    Hopefully we can include Softwood and employ Trade Offs to minimize Duties.

    I wish I had more Confidence in our Leadership, the U.S. POTUS and His Negotiating Team do not give a “Flying Fig” about how “Cute” PM Justin’s Socks are, they are Sharks and our Negotiators had better be at their best.

    People can call Trump any name they wish but in the end he is doing his best to “MAGA” and I wish we had Leadership that might think that way about Canada and Canadians.

    Frankly I am tired of the Preening, Posing, Prancing and Photo Ops.

    Stick around Howard, you and I might not always agree but at least you are not like most here, “You Are Not Bound By A Straight Jacket of Ideology”!

  27. 13 says:

    Ive said it many times that no matter what kind of criticism we heap on a politician its fair as thats what they signed on for. Public figures doing public service.
    So for fun I started to make a list of the adjectives used to describe the President of the United States.
    It was becoming a rather onerous task and I reminded myself DJT is fair game. I also noted that most of the name calling originated from one poster. Fine, thats his shtick and hes entitled to it. BUT HITLER comparisons are over the top and I will echo BMCQ that to make that comparison says far more about the person that wrote it than it does about anyone else.
    So moving forward I hope that PM JT shines like the sun in all his brilliance as our leader.
    NAFTA win
    Solves the First Nations dilema
    Brings our country economic success
    Solves the veterans concerns
    Manages our boarders and controls immigration
    Lowers personal income taxes and really helps the middle class.
    Solves the affordable housing problem from coast to coast.
    If he fails to fulfill all of his election promises I suppose he will be open to some adjective abuse.

  28. Unbelievable move by Trump today, to tweet that Tillerson is fired.

    He seemed a fine, sensible — and STABLE — person to have as Secretary of State.

    I suspect he will be too honourable to spill the beans on the goings on at the White House. Pity.

  29. e.a.f. says:

    Harry Lawson, #24, It is called redirected anger. People who are angry, take it out not on the object/person of their anger because that would cause them harm, but on some one/thing that is safe and won’t or can’t retaliate.

    Trump taking his anger out on Canada, is re directed anger because if he took it out on China or Russia, he’d be in trouble. Taking his anger out on Canada is safe. We don’t have nuclear weapons, won’t go to war with him, we go to court. We’re much more civilized in any number of things. Too bad Trump won’t get into a boxing ring with Trudeau though. it would be fun to watch. Perhaps some one ought to send Trump a clip of the fight. Given Trump’s level of cowardliness he won’t even get into a ring with Freeland…….

  30. BMCQ says:

    China as is discussed on the next Blog Topic is the real Target of Trump. The posturing and commentary is all about the negotiating about trade with China and its Satellites. Being civilized is totally meaningless and irrelevant.

    Please do not be fooled into thinking PM Justin is any kind of Boxer, PMJ deafeated Brazeau who had no Boxing Talent and was incapable of going no more than a 1 minute round with Kirk Douglas.

    I laugh even more when Robert De Nero talks about “Punching Trump in the Nose”.

    Tough Guy De Nero forgets two things.

    1. He is really only a Tough Guy in the Movies and his own NY City Apartment.

    2. He would need to be standing on 3 NY City Phone Books with Yellow Pages to actually reach up to strike the Nose of Trump.

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