Campbell May Be in Trouble in Own Riding

There’s a lot of upset in Vancouver-Point Grey … maybe just enough to upset their local MLA Gordon Campbell in more ways than one.

Campbell carried the riding by 2,000 votes last time around … not exactly an enormous win for a Premier … and he’s done quite a few things during his latest term that could even erode that lead even more.

A BIG problem, judging by many I’ve talked to there, is Campbell’s determination to recognize aboriginal land title right around the province. This may garner support on the Musqueam reserve, but has turned off  more voters elsewhere in the riding.

MANY  local residents are still fuming over the $220 Million giveaway deal in Nov. 2007 that will hand the Musqueam Band 24 hectares of land now part of Pacific Spirit Park; as well as the 59-hectare University Golf Course; the 7-hectare Brideport Casino property in Richmond; and $20 million in cash.

In return the band agrees to allow the golf course to keep operating until 2033.  Big deal! And Campbell’s neighbours are not amused by that one.

And then there’s the Premier himself … a good friend of business to be sure (a winning trait with Point Grey’s well-heeled, corporate crowd) … but also coming across as cold and arrogant.

And his refusal to answer ANY questions about ANY of  the government dealings involving his campaign strategist Patrick KInsella isn’t winning him support either.

Not to mention Vancouver=Point Grey’s large UBC student population, who have seen their student fees skyrocket under Campbell.

Whether all this would be enough to defeat the Liberal leader in his own riding will depend on how heavy the turnout is … and who goes to vote.

NDP candidate Mel Lehan has been working hard … for 20 years … as a “community activist” in the riding.

His platform places a lot of emphasis on student tuition costs, student housing, grants and research funding.

And if he can get the student vote out and capitalize on Campbell’s vulnerability on the issues cited above, he just could pull off an upset.

Now wouldn’t that be interesting.

Harv Oberfeld

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15 Responses to Campbell May Be in Trouble in Own Riding

  1. Norman F says:

    If Campbell is defeated in Point Grey, he will buy another seat. Who will be today’s Bob Williams and what will the new price be?

    (Response: That’s exactly what would happen .. maybe West Van? But wouldn’t it be fun to watch … and report! 🙂 h.o.)

  2. Patrick Bell (Not the MLA) says:

    I’m sure Mel Lehan was my teacher in the early 70s on Northern Vancouver Island. I am finding no detailed bio on him, but I’m thinking its him. Hope he knocks off Campbell.
    (Response: If you Google him there are a few profiles done on him by community papers etc. h.o.)

  3. Sarah says:

    I don’t think the UBC student vote will count for much. Not many of them on campus in May. If the Prem doesn’t win I would expect him to ask Moira Stilwell running in Van Langara to step aside.
    (Response: I realize many wont be in classes..but I expect many of them still may live in the riding, in basement suites etc, working in their off months to pay for the studies. But your point is well taken: certainly a lot would have gone home. h.o.)

  4. BC Mary says:

    If only Vancouver-Point Grey can throw the bum out.

  5. Dan R says:

    I think Gordo will barely squeak out a victory in his own riding. Although I really do hope he loses his seat.

    If He lost his seat, would he stay on or really ask someone to step aside and have a by election so soon after the election? Would people put up with him wasting money like that? What would happen if he lost that by election? He would certainly have to step down then…

    (Response: If he lost a by-election, would definitely have to step down. But he’s a long way from worrying about that 🙂 h.o.)

  6. claudia says:

    Harvey, seems Campbell’s teflon is finally wearing off!

  7. DMJ says:

    What rich irony if Campbell is defeated! If he did lose, I would wager he would retire and head for Maui. There are a lot of knives ready for the thrustin!

    (Response: If he lost but the Libs wn, he’d go for a byelection: but if the Libs lose, he’ll go onto corporate boards and then to the Senate h.o.)

  8. RossK says:

    I think it is important to realize how the cutting out of Park’s Heart was done.

    With skullduggery….

    In secret…..

    With bagman.

    All of which has left lots of folks out in the Grey Poupon Belt really wondering if their man Mr. Campbell can be trusted on anything.

    (and don’t forget, that Greeniac with profile, Mr. Kettlewell, is NOT there this time to siphon off votes from Mr. Lehan).

  9. DMJ says:

    The Senate!!!??? Oh Harvey say it ain’t so!

    Response: Campbell and Harper have a great “rapport” . LOL )

  10. Grant g says:

    Harv,this election has turned,Campbell is in trouble…….
    The latest prediction from the (Election predictor) is…….
    38 NDP seats–40 Liberals seat–7 seats too close too call………
    I have the NDP at 42 seats right now with 4 seats too close too call……

    Check out this site,check each individual riding,agree or disagree…….


  11. The demographics of Vancouver-Point Grey have been changing. There are a lot of younger people, in the 20-40’s demographics, who are the ones who are often experiencing some of the impacts of the public policies of the last 8 years. A lot of young families, students, small business people (vs. big corporate leaders), seniors, and it’s a much more culturally diverse.

    Harvey et al. you forgot to mention that Premier Campbell has not been showing up for any All Candidate meetings in his own riding. That has rubbed A LOT of people the wrong way, people who want to let their elected leader and potential leader knows what’s important to them, their families, to the community. They want to be heard and they want to know the person cares.

    I don’t know if he and his campaign team just think V-PG is a slam dunk, so he can ignore the constituents there, concentrating on other regions, but I think that’s a big mistake. If you won’t make yourself available and listen to constituents _during_ an election, what hope will they have if you’re elected, or why would they vote for you in the first place? I think these are important things to think about before putting an X at the ballot box.

    Another bit is that the word is even die-hard Liberals, real Liberals, have had enough of Campbell and the image he’s created for the party. The very obvious swing to a much more extreme right position has caused consternation and discomfort. Most business people and corporations are not that extreme. It’s hard to reconcile the real harm done to Cambie business owners and the BC Liberals lack of support, or help for these businesses to even survive. The optics of the handling of this are VERY bad for the BC Liberals and don’t bode well for other small businesses that will be impacted by large infrastructure projects in the future.

    I understand there is already talk about who will be Campbell’s replacement. And, Harvey, you’re bang on, our former Premier will be well taken care of by his corporate backers, many quiet corporate directorships offered, hmmm, on some power boards I’m sure. I shudder to think about a Senate seat and there would be a LOT of opposition to that.

  12. stephen e-b says:

    If the Liberals win and Campbell loses his seat, expect a coup from George Abbott.

    He already threw Campbell under the bus on long term care beds, helping Carole James nail him at the debate.

  13. genuine says:

    to bad the bus you speak of is not real bus! Id pay to watch that !

  14. RossK says:

    Good point Stephen.

    Although I think it would be Battle Royale against the Red Meat Faction….


  15. DMJ says:

    Since we are on the subject of who will replace Campbell, win or lose, Falcon’s name come to the top of the fetid pool.

    But Susan Heyes lawsuit may sink the bird and even may keep the Senate free of Campbell himself.

    BC Railgate may be replaced by RAVgate. Time will tell.

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