Canada/Allies MUST Respond to China’s Treachery!

They’re home! Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig are back in Canada. Welcome!

And Meng Wanzhou returned to China after admitting in a US Court via Zoom from Vancouver that she had helped “conceal the company’s direct dealings in Iran, which violated U.S. sanctions”, as the Washington Post reported.

The misrepresentation and deception by Huawei,the company started by her father and where Meng is Chief Financial Officer, placed the HSBC Bank in jeopardy of breaking US law.

But that MUST NOT be the end of Canada and its allies’ response to China’s blatant kidnapping and imprisonment … complete with mock farcical “trials” …. of two completely innocent businessmen.

The speed with which the two Michaels were released within MINUTES of Meng leaving Canada is stark PROOF they were VICTIMS of blatantly open bullying, intimidation and hostage diplomacy by China.

And never forget: even though President Xi Jinping knew of their innocence, China held the two Michaels in regular Chinese prisons, renowned worldwide for their harshness and miserable conditions, instead of placing them under house arrest in apartments or hotels.

For more than 1,000 days!

Extreme cruelty by a despicable regime!

Especially since in Canada , Meng spent her 1,000 days in her $11 million Shaughnessy mansion … with servants and even being permitted to receive visitors.

Clearly, Xi has spat on the Canada-China friendship that began in 1970, when Canada was one of the first Western nations to establish full diplomatic relations, and that had been carefully cultivated, cherished and expanded by leaders of both nations and peoples …. until Xi took power.


The two Michaels travesty was just part of world-wide treachery China has practiced and has come to known for under Xi.

The free world has widely condemned the genocide taking place against its Muslim Uighurs; the last vestiges of real democracy in Hong Kong have been wiped out; a signed 50-year agreement with the UK was ripped up; anyone who dared speak TRUTH in China or in Hong Kong has been arrested, imprisoned; Internet censorship/blocking is worse than ever; Chinese aggression in the South China Seas has been expanded; and not just Canada, but other countries including Australia, Japan and Taiwan have felt the bad breath and scorching heat of the Chinese dragon!

The Michaels are home.

But the free world should not yet expand or even restore its diplomatic or economic or even cultural dealings with the Chinese Communist dictatorship.

Clearly, China cannot be trusted … on ANY level under Xi!

The FREE world MUST take a stand:

BOYCOTT the Beijing Olympics;

Restrict economic deals, investments and trade to no more than the absolutely essential;

Protect our security by denying Huawei or any high-tech firms from China ANY role in developing 5-G in Canada;

Curtail cultural links, exchanges and severely limit the number of students from China;

Counter China’s growing attempts to buy friends and influence people in Africa and South America; and,

Bring a FORMAL complaint against China before the World Court and and the UN Human Rights for its genocide against the Uighurs.

It MUST NOT be business as usual … until China gets rid of Xi’s dictatorship … and rejoins the world of civil and civilized nations.

Harv Oberfeld

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20 Responses to Canada/Allies MUST Respond to China’s Treachery!

  1. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, much as I may agree with your proposals of how to deal with China, I would not hold my breath for anything to change. Power Corp., the de facto government of Canada, have too much invested with China to allow PMJT to effect any sanctions on them. Thinking especially of Jean Chretien in this matter.
    PMJT himself, is probably hoping for a big top up of the PET foundation’s bank account. Have to pay all those friendly reporters on the board their stipends you know.
    Justin will play the hard-nosed politico, who single-handedly took on the Chinese government, and secured the release. He has already, evidently, had the photo-op with the two of them in Calgary. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so tragic for these two men and their families. At least they are home!

    (Response: The issue of China’s substantially increased aggressivity and decreased humanity under Xi goes far beyond any politician’s personal interests: several nations are grappling last to stand up to China and its ignoring of even basic rule of law. No one wants armed conflicts but I believe economic pressure from an alliance of states would bring results that would restore some sort of ethics to China’s actions .. and maybe even help those struggling domestically for basic human rights. h.o)

    • Steve Cooley says:

      Pet peeve, unexplained abbreviations. I was taught in school that the first time I named something, I has to write it out in full and if I wanted to repeat the name I had to put the abbreviation in brackets after the complete name. Only then could I use the abbreviation.

      An unexplained abbreviation reduces the impact of the essay.

      • Rainclouds says:

        Pet Peeve, sanctimonious nitpicking that does nothing to inform is one of mine.

        Back to China. Yes boycotting the Beijing Olympics would send a strong message, but only if the western democracies are also on board. That corrupt evil regime needs a slap in the face.

        (Response: I agree: A boycott by Canada alone won’t have much impact on China …except embarrass them a bit …but a boycott by several nations would embarrass Xia lot. We MUST do it …to send a message that China badly needs to hear! h.o)

  2. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Pretty silly for China to automatically release the two Michaels.

    Don’t get me wrong: it’s great that they are home and safe — but I fully expected China to drag their feet and go through a few months of hearings and paper shufflings, then quietly release the men on a long weekend.

    This move makes them look abundantly guilty.

    (I have to wonder if everything was timed up to not give Trudeau a ratings boost on Election Day, making more chance of a minority govt. )

    (Response: Yes, it did look like a dumb move: you would think they would wait another few weeks or so to claim there was no linkage. But the word is Biden personally or his administration were quite blunt about what China had done and insisted they be released immediately … maybe not trusting China to keep its word … which clearly these days is worth NOTHING! h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      China’s new, muscle flexing, arrogance against all things Western.
      They dont care how they are viewed by Western Democracies.
      After Donald Trump and our Covid incompetance
      They view us as corrupt, dysfunctional , aging and on the down hill slide.

      Google China’s new “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy and see just how bad it will get.
      War with China is inevitable.
      Probably over Taiwan where 80% of the worlds micro chips are manufactured.
      3 to 5 years max.

      (Response: I think they (and Russia too) also see our leaders ..perhaps quite rightly …as all talk and little or no action. Lots of huff and puff …but in the end, financially greedy ..and dependent on their markets and cheap goods. BUT I sense things ARE changing … because the threat and aggressively from China is becoming too disruptive to ignore. h.o)

  3. e.a.f. says:

    I’d suggest the deal was that the two Michaels would be released as soon a Meng was on her jet. while the news was on, my impression was the two Michael cleared Chinese air space at the same time Meng cleared Canada’s. give the work which went into this, 3 weeks in the U.S.A. negotiating, I suspect the deal to let Meng go was on the condition the two Michaels would also be released.

    I do not know why people to go countries like China or other countries which don’t have the usual human rights things down pat, etc. People know these countries are not like Canada, U.S.A., western europe. You couldn’t pay me to go to China. their judicial system isn’t a true judicial system. Its used to “mange” people with threats of prison, etc. They also kill people.

    It might be a good idea if the other governments put a notification out there advising their citizens to not travel there, its dangerous. Canada issues advisories when there are wars going on, diseases running rampant, etc. The government ought to educate Canadians on the fact China’s legal system is not like ours. China will be all upset as usual, but who cares. Let them be upset. Canada might start with eliminating and sending home all those organizations which are here from China trying to convince us they’re just a nice bunch of peace loving politicians.

    China is never going to “play nice” or “mind their manners”. They’re like North Korea and Russia and any other number of uncivilized countries. China is like a bunch of jackals and ought to be treated as such. No invites to our country, Limit the number of tourists coming from there, limit the number of diplomats they can have here because they’re just spying.

    (Response: China is a beautiful country. I have been there, had a great time and found it absolutely fascinating. To stand on the Wall, to stroll on Shanghai’s “bund” , to tour the Forbidden City and. most of all, to stand and stare at the thousands of clay soldiers unearthed at Xian is a riveting and humbling experience. And China was making progress in opening up over the decades. It’s a shame that the Xi dictatorship has sent it backwards in terms of human rights internally and respect for other countries internationally. It’s no accident that Xi’s China cozies up so easily to brutal dictatorships and corrupt regimes. And it’s unfortunate that I could never go back… this blog no doubt violates China’s Security Law … because we discuss/pursue the TRUTH, not just regurgitate government-approved propaganda! h.o)

  4. Not Sure says:

    I will not pretend to be any kind of expert on China but when G Barry mentioned whether the timing had something to do with the election I was reminded of this twitter thread I came across the other day. Ian Young is the Vancouver based correspondent for South China Morning News. The thread explains what he sees as negative reaction to the Conservatives in some ridings with large Chines populations. He thinks it may have something to do with the Conservatives platform that called for stronger response to China. He also wonders about a disinformation campaign, maybe the one that RIsasak referred to in your previous post.

    In his thread Young includes a thread by another twitter user discussing the same thing. I have separated it out here.

    The US is worried about Russian and Chinese interference in their elections. Should we be as well. And how do we combat this whole mess without putting Chinese-Canadians at risk.

    (Response: We must never equate or automatically hold responsible Chinese people … here or in China … with the actions of the Chinese government. Some of the bravest people I have seen, in the face of the heavy hand of China’s dictators, brutal police and heavy-handed security forces are Chinese artists, lawyers, bloggers, media owners and writers, local community organizers and even ordinary workers and students. But I have no doubt that China (Russia too) have people here, enjoying the benefits of a free society, but whose loyalty is to the Communist dictatorship overseas. And when they break the laws here or try to undercut out elections, they should be charged as foreign agents and if convicted, get more than a slap on the wrist. h.o)

  5. Harry Lawson says:


    I agree with everything you say however much of it is a lie in the sky dream.

    Various governments around the world will give slot of verbage and token sanctions.akin to giving a billionaire a $100 time why because of economic dependency.

    The blatant and obvious hostage diplomacy was to send a message to all.

    Thuggery at its best.

    As we watch things heat up between Australia and China aswell as China Taiwan heat up now many countries will be reluctant to speak out for fear of hostage diplomacy?

    (Response: What you suggest was certainly the truth until very recently. But I think the BIG Western powers now recognize it’s time to deal with China’s expansionist aggressions, bullying, kidnapping, tearing up treaties, crackdown on even basic human rights, assault on Hong Kong and even genocide against one of its own minorities. A big green light for that is there are now available alternative sources (India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand) for much of China’s cheap goods, so we CAN take stand up to them and squeeze Xi where it really hurts. h.o)

  6. Richard Skelly says:

    In the short term, the thing to watch is whether the Trudeau government outright bans Canadian telecom and internet carriers from purchasing 5G and other technology and equipment from Huawei.

    We are a part of the so-called Five Eyes intelligence/security pact with the U.S., Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Those other four nations have banned Huawei from bidding on contracts within their borders. The concern is that software running any Huawei system could conceivably be programmed to spy on governments, businesses and private citizens.

    Some Canadian firms, such as Telus, have given up waiting for a decision from Ottaw and are using other multinationals’ equipment to build out 5G. The Trudeau government was dithering on this matter even before the Two Michaels were taken hostage. Certainly no one expected a negative-to-Huawei decision in the intervening 1,000-plus days they were incarcerated. But now that they’re home, one might expect a decision by, say, early in the new year.

    If Trudeau and his cabinet continue to dither, allies will likely conclude we are not reliable in standing up to to the Xi regime and thus cannot be trusted. Indeed, some analysts believe our ambivalent stances on China was why we were kept out of the loop and not informed until the last minute about the nuclear submarine deal involving Australia, Great Britain and the U.S.

    (Response: Canada has no nuclear-powered or armed navy vessels, and apparently has no intention of going in that direction, so there was no reason we, or many other allies, would have been kept “in the loop” during the top secret negotiations over the submarine deal. As for 5-G, it’s time for Canada to toss some egg on Xi’s face and loudly and publicly announce, for security reasons, ALL Chinese high tech companies cannot be part of Canada’s 5-G development. And there MUST be other consequences as well … especially economic, but cultural as well, for China so they understand their aggressions, bullying, kidnapping, cyber-hacking etc. under Xi will no longer be accepted or rewarded. h.o)

  7. r says:

    When it comes to Canada leadership were cooked spaghetti when it comes to China?

    (Response: You sure you don’t mean cooked rice? h.o)

  8. Marge says:

    The release of the woman just confirms what I suspected when I saw the Liberals take the Richmond ridings. Her release for a pro Liberal outcome in “Chinese” ridings. It’s all politics and the only people who paid were the two Michaels rotting in those Chinese prisons.

    (Response: The US President and his Administration wouldn’t even be aware, let alone give a HOOT about any particular Canadian riding result in an election. The Meng deal involved much larger AMERICAN interests, and the two Michaels resolution was just part of that overall US/China interaction … nothing to do with the Richmond election result! h.o)

  9. Stu de Baker says:

    You folks don’t really believe this Canada/China two for one swap, happened Thursday morning, out of the blue, do you?

    Prisoner swaps have been part of diplomacy for a very long time and I expect multiple scenarios were talked about, negotiated and agreed to long ago.

    BTW, from your last blog:
    Not Sure says:
    September 25, 2021 at 10:26 am.

    “And sadly, Harvey, it is not up to anybody else to dig up that evidence for YOUR theory. It’s on you or someone that agrees with your conclusion.”

    That’s THE best line I have read in this blog…ever. And it applies in everyday life, every time someone has a beef with someone or something; “they should do something.”

    (Response: I suspect you and Not Sure are just trolling, or spinning a cover up, with the suggestion that when people see something that looks like improper may have been done, it’s up to the citizen(s) themselves to ferret out the “evidence”. With that kind of thought, the fiasco(s) at the BC Lottery Corporation would never have been exposed; the nefarious dealings of SNC Lavalin would remain shrouded in secrecy; and there would be a lot of crimes going unproven and unpunished! Societies have numerous well-staffed and well-financed supervisory bodies, as well as three levels police whose jobs it is to go out and investigate and get the evidence if any wrong-doing appears possible. Remember… the famous saying is “See something, say something!” … not “See something; check it out yourself!” Now THAT is the BEST line of this blog topic!!! 🙂 h.o)

  10. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Quote from a Washington Post article: In a letter written from the plane, Meng returned the sentiment. “Under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, our motherland is becoming more glorious; without the might of the motherland, I would not have today’s freedom,” she wrote, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

    End quote.

    Sounds like something of North Korea!

    Article here… hopefully no one runs into pay walls:

    (Response: Her father is purportedly the richest man in China; so she has lots to give thanks for in the way Xi lost face, sacrificed China’s ethics (limited as they are), reputation and, I believe, willingness to pay a huge price economically over the next several years …just to get her back. Even ADMITTING wrongdoing with her actions, and embarrassingly letting the Canadians go immediately as part of the deal, showing how they WERE kidnapped, held on phony charges. The WORLD was watching …and hopefully has learned: don’t do any more business with Xi’s China than is absolutely necessary …and NEVER trust them! h.o)

  11. e.a.f. says:

    read the rest of the comments, and responses. Yes, strong actions are required, but in my opinion, it will not have the desired impact on Xi. If the country needs money, because of a loss of business, he’ll simply get it from the corporate elite. It will be, give me the money or you or your loved ones go to jail. Xi isn’t going to stop just because we don’t like him or what he does.

    Some of Xi’s actions remind me of the cultural revolution Mao had. Expect more of the same from Xi and have a re read of the Cultural Revolution. My take on things is, Xi is trying to bring under his control the billionaires of China, just as he is sending a message to other countries, do as I say or we kidnap your citizens.

    Canada ought not to use China’s 5G equipment. We can’t be sure it will be “safe” and what do we owe them anyhow. they still have some of our citizens and we’re not going to get them back.

    Trudeau needs to take a hardier line with China. Canada doesn’t need to do business with them. We have options.

    When Trump was meeting with Xi other interest in the U.S.A. hired “shrinks” to observe Trump to get a better grasp on his pyschological state. They concluded to no one’s surprise he was a narcist. What was interesting was they determined Xi was also. He like Mao will stop at nothing to achieve their own goals, even if it means damaging China.

    Totally agree there are some amazingly brave people in China who fight back. I’ve seen some of the documentaries on them. It was truly amazing when some scientists started fighting on behalf of farmers whose land was being polluted by the state factories and that was about 30 years ago.

    Xi was emboldened by the success of his actions in Hong Kong. His bullying military tactics on the ocean and in the air and not stopping. He isn’t going to give up. The sooner Canada puts real distance between us and Xi’s China the better off we will be. Canadians ought to stay out of China or they could find themselves in Chinese jails.

    (Response: Despite the fact that China is run/ruled by the Communist Party, it is a capitalist economy… of some of the worst kinds! In fact, it’s ironic that in the “people’s” republic, pay and working conditions in most of the factories are abysmal, compared to our society; worker safety is appalling; pollution of the air and waters nearby villages is widespread and millionaires with connections are free, even assisted by the government, to seize properties, even houses held by families for generations, to establish/expand industrial sites … with little compensation being paid those who are evicted. So if we hit China where it hurts …by curtailing any expansion of our economic ties, and maybe even cutting them where we can, I have no doubt the impact will hurt Xi and there will be a lot of pressure to change course. h.o)

  12. Jimbo says:

    I am so glad e.a.f. abbreviates – so I need to read no farther (to be brief).

  13. Gilbert says:

    I agree that tough action is needed but I don’t expect it. In some ways, Prime Minister Trudeau is similar to his father. He’s never met a Communist he doesn’t like!

  14. RIsaak says:

    Power cuts hit homes in north-east China

    Maybe a further curtailing of coal shipments to the PRC (People’s Republic of China), they seem to be running a tad short of coal.

    A great multi-tasking slam dunk, the environment will benefit and all the Christy Clark talking points about a Massey bridge (really just a lame excuse to get BC commuters to pay to increase draft in the lower Fraser so Chinese ships could have loaded more coal while the US has a moratorium on coal exports on the west coast) are proven to be moot.

    The new US/UK/Aussie nuclear submarine deal is what Xi understands, unicorn farts & ladybugs (Trudeau & Garneau’s currency of choice) completely miss the mark. Canada cannot even decide what jets, ships, gender treatment or uniforms we want to equip our troops with, Xi knows this. The militarization of the south China sea is real, Taiwan & Hong Kong are not going to end well and much of the world watches on their PRC made electronics. China has for years been putting their belt & road foreign infrastructure plan into action. They lend money to third world nations to secure future access to ports etc., an effort which has entrenched PRC fifth column operatives in many nations. Xi & Co. have a very well conceived plan, they are buying access to transport & shipping worldwide, even permeating our industry here.

    Our Canadian universities are addicted to higher tuition paid by foreign students, the spaces occupied by these foreign students need to be filled by Canadian kids, the university boards & faculty should reign in some of their wasteful spending habits & get back to educating our youth for a very challenging future.

    I spent almost 3 decades living in Richmond, interacting with many folks of Chinese origin & I still do talk to some of them. The average Chinese citizen is not what we get applying to live here, the average citizen from China will never leave China, the folks we get are mostly the ruling class & economically flush. The fifth column is already well established in Canada, evidence abounds for the open eyed to see. Many of the quiet, hard working, happy to contribute to Canadian society, folks of Chinese origin are far from fifth column, most fled the authoritarian clutches of the PRC for self preservation reasons and these are the type of immigrants we need. Not the satellite kids in a multi million dollar home, driving an exotic sports car while attending UBC ( University of Bejing in Canada). Our task should be to ferret out the fifth column, not welcome it as I’ve seen the LPC do in Richmond. Our businesses will do fine without much of the PRC trade we currently have, (reference the PM’s concerns on SNC, the projects would not go unbuilt, jobs would not be lost, just other businesses would fill the gap & they all need workers, just a different co. name on the payee line for the project).

    I think the Liberal party of Canada has many members who hail from the PRC, many of our NGOs (non-government organizations) in the transport industry are full of Chinese & many have Chinese businesses are heavily represented on the board level. The web of the PRC is very wide and well entrenched in our nation, this fact requires caution and careful steps to change, steps we cannot rely upon the Trudeau crew to take on our behalf.

    (Response: I suspect the Canadian government and our security services already know of local Chinese here in Canada who really act as agents for communist china… applying pressure and perhaps intimidating local Chinese should they ever stand up and criticize “the homeland“. there is nothing wrong with being proud of or admiring your ancestral homeland, but if they start representing their interests here by intimidating people, that is something the Canadian government should look at. A couple of arrests and charges against people who are guilty… would certainly go along way to at least getting even for the arrest and arbitrary detention of the two Michael‘s, who are innocent! H.o)

  15. D. M. Johnston says:

    China is a vile dictatorship, ruled by the Peoples Liberation Army; China’s current leader or emperor is a vile dictator.

    Canada should immediately announce the country’s non participation in the Beijing winter Olympics and Canadians now going to China should have exit visas, allowing them to visit the country.

    I do not think Trudeau has the stomach for that because the Chinese will retaliate by withdrawing their students studying here, which would mean a collapse of our education system as it has become dependent on foreign students, especially Chines foreign students.

    (Mind you the upshot of this is that schools will have to go back teaching real subjects instead of the pap today, which is more than politically correct piffle.)

    I love how the release of the Canadian hostages and the SNC Lavalin scandal came just days after Trudeau was re-elected in his $600 million cabinet shuffle.

    Trudeau’s liberals, has turned Canada from a minor player to a non player and I am waiting for baited breathe for him to prove me wrong.

    (Response: are used to believe Canada could do things on its own to stand up for human rights, but I think that would not have much of an effect to any of the brutal dictator ships in the world. We really need our allies to join with us… And perhaps even lead to set the example and come up with a plan to force China and other dictatorships that brutalize their own people and aggressively attack other nations to pay a price for doing so. That’s about all that will really make them change. But we have to do it! h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      Australia sees whats coming and are preparing for it.

      Canada blithely prattles on while pandering to more politically correct niceties as China prepares for world domination.

      One wonders if Trudeau and the unicorn Woke crowd will finally get it when our ferries, Navy ships and container ships are being torpedoed in Georgia Straight.

      Somehow I doubt it.

  16. Robert Hull says:

    I agree fully with taking action against China over this, however this will never happen as our glorious leader Justin will do nothing to harm his buddy Xi. Trudeau has indebted Canada so deep to the Chinese by borrowing, that just like country’s like South Africa we are now in there control. If you don’t believe that just look at our voting record in the UN.

    (Response: I agree… Trudeau/Canada has been very weak in dealing with China’s aggression, bullying and blackmail. But we can’t do much alone: we need comprehensive, combined substantive by several nations …including much bigger and more powerful than Canada. I think we may be already seeing the start of that .. as the US, UK and Australia strengthen their coordination and alliances. I sure hope so! h.o)

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