Canada/US Road Border Could REOPEN by Late Summer … Without Quarantine!

America’s northern border towns and cities are hurting … REALLY hurting.

From Point Roberts, to Blaine, Bellingham, Wa. to Minot, North Dakota, to Buffalo and Plattsburg, NY to Burlington VT and dozens of other US border communities, the closure has had a devastating, crippling economic impact.

Much worse on them than the larger Canadian cities north of the border that FEED them … literally.

In 2019, Canadians made 43.8 MILLION visits to the US; Americans made 14.9 million to Canada.

Beginning last June, US Congress members began a concerted bipartisan effort to get the northern border re-opened:

“We are asking that the United States and Canada immediately craft a comprehensive framework for phased reopening of the border based on objective metrics and accounting for the varied circumstances across border regions,” read the letter, which was published on Western New York Congressman Brian Higgins’ website on July 3,” reported CTV News.

Canada said a flat NO!

After all, the US was experiencing an appalling Covid spread/illness and death rate: almost no one in Canada wanted Americans here.

” “Decisions about Canada’s border are made by Canadians, for Canadians,” said an External Affairs spokesperson.

Here’s the full article:

“During the pandemic daily life has been uprooted in many ways for all of us, but for communities dependent upon cross-border interactions, life has completely halted,” seven US Congress members wrote in a letter to Biden a few weeks ago, according to the Blaine Northern Light newspaper.

“The United States, and Washington state specifically, share a deep social and economic bond with our neighbors to the north, and we must make meaningful progress in shaping a collaborative plan for safely reopening the border.”

You can read that article here:,16012.

Well, times are a’changing … finally!

To date, the US has already vaccinated 57.3 million people … 29.8% of them now fully protected. And President Joe Biden has said the US will have/produce enough vaccine for every American by the ends of May.

Canada is also ramping up: Prime Minister Trudeau’s prediction that every Canadian who wants to be vaccinated will be vaccinated by September appears now to not only be achievable … but even beatable.

With four vaccines now approved, and Pfizer promising expedited delivery of millions more than earlier scheduled, things are looking up in Canada too,

Barring any future glitches or blockages: and that’s where the US will come in.

The Americans know that, in Canada, only 930,000 Canadians have so far had even one vaccine dose: only 2.47% of our population.

Watch for Biden to lift the embargo on exports of vaccines to Canada by May.

It’s already in the interests of the US … and its suffering northern border towns and cities … to help Canada catch up to the US vaccination rate. And get the majority of populations on BOTH sides of the border vaccinated by mid to late Summer.

Biden and his administration also know that will help Trudeau in any upcoming election campaign … especially one in the Fall.

And let’s keep it real: environmentally and climate driven Democrats would rather have the Trudeau/Liberals retain power in Canada than have the O’Toole/Conservatives take over.

So I predict that will be the KEY to re-opening those “never closed” gates at the US/Canada land border for VACCINATED travelers around August or September … without quarantine!

Proof of Vaccination certificates or Government-issued App code will be required … providing protection for people on both sides of the border, and also introducing a new incentive for those reluctant to take the jab.

It could all even become part of a formal US/Canada Health Protection Agreement that will treat the two countries (maybe even including Mexico) as a North American health bubble: making road travel WITHIN North America easier.

All of this conditional on no new major surge in the pandemic, and while still maintaining heavily restricted/controlled air access from overseas … including continuing quarantine for all overseas arrivals … and also maintaining the quarantine requirement for Canada/US flight passengers without Vaccine Certificates.

Speculation? Yes. Hypothetical? Yes.

Now watch it happen.

Harv Oberfeld

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51 Responses to Canada/US Road Border Could REOPEN by Late Summer … Without Quarantine!

  1. Not Sure says:

    Nothing to add Harvey. The sooner everybody is vaccinated and things get back to normal, the better. I imagine some people here will be upset at your Biden helping Trudeau win but I will stay out of that.

  2. D.M. Johnston says:

    I think you are spot on, except I think the border opening will be in September because from what I can see, the NDP are botching the vaccine roll out. Too complicated, too bureaucratic, too NDP.

    Barring a vaccine resistant Covid-19+ emerging, I think September will be the date.

    (Response: Well, Summer officially ends Sept 21 …so we may both be right! 🙂 h.o.)

  3. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Watch for this word in the coming days and weeks: “Fluvoxamine.” A bit easier to pronounce than “Hydroxychloroquine” — and it MAY be a big key in kicking COVID into the manageable category.

    ’60 Minutes’ did a piece on it this evening and — in limited testing so far, it was 100% effective in preventing severe illness and death. So: it’s a treatment, rather than a preventative vaccine. It’s also cheaper than $1.00 per pill AND it’s already being used to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so it’s approved and its minor side-effects (possible nausea) are known.

    If further testing is also successful, we’ll have a cheap, effective tool to blow COVID out of the water. People won’t have to fear getting the disease and life can get back to mostly-normal.

    It may even clean up a few mental problems! 🙂

  4. 13 says:

    Well Harvey when you get your vaccine certificate send me a photo copy so I can make one for myself. To this date my oncologist has said no to any covid vaccine. For this reason and a few others Im not in favor of having a “certificate ” to travel.
    Having said that we are all assuming that the trillions of doses of vaccine that Justin has promised will indeed arrive. Then we need to assume that justins good buddy John is going to manage a flawless system of vaccine delivery.

    (Response: My premise is certainly dependent on vaccines arriving and being distributed to all who will/can take them. If that happens in enough numbers by mid to late Summer, the easing of the border will begin. For those who won’t/can’t take it, I predict the road border will remain closed least for some time. h.o)

  5. Baker says:

    (Edited…off topic)

    Unless there are new wrinkles, like a surge in Canadian cases, I can see the border POSSIBLY (see, I can shout too) reopening in September.

    Minister Dix, when clarifying “normalcy” said “no international travel this summer” so he must know something, we don’t.

    I don’t know how long it takes for the US Senate to plod along, but this Bill, just may make Trudeau blink:,percent%20drop%20in%20revenue%20statewide.

    What I find ironic, is the typically political hypocrisy of how the AK lawmakers kicked their own in the privates over the AK to PR ferry in 2019.

    (Response: If the politicians want to, they can act VERY quickly … on both sides of the border. When it comes to the land border, the challenge for the Americans is that while their border towns/cities are hurting a lot, the closure actually benefits the feds here to some extent: forces millions of Canadians to shop for groceries, clothes, gas and dairy etc in Canada ..generating increased revenues in sales and GST taxes! And while the loss of cruise ships hurts, many of the hotels and resorts in Canada that used to see Americans could see a lot more locals and other Canadians later this Summer and Fall. h.o)

  6. Baker says:

    To my comment about Minister Dix:…ctions-summer/

    “Dix explains, even if everyone gets their first dose of vaccine before July 1, some restrictions could still be in place well into autumn. Being immunized against COVID-19 by Canada Day doesn’t mean you’ll be free to leave the country or attend a music festival.”

    If we might be restricted from leaving the country, logic says others will be restricted from entry.

  7. BMCQ says:

    Agree with much of your essay Harvey, I can only voice my own opinion and speculate but I think most or all of the points you make could very well come to fruition .

    I believe that POTUS Biden will very soon see the advantages, righteousness, responsibility, and obligation to reach out to Canada and provide any number of Vaccines for the Canadian people . It really only makes sense .

    Having said that I do not in any way criticize the U.S. or any other country for looking after the needs of their own population first . I would expect the same from any Canadian Government and Prime Minister if the shoe was on the other foot .

    As to Canadians wanting to keep the border on lockdown ?

    I find it incredible that Canadians may VERY SOON “Find themselves on the outside looking in” when the U.S., the now free UK, The EU, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, and so many other First World Nations have basically full vaccination and Canada is still bumping along at a snails pace barely getting the “Jab” of any brand into the arms of Canadians .

    There is a very good chance that it is Canadians that will be “Locked Out” of visiting foreign lands, being stuck in Canada and not being able to visit friends, loved ones, and tourist spots in other world destinations because we are basically “Toxic” .

    We will also more than likely suffer from the complete loss of the cruise Ship Season and almost all other tourism other than that of the domestic variety .

    Unfortunately Canadians remaining in Canada and spending their tourist dollars here will only fill the void and make up less than than 15% of the tourist dollars needed to keep the tourism industry and restaurants afloat .

    In the meantime a very low number of Canadians will be able to acquire a Vaccine Passport to travel anywhere much before the end of October .

    Just how much confidence do any of you have with the very very late Roll Out of vaccine distribution and the promises given actually being anywhere near to the time line now claimed ?

    Baker said, “Logic says others will be restricted from entry” .

    Please explain, why would we restrict anyone from entering Canada that might have a Vaccine Passport ?

    If that was to be the case WHY would Canada or any other country for that matter allow anyone to enter after they were vaccinated > To me that is very flawed logic, but then what do I know ?

    That stance would then beg the following question,

    “Have YOU NO confidence in the vaccines” ?

    (Edited…off topic h.o)

    (Response: I’m not sure that Canadians would make up only 15% of the $$$ previously spent by Americans. As I noted in the blog piece, more than 48 million visits by Canadians going south were recorded in 2019; compared to 14 million Americans coming our way. Those Canadians … if they can travel within Canada instead of heading south, can more than make up the loss from Americans staying home or being kept out. h.o)

  8. e.a.f. says:

    Being a proponent of closed borders during the pandemic, I’m O.K. with the opening of the border IF vaccine progress is made. If there are vaccine passports, in my opinion there won’t be much of a problem. I would want to see the actual passport carry a vaccine stamp in it.

    Things have been difficult for the economy and people’s emotional well being during the border closure, but better broke and unhappy than dead. You can recover your mental health and your money as long as you’re alive. If opening the border is the leverage the federal government can use to get vaccine from the U.S.A., GOOD! It would be even better if Mexico were incorporated into this because we do have a large number of Canadians who travel to Mexico and live there. The Americans will make money selling their vaccines. Its a win all the way round.

    The American news, this morning is reporting Mexican resturants in Texas are being threatened with ICE raids if the resturants insist on customers and staff continuing to wear masks. Therefore given the attitude of some American politicians and government staff, we in my opinion, will have to be very clear, people will need to have vaccine passports which are tamper proof, in fact they ought to become part of the actual passports which people carry. Last evenings news reported on COVID long haulers and some people have had COVID twice. Vaccines will be important.

    When you write about northern American states suffering from the border closure, I do recall reading some time ago, the biggest customer 9 of those American states have is Canada. We do have truckers moving things, but its all the other business, which isn’t getting done or being done slowly which will improve things all around.

    Agree Biden would rather have Trudeau as P.M. than O’Toole, but then according to some reports O”Toole is having problems with some of his party. Lets hope the party doesn’t “kill off” O’Toole during covid. We need at least 3 or 4 viable parties to have a good democracy and a fun fall election where all Canadians have choice.

    G Barry Stewart, read about that. Your last line gave me a good laugh! thanks. I can see it now: How they solved the covid and mental health crisis in one shot.

    Your analysis of the situation is good. About all the betting pool will be able to have is the dates of opening of the border.

    (Response: Vaccination must be the key to people crossing the border either way without quarantining. People have the right to refuse the vaccine, but that does not give them the right to endanger others, so they should either stay put where they are or be willing to quarantine when they travel. h.o)

  9. Not Sure says:

    From an optimist to the pessimists.

    I was hoping that I wouldn’t feel the urge to comment again. I thank Harvey for posting something positive. Maybe the timeline for opening the border is too optimistic as Baker pointed out but remember Harvey’s Feb 1 piece on the failure of the federal government and how lucky we were that they weren’t organizing our toilet paper supply. Now five weeks later we are discussing how soon we will be opening the border and how we might be further ahead of the original schedule.

    What’s not to like.

    Yes there may be some bumps down the road. And yes, we still have to be careful about being overly confident. And yes we aren’t out of the woods yet. But as bad as Trudeau and Horgan may or may not be, they are bit players in this. We are led by thousands of people – Public Health Officers and their teams and dedicated health care providers like doctors, nurses, pharmacists and public health clinics to get us vaccinated.

    I am going to take a deep breath. I am looking forward to my vaccine and I will continue to take all precautions (masking, limited interactions, following guidelines) even if/as some restrictions are loosened.

    Really, right now is a feel good time. Take advantage.

    (Response: Far be it for me to want to burst your happiness bubble, but from what I’ve heard the BC government’s first vaccination appointment scheduling today for the over 90s, my prediction of open borders by September may prove to be optimistic. Maybe 2022! It was disgraceful: people taking hours to get through by phone, then waiting on line for hours more only to be cut off and having to start again; and no way for their family members or friends to register them online. Really! Thousands upon thousands to be registered and no way to register on line … in 2021!! People have to phone in, if the get through, wait hours to give all the details required to an operator who writes it al down! BC NDP’s 2021 Covid Vaccine Plan! Incredible! Apparently, on-line sign in coming LATER. Huh??? Later? With months to prepare, they couldn’t get it done by now. Only government could turn such a positive story negative. h.o)

  10. Baker says:

    Gosh Harvey, you can sure tailor things to suit; “It was disgraceful: people taking hours to get through by phone, then waiting on line for hours more…”

    What was disgraceful to me was 1.6% of BC’s population (80,000) were qualified to regester today and 34% (1.7 million) had tried to butt in by 10am.

    How can any reasonable call centre organizer prepare for that nonsence?

    (Response; My own reaction initially was similar to yours…but then I heard EVERY call to the numbers was recorded as a call, even if they didn’t get through. thousands and thousands had to call hundreds of times each just to get through …to be dropped or hung up on by the system after they had waited for hours. Then they had to call back … maybe a hundred times more! This was a screwup … incompetence, despite so many months to prepare! And the NDP government MUST take the responsibility. h.o)

  11. 13 says:

    @not sure, if I may Im still a bit puzzled when a new voice appears and defends the government. Maybe Im a bit cynical but I wonder if they showed up or were sent. Thats my problem not yours. In your 4th paragraph you point out the real leaders as” public health officers and their teams and dedicated health care providers like doctors nurses, pharmacists and public health clinics to get us vaccinated.” I couldnt agree more those named deserve our thanks as they have lived this nightmare day in and day out

  12. BMCQ says:

    No doubt thousands of selfish, entitled morons tried to jump the queue for those over 90 and the rest of that group and secure appointments but the majority of those high numbers were just as Harvey has mentioned, thousands of deserving 90 year olds plus and their handlers/loved ones who were doing their best to navigate a very flawed system which was supposed to provide them with a life saving treatment by vaccine .

    Why are any of YOU surprised ? I am surprised YOU are surprised, what does it take to convince you/we the “Great Unwashed” are governed by a bunch of imbecilic morons who would have trouble finding new born calves at the 4H Club .

    Trust me, this is just the beginning, the over 9o age group is the group with the least number of people kind in it than any other identifiable group in B.C. unless you are talking about that age group older than 105 .

    If this was not such a tragedy and a danger to ALL Age Groups over 60 it would be laughable and worthy of a Saturday Night Live skit but these continual delays by the Horgan Government are putting lives at great risk and in fact endangering the lives of over 1.5 million people .

    COME ON PEOPLE, let’s admit it, Horgan, the Government, Dr. Bonnie, Dr. Ballem, and the rest of them are beginning to look like the “Gang that can’t shoot straight” .

    At the rate they are going Harvey will be 77 before he or anyone else in his age group gets the Jab of any brand . Honestly I do not see this getting any better, things could get worse and the people of Canada could be desperate and willing to settle for a vaccine developed by Betty Crocker, anything is better than what is now quickly becoming a disaster . A total Cluster “F” if there ever was one . Shame !

    Why are so many on this blog and in media so quick to defend Canadian PM Justin, Horgan, the B.C. Government Dr. Ballem and the rest that are failing us right before our eyes ? Do you think things will get better as we attempt to register those in age group brackets that have even higher numbers of arms requiring jabs ? This will only get worse .

    Media should be sounding the alarm on this, instead they fall into line behind the government just like the poor Hostage Prince Harry who is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome falls into line behind his loving wife .

    Once again, the people of Canada and B.C. deserve much much better .

    Happy belated Birthday Harvey !

    (Response: Thanks. You are correct in noting the over 90s is the smallest population segment to register. Kind of scary to even imagine what it will like to get through when those in their 70s try to register! Hopefully, unlike the telephone service (or disservice) the on-line will operate 24 hours a day! By the way, if the Betty Crocker vaccine is chocolate …I might lower my efficacy acceptance standard to 75. h.o)

  13. Baker says:

    13, I’m Not Sure it’s a new voice and Harvey; “but then I heard.”

    Isn’t that just “some un-named (person) quoted by a blog commenter”?

  14. Not Sure says:

    @ 13 “when a new voice appears and defends the government… I wonder if they were sent.” Definitely not me. But once again I have been sucked into responding. Just ignore me and I will respond less.

    I don’t think I have defended the government. I just haven’t been hypercritical in a fluid situation.

    For example it took me 10 seconds to type in “phone registration for covid vaccine ontario “to find this story.

    “Toronto will not begin a mass registration of its seniors for COVID-19 vaccination for at least another 12 days because it is waiting for a centrally-run registration program set up by the province to come online, Mayor John Tory said Wednesday.”

    The story is six days old so they are waiting until the 15th. Maybe I was lucky to use Ontario but I am not going to bother looking up every province and state and country. And I am Not Sure when BC will be online but for goodness sake BC is not alone. Every jurisdiction will have blips and bumps.

    I was listening to the Peter Mansbridge podcast today and every Monday he has an medical expert on to give a covid update. Some of the phrasing I used in my previous optimist to pessimist post were straight out of the expert’s mouth. “We are not yet there but things are looking really good.” “There will be problems (this is the first massive vaccination ever) but things are looking good.”

    So I thank Harvey for writing a positive prediction and he can’t even help himself. Within 24 hours he flips. And I am not referring to his criticism of the NDP but to his own prediction.

    Maybe some of you like to ride that emotional roller coaster or maybe some of you just want to remain pessimistic. I just don’t feel like doing either right now. Things do look promising. I am going with that until there is reason to think otherwise. Not Sure what else I can say.

    (Response: Your attempt to defend the BC government’s terrible rollout of vaccine registration actually makes them look even worse! Toronto decided to WAIT for the on-line portal to be set up BEFORE starting bookings: smart move! BC literally put the cart before the horse: began registering people in Vancouver coastal by phone ONLY, with the on-line portal still weeks away! LOL! Hard to believe that the NDP government would be so dumb, so incompetent as to believe using only 1950s technology would work well in a health region serving a population of 1.25 million. Ridiculous! h.o)

  15. 13 says:

    Baker when the pandemic ends and Trudeau returns to BC to grope/ teach/snowboard we shall see. Im hoping that all of the vaccine (ill be kind) problems and the actions taken by Trudeau and his sidekick Horgan are enough to make people vote against them.
    Trudeau sooner and Horgan will ride the entire 4 years of his pandemic election victory
    The percent of British Columbians that chose to attempt to get through on the phone only demonstrates the LACK of confidence in the Horgan crowd to organize the distribution of vaccine.
    Oh yeah how can any reasonable call center organizer……? Ponder that question for a moment. The word reasonable? Its 2021 not 1960. But at least telephones have speed dial to day. At least there are no more party lines. The key pad was a great upgrade from the rotary dial. Telephones are even portable these days. Some can even be used to connect to fancy new tool called the internet. Whoda thunk it? Not the NDP Reasonable LOL

    (Response: I still find it incredible …almost laughable … that with many months to get ready, the government would still have to actually START vaccine registrations in Vancouver Coastal, with a population of 1.25 million, with only telephone access. And one that hangs up on you after three hours of waiting if you even get through! h.o)

  16. e.a.f. says:

    Making phone appointments works well for those who don’t have computers, but if people who ought not to be phoning are, that is not a good thing.

    although most 90 yr olds don’t drive, it would not be a bad idea to open some drive through vaccine sites for people 90 and older. they can drive up and they and their driver be given shots–as a reward for driving their relative or friend. from their bubble.

    the Rachel Maddox show advised this evening, one small state vaccinated 11k people this past weekend at a NASCAR speed way. Her brother and mother in law were two of those who qualified to be vaccinated. Her brother was very excited to get his shot on a NASCAR speedway give he is a big fan. Given we in B.C. all have our medical cards it would be simple to determine age and who was qualified for their shots. That would leave phone lines open for those who needed to use them.

    If the phone system was over whelmed today, the government might want to look at another system. First having to make an appointment and then waiting in line to get the shot, it a lot of waiting. I’d like to see drive through vaccine sites. We might not have a NASCAR speed way, but we do have a lot of mall parking lots. Given we’re used to traffic jams at the PNE, they could be using it for vaccine drive through. They could announce which age groups would be eligible and people would just have to arrive with their passports, driver’s licenses or medical cards. For those who no longer drive due to age, their driver would be “rewarded’ for driving by receiving a shot.

    In smaller towns it might be easier to send in teams who would simply give vaccines at a central drive through spot. Done and dusted–whole town. People who couldn’t make their way there, would be able then to make appointments. It would reduce the number of calls. In many small towns there may only be one or two over the age of 90, etc. It in my opinion would make more sense to vaccinate the whole town on one weekend and we have a lot of small towns in B.C. They could start at Hope, and simply keep going up the highway right up to Prince George. Other teams could start in Hope and go up to Oosoyoos and keep going to Trail, and the Kootenays, etc.

    Yes, using age in some areas makes sense, but in smaller town, just do the whole town in one shot and people’s i.d. would support their place of residence.

    (Response: I’ve seen drive-thru vaccinations taking place in the US and overseas: certainly seems to speed the process up and people seem more comfortable than parking, lining up and then waiting outside or inside for their turn. But since mass vaccinations won’t start in BC until March 15, we don’t yet know how well …or how poorly … the actual vaccine deliveries will go. h.o)

  17. BMCQ says:

    I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist, in my business we are focused on math and physics each and every day alloying non ferrous metals and manufacturing product that must meet any given mil spec or ASTM Standards, we have no interest in emotion either way, one might say, I look at this through the lens of the history and probabilities of those involved, their proven track record .

    I believe I began to question the Canadian Government, the PM, his Federal Health Authorities, The Gov of B.C., Horgan, and to a degree the B.C. Health Authorities on this blog about Dec. 2/20 because of what I saw as unpreparedness, confusion, incompetence, and the unbelievable way all mentioned allowed politics to control their strategies and the message to the Great Unwashed .

    ALL of that should have been easy to see by anyone that was objective and paying attention . I stand by my conclusions arrived at then and NONE of those have convinced me to think any other way, we are and have been in serious trouble in Canada and we are being led by a group of incompetent fools who put politics ahead of the people .

    Until I see evidence that proves things have changed for the better my informed opinion will not change, until I see things have changed I will continue to think of the Canadian Seniors and other compromised people who have died and will die before their time .

    I will also never forgive China and too many of our own Leaders in Canada .

    There is no need for pessimism or optimism, all one should be required to do is consider the facts and the evidence, we have no reason to be celebrating, we have a long way to go, we need to hope that media can somehow force the Governments for more truth, facts, and transparency, what might be the chances of that .

    Media could start by forcing Fr. Bonnie and others to issue a statement on the relationship between various surfaces and the spread of Covid, we should question business is spending $ hundreds of millions on scrubbing surfaces unnecessarily and Canadians need to be informed . Canadians need clarity .

    Please consider this, Canada is now somewhere between 55 and 65 when it comes to Vax Roll Out, what should that fact illustrate to any of us, what should we think about our the Fed Government, The PM, the Gov of B.C. the infrastructure and their ability to “Get the job done” ?

    The answer to that question should make one shudder .

    The Feds and the Province of B.C. have had literally months to prepare for the Vax Roll Out, they have failed and we as Canadians should be angry, it is time for Canadians to stop behaving like Canadians, we need to become angry and we need to demand honesty and transparency as to why our so called “Higher PurposePeople” are failing our Seniors and our most vulnerable .

    The facts speak for themselves .

    (Response: Readers know how critical and worried I’ve been at the way the BC media have become messengers, almost cheerleaders in their coverage of the NDP government and Dr Henry, even making excuses for their failures/bumbling. On Sunday, a first-class US reporter, Jake Tapper, made me feel MUCH better when he reminded State of the Union viewers “An adversarial press and an assertive public is a check on power.” Yes! That’s the way it used to be in BC … when hundreds of thousands more people watched the news, tuned in to talk shows and bought newspapers. I still hope one day BC media will get back to that: the public deserve it. h.o)

  18. Richard Skelly says:

    A certain irony that the vaccination-creating ingenuity of Big Pharma—a whipping boy-sector for successive federal governments—may well save the electoral hide of the current oft-bumbling Trudeau administration.

    Assuming this country has enough of the four different vaccines on hand by July 1, Trudeau & Co will simply be able to blame the provinces and territories if there are are then inordinate delays in jabbing shots into citizens’ arms during the summer.

    (Response: Seems to be shaping up as I explained way back in November: Trudeau’s fate would be tied to how the vaccines roll out.
    The rollout started out dismally, but now that Canadians see a million doses arriving each week, and ramping up even more, the latest Global News poll, done by IPSOS, shows Trudeau’s popularity UP 2 points to 35%; Tory leader Erin O’Toole DOWN 2 points, to 28%; the NDP at 16%, DOWN 4 points; and the Greens at 10%, UP 2 points. h.o)

  19. RIsaak says:

    1 more mutation and this all could become moot. Have we not paid attention? Sorry for pooping at the party….

    (Response: Absolutely correct. Any major problems with new variants or any new problems with vaccine acquisitions or any signs that many people already vaccinated are still getting Covid …and it’s back to lockdown. h.o)

  20. e.a.f. says:

    RIsaak, thank you for raising this issue. It has crossed my mind from time to time. Its why, even if I get the shot, I’ll still be very careful where I go, when and how.

    A couple of months ago I saw an interview with a scientist in a country in Africa. He expressed concern regarding variants and other pandemics which in his opinion were coming given the destruction of enviornment, people going where they haven’t been before, eating things they ought not to. His concern was wealthy people wanting to eat bush meat, which in his opinion could lead to pandemics.

    I’d be interested in how liquor affects people who come into contact with COVID.
    for that matter, drugs also.

    Constant cleaning, from what I have read, helps contain the spreading of covid. Early on, some scientist advised the virus could stay “active” for 36 to 48 hrs. There have been different opinions, but my “policy” is give everything 48 hrs. if it falls on the floor, wash. when you come back from some where, like grocery shopping, cloths in the washer. Now it may turn out it isn’t necessary, but I’m not taking a chance. I’m also concerned if there are variants out there we don’t know about, I’d like to be safe instead of sorry.

  21. John's Aghast says:

    Really! In ‘late February’ when it was predicted Phase 2 persons would be eligible to get a shot I was advised that ‘I would be called’ when my appointment was available. I could not determine who ‘they’ were (I would be called ‘racist’ if I voiced the problem). I was also advised to register “Online or by Telephone”. To which option should I avail myself? It is, as my friend BMWQ stated, a Clusterf**k!
    A couple of grade 11 computer geeks could have done a whole lot better!

    (Response: Anyone reading this blog for more than two weeks might come to the view that I am cynic. I know ..hard to believe…but it’s true: I am! But even I couldn’t have imagined or predicted that, in 2021, ANY government … with almost year to prepare … would be so dumb/incompetent to roll out a major public participation program aimed at 1.25 million people that requires in the critical first few weeks phone in access only … no internet. How many now will just give up …won’t bother trying!! It’s like a Saturday Night Live skit … except in this case, real human lives are at stake, so no one is laughing. h.o)

  22. Baker says:

    (Edited…if you want space on this blog, you have to cut the name-calling, personal insults to people) at least give the Health Authorities credit for not playing the blame game.

    It seem the corporate world is no better and in fact, by admission, is largely at fault.

    Telus CEO Darren Entwistle said his company is “sorry for the frustrations that British Columbians have experienced” trying to connect to call centres. The company was hired to provide the call centre support for the province’s second-largest health authority to book vaccine appointments.

    “The provincial government and health authorities asked us to support them, and we have let them down. We can and will do better, and we will make this right,” Entwistle said.

    (Response: Don’t try to shift the blame away from whoever INSIDE the NDP government and its APPOINTED Health Authority did the planning, the specifics of what the government/health authority required, the contract details, the services to be supplied, the exact timing each would start and end, the number of phone staff; the website requirements/capabilities and the cost for all of it. So when Entwistle says “The provincial government and health authorities asked us to support them”, I sure hope the contract was more specific!! They should make it public so we can all see exactly what it called for and when. h.o)

  23. BMCQ says:

    It is only my opinion and I have no firm proveable evidence but I strongly believe Entwhistle recognizing that the B.C. Government are a huge customer literally “Took One for the Team” and put himself between the public and the NDP Government .

    Neither Telus/ Entwhistle Nor Premier Horgan will step forward to offer more transparency on this . The B.C. Government and their Health Authority Regions got exactly what the paid for and they got exactly what they deserved, as usual the citizens, the seniors, and the tax payers got what the Government dished out and the voters should remember that the very next time Premier Horgan attempts to con his way into another Election Victory .

    Despicable .


    Sorry but at this time I have absolutely no confidence in the Federal Government, the PM, the B.C. Government, Horgan, the Health Authorities Federal, Dr. WHO/Tam,and in B.C. .

    How much evidence do you/we need to be convinced that they are all “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” and collectively they could not conduct a Dog Show with more than 3 contestants ?

    No matter how anyone might wish to”Spin It” there is absolutely NO Way anyone with greater than room temperature could be convinced that any of those mentioned are “Up to the Task” .

    Take up the challenge, convince me that I am wrong .

    Sometimes I think that there are a few on this blog that …………

    (Response: Interesting point if indeed “The B.C. Government and their Health Authority Regions got exactly what the paid for”. That would mean they specifically did NOT contract for website access in Vancouver Coastal as the rollout began OR perhaps they DID contract for it but it was not delivered. BIG issue in determining who is really to blame for the current disaster …beyond what even cynics/pessimists could imagine. h.o)

  24. 13 says:

    Im sure that I heard a news story yesterday that informed us that some seniors (I assume seniors )whom had received the vaccine had come down with covid. The story also pointed out that some had even received the second booster shot. Another news story informed us that many health/vaccine/ experts are nor satisfied with the 16 week untested, unscientific, extension that the BC NDP have allowed their health officer to enact. As far as health authorities not playing the blame game, it really doesnt who takes the “blame” Its has to be the BC NDP that must act on the foul ups. Screw ups of the magnitude of the botched, bungled, 0ver 90 vax rollout should result in someone people losing their jobs.
    They had enough lead time to come up with a roll out that would work.

    (Response: It happened in Kamloops …and several of those who go Covid had already been vaccinated: That’s important for two reasons: reminds us that vaccination doesn’t stop all Covid, but makes it easier to resist and survive if you get it; makes the idea of delaying second doses up to four months even more ludicrous and even potentially more risky. h.o)

  25. 13 says:

    PS Penny Ballam would be an good choice for Horgan to fire. Baring of course him resigning himself

  26. D.M. Johnston says:

    From today’s news.

    Me thinks the border will be closed till late fall as I smell a fiasco coming soon.

    (Response: Doesn’t surprise me that they they are now “rethinking” the four month delay in second doses … especially now that even people who got BOTH doses are starting to still get Covid in increasing numbers. Notice the BC government doesn’t regularly report THAT number! And the compliant, complacent BC media don’t make a big deal out of that!! I believe denying people the vaccine as directed by the manufacturers opens up both a whole new health risk … and a legal vulnerability. But as for the border, as I stated in my Blog piece, watch for Uncle Joe in Washington to come to Canada’s aid around May, allowing vaccines to flow north …not because the US loves us, but because they want to get the border open again, so millions of us can spend billions of dollars in their northern towns and cities. h.o)

  27. Baker says:

    13, sorry to burst your bubble.
    “PS Penny Ballam would be an good choice for Horgan to fire. Baring of course him resigning himself.”

    Why would the most popular Premier in ALL of Canada do that?

    (Response: According to the latest poll, Horgan remains Canada’s most popular premier: Seems to me most British Columbians are satisfied overall with the handling Covid (the poll was taken BEFORE this week’s debacle), the generally scandal free government, and the combined provincial and federal assistance programs that have been handed out during the pandemic. Of course, let’s keep it real: the Liberals still only have an interim leader, which makes it difficult to develop/get any major messages/policies out; and the NDP has the complacent and compliant BC media almost totally under its control. h.o)

  28. e.a.f. says:

    Is that the same Penny Ballam who worked with Mayor Moonbean in the city of Vancouver? If it is, yikes. Never did like her, Horgan I’m O.K. with.

    The mistake was “assuming” people wouldn’t be phoning if they weren’t part of the group which needed to phone.

    Chek news announced on the evening news that towns with a population of less than 4K, on Vancouver Island, would all get their shots in one shot. whole town will be done at the same time. Makes sense to me. I’d suggest they can include towns a bit larger in this also. It will give geographical areas some general protection. Makes much more sense to me than the age system.

    front line workers ought to have been vaccinated first, then those in care homes and then just start in geographical areas, with small towns being done first. They have fewer medical services available should they become ill.

    If an American town can vaccinate 11K people, while they are in their cars, in one weekend at a NASCAR speed way, we ought to be able to do something similar.

    (Response: Fascinating news out of Doug Ford’s Conservative Ontario today: they’re going to start this Friday and will allow pharmacies to administer Astra Zeneca, which doesn’t require special refrigeration, starting with those 60 to 65. Why couldn’t Horgan’s Socialist BC do that? Just like getting the flu shot. Millions of under 65s could be done that way … so easy to book appt online with their local pharmacy and likely much more efficiently than when government/bureaucrats get involved. h.o)

  29. 13 says:

    @Baker. My bubble is intact. Horgans popularity is not likely to last another 4 years. His gamble with the 16 month delay. His gamble backing Dr Henrys untimely statement about easing restrictions in the face of escalating numbers. His dodging the escalation of variants that may or may not respond to any vaccine. The coming rollout of the of numbers that will dwarf the over 90 crowd. Trudeaus lack of follow through. Lastly the NDPs ability to self destruct that seems to prevent them from stringing two election wins in a row.

  30. 13 says:

    PS I see the soon to expire Astra Zenica has or will arrive soon. 300,000 doses that expire on April 2 2021. I wonder if somehow that expiry date will somehow be extended .
    If you live in Rupert you might want to see the best before date prior to the jab

  31. Les says:

    So how long will it be before the nonCovid19 vaxxed have to wear armbands? I can picture a bright yellow armband with a Covid 19 virus image displayed. I mean armbands worked so well before. Germany had the pleasure of pretty little gold star armbands for Jews and pink triangles for outted/accused homosexuals. So why not non vaxxed Covid 19 arm bands for those who have not taken THE JAB as the Brits are so cute to call it? ugh 🙁

    Armbands created that oh so wonderful TWO TIERD SOCIETY!

    Hey how about we merge the non vaxxed Covid19 armbands with 21st. Century Jim Crowe laws?

    Vaxxed Only and nonvaxxed lunch counters.
    Vaxxed Only and nonvaxxed public washrooms.
    Vaxxed Only and nonvaxxed drinking fountains.
    Oh Hell how about forbidding vaxxed and non vaxxed from marrying each other too?

    All this for a virus said to be so deadly you have to be tested for it and a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened with forced inoculation. ugh 🙁

    (Edited…getting way off topic: which is WHEN will the US/Canada road border reopen. h.o)

  32. D.M. Johnston says:

    All bets are off now, with the boarder reopening date.

    Yikes – “The Danish decision came days after Austria suspended use of a particular batch of the drug because a woman died 10 days after taking it. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxemburg have also stopped using the batch.”

    (Response: Let’s hope it was only one problematic batch of AZ. But even if it dropped, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J should be able to pick up the slack, esp after the US is mostly done. h.o)

  33. BMCQ says:

    I find it absolutely incredible and unbelievable that Canada/ B.C. are receiving “Best Before Dated” Astra Zeneca vaccine which will expire by April 2, perhaps that “Best Before” date should be “April Fools Day Canada, the Joke is on You” !

    You just can’t make this stuff up !

    This ridiculous story reminds me of when way back in grade 11, 22, and college I worked at Safeway and I was sometimes in charge of clearing “Stale Dated” food products, quite often we would drink the juices while on shift . I always dreamed of having that same job at the BCL but nothing materialized .

    Will media ask about any of this ? Why? Where from ? Did anyone else get ‘“Day Old Vax” ? What makes/made Canada so special ?

    (Edited…getting off topic, which is how/when the Canada/US border will reopen. h.o)

  34. BMCQ says:

    Yes it is the same Penny Ballem, it is obvious she was a failure at Vancouver City Hall and she has not lost her tough, Ballem is still incompetent .

    Let’s hope the Feds do not put her in control of USA Canada Border Crossing Negotiations .

    The U.S. is rapidly getting the population in general vaccinated as are so many other countries, Canada is still ranked somewhere between 55 and 65 with no apparent answer to increasing our rate of vaccines in arms .

    I feel that eventually travellers by air, vehicle, ship, or any other mode Of travel will need an “Official Vaccine Passport” to cross any Border going and coming, most would agree that makes sense and it will indeed be the case .

    A Vaccine Passport will make it much easier to open all Borders for all Countries but Without an improvement in the numbers of vaccines getting into the arms of Canadians Over all we will not be travelling any time soon .

    We must also consider the fact that millions of Americans, Brits, some from the EU and of course Asian Countries who all show high numbers of vaccine numbers will be able to acquire Vaccine Passports which may very well aloe those millions to travel, Canada needs to for once get ahead of the game and be prepared to open our Borders to travellers that have a Vaccine Passport, that possibility could bring $ Billiins into Canada for everything from restaurants, hotels, and all other tourist activities, being prepared to host those with Vaccine Passports could very well be the salvation of our Economic Recovery .

    Some here may recoil at my suggestion but I would then ask you this, DO YOU trust the Science ?

    Think about this for just a minute, cruise ships and planes full of crews and passengers who have been vaccinated and free of Covid bringing $ Billions of Dollars of tourist spending into Canada from Coast to Foast to Coast .

    Time for Canada to get ready to open the Borders to Vaccine Passport Tourism and for once let’s get ahead of the game, we could use the economic recovery, there is no time to waste, we have a whole summer, fall, and winter ahead of us .

    Do not reject this idea, the facts speak for themselves, millions of people who are potential tourists are eligible to travel because they have been vaccinated are waiting to travel to Canada, let’s not disappoint them let’s get ready to welcome them, we need those travel dollars .

    This could be a win win .

  35. BMCQ says:

    Yes, yes, yes, we must take the variants into account but as I stated DO YOU trust the science?

    If the science is there we should open the Borders and welcome People with Vaccine Passports even if Canadians must wait for our Political Masters to get Canadians vaccinated .

  36. Elle says:

    As I understand it, even with 2 does of any vaccine, we will still be able to get Covid, and spread it. BMCQ’s suggestion of letting in people who have been vaccinated still leaves us vulnerable. We will all have to keep wearing masks indefinitely.

    (Response: From everything I’ve seen, you are correct in saying “even with 2 does of any vaccine, we will still be able to get Covid, and spread it”. And yes, I believe masks are going to be around in public places for quite a while. BUT the science indicates that with the vaccine, it becomes MORE difficult for the virus to spread, and when it does, those who get Covid will be much less sick (more like the flu) and far fewer will need hospitalization or die. That’s when the border could/should re-open: we can’t wait until this (and all transmittable diseases) are TOTALLY eliminated … because that will NEVER happen and people do want to travel to see family elsewhere, to enjoy vacations, to do business etc. h.o.)

  37. BMCQ says:


    Yes, at this time there is a possibility of spread after vaccination/two doses but we also
    have evidence that after 2 doses there is a period of time where the vaccine results efficacy gets stronger .

    Honestly I am not sure if we can achieve “Herd Immunity” any time soon, but chances of the highest percentage of people becoming seriously ill and passing on Covid to others is diminished greatly .

    Somewhere sometime epidemiologists, other Health Authorities and Governments are going to need to “Pull the Trigger” and we need to open society and we will need to open borders, if we do not do something as I suggest we will surely end up with a society of mental cripples and economies in countries world wide (other than China) will never recover . Governments and Health Authorities are going to need to open borders and begin the recovery of economies . Without healthy buoyant and productive economies we have nothing, this must be front and centre when Health Authorities and Governments world wide make decisions on borders .

    As I stated there are hurdles to climb with the variants etc. but we MUST begin to ready ourselves for a Vaccine Passports where we in Canada can be poised to clear tourists with tourist dollars to enter our country and support our much needed economic recovery . We need Vaccine Passports .

    I am not saying throw caution to the wind but I am saying “Let’s get ready, let us in Canada be leading for a change, let’s get ready to provide business and tax payers/citizens an opportunity to recover, to take charge of our lives again, let’s get people back to work, producing jobs, incomes, paying taxes, and stop being victims .

    (Edited…for length and off topic. h.o)

    Again, I am not advising us to open borders and welcome tourists any time soon but common sense and science must prevail, but Canada must be prepared to open borders . Again, what do we do sit back and wait as our Canadian PM and his Government did when it was to act on acquiring vaccines and then find out that we have once again been left behind ?

    Harvey puts it very well .

    Also keep this in mind there are other very very dangerous virus like that Ebola/EVD, mentioned and many more that we deal with quite well, even if there are sometimes outbreaks in clusters that kill many . Yet borders remain open, temporary travel restrictions apply .

    We will more than likely neve stamp out many of those described above completely but we must deal with them we must manage them . We must do the same with Covid – 19 and we must ready ourselves to open borders . We must also remember that some deadly diseases we thought we had been rid of have come back, yet we will deal with them .

  38. Marge says:

    Could be a reality for us if Trudeau and Horgan can get their acts together. Here are today’s stats for Washington State and the US (My how we pale in comparison!!):

    Fully vaccinated in Washington- 11.1% (12th in the country), at least one shot 19.9% (26th)

    (US – 19.3% with one dose, 10% fully vaccinated)

    Today’s data.

    (Response: The latest figures for BC show 5.7% of the population have had one dose….but remember US vaccines are being manufactured in the US while Canada is depending on imports from overseas. h.o)

  39. helena handcart says:

    I just called the Covid number. Got through in less than 30 seconds. Talked to a pleasant, helpful gentleman and got an appointment for my vaccination next week. Thank god the registration system is being handled by a dedicated group of professionals and not the current KIR panel of haters. A scrap metal dealer and a truck driver. Probably never written a line of code or set up a phone-based help desk in their lives.
    I’ve called Bob’s metal business and been put on hold. Does that make him incompetent? I’ll let him decide.

    (Response: Ahh! The “on hold” scale! I almost never get through immediately when calling a major important institution, like banks, airlines, cable, government, even my local Chinese restaurant! But there IS a reasonable limit. Were you on hold for three hours … after dialing hundreds of times to get through, and then hung up on? Let’s keep it real: THAT happened to many, many thousands of people on the NDP government’s first vaccine registration rollout day. And those who castigate ANY government for such a screwup, after a year to get ready, are not “haters” …just rightfully dissatisfied taxpayers. h.o)

  40. Richard Skelly says:

    And then we have our erstwhile Prime Minister musing about the possible discriminatory aspect of Vaccine Passports. Or am I missing something in his “er”, “um” and “ah” open-to-misinterpretation comments?

    No doubt Vaccine Passports (which I’m gung ho about) will figure in one or more of your coming commentaries, Harvey.

    (Response: Trudeau did mention there already are “vaccine passports” of sorts …like the Yellow Fever card people get from doctors/health authorities when visiting certain countries. I’d bet a lot of first world advanced countries will, at least for a year or two, require some proof of vaccination … but more likely in an app code on a site regulated by health authorities rather than a paper document, which can easily be faked. The digital “passport” won’t be mandatory … unless you wish to travel to one of the countries that requires it. h.o)

  41. Baker says:

    “The digital “passport” won’t be mandatory … unless you wish to travel to one of the countries that requires it.”
    Agreed. It can be a simple process and passport attachment just like the ESTA/ETA now.

    (Edited…off topic.)

  42. helena handcart says:

    “Were you on hold for three hours … after dialing hundreds of times to get through, and then hung up on? Let’s keep it real: THAT happened to many, many thousands of people on the NDP government’s first vaccine registration rollout day. ”
    Did you read my comment?? I told you that I waited for less than 30 seconds.
    In your research exactly how many “thousands” of people called “hundreds of times”? I know that this is your blog and you can write whatever drivel you like, but try to keep it sensible. I have tried to call CRA for three days, but I’m not stupid enough to call more than three or four times before I give up. The BC government contracted with Telus to provide a Call Desk. Who would you have contracted with? They had a few glitches on the first day and quickly remedied the situation. I’ve implemented these types of applications and they are not simple. Give these guys a break. They are doing a great job under the circumstances. You seem content to watch the battle from the hilltops and ride down to kill the wounded when it’s all over.

    (Response: You call Vancouver Coastal have NO internet access at all (in 2021!!) and booking only 369 appointments ALL DAY on Monday by phone “a few glitches”??? Bet you wouldn’t be so generous/kind if it was Christy Clark/Liberals!! I heard/saw/read SEVERAL reports on SEVERAL different media after the rollout debacle that thousands of people had called hundreds of times trying to get through to book appointments for their elderly parents, grandparents…. more than a MILLION attempts to get through … almost ALL of them unsuccessful. Remember, most of us aren’t using rotary phones anymore… with speed-dialing you can indeed call a hundred times in very short order. So I certainly hope that if it was in an effort to protect the lives of YOUR parents or grandparents, you would NOT be “stupid enough to call more than three or four times before I give up”. h.o)

  43. 13 says:

    Ah, the trucker cant write code and he has never set up a call center. (He has had a phone list of Teamsters placed on a desk and been asked to call each member to vote for———)
    The blind faith NDP supporter might cherry pick the NDP failures and downplay the poor performance. The trucker can recognize poor government when he sees it .
    BC recovery debacle. The granddaddy of all screw ups LETS CALL an election in the middle of a pandemic. The blind faith NDP supporter refuses to admit that the closing down of a government for 5 weeks must have cost some lives. Every consumer of a product is allowed to have an opinion on the product. Given the choice I would not buy any NDP services.
    Now the NDP need to run a massive vaccine program. Lets wait and see how it goes before we declare an NDP success story. (few and far between)
    PS your NDP MLA in Chwk Kent still doesnt have a constituency office so if you try to get ahold of her be prepared to spend more than 30 seconds

  44. BMCQ says:

    (Edited…off topic)

    Helena – I hope Harvey allows me to reply to the comments you both directed at me . I did see the comments posted by
    Out of all of those people and many more acquaintances I know it has never crossed my mind to consider to make my friendship conditional With them based upon their occupation, how they make their living, level of income or station in life, I simply judged them on their character .

    I have dear friends that are truck drivers, bar tenders, middle management, well known musicians, Industrial and Tech Giants, Professional Athletes in 4 Major Sports, production workers, shipper receivers, and just about any other walk of life, I do not value any of them for their vocation, wealth, or influence, I value them because of their strength of character and integrity .

    To add to that I have had the great honour and privilege of being raised by a Mothrf who worked at the “White Lunch” on Hastings St. in Vancouver and a Father who lived in the Ivanhoe Hotel when he arrived . Thank God they taught me that I was no better than anyone else that actually worked for a living and paid taxes regardless of their income . God I was Lucky to have them .

    How and why it somehow pleases and gives you some sort of thrill to belittle someone because they happen to be say a truck driver or own a scrap dealer mystifies and troubles me .

    I do not own a scrap yard, my business is a B.C. Unionized Manufacturing Company which exports $ Millions of Dollars non ferrous products to each an every Free World Nation, we supply the Canadian Forces with product, the Canadian Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, and each and every time you submit yourself for Ann X- Ray in any Cancer Clinic or any other Diagnostic Centre or Dental Office from Manitoba to B.C. my company has provided product that ensures technicians, Doctors, and other staff are safe .

    Having said all of that I am privileged to have two Vancouver Scrap Dealers as close friends, between the two of them they own 14 Residential Rental Towers in Kerrisdale and the West End, perhaps Helena and or Baker rent one of their suites .

    (Response: There actually used to be a time when NDP supporters were proud of their working class roots: now it seems to me too many have become “educated” elitists … some of them elected …. who love silver-spoon-raised environmentalists, extreme left cycling fascists, the downtrodden (as long as they don’t set up their tents near THEIR homes) but look down their noses at “truck drivers and scrap dealers”, who actually WORK, create JOBS and PAY TAXES! Clearly have lost their way. h.o)

  45. Dale White says:

    “I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.”

    So let’s review. Last Sunday you predicted that the border would be re-opened by late summer.
    I said that it was nice to see that things were looking up.
    On Monday you said that you hated to burst my happiness bubble citing the botched phone system that day. That maybe the border would be open in 2022.

    Now it is a week later so I am curious where you now stand.

    The call-in system seems to be fixed. Pfizer (alone) announced that one million doses a week would be coming. That’s more than was predicted before they revamped their production. And that is not counting Moderna and Astrazeneca.

    This is what I meant about roller coasters. On Feb 1, some of you were freaking out because vaccines were not coming in. By March 7, things were looking so good that you predicted a border re-opening. The next day you changed your mind because of a phone snafu.

    So now I am wondering how we are supposed to feel today. Roller coasters are thrilling and sometimes scary, but you don’t have to get on.

    (Response: In this regard, I’m of the same mind as Premier John Horgan, Health Minister Adrian Dix and Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry: the situation, especially with variants, can be very fluid. However, I still believe the land border WILL reopen by the late Summer (ends Sept 21, by the way) … IF there are no more serious problems with obtaining vaccines or serious new pandemic variant breakout. There IS change happening: US and Canadian administrations ARE succeeding in getting mass vaccinations done, aiming for high enough numbers to create herd immunity, working towards getting that border open. And barring any new critical issues, like manufacturing or banned export problems or the AZ vaccine running into severe problems with blood-clotting, (, it WILL happen. And by the way, happy I decided NOT to take AZ!!! h.o)

  46. Not Sure says:

    I am not going to speak for Helena, but I don’t believe he was disparaging truck drivers, scrap metal dealers etc. Reread what he said. He was asking what knowledge people in those occupations had about putting a phone system together while they were dumping on people who put phone systems together.

    And by the way, if any occupation has been disparaged on KIR (other than politicians) it has been drama teachers. Trudeau may be an incompetent, arrogant ass, but it is not because he was a teacher, drama or otherwise.

    Still feeling upbeat. Just needed to get that off my chest.

    (Response: I think “Helena” may be a she: but no matter, I get your point. However, I note he or she did question a truck driver’s or scrap dealers’ knowledge … not a teacher’s, environmental activist’s, or, God forbid, a politician’s! Sure seems elitist to me. h.o)

  47. BMCQ says:

    Not Sure

    If YOU are “Not Sure” about what Helena meant in the post slagging hard working people I strongly suggest you re read that post three more times .

    If you are still “Not Sure” what Helena meant by those comments I suggest you then seriously consider a run for Vancouver Parks Board .

    BTW – Like most (I hope) I am beginning to sense that with the improved acquisition of various vaccines and the slight improvement in getting those vaccines into arms we “May” soon see better results all around, by how much is any ones guess, we have no reason to be overly confident .

    I wish all Canadian Governments, Canadian Health Officials, and all others connected to first responders, nurses, staff, retail and other essential workers getting the vaccines out and actually receiving the “Jab” in their own arms, we need to begin the recovery .

    Thank God for “Warp Speed” it is a miracle the Vax Manufactures have done as well as they have, we could have been waiting 10 years .

    Now let’s use the same technology and expertise to begin the united fight against Cancers, ALS, and so many other Dreadful diseases .

    I strongly believe we will soon know a lot more about how well those that have had 2 doses are protected and just how to stop them from innocently spreading Covid, this does not make sense and I feel we will get clarity and good news on this soon ,

    Vaccine Passports and open Borders as soon as it is safe .

  48. helena handcart says:

    You give yourself away when you use “educated” as a pejorative.
    I am in awe of @13’s ability to use a telephone, but my comment was based on his ability to comment on the subject of CRM applications and Helpdesk operations. I worked in this field for over 50 years. It’s a bit more complicated than installing Facebook on your iphone.
    As to your evaluation of me as some kind of hard-core lefty, NDP evangelist. I worked every day of my life , from 15 to 70, but somehow I am an elitist.
    You can sometimes be a bit dim in your responses, but you do realize that these type of programs are not cobbled together by Horgan over his kitchen table, right? They are implemented by a skilled group of civil servants and other professionals. The same guys that were doing the same job under the Liberals. While the pandemic has brought out some of the best characteristics in most of the population, KIR is happy to beat the same negative drum. I just wonder what sucked all the joy out of your lives.

    (Response: That’s rich: YOU introduce and make pejorative references to “truck driver” and “scrap dealer”; but then take offense when others respond critically. And somehow you missed that my own response referred to “too many” of today’s NDP supporters and to “some of them”, not anyone in particular. But if the shoe fits … h.o)

  49. 13 says:

    @not sure. Please let me make it crystal clear as to whom helena was referencing.
    13 has been on the HO blog since 2011 and Ive never tried to keep my occupation a secret. I am a trucker with over 40 years in the business . Ive belonged to BRAC . CAW /UNIFOR and the Teamsters. If you were at all acquainted with handcarts blog activity you would not have made the feeble attempt to excuse helenas pomposity.
    As for BMCQ he has also made it crystal clear since about 2014 what and where he operates a very successful metal fabrication business. I have often wondered why one blogger would try to denigrate another. Ive stated often that politicians and organizations are fair game but we should treat each other with some respect NO MATTER how much we disagree. Believe me I disagree with a lot of what I read from my fellow posters but thats where it ends. I do not care who they are what they do or how educated they may be.

    (Response: Allow me to thank you and ALL truckers for what you have done for us during the pandemic: NONE of the groceries, fruit and vegetables, face masks, medications or, yes, even my (occasional!) Timmy’s treats have been brought to any of us through the labour and long hours of of social activists, protestors, environmentalists or politicians. h.o)

  50. Jack Bueller says:

    March 15: Canada-U.S. border will reopen ‘eventually,’ but more patience needed: Trudeau

    And also: Canada-U.S. border has been shut down for a year — and there’s no reopening plan

    Hello Harvey and others, I wanted to get your thoughts on this. Do you still hold the same beliefs that the border will actually re-open by this summer? Or have your stances changed?

    I’m another one of the American citizens stranded across the border with family, friends, and my committed partner who all live in Canada. I’ve been going back and forth for years now when it was just a drive over the border, but this 1 year has messed us up so horribly.

    I am fully vaccinated, I took both of the Moderna does, and I am willing to quarantine, take any test, or use any vaccine passport as long as I can see my close ones and continue life.

    The USA currently has 71 m citizens who’ve taken the first dose. That’s about 22% of the entire population. Canada currently has about 3m citizens who’ve taken the first dose. That’s about 7% of the entire population.

    Just today, a slew of more news came out about the Canada/U.S. border re-opening. THERE IS NOT EVEN A PLAN YET! Justin Trudeau is sitting on his a** and haven’t even published what metrics can be used to re-open the border such as X percent vaccinated, or Y amount of cases, Z amount of hospitalizations.

    Absolutely nothing. Millions of cross-border families are suffering while even with the exponential vaccine ramp up in both countries, and cases dropping like a rock, THEY DON’T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT A PLAN OR WHAT METRICS TO USE. Biden and Trudeau have already met twice and haven’t even discussed it.

    Meanwhile here in the states, Biden says there will be enough of doses of the vaccine for everyone who wants it by May 1, and by July 4th, we will be able to gather in small groups if everything keeps going as planned.

    This is so frustrating. There is not even a plan, or discussion of a plan.
    No actual timeline given or what the metrics have to be to begin to safely re-open the border. We are suffering, and these politicians are doing nothing. Except Rep Brian Higgins who is pushing Biden and Trudeau to do something, but they’re doing nothing.

    (Response: Yes… not “by” the Summer, which would still be Spring, but for those with proof of vaccination, as I said “by late Summer” … which runs until Sept 21. I still believe that, and in light of the ramping up of the vaccination process, maybe even by Labour Day. All of this, of course, conditional on no new spikes, variant explosions and vaccine problems. And I have no doubt the US administration is having behind the scenes talks with Canada because so many US border towns/cities are on life support: a key move to watch for will be if Biden lifts the embargo on US vaccines coming north to Canada …around May or June. h.o)

  51. Jack Bueller says:

    Hello Harvey, thank you for your response! Good news and bad news today but it looks like things are progressing as you predicted. Maybe this calls for a new blog post from you soon! 🙂

    Let me start with the bad news. Well, travel restrictions for non-essential travel and the border closure between Canada/U.S. has been extended until April 21, 2021. And there have been no official statements about the re-opening plan.

    Good news: “Biden administration finalizing plans to send millions of AstraZeneca vaccine doses to Canada and Mexico”:

    “Biden administration eyes mid-May to begin relaxing Covid travel restrictions, sources say”:

    Looking good here!

    (Response: It’s all actually unfolding pretty close to what I predicted. Right now, still far too few people vaccinated on both sides of the border, especially Canada, to even consider opening the road crossings, especially without quarantine, so the closure extension to April 21 is quite to be expected. BUT the US vaccines WILL come; and IF the Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca millions also come to Canada from other countries; and the jabs of millions of Canadians take take place, the US/Canada border reopening is now only months away for those with vaccination proof: May still seems very ambitious, but July 1 Canada Day or July 4 may be a real possibility. I predicted by the end of Summer … but if politically-driven Biden wants it by then … and election-minded Trudeau thinks that would be good for votes … that could happen. h.o)

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