Canada/West MUST Hit China/India/Other Nations Funding Russia’s War!!

The Russian barbarians were at it again over the weekend: KILLING 37 more Ukrainians civilians and INJURING dozens more … including children, their mothers, fathers and grandparents.

They were massacred as they slept in their beds … not in hand-to-hand combat or even military battle confrontations … but by Russia spreading death and destruction on the civilian population of Dnipro from the sky with missiles and rockets.

And helping Vladimir Putin build and buy those munitions, missiles, rockets are massive revenues bankrolled by China, India and other nations … now doing MORE business with Russia than before the brutal aggression against Ukraine began.

According to the BBC, Russia’s trade surplus GREW by $225 Billion between Jan 1 and the end of November, 2022!

Western sanctions so far, directed against top Russian individuals and institutions, are NOT having as much impact on Putin’s economy as we would like to think.

Just two days ago, Reuters reported China’s trade with Russia hit a RECORD $190 BILLION in 2022.

“Russia more than doubled its rail exports of liquefied petroleum gas to China in 2022 as part of the Kremlin’s drive to diversify its energy export sales, a Reuters analysis based on data from industry sources showed on Thursday.

“China’s imports of Russian natural gas through the Power of Siberia pipeline are set to have risen by at least 50% in 2022, according to Russia’s top producer, Gazprom. China’s Russian crude oil imports expanded 10% on year in the first 11 months at nearly 80 million tonnes,” Reuters revealed.

(Read the full story here: )


Canadians learned the hard way during the “two Michaels” hostage-taking that China is NO real partner and NO friend of decency or integrity while it is ruled by dictator Xi Jinping.

And the news that China is not just ignoring sanctions resulting from Ukraine’s suffering, but is even taking advantage of it and profiting from it DEMANDS ACTION from ALL Western nations.

China should be heavily sanctioned! CURB Chinese imports and RESTRICT exports to China! NOW!!

They would no doubt retaliate with sanctions of their own against our own exports to them, but let’s keep it real: China NEEDS the markets of the United States/UK/Europe/Canada/Australia/Japan etc. MUCH MORE than we need them.

And if we are not prepared to defend democracy by sending our own troops up against Russian aggression, we should at least willing and able to take more economic heat to aid Ukraine, which is fighting the battle for democracy for us.

And don’t forget India either.

” Russian exports (to India) accounted for about $9.5 billion in the overall bilateral trade of $13 billion in 2021-2022, Kapoor said trade grew substantially since April this year “in a large part due to much greater imports (by) India of crude oil and fertilizers,” the Hindustani Times reported last month.

“The sharp surge in trade, up from $13 billion during the fiscal year 2021-2022, is largely due to India’s increased purchases of discounted Russian commodities, especially crude and fertilisers, since the start of the Ukraine war in February. Till last year, Russia accounted for less than 1% of India’s energy supplies and two-way trade was largely driven by deals for defence hardware.”

Read that whole article here:

India, like China, is FUNDING Russia’s manufacturing/acquisition of the weaponry, rockets and missiles that have KILLED more than 11,000 Ukrainians CIVILIANS … including more than 800 children.

That’s 11,000 CIVILIANS … including more than 800 KIDS … MURDERED by Russians!!!

While India, China not only PROFIT from the war … but are helping Russia finance, sustain and extend it.

And several other nations are also cashing in on Russia’s aggression and Western sanction pressures ..doing GROWING business/trade with Russia: Iran; Belarus; Turkey (a NATO member!); Kazakhstan; Brazil; Sri Lanka; Indonesia and, South Africa.

When Canada and other nations do “business as usual” with ANY of these countries, we betray the Ukrainian people … and our own values and principles as well.


Otherwise, we encourage them to HELP fund Putin’s victimization of thousands more innocent Ukrainians … who will be killed or maimed by Russia’s artillery, bombs, missiles … and brutal, marauding soldiers.

We should all SPEAK UP and demand our governments do more … NOW!

Harv Oberfeld

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16 Responses to Canada/West MUST Hit China/India/Other Nations Funding Russia’s War!!

  1. Chuck B says:

    Putin reminds me of a guy that tried to take over Europe from 1939 to 1945… we can’t wait that long with Putin .. Western nations has got to do more … NOW!

    (Response: History shows there are similarities indeed: Hitler oppressed, arrested, eliminated his opponents; disrespected laws and the Constitution and then had much of them rewritten to make his dictatorship supreme; and, invaded and took land in neighbouring nations. And he got away with so much of it in the beginning because the democracies wanted to avoid war at all cost … and appeased the beast! If Putin gets to take/keep control of part of Ukraine, as he has already done with parts of Georgia, Moldova and Crimea … and we do not stop him … that will NOT be the end of his Russian empire-building! h.o)

  2. crowdedelevatorfartz says:

    One has to wonder.
    When this war ends.
    What Russia will have gained?
    Some bombed out cities? A wasteland of polluted farmland? The hatred of all Ukrainians for the next 500 years? Other countries on their immediate borders to the west and south that will never, ever trust them and probably hate them?
    The enmity of Europe, the US, Canada, essentially most of the democratic world ( except India)?

    Russia, a country of serfs with a declining population , declining industries, run by a ruthless, paranoid dictator with delusions of grandeur who rewards thugs and thieves to keep him in power…
    But they have an Ace up their sleeve…..Nukes.
    No one wants to push Putin into a corner like a rat.
    Eventually Putin will be replaced by either another dictator OR someone who actually has a heart.
    Either way.
    No one on the border of Russia will ever trust them again.

    As for Xi Jinping……he’s finally showing his true colors.
    A ruthless opportunist who would kill Putin in a second if he thought it would further his agenda….namely the downfall of Western Democracy.
    As for the others, India, Turkey, Iran, etc etc etc.
    Time will tell.
    Jan 1st was the beginning of the clampdown on shipping insurance.
    A game changer.
    Its working its way through Russia.
    Good luck replacing quality western tech with chinese crap.
    I expect this will end with Putin’s head on a stick outside the Kremlin.
    Good riddance.

    (Response: You clearly get it! Putin will not stop his war as long as the Russian economy … with the help/backing of those despicable nations named above … can sustain it: to hell with the consumer goods ordinary citizens can no longer get; to hell with all the Russian soldiers/criminals brought back in body bags; and, to hell with the world-wide revulsion and condemnations of his empire. The only hope is to cut off his funding by China, India etc … or, maybe the act of a true Russian HERO, who will take him out and restore peace to Russia … and maybe even a small modicum of democracy. h.o)

  3. JC says:

    One of the main outcomes of the Russo-Ukraine War (however it ends) will be the Russian State’s example to other countries, that a Nation can survive outside of the US hegemony and dollar system. This didn’t start with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After the Trump Administration heavily sanctioned Russia in 2018, Russia took the first steps to set up the MIR payment system, where transactions can be concluded in Non-US currencies (Yuan, Ruble, Rupee, etc); this is a perfect system for Eurasian economic integration. And China didn’t just started buying Russian LNG recently. In 2019, the Trans Siberian pipelines for Natural Gas to the PRC opened. The event was shown live on Russian and Chinese Television, with Putin and Xi Jinping making speeches (it was probably seen by hundreds of millions of people). That was a major economic shift that the West ignored (it was barely even covered by major media outlets). Russia has been playing the long game. We can call Vladimir Putin the next Hitler or Stalin or Genghis Khan all we like, but the man is not a fool. Putin knew a shift in power was coming from West to East and he prepared Russia for it.

    The sanctions against Russia have, as you said, yielded no results, insofar as stopping the Special Military Operation. Russia is too large and powerful a country to push about easily. It’s not like Iraq, which was heavily sanctioned for about 15 years prior to 2003 (which led to the total obliteration of its Military in about a month). You can see a small example of this on YouTube, an account run by an Australian resident in Moscow (‘Travelling with Russell’); for the last year, he’s been making videos of Grocery Stores, shopping malls, electronics stores and small shops, mostly in suburban Moscow, and it is very interesting. In spite of the sanctions, the shop’s are tidy, well lit, and the shelves are full with every item you could find in a Canadian supermarket . . . even Coca Cola is back on the shelves now. (One interesting thing I noticed was the near absence of anti-theft devices or security guards. In my local Safeway in East Vancouver, a growing number of products are off the shelves and locked away and there are 2 security guards wearing stab proof vests at all times. Hope those 100 new policeman come soon but, I digress . . .).

    China has had Most Favoured Nation trading status at the World Trade Organization for nearly 25 years now. The Clinton Administration’s decision to allow that was outrageous but, we are where we are. The PRC is now so heavily integrated into the World Economy, decoupling from them is a near impossibility. The economic shockwaves would be brutal (worse than what happened last year after the Russian invasion) and I imagine the Western Multinational Corporations (The ‘Davos Men’ as the Historian Samuel Huntington called them) would never allow such a move to be made.

    As for India, their links to Russia are also not new. India started the Non-Aligned Movement during the Cold War. The Soviet Union and Russian Federation always supported India diplomatically and militarily, whereas the West has mostly taken the Pakistani side in its dealings with the sub-continent since Independence (another example of Russia playing the long game). You could try to sanction India but bluntly speaking, this is not 1947. India is a major economic and military power now (a nuclear one, at that). The Nationalist government they have now would completely link up with a Sino-Russo alliance. In geo-political terms, losing India as a potential political/economic partner for the future would be a disaster for the West.

    All those countries (and many others) that you listed at the end of your article, they see that the Russian’s have given them an example (and the tools) of how to survive outside the dominance of the US power system. And not all of them are tyrannies. Democracies that resent American interference in their internal affairs have their chance to break away now. Argentina has applied to join the BRIC alliance and I suspect others will join them soon. Institutions like the Eurasian Economic Union and Shanghai Cooperation Organization will grow in strength as well. Aside from the destruction of Ukraine as a viable nation-state, the main legacy of the War may be a major decline in the power of the West to shape Global affairs.

    (Response: I don’t think anyone who seriously watches, examines or evaluates nations of the world doubts their ability to “survive outside the dominance of the US power system.” But with what kind of existence for the “people”? Your rose-coloured depiction of countries aligning themselves with Russia somehow fails to notice or delineate how many of their people are increasingly being denied freedom of expression, any uncensored media, can only exercise their ability to protest at the risk of their liberty and even their lives … and yet still live in widespread poverty, while corruption at the top reaches record levels. The TRUE picture is certainly not as pretty as you try to portray …or dream could come to pass. That’s why the millions of immigrants and migrants we have witnessed moving around the world over are LEAVING those societies … not moving to them … and are flocking instead to the evil United States and other nations tied economically, politically and even militarily to it. h.o)

  4. e.a.f. says:

    Welcome back and thank you for the post!

    Putin maybe crazy, but he is not stupid. He brings out the nuclear word from time to time to try to scare NATO and a few other countries. He won’t nuke us. He knows what will happen if he does.

    Chuck your point is interesting. Watched a documentary recently on the Nurenberg trials. It was all film of the trial and why they were there. There was a narrater but most of the dialogue was the recordings of the proceedings. Then I thought back. What Putin is doing is not so dissimilar from what Hitler did when he and Stalin decided to each take part of Poland. Same sort of bombing, just planes back then, now its missiles. Its what they tried on London, kept bombing it. If today’s pictures were in black and white, you’d be hard pressed to tell which city was being bombed and in what era.

    Canada has announced they will be paying for some of the equipment Ukraine requires. However, Germany is slow walking everything, from sending equipment to giving other countries permission to export equipment which has German technology in them. Kept wonder why. Turns out Germany is having a few “problems” in Saxony. The citizens of that province seem to have some of the old attitudes and many of themn are russian speakers. Saxony was part of East Germany. Ukranians have not been made to feel welcome in Saxony either. I’d say the Chancellor is walking a tight rope. There are also some in Saxony who thought it might be a good idea if Germany and Russia divided Poland up. OMG, been there, done that, didn’t work, and oh right we got a world war out of it.

    Poland and Latvia have sent more of their GDP than other richer countries, but they know what will happen if Putin wins the war–they’re next. Germany might want to consider sending those tanks Ukraine needs.

    From reading news reports regarding Japan’s ramping up of their military, the visit by their P.M. and the CBC interview with their Ambassador to Canada, I’d say they are looking for allies and a reliable source of natural gas. Trudeau might want to move a little quicker and agree to send it to them. We may need them later. Japan see the seriousness of what would happen if the war in Ukraine gets worse or China has a go at Taiwan. Russia has moved more military onto a few small islands which they captured at the end of WW II and claim as theirs. Its making Japan nervous and rightly so.

    As to Canadians, they might want to pay attention and encourage our government to continue to send aid and build up our Armed Forces. Ottawa has finally ordered F-35s but we need a new navy, and a lot more tanks, jets, etc. Those guys sitting on our Norther border are Russian. They have opined part of the Artic is theirs and China has also been saying, they want part of it also. A change in the American government would make them an unreliable neighbour. I’d suggest Japan has already concluded that.

    Modi is going to do what he thinks is best for him and his Hindu nationalists. He is most likely looking to not only trade but find “partners” if anything goes sideways with Pakistan.

    Turkey, most likely they haven’t been kicked out of NATO is they form a barrier. Its the only reason I can think of they were admitted. Some times its better to keep your enemies close, as in the house.

    The countries supporting Russia are all a little “iffy”. Not great leaders in those countries and all have had “problems” with democracy, human rights, etc. They’re forming a club to “protect” themselves from other countries.

    Russia is willing to spill not only Ukrainian blood but that of their citizens also. Lets not forget how many million 7.6M or so during WW II. Then there were all the civilians. Ukrain knows the cost of war. They didn’t want to comply with Stalins demand they give up their land and millions upon millions were starved to death. The Ukrainians will continue to fight as long as they have equipment.

    It was reported the first squad commander in the Wagner Group has sought ayslum in Finland. Couldn’t stand the atrocities. He was helped into Finland by a Russian human rights group.

    Putin doesn’t care how many people die due to this war. Canada and other countries need to ensure he doesn’t win and it ends sooner than later. If Ukraine Falls, others won’t last long.

    I’m not hopeful NATO and the E.U. will do enough in this war. Lets not forget WW II ,
    other countries refused to take in Jews and they were sent back to Europe and most of the did end up in camps and dead. Also lets not forget Cambodia. While the world sat around, Pol Pot murdered approx 2 million people in the country.

    (Response: Canadians have a LOT more at stake in the Ukraine war than many realize. If Putin gets to keep ANY territory that Russia has invaded, Canada’s north will be at GREAT risk! If the US, EU, UK and NATO allies FAIL to mount sufficient resources to protect the terrain, cities, industries, breadbasket, resources and population of Ukraine, it will be only a matter of time before Putin makes a move to expand Russia’s northern borders … into territory claimed by Canada. Does anyone really believe we would then invest MORE resources than we’ve provided the Ukraine to hold on to the much more massive and largely empty ice fields of the Arctic? Stop Putin’s army in the Ukraine now …or face them across our own North later. h.o)

  5. D. M. Johnston says:

    This war, orchestrated by Putin, the last of the Boshlevicks, is a war like the 2nd world war, to gain land and exterminate the Ukrainians. Putin, clearly is a war criminal (do not stand near open windows) who has so isolated himself from reality, that he has now put Russia in a very precarious position.

    Putin has now told the world, the mighty Russian Army is somewhat a we squib. With more than 100,000 Russian soldiers killed, with almost 8,000 armored vehicles destroyed.

    Mind bending figures.

    Putin needs arms fast and who else to make a buck off of the not so great bear is China, Iran and India, who are also a little dazed that their Russian designed tanks and armored vehicles are so vulnerable.

    Canada, well the big problem in Canada is the question of the Trudeau and the Liberals, which at this point of time, seem under somewhat control by Beijing.

    Reading Terry Glavin’s articles make me wonder if Trudeau and his post national rhetoric has neutered Canada as he seems to play the part of an appeaser, to cater to the nationalistic blocks that vote.

    Canada should bring severe sanctions against China, Iran and India, but he won’t because those sanctions may cost a loss of income for Liberal friends and insiders.

    After Ukraine, the Russian will eye the Arctic and with our current Prime Minister and his jelly back boned pals, probably thinks it is easy pickings. Certainly our main stream media is again, asleep at the switch.

    Canada needs not just the F-35’s but the Sweedish Griffen, as it is designed for Arctic warfare, unlike the F-35 and Swedish submarines which are non nuclear, but with a “Ballard Battery system”, can stay submerged for up to 4 weeks, as well as being very quiet.

    Tanks are not obsolete but Canada needs Arctic compatible fighting vehicles, fast, mobile and amphibious. This requires billions and billions of dollars, but Trudeau, who has completely failed dealing with the first nations and now acting as an appeaser, giving them billions of dollars ever time the drums beat and the professional criers steal the media stage.

    Precious time and money is being frittered away.

    The Ukraine now sits on a precipice and with the likes of Trudeau and Singh running the show in Canada, who needs enemies!

    Shades of the 1930’s and we know what that lead up to. If we do not take action against China, India and Iran now, we could enter a 1940’s situation, with no aces up our sleeves.

    (Response: Canada can’t take on China, India and the other Putin-funding nations ourselves. But Trudeau can speak out proposing China India sanctions (tariffs, export cuts, suspension of cultural/trade exchanges … just to start). h.o)

  6. nonconfidencevote says:

    Rearming a Trudeau “military” is a joke.
    Weapons and training for war is much too distasteful to the Woke apologists in power.

    Decades to decide the simplest of purchases.
    As an auditor said last year on the 10 year long Canadian Military process to replace the 70 YEAR old sidearms ( handguns) our soldiers carry. ( Parts for the old handguns are almost non existent).
    Handguns that were possibly used by the grandfathers of the current soldiers in the field.
    “The Canadian Military Procurement process should be used as a case study in how NOT to purchase military equipment. There were no guidelines. No one was accountable. Decisions were ignored or changed. There was no timeline.
    The process had no end.”
    10 years of govt, and consultants paper pushing back and forth….to buy handguns.
    And decades later.
    We have finally signed an agreement to buy F-35 fighters.
    The first 4 planes will arrive in 2026? 2027?
    The F-35 bid process was kicked about 25 years ago.
    Dither, delay, deflect….the Canadian way.
    We are now purchasing spare F-18 planes from the Australians to scrap for parts to keep our 43 year old planes flying.
    Australia has received their first F-35’s because they know China and Russia are the threat.
    The threat isnt misogyny, it isnt anti bullying day, or LGBTQx2 inclusivity.
    Its ruthless dictator determined to keep what they have and the world be damned.

    Our Arctic fleet ?
    Brand new Arctic patrol ships built on the East coast that have steel so thin they require a coast guard ice breaker to lead them.
    Two diesel electric subs that, after BILLIONSs in refit money on the West coast …are still tied to the dock ( rumor is….the refits have taken so long we don’t have trained crew to run them…).
    Tanks? Missiles? Drones?
    Fuggetabout it.
    As our enemies arm and train……
    Canada is a nation of appeasement apologists.
    We dont fight.
    We lecture.

    • D. M. Johnston says:

      Your comment is absolutely correct. Canada needs large investments in both arctic ready aircraft (the F-35 has problems in cold conditions and is a maintenance hog) and modern non nuclear submarines such as the Swedish Gotland Class, which is capable for lengthy stays under ice.

      But no, not Canada, which plays the part of “Peace in our time” Neville Chamberlain, taking orders from Beijing.

      The failure of the Canadian government (the empowered Canadian bureaucracy) has so neutered the country that a bunch of trucker yahoos, under the direction of the extreme right wing in the USA, could shut down Ottawa for weeks with little or no response from the government; a Russian invasion of the Arctic, would be over by the time the prime minister could get back to Ottawa, if their is an Ottawa left to get back to.

  7. e.a.f. says:

    It is doubtful Trudeau is too “woke” to purchase military equipment. We don’t do war, in this country. No P.M. since WW II has done much of anything in the way of arming our country. we spent the money on other things, you know like health care, transfer payments to provinces, etc. Oh, right and bridges, rapid transit, highways.

    Canada has some where between 82 and 90 Leopard tanks. They were purchased for Afghanistan but then the Taliban decided to use those road side bombs which made the tanks not a great item to use. They”ve been in storage. Leopolds are the type of tank Ukraine needs. They’re huge and just great machines. I’d love to have one in the front yard as an ornament. Canada could easily fly half of those over. Netherlands is has agreed to pay for some Leopoard 2 tanks for Ukraine. Other countries are having a problem sending them because Germany hasn’t given the O.K. and they own the technology.

    I suspect there are also political issues involved in the lack of decisions being made. Perhaps it is time Canadians need to send letters to their M.P.s and the P.M. saying they want tanks sent to Ukraine.

    Rebuilding the Canaadian military is going to cost a lot of money so you do realize taxes will go up. I’m O.K. with that but millions won’t be. If Ukraine looses this war, not only will we have a lot of dead people and other countries will be invaded also. One of them could be Canada.

    (Response: Western reps FAILED today to approve more much needed tanks for Ukraine. This HELPS Putin’s massacre machine to roll forward soon with a major new campaign. Hundreds more innocent Ukrainians will die; more Ukrainian territory will be crushed. This is a disgrace!! Shame on our “leaders”: they are slowly but surely feeding the Ukraine to Putin/Russia. h.o)

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      “Rebuilding the Canaadian military is going to cost a lot of money so you do realize taxes will go up.”

      Raising taxes has never bothered the Liberal leadership.
      Possibly why Trudeau doubled the National debt in 5 years from 600 Billion to 1.2 TRILLION

      Our health care is a disaster sea to shining sea.
      1 million British Columbians without a doctor.
      People dying in the Emergency Waiting Rooms in Nova Scotia.
      A national disgrace….
      All on Trudeaus watch.

      The leadership in Canada is good at talking and talking and talking.
      We dont need endless lectures on all levels of compliant media on how we should think.
      We need leadership.

      • D. M. Johnston says:

        Again, absolutely correct. Trudeau has become a farce in our own time, but still is a 3 when Singh and Poilievre are a 1 and 2 respectively.

        Actually, Canada does war quite well and if it were not for the appeasers in Ottawa, this country would be better prepared.

        Appeasement does not work and never has, yet Trudeau bumbles along shoveling more money off the back of a truck really not knowing where it goes.

        I wish the conservatives and the NDP had real leaders, who are not afraid to voice their and our concerns.

        I just shake my head at the idiocy happening in Ottawa.

  8. Gilbert says:

    The situation in Ukraine is tragic. The eastern part of Ukraine may have been sympathetic to Russia in the past but probably is not now. The suffering of the Ukrainian people is tremendous.

    Unfortunately, President Zelensky is not as perfect as the west portrays him. He is obviously controlled by the west. Why was he in Davos? Why is he so friendly with Blackrock CEO Larry Fink? Why does it have biological research centres? Let’s not fool ourselves. Ukraine is not a vibrant democracy, but it deserves our support.

    If countries such as China refused to support Russia, it would help a lot. But China wants to maintain good relations with all sides. It’s a very complicated situation.

    (Response: Let’s keep it real: by funding Putin’s war machine, China, India and others are profiteering from the slaughter of Ukrainian civilians. It’s about time the West made them pay economically for that. ANYTHING they sell us … we can get elsewhere; ANYTHING we sell them can find other markets… or be subsidized for lost sales. Human lives are at stake! h.o.)

  9. nonconfidencevote says:

    Anyone notice the Communist China flag on the 6pm Global News last night?
    5 endless minutes of the Chinatown News Years parade with the politicians giving interviews to nonexistant questions..
    All levels of govt (mayor, premier, prime minister) smiling, waving, pressing the flesh for the voters.
    At the front of the parade for everyone to cheer and clap.
    A Canadian flag, a BC flag and a huge flag of China.
    One can only imagine how long it would take the Beijing police to rip down a Canadian flag and jail the usurpers at a similar display in China.
    One wonders when we go to war with China over their inevitable invasion of Taiwan if such pro communist dictatorship displays will be illegal in Canada.

  10. e.a.f. says:

    The Lunar New Year is a big deal for a lot of people and I don’t have a problem with the news coverage, but the communist government of china’s flag–very big problem. Tawiwan celebrates Lunar New year, where was their flag. Perhaps the government needs to be clear. China is not our friend. They have taken aim at many Canadians and it needs to stop. CISIS might want to get busy and figure out who the “police officers” from China are, who operate here in Canada and if they’re citizens of China, put them on the first flight back.
    If any of them are Canadian citizens, then we need to have a look at that also, sort of like we need new laws to deal with some of the things which are now going on in the world, which at one time we didn’t anticipate.

    Thank you to D.M. Johnston for the information regarding the other equipment alternatives. didn’t now about the other equipment. sounds interesting. Buying from countries other than the U.S.A. might be a good idea. Never a good idea to be too dependant upon one country

  11. e.a.f. says:

    Globe and Mail has an interesting article up about Russia and South Africa. Lavrov was in South Africa meeting with their foreign minister, Ms. Pandor.
    The article states, “South Africa will join russia in pushig for a redesigned global order in which a greater role is played by non Western organizations such as the BRIcs partnership, South Africa’s foreign minister says.”

    South african has also invited russian and china to participate in naval exercises next month.–the one year aniversary of the russian invasion.

    All of this is quite interesting given the south african foreign minister;’s position at the time of the Ukrainian invasion was that Russia ought to get out of Ukranian. One can only wonder what she has been promised.

    Lavrov has been making a tour of some African countries, they do have over 50 votes at the U.N.

    So if Canada is sending any foreign aid to South africa, I’d suggest we stop. If they have money for naval exercises with Russia and China, they have enough money to support themselves. South Africa may take the position they are still neutral on the war against Ukraine, but naval exercises with Russia and china doesn’t sound all that neutral.

    (Response: From the Canadian government:”In 2020-21, Canada provided $21.51 million in international assistance to South Africa, with approximately $5M of this amount channeled to bilateral assistance programming focusing on inclusive governance, as well as gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.” Maybe we should redirect much of that to helping the Ukraine ..especially civilian victims of Russian barbarism! h.o)

    • e.a.f. says:

      Now that certainly is a good plan. Ukraine is going to need a lot of money to not only fight this war but rebuild. Inclusive governance, well that has been a waste of money. The ruling party is all about themselves in South Africa, not too inclusive from what I’ve read. Lets send the $5M and change to Ukraine.
      Time to write another letter to the P.M.

  12. CHEN says:

    The media never mentions the1991, MINSK greement Russia had with N.A.T.O about not expanding eastward. The media also goes on about Iranian bomb (they probably have one now )but never Israel. No mention of WW3 ,JUST RUSSIA IS BAD,UKRAINE GOOD.SAME WITH ISRAEL .The most annoying thing is the media. ( your old firm Global news is pathetic )They use words like ;heinous; and ;shocking; about some gang guy that got killed, no one I know cares about some gangbanger.SO- you may be biased,but do you not think our media is controlled and manipulated by the Corporations that own them.
    P.S- Tell Global News that sitting with a Timmys coffee mug DOES NOT WANT ME TO BE THEIR FRIEND.Just give me the facts of THE MOST SERIOUS NEWS THAT DAY ,and not their obviously biased and silly opinion.

    (Response: Well, we at least agree my old local employment station has become “pathetic” … but since it is NOT under government control (like the media in China) i can live in hope that one day it will get back to reporting REAL news and even REAL political coverage …the type that drew 600,000 AVID (not just 150,000 habitual) viewers a day. But even Global still has some very good reporters/writers (Cooper and Bell for example) who have done wonderful job exposing China’s subversive attempts in Canada. As for the Minsk Agreement, Israel’s having the bomb, you are simply incorrect: most of us DO know about that … and we heard about it from the NEWS, as reported in our free/open Western media. Maybe China, Russia, Iran should try that too …free/open media … so their people can also know what IS really going on??? h.o)

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