Cash Strapped or Fed Up with City Hall? Make a Point … and Profit by DEFERRING Your Municipal Taxes

Feel over-taxed, ignored … or even abused … by your municipal politicians? Think your School Board has gone way off track? Not happy with the radicals running the Parks Board?

Then, it probably doesn’t make you feel better to know Vancouver City Council this year is raising municipal taxes (due July 5) by the MAXIMUM recommended by City officials … FIVE PER CENT.

At this time? During a pandemic? When so many are hurting economically?

Read about the 2021 increase here: Vancouver property taxes will be hiked the maximum amount recommended in 2021 | CTV News.

That’s on top of previous Vancouver residential property tax INCREASES of: 7% in 2020; 5% in 2019; 4% in 2018; 4% in 2017 … imposed by free-spending politicians totally out of touch with MIDDLE CLASS taxpayers (owners AND renters).

Has your pension/income kept up with the tax increases imposed by the City?

They go WELL BEYOND the BC cost-of-living rise, which was: 1.9% in 2020; 1.6% in 2018; 1.3% in 2017:

Vancouver City Council, School Board and Parks Board have abused the trust given them by ordinary taxpayers/renters with these tax increases … over and over again, WELL ABOVE inflation.

It makes a farce of their phony rhetoric that their goal is more “affordable ” housing. Not for working people/young families/retired seniors!

Do you believe YOUR City Hall is treating YOUR tax dollars with respect and are putting it to best use?


Well, if you’re over 55, or a surviving spouse of any age, or a person with a disability …. and finding it tough to get by, or just fed up with lousy municipal government you can now “speak out”, and keep YOUR taxes in YOUR wallet for YOU to enjoy … and you can even make money by doing so.

DEFER your municipal taxes.

The Property Tax Deferment Program is a BC government administered program available to residents anywhere in the province.

To qualify, your eligible property must:

  • Be your principal residence (where you live and conduct your daily activities)
  • Be taxed as residential (class 1) or residential and farm (class 1 and 9).

“You must have and maintain a minimum equity of 25% of the property’s assessed value. This means that all charges registered against your property plus the amount of taxes you want to defer can’t be more than 75% of the BC Assessment value of your property in the year you apply,” the program’s website explains.

One caveat: ” If you have a secured debt on your property, such as a mortgage or a line of credit, contact your lender before you apply to ensure your approval into the tax deferment program doesn’t conflict with the terms of your loan. “

But if you’re one of the tens of thousands of British Columbians equity-rich with a property that you will leave to your estate, you can SHARE in its enhanced value NOW by deferring … until you eventually sell or let your estate pay off the municipal taxes from the huge windfall they will inherit later on.

You still apply for the Basic Home Owner Grant AND, if eligible, the Senior (or Disability) Extra Grant each year … but then you don’t have to pay your remaining net tax bill, until you sell or die.

And let’s keep it real: anyone who inherits your property worth several hundred thousand dollars … or a million … or more, would be quite happy to just pay off the deferred municipal taxes. At least, they should be!

There is a fee to defer … $60 to apply and then $10 each year and, for the regular program, annual interest of 0.45% (LESS than half a per cent!).

That means if your net residential taxes (after Grants) work out to $3,000 … your interest is $13.50; on a home where net taxes are $6,000 … the interest is $27.

Let’s keep it real: if you have a half-decent RRIF or Investment Account, it’s likely earning you more than a half percent a year! Or it should be!!

So you can leave your municipal tax money invested, to continue to make more money for you … or better yet, spend it to enjoy your retirement even more!

And if you’re cash-strapped, but really would like to live out your days in your home or condo, deferring can provide you a pretty good chunk of change to help you do that.

At the same time, you can send a message to City Hall, the School Board and the Park Board that you feel ignored, used and abused and you’re not going to take it anymore … or at least, you won’t PAY for it … until YOU are good and ready to settle accounts!

Harv Oberfeld

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22 Responses to Cash Strapped or Fed Up with City Hall? Make a Point … and Profit by DEFERRING Your Municipal Taxes

  1. Stu de Baker says:

    In round guestimated numbers…
    Over the past 6 months and the next 4 months, the small community were I live, +/- 400 new condo units have and will come on stream. Those units will generate about one million in annual residential property taxes.

    Those units replaced about 20 older single-family homes producing a combined total of $60,000 in property taxes. My abacus says that is a 1500% increase.

    The ground floors of those condo buildings have retail/commercial space, adding a layer of taxes where there were previously none.

    In 2021, residential taxes will increase by 2.7% and commercial taxes will be hiked by “nearly 28%.”

    To pacify the business owners, business license fees are waived this year.

    (Response; A 2.7% residential property tax increase is reasonable: still above inflation, but manageable for most, with the tax deferral program providing help to those who can’t. But I surmise you do not live in a city/town that has taken on as “activist” an agenda as have Vancouver City Hall, the School Board and the Park Board … and has raised taxes so high (5% in 2021 ON TOP OF the 7% last year) and to hell with the cost or any negative impact on so many working or retired taxpayers barely able to or even unable to pay their mortgages/rents/Hydro/ICBC etc. h.o)

  2. NVG says:

    The link is all that is required in this blog, why the rant?

    “The Property Tax Deferment Program is a BC government administered program available to residents anywhere in the province.”

    (Response: Ranting is my hobby! 🙂 That’s what Blogs allow people to do … part of our democracy. And on mine, that includes people who can add their own rants. Much more fun and with much more impact than just a government website like the one you quote. h.o)

  3. Rainclouds says:

    Gotta laugh when I see them prattling on about “paying a living wage” Maybe for their top bureaucrats. Their unionized folks wont be living in Van on their pay. What a farcical bunch of delusional dolts WE (30%) have elected. The C.O.V./School Board/Park Board brain trust is spending waaaay beyond their revenue. The latest example? the school at 49th and Knight (Sandford Fleming)which the School Board wants to sell some of the land to developers. Why? Mo $ To avoid the imminent shortfall. These people are so fiscally incompetent its horrifying.

    (Response: The tax deferment program is not new: more and more people have been using it over the past few years: But I must say, watching the current Vancouver City Council, School Board and Park Board “in action” over the past year, I think it offers a great way for law-abiding citizens to say “Hell no, I won’t pay for your foolish spending, your radical agenda and your abuse of taxpayers for years now with property tax increases WLL BEYOND inflation.” h.o)

  4. nonconfidencevote says:

    Ahhh yes the socialists are running out of money for, anti bullying/ pink shirt day, rainbow flag/ rainbow sidewalk day, orange shirt day, defund the police, new Bicycle routes, banning cars everywhere, banning people from beaches, parks and schools…..

    On and on the bonfires of taxpayer money burn as the socialist Liberalistas rip down statutes that may offend, rename schools that may offend and public buildings that may offend, hand out apologies and cash to the aggrieved.
    Endless simpering apologies (and cash always cash) to anyone and everyone.
    The best solution?
    You domicile will never increase in cost further than the rate of inflation.
    As the invisible Mayor/Premier/Prime Minister declares more and more money is needed from the soft targets ( property owners).

    China doesn’t need to invade.
    We’re destroying ourselves.

    (Response: The tax deferral program offers different benefits for different people: some could just use the financial break, and the interest rate is so low, it can help them out …even temporarily, paying off their taxes once things improve for them. Others, with homes that have substantially increased in value, can improve their lives by spending the tax money on their own needs now, knowing the province will get the money back once they sell later on or pass away. And also, what a wonderful way to protest if City Hall policies (not just in Vancouver) have angered, frustrated you to no end … without blocking bridges or chaining yourself to the doors at City Hall! h.o)

  5. BMCQ says:

    I do not think what you have posted in your Blog Topic Essay is unreasonable .

    Would it do any good ? Probably not . I honestly believe that the Poverty Pimps, PC SJ Warriors, and those that support a now Radical BLM, Antifa, and all of the other “Whacked Out” Special Interest that hate and disrespect everything this country was built on care nothing about your opinions, ideas, or the same of anyone else that might support your ideas on this, they think they are doing “God’s Work” . Or whatever term they might use .

    I pay property taxes in four municipalities, mostly with investment properties and then we pay PT for our principle residence . I will not state what we pay for the house PT but it is not inexpensive, our last house we sold and moved from cost us just over $ 29 K per year, did we get good value for that ? Hell, we did ot get even poor value for the taxes we paid for years and years, they even quit cutting the grass at Maple Grove Park right across the street, I had to call the parks guy and complain every two weeks to get movement .

    One of the reasons that I am anonymous on this blog is because I cannot use my name because of repercussions I would face from Municipal, Politicians and their minions, I would have inspectors all over my business and properties .

    there are two things Municipal Politicians know how to do very well, waste tax dollars and create heartache for law abiding, tax paying citizens and seniors who pay the bills and built this country . Poverty Pimp Politicians pander to Special Interests and those that support them at the ballot box, along with far too many government sector employees and educators, it is shameful .

    Again, where are media on this ?

    Why are media not asking the odd question .

    How many more civic employees does Vancouver have now as opposed to the year before former Vancouver Mayor Mumbles Robertson took office ? It is even worse now under Mayor Kennedy who could not run a booth at the PNE and show a profit .

    How many people kind in communications at Van City Hall now as opposed to ten years ago ?I understand it has gone from 2 up over 40 people, how and why ?

    Efficiencies ? What about Efficiencies, why not cut back on spending, where can we save money, can we become more efficient ?

    Does Vancouver need a Parks Board ? Why not run the Parks they way most other cities run theirs ?

    Should Vancouver consider going the same direction as the GTA, should YVR amalgamate, we would not need a dozen Police Chiefs, a dozen Fire chiefs, Mayors, councilors, Engineers, and all of the rest of the so called management which could be made redundant . Just in Assistant Police and Fire chiefsm Police Assistants and others who love to wear the hats with the scrambled eggs on the brims we could save $ Hundreds of Millions and we would have no more crime or no more fires, imagine that .

    I could go on but I would not want to state so much some here would not be sure of what I am getting at .

    Yes Harvey I endorse much of what you say here but I strongly believe that the Great Unwashed need candidates for Mayors and Counsel in Vancouver that could attract enough votes without splitting those votes to defeat the Carpet Baggers without splitting the vote .

    We need to rid ourselves of the “Grifters” who run for public office to better their own lives rather than to serve the people of Canada, B.C., Vancouver and the other cities svtodd tyhid vounyty .

    Once again, it is long past time to call for “Term Limits” the good people of this country need turnover for those in public office, two terms and their Snouts come out of the Public trough with absolutely NO Pensions, pay them an extra 23% and have them fund their own pensions . That would save $ Hundreds of Millions .

    Honestly I do not believe those that run cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and a few more care nothing about any of you with holding Property tax but I may be mistaken, I do not feel confident in that statement, only my initial thoughts on this .

    Then again, if enough people did that it may create more interest in the civic election .

    I am 100% in agreement with Harvey, he is right to rant about this and the rest of us should encourage more to push back against Municipal Politicians .

    This Blog provides a Great Public Service and we must ensure that friends and relatives read what takes place here .

    It is all about the Argument, the Discussion, and the Debate .

  6. e.a.f. says:

    we heard the cry of “defund the police” in the U.S.A. after inappropriate actions, no reason we couldn’t defund city hall if its acting inappropriately with the taxpayers’ money. not all cities act as the council, parks board of Vancouver do. Most cities/towns/villages work hard at providing services to citizens. The city of Vancouver is just weird these days. Selling city owned land Now? Are they out of their minds. If they don’t need it they can simply lease it out for 20 years, until they do need it. They can put in some baseball diamonds for kids to play on and seating for seniors. no government land ought to be sold at this time. In 50 years we’re going to need all of it.

    The parks board permitted parks to be used as gang compounds. They took the parks from the people in the area and now will have to spend who knows how much to repair them. Perhaps if the parks board had a little less money they wouldn’t have been so casual about letting criminals destroy some of the parks.

    we need to ensure the city has funding for the fire department, health units, police dept., etc. but the increases you outlined are a tad much and I don’t think the people who work for the city are getting rises in that range. Most City of Vancouver workers live all over the lower mainland. They can’t afford to live in the city and that is very poor organizing. That land at 49th and Knight could be used to provide affordable housing, which in my book includes the people who serve the citizens of the city. I’m not talking “social housing” which in my opinion is different.

    City council ought to remember in case of an emergency they have to bring fire fighters, police, works department people in from their homes, which are in many cases an hour away from the city.

    Taxes do need to go up, because there is such a thing as inflation, increases in worker salaries, increases in materials, etc. but what the city council needs these increases for, omg, get a new mayor and council.

    $29K a year in property taxes in that area is way out of wack. In Richmond one of the houses in the area, where the standard house is at least 9K sq. ft. is 20K sq. ft. and the taxes are approx. $16K a year. Now Richmond is right across the Fraser River from Vancouver. They have police, fire departments, relatively new city hall, the roads are all paved, they have dikes they need to maintain, so it does seem a tad over the top that Vancouver’s property taxes are so much higher and going up so much.

    There are many towns, cities, etc. all over the province where property taxes are no where as high as Vancouver’s and they all provide about the same types of services.
    The people of Vancouver need to get their act together and start voting and trying to select people who might do the city some good. The NPA hasn’t offered that much and the rest of council well they need to find something else to do, but that will only happen if the voters get out there and vote next time.

    My concern is should the city find itself short of funds, they will eliminate the things the citizens actually need, like garbage pick up, fire fighters, cops, maintenance workers, etc. Having watched the federal government over the decades decide to ‘save money’ about all that was usually cut were the front line workers. Never the highly paid employees at the top. Don’t think it will be much different at City Hall.

    (Response: As I understand it, Tax deferral doesn’t deny any city necessary expenditures to run basic services: it’s a provincial program and they loan the city the equivalent of the deferred funds, repaid when the deferred taxes are paid later. BUT if enough people do it, it DOES send a message to both the City and the Province that many folks are not happy … and just could make them stand up and take notice … or ignore it at their political peril! h.o)

  7. 13 says:

    Its hard to believe that we pay the amount of tax to 3 levels of government that we do.
    It would be an interesting study/debate to see which level is the worst.
    Pensions at BCGEU CUPE BCTF BC FERRIES BC HYDRO MPS MLAS City councilors, police departments, fire departments health regions, ICBC
    As BMCQ points out the number of Cities that duplicate services and have managers of every duplicate service. The trough just keeps getting deeper and longer as the snouts multiply at alarming rates.
    Its disgusting and disturbing and anyone that beleieves we are getting value for all of our taxes likely belongs to one of the above mentioned groups

    (Response: There’s an interesting report done annually by the Fraser Institute on Tax Freedom Day …and actually it shows, on average, things are getting better for Canadians: The problem is, I believe, many Canadians feel that they are NOT getting their fair share of the spending. In Vancouver, HUGE expenditures on social programs, activist agendas, including providing free housing for anyone from across BC and even the rest of Canada, and, of course, more and more bike lanes, street blockages, parking removal (while hiking prices) … but just take a look at the condition of city streets/avenues, plantings and streetscapes: YECH! Like a third world country … roller coaster roads, ugly, and Granville has become an extension of Hastings/Main, where I feel UNSAFE now all the way from Robson to the Granville Bridge. Lucky the tourists have not been here this year to see Vancouver’s “downtown”. Tax deferral is a good way to register a protest! h.o)

  8. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I’m fine with people using the property tax deferral as a form of ‘feedback’ to City Hall — but if people are doing that, they should back it up with a note explaining what they are doing and why. (I’d say Harvey can skip that step, as he has already stated his case here.)

    If it’s CHANGE you want, rather than just some personal satisfaction: make your intentions known. If enough seniors do that, councils will have to sit up and notice.

    * * *

    Speaking of taxes… what’s up with the change to having to apply to the province for the Home Owner Grant? Municipalities can no longer handle that process, which they have done seamlessly for decades.

    If it’s to weed out corruption and identify off-shore owners who are pretending to be principal residents: have at it. (I assume Meng Wanzhou will have no problem getting her H.O.G. … 🙂 )

    There’s no explanation on the local or provincial websites, explaining the change — though the unintended consequences will be confusion, delays and missed dates, due to the crush of applicants.

    As well, on the City of Chilliwack invoice, there’s no explanation of the Column B and C grants — as there always was in the past. In the past, it was always clear that Column C was for age 65 + (and perhaps those with disabilities?) Now: no clarity. More communications staff needed?

    The provincial H.O.G. online process took me less than five minutes, though the print-out of the confirmation choked multiple times, due to a clash with my browser’s security filters. After 3 tries, I took a screen shot of the confirmation page and printed that instead.

    Meanwhile, for those planning to use the phone-in process: “Our call centre is experiencing higher than normal call volumes. The quickest way to apply is online or by using our automated self-serve phone system. It’s easy and secure. If you can’t apply online, you may experience longer than normal wait times.”

    (Response: Try looking on the back of the bill …sometimes the explanations are there in greater detail. I think the Tax Deferral is a very good provincial program: it can help those who want to stay in their homes as long as possible but are cash-rich on paper only in their property value. But in rare times … like I believe we are in now … it allows us to file a REAL protest where low voter turnout by “the silent majority” has allowed activists, radicals and minority lobby groups to elect THEIR people to power …and then they can cater to only them and tax, tax, tax and abuse the rest of us. Hopefully, the center of the road parties can get their act together voter turnout will be better next time! h.o)

  9. 13 says:

    @GBS Nice to see you dont trust the NDP to deliver the homeowners grant seamlessly.
    The NDP are doing this to “streamline” the process. My money is on a reduction in the grant amounts and the municiplaities do not want t upset voters with NDP policy. Your correct in the lack of explanation as well. I wonder how many seniors will show up near the deadline at city hall with their taxes and ask where the declaration form went

  10. e.a.f. says:

    13, I’d suggest you get over government workers having decent pensions. Its not the pensions which are increasing taxes. People who work for the government pay for those pensions via deductions from their pay cheques. These are then in an investment fund, which creates the money for the pensions.

    At one time, federal government pension monies, which were deducted from salaries, were put into general revenue and then loaned out to provinces at 3% when the interests rates in this country were running 8% to 20%. During these times federal government workers were of the opinion, they were supporting the life style of citizens all over the country, while their pension funds were not growing at a rate they could have been.

    About 8 years ago I recall reading that the fasted group of people filing for bankruptcy in Ontario were retirees because they could no longer afford to keep up with their bills, their pensions were so small or non existent. I would suggest you would like retired government workers to live below the poverty line, much like others already do in this country. The aim of the game is for everyone to have a decent pension, not to begrudge those who do. Government pension funds are invested in companies all over the country and for that matter, in some foreign countries also. During the reign of the B.C. Lieberals the investment board for the RCMP pensions invested in Timber West out here in B.C., well Vancouver island. Once the RCMP found out, they were not happy, given some of the contractors who worked for Timber West were allegedly members or former members of the Hell’s Angels. I do believe Rich Coleman might be able to enlighten you on the details.

    You might be interested to know the State of Washington has a similar pension investment board as B.C. Their board members are paid less however than the B.C. board members but their fund is also very large and invested in all matter of corporations, etc.

    If you want to talk excessive pensions, look at the C.E.O.S of corporations around the world and former politicians, not ordinary front line workers. From the sounds of it you believe the retired workers of the government liquor stores, ferry workers, nurses, paramedics are the problem. get a grip there kid.

  11. John's Aghast says:

    Anyone that pays $29,000 in property taxes is probably the same dolt that pays $150,000 for a pickup. To drive around Vancouver. Not very smart money management in any case. my neighbour has a plus million $ property and pays less than $500 dollars property tax. I drive a ’97 chev Square body and my fuel bill is 1/10 of his truck payment! My point is just because some loose cash, don’t squander it.

    (Edited…off topic)

    And GBS, when the system works, it is flawless! I put in my health number and they said try again, whish I did and they said it still did not match their records. The third time they said I had exceed my options. Sooooo, I phoned the number and ‘they were exceeding the anticipate…..blah,blahblah’. FIFTY THREE MINUTES LATER, they took my information and said there was nothing wrong with it. apparently THEY had left off the letter of my last name!
    Enjoy the sunshine!

  12. BMCQ says:

    Harvey mentioned we might get a change next time at the upcoming election . I certainly hope he correct but I am afraid the next Vancouver Election will be much like the last one where the so called free enterprise Mayors vote was split between the NPA Ken Sim and another independent candidate who was conservative leaning enabling NDP Leftist Activist PC SJ Warrior Kennedy Stewart secure victory ,

    The Kennedy Stewart Victory then pushed the balance of power to the Radical Left as his vote is very important . Then we must really be honest here and admit that the current batch of NPA Councilors are really nothing ore than “Vision Light”, we are in serious trouble . Then to top off that great story the NPA appointed Parks Commissioner as their Mayors Candidate and there has been a revolt of other so called NPA Councilors who thought that the choice for the NPA Mayor Candidate should be some “Whacked Out” New Think idea of a Candidate that ticks all of the PC Boxes, it matters not to them whether that Standard Bearer is the correct choice, it is more about ticking the PC SJ Warrior Boxes that seem to take precedence today .

    Again, it now appears that the NPA will splinter off into at least two parties and appoint another Mayor candidate which will mean at least two free enterprise candidates then split that vote once again allowing Mayor Kennedy to be re elected .

    Again, the city of Vancouver is in trouble .

    As to my property taxes ?

    Most informed intelligent people are more than aware of how property taxes are calculated, most people are aware that property taxes on the west side of Vancouver can be extremely high, there are reasons for that . Those that pay extremely high property taxes on the Vancouver west side are usually people that hold residential properties of a certain value with a sizeable lot and home on those properties . Those facts should not be news to anyone, facts are facts, and there is no arguing those facts .
    Another example might be that if a family own a smallish waterfront property in Vancouver or say West Van of great value the property taxes will be at a high level . I doubt very much that your “Top Mensa” friend could have managed to have less expensive property tax than BMCQ on the same property or on a $ 15 Million Dollar home next to Chip Wilson, please explain how your friend could manage to reduce those property tax levels . I know and fully understand you might need some clarity here but please understand there is a fairly significant difference in the property taxes of a $ 15 Million Dollar home in Vancouver and the one your pal has .

    It is no different than property tax on a single story suite in the Eugenia Building on Beach Ave., the property taxes are high because of the property itself, simple .

    Please trust me thee is “Plus Million” and then there is “PLUS Million” . You should know that but then with you it is all about attacking BMCQ, nothing more and nothing less .

    I do not have3 a pick up and do not know what a square box is, please enlighten me .

    Yes certain rural properties that might have been classified as working farms have reduced property taxes and that is also fact . That is a totally different circumstance .

    I am not suggesting Harvey take this on but let’s hope that many thousands of Vancouver Property Tax Payers take this on and align themselves with a Party that can challenge Mayor Kennedy, his “Visionite Minions”, and the hundreds of Special Interest Poverty Pimps that “Suck the Blood” out of the Vancouver Tax Payer, the good people of Vancouver deserve much better . Gutter Snipes ALL of them .

    A few years ago I had an Xmas time conversation with a dozen of so people and one of the guests stated that “Property Tax does not concern me because I am a renter ” .

    I then pointed out that those that own rental properties are in a position of having never ending property tax increases and they have no choice to increase their rents the maximum the province allows, they are choking with the increases in property tax and they unfortunately cannot “Defer” their PT, they are stuck and that causes pressure on their renters, she then understood but how many renters think like that ?

    Then there are the ever increasing PT for stores, retail, restaurants where a small pub on Denman saw their Triple Net Rent increase from $ 35 K PER MONTH to $ 39 K
    per month 3 years ago so they closed, the store front on Denman is still empty but the owner of that property is still forever being forced to increase PT .

    This is not the only example, before Covid travelling down Davie from Burrard to Denman, then along Denman to Robson, and then up Robson to Burrard there were over “70” empty store fronts which means lost jobs, incomes for workers, and the owners of hose store fronts still must pay exorbitant Property Tax, there IS NO relief
    for those Landlords .

    Harvey may have started something here, perhaps those that could challenge Mayor Kennedy, his Whacked Out Minions and the Special Interest Poverty Pimps that he represents should start their Tax Revolt and Election Campaign right on this Blog .

    “Square Box” ? ? Really ?

    I hope Harvey allows me to respond to my attacker, I am a very sensitive soul and I feel it needs to be addressed .

    (Response: Good point about renters: of course, they DO pay the higher taxes each time they are hiked. Landlords most of the time just raise their RENTS to recoup the higher rate. Sometimes they may absorb it, for fear of losing a great tenant, but overall every tax increase, every Hydro increase, every insurance increase, every mortgage financing increase gets passed on … and with Vancouver’s property taxes going up 5% this year; 7% last year; 5% in 2019; 4% in 2017 … and remember EACH boost is added on top of the higher tax bill from the year before … it makes a mockery of City Council members’ hollow talk of trying to keep the city “affordable” h.o)

  13. BMCQ says:

    My apologies – forgot to add .

    This never gets discussed but going back for several years beginning under Mayor “Mumbles” Robertson he Mayor and his “Visionite” Minions would talk about the “Very Real Chance” that Property Tax increases could be 7 – 8 – 9 percent or even higher the next year, then to finally come down with an increase which was lesser to say 3 – 4 or say 5% which the Tax Payer took as a “Break” .

    It was/is a “Shell Game” played by Robertson and now passed down to Mayor Kennedy where the Bastards think the Tax Payer is so stupid they will fall for the Flim Flam” of the despicable, dishonest, deceitful “Shell Game” played out by our Political Masters .

    Imagine all of this and very few of our Political Masters at the Vancouver City Council and Mayor have really accomplished anything their whole adult lives, do yourself a favour and research the backgrounds of most of them .

    Hell, almost to a “People Kind”, the whole group of them could NOT manage to run the Turtle Race at Byron Bay .

  14. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, NOT all houses in the farm belt qualify for farm status and the particular house I was referring to, as far as I know, didn’t. The figure for the house was regular taxes. Other properties, homes, on the street, pay $950 in property taxes because they are registered farms. Its fairly easy to keep your farm status even if you don’t personally farm. You simply hire a farm labour contractor who brings in the pickers and as long as you are making some where around $2500 a year on what you’re growing, you’ve got the new lower rate. My point was that Richmond property taxes appear to be lower than Vancouver’s. The particular house which had the taxes of $16K a year was on the market for $20M.

    Even back in the 1970s, living on the water side of Point Gray Rd., cost you what others were paying in mortgage payments, for taxes and the city didn’t care whether the home was an inherited family home and you were a working person. Its pricing people out of the city, especially those who bought their homes when they were affordable or have inherited family homes or bought them from their parents at a reduced rate. this is evidenced by the number of fire fighters who live outside of the City of Vancouver. They simply can not afford to buy a home in the city or afford the taxes. this will some day come to bite a lot of people in the butt. A really big emergency and the fire fighters are driving in from any where from Hope to Nanaimo to get to their jobs in Vancouver. the citizens of Vancouver can only hope the bridges are left standing so they can bring in fire fighters from surrounding cities as they did during the Hockey Riots of ’94 or was it ’96.

    In my opinion, the City doesn’t seem to think about real emergencies. they put up barriers for bikes, the have no go zones for vehicles. they want to convert some bridge lanes to park and walk areas. who the hell needs it? It cost a shit load of money that the City doesn’t have. They have to raise taxes. they also don’t seem to care about things like fire trucks having to go down some of those streets in rush hour or when there are just traffic jams during the day due to construction. Its rather interesting to hear a fire truck approach and know when they turn the corner its grid lock. Watched it the other day. Fortunately the drivers on the block all moved the little they could and the fire truck was able to squeeze by. One of these days that won’t be able to happen and the jolly spend, spenders at City Hall will have been responsible for deaths. Using car lanes on bridges for bikes, ya, because there are just so many bikes.

    what if you had an emergency and needed all emergency vehicles from not only Vancouver but those from other cities. How will they all get in in a traffic jam or purposely made smaller major streets. No one seems to understand, at City Hall, we live in an earth quake zone. Not much of what the City appears to be doing has anything to do with running a city efficiently. A couple of years ago, I read an article which dealt with the loss of productivity in the City of New York due to traffic jams. It ran into the billions each year. Lets not get into a similar situation. We will eventually become as old as New York is now. The city ought to be planning for that, not more bike lanes. Parks would be good, because as the population and the number of condos grow, there will be a need for parks, not for gang camping, but for people to go to and have their kids play.

    Now as we all know, I’m a leftie, but I’d still suggest the city voters elect some one else as mayor. not some nut bar who is so far right she looks like she came from Texas, but some one in the center. Some one with some back ground in city management or management or will hire a City Manager who will do what is best for the city and not their political masters. The city doesn’t need all those P.R. people. Let the council and mayor talk to the citizens and press.

    I read some where that the Aquarium was sold to a corporate entity. Like what is that all about. We don’t need that thing in the middle of Stanley Park or that thing they call a zoo. We need green space for people to enjoy, for kids to play in and their parents not to have to pay high parking fees.

    The higher the taxes, the less likely families are going to live in the city and that in the end will cause more and more problems because who will work in the city? What will the city become in the future. to date a lot of the city’s planning has been driven by either the right or the left and their agendas. For the right, it was developers and for the left, well we’ve covered that enough. How about planning for the 100 years down the road. What will the city need then. Buying back land in the future will be too expensive to happen. Lets save the city land we have now. It will force city council to not sell off assets we will need in the future.

    Has any one at city hall given any thought to what will happen in 15 years when a lot more vehicles are electric and people start driving more again to get to work because its faster? Yes, in the meantime city hall is closing roads and bridge lanes.

    BMCQ is correct, yes we’re agreeing. There are million $ houses and then there are million dollar houses. . Everything in the city is at least a million, but then there are homes which are worth tens of millions of dollars.

    Houses in the City of Vancouver can run into the 70M range, some are in the $30M range. Things aren’t going to get less expensive as climate change and some areas of the world become more dangerous. People will keep coming and the city of Vancouver needs to figure out how to deal with that, have an infrastructure to support it, affordable housing for those who need to work in the city and they need to do that now, at an affordable price with out taxing people out of the city.

    Yes, some one needs to be on counsel to remember there are those who live well below the poverty line and assist them because a lot of them are kids. However, that can not be the sole focus of council. The City of Vancouver needs a more business like approach to running the city. Its up to the citizens of Vancouver to deal with the issue and become more politically active. business who has a lot of complaints need to have a look at who they might want to lead the city, with a view of keeping the “whole” of the city in mind. If the left is going to run a candidate they need to select some one better than the current candidate, who in my opinion is a bit of a dolt. More attention is being spent on people who didn’t live in the city and more money being spent on their needs than those of the citizens of the city of Vancouver who are paying the taxes/bills.

  15. BMCQ says:

    I stated that “Certain rural properties that might have been classified as working farms” etc.

  16. John's Aghast says:

    e.a.f. True Story. When I lived in Abbotsford my neighbour, who was a City of Vancouver Firefighter told me one of his colleagues lived in California! I expressed some surprise but he explained he couldn’t afford to live in Vancouver. (This was twenty years ago). His wife was a flight attendant so he benefited from free air travel to YVR and with judicial timing of his shifts was able to commute!
    H.O. This is on topic because houses were much cheaper then, so it must have been due to taxes!

  17. BMCQ says:

    Seeing as we are all still here .

    I was born in St. Pauls Hospital have lived in Vancouver for my whole life . The house I grew up in on Mackie St. which was a working class neighbourhood was 900 sq ft on a lot of about 5700 sq ft . Today the house that now occupies that house is about 3500 sq ft, not large but still much larger than what was there . MOST of Vancouver proper and similar areas like Richmond, Burnaby, and say North Van have for the most part been redeveloped with new large homes which brings in $ Millions of ollars into the municipal bank accounts .

    Then we must look at Vancouver especially downtown where thousands of Property Tax paying Condo units have been erected over say the past 20 years which also bring in $Hundreds of Millions of PT EACH AND EVERY YEAR on properties/lots that once hel small warehousing like Yale Town or smallish homes on small lots site assembled for redevelopment of those thousands of aparrment units .

    This tells us that there is NO shortage of Property tax Income and many more revenue streams going into any city bank account, especially Vancouver/YVR where property values continue to go higher than Cheech and Chong at a Sunset Beach 4/20 day .

    Think about it, WHERE DOESS the MONEY GO?

    Please DO NOT come back at me with the Mumbo Jumbo about costs to the city for development of the property, services for that property, cost of civic permits licenses, planning and the rest, FYI it is the Builder developer that pays for all of that and then passes the cost on to YOU the purchaser of any given property . The same goes for residential towers, the city pays nothing, the developer pays all engineering costs, sewers, and the rest and then on top of that they are blackmailed into providing any number of given PC SJ Warrior Inclusive Propaganda structure to satisfy the “Woke” Whack Jobs at city Hall . Yes, the developer also passes that cost to the purchaser .

    Let us also keep in mind that simple things like Garbage pick up is not carried out by city labour, garbage collection etc. for residential condo units is private contractors, it is not city .

    I have built two houses in Vancouver and I took the house sewer connection to the city property line where the city crew of about 2 workers and 8 “Watchers” hooked it up and it took about half an hour . My cost for the first house $8500.00, the second house 5 years later ? $ 13,000.00m now that is what I call inflation .

    I will not go on with this as I am about to leave to carry out Environmental Research/Golf but someone in media needs to do more to expose the “Shell Game” that inept, incapable, imbecilic. moronic. City Counsels and Bureaucrats are playing with Tax Payers, it is difficult to own any kind of housing in Vancouver and YVR let alone getting ripped off by incompetent city counsels and managers .

    Those same mensa members in media can then ask the following question .

    Where is THE Auditor General ? Should we not have an AG that could watch over management and spending of Municipal Governments ? Would that not benefit and protect the Tax Payer ? Would an AG not ensure transparency, accountability, honesty, fairness, and security for ALL Tax Payers be they property owners or renters ? Yes, Renters have an important part in all of this .

    Funny, I thought we once had an Auditor General for local government, what could have happened ?

    My, My, My !

    I wonder what could have happened there ?

    I must ask the following question . WHY ?

    As someone once said, “ELECTIONS DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES” .

    Perhaps we should give that some serious consideration before we step into the polling place about two and a half years from now .

    Colonel Walter Kurtz was correct when he said this to me, “The Horror, The Horror” !!

  18. G. Barry Stewart says:

    BMCQ: “…especially Vancouver/YVR where property values continue to go higher than Cheech and Chong at a Sunset Beach 4/20 day.”

    That was worth the price of admission. Maybe even twice as much! 🙂 Great line, Bob!

  19. Nonconfidencevote says:

    The bureaucrats and city clowncil….. never a shortage of hands held out demanding “fees”

    I feel that “ownership” IS the new target….
    Lets face it.
    Owners are the hated new “rich”.
    Easy targets for politicians that couldn’t balance a budget even IF they actually cared.

    Time to sell, invest and rent.
    Govt controlled and subsidized rent.
    No taxes, no inspectors, no increased “user fees”.
    Just inflation indexed rental increases.

  20. BMCQ says:

    Barry – NonCon

    My apologies for the comment I am about to repeat .

    Fortunately I have many close friends from all walks of life, some rich, some not so rich, some highly intelligent, some of average intelligence, but to a person they are all hard working, tax paying, caring people with one thing in common, they all have common sense, just like the two of you and most other contributors on this blog .

    Believe it or not my political leanings may be a little more conservative/right leaning than GBS but we both want the same for people in Canada, yes we may quibble over some beliefs and theories but we are basically hoping for a just society where those that can work, pay taxes, provide for our loved ones and then in turn provide for those that are in need for any given “Legitimate” reason, that is only good common sense .

    There are many problems in Canadian Society today but most of them we can overcome, the dangers to our society that come to us from Poverty Pimp Politicians, Special Interest Groups, and an assorted group of other similar groups like race Pimps who have made an industry out of poverty, the drug, alcohol, and other substance abuse culture are a “Clear and Present Danger” to the standard of Canadian living, the Rule of Law, a common sense workable moral code, religious freedom for all, equality for all with no special deals for some, the whole of the Canadian Culture which make no doubt is good, and say a fair standard of living Canadians deserve .

    Those politicians, special interests, some non profits, race pimps, and all of the rest who “Earn their Living” by creating, promoting, growing, and enabling the “Poverty Pimp” Industry are in fact contributing to the downfall to Canadian Culture, Canadian way of life, Canada Rule of Law, and our whole Moral Code of what we under normal times consider decent regardless of our ethnicity, skin tone, religious background, or gender .

    Canadians just all want to be equal with NO Canadians being a little more equal than others, those politicians described are attempting to take all of that away from us and we need to push back .

    Cities like Vancouver, Victoria, SEA, ORD, SFO, ORD, JFK, to name just a few se Whacked Out Mayors and Councillors engineer higher Property Tax increases to use for their SJ Earrior Agendas which attract rhe Drug Addled Criminals from thousands of miles around as those criminals all know where officials provide free stuff, are soft on crime and offer any number of services including Victims, how convenient .

    In the meantime those same politicians increase the Peoperty Taxes o contributing citizens where they be wealthy land owners, renters or somewhere in between, it is an attack on normalcy and an attack on the law abiding cihtisens, it is blasphemy .

    Think of this, where do you think Vancouver property taxes might be if we did not have Poverty Pimp Politicians and their friends driving the bus ?

    What if we were not attracting repeat prolific drug addled criminals to our cities for decades,where would PT be then ?

    Yes we need to help and assist but not at the cost to our own freedoms and standard of living .

    We are not all so different, I believe I could pick better municipal politicians just from those we see on this blog, we might even put Harvey in the mix! There is a lot of good common sense here between centre right and centre left, that is because all have been or are tax payers .

    Funny you should mention this but good friends just sold their home for $ 4.2 million, early sixties, he phoned me the other day and asked me what I thought about them renting .

  21. Nonconfidencevote says:

    “Funny you should mention this but good friends just sold their home for $ 4.2 million, early sixties, he phoned me the other day and asked me what I thought about them renting .”


    $4.2 million invested in a safe, balanced portfolio would yield roughly $200k per year.
    Rent for a really nice place for 5k/month is only 60k year.
    Leaves $140k to play with.

    Screw the greedy govt bastards.
    Rent. No yardwork, no taxes, no massive rent increase because the govt wont allow it.

  22. e.a.f. says:

    Non Confidence, even renters pay property taxes, indirectly, but pay they do. Once their landlord received their tax bills, if they go up, so do the rents. Landlords can not afford to pay the taxes without recovering the monies, or they would loose their investment.

    Some may argue rent control are the answer, but then the cities would have to control their tax increases.

    BMCQ, frequently refers to poverty pimps. I’m not keen on the “title”, however there are people who make a decent living working in this field. BMCQ like I have watched the spending of money going back decades, certainly back into the 1980s. After all that money has been spent, did we get a decent bang for our buck. Having a look at the conditions in the area, I’d suggest no. If you look back at film say in the year Harry Rankin ran for Mayor, you’d see a lot more people on the streets and no camps on the side walks. How did the city get to this point and what role did the increase in taxes play in this?

    In my opinion, no one ever gave any thought to, were there measurable results of improvement. The city didn’t care much as long as the problem didn’t spill out of the DTES, but in the end it has. City councils would simply increase taxes for more money for more organizations, for more programs. What we never saw was were these programs successful. There never seemed to be a concerted effort to have one program to deal with the issues. Essentially they ware houses people. The government has been buying up hotels to put a roof over peoples’ heads, but at what cost to tax payers (provincial) That is about 40/45 years to late.

    Drug addiction, substance abuse, etc. even when fent. was introduced not much was done by governments to stem the problems. Its costing taxpayers a fortune with no real results. Had police dealt with the issue at the beginning or rather politicians directing police to deal with it, we might not be where we are today. Not only do we have poverty pimps, we have pimps who peddle people who have drug addictions. City taxes were going up the whole time and more people became addicted. BMCQ has written on the topic more than once.

    In my opinion there are two groups, those who can receive treatment, which might be extensive and expensive and move onto recovery. unfortunately that isn’t provided by the government and those people continue to need services and we continue to pay for them through taxes. the city doesn’t care, they just have the computer send out the bills.

    The other group, is the one who will never recover. They can however be managed for a lot less than being spent today.

    Death and taxes will always be with us. Death can be put off for awhile if we take care of ourselves and get proper exercise, etc. Taxes, well they just seem to go up, but if some one actually sat down figured out how much is spent, by poverty pimps and well run organizations, they might want to have an audit. Come up with a plan. Most likely that isn’t going to happen, because the costs at the beginning are high and they involve spending it on children, who usually get the short end of the stick. If we provided adequate care for children we might not wind up with the mess we have today and our taxes over the decades might actually go down.

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