CBC “Moves Mountains” to Steal Dead Sea Scrolls Away from Israel

At SOME point, the CBC Board of Directors, the CRTC and/or the federal government MUST take on the Corbynesque anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian and even what I would call pro-Hamas bias at the CBC.

Readers of this Blog know I have in the past delineated my clear conclusions about bias in CBC “coverage” of: the Lebanon-Israel war; the Gaza-Israel conflict; the under-reporting … or total ignoring … of Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israelis; and the almost constant rocket/incendiary attacks on Israel from Hamas-controlled areas … still going on … 200 rockets in 2020 alone!

And then there was the most unusual treatment of US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who happens to be Jewish. The CBC must have a thousand photos/miles of video of Kushner, but as I pointed out, the CBC in a report on Kushner’s dealings between the US and Russia “used a deeply PERSONAL RELIGIOUS photo of Kushner … wearing a black Jewish skull cap, holding a Prayer Book,  praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, standing next to another man, also wearing a black skullcap, and in prayer.”

“Think about that,” I wrote at the time. 

“Has the Western Wall been moved to Moscow? Why was such a personal religious picture selected for use in a story about Kushner’s political dealings … when there were so many others, more closely relating to the subject matter?

Why THAT photo?

Even in the midst of the worst stories about Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau or Mac Harb … or any other political or work-related  scandal stories on The CBC, I don’t recall EVER seeing a picture of THEM or ANYONE ELSE in personal prayer or in any religious context when other on-the-job  pictures were available.”

That’s what had become of Canada’s once-venerable and impartial PUBLIC broadcaster.

But last week, the anti-Israel bias at the CBC went too far … literally!

The rest of the world had no problem reporting a fairly innocuous, simple story: more Dead Sea Scroll fragments, “among the earliest written Hebrew texts”, and a 6,000-year old child’s skeleton had been found in a cave in Israel, south of Jerusalem.

“New Dead Sea scrolls found in Israel” wrote the Canberra (Australia Times) ; “Ancient child’s skeleton found in Israel’s ‘Cave of Horrors’ along with Dead Sea scrolls” reported the South China Morning Post; “New fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls found in Israeli cave”, revealed Global News.

Even the CBC was on to the topic: “New Dead Sea scrolls found in desert cave in Israel,” the public broadcaster reported March 16.

But then a not-so-funny thing happened at the Corbynesque corp: the headline was then changed to “New Dead Sea scrolls found in cave in West Bank”.

West Bank?

The CBC MOVED the mountains and caves, somehow, to the Palestinian territories …. away from their actual location, a canyon around 40 kilometres (25 miles) south of Jerusalem, in an area near Ein Gedi that has been part of Israel proper since 1948 … uncontested (except by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah)!!!

And the CBC?

How? Why” Who dunnit?

Thankfully, they didn’t get away with it: an Israel/Mid-East media-monitoring organization, HonestReporting Canada, noticed the change and filed a complaint March 18 with the CBC, pointing out the location of discovery is indeed INSIDE Israel, NOT in the Palestinian territories at all.

Oops! The CBC was caught … and issued the following statement:

Corrections: A previous version of this story said the new fragments had been found in Israel but was later incorrectly updated to say they were found in the West Bank. In fact, they were found just west of the Dead Sea and south of the West Bank,” the People’s network admitted to its readers.

But did the CBC return the “Mountain” and the scrolls to Israel?

Of course not!

Their THIRD headline to the story NOW reads: “New Dead Sea Scrolls found in cave in Judean Desert.”

Still eliminating “Israel”.

This, in my view, is a PERFECT example of the anti-Israel bias that has corrupted and destroyed the credibility of the CBC for some time now.

It has long manifested itself in what the CBC covers, what the CBC does not cover and, as this pathetic example shows, how the CBC manipulates even simple straightforward stories.

Just imagine what goes on behind the scenes as they plan and produce their “coverage” of controversial, politically sensitive Mideast/Israel/Palestinian stories!!

It MUST be dealt with by the CBC Board, the CRTC or the Government!

Canadians deserve HONEST, FAIR, UNBIASED reporting … not propaganda twisted to conform to the prejudices of activists/extremists or some anti-Israel cabal that I believe has infested the news operations at the CBC.

Harv Oberfeld

(Saturday begins the Jewish holiday of Passover: Wishing all my Jewish readers a Happy Passover (Chag Sameach Pesach).

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21 Responses to CBC “Moves Mountains” to Steal Dead Sea Scrolls Away from Israel

  1. Horace B. says:

    What a thorny problem. From my point of view Stephen Harper seemed to be unable to do anything to the CBC and they even helped bring him down.

    (Response: Sometimes I refer to the CBC as “the unofficial voice of the NDP”. Actually, it’s more the extreme left NDP/Greens … those with a Corbynesque point on view. Certainly, it has also been my impression that conservative points of view are not given equal or fair exposure on a variety of issues … all part of this radical left CBC bias … that denies many Canadians their voice. h.o)

  2. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey, I understand this is a serious issue, but at some level I can’t help laughing that the C.B.C. would do this. In a manner, its actually funny. Perhaps some one ought to send the C.B.C. a map of the area.

    In my opinion, Kushner is a jerk. Don’t like his politics and he wasn’t effective in his roles. Now does that have anything to do with his religion. In my opinion, not so much. Doesn’t matter if he is a Baptist, J.W., Catholic, etc. he just wasn’t good at his job.

    Reads like the C.B.C. was trying to send the message of the evil Jew. They need to find a new line to peddle. That line is as old as, well there are pictures going back to the 15 and 1600s peddling that crap.

    Reading a lot of American political blogs which were very anti Trump and family, they did not mention Kushner’s religion. They stuck to the facts. There were a series of articles regarding sub standard rental housing in Baltimore, owned by companies in which the Kushner family had interests. At no point did they mention the Kushner’s religion. C.B.C. needs to give it up, get with the agenda. their agenda is old, stale, discriminatory. As much as I dislike Kushner’s politics and business practices, it has nothing to do with his religion.

    Until a politician drags their religion into the politics of the day or use their religion to direct the country in a specific manner then we ought to keep a politician’s religion out of things.

    C.B.C. please take note. You’re a little too blatant about this and people are noticing.
    If the C.B.C. is trying to make an issue out of Judism, they had better get better at it. they are acting like a bunch of amateurs to top it off.

    (Response: I certainly felt the choice of the picture of Kushner, for a story that had absolutely nothing to do with his personal life or the Mid-East, was sadly deliberate …something we should only expect in some of the world’s worst anti-Semitic publications/videos. But imagine how/why/who is involved when they can’t bring themselves to restore the word “Israel” in the title they deliberately changed to take it out …even after they were shown the discovery WAS indeed in Israel! If they do that in such a simple story case, how can anyone be so naive as to trust as impartial their news “coverage” of Israeli/Palestinian/Hamas attacks/conflicts? h.o)

  3. D.M. Johnston says:

    You have underlines many issues and I will comment on the CBC and antisemitism.

    The CBC ceased being the nation’s broadcaster a while back and now it is the mouthpiece of the politically correct establishment., that believes it runs thus country. The CBC is an anachronism of the glorious days past, but today it nothing but dull Canadian patriotic rah rah, placating the Eastern Canadian elites, that somehow the CBC is needed.

    I don’t watch it and sadly what I heard on CBC radio last summer (CBC was the only station I could get), confirmed that the CBC was nothing more than a national joke, trying to please everyone but in the end, pleasing no one.

    I find that the rise of antisemitism in Canada disgusting, yet there it is is, the lessons of 1945 forgotten.

    I grew up in a household where those nasty terms used for all religious or ethnic groups was not tolerated and a severe reprimand to anyone who did utter such filth.

    Today, the gutter words are all making a comeback because those who should be on top of such things are not.

    It is happening in schools and it is happening within ethnic groups who should know bloody well better that what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.

    I am not religious and have now taken a rather dim view of religions, but I do not, will not stoop to be calling those who believe in certain cults, names.

    The rise of antisemitism in the CBC is a reflection of the Nouveau riche elites and the higher purpose persons who run the country, their beliefs, and their moral code.

    (Response: That REPEATED use of Kushner’s picture throughout the day, wearing a skullcap and prayer shawl at the Wailing Wall, was no accident: it was done for a purpose, even though the story was on Russian/US relations. I actually filed a complaint with the CBC Ombudsperson: not much of a reply…. only that it was brought to the attention of CBC news brass. I wonder if it would have similarly dismissed if a stereotypical religious praying/chanting image of a well-known Muslim, black, Sikh or Indigenous official was used in a CBC business/politics story? I doubt it. But the Dead Sea scrolls story sends out an even more dangerous message: in my view, it is CLEAR PROOF of bias and manipulation, especially when they wouldn’t even restore the name Israel to the headline AFTER they were proved wrong and had to issue a correction! Who can trust the fairness of any story the CBC does involving the Jewish state??? Not I. h.o)

  4. nonconfidencevote says:

    The CBC is nauseating in their bias.

    Try as they might with their pc stories, their anti everything capitalist leanings, the embracing of anything that puts Israel in a negative light…..
    It matters not.
    Their “audience” shrinks into further irrelevance as they turn their backs on the older people who still watch tv and the younger generations that ignore tv ….
    Arrogant, government employees with the guaranteed job security to go with it.

    I wonder which will go bankrupt first.
    The CBC itself or their underfunded employee pension fund…..
    Either way it wont be soon enough…..good riddance.

    (Response: They have to be terribly naïve at the CBC if they think many Canadians don’t share my (and your) conclusion they have a far-left Corbynesque bias. What scares me, though, is what will happen to the CBC if the Conservatives form government: revenge will no doubt be in the air, probably with severe funding cuts. I actually believe in what the CBC News could be (and used to be) … a first class news operation that laid out the facts FAIRLY reflecting several sides of any issue, and lets the viewers decide; instead of just being far left activist propagandists that I see as now. h.o)

  5. Rainclouds says:

    PBS has half the budget and over twice the viewership, while for the most part representing all sides of a story. But I guess Comparing PBS with the CBC just isn’t fair since one wholly relies on Govt largesse and the other mainly via private donation.

    Wouldn’t be too bad if there was actual original content and attention to fiscal responsibility. Instead we get GEM (duplication) a poorly run website , reruns of US sitcoms, and lots of commercials. ONE. BILLION. DOLLARS or your money to prop up this pathetic excuse of a network.

    Since you suggested it years ago I now PVR all Canadian “news” there is little actual content so it is easily perused in about 15 min. PBS while America centric, still provides both sides and background to their content, and cover world impacts in a similar fashion. Inversely, CBC daily demonstrates their smug, holier than thou, left bias and it is grating to say the least. As if anyone in the rest of the world really cares what Canada thinks or does. They don’t. The uncritical fawning over Trudeau is particularly nauseating. Canadian Mainstream Media is fluff. CBC the worst. The political appointees in charge live in a bubble and perpetuate the rot.

    Time to cut them loose

    (Response: It still believe a publicly-supported national broadcast network can do a great deal of good in providing coverage to parts of the country and issues that profit-driven mainstream media couldn’t care less about. BUT I expect honest, unbiased reporting of that news and those issues… not advocacy journalism that reflects a far left agenda. The way I see it: the first 20 minutes of their flagship newscast The National is Canadian and World News, as seen from a far left NDP perspective; the remaining 40 minutes is propaganda, left of center advocacy on behalf of migrants, refugees, minorities, gays, women, Indigenous demands etc … pushing their agendas/demands without asking any tough/challenging questions. I personally actually sympathize with many of the positions promoted, BUT any real journalist should equally explain opposing views … and I find that terribly lacking these days. As for the CBC’s coverage of Israel, I just find it terribly one-sided, anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian (lots of tough questions to Israeli officials, but NEVER any tough questions to PLO or Hamas leaders at all, or their UN shills). h.o)

  6. NVG says:


    CBC video of the discovery

    (Response: Thanks. The THIRD headline remains “Israel-free”. If the CBC twisted itself around so much to get “Israel” removed from the headline of such a simple story, think about what the news meetings/discussions must be like when deciding how to cover more “political” stories from that area! h.o)

  7. Gilbert says:

    It was good to file a complaint with the ombudsman. Jared Kushner is a very hard-working and intelligent individual who did a lot to advance the peace process in the Middle East. The radical left gave him little recognition.

    (Response: Thanks. Of course, my concern wasn’t so much Kushner himself and the job he did, but the very unusual, totally unrelated picture CBC chose to use … in my view pointing to his faith. Interestingly, I did not see them use that photo again after I filed my complaint. But the latest Dead Sea scrolls changes shows me something is indeed awry at the CBC when it comes to covering stories related to Israel … and that should be looked into quite seriously by those in charge. h.o.)

  8. Marge says:

    If this one of the final comments about China in the article about sanctions against Michael Chong (Conservative MP), why would we expect anything else about Israel:

    “China has repeatedly denied all accusations of abuse and says its camps offer vocational training and are needed to fight extremism.”


    CBC loses all credibility when it comes to anything that is not left wing and in keeping with their support of all things not Conservative. To say it’s pro Palestine and anti Isreal – doesn’t that support Trudeau and Singh’s agenda?

    (Response: I think Trudeau and Singh have both been fairly weak in doing anything more than voicing shallow rhetoric … trying to please supporters of both sides in the Israel/Palestinian conflict … so I’m not surprised they have said/nothing about the CBC’s failures in being fair. O’Toole is still fairly new, but I’d love to see him call out te CBC … not only on its bias against Israel, but how it ignores or barely covers conservative views and opinions of all kinds of national and international issues. h.o)

  9. 13 says:

    Harvey if I had a dollar for every time you or someone on your blog says” Canadians deserve” (fill in the blank with the failure of your choice) I could afford a great meal at a nice restaurant.
    Actually I dont completely agree that Canadians deserve…….. Canadians elect Trudeau they elect Horgan they elect Stewart. I think in many cases Canadians are getting exactly what they deserve.

    (Reserve: You make it sound like Canadians get what they vote for: au contraire, what we often get is NOT what they promised or what we voted for. So when anyone says we deserve better … it can be quite true. h.o)

  10. BMCQ says:

    I must admit I never have really watched or listened to the CBC in any way other than Hockey when I enjoyed it more or watching Coronation Street on some wet Sunday mornings with my mother in law who was born in Manchester .

    Even when I was younger I always felt that the CBC had a bias against anything that was free enterprise and not PC SJW Leftist propaganda, the CBC always seemed to have an agenda .

    I re read Harvey’s Essay twice and I do not believe any honest person could arrive at a different conclusion than he has, that is of course one might accept the warped and in fact racist way the CBC view Israel and quite possibly Jewish people .

    I was a very lucky boy to have Jewish God Parents, they were some of the best people any young child could be privileged to know, not because of the fact that they were Jewish but because of their strength of character and the way I saw them live their lives, they were great roll models and always seemed to take the time to take interest in me . When growing up I also had next door neighbours who were older Jewish people who had survived the camps, they also had lots of time for me, I still think of them often . Probably because of the life lasting impression those four loving Jewish people left on me I never understood the anti Jewish and anti Israel rhetoric I would see and hear over the years, I hav always spoken up, how can anyone dislike someone because their religion, ethnicity, skin tone, or other so called difference .

    You would think things would be better today when society seems so intent on ensuring everyone and anyone other than Pudgy White Males gets that Special Treatment but yet those same Social Justice Warriors at the CBC, BBC, the Greens, the UK Labour Party, as HO says the Corbynistas, and so many others on the Left seem to have a hateful bias against Jews, Jewish History and Traditions, Culture, Israel and other Jewish entities .

    Those mentioned and others not mentioned all pretend they have no hate or racist thoughts but their deeds and actions say and show us something different . I am sure that in the case of many it is an ill informed anti Israel bias that sees them support Terrorist Nations and Groups that attack Israel and Jewish people every day, they think Israel and its government are evil but they at the same time to not be racist against Jewish people . I question that .

    In the case of the story HO describes it clearly shows the anti Israel and anti Jewish bias and that will not change at the CBC indef the Federal Liberal Government and the PM, that hateful ideology and culture is part of the fabric on organizations like the CBC and the BBC and it will not change soon . The BOJO Conservative Government in the now free UK might take the BBC on in its anti Israel anti Jewish bias after Covid, if they do it will go a long way to change the culture there so we can perhaps be hopeful .

    The Kushner attack (and that is what it was) was unjustified, unfair, unforgivable, and in fact racist, where the hell is the CRTC, the Liberal Government, the NDP, the Greens, the Conservatives and the PC SJW on all of this ?

    As to Kushner himself ? Kushner was very instrumental in negotiating SIX Israel Middle East Peace Treaties, he received absolute no credit for his accomplishments, the Bad Orange Man received no credit at all and in fact the anti Israel anti Tepublican media did everything they could to pretend that NO Deals even exist . SHAME !

    In closing I would once again point out that any time Harvey does a pro Israel Essay or even a story pointing out the short comings of an anti Israel/Jewish organization or countries short comings too many people run for cover under their desks and they avoid the question/points altogether, I do not quite get that . Or should I say, I am “Not Sure” .
    Some “Wacked Out”people call for “Defund the Police”, I call for “Defund the BBC” .
    The Cancel Culture should Cancel the CBC and replace it with a national broadcaster that provides national hard news for remote isolated areas, I honestly do not think the CBC can be trusted to even report hard news, the story of the Dead Sea Scrolls above illustrates the sick and destructive anti Israel Jewish bias all too well .

    (Response: Apparently, I’m far from the only one turned off by the CBC national network news coverage, propaganda and bias. The National used to be the icon of Canada-wide and international news coverage … a staple of tv-viewing in so many homes each night. However, I am told that in Vancouver last week, The National at 10 p.m. drew only 0.6 of a ratings point …less than ONE point!!! That’s dismal for a national news broadcast, especially given their budget (yikes!). Even giving them credit for other viewings on CBC Newsworld, I’d bet it’s still a far cry …DOWN … from what The National used to draw. And FAR BEHIND Global’s National News, which had 2.9 ratings points … almost FIVE TIMES that of The CBC National. Lucky it’s a “public” operation: in private business, with that kind of a losing rating, heads would roll! h.o)

  11. Not Sure says:

    I view this slightly differently.

    First off, I am with e.a.f that the Dead Sea Scrolls story is a joke, a Keystone Cops type joke where the bumbling becomes the problem not the actual intent. Apparently NBC also got the story wrong and had to offer a correction. But I am Not Sure what the gain is here assuming CBC did it on purpose as some kind of anti-Israel agenda. They got the story right the first time. Then they changed it. (Did they see the NBC story and didn’t think to fact check?) So on their third attempt (after being corrected) they change it to “Judean desert cave” which is technically correct but very petty if they are ticked at being called out on a mistake, innocent or intentional.

    On top of that who really cares where the scrolls were found? Well maybe some. The original Dead Sea Scrolls were found at Qumran which is in what is now the West Bank well before Israel took over the West Bank. The scrolls are in the Israeli Museum and both Jordan and the Palestinian Authority have laid claim to them. If this new find were in the West Bank then there may have been an issue of ownership but seeing that they weren’t … so yeh Not Sure what the CBC was thinking.

    But I am also interested in your Kushner complaint. I have been quite critical of people using “China virus” when it comes to covid not because I am denying or forgetting where it originated but because of my fear of anti-Asian attacks (which have occurred) against our own Asian neighbours. Sometimes we are unaware of the harm words or pictures might cause.

    I believe the picture you refer to was taken during the Trump visit to Israel in May of 2017. CBC used that May photo in some story about Kushner and Russia in July.

    It does seem to be an odd choice given all the other possible pictures available but the Kushners never hid their Jewish identity and it was often used as an example to prove that Trump wasn’t a bigot. Here is a 2019 story of Ivanka putting a similar picture of Jared at the Western Wall on her social media feed. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/ivanka-trump-releases-picture-of-husband-jared-at-western-wall-606429

    So leaving aside any bias anybody might have about the CBC or Jared Kushner or Israel how are people going to internalize those photos, particularly the one in question by the CBC. Are the anti-Semites going to see this as a negative. How? Are some going to see it in a positive light showing a devout man at a holy site? Are most going to gloss over the picture as nothing more than a picture? Not Sure, but I imagine there were Kushner haters who were upset at the CBC for painting Kushner as a devout man rather than the criminal Russian colluder they thought he was.

    Propaganda and prejudice can be subtle, systemic racism can be subtle, and even those of us who are not bigots and racists can miss those subtleties. As well, we have blind spots. We miss (and see) things that may or may not be significant.

    I agree that pictures of devout people at holy sites (whether with the Pope, on a hajj to the Kaaba or visiting the Western Wall) should not be used unless specific to a particular story. Religion can be polarizing. So I see no problem with questioning the use of the Kushner photo.

    But I am struggling to see the CBC editors asking themselves what is the worst picture we can use to make Kushner or Israel look bad and coming up with one showing Kushner as a devout Jew praying at the Western Wall. And I am also struggling with the editors thinking that moving the location of the cave to the West Bank as a way of “eliminating Israel” would be a smart move when they know darn well that FairReporting would call them out on it (they have done it often enough) and make them look stupid.

    Systemic racism whether institutional or societal is an extremely important topic and definitely should be discussed. And directing criticism at the CBC is certainly fair game.
    You have made similar cases in the past (although google Palestinian complaints about the CBC and those exist as well). I just find the two examples you are using here are not as egregious as you make them sound and could be written off as flawed humans making dumb mistakes.

    Or maybe I am not seeing what is obvious. I am certainly prepared to learn because I too want to call out bigotry and ignorance when it occurs.

    (Response: First on Kushner, in television pictures count, and when a network that has hundreds of business photos available shows someone engaging in any religious rite when the story has absolutely nothing to do with faith, it’s a reminder … he or she is … whatever. Unacceptable, unprofessional and indefensible. As far as the Dead Sea Scrolls story is concerned, the first story was correct; the second was wrong; and yet, someone would not restore the correct version, but looks to me sought another way of avoiding saying they were found IN ISRAEL. Why does it count? In the mid-East, archeological findings (age, identifications, locations) are used by almost every country, religious group or even tribe to establish/justify territorial claims. Indigenous tribes in North America do the same … and although you and I may not put much importance on it, clearly others do. h.o)

  12. 13 says:

    @not sure. It will be hard to stay on topic and respond to your reasons for not liking the term China Virus. Your need to preform a bit of social engineering makes me wonder how far school teachers are willing to bend stretch or otherwise erase history to protect our youngsters from facts. Somehow you have woven your fear of pointing out facts into a deflection of the CBCs race and religious based reporting

  13. BMCQ says:

    Not Sure

    I am Not Sure if I am on topic here but I feel it is very important to ask you, a retired School Teacher the following two questions .

    Do you believe in the Right of Israel to exist ?

    If a student asked you the origin of Covid – 19 (the China Virus) how would you answer ?

  14. RIsaak says:

    The apparent acceptance of skewed, agenda based news is exactly what has caused the complete polarization of the US seen today. Regardless of political leanings, I just want the truth, without embellishments or agenda driven omissions. Often we are also given news with small omissions due to editorial/boardroom agendas, this also is a massive travesty, with truth as the primary casualty.

    The earlier incarnation of our publicly funded national broadcaster was often due to the sheer size and geographic isolation of many Canadians and earlier technology which further isolated folks living in the isolated, less populated regions of the nation. Now with the progress of satellite technology, the isolation & communications aspects are far less than years past.

    Be it Israel, the management tact chosen to support one of their most boorish employees (Jian Ghomeshi) or the adoption of more editorial bias, all should trigger questions.

    In Canada we already fund political parties with taxpayer money, now we fund many media outlets with taxpayer’s money, have we as a nation become similar to the third world and nations governed by autocratic regimes? The optics of government funded anything that has historically been available without government aid becoming more transparent or somehow not beholden to elected political entities is troubling.

    The internet, blogosphere, netflix, technology etc., are all marching on, legacy media ( print, radio & network TV) are rapidly being eclipsed and passed by new sources of information/entertainment. Smarmy, cool & fashionable wardrobes all seem to be the norm, while content and the ability to provoke thought have both shrunk.

    Can we get some Walter Cronkite clones please?

    (Response: You raise a really key point when you mention ” agenda driven omissions”: that is a key component in modern-day journalism … especially tv overage. From the selection of what stories to cover, and what to not cover all the way to who or what views to include in interviews … increasing numbers of “news” organizations are propagandizing and manipulating their viewers, readers, listeners. This is very dangerous in a free society: I believe those who remember to constantly watch, read and listen with a critical mind will often be appalled at the one-sidedness … lack of tough questioning. Try it watching CBC’s The National, especially its back half “features” and see if you notice. h.o)

  15. BMCQ says:

    RIsaak and H.O, response

    Excellent ! Fantastic !

    Everyone and everyone that cares about Canada and Canadian News Media should read each of your comments, even more importantly the Heads of ALL Media Outlets from Coast to Coast to Coast and the Canadian Federal Government and PM should be forced to pay attention to every detail of what you both posted .

    Thank you !

  16. Not Sure says:

    This is such a bizarre conversation. So let’s get the junk out of the way.
    In answer to BMCQ, yes I believe in Israel’s right to exist and yes covid 19 started in China. Not Sure why you would ASSUME otherwise. The answer to the last was clearly stated in my response.

    Back on topic.

    Harvey, In your response to me you repeated everything I had acknowledged. The report of the scrolls was bungled. The Kushner picture shouldn’t have been used etc. What you didn’t answer is how those two mistakes are examples of anti-Israel bias. (And to be clear, I am not denying CBC bias. I am just dealing with the two examples here.)

    Look what happens. BMCQ who admits to never watching the CBC takes your point and claims.

    “The Kushner attack (and that is what it was) was unjustified, unfair, unforgivable, and in fact racist, where the hell is the CRTC, the Liberal Government, the NDP, the Greens, the Conservatives and the PC SJW on all of this ?”

    Well I guess he knows something more than I do, so I tried to find the CBC story. Couldn’t. Realizing that you were repeating something from a previous blog post I searched it. Typed Kushner in your little search box and found two stories – this one and one from 2017. Here is what you said about the Kushner story before questioning the picture.

    “On May 29th, The National carried a story about President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s possible dealings with Russia. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with reporting that …and in fact, the script of the piece was quite fair.”

    Quite fair? Is BMCQ talking about the same story you are? Or was he just ASSUMING something.

    Then you go on to ask “why that picture? Of all the pictures, why that one?” etc. etc. implying something nefarious but at no time do you even attempt to answer your own question, leaving the reader to ASSUME the worst.

    So let’s try to answer the question. One week before the CBC story, Trump made an historic visit to Jerusalem which included a trip to the Western Wall. Jared accompanied him. So the picture is current and still somewhat newsworthy and likely at the top of the pile. Could that be it?

    No? Then let’s deal with your implication. And first of all, I am not justifying the use of the picture. We are just dealing with the message that the picture conveys. What does a picture of a devout Jew praying at the Western Wall say? To me it says, “there’s a devout Jew praying at the Western Wall.” But if I wanted to attach something else to the picture, it could be “how could that devout Jew praying at the Western Wall possibly collude with the Russians?”

    What do the rest of you see? I believe this is the picture. https://images.app.goo.gl/vMNUaGbuhghBekS2A

    And again, Harvey, I am not saying that was the best photo to use in that story. I am asking how that is an example of the CBC’s anti-Israel bias. What am I supposed to read into the CBC use of that picture? What ASSUMPTIONS should I make? Clearly I am missing something. And I don’t want to miss anything because I want to call out bigotry as much as anybody. Unless we ASSUME there is something wrong with a devout Jew praying, I don’t get your outrage. Help me out.

    (Response: How is that an example of anti-Israel bias? Because they not only dropped Israel from their (correct) headline and moved an entire mountain range into Palestinian territory BEFORE even checking with the sources for the story … but even after they learned they were wrong, they STILL would not restore ISRAEL (which I have no doubt more people are familiar with than the Judean desert) into the headline. If that doesn’t indicate an anti-Israel bias to you, that’s your problem. Following your logic, though, would YOU similarly question: How does it PROVE anti-black bias just because no blacks are nominated for leading roles in the Grammies, Oscars, Geminis? Without them actually admitting it. Would YOU similarly question: How does it PROVE anti-women bias when none are promoted into top management? Without them actually admitting it. How does it PROVE anti-Muslim or anti-Sikh or anti-Asian bias when a landlord rejects all their applications without actually saying so? And in the case of the CBC, it’s not just the first time or moi who has repeatedly found fault with them: check out https://honestreporting.ca/ h.o.)

  17. BMCQ says:

    To clarify

    I do not watch the CBC on a regular basis but I have seen the CBC from time to time and I find view their coverage for the most part as biased against Israel and anything conservative . That does not mean that they do not do good work but they view the facts through a biased lens and they spin their coverage to suit their narrative .

    I get to my office very early before 5 am and I read several different papers and news sites from Canada, the U.S., the now free UK, and some from the EU and Asia, quite often that will include the CBC and the BBC, in my opinion both the BBC and CBC quite often have a negative bias against Israel and they both in fact ignore the terrorist acts of Iran and their proxies against Israel and Jewish people . Hell along with EU Media the BBC and the CBC ignore and in fact avoid reporting daily attacks and murders of Jewish people in the EU, it is in fact a conspiracy, Jewish people are assaulted, raped, and killed every single day by recent migrants or second generation migrants all over the EU . It is in fact a pandemic of violence being perpetrated against Jewish people and other innocent citizens of any given EU nation . Go ahead fact check me but be prepared to be shocked, there are hundreds of examples documented, the BBC, other EU media outlets, and the CBC cover just a fraction of what is taking place hourly, just take a few minutes and search for those atrocities in my mother’s home country of Sweden, start with Malmo, the CBC actually did one token story about the problems there .

    Yes, I must admit that I do accept the word of Harvey, I consider him a person I can trust when he reports on any given story I may not be totally familiar with, I trust Harvey more than I trust the CBC, yes I am guilty as charged .

    Too many media outlets manipulate and shape the news with omissions and other strategies like slick editing and timing and they are therefore reporting their own facts that the consumer accepts as fact and then that viewer uses that false information and set of facts when they march off to the polling booth on Election Day, I would not want to cast my ballot on facts gleaned from the CBC, they are far too often very suspect at best and In some cases out right lies .

    Thanks for the last post .

    (Response: This is a perfect example of what I have referred to as bias by “omission”. We’ve heard quite a lot lately, on CBC and other media, about increases in attacks on Asians in Canada. And racism against blacks too. Terrible acts! Unacceptable! But until you mentioned it, and led me to Google, I was unaware that “antisemitic harassment in Canada, face-to-face harassment almost doubled in 2019” according to BNai Brith Canada.
    Here’s just part of their latest annual report: “For the past five years, there has been a disturbing upward trend in antisemitism across Canada, with 2019 being the fourth consecutive record-setting year. This represents a significant increase of 8.1% compared with 2018. The 2,207 incidents that transpired in 2019 amounted to over 6 anti-semitic
    incidents occurring every day.
    The most dramatic spikes occurred in Ontario and Quebec, where there were 62.8% and 12.3% more incidents,
    respectively, than in 2018. While the Prairie and Atlantic regions experienced decreases in incidents, their
    numbers remained higher than where they were before 2017, suggesting a new baseline trend.”
    More than 2,000 anti-Semitic incidents in 2019? In Canada? Did I miss this on the CBC? (Or any media?) The CBC IS Canada’s PUBLIC broadcaster: Can you imagine if there was such an increase in attacks on blacks, Muslims or Indigenous citizens that the CBC would “omit” making this a VERY BIG deal!! h.o)

  18. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Great post

    Media have always shown bias this the creation of public broadcasting. he CBC had several mandates not only to provide information also to provide services across the country where private network’s chose not to.

    There has been a slow policy shift over the years away from the mandates,running a private broadcaster should be a lot different then public one.

    Isreal has a right to exist just away other nation in the world

    (Response: Providing broadcast services to, from and about various parts of the country is what CBC does better than private networks. But you’re right: I too believe there HAS been a slow shift away the CBC mandate … my impression is there has been a shift into left wing propaganda on social issues … one-sided advocacy without asking any tough questions of those whose agendas the CBC is trying to push .. and downplaying or omitting issues and points of view not shared by the left-leaning activists/producers in charge. h.o)

  19. BMCQ says:

    We are just scratching the surface with this, media outlets in the UK, EU, Canada, and the U.S. do everything they can to ignore or omit a vey high percentage of reporting on crimes/atrocities/attacks against Jewish people in the U.S., Canada, the UK, the EU, the Middle East, and Africa where Jews are killed each and every day . Minority Christians go through the same persecution and in fact genocide in the Middle East and most of the African continent and again, media outlets report as little as possible and seem to concentrate on promoting the immigration of mostly Middle Eastern Migrants . Of course by making that statement I can be vilified but the facts are facts .

    What Governments in the the EU, the UK, should really be doing is concentrate on allowing and encouraging immigration of Christian Minorities from the Middle East and Africa to enter their countries, they will be saving thousands of lives and those people will assimilate very well. Assimilation is important, we see evidence of that every day .

    Canada and the U.S. in turn should firstly be encouraging and in fact rescuing Minority Christians and Jewish people from the EU, Africa, and the Middle East where they are persecuted and murdered each and every day .

    (Edited…getting way off topic, which is CBC and the MEDIA.)

    The CBC, the BBC, CNN, EU Media outlets and so many more of the Alphabet media outlets are derelict in their duty, bodies like the CRTC and other national media authorities in all of the nations mentioned need to become involved and demand accountability now .

  20. Not Sure says:

    I wasn’t sure about commenting again because I am worried that my intentions are being misinterpreted but here goes.

    I know a Chinese family in the Lower Mainland who are now afraid to let their 10 and 12 year olds walk alone the couple of blocks to the neighbourhood library. So is it any wonder that I would question the use of “China virus”? The hate of course is already there, but does it help or hurt our Asian friends when “China virus” is used? Instead of acknowledging my concerns, somebody questions my integrity as a teacher and asks how far “teachers are willing to bend stretch or otherwise erase history to protect our youngsters from facts. ”


    So what does the “China virus” have to do with this topic. Easy. As I mentioned in my first comment, we all have blind spots. Sometimes we miss the power that words or photographs may have, intentional or otherwise.

    So I was legitimately asking how that photo was anti-Israel. I was looking for my blind spot because honestly, I still don’t see Jared Kushner praying at the Western Wall as anti Israel. And I am pretty sure that the vast majority of viewers like 100% – Harvey would have missed it until it was pointed out and then there would still be people like me who still don’t get it. Perceptions? Blind spots? Not Sure.

    Regardless though, news organizations have to be careful of the pictures they use and the words they use (as do we all) because people can/will perceive them certain ways whether intended or not. Bigotry is an insidious evil that starts with false perceptions and can end in the most horrific of events.

    Not Sure if I have made any sense.

    (Response; It’s good that it would not have meant anything special to you, but unfortunately, it DOES point to something that DOES make a difference to many people, and, from a journalistic point of view, when the pic has nothing to do with the story, it is distracting, to say the least. As would a photo of him, say, on skates, wearing a hockey uniform. h.o)

  21. flatlander says:

    100% agree with you this time Harvey. Good for you for pointing this out

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