CBC The National: Less News and More Propaganda

Has the cash-strapped CBC SOLD OFF editorial control of their flagship news program The National to the federal NDP?   Or have they just GIVEN it to them?

Something has gone terrible awry with Canada’s public broadcaster,  whose Journalistic Standards state:

“We are committed to reflecting accurately the range of experiences and points of view of all citizens. All Canadians, of whatever origins, perspectives and beliefs, should feel that our news and current affairs coverage is relevant to them and lives up to our Values.”

Not from what I’ve observed!

The National newscast, I have found, always leaned a bit left, but these days, it has become increasingly difficult for a fair-minded viewer to watch without being concerned … even if you lean left.

I find it is now filled with far too many stories that I would describe as totally one-sided:  “advocacy” journalism pushing a particular point of view …. ie. propaganda.

But remember, it is paid for by ALL Canadians! And read that statement of principles again about what it is SUPPOSED to do.

I would describe The National now as more of a sophisticated attempt to brainwash Canadians to support left-wing political and social policies and ideology … rather than truly cover/canvass multiple sides of important issues … as real journalists should.

In fact, I would dare say even the pretense of “reflecting accurately the range of experiences and points of view of all citizens” …. called for in the CBC’s own standards … appears to have been almost forgotten … or discarded.

And I sensed the real decline began during the Harper years, and is now firmly imbedded.

I can give many examples:

Canadian politics: Certainly seemed to me that The National was harder on Harper and the Conservative government than they had ever been on, say, Jean Chretien or today’s photo-op king Justin Trudeau.  (Readers will recall I too had been highly critical of the former PM and his style and actions … but I never simultaneously fawned over/adored Trudeau or fell so far short of going after Mulcair/NDP’s shortcomings too,  as I felt the CBC did during the last election.)

That’s why I suspect many loyal National viewers were amazed to see Mulcair and the NDP do as badly as they did … or how unceremoniously the NDP’s leader was pushed out of his job soon afterwards.  Because The National, in my view,  did NOT keep it real!


Refugees/migrants: For years,  CBC “news” reports about the refugees/migrants flooding into Europe was little more, I believe,  than one-sided  propaganda … focussing over and over on the desperation of the refugees/migrants (with all the sympathetic pictures/personal stories  they could muster)  to support what I believe was their goal … pushing and pressuring for Canada and Europe to accept more and more refugees and even totally uneducated, unskilled illegal economic migrants, ignoring Canadian or European demographic consequences and/or laws.

That may be sympathetic and compassionate … but it’s BAD journalism.

European friends told me how the great swathes of streaming masses had stolen/devastated crops from farms along their route; how there was growing fear, crime and social unrest in urban areas;  and how gays in even liberal European cities like Amsterdam can no longer safely walk hand in hand because they get attacked by militant Muslims; and I myself have witnessed the growing social problems and security issues in many cities (Britain, France, Italy, Spain) as illegal poverty-stricken migrants … NOT REAL REFUGEES … have flooded European cities, transforming  them completely, and not in a favorable sense, even harassing locals and tourists alike.

I must have missed those stories on The National. Or did they just NOT do them or under-report them?

Maybe that’s why I believe The National viewers could be forgiven for not understanding what drove the wide rise of the right in UK/Europe …. not just xenophobia  …. or for believing Brexit would not actually pass, because the anger of so many working people was under-reported, I felt, in favour of  interviews with  well-heeled pro-EU economists and “intellectuals”,  who clearly under-estimated the growing frustrations  across the land.

Another surprise!

And then there was … and is … The National’s coverage of the Middle East.

In my view, disgracefully one-sided … substantially ignoring the DAILY plight and DAILY restrictive laws, DAILY under-protection, DAILY discrimination against Christians, Jews, women, gays in MANY Arab countries …. while also being, I believe,  terribly anti-Israel:  not just pro-Palestinian …  but in the last Gaza war, I felt,  almost the public relations voice of Hamas.

How could anyone not notice how little attention CBC and The National paid to the ONE THOUSAND rockets fired into Israel from Gaza prior to its retaliation; how little focus the CBC/The National paid to the terrible impact … physically and psychologically … on Israeli families and children living so close to the border under the barrage of those rockets?

But as soon as Israel fired back, the CBC was right in there, day after day, showing the terrible destruction and LOTS of victims … in Gaza … but, unless I again missed it, precious little about where Hamas was hiding and firing its rockets from … schools, hospitals, etc. … or how it was and still is terrifying and oppressing its own population to suppress any opposition.

And although Israel officials regularly took/addressed some very tough questions and criticism of their actions,  I NEVER saw a TOUGH question from the CBC to ANY Hamas spokesperson about ANYTHING Hamas has done … in fomenting the war, killing its own critics/opponents and hiding rockets in schools and hospitals!   Did you?

Terrible journalism, I believe.

And recently, I spotted something even more disturbing on The National … that should concern ALL of us.

On May 29th, The National carried a story about President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s possible dealings with Russia. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with reporting that …and in fact, the script of the piece was quite fair.

BUT in television, PICTURES are also key to telling the story … and millions of Canadians may have missed something really unacceptable in The National’s story, but I did not.

The story dealt with possible dealings involving the US, Kushner and Russia:  the CBC …despite having access to dozens of photos of Kushner “on the job” … used a deeply PERSONAL RELIGIOUS photo of Kushner … wearing a black Jewish skull cap, holding a Prayer Book,  praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, standing next to another man, also wearing a black skullcap, and in prayer.

Why THAT photo?

Think about that.  Has the Western Wall been moved to Moscow? Why was such a personal religious picture selected for use in a story about Kushner’s political dealings … when there were so many others, more closely relating to the subject matter?

Why THAT photo?

Even in the midst of the worst stories about Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau or Mac Harb … or any other political or work-related  scandal stories on The CBC, I don’t recall EVER seeing a picture of THEM or ANYONE ELSE in personal prayer or in any religious context when other on-the-job  pictures were available.

It would have been terribly wrong.   So WHY did The National choose to use a photo of Kushner wearing a  Jewish skullcap and in deep prayer at a Jewish holy site …. when so many other on-the-job pictures were in their library?

I have asked that question of The CBC …. twice … and have yet to receive an explanation.

Sure looks to me like just another example of the far-left bias that now inhabits the CBC. (The radical federal Greens no doubt approved, but I believe fair-minded Canadians … even those on the left …. should be very concerned.)

And as if The National’s “news” segment isn’t biased enough …  after the first 20 to 25 minutes of the broadcast The National often shifts into what I would call Full Propaganda Mode:  totally one-sided “Features”  … with almost  no alternative points of view;  no tough questions; not what I would ever describe as even coming close to meeting standard journalistic treatment of issues.

Among recurring topics in their brainwashing  segment:  illegal immigrants; refugees; First Nations; women’s and gender issues, climate change etc.

Frankly, I am quite supportive and sympathetic PERSONALLY to many of the issues, people and perspectives pushed.  But as a journalist, I am appalled!

It’s not good enough for a real NEWSCAST to do story after story on, say, First Nations poverty and social problems on remote reserves without asking PERTINENT questions: Why are they staying there in the first place, if there are no jobs, no resource development?  How many millions in federal/provincial cash monies have they received or had spent on their communities in the past year or two or five?  Where was it spent? How much went into band officials pockets and all their relations? Are they prepared to open their books to federal officials or even their own band members?

These would admittedly be tough  QUESTIONS but REAL journalists should and would ask  … if you’re not just pandering or pushing/pressuring for Ottawa to ship up more million$.

Same with refugees and/or illegal migrants: lots of sympathetic stories about their struggles to adjust, procedural difficulties etc. in Canada  …  all designed I believe to soften Canadians up to accept more and more … and give/do more for all of them

The personal portraits do touch my heart.   But I must have missed the JOURNALISTIC part of the stories outlining HOW MUCH actual assistance … in cash, goods, services do they each specifically receive? How does that compare with what we do for our own poor or struggling seniors?

I realize some blog readers on the left might be happy, at first, with the perspectives being pushed. As I said,  even I am personally sympathetic with some of what I see … and readers will recall I have blogged in support of Canada accepting and welcoming true refugees.

But in a free democratic society, it’s actually very dangerous to have a national publicly-funded broadcaster purvey one-sided propaganda as news …  contravening its own stated standards “reflecting accurately the range of experiences and points of view of all citizens.”

And that’s what I feel The National has become.

Harv Oberfeld

(PS. I have heard that The National’s viewership ratings have slipped in recent years  … to the point that Global National now is watched by more Canadians than the once almost-revered National. If anyone has actual data on this, I’d be pleased to add it.)

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34 Responses to CBC The National: Less News and More Propaganda

  1. Gene The Bean says:

    “Terrible journalism” – I do not agree.

    It is not journalism in any way. But that is the norm these days and why I no longer watch “the news”.

    I know this hits closer to home for you Harvey than it does for us because this was your career and reading between the lines I can sense how much this hurts.

    Other countries beat us to the punch when it comes to the ‘absolute’ division of ‘journalism’. It is now progressive v/s conservative. One of my redneck Albertan friends has even attacked National Geographic magazine and I quote “Just another liberal propaganda machine trying to manipulate kids minds that climate change is real……”

    Just like the majority of posters here, you are one – or the other. You are a friend or an enemy. That way of thinking has brought us to where we are and is just a natural progression to being divided and hateful.

    We have all seen what you have spoken about on the CBC, just as we have seen similar things supporting the rabid right on other outlets (like Global BC prostituting itself for the BC Liberals for a decade and a half).

    Journalism is dead. Story telling is alive and well and that’s what now pays the bills.

    Is it ironic or appropriate ….. as the population gets dumbed down, factual, honest and unbiased journalism dies. Hmmmmm ….

    Personally, and to no ones surprise, I blame the far right and their absolute obsession with profiteering and corporatism. What better way for the 1% to continue to prosper and corporations to rule than to dumb down the populace and have everyone question what is real ‘news’ or fake ‘news’.

    You have to hand it to them. They have done a great job and unfortunately, they are winning.

    As the progressives try and catch up – we will see more of what we are seeing on CBC. It is a race to the bottom.

    Journalism is dead.

    (Response: Yes, bias in the news is a BIG problem everywhere and followers of this blog at well aware of how much I have railed against Fox News, MSNBC, BBC World and Al Jazeera etc. The di8fference is CBC and The National are PUBLICLY funded in Canada with a PUBLIC Canadian mandate and Journalistic Standards outlined in my piece. As I said, I always saw them as a bit left wing on social issues … but I believe it has now gone beyond the pale. … in some “features” not even pretending to look at other sides or ask ANY tough questions. Shameful. h.o)

  2. Gary T. says:

    I believe that it is time that all gov’t. funding to the CBC be stopped. They either make it on their own, or fail. The CBC no longer is the voice of Canada.

    (Response: I actually support government funding of the CBC. I believe they do a lot of good programming and cover and serve areas of the country and even internationally that private broadcasters would ignore, because it does not add to their bottom line. But there is no doubt from everything I’ve seen, there has been HUGE waste on the ground, and I’ve heard stories about a bloated bureaucracy (especially in Toronto and Montreal) and, now increasingly, have observed what I would say is an unacceptable far left slant in how their flagship show The National covers events/issues in Canada and also overseas …especially in Europe and the Middle East. h.o)

  3. e.a.f. says:

    You do have a point Harvey. When I can watch the news and nothing “offends” my leftie sensibilities there is something wrong and I’m not joking.

    The picture of Kushner at the Wailing Wall, well it was pure theatre. We know Kushner’s only true religion is money. Using his religion and the Russians to gain more of it is simply good business, from his perspective. There are other articles out of the U.S.A. which can give readers a different view on Kushner, religion, the Russians, and all that money.

    Its why I read different information and yes Al Jazzera also. If you go to several styles of news, you can usually find the truth half way in between.

    My opinion, a left leaning government is less likely to cut CBC. Now there are other MSM who also don’t do their job and that includes local media. Of course our tax dollars do not support these private enterprises, except for all our tax dollars, provincially, which kept the Vancouver Sun/Province doing better than other wise could have been expected.

    This is why blogs have become so important in reporting news, giving opinions, etc.

    ((Response: When I worked in the TV news business …26 years ..we were very careful to use photos that enhanced the stories we were trying to tell. I was concerned the Kushner photo …which had NOTHING at all to do with the story involved … could have been a deliberate attempt to point to his Jewish faith … which would stink of subtle anti-Semitism and be outrageous. As I said, I can’t recall seeing any other political or business scandal subject shown in personal religious devotion at any church or mosque or temple, when there were other more relevant photos easily available. The fact I raised it TWICE with the CBC and still have received no explanation is even more troubling. They should apologize on air for using such an inappropriate photo … and find out internally why IT was chosen. h.o).

  4. Eldon says:

    This is fair. I often defend the CBC by pointing to right wing voices like Rex Murphy and Kevin O’Leary, but there does seem to be an imbalance. What is the answer? A second news hour from the other side? Rotating hosts?

    (Response: The real solution would be a return to TRUE journalistic principles as outlined in their own standards. I do not know them personally, but I would guess that the reason The National has become what it is now is the editorial management is heavily weighted with left wing Liberal, NDP and Green supporters who allow the show to reflect THEIR own beliefs and ideology. And although I really worry about government involvement in broadcasting, it has now come to the point I believe The National has seriously compromised its own integrity: surely the CBC’s own board must have noticed the left-orientated one-sidedness of so many of their “features”, the lack of tough questions about funds and self-responsibility, disrespect for laws … and their terribly unbalanced coverage of refugees, even illegals while failing to see or adequately report the impacts the millions of them have had on other people and society in Europe and also, by the way the under-reported (if at all?) failure of the RICHEST Arab states to take in very many of their own brothers and sisters. The Board should act to restore balance. h.o.)

  5. Eldon says:

    Also, to be fair, I find that Global slants right. Where are the left voices balancing Baldrey and Campbell?

  6. Island Lookout says:


    Hot on the heels of PM Selfie’s election victory, bolstered partly by our invincible Millennials, the CBC nipped straight into line stern.

    Since then it has been scooping up what the elitist political elephants up front always leave behind.

    The result is a repulsive pandering to those Canadians-in-charge accompanied by a whalloping two-by-four across the forehead of Canada’s less illustrious types: the Deplorables.

    They would be the losers who pay the taxes, carry the water and mop the brows of those aforementioned sweaty elites.


    Back in my CBC days I remember when the focus of the news was shifted: from reactive to proactive.

    We got the memo, and Peter Mansbridge also saw it, from the Lord High Hot Water Bottles who were “running” corp back then in Hog Town.

    They decided the organization could reach more people if it went after the news bringing stories to conclusions rather than to let the listeners/viewers do the same job but on their own terms.

    While the CBC was seen as Left back then, it swung ever harder in that direction afterwards but incrementally probably due to inter-office backstabbing and similar conflicts.

    Over the following three decades our wondrous news service has devolved into the propaganda universe.

    Part of the reason is the advent of the Millennials.

    As the largest population cohort they are targets as well as customers for the CBC.

    That’s another reason you see such pandering coverage of their issues.

    And I’m not getting more into that because the Human Rights Commission thugs scare the crap out of me.

    Advocating openly for any number of special interest groups and not giving the “other side” is an unforgivable waste of tax dollars from an already overstretched group of Deplorable tax-paying peasants and serfs.

    Mr. Khadr’s “plight” is the latest outrage.
    Millennials just love him because he’s so “cool!” And he hates the militaristic Yanks!

    I also think the CBC is advocating against the Trumpsters. In fact there is no doubt. That amounts to Fake News.

    I’m waiting for the NAFTA talks to start to find out if Canada’s media industry will be sucked into the fray. What a good idea!

    You’ll note this weekend just past that Trump announced he’ll be imposing import duties on steel. The EU chief has threatened “all out (trade) war.”

    Trump’s unreported response? “Get stuffed.”

    The CBC is no friend of our’s until it shakes off its self-inflicted shackles and gets fair and balanced, for the very first time.

    Fat chance here. The money just keeps swirling down the drain.

    (Response: As readers have likely discerned, John, who is a valued contributor to discussions on this blog, was a long time BC reporter at the CBC. Glad to read his confirmation of my own observances. Lots to think about in what we wrote. h.o)

  7. E. Johnson says:

    The CBC has been promoting a left of centre agenda for a long time in my opinion. In depth investigation, thorough analysis of issues, tough questioning and follow-up are no longer happening. The majority of news networks appear to have pre selected a position on most issues and all the people they interview support that position. As a result the public is often mislead and misinformed. Important issues are being ignored. e.g. starvation of thousands in South Sudan. It is difficult to find balanced news sources these days.

    (Response: I agree … and if it was a private station ..a la Fox … that would be between them and their viewers and advertisers. But when Canadian taxpayer funds are involved, we should be able to expect better and fairer …mush better and fairer than we now get. h.o)

  8. Harry lawson says:


    Another great topical post filled with insights.

    The manipulation of a response by the pictures used in a story ,shuttle yet changes tones or opinions.

    The fact is the national may have been the last bastion of journalistic integrity to fall.

    Questions cost money, the harder the questions the more expensive they may become, instead of soft ball press releases that cost next to nothing to produce . You would have to hire a competent investigative journalist as well as A support team of competent researchers fact checkers and of course lawyers.

    I hope one day that the pendulum swings back to the days of hard news followed by even harder questions.

    How many of these politictions today could goe toe to with legends like Harvey Oberfeld, Jack Webster, or a mike Wallace .?

    If a media outlet properly funded a news room think of what could be. As it stands now there is no one able to be one of the legends .

    (Response: Interesting point you raise about the reporters of today. There ARE still some very good ones, but an INSIDER did tell me the other day the reason their station did not go after my Swastika-style art at a Vancouver Secondary School is “they had no one who could do it”. Ugh! Agree or disagree with MY perspective, I believe it could have been a GREAT story …the type people would actually talk about after the show ..but the journalist who would/could do that piece is certainly different from those who just cover accidents, shootings, fires and press conferences … stories handed to them on a platter. But The National should be different/better: yet I’m not surprised THEY did nothing on the stylized Swastika to be displayed in a Vancouver Secondary School. h.o)

  9. Gene The Bean says:

    Island Lookout #6. I find your posts painful to read, both in content and structure.

    The content portion we can agree to disagree on but your machine gun single sentence paragraphical onslaught is brutal to try and read. It is like trying to listen to four people talk all at the same time.

    Another poster here has a few readers , including me, who no longer read their posts as they are sooo long and rambling with a similar single sentence mind-dump assault.

    The simple thing would be just to skip over your comments but in fairness I’d like to hear what everyone has to say.

    Maybe try this:


  10. 13 says:

    Gene bean, please allow me to counter

    To Island lookout comment number 9 is so distasteful that I cant imagine why anyone would be so full of themselves.

    Harvey your essay on the failings of the CBC is dead bang on. The Conservative mp that holds that portfolio should print it out and read it verbatim on the floor of the house attached to a motion to stop flushing money down the drain.
    Once upon a time Canada needed a public broadcaster to service this vast uninhabited country. Those days are long gone and the www
    has sucked the life out of most news orgs.
    The left can always get their fix with any other fake news org that doesnt waste tax dollars.

    Much like the Khadr file , Harper was on the right track with the CBC file.

    Island Lookout your posts are like a fine wine. They get better every time you read them.

    (Response: The Conservative Heritage Critic, under which CBC falls, is Peter Van Loan : [email protected]

  11. Island Lookout says:

    #9 Gene the Bean

    “Tips for dummies indeed.” An insult of course.

    In fact, I find your dubious advice “painful to read.”

    I may disagree with many contributors but I hope I’ve never criticised their writing styles. That’s a no-no in polite circles.

    As I’ve written here before I can write what I damn well please, and how I want to.

    BUT it’s up to Harvey to be the ultimate arbiter of what gets published and what does not. If he doesn’t want to publish items that’s his business.

    He’s in charge. And that’s good enough for me.

    So lighten up there G. the B.

    Large chunks of the BC interior are burning down and that’s something to get troubled about. Right?

  12. D. M. Johnston says:

    CBC news, don’t watch because it is an embarrassment, as is CBC itself.

    people send me news feeds on CBC reporting on transit issues around Canada for my comment and most are so painfully inaccurate that one would think that reporters can’t read and use picture books for reference. Hardly watch the tube anyomre, with “film noir” being the only exception.

    Sad, when almost 50 year old Monty Python shows are funnier than most comedies on TV today, especially on the CBC.

  13. Gene The Bean says:

    All I am saying here folks is that if you want people to read your comments, make them readable.

    I agree this is Harvey’s show but give him a break – he is a professional and he has to read them too.

    Island Lookout – I see you have a groupie, that may be a first here. Don’t know if congratulations or condolences are in order…..

  14. Scotty on Denman says:

    I’m sorry to say you’re right, Harvey, in one respect about the CBC: its journalistic quality has shrivelled substantially in recent—uh, gasp!—decades (!). Perhaps it appears so because once, long ago, it was so good, a high-power outfit from a middling-power nation—that had to sleep with an elephant, to boot.

    It’s purported bias is probably contrasted in the same way, measured against a better past. But I rather take exception as to its direction. I don’t see, overall, a preference for left or right—or otherwise—but rather a cloying affection for undigested grain, whichever powerful agency excretes it. It’s as painful to watch as an earnest shoeshine kid with rickets. Polite, pretty good, but starving nonetheless. The hungry will eat scraps from either side of the table.

    I wish people—mostly anti-government types—would stop equating CBC with “taxpayers’ money.” Public coffers are filled by more than one source; excise duties and customs, rents, return on investment, royalties and many other sources of income relieve the supposedly overburdened taxpayer, the caricature of right-leaning cartoons. Canada can and should afford a robust public broadcaster. Much of the CBC’s problem is about the politicization of funding, but it really should be outside the ideological ring. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been.

    CBC has become cringe-worthy. I would hardly ascribe its recent, totally bought-and-paid-for coverage of the illegally-made fentanyl overdose crisis to the left. The supposed self-regulating ethical watchdogs in provincial physicians’ colleges have co-opted CBC’s own ethical and journalistic standards by supplying finished copy which the CBC parrots ad nauseam (how it manages to stretch misinfo is nothing short of astounding—an acquired low-life skill, I guess). But you’re right: it doesn’t ask the real questions, so audiences have to do it for instead. What evidence is there that the colleges aren’t availing the overdose crisis for their own, ulterior reasons? It’s pretty simple: where’s the evidence that an alleged opioid overprescription caused the illegally-made fentanyl crisis on the streets? After a year of rote repetition of the colleges’ unsubstantiated allegation, all the while reporting on evidence to the contrary, the CBC is only now, and very, very reluctantly, beginning to abandon what was always a gross and self-serving narrative that’s almost totally fabricated and totally unhelpful. It isn’t simply a shame—or, heh, a waste of ‘taxpayers’ money,’—the crackdown on opioid prescription so obediently corroborated by CBC’s propaganda arm (one wonders what else it might be called) is, it turns out, not warranted at all by the street crisis with which it has little discernible connection, and has harmed many legitimate patients arbitrarily, the vast majority of whom do not abuse their meds or have anything to do with street drugs. Misinfo hurts and CBC has been warned that willful propagation of what it knows to be incorrect and potentially harmful will be accounted for when the damages are added up. How this sheepish cravenness can maintain is beyond me.

    The decline has been a long time in the making, cuts, of course, but it really started snowballing with the Gomeshi fiasco and reached its nadir with the fentanyl crisis coverage. It has offended both left and right.

    I’m optimistic it can be redeemed—so long’s left or right doesn’t interfere—but, jeez, it sure needs a good sweep-out. Isn’t journalistic integrity supposed to be straightforward?

    (Response: Even Monday night, after I published my piece, The National had another of those desperate journeys pieces. Very touching plight of two more Somali “refugees” who had made it to South America, through Mexico, into the US, but had selected Canada as where they intended to live. A real journalistic question would have noted the International laws of refugee treatment allows them SAFETY in the FIRST safe country they arrive in …not to pick and choose or demand one over another. Not even asked … just what I saw as more far left-wing propaganda pushing Canada to just have open doors for illegals who pick us and want us to take them in… and, as one illegal said, then bring over his parents etc. h.o)

  15. nonconfidencevote says:

    I have to admit I saw that Kushner photo and did kind of scratch my head. A “WTH?” kind of moment.
    Your view of the sutble anti semetic leanings of the CBC makes as good sense as any in their anti Israeli view of the world.
    Distasteful, but in this day and age of polarized viewpoints and the pathetic “News” agencies that are given the important job of reporting the truth in as unbiased light as possible…..I dont have a great deal of hope.
    I guess after suffering through the cuts of the Harper years I guess the CBC feels it must go “rogue”. Or it could be the subtle influence of the disproportionate amount of Quebec francophones that work at every CBC outlet across Canada( I worked at CBC Vancouver for a few weeks a few years back and was amazed that french seemed to be the language of choice all over the building) pushing their anti Israeli viewpoint?
    Lets face it. In this 10 second sound bite world, interrupted by endless commercials , any story more than 60 seconds long has a snowballs chance in Hell in holding the attention of the majority of the “tattoo’ed” generation.
    Perhaps Donald Trump should paint a target on the back of the CBC and let the arab countries that are currently attempting to force Qatar to shut down Al Jazeera to threaten the Trudeau govt with boycotts and blockades.
    Where would he get a new pair of socks?
    The horror.

    P.S. My apologies for causing Gene the Bean to suffer through my disjointed, rambling prose….but in the words of “The Donald” ” I dont care”.

    (Response: Since the CBC has not explained or apologized …despite TWO requests through their Ombudsman … about WHY the CBC drew attention to Kushner’s religion in a political/scandal type story remains a mystery …so far. However, the Jewish org B’Nai B’rith reported in May the year 2016 was a record setting year for anti-Semitic acts in Canada …up 26%. Could have been a good story …but must have missed it on The National…. perhaps because it didn’t want to explore IT’S responsibility for contributing to the increase. h.o)

  16. BMCQ says:

    Thank you for this Harvey!

    You have written many excellent Blog Topics since I have been here but this analysis and commentary on the CBC is quite remarkable and it should be reprinted in each and every News Publication right across Canada.

    I do not quite understand how Syndication works but I would urge any News Outlets at all to take the time and effort to take this Post of yours to the people right across Canada.

    It is very painful to me to see the Anti Israel/Anti Jewish slant of many News Organizations but the two in the west that seem to be more blatant in their reporting is the CBC and the BBC.

    Sure we see lots of Anti Semitic behavior in the EU especially France but it is not something we should expect to see here in Canada or the UK.

    the attached is something we do not hear too much of in the west.



    Island Lookout – 6

    Once again I found your Post of great interest!

    You bring a unique perspective to this Blog and the Blog is a better place because of your thought provoking and insightful commentary.

    Not everyone agrees with other on this Blog but I believe that is why the argument, discussion, and debate works so well here. It is about an exchange of ideas.

    I do not always agree with DBW, e.a.f., Hawgwash, G. Barry Stewart, Noneck, Nonconfidencevote, LEW, or some others but I read every single one of their Posts and I know I learn from them.

    Because I read their Posts I have on a few occasions changed my mind and I think that is a good thing.

    Because of those and others not mentioned I have also evolved on some opinions I had and I hope both have made me a better person.

    I very much look forward to your next Post.

  17. Gene The Bean says:

    #15 nonconfidencevote – I disagree.

    Your paragraphs had an identifiable topic, supporting info and opinions and an identifiable conclusion.

    (Edited..off topic. h.o)

  18. Island Lookout says:


    Vis a vis the Mother Corp in all her splendid Empressness.

    A very important reason I come to this Website when I can is because of its importance to those who use it and for the general discourse of things going on “out there.”


    This Website is a foil to the publicly-paid propaganda-arm of the federal government, the CBC. It could legitimately be called Pravda, Sputnik or RT the way things are devolving in Canada’s media establishment.

    The difference between what is propaganda and what is news these days on the major “news” networks is such that one can barely slide the narrow side of a credit card between the two.

    This Website does not traffick in propaganda othewise it would no longer exist, or only as a shadow of its current self.

    “Keeping it Real…” may see various party lines or opinions touted and that’s fair enough because “out there” others are writing in their opposing opinions. And that’s fair, too.

    So a kind of intellectual balance is maintained. Without such balance we WILL lose our bearings. Then we’re done for.

    That’s something our “betters” want badly to see.

    But the merry band of lads and lassies who here daily load in their ideas and opinions are not “blinded by the light.”

    If persons of influence read this blog, as Harvey has advised us from time to time, then that’s just our dessert following a good “meal.”

    Therefore, may our “betters” get their just desserts, too!

    #13 AND BMCQ — Greatly appreciate your kindnesses. Thank you.

  19. Hawgwash says:

    Based on the debatable idea that the CBC is about to fall off the left side of the earth, it will be interesting to see where they go with this one.


    (Response: Not exactly on topic, but worthy of consideration because the article says not only the commissioner but five other staff have resigned because of something going on inside that seems to preclude or interfere with impartiality. Troubling. As I mentioned in another comment, I don’t believe the ideal solution to the CBC bias would be to have the government regulate etc…because then bias could change with each election. BUT where is the CBC board???? Maybe they don’t ever watch The National? Surely they should have a clue about biased news coverage or those fawning features! Why aren’t they doing something? And where is the Opposition? Watching Big Brother on a US channel??? h.o)

  20. Island Lookout says:

    THE OVERTON BUBBLE, a gift from the good ol’ USA.

    While we’re on the topic of our “elites’ ” favourite “information” weapon of choice, the CBC, here’s something for you blog dogs to check out.

    The “Overton Bubble.”

    Go to that website, and Wikipedia and see how our “betters” think and conduct themselves and search for outcomes designed to control the rest of us and to keep their bandwagons rolling…

    The CBC falls within this swamp of intellectual dishonesty and degradation.

    This is what we’re writing about a lot of the time right here.

    I’ll not prompt you further. Time to do some homework.

  21. E. Johnson says:

    Harvey, I too was unimpressed with the CBC piece on the two Somalians crossing our border illegally and treating it as something to be admired. Of course the CBC reporter talked only to those Manitobans who were throwing down the welcome mat although did hint that not all residents were thrilled. There are legitimate refugees fleeing unimaginable horrors and then idling in refugee camps for years before they reach our country. The CBC gives them short shrift not to mention the legal immigrants who go through the proper process to get here no matter how long it takes.

    (Response; I was glad they ran that piece: justified my criticisms perfectly. Propaganda … not serious journalism by my standards! As I have said …and blogged ..I am very sympathetic to REAL refugees fleeing for their lives ..and would welcome many to Canada. BUT once they have arrived at a safe location, they should apply if they want to come to Canada..not just thumb their noses at our laws and processes…and it boggles the mind that The National … a taxpayer funded operation … doesn’t seem to respect that. h.o)

  22. Keith says:

    A lady 2 doors down who does not have a computer of any kind so isn’t influenced one way or another, mentioned to me that she is finding the CBC tiresome with some of the one sided coverage. In particular the often bleeding heart coverage of Omar Khadr and the two refugees.

    I believe a Canadian national broadcaster is vital to the fabric of the country, however, if they spent as much time and energy on both sides of more substantial issues as they do chasing down some low end scammer on Marketplace, the ratings would be a lot better than what they are and criticism less.

    (Response: I agree …a national broadcaster is a good thing. But it is sad to see what it has become. The real problem, is no one seems to care enough to call them on it: the left wing Liberals, NDP and Greens no doubt love it …and certainly won’t let any principles of fairness and truth interfere when their ideology is being pushed; the government doesn’t have the will or interest in taking on a huge entity that is so fawning over Trudeau; the CBC board clearly doesn’t pay much attention to The National …or actually supports its left wing bias; and the Tory opposition and critic is asleep at the switch… or just afraid to take them on. Maybe falling ratings will wake someone up…. before another Tory government eventually takes power and gets revenge on the Corp with massive cuts and controls, which would also be problematic. h.o.)

  23. BMCQ says:

    At one point last year when the CBC somehow came up on this Blog I made the statement I would like to see the CBC Abolished, just the same way I feel about the Senate.

    DBW was quick to point out that the People in the Northern Regions would in some cases have a difficult time getting News and other Programming.

    Of course there is a certain amount of Satellite and other but he made/makes a great point.

    The problem and question then becomes, just how do we/Canada turn the CBC into an honest, object, fair, and balanced National Broadcaster that does not have a particular Left Slant to it’s Programming, Documentaries, and News?

    Perhaps the Conservatives were on the right path with what they were doing and planning for the CBC.

    Unfortunately it now is now very obvious that the CBC is doing the work of Left Wing Political Parties and those that believe in Social Engineering favoured by those in the Federal Liberals, the Ontario Liberals, and the NDP at all Levels of Government.

    How can that be fixed, especially with a Justin Trudeau firmly in place?

    That begs another question, just how many of the regular contributors on this Blog actually believe the CBC is going in the wrong direction and in facts has an agenda?

    Then of course there is this.

    Just what does the CBC actually cost the Canadian Tax Payer each year and is it time for an Audit and a very serious look at what can be done to at least begin to get costs under control?

    (Response: I still believe in the potential of the CBC and its value in serving Canadians, especially those in communities that get little or no coverage from private broadcasters and in covering world events, issues from a distinctly Canadian perspective. However, what they don’t seem to realize s that, while many there may be enjoying promoting a left-wing propaganda point of view, they are setting themselves up for disaster when the Conservatives eventually take power again. They SHOULD return to true unbiased journalism NOW … stop advocating one-sided left-wing views issues, start asking tough questions in ALL their stories and features and better covering ALL sides of the stories they present to viewers. h.o)

  24. e.a.f. says:

    Perhaps the CBC needs to be more at arms length from any government. If funding were set and it simply went up or down in relationship to the cost of living, then the staff might be more prone to reporting the news without any thought to how it would impact funding.

    The board which controls the CBC is made up of political appointees. it might be best if that ended also. Elections may not be the answer, however, something more at arm’s length, i.e. the board is made up of various entities, a representative of the media workers, indigenous people, French speakers, English speakers, and one tax payer whose name is simply selected from the files of CRA. Oh, and lets have one representative from small business.

    I love those feel good leftie articles, but there is also the need for news, real news. Sometimes it can be found on APTN. that is actually more of interest to me than some of the fluff pieces because it reflects on what is going on in our country, north of 60 and rural areas. Shows like market place are great, still standing, give us a real look at our country.

    I’d like all news casters to present news with just the facts and not with “volatile” words. Actually its why I like El-Jazeer. Some of their news is simply, just facts, with plain words, no adjectives or adverbs which slant things, well except when they’re on about Israel.

  25. nonconfidencevote says:

    The CBC is like most govt funded institutions.

    They have the luxury of dabbling in a politically correct netherworld of experimentation.
    How far can they push the parameters of what is considered socially acceptable until the outraged public says…”Enough” Or, in the worst case scenario the public demands…..”Shut them down”.
    The CBC’s has “survived” the Harper govt cuts and they seemed to have learned nothing……reverting to a biased, leftist slant int heir reporting which is alienating a large swath of viewers.
    Well Harvey, its not like you didnt warn them…………. 🙂

    (Response: Sadly, one day I predict I’ll be able to recall my words now … when CBC finds itself gutted by a Tory government and politicians who are also no doubt noticing and chafing at its so-often left wing advocacy positions. h.o)

  26. Horace B. says:

    I have noticed similar but stronger points of view in the Canadian edition of the Huffington Post. They drum on their themes continuously.

    Makes me wonder what motivates them to campaign so hard on their issues. Some of the issues in the HP seem to be pro Trudeau, pro refugee, pro Islam, and con Harper and con Vancouver real estate prices.

    What is the journalistic code of ethics, by the way?

    (Response: Most news orgs have their own codes of ethics and practices. Many medias, like HP have their own agendas …and that’s their right when they are privately funded… BUT when taxpayers pay the bills, objectivity …nor propaganda …. should be enforced. You can read CBC’s code here: http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca/en/reporting-to-canadians/acts-and-policies/programming/journalism/. Try not to laugh when you compare it to what you se on The National. h.o)

  27. G. Barry Stewart says:

    The National doesn’t get viewed much around here, so I can’t attest to its lean.

    I have a lot of time for CBC radio. Lots of variety, though some of the interviews are a straight port from TV.

    As far as CBC TV goes, I’ll confess to be a Coronation Street fan. ‘Great story lines… but not produced by CBC. (Incidentally, its regular time has been disrupted by broadcasts of the right-leaning Calgary Stampede. At least for a week or two, Albertans get their tax value out of the CBC!)

    We enjoy the CBC comedies as well, quirky as they are. (Kim’s Convenience and Schitt’s Creek.)

    I’m not happy about CBC on-line news, as they’ve cut off the comments section on many stories. If I can’t comment or ask questions/interact, I’ll go where I can.

    If ever it came time to slash the CBC, I hope that the fall-back would be to keep Radio 1 going.

    (Response: I do too. But it disappoints and even angers me that such a once venerable national newscast has been taken over by what I would describe as far left activists. Even the appointment of Canada’s new Governor General reflected their obsession with First Nations’s sensibilities … ie doing a full story on why wasn’t a First Nations member selected. They could have asked that too …. but of course did not …. about why a Maritimer or how about a British Columbian wasn’t chosen … who have also been TOTALLY overlooked in the historical selection…. the overwhelming bias going to Quebeckers and Ontarians for the job. h.o.)

  28. nonconfidencevote says:

    I notcied that last night on “The National”
    The “report” went on and on and on about why a First Nations person wasnt chosen as a Governor General.
    Apparently a francophone female isnt pc enough for the CBC these days……

    Cut the funding to CBC tv and keep CBC radio.
    No one will shed a tear except aspiring unemployed university radical left protesters with delusions of grandeur that find an issue to vent their spleen over time and again.


    (Response: I’d bet it did not even occur to The “National” producers to raise the issue of why NO British Columbian (or several other provinces) has EVER been named Gov General …although there have been SEVERAL from Ontario and Quebec. Welcome to Canada …as seen by the “news” experts now in charge at CBC HQ in Toronto. h.o)

  29. BMCQ says:

    Only 27 Posts on this as I sit at my desk early Friday morning.

    Thought there may have been many more on this topic.

    Having said that some of the Posts and responses are excellent.

    Noncon – 25

    You are on a roll! Great mcommentary!

    The few number of Posts on this Topic suggest to me that many of the Rregulars
    Posters on this Blog are either busy working at Playland or they are content with the way the CBC is being run.

    That then makes me wopnder if there are any of the regulars that would speak up in support of the CBC and it’s particular Left slant of News and Programmiong?

    And just why is it BOTH the CBC and BBC are so Anti Israel and so pro Palestinean?

    In fact both of those Crown Corporations actually go out of their way to paint Israel and Jewish interests as Evil and the Palestineans and their cause as God’s Children.





    Barry – 27

    Not all that long ago quite often on a rainy Sunday morning I would watch some Coronation Street with my Mother in Law who came to Canada as a War Bride from Manchester.

    Other than that the only other time I watched CBC was NHL Hockey until I got tired of the “Clutch and Grab” 15 years ago.

    Never ever saw a Peter Mainsbridge News Cast.

  30. Hawgwash says:

    BMCQ at 29;
    You do write some good stuff.
    I dare say most of it is lost because you insist on being so condescending and snippy with those who disagree or are on a perceived lower socio economic strata than your righteousness.

    The ultimate angry old man.

  31. BMCQ says:

    Thinking about what I have Posted I should clarify and point out that I have not been a big watcher of CBC News because so much of what I have seen is as Harvey describes. Same for BBC, it seems that Producers, News Directors, or whoever is in charge of content feel they must put their own Left of Centre and or Anti Israel Bias on any given story.

    Most here will disagree with me but I feel the same way about the once Top Dog CKNDP (NW).

    Contrary to what many on this Blog believe for at least three years now NW has been decidedly L of C in their coverage and commentary of Politics.

    The “On Air” Hosts are/were very anti B.C. Liberal and Federal Conservative long before and during the most recent Provincial and Federal Elections.

    I do not however really see an Anti Israel or Jewish bias anywhere in our local Media, the CBC still holds that dubious distinction.

    Hawg – 30

    I admit to being opinionated, impatient, sarcastic, and judgmental but I am not condescending.

    Any one that knows me will support that statement 100%.

    Those same individuals would also tell you that BMCQ would never consider himself better than anyone based on socio economic standards.

    My Parents taught me better than that, a persons net worth, occupation or station in life means nothing to me.

    I have friends that have nothing and I have friends that have lots, they are all important to me and I cherish their friendship equally.

    A person of character and integrity are more important than anything.

    As to the “Playland” comment?

    Simply another way of saying someone might be occupied.

    Not “The ultimate angry old man”, just someone not as yet retired but somewhat impatient.

    If you ever met me you might actually understand me a little better.

    I must admit and perhaps should br embarrassed but it was only in the last year or so I discovered Rex Murphy.

    I still have not watched him on CBC but I have become a follower of his Column and I find him refreshing.

    I would be interested to hear what his honest take is on this very subject and the rest of the CBC.

    I suppose that will not happen until he leaves the Public Broadcaster.

    FYI – this most interesting Post is also reprinted on the Puget Sound Radio.

    (Response: I don’t think people should let their own personal political leaning colour their honest judgement of a news item or show. People should be intellectually capable of spotting a certain bias …even if they agree with it! I don’t find it difficult to judge whether a story or a broadcast told both major sides or just the side I agree or disagree with frequently. Watching Fox News, MSNBC, BBC World, Al Jazeera … quite easy to spot the biases …and it can even be funny to watch them twist and turn to fit their biased narrative, especially their regular “pundits” and “feature documentaries”. . Sadly CBC’s The National now fits into that category quite regularly … and gets away with it because the CBC Board, the CRTC and our federal politicians are too much in agreement with the bias or are too afraid to denounce it and take them on. Too bad…because I’d bet MILLIONS of Canadians would agree… and support a return to real news h.o)

  32. BMCQ says:

    ‘ I don’t think people should let their own political leanings color their of a News item or show”.

    I agree, I have mentioned this before but I can recall reading where Walter Cronkite later admitted to being what was considered Liberal back in the day but he never allowed that to come through while he was working. He did not want to influence the News and that was very Professional but expected and ethical in the day.

    I listen to Rush when I am in the U/S/ and driving and I know what I am getting and he does not present himself as balanced and that is fair play.

    Same for many other Talk types left or right and the listener is well aware of what they will get when tuning in.

    The problem here is the BBC. CBC, CKNW, and others that Harvey has noted that masquerade as “Middle or the Road” or “Fair and Balanced” when they actually have an AGENDA!

    Of course this can go both ways but to me today it is the MSM that seems to have a real L of C hidden agenda and that is dishonest and in fact manipulating the Listener.

    Not all Listeners have the time or may not be as up to date or perhaps be as sophisticated as others and the “Fake News” can cause confusion and even a false opinion to be formed by a Voter in the case of an upcoming Election.

    Then of course there is the CBC and BBC and some other outlets and their Anti Israel narrative.

    It is too bad Rona Ambrose did not take this on, she was a great interim Conservative Leader and she could have brought this injustice and given this disgrace some public attention.

    The Canadian People need to know and understand about this despicable behavior of the CBC and others.

    Then the next question becomes, WHY?

    What does the Public Broadcaster believe in that they would lie to and deceive the Canadian Public?

  33. Norm Farrell says:

    I surmise that CBC news is less worried about the left/right divide than in featuring as regular commentators people who remain respectful to central authority.

    That results in them blacklisting honourable muckrakers like author Michael Harris, a justice seeker who has been a thorn in the side of wrongdoing governments and institutions.

    They also blocked Andrew Mitrovica, an articulate social critic and journalist who decries mainstream media’s failure to live up to the long established Journalists’ Creed.

    With few exceptions, CBC recycles predictable spokespersons of the established orders, most of whom seem to work for large public relations operations that feed at the public trough.

    (Response: They should …as journalists and especially NATIONAL publicly funded journalists…automatically canvas alternative sides of issues they cover. And with so much obvious bias now showing so often, in my opinion, I wonder WHERE are those who should be responsible for keeping them honest??? h.o)

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