CELEBRATE Canada Day … Then FIRE Those Politicians Who Do Not!

Canada is a GREAT country! Millions who live here and many more millions who do not have repeatedly and consistently rated OUR nation, on many levels, as among the BEST countries on the globe.

Are we perfect? No!

But it is part of Canada’s GREATNESS today that, even when we are shown to have erred, when we fall short, when we let ourselves and others down, we ARE willing to take it on, face ugly truths and try to reconcile.

That alone is worth CELEBRATING this Canada Day!

EVERY other country on the planet also faces, by today’s standards, historical truths, tactics and tragedies … but very few are still willing to seriously address/face up to their history now.

But we have.

Indigenous land claims are part of TODAY’S dialogue, not just the history books.

That should be CELEBRATED Canada Day!

The disgraceful mistreatment of Chinese rail workers in the 1880s, the racist pole tax and subsequent total ban on Chinese immigrants until 1947 was finally addressed with a FULL Prime Ministerial Apology in 2006.

We should CELEBRATE that Canada Day!

During the First World War 1914-17 Canada lost 61,000 lives … but we still CELEBRATED Dominion Day every year!

In 1914, the Komagata Maru incident saw 20 people lose their lives, many others injured and several imprisoned in India after Canada turned away a ship carrying 325 people, mostly Sikhs, seeking asylum.

A plaque commemorating the incident was erected in 1989; the Prime Minister apologized in 23006; and, a monument went up near Vancouver’s Convention Centre in 2012.

Certainly acts of redress worth CELEBRATING on Canada Day!

Canada (along with the US and Cuba) also turned away another ship, in 1939, carrying 930 Jews fleeing Hitler’s Germany.  Forced back to Europe, more than 250 of the refugees later died in Nazi concentration camps … and Canada turned its back on thousands of others too.

It took 79 years, but in 2018, Canada apologized. Something to CELEBRATE on Canada Day!

During the Second World War, 1939-1945, Canada lost another 45,400 citizens; in the Korean War another 516; and in Afghanistan, 165 more.

By the way, at each and every call, First Nations soldiers and civilian volunteers/workers served their country with valour … despite its imperfections. You can read about that here: https://www.warmuseum.ca/firstworldwar/history/people/in-uniform/first-nations-soldiers/. And this too: https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/indigenous-peoples-and-the-world-wars.

The latest difficult challenge for the nation: Indigenous reconciliation issues that go way beyond residential schools and unmarked children’s graves.

But through ALL our trials and tribulations, neither our country, nor our people, have ever totally CANCELED Dominion Day commemorations completely or Canada Day CELEBRATION … not even last year, at the height of Covid!

Because they understood the importance of Canada Day to millions upon millions of Canadians who do the work, pay the taxes, and CELEBRATE our country, through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Never before have we had such a weak, spineless generation of municipal, provincial or federal politicians so easily convinced or intimidated by pressure groups!

Great nations are made by GREAT people; led by GREAT leaders; who TODAY can take on and vanquish GREAT obstacles, challenges, injustices with civilized discourse.

They don’t CAVE IN to anarchists, lobbyists, agitators and un-elected pressure groups trying to impose their will, their agenda, their demands on the entire country.

And they certainly don’t abandon/cancel Canada Day just to PANDER to those using violence or those who tear down and destroy things THEY don’t like.

CELEBRATE Canada Day!!!

And, as soon as you get the chance, FIRE those weak, compromised elected politicians so quick to set aside a day that means so much to so many and CELEBRATE one of the BEST nations on Earth!

Harv Oberfeld

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44 Responses to CELEBRATE Canada Day … Then FIRE Those Politicians Who Do Not!

  1. BMCQ says:

    How could anyone not agree with almost every single word you have put in your essay, it is only good common sense, Canadians need to Stand as One for Canada .

    Like any/all countries mistakes have been made, were made, and perhaps will be made again but Canada is a Great Country that has recognized its warts, grievous, and yes unspeakable atrocities committed in the past against First Nations Peoples and others including Japanese, Italians, Jews, Indians and probably more including the Irish .

    Canada is a country that has evolved, become more inclusive than most world nations and Canadians are a welcoming people, in my case I am very pro immigration as long as those coming here do not wish to or attempt to change our rule of law or our customs without an election/vote .

    Canadians of any ethnic background, skin tone, religion, or gender need to stand together and Salute Canada and it’s Flag, as a people we should be one and support each other in any way possible .

    There are more people wanting to come to live in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a few other Free World nations than any countries like China, Russia, Iran, other Middle Eastern Nations, most African nations, and many other world nations who envy what we have in Canada, let us not tear away at the fabric of Canada and Canadian Society for the horrendous mistakes and deeds carried out by hateful, ignorant, stupid, Canadians of the past, let us celebrate what we have today .

    (Edited..off topic, which is CANADA DAY.)

    Next to the U.S. Canada is right up thee in rankings of favoured destinations of Immigrants, we should be proud of that, we should not be attempting to tear Canada apart for past wrongs .
    Yes we need to recognize past wrongs but we cannot hate a country that has done so much good for so many, we need to Celebrate Canada .

    Please read the attached, it might help .


    And YES, We should Fire Politicians and other Special interests that cause decension and want to tear Canada apart just to suite their PC SJ Warrior Whacked out Ideas that make no sense at all .

    Canadians should believe in Equality, NOT Equity, NO Special Deals for anyone .

    The great Martin Luther King wanted his Children to play with yours, he wanted NO Special Deals based on Race, Religion, Skin Tone, or Privilege of any kind .

    Follow the Teachings of Martin Luther king, not the Carpet Baggers like PM Justin, others like him and any other Race Pimps looking to further their own position in life.

    Those above and others I did not mention use social unrest and SJ Warrior Virtue Signaling more for their own advantage and gain than any for any of the downtrodden, most vulnerable, and underprivileged they pretend to assist and care for .

    Harvey’s whole piece above is excellent but his last five paragraphs say it all, voters and politicians should pay very close attention .

    Vote them Out .

    (Response: Trudeau doesn’t seem to miss an opportunity anymore (at the UN, in Canada) to criticize and tear down Canada and pander to just about every activist group that feels offended about anything:https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/canada-day-an-opportunity-for-reflection-pm-trudeau-1.5485651.
    I was happy to see Conservative leader Erin O’Toole speak out clearly, saying it is WRONG to cancel Canada Day celebrations:
    Bravo!! h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    Not a big fan of Canada Day in the first place, but really, the cancel culture of the “Higher Purpose persons” who infect our politics is mind numbing.

    I can see the cities and/or municipalities where these dreadful residential schools were located, festivities are cancelled, that is a no brainer, but the halfwits in politics have decided to go full tilt in destroying this country is a different matter again.

    I have now come to a belief that agents from elsewhere are slowly destroying this country is a form of asymmetrical warfare and Cancelling Canada Day altogether would make a great victory.

    So keep Canada Day low-key, enjoy a picnic and reflect that for god’s good grace, you are a Canadian and especially the first nations because if Canada did not happen, many of the first nations alive today would not exist as the Americans were not so charitable.

  3. e.a.f. says:

    Don’t agree with you on this one. Yes, Canada is a great country and over the decades the country and individuals have done great things.

    An apology is nice, but its just words and I learnt a long time ago its easy for some one to apologize or say they’re sorry and then repeatedly do the same thing over and over. The deaths of the children did not happen in a vacumn. It was part of government policy to have these schools and a report written in approx. 1920 detailed things had to be improved. We were in what many would call “modern” era when these schools still exsisted and these horrible things continued.

    This term some are using these days, cancel culture, I don’t get it. In my opinion it minimizes very serious issues. Its dismissive of serious issues.

    this Canada I’m not celebrating. finding over 200 unmarked graves in Kamloops and over 700 in Sask. leaves me wondering how this all happened. well I know how it happened, but still I think how the hell did this happen in my country. My Canada Day “thing” is going to be thinking about what happened.

    For one year we might just want to dispense with the big parties and think about what we as a country just found out, even though many already knew about the dead children. This year ought to be a day of reflection, in my opinion, not just in places near the graves, but right across the country. We should then also ensure not only that this does not ever happen again, but that we ensure every kid learns about this in school. Its part of our history and its about time every one knew about it, along with the good.

    We often talk about the Holocaust during WW II. This is the Holocaust for the Indigenous People of our country.

    (Response: No one ..at least not I …is suggesting we “celebrate” some of the terrible things/policies that have happened during our history. But that’s the point: would YOU like your whole life to be judged by your worst day, your worst action(s)? Overall, Canada and Canadians can be very proud of how we have come through history. There is NO perfect country, but there is MUCH here to appreciate and CELEBRATE …and we must not let the cancel culture radicals, using pandering politicians, steal it away from us. h.o)

  4. Sean Penson says:

    It was just a few years ago that we couldn’t get enough of celebrating Canada day, for the 150th anniversary of Confederation, just in 2017!

    (Response: We can/should still celebrate. And then, next time we vote, get rid of the weak, pandering politicians …. the price we are now paying for low voter turnouts … who either share or caved in to the hate and pressures from the radical activists and agitators. h.o)

  5. Gilbert says:

    Imagine if your parents cancelled your birthday party because you didn’t do your chores or didn’t have perfect grades? Would that be reasonable? We have a great country. Let’s celebrate Canada Day!

  6. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, until we get definitive forensic evidence of crimes being committed at these sites, I think we should all cool our jets. They aren’t even positive these are grave sites, it just suggests these are graves. Even if they are, there are many explanations for the numbers and the reasons for being unmarked and the causes of the deaths. Too many people are ready to exploit this for political and pecuniary reasons especially our federal government who are already saying the costs will be in the hundreds of millions. Pandering of the lowest kind.

    (Response: I agree … as far as everything I have read, there has not been a scintilla of evidence that any of the deaths involved crimes. Of course, the idea of unmarked graves of any kind, but especially associated with residential schools, are repugnant to many of us. But no reason for anyone to exploit it all to push their own agenda, use it to cash in for themselves or, with what is known so far, cancel a National Holiday. h.o)

  7. nonconfidencevote says:

    I bought my Canadian Flag for my picture window on July 1st as well as a small flag for my Car antennae.
    The Filipino cashier smiled and said, “A proud Canadian!”

    And a friend of mind who lives in the Valley noted that the Natives on the Reserves are still selling Fireworks…..?
    Seems money trumps tragedy every time.

    (Response: Happy Canada Day! I have no doubt there are many Indigenous Canadians … families and kids and veterans and community leaders …who will celebrate too. In fact, it may even be a good to pause for a moment to acknowledge there is still work to do to achieve a more perfect nation for EVERYONE … while reminding us that, all in all, this is pretty damn good place to live … and we at KIR wil keep working at making it better.

    PS .. Sad news today: KIR contributor “13” … aka Doug P … has passed away. “Doug‘s comments on the blog always made me… and I’m sure many others as well… really think about the subjects we covered. You can be very proud of the contributions he made to keeping BC and Canada a healthy, active democracy,” I wrote to his family earlier today. h.o)

  8. nonconfidencevote says:

    A quote that I wanted to share

    “The problem with any discussion of our Indian woes in Canada is that we have allowed the creation of an “Indian Industry” which has accumulated a specific language and a set of Masters Degree\PHD specialization in the affairs of Indians. Unfortunately with such an investment in such an extensive specialization there is an extreme incentive to maintain a perpetual crisis level of problems and funding.

    In many things I am content to let experts solve problems, however with over 40 years of crisis it is apparent that these experts have no intention of solving the problem. It appear their interests and their results are to perpetuate the problem….”

  9. e.a.f. says:

    some times “our” worst day is what we ought to be judged on, you know like the day you got in your vehicle, drove drunk and injured or killed someone; the day some one beat their child or their spouse, robbed and/or killed some one, etc. I could go on, but you get the drift. The Nuremberg trials were about the worst day of the lives of many Nazi’s. Yes, sometimes we are and should be judged on the worst day of our life. now that is not to say people can’t move on and redeem themselves, and the same goes for countries.

    However, we as a country haven’t redeemed ourselves, in my opinion. i.e. NFLD/Lab. just removed their laws regarding seizing Indigenous babies at birth. Other provinces still have it on the books. In some places in Canada government agencies seize Indigenous children at birth with no established reason. As a result some women don’t go for pre natal care because they’re concerned they might be placed on that list.
    i.e. Back when Paul Martin was P.M. a deal was made with the Catholic Church for a monetary settlement with the church in Sask. Unfortunately the Church’s lawyers put in a clause, about making reasonable efforts. The settlement was for approx. $25Million. They’ve raised about a million yet at the same time the Catholic Church built a new cathederal in Saskatoon to the tune of $28M. Court cases have been fought with the Catholics brining in the best lawyers money can buy but the Indigenous people who were victims never saw a cent. You could say, they’re still waiting for the money so they can get the help they need, which is usually psychological help.

    When I referred to this being the Indigenous Holocaust, I think about the European holocaust. the Germans paid up a long time ago and are still paying. Right now they are paying out those who were forced into labour camps I remember as a kid my Mother’s father, as the sole survivor, receiving a very large sum of money and given Dutch law, half of that was to be divided amongst the children of his late wife, which included my Mom. So while the Germans have paid and paid, what have we done? Not too dam much.

    People carry on about when are the Indigenous People going to get over it. How about NEVER. We are now at the point where we have 3 and 4th generation family members of the original Holocaust survivors who are in therapy. They have support groups, papers have been written about the generational impact the Holocaust had on the children, grandchildren, great grand children of survivors. Oh, yes there is some dysfunction. Its time we have the Indigenous People the same “grace” we have the Jews and others who were in the Holocaust.

    In my opinion, the larger problem is these residential schools who not only starved, beat, sexually abused and murdered children, they destroyed the children’s views of themselves, their culture and their families. survivors of the Holocaust still knew who and what they were. they still had their sense of self, their language, their religion. they still knew who they were. They, may have had pyschological problems, but they were ahead of the game compared to the Indigenous People.

    Friends of mine always raise a new flag on Canada Day. This year they will do the same, except, they will then lower it to half mast for one minute to honor the children in those unmarked graves.

    (Response: History is a collection of moving experiences. Any country is always a continuing work in progress …or regression… depending on each individual’s point of view. We will NEVER all agree on where we all are at any given time. Some may decide, for their own reasons, not to observe or take part in commemorations any particular year: but when it comes to a national holiday, politicians have no right to make our decisions for us. If they don’t want to take part: fine….but Big Brother and Big Sister have no right to cancel the entire event because THEY and their friends disagree arbitrarily make the decision to do so. h.o)

  10. Keith says:

    Sad news about “13”

    Condolences, peace and love to Family and Friends.

  11. SG says:

    As mentioned above, we need to cool our heels. As recently as the mid 1960’s the 751 graves found in Saskatchewan were all marked. For some reason the grave markers were removed, perhaps they were made of wood and were removed because they were rotting away… As to the 215 unmarked and unknown graves found in Kamloops, there’s a 50/50 chance those graves greatly predate colonialism. The Kamloops residential school was built on the site of a continuously inhabited First Nations village going back at least 6000 years, there’s bound to be unmarked long forgotten graves. Several years ago when the Trans Canada was being widened just north of Chase BC and ancient burial ground was accidentally discovered, estimated to be around 600-800 years old. More recently while developing the railway container port in Ashcroft BC another ancient burial ground was accidentally discovered, some reports claim to be around 1000 years old.
    ETA: The recently reported unmarked graveyard in Saskatchewan was also the reservations graveyard for many years.. however that’s not to say some of the bodies in the graveyard weren’t those of school children, but certainly not all 751. There’s far too much being taken out of context to meet a certain “woke” agenda. Fingers crossed that we don’t experience major civil disobedience and church burnings on Canada day, especially with this heat wave, I’d hate to see an entire First Nations community go up in flames because someone that the Catholic Church needs to be taught a lesson.

  12. Nonconfidencevote says:

    Sorry to hear about “13”.
    He commented two topics ago.
    The last topic where he was missing had “13” comments.
    I guess he got his “number” in there somehow.
    Another well regarded commenter gone.
    He will be missed.

  13. Marge says:

    Please extend my condolences to “13”‘s family. I enjoyed reading his commentary. He was a proud Canadian who took the time to express himself through this blog. His comments will be missed.

    As for Canada Day, I am proud of our land, warts and all. At least we are able to look at them, not like some other countries.

  14. Not Sure says:

    It’s complicated.

    One of the things I am most proud of as a Canadian is how well we actually do get along. We have a large Indigenous population. We have two founding nations in the English and French. And we have an immigration policy that brings people in from every corner of the globe. Canada is an example to the world that peoples of almost any background can live together peacefully.

    Having said all that, there are plenty of examples where we have fallen short, historically and currently. So I am struggling here to make sense of the topic.

    Celebrate vs cancel.

    Neither of these words are particular helpful. We are not going to cancel Canada Day. We might cancel some activities. We may do some things differently, but we are not going to cancel the day.

    Celebrate? You are exhorting us to CELEBRATE. How? Every Remembrance Day, I know I will be at the cenotaph at 11:00. I have a pretty good idea what I will be doing to celebrate Christmas. What do we do to celebrate Canada Day. In normal years (non covid) our community would have a bit of a party. We would meet at the park, sing the national anthem, grab a piece of the giant Canada Day cake, listen to some local bands, watch a few ethnic dance groups, and let our kids get maple leafs painted on their face. Talk to people we hadn’t seen for a while. Fireworks later that evening. All nice but hardly a celebration of Canada and what it means to be Canadian. Since my kids are now adults, I am just as likely to stay at home and cut the lawn. Others head to the beach or do whatever.

    So how exactly should we be CELEBRATING, especially this year when covid restrictions made the planning for this year’s Canada Day another virtual event.

    And who exactly are we supposed to FIRE? The mayors of Kelowna or Port Hardy or some other city because they have “cancelled” some fireworks. Given covid, I am wondering what they have actually cancelled. And without knowing their city’s circumstances, it is pretty difficult for me to judge their decision.

    Tomorrow is a good day. Our vaccination rollout has been better than expected. Restrictions are easing. We should all be grateful for that. But at the same time, I am not going to be ignoring the Indigenous community as they mourn or protest or educate the rest of us about the tragedies of their past. And I hope that reflection allows me to be a better, more understanding Canadian.

    (Response: It’s not difficult to “CELEBRATE” the good, while acknowledging and repudiating the bad: we have always done that. Even in the midst of the litany of terrible deeds/policies from Canada’s past I outlined, there were always people who stood up and said “This is not right”…but they never called for our national day to be canceled. And as our values, perspectives and education levels have changed, they … in most cases … become the majority. But even back then, as I noted, knowing how much worse the rest of the world was, they did not call for the good things Canada stood for and had achieved, as celebrated by our Dominion Day from coast to coast to be “canceled”. That is a new, political phenomenon … created by people with social, political and some believe even financial agendas well beyond historical acknowledgement that, yes, no country is perfect, and there are many opportunities other than canceling Canada Day to discuss and deal with that. Happy Canada Day! h.o)

  15. BMCQ says:


    A really thoughtful, respectful, and clarifying post, thank you !!

    Of course Canada is not perfect but let’s Celebrate the Good, improve on what is not so good as we have done for generations and let’s ensure that the changes we make create a future where Canadians are ALL important and let’s us most of all guarantee that no matter what NO Canadians regardless of their ethnicity, gender. religion, or skin tone are more important than the rest, NO Special Status for anyone, “Equality NOT Equity” !!

    Canadians and our Elected Political Masters need to immediately STOP making various groups of Canadians into Victims, we are going to cripple a very large part of our population and that is not good for any society .

    We already have enough PC SJ Warrior Poverty Pimps doing everything they can to create jobs and industries for themselves, we do not need more of them attempting to create a whole section of our society who are experiencing Mental Health Issues, it is time to stop, people need to stand on their own two feet and embrace Canada for what it is, one of the best countries on earth !

    Yes we have work to do but look at where we have come from . Ask the Liberated Dutch nationals of the Netherlands what they think about Canada, we need to embrace our past, our current society but we need to recognize some past mistakes, yes some may be turning out to be atrocities but as SG states, let’s get the full evidence in pring before we vilify a whole country .

    Let us also ask some of our neighbours and friends who have come here from many nations that are YES SH8T HOLES, they will tell you what they think about Canada .

    It is long past time to STOP VICTIM HOOD !!


    13 – i I am struggling with how to respond to the passing of my friend Doug P – “13” so
    please understand .

    Through a rather interesting series of events Doug became my friend about 3 years ago . Our meeting really had nothing to do with the Harvey Blog, at one time he had reason to visit my business through his work and we ended up talking one day .

    Doug loved reading and commenting on “Keeping It Real” he has/had Great Respect for our host Harvey .

    I have known Doug for about 3 years and in that time I became to respect him as a wonderful human being, a true friend and someone who made my life better, much better .

    Because of Doug I became a better human being, I cannot count the ways Doug made my life more complete . I learned a lot from Doug, I count my blessings I met him and we became friends, I am privileged .

    My wife and I have become great friends with Doug and his wife, she is also a wonderful person and they have a beautiful family with a soon to be grand son on the way who Doug will unfortunately never meet .

    If their Grand Son is half the person Doug is that Boy will be respected by all he meets, his Grand Dad will be looking out for him .

    I Salute Doug, I will miss him but I will cherish the memories !!!

    God Bless Doug, Cindy, and their Family !

    It is very nice to hear the comments about Doug, his family will be more than pleased see them all .

    You have created a very unique thing with this Blog Harvey, thank you for all of your efforts and hard work !

  16. D. M. Johnston says:

    This is sad news indeed, Doug P, alias 13 was knowledgeable and had much important things to say.

    This has come on the heels of several deaths in the past week which has shook me and next week I will be one year closer to joining the “The Choir Eternal”.

    Condolences to his family.

  17. BMCQ says:

    My apologies – should have included the following in for great posts .


    I love and respect your love and respect for Canada .

    NONE of this is in any way complicated, that thought is silly and juvenile .

    Canada and Canadians are not what many Politicians, Race pimps, Media, and the PC SJ Warriors are trying to make us !

    The dishonesty, manipulation and outright betrayal of Canada and Canadians by the above listed groups sickens me .

    Please review the attached and see just another stomach churning tragedy/atrocity of multiple Church Burnings that are now taking place across this country and those listed above choose to ignore because it does not suit their purpose .

    Dirty Bastards !


    Whatever happened to the “States Men – People Kind” that built this country ?

    Oh yes, I forgot, they have all now been branded as Xenophobic, Misogynist, Racist, Bigots, Sexist, and much more .

    Yes NonCon, those mentioned only “Want to perpetuate the problem” !

    WE are Eating Our Own !!

    God Help us !

    (Response: Today, Trudeau announced he has ordered the Canadian flag at half-mast atop the Peace Tower all day on Canada Day to commemorate the discovery of unmarked graves at residential schools. I have no doubt Canadians will be divided over this decision …BUT they will very soon get a chance to express themselves on this…
    This is what I wrote in a Comment on Aug 3, 2020: “As for his Che Guevara look, maybe a change in that regard will be a sign: if Trudeau suddenly gets a haircut, shaves and tries to rekindle his former image ..if not his former charisma…. Elections Canada should go on alert.” I have no doubt Trudeau’s “people” and Liberal strategists monitor this Blog … and today, folks, Trudeau appeared on TV … with his beard GONE, his unkempt Che Guevara look GONE. An election is CLEARLY only weeks away! Something else to really celebrate this Canada Day!! h.o)

  18. Stu de Baker says:

    I was not going to contribute, because I saw the topic as just another excuse to rip the politicians and have the good choir boys sing along.

    Move along Stu, nothing to see here.

    Then along came Not Sure, and though BMCQ did not acknowledge this piece in his platitudes (BTW, that was indeed a short time out) it was the best of the bunch.

    Why? Because once again, Not Sure filled the air, with fresh common sense and logic.

    So I echo Not Sure. Canada day was not cancelled. It will still be there next year. Some taxpayer funded activities were cancelled. People will still get together, in one way or another, including the politicians, to observed the day for what it is to them, as individual Canadians.

    I would guess very few Canadians can even tell us what event Canada Day commemorates, except those new Canadians, who had to learn it to become Canadians. The rest, well they were just born into another paid day off, to do what they do on most other days off. “Dominion Day? What the hell was that? Did we get the day off?” “Remembrance Day? The end of a war, wasn’t it?”

    Holidays, maybe with the exception of Christmas, which means much more, to many of our invited cultures, are rarely, truly acknowledged for what they are.

    One good thing about this pandemic, is that it forced us to adapt and create new ways to observe and hopefully create some new traditions.

    A large car club here on the island, instead of turning our streets into a parking lot with a show and shine for those among us who are mobile, paraded past all the senior residences. Lawn chairs, wheel chairs, walkers and even beds, lined the sidewalks; gents in polyester suits, ladies in bonnets, jittery little flags waving, had one of the most exciting days in a long, long time.

    Hopefully that becomes a new Canada Day tradition.

    I don’t do crowds. I make it to the kid’s boat building contest and maybe catch the fireworks from the roof. That’s it. That was last year, the year before that and will be the same next year, if I make it.

    This year somebody said they cancelled the day so maybe I won’t even get up tomorrow.

    Happy July First everyone, if it is still on the calendar.

  19. Gilbert says:

    I never knew 13 (Doug P), but I really enjoyed his posts. I’m sorry to hear he’ll no longer post on this site. Thank you, Harvey, for informing us.

  20. nonconfidencevote says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens in this coming election.
    Trudeau may be a poser but he reads his scripts well.
    Have enough voters tired of his breathless, wheezing, stuttering generalities?
    Have enough female voters realized he will ruthlessly cull any opposition, female or not?
    Have enough voters realized he has raised our National Debt to unimaginable levels?
    Will enough voters hold their nose and vote for O’Toole ( worst named Con PM wannabe in decades …Joe Who?)
    I hope enough voters will show up on election day to toss this jackass PM out along with the bobblehead socialist spendthrifts that fawn over him.

    I guess you can put me down as an “undecided’ til election day

  21. BMCQ says:


    Honestly, it is really not that complicated, it is only complicated if one makes an effort to make it complicated . No wonder very little gets accomplished in Government or the Public Sector .

    You say that Canadians born in Canada simply take Canada Day as a paid day off, while not really knowing what Canada Day represents .

    Really ?

    Is that what you think about your fellow Canadians ? You think they are morons, uneducated, ill informed, and perhaps stupid ?

    If I was making a guess I might think you are no different than the Canadian PM . What Arrogance and Conceit .

    I respect and give Canadians much more credit for being caring and informed than you do and I am almost positive everyone else on this Blog including “Not Sure” respect their fellow Canadians much more than you do .

    Shame on you . You may think you are superior to most of your fellow Canadians but your comments betray you and in fact show us something much different .

    You show the same Arrogance as B.C. premier when he coldly points out that “Fatalities Happen, not to worry” . How shallow can one be ?

    I DID say a short break .

    Happy Canada Day !!

  22. Not Sure says:

    BMCQ, this is a complicated topic and it is not silly or juvenile to say so. And don’t take my word.

    “Politicians and activists alike love simple narratives: heroes vs. villains, virtue vs. treachery …. However you define “reconciliation,” it is vastly more complex than that. (So is everything else, but especially this.)”

    That is Chris Selley in the article YOU asked us to read.

    Heroes vs villains. This is what you said when praising people for something they wrote, “I love and respect your love and respect for Canada”. What does that suggest about the people you chose to leave out.

    (I loved your faint praise when you suggested that everybody on this blog “including Not Sure”…. Why single me out unless you thought there may have been some doubt. LOL)

    Heroes and villains. Simple narratives.

    Maybe instead of tossing out insults you could comment on exactly what I said that you disagree with. Seriously, try it. You might be surprised that there is nothing there except the notion that this topic is more complicated than you are willing to acknowledge. Heroes and villains. Simple narratives. Rarely the case unless you try to make it so.

  23. daniel says:

    Another relevant topic, Harvey. Thanks to you and your bloggers I always learn something new.
    I have been fortunate to travel a fair amount in my life. When I return I always realize how lucky I am to live in Canada. Today I will celebrate this quietly, in my own way, while reflecting on some of the terrible events going on today, including the complicated issues concerning Indigenous people. I wonder if a lot of people don’t take the time to actually realize how good we really do have it here?
    Nonconfidencevote. Like your style. May I add that I find Trudeau the biggest attention whore I have ever seen in a long while. I am embarrassed that he represents Canada on the world stage. Please dear God may he be turfed in the next election.
    BMCQ. Your latest post is excellent.

    (Response: Yes, maybe it’s the travel. I too have travelled much (can’t wait to get back doing it!) and although I always find aspects of other countries I enjoy, it all makes me appreciate Canada even more as the place I call “home” ! A current problem he have, however, is that many activist groups, agitators and just plain freeloaders have discovered, thanks to complacent, low voter turnouts we now have very weak politicians in charge, catering to their very limited but activist bases (who do get out and vote) … now controlling the agenda, the policies and government priorities … with the silent majority paying the price … even literally! Read my next blog on this. And CELEBRATE Canada Day!

  24. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Happy Canada Day to all.

    We are so fortunate to live in a country that we can protest, we can be critical of government poicies,politicians ,corporations
    We do not end up picked up in the night and sent to work camps jail or killed.

    Many of us had paid a price for our advocacy and opinions. I still remember a grandmother who had a legitimate complaint with a mental health service provider and the staff threatened to use their influence to stop visits from her grandchild .so shameful we still have constructive denial of services thru out the non profit service providers.

    This is Canada and we can advocate for change with out jail or death

    Happy Canada Day to all

    My condolences to family and friends of 13 his thoughts will be missed

  25. BMCQ says:

    “Happy Canada Day” – My apologies but here it is early on Canada Day !

    “Not Sure” – I am attempting to clarify while putting forward honest opinion .

    I was not trying to insult you are anyone else on this blog, I am here for the argument, the discussion, and the debate, sometimes feathers may get ruffled, have you ever read the many nasty comments directed at me? Many here call for my dismissal on a regular basis, I am quite sure if you weee treated that way by Stu and many others you would take your ball and go home, I am different than you, I am from a much different world than you I always stand up for myself or anyone else, sometimes people need to push back, it is in the DNA .

    In looking at various topics on this blog I have quite often used the term “It is an Industry for Poverty, Race, or SJ Warrior Pimps”, and I say that those that earn their living from any given flavour of the week cause cause NEVER EVER want things fixed, made better, or solved because they would lose their purpose or become redundant, the more Drug Addled Criminals on the street the better, you see it is a make work project .

    Most of those politicians and hucksters want to make the Unmarked Graves of Indigenous children concerns which are being used to “Scuttle” Canada Day as a convenient tool to further whatever their agenda might be instead of being like the wise comments of several up the page who state that yes it could be a set of atrocities but first let us investigate, verify, and come to a conclusion using facts, science, and what records we can source to arrive at the TRUTH .

    I agree that even one Atrocity is too many but can we please wait for the facts before we rip Canada Day in half, encourage division, hateful comments, and literally promote hate of our Canada and it’s Founders ?

    My Parents families were both Immigrants to this country, we have literally millions of New Canadians that came here from Sh*t Hole countries (yes HE was correct) to escape oppression, poverty, sickness, slavery, sexual exploitation, and even death, can we not allow them and others who have been Canadians their whole life to Celebrate the great country and people we are without allowing a disingenuous, disrespectful, dysfunctional,
    and devious group of Huckster Politicians, Race Pimps, and a compliant, complicit media to destroy Canada Day while at the same time convincing immigrant children and those born here that they live in a Horrible Country and Society ruined by the Christian White Man .

    Is that what you want our coming generations to think about Canada ? Do you want those immigrant or first generation children of New Canadians to think their parents who risked everything brought them to a Horrible Racist Country ?

    My two sisters happen to be First Nations, do we want First Nations Children to Hate Canada ? Why ?

    Is that what you really want ?

    Canada WAS not perfect but like many countries we evolve and we get better, we have freedom of movement most of the time, we have rule of law most of the time, we have freedom of religion most of the time, we have protection from discrimination unless you are a white male trying to get a Public Sector job, and we have Health and Social Safety Net, Canada is a Great Nation and one of the freest and safest nations on earth, let us not Tear Canada apart from the inside out .

    Yes we can and will do better but let’s find facts first and let’s stop the Media, Pandering Politicians, and Race Pimps from destroying us from within, their way to prosper, virtue signal, and create Special Status for Special Interests, make their living should not result in destroying Canada .

    The reason I invoked “Not Sure” is because I feel he would get my point when he usually does everything he can to disagree with BMCQ, never forget, Facts do Matter .

    I also notice that “Not Sure had NO comment regarding Stu insulting Canadians from uh Coast to uhCoast to uh Coast . Interesting snd telling .


    “Attention Whore “ – I like that, may I use it ?

    First Nations have some Good Leadership right across this country, it is not all good but there is enough to bring the whole Residential School Crisis into perspective and reality, they need to Stand Up and show their people and the rest of the Canadian People a way to Find Peave in all of this but most importantly they need to show their young people that Canada is a Great Nation with Opportunities for All, we cannot afford Young First Nation People to think they live in a Bad Country, we cannot afford to lose them, for their good and our own good . There is no time to waste .

    Young Indigenous/First Nations and young New Canadians need to Celebrate Canada Day knowing they are Canadians just like everyone else .

    (Response: As I noted in my Blog piece, there is a lot we can criticize in Canada’s past and even present: racist laws, policies, injustices and all kinds of other imperfections. BUT we CELEBRATE Canada Day because our good outweighs the bad. And shame to the politicians who pander to those who just want to tear down ..and/or cash in … by canceling our national holiday. h.o)

  26. K.G.P says:

    Hello Harvey and others commenting.

    I have been reading through some of these blog post for the last week or so after hearing about this blog from my father. He had spoken about writing into this blog many times before but I had not gotten around to checking it out as often as I should have.

    My father was “13” aka Doug P.

    It is really comforting to be able to go back on old H.O blog topics and read my father’s thoughts on some of the important subjects covered, as if he were still here. He was extremely passionate about politics and I have heard a lot of what he has written here at family dinners. He looked forward to commenting on KIR and spoke of a few others that comment as well.

    Reading through the comments on this topic has been something else. I salute all of you for expressing your opinions, but to read about the thoughts and well wishes to Doug and his family has brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.

    Doug was an amazing man and a better husband and father to his 3 kids. He always put his family first. While I am deeply saddened by his passing, I am happy he is no longer suffering. He so wanted to be here for the birth of his first grandchild but sometimes life works out in ways we cannot explain.

    I want to send a special thank you to BMCQ for his beautiful post. He spoke of you often and though we haven’t met I know through my mom and dad that you are kind and decent person. You hadn’t known him long but he considered you one of his closest friends.

    I also want to thank D. M. Johnston, Marge, Nonconfidencevote, Keith, Gilbert and especially Harvey Oberfeld for their very kind words as well.

    As for Canada Day, celebrate it. Not everywhere has the luxury of a free speech platform like this and that is reason enough to celebrate this country. It gives everyone a voice even though we do not always agree. We should be proud of where we are today as a Country and still be able to mourn and learn from our mistakes. Cancel culture has no place here.

    (Response: Thanks Ken. You are so right! Doug clearly enjoyed commenting and contributed quite a lot to this blog and to Canada’s democratic strength … the envy of so many others in the world. Doug’s legacy is yet another reason to CELEBRATE Canada Day … and the freedoms we all enjoy. There will never be another “13” on here. h.o)

  27. daniel says:

    Please feel free to use it anytime you wish.
    In my earlier post I forgot to say happy Canada day to everyone.

  28. Stu de Baker says:

    BMCQ to Not Sure; “I was not trying to insult you are anyone else on this blog.”

    BMCQ to me: “If I was making a guess I might think you are no different than the Canadian PM . What Arrogance and Conceit.”

    “Really?” One of your favorite go to words, not mine.

    And how you connect my contribution to how “very little gets accomplished in Government or the Public Sector” escapes me.

    The entire attack on me is the very tone and agenda I alluded to in my opening sentence; “just another excuse to rip the politicians and have the good choir boys sing along.” I should have heeded my head and stayed out of it.

    And yes, I really do believe most born Canadians do not know which event led to Dominion/Canada Day. Do you, without looking it up?
    My condolences to you and your family.

  29. G. Barry Stewart says:

    KGP says, “As for Canada Day, celebrate it. Not everywhere has the luxury of a free speech platform like this and that is reason enough to celebrate this country. It gives everyone a voice even though we do not always agree. We should be proud of where we are today as a Country and still be able to mourn and learn from our mistakes. Cancel culture has no place here.”

    Very well said, Ken.

    Condolences to you and your family. I always knew where 13 would be coming from — and he knew where I’d be coming from. The beauty of this forum is that we could log out, relatively unscathed… but a little more appreciative of other viewpoints.

  30. BMCQ says:

    K.G .P.

    You and your siblings make your parents so very proud !


    You said, “Canadians were just born into another day off to do what they do on other days off” . Facts are Facts and Facts DO matter .

    How you could make such a gross generalization of Canadians of so many different backgrounds says more about you than what you might think . Sad . Thank God Canadians do not support your way of thinking, Canadians on the whole respect their fellow citizens and are willing to allow those they may disagree with to disagree with them without labelling them morons or ill informed fools . I choose to ignore your question about Canada Day, why would one bother ?

    Again what you stated when you insulted millions of good hard working Canadians is something one might expect from the “Attention Whore” who is currently PM, arrogant, condescending, and uh conceited .

    I heard a great rendition of “Oh Canada” while out in the car today, it warmed my heart.

    Yes we/Canada can do better but we have come a long way and Canada and Canadians of all ethnicities, skin tones, religions, and genders, make Canada a better place one day at a time and I am proud to be Canadian and I am proud celebrate Canada Day .

  31. DonGar says:

    Happy Canada Day

    Very sorry to hear about 13. Always interesting comments and exchanges with others.

    So Justin cut the beard, got a hair cut and dye job for Canada day. Can election be soon as he youngs his image.

    (Response: Exactly. As I mentioned in an earlier response, here’s what I wrote a Comment on Aug 3, 2020: “As for his Che Guevara look, maybe a change in that regard will be a sign: if Trudeau suddenly gets a haircut, shaves and tries to rekindle his former image ..if not his former charisma…. Elections Canada should go on alert.” I’ll bet they’re now working on it! h.o)

  32. Stu de Baker says:

    Wow! Just bloody wow!
    BMCQ to Not Sure: ”I am from a much different world than you I always stand up for myself or anyone else, sometimes people need to push back, it is in the DNA .”

    “I am not like you. I am better than you.” And you called me arrogant.

    But that is not why I came back into the room, it just caught my eye.

    So, BMCQ, in another futile effort on my part to have a rational discussion with you, I offer up a challenge; play tourist for a day and ask at least a couple dozen strangers:
    1) what event created Canada Day and don’t just accept a shallow answer, like “we became a country”
    2) were you born in Canada?
    Report back and I’ll try to be open minded and trust your answer.

    I think it’s great that people paint maple leafs on the kid’s faces go downtown, to see a parade in sweltering heat, enjoy some red and white cake, go home, drink beer and carry on. To the majority, that is Canada Day; they cannot tell you how it came about and why.

    I have not denigrated “millions of hard working Canadians.” I’ve just given you my perspective and opinion on the shallowness of the masses.

    I can think of no better example, one that I will visualize to the grave; September 1997, Princess Diana had been killed and I was living across the street from the British Consulate on Melville Street. People lined up for blocks, inching along for hours, to lay a flower, teddy bear or pork pie outside the lobby. In honor of a stranger they had never met? No. It was an exercise in momentary public feel good. An in the moment feel good, you do not get visiting your 92 year old grandmother, in the “home” she has been wilting away in for 12 years. And so, that’s why you take time off work to drop a flower on a celebrity and see granny only twice a year.

    Canada Day and every other holiday are carried out, “celebrated” with and for, the same rewards; momentary self-gratification, with no depth of thought, purpose or history. A flash bang at 10pm and go home.

    No different than thumping your shoe on the table through one blog cycle, ranting about two Michaels, Jamal Khashoggi, Russia, China, boycott Heinz and move on with not a lasting thought. YES! Another feel good moment.

    I look forward to the results of your poll.

  33. BMCQ says:

    (Edited…Clearly ALL these exchanges have gone WAY off topic …. my fault for allowing one comment, then allowing a reply ..and away we go! Enough please! h.o)

    Canadians DO realize what Canada Day means, whether they be Immigrants, Second Generation, or they come from families who settled in Canada many generations ago .

    I am critical of many Canadians for many reasons but I believe the highest number of Canadians know and understand what Canada Day is all about and I am guessing that most Canadians regardless of their backgrounds are sick and tired of Pandering Politicians, Media, Special Interests, NGO’s and other assorted Race and Poverty Pimps that they are bad because they are successful, have a good law abiding life, care for their families, pay taxes, have white or say yellow privilege, and give to charities , that they should feel ashamed and have guilt .

    They hate being vilified and I am here to suggest they should Push Back”,

    They should recognize Canada’s Warts but they should look at where Canada and it’s People now stand snd they should Celebrate Canada .

    (Edited…off topic …which is Canada Day ..not those on here.)

    I hope you enjoyed your Canada Day ! Whatever it is all about .

  34. BMCQ says:

    A question

    Why am I always the contributor deemed “Off Topic” when I am just simply replying to attacks by defending myself ?

    DO YOU think I would be off topic if it was not for addressing the attacks directed against me ?

    So people can attack me and I cannot defend myself .

    Not Fair !

    (Response: More than fair! Since YOU have had published SEVEN responses on this particular topic … more than DOUBLE the number of responses from ANYONE else … in my view that is the FAIREST place to step in, call a halt to the off-topic marathon! Not fair??? Really??? h.o)

  35. frozentundra says:

    I have lost hope for Canada. We have been weakened from within by our once and future king, Justin Trudeau. This fall’s election will give him at least a large majority as most Canadians have also either given up on the country, been paid off through the hundred or so federal policies that give people money for nothing or are so absorbed in making it from paycheque to paycheque that they dont care about politics.

    The end to western democracy is measured in years now as everyone has been split into little camps. No one works together to improve the country or to listen to people who dont agree with them. Its all about pushing your agenda on others. There is no such thing as a Canadian anymore: If you are not one of the approved groups you are a settler and your role in life is to be told that you are evil and are 100% responsible for any thing that has happened to (insert nationality, culture or religion) since the beginning of time.

    Who cares for a country that no one is proud of anymore. All the underpinnings of western democracy are being removed. Police, rule of law, voting, free speech. Criminals are now heroes, police are criminals. Working people in the resource sectors are now earth killers and corrupt killers who wish to ruin everyones life. People who rob stores, shoot up drugs and OD on a daily basis are heroes to be admired. We are now a monarchy, ruled by the party that has been in power during most of the time the residential school system has been in place and it gets a free pass. People do not want to build a better society now, they just want to tear down the present one. Sorry for the ramble Harvey but I dont celebrate Canada Day because I dont recognize our country anymore. Its now a country that everyone who ever built something to improve the nation is now a genocidal rapist.

    (Response: I believe you reflect the feelings and frustrations of millions of Canadians … fed up with weak, pandering politicians at every level (municipal, provincial ad federal) who are so afraid and/or self-hating that they cave in to the slightest pressure from unelected activists and agitators. And sadly, violence and vandalism by the idiot fringe and “brownshirt”-style mobs now goes pretty well unpunished …even when the culprits are caught. And meanwhile, Canada’s media is at the same time so spineless and so afraid of being accused of being racist, they go along without even daring to question or challenge the mob or their leaders who are exploiting our weaknesses. However, take heart! Read my blog mid next week: I’m working on something you …and hopefully many other Canadians … will appreciate and may even wake up others to start speaking up, keep it REAL, and demand our politicians and media do too! h.o)

  36. D. M. Johnston says:

    The day after Canada Day has left me empty. The fiasco this country/province now find ourselves in is numbingly scary and no one seems to be in control.

    The hypocrisy of our politicians again numbs me, especially our NDP leaning lot.

    If I hear the term genocide once more I think I will choke. Obviously no one using the term genocide understands what it is. A refresher course at Auschwitz or Dachau is in order.

    The same goes for colonialism- Hell, if it wasn’t for colonial ism or colonists, we would not be discussing things here. What the hell do these people think that built the country and it certainly was not the first nations.

    Yes, the First nations have been treated badly.

    Yes, horrible things happened at Residential Schools

    But toppling statues of Captain cook, and the Queen solves nothing and just increases the tax bill.

    Canada, for all its warts and all its ills, still is one hell of a lot better place to live than about 80% of the countries around the world.

    I can say this with complete competence, that China treats its indigenous people with concentration camps and other hideous apparatus of the police state.

    Nuff said!

    (Response: Free homes, no taxes, free health care, free schooling, perpetual financial aid, priority Covid vaccinations … and now, even free housing in Vancouver! I doubt Europe’s Jews, gypsies, gays or any Cambodians, Bosnia Muslims or China’s Uighurs would call that “genocide”. h.o)

  37. e.a.f. says:

    Now to the second part of the headline about firing politicians. given Trudeau has shaved the beard expect an election sooner than later. Firing him and other politicians over this issue, is like cutting off your nose to spite you face, in my opinion.
    Who do you think would be the next P.M. Some pundits say Trudeau doesn’t have to worry about O’Toole but he might want to be concerned about Singh. He does empathy ever so well and that goes over well with voters.. Looks like the Greens are imploding, well more like standing in a circle with their leader in the middle and shooting.

    If not Trudeau and the federal Liberals, then who. We’ve gone through the Harper years and there is nothing about the federal Conservatives which makes me think another term with them would be any better than the last several terms. I’m fine with the NDP, but I know many on this blog would have heart failure or at least choke. So that leaves you with Trudeau.

    You may want to broom him over this one issue, but really folks give your head a shake. He handled the money going out to individuals and businesses quite well when COVID first hit. More or less kept whole towns afloat. People aren’t going to vote against him for that. Trudeau is still Trudeau and the federal Liberals are still the federal Liberals and there isn’t much in the way of opposition against them. The Conservatives haven’t made any friends, haven’t said the right words. Perhaps in Alberta, but their Conservative government isn’t making too many people happy there.

    Then there is the always big topic of the right of women to control their own bodies. We know that from time to time Conservatives open their mouths when they ought to keep them shut on the issue. All parties will use it against them and given what has happened in the U.S.A., women in Canada don’t want to ever walk that path again.

    Remember no one cancelled Canada Day, the country in many places marked the day in different ways and given the reason I’d suggest a lot of people were good with that.

    (Response: Even if you think Trudeau has ruined the country with his weak pandering to activists and agitators … don’t try Singh and the federal NDP!!! They would give away the entire country to the worst Indigenous militants, Quebec separatists, radical environmental fascists, communist-style anti-Semitic national unions and would not dare speak up or do anything at all to defend Western Canada’s rights or degree of fairness or power … or to defend linguistic or religious minority human rights in Quebec. The truth is: Trudeau or O’Toole are our only REAL options. h.o)

  38. Stu de Baker says:

    Election, yes.
    Apathy, yes.
    Small turnout.
    Liberal majority.

    (Response: Yes, probably third week of September. But not sure about that last one. h.o)

  39. Gilbert says:

    It’s sad that many people seem to have so little pride in Canada now. There were many abuses associated with the residential schools, but the plight of native Canadians can in no way be compared to that of the Jews under Adolf Hitler.

    I’m disappointed in our politicians who don’t mind that there are activists who burn churches and destroy statues. My guess is that they don’t want to condemn their own supporters. These activists should be put in jail for what they have done. As for the attempts to erase history, they remind me of China under the cultural revolution.

    (Edited…off topic)

    As bad as the Liberals are, I agree they’re better than the NDP. Under the NDP, spending would be even greater and the economy would suffer even more. Jagmeet Singh is the worst federal leader the NDP has ever chosen.

  40. BMCQ says:

    “Not Sure’

    When I said, “I am from a different world than you” I simply meant my background and life experience was different than most, I am NOT better than anyone, I might be described as a “Little Rough Around the Edges” compared to you, nothing more and nothing less . Different, nothing more . As a matter of fact I am quite sure your level of formal education is much more than what I received for starters . I hope you get my point .

    Stu for some reason insists on putting words in my mouth and he in fact made an assumption morph into a Blatant Lie .

    My apologies, i cannot let that go .

  41. Not Sure says:

    BMCQ, I kinda knew what you meant, but like John Horgan, people have to be careful with their words.

    (Trying to stay on topic Harvey.)

    Criticizing me for saying the topic was complicated for example suggests that your “simple” view of the topic is correct and anybody who sees it otherwise is wrong. Read my first comment again and I doubt that you can disagree with anything I said. I am grateful for what Canada represents but I am not going to ignore my Indigenous friends. Do people actually have a problem with that? And that is why I responded with my “heroes and villains”. By praising those whom you agree with as lovers of Canada suggests that the rest of us are not. It is way too easy to pigeon hole.

    I had been off the grid since Canada Day and only checked in with my limited data and I was desperate to comment but my clumsy fingers don’t work well with phones. Anyway. I was upset by Harvey’s response to the use of the word genocide.

    “Free homes, no taxes, free health care, free schooling, perpetual financial aid, priority Covid vaccinations … and now, even free housing in Vancouver! I doubt Europe’s Jews, gypsies, gays or any Cambodians, Bosnia Muslims or China’s Uighurs would call that genocide”.

    First because it is complicated, the UN (yeh let’s dismiss the UN) definition of genocide includes

    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    Now I am not going to get into an argument about the degrees of genocide and whether Canada’s past actions were a form of genocide (because it is too freaking complicated!) but that wasn’t what bothered me. Harvey didn’t argue the definition; he listed things that appear to upset him about Indigenous relations. Almost like this topic wasn’t actually about “cancelling” Canada Day but about which group was calling on its cancellation. Which puts this discussion on a much higher more complicated level.

    As another example, had these gravesites involved Jews or Armenians or Cambodians would we be saying “hey lets cool our heels and wait to see the final investigation” or would we realize that those graves reopen wounds that have never properly healed.

    There is so much to sort through with a complicated topic such as this one. That is why it is worth the effort to comment. Demanding an apology from Horgan on the other hand is meh. He will or he won’t. We can fuss or we don’t.

    This topic resonates because of its complications. Unfortunately a week of typing at one another is not the easiest way to reach some sense of compromise or resolution. Maybe that is what is missing here. At the end of all our comments, what kind of understanding have we actually reached.

  42. BMCQ says:

    Not Sure

    Happy to hear you got my meaning, it is a sad day when another contributor attempts to change a story with his own set of truth/LIES . How shameful and ultimately embarrassing .

    You and I might not always agree but I respect you and your contributions, you always make me take a second look at my own comments .

    Unlike BMCQ Premier Horgan “Hung Himself” with his own comments, he did not have his words twisted and manipulated by someone who wants to cultivate hate and dissension on this blog .

    I do not believe that Premier Horgan is a bad person but with the manipulation of the election call he has become arrogant, over confident, egotistical, and a bit of a bully, it is not a good look, just ask Christy Clark .

    I understand and appreciate your meaning regarding the “complicated” subject but far too often society seems to want to over study and over complicate almost every situation rather than just recognizing the past mistakes and yes atrocities, we must learn to recognize those serious warts but we should not be vilifying todays society or even the past societies to continue to cultivate the seeds of hate .

    Far too many Special interests and NGO’s only want to perpetuate the troubles, they do not want those problems fixed they want to perpetuate those same problems .

    (Edited…off topic)

    In reference to the “Genocide” comments .

    I am not certain that the so called White Society was attempting to commit genocide by eliminating the First nations population as a whole but I feel quite strongly that a good case could be made for that possibility, there is enough evidence right before our eyes to probably confirm that .

    Having said that our society in Canada is different now and collectively we are almost all better .

    All nations must do what they can to what they can to recognize past mistakes/atrocities they must ensure that significant changes are made and those nations and their leadership need to be as transparent as possible but those same leaders must ensure that society repairs itself rather than continue to create dissension .

    Special Interests, pandering politicians and a complicit media seem to want to continue the argument, discussion, the debate, and the virtue signaling but they do not seem to want to repair the problems .

    Anyway, I am very relieved we are good . Thanks !

  43. Not Sure says:

    BMCQ I said I kinda got what you said. But I also totally get what Stu said. Read his posts. He too is frustrated by the “hate and dissension” that sometimes occurs. It is hardly one sided.

    Back on topic.

    When you said “I am different from you, I come from a different world than you” I took it to mean you see things differently than I do which is obviously true. Both you and Harvey looked at this topic with activists and pandering politicians and special interest groups at the forefront. I looked at residential school survivors.

    You looked at cancelling Canada Day as actually cancelling Canada Day and therefore an attack on Canada. I saw “cancel” as changing how we do things this year and taking time to acknowledge the impact residential schools have had on our Indigenous population.

    I am not going to say that one side is right but it is difficult to come to an understanding if we fail to see the starting point of the other side.

    You know my take away from this Canada Day? Our community newspaper did an online article on a local woman who finally decided to tell her story about her residential school experience. These stories are much more powerful when they come from people we know or recognize on the street. I am glad she told her story both for herself and for those of us who read it. Maybe others told their stories and more people read them. These survivors are not the activists or special interests you want to push back against. I can’t do much about any of this but the least I can do is acknowledge and understand their past.

    On the other hand, I also understand what you are saying in your three paragraphs beginning with “Having said that … want to repair the problem”. And I don’t want to be the “tone police” but there is definitely a change in tone there as well which makes it easier for me to listen.

    Hopefully leadership can find a way through all the noise so we can continue to move forward.

    (By the way, if you are looking for a leader for the BC Liberals, you might want to consider Ellis Ross, former Haisla chief and current MLA for Skeena. If he wins the leadership, it wouldn’t necessarily get me to vote BC Liberal, but I wouldn’t tear my hair out if the NDP were to lose to him.)

  44. BMCQ says:


    Frankly I care more about a contributors content, I could care less about their tone, as a society we need to face facts and deal with all of these issues, instead we just call call for “Conversations and Discussions” forever when we need to take action, make decisions, and solve the problems . Then as time goes on we improve on those decisions/fixes and those improvements even more which may take years under different governments and then finally get it mostly correct .

    As I have said about many subjects before too many with vested interests DO NOT want many of these problems no matter how serious solved as those many different problems have become an industry for those Poverty Pimps, Race Pimps, SJ Warriors, and other cause seeking hangers on .

    You see Not Sure if those problems are solved those who I speak of all of a sudden lose their cause, their employment, and their incomes . Why would they want any of them addressed, improved, or fixed, why ?

    NonCon used the term “Perpetuate”, very astute and people need to pay close attention to what he said .

    We need action, we need more transparency, and we need media to do a better job asking questions on all issues but we need media, opposition parties, and the general public to demand that government get answers for every single potential body at various Residential School and other locations now .

    The possible victims, their families, the First Nations as a whole and everyone else in Canada need matter of fact answers and there is no time to waste . If this is not accomplished quickly we play into the hands of the Race Pimps and others who want to perpetuate all of these problems and we in turn leave a dark cloud hanging over all First Nations Children who must deal with this very frightening and disgusting discovery wondering what happened to children who were just like them . Government and opposition need to think about the current generation of FN Children, not one of them should feel insecure or left wondering, we have NO time to waste .

    We all deserve to know everything about every single unmarked grave and we need action now . We need to stop kicking the can down the road .

    I like Ellis Ross I do not know enough about him but I respect his attitude and willingness to speak out while being fair and balanced, he may be a good candidate but as a society we need to stop hiring or picking anyone because of their religion, skin tone, ethnicity, gender, or age, we want and need the best qualified people for the job, non of the rest should matter , it is time to stop the pandering to Special Interests and ones voting base, correct PM Justin ?

    Andrew Wilkinson was my MLA and he would be a far superior to Premier Horgan but he was dry, had no personality, looked like an angry old man, and he was not a great communicator but he was/is much more capable than Horgan .

    Does anyone anywhere in this country need to question why PM Justin chose the last and now most recent GG ? Even if the most recent appointee is qualified and deserves the appointment we all know how and why she was chosen .

    Instead Parliament should have taken the steps to Abolish the position and then keep on going and Abolish the Senate, the Great Unwashed can no longer afford to keep funding what are basically lifetime appointments, think of how much life saving medical equipment we could commission right across the north of Canada where it is really needed .

    Merit is a word that has almost ceased to exist in Modern Canada and it is causing all of us to suffer greatly and the financial costs are staggering .

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