China Already Chewing America’s Lunch

Many American’s have been eating up President Donald Trump’s nationalistic rah, rah, rah economic isolationist rhetoric.

Buy American and America First and Pull out of NAFTA or NO TPP may sound great to the masses … but what the naïve don’t realize is that the additional message they also carries with it all  … Don’t Buy Foreign Goods … is being heard loud and clear around the world.

All reinforced by Trump’s trade actual threats and attacks against Canada, Mexico, China, Europe and many other US “trade partners”.

And they are already hitting back.

While Americans … and Canadians as well … have been mesmerized, intrigued and even amused by Trump’s outrageous, bizarre and ego-maniacal pronouncements and actions … the US’s archrival economic nemesis has begun eating America’s lunch.

China has accelerated its bold agenda, backed by billions of dollars in committed actions, to take advantage of Trump’s isolationism and assume power as the predominant economic force in not only Asia and Africa, but also the mid-East and even Europe.

Over the past several days, China has organized and played host in Beijing to a major conference attended by 29 world political leaders and more than 100 economic officials/planners/strategists all centered around  President Xi Jinping’s new “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

While Trump, US politicians and the American media gnashed over the firing of FBI head James Comey, Chinese politicians, economists, strategists  and investors noshed with world economic powerhouses … pushing huge spending/growth possibilities  OUTSIDE the American sphere of influence.

“Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday pledged to pump billions of dollars into the new Silk Road initiative as he described his signature foreign policy push as inclusive, one that should not be held hostage to old rivalries and power games,” reported India’s Hindustan Times.

And among those on hand to listen and in many cases pledge co-operation were not only China’s usual economic ally against the US, Russian President Vladimir Putin, but also: the Presidents of Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Greece, Pakistan; International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde; UN Secretary Antonio Guteres;   and Germany’s Economic Minister Brigitte Zypries.

All eager to munch away at America’s previous status the pre-eminent economic “caterer” for the global lunch.

The US representative at the ECONOMIC strategy table … perhaps fittingly in view of  Trump/America’s current xenophobic focus … was the National Security Council’s East Asia Director Matt Pottinger.  At an economic planning conference! Ridiculous!

But Pottinger tried to fit in:

“American companies have much to offer here. U.S. firms can offer the best-value goods and services required over the life of a project. U.S. firms have a long and successful track record in global infrastructure development, and are ready to participate in ‘Belt and Road’ projects,” he offered.

If ANYONE was listening, impressed or ready to sign on to a major role for the United States in any new huge world-wide economic stimulus program, it was not reported.

China is clearly aggressively pursuing the economic world leadership role vacated by the US under Trump.

“(Xi) portrayed the plan as “economic globalization that is open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all.” China would invite the World Bank and other international institutions to join it in meeting the needs of developing — and developed — countries, he said, in a suggestion that he is seeking to forge new markets and export China’s model of state-led expansion,” reported the New York Times.

“The China Development Bank and the Ex-Im Bank would dispense loans of $55 billion between them, and the Silk Road Fund would receive an additional $14 billion, he said. About $50 billion more would be directed at encouraging financial institutions to expand their overseas renminbi fund businesses.”

One economist estimated the total commitment of China to the Asian, African and European economic expansion projects could total $124 Billion (US).

Of course, the big challenge for China remains: it has to learn to TAKE IN goods as well as SHIP them out.  But Xi is no fool and if he can push open China’s doors to not only others’ resources, but goods as well , China can take advantage of Trump/America’s international trade new weaknesses.

Perhaps the New York Times headline said it best: “Xi Jinping Positions China at Center of New Economic Order”.


And each new attack/withdrawal/isolationist economic move by Trump/US  …. while the American masses cheer … will only make it easier for China to accomplish its goal.

Harv Oberfeld

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26 Responses to China Already Chewing America’s Lunch

  1. Rocker Rich says:

    Superb overview, Harv.

    Low-info Yanks (and Canucks) cheered Trump for abandoning the Trans Pacific Partnership. Few realized it was designed to help Pacific trading nations avoid falling under the complete sway of China.

    Even with a TPP, the ChiComms would no doubt have figured a way to blunt its effects through bribery, divide-and-conquer schemes or simply buying up key companies in assorted nations.

    Maybe the old People’s Republic is a house of cards soon to collapse, as predicted by American pundits such as Gordon Chang. But Chinese leaders past, present and future plan decades ahead, confident their citizens will make the educational, emotional and financial sacrifices to achieve those goals.

    Here in the West, voters gripe about economic inequality but too often prove suckers to “showboat” politicians touting illusory quick fixes. Exhibit A: President Donald Trump.

  2. Gene The Bean says:

    Great topic Harvey – lots of conversation in my circle about this.

    Cutting to the chase – everyone knows Asian countries like China and India are “in it” for the long term and western countries are “in it” for the short term ie: immediate stock hits, multi-million dollar executive payouts etc etc.

    Asia has ALREADY eaten our lunch and they are now determining what they’ll have for dinner.

    This all started thirty years ago and it’ll continue for another thirty until it is complete.

    The Corporatists that I complain about all know this and that is why they have accelerated their agenda. More money, more profits, more environmental degradation, keep the masses dumbed down and ineffective and lets make the money NOW …. because the ‘tomorrow’ is not a pretty site for the west.

    Just like the provincial Liberals and a lot of people that vote for them – they don’t care.

    They’ll have lots of money in the bank, no debts and a vacation house all signed, sealed and delivered. I got mine – everyone else can go pound sand.

    If you think it is tough for the young, the old, the challenged and the disadvantaged – you haven’t seen anything yet. The world is going to be a VERY different place in 2050.

    The EU will be in shambles and The Excited States of America will be a cesspool of divisiveness, hate and poverty (with 300 million guns).

    Canada can triumph if we maintain a progressive agenda and don’t sell ourselves out. I remember some of Harpers last moves was to open up more of our resources and companies to the Chinese – that cant happen anymore.

    We need to ‘walk the talk’ and put into action centre-left policies so we can ALL make it through what is coming. The 99% will not go quietly when the bottom drops out so the playing field needs to be equalized.

    I’d like to say we could beat the Chinese, but that is not going to happen. We’ll need to adapt and adjust and we can only do that when governments are working for and with the people as opposed to working for big business and corporatism.

    So pick a side folks. You are deciding for your kids and grandkids. Can they live with your choices?

  3. e.a.f. says:

    first read about the belt and road project when reading newspapers brought back from G.B. Interesting stuff. Then saw a picture of the P.M. of Greece. Yes, China wants to help. of course only if it benefits China. However, that makes them no different from any other imperialistic country.

    Countries watching Trump’s reaction to NAFTA and American’s two closest neighbours and largest trading partner, Canada, sends a scary message to other countries. If he’ll go after Canada, he’ll go after the rest of us. Best if we find another way forward.

    This will go some distance to helping African countries. Roads in African countries would be huge it could bring peace in any number of countries. Agriculture could once again thrive. China gains also. they can export the surplus of men, which will cause social unrest at some point.

    All of this will make countries which didn’t want to do business with China more willing to do so.

    In the end the war will be lost and China won’t have fired a bullet and U.S.A. could be back to its status prior to WW I and that wasn’t a good place, either economically or socially.

    Personally I’m very wary of China, but for some countries this may be their saving grace.
    We have only to look at how far China has come in the past 30 years. They may not have democracy as we know it, but a lot of their population are doing much better than those in other countries and when you’re kid is dying of hunger you don’t always care about the politics of those who are helping.

    True, a lot of these roads will be built by Chinese workers, but they will be spending money locally. Many Chinese will stay and open businesses. (there is a fun article about how Chinese immigrants to Egypt have revolutionized the lingerie business, opening shops and now a factory in Egypt.)

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    The Americans have always been isolationists, as they live in an bucolic ennui, supplied by Hollywood. Fiction and a lack of reality is the hallmark of Americans.

    The GOP’s main concern is to wipe American history clean of the “Black Obama” years and Trump epitomizes the American 21st century politic, by making the poor poorer, destroy unions and the peoples right to fair wages, and to return to the days of Jim Crow and segregation.

    Unlike the Chinese (who I don’t trust an inch) the Americans have failed to rebuild their decaying country and have reverted to bizarre gun toting, bible thumping, holier than thou ways.

    (Response: The really strange part of what is going on is that it has traditionally been the Democrats who are more protectionist. Trump has turned this all around, or at least is trying to, but I suspect there are many old-school Republicans …esp those backed by large corporations and/or business interests … who are really not happy with this latest isolationism ..and will resist Trump’s nationalistic but damaging agenda. h.o)

  5. nonconfidencevote says:

    The Trump Presidency wont survive the impending impeachment process….
    “President Pence” has a nice ring to it and his first presidential order will be to pardon Trump a la Ford – Nixon.
    Vegas circus clowns couldnt think this stuff up.


    Interesting piece Harvey.

    But China’s move onto the world stage in terms of trade, economic imperialism, and military sneaking about has been going on for years. Started during the Clinton era, is my surmise, and continues.

    In Africa, they pretty much own the place, within a “band” across the middle of the continent. There are schools, highways, and other major Chinese-built infrastruture.

    Meanwhile the Americans in those same areas, particularly in East Africa, are fighting “terrorists”.

    And there’s more.

    Talk of the Silk Road in that weekend conflab in China. A couple of weeks ago, the Chinese launched the first railway service between downtown London, UK, and eastern China. Containerized cargoes take about 10 days to make the trip.

    Deepsea ships? About 37 days!

    This trans-Asian railway goes through downtown Europe across into Asia Minor (Turkey), and thence through the Mideast, Iran (!), and on into the former Soviet Empire’s Central Asian states and eventually into China.

    Now that’s a railroad!

    Chinese military strength is something with which I’m not particularly familiar. But I understand they have been cranking out submarines like hot dogs.

    As for President Trump, he is protectionist because he knows what’s going on.

    If he can pick on the low-hanging fruit, that is Canadian trade relations, to “Make America Great Again”, then he will.

    As for Trump backing out of the TPP. That was a sop to China because that deal was meant to exclude China.

    Last week the US and China agreed to huge US beef and LNG exports.

    Hello Christy. Where were you during this process?

    (Response: You’re right.,.China has been trying for years to increase its position and importance in the global economic/trade scene. However, the BIG difference is that, in the past, the US has fought off China’s attempts … staying involved and active in and open to global economic trade; now, Trump is actually helping China by pulling back, putting up obstacles to imports and economically becoming more and more isolationist. h.o)

  7. 13 says:

    It might be simplistic but Trumps concerns are not without merrit. Globalization teamed up with these trade agreements have worked just fine . Incredible as long as your not one of the millions of first world workers that have watched their jobs flee to third world countries.
    Global corporate profits dont mean much to unemployed Americans. I wonder how many companies will move back to the states to take advantage of Trumps lower corporate tax rates.
    If all they do is move their head offices back to the USA but continue to manufacture in India , Mexico, China etc. what has he gained?

    (Response: Readers may recall I wrote last July that the problem with Globalization is not world trade itself, but the greed of those at the top who have seized almost all the benefits for themselves, widening the gap between themselves and the poor and even the middle class. You can review that here: Now Trump TALKS about helping American workers, but so far his BIGGEST specific economic stimulus is a huge tax cut for the richest… and promises to cut imports, restrict trade and put up new major duties. Of course, for every action, there will be an equal and opposite reaction against US products … playing right into the hands of China’s efforts to become the pre-eminent “world” trader. h.o)

  8. r says:

    Maybe stop selling coal to China?

  9. D. M. Johnston says:

    Harvey, about 5 years ago I “friended” on Facebook several US political types to try to get a handle on the American political scene. This has now dwindled to 2 people, one obviously republican and one obviously democrat.

    All I can say is Yikes, the revolted American politic has become beyond bizarre. Their religion has gone beyond bizarre and when it comes to gun ownership, it is again beyond bizarre.

    The USA has become something close to a religious/fanatical terror/fascist state.

    It scares me, mainly because some of their evangelical, free enterprise, might is right drivel is oozing North of the 49th.

    Back to China.

    Let us not forget, China has been around a very long time, about 5,000 years and now embraced he 21st century by storm. Chinese bureaucrats have centuries long views of the world and their empire planning.

    The USA on the other hand is just over 200 years old and its bureaucratic planning is limited to about 4 years or every election cycle.

    The US has already lost, they just don’t realize it yet.

    (Response: I like the US, many Americans are really good, caring people and I have very good American friends …so it saddens me to see what has happened to that once great country. Hardly a day goes by now that the US President does not do something that embarrasses the US or further disgraces his office. Even today, how pathetic to see Republican mouthpieces trying to defend Trump’s directly giving SECRETS to the Russians when he was quoted MANY, MANY times before saying anyone (Clinton) who made public anything confidential or secret …even inadvertently or by mistake … was UNFIT for the Presidency. Just imagine if Obama had done that! And although the US can politically survive Trump eventually, once the rest of the world turns elsewhere for long-range economic ties, agreements and links, the damage to US exports and influence will last much longer, h.o.)

  10. D. M. Johnston says:

    I forgot to mention “friended” on Facebook.

  11. e.a.f. says:

    Trump just loves China, they gave him and his daughter the trademarks they have been after for years. Don’t expect Trump to oppose anything China does. Trump et al, got what they wanted.

    it is amazing what other countries have done with railways, ie. the new China to London railway and the one via Switzerland which cuts the number of hours for goods to be shipped from Italy to the Netherlands. Canada, can’t even get a rail up and running again from one end of Vancouver Island to the other.

    Shipping by rail indicates China finds the method more cost effective and also more timely.

    If we in North American don’t keep up, we won’t be going anywhere.

  12. G. Barry Stewart says:

    And here’s a topical piece in the Washington Post:

    “China is pledging to invest hundreds of billions of dollars to build infrastructure projects like ports and power plants all across the world.

    “The scale is enormous. By some estimates, the amount of investment being offered by Beijing would dwarf the sums the United States invested in Europe after World War II under the Marshall Plan.”

    If we can trust Xi or not, one commenter quotes the NYT: “President Xi emphasized the “Three Nos”:
    1 – No interference in the internal affairs of other nations
    2 – Does not seek to increase the so called “sphere of influence”
    3 – Does not strive for hegemony or dominance
    Strictly business. ”

    (Response: Yes, that’s the story And it amazes me that the US government, media and the public seem totally oblivious to how …as America under Trump turns its economic back on the outside world, the outside world is getting together, organizing and developing alternative economic models. And that’s no alternative fact …or fake news! h.o.)

  13. RS says:

    Ahhh, yes – China, the bastion of open and accountable governance, human rights, sound environmental policy and practices, ethical industry and ethical trade…

    The “One belt one road” offensive (double entendre intended) is, to my mind, like a predatory pack, higher up on the food chain, stealthily seperating the weak and vulnerable from the herd before taking down the prey with fangs and claws gnashing and gashing. We’ve all seen it on National Geographic – and from correspondents reporting live on the evening news.

    (Response: You are absolutely right about China’s failings …but you may have noticed, when it comes to MONEY and TRADE, the supposed real ” bastion of open and accountable governance” are all very happy to deal with the devil(s). And frankly, with America under Trump turning inward, backing away from international trade agreements and increasingly slamming the US door on foreign imports, who could blame them for cozying up and co-operating with a country that has more than a billion consumers.. a lot of them doing quite well financially. h.o)

  14. hawgwash says:

    A great discussion.

    D. M. Johnston, #9;
    Agreed and while China is taking advantage of a gift, the US is being chewed up from within.

    As pointed out above, this has been in the works for years. 30 years was mentioned a couple of times and if we look at a thumbnail of the big picture that 30 years takes us back to Expo 86. What is happening globally, we experienced as Chinese appetizers, 30 years ago.

    Being a complacent bunch led by a complicit bunch, we may have seen it coming but, as usual, chose to be observers. When Li Caching took the Expo Lands off our hands for pennies on the real estate dollar and sold a small portion of it to recoup his investment, we signalled Beijing and Hong Kong, Canada was ready to harvest.

    Today, we are seeing the same thing in the US; China is outsmarting the Yanks and as we did, they are letting it happen.

    I’ve already noticed a marked difference in Americans who venture north this year. The passive ones are more silent, out of fear. The aggressive ones are pushier, angrier and more belligerent, out of fear. Some are taking the American art of obnoxious to orbiting heights. You cannot impose greatness with bluster alone.

    Isolationism claims many victims.

    There is a huge decline in booked and planned travellers to the US and they take a huge hit to the wallet. Fewer want to go there and fewer want them around. Tourist industry people on Vancouver Island are having a hard time staying ahead of the out of country action.

    When you have WA school kids who have had field trips to Vancouver Island for 17 years and have cancelled this year, for fear some might not be allowed back in, it is a scary culture.

    Economically, the US is on a collision course with not great again. Working men and women cannot sustain the military alone, much less the other big tickets. China knows how and will, accelerate the burn.

    Pity the people; perhaps.

  15. #12 G. Barry Stewart


    China does all three points you usefully listed but “fervently” denied yet still “romises according to Pres. Xi.

    Any large country whose population is about four times that of the US needs endless resources from the rest of the world. Forever and day.

    Africa is one principal source right now, including agricultural land. The Mideast is another.

    As for its relationship with the US, China sees a wounded empirical buffalo when few others “in the know” do. I wonder why?

    China has more than 5,000 years of building and destroying empires, usually their own (!), so President Trump take note.

    Empires end after first they have been gutted from “within” by its leaders and whiners or various warlords (China).

    The from”without” factor is just easy dissembling by the new empire-vultures as they pick up the pieces of the former empire and drive on.

    ALSO subsidiary countries of the US emperium, notably Canada and Mexico must take especial note.

    Why do you think Trump wants to gut NAFTA and cut bi-lateral deals instead of harder to cancel multilateral deals?

    Because of the US’ parlous financial state, which he recognizes.

    So he wants easy access to whatever resources he will need at any given time at a price dictated by his administration.

    You may not like this guy, but he knows how to make a buck or two.

    As for the Trans Pacific Partnership, take a look at the tiny countries that are involved; from Brunei (oil, natty gas) Vietnam (cheap labour), Japan (elderly pop and bright IT/industrial folks), Canada (Mr. T, the Selfie-brigade, lifestyle whiners, huge easily obtainable non-renewables), Peru (what ?!?),
    and so on.

    China flat-out doesn’t give a damn about TPP.

    Why should it?

    So the US would be the largest partnership by many magnitudes. But it’s not playing either.

    Instead Trump will be cutting deals with the new Master of the Empirical Universe (and soon his buddies Iran and Russia).


    Maybe he’s gunning for a seaside retirement hovel after all the dust has settled.

    Meanwhile, back in the US, the left-right cultural war is destroying the fabric of American society, another sign that the empire is on shaky ground.

    All so very sad.

    As for the stock markets on this
    continent, investors will still make a pile as they preside over the disposal of assets to the new empire from the old.

    Then they will sign up with the Shanghai exchange, and go from there, if they already have not yet done so.

  16. Harry lawson says:


    I don’t think that in 1972 when the Nixon administration started to normalize economic relations expected this result

  17. e.a.f. says:

    when RS speaks/writes of Communist China’s “sins”. They are quite correct. Their “sins’ are the same as those who once ruled other parts of the world, England, Netherlands, Portugual, Spain, Belgium. Do try to remember at one time Europe simply divided up Africa and they all owned their parts. Do we forget how England “owned” India. Japan has also “owned’ other countries. Lets not blame China for what other countries have already done. They at least have said they don’t want to politically dominate. They just want to make money. Gee that was the U.S.A.’s tune not so many decades ago, but then they did try to run country’s politics to protect their corporations assets. How many politicians, labour leaders, indigenous people were killed by Americans and their corporations. For that matter how many were killed by agents of Canadian mining corporations. No one holds the chalice for being good guys. Most countries have been dreadful at one time or another.

    if countries enter into agreements with China and are smart enough to hang on to their sovereignty and money, who are we to complain. No I don’t want a free trade deal with China. they want too much. But we are Canada and can be a tad more pickie about who we do business with. However, should we no longer have the U.S.A. as a trading partner, and unemployment is at 75%, wonder how many anti belt and road types will want to sign on to their system.

    of course China is in it for itself, but if other people can benefit good. They certainly haven’t benefited much from the influence of Western countries.

  18. nonconfidencevote says:

    Perhaps it IS China’s turn for it’s “place in the sun”…
    Let them take over the US role as the worlds’ “police man” and it’s role as a major contributor to funding international reconstruction projects (with chinese labour naturally). I seem to recall they have spent billions in Africa and have earned the resentment of millions of the African unemployed while filling the bank accounts of desposts and tyrants.
    Then there is the added benefit of their own workers toiling away in a foreign land for months or years where a free and vibrant economy and press may reign……..only to return to China where one has to watch what they say and do.
    Corruption isnt a western invention hence endless stories of Chinese govt officials being put on trial for kickbacks….
    China needs unprecedented growth 7 to 10% anually to keep the masses working. Dont want those 600 million unemployed hungry peasants in the countryside revolting a la Mao.
    The economy is unsustainable and unless they’re willing to start a war over the South China Sea and go romping around asia with ships and tanks ……Billions in Chinese aid money is more popular than the actual chinese are……
    It seems like whenever there is a riot somewhere in Asia the first places to get looted and burned are the chinese owned shops and businesses unless of course its a MacDonalds or a Starbucks…
    China should be careful what it wishes for….because they just may get it……

  19. e.a.f. says:

    C.B.C. is reporting the American stock market is trending down as is their dollar given Trump’s lack of performance. I would expect China will be looking for bargains and without saying much of anything they can simply buy up what they need/want on the various markets. By the time the Americans wake up from the new day time soap opera, it will be all over except the handing over of the keys to the country.

    While the various arms of American government and press are “dealing” with the Trump show no one seems to be reporting on the real issues or conducting the day to day affairs of the country. Once that happens anything can happen without anyone really realizing it until its over.

    To think a bunch of Turkish thugs with Erdogan beat up protestors on American soil, and not much was covered by the press or an outrage expressed by a government official tells us a couple of things. Watching the Trump show is just too entertaining and those who are to ensure this type of thing doesn’t happen aren’t saying or doing anything. Not even a press conference to denounce this type of thing. Yes, China can take over the U.S.A. while they watch the Trump show. You couldn’t plan a better event.

    (Response: It certainly is entertaining. And fascinating too: especially how …no matter how bad Trump’s actions or statements … his base still strongly supports him. We’ve seen this several times before in history … with demagogues … and they usually end up taking their nations to war …or down with them. h.o)

  20. e.a.f. says:

    Yes and that is the concern, as the old say goes, when American has a cough Canada get the cold. However, we may fare better this time around.

    Its all so entertaining, but if I were a citizen of that country I’d be scared shitless. Yes, we live in Canada and we can afford to be “entertained” as if this were a soap opera, but really in the grand scheme of things it could be all very dangerous, when there is no one minding the store, sort of like no one was minding the “store” when they had that big snow storm in Montreal and all those people got stuck on the highway. its scary because in the U.S.A. its a whole country on that highway and too many don’t want to come out of their comfortable homes and take a risk and/or do the right thing.

  21. BMCQ says:

    How long will it take for some Mensa Members on this Blog to understand that those that Vote Federal Conservative, B.C. Liberal, or any other Free Enterprise Brand anywhere else in the World are NOT Morons, Low Information Voters, Racists, Greedy, and the so-called 1%?

    How can that Group especially the 1% Elect Governments? Please explain.

    I have been an Exporter of B.C. Manufactured Non Ferrous Metal Products and others to over 40 Countries for many years now and I can tell you NOT ALL Trade Deals work the same and trust me there is not always an evil side and a virtuous side.

    It is all about Negotiating and making the best deal a Government Trade Commission can make for it’s Exporters and Importers.

    It is certainly not as simple as some would like to paint it on this Blog and it is certainly not “One Size Fits all”

    Sometimes the Good Guys lose and sometimes they Win, there is never a guarantee and Trade Deals are never permanent and entrenched forever.

    Contrary to what many believe here China needs the U.S. more than the U.S. needs China.

    Contrary to what many here believe the U.S. is NOT China’s biggest Trading Partner it is the EU.

    China and anyone else should know that the EU is in danger of collapse, the Euro Currency may fairly soon collapse and that loss of value in the Currency along with many weakening Ecomies in the Eu will affect the ability of the EU to import Chinese Product long term, the Chinese will then be forced to negotiate with the DJT Admin, as will Canada and Mexico.

    Again, the U.S. will be in a Strong Negotiating Position.

    The Trump Admin will re-negotiate and negotiate several Trad Deals over the next 4 years and again, contrary to what some Genius’s believe here the U.S. will do well in those re-works and new additional Trade Deals.

    I will not go on at this time as I know and understand I will get no agreement from any one on this Blog on what I have said and I am somewhat superstitious and do not want to show my own hand as I have a Horse in this Race.

    I can only hope that Canada is not like those on this Blog that show no respect for the U.S. Adiministration.

    Please DO NOT underestimate POTUS DJT, his Administration and his Trade Emissaries, I can guarantee you that China will certainly not and I can also guarantee that no other Nation will take them lightly either.

    Contrary to what most believe on this Blog China has already been “Eating Americas Lunch” under too many years under many past Administrations especially under “W” and “O” and Again being the Contrarian that MY Friends is soon to change.

    Hold onto your Hats!

  22. John's Aghast says:

    O.M.G.! I was just going to pop over here and tell Harvey that you chased me off Norm Farrell’s site and you show up back here!
    Look Bob, BM or whatever, I don’t dislike you. I find your pedantry mildly annoying, your indiscriminate use of Capitalization irritating and your long winded rants a waste of your time and mine. So mostly I don’t read them. Even so, I know your political ideology, about your export business, your off coloured son and a bunch more stuff that I can’t remember. I might have enjoyed a beer with you at one time, but I don’t imbibe. Most of my Mensa friends are too otherwise occupied to spend much time on these blogs (sorry Harv) and you may drive me away again. But then, maybe not. After next week I may have to realign my thinking to your perspective. Or take up another pastime.

  23. BMCQ says:

    Aghast – 23

    You seem to know an awful lot about me for someone that pretends not to read my comments.

    ‘Off Coulored Son”?

    I think that comment of yours tells us a lot more about you than me!

    I am sorry you are so angry and bitter.

    (Response: Okay, that’s enough! Once more I allow .. in the interest of free discussion …an off-topic remark and off go the cats … into a whole field of their own. It stops now. h.o)

  24. 13 says:

    @23 JGHAST
    Aside from being totally off topic , perhaps you experienced one of those “I wish I hadnt hit the send button” moments. If you didnt you sure should have.

  25. 13 says:

    The refrence to dead children in Manchester is to illustrate why islamaphobia should not be considered illegal.

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