China BANS Canada’s Winnie the Pooh! LOL! LOL!

You can’t make this stuff up!!!!

Read it ….and laugh:

This made my day…. and PROVES how true Liu Xiaobo’s criticisms were.

Harv Oberfeld



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10 Responses to China BANS Canada’s Winnie the Pooh! LOL! LOL!

  1. r says:

    Whats next… scooby doo?

  2. Crankypants says:

    If the news reports are correct, this decree was made simply because their leader has been supposedly resembling Winnie the Pooh. I suspect that there have been many Chinese companies that have been making souvenirs with the likeness of Mr. Pooh for many, many years.

    I guess economic activity does not trump vanity in his world. The weird thing is that I suspect that at least 90% of the Chinese population has never heard of Winnie the Pooh.

  3. nonconfidencevote says:

    I doesnt matter how hard the censors try in China.
    The people find ways to display their ideas or find information that is “banned”.
    For example
    North Korean “leader” Kim Il Jung is referred to as ‘ The 3rd Fatty” by most people in China until that “search” was banned.
    There are more and more protests all over China critisizing corruption amoung the party beaurocrats and leadership.
    The growing anger at Party corruption has the Leadership very worried. Hence their kneejerk crackdowns.
    Or the new govt propaganda depicting Xi as a benevolent father figure and his wife as a caring mother…..Old communist tactics in a 21st century world
    This to a country who’s population now covets money over all else.
    There is a theory that when the population telephone ownership is more than 50% …….censorship doesnt work anymore.
    With China being the largest producer of cellphones in the world…..the censors must be pulling their hair out.
    As a rapidly aging “one child” ( usually male )policy winds its way inexorably towards financial and social disaster.
    Nothing like sitting back and watching this billion person social experiment work its way out

  4. BMCQ says:

    Am I the only one experiencing difficulty opening

    (Response: Sorry. I had trouble too doing it directly from site …but it worked when I copied and pasted each link into a new Internet page. h.o)

  5. Gene The Bean says:

    I’m sure they still love his paws and gall bladder…..

  6. e.a.f. says:

    couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the Communist government of China banned Winnie the Pooh. Oh how sensitive they are.

    When I saw the news I thought immediately of the post you had written, once I stopped laughing.

    O.K. these guys need to be kept out of our country. They can’t even take a joke. Next time their President comes visiting we all ought to get out there with the teddy bears or we could start by dropping them off at the Chinese counsel. omg, talk about sensitive.

    Even as technology spreads so does censorship. the Communist government is not going to let go and it is doubtful their will be a “revolution” of any sort. China has the largest standing army in the world and they have it for a reason, to keep their own citizens in line. We saw what happened 25 years ago and it could happen again. That is why China is not keen on anything changing in N. Korea. It would demonstrate change is possible. Its why countries like Russia support Syria, its to ensure their own citizens know change is not possible or that it will cost you everything you own and most of your family. Russia has a muslim population. by supporting Assad, who has a British wife and looks more European than Arab, Russia wants the message loud and clear to their own Muslim citizens.

    (Response: Since most of those teddy bears are probably made in China, I wonder if any toy bears looking like Winnie in any way will also be BANNED as subversive!! What if someone does Facebook …with a teddy on a shelf behind them? Prison? Maybe they’ll raid homes of anyone reported to own one! THIS is the real China …under the Communists…. despite the smiles and handshakes at photo ops. h.o)

  7. r says:

    gotta get a GUND?

    Before today ,one could argue that, in BC , a radio personality and a poli paper cartoonist lost their jobs to poli pressure?

  8. e.a.f. says:

    good points H.O. now in the future when any Communist Chinese official appears some where protestors could just go throw teddy bears at them. there is nothing worse than being laughed at when you`re a world leader.

    I should drop some off at the Chinese consultat on Granville St. I know mayor moonbeam says we can’t picket but there is no law about leaving teddy bears………hey we give them away at Christmas

  9. 13 says:

    Gene the Bean
    Great Post

  10. D. M. Johnston says:

    China, a vast authoritarian state is threatened by Winnie the Pooh, which in reality was a bear brought by a Canadian regiment in WW1.

    China just made itself a laughing stock, but how can they top Trump, who daily makes the USA look less and less great.

    It truly is the bonfire of the vanities, where idiocy and stupidity, come before reason and intelligent decision.

    As the ancient Chinese proverb say; “may you live in interesting times”. We are and it is scary.

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