China Reveals its REAL Nature

If you are like me, and believe  actions speak much louder than words, the current attacks against Canada by Communist China should teach us all the TRUTH about how bullying, aggressive and oppressive that country really has become. 

Under Xi Jin Ping, recently made LEADER FOR LIFE, the hammer has come down hard on anyone who deviates … actually or even verbally or artistically …  from the Party’s fascist dictatorship rule.

Forget those pictures we so often see of visiting smiling leaders, diplomats, delegations and voicing hollow pledges of respect, co-operation, partnership and friendship.

When others …. whether individuals or groups or countries … dare to expose or act,  flout or even question their cheating, duplicity, theft,  aggression or oppression  … Chinese leaders and their state puppets reveal their true nature.

Ask their persecuted 100 million Christians, whose churches are now being regularly banned, closed or torn down, or the estimated 50,000 believers who have been arrested, imprisoned, or their children who are forbidden to even enter a church before they turn 18 … and are then abused, denied full education or employment opportunities if they do practice their Christianity after that age.

And that’s nothing compared to the violence and oppression directed at China’s 12 million Muslim Uyghur population … a million of whom, according to the UN, are now imprisoned in concentration-type camps … while the rest, in Xinjiang state,  live under police state conditions … regularly ridiculed, disrespected and punished by Chinese police and authorities.

Or speak to China’s neighbours … Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan … or other nations that are being increasingly harassed in the international waters of the South and East China seas.  Like its other dictator-run neighbour, Russia, China has been clearly expanding its territory by trying to seize others’.

And then along comes Canada … after a warrant was issued by US authorities … daring to detain Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou … in transit through Vancouver … on her way to South America.

No matter to China that Canada has a treaty and extradition agreement with the US; no need … Chinese authorities apparently believe … to follow the law; no reason, Chinese leaders insist, to respect due process.

Release her NOW … the bullies demanded.

 Without a clue, of course, how could  the Canadian government interfere in a legal treaty-governed court process? Because after all, in China, all it would take would be one phone call from the top!

Instead, China reacted exactly as a dictatorship run without human rights or true court system would: they arrested two Canadians on trumped-up”security” charges; and had another Canadian there on a drug smuggling charge (he says he was framed), after a two-year trial originally sentenced to 15 years, suddenly after a one-day retrial,  sentenced to death.

And now, Chinese officials regularly hurl insulting, debasing remarks at Canada.


And we must NOT forget it. 

Eventually, the Meng case will be adjudicated; the two detained Canadians will be released; the third will not be executed … and relations between China and Canada will improve.

BUT the Canadian government and the Canadian people should never forget: the REAL China is an ugly dictatorship … more a foe than a friend.

Harv Oberfeld

(You can also hear me discuss this issue on the following podcast:  )

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  1. hawgwash says:

    Your on a roll Harvey and China is proving many of us long time critics to be right.

    It will be very interesting what the US does about the extridition of Meng Wanzhau. They have ten days to make the request official or she walks.

    (Response: Personally, I think Trump and the US government would be prepared to forget the allegations/charges against her IF they got a major trade deal with China out of it. It would certainly make it easier for us if the US abandons its pursuit of Meng, but it’s not our role to abandon our responsibilities under our extradition treaty. h.o)

  2. Art Smith says:

    Well Harvey, what would you expect when we have a leader who says he respects their dictatorship or words that effect.
    Our PM and our Foreign Affairs ministry have alienated just about every country they have had any contact with, it’s almost as if they have no clue about how diplomacy works. Now they have us in the crosshairs of the 2 most powerful countries in the world, and not in a good way. Evidently they knew before this woman landed in Canada that the Americans wanted her arrested and chose to ignore the repercussions by not warning her to not land in Canada. Now we have the Americans playing games about the arrest and the Chinese are furious with us.
    This has to be the most useless government we have ever been saddled with. So sad.

    (Response: I don’t think we …as a nation that follows laws and treaty requirements … had a choice: if any country we have an agreement with issues a warrant for someone, the Canadian authorities had to at least detain the individual … and then let the Courts figure it all out. Blaming Trudeau/Libs for that I think is a bit of a stretch. h.o.)

  3. Gene The Bean says:

    Agree 100% Harvey.
    The Chinese have always played the long game. They play chess, most of the rest of the world plays checkers. Except now for the Americans who play ‘go fish’.
    With more than twenty years of conservative and corporate America playing army and chasing ghosts in the Middle East, spending trillions of dollars to line the pockets of corporate America, China and Russia have now militarily passed the yanks (if you don’t include the nukes).
    Ask any conservative, it isn’t about what is right, it is about how much money can I make, how can I keep you down and how can I exert my agenda. That is exactly what the Chinese are doing and have been doing.
    China owns most of the worlds supplies of rare earth metals and the few mines that produce them. They also own gigantic tracts of land suitable for large scale farming in Africa. After the Russians success of influencing the American election, the Chinese will do that too, but they’ll do it much better.
    Chess, checkers or ‘go fish’…… the smart money is on those playing chess.
    Still, we have to stand strong, hold onto our morals and ideals and do the right thing. That’s what makes Canada and Canadians special. I know some of you can’t understand that, which is too bad.

    (Response: No doubt we do …and should…deal with them commercially. However, we should NOT ever forget they, like Russia, would steal our land, our resources, our technology and brutally subjugate us if they could. h.o)

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    China has a 5,000 year history, the problem is, their government and politicians think they are living thousands of years ago, where the might of their country can sway world opinion.

    Problem is, China, despite its vast population, has not done well at war, so it resorts to trickery and barbarism.

    Nothing has changed in the past 100+ years, as China is governed by a war lord who has a vast army of thugs to keep the present lot in power.

    What is dangerous today, is that China is nuclear power and a tech giant (most of it pirated) and is flexing its muscles by being almost the sole manufacture of tech items.

    Our global economy has been fueling China with its cheap wages and cut rate product.

    Canada standing up to china is a bit of a David and Goliath story and we all knew how that ended.

    Will the new and wealthy Chinese middle class allow the present government to become a global embarrassment?

    Time will tell, but I think not, as Chinese leaders may face a groundswell of discontent at the present course.

    Of course it all depends on the PLA and its wealthy hierarchy? Will they gamble all on civil war or worse?

    Time will tell.

    (Response: It’s one thing to sell them our resources and even import goods for our marketplace. However, knowing now how China really views Canada, I hope Canada will join other nations and ensure that companies like Huawei do not get a foothold in our communications (or other technological) industries that could expose us to even the slightest possibility of vulnerability to Chinese government hacking, interference or controls. h.o.)

  5. e.a.f. says:

    You said it all. Nothing to add regarding China’s behaviour.

    Did some reading on China recently and there is a “school” of thought who view Xi more in line with the ideology of Mao, who ruled when he was younger. They opined, that Xi was not from the school of though followed by Deng. I would suggest, Xi is another Mao and we ought get used to dealing with China as if it were once again ruled by Mao.

    there was an interesting article regarding the concerns of private business in China, that Xi may favour state enterprises over them and where that will lead them. Yes, the billionaires of China are if not worried, certainly concerned.

    Xi is also implementing a system some what akin to our credit rating system, but in China it will be a social rating. Violate too many of the government’s rules and you don’t get to travel outside the country, your children won’t get into the better schools, etc.

    I suspect we might see another cultural revolution in China in another 20 or 30 years, if China continues down this road. Mao used it to rid himself of all potential rivals and then sent the Red Guard to the country side. That was the end of them also.

    Canada is best to keep its distance from Communist China. They do not respect our judicial system nor anything about us.

    Of course given China’s economy has slowed, we may see unrest in the country, but we’d be foolish to use their phones or any other technology. China bought into our oil sector during the Harper years, but we ought to kick them to the curb. China is bigger than Canada, but the only thing they understand is force.

    Currently the state of the U.S.A. is helping China achieve their agenda. Canada needs to look after its self and that starts by cutting China off at the knees or as close to it as possible. Harper signed a free trade deal, Trudeau had better keep them at bay and out of our economy.

    (Response: Their growth is still at 6% …which is pretty strong…but yes, down from previous levels, esp given their low wages, lack of strong employment safety standards and coal/pollution controls. I could see great unrest there if the economic cookie crumbles a lot more … but remember, any regime that is wiling to ban social media, arrest artists and lawyers who just want current laws respected, would think nothing of sending their troops into the streets/villages and shoot/arrest/imprison tens of thousands in a day! Now that we see what China is REALLY all about …with their insults and arbitrary arrests of Canadians, our government MUST never believe/trust their current regime again….and be SUPER VIGILANT of TECHNICAL or COMMUNICATIONS or HYDRO investments/equipment supplyintrusions their companies want to make here h.o.)

  6. e.a.f. says:

    D.M. Johnston at 3, the middle class is growing and there are a lot of million and billionaires. However, they are afraid of Xi and will not start anything. Xi controls the military and their army is vast. We ought never to forget Tiananmen Square. Thousands were killed and we will never know how many in the round ups which followed. There will be no revolt in China. The military is in the control of the Communist Part of China. They do not operate independently and they also have an interest in maintaining the status quo.

    Back in the day the Red Army of China was told to become self sufficient and they did. They own corporations, shipping lines, manufacturing, etc. When you see the Cosco Shipping containers coming into our ports, those are owned by the Red Army of China. Actually these days its a different company, with a new name, when they took 2 companies in 2016 and amalgamated them. the original COSCO Shipping Group was started in 1961.

    China has so little regard for us, they do little to nothing about the manufacturing of fent. in their own country. Now we may read they execute drug dealers, but not much is said about those who own the factories who make the fent. China has taken the position, its not illegal. Frequently the chemicals are not within China’s definition of what is illegal. The drugs are brought here, in their shipping containers, sold, money laundered and then sent back to China. They don’t care about Canada or Canadians. They don’t care about their own citizens either. The Chinese Communist Party of China cares only about the Party and how they will maintain control of the country. They kill their own citizens, they kill those who cross them and they kill those whose organs they need for the organ trade. They kill their own financial elite if they think they have “crossed” the government.

    Harvey, thank you for the post.

  7. Gilbert says:

    Prime Minister Trudeau truly looks like an amateur in a professional league. Why hasn’t he phoned President Xi? Surely any other prime minister would have done so by now. Or does the Chinese president simply not want to take our call? Perhaps going to China and lecturing the Chinese on human rights, gender equality, labour laws and climate change was not a brilliant strategy. It seems clear that the Chinese have absolutely no respect for the Canadian prime minister. It’s a shame that there are three Canadians in China now who need a very competent, clever, skilful and diplomatic leader, and there’s no sign of one!

    (Response: Remember, this all stemmed from a legal detention of a wanted fugitive under our extradition treaty with the US ..and it will/should all be dealt with in the Courts. I do not want to see any PM interfering politically in any Court process. If there are diplomatic problems as a result of our respect for the law and China’s disrespect for law, let our diplomats and Foreign Affairs Minister handle it …not the PM …but even then, interference in the Courts should be a no-no. h.o)

  8. SB says:

    Canada does need to stand up to China on this and other issues unfortunately both federal and.provincial governments have catered to China its no.wonder we are seen as weak .
    It is also hard to accept China’s critism of Canada where in the hell was its own government and the Huwei co in respect to this incident an arrest warrant would have required some activity sending warning or at the least red flags .
    Last China’s influence in BC is a situation worth full investigation from who allows illegal opioid exports causing death and crime at epidemic proportions resulting in billions of cash illegally washed through our Casinos used to invest and inflate housing costs to being unaffordable to honest hardworking Canadians all as both govt levels watched fiddled away allowing it all.
    Honest hard working people be they from Europe China or anywhere should abide and live by our rules and we should be vigilant and determined to send back punish and take all assets gained in our country from those who do not. I know if i go to China attempt to import or export drugs if caught i die we need laws defined that say come to Canada use our system illegally break our laws be prepared to lose everything you brought or bought and be removed forever .
    It’s become frustrating watching seeing nothing done so politicians look friendly to particular ethnic groups to.point of allowing criminal activities to spiral that far into our lives im not at all racist its simply the truth here in BC in recent history and it is wrong.

    (Response: Clearly a mistake Canadian governments (all of them) have made in pursuit of business bucks, sales and investments is to believe the Chinese smiles and pledges of “new’ relationships, friendship and co-operation. As they are now showing ..they are a fascist bullying dictatorship with no respect for the rule of law … at home or abroad. We must NOT cave into them … and we must NOT ever forget the REAL China in the future when they return to woe us with smiles and their phony pledges of friendship and respect. h.o)

  9. 13 says:

    Our relationship with China is based on our ability to look the other way. Same for just about every other country that Canada trades with, or has any economic ties to.From our closest neighbor to our connection to the monarchy we must have the ability to gaze above the injustices and imperfections.
    We ourselves are not above reproach. We sell arms. We have an endless problems with first nations. We have a large group of citizens that would gladly see the dissolution of out country. We dont even have free trade between provinces.
    The whole rotten mess depends upon a countries ability to use diplomacy .
    IF YOUR counties LEADER is weak and not capable of using diplomacy without being strangled by his warped value system you are playing catch up .
    Had Trudeau followed suit and signed on with the countries that will not allow Huwei to participate in the 5G network we would not be in the diplomatic quandary were currently in.
    Justin is distancing himself from his strongest ally.

  10. BMCQ says:

    A very good analysis and Blog Topic, the only thing I could really add is the fact that China IS NOT our Friend, China is indeed a “Clear and Present Danger” and that Rogue Nation will/is threatening the Independence and Democracies of ALL Asian Nations and most of the rest of the Free World.

    I have been on this Blog since August 2011 and I have been calling out China, it’s Government/Leadership, much of it’s Population and it’s Culture long before that.

    Everything from the Mistreatment of it’s Servant/Lower Class, to abuse of Women, Minority Religions, neighbouring Countries, Tibet, the construction of Military and Navy Bases in the South China Sea to Animals including the Dog Meat Festival.

    Contrary to the ridiculous statement by e.a.f. that attempts to show the U.S. Trump Admin complicit it exactly the opposite and anyone could and should see that. Next thing we know e.a.f. and a few others on this Blog will be blaming DJT for the Immaculate Pregnancy of the Kardashian Surrogate. “TDS” – Trump Derange Syndrome for sure.

    In fact POTUS Clinton, Bush 43, and the inept, impotent and disengaged Barack Obama were all hiding under their desks when China began to “Take it All”!! Everything from Bad Trade deals, Counterfeit Airplane Parts and other Components for Strategic Industries, the Theft of Intellectual Properties by Greedy Western Corporations looking for Slave labour to Manufacture their Products to Fishing out the Oceans, having Football Stadium Sized Processing Ships where Fish is packaged, mislabelled, upgraded, and the rest to Medical Tourism where they use Innocents for Body Parts and so many more.

    Imagine how nervous China’s Prisoners must be in China each and every time a Plane full of people that need Lungs, Hearts, Kidney’s, Livers, Hearts or anything else on the Menu. Needless to say they are not Willing Donors.

    Then of course there is Fentanyl that is Literally Killing thousands in Canada each year. Over 70 K Americans Died from Overdoses last year.

    PM Justin attempts to tell the Great Unwashed that China Leadership is working with him to stop Fentanyl Shipments to the U.S. and Canada, yeah sure Mr. PM sure. What a Dupe!

    Keep in mind that 70% comes into the U.S. through a Porous Southern Border and then much of it makes its way to Canada.

    I defy anyone to convince me that china Is acting to stop the Export of Illicit Drugs to Canada and the U.S..

    China, Korea, Russia, Japan, are Fishing Out the Worlds Stocks of Fish and Juvenile Silly Enviro types here attempt to tell Canadians we cannot fish for Commercial or Pleasure Stock. The fact is the nations listed ALL catch the Fish Stocks of all types far north long before they return to B.C. and they do not care what they catch.

    The Chinese Processing Ships Mis -Label about 70% of the Sushi and they also Up Grade and Mus Name various other types of Fish to maximize profit.

    Where is your Canadian Government, Fisheries, B.C. and Enviro’s on that?

    The FACT Is Clinton, Bush, and Obama all assisted in allowing China to have it’s way with anything they wanted.

    It was not until Donald Trump took on Trade Practices of China, the EU, S. Korea, Japan, Canada and so many others that action began to make a difference.

    China will soon YIELD on their Trade Negotiations with the U.S. and things will be much better for Consumers of ALL Free Nations including Canada.

    China will do anything to create profit and they do not care who becomes harmed or what happens to the Environment.

    It would not surprise me in the least to see China soon Exporting “Soylent Green” to eager Consumers looking for a Good Deal.

    Sadly they do not even care about their own Peasant Class. I can guarantee you that NONE of the Ruling Class got any of the Tainted Powdered Milk.

    Let us not forget about the Melamine Crisis.

    Obama, Clinton, Bush, several Canadian Admins, the EU, and the rest “Fiddled” while an assortment of Chinese Strongmen and their Minions almost took over the World.

    Changes are quickly coming and like him or not Trump will be the reason China changes it’s trade ways.


    Once again, where are the U.N. on the Chinese File?

    How does China still have good sanding at the U.N.?

    How is I that China is on the U.N. Security council?

    Canada PM Justin needs to show some Leadership and join the many nations that have rejected the 5 G Chinese Huawei Network, the PM needs t0 stand up and say that “Canada stands united with other countries that reject Huawei and we will not be threatened”!

    As to Schellenberg? He was warned by a Canadian Court and he continued his ways without care or concern for Innocent people that consumed his Drugs. He continued to be involved with Drug Importation in China and I have no sympathy for him. I hate to think of what might eventually happen to him. He may be a Bargaining Chip but one never knows.

    Canadian, UK, EU, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea, and all other Free Nations need to take on the Chinese Threat directly and it must be done NOW.

    I travel a lot and I avoid China, my Unionized B.C., Canadian, and American Company competes with China every day of the year and we purchase Chinese only when we cannot avoid it.

    I urge ALL Canadians to purchase anything other than Chinese whenever possible even if it costs a little bit more. I know that is somewhat difficult when you have a Big Mortgage, High Rent, or a Family that needs care but do your best.

    During the second World War, Roosevelt, Truman, and Churchill worked with Stalin to defeat Hitler. Stalin was more than likely next to Hitler the most Hated Man that ever lived but the allies worked with him to defeat the Nazis.

    Trump and the rest need to work with Putin to control Islamic Terrorism, Rogue Islamic Nations and China and it’s aggressive actions.

    Seems very strange how CNN, M?SNBC, Obama, HRC, WaPo, NYT, and all the rest wanted to work with Putin when they held power but they do not want the current Admin to work with Russia. Time for a reset folks.

    “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”

    I did not touch Immigration today but ask yourself this question.

    Just who have we been letting into our country over the past 15 years?

    Good Friends of mine that are originally from HK who have always been very concerned of what Mainland Chinese Immigrants, if they are suspicious why would Canada Immigration not take notice.

    Of course the Barn Door is Closed and the Horse has already Left the Barn.

    Keep in mind that only 9% of Mainland Chinese Residents have Passports! Does that not concern you? think about it!

    Canadian, U.S., and other World Leaders need to tighten up on China before they literally take it all.

    (Response: I know it’s difficult for people living in Western-style democracies to fathom, but I would not put it past our two MAJOR foes/rivals/enemies … China and Russia … to do all kinds of illicit, illegal even murderous things to try to hurt our society. No? Have we already forgotten about the assassinations/murders in Britain by Soviet agents; the invasion of Ukraine by “vacationing” soldiers; electioneering interference and internet subversion; and China’s massive military centre in Shanghai where hundreds of agents work on ways to disrupt our internet, critical sites, or hack/steal corporate technology, develop ways to destroy power grids etc I’d bet turning a blind eye to the shipment/export of hard drugs to wreak havoc in Canada/US/UK etc … while bringing home billions of hard currency dollars … would be advantageous to them. h.o)

  11. BMCQ says:

    To clarify

    T he list of those Politicians responsible for the Free Ride China has received is a long one. It also includes many Conservative Leaders as well as the worst Offenders who happen to be Greedy Western Corporations who turned their backs on the Great Unwashed and Lobbied their way with Political Donations given to just as Greedy Politicians of all Political Brands.

    There is a lot of blame to go around.

  12. Gilbert says:

    It’s fine to say the prime minister should not interfere in any court process, but our Canadians aren’t in the UK, Norway, Belgium, New Zealand, Japan, etc. They’re in China, a country with a very different judicial system and it appears the detentions are political. Also, in Chinese culture personal relationships and discussions at the top are vital. Is there anyone who doesn’t believe President Xi is very powerful and expects to hear from the Canadian Prime Minister?Respecting the court process is no excuse for doing nothing. I haven’t even heard that line of defence from the Canadian government.

    (Response: Leave it to the diplomats and Foreign Affairs Minister …. at this point. The PM should only be involved when all else fails …like a long jail sentence has been imposed or death sentence is actually scheduled…. and even then, the PM could ask for clemency or pardon etc in light of the “friendship” etc the Chinese say we have (LOL!) but should NOT give in to blackmail: the protection of our rule of law must not be bullied away by a dictatorship regime like China. h.o.)

  13. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, you say China is a bad actor on the world stage, I won’t hold the presses.

    One thing that can be said is that finally Trudeau is showing our adversaries that we are still strongly tied to our American brothers. I figure our Five-Eyes partners were looking with a bit of suspicion at some of Canada’s questionable acts where the Chinese are involved.

    Trudeau trying to form a free trade pact with the Chinese, thankfully for Canadians Trudeau’s own foolishness sank that plan. The Americans made sure that liberal governments of Canada won’t try and economically align with the frenamies with the new NAFTA clause that stops Canada from forming any free trade deals without their ok.

    I’m sure our intelligence partners were wondering what Trudeau was thinking by using Huawei as provider of our 5G. I’m sure that deal is all but dead. If Canada were to contract with Huawei the other four intelligence partners would quickly turn off the information taps to us.

    Now we have one of China’s “rich princesses locked in the tower”. Trudeau is right by saying the Rule of Law will be followed. That’s dog whistle to the Chinese that Canada is going to give her to the Americans, and no amount of pressure from Beijing, in the form of political prisoners or shooting some drug smuggler will break our bond to our American allies.

    The Princess won’t get political interference with regards to her Due Process Rights, but there’s nothing wrong or unusual with the Gov requesting an expedited hearing process on national security grounds. Straight to the front of the line for her day in court.

    With any luck it will anger the Chinese so much that they’ll ban Chinese Citizens from investment into Canada. Ah, that won’t happen. The Chinese aren’t stupid. They see Canada as a nation of fools willing to sell their property and companies to a hostile foreign nation. The Chinese probably think if Canada wants to hang themselves why not let them.

    (Response: China would never let the fate of a single citizen …no matter how closely connected .. to interfere with long-term national goals of increased exports, expanded international investments …ie influences and resources … and, frankly, infiltration/controls in foreign economies. Rather it is Canada that must be very cautious … not to sacrifice our rule of law to give in the Chinese hostage-style bullying, threats and short-term aggressive actions. h.o.)

  14. BMCQ says:

    When the Trudeauites were originally elected the Brain Trust consisted of Gender Balanced (yikes) Mensa Members PM Justin, McCallum, Dion, Sajjan, Goodale, Mourneau, and Raybould.

    In only a few short years ALL of that Group has been Disgraced and in fact many are gone, the rest have been shuffled or in the case of Sajjan proven to be a Failure, Liar and a Walter Mitty yet he remains as the so called Leader of our Wonderful Military Force.

    That same Government cannot Control or Secure our Borders, Bungle Trade Deals, cannot manage to get Convictions even after spending $ Millions and taking years in the Courts, cannot Control Illegal Drugs, cannot Control cost of Legal Drugs, cannot Build Pipelines or anything else other than creating Gargantuan Debt year after year, is incapable of making any real important meaningful decisions, and so many more.

    Where is PAUL Martin or Stephen Harper when you need them Dislike either one or both of them but they both gave us Good Government that controlled Spending and provided Canadians with Accountability.

    PM Justin and his Minions cannot even spell Accountability!

    We now are faced with an upcoming Federal Election where the Conservatives have a Leader who is obviously in the “Witness Protection Program” and an NDP Leader that could not find Girls at Hugh Hefner’s House.

    Can Canada and Canadians withstand 4 more years of PM Justin and his Gender Balanced Cabinet of Incapable, Inept, Dithering, Unqualified, Decision Challenged, Characterless, Liberal MP’s that will be basically Elected by Default, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

    As Walter Kurtz once said to me, “The Horror, the Horror”!

    Ask yourself this, Does PM Justin actually have The Wisdom and Courage to stand up to China, its Spies, Drug Fentanyl Exports to Canada, tainted Food Exports, Counterfeit Manufactured Components, Intellectual Property Theft, Huwaei, Gambling and Unscrupulous Property Investments and much more?

    You tell me.

    (Response: Looks to me like NONE of our Prime Ministers … present, past or aspiring … have had the guts to do that BIG time. However, Canada’s stance so far in dealing with Ms Meng and China’s bullying and threats has been quite laudible! h.o)

  15. Art Smith says:

    Well Harvey, here we go again, our inept government taking a bad situation and making it worse. McCallum spouting off to Chinese news people one day, probably under order from Trudeau and Butts, and having to walk it back the next day, saying he mis-spoke. Mis-spoke as someone said is when you call somebody by the wrong name or cite a fact wrongly, not go on for about 40 minutes on a subject such as this. I guess the blowback was too much and they will have to go into their usual position and blame Harper or throw somebody else under the bus.

  16. e.a.f. says:

    where is Stephen Harper? hopefully along way away from Canada and our politics. This was of course the man who cut back Veterans care so severely that more Veterans died of suicide than the wars they fought in. that would be the same Stephen Harper who cut the RCMP budget dealing with sexual predators. That would be the same Stephen Harper who signed a free trade deal with Communist China which impinges upon our sovereignty. the Stephen Harper under whose watch the Mainland Chinese started using this country to launder their money, refused to deal with the WCB in Alberta when workers were injured–they shipped the Chinese workers home and told the WCB to go to Shanghai. That would be the Stephen Harper who did nothing when the B.C. Lieberals cut the RCMP squad which over saw the casinos. That would be the same Stephen Harper who provided citizens of Communist China with 10 year visas to Canada. Yes, some of us remember that Stephen Harper who we never see darkening our political landscape again.
    Yes, its me the “terrible” e.a.f.

    When we look at all the corruption we see in B.C. lets not forget, it was going on while Stephen Harper was P.M. and in my opinion his policies contributed to the problem. Now its up to the NDP and federal Liberals to clean it up and just to be clear I don’t consider the B.C. Lieberals to be Liberals, more like opportunists and Conservative, but not good Conservatives because we haven’t had many of those for a very long time.

    Canada’s involvement with China has been going on for decades and at one time China saw Canada as a “good country” given Bethune’s work back in the last century. However, we are now only seen by Communist China as an avenue to be exploited for their benefit and theirs along. They treat Canada as they do all other countries, as an extension of their own when they can and a place to send their citizens as a reward. Because no one leaves Communist China without the permission of the government. some of us with long memories know full well how people were manipulated by Communist countries if they had relatives “back home”. Not much has changed and it was harper who did that free trade deal with that band of murdering axx holes.

    (Response: Better question…where is Andrew Scheer? h.o)

  17. BMCQ says:


    I fully agree, many Politicians, Prime Ministers, and their Governments and other Politicians at all three levels regardless of Brands have made far too many mistakes that we the Citizens and hard working Tax Payers continue to pay for.

    That includes Stephen Harper and even Paul Martin. The difference is Harper and Martin gave us much better Government than the others and now we are literally facing a Disaster under PM Justin, and by the time he is done it will be far too late to repair much of damage and carnage he has left behind.

    Let me ask you this.

    What if a high percentage of Mainland Chinese acquiring landed status or citizenship in Canada or say the U.S. were actually Agents of the Communist Chinese Government.

    What if they were actually Laundering Fentanyl Money, Gambling Money, other illicit Funds and in turn purchasing Canadian Corporations including Energy Companies, Food Companies, Transportation Companies, Tech Companies, Communications Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Farms, Towers in Downtown cores and other Properties, Service companies, Seniors Homes, and so many others, what if this whole Chinese Investment Immigraton thing was a very sophisticated plan to acquire control and influence over countries like Canada and the U.S.?

    How many of those Immigrants just mentioned take advantage of our Health Care, Education, Parks and Recreation, Welfare, other Government Services given them literally at no cost.

    How many of these same people declare little or NO Income in Canada and pay very little Tax of any kind? Then think of the same People or Government Agents guying up positions in African Countries with Strategic Metals, South American countries with the same including Natural Gas and Oil, what would you think?

    Over the past few years I have sold four YVR Properties I owned to Mainland Chinese Based Companies, and so have several of my friends, how do I know where the money paid to me came from? That is the job of Governments and they are not doing a good job ae they?


    In anwer to my questions to you I will offer this.

    I feel very strongly it is all happening and I believe a large number of the Chinese Companies and Individuals Investing in Canada, the U.S. The EU, South America, Africa, and many other places are involved with their Master the Communist Chinese Government.

    In the meantime our Western and Free World Governments Fiddle and Diddle and do nothing while we are being Bought and Sold.

    I was recently in the EU including Greece, France, the Middle East, and the Chinese are everywhere and they are investing everywhere.

    Time to wake up Mr. PM Justin.

    I forgot to attach the below to earlier. At least Scheer is speaking out on this, but is anyone listening?


  18. Marge says:

    Harvey asked what Scheer is saying. Here you go – a little something to read:

    (Response: Thanks. But it sure seems to me to be not really very much strong stuff re China …just the usual predictable partisan attack on Trudeau and his China ambassadorial appointment. Remember CHINA … not Trudeau or McCallum ….is the major foe of Canada in the current disputes. h.o)

  19. hawgwash says:

    HO in response to Marge:
    “Remember CHINA … not Trudeau or McCallum ….is the major foe of Canada in the current disputes. h.o)”

    Well, McCallum certainly doesn’t seem to be our best friend. The words “loose cannon” come to mind.

    “Ambassador John McCallum says it would be ‘great for Canada’ if U.S. drops extradition request for Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou”

    A day or so earlier he said he did not want to politicize this thing.

  20. Diverdarren says:

    Um, e.a.f,. What Free Trade agreement with China signed by Harper?

    If you’re referring to the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, then you’re going to have to look up what a Free Trade agreement is.

    If you could clarify which Free Trade agreement you’re referring to, because creation a complete fiction to support your anti- conservative story truly is, terrible.

  21. Marge says:

    I guess Scheer called it right. McCallum is gone:

    (Response: Again, the problem is Scheer has used McCallum’s dumb remarks for local, national partisan purposes … so Trudeau got McCallum to resign. BUT where is Scheer’s real LEADERSHIP (he is a LEADER, right …who wants to be PM?) on China’s arbitrary arrests of Canadians, the phony Court system there sentencing another Canadian to DEATH!!!! And I think we should expect a lot more from Scheer on all the insults, threats China is directing at our country. h.o)

  22. hawgwash says:

    Ha! What did I tell ya?

    (Response: McCallum’s remarks were definitely inappropriate and I could understand why, for political reasons, he would be gone. BUT the important thing is Canada/Trudeau must NOT yield to Chinese pressure on the Meng Court case: that MUST not be made political … unless Trump and the US do something really stupid to make it so. h.o)

  23. e.a.f. says:

    Harvey, don’t expect Scheer to demonstrate any leadership. The man simply doesn’t have the skill set or the brains for that matter.

    Given some of the people around Scheer, one should not expect too much from him. Lets remember where his “campaign” manager came from. the guy used to be with The Rebel, Ezra Levant and that lovely group. Scheer, with his smug smile isn’t hiding his true agenda and its racist and homophobic, in my opinion.

    On the other hand, if you liked Harper you’re going to love Scheer, except he isn’t as smart as Harper.

    DiverDarren, my mistake, my apologies. I simply refer to many trade agreements as free trade agreements because they’re a tad freer with our country and its resources than I’d like. We can’t all be as perfect as you, but I welcome the information so feel free to send your “corrections” along.

    Its not that I’m anti Conservative, I just don’t like a lot of their attitudes, platforms, etc. Lets remember Harper did get 8 pieces of his leg. tossed out by the Supreme Court of Canada.

    There are a number of Conservative politicians I liked, including Joe Clark, Robert Stanfield, Peter Lougheed from Alberta. At one time there were what they called Red Tories around. They had some good policies. They just aren’t around any more.

  24. e.a.f. says:

    My take on McCallum’s resignation is, they needed to get a message out loud and clear but knew there would be blow back. McCallum sent the message and then duly resigned. He may have been destined to come home anyhow. Don’t think what McCallum said was any mistake at all. The Mandarin/Cantonese speaking media meeting was carefully organized. It was one of those wash, rinse, repeat, resign. All is good. McCallum laid the blame for Meng’s arrest squarely at the feet of the Americans and emphasized if the American’s didn’t do anything she could be released.
    Many people from China don’t understand our legal system so McCallum explained that you can mount a defense and what it might look like. People took exception to it, which I’m sure he expected. McCallum has been around too long to make junior “mistakes”.

  25. 13 says:

    So if what eaf has any semblance of sanity then we must lay the blame at the foot of his “boss”. If thats the case mccallum should be headed for the ultimate trough for snouts to to dwell in. Senator McCallum? Every level of government needs a plecas.

  26. RIsaak says:

    A small, first hand observation from recent history. I was is home construction in Richmond in the early 2000’s. A home we built was purchased by a slightly eccentric Asian fellow who worked for Sino-forest. He purchased a very stately home for 900K+, had us renovate to build a temperature and humidity stable enclosure in the garage, to house his 1/2 million dollar piano.

    Fast forward 3 years, awoken early on a Saturday by the person who’d purchased the home, suspecting a home warranty issue or such I always answered clients calls regardless of the day. He inquired if I knew of a piano moving company and if I could assist in moving the full grand out of the garage, help pack it for shipping etc.. As I lived 3 blocks away and he did offer some exceptional scotch as a enticement, I went and helped get said piano ready for shipping.

    Three days later stories began to appear about his employer and some sketchy company items (I really cannot recall what they were), the client called a realtor I know and sold the home at a sizeable loss (I was told this was for an instant, no subject sale). The loss was in excess of 200K (no direct knowledge personally, but told so by a realtor). Of course the market had increased by 45% while he owned the home.

    I’ve never seen or heard of him since, the man was quite engaging and seemed fairly respectful and as I lived close and began my days early, I can vouch for many morning waves etc. while he was here.

    All the Sino-forest news regarding scandal seems to appear awhile after the hasty move by the employee I knew, the sudden sale at a considerable loss and the only items removed from the home were clothes and the piano? The folks who purchased the home called us and asked about some renovations (removing the piano platform & temp & humidity controls from the garage). I saw what was left, all furniture, appliances, dishes, cooking stuff, closets full of linens, very much appeared to be a rushed departure.

    5 years later Sino-Forest accounting scandal appeared in the media, recently this article appears.

    But we should blindly trust Businessmen & corporate entities from the PRC?

    (Response: Fascinating read. However, corporate malfeasance, fraud and illegalities know no national boundaries: they crop up both domestically and involving foreign companies. The real concern should be whether Canada (and the provinces) pay enough attention and have enough resources to protect us from losing our savings/investments to any of them…. and my impression is we do not … which is scary. h.o.)

  27. BMCQ says:

    For Decades our Political Leaders of all Political Brands in the West have either been derelict, incompetent, or simply just stupid to recognize that China is in this for the “Long Game”, they care nothing about our people, their own people. Natural Resources, Environment Live Stock in the Sea or on Land and they care nothing about Humanity, Cultures, Dignity, or the Health Care of any Nation or Peoples.

    China wants it all and they have already had a Good Start.

    Yes Trump is Boorish, Politically Incorrect, Impatient, Reactionary, Boorish and in fact Orange but he is the Best Bet we have to bring awareness to People in the West we need to bring China to it’s Knees and we need to work with the EU, The UK, Australia, Taiwan, SOKO, Japan, and the rest to ensure that China DOES NOT win.

    It is not too late if ALL Free World Nations l work together.

    e.a.f. – 26

    At 18 I attached and posted two NP Pieces outlining the positions of PM Justin and the Conservatives Scheer regarding Free Trade with china.

    RIsaak – 28

    Events as your describe have been taking place on the Vancouver West Side and more reently in Richmond have been going on for years.

    Everything from what you have outlined to Flips, Grow Ops. Kidnapping for Ransom, Assassinations, Extortion, Fentanyl and other Drugs, Laundering of Money and anything else you can think of.

    Only a few years ago a house down the street from mine which is now a $ 15 Million Dollar House was busted as a Drug Distribution Centre with a Grow Op. Because the Courts and Judiciary did not perform the House was not seized for Crime Proceeds so the owner sold it as is and it was totally gutted and sold at market for a higher profit as it was obviously a rising market.

    As it turns out a good friend of mine on the VPD told me the owner of the House had 5 other houses used for much the same purposes except two also had Brothels.

    The VPD did their job but the Courts znd the judiciary did not.

    The only time one really experiences the Full Weight of the courts today is if you happen to Sprinkle your Lawn on the Wrong Day in August!!

    You only need to wath the TV Series Border security to see how so many from Mainland China Lie and Cheat when attempting to smuggle anything Illegal into Canada and when they do get caught they either get a minor fine or mostly a warning.

    Where are our politicians, where are the Statesmen?

    I now feel the only chance we have is for someone in Media to do Investigative Reporting and hold the feet of our so called Leaders to the fire! We need Accountability!

    Then of course there is this, two blocks from my home for much of my adult life.

    The owner and crew are now happily in retreat in Mainland China and the tax Payers areon the hook and there appears to be no solution.

    The chinese Government and many of it’s people care nothing about You, Me, Your Families, your Rule of Law of anything else in a civilized society.

    They feel they are entitled to anything they can get, much like many of our Elected Politicians.

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