China’s Bullying, Blackmail Show Why Huawei 5-G Role MUST Be Rejected

The stakes are too critical; the dangers are obvious; and China’s dictators have openly, although dim-wittingly, put the lie to any suggestion China’s corporations operate independently from government.

Canada … and indeed the entire Western world … should be thankful for the brazen bullying, blackmail efforts by China directed against Canada with increasing fury in the Meng Wanzhou Huawei case.

It shows exactly why we MUST protect ourselves against vulnerabilities that would befall us if the Chinese telecommunications giant were given ANY role in developing our high tech advanced 5-G system.

China has exposed itself for exactly what it is … a dangerous foe … not a trustworthy partner or international law-abiding nation.

It all stems, of course, from an extradition request by the United States regarding Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, when she arrived in Canada on a flight from China last December.

The US accuses Meng of fraud involving activities with several financial institutions in breach of American bans on business dealings with Iran.

Canada has an extradition treaty with the US governing such requests; Canada has a Court system that is currently allowing Meng to challenge the US move; and, under Canada’s jurisprudence system, no government … or politicians … should be allowed to interfere in that Court process.

If China has a beef with the anyone over this , it should be with Ms. Meng and/or the United States … not Canada … which is merely caught in between because Ms. Meng flew here, coming within range of Uncle Sam’s legal arsenal..

But China’s leaders are having a tantrum.

Two Canadian businessmen were arrested almost simultaneously in two separate trumped up charges of “espionage” while in China; another Canadian, convicted months ago on drug charges, suddenly had his prison sentence “reconsidered” and changed … to the DEATH PENALTY; China then blocked imports of Canadian canola; banned products from two Canadian pork plants; and, now, has also started harassing imports of Canadian beef.

All over the arrest of ONE Chinese business executive … under a long-established, legal international Treaty and Court process.

So much for all the smiling faces of China’s officials pledging eternal friendship with Canada for being the first Western nation to establish diplomatic relations and whose leader was first to respect/visit its Communist regime; so much for all those toasts and pledges of co-operation and partnership, in return for our increasing Chinese access to our consumers, our agriculture and our resources.

Apparently all that “friendship” ONLY applies if China is exempted from our laws under existing international treaties; if influential Chinese citizens are never charged with breaking any laws; and if China can usurp and dictate and bully Canada, when we merely comply with a legal application from another country.

If China reacts openly and publicly with such extreme, vindictive, arbitrary, blackmailing actions in a case like Meng’s, does anyone have ANY DOUBT China’s leaders wouldn’t hesitate to interfere behind the scenes with Huawei’s (or any other Chinese company’s) technological independence to gain access to 5-G development in Canada … and other Western countries

I just don’t believe ANY communications developers in China would have the backbone to stand up to Chinese government, military and state security officials to stop interference/infiltration/intelligence gathering efforts. They could end up in China’s corrupt Courts on charges too … facing long prison sentences or even a bullet in the head.

Remember, China is a country where millions are imprisoned right now for just trying to express free thought; for trying to live their lives according to their own religious beliefs or even cultures; where THOUSANDS of prisoners were executed last year alone … many of whom reportedly then had their organs harvested, without any prior voluntary consent, and sold for profit.

Where communications/Internet have long been under sustained attack, censorship, and controls; where Google, Facebook and even LinkedIn are BANNED … blocked by the Great Chinese Firewall; and, where just this weekend, The Washington Post and The UK Guardian were added to the list of BANNED/BLOCKED sites.

The truth is China is getting WORSE, not better, in terms of human rights, especially since Xi Jin Ping became “President for Life”.

Is there ANYONE who believes that any Chinese communications company allowed an integral role in developing our 5-G system, would resist and stop China’s government and/or security forces from interfering, impacting or implanting its own hidden technology/monitoring/controls????

Eventually, the current crisis between Canada and China will subside; trade in goods, agriculture, resources, tourism and other services will slowly return to normal.

That will be good for both nations.

But NEVER should we … or any other democratic country … allow China ANY role in developing our 5-G telecommunications/networks/technology.

The risk is simply too high.

Harv Oberfeld

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13 Responses to China’s Bullying, Blackmail Show Why Huawei 5-G Role MUST Be Rejected

  1. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I agree that China is grossly overstepping itself in this international tiff. Meanwhile, thousands of Canadian farmers (and the individuals you mention) are paying the price for our complying to the U.S. request for Mung’s detainment.

    And thanks, Donald Trump, for your lack of compassion and support. ‘Not that we should be surprised…

    The question is: how can we deny China access to bidding into our networks? Without evidence that they are imbedding spying software or hardware (which is actually already ubiquitous in our modern devices), how they be denied in this “free trade” world?

    (Response: When it comes to protecting Canada’s security (including that of our communications system) ANY company or nation can be rejected as a bidder in any area. And what better reasons than those I outlined. Even worse…read this …showing Huawei’s “business” dealings going on right now with the Chinese Communist Party: h.o)

  2. Beenie says:

    Harvey, you need to be careful with your comments. You can be banned from entering a chinese restaurant for life. For good behavior they will allow you to order in.

    (Response: Winner! BEST comment of the day! Fortunately, I believe most of those at my favorite dim sum place would agree with me. h.o.)

  3. Gene The Bean says:

    Both China and Russia are now so far ahead of us in cyber warfare and conventional warfare it is not even funny. While our governments fiddle and faddle with many of the topics Harvey brings forth, they have been plotting their rise – and our demise – for decades. Did you know that China has hyper-sonic missiles that could sink every American aircraft carrier in the world in less than fifteen minutes if they were placed regionally, or fired from converted freighters?

    Mach5 coming straight down from the edge of space – no defence against that. The kinetic energy alone would blow a pickup sized hole right through a carrier, let alone what the warhead, conventional or nuke, would do.

    China and Russia are the shining examples to what people like Trump and Harper want to happen to the rest of the world.
    Totalitarianism is the wet dream of the rabid right.

    We are in control, we make all the decisions, we have all the power and influence. The similarities are striking. Voter suppression, defunding education and healthcare, us v/s them (which both China and Russia are masters of), overt racism (ditto), blocking working people from ever being able to get ahead and being morally bankrupt to the core.

    If anyone thinks Huawei is not an arm of the Chinese government you are an imbecile. That is not how they work. Was in the Bell store last week sorting out a cell phone issue when a young gal came out and asked me if I was looking for a new phone as I was looking at the offerings from Huawei. I said no, I don’t trust Huawei. She leaned in and said neither do I, no one here has one.

    What we did re holding this executive was what we had to do. But we cant back down, ever. It is the only language people like that understand.
    I hope Canada buckles down and rides it out. My only fear is that a CON government would fold like a cheap lawn chair at a weight watchers picnic and sell us out for the quick buck.

    Letting China in on our long needed overhaul of our tech systems would be suicide.

    (Response: How’s this for irony and hypocrisy … China is now changing the rules regarding Hong Kong and will now start EXTRADITING people from there back to mainland China … something never allowed before. Thousands have demonstrated against this violation of the “one country, two systems” that supposedly governs Hong Kong … but of course it will do no good: China is a dictatorship and the last thing the leaders and the Communist Party want is a legal system that follows the laws and protects people’s rights … whether on the mainland, in Hong Kong … or anywhere else in the world. h.o)

  4. e.a.f. says:

    All Canada has to state is they’re not welcome to apply given security reasons. You don’t give reasons if there is a security issue. end of story.

    China is not be trusted. Xi will do what he wants and they will stamp their almost 2 billion feet in unison to achieve what they want. China is extremely dangerous and has no concerns regarding human rights, etc. In my opinion Chinese corporations ought to be kept to a min. when investing in our corporations. Their boycotts can reek havoc on an economy. We ought never to become too dependant upon them. Its also why I don’t see the need to build any infrastructure to export anything to them. If they stop buying suddenly, we’re stuck with the bills and they won’t care.

    have a look at the million or so people in Hong Kong who protested this past weekend to try to stop China from forcing them to extradite Hong Kong citizens to Communist China. The people of Hong Kong know any one who then protests will find themselves in Communist China with a bullet in their heads. We do know what happened 25 years ago and we ought never to forget that.

    If Hong Kong continues to protest, watch Communist China move their armed forces in to quell the protests. Now do you really want that country to have any capabilities with out telecommunications industry. One press of a button and we could have a real problem. Do you want Communist china listening in on our police when discussing such things as dealing with money laundering by citizens of Communist China? How about the buying and selling of luxury cars then being exported to Communist China. There is no corporation in china which is not under the control of the government or the Red Army of China. No one leaves China without the permission of the government, so there is a lot of going along to get along going on there. Best we stay a long way, away.

    Ignore all those lovely ads by Huawei. If the Huawei corporation crosses Xi, you can bet they’ll be charged with corruption and leaving them wishing they were in a B.C. jail.

    Any billionaire who crosses Xi, the Communist Party, or the Red Army of China can be arrested. Its why some keep their jets, running, close by. Just look at what Putin has done to his billionaire class when he thinks they’re going to “cross” him. Lets take some proactive measures and keep Huawei and another corporation like them out of our business/country.

    Very timely article Harvey. thank you.

    (Response: The saddest part is that, because the world has given only lip service to human rights violations in China, things are getting WORSE there not better. Churches get bulldozed; dissent is quashed mercilessly; even artists get arrested and internet access has been censored more and more. Time to take a REAL stand … but Canada needs the support of other democracies to do that… and NOW is a good time to start. h.o)

  5. D. M. Johnston says:

    China thinks itself as the de-facto leaders in Asia, if not the world.

    In reality, china is a totalitarian police state, with all the vile and odious apparatus of a true dictatorship.

    Why on god’s earth would Trudeau or any Canadian treat with such a behemoth?

    It is time to slowly break ties with China and slowly isolate this evil regime.

    Time to say adios, nice knowin ya and don’t call us, we will call you.

    It is time Canada started investing in Canada and not squander billions pandering to every little group that has a tantrum about this or that.

    All China is good for is the likes of Costo or Wall Mart, or the various “Dollar” stores to sell cheapo goods, made in China to people who really have no need of them.

    (Response: I would not favour breaking all ties: just ensuring that China (directly or through Chinese companies) NEVER is in a position to harm or impact our security or any part of our high tech or communications infrastructure. Canada does sell about $18 Billion worth of goods (agricultural products, ores, lumber, wood pulp, etc.) to China; BUT we also import $50 Billion worth of products from there, so we do have more clout than many believe … esp if we unite with the US and other Western trading partners and let China know that bullying, blackmail and temper tantrums will impact THEIR economy more than ours. h.o)

  6. R says:

    Of panda bonds and shark fin soup ?

  7. Hawgwash says:

    Our single use PM, after having his head repeatedly stuffed in the urinal by China, is going to really show them a thing or two by putting on a gala Canada Day party in Beijing.

  8. e.a.f. says:

    Hawgwash, do you really think Scheer will do better? /What do you think Trudeau can do to have China release our Canadian citizens? Remember we are 37 million vs. their almost 2 billion.

    Do try to remember it was during the reign of Herr harper that China and the Red Army of China started making big inroads into Canada, you remember, free trade, buying into oil companies.

    don’t blame Trudeau for what is currently happening. If you haven’t noticed there isn’t a country around which can contain China. Not even the U.S.A. because if China really wanted to “kick” the U.S.A., all they have to do is dump the American bonds in one big swoop. The biggest holders of American bonds is Japan and then China.
    Our desire for instant everything and everything new led us to all put our countries in this position. We were too dumb and too greedy to pay attention. Even the B.C. Lieberals welcomed all that dirty cash into the casinos.

  9. Gene The Bean says:

    EAF – all good points.

    How soon people forget on who sold us out. China has always (forever…?) played the long game and the Cons see that to their advantage.

    Even the numbskulls that vote for the Cons will eventually see through the façade, unless they’ll put up with anything as long as the “brown hordes” are not allowed in. Trumps tax cuts have resulted in almost a trillion dollars in benefits to corporations and billionaires whilst taking over 600 billion dollars away from poor and middle class taxpayers.

    The mainland Chinese influence is rapidly spreading in BC and Canada. I have spoken about this on this blog before. Slowly, but surely, those elitists and criminals that were “invited” to come here by Harper are taking over the decades old social networks and benevolent clubs for Chinese Canadians that have stood for a 100 years. They will slowly change the focus, become more political, more inclusive and more elitist. That will drive away many long term residents and those that were born here. They will just become the Chinatown arm of the PC’s and I guess that was his plan all along.

    The de-evolution of our species will soon be on full display as the Cons use the only thing they have, fear and hatred, to try and regain power.

    I truly am aghast at how Canadians, of all people, can fall for that. No more fiscal conservatism. No more debt reduction. No more small government. No more meat and potato’s issues – just fear and hatred – against everything – stand for nothing.

    Man, glad I’ll be dead ‘cuz the Chinese and Russians are going to play the right like a banjo and take over everything. Even the Aussies are seeing crazy-ass stuff happening and it is because of the foreign money and influence into their system. Those that say the Cons are the only ones that can stop it are fools because it’s the Cons that are fluffing for the Chinese. We are the only ones that can stop it – at the ballot box.

  10. hawgwash says:

    My point, e.a.f. is, why would he be giving the bully our lunch money?

  11. Richard Skelly says:

    I was heartened that Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland dismissed the idea floated by former PM Chrétien to meddle with the Justice Department and force it to drop the Meng Wanzhou extradition.

    Not that I’m surprised the ‘liddle guy from Shawinigan’ broached the idea in front of business groups. He’s enriched his law firm by being a ‘middle man’ in innumerable deals between Canadian firms and the Chinese Communists.

    Kudos to Freeland for saying ‘Thanks but no thanks.” I wish she was Liberal leader and thus PM rather than out-of-his-depth Trudeau.

  12. Keith says:

    Canada at times is a sucker. Say something nice about us and bring money is often all it takes, and hey presto, there goes another bit of sovereignty and control of ourselves.

    To their credit, China’s corporate and national interests are very closely aligned where the west often isn’t, now to the point where China is buying up offshore assets with our money, whilst lending more of theirs to repeat the process, how dumb can we get.?

    If the Huawei 5G project goes ahead, today it’s a private company, the day after it’s taken over by the Chinese Government. Remember this from last year.?

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