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China’s TOTAL DICTATORSHIP Move Exposes Canada’s Hypocrisy

March 12th, 2018 · 47 Comments

So much for “quiet” diplomacy; so much for behind-the-scenes “progress; so much for any pretense that Canada’s dealings with China is NOT endorsing, supporting and encouraging the trampling of even basic political and human rights.

President Xi Jinping this past weekend destroyed any charade that China is moving … even at a turtle’s pace  … to a more open, more responsive, more humane society.

In a scene that reminded me of those massive applause-filled phony endorsements of Joseph Stalin or Saddam Hussein  (first one to stop clapping was the first one to be arrested/shot), China’s National People’s Congress voted to remove the two-term limit in  the country’s Constitution.  Xi, 64, who was previously required to step down in 2023, can now rule for life.

“This marks the biggest regression in China’s legal system since the reform and opening-up era of the 1980s,” said Zhang Lifan, an independent Beijing-based political commentator in an interview with The Washington Post.

But Xi has been at it for years now … concentrating power in himself, ignoring even the guise of collective leadership”.

“Xi has appointed himself to head bodies that oversee national security, finance, economic reform and other major initiatives, effectively sidelining the Communist Party’s No. 2 figure, Premier Li Keqiang,” the Post reported.

In fact, Xi spent his first term “purging the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of any faction that challenged his omnipotence, while dialing up censorship, amassing more than a dozen separate leadership roles and assembling a budding cult of personality“, according to Time Magazine’s Beijing reporter.

The evidence of China’s RETROGRESSION on the human rights and democracy fronts has been front and center for five years now  …with any hint of dissension quashed, anyone who dares to express rights guaranteed in the Chinese Constitution harassed, arrested and imprisoned, with democracy advocates beaten, imprisoned, churches destroyed, defiant pastors sent to jail for years …. all amidst such widespread news, information and Internet censorship that China’s population is not only oppressed but literally repressed as well.

And all the while, Canadian federal and provincial officials, along with our business leaders have been eagerly extending, expanding and encouraging closer financial and business ties with China.

I get it.

Our moral compass has been buried; our ethical posturing has become a sham; and our principles have given way totally to principals.

It’s ALL about money … spending, investment, and foreign sales …. and it’s about time Canada started admitting THAT’S what we hold dearest: all the talk about tying “progress” in human rights etc to increasing economic ties was/is a sham.

It’s worse NOW for human dignity and political and even artistic freedoms in China than even during the regime of Mao Tse Tung.

Think about that the next time you see our business and political “leaders” smiling and shaking hands with Chinese state officials and companies.

Canada …. and we … should be ashamed.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 r // Mar 12, 2018 at 8:39 am

    Tibet rally at art gallery and granville consul on saturday shows ongoing concern from people.
    Falun Dafa also rally on occasion.

  • 2 Hugh // Mar 12, 2018 at 9:33 am

    From a recent article:

    “CALGARY – The Chinese government has seized control of Anbang Insurance Group, which is the largest owner of retirement homes in British Columbia, following an investigation of the insurer’s former chairman.”

  • 3 DonGar // Mar 12, 2018 at 10:07 am

    This is must be great news to Justin who like his father and Gregor here in Vancouver admire communism and dictators. Under those there is no need to engage with the pesky peasants who can slow down the implementation of their I know what’s best for you grand ideas. So guess we will see a lot more delegations heading to China seeking guidance on “the better way

  • 4 Gary T // Mar 12, 2018 at 11:15 am

    The obsession that our ” leaders ” have with China has just boggled my mind over the years. Selling our companies, real estate, etc, etc. to China is in my mind a capitulation to them. China does not need to go to war , they can just buy us up, and then dominate us. No shots fired, a bloodless war.

  • 5 Temm // Mar 12, 2018 at 11:23 am

    Timely, Harvey.

    What Canadians and probably most outside China have yet to understand is, China thinks very long term.

    A good example being the grab of False Creek lands following Expo ’86 and I have often wondered if, even though Li K-shing was from Hong Kong, Chinese leadership was involved in that little take over.

    Certainly it opened the door to all that has followed.

    (Response: I’m not aware of any Chinese GOVERNMENT involvement in the Expo lands…just a billionaire family business natter. BUT I am concerned about the squeeze China could (and is?) putting on Canada with all its recent and current state-involved “investment” in Canadian companies, resource development and financial sectors. h.o.)

  • 6 e.a.f. // Mar 12, 2018 at 11:46 am

    Excellent editorial. Now if the MSM would print this in every paper in the country.

    This does not bode well for Hong Kong, the rest of Asia or for the citizens of China. Any hope of talks progressing with Taiwan, not going to happen. of course as you write world leaders keep going as if nothing is wrong.

    Anbang’s seizure by the Chinese government now owns an entire chain of seniors housing in this province along with a load of high priced real estate, which includes a building in Ontario housing their provincial government offices. The communist government of China gives reasons for their actions, but truly, not to be believed.

    One of the problems I’ve always had with the government of China saying some one was a “crook”, you really don’t know if they’re a “crook” or simply some one who has run afoul of the dictatorship.

    The press, here and abroad have reported on Xi’s actions but no one has said its not a good thing. This says a lot about our press and who rules it.

    One thing that has not been mentioned in the article is the on going harvesting of organs from human beings for re sale in China. Some put the estimate at over a million people killed for this purpose.

    It really is time Canada restricts the sale of our properties and corporations to the communist government of China and their Red Army of China. if we do not we may find we are simply another province of China. Given the tight control communist China has over its citizens, we need to have a very good look at who we accept from China as immigrants, because no one leaves that country without government permission. The law in China stipulates no one may take more than $50K out of the country in one year, so when we see vast sums leaving I would conclude that is being done with the “permission” of the communist government of China. We need to have a good look at the 10 year visas Canada hands out to citizens of communist China. Harper might have thought it good for business, but there are some real security issues with this. The Liberals continuing to permit this, is not good for our country. China has a long history of spying and theft of technology.

    It is always amusing when people carry on about the communists of this or that country but not so much about China. We as Canadians need to take a really good look at ourselves and then at who our “friends” are. Organ harvesting is not a nice business. It murders people. So while we may condem others for their murdering of their citizens, come on down, Assad of Syria, we turn a blind eye to what goes on in China. Murder is murder. it really doesn’t matter how it is done. Time for our P.M. and other politicians to get over their love affair with the communist government of China and permitting them to buy up our country. It will negatively impact our democracy. If you don’t think China has made major inroads into our economy have a look at what they own in Alberta in the oil/gas business. So the question is: who are we ruining our country for, ourselves or the communist government of China.

  • 7 G. Barry Stewart // Mar 12, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Is President Trump a comedian now: or is his ‘joke’ half-serious?

    Here’s a story from the NYTimes:

    “BEIJING — The comment was made behind closed doors, and appeared to be in jest: President Trump told donors on Saturday that China’s president, Xi Jinping, was now “president for life,” and added: “I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll want to give that a shot someday.”

    The remarks, confirmed by a leading Republican lobbyist who attended the luncheon at Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, were first aired by CNN, which obtained an audio recording of his comments.

    The statement, which drew laughter from those in attendance and was said by a smiling president, according to the lobbyist, was given on a day when Mr. Trump was out for laughs. On Saturday evening, at the annual Gridiron dinner in Washington, Mr. Trump jokingly said of possible talks with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un: “As far as the risk of dealing with a madman is concerned, that’s his problem, not mine.”

    Nonetheless, the remarks appeared to be the first comments made by Mr. Trump about China’s decision to scuttle the two terms for its presidency — part of a remarkable consolidation of power around Mr. Xi — and Chinese analysts took them seriously.

    At the luncheon, Mr. Trump also called Mr. Xi “a great gentleman” and “the most powerful president in 100 years,” who treated the American leader “tremendously well” during his state visit there in November.

    That Mr. Trump left the impression of a positive endorsement of Mr. Xi was “unexpected” and “matters for China,” said Zhang Baohui, a professor of international relations at Lingnan University in Hong Kong.”

    End of quote.

    While leaders of democracies always have to watch their words… at least they could publicly “express their regrets” whenever leaders like Putin or Xi make moves to secure lifetime terms.

    * * * *

    Abbott and Costello could have had fun with Xi’s name, which is pronounced “She,” LOL!

    “She wants to be the leader of China for life.”


    “No… him!”

    “Who do you mean?”


    “She who?”

    “I don’t know his other name. Why don’t you ask him?”


    “No… she!”

    (Response: Prize of the day! BUT do not visit China…it’s probably illegal to make jokes about the Leader! But then again, if I ever go there once more, I could probably use some company in the re-education camp. h.o)

  • 8 Gene The Bean // Mar 12, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    The rise of the current batch of world dictators is just an outcome of putting the conservative mindset in play.

    Putin solidified his power, and his base, by putting people against one another. One of the oldest conservative tactics is unfortunately one of the most effective. Be afraid of someone with a different skin tone, be afraid of someone with a different religion, just BE AFRAID. Conservativism requires an us v/s them mentality to work.

    Xi in China used and exploited the other great conservative ploy – selfishness. He solidified power by essentially buying people and then stoked the base by telling millionaires they could be billionaires, by telling workers they could be managers and by telling peasants they could be workers. Almost all Chinese people have benefitted “financially” but their country has become a toxic wasteland, both environmentally and socially.

    Putin and Xi are both looking to become dictators for life. It is just an extension of their conservative mindset. I’m not surprised at all.

    We, as individuals, should be ashamed of what the world has become.

    Despotic dictators now control the three most powerful countries in the world. Murica used to be the balancing influence – not anymore.

    There is an old quote that says that people get the governments they deserve.

    When I look around and see people bloviating for Trump, they are just beating the tribal drums for Putin and Xi. They are essentially all the same person. They all stand for the same thing. They all want the same thing. Their similarities far outweigh their differences.

    Some are just to dense or too broken to see it.

    Our only saving grace is the next generation. When the geezers start dying off and this next generation starts to vote, there will be huge changes in the West.

    When the conservative playbook runs its course in Russia and China, they too will fall as the people will finally put an end to the exploitation of anything and everything except for the Almighty Dollar.

    I just wonder if there will be anything left to save…

  • 9 Harry lawson // Mar 12, 2018 at 1:22 pm


    Our moral compass has been bent for years on so many fronts. The deals with the Chinese goverment became above board with the Nixon administration and of course Kissinger and associates.

    Canada sold its soul and dare I say sovereignty for a few yuan . We can’t blame Trudeau on this one , both previous liberal and conservative governments are at fault. However Mr Trudeau the ball is in your court.

  • 10 D. M. Johnston // Mar 12, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor. Imperial China has returned, only this time, they are not a throw back on a medieval age, rather a 21st century country, with all the warts of Imperial rule.

    As for Trudeau the Younger, maybe he can lobby China to make the letter N legal again, that’s all what he seems to be good for.

  • 11 nonconfidencevote // Mar 12, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    Xi play the “corruption card” brilliantly.

    Arresting top communist, business and criminals under the guise of “cleaning up the corruption”.
    And now when he has total control……of the Communist Party, The military and the Presidency
    Its too late to do anything about it.

    Apparently people in China are outraged but too afraid to do anything about it.
    The people in China have had a taste of capitalism and ….they like it.
    Lets see what happens when their “ghost cities” (built and empty) and “zombie factories'( staffed and losing millions) affect the chinese economy detrimentally.

    Oh baby. The only thing worse than a population thats hungry is a population thas hungry and robbed……

    I give him 5 years.
    If he starts a war in the South China Sea….. 3 years.

    (Response: I’d like to know who were the TWO delegates who voted against him and the THREE who abstained … and then we can see what happens to them. h.o)

  • 12 BMCQ // Mar 12, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    An better than excellent Essay!

    China is a Clear and Present Danger!

    The Gut Wrenching Truth about what is taking place in China with Xi maneuvering to become Emperor for Life and the moves by past Chinese Leaders to position China as a World Leader in Manufacturing was/has been ignored by Western Democracies for decades.

    As I stated on this Blog several days ago, “I know it is 20/20 Hindsight but I now wish that Nixon had never opened China to the West.

    Unfortunately the Genie is out of the Bottle and Western Leaders must act quickly or it will be too late.

    Of course many here will blame DJT for this but in fact Trump has been critical of the West’s Embrace of China for many years and as I stated over the years here last week China has been allowed to have their own way while World Democracies ignored what was taking place.

    Trump was in fact a lone voice and spoke out against China for many years including in the Election Campaign.

    China was and is the Target on the Steel and Aluminum Tariffs and any honest individual should admit that.

    You will see more action against China from the U.S..

    Canada, the EU, and all other World Democracies sign on to the China Watch if we know what is good for us. China is not our Friend.

    Every year my Company purchases CNC Equipment and I have never, NOT once purchased Chinese Product, instead we purchase American, Taiwan, Swiss, Korean, and German in that order. For other reasons we avoid Japanese even though it is an excellent product. Japanese Whaling makes me sick, we do what we can do, no Japanese Cars either.

    In business or at home we avoid Chinese Product unless forced and yes sometimes it cannot be avoided.

    I visited 17 Countries for Business and Pleasure last year and will do at least as many again this year. I am proud to say that for obvious reasons I have not once visited Mainland China ever.

    I have been to Hong Kong many times over the years and have close friends there.

    Thank you Harvey, I hope this Blog Topic gets a lot of attention.


    For someone to blame the Chinese Dominance or the Russian/Putin problem on anything Conservative is simply just Juvenile and I for one am Embarrassed for that person.


  • 13 13 // Mar 12, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    Harvey, your title re Chinas ……..exposes Canadas hypocrisy.I dont think Canadas hypocrisy has been very well hidden. To claim that this latest move is the last straw is almost like yelling fire long after the building has been reduced to ashes.
    In the last topic I believe that BMCQ lamented that Nixon ever opened the door to a relationship with China.
    Western Nations under all sorts of different governments have all looked the other way and entered into trade with China. Good bad or otherwise our behavior is not going to make China act in a manner that we consider ethical.

    (Response: I stand by the title …because our “leaders’ have always insisted human rights and the rule of law etc ARE brought up whenever they meet Chinese authorities at home or abroad… AND suggested by strengthening ties progress is being made. That was now clearly shown to be a crock … and I believe our officials …both elected and appointed KNEW (from just reading/watching the news)that NOT much was actually being accomplished … so they have been hypocritical in telling Canadians what they knew to be untrue … while still signing/sealing deals and increasing Canada’s vulnerability. h.o.)

  • 14 r // Mar 12, 2018 at 6:29 pm

  • 15 13 // Mar 12, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    GTB if you have a few spare moments could you point out all of the governments that you approve of. Please dont go on and on about the morally bankrupt repugnant racist evil greedy etc etc etc.
    The governments on your approval list would you mind only listing the ones that hold or held power.

  • 16 Eldon // Mar 12, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    I wondered about this topic earlier when JT was laughed out of China for trying to push human rights in a trade deal. He was met with heavy criticism here. Just as Harper was met with heavy criticism for capitulation to Chinese interests with no care for human rights. There is no winning on the China issue in Canada.

    (Response: Clearly, human rights and any hope for democracy or rule of impartial laws have gotten WORSE in China under Xi. So the issue for Canada is “Do we really sell them enough of our products to sacrifice our own ethics, principles and support for human dignity and look the other way?” I’d bet if we took a stand, set an example for other Western countries, and severely cut back imports and investment from China ….and told them WHY, they would start to respond. Going along with them …business as usual … has just made things worse there for those struggling for even basic human rights. h.o.)

  • 17 Diverdarren // Mar 13, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    Harvey, this is the straw that broke the camel’s back? A “Communist” dictatorship installs their dictator for life. Big whoop!

    You’ve aptly lay out the failings of China over several of your past posts. The fact that Xi is now a lifetime dictator vs. a dictator with a term limit is not enough reason to change our (Canada plus other Western nations) relationship with China.

    We were willing to get into bed with the despots. Their money in the form of investment, our way of life, cheap goods and access to tech that only 20 years ago would have been available only to the rich.

    Damn! I’m writing this on a Chinese smart phone I bought for 70bucks on Amazon. I’m connected to the world wide Web on a WiFi system built by essentially slave labour. Think of the things we have because we’re doing business with the Chinese. Our consumerist society is built on the fact of exploited Chinese workers.

    I’m not going to walk down the path of false moral superiority by tutt-tutting the Chinese or us for the way we do business. All the while benefiting from our willingness to “look the other way” where the Chinese or the Arab nations, or even the Americans are involved.

    Don’t like the way the Chinese (or insert your favorite dictatorship) act in there own territory on their own people, try and live your life for a week without them. Good luck.

    (Response: I get it. But at least we should admit we ARE ready, willing and happy to do business with despots and dictators … even those who imprison, torture and murder their own dissidents, destroy churches, subjugate their minorities … and to hell with all that phony posturing about slowly but surely improving human rights by bringing them into our economic fold. h.o.)

  • 18 13 // Mar 13, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    Harvey Ive never read a better response to a very articulate post by Diver. He lays it out without any sugar coating. A breath of fresh air. (something not readily available in China). BUT your response is also sugar free. Lets stop the BS and stop deluding ourselves that we are effecting change when it come to the less democratic parts of the planet. Justin Trudeau can continue to spend our tax dollars to alleviate our guilt. At least until we come to our senses and elect a better PM.
    GTB crickets?

  • 19 e.a.f. // Mar 13, 2018 at 11:23 pm

    r at #14, the article is worth reading. did Canadians really think China wasn’t spying on us? In a country such as China, which controls almost all aspects of life, who do we think actually decides who gets to leave China and move to Canada or any other number of countries? What do these people do in exchange for this permission. Then we have those Chinese citizens who have 10 year visas to come and go out of Canada at will. What is required of them by their government? How do they hang on to their wealth?

    Given China has always been “interested” in other countries technologies and “borrowed” them with out asking what makes any one thing they don’t have an extensive spy network in our country.

    I always remember how easy it was for the Chinese consulate to have protestors banned from out front of their property on Granville St., it was public property and we do have the right to assembly and speech, but alas, perhaps not so much if China objects.

  • 20 BMCQ // Mar 14, 2018 at 6:42 am

    Diver – 17

    Well said, a very thought provoking post. I hope many read what you had to say.

    Harvey – 17 – response

    Great response, for far too many reasons China is a ‘Shi*hole” and the Free World should Demand more from Chinese Leadership.

    Will we? Unfortunately not likely.

    Free World Democracies are long over due in demanding better from China and it is up to Media to do a better job of exposing China Policies within their Country.

    It is then up to Free World Governments to act. It is then up to all Consumers to hold Business that locate and manufacture product in China.

    Unfortunately Free World Governments of all Political Brands have done little more than shrug shoulders when it comes to Chinese Leaderships mistreatment of its people, human rights and freedoms, oppression of minorities and those that disagree with that Leadership.

    In a very sad way and for very obvious reasons we are all guilty of turning a Blind Eye and we have been guilty of that for several generations, NO Matter what our Political Beliefs.

    Next thing we know the Bastards will be Exporting “Soylent Green” !!!

  • 21 RIsaak // Mar 14, 2018 at 7:59 am

    Today news that Adrian Dix opening an inquiry into the Anbang purchase of care homes, this is a concept which should have been undertaken by the federal govt. which approved this sale to a firm recently taken over by the govt. of China.

  • 22 BMCQ // Mar 14, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    RIsaak – 21

    “Back to the Future”!

    A Little Fuel to add to the Fire on this subject.

    Back in the day when PET and I believe Marc Lalonde first enacted FIRA it was Wrong Minded, Bureaucratic, Harmful to the Economy, and a Millstone around the Neck of Business, Employment, Commerce, and Growth.

    Somehow in the mid to late 80’s things began to change and FIRA may have been something to restructure and enforce for the good of the Country.

    What has happened to Canada because of primarily Chinese and other Investment/Speculation may well be irreversible but we need every Tool in the Box including CRA to become involved Enforcing Income Tax and Capital Gains Enforcement along with very Stiff Penalties for those that contravene Canadian Tax and Citizenship Laws.

    As with so many other things in this Country we need to create Strong Deterrent and if it means going as far as Jail and then Deportation for many that contravene Canadian law so be it.

    Those few things alone would discourage many from taking advantage of Canada and Canadians going forward.

    Then of course there is the “Stench” of Anbang.
    Hell they are even in trouble in Canada and the Chinese Government took them over.

    Somehow I do not feel any more assured of the Care of Canadian Senior Citizens under the Care of Anbang under ANY Chinese Ownership, Government or Friends of that Government.

    Frankly it gives me the Creeps.

    Canadians from all walks of life have been failed by ALL Three Levels of our Government and Canadians deserve much better.

    The Question is though, Is It Too Late?

    Every Single One of Our Elected Politicians at ALL three Levels need to hear about this from every single Citizen right across this Country.

  • 23 e.a.f. // Mar 14, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    wonder if Ontario will do the same, given one of the large office buildings the Communist Chinese government now owns there, houses provincial government offices?

    Dix made a good decision. Foreign ownership of our senior care homes is not a good thing. What if the “new” owner decides only those who speak Mandarin may be hired. Remember that mine? What if the foreign government decides it doesn’t want to be in the senior home business and sells the land off to others and suddenly all those seniors are given the heave? Its not like they have a great care for non productive people.

    BMCQ, 20, your para second and third from the bottom are very correct and it will come back to haunt us, within our life times, even if some of us are old. o.k. we give you middle age.

  • 24 13 // Mar 14, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    My memory is probably failing but to the best of my recollection the Falun Gong were camped out at Granville and 16th ave for a very long time. Alas. Were not yet mainland China but with the weak kneed appeaser in Ottawa you never know what he will embrace next. All of the embracing of corrupt dictators murderers terrorists seems to be the norm for our PM

  • 25 Harry lawson // Mar 14, 2018 at 7:41 pm

    If we cut back on Chinese trade how many walmarts and dollar stores would close. The financial reset that is needed would make the great depression look like a recession . So how do we fix this ? Do we nationalize all foreign own assets? Do we tariff the counties out of business?

    Unless we are willing to pass judgement with our pocket books, and /or have some pain nothing will change.

    (Response: Used to be that China was our only major supplier of cheaper goods: not any more. Imports from China could EASILY be replaced these days by manufacturers in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Vietnam etc … so no Walmarts or Dollar stores need close. But I suspect that if Western countries actually TOOK A STAND against China’s brutalization of its own people and persecution of Christians, Falun Gong, Mongolian and Tibetans … and cut back ties/trade so China’s economy and foreign prestige started paying a price, you’d find the dictator in chief quickly pulling back on his oppression. h.o.)

  • 26 BMCQ // Mar 15, 2018 at 6:00 am

    eaf – 23

    Unfortunately IMHO “It Already Is Haunting Us” and “We the People” need to Demand More from our Elected Politicians at ALL Three Levels.

    I am almost “Aghast” but just the same it is Nice to see that for the most part we are in Agreement on this.

    Perhaps I am coming with something.

    I believe the inability of Past and Current Politicians of ALL Brands at ALL Levels of Government is just another reason why need to Impose “Two Term Limits” on ALL Elected Officials.

    We need Fresh Ideas, we need Politicians that are not afraid to Govern and Term Limits will ensure that, we also need them to be more Accountable, more Transparent, More Accessible, and we need them to be more Independent of Party Whips and the Traditional British Parliamentary System.

    All of those can be accomplished by implementing Two Term Term Limits.

    We would Pay them 1.5 Times their Current Salary, and they would be required to Fund their own Pensions. The Extra Salary would allow them to Fund their own Pensions, it would encourage Qualified People to Run for Office, it would encourage Independence, and it would guarantee that Politicians would not be afraid to make decisions based on what is best for their Constituents not their Party.

    Then once the Two Terms Limit is up they leave Government and tax Payers are not saddled with their “Forever Indexed Pensions”.

    While we are at it we could Impose a “Triple AAA Senate”.

    “Abolish, Abolish, Abolish”

    AS to your comments about Mandarin?

    I have no problem at anytime with Second, third, fourth, Languages, I encourage it.

    I honestly really do not czare if Retail Merchants wish to put Mandarin or Swedish Signs on their Place of Business, if I do not like it I do not need to shop in that particular Retailer. I am quite sure I will be in the Minority regarding that opinion on this Blog but then I am almost always in the minority here.

    I do however draw the Line when Condo Strata’s in Richmond hold their “Strata” Meetings using Mandarin as the First Language.

    BTW, Unless it is unavoidable I Purchase NO Food Product from China, we cannot Trust anything they do when it comes to Food Product.

    Remember my Warning about “Soylent Green”!

    And finally eaf

    It was very important of you to issue the Warning concerning Medical Tourism to China.

    When they use the Term “Harvest” in China it has a whole different meaning than what we understand it to be.

    China Is Not Our Friend.

  • 27 e.a.f. // Mar 15, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    O.K. we are off topic with two term topics, but lets tie it to the topic. If politicians were restricted to two term limits, they might be more interested in their own countries and might draw people who were interested in what was good for their riding instead of what was good for the party and the parties’ supporters. When you have two term limits it becomes less about staying in power and more about doing the right thing. it also keeps other governments a tad off balance because the politicians are always changing. The U.S.A. restricts their president to 2 terms. They might be better if they restrict the rest of the Congress to the same 8 years. Canada might do better also with it. Then when foreign governments are trying to make in roads, politician won’t have as much time to deal with them and might just deal with our/us. there won’t be any putting it off until the next election because after twice being in office, they’re gone.

    President for life in communist China won’t be a good thing for the people of China. We have a version of it also, and it might be better if that ended also. The one good thing about our senate is there is a retirement age as there is for our Supreme Court of Canada. After people have been in office for a lengthy period of time, they become accustomed to the life style and think they are entitled to it.

    I’m O.K.. with the current salaries we pay our politicians. I’m O.K. if they have a pension fund of sorts for their 8 years in office, if we ever switched to that type of government, but alas it is not to be, that means opening the Constitution and there isn’t a politician except a few in Quebec and in First Nations who want to do that.

  • 28 nonconfidencevote // Mar 15, 2018 at 5:49 pm

    Harvey your timing is impeccable.
    This weeks Economist magazine( How the west got China Wrong) touches on this very subject.

    Three seperate articles on Xi Jinping, China and the ramifications.
    I highly recommend the readers buy it. ( Im a biased subscriber) but the articles are real eye openers about what IS happening and what WILL happen.

    Scary times.

    (Response: They are scary times. I believe the evil regimes of China and Russia were emboldened by President Obama’s weak leadership … and the West’s mostly hollow rhetoric …in dealing with both their various aggressions and human rights violations … and we (and their own populations) are now reaping the results. Time to take a stand …and no way to that better and peacefully than through increased MEANINGFUL economic and political isolation actions that will, yes, impact us, but impact them more. h.o)

  • 29 13 // Mar 16, 2018 at 8:37 am

    So one of the largest site c contracts is going to a construction company about to be bought by China.
    Here’s our week insipid PMS time to shine. Ottawa should put the brakes on our fire sale

    Don’t bet on Justin

  • 30 BMCQ // Mar 16, 2018 at 10:07 am

    NonCon – 28

    Thanks for the Heads Up!

    As yet I have not read the Piece in the Economist but I have attached it here just the same.

    I did not think you would mind.

    Harvey – 28 – Response

    All Politicians make mistakes, we only need to look at Vancouver, B.C., Ontario, and Canada over the past several years to see what a mess Politicians of any Brand can make but you are 100% correct in pointing out that “Regimes of China and Russia were emboldened by POTUS Obama;s weak Leadership”.

    Of course with 20/20 HS many believe”W”, Blair, and the rest made mistakes with Iraq but imagine what could have been if an Impotent, Weak, and totally Disengaged Barack Obama, along with Merkel, Cameron, Juncker, Hollande, and the rest of EU Leadership would have attacked and destroyed ISIS when there were only 3,000 of them advancing from Eastern Syria into Iraq. They were travelling on a road with no Mountains, Trees, or shelter of any kind and they were sitting Ducks. It would have taken only an afternoon.

    If those ISIS Fighters were destroyed it would hae been a deterrent that would have stopped thousands of other Radicals travelling from their Home Countries to join the Caliphate and it would have saved Hundreds of Thousands of Lives, the Innocent Citizens would have stayed in their Home Cities and they would not have marched all the way to the EU which has in effect meant the “The Beginning of the End of The EU.

    Obama made many other mistakes but his arrogance and ignorance on the “Rise of ISIS” changed the World Forever! Along with Merkel and the test they created A Catastrophe that has changed the World Forever and in fact their Inaction has led to the Catastrophic Destruction of EU Cultures most of which were the Envy of the Rest of the World.

    The mistakes of Obama will go down in History as some of the Worst ever made by any World Leader.

    I find it rather distressing that for the most part Media have given him such an easy ride.

    I suppose their time is occupied with the Trump Russian Collusion Story.

    Let’s hope that by 2044 Robert Mueller’s Grandson Robert Muller the Third will be closer to a conclusion in that most important Investigation.

    Of course the UN are too busy arranging Champagne and Caviar Parties in NY to worry about any of this.

    Hard to believe the Permanent and Temporary UN Member Nations that sit on the Security Council.

    H.O. is correct, unfortunately ALL of the West has shown Hollow Leadership on this and unfortunately it does not look like anything will happen any time soon.

    All too often on too many topics there is more common sense on this Blog than we see from our Political Masters.

  • 31 e.a.f. // Mar 16, 2018 at 11:33 am

    I would suggest Obama, the U.S.A, were too busy with the Middle East to deal with other things. Other countries, who were free to take a stand, didn’t. they didn’t even speak out. We have only to look at our own country when it comes to China’s violation of human rights. Did our former P.M. Harper or the current P.M. Trudeau say much of any thing? Not so much. Did other European countries say much? Not so much. They all wanted to make money in china but in the end China made money in their countries. Its not like any western countries implemented sanctions against China for their human rights violations. We haven’t taken any against the Pres. of the Phillippines either for his killing of drug dealers. Now Trump wants to change drug laws which would include the execution of “some” drug dealer. We know that stands for drug dealers who are people of colour, just as the majority of their prison population is black and brown.

    When it comes to China we can simply look at the case in Alberta’s oil patch some years ago. Workers were injuired. Those from China were removed immediately back to China. when the Alberta version of WCB wanted to deal with the claims, the oil company based in China simply told them, they weren’t going to deal with it, talk to their head office in China. When those types of things happen here to our workers, our federal government ought to have simply shut the Chinese corporations out of our economy. No ownership. Its not like they are going to play according to our rules. They don’t care what our rules are. As they make greater inroads into our economy, the more they will make inroads into our political system. That will not end well for Canadians and those who wish to become Canadian.

  • 32 Gene The Bean // Mar 16, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    Been reading about what China is up to in Africa. It is appalling.

    Natural resources and food production is being swallowed up faster than tRump snorfs a Big Mac.

    Slave labour, bought off governments, payola at every turn, it is a conservative wet dream.

    What can we do? Not much.

    The ‘snowflakes’ are accumulating. The avalanche is coming……

  • 33 BMCQ // Mar 16, 2018 at 9:02 pm


    Snowflakes could not change their own Diaper let alone change the world.

    Snowflakes are far too busy searching for meaningful “Safe Spaces” and seeking out new challenging Video Games in their Mums Basement to worry about how China is taking advantage of Western Leadership.

    For the past several generations Western Leadership has ignored the Advance of China, that weak, spineless, disengaged Western Leadership was never worse than under President Obama.

    China, N. Korea, Russia, Iran, ISIS, Syria, all become enboldened and much less maneagabke under Obama and his fellow Uber Liberal Snowflake Leaders like Merkel, Hollände, Renzi, Junker, and the rest.

    The Pathetic Limp Wristed “Lines in the Sand” invoked by Obama then ignored by Asaad was a signal to all World Rogue Leadership That Obama was really a Legend in his Own Basement and all bets were off.

    It then be are a free for all, Those Rogue Nations mentioned and others that do not play by the rules felt they could get away with anything and they have.

    Hopefully new U.S. Leadership will force NATO, the U.N. And the rest of the Free World to stand up for themselves and resist China and the rest.

    The UN has many problems but the biggest is the fact that China and Russia are two of its biggest players.

    The Russia/China Vetoes make the UN a Toothless, Morally Bankrupt, Useless, Corrupt, Organization that should be dissolved.

    The only Avalanche I see coming is in Mummies Basement and that won’t change much.

  • 34 13 // Mar 17, 2018 at 7:15 am

    Those damned evil conservatives. Thank God BC and Canada are currently under the Liberal protection of Horgan and Trudeau. Lets see, the Chinese have bought some real estate , some retirement properties (soon to be condo towers) and now will be able to send workers from China to build the site c dam. (They had better have union cards).
    I dont think its fair to paint all conservatives as evil anymore than its fair to call all Liberals idiots.
    Right now though the ball is in the Liberals court.
    Lets see what they do.

  • 35 nonconfidencevote // Mar 17, 2018 at 8:16 am

    @33 BMCQ

    Well look on the bright side.
    When China sends the electronic warfare virus via the internet and shuts everything down……
    The Snowflakes will finally have to emerge from mommies basement to find out what happened…..

  • 36 Gene The Bean // Mar 17, 2018 at 10:35 am

    Tick tock……… change is coming…..

    Conservatives only prosper under a veil of selfishness, deceit and fear (China, Russia, ‘Murica…)

    It is all going to change in the west due to voting demographics.

    Like it or not rednecks and geezers, your time drinking wholeheartedly from the trough of prosperity whilst never refilling it for the last forty years is over.

    78% of people who identify themselves as WHITE evangelical christians in a recent poll say that a president screwing a porn star would not affect his ability to do his job. Moral bankruptcy 101. Some of you must be so proud…

  • 37 BMCQ // Mar 17, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    13 – 34

    NonCon – 35

    So far I do not like what I see.

    The “Batting Average of those Liberals Leaders” is not so good!

    Here is just a sample of what Uber Liberal Snowflake EU and Obama Leadership has done in less than one generation.

    A near total Collapse of the whole of the EU, a loss of Borders in the EU, the U.S., and Canada, , no control of Migration, Lawlessness, a total destruction of EU Cultures, No Accountability, Mass Drug/Opioid Addiction and a Death Spiral of those affected, a very high percentage of those that will never ever contribute to Society again.

    Then of course there is this that we have Liberal Snowflake liberal World Leadership to thank for.

    It is so bad in much of the EU especially Germany now that Young Strong Healthy Migrants are actually pushing Old Age Pensioners out of line at Food Banks and Welfare offices.

    Then of course there is this.

    Then of course Liberal Snowflakes dare suggest that EU/German Leadership is not trying hard enough to Integrate Migrants.

    BTW, Where the Hell are the Wives and Children of those Brave Fighting Age Men Migrating to the EU? Care to take a guess?

    A high percentage of the Millennial Generation in Canada, the U.S. and the West cannot hold a job let alone get out of Bed each day. Too many Parents allow their mostly Male 20 somethings to lay in bed at night playing Video Games or Social Media, then when it is time to “Rise and Shine” it is already 11:00 AM.

    Do not worry PM Justin will fix all of that.
    That is of course as soon as he addresses the lack of human Rights, Freedom of Religion, Medical Tourism, Slave like Conditions in Factories in China and the rest.

    In the meantime in Canada we will soon witness a whole generation of Children of Immigrants from various Asian Countries and India get good Educations and rise to the top in ALL Professions. Good for them I say.

    Do not worry, Liberal Parents of Millennials will figure this out in a generation or two and they will Rally their Off Spring and they will fight back. Yeah sure.

    Of course I will be attacked for this next comment but much of the problem we have in Western Society today comes from the Indoctrination of our Young People between the Grades of K through University.

    The attack on Young and Old Males alike is becoming epidemic and it is Dangerous.

    I suggest you listen very carefully, the Chinese and Russian Governments are well aware of this.

    Unfortunately I do not see a change to that coming any time soon.

    Keep and eye on Jordan Peterson, he will one day be recognized as Hero. The Russians and Chinese are hoping that we will not pay attention to Canadian Jordan Peterson.

    “Safe Spaces” do not do us much good either.

    I thought Universities were supposed to be Places of Higher Learning, not places of Indoctrination and Brain Washing.

    I am in favour of Marriage by any TWO Consenting Adults of ANY Gender, and I have no criticisms of any LGBT but those that do have concerns should not be vilified or marginalized by our society. We have a Free Country and other than hate Speech we should be able to discuss anything.

    Nothing should be off the table in Universities

    Countries like China, Russia, Iran, know that Western Society is not only Liberal, Weak, and Disengaged, they know that Liberal Leadership will not recognize their attacks on our Cultures, Freedom Movement and Thought until it is almost too late.

    Let’s hope that American Leadership is strong enough to Drag the Rest of Western Democracies up off their Asses and stand up for themselves.

    If we in the West/Free World do not recognize what China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea are attempting to do we deserve anything that happens to us.

  • 38 e.a.f. // Mar 17, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    13 at #34. You are correct, not all Conservatives are bad. Once upon a time Canada had what was referred to as a Red Tory. Now if we had more of those “Red Tories” Canada would be much better off.

    Right now its like the Conservative Party of Canada and the P.C. party of Alberta have been hijacked by a lot of bible bounders with views that aren’t that current or inclusive. Given those views and people such as harper and his ilk, Kenney, Scheer, voting for the P.C. is just never going to be an option.

  • 39 13 // Mar 17, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    eaf Thank you for the qualified acceptance of conservatism. If you had not qualified it with your take on their “views not being current or inclusive” I would have been very happy to bury the hatchet. But the same can be said of the Trudeau Obama et al UBER liberals that think that every dollar spent on hopeless causes is a dollar less that they can spend on seniors and the middle class at home.
    I wonder what would happen if all union leaders and all elected officials pensions and benefits were LIMITED to be not a penny more than the the lowest dues paying member or the poorest constituent.

  • 40 Rocker Rich // Mar 17, 2018 at 11:00 pm

    Clinton cut murky ChiCom deals and allegedly got illegal campaign funds from Beijing. Bush winked and dithered. Obama preened and postured. Trump talks tough. But he’s such a fanboy of Xi’s near dictatorial rule that nothing too negative will emerge from Washington D.C. to negatively affect the Middle Kingdom. Terry Glavin consistently covers this topic for The National Post. He concludes Western leaders are wusses, getting exactly what they deserve from China. Can’t say I blame him.

  • 41 Harry lawson // Mar 18, 2018 at 1:59 am

    BCMQ 37

    Another thought provoking. Response,

    our education system from one extreme to another has always been about brain washing or indoctrination.

    This era of political correctness aka censorship has stifled discussion and debate on many fronts.

    I often wonder if the exchange of views we have on this form would be tolerated by today’s halls of higher learning.

    I do not always agree with Mr Peterson however most never take the time to actually listen to what he is saying.

  • 42 Gene The Bean // Mar 18, 2018 at 8:51 am

    #38 absolutely correct.

    Conservatives used to be fiscally prudent, mostly fair and relatively honest. They actually looked ‘into the future’ to govern, where more liberal governments ‘lived for the day’. That has all changed. Bigly.

    Conservatives now are mostly glutinous fear mongering shovelers of hate, dissent and discord. They are oppressors, bagmen for the corportists and racist purveyors of everything that is wrong with our species. They are the old, white version of ISIS, hiding behind a “fairy tale” version of history, dragging their dumbed down followers into “their” future, which is actually the past.

    As they have learned to do, conservatives will use hate and racism to govern in places like the EU. It works …. for now.

    I hope the nutjob conservatives keep complaining about the “lazy” next generation and how we all need to “protect our heritage” and how “education” now’a’days is failing and blah blah blah (insert old white man rants here…) …. they will never see it coming…. and it is coming.

    For as much as some like to talk (but do nothing concrete) about the “dangers” of China and Russia, the real and current danger is ‘Murica and what its government(?) currently stands for.

    Trump couldnt organize a two house paper route. Private Bone Spurs is a racist narcissistic sociopath and anyone that thinks Trump will do anything positive for the world, his country or his people is basically the same, an idiot.

    November 2018 elections will tell the tale. I am telling you now, the Righty Tighty Whiteys aren’t going to like it….

    I don’t think now is the time to spend a lot of effort on China and Russia when we have a neighbour who is a certified nut job.

  • 43 nonconfidencevote // Mar 18, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    @ #42 Gene the Bean

    Actually Trump was given a medical deferrment for Vietnam.
    Hence he never even made “Private”.
    Therefore please refer to him as
    Cadet Bone Spurs

  • 44 BMCQ // Mar 18, 2018 at 6:24 pm

    Harry – 41

    I should first state that I have Friends and Family that are Teachers and by far the vast Majority of them are find upstanding citizens and they do not get enough credit.

    As is usually the case it is the Leftist Activist Ideologues that are Indoctrinating the Children and it is shameful.

    I was indoctrinated when I was in Elementary School but I was taught to NOT Litter, Do Unto others, Work Hard for what you get, Respect Others, Assist those Less Fortunate, Listen and Learn, and the rest, ALL of which I live by today.

    Somehow we have lost that.

    Much of what is exchanged on this Blog would not be accepted in the “Safe Spaces” on many University Campus.

    It seems to me that the PC, Social Engineering Social Justice Warriors will not rest until ALL Males in our Society are Emasculated and they “Sit to Pee”. Frightening.

    My Sons Wife is two thirds of the way becoming a CPA at UBC and she confirms that for the most part life at UBC is as described. She is quite Conservative and she notices a big difference between Business, Engineering, and Science Students as opposed to Arts People. She tells us the Teachers from those Faculties are even much different.

    Bush 41 called had his Axis of Evil but it now seems that for starters we now have a slight redo to that group which primarily includes China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, ISIS, and probably more.

    That of course does not mean we cannot work with China to bring North Korea to near submission the Negotiating Table.

    Keep in mind that “War Hero” and “Line in the Sand” Leader Barack Obama did not come close to bringing NK close to anything except the fact that his Dithering and Weakness assisted to enbolden NK and assisting them in Launching Armed Nuke Warheads against it’s neighbours.

    Of course now CNN, NYT, WaPo, and other Obama Disciples are trying to convince the “Great Unwashed” that it is the Obama Strategy that is bringing the NK to the table.


    Neither does it mean we cannot work with Russia to defeat ISIS, solve Syria, and negotiate to work with them on other “Hot Spots”

    We must not forget that the U.S. and the UK partnered with one of the Worst Criminals ever to walk the earth, Joseph Stalin to Defeat Hitler and Japan.

    I personally believe there was a lot more cooperation between the U.S. and Russia in defeating ISIS.

    Syria is another story and something that needs to be addressed. The UN is doing nothing so hopefully the West/NATO and the U.S. can sit down with Putin soon and work something out.

    Syria needs to first be partitioned and they need Regime change.

    Somehow the West needs to ind a way to give the Kurds their own Kurdistan but at the same time split the Oil equitably between the three including groups Shiite and Sunni.

    Shiite and Sunni need to each be considered in that plan. Three Countries is what is needed and the U.N. needs to be there forever, the Innocent Civilians that just want to make a life deserve that chance.

    The sooner the better, there are about 5 Million of them that need to go back to the Middle East from the EU.

    We talk a lot about China Trade, their abuse of their own People, Minority Religions, other Minorities, Tibet, Freedom of Movement, Dishonesty in the Marketplace World Wide, and the rest but we do not talk much about the Counterfeit problem or we do not talk about China being in the middle of various Drugs, Narcotics and other similar exports to the West.

    China is responsible for $ Billions of Dollars of Counterfeit Consumer Gooods, Food Products and the rest but one item that gets no notice is China cheats by turning a Blind eye to the Manufacture of Counterfeit Parts for the Airline and Auto industry. They also creat real danger with the quality of many items such as Steel that will not stand up to Stress Test and others required for many Industries in the Free World. And guess what, They DON’T CARE!

    The West has been asleep on this and I hope the U.S. Government addresses this on their crackdown on China.

    The COMMUNIST Chinese Government will turn a Blind Eye to anything that makes them a profit.

    Think about that next time you get a good deal on a cut rate Airline when you are in Asia.

    Then of course there is this and more.

    PM Justin Mumbles about China doing their part by stopping the export of Dangerous Drugs to Canada. Yeah, Sure, they really Care Justin.

    PM Justin pays this catastrophic Problem Lip Service and the media then ignore it. Really?

    We then wring our hands about the Opioid/Drug Addiction and Overdose problem in the West, the U.S. and Canada.

    Yet Poverty Pimps and others that make their Income from the Drug and Poverty industry never ever talk about this problem that will change Western nations and Cultures forever.

    Then of course there those that do not want a Mexico/U.S. Border Wall.

    Let them then give this some consideration.

    Do you really think that Chinese Leadership really care about the fact that Fentanyl and Opioids are being shipped to the West,much of it through Mexico into the U.S. and then into Canada?

    I just hope that we are not faced with a Krokodil Crisis Epidemic any time soon.


    A wall is need now more than ever!!

    Without control of Migration, Defined Borders, and the Ability to Defend those Borders One Has NO Country”

    Just ask the Good Hard Working Tax Paying Citizens of the EU.

    Changes are coming.

    I wish more people would speak up Harry.

    BTW, you are correct and I am in full agreement when you say that some of the topics discussed here would not be allowed to take place in universities and it is a Bloody Shame!

    At the same time most other Blogs do not allow similar Conversations tot take place.

    Keeping it Real allows many different opinions to be heard and that is what separates this Blog from most others. Great points.


    (Edited…this getting WAY off topic. h.o)

    For anyone to suggest that we should not spend effort on China and Russia is simply Juvenile and not worthy of being taken seriously.


  • 45 Les H. // Mar 18, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    Xi Ping will in time have to watch his own back, absolute power even in a communist dictatorship government will have those who desire an internal coup de gras one day.

    As to this, and to speak out against my often self-righteous Canadian citizens when they lambaste the USA and currently the duly elected President Trump most often 99.9999% of the time without credibility and facts, while we see narcissist, selfie loving drama actor playing the role of our PM and his commie loving ideals. I will take the USA leading the world over China or any other wannbe grand power ANY TIME, ANY DAY!

    You see folks and directed mostly to my often indignant fellow Canadian citizens, one can likely find 10,000 things wrong that the USA has done or is doing, BUT! here is the point the next most powerful nation on Earth has done and does at least 10,001 things wrong… So stick that in your collective, self-righteous Canadian ears.

    Until another power globally can take over and lead better than the USA has and does, I will stick my trust shaky as it can be at times, in the USA and for 7 more years the current US President, but I’ll call em out as I see em when they may do wrong.

    WHAT??? You gonna trust Communist China with it’s now LEADER FOR LIFE President? China is not a new leader for a better world, it has many of its own problems, a commie dictatorship being just one.

    HUH? India? 800milion live on $1.00 a day while 300million live at near middle class lifestyle. NOPE NOT THEM!

    HUH? Maybe Russia? Well they seem to prefer their current strong arm and he likely is needed as the people want such an alpha to lead their nation, one still developing from the 70+ years of failed Communism under the now dead USSR. But other than nukes and lots of natural resources most still untapped they are not able to lead the world.

    Hmm lets see… The E.U.? BWHAHAHAHA what a joke, USSR 2.0 is the E.U. circa 2018. Brussels is the new Moscow and Germany the new muscle in a stripping of rights continent, a continent rife with self-loathing whites, Cultural Marxist loving lefties everywhere. Where DIVERSITY IS NOT A STRENGTH, BUT LEAD TO THEIR LIKELY SOON TO BE THIRD EUROPEAN CIVIL WAR IN JUST OVER 100 YEARS. The E.U and its corrupt bureaucracy could not lead a London double Decker bus out of a parking lot let alone lead the world circa 2018.

    WHO ELSE??? BRAZIL CORRUPT STATE with immense poverty and crime… PLEASE!!!

    Ah lowly lil CANADA. 36million filled with many self-loathing whites, SJW’s, govt. tit sucking socialist wannabes, with a clueless drama queen teacher as PM…. No, fellow Canucks, our future if we do not stop our growing insanity of P.C. and lover for more Canadian big brother and our love for Canadian socialist crap will be us as culturally as bad as Sweden in today and economically as bad Venezuela is… WE WONT LEAD JACK SH*T IN 2018

    So folks it is the USA to lead as flawed as it is and its current REAL MAN/ALPHA as President Trump is if you still believe in THE WEST IS BEST as it has been with the USA leading for the last 70+ years or we will see the west fail if the USA no longer leads or as many are trying to conspire against.. TAKE YOUR CHOICE!

  • 46 13 // Mar 18, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    Panda bears moving from some zoo in Eastern Canada to a zoo in Calgary. Pandas from China.
    Will we see massive protests against the communist bears? They are kinda cute.
    To bad Alberta has a left wing provincial government. Trudeau should use the office of the PM to round up the bears and send them back to China. First the bears then the i phones the electronics the food products(probably a good idea ) runners, jeans, and no more gas , oil, coal, lng, lumber etc. Until the Chinese are ready to hold free open democratic elections .
    We do absolutely nothing continue to sell our assets to the Chinese until they own us lock stock and barrel. The bears are kinda cute?

  • 47 BMCQ // Mar 19, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Les H.

    You have basically pointed out the reality of the situation.

    Of course DJT has his Warts but when you consider what direction the U.S. and the rest of the Free World was headed under Obama, Merkel, and the rest people wanted another direction.

    I am looking forward to the U.S. Mid Terms, Talking Heads on CNN and others are openly supporting anything but Republican and they virtually are guaranteeing and promoting a Win in the House and Senate for the Dems.

    We shall see.

    Personally I believe U.S. Citizens of all Ethnic Backgrounds are more interested in Work, a Border, control of Migration, and Accountability through the Rule of Law than they are interested in the “Identity Politics” and “Race Bating” of the Democrats and the Leftist Media.