Christy Facing Politician’s Worst Nightmare

The worst thing that can happen to a politician  (apart from being criminally charged) is for people to start laughing at you.

This week I watched Clark’s latest director of “communications” (LOL!), Sara Macintyre,  standing there on camera, telling reporters the premier would not be taking any questions that day. (LOL!)  While Clark was there for all to see, in a kind of faraway fuzzy photo-op, as if she was pretending to be premier… but avoiding “the riff raff” public’s messengers  and their questions (LOL!).

I actually laughed out loud watching that bizarre scene! (LOL!)

But the on-going message, witnessed by a couple of hundred thousand British Columbians,  is quite a serious one…

Clark is becoming a joke.

A provincial premier, never elected to that post, now decides she just won’t take any questions except when she wants to  …even when she’s out doing “public” appearances.

Who does she think she is?  Queen Elizabeth?  Oprah? Lindsay Lohan?  Or Stephen Harper?


Why Harper? Because in her previous incarnation, Macintyre was press secretary for Harper … one of the most unapproachable prime ministers I can ever remember … who not only rarely takes questions, but also forbade public officials from answering media questions or doing interviews without getting approvals … and the party line…from Ottawa HQ.

Almost a total disrespect for the public’s right to know..or the media’s right to ask questions.

Another funny thing, though: before joining the dark side, Macintyre worked for the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation, which has a long history of supporting the public’s right to ask questions, get all kinds of information and demand answers from politicians.  And she was a great spokesperson for them IN VICTORIA!!!

A hypocrite?  Or just a joke?

No matter.  It’s not her who will pay for the highest price for this latest stupidity: it will be Clark.

Clark and Macintyre and anyone else who supposedly is in the business of managing the premier  know BC is NOT Ottawa. In the nation’s capital, there are so many spread out ministries and constantly changing issues  as well as all kinds of regional affairs …not to mention a huge security bubble …  that the PM and his ministers can easily avoid the media and the people. Not so in BC: both the media and public here are a lot closer to the politicians on a daily basis.

Does the acting premier actually believe the people of this province will be impressed when they see her media manipulators pronouncing “The premier will take no questions today!” ?????

Who is plotting her communications strategy these days? John Cummins?

I hope the media will show that and report that EACH AND EVERY TIME IT HAPPENS.

That will put an end to the practice …or show just how badly Clark’s handling of herself in the premiers job is deteriorating day by day.

Harv Oberfeld




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42 Responses to Christy Facing Politician’s Worst Nightmare

  1. Steve Cooley says:

    Almost a total respect for the public’s right to know..or the media’s right to ask questions.

    I suspect you intended to write – almost a total DISrespect for the public’s right to know.

    (Response: Ooops! Thanks Steve. Corrected now. 🙂 And I also added another paragraph on Ottawa vs. B.C. h.o)

  2. wendy says:

    She makes Gordon Campbell look good. What an embarassment.

    She won’t answer questions because she doesn’t have the answers.

    It is so unbelievable but very sad for the people of BC.

  3. RossK says:

    Mr. O —

    Did you say ‘becoming’ a joke?


    The Birdman appears to have brought in the comedy writers…


  4. kwm says:

    Hi Harvey,
    I agree! Each day becomes more desperate and laughable than the one before and oh how very bad it looks for all of the BC Liberals as they try to maintain any kind of balance on the goo ship Liberal Lollipop! (yes, a sucker reference) While CBC sleeps, some of the mainstream media is picking up and reporting on some of the corruption of the past decade so their cover is definitely blown and Clark has to hire someone like Sara M to cover–but instead she’s agitating the situation and making Christy all the more laughable. Alex G Tsukamis is also set to reveal more about Bloy and how he may tie into BC Rail just as revealed how he tied into Christy’s ‘stolen’ or ‘bought’ leadership campaign. Where’s the CBC? Will their refusal to act on tips be part of the BC Liberal Inquiry (covering all the missed investigations of the last decade)?? Well done and thanks Harvey! There is hope for democracy and the common British Columbian with every post you write.

  5. Wendy says:

    Maybe this communications director will stop chewing gum in public when it was so obvious in the video, just like Christy Clark doesn’t seem to wear as low cut tops anymore after that topic was brought up.

  6. kootcoot says:

    “The worst thing that can happen to a politician (apart from being criminally charged) is for people to start laughing at you.”

    Can a politician (except for an NDPer like Glen Clark who was framed and aquitted) actually get criminally charged, even when they deserve to be charged? I thought that was what folks like Basi, Virk, Sona and “Pierre Poutine” were all about and the recently appointed Reformatory Senators, who took the fall for the “in and out” scheme.

    As far as your comparison between media access in Ottawa vs. Victoria, I certainly hope you aren’t trying to imply that the BC media keeps the libs’ feets to the fire……….hell, the BC Rail Trial was almost a secret star chamber as LaPointe and Lucinda Chodan both rarely thought that the BC Rail hearings were important enough to qualify as NEWS. The conviction and sentencing of Basi’s cousin (who was the trigger for surveillance of phones leading to the Ledge Raids as he was calling the office of the Minister of Finance, “Ferret” Collins regularly) was top secret for months until BC Mary found out about it and scooped all the media in BC, who then tardily and discreetly acknowledged their failure and the fact that she was correct, without ever explaining why they hadn’t mentioned the fact that the cousin of the chief aide to .the former Finance Minister, who had been calling the offices of same multiple times weekly, had been sentenced to eight years for being a “king pin” of the cocaine trade on Vancouver Island, exporting product to Ontario.

    You alone are of more value to the public for information than the whole media establishment in B.C. Harvey, and we all know the biggest and best resourced “news room” or propaganda factory in the province is the Public Affairs Bureau, or whatever they call it now (I hear it has been renamed, but still serves the same old purpose)!

    (Response: My reference to Ottawa was meant to suggest that, while there is so much going on in the nation’s capital, the leader can avoid the media for a week or more without most people noticing; but here that’s not possible. And I hope the media will keep showing her AVOIDING questions or her communications minions blocking their chance to even ask. h.o)

  7. cherylb says:

    All the while chewing her gum like a cow chewing its cud. How professional. Don’t they teach you in Communications 101 not to annoy the people you are supposed to be communicating with? And for this taxpayers are paying $200,000 a year. I wish Christy would just give it up and call the election already. There is nothing she can do to change anyone’s mind….

  8. mariner says:

    I don’t know – was she (Sarah M.) chewing gum or fighting with her false teeth to make them stay in place. Sheesh, I just can’t make up my mind.


  9. Mike Cleaver says:

    Wait for it.
    Her next move will be to hire a “spokesperson” so she never again will have to speak in public or answer any questions herself, just as the huge corporations and conglomerates do.
    The “spokesperson” will simply stand up, read a prepared statement and answer any questions by saying: “I’ll get back to you” which, of course, they never will.
    The parade of hiring “bimbos” will continue.
    She’s picked up so many cast-offs and “best befores” already, a few more will be along any minute.

  10. crh says:

    If was so funny at the end when Sarah said to the reporters…..’there she is, go ahead and take your shot’.

    (Response: Hilariious! Maybe we should start calling Clark “Dear Leader” and feel blessed when we are permitted to take a picture …from the distance, of course. LOL! h.o)

  11. Scotty on Denman says:

    Christy’s handlers have decided not to let her take any questions because she’s developed the alarming habit of snapping and snarling something about a back-dated memo like a junkyard dog doing a frothing pirouette at the end of its chain. Not particularly something new for her except that now, whether because of Harry Bloy’s resignation, or being upbraided by the judiciary or her tanking poll numbers, she’s seems testier than ever. The Speaker noticed it during the budget debate and had to tell her to sit down and shut up a number of times. Even her own caucus winces with embarrassment at her almost obsessive Dix-baiting.

    Dix, for his part, is trying hard not to look like he enjoys driving her crazy every time he smiles at her.

    (Response: The best thing Dix can do, it seems, is say little …just let the acting premier and her Communications “experts” (LOL!) keep doing it to themselves. h.o)

  12. kwm says:

    That’s funny! She could ride around in a glass Pope-mobile and have pre-recorded interviews with Pamela and Bill asking hard-hitting journalist-like questions on a set that looks like CTV. Who needs Borat or This Hour Has 22 Minutes!?! This is better than the PTL with Jim and Tammy Faye. Our tax dollars at work!

    (Response: All good! But I have to admit: I’m still am chuckling at my own earlier sudden vision.. BC now has its own Dear Leader, with a General barring access and questions! h.o)

  13. Keith says:

    Honestly cristy, were laughing with you, and your invite to the next Bilderbrg shindig is in the mail. You may want to advise sarah to rent and not buy, ask (Chris now not on anybody’s side) Olsen.

    All that’s missing from Monty Python is the foot coming down.

    Good grief Harvey, sadly you couldn’t make this up no matter how hard you tried.

    (Response: Now we see the silliness inherent in the system! All they’re missing is a Minister of Silly Walks. h.o)

  14. Keith says:

    Hi Harvey,

    (All they’re missing is a Minister of Silly Walks. h.o)

    Shouldn’t think they would have to look to far to find one of those.

  15. Barry says:

    This is getting so funny that I doubt that Rick Mercer or the Daily Show could top it!

  16. 13 says:

    Harvey, as one who supported Ms Clark both by joining the party and voting for her I am deeply disappointed.
    She has been given some of the worst advice any politician has ever been given. Or on the other hand has made her own decisions and if thats the case then its a good thing that she is going to be defeated because she isnt bright enough to govern. The list of blunders and fumbles is endless. Mr Dix must sit in wonder as to what idiotic move she will make next. I almost think that the Liberals must be wishing that Gordo was still in charge.

    Sadly I will still vote and support the Liberals unless the conservatives wake up and decide to outline a stellar platform.

    (Response: Actually, I even wrote a blog Run Christy Run when she was considering giving up her radio gig to run. What was I thinking! Or maybe my subconscious wanted to have a few good laughs? h.o)

  17. Gini says:

    Has anyone else noticed how haggard Christy’s looking lately? I think the poor dear has lost her groove!

    I should thank her for all the laughs she’s provided, especially the one tonight (on Global, I believe) where she was asked when she’s going to call those two by-elections. She put on her best ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ look and said,”You’ll know as soon as I know.”

    Would the real Premier please stand up?

  18. Gilbert says:

    Christy Clark doesn’t seem real. She should be on a comedy program. It’s so obvious she isn’t qualified to be premier. I don’t think her own party wants her.

    (Response: I’d bet there are some senior party organizers and financiers who are so worried about what will happen in the next election, they are trying to figure out how to get her to step down …for personal, family or even medical reasons. Or at least they should be…or the Liberals could go the way of Social Credit, opening the door very wide for the Conservatives. h.o.)

  19. D. M. Johnston says:

    I just could not resist this. The Ministry of silly Walks

    (Response: Somehow seems would fit right in with happenings these days in Victoria. h.o)

  20. Crankypants says:

    I think that all that needs to be said about Christy’s leadership can be summated by the online poll CKNW offered up on Thursday.

    The question was “Did Christy Clark deserve a PASS or FAIL on her first year as Premier of BC?” The last results I saw at about 8:00pm Thursday, which were the same as reported by Gord McDonald on The World Today, were PASS-24% and FAIL-76%.

    To use the slang Christy prefers, kinda says it all.

  21. RS says:

    Who does she think she is? Queen Elizabeth?

    She’s “Your Royal Heinous” don’t ya know.

  22. Gloria says:

    It is really embarrassing, how corrupt this once good country has become. For some reason, this country has spewed out the worst politicians, I can ever remember.

    Gordon Campbell works for Harper. Boessenkool works for Harper. Is Harper a Reformer from his Northern Foundation Party, of 1989? Are there two Conservative party’s in BC, or what? Didn’t Boessenkool work for Harper, and lobby for Enbridge?

    At least I know who I wont be voting for.

    (Response: The rewarding of Campbell by Harper speaks to the lack of respect he has for political integrity and honesty …. and the feelings of most British Columbians. h.o)

  23. pete says:

    Is this the end of Christy?
    Its getting harder and harder to paste the Libs current woes on Campbell. Assuming there will be a few more miscues, and loss of a couple byelections. Will Christy last till next spring? My money says the Libs pull out the knives and self-destruct. Some will jump to join Cummins (like Socreds in the mid-90s) . Christy will return to her day job where she was much more likeable and credible.

    (Response: Well, a funny thing (or not so funny) will happen as the election nears: the media pundits will start asking questions like; Can we afford an NDP government? Will the unions control the gocvernment under the NDP? and What about the terrible record of the NDP in the 90s? The last one I find particularly interesting because the same pundits who will be quite willing to tie the NDP of today to the NDP of the 90s will, at the same time, say we can’t tie Clark’s government to Campbell’s. LOL! h.o)

  24. Gini says:

    Oh, I do hope you’re wrong, Harvey, but at the same time, I’m afraid you’re right. If I remember correctly, that’s exactly what happened before the last election.

    Michael Smyth is one of my favourite columnists, but I recall swearing to myself that I would never read his column again after reading some of the BC Liberal cheerleading and NDP fear-mongering he did just prior to the election. I was beginning to think he was getting paid to write that crap.

    Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out if the MSM has a repeat performance, won’t we? And hope that the B.C. electorate doesn’t fall for it this time.

  25. CGHZD says:

    Chrispy’s new inner circle has Herr Harper’s finger prints all over it. Harper is desperately trying to make BC a satellite of the Religi/Crap/NeoCon party.
    It astounds me that people like”13” would still vote for the Liebrels knowing full well that the present Government is arguably the most corrupt , dishonest , deceitful, thieving group that BC and Canada has ever seen. God help us!
    An unelected fencepost with hair passing itself off as Premier. Only in BC.

  26. DonGar says:

    24% gave CC a passing grade. So just where and how much are we being robbed to pay for that support?

  27. Mo says:

    “An unelected fencepost with hair passing itself off as Premier. Only in BC.”

    BC Christy Clark: Unqualified, Uneducated, Unprincipled, Unelected!

  28. Burgess says:

    And if the Board of Trade puts up that obscene “Debt Clock” …………………???

  29. Grant G says:

    What boggles the mind is why Chrispy Clark would embrace Harper when he is in freefall..Harper`s Conservatives are 12% points behind the Federal NDP in BC and guess what, that`s without a leader, someone is getting brutal advice.

    Well MO, I seem to recall that title..

    Oh yea, here it is..

  30. 13 says:

    Do you ever wonder if this debacle isnt part of a plan. Maybe the right is using Ms Clark et al to steer us towards the new conservative party. About 50% of people in BC support the right and 50% the left.
    If you believe that the economy of BC would have survived 2008 under an NDP government then Dix will be your replacement for Ms Clark. If you think that as distasteful as the Liberals have been but we have survived due to their fiscal restraint then vote accordingly.
    I know that the public sector unions are salivating at the thought of a labour friendly government. Try to remember where the money for there excellent wages, benefits and pensions come from.

    (Response: The Dear Leader could never come up with a sophisticated plot that would see her take over the Liberals just to destroy them from the outside and catapult the Conservatives into power. Not even as a story of fiction, comedy or tragedy. Even if you throw in the life-long earlier life as a long time federal Liberal as a disguise! As for the NDP/unions …I believe your view of the is historically wrong and just part of the right-wing cliche. If I recall cxorreectly, the NDP actually had lots of problems with the public sector unions, who expected friendlier government ..but did not get it. h.o)

  31. Ian Fromme-Nelson says:

    The folks that Christy Clark and her government have been working and hanging with, I guess we should be grateful that Ms. MacIntyre didn’t whip out a sawed-off pool-cue…

  32. Doug R says:

    This (acting) premier won’t take questions….not to worry, I’ve never been impressed with any of her answers.
    When the hell is the election…this gong show is definitely over!

    (Response: Good point. Hard to believe …still more than a year to go. I would be amazed if she turned things around in that time. h.o)

  33. Lightsout says:

    Harvey – I’ve been kicking around this planet for longer than I would have thought possible, and have lived in some very strange places.
    Until now, I thought I’d seen the worst governments in the “free” world. This bunch in Victoria (and their immediate predecessor) take the cake, hands down, no contest. We don’t need Rick Mercer or This Hour Has 22 Minutes when we see what’s going on in this province. They couldn’t write a script like this.
    Deer Leader, or Snooki, or Crispy Crunch or whatever handle you want to hang on her (I LOVE the “fencepost with hair”) has become a laughing stock. Unfortunately for the general population, she’s taking us down with her. Time for her and her bunch to go – quickly and far away.

    (Response: If you think you’re frustrated, put yourselves in the minds of Liberal strategists. They must be staying up all night wondering how they can turn this around. Politics is funny, though …. you never know what can happen during a camapign! Doesn’t that scare you! h.o)

  34. VG says:

    The best take down of an inaccessible leader was the one in which you poleaxed Chretien by switching to French in a House Of Commons scrum.

    I would argue that Chretien was the most inaccessible leader the country or any province has ever had but I’ll explain that in closing. First, to replay the scene.

    Chretien was surrounded by the usual grinning gaggle of fellating press gallery types when you pressed him on an issue. He tried to dodge your questions with his usual garbled non-sequiturs but you pressed him. The gallery gobblers actually turned on you, one of their own. Unbelievable! Chretien trotted off in evident panic.

    His form of inaccessibility was as manipulative as Mulroney’s or Harper’s, only worse so because he treated the media as a joke, not a threat. Every day after a Commons session he would run up the stairs, two at a time as was often reported, and dismiss serious media questions with corn-pone humour. He was laughing at the gobblers and the gobblers would join him in laughter, thus laughing at their own dismissal.

    You’re the only one who ever nailed him. He saw you as a threat and in many ways, that’s a lot more respectful than being seen as a joke.

    (Response: Actually the exchange where I switched to Francais when the politician demanded a question in French was Lucien Bouchard, not Chretien. But my relationship with Chretien was also quite interesting: he would always take my questions in BC … even had a one-on-one sitdown interview … and I attribute that to good advisers out here. And even in Ottawa, he would recognize me and often pause to take a question. But he was an EXPERT at turning a question around … changing the subject, or when I often asked why so much funding for various Quebec or Ontario projects and so little for similar BC projects, he would deflect, by point out I was from Quebec myself.. drawing laughs from officials and other reporters …and then he’d move on, without really answering the question, and without others (other than he and I) even noticing how he sidestepped and didn’t answer. h.o)

  35. thinkingboutit says:

    After reading this article I just had to laugh, at Christys’ expense, and then there was just a feeling of sadness that this inept person was the leader of our province. My son used to put up a better defence for not taking out the garbage when he was 10. It really is sad.

    (Response: You’re right…there is a certain sadness amidst all the humour. That’s because we believe BC can be better and have better government and better leaders. Now whether the NDP or the Conservatives are the answer remains to be seen …or whether if either of them wins the next election, we’ll just have NEW group of people rewarding friends, lying and deceiving and trampling on the taxpayers. h.o)

  36. mariner says:

    I honestly don’t think the BC Conservatives will be the answer – they are too much like the federal Tories. Unless there is an exodus of Lieberal MLA’s to be independent, then the NDP will be tasked with getting the provincial economy running and sorted out.

    Things will get worse before they get any better – look at what Air Canada has done to make use of cheap overseas maintenance companies – bugger the Canadian people, just lets get really fat and rich. This is after Caterpillar pulled their stunt in Ontario.

    There will more assualts on the people of Canada/BC and the unions, before people start to wake up and see what is going on around them

    (Response: I haven’t seen their platform in any detail yet, but I’m no social conservative, so it would likely be a hard swing for me. But for those free enterprisers who would never vote NDP, the Conservatives WILL offer enough of an alternative to the Libs to perhaps sweep them to third place. h.o)

  37. D. Malcolm Johnston says:

    Some time ago I read an article which premise was, as our democracy eroded and big money started to run the show, those investing in politicians wanted the dumbest ones elected because they were so controllable.

    Stupid elected officials tend hire even more stupider assistants (can’t have ones assistant smarter than you), which leads to leadership chaos, bad politicos and equally bad law.

    This type of politics leads to utter fiasco, giving big money contributers almost unchallenged access to state/provincial law.

    Though written with the American political system in mind (Sarah Palin, et al) it is eerily similar to our political scene.

    The end of the piece was rather unnerving, either complete political subjugation and third world style of corrupt politics with a subdued electorate or revolution. both very sad and traumatic outcomes.

    (Response: Very scary. Campaign contributions from powerful groups are just part of the problem. Ever notice what happens AFTER they leave office to seasoned politicians who served various powerful interests as cabinet ministers etc ? The most obvious reward went to Campbell, but what about those lucrative board appointments, retainers and employment contracts for those who served … not the voters, but those who financed them. h.o)

  38. mariner says:

    Not directly related, but important none the less.
    NDP won Jack Layton’s old riding with approximately 60% of the vote – the Federal Conservatives got a huge 5% !!! (2030 hours pacific time).

    I don’t know if this will be any indication of what the people think of Harper and his bunch of Cons., but it is sure nice to see that the people of that riding value accountability, hope and hard work over greed and corporate giveaways.


  39. Paul says:

    What we see here is happening all across Canada. No, not the videoing and showing to the public, the arrogant attitude, and dis-respect the elected officals have for the Media (by proxi, the Public). Showing this sort of Video, is very rarely done the Press/Media “On the Hill”…..why? Because it happens daily!
    My view, if it were shown to the viewer, there would be fewer invitations to the party gatherings …Good! Or maybe that well martinized phone call, proclaiming “inside scoop” ahead of the other Media, would not happen….Good! I just hope the public understands that YOU PAY THEIR WAGES and should demand more accountability from your Counciler’s, MLA’s, and MP’s.
    The Media should also press harder against this kind of gathering control. The phrase “I don’t see you on my agenda” just does not cut it!

    (Response: Exactly! One of the things I am most proud of in my career is that I was NOT co-opted into the politicians’ or press social/lunch/drinking circles. I did my job … for those who paid the taxes, not those who spent them. And if politicians or others were arrogant or nasty…I was always happy to show that, and BCTV, and the viewers, always supported me in doing that. We need reporters today who will do that … despite the ‘social” cost they would pay with those they cover. h.o)

  40. pete says:

    …and the Liberal self destruction begins today! With John van dongen first to jump ship this afternoon. Christy must feel like the captain of an ill fated cruise liner.

  41. Saif says:

    if we vote for the NDP and Dix we will go back to all those bad times under the NDP. Please when can we start? I really was doing a lot beettr under those bad NDP times . I wasn’t being taxed to death; B.C. didn’t have the highest child poverty rate 8 yrs running; B.C. didn’t have the second lowest min. wage in Canada; we didn’t have the Surrey hospital using Tim Hortons as part of their E.R.; we didn’t have closed mills all over B.C.; we didn’t have tolls on our bridges; we didn’t have low paid workers cleaning hospitals; we didn’t have dirty hospitals; we weren’t owing the German banks a few billion dollars at 10% interest; we hadn’t sold B.C. Rail for a fire sale price; we weren’t paying the McGuire group 100 Million a yr for the highway to Whistler for 25 yrs; B.C. Hydro wasn’t tied to $25 Billion worth of run of the river power projects; and we didn’t have a lying cheating premier campbell.

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