Christy, Time to Go

It may be too late: the latest polls (not just one!) are consistently showing the Liberals are heading for Opposition.

And maybe even oblivion.

The un-elected acting premier pooh-poohed an Angus Reid poll a week ago that showed her approval rating had dropped another three points, down to 30%,  while her disapproval rating with voters went up five points to 63%.

Now Ipsos-Reid has reported numbers that are even worse: NDP Adrian Dix is now favored by 50 per cent of British Columbians polled, up five points, while Clark dropped a whopping 14 points, down to a measly 29% public support … less than a year before the next election.

Ipsos-Reid also found the NDP is now preferred by 48% of voters, up another 4%, while the Liberals dropped another 4%, to 29%.  The Conservatives drew 16% support.

It’s time to go, Christy.

If the Liberals are to have ANY chance of stopping their slide, it won’t come through government announcements: the public are on to that game and how untrustworthy ANY promises really are.

It also won’t happen through a sudden new love affair with Clark: she HAD that going for her when she decided to leave her radio talk show post and seek re-election: but she has squandered, spoiled and subverted her own popularity by her own actions and failures.

As I’ve pointed out on this blog several times, Clark supported seeking an election mandate as new party leader and premier as the proper thing to do … until she became new leader! Then she pushed those principles aside … grabbing power like some Third World dictator.

She also abandoned her previously-stated position that the HST should be expeditiously killed in the Legislature; fighting instead for six months to keep it, and even after taxpayers voted to get rid of it, she somehow hasn’t yet been able to make it disappear!  While  the province and big business continue to benefit to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars … pulled out of the pockets of struggling taxpayers.

Not to mention the hundreds of millions more imposed on the voters in higher MSP fees, another carbon tax increase, higher ICBC rates, higher ferry fares, all kinds of other fees/charges and another pending Hydro rate boost. (And everyone knows the announced  Hydro rate increase of 1.4% will be followed by MUCH higher charges after the election.)

And how about her handling of the teachers’ dispute! And the paramedics!  Both an absolute disaster, smacking of deliberate, planned failure to set up a political election issue …or just plain incompetence in handling and resolving a critical dispute for parents province-wide.

There is no way Clark can pull all this out for the Liberals.

The public clearly don’t like her anymore; don’t believe her anymore; and far too many are actually counting the weeks and  looking forward to sending her packing.

If she doesn’t go on her own.

The party needs a new leader … from the outside: John Furlong, David Podmore, Diane Watts  or some other high profile successful individual UNTAINTED by incumbent Liberal political “experience”.

Someone, anyone other than Clark … if it is to have any chance at all in the next election.

Harv Oberfeld

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43 Responses to Christy, Time to Go

  1. gb in victoria says:

    It must take an immense ego to stay on until the bitter end. Normal minds would consider that in order to give the party any chance one would be willing to make a sacrifice. Guess there is still lots of ‘film’ left in that camera.

    (Response: Either ego … or a complete lack of touch with reality. The real question is are party insiders/strategists also so out of touch with reality? Or are the political knives being unsheathed as we speak? Some intrepid reporter could soon get the biggest BC political story of the year! h.o)

  2. Doug says:

    Hear,hear. CC is incompetent and unelectable. If she really cared one iota about “the free enterprise coalition” she would step down now, today.

  3. Steve Cooley says:

    Don’t call John Furlong an outsider.

    (Response: I get your point: I meant outsider from a point of view of actually being in office or active party official. h.o)

  4. DonGar says:

    Agree Clark needs to go. However the NDP need to be very careful in who they put in-front of the voters. If they select people like Meggs they risk losing seats as people like him are even worse than what we have now.

    (Response: Very true. I’d bet there are MANY in Vancouver Fairview who have been willing to dump their locally almost invisible Liberal MLA … Labour Minister Margaret MacDiarmid …. but if Meggs is the NDP standard bearer, I think she could hold on to that riding. h.o)

  5. mol says:

    I truly hope that Unelected premier photo-op clings to the reins of power with a death grip until the election. It is the only way that we can rid ourselves of the stench we have been forced to live with over this past agonizing decade of mismanagement, selloffs of our assets to Liberal friends and insiders and the imposition of more fees, surcharges, increased costs and perpetual lies!!

    The Liberal party as we have known it needs to be banished to the sands of time, never to return.

    (Response: Certainly best for the NDP! And even the Conservatives. But I don’t understand how the Liberal supporters and strategists can sit back and let it happen …without at least a long shot of a new leader …esp one currently OUTSIDE the political arena. h.o)

  6. RossK says:

    But, Mr. O….

    According to The Dean it was not a dictatorial power grab after the anointing that made Ms. Clark abandon her earlier promises to call an early election and dump the HST.

    Instead, it was her party and caucus that made her do it after she was silly enough to ‘listen’ to them.

    Or some such laughable thing.

    Regardless, the real question here is….

    Where will her next soft-landing be?

    Me, I’m willing to take pretty short-odds on her being named the new Western correspondent for Sun’News’ Network.


  7. CGHZD says:

    Nobody can save this despot government.
    I really like the oblivion thing.
    |They richly deserve it.

  8. mol says:

    Well Harv, maybe they need it to happen. Too much baggage collecting, too many questions, I dunno… maybe they have secured their ill-gotten gains to their satisfaction and want out and away while the getting is good.

    (Response: Any government in power wants to do everything and anything they can to hold on….not just to keep cashing in for themselves and their supporters, but to stop others from getting inside and looking into the dark recesses of decisions, spending, contracts etc. Holding on to Christy is now showing to be an increasingly questionnable decision. h.o)

  9. crh says:

    Not only do we want to see the defeat of the Libs, we want to see an ounce of blood from the corrupted as well.

    Make ’em pay. Take the net worth of individuals involved in all things Liberal!!!!

  10. SB says:

    This govt is run and has been run by Kinsella and a small group around him from the onset Clarks just a bobblehead for them and its about another short time to steal more from the taxpayers of BC while yelling look at what teh NDP did in the 90s as a defence .
    Clark is a puppet thats all sad thing is im not so sure she gets it.

    (Response: Kinsella may have influence in some areas, but I believe to say he and a group around him run the government is overstating reality. I’d be more interested in seeing a report on to what extent he has personally benefitted from his government contacts! h.o)

  11. Mo says:

    She will hang on to the bitter end. she has nowhere else to land. and besides, the bc libs have not yet finished raping and plundering BC Assets.

  12. Bruce says:

    I don’t know if there is anything worse than oblivion, but if there is, this crooked, incompetetent bunch of LIEberals certainly deserve to be sent there. The sooner, the better.

    Our province can’t really handle another 10-11 months of this bunch. It will take decades to recover what they’ve done. Their tired, old defence about the NDP in the 90’s is less believable every time they trot it out.

    (Response: It would be suicide to call an election now…so May 2013 sure seems the likely date. The only thing that CAN change is the candidates ..and that sure won’t be Dix or Cummins, barring any suddenly discovered criminal-activity videos!! h.o)

  13. Scotty on Denman says:

    Okay, let’s try this scenario: Christy hangs on for the next fixed-election date despite decreasing polling numbers, numbers that get so low, they go into the negative, so low, people start moving to BC just to vote against her, so low, Glen Clark changes his name to Glen Campbell…

    Voting day comes and the BC Liberals are wiped out so bad they have to build another Legislative Assembly to hold all the new NDP MLAs, so bad, Jim Shepard gives his dollar back, so bad, a warrant is issued for Patrick Kinsella who has allegedly patented a substance called Kinselloid which renders BC Liberals invisible….

    ….maybe it could happen, but I doubt it…

    More likely Christy will repeal the fixed-election date law and go for five years instead of four, changing the name of the party to the BC Progressive Conservatives to confuse voters, and, for good measure, changing her own name to Adrianne Dix just before introducing online voting to be run by her campaign manager, the new owner of BC Lottery Corp., and a new PIN number everybody can use, “The People’s PIN.”
    Jim Shepard will buy “every-page” advertising…

    …and Gordon Campbell will run for Prime Minister…

    …all possible, but unlikely…

    If I had but one wish, it would be for a general election, oh…I don’t know, tomorrow, if not sooner.

    (Response: I predict a rare accomplishment: EVERY one of your predictions will be proven WRONG! 🙂 h.o)

  14. D. M. Johnston says:

    Premier Photo-op should have resigned before she was appointed the unelected Premier of BC. The more of the self-centred history of this woman I hear, the more I want the RCMP to arrest her.

    Gordon Campbell was a populist American style Republican politician, firmly believing that right-wing political friends should get large portions of BC’s crown corporations and when the provincial NDP became a joke, lead by a joke, Campbell and his buddies were a shoe in.

    After 11 years pillaging the province,the BC Liberals now have a very weak joke leading the province and with all sorts of scandals hanging around the BC Liberals like proverbial Albatrosses, it looks like the provincial NDP will do to the Liberals, what the BC Liberals did to them.

    It will be taking the “do unto others as they did unto you” to the extreme!

    The result will be a bloated NDP government who will make all the same mistakes as the BC Liberals, leading to four more years of bad government and with the likes of Meggs and some other half-witted moon-beam types in the NDP, bike lanes will be the least of our worries.

    Politicians in BC and Canada suffer from a very dreadful disease when elected, it is called “abuse of power”.

  15. Doug in View Royal says:

    Clark backed off the early election promise once it became apparent that the HST referendum was going to pass by a large plurality. She doesn’t have either the common-sense or decency to realize that the people of this province want new government right now. If you have a true “Families First” agenda, you give them the privilege to change captain and crews when they want to.

    (Response: I think she realizes it: she just doesn’t want to give in to it. The party itself will have to push her…or surrender to its fate (the polls show not that a lot of people would be saddened by their defeat) h.o

  16. r says:

    Unelected premier can go and Campbell can come back.

  17. Gini says:

    Christy can go and Gordo can come back?? So, we jump from the frying pan into the fire and back into the frying pan again?

    No, we need to put that devastating BC Liberal fire out for good and let B.C. rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, under Adrian Dix. No easy task, IMHO.

  18. kootcoot says:

    Everyone write their MLAs, letters to the editors, intertoobz comments and DEMAND an election this fall, that’s my idea of compromise. Then if we are going to stay “Americanized” with fixed election dates (and cycles) the fall is a much more sensible time to hold it, rather than in the middle of the budgetary process – the only advantage of which is the ease of lying about financial issues.

    BC Election Fall of 2012 – we’ve had enough!

  19. Maharg says:

    David Podmore, really????????

    That Mitch McConnell look alike is the major reason for the huge cost overruns of both the Convention Centre and BC Place. Well before the Olympics, Podmore spearheaded drives for a publicly funded Convention Centre. They were rejected for being too costly as well as there being an abundance of similar facilities throughout North America.

    Along comes the Olympics with another opportunity for a publicly funded white elephant. The strategy was to low ball the price and exaggerate the funding sources. Viola, mission accomplished!

    (Response: I’m not advocating any of them: just suggesting alternatives they could look at because if the Liberals want to have any chance of winning, surely Christy has to go … now. h.o)

  20. Gary T says:

    I’m afraid that the time for Stupid to leave was before she started. I hope she takes the rest of those buffoons with her too.

  21. r says:

    BC controversy= Campbell quits(HST petition?-loss of natural gas revenue?)/ldb boss quits(sale?)/BC Hydro boss quits(ipp contracts?)

    RCMP should look into BCHydro IPP contracts and possible liberal memnber links.

  22. Keith E. says:

    Hi Harvey,

    If cristy goes then who? I can’t see anyone that has been associated with these appalling people that would have any credibility should they step up to the plate. The blogosphere would dig up every dirty deed they were part of, or stood by and watched then did nothing.

    Dianne Watts? If I were in her shoes I would keep as far away from liberal leadership and her name as possible. She has a great gig in Surrey, heaven knows what will be coming out of the woodwork ,IF, the next government have the testicular fortitude to do the necessary digging, and like it or not, sooner or later she would be wearing part of it. And would she want to be associated with the lemmings that may remain when the dust settles.

    Best case scenario, let a fire hydrant lead the liberal party, no-one would know the difference, then anyone with leadership aspirations should hold their nose and have a go 18 months before the election following this. Hopefully without the same old puppets and the same old puppet masters with offshore bank accounts linked to general tax revenues.

    (Response: What you … and a lot of people commenting on here …are fogetting: there are still MANY British Columbians who do NOT want the NDP in office, but don’t like Cummins or his social perspective (why does he always seem so angry and even nasty?). Like it or not, many will vote Liberal no matter what, AND many others WOULD vote Liberal if they had a credible leader …but not for Clark. Dix should hope she stays; but I can’t believe the Libs are so dumb …or maybe they are! h.o)

  23. Colin N says:

    Christie’s fingerprints are all over the BC Rail affair and an NDP victory will result in a full inquiry into the sale of BC Rail & the Basi/Virk decision, potentially bad news for her! Thats just one more reason she will do everything to stay on, but anything that would bring on an earlier general election would be great news. One word of warning to the NDP, the province needs a government with a balanced (middle of the road) outlook – don’t nominate too many unionists!

    (Response: Should be very interesting if the NDP gets in an we get a REAL look at the BC Rail deal. Even as a union supporter, I would also caution them: the key to staying in office is to cater to the middle class … not just big unions and people living on the fringes of society. Sure they deserve a fair deal ..but SO DO THOSE OF US in the majority who pay the bills. h.o)

  24. StandupforBC says:

    Mo // Jun 16, 2012 at 3:56 am said:

    “She will hang on to the bitter end. she has nowhere else to land.”

    Surely you jest Mo.

    Our corporate rulers, the ones who gave Gordon Campbell his sinecure as High Commissioner to Great Britain will keep Ms. Clark in pumps and faux pearls.

    Them’s the rewards …

  25. Mo says:


    no pearls before swine for this pig… no matter what lipstick you put on it.

    DUMB as a door knob

  26. 212Degrees says:

    What would really be interesting is if the pollsters would ask the question ” Do you think BC needs an election within the next six months”. What would even be more interesting, since Clark claims she listens to the public, is how she reacts, comments, and follows through on the results.

  27. Linda says:

    The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Boessenkool, all work for Harper. Christy is riding the fence on the Enbridge pipeline. However, Boessenkool works for Harper, and he lobbied for Enbridge. I’m pretty sure BC citizens are fully aware, of Christy’s true stance on Enbridge is. I doubt Christy is calling all the shots for BC.

    Harper has dealt BC more than a few low blows. Christy has done nothing to fight for BC. The Coast Guard Station shut down. Moving the oil clean-up out of BC. Not refunding the program, for the F.N. that trains them for jobs in BC mines. No doubt, this is to cause anger, between F.N. bands. No Enbridge pipeline, no education for F.N. wanting to work BC mines.

    After all, the BC citizens forced Campbell to resign. We oppose the HST. We oppose the Enbridge pipeline. We oppose the dirty diseased fish farms, that are killing off the wild Salmon. There is a rumor…Christy has put out a gag order on the media. Seems, the in river Salmon are having massive die offs.

    Well, the BC citizens, have had over 10 years of low blows, from Campbell. His theft and sale of our BC assets and resources. We haven’t forgot Harper’s part, in the destruction of BC either.

    We BC citizens are very used to, over a decade of, hate, spite, malice, and vindictiveness so terrible, it verges on insanity.

  28. Bruce A says:

    I notice from some of the comments that there are still people who belive the NDP are controlled by unions. A month or so ago – CBC did an article on how the NDP and the BCLibs are funded. The NDP get less than 20% of thier funding from unions and the other over 80% from individuals. On the other hand the BCLibs get over 70% of thier funding from corporations and business and less than 30% from individuals. In the same article both Cummings and Dix said they would be ok with banning union and corporate donations. But the BCLibs would not go that far. Now if the NDP only get $2.00 out of every $10.00 from unions – then how in hell are the unions in control. I think that myth is spread by the BCLibs and repeated by the msn so often that people just repeat it without even questioning it. I would be far more concerned with a party that gets over 70% of thier funding from corps and business – because we know they don’t give out that kind of money without expecting something in return.

    (Response: As a former union VP, who played a role in unionizing BCTV’s newsroom, and payed a price for that on the job afterwards … I am proud of my union ties. But I understand the conerns of some about NDP/union links …not that they control the party financially, but that the NDP will spend too freely giving unions pay and benefits levels that go beyond reason: it’s nice to pay people generously, but that money has to come from someone else and Mike Smyth in The Province has even suggested this idea/fear will play big in the Libs campaign strategy. So it’s a legitimate concern. h.o)

  29. Scotty on Denman says:

    Polling companies can certainly embellish the essential question of a subject’s voting preference with whole rafts of annoying queries about strengths of approval or disapproval and even more about stuff so cryptic and seemingly unrelated, pollsters are regularly accused of abusing stats or of trying to influence electoral outcomes by partisans who strongly disapprove of a poll’s results because it doesn’t manipulate the electorate the way they’d like it to. Polls of even the highest standard of veracity are thus always suspect to a large portion of a sampled population. There is really no reason, therefore, not to poll just such a question as 212Degrees suggests.

    I’m willing to bet a large majority would poll in favour of having an election within the next six months (…or even sooner, I’d bet.) Unfortunately, Christy would not be bound by such a poll, but she’d have to address it nonetheless.

    Now, all politicians resort to more-or-less stock phrases to pooh-pooh unfavourable poll numbers: “I never pay attention to polls…”, “The only poll that counts is on election day…”, “Polls are for dogs…,” et cetera. Such lyrics have become worse than shop-worn in BC, where an election was promised, but the promise broken when it had served the purpose of winning Christy the BC Liberal leadership, and where an election is now so long overdue. Perhaps it’s because of these idiosyncrasies Christy has made the remarkable assertion that polls cannot be believed anymore. Not just the polls that consistently indicate and trend her government’s terminal prognosis, but all polls, everywhere.
    According to Christy, because polls show her government tanking, the era of polling has come to an end. R.I.P.

    Perhaps it’s the eye-poppin’, ‘g’-droppin’ idiosyncrasy of Christy Clark herself to incongruently declare the end of polling in one breath and cite Alberta Premier Allison Redford’s apparent come-from-behind win (despite contradictory poll numbers) as affirmation that she, too, will win in BC in the next breath.

    Ready…, Fire…, Aim…, as Kevin Falcon once said of Christy Clark.

    Polls are polls. Given a clear set of assumptions upon which any statistical sampling is made, polling has its uses. To be sure, all parties, including the BC Liberals, do extensive “internal” polling. It practically defines disingenuousness, though, when she pronounces all polling dead because no sampling of the BC electorate can be found which is favourable to the irredeemably disgraced BC Liberals. I shudder to think Christy might have inadvertently let slip her intention of introducing online voting; then, for sure, polling, especially the only one that really counts, would become completely unbelievable. And not only polling, but democracy, too, would be pronounced dead.

    (Response: Polls CAN be manipulated by the questions asked BUT polling is an expensive operation, so what’s the point of spending VERY BIG BUCKS to get untrue answers? When party organizations or media lay out $$$$ for polls, they want to know AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE how people feel about candidates, issues etc.. They can of course try to spin the results but the poll numbers themselves are usually a pretty good sampling, done by companies whose reputations … and future revenues… depend on providing accurate info. h.o)

  30. Leah says:

    Will someone please define for me – exactly what is “middle class”? How much money does one have to earn to be considered middle class?

    Yes, I am serious.

    (Response: From Wikpedia “In Weberian socio-economic terms, the middle class is the broad group of people in contemporary society who fall socio-economically between the working class and upper class. The common measures of what constitutes middle class vary significantly between cultures”. In Harvey’s definition (LOL) if you find you are getting a huge salary equal to the combined income of three of your neighbours, yet your accountant still can manage massive tax breaks for you, write-offs of your luxury vacations, vehicles you’re wealthy; if you can barely pay your rent, or buy groceries for your family, get social assistance, GST refund, subsidized transit or other help, you’re low-income. And if you get nothing from government …jusy pay, pay, pay for everyone else’s breaks …you’re middle class. h.o)

  31. Scotty on Denman says:

    Leah: I offer these definitions of “middle class,” the first one of which I heard somewhere and stuck in my mind probably because it’s simple and easy to remember: middle class includes those whose incomes are between one half and double the average income. Seems about as good as the many other, more complicated definitions I’ve seen.

    The second comes from an observation of my own and is based on attitude instead of income: if you are deluded into thinking you will become rich while at the same time in denial about just how perilously close to penury you really are, you’re probably middle class.

  32. 13 says:

    As A liberal supporter I cant imagine anyone that would like to take over the helm of this sinking ship.
    If they dont end up as the official opposition and the conservatives are in second place I know that I will support the conservatives so that in 2017 there will be a party to replace the NDP. If the worlds economy goes into the tank Mr Dix will spend 4 years blaming the previous gov and world wide economic woes for his inability to deliver on promises. There are only 2 ways for him to fund his utopia
    Huge corporate profits creating wealth or raising personal taxes and user fees. Ill bet he ends up with option number two.

    (Response: Blaming previous administrations for problems is a Canadian tradition … sometimes two or three elections later. I doubt Dix would change that. h.o)

  33. Robert says:

    I can’t figure out this fear mongering about the NDP catering to unions . The public sector unions in the 90’s went 0,0 and 2 under the NDP which is why so many public sector unions were pissed off with them. They as with the Socreds and now the Liberals would not negotiate. Legislate a settlement was the way to go. They were too afraid of what you and your friends in the media would say if they gave more than 2 percent over 3 years.

    (Response: You are correct about settlements in the 90s and the friction the NDP had with unions at the time. But they later “made up” … so I don’t think it’s unusual that people might worry about what might cost them … beyond fair settlements. Personally I’d like to see private enterprise union rights and the ability to certify strengthened …because it’s becoming harder and harder for workers to get full time hours, fair wages …even when companies are makiing huge profits and the executives are taking home more than ever. h.o)

  34. Larry Bennett says:

    Sorry Linda, but I think you’re delusional. If Harper seems to be supportive of the B.C. Liberals it is only because he is aware what a disaster there would be on the west coast with NDP in power, especially with Dix and Meggs at the rudder. I think you will see, or sense, that the Conservatives (federal) will be supportive of some kind of alliance between the provincial Liberals and the provincial Conservatives. Though very discreetly.

  35. Larry Bennett says:

    I get a kick out of the way Harper-haters like to depict the Prime Minister as being “brooding”. Well, actually, that’s what hens do. They like to show him looking down, trying, seemingly, to organize his thoughts. It is known as “thinking, cogitating, whatever”, and they see it as being somehow, inhuman or cold.
    When he was photographed with Premier Clark, in the stands with her, watching her son’s hockey game, he is ridiculed as being, oh, I don’t know, – patronizing. The man can’t win, but he is, I’m sure, aware that he is not in a personality contest. Already, the media is in a tizzy over the fact that the young Trudeau may step forward, after Bob Rae finally came to his senses. Will Canadians ever be mature enough to vote for a “real” candidate? And they want to lower the voting age again!

  36. John's Aghast says:

    IMHO, if Crispy (done like toast)’s handlers had an ounce of intelligence they would like the Lieberals to lose the next election.
    After all, what’s the point of winning? There’s nothing left to loot or give away.
    I believe the next government is going to have an impossible task trying to satiate the public demands with empty coffers that their fate is already sealed.
    The barn door is open and the thieves have, or will shortly, left.

  37. Leah says:

    Harvey – using your example of middle class…it seems the only people that might still fit into it are those who belong to unions…though they too are going the way of the dodo bird.

    I wonder how long it will take for the political intelligentsia to figure out that it’s the middle class that keeps both ends of the economic spectrum operating? Destroy the middle, both ends will collapse…though one will take considerably longer than the other.

    The way I see it…corporations can willingly pay their employees a good living wage/salary, thereby looking after their own best interests – or they can cheap out and in the end realize that is isn’t “business” that keeps the world turning, it’s “customers/consumers”. Remove the customers ability to buy, it won’t take long for corporate blood to start spilling, and corporate doors to start closing.

    An aside, don’t you just love the huge pension/s our ferries mastermind is going to enjoy after leaving BC Ferries is such lousy shape? Exactly which liberal brainiac thought his hiring was in our best interests?

    (Response: There used to be a time when companies valkued their workers enough to employ them with full time hours, pay decent wages, with good benefits …and the economy was stronger because these workers had money to spend, helping companies grow in return. It was a good cycle …but now too many companies are cheaping out on their staffs ..and then they wonder why people don’t have money to spend and why sales are down! h.o)

  38. Alexandra says:

    Larry Bennett, as I have told you many times, A christian right wing party has NO chance of forming a government in British Columbia.
    Put those delusional fantasy’s in a box and put it away, If they can’t pull it off in Alberta, they have a Popsicles chance in hell of doing it here.
    Alex Tsakumis has told you the same thing

  39. Larry Bennett says:

    Alexandra – I’m Sorry but I have never had the joy of meeting you, and do not recall ever having heard of you. Neither do I recall calling for a “Christian right wing” party. It seems to elude those who call for a strict separation of Church and State, that the Monarch, (God Bless Her) is our Head of State, and is also the Head of the Church of England. Her Prime Minister also appoints Bishops of the same Church to the House of Lords (The Upper House). Britain is known as the Mother of all Parliaments. I will, however admit that it sounds better than what we have presently, or say, one run by Sharia Law. Are you saying that those with “Christian” values should not be allowed to vote, or that they mustn’t stand for parliament? That said, it is not likely that I would vote for the “Godless” socialists, or the present government., but a coalition of the latter with the B.C. Conservatives might be an option; we will have to wait and see! Alex Tsakumis, is wont to say many things, much of which would be disallowed in the mainstream media, but you might have noticed that not all his readers bend to his will. Nor do I suspect, he would want it any other way. He is, Alexandra, just one man with an opinion and who reminds me most of the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Nice meeting you.

  40. Alexandra says:

    We do not live in England mr Bennett, we live in British Columbia, and as Prince Charles, her assumed successor has said on the record, the institution must change with the times , and he would like to be known as the defender of ALL faiths.
    If one of the most conservative and traditional institutions can get with the modern times, maybe you should consider it as well mr Bennett

  41. Lee says:

    Podmore is part of the same slime, sleeze and filth club that have made the Liberals what they are today and he managed to cost the taxpayers a huge chunk of money.
    Furlong is part of that club too, including piling on the debt. He is also a dismal public speaker. Dianne Watts would be the only one on that list who might stand a chance but at this point, anyone who jumped on the sinking ship would kill their political career.

  42. Judi Sommer says:

    Hi Harvey, I hope her party doesn’t ease her out before the election. That honour should be up to fed- up and angry voters!

  43. morry says:

    breaking news that may help her move along:

    Do morals not count anymore in politics? Integrity?

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