CKNW Continues Slide While QM Increases Lead

British Columbia radio listeners, especially in the Lower Mainland, are continuing to abandon tiring talk in favor of musical melodies.

The latest BBM radio station ratings, from Nov. 25 to Feb 23, show CHQM (103.5 FM) scored top ratings in the Vancouver area …capturing a 13.1 share, UP from 11.3 share last Fall, and UP from its 10.7 share during the Summer.

(“Share” refers to the percentage of those listening to radio who are tuned in to  that particular station.)

Top shares or ratings, of course, command top adverting dollars so this steady rank of Number One could mean MILLIONS for CHQM.

In second place, CBU-AM,  with a 12.6 share in the latest figures … also UP from 11.1 last Fall and 9.6 last Summer.

Who’s down?

Third, and still dropping,  is CKNW: it’s Nov.-Feb. ratings share was 8.1, down from 8.8 Last Fall, which was down from 9.4 last Summer and way down from 10.5 in the Spring of 2013.

The NW numbers are particularly significant, when you consider the station was once the undisputable Top Dog year after year, capturing a 13.8 ratings share in Dec. 2009.

And according to a Bell Media analysis, it’s even worse for NW now in Breakfast Broadcasts (6 a.m. to 10 a.m.) when Philip Till and Bill Good are on the air.  In top spot at that time is The Beat 94.5 FM with a 12.6% share; followed by QM 103.5 FM at 12.4% …with NW trailing way back in TENTH place, with only a 4.3% ratings share.

If there’s ANY good news for NW, it’s that those who do listen …stay listening longer: the CBC leads that group with an average listener tuning in for  7.6 hours a week; while NW is in second at 6 hour per week.

(If you want to see more station rankings, the best sites for this data and all kinds of media coverage are and …fun reads for anyone interested in BC media coming and goings.)

Other figures posted by the BBM ratings service are also VERY interesting …and even a bit intriguing.

Looking at the “Daily Cumes” … the cumulative number of people tuning into each station each day, even for a few minutes …  QM also leads the pack … with 2,335,000 hits; followed by CFBTFM (the Beat) with 1,932,00 visits; and CKLG (Jack FM) at 1,779.000 dial-ins.

CKNW was WAY DOWN, at only 640,000 listeners tuning in at all …. 15th (that’s FIFTEENTH!!) on the Daily Cume ratings scale.

But, as I said,  some radio pros say the Daily Cumes aren’t as significant as they may look, because they measure “station stops”, even if that’s only for a few seconds.

They believe a better measure is the one I cited earlier: HOW LONG people stay listening … ie exposed to advertisements … so although a station like NW  might have fewer listeners, they stay longer,  and thus still look attractive to some advertisers.

However, I’ve never met a broadcast executive, who’s station was once Number ONE, boasting that it was now Number THREE or Number FIFTEEN!

The times are indeed changing … and quite clearly, so are British Columbians’ listening habits, when their previously favorite  stations do not.

Harv Oberfeld

(Please note: my computer will be down Monday, so any Comments won’t be posted till Tuesday and days following.  Hope that doesn’t affect MY ratings! 🙂

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49 Responses to CKNW Continues Slide While QM Increases Lead

  1. frosty says:

    The day after Luongo was sent to Florida…Philip Till had his “butcher” on for comment….that didn’t rate???

    (Response: I heard that! Couldn’t figure it out … I didn’t find it revealing; nor funny; nor could figure out any defensible reason (except he knows someone important at the team!) Hell, I think Luongo’s personal barber would have been a better catch …but maybe HE was on CBC? Maybe you and I should go on as a Morning “team” …. we could stir things up, lots of jokes, tough political challenges for all sides and … ooops, forgot, I’m, off on another vacation trip to the US and then overseas soon. LOL! h.o)

  2. Barry says:

    Well, there may be some good “news” to this:

    1) Maybe mgmt will realize Till, Good, Campbell, Levy and the other BC Liberal supporters/propagandists are well pass their “best before date” and dump them for those a little less partisan and more interested in news, not propping up their buddies.

    2) I’ve stopped listening to them in the afternoon because it seems like there’s a commercial/weather/traffic/etc. break every 5 min. Maybe with lower ratings will come fewer advertisers willing to buy on a loosing station hence more programming. Now that might attract listeners back!

    3) You can tell I dream in Technicolor when I hope that this will bring the ownership to its senses and if they don’t pump some $$$$ into the station to kick start it, then maybe they’ll sell it to someone who will.

    This news is really sad. The current and recent management has really botched the legacy of Garrott, Webster, Bannerman, Mair, and all the other greats that made NW an institution in this town for so long.

    (Response: You’re right …it IS sad. I don’t relish seeing the Top Dog languish with expired best-before performers: the figures show they need major renewal, and some exciting new characters …even if costs a bundle to break some ironclad contracts. h.o)

  3. Louis says:

    I’m not surprised CKNW is losing the ratings war. I was a longtime listener of NW but CBC is so much better now. CKNW is just too stodgy and boring.

    (Response: Amazing …they used to say CBC was too stodgy…and NW was where the action was. My, how things have changed! I think it started with lots of NEWS cuts, cheapening down the product, using phone interviews instead of being on scene as much as they used to … and, seems to me, only VERY rarely now breaking BIG stories. Yet no one at NW management seems to be held responsible for that….a few have gone …but no BIG changes, unless I’ve missed them. Whatever, it doesn’t seem to be working. h.o.

  4. D. M. Johnston says:

    Oh woe is me, the top dog is now a whimpering cur; but ‘the once mighty ‘NW has only itself to blame.

    The downward slide began when station executive orchestrated Rafe Mair’s departure, smoothing the way for the Campbell Liberals to rape this province. Gordo the Gone was truly afraid of Mair as he knew where the skeletons of past misdeeds were hidden away.

    ‘NW became the official media source of the BC Liberals and downplayed and hushed up every misdeed.

    With a willing Bill Boring, playing lickspital to the BC Liberals, ‘NW and its management still tried to manipulate Gordo’s malfeasance as not to alarm the public of grave misdeeds in Victoria. BC Rail, the Canada Line, TransLink, Port Mann Bridge, South Fraser Perimeter Road, TFN land deal, are but a small list of disturbing events that the BC Liberals have mismanaged. It continues today with Premier photo-op, where a simpering Good and Vague Palmer and BS Baldry are busy doing Herr Goebbels proud with their spin and propaganda.

    Why listen to ‘NW? Well I don’t, not any more and it seems a lot of people feel the same and continue to tune out “Radio Moscow BC”.

    Alas, poor CKNW! I knew him, Harvey. a radio station of infinite jest and news, of most excellent fancy: the station I listened to a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.

    The top dog, ‘NW 98 has died a cowards death.

    “Cowards die many times before their deaths;
    The valiant never taste of death but once.
    Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
    It seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end,
    Will come when it will come.” (The Bard WS)

    (Response: I still listen to NW in the a.m. but not as much as I used to …. by far. I usually start out the day now with watching Al Jazeera or BBC for world news …not NW any more … then at 8 a.m. I do tune in NW for local news for about 10 minutes … then I’m off again to avoid Michael Campbell’s propaganda, returning to NW …. if I remember to do so ….for the start of Good to hear his lineup …and still enjoy Cutting Edge of the Ledge, the Norman Spector/Michael Byers segment and the municipal affairs discussions. Apart from that, unless there’s a particular guest I find interesting, I opt for CHQM or CISL music. And apparently so do MANY others. h.o)

  5. Emma Rose says:

    Stopped listening to ‘NW in the morning simply because I cannot stand the Michael Campbell segment, and Good’s persistent anti-teacher stance.
    However LOVE Simi Sara – she is bold, informed, interesting, and intelligent.
    Loathe their evening ‘Coast to Coast’ show. Ugh!

    (Response: I only hear Coast to Coast when I’m up VERY early to catch a flight: I find it hilarious …until I realize these people are SERIOUS! Then it’s scary ….they walk among us…at least, those who leave their bunkers. h.o)

  6. Terly says:

    Here’s the problem. CKNW (And a lot of other stations) execs thought the listeners were morons, “As long as they hear something when they tune in they’ll stay tuned in” wrong. Quality DOES make a difference and I’m glad these NW exec morons are learning this.
    All these shows, Simi Sarah especially, do is steal some news from elsewhere and yak about it, then take calls.
    As a 35-year-old, I have ZERO interest in tuning in to hear a bunch of 60-year-olds scream and yell about topics they don’t really understand to a radio host. Here’s the same NW formula I’ve heard for YEARS.
    1. Host talks about issue.
    2. One guy related to issue talks to host.
    3. People call in an yell about unions.


    (Response: You summed it up …PRECISELY! My laugh for the day …although I know it’s really no laughing matter! h.o)

  7. 13 says:

    I used to wonder what my dad liked about NW. Owl Prowl was one of his favorites. Ive been trucking since 1973 and Ive been tuned into NW since the late 80s. Every nite a trip to Seattle for 4 years NW till I lost signal then whichever Seattle radio carried Larry King and the endless OJ trial.
    These days when Im not on strike I turn on the radio at 4am and listen to NW until I park the rig usualy around 6pm.
    Of all the changes that NW has tried since they canned all the real talent: Frosty, Rafe, Berner, Faux, Warren etc. their latest attempt is the abysmal twiter, facebook, email schtick. Its Radio you idiots. The crowd that listens to you doesnt twiter they rotary dial.
    The next idiotic thing they do is report on themselves. Simi will gush over an interview Good did. Good will refrence Mcomb. Till refers to Simi. Nice try boys but spend a few dollar on some real reporters out chasing down NDP crooks, okay maybe the odd Liberal crook. You would think that in BC with our politcal side show/circus that they would have lots to report on.
    The shift with Eckford at 7pm is the worst pile of drivel of all the NW miss steps. He rehashes all of the days talk radio replaying it all one more time. Then its off to a mishmash of hard to follow radio.
    Coast to coast is GREAT radio. Interesting and bizzare.
    So my dad passed away in 1985 and now Im getting on. Combine NWs getting rid of all the on air talent to save money with an aging boomer generation and its a recipe for talk radio disaster.
    The loss of their entire sports department and hockey and football coverage hasnt helped them either.
    So I thought the port strike was over and back to NW but the deal fell apart like a cheap suit. So more time to surf the net and read Harveys blogs and try to understand why the NDP doesnt co opt a radio station and hire eaf et al to do some real radio.

    (Response: Well said. It’s sad to know what used to be and observe what has happened. h.o)

  8. RS says:

    How could anyone possibly stay tuned to CKNW’s breakfast spot, what with Michael Campbells EEEEEKKKkkkonomics codswallop.
    Question: Has Michael Campbell had anything new or insightful to say in the past 15 years?

    (Response: Haven’t listened for quite a while, but the odd time turned radio on and he was on air, seemed the same sold, same old … then I tuned out. h.o.)

  9. RossK says:

    The other thing I find interesting (although maybe I’m missing something demographic?) is how bad sports talk radio continues to do.

    I mean, take away the hockey, and isn’t it kind of an expensive run with all those on-air hosts, etc?


  10. Tim says:

    The one thing about NW is they lost all respect from listeners. There was a time you could rely on NW to be the voice of the people. They didn’t take political sides. If it was news, they did it, and they took to task on air, people who were involved in scandals etc. Government tot business operators. They were like the peoples champ of radio. You HAD to listen. Now… all it is is politically correct and slanted regurgitated news with no intent to challenge the system. There is no point to listen to NW. You can get better news online faster! BIG things need to change and Vancouver radio needs to step it up and get some balls. Enough of this wishy washy lazy news rooms. I want a station on FIRE! A station I can’t turn off! One that brings to task every political party, every dirty business man.. if someone only had the brains and guts to do something right for once.

    (Response: Same thing at Global tv… at one time, you HAD to watch or be out of loop in any discussions next day at work. Not any more. I certainly get the feeling, when I listen in the morning, NW reflects more the establishment …those in big business, government etc. rather than taking on the public’s side. Except when Michael Smyth does the show. h.o.)

  11. AndyO says:

    I listen to a CKNW on and off, and have for years. Abit on the way to work, abit on the way home and maybe “Cutting Edge” on their audio vault (which dropped from 1hr to 30mins up to 40mins, what does that tell you). I think you can see they know they have a problem because of their cross-production with Global BC. Their Global Weather Centre (Mark Madrega’s basement) and Chris Gailis (Mr Wishy Washy) with Jon McComb which is just ridiculous. Not that Global BC is doing any better. And now I turned it on one weekend and I hear Steve Darling on it, that was just hard to listen too.

    Not to long ago CKNW started a “Your Voice” survey site and asked what we all thought. Their first response to the survey was to have the “Why do people not trust the government?” episode with Jon. I audio vaulted it, because it was on at 6pm, and realized who ever produced it had it bent federally. You could hear it in Jon’s voice he wasn’t happy. A short phone in segment at the end with one caller saying they don’t believe the media anymore to which the media guest (from Global Ottawa) went on how they do their job and if you don’t like what the media says you can find others with his point of view.

    Sorry, went off track there. I find CKNW old with nothing new to say. They could be the “holding the government’s feet to the fire” station again but all they want to do is “hold the opposition’s feet to the fire” station. They could ask firing questions of their guests, especially governing MLA’s, not just the the Bill Good method of a softball question and move on. Give them a reason to fear being on CKNW and having to answer to the people. Maybe screen their calls so they same people don’t call in all the time.

    But it won’t change. As Bill Good said one day when a caller called him on his obvious bent, “it’s my show and if you don’t like it do your own show”

    (Response: Wow! If Good did say that, shows a COMPLETE LACK OF RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER MOST…THE CALLERS! h.o)

  12. Westcoast Cat says:

    Don’t read the last rights for NW just yet. You have to drill down to what they have down to find out if they are a real bomb.
    The way they had been doing things up to about 10 years ago was extremely expensive with high priced hosts, producers, lots of beat reporters, long distance charges, travel etc etc.
    Their current strategy of hiring kids at minimum wage, playing more syndication, skinny down the news department and various other changes not apparent on the air might be making them more profit at an 8 share than at a 12 share.
    The costs of talk radio formats are too expensive to do today like in the past unless of course you are the CBC where you are bankrolled by the taxpayer.

    (Response: I don’t buy that: a good product SELLS imitations do not; and without customers, any business will eventually fail, even if it makes better profits on the few it has. h.o.)

  13. e.a.f. says:

    it maybe people are spending more time on their computers and voicing their opionions there. they by pass the radio station, who doesn’t always allow them to say what they want.

    For some who like to comment, they don’t get to, so why bother. It maybe people are tired of listening to talk radio. they want music. It could be they don’t like the topics and there isn’t anything they believe, so might as well listen to music.

  14. luigi says:

    When the loss of quality of your product is there for all to see, or in this case hear, people will leave the sinking ship and find something that appeals to them.
    When you have hosts who are in denial of fact, and choose instead to sling propaganda because they are bought and paid for, and ridden hard and put away wet, then you end up on the slide upon which this sad excuse of a station finds itself.
    One thing I can’t quite figure out is why someone as seemingly astute of Simi doesn’t get out of her contract and go elsewhere. However, perhaps she’s growing a little thin with listeners as well.

    (Response: You may not like certain hosts, but surely they deserve the same dignity you would want for yourself. Crtiticism for doing a lousy job, having bias etc. is fair game. But how would you feel if someone said you were bought and paid for by another company? Do you have any evidence of money changing hands? I’d bet NOT AN IOTA. And if you said that publicly, identifying anyone in particular,while identifying yourself, your house, your salary, your life savings could end up belonging to them!

  15. Ken Hardie says:

    A couple of years ago, I stirred up some stuff when I (a) told NW to pound sand over its public-sector-bashing ‘Waste Patrol’ series and (b) made some comment about NW listeners and a lack of teeth.

    Now, it’s come about that the once-mighty Top Dog is clearly having teeth trouble (not much bite left). In no particular order, I would attribute their decline to the loss of key sports franchises, the corporate savaging of their news operation and a noticeable swing to the political right.

    On the last point, for evidence we could look at Charles Adler, Roy Green, Michael Campbell and NW’s ongoing bromance with Jordan Bateman of the (so-called) Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

    Further, while the talk show hosts are quite capable (my opinion), the dumbing down of content is due to a lack of any real experience or depth at the producer level. Don’t know for sure, but I strongly suspect there was some directive from Ian Koenigsfest to keep the opinion tiller hard to the right.

    After years of listening to and working with NW, I finally wrote them off and migrated to CBC.

    From what I can see, many people have a lot of time for their new GM, Brad Phillips. I have no doubt that he will make some good moves to at least stop the slide. Whether or not people can be enticed to tune in again is another matter.

    (Response: Certainly Ken has a unique qualification to observe all the media…having been a long time p.r. head for several big organizations…ICBC, Translink etc …so when he says he noticed a turn to the right at NW, that should mean something to a lot of people! And he too, like so many others, has moved on. But is anyone at NW listening …or even care? h.o)

  16. Gene the Bean says:

    NW is a true laughingstock, the voice of the BC Liberal Party.
    Simi must hold her nose every time she walks into the building but as bright as she is, her own image is being tarnished by those around her. She should leave as soon as her contract is up.

    Like most of the MSM, NW were bought off by Gordon Campbell in 02/03 and I guess these plummeting ratings are finally an indication that the “people” just aren’t buying the BS anymore.

  17. Larry Bennett says:

    I actually rather like Michael Campbell, even if he is as you say (same old, same old) The fact is that finance is basically arithmetic – and you can’t argue with that! That said, with the internet, there is no real reason to listen to talk radio, you get a panorama of views here. It is said here that Good is anti-teacher, and I wouldn’t know because, as I say, I don’t listen, but neither am I a big fan of them! (no news there!). I was taught at my mother’s knee, and learned from her, and by going to church, what was the traditional morality of my people – I don’t need or want some stranger putting silly ideas in their heads, it is not what teachers were hired for – do you recall ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’? They can’t even do that properly anymore, and they are not keen on rating a student with others, and sometimes failure can be the most important lesson taught.

    (Response: When I did listen, I didn’t disagree with some of what he said…but I found him to be totally one-sided, totally anti-union, totally against “workers” demands but totally apologetic for (or worse totally ignoring) gouging by banks, oil companies etc. and the right wing agenda. It’s a much better discussion…and show…when you have a point/counterpoint broadcast. Surely it’s bad for your station if many people switch to another as soon as any individual comes on. h.o.)

  18. John K says:

    Ken makes valid observations but his comments should be taken with a grain of salt. We shouldn’t forget Ken was Translink’s chief spin doctor for many years. And he was very good at it. His talent for selling his company’s line and misleading reporters is unmatched. If NW wants to increase its share it should hire some EXPERIENCED reporters and turn them loose on people like Ken.

    (Response: Yes, he was spin doctor, as I mentioned…but that makes it even more significant, that even people in HIS POSITION and former NW stars are now speaking out about how bad it has become … rather than just stay quiet about it all. h.o.)

  19. Louie says:

    These are all good points. But I think CKNW’s main problem is it’s just plain boring. It doesn’t sound like anybody’s having any fun. Bring back Frosty.

    (Response: That’s what happens when a station becomes too establishment-orientated… too many on air people are too rich and the station loses its populist edge. Although I personally think Jon McComb, Michael Smyth are fun to listen in on. h.o.)

  20. frosty says:

    When Harvey need ratings, he does a radio story 🙂 and they invariably draw comments about Bill and liberals etc…… ain’t that! The problem is huge and, now that the “Golden Era” is over, unsolvable. The successful days included the “back-bone” of the place, the news room. Brilliant direction, investigative reporters, smart adult editors. Not many know how effective a well staffed and funded promotion department is…with it’s inside and outside presence…the contests, advertising, stunts etc. Production dept, the over-all sound of the station. Copy writing…creating clever and entertaining commercials and promo bits…a sports dept with mature personalities who know their stuff & can create stories as well as report on them..traffic reporters working in tandem with the air personality who understand the entertainment factor is as or more important than traffic news. Management must be LOCAL and have the willingness to hire the best, then leave them alone…and, to pay for it! Then to round up and pay the best talent in the city, steal them from other stations…leave them alone to do their thing…lose weekend infomercials, and Bob’s your uncle….easy peasy.

    As sexy as it is…ranting about Bill’s perceived politics…has nothing to do with ratings….it’s all of the above. Re individual personalities, it’s like the Canucks…fire this guy, fire that guy….thing is, replace them with who? Can’t bring back the typewriter.

    (Response: Big problem with your opening line: When Harvey needs ratings. LOL! The blog has no ads, no subscription fees, no donors …. so actually COSTS me … a poor pensioner …to pay for it all …Web hosting etc. LOL! As for the rest, I think you may be right for the foreseeable future… but I can’t believe that, at some time, some bright entrepreneur won’t see the potential and rekindle the idea of real talk radio, championing the little guy instead of big business and the establishment. Maybe we’ll even get a Worker Activist or Community Worker of the Month Tribute series, to salute social and union achievers and tell their life stories, to motivate people to get involved in fighting for a better city and province … instead of a fawning Executive Rich Guy of the Month shows I have heard! h.o)

  21. RS says:

    Larry Bennett: Oh forget it! Suffice to say Mar 10, 2014 at 5:42 pm #17 explains a lot.

  22. Alex says:

    Their mornings with the titilly tea bag Till, is droning, uninspiring.
    The Bill Good Liberal party Glee club, is enough to make a maggot wretch.
    Sean Leslie’s stake in keeping his wife employed by the BC Liberal government, takes a bit of teeth out of his reporting on the government.
    As for the news room, I think their field reporters purposely throw those cats up in the trees , so they have something to lead the news with.
    How the mighty has fallen

  23. skidder says:

    CKNW used to be on in our house all day.Webster,Bannerman.and Mair were very interesting, ..had personality. When Mair was fired, I listened to Adler, but when Clark was hired I was so insulted, I turned the radio off. Good is so boring, I no longer listen. I like McComb, but nowadays I listen to the sports talk shows. If I’m going to listen to shows about nothing, then it may as well come with some humour. Thanks H.O. I enjoy your contributions.

    (Response: You summed it all up in TWO words: interesting and personality. Exactly. h.o)

  24. Jay Jones says:

    Ah well, there’s certainly no shortage of high quality radio stations to select from these days.

    It’s an abundance of high quality political parties that many Canadians hope will be available to select from some time soon.

    (Response: I’ll keep waiting. Wake me when they get here. h.o)

  25. Harvey,

    As a former slogger for ‘NW back in the days when Jack Webster (early ’70s!) gave the front office the heebie-jeebies, after he had gone to CJOR, seeing mere music closets winning today’s ratings leaves me feeling down about the whole bloody media-listening process!

    Do these numbers also including who may or may not be listening on the Internet? Curious, that’s all.

    But looking at NW these days, all the talk shows have a certain formula about them. Please correct me if I’m mistaken, but it seems that a bunch of lowly-paid “producers” and telephone/computer-weenies hankering for a piece of the talk radio/TV “good life” basically are the engines that run those shows and, as such, there is a certain boring “sameness” to the whole process.

    Bill Good, old chap. What do you REALLY think about anything? Jon McComb. When will you stop bitching and crusading for every popular special interest group whiners who come dribbling along the pipeline, especially those who hate Christy Clark and Stephen Harper? Please! Phillip Till. More cheese please! I mean more low brow British humour concerning the important events of the day will always put some lightness in my step. Good Guy, he.

    What caused the ratings disasters? Less sports coverage? Or is it a crappy economy where listeners can’t stand the daily drum beat of “news” and have retreated the the music cupboards of our corrupted civilization to figure out where their next credit card payment will be coming from?

    (Response: Don’t “J” if ratings include internet … I doubt it, but when they’re down so fare, wouldn’t make much difference. I don’t blame the producers..I fault the station management who pull the strings and seems to me want people who reflect THEIR comfortable, polite establishment views in hosts, topics etc…not the over-worked, over-taxed, under-served angry public’s. h.o.)

  26. Merv Adey says:

    My take on these numbers is that they don’t speak solely of the failure of CKNW to be the populist voice. The numbers also tell of a population disengaged from political interaction, a population that values being anaesthetized with entertainment.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a lifelong music addict, but somehow I cannot fail to also be a political news junkie as well, and I truly fear this conclusion. It allows the power elite to do whatever the hell it wants.

    CKNW management may someday soon come to the same conclusion and change its format away from talk radio altogether. That would be sadder than being biased. Currently, at least I get to be frustrated with them.

    (Response: I think you have a point …very hard to find young adults who know much about issues/politics and world problems and fewer who care very much. Maybe that’s because our leaders talk about those things, but don’t DO MUCH that inspires. h.o.)

  27. R says:

    Any radio would do better if you had a retired guest spot on.

    (Response: I used to get invited occasionally …until I started criticizing the declining quality of radio (except when I was on of course! LOL!) …. ratings have proved ne correct … and I still do talk digital radio spots on issues I have blogged about but that’s about it ..I’m retired. Have turned down doing one election night commentary once on News 1130 and a few invites on Sun TV … because they are owned by huge corps and multi-millionaires…but wanted me to work for nothing. No thanks. h.o)

  28. Elle says:

    Listened this morning when Jon McComb filled in for Good. He played a tape of Christy going on about the ferry system while she was talk show host. All opinion contrary to what she is doing now. I thought that Jon must have dredged up some old archived track of Christy that disappeared from the CKNW site when Christy ran for leadership of the Liberal party, but no, it was footage that had been taped by the party that was being interviewed by Christy. A person should have known that Christy’s many gaffes would be secreted away from all our ears, while the station rakes in big bucks for government advertising. It’s not hard to see how it all played out. CKNW just regurgitates Liberal spin. No reason for anyone to listen.

  29. morry says:

    CBC fm is very hip these days. great music. 103.5 is good as well but not as good as 90.9 the french station, again great music and lots of World music not just quebec songs. e.g. right now listening to Veloso from Brazil!

    TopDog?? StaleDOG me thinks.

  30. seven says:

    Harv, what stopped me from listening is the empty, sickly feeling afterwards, like gorging on junk food.

    Like a dupe, I listened hoping to get some semblance of the NW of old, and no surprise, I was disappointed time and time again. Bill Good might as well stay on the Sunshine Coast and phone it in.

    I used to block time to listen to the Cutting Edge, but if I miss it now, no regrets: I’m not missing “water cooler” intel.

  31. Ara Hepburn says:

    Agree with so many of the posters so won’t repeat the same facts about CKNW’s spin and manufacturing consent.
    No one has mentioned yet their Orphans Fund where once ” ‘Every cent goes to the children. It was excellent. Now they have neglected to admit they have ‘administration fees’.
    If you allow links it save a lot of explaining|;

    (Response: As if the parent company Corus couldn’t afford to pay the admin costs, the way all the previous owners did! And they wonder why the public is literally TURNING OFF. h.o)

  32. Hurtlander says:

    It’s not just NW that has turned people off with their continuous BC liberal/Christy cheerleading campaign. Radio NL in Kamloops is also a Corus owned station, just have a listen to Jim Harrison’s editorial opinion at 7:45 each weekday morning on NL’s radio vault, he’s a huge Christy and BC liberal booster. As far as Harrison is concerned Christy can do no wrong, he also rips public sector unions, especially the teachers union every chance he gets. NW and NL operate with interchangeable scripts. Needless to say I rarely listen to NL or NW anymore. I just want to hear unbiased news and editorial opinion when I turn on the radio, not spin favouring any particular political party.

  33. 13 says:

    Frosty has hit the nail on the head.Cut to the chase. And all othe cliches that fit.
    If the bosses at NW want to save that station from a painful demise they should print POST#20 and place it on every desk and make every exe read it aloud every hour on the hour until it sinks in.

  34. morry says:

    What is the appeal of Talk Radio? … I just don’t get it.

    (Response: It CAN provide a GREAT forum on the pulse of the community; it can champion causes that would otherwise get little or no publicity; it can inform and educate about issues and the many views on them. It CAN do these things…but clearly a lot of people don’t feel it does anymore. h.o.)

  35. Howard says:

    No question, it’s mostly pretty thin gruel now compared to the salad days at CKNW, but I don’t think it’s all bad. Jill Bennett does a first class job handling the early morning shows on the weekend, just as she does reporting for Global on TV. Also never miss Bruce Allen’s in-your-face rants whether I agree with him or not.

  36. John says:

    There’s only one thing left to do, change the format to Country & Western and put Good on the midnight to 6am slot. With Good doing the news, weather, sports and traffic.

    No, that’s no good, the cows would stop producing.

  37. Crankypants says:

    I think that what may be more important is the listenership of commercial radio today compared to say 20-30 years ago. Are they going the way of the printed media?

    As for CKNW’s decline in the ratings, could it be attributed to the fact that they no longer attract the younger listeners they would have when they carried the broadcasts of the Canucks and Lions? It’s is hard to attract new listeners if they don’t know you are there.

    (Response:And it’s also difficult to attract younger listeners if your hosts in the most important morning segments are “seniors” who reflect/talk about their butlers, fine wine, great dining (no Kraft dinner recipes here), daily deliver fawning propaganda serving big business, while attacking unions, people who want a higher minimum wage or decent raises, talk about their expensive cars, have homes in two places etc. etc h.o)

  38. Ess says:

    One reason I turn off ‘NW is they seem to have forgotten it’s an audio medium. Bill Good garbles his words and some of his sentences are unintelligible. Many of the newscasters don’t seem to read their copy before going on air and make a lot of mistakes. Contrast them with CBC and it’s like night and day.

    (Response; I’ve always found Good speaks pretty well … never have a problem understanding his words. But I do know some radio newscasters are rushed and barely have time to go over it, and I knew one very former tv anchor who reportedly thought he was sooo good, he didn’t have to read it beforehand … flubbed a LOT on air, esp as he got older, proving himself wrong and providing us lots of amusement.But the worst are some so young and inexperienced, they don’t KNOW how to pronounce many names/places … especially foreign ones, so you can laugh or cry. h.o.)

  39. Dave Pasin says:

    I have been reading all the comments closely and while they all have merit in some form to me the biggest thing with ‘NW and why I don’t listen anymore is that same as why I watch CTV as 6 rather than Global. ‘NW and Global fail to entertain and keep my attention!

    Whether the station or host continually shills a particular political party or viewpoint, business or organization it gets old.

    To me it doesn’t matter whether it’s the host news, or other content if it doesn’t keep me engaged I won’t listen or watch.

    The fact is ‘NW and Global (with the exception of Satellite Debris on Fridays) now seem to use their hosts and platforms to dumb down news and viewpoints to the point where they in my opinion it’s insulting to my intelligence and wish to learn about events without having a (in some cases not so subtle) quasi political viewpoint mixed in with the reporting or program.

    To often I am now with ‘NW and Global in particular I am finding that formerly solid reporters are “mailing it in” without fact checking and pretty much espousing the views of the political party or organization their are reporting on with little or no critical thought to what they are told or say.

    I find myself now listening to TEAM 1040 and CBC during the day to be entertained and get real news.

    ‘NW and Global have lost 4 listeners in our household and it’s doubtful we shall return.

    PS: The listener survey they send out is a joke. I never see the results of the questions and its clear that they don’t listen to what the results are as well. If they did I have little doubt they would make changes.

    More platitude less reality, more spin and in the end we all suffer from the demise of real news and an interesting, informative alternative.

    (Response: I hope the big brass at both NW and Global read your comment and realize ghow much it reflects a lot of the public’s views…. and I do know they tune in here regularly. h.o.)

  40. workforfun says:

    I am pretty much a CBC listener through and through.
    There is nothing worse than having ones intelligence insulted by the almost incoherent, non stop banter by empty heads e.g. Bill Good and co.
    At least with CBC there is a choice of programs and different types of content. The difference is night and day – one could almost say professional.

    Unfortunately I cannot stand the hype derogatory programming as exhibited by CKNW in comparison.

    I would much rather listen to the NPR out of Seattle than listen to the “twaddle” that has been
    developed by CKNW towards it’s listening audience.


  41. Ara Hepburn says:

    @ Morry who asked: “What is the appeal of Talk Radio? … I just don’t get it.”

    Listener or reader feedback is the best part of an interview or article in our household.
    Whether we agree with them or not or it’s ignoring the few trolls, they can be an excellent resource for information and using critical thinking skills. Forming a more informed opinion on a subject.
    There has been times, I reversed a held opinion after speakers/posters showed me facts I hadn’t had before.
    Insiders often comment, different people have new info, valuable links can be provided, etc. It all adds up as counterpoint to, in BC for sure, right wing corporate owned media.
    We want journalism not press release readers for the gov’t. ( Thank goodness for you H.O.)

  42. Murph says:

    Harvey, we were long time NW listeners going back to Webster, Frosty, Cullen. Turned them off about 10 years ago. The only thing worth listening to is Bruce Allen’s Rant. When one can get Tunein Radio on an iPhone or iPad, who would tune to 980. We listen to Bill Bennett, Mark Levin, Dennis Miller, even Rush and Michael Savage and Don a Imus. Far more entertaining than the boring Bill Good.

  43. James G says:

    I agree with most of the comments regarding the hosts currently on NW, although I have found Jon McComb refreshing this week in morning time slot. I had hoped that Simi would have been a little more interesting as I remember that she use to regularly interview Rafe Mair on her former station. Rafe was the one that made me interested in talk radio. He would dissect issues and probe into them not the flippant attitude which currently prevails.

  44. Larry Bennett says:

    Did I hear Mr. Hardie say that he has migrated to CBC – I assume he means CBC radio – The reason I ask is because the news of the insufferable Popadopolous (or whatever) becoming a part of Hockey Night in Canada, is just one more reason NOT to watch CBC. As for the radio branch of CBC, I was forced to listen in one night, while on night duty. They spent an hour talking about the tribulations of a young Syrian rap singer who had to move to Lebanon in order to practice his passion. As hard as I tried, I could not think of any subject that I could possibly be less interested in. This was discussed earnestly for about an hour! The next guest was an ex R.C. priest, who told us all about the situation under Francis as compared to that of Benedict and Jean Paul II. Now that wouldn’t be a biased report, would it? Lord, send our roots rain!

  45. Hawgwash says:

    Oh Larry.
    Who forced you to listen to CBC while on the job and why do you take such abuse?

  46. 13 says:

    @ Ken Hardie. Ive been a avid reader of Harveys blog for about 3 years. In that time I have been in a minority position of supporting the BC Liberals. The left has my sympathy as well until it comes to how to pay for the social engineering they desire.

    Your time at Translink was likely handled by NW in their right of center fashion. Your stated dislike for NWs waste patrol and Jordan Bateman is the reason that I find myself making this comment. When it comes to waste Translink is a front runner and I think NW for the most part was and is not as critical of Translink as they could have been. Jordan Bateman is a voice for tax payers. While I dont agree with 100% of his opinions I must say he was and is a useful source of information re WASTED tax dollars. So its not a wonder that you didnt care for waste patrol and Mr Bateman as the two were aimed at your organization most of the time. Translink , CBC from one money pit to another.

  47. Jay Jones says:

    Lord, send our dirt roots!

  48. Larry Bennett says:

    Hawgwash – It must have something to do with my union status! We’re expected to be supporting SSM, abortion-on-demand, GLBXYZ, and spending our holidays in Cuba! I fear I’ve disappointed them and am now being made to pay, so that if the NDP gets into power and brings in the new minimum wage, I will be making as much as 11 cents over and above that!

  49. Larry Bennett says:

    Just read that Debra Hope is retiring from Global News. I know she seldom (if ever) got plaudits here, I must say she was always pleasant and uncontroversial. Do all media personalities have to be rowdy and rude?
    Despite her rather horsey laugh, I will miss her smile and demure ways. Her and Wayne Cox were always positive.
    Hear that Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts is rumoured to be running for the federal Conservatives when the next election comes round. Who says Harper has no taste? Probably upset the Tsakumis crowd that she’s choosing to go right!

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