CKNW Has a “Jurock” Problem

Credibility.  Trust.  These are the two most important criteria, in my view, for any media organization in attracting, maintaining and growing its audience,  its image, its reputation, its  ratings, its advertising sales and, ultimately, its profitability.

Credibility and trust are that important.

Which explains why, unlike many behind-the-scenes media employees, the  “up front” high profile media personalities … whether in print, on television or on radio …  are often subjected to higher scrutiny, and expectations,  by their audiences and broadcasters. When it comes to personal matters, no news is indeed good news.

And when things go awry,  media organizations have been very quick to remove on-air personalities from “exposure” on their stations until the matter is resolved.  Not because they have been found guilty of any wrongdoing …this usually happens well before any have gone to trial …  but simply to protect the image of the station and not detract from its message or its credibility, trust and reputation among the public.

So I was quite surprised to hear BC real estate guru Ozzie Jurock still  “doing his thing” Saturday morning on CKNW’s Michael Campbell Money Talks show.

Jurock was in the news the previous week … including major stories in both the Vancouver Sun and Province … named in not one, but two class action lawsuits seeking certification before the BC Supreme Court, and  containing very serious allegations, for reportedly steering real estate buyerss into “money-losing in problem-plagued complexes”.

“Real estate guru under fire!”  and “Ozzie Jurock, 2 partners face wrath of investors problem-plagued condos” screamed the headline and sub-headline in a full two-page article by Ethan Baron in The Province.

“The lawsuit alleges that Jurock and his associates provided purchasers with marketing materials stating the purchase price of each unit was about $10,000 below the appraised value. However, the lawsuit claims, they did not have appraisals to support that claim,” wrote David Baines in The Sun.

This is not small stuff.

The allegations against Jurock and his partners are not being made by one or two buyers in a particular development: there are DOZENS of accusers, according to news reporters, in two different projects in two different cities levelling serious accusations.

Among the statement of claim allegations: that “the sellers did not disclose to buyers deficiency in the buildings that the sellers were aware of and were obligated to disclose” .

Among building flaws in the developments  were cracked chimneys, inadequate flashings,  failing seals and leaking windows, and other deficiencies.

Through his lawyer, Jurock has denied any wrong-doing or misrepresentation.

But, for CKNW and other media, I believe there is a serious problem here.  

Credibility. Trust.

A number of those who invested in the subject properties said they did so because they trusted Jurock.

Jurock has, for years,  been a  regular participant in Campbell’s weekly show on CKNW, and also frequent source of information in other media stories on real estate (I used him myself in stories when I was working)  and media fame no doubt encouraged some to attend his real estate seminars or subscribe to his members-only e-mail newsletters. 

Jurock’s high profile media presence no doubt helped develop the trust and confidence that led investors to Jurock’s doorstep and to shell out. collectively, millions of dollars on projects with which he was involved.

But now there are serious allegations.  None have been proved in court and the class-action lawsuit is being considered and has not yet been certified by the Supreme Court.

But remember, the media has already shown MANY TIMES it holds “on-air” personalities to a higher standard to protect a station’s image, credibility, trust  etc etc.

 So I was surprised to hear Jurock on CKNW Saturday talking about real estate issues AND highlighting new investment opportunities … although they did NOT appear to be ones he (nor any partners, relatives or friends) has a personal interest in on any level.

I personally feel Jurock should pull himself voluntarily, until the lawsuits and allegations are resolved,  from anything in the media  that even comes close to promoting or highlighting potential real estate deals or opportunities.

And if he doesn’t do that… CKNW should.

Harv Oberfeld

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22 Responses to CKNW Has a “Jurock” Problem

  1. John Sugden says:

    I used to think that Michael Campbell was quite different from his brother, but more and more I’m beginning to see that they are two of the same. He should have had the good sense to not have Jurock on his show. NW is becoming a joke.

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    Well, you are truly off ‘NW’s Christmas card list.

    Yes, I am troubled too about the Jurock affair, but with ‘NW, business friends of M. Campbell are given a lot of air-time, to spread the ‘gospel’ or should I say the ‘agenda’ of M. Campbell & Co.

    I used to listen to Campbell but when his brother became premier, so much of what he was saying about the bad old NDP had much relevance with the soon to be bad old Liberals, but he never took on big brother.

    Today I find the get rich quick theme of the Campbell show boring and (edited..h.o.).

    (I must say at this time I have several relatives that are also in the high finance & and real estate game and they have a negative view on the Saturday morning antics on brand-X)

    That ‘NW keeps Jurock on the air, while they fired Mair because of the ‘sprinkles affair’, demonstrates that the news is somewhat tainted.

    But then I do not listen much to ‘NW anymore, the morning program is boring and the afternoon show is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    With band-X, if the news or show guests fits into ‘NW’s anti-NDP pro-Liberal format, then it doesn’t really matter that any guest be credible at all.

  3. ron wilton says:

    Two peas in a pod as far as I can see.

    I wonder how much stock the other pea has in Marine Harvest or Taseco?

  4. morry says:

    “Ozzie Jurock still ”doing his thing” Saturday morning on CKNW’s Michael Campbell Money Talks show.”

    Two blow hards. Does anyone give an ounce of credence to what comes out of MC’s mouth?

    PS CKNW is a joke. Who in the hell listens to the blather coming from those quarters?

    (Response: Actually, I always found Ozzie quite knowledgable on BC and Canadian real estate matters. I even agree with Campbell sometimes. BUT he is so one-sided … filled with right wing propaganda…he has become boring and destroyed his own credibility. My only problem with Ozzie now is that, since there’s a matter before the courts, he should stand back until it’s resolved. And CKNW now has an image problem. h.o)

  5. Lew says:

    ‘NW has more than a “Jurock” problem. The programming there has been on a steady decline for some time now. I’ve been a regular listener for over 45 years, but never listen in the morning now, and never on weekends. Here’s a good example of what goes on there these days, even on their newscasts.

    As for Michael Campbell, I always wonder why a guy who has been telling us for over twenty years on air that he is a financial genius and has access to the best financial minds available is still working part-time at a radio station? If he followed even part of the stuff he’s been peddling for the time he’s been giving us advice, he should be high on the Forbes list and own the whole damn network; not working weekends and filling in when the other hosts are on holiday.

    (Response! LOL!!! Why didn’t I think of that??? Your last paragraph should be printed off in VERY LARGE print by everyone who reads it and hung on the wall of every near every radio. You made my day!! Thanks. LOL!!! h.o)

  6. e.a.f. says:

    so what do we expect, integrity. Remember which radio station this is. They have their own version of the facts/truth.
    M. campbell, well what he says can be picked up from any number of articles and none of them very profound.
    Why would any one believe any of them, none of them are actually super rich or they wouldn;t be working where they are.

  7. Rocker Rich says:

    Following the David Baines column on Ozzie’s woes, I made a point of listening to the next Money Talks show. Not only was Oz in his usual segment but, near as I could tell, Michael Campbell didn’t even raise the topic, let alone demand some sort of explanation from Mr. Jurock.

    Guess it’s hard to hold a pal’s feet to the fire. After all, Ozzie’s been a participant in some of the assorted financial shindigs Michael has held over the years.

    There’s a fine line between radio talk show and infomercial when it comes to shows like Money
    Talks. For instance, the similarly titled Money Talk–hosted in the US by Bob Brinker and available Sundays 4-7 pm on KGMI 790 Bellingham–covers a vast array of topics. Brinker’s only discernible hobby horse is the lack
    of consequences for the financial institutions whose reckless behaviour collapsed the world economy in 2008.

    Campbell seldom deviates from a tight group of contributors like Jurock, Mike Levy and a handful of resource analysts and newsletter writers who frequently pop up as featured headliners at Money Talks-promoted events. Brinker, by contrast, does plenty if open line, eschews sidekicks and has a featured author of a timely book.

    So is Campbell’s show an infomercial. Not quite, but close enough that disclaimers by the Corus
    network and Michael himself would be prudent.

    CFAX Victoria has also been targeted by David Baines. Actual infomercials, hosted by retired station talk host Terry Moore, have allegedly resulted in listeners (many of them elderly) ploughing money into high risk ventures that fall outside the purview of the BC Securities Commission.

    For his part, Baines skewers Moore for squandering his reputation as a trusted broadcaster to throw puff ball questions to infomercial guests.

    (Response: Campbell should “demand some sort of explanation”. I’m not surprised he did not. That’s something a journalist would do …and I, in no way EVER, regard Campbell as a journalist … but just a right wing propagandist. I have no problem with that…it is his right to have and express those views wherever he can find a forum for them: my concern is for NW and the damage I suspect it does to the station’s reputation, when it let’s him do that every day, without a fair counterpoint, and gives him his own show on Saturday. The shame is theirs. h.o)

  8. ding says:

    they are just a couple a shills for their related industries

  9. wendy says:

    I agree with you Harvey. CKNW has lost many listeners over trust and credibility. Jurock should not be offering any real estate opportunities until this thing is settled.

    I live on the Island and listened to Michael Campbell often. Since the anti-HST petition forced the referendum he has become very annoying and so arrogant.

    He continually refers to all anti-HST people as stupid. We are much too ignorant to understand why the HST is so good for BC. He is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Liberals and the HST.

    It would be great if we could get people like yourself, Alex and Rafe on the radio. Maybe then the people of BC would learn the truth about the Liberals and what is really going on.

    One can only hope……

    (Response: I’m retired. 🙂 h.o.

  10. D. M. Johnston says:

    Quote: “He [Mike Campbell] continually refers to all anti-HST people as stupid.”

    Actually anti-HST people are maxed out, taxed out and broke.

  11. mariner says:

    Quote: “He [Mike Campbell] continually refers to all anti-HST people as stupid.”

    Actually anti-HST people are maxed out, taxed out and broke.


    And, for the most part, ready to do battle over the very obvious screwing the public is getting from both the BC Liberal government and it’s very greedy corporate supporters.

    A provincial election cannot come soon enough.


  12. D.G.B. says:

    …on the HST thing. Government keeps saying it’s to “keep us competitive” – why don’t they talk about Alberta with NO provincial sales tax – only the GST? Our direct neighbor is way ahead of us in the competition race.

  13. morry says:

    i have yet to see any proof on how the HST “creates” jobs. If there was I would be in full support of keeping it. Mr. Campbell is the idiot if he cannot explain to the lay person why it’s GOOD for the economy! But he has never before exhibited any intelligence in explaining the economy so i don’t expect he can on the HST.

  14. 13 says:

    NW has been in steady decline for more than 10 years. There is no real alternative so I continue to listen. I happen to like MC Money Talks and to find that someone in real estate is charged with fraud is not much of a surprise. Most people are smart enough to see that any expert on anything economic will talk their own book. If MC turfs Oz he shouldnt have any trouble finding another “expert”

    My bigger concern at NW is Smitty being replaced by Simi Sara. Please I hope not . Good in the am and Sara in pm will force me to the CBC.

    (Response: No one has been charged with fraud and as far as I am aware that criminal charge is not even being investigated in the remotest sense. My blog concerned a CIVIL suit that is before the BC Supreme Court with an application for certification as a class action suit. But in my view, considering the sensitivity media outlets often display in cases where on-air personalities are in the news for any kind of allegation … I’m surprised NW has not acted. h.o)

  15. Mo says:

    CKNW is caught between a Jurock and Campbell.

    Their audience numbers are on slide to oblivion…

    (Response: Just saying that…or have any stats/sources? h.o )

  16. Ian Fromme-Nelson says:

    I bet if NW was mentioned in these class-action suits they’d let him go pretty quick…

    NW is a joke… bunch of LIEberal apologists and flimflam men.

  17. morry says:

    CKNW is catering to an aging audience who they lose via Natural Attrition 😉 :

    “CKNW experienced its best ‘book’ in a couple of years, mostly due to the increased listenership brought in by mid-afternoon talk show host, Christy Clark. Even given the loss of the broadcast rights to the Vancouver Canucks and the BC Lions a couple of years back, CKNW continues to hold its own, even if it has the oldest (and continuing to age) audience among the fraternity of Vancouver over-the-air broadcast radio stations.”

    and ..
    “radio in Vancouver continues in the listenership doldrums that has gripped the medium for the past decade and more.”

    Dinosaurs talking Dinosaurs. Sorry H.O. but CKNW is an aging and increasingly irrelevant background noise in the Old Age Home of life.

    (Response: No need to say sorry…judging by what I’ve written about them, I’m sure not a defender of their choices or shortcomings. The figs on the link you have quoted are interesting but from 2008. Would love it if anyone has anything very recent and can provide it, anonymously if they want. h.o)

  18. Rory Sutter says:

    The first rule of investment is not to buy because you “trust” someone. Buyers have a responsibility to conduct their own “due diligence” whether with stocks or real estate. Ozzie Jurock and his partners are innocent until proven guilty and I believe he deserves that presumption of innocence, as we all do.

    Now it appears that Ozzie does leverage that “trust factor” for his own financial benefit with real estate newbies, however how would one categorize the whole industry that Campbell promotes?

    I downloaded three of their radio shows to my IPOD and wanted to hear Ozzie but deleted them as I couldn’t wait any longer (never got past MC).

    I have written an article related to Ozzie’s lawsuit which covers more detail at

    (Response: We agree completely that everyone must be considered innocent until proven guilty. However there MANY precedents in Vancouver media for “on-air” people who run into problems being taken off the air well before their cases are even heard, let alone found guilty or not. As for doing due dilligence …of course, BUT the reality is many, many people appear on radio, tv, or in newspaper interviews over and over again to create credibility,trust and to profit from that high profile through increased traffic to ther base business. h.o)

  19. VanIsle says:

    The problem with the Money Talks show is that they NEVER have any so called expert come on the show and say that real estate prices have the possibility of going down. Even in the market crash in 2008 there was never the word “correction” spoken by MC or Ozzie, it was the unspoken rule which I find disgusting and unethical.

    MC’s show has many guests predicting the downfall of the stock markets, gold prices when overbought, along with currencies etc but real estate is completely banned from ever being discussed in a negative tone.

    Try emailing them and ask why they don’t have someone on with a negative opinion on real estate prices and your response will be a pile of jibberish. But Ozzzie is always there week after week with his “Hot Property”. Makes you wonder if MC is involved in Ozzie’ deals and he can’t bite the hand that feeds you. Talk about hypocritical.

    (Response: Guess it depends on when you listen. I believe I have heard Ozzie tralk about corrections and I do not in any way dispute his expertise or knowledge. Used to use him myslef when I was working and always found him quite good, upfront. My only problem is now that he is under a cloud in not one, but two, different lawsuits in two different communities, he should step away or be taken off air by NW as has happened with other media personalities pending resolution of their difficulties. h.o)

  20. VanIsle says:

    “(Response: Guess it depends on when you listen. I believe I have heard Ozzie tralk about corrections ”

    US corrections, sure. Vancouver/BC real estate corrections, never,unless it was long after the fact and so brief it was glossed over.

    I used to listen religously for years and have shut off NW, & Money Talks for a long time due to the denial of a fair two sided opinions on real estate. It’s always up,up, up, and never a cautious word spoken, all is a perfect world with no risk. Just the recipe for people to be led to the slaughter like back in the 80’s when prices dropped 50% and the 90’s when 20-30% haircuts were common.

    When you can’t have an open two sided discussion on the biggest bubble of all time, then there is something seriously wrong.

    (Response: Please understand …I don’t want to embarrass you…but your comment PERFECTLY illustrates why we all have to be so careful in reading or believing what is said in the blogosphere. In your first comment, you said Jurock had “NEVER” talked about real estate corrections. When I replied I thought I had him do so, you replied above ..still insisiting “NEVER”. And then you said “unless it was long after the fact and so brief it was glossed over.” Well, that’s clearly not NEVER, is it? And whether it was long after or glossed over would be a subjective interpretation on each of our part. But then there’s the real capper…you followed up by saying you have “shut off NW and Money Talks for a long time.” Well, had would you then know if Jurock even mentioned corrections??? As I said, I don’t want to embarrass …and of course, I’m the only commentator in the media saying Ozzie SHOULD be taken off the air until the matter is resolved, so I too am highly critical of the NW …but you can’t have it both ways: say you never listen and then say he never says such and such. Again, one of the difficulties of commentaries out there in the blogosphere. h.o)

  21. Johnny Canuck says:

    Harv, I’m looking forward to your “outrage” over the membership of current Conservative Minister Denis Lebel in the BQ for 7 years in the 1990’s. Maybe you missed the G & M article about it?
    Here, I will give you the link:

    (Response: You must have missed my comment on Lebel in an earlier comment. there is NO outrage ..because Lebel makes my pointv EXACTLY. He’s in there, no doubt fighting for his province..Quebec. That’s the way it works in Ottawa… except with the NDP, we dont have our MPs standing up for BC: they betrayed us when Layton promised Quebec would forever have 25% of the Commons seats …negating any increase to BC based on population growth; they abandoned us when a Francaphone New Brunswck MP called for ALL future Supreme Court judges to be fully bilingual …thereby shutting out almost all Western Canadian judges from ever qualifying; and they failed to stand up for BC when the national party chose a TWICE sovereigntist party member as leader. NDP supporters may prefer to close their eyes…but this is really hurting the party outside Quebec. h.o)

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