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Clark/Liberals More Vulnerable Than They Think

January 27th, 2017 · 70 Comments

Premier Christy Clark and her Liberal government may feel a bit smug …. what with BC’s job creation numbers, unemployment rate … and the fact that so many British Columbians can’t even name BC’s NDP leader, even if shown a photo.

But they are also no doubt aware … since the last provincial election …of what has been happening across Canada, the US, Britain Europe.

There is a public mood for CHANGE.

Out with the old and in with the new …even if voters aren’t so convinced or enthusiastic about what the new might bring.

Politicians just have not delivered what they have promised … sometimes in fact the contrary … and many people ARE mad as hell and not prepared to take it anymore.

BC voters will have a chance to show that May 9 when we next head to the polls.

And I am detecting a fairly widespread feeling that it may be time for a change: many voters believe the Liberals have just been in office too long … and don’t feel the middle class is adequately sharing in the benefits … compared to big business, investors, generous donor realtors and organizations, favored ethnic groups/communities and Liberal friends and supporters.

Dangerous stuff when a party has been in power almost 15 years.

And of course, recent news events haven’t helped either: whether surrounding the Premier’s annual $50,000 stipend from the Liberal Part (on top of her $195,000 annual salary); growing concerns over large corporate donations to the party; studies showing a huge gap remains between  high, middle and low income earners; while BC remains behind other provinces in providing child care; and, is still the only province that charges its citizens (ever-increasing) Medical Service Premiums … at a terribly unfair taxation rate too boot.

Also, don’t even mention BC Hydro to many voters! From Smart Meters (that hiked MY charges) to Site C dam to suspect private power deals and overall finances/rising debt that seem so concerning Moody’s Investor Services says it is becoming a RISK to BC’s AAA credit rating.

“But projects like Site C are pushing up B.C. Hydro’s debt levels, and adding to concerns about the province’s overall “high debt burden” compared to its peers, Moody’s also wrote in its credit opinion. B.C. Hydro’s debt has increased from $8.1 billion in 2008 to a projected $18.1 billion last year, and there is a further $20 billion expected in the future for infrastructure projects, a $2-billion annual upgrade program and the Site C dam,” said a report in The Times Colonist just a few days ago.

Is that a record a party should want to run on?

On the plus side for the Liberals, as we will no doubt hear often in the next few months, more than 1.9 million jobs have been added in the province since 2011, the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.8% and 2.4 million now have jobs.

As I’ve pointed out several times … the challenge for the NDP in the coming election (once more) will be to come up with a solid job-creation plan … not just all kinds of ways to spend money.

But the Liberals should not sleep easy.

There is a mood out there across the land among voters who see wealth around them …but don’t feel they are sharing in or benefitting from it.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 BMCQ // Jan 27, 2017 at 9:19 am

    There has been a “Mood for Change” out there for a while now.

    But we must look at what Voters are looking for when they “Vote for Change”.

    First let’s look at Brexit, Brits Voted to Brexit because they were sick and tired of having No Borders, being overwhelmed by Migrants, they were/are tired of catering to the needs of perhaps Millions that come into their Country and believe that their own Religion takes precedence over the Laws of the UK, and they were tired of seeing their Health Care, Education, Social Safety Net, Wages and Salaries, Pensions, and Benefits eroded by an unsustainable increase in those same Migrants.

    They were/are also sick and tired of being Governed by a Gaggle of EU Leadership which is Politically Correct Left Wing Ideologues.

    Almost ALL other EU Nations are ready to make the same change in within a year or two there will be a total change in ALL EU Nations. The whole of The EU and more than likely The Euro will collapse and Burn leading to all out chaos and quite possible even Wars of sorts.

    To save themselves the UK and All other EU Nations should do away with The EU Partnership and Central Government immediately and go to where each individual Country has control over their own Borders and Immigration.

    They could then actually go back to a very similar “Free Trade” Zone for all current eU Nations.

    At this time I will not voice an opinion on the Currency but that could be sorted quite easily. Currency changes should not be done without serious consultation and negotiations.

    They could still make an alliance work under those conditions and all of those Nations would be better off than they now are..

    The U.S. obviously Voted for change and like The EU they needed that change and Warts and All the U.S. will be better off with out the “Failed” Policies of Barack Obama and the Uber Left!

    Notice it has only been a week and Obama is almost out of the mind of everyone. Just wait five years and he will be nothing more than a Footnote.

    The common thread of ALL of the Failures and Failed Governments and Policies of ALL of The EU and the U.S. is they ALL had Governments exactly like John Horgan and his NDP propose to bring to B.C.

    The Good People of British Columbia are not quite ready for a change in that direction.

    Why would anyone want their Country or Province to follow the same Path as the UE Leadership and Obama took their Countries?

    The current PM Trudeau was the last of the Uber Liberal Social Engineering Dreamers Elected in the World and I believe he is more than likely the last.

    Hard Working Tax Paying Citizens of All Political Parties have recognized that to follow The EU and the U.S. to where they were/are is not a good idea.

    And who in their right mind could Vote for a B.C. Provincial NDP Party that denies any of you that have a White, Able Bodied, Hetero Sexual Male, Son, Father, Brother, or Friend the opportunity to contest a Nomination for the NDP in ANT B.C. Riding because he is NOT Female, Disabled in some way, Visible Minority, Lesbian Gay, LGBTXYZ, or any other criteria they have dreamed up.

    My 27 year old Son who happens to be Adopted is a very visible Minority and a Pacific Islander could actually seek a nomination for the NDP, yet those of you that have Sons, Fathers, or other White etc. Family Members would watch my Son get the Nod for the Nomination and your Boys would be left out in the Cold.

    Reverse Discrimination at it’s Worst!!

    Who the Hell thinks this stuff up, Ashley Judd, Whoopi Goldberg, Gloria Steinem, Al Sharpton,
    Madonna, come on People!!

    How Fair is that?

    I have not even mentioned that The Hard Working Tax Paying Citizens of B.C. are already Saddled with huge Mortgages, Rents, other Costs of Living and they do not need or want a Bigger Bloated Cesspool of a Bureaucracy!!

    No Harvey, the People of B.C. are not ready for that kind of change!!

    (Response: That’s what they said about Trump and even Brexit. An unsatisfied population stirred up can do exceptional things. h.o.)

  • 2 hawgwash // Jan 27, 2017 at 9:52 am

    The good news is, you and your talking points are right.

    The bad news is, for the most part only blog followers are aware, or care. Well, maybe those who read papers from outside BC also.

    If it weren’t for the NYT, we would not be talking about cash for access at all and the vast majority of voters still wouldn’t know of it.

    Another thing to watch is how active the “independent” movement becomes and if they are taken seriously. There is an unmeasurable sentiment that even 4 years of a bunch of amateurs might be better than what we have now.

    The sense I get is that, at this point in time, not one of the current MLAs should feel safe.

    You mentioned promises, Harvey. Funny how that works. Yesterday, the Gov. promised about a quarter million to the Surrey school system which is about half what they promised in 2013…and never delivered on.

    (Response: Our electoral system (through funding formulas, debates, ranking in the legislature etc.) protects and promotes party politics. Independents have a real uphill battle: a few may win office, but never enough to take power as a coalition. h.o.)

  • 3 Diverdarren // Jan 27, 2017 at 10:09 am

    Harvey, I doubt the NDP will want to present a jobs plan. If they allow the theme of this election to be jobs, then the NDP will already be playing catch-up to a successful Liberal record of jobs creation.

    Most likely the NDP will fall back to a narrative of the rich have too much money, we’ll make them give some of it to the government, and we’ll redistribute it to our pet projects.

    Unfortunately the NDP’s pet projects do nothing for the working middle-class. They have threw away being a labour party for being a social-justice warrior party.

    They’ll say the BC Libs do nothing for the poor-downtrodden-underclass. They’ll say vote for us and we’ll funnel more tax money to weird programs like training DTES junkies to use slimjims to break into cars, so that it’ll save us money on ICBC broken glass deductibles. (tongue-in-cheek)

    The NDP will put forward a platform that appeals to the segment of society that wants to feel good about how they fought for the underprivileged . This will only leave the Liberals with the votes of the investor class, the middle class, and more and more of the unionized working class.

    And the NDP will be left scratching their head, wondering how Clarke managed to win by only appealing to people in the province who have to work for a living.

    (Response: The failure of the NDP to present a major job creation plan would be their downfall…again. Working voters showed last election that is what they want: a campaign that only promises to address/appease environmental activists, anti-development naysayers, poverty and community groups etc. will fail. h.o.)

  • 4 SunWuKong // Jan 27, 2017 at 10:37 am

    Very succinct — it will be interesting to see how the typical cheerleaders like Baldrey frame the choice, Also whether the new BC Liberal additions from GlobalTV are given more leeway by the media.

  • 5 morry // Jan 27, 2017 at 10:45 am

    I totally agree that the Clark Regime is due for defeat at election time. Arrogant beyound belief. Clark is simply a puff piece. The big Question is How will the NDP present themselves? Jobs is a fundamental issue. Economy will trump all else. and is Horgan up to the task. He needs to attack and attack the libs hard. and he needs to shift to the middle and OWN the middle of the political spectrum … sticking to the left is suicide.

  • 6 John's Aghast // Jan 27, 2017 at 11:12 am

    Whew! You’re a hard act to follow BM. Especially when you don’t stay on target. Personally, I’m mad as hell and won’t take it any longer, but then I’ve been saying that for eight years and it hasn’t mad a whit of difference.
    I think Chrispy would relish the chance to opt out with her ‘winnings’ and leave the table for some other poor sucker. Especially when she sees the stack of chips in front of her and notes that the other players have none. ‘Take the money and run Venezuela’ or some such nonsense.
    Its hard to believe that someone with a record such as hers has even a slight chance of re-election. Either the sheople are a bunch of masochists or they’re all would-be 1%ers.
    I’m prepared to hang in for another 3 months to do whatever I can to help her on her way (out) but then I’m going to try to get on with what’s left of my life, hopefully without her and her cohorts. There is just too much anguish and agony in reading these blogs and comments that the choir posts back and forth.
    Have a good day!

  • 7 Chuckstraight // Jan 27, 2017 at 11:30 am

    For myself, the big thing that needs to change is the criteria for donating money- no more from corporations and unions. The NDP will do this.

  • 8 Lew // Jan 27, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    The BC Liberal 2013 election platform made several key promises regarding job creation. They weren’t realized. What did happen is the economy and job creation was driven by the low dollar and foreign investment in real estate. An accidental economy; with no economic genius on display from Christy Clark or Mike de Jong.

    And after running her election campaign from a bus emblazoned with “A Debt Free BC” on the side, Christy Clark ran the provincial debt and contractual obligations to record levels. Here’s a look at one of the components:

    The BC Liberals should be banished to the wilderness for this outrage alone.

    But I could sit here all day listing more outrages. Take the Finance Minister for example. Mr. de Jong was Attorney General when his subordinates (with his knowledge) perpetrated the illegal Basi/Virk payoff, was the Health Minister making public statements about creating an attractive environment for pharmaceutical corporation investment while his subordinates were conducting an improper witch hunt and firing of eight health researchers (which according to the coroner contributed to the death of one), and now as Finance Minister is currently presiding over the largest rate of increase in public debt and obligations in BC history whilst at the same time crowing about fiscal responsibility. He’s looking the other way while BC Hydro spirals into massive debt and his government passes legislation designed to hide it.

    On the same health firings file, consider Christy Clark’s performance. It seems inconceivable that a sitting premier wouldn’t have been briefed in advance and in detail about the justification and potential fallout surrounding the pending and unprecedented mass firing of eight drug researchers. Yet she claims ignorance and is unable to inform us regarding the circumstances. Heads should therefore have rolled. The fact that none have is very revealing, as is the additional insult she has constructed in the form of the Chalke investigation. Here’s what should have happened immediately when this blew up.

    If it was a surprise to her and she hadn’t been briefed in detail and in advance of the firings, she should have fired her deputy minister, who as head of the Public Service Agency had to be intimately involved. If she had been briefed, she should have appropriately informed the public.

    If her deputy couldn’t or wouldn’t inform her, she should have then called in Mike de Jong and his deputy minister Whitmarsh and asked what happened, why it happened, and who was involved. If they provided that information, she should have informed the public appropriately. If they didn’t have the information, they should have both been fired.

    The government has settled multi-million dollar lawsuits with and/or rehired the fired researchers, except for Rod MacIsaac, who committed suicide. The treatment he received at the hands of the government was a contributing factor in his death according to the investigating coroner.

    Christy Clark should have called in her Attorney General and asked her to provide details about what happened, why it happened, and who was involved. Upon receipt of that information, she should have informed the public appropriately. If the Attorney General did not have that information she should have been immediately fired for settling multi-million dollar lawsuits without it.

    The public was not informed, and none of her subordinates were held accountable. One person bears prime responsibility for that. Christy Clark.

  • 9 Hugh // Jan 27, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    With hundreds of thousands of baby-boomers retiring in the coming decade, job creation should not be an issue.

  • 10 Grey // Jan 27, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    Bang on Harvey. On all counts, including a clear articulation of an economic plan from the NDP.

    Christy has gotten away too long with her phony Jobs Plan (all those new part-time workers must love her for this). So sad that most of our local media are so tame on Christy. Must be part of her family of friends.

    Here is a picture of the huge and growing gap in wealth in BC.

  • 11 Chuckstraight // Jan 27, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    A big part of our problem in BC and Canada is the fact that we do not add value to our resources- raw logs, dilbit etc. We need to add value to our resources before leaving the country. Hard to understand how we can purchase such things as finger jointed pine mouldings from Chile at Rona?
    No logs should leave except in finished form ( log houses), and Canada should refine the oil where it is sourced.

  • 12 Hugh // Jan 27, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    The suspect BC Hydro private power deals are over $56 billion, shown here on p. 5:

    BC govt contractual obligations, formerly known as debt, total over $100 billion.

  • 13 Barry // Jan 27, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Don’t forget that late last year the Libs tried to hide the fact that ICBC was planning massive rate increases.

    Then you had Christy getting her head handed to her by the Supreme Court of Canada over stripping the teacher’s contract. She tried spinning it as an opportunity to put money into the education system. Now who took it out in the first place???

    (Response: Should be an interesting campaign … if the NDP has a better one organized than they did last time. h.o)

  • 14 e.a.f. // Jan 27, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    all those jobs and still people can’t afford to buy homes or even rent decent places.

    there is still the small matter of a lack of schools in Surrey and other communities

    if the NDP were smart they ought to remind voters it wasn’t Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberals who are providing new teachers, its their union, the BCTF. If they had not taken the provincial government to court, their kids would still be in the same sad situation. And who said we didn’t need Unions.

    The issue with the bus passes for the disabled can make the B.C. Lieberals look mean, but to get them unelected it will take more. Most likely a great review of their “sins” and their mismanagement of the economy. How they ran this province into debt. .

    The fent. crisis, ignored for far to long may attract some votes away from the B.C. Lieberals. Mental health issues, It is not enough to “talk” about how its neglected because until it happens to them or their family they don’t care that much, but if voters were aware that the amount of money “wasted” by not addressing the problems they might care.

    spending more money on the DTES is one way to loose an election. A bold statement of this is and what the B.C. Lieberals have wasted there in the past 15 yrs via “contracting out” to NGOs and this is the plan to save money and provide services. Keep it simple and direct.

    The pay to play ought to get more than a bit of traction. tie it to this is what those attending got out of it and this is how many didn’t get to go and where their kids’ schools closed.

    With the aging baby boomer a good scheme for seniors care may take a few votes from the B.C. Lieberals. el gordo started the privitization of these “homes” years ago. they’re mostly for profit and wages are horrible, leading to more child poverty, another weakness old Christy has to deal with. If wages are so low you increase child poverty.

    Tax reform is a biggie. Just go have a look at Norm Farrell’s charts on what the mining industry gets from the government and how little they return to it.

    Trade schools are easy and cheap, but what B.C. needs with its aging population is a whole lot more nurses and doctors. More seats in schools for them.

    Do I think the B.C. Lieberals will win? perhaps a minority government. Some independents would help but Weaver from the Greens has been a lost cause and a vote for the Greens is a vote for either the B.C. Lieberls or a wasted vote.

    (Response: there is definitely a mood for change out there … but what remains to be determined is if the NDP has the kind of change that motivates voters to give them the nod. h.o)

  • 15 noneck // Jan 27, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    @BMCQ #1


    Really? C’mon now. Be aware of 21st Century sensitivities.

  • 16 Toby // Jan 27, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    From what I can tell a fair number of BC voters do not know that there is an election coming or if they do know they don’t care. I frequently hear, “I won’t vote NDP under any circumstances.” Thanks to Dix, the NDP has permanently sidelined itself. Too many voters have given up on it.

    I also hear people say they like Christy Clark. She is fairly comfortable in front of a crowd or a camera. Those who do not look at the real record of the Liberals will be swayed by Clark.

    (Response: I doubt in 2017, many voters will be thinking of Dix. But having said that, there’s no doubt Horgan has an identity problem..and so far, no platform to excite. h.o)

  • 17 hawgwash // Jan 27, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    I think Christy Clumps armour is starting to show a few chinks and I wonder how long it will be before she becomes a liability.

  • 18 G. Barry Stewart // Jan 27, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    I’ll add a slogan to the cause. Maybe it will catch on:

    “Pay-to-play will go away, if we boot the Libs on the 9th of May!”

    I loved the “Harper Man” song during the federal election. Christy and her party deserve a catchy tune.

  • 19 e.a.f. // Jan 27, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    Hugh, you definitely have a point there. However, many of those baby boomers may not be retiring, they can’t afford to. The other problem with all those aging baby boomers is health care. There won’t be enough seniors care homes, doctors, nurses, or money. Remember B.C. Is in debt big time.
    Foreigners will be able to afford to purchase aging baby boomers homes, but where will they go? Currently the market is some what slow, but it will never become affordable. we need to remember Communist China has 35 million, millionaires and a lot of them want to live and own property here. The pollution in China is horrific. So with income down for the province and costs up, perhaps Christy will get a minority government and then take her ill gotten gains and leave for warmer clims.

  • 20 13 // Jan 27, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    Having read your essay HO I uncomfortably have to agree. I HOPE you are WRONG. After having read the 17 comments I also sadly agree with all of them.
    Still I hold high hopes for the BC Liberals to prevail once again on May the 9th. My biggest comfort comes. not from the lists of Liberal foibles, nor the lists of Liberal successes My hope stems from Christy Clarks ability to campaign and the fact that her opponent is the LACK LUSTER BC NDP. The party that supports all things green and carbon free. The party that used to support private sector workers (not carbon free). The party that SUPPORTS all public sector workers. (carbon free, low productivity, high cost).
    If it werent for the NDP the BC Liberals wouldnt stand a chance.

    (Response: As the title says just trying to Keep it Real ..and tell it the way I see it …at this point. h.o)

  • 21 Dan R // Jan 28, 2017 at 12:18 am

    If we had a competent opposition party i would say the Libs would be getting the boot in May but I doubt they will. Plus the vote is not split on the right which is the only way the NDP can ‘win’ in BC…The greens have the potential to cause vote splitting on the Island.

    In 96 if BC Reform had joined BC Libs before election instead of after, the NDP would of been slaughtered. Even then the Libs ‘lost’ despite having 38,000 more votes. Outside of Sask and Man the NDP are one term protest votes. Even in Sask and Man it will be ages before they get elected there, Ontario has not come close to electing them again, NS won’t and Notley is gone in two years if the AB right merges.

    The BC NDP is to negative, do not like well paying resource jobs etc and really do not know how to campaign or ‘win’… The libs know what to do to win but NDP just sits back and hopes for the best…I am not even sure they even want to win. I know the official campaign has yet to begin but the NDP have yet to reach the starting gate while the Libs are around the clubhouse turn..

    I will vote for neither party. We need fresh parties here. i may try BC First party or Independent..

    If I were to bet now, I would say NDP will lose 10-12 seats,

    (Response: Not sure if they will lose seats, but I agree that the NDP, if they want to WIN, need to come up with some way of saying YES more often to resource development jobs and even pipelines …and not just pander to the anti-development anti-corporate naysayers and environmental extremists whose militancy have brought them more defeats than victories. h.o.)

  • 22 13 // Jan 28, 2017 at 8:50 am

    Change , jobs, and the NDP.
    If change was the only criteria then the NDP would be elected by default.
    But change needs to be supplemented by a failed government that has under performed . Change has to offer voters at least hope for continued success beyond that which has been achieved by the current leadership.
    Jobs, the weakest part of the NDP platform. Due to a uncontrollable need to be on the side of the environment they have put themselves in a deep hole. BC has a very resource rich economy and is part of a resource rich country. Extraction and export of these riches flies in the face of the green side of the NDP. So what jobs are left for them.
    Expanded government. More regulation, more government workers, more costs to tax payers.

  • 23 Marge // Jan 28, 2017 at 9:18 am

    Where I grew up on the prairies the NDP or the CCF as it was known then stood for the party of the average working stiff. My mom told stories of growing up in the dirty 30s and going to listen (more to eat as there wasn’t enough food at home) at the rallies held in the local churches. At that time it was the clergy promoting the CCF/NDP agenda which meant help for the poor, the unemployed and the average joe. Today the NDP stands for all things weird. It can’t make up its mind if it is for the average worker when it wants huge taxes on everything. It has become Green Lite instead of what it should be. Our family always voted NDP because it “looked after” prairie people. My grandparents would be absolutely shocked as to what it has turned into.
    I also have stated here many times that it likes being the bridesmaid and not the bride! Add in the fact that the media is attached to Clark’s behind because she pays their salaries with all those lovely ads in the papers and on the radio and tv. I noticed a lovely promo from our BC government last night talking about how wonderful things were – it was simply an ad for the Liberals, pure and simple.
    We also forget how absolutely gullible the average person is. The Court decision couldn’t have come at a better time for the Teflon Queen even though on the surface it appears bad. Her little Minister of Education can hop all over the province talking about how much cash the Liberals are pouring into education and the court decision is all but forgotten in everyone’s minds. Did we not all witness the big promotion at the Surrey School District where tons of cash are going to be given to the deserving district – never mind that this was cash that was taken out of the schools and never replaced. Got to love the Libs for spin.

    What about Clark’s getting that extra cash? Only when made the laughing stock in the US of all places, does she do the “right” thing and decline the money – at least until after the election? It wouldn’t surprise me if she were getting extra money that we don’t know about instead to cover the loss of the fifty grand. In a normal world this would have resulted in her resignation – in our Third World province it’s just another day in the life of Ms. Clark and her merry band of miscreants.

    I don’t think I will be voting in this coming election as I can’t stand Clark and the candidate running for the Liberals in my riding has lied many times to my face plus I can’t vote for the NDP for what it is now. Where’s there a party that actually gives a damn? They have all turned into self-serving institutions accepting cash for insider information – aren’t those dinners with the Premier just so telling? Even everyone’s favorite selfie PM has picked up on the deal. In another world and time, this would be abhorred. In today’s time it’s just doing business. What have we become?

  • 24 Jimbo // Jan 28, 2017 at 10:14 am

    Horgan should not persist in pushing $10.00/day daycare. Make it reasonable. Present a plan for $30.00 daycare and win the vote of struggling 2 low income parents. The choice to stay out of the workforce should not hinge on the exorbitant cost of child care.

  • 25 DBW // Jan 28, 2017 at 10:18 am

    May 2013, I made this comment on a local discussion board that was rehashing the election.

    I hope that the Liberals can make good on their promise to make this a family first province with jobs for everyone but I am also realistic enough to know what is likely to happen: Four more years of disappointment and scandals resulting in a Liberal majority in 2017.

    So far two for two (scandals, disappointments) and I still see no reason to change my guess on the outcome in May.

    Unless and I am no strategist.

    If the NDP want to win on resources they should be pounding the Mount Polley debacle and showing how they would be the ones best suited to oversee new projects. Science should determine whether something is a risk, not emotion or idealism. Whether you agree or not, Kinder Morgan and Petronas have been given the green light with well over 100 conditions that need to be met.

    Given Mount Polley who would you trust to ensure that conditions are met and continue to be applied in the future. Given pay for play, who would you trust to ensure that the province benefits rather than big donors.

    I am not a big fan of either Kinder Morgan or Site C but if they are going to be built I would rather the NDP than the Liberals be watching out for our best interests.

  • 26 hawgwash // Jan 28, 2017 at 10:34 am

    e.a.f. at 19;
    “Currently the market is some what slow, but it will never become affordable. we need to remember Communist China has 35 million, millionaires and a lot of them want to live and own property here.”
    The elephant in the room.

    35 million millionaires.

    Taiwan is the same size as Vancouver Island with a population of 23.5 million vs 760 thousand.

    Chinese buying Bentall Centres, retirement complexes and private hospitals.….0…1c.1.64.hp..

    Extrapolate that out 25 years.

    The Liberals love it and want us to be distracted by ICBC, MSP, teachers and transit while they set up themselves and their corporate funders for generations. Meantime, the rest of us are just too busy trying to survive to notice or think about it.

    It’s working.

  • 27 hawgwash // Jan 28, 2017 at 10:35 am

    e.a.f. at 19;
    Second point:
    The market has not slowed; just moved like street hookers when the neighbours turn up the heat. Property value, from Victoria to Campbell River, is up by as much as 50% since the 15% tax in “Metro.” I understand Kelowna is the same.

    Refer back to the elephant above and the distractions.
    You bought it.

    It’s working.

  • 28 BMCQ // Jan 28, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Aghast – 6

    Anyone with any Money at all should stay away from Venezuela!!!

    One of the top few Oil Reserve Nations on Earth and Socialist Policies have turned them into a Country that is destitute, it’s People are starving and they are on the Brink of Civil War.

    Hey, perhaps Horgan can take his Minions like Farnworth, Eby, Spenser Chandra and the rest of the Mensa Members from his Caucus and re-float the Government and Economy in Venezuela, should be easy for them!!

    You and I may never agree but I believe if you pushed yourself a bit you would have lots of value to offer on the Blog.

    I would only suggest that you not be too opinionated or impatient like some others here it might not go over so well.

    Lew – 8

    As usual much of what you say is true and for two reasons as usual I do not bother to fact check what you present. I am fairly lazy and I trust what you post to be factual.

    Let’s accept what you say about “The Accidental Economy”, do you believe that an NDP Government over the past 15 years or so would have provided B.C. with the several extensions to Sky Train, Olympics, Legacies, Sea to Sky, Richmond Oval, Port Mann and Eagle Ears Bridge, many new Hospitals including Children’s which my Company is part of the construction, more Ferries, or would as I would expect could that Funding have gone mostly to Social Engineering, a Larger Government Bureaucracy, and other “Pie in the Sky” Projects to satisfy their Base of Dreamers and other Special interests?

    I understand you cannot speak for government but I am suspicious you might agree with me just a little bit on this.

    The LNG Projects have suffered delays because of the price of NG over the past few years. Most large Enterprises build for the future and do not necessarily wait to build infrastructure but in cases like NG it with an extended market downturn there can be delays.

    No matter how anyone attempts to “Spin” this whole thing Horgan is Hamstrung by the Left/Enviro side of his party and they ARE against Resources Extraction end of story, that would not get anyone elected.

    Let’s be honest here in another world both Premier Notley of Alberta and PM Trudeau would be against Pipelines but they are both “Hungry enough for Power” they would even Pump the Life Blood out of their Own Children into XL if they thought it would keep them in POWER!! Hypocrites one might say?

    Neck – 15

    I am quite sensitive to I was aware of Sensitivities to ALL Groups other than lazy People long before the 21st Century.

    I was born and grew up in Vancouver, I was raised in the Drug, Drink, Music Culture of Downtown and started visiting mostly Notorious Booze Cans, Clubs, Strip Clubs, and Bars when I was 16 years old. I unlike many did avoid the Drugs.

    During that time at places like the Kubla Kham, Club Zanzibar, Smiling Buda, Stratford Hotel, Body Shop, The Castle Hotel, The Cave, Isy’s, Starvin Marvin’s, Luv Affair, and even more recently Celebrities which is owned by very dear friends of mine I have known for many years and I been friends and rubbed shoulders with more Gays and other Gender Benders of various types than Liberace in his prime.

    The term I used is not uncommon.

    I should have said LGBTXY and Zee as that is the way it is meant to describe the universal ever growing, hard to manage, and tedious acronym for those described people

    Fact is Neck every few months or so there are more initials added by various other groups and it is becoming unmanageable. By closing off with the Zee it covers/encompasses most additions and rhymes quite well don’t you think?.!/2013/04/lgbt-lgbtq-lgbtttqqiaa-no-need-for-so.html

    I hope some of the above gets me off the Hook.

    It has been a while since you took me to task for anything, I have always enjoyed your posts, do not be a stranger.

  • 29 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Jan 28, 2017 at 11:53 am


    Here’s an old “story:”

    When a room full of Socialists gathers to determine whose idea of Utopia is best the winner is always the chap who leaves the room with a hot and recently emptied Kalashnikov.

    That is a rather rough metaphor for what resides in the heart of NDP-land; the party is stumbing its way, once more, into yet another BC general election.

    They know not what they do; they stifle their own hopey-changey dreams of office with brain-clogging rules governed by the strictest of correctness. Good for them!

    Harvey, you make a number of good, if acadamic points, chief among them the money-gobbling BC Hydro Monster.

    Problem is it doesn’t matter which government is in power, good ol’ BCH just keeps trucking ever onward and, we hope, upward in its eternal battle to find more and more “juice” for British Columbians, Washingtonians, Oregonians and Californians.

    As more and more battery-fueled cars and trucks, more and more bits of hand-held plastic whatevers accumulate amongst the body-politik, the more and more juice we need!

    And the power gets more and more costly with each passing day.

    This is why we all need Site C, and natty gas power plants and run of the river thingies and tidal-power more thingies.

    Good God. It’s getting busy out there.

    And BC Hydro’s plans are generally sabotaged, to some degree or other, by the usual whiney snow flakery, people who don’t want change because apparently we have had enough of it already!

    Without more and more power our way of life will eventually look much like that of the European Dark Ages.

    I think the Libs will win, again. There have been no world-stopping scandals that I recall. Just the usual stuff.

    Also, BC is very small spuds indeed especially alongside the well-underway Trumpian-Revolution which is turning ass-over-tea kettle ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.

    We should be so lucky. Our BC liberal government has been fiscally responsible (the bitching, grasping BCTF included) and is anwering various elector concerns even if it’s getting a bit late in the day.

    Change is good.

  • 30 Jay Jones // Jan 28, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    I wanted Trudeau to win because it looked to me like the cons had moved Canada way too far to the right.

    I wanted Trump to win because it looked to me like the dems had moved the U.S. way too far to the left.

    I want BC’s NDP to win because it looks to me like the libs have moved BC way too far to the right.

    I’m all for people not being priced out of their community in favour of wealthier newcomers, so I’m really hoping it doesn’t take long for the BC First Party to become BC’s most popular party.

  • 31 Gene the Bean // Jan 28, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    I have as much confidence in the NDP running a good campaign as I have for a regular poster here learning to make a point in under a thousand words.

  • 32 Lew // Jan 28, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Harvey, you statement that 1.9 million jobs have been added in BC since 2011 and there are now 2.4 million who have jobs implies that there were only a half million people working in BC in 2011.

    That is not the case obviously and reminds us that when the statistics are created, job openings include those “created” due to retirements and death. In other words, when someone retires, (and we’re at the edge of the baby-boom bubble where that is occurring at a rapid rate), Christy Clark takes credit for creating a job.

    Statistics Canada says there were 2,293,900 people employed in BC in December 2011, and 2,408,100 in December 2016. That’s an increase of 114,200 jobs over 5 years, not 1.9 million. And as we already know, she had pretty much nothing to do with creating even those jobs, despite spending a hell of a lot of our money hammering away in various media about her jobs plan “working”.

    (Response: Apologies. The jobs figure was 191,000. Here’s the source: Nevertheless, I find it amusing that people who like a government give it credit for job creation, while those opposed to it claim the govmt has nothing to do with jobs … UNTIL the tables turn and the opposition become government , and then each side reverses its arguments. The truth is both are right: overall economic conditions govern economic grlwth and job creation; but governments CAN affect the result either way, through taxe rates, tax breaks, stimulus packages, subsidies or regulations, environmental requirements etc. h.o)

  • 33 Art Smith // Jan 28, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Hi Harvey, I am of the opinion the NDP have never recovered from the back-stabbing of Carol James as it made them look like a petty divided party. They then went for Adrian Dix, who managed to grab defeat from the jaws of victory with his stupid veer to the green side, which cost the election and him his job. Next up John Horgan who has been virtually invisible and has not shown any leadership ability, at least as far as firing up the rank and file. He always seems to be playing out the string until he retires, go along to get along, don’t rock the boat, don’t go after anybody in case they are offended.
    I do agree with most of the comments, that the Liberals should be turfed, but the NDP is not a viable alternative and would be as disastrous here as they have been everywhere else they managed to form the government.

    (Response: You could be correct if talking internal party politics, but most voters can hardly remember the leaders name, let alone their local MLA .. so I expect most will vote on the basis of promises, personalities and perception … not party infighting. ho)

  • 34 hawgwash // Jan 28, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    Art Smith at 33 and HO response;

    I don’t think the NDP have ever recovered from the lynching of Glen Clark at the hands of the Liberal money machine and a complicit media.

    They became gun shy, lost their purpose and identity. Carole James being burned at the stake by Jenny Kwan was just part of the fallout and I suspect Ms James might actually be thankful.

    The fear of being beaten by big money and the party infighting has hobbled their leaders and prevented them from forming a team with the guts and cohesion to go for the end zone.

    7 leaders in 16 years and 5 election cycles.

    And don’t forget, John Horgan did not want to be leader.

    I do believe the liberals are shaky and could be exploited but, as it sits now, the only way they will lose is by suicide OR if the a public disgust overpowers complacency.

  • 35 Lew // Jan 28, 2017 at 5:59 pm


    Do I think the NDP would have completed the projects you cite? Yes.

    The SkyTrain extensions were all planned by the NDP. The MIllenium Line was announced in 1995, and constructed and completed in time to go into service in January of 2002, shortly after the BC Liberals took office. The planned second phase of the line was then cancelled by the BC Liberals, and they dicked around with it for almost 15 years, with on again, off again false starts before completing it. It was named the Evergreen extension. The Canada Line was originally called the RAV Line and was planned and announced by Joy McPhail in 1998. She said at the time the new line would link Richmond city centre, the airport and downtown Vancouver, probably running north-south through Vancouver along the Cambie Street corridor. She also said the province wanted to accelerate the construction of rapid transit to Richmond as part of a bid to bring the 2010 Winter Olympics to the Lower Mainland. Gordon Campbell meanwhile, always maintained that the Province had nothing to do with the Canada Line, and it was a TransLink project. Especially when the proverbial was hitting the fan over lawsuits along the Cambie corridor. He did however, show up (true to form) to get pictured with a big s***-eating grin on his mug in the front window of the inaugural train run.

    The Olympic legacies would therefore be the result of the NDP’s initiatives, although I doubt they would have constructed the Sea to Sky improvements (which by the way, Campbell had no choice but to construct because of the demands of the Olympic Committee) in a manner that would result in the hidden shadow tolls we’re now paying and will pay for years to come. Nor do I believe the NDP would have ignored new hospital or bridge requirements for 15 years, or championed building of new ferries, including a SeaBus (another NDP idea) overseas.

    The LNG promises were made by the BC Liberals at a time when they knew damn well there had been a downturn and the purchase of drilling rights had basically ceased. They neglected to tell us that, instead opting to promise us rubes trillions in economic activity, 100,000 new jobs, and a debt free BC. We’re still waiting.

    As for your comment about the NDP and resource extraction, I think this is a very interesting article, and as you are a “metals-man” you might as well:

  • 36 hawgwash // Jan 28, 2017 at 6:55 pm

    Um, Lew at 35;
    Oh never mind, I’ll just come out from behind ya on this one.

  • 37 BMCQ // Jan 28, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Lew – 35

    Looking back my question may have been somewhat unfair as we really only have opinions yours mine and others as to whether any of those projects ever began under any past NDP Overnment because they have not Giverned the Province in so long.

    We are well aware by now who had the ideas and initiative for some of those and as you point out to their credit some of them were projects proposed by various NDP Politicians but that is really irrelevant.

    I honestly do not feel that later elected potential NDP Premiers like JAMES, Dix, or Hirgan would have followed up on many if any of those Major Infrastructure Projects, those just mentioned are not the same type of people as Glen Clark, Dan Miller and some of the other pro business types that were influential in the NDP twenty years ago.

    Even the Ship Building initiative by G Clark had great merit, he simply became the victim of poor. Advice and they lost their way with the Aluminum Hulled Ships. In a way Clark and some of his good Cabinet Members became victims.

    It is only my opinion but as others have said the current batch of Social Engineers, Big Government, Public Sector, Enviro, Politically Correct, Resource Extraction Obsructionist NDP Leaders and potential MLA’s have in the eyes of the hard working, heavily mortgaged, high renting, and high taxed B.C. cites become the Party of NO!!

    I just do not see those good people I just mentioned seeing the election and the NDP any other way.

    Yes, the Libs and Christy Clark have their warts but people that pay the Bills believe the Libs are far superior to the alternative NDP.

    Bloated Public Sector Unions, some First Nations,
    BCTF, Enviro’s that do not go Green, Lefty Students, and other Leftist Activist Groups will not elect enough NDP MLA’s to win the election no matter what any of you here would like to believe.

  • 38 DBW // Jan 29, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Some people.

    When Trudeau and Notley support a pipeline they are labelled hypocrites. And not be the so called lefties on this site.

    Weird how that works. Oppose a pipeline and you are the party of NO. Support a pipeline and you are hypocrite just grabbing power.

    Funny too that we have had 16 years resulting in the “hard working, heavily mortgaged, high renting, and high taxed B.C. citizens” but hey let’s keep the Liberals in warts and all because well the other guys are some bogey man – the party of NO.

    I think the NDP should embrace the term. Minority groups take control of the language that defines them. Yes the NDP is the party of NO. No to environmental mismanagement. No to advantages for corporate donors. No to botched court cases. No to an out of reach housing market etc etc.

  • 39 D. M. Johnston // Jan 29, 2017 at 11:22 am

    I live in Delta and Delta’s council is a junior Liberal springboard for provincial politics.

    Viki Huntington has been the elected independant MLA for two terms, but by all accounts, health concerns have come into play and she is not running in the next election.

    This means Councillor Ian Paton is jumping into the fray and the Liberals think it will be a cakewalk, but I do not think so, if a credible independent runs in Delta.

    Delta Council and the now “Queen like” mayor Jackson has played the Liberal puppet for far too long and has let council slide into a morass of ill will. The current inlaw suite debacle shows that the Engineering Dept. is running the show and the councilors are mere window dressing and do nothing. Right Mr. Paton?

    Transit and the bridge are two big issues in South Delta and the Liberals have fumbled badly, very badly.

    The proposed Massey Tunnel replacement bridge, complete with toll is generally not well liked and Stone and the MoT have scored “own goals” during the debate, by releasing 1) a Myths advert which was easily shredded and a personal attack on Doug Massey, whose father the tunnel is named after.

    I think the personal attack on Massey will cause many local Liberals to stay home on voting day.

    The $3.5 billion Bridge is being built for one reason only, to allow Panama Max tankers and colliers to sail up the Fraser to Fraser Surrey docks. The bridge will effectively move gridlock 3 km! This is called Pay to Play!

    Then there is the “zipper” on the Alex Fraser, which is so ill thought out even CKNW was deriding Stone and the MoT, something not heard of in years.

    Transit is another big issue and the locals want their direct to Vancouver bus service back and TransLink will not because it wants to pretend it has high ridership on the Canada Line.

    Ridership has collapsed in South Delta as taking the car is far more friendly than using TransLink. The ticketing situation has made it worse and I now advise people in South Delta (I have been an advocate for better transit for over 30 years) to take the car and to hell with TransLink!

    Then there is the the 15% foreign buyers tax which has made untold many people irate, where house prices collapsed after the 15% was started.

    I know five people which house sale collapsed due to the extra 15%, then the province had the nerve to access the houses before the 15% was brought in.

    Of course Delta’s inept council has come in with higher taxes, to get windfall tax monies.

    Another chill wind is Ian Paton himself, who is from a long time farm family. The newer residents of Delta see this Liberal civic/provincial incestuous relationship and will vote for a strong independent candidate, if one chooses to run.

    Now is this just local, or is it endemic in the region?

  • 40 13 // Jan 29, 2017 at 11:33 am

    Trudeau and Notley are textbook examples of hypocrites.Notley less than Trudeau because to be premier of Alberta and not support oil indusrty would be a bit suicidal.
    Trudeau on the other hand is a full on hypocrite. He clearly wants to be all things to all people but is far less concerned about his MPs in British Columbia.
    The NDP BTW accept donations from corporations as well as unions. Ill wait patiently to hear their platform for creating an economic environment that is so anti business so anti foreign investment , so anti development that BC voters trip on each other racing to the ballot boxes.
    If by some miracle the BCTF, BCGEU, CUPE, PSAC crowd decided to abandon the NDP they would be the party of NO . No supporters no votes, no MLAs .

  • 41 Lew // Jan 29, 2017 at 12:43 pm


    People that pay the bills??

    The people paying the bills the band of public pillagers currently in office is ringing up will be our grandkids. That’s a fact, demonstrated by what they’ve actually done, not by some myth-based squawking about what the NDP might do.

    The facts demonstrated by any number of public projects and by the current provincial debt and contractual obligation record are that the BC Liberals are not good money-managers except when it comes to enriching themselves and their cronies. The facts also demonstrate that the BC Liberals are severely lacking in ethics. A litany of examples is there for inspection by anyone who is not so ideologically hamstrung they can’t see it. That litany exists because the BC Liberals find it very easy to say yes to self-interest and cronyism, but very hard to say yes to pure public interest, including society’s disadvantaged. The party doesn’t just have warts; it is a wart.

  • 42 hawgwash // Jan 29, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    Someone got to her…

    I can’t really address the basic merits of such a move but based on my scam detector I see a lot of abuse.

    One only has to have followed this recent immigration fraud case to know some foreigners are way ahead of us naïve marks.

    Some of those individuals managed to have jobs here without living here. Imagine that, virtual pot wallopers.

    That particular case carried its stink into the federal government which, I suggest it is a little, just a little, less corrupt than our local one.

    Pretty safe to say those who were caught were a few of many, which rhymes with Rennie.

  • 43 hawgwash // Jan 29, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Man, I have to get a life…

    I have been critical of the lack of an opposition and the fact the blogosphere continuously does the NDPs homework and here’s why;

    These two IntegrityBC items should be enough for Mr. Horgan to torch his hair.

    “West Vancouver Care Centre donated $3500 to BCLP. It is PUBLICY funded. Critically understaffed – 2nd lowest.”

    “In 2016, 16 groups donated $151.9k to BCLP. They rec’d over $30.8 million in public funding.”

    Where do I line up for that investment?

  • 44 13 // Jan 29, 2017 at 7:16 pm


    I am so glad that I do not live in Delta. The fact that everyone South of the Fraser is getting that bridge shoved up——- is beyond belief. It seems that no one wants to talk about the elephant that wants that bridge built. Every time someone on the radio or in print or on a blog mentions the Port of Vancouver in relation to the “new” bridge it is always brushed aside as not that big a deal. Logic beyond a shadow of a doubt would dictate replacing the Pattullo first. Twining the tunnel would come next.
    IF THE POV gets that bridge at tax payers expense then the BC libs will need to see what else we can donate to that bottomless Federal cesspool. Have the studies into American coal being shipped by rail to FSD been completed?
    If the POV wants that bridge then they should pay for the whole damned thing including the cost of removing the tunnel.

  • 45 harry lawson // Jan 29, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    Harvey ,

    great post , however you may be wrong on your timing.

    the liberals are still the liberals and the ndp is still the ndp. .

    the backrooms are still full of the same people different faces at times same puppet masters.

    i believe we are one election cycle away from
    meaningful change.

    only out of the ashes a phoenix can rise.

    i remember in 1991 Gordon Wilson stole the debate yet his leadership was hijacked.

    so far it is same old same old.

    the people of BC will truly lose in the meantime.

    (Response: Take a look at the world around us over the past two years: voters in many jurisdictions have indicated a definite inclination towards CHANGE; and I am also feeling a sense of being fed up in BC among middle of the road independent BC voters with what they see as arrogance, pay-for-access, huge political donations from rich corps and donors, Hydro finances and price increases, ICBC boosts, MSP premiums etc. etc. I don’t get the feeling those people are willing to wait another four years till they revolt. Unless the NDP once again fails to offer/excite with major job creation plans …and just voices all kinds of promises to spend, spend, spend. h.o.)

  • 46 Lew // Jan 29, 2017 at 8:27 pm


    Completely agree with your comments re the tunnel “fix”. This despite the fact I’m inconvenienced regularly on that route.

    BTW I live in Delta (Tsawwassen) and I’m glad I live here.

  • 47 BMCQ // Jan 30, 2017 at 7:25 am

    Bean – 31

    Once again, another thought provoking and insightful Post!

    I am already looking forward to the next one!!

    Bang a Gong (Get it On)

    DBW – 38

    I defy you to tell me that if Premier Notley was an NDP MLA in ANY B.C. Provincial Riding she would be a vocal supporter of ANY Pipeline!!

    I await your reply. Hypocritical?

    I also ask you the same about your PM?

    “Some People”, you say!

    Lew – 41

    I am in agreement that the Libs could have done a better job on the management and costs of several projects.

    I am also not happy that far too often at all three levels of Government right across the Country those Governments have not negotiated Fixed Price Contracts. That goes for Governments from all brands.

    Having said, again I feel much more comfortable with a B.C. Liberal Government in power, a Government that will create an environment that will encourage Business to invest and build a sound economy that provides Jobs for ALL of the People of B.C.

    It is obvious from the past several Election results that the good people B.C. feel exactly the same way, they want the B.C. Libs, they do not want The Party of “NO”!

    You can argue the point as much as you like but I personally know scores of Blue Collar Workers that want NO part of a John Horgan NDP Government.

    Again, the silly Gender Biased and Race Quota system upsets many people.

    Again, those Social Engineering Genius’s in the NDP are telling you that none of your White, Able Bodied, Hetero Sexual, Sons, Husbands, Fathers, etc. are qualified to run an NDP Nomination!!! Really?

    Would love to hear any commentary on this from Lew, hawg, DBW, DMJ, Neck, NonCon, e.a.f. !

    hawg – 42

    I agree with your sentiments about the so-called Landed Foreign Purchaser here on a “Work Permit” leaving itself open to fraud and abuse by those willing to take advantage of the system and naïve Politicians that are far too trustful

    I do not however feel that the B.C. Libs are “Setting the Table” for unscrupulous individuals that would unfortunately pull the Gold Crowns out of Poor Old Grandma if she falls asleep on the couch for longer than 15 minutes.

    The Government is trying to find a balance and I do not think they are correct on this one.

    Contrary to how most here feel I do not believe that CC and the Libs are doing this for nefarious reasons.

    It is a shame that Political Ideology always plays such an important part in any comments on this Blog.

    I do not believe the adjustment will affect more than several hundred individuals at this time but going forward………….?

    Would like to see a FOI on this at the end of 2017.


    I will not get into the reasoning for the planned new Bridge to replace the Tunnel but I doubt if there is ONE Commuter that crosses the Golden Ears, Port Mann, Alex Fraser, and the new potential Massey Bridge that do not appreciate them each and every day that they are saved anywhere from a half hour to over an hour or two in commute time.

    If you can produce any of the daily commuters that are against any of those crossings please bring them forward.

    I will however point out that somehow the Government needs to find a way to dramatically reduce or do away with the uneven and unequal Tolling that costs those Commuters far too much every month.

    The Surrey School Board has just received a Huge Injection of Cash and now between reducing MSP yet again, and reducing Tolls sometime over the next two months it will be a tall order for the B.C. Libs but stay tuned, I believe something will come forward on both of those very soon.

    (Response: MSP should not be reduced (and then boosted as soon as the election is over): it should be eliminated as a separate tax that is administered totally unfairly, hitting middle income workers hardest…it should be added into income tax calculations, based on incomes. h.o.)

  • 48 Ed Seedhouse // Jan 30, 2017 at 9:28 am

    Shhh – don’t tell them, let them think it’s in the bag already. Just like Wacky Bennett thought in 1975…

  • 49 G. Barry Stewart // Jan 30, 2017 at 9:58 am

    13 at 44

    Hey, we fully agree on an issue. The BC Liberals have shown a propensity for overbuilding infrastructure — and the planned Massey bridge carries on with that theme.

    Prudent improvements, with an eye on the bank account, are something we’ve not seen since the 1900s.

    Spending wisely at one choke point would leave $$ for others, such as the Pattullo.

  • 50 hawgwash // Jan 30, 2017 at 10:01 am

    But 13, we don’t object at all to pay for other peoples bridges.
    Just ask them.

  • 51 hawgwash // Jan 30, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Nefarious; had to look it up, couldn’t find it.
    Looked at BCLP found it… ?@theBreakerNews 23h23 hours ago
    Source close to BC Liberals tells me some $100K+ donors from Feb 2016 threatened to pull support over 15% #vanRE tax

    Also went looking for that ONE commuter on the Golden Ears.

  • 52 Lew // Jan 30, 2017 at 2:50 pm


    As we’ve discussed previously, the NDP candidate policy is contentious within the party, but they’ve hashed it out and it’s what they’re running with. Given your political bent, you should actually be pleased if you think it will hurt their chances of election.

    But if you really have a bee in your shorts about equal access, why have you remained silent about Christy Clark bypassing the nomination process and just directly appointing candidates wherever she sees fit? There will be many such directly anointed candidates running for the BC Liberals in the upcoming election with no democratic process at all involved in choosing the party’s representative. In fact likely more than there will be in ridings affected by the NDP’s policy.

    And in ridings where the NDP policy applies, at least there is a chance for well over 50% of the population to run. Females, the disabled, member of a racial minority group, First Nation or the LGBTQ community, for example. In ridings where Christy Clark decides she has a winner, nobody else gets a shot.

    Tell me what’s more democratic. A fair chance for well over 50% of the pool, or no chance at all for anybody but Christy’s choice?

    BTW, there was a typo in your comment. It’s the party of KNOW.

  • 53 e.a.f. // Jan 30, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    ah, that 10 lane bridge to no where. May not pick up the votes she thinks it will. Richmond’s Mayor isn’t all that interested in it. Just funnels all the traffic through his city and then onto the Oak St. Bridge which isn’t getting any wider and neither is Oak St. Then to top it off there will be tolls. That isn’t going to work for anyone. So that may not get the girl any more votes. On the other hand it will get her a lot of “donations” from people who want to “help” build that bridge to nowhere.

    There aren’t enough people in the area to warrant a bridge of that size. To save money they could just take the tolls off of the Port Mann and just watch how many people change their driving habits.

    Now of course if Christy Clark and the b.c. lieberals are re-elected they could “elect” to take the land between the tunnel and White Rock out of the ALR. Its all on flood plane but that won’t be her problem.

    BMCQ, Notley might support a pipeline if she were an MLA in B.C. because the NDP of Alberta is not the NDP of B.C. Just like the b.c. lieberals of B.C. aren’t like the provincial Liberals of other provinces. Now would you say that Christy Clark is anything like Kathleen Wynne. Not so much. Wynne is way ahead of Clark. I’d vote for Wynne.

    Photo op Queen is venerable, but how venerable. Not enough, I’m afraid to send her off to the woods or China. Perhaps a minority government.

    Of course she has “offended” enough people that a lot of them without any conscious thought to anything more than getting rid of her may vote for whomever is there on the ballot which doesn’t have B.C. Lieberal after their name.

    She has “upset” more parents with kids in the school system than I can name.

    She has let more children die in care than other governments. Although social issues may not be a major factor, it does add up.

    How many people died from the fent. crisis, which she did nothing about until it was too late. Not even a pill press ban until there were almost 800 dead. they all had friends and relatives.

    No additional monies for paramedics and first responders except for the $5M and that isn’t enough. So as the first responders start to burn out, their families and friends may vote something else.

    Commuters sitting on bridges in long lines and those who have to pay tolls when those who use the bridge in Kelowna don’t have to or those who use the sea to sky highway.

    Seniors we aren’t getting the care they ought to.

    People sitting in walk in clinics who have to go back the next day because the clinic has used up the allocated number of patients they can see.

    People who can’t get family doctors.

    People who don’t want to pay $12B for a dam which may slide into nothing ness.

    All in little groups, but those people may just hold their nose and vote something besides Christy Clark. If that happens we are home free, well home in debt up to our eye balls because we do have that. Christy has run up the tab like a sailor on Saturday night with some one else’s credit card. Billions upon billions, and what did we get for it, not much if anything. those jobs she keeps talking about don’t pay enough to buy a house or much of anything because one in five kids like below the poverty line. Now some may not care about that, but those parents do and so do their families and friends.

    If the NDP gets smart they will simply get some of Norm Farrell’s charts which shows how much money Christy Clark is not taking in. Even el gordo took in more than see did from selling natural resources. Norm has a chart which shows how much el gordo took in, about a yard long. the photo op queen, less than an inch. We have the money, its just that Christy gave it away to her financial supporters.

  • 54 hawgwash // Jan 30, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    e.a.f. sir, not a she…

    Aw yes the untold un-tolled Sea to Sky.

  • 55 13 // Jan 30, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    GBS LEW etal.

    I really dont begrudge a better way to go N&S on hwy 99. The tunnel and the counterflow are way out of date. If they were to build another tunnel beside the current one and it was 6 lanes for a total of 8 ,good enough. My problem is the Port of Vancouver. I have been on a number of negotiating committees ( Teamster and CAW or Unifor) that have tried to enlist the POV in a fair settlement. Every time it has ended with empty promises and intimidation and threats. I could list the events but HO shouldnt have to worry about repercussion from the POV and I am dead certain that they would.
    That bridge is a gift from all 3 levels of government to the Port. The fact that 10 lanes will end up feeding the 4 lane Oak and the 6 lane Knight bridges endless traffic jams isnt going to make any difference to the large ships gliding under its elevated span. The ships will arrive at FSD on time and under budget.
    Heres an idea. Every time a ship goes under that great white elephant the ship should pay a toll. $2500.00 each way or what ever it takes to pay for the bridge. For that matter we should put tolls on ships going under each and every bridge in British Columbia. Now thats an election promise.

  • 56 e.a.f. // Jan 30, 2017 at 9:37 pm

    Hey 13, that is a really good idea. all ships pay tolls and that ought to let the citizens of this province off the hook. Ships carrying tar/bitamen pay even more. the NDP might want to run with that one.

    you’ve got a future in advertising and politics there #13@

  • 57 BMCQ // Jan 31, 2017 at 8:59 am

    Lew – 52

    Actually, even if I was guaranteed a Lib win because an NDP Candidate was tainted by the PC process and the traditional NDP supporters rejected that NDP Candidate it would not make me feel better.

    I want qualified Candidates to run in ALL Ridings regardless of Party and regardless of Gender or whatever other silly PC ideas the Parties of Dreamers and “NO” come up with.

    I feel exactly the same way for hand picked Candidates for any Party, it is just simply not Democratic.

    There are only a handful of reasons that hand picking Candidates would be acceptable to me.

    If a Candidate was unable to follow through on a commitment to run shortly before an Election a Candidate must be hand picked.

    e.a.f. – and the rest

    I lost a Sister to a Drug overdose, My Father died as a result of a Home invasion and altercation perpetrated by a Drug Addict. My Son was 7 and witnessed the event.
    My Wife’s Sister is a life long Injection user of absolutely anything that is available and believe it or not she is still alive and in her late 50′s.

    She has cost my Wife and I upward of $ 100,000.00 over the years. I can guarantee you she has cost the Tax Payers of B.C. closer to $ 1 Million and now like far too many that use and take advantage of the system she has been awarded a Disability Pension. How many of you can claim that?

    I have 3 life long friends that are down on the DES right now, Drug Addled and barely alive.

    All of those People made and continue to make bad choices!! If I give them money it goes to Drugs and Alcohol and Cigarettes. The only thing I can do is buy them meals, which of course then leaves them more money for their Vices, it is a vicious circle.

    Each and every day the three Levels of Government inject (no pun) over$ 1 Million Dollars into the DES then stand back and watch “Special Interests” like Mayor Mumbles, Swanson, Davies, Erickson, Townsend, Kwan, and the rest that have come and gone over the years squander that money.

    When will people like you grasp the fact that the DES and the rest is an Industry for people like Robertson, Meggs, and the rest?

    How can you blame the Fentanyl crisis on the B.C. Libs?

    If DJT begins to tighten up on the Southern Mexican U.S. Border where most of the Fentanyl comes to Canada and the JU.S. from he is vilified!! Really?

    Funny I know plenty of Cuban and Mexican U.S. Citizens that want to keep their Children and Families safe and they want a Wall/Fence.

    You may not realize this but a high percentage of injection users actually seek out more potent Dope because it intensifies the High, they want that extra Kick they get out of the Fentanyl and C. Meth.

    We must quit blaming the B.C. Libs for the Drug Crisis. We could hire double the ambulance Staff and ER Staff and other out reach types but it would not stop the carnage.

    Travel down to Hastings St. sometime and simply watch Injection Drug users shoot up 20′ from the Doorway of the so called Injection Site, that might explain a few things to you.

    Government cannot be the magic “Silver Bullet’ for everything that ills us, People need to make better choices.

    Most importantly we cannot continue to ask hard working Citizens that are already tested by high costs of Housing and other cost of living and Taxation.

    To blame the B.C. Libs for our Drug problem is imply moronic!

  • 58 John's Aghast // Jan 31, 2017 at 11:29 am

    Okay Choir, this is going to be brief. (My doctor blames all my health problems on over-reacting to blogs) All together now: LET’S GET RID OF CHRISPY!
    There are enough good ideas put forth here to assure the NDP have a chance in May. That’s all I can ask for – the rest is up to them. There seems to be hope, even BM seems to be weakening. BTW. “take your money and run Venezuela is a SONG (Harry Belafonte, I believe), not a political suggestion.
    To add to the list of Chrispy’s transgressions: The $25 wheel chair ‘maintenance’ fee. Was it implemented? The $600 million to 4 lane the TransCanada from Kamloops to the Alberta border. I know it bypassed Pritchard before it ran out of money but it could have been 20 laned with the money from Site C!
    Gotta go, my stomach is acting up again.

    (Response: Relax! It’s a blog discussion…not a UN General assembly debate. We are MUCH more fair, considerate and generally respectful of each other on here. Enjoy…don’t fret! h.o)

  • 59 e.a.f. // Jan 31, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    BMCQ, its e.a.f. and yes I know of what you write. Your experiences are not confined to you. its true, you can give your friends on drugs money and they will send it either up their nose or down their throats. there isn’t an answer for those of us who deal with friends and family who are addicted. As you say if you buy the groceries, then there is more money for them to buy drugs. My solution finally was simply to say, if you’re hungry come over. You get scared they will die. You get scared when you don’t hear from them. You’re relieved you don’t hear from them.

    Governments can not address a lot of the issues. However there are a lot of things governments can do and this one didn’t. they knew the fent. crisis was happening. the doctor had a press conference and announced it. Did anything change? NO. Did the government announce special funding for medical assistance for families of kids who had gotten into drugs? NO.
    Did the government ban pill presses? NO (now that may not have changed things much, but it would have sent a message. In my opinion our photo op queen was too busy being a photo op queen to deal with the issues. Come to think of it she wasn’t anywhere to be seen and neither was Terry Lake.

    A few suggestions: announcing more hospital beds for children with drug addictions. it is always best to start with the kids because in the long run it saves way more money.

    announcing more detox and rehab facilities when the “crisis” was announced. Didn’t happen.

    There is no long term strategy to deal with the drug crisis. This province needs one. Just like this province doesn’t have a poverty reduction strategy.

    When Christy did her number on the school system years ago, she helped start the crisis. How you say, well cuts came. those cuts eliminated all sorts of positions in schools which helped kids and kids in crisis or kids on the margins. have a look at the age of all those on drugs.

    In desperation some people thought better a live addict than a dead one. So you have safe injection sites. I don’t like them but I support them.

    What could our police have done if there had been a long term drug strategy? they could have started busting dealers. Everyone pretty much knows where to find dealers. Some right outside the injection site. Arrest them, take their drugs and money. its expensive to put them in jail which was most likely part of the problem and the courts are so short staffed they couldn’t handle them all and there are rules now about getting to trial on time. Sort of catch and release program. would it have helped, perhaps.

    In my opinion the photo op queen was too busy fund raising to deal with running this province. One wonders how often did cabinet get together to discuss the drug problem in this province,. Did cabinet ever get together with the police chiefs of the province to discuss the problem or the health workers or teachers of this province? NO< NO, NO. Not much of anything was done.

    Whether we like it or not handing out needles is cost effective and it saves people from developing HIV and hep C.

    The Premier never got on board with doing much of anything about the crisis. it would have been interesting if she had devoted as much time to fighting the drug crisis as she did to photo ops and fund raising.

    This is not going to get better. The current model isn't working.

    Tens of millions have been spent on the DTES and its become an industry with very bad results. As an industry you do like to see results, but the politicians never did sit down and say, gee this business model isn't working, not that I believe government ought to be a business. O.K. enough of this.

  • 60 Lew // Jan 31, 2017 at 4:06 pm


    Sorry to hear about the serious problems drug addiction has caused your family.

    Your post raises many questions, but I’ll pose just three.

    Would cutting off funding and support and walking away to let the mentally ill and/or drug addicted make better choices on their own increase or decrease the likelihood of the problems you describe occurring in the future?

    You didn’t name anyone connected with the BC Liberals as being involved in the rape of the DES. Just your usual NDP suspects. Are there any, either as good examples or as bad examples, or have they already taken your advice and walked away to let people make better choices on their own?

    What is your source for the information that most of the Fentanyl imported into the U.S. and Canada comes over the Mexican/U.S. border?

  • 61 13 // Jan 31, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    Perhaps the fent crisis is not the fault of the BC Liberals. Perhaps addiction is the fault of years of Federal downloading of health costs on the provinces. Most of all perhaps its the fault of a justice system that has moved far to left of center. Just maybe if we stopped trying to understand why and started dealing out punishment to criminals.

    Today a crown prosecutor asked for an 18 year jail term for a fent dealer. The judge handed down a 14 year term. Another judge handed a life sentence to a home invader that killed a homeowner.

    Then I hear that vincent lee might become a totaly free man. Tim Mclean is still dead, his mom and a bus load of passengers probably still suffer the horror but were going to allow Lee to be free.

    Maybe were turning the corner with some stiffer penalties for criminals. Lets hope that the shooter in Quebec gets swift and sever justice. That way the many relatives and the rest of us can try to move on.

  • 62 e.a.f. // Jan 31, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    13, longer jail sentences don’t cure the problem. The U.S.A. has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, almost 2 million people of which a million are black. They found themselves with jails full of people because of their laws with min. sentencing. These prisons are frequently for profit prisons and more like cesspools than prisons where people are able to reform. They come out worse than when they went in.

    There was no point in Keeping Lee in jail, He committed the killings when he was mentally ill. He is now well. Its like saying you broke your leg once so you need to stay in a cast and wheelchair for the rest of your life. neither makes sense. Keeping Lee in jail for the rest of his life isn’t going to bring the other person back to life. Prisons are not about getting even.

    Punishing addicts won’t change the problem. Many deal because they are addicts, longer jail terms are not the answer. Rehabiliation is the answer and some poverty reduction.

    Big time drug dealers, yes, they might benefit from longer jail terms such as the person who got the 14 Yr. sentence. For more details on him you can check out the Gangster Out blog. Dennis Watson frequently writes about specific criminals and others who know some of them also comment. You will find the blog is very different from Harvey’s.

    Yes, the federal government may have down loaded some health care costs to the provinces, but you’d think the provinces would have gotten a handle on things by now. we do elect these politicians to manage the government services. Then in B.C. when the government has so much money to toss around and lower corporate taxes they ought to have enough money to adequately fund health care. The b.c. lieberals have chosen not to. that is why they won’t sign the deal Trudeau is offering. He is insisting they spend the money on mental health and seniors in home care. Another province just signed the deal yesterday. All of this may come to haunt her photo opness at the next election. Not spending money where it ought to be. Transfer payments for health care are sent to each province but there isn’t a requirement that it be spent on health care, not until Trudeau said this time, this is the extra money and it has to be spent on mental health and seniors. Just another e.g. of Christy not caring about mental health and seniors, just those who can afford to pay to play

  • 63 BMCQ // Feb 1, 2017 at 8:44 am

    Lew – 60

    Social Engineers in the Poverty Industry would have “The Great Unwashed” that most of the Drug Addled on the DES are there because the B.C. Liberal Govt are uncaring and turned poor defenseless souls out onto the street.

    There could be nothing further from the truth and any honest Dr. that is familiar with the problem on the DES would tell you that MOST of those suffering Mental Health issues are experiencing that because of the psychosis triggered by the long term use of Hardy Drugs.

    Yes there are a small number thee because they had prior MH issues before they ended up on the DES and that is sad.

    I would be totally 100% happy to acknowledge the name of any B.C. Lib or Federal Conservative that makes their living off the back of the poor souls on the DES.

    From where I sit it seems to be “Free Enterprise types that either work or own Businesses that provide the Tax Dollars for the Poverty Pimps I have already named to create their own very nice living from.

    I knew Jim Green through friends on DES and I spent many an afternoon talking Politics and even the odd game of pool over a few years. Actually a nice man but living in a world of dreams.


    If I said most I apologize because no one knows how much of anyone Drug enters into a country unless every single ounce of the Drug is seized and confiscated at ALL incoming points which can even include the mail.

    There is now way to know how much comes into the U.S. or Canada, but from what I am led to believe estimates which are only a guess tell them that less than 30% is seized by Feds.

    Again, how they would know that just does not make sense to me. To take away the seized product away from the total amount would tell me they would need to know the total amount to arrive at the 30%.

    And even Obama and his Minions wee in support of Migrant and Border Control.

    e.a.f. – 62

    Next time you and I take a Greyhound across the Prairies I will allow you to sit up in the front row with Lee, I will vey happily ride in back.

    Health Care in B.C. is close to 50%, Education is about 25% and they are both climbing, they each receive an increase each and every year no matter what you would like to promote.

    What do we do, let them both climb to a total of 90%? Or do we at least attempt to gain control of a Bloated Bureaucracy of wast in each Ministry and become more efficient?

    It seems to me that you just demanded that police arrest more Fentanyl Dealers in one Post and then in another you want to do away with Jail time or jails. Can you please clarify?

    Stats tell us that contrary to what you say Crime in the U.S. is dropping each year.

    Having said that for some reason over the past 2 years Murders in the five largest U.S. have for some reason climbed dramatically.

    In Vancouver proper the same 300 People commit about 80% of the Crime.

    They ae violent Repeat Prolific Offenders in many cases and they have anywhere from 20, 30, 40, 60, even 70 Convictions yet they do hardly no time in jail.

    We need to arrest, charge, and send each and every one of them to Federal Prison for over 2 to 5 years each.

    If they go into the Federal System they get Drug Treatment and they have a chance of saving their own life.

    We then would see a corresponding drop in crime, and we would not need more police, Legal Aid Lawyers, Judges, Staff, Larger Court houses and Tax Payers would be saved perhaps Billions over 10 years.

    We have done it your way far too long and it is only getting worse.

    Police do their job and they do it well, they make arrests and then sit back and watch Activist liberal Judges release Criminal after Criminal so they can come back to your House to get what they missed last time.

    It is time for Federal, Provincial, and municipal Politicians to call our Activist judges and demand more from them.

    Tax Payers deserve much better from Elite Judges and it is long past time to hold them to account!

  • 64 Marge // Feb 2, 2017 at 7:22 pm


    The NDP just handed the election to her – way to go NDP!! Everyone wants the carbon tax to be the Number 1 priority don’t they????

  • 65 13 // Feb 2, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    @Marge, I cant imagine the frustration you and other NDP supporters must feel.
    Mr Horgan (5 out of 72 people knew who he was) is so out of touch with reality.
    But dont worry the BCGEU is running ads to tell us that they are against bullies in the work place. I wonder which work place they have control over besides their own ?

  • 66 e.a.f. // Feb 3, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    O.K. BMCQ, with Harvey’s permission, we are off topic so here goes. When I suggest they arrest more Fent. dealers its a ‘catch and release’ program, not putting more of them in jail. We don’t have the staff for courts and jails to put them all in jail. Taking their money and drugs is one way to discourage some of them.

    I am aware there are a relatively small number of people committing a majority of the crimes. And still politicians haven’t done anything about it. It doesn’t affect them, so they don’t care. Dealing with them is expensive and no one wants to spend the money. Unfortunately they don’t realize the money it does cost but that usually comes out of another line item.

    Now BMCQ, I don’t ever see either of us going on a Greyhound going across the Prairies, let alone together. Now it might be a good way to raise funds for a charity, for every mile we go, etc. Perhaps bike, walk, but Greyhound, not so much. Was on once in my mid 20s. That rates up their with the dumbest things I ever did in life.

    As to travelling with Lee, I’m O.K. with that, just not on Greyhound. A train, fine, plane, O.K. if you insist, but not Greyhound.

    Putting some people in jail for long periods of time for drug addiction isnt’ going to work. Been in a federal pen. lately? didn’t think so. A long term hospital for the disease might be something but a prison, not so much.

    As to “activist judges”, its more like they know there isn’t enough room in the prisons to hold every one, nor is there sufficient staff, so what is the point. Jails are very expensive, just check with the Americans. Sending people to jail for small time drug offenses, isn’t going to solve the problem. it might have been better to front load the system, when they are kids and provide the services to ensure they don’t need the drugs or turn to a life of crime. How some one gets mentally ill doesn’t matter, its getting them better. We as a society aren’t going to change anything because we don’t want to spend the money.

    As to spending 50% of our tax dollars on health care, it might be about time to have a look at that. It can be done for less money, its just that there has been a lot of empire building over the years and those Health Authorities just add another layer to it. the health care system is too top heavy.

    Some years ago a retired doctor from Kamloops outlined how many medical staff there were there and how many pencil pushers. They had built a new 4 tiered parking garage just to accommodate the pencil pushers. Some where in the 1980s health care started to empire build and you could see it in hospitals. When smaller hospitals had operated with head nurses and a few department heads, 2 C.E.O.s, pay roll clerks and a couple of secretaries, there were now entire floors taken up with pencil pushers. Don’t know how it happened, but they had them. The hospital hadn’t increased in size, about the same number of health care staff, but those pencil pushers went on for ever.

    If you’re talking saving money, let Christy cut all those ads on t.v. right now. they’re costing us a fortune. Then we could cut those 200 staffers she’s got monitoring media, etc.

    A national prescription drug plan would save a billion here and there.

    On the other hand all those pencil pushers need jobs and they might have them some where.

    Quess we do have something in common, we both knew Jim Green.

    O.K. if we drop the topic before Harvey drops us?

  • 67 BMCQ // Feb 4, 2017 at 10:04 am

    e.a.f. – 66

    No need to reply to this, just want to tie up a loose end or two while at the same time stay on topic.

    Brexit was successful because The Good People of Britain were/are sick and tired of the Elitist, Liberal, Bureaucratic, P.C, Centralist Rule out of Brussels.

    A Ruling Body that took away the right for individual Countries to have control over their Borders, Migration, and Social Issues.

    They did the correct thing but as you and others will soon see the damage has been done and it is irreversible.

    The American populace saw the same thing growing in the U.S. and they wanted no more of the past 8 years of President “O” under HRC.

    The People of B.C. have felt and do feel the same way about a potential NDP Horgan Government that has sold it’s soul to the BCGEU, BCTF, obstructionist Enviro’s and other Special Interests and Social Engineers like the ones headed up by Portland Hotel, Mayor Mumbles Robertson, the Victoria Mayor, and other Poverty Pimps.

    Horgan will not gain any support from middle of the road voters until the NDP can find a way to appeal to Union and Non Union Blue Collars, and that is simply not happening.

    Horgan could also appeal to many soft Liberal Voters by coming out with a “Tough on Crime” stance but again that is not in the cards.

    Someone up the page stated that Horgan may be content with his opposition role and that may be so.

    FYI – I have been behind the Walls of 5 Prisons, one Maximum, Kent.

    All work related, I have never been arrested or charged with anything in my entire life.

    However from birth I did grow up with two individuals that were in the mid 70′s to mid 80′s the biggest Drug Dealers in Vancouver.

    Believe me when I tell you there are only a handful of things that slow down a Drug Dealer, Jail, Sickness, Death, Religion, or Old Age.

    One of the two of who I speak of here has been in Max Prison since the late 80′s and he is a Dangerous Offender, he will and never should be released.

    The other has a rotten Liver, has lost a Kidney, and for some reason has stooped over from about 6’3″ to about 5′ 8″.

    I know what I am talking about.

    And oh yes, I was even in Alcatraz but that was just to visit morry.

    You speak of a National Drug Prescription Plan.

    I think Canada should pay close attention to what the Trump Administration may come up with that subject.

    I believe that Pharma should get a decent return on their R & D investment but I also believe it has been too rich and the Terms of protection need to be adjusted dramatically.

    I would like to see Provinces lobby the Feds to offer Pharma Tax Credits to offset some of the high costs to Patients.

    This industry needs regulation and restructuring badly.

    Might be a good Campaign promise for your friend Horgan.

  • 68 e.a.f. // Feb 4, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    O.K. BMCQ you can have the last word, nice job of tying it in to the topic.

    we might have more in common than I thought.

  • 69 BMCQ // Feb 7, 2017 at 7:22 am

    Some of you here criticize the B.C. NDP Horgan Opposition for not doing enough to attract Voters/Supporters.

    Seems to me that no Government or Opposition Parties of any Brand at any of the 3 Levels right across Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast ever run on the Control of Government run away out of control Spending, Red Tape, Bureaucracy. unsustainable Wages, Salaries, Benefits, and Pensions of Public Sector Workers.

    The above would be a gift for Horgan and his Minions if they decided to adopt those spending controls as part of their 2017 Election Platform.

    I attach the following as a guide of “What Not To Do” for them.

  • 70 Anon // Feb 12, 2017 at 12:31 pm


    Your degree of cognitive dissonance is truly amazing – Yikes!

    Corruption is corruption.