Conservative Minority Government Better for BC

British Columbians should learn from Quebeckers.

When it comes to voting, exercising influence and then being rewarded with powerful Cabinet seats and LOTS of federal spending, Quebec voters put BC to shame.

La belle province has 22.3% of Canada’s population … but boasts 29.7% of the Ministers appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

There are ELEVEN of them … and, more importantly … several hold powerful Cabinet seats: not only the Prime Minister’s, but others that are are HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL in doling out those BILLIONS in federal funds/spending. And pulling Ottawa’s policy strings as well.

Quebec controls the top Ministry jobs in: Economic Development; Treasury Board President; Agriculture; Innovation, Science and Industry; National Revenue; Foreign Affairs; Justice; Heritage; Indigenous Services; and, Leader of the Government in the Commons.

Some pretty high profile posts!

In fact, Quebec holds SO MUCH power/sway there are actually going to be TWO Leaders’ Debates in French this election campaign and only ONE in English. How is that fair??? Talk about the tail wagging the dog!

(The first French language Leaders’ debate will be on Quebec’s TVA Network Sept 2, the second French language debate will be on the national Networks Sept. 8; and the sole English language debate, will be on Sept. 9.)

Just another way, through power and influence, Quebeckers get favored treatment, while BC (and the West) continue to be short-changed.

Take a closer look at OUR reality.

BC is home to 14% of the country’s population … but our MPs have been granted responsibility for only FOUR Ministries under Trudeau/Liberals (10.8% of Cabinet posts) … well BELOW a FAIR portion.

That’s a disgrace!

And only one BC Cabinet Post … Environment and Climate Change (Jonathan Wilkinson) could be considered a major Ministry … but even then, NOTHING like Quebec holds in terms of several that can assist British Columbia companies in GAINING federal benefits/spending.

BC’s three other Cabinet responsibilities are: National Defence; Employment and Workforce Development; and, Digital Development (do most Canadians know that the latter two even exist?) .

Are British Columbia’s seven other Liberal MPs just not smart enough to make it into the Trudeau Cabinet?

Quebec voters would NEVER stand for the comparatively minor role given BC in the Trudeau/Liberal government!

And nor would Ontarians, who also do fine under the current setup.

Canada’s most populated province (14.7 million) has 38.8% of of our population, but was allocated 16 Ministry posts by Trudeau … 43.2% … exercising EXTRA power and influence, like Quebec, BEYOND it’s fair share.

And Ontario too gets some very powerful posts.

Ontario Liberal MPs in Trudeau’s Cabinet fill: Deputy Prime Minister; Finance; Associate Minister of Finance; Immigration; International Trade; Labour; Transport; Health; Seniors; Infrastructure; International Development; Indigenous Relations; Families; Public Safety; Rural Economy; Women/Gender Equality; Diversity, and Public Services and Procurement.

Lots of BIG buck contracts to hand out there!

And when two provinces get MORE than their fair share of Cabinet seats, more federal influence and powers and more say and access to fiscal spending … others, like BC, get less.

It’s time BC voters did something about it!

Before dissolution, BC had seventeen Conservative MPs, 11 NDP; two Greens and, one Independent, in addition to the 11 Liberals … 42 MPs in all.

Canada’s next government will again be Liberal or Conservative.

It may seem laudable for British Columbians to vote NDP/Green on an ideological or idealistic basis, but let’s keep it real: this election, the NDP have NO chance of forming either government or even the Official Opposition.

It’s time BC voters got into the game … and stop being satisfied just preaching good sportsmanship from the sidelines.

Voting NDP/Green will just leave the REAL power and purse strings in the hands of Quebec and Ontario voters … who will cash in once more.

This time, British Columbians should vote in our own interests!

Trudeau has fallen from grace in the eyes of many: he has kowtowed to China too much (two Michaels, 5 Gs, PPE, vaccine betrayal, trade obstacles) ; violated Parliamentary ethics rules three times; embarrassed Canada at the UN; acquiesced too easily to Quebec’s claim that it could unilaterally change Canada’s Constitution … NO!; failed to intervene/protect religious minorities from new discriminatory laws in Quebec; failed to solve the First Nations’ clean water crisis, while pandering ($$$$) to activists and agitators, after ending the basic requirement that bands and councils make public their financial records; and, mishandled Canada’s “rescue” mission in Afghanistan, burying in paperwork and/or in the end, leaving behind/abandoning thousands who worked for/trusted Canada.

In BC, Trudeau has talked the talk … but clearly still FAILED to give our province its FAIR share of power, important positions and respect in Ottawa.

Ask Jody Wilson-Raybould.

And why are we holding an election now in the first place? Trudeau’s term was not due to expire until October, 2023 … and there were NO signs the Opposition parties were getting ready to topple the minority government.

Why go now? Trudeau and Liberal strategists felt the timing would give them a good chance of winning a majority government.

The effort will cost taxpayers an estimated $610 MILLION … which is $108 MILLION more than the $502 MILLION taxpayers spent to hold the 2019 Election. More than $1 BILLION on two federal elections in less then two years!

While Canadians are still fighting/suffering from the Covid pandemic; thousands are in mourning; and, hundreds of thousands have lost their businesses, their life savings and/or their jobs.

How does that deserve another term?

Just think of how powerful and influential BC could be if WE become responsible for delivering government into the hands of Erin O’Toole! (Especially since in Quebec, he’s not likely to do better than the Liberals/Bloc!).

O’Toole and his principles are not turning out to be as scary as previous Tory leaders/policies or as his opponents try to portray him. His policies in this campaign have been centrist and even socially/environmentally progressive. And he does seem to have the party/caucus’ right wing under pretty good control.

As a result, polls are showing Canadians ARE seeing O’Toole and the Tories as a realistic alternative to Trudeau/Liberals.

Although I would not want to see a majority Conservative government at this time … I believe an O’Toole/Conservative MINORITY government could be a good change for Canada … and especially BC and the West.

So maybe it’s OUR turn to play the game perfected by Quebec and Ontario … and use OUR votes to influence who WINS the election … and then share in the rewards!

And not just be satisfied with sending third and fourth place party “dreamers” to Ottawa.

Harv Oberfeld

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