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CRTC Should Beware CTV (Bell Media) Tears of Woe!

November 26th, 2015 · 26 Comments

This coming January, the Canadian Radio-Television, Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will begin hearings on the future of local and community television in Canada.

So it was NO surprise to me that CTV (Bell Media) took a large axe to its tv and radio news operations a week ago in a loud and bloody massacre heard, seen and suffered by its personnel, its operations and its viewers from coast to coast.

The slaughter …which began earlier in November, reportedly claimed 380 victims …. who lost their jobs.

“While it is very difficult to part ways with valued colleagues, the changes are an essential step in ensuring that Bell Media’s cost structure reflect the realities of revenue performance in media and broadcasting, and that we remain leaders in a fast-changing industry,” the company said in a statement.

At least, THAT was their official line.

The CRTC should take it all for what I believe it is:  a total SHAM …designed to soften up the CRTC (and Canadians), so that local and community television can be further slashed by Bell Media …. turning “Canadian”  into more and more of a US re-broadcaster, augmented by Canadian “content” … reality shows, dramas, documentaries etc … that can be run over and over again, coast to coast all year round (even repeated for several years) … much cheaper in the long run than NEW daily, news and current affairs programming.

Among those sacrificed on the CTV chopping block were reportedly many high profile, long-time devoted CTV employees: including CTV anchors Dan Matheson, Bill Hutchison and Suneel Joshi; Ottawa’s CTV News co-anchor Carole Ann Meehan; Ottawa sports reporter Carolyn Waldo; Ottawa Morning Live host Lois lee; CTV News Channel anchor Amanda Blitz; Toronto Newstalk host Mike Toth; TSN co-host David Bastl; and, TSN reporter Sheri Forde.

In Vancouver,  among the 20 staff falling to the axe were sports anchor Perry Solkowski, weather man Michael Kuss, hockey host Jeff Paterson; reporters Lisa Rossington, Peter Grainger …and assignment editor Len Catling (some thanks for helping bring CTV Vancouver’s ratings much closer to Global’s!!!).   A producer, the librarian, a camera op, an engineer, web operator also gone: these jobs are behind the scenes, but DO affect the quality of what we see on air.

Bell Media argues that local tv, radio etc. has been losing money: very expensive to operate, while advertising revenues have been dropping.

However, the CRTC has already taken SEVERAL steps to help Canadian networks … including REMOVING restrictions on advertising minutes allowed per hour; and even DECREASING their Canadian content requirements by five per cent …. a HUGE gift to the networks.

And I hope the CRTC will look CLOSELY at Bell Media’s STOCK growth …PROOF that the company is in fact doing, WELL …VERY WELL!

BCE shares in November, 2005 sold for $28.40 each; by January, 2011, they had risen to $35.63 each … and NOW, they sell for almost $57 EACH!!!!

Sound like poverty to you?    Needing even MORE corporate welfare?

Let’s keep it real.

TV network executives try to argue that news is too costly, but in my view, fail to adequately take into account the overall picture of their industry … that their ENTIRE operations MUST BE EXAMINED IN TOTALITY.

We would not allow a hospital to severely curtail/shut down its emergency department, because it is too costly/labour-intensive, and just do lucrative surgery operations; we would not allow energy companies to provide electricity only to large, profitable industrial consumers; and, we no longer permit car insurance companies to siphon off only the best drivers for basic coverage, dropping the less-profitable parts of their operations.

So it is … and SHOULD BE ..with TV/RADIO network conglomerates: Canada’s air waves belong to ALL Canadians …. not just a few huge conglomerates.

The CRTC must NOT allow them to skim off and exploit the most profitable aspects of overall tv/radio operations.

Local and community news IS part of the broadcasting business in Canada … and the CRTC should not be fooled by the latest staff blood-letting “performance”  staged, I believer, by Bell Media to reduce their CTV local news/community operations even more.

And I hope it is also not lost on the CRTC that Bell Media earlier this month still reported revenues of $692 MILLION, and an “adjusted” (LOL!) profit of $183 MILLION for just the past quarter.

Harv Oberfeld

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  • 1 r // Nov 26, 2015 at 10:56 am

    cut too much you might have more errors of reporting?

  • 2 D. M. Johnston // Nov 26, 2015 at 11:11 am

    Yippee, your back!

    I think under the new regime in Ottawa, the CRTC will not rubber stamp what the local media barons want, but what the government wants.

    But the media barons had better watch out as many people are abandoning TV altogether. The product that Canadian TV tries to peddle is dated, amateurish, and boring.

    One hopes the CTRC will stick it to Bell, et el and tell the lot of them to improve the product or lose the license.

    (Response: Thanks. Of course, abandoning tv doesn’t help. The irony is CTV in Vancouver has been doing well…growing in not only viewers, but quality as well. Worries me what will happen now …but the KEY must be a strong CRTC that will not buckle in January even more under media network pressures. h.o)

  • 3 Viewer on more // Nov 26, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    I left CTV as a viewer when they got rid of Michael Kuss. I will never watch CTV again. In fact I will never deal with Bell for anything. I am seriously looking into dropping cable altogether. Apple TV has Netflix , NHL and MLB. Just need to find out where I can get CBC news from. I am 61 years old and have had enough of corporate greed.

    (Response: Many people have been turned off and turned away ….and Netflicks and other sources are no doubt hurting the networks and local viewing. Cant see how the CRTC going along with MORE slashing for cash will make things better: I hope the CRTC lowers the boom directly on the heads of the corporate bosses running the networks and trying to cut even more. h.o)

  • 4 13 // Nov 26, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    Welcome back.
    The do more with less corporate line has become the new normal. The fact that a business is showing a profit, share prices rising, dividends being paid means nothing to those in the ivory tower. Perhaps its part of the package for managers.Keep putting pressure on the staff to do more, work more overtime take short cuts , as long as they show a profit bonuses will be paid to managers.
    Like you said its to bad because Ive just started to watch CTV instead of Global. Also switching from NW to CBC and Roundhouse.
    PSR did a short piece on the 380 job cuts. The union that represents these turfed workers is UNIFOR, formerly the CAW. Long gone are the days where unions afforded some level of job security. I remember in the early 70s at Canadian Pacific Transport Ltd. they decided that they would put employees on an on call basis. The union pulled every last worker off the job and the on call list was gone in one day.

    (Response: Thanks. Exactly! The corporations ARE making profits…hundreds of millions. If that’s not enough…they should sell their broadcast licences …or have them taken away…and awarded to those who ARE willing to provide quality local news and community programming as part of their viable operations. h.o0

  • 5 nonconfidencevote // Nov 26, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    Good to see you back Harvey, Hope your holiday was relaxing.
    As for Bell, Global, whoever.
    My heart pumps purple pee. Obscene fees from Telus/Rogers/Shaw/Bell which I’m sure the channels recieve a generous cut………all for the “privilege” of watching endless commercials.
    Sorry not interested.
    They best get their shite together real soon or 25 years from now kids will be wondering what tv’s (like landline telephones)were for.

    (Response: Thanks. The CRTC actually gave the networks a big break when they did away with per-hour commercial limits. Surely in their 24-hour multi-station universe, the huge media conglomerates can reap enough revenue to not only maintain current news and community programming, but expand it. And thy must NOT be allowed to separate it out into a completely separate operation, required to stand financially on its own…. IF the CRTC is truly PROTECTING the public interest. h.o)

  • 6 Rollie // Nov 26, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    It all comes down to gravitas.
    Do you trust news readers who prattle on incessantly when they read a kitty kat story or beam glowingly at news from zoos then abruptly switch to news from the middle east. Zero credibility = bye bye from viewers.
    Cut the cable folks and be free of rampsnt commercialism and sub standard content.

    (Response: Sometimes I wonder if they’re really NEWS anchors, or just hired talking heads. h.o)

  • 7 e.a.f. // Nov 26, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    Thank you for coming back. I missed you. Didn’t know all those people had been chopped. Didn’t know Kuss had been broomed. I liked him, actually thought he was on vacation when he wasn’t on the 6 p.m. news.

    had stopped watching Global a few years ago and was enjoying CTV evening news with the people they just broomed. not a good thing. Lets hope the CRTC sees through what Bell is doing. Its time for the CRTC to stand up for Canadians and Canadian content. Really there are all these channels which can be clicked through, but still nothing to watch. These reality shows are just cheap crap] The comnercials are usually better than the shows. ‘

    Might be time to buy that package of 20 yrs of Law and order and just watch that. I know, I know, know the dialogue by heart, but its still better than a lot of stuff on t.v. these days.

    At this rate cleaning up the house and yard will become more interesting than watching t.v.

    If broadcasters can’t or won’t produce quality local news then their license ought to be taken away until they get with the agenda.

    (Response; Thanks. I agree…their LICENCE should be strictly tied to producing and providing QUALITY local news and community programming…and I’m not just referring to new shopping mall openings! h.o)

  • 8 AndyO // Nov 26, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    Good you see you back, I was wondering when you would blog about this. I was amazed at the blood letting from CTV, considering the jump in ratings especially in the Vancouver market. High profile people across the board, amazing. I could have picked others myself, but like you said, it’s all about the money. It would be nice to see the CRTC use their power to at least look into this. Get Bell to justify it without some lame excuse on budget losses according to area. If that was true wouldn’t they have hit their 3 hour local morning show? I have to admit, CTV’s news at the moment is more local and in-depth than Global in my opinion. Too bad we will probably lose that aspect. But I still wont watch Global anymore.

    (Response: I think the latest cuts at CTV Vancouver PROVES, in my view, the network isn’t really interested in ratings..but really wants to get rid of news or at least reduce it even more. I hope the CRTC can see through their crocodile tears about reduced revenues and look at Bell Media’s and BCE’s TRUE financial growth and very healthy bottom line. h.o)

  • 9 Hawgwash // Nov 27, 2015 at 11:12 am

    Welcome back Mr. O.
    I’m glad you returned safely and am certainly looking forward to your take on a number of issues, including our new PM.

    For now though;
    A number of months ago, I gave up on Global and switched to CTV for my local “news.”
    I’m not sure if it’s me or them but I’ve pretty much had it with CTV now as well.

    They seemed to be doing ok for a while but a number of things lately have turned me off.

    Now, I hate to see anyone lose their job and I don’t want to kick them when they are down, but, I really don’t have feel a lot of sympathy for them.

    Ok, “they” and I’m being very general here, are victims of corporate crap, but at the same time they have done nothing to advance the profession and garner the respect that should follow.

    I turn on the TV for morning and late afternoon news, to see if something major happened overnight or during the day that will give me a topic to take to the internet where I can hopefully seek out the real facts and bona fide news.

    Here is what has turned me off CTV Vancouver;
    The early morning news with Keri Adams and Brent Shearer is nothing more than a fluffy amateur hour and I often get the impression that the two don’t even like each other.

    This is where it gets tough for me. I think Keri has shown quality media traits in the past but seems to have fallen for the dumb, blonde, eye candy shtick. She must be beyond mid thirties, yet at times acts like a 20 year old clueless Facebook junky. More than once she has reacted to Shearer with the gaping mouth, tongue on bottom lip, raise eyebrow wobbly head “ya think?” expression. I believe she is better than that. They both give me the impression they have no real life experiences.

    She asks dumbfounded; “what would a bear trapped in an office, climbing shelves be looking for?”

    Good grief.

    The worst to me though was this Scott Roberts report on November 1st.

    Floating gas cans helped BC man survive whirlpools, night overboard

    Almost everything in that report was inaccurate.
    The boat did not capsize. It was miles from Desolation Sound and was not in a “channel known as Hole in the Wall. Other than a Skype interview, most of the footage was “file.”

    It was so nonfactual, Scott, the newsroom and CTV Vancouver should be ashamed.

    Credibility was the only thing that capsized.

    (Response: Thanks. I never like to see cuts in news programming. I guess we can conclude those let go were NOT among the most popular with viewers (stations can now track that minute by minute) …but what really worries me is that they will likely not be replaced…so again it’s do more with even less …and quality will likely suffer..again. And then …what happens with the ratings? The CRTC must not allow the networks to squeeze their news operations out of existence: they must NOT just become purveyors of “entertainment”. h.o.)

  • 10 Hawgwash // Nov 27, 2015 at 11:13 am

    Try this link:

  • 11 Wendy Vreeken // Nov 27, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    Well said. Just fyi though, Lisa ASKED to leave, and what does THAT tell you?

  • 12 Ron // Nov 27, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    Perry Solkowski came across to me as arrogant and way too comfortable in his job. I’m glad he got turfed and now maybe will come back down to earth. Unemployment seems to do that to people.
    After five minutes on TV with that guy, I couldn’t change the channels fast enough,s o full of himself.
    I never watched CTV sports news after that, except plays of the week.
    Michael Kuss the same. Couldn’t stand him.
    Of course couldnb’t stand to watch the weather 5 times an hour either.
    I PVR and jump through both of those.
    Out of an hour broadcast I watch all of 10 minutes, if that.
    Still like the consumer fraud/ripoff stories, though and look forward to them daily (like Marketplace on CBC).

    (Response: Interesting. I would not be surprised if CTV had similar feedback from viewers before they decided who to cut. But my concern remains: it’s not about getting better people ….it’s that they won’t be replaced ..and that will further hurt local news. h.o.)

  • 13 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Nov 27, 2015 at 3:02 pm


    Punching through the channels with my mighty plastic Telus wand TV just ain’t what she used to be these days. And it’s not going to improve anytime soon.

    It’s gawdawful no matter where you look. Am I wrong?

    While your blog focuses on the nasty corporate capitalist class strangling their workers with zero job security (there is NEVER job security in anything, ever), pushing their noses harder against the office grind-stone and satifying greedy shareholders, you miss the real story here.

    These corporate beancounters are worried about the future of their collective existence. They’re taking actions based on a combination of “good corporate economic sense” and total panic.


    Because these companies are threatened by two major factors:

    –the endless Internet, its permutations and speed-of-light changes, and;

    –the US networks and their powerful reach into our country and eventually our empty credit card infested wallets.

    Shareholders run risks when they invest in such businesses because of these outsized risks incumbent in running such corporate entities, CRTC rules and public whining notwithstanding.

    I would never buy any shares in any Canadian-based media outlet simply because they are so small as compared to their US, British, French, Russian, Chinese and so on, actual competition.

    All that competition comes from the Internet and, in the US case, from acfross the border and into our tiny recession-wracked economy with its huge personal and government debts and a housing cohort that’s exploding as we speak.

    Buyer beware.

    Meanwhile sorry about the media toilers. But if they want “job security” then shove off to another planet: Uniforium or Nirvana. Or get another job that may have an actual future, wherever THAT may be.

    (Response: Disappointed that you swallowed the corporate bait…hook, lies and stinkers. You write …”these companies are threatened” . Really?? NOT! Didn’t you read the actual figures …how the value of BCE shares have skyrocketed over the past 10 years? (Wish my pension increased like that!) Did you miss their reporting of $183 Million PROFIT in JUST the last quarter …. only THREE MONTHS!!! (And that’s after taking advantage of every loophole and write-off, as interpreted by their huge legal and accounting experts). News is a cost of doing business … unless the CRTC says it’s all right for the networks to just pillage our airwaves and give little back in the way of community contributions. h.o.)

  • 14 Gene the Bean // Nov 27, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    Hi Harvey.

    Yes, looking for more corporate welfare is my opinion as well.

    I wonder if they paid any attention to the federal election result – the corporatists lost.

    Don’t know if we’ll ever recover from the corporatists agenda – I shop local and always try and buy from the little guy.

  • 15 13 // Nov 27, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    Island Lookout , I beg to differ. There is job security. As long as your in a public sector union you have rock solid job security. Or as close as it comes.

  • 16 Barry // Nov 27, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    Let’s start by hitting them where it will hurt.

    The airwaves are still a public resource, government controlled [until Internet broadcasting becomes much bigger, then all bets are off]

    Since CTV et all love their American programming, and use commercial substitution to fatten their bottom line, lets make the ability to bump US stations conditional on the quantity and quality of local programming.

    No quality programming, no substitution,

    Care to bet things would change overnight?

  • 17 Lulymay // Nov 27, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    Hi Harvey and welcome back from a well-earned break. Its nice to have someone like you whose experience in the media allows us to gain more insight to the goings on these days. Bell is just another corporation whose business plan is based on the bottom line; providing quality news and information as well as good entertainment is not a priority.

    I have little patience with ‘newsreaders’ who use poor grammar and demonstrate a serious lack of knowledge about many of major subjects in the news. No one is able to go out on the street and get the real story any more. The folks in the background don’t seem to have a grasp of what constitutes news and what is filler/fluff.

    One thing that bothers me about the lack of local/community programming is that this is the one area, if its well done, where people can become much more informed about what is happening at a local level (other than someone else got shot or stabbed). Surely it would stand to reason that if you know more about your community, you naturally become more involved in it and finally, might be more interested in participating in local, provincial, or federal elections as well. This can only be a positive – but perhaps corporations don’t see that in the same light that I do?

    (Response: Thanks. People DO care about what is going on in their communities … certainly of more importance … and I’d bet more interest … than repeating day after dayALL the details, over and over, of a traffic tragedy or crime. It’s called relevance … something sacrificed on the alter of fast, research-less, picture-easy coverage. h.o.)

  • 18 Hawgwash // Nov 28, 2015 at 10:11 am

    OK, holiday is over now;
    Time to get back to what we are paying you for.
    Santa Clause?

    (Response: I want a raise! I’m a union guy!! h.o)

  • 19 ISLAND LOOKOUT // Nov 28, 2015 at 10:19 am


    I fully stand by my earlier post.

    It is worth looking at the BCE revenue source pie chart in this following display on its Website:

    As you can see the media (radio and TV) segment of BCE is 12 per cent of total revenues (last fiscal year).

    So, this is not a big bad capitalist corporation being mendatiously cruel to its media toilers.

    It is really the story of a large information distributor competing, actually trying to survive and thrive, with much larger fish in a great big media distribution sea.

    Disney, Netflix, all big US news networks, and many specialty offerings are way bigger than mid-sized, by any measure, BCE.

    BCE must provide timely dividends for shareholders, yes, even all of you who are receiving CPP. You are BCE shareholders too! Right alongside those greasy capitalist pigs and their black top hats, spats, big cigars and single malt Scotch.

    Get used to it.

    As for number 13’s issue that there is job security in government service. No there is not!

    Recall the 1983 BC government restraint program. That was where the Socred administration launched a jihad of bills one hot summer July day that resulted in some civil servants being dismised “without cause” and a total of 30 per cent of government employees being sacked, downsized, privatized or whatever.

    The labour movement’s response , a failed general strike, rendered BC’s once fabled and tough movement a dead and toothless pussy cat.

    Elsewhere there is no job security. No should there ever be.

    Check out the rest of the world, y’all.

    We’re competing with THEM.

    And they’re having our lunch regularly.

    Our work force is too pampered, not tough enough, thanks to protective government laws and regulations and political correctness.

    I don’t know what it’ll take to tighten things up.

    But the current world wide depression should be a good start.

    Back to B CE. The only sorrow I have with depleting newsrooms is the lack of “proper” investigative reporting cohorts.

    More needed.

    So, Mr. BCE, please loosen some of your shareholders’ purse strings and send some of it along to the news operators.

    I, as a shareholder, thank you.

  • 20 Rollie // Nov 28, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    Yes news presenters (anchors) are not journalists but are made to appear to be news people by the shows producers. They take the days work from a real reporter on the scene who’s been knocking on doors in sub zero temperatures talking with witnesses and police and put the crux of the story in the throw to the reporter in the field!
    What kind of insanity are we dealing with here?
    When you tell someone a story do you start with the ending?
    Do you give it all away in the first sentence?
    Thats what’s happening in local TV news. Yes it makes the presenter look like s/he’s on the inside track but why as a viewer would I watch the story when you’ve given it all away in the throw?
    I saw a blurb on dealing with talent and how touchy it is to give advice to them but come on this goes totally against common sense.
    Pumping the anchor up to like like an expert is a sham consequently the audience just drifts away.

    (Response: Anchors used to be very experienced news gatherers and well known BEFORE they became anchors. Not sure how and why that changed..but looking at the product today, it sure does not seem to have been for the better! h.o)

  • 21 Howard // Nov 28, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Couldn’t agree more with Ron #12 regarding Kuss and Solkowski (can’t stand to watch either of these attitude-projectors for more than a minute). Dan Matheson, on the other hand, is one of the best and shouldn’t have much difficulty if he wants a new job. Why is the local TV market infested with so many obnoxious people, while the Victoria stations seem to have an endless supply of competent and likeable individuals?
    The rise in BCE shares has as much as anything been to the benefit of retirees since the failed takeover by the CPP and the Ontario teachers around the time of the market meltdown. They were (and are) a godsend for pension plans and RSP investors that were both desperate for yield in the yield-deprived markets continuing to today. As much a supply and demand situation
    boosting the stock price over simply pointing to corporate profits I’d say.

  • 22 13 // Nov 28, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    I always admire the tenacity of those that oppose. When the skytrain breaks down its because we voted down a referendum on a tax hike. The pundits scream how can we keep the transit running when the people voted no. Well maybe when you build a transit system you need to budget for maintenance and upgrades. If you are funded by taxpayers then the plan is simple. Pay huge salaries to a top heavy management team , them pay top dollar to a public sector union to run the system. Keep fares low the tax payers can subsidize the whole money losing pile of waste.

    The media dont get to gouge taxpayers at every opportunity. Their profits keep climbing and they respond by raising rates to subscribers and laying off staff. We have to wait for the tipping point. Sooner or later the quality of the product the media puts out becomes so bad that advertisers look elsewhere and viewers turn them off. Global, Corus, NW, Shaw are just a few that Ive turned off.

  • 23 Peter Grainger // Nov 29, 2015 at 4:29 pm

    As one of those experienced professional broadcasters cut by Bell, I think a factor in Vancouver for WHO went, is that we had NO union in place, as there is in every other CTV station across Canada. Seniority actually went against some of us, who had been there longer and perhaps were making higher salaries than the younger staff. But I agree with your assessment of the broadcasting climate, Harvey, and what might actually be behind the bloodletting.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I always felt news should a lost-leader, not a money-maker. It is supposed to be a condition of license. Bellmedia makes lots of money on its prime-time programming. News is– or should be– a public service. Last time I checked the airwaves– like Crown Land– are owned by all Canadians. The feet of Bell should be held closer to the fire by the CRTC, but sadly the governing organization has become rather toothless. Let us hope the Liberals re-instate the lost funding to the CBC.

    (Response: Thanks, Peter. I have no doubt that had CTV staff unionized, the layoffs of senior staff would not have been so easy. Some thanks for years…even decades of loyalty and career dedication! Those left there may feel relieved, appreciated … even smug. But their day will come too …probably just as their kids are heading to college etc. and well before they themselves are ready and financially prepared to retire. Organizing a union IS not easy…even scary…but in today’s corporate media world, it is the only alternative to just waiting for the axe to drop on them too. I hope the union movement is aware time is ripe to take on another attempt to give CTV staff the job protection they deserve after decades of service to the company. h.o)

  • 24 e.a.f. // Nov 30, 2015 at 10:12 am

    what we pay Harvey for? excuse me, he does this for free and then most likely adds some of his personal funds into this project. Pay him, omg. that is funny! We couldn’t afford him if he wanted to be paid. Harvey actually delivers news and opinion. two jobs for the price of free.

    It would be a good thing if the CRTC insisted on local news. The t.v. news runs some long items on the cute dog/cat thing, but do we ever get any real news about what is going on in municipal politics? Not so much. Local governments play a huge role in our quality of life, have huge budgets yet there is little to no reporting on the council meetings or the plans local governments have for their cities/towns. We hear a bit about the viaducts in Vancouver, but what of reporting regularly on Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby politics. I’d much rather hear about that than some dog in texas.

    As to job security, there once was a time in this country, if you did a good job, kept your nose clean you could rely on keeping your job. these days very few employers understand the word, corporate loyalty to their employees.

    (Response: Thanks. I was considering raising my fees by 25% …but then I calculated that 25% of $0 ….is still $0…. so I abandoned the increase and will continue to blog … for FREE! 🙂 h.o)

  • 25 13 // Nov 30, 2015 at 11:21 am

    Harvey, this is the short version of a captcha code failure.
    The 350 Bell layoffs were represented by UNIFOR.
    I belong to UNIFOR. Being a member of that particular union does nothing execpt allow UNIFOR to claim its the largest private sector union in Canada.
    It like many private sector union delivers platitudes by the dozens. Job security, not so much. Read the PSR report. The UNIFOR representative delivered zero zilch nada. She did however make a bit of a speech.

    (Response: If Captcha code repeatedly fails for you, send me the comment directly using the Contact form. Takes longer but I will get it. h.o)

  • 26 larry Bennett // Dec 1, 2015 at 5:20 pm

    Must confess I know very little about your subject of news gathering and presentation (There! proof of my modesty in these matters) – only that I have usually gone to Global for local and national, and FOX for my American infusion (along with the majority of Americans)! If Mr. Matheson has a personality, I’ve yet to find it, (same with Lisa LaFlamme), but then the news should be about the truth (balance) and “just the facts, ma’am”. I must confess though, that it is hard for me to feel terribly sorry for these talking heads – it’s not like they will be living in Stanley Park soon. It is far more likely however, that I may.
    Watching the Grey Cup, and the Canucks play the next evening, I am stunned by – not just the number of advertising minutes – but by the wages of many of those who have never held a job in the real world. Just shows to go ya that the world is not always fair.