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CTV Continues Inroads Against Global

October 5th, 2015 · 31 Comments

The shift in Vancouver television news viewers’ preferences is continuing … despite recent moves by Global to stem its decline.

Overall Global TV still leads Vancouver local news television ratings … drawing on average about twice the viewers of  CTV:  it used t0 be ahead by six times more viewers … but more and more often,  CTV is now celebrating victories over the Newshour.

Just this past Thursday, Oct. 1,  I’m told CTV News at 5  beat Global’s News at 5 quite handily  …  scoring a 2.3 ratings share, compared to 1.6 at Global.

And  CTV News at 6 also edged Global … with a 3.4 ratings share, compared to 3.3  for The Newshour.

Apparently, NEVER has Global been beaten by CTV on BOTH evening shows on the same day.

And the once-indomitable Newshour is now being “bested” by its major competitor, CTV at 6, repeatedly.

On Monday, Sept. 21 ,  CTV News at 6 apparently scored a 2.6 ratings share, compared to Newshour’s 2.4; and on Friday, Sept. 25, CTV racked up 2.3 ratings share, Global a 2.1; and, on Tuesday, Sept. 22 Global barely stayed ahead, capturing a 3.7 ratings share, compared to CTV’s 3.6.

(From Wikipedia “Share is the percentage of television sets in use that are tuned to the program. For example, Nielsen may report a show as receiving a 9.2/15 during its broadcast; this would mean that out of all television-equipped households, 9.2% were tuned in to that program, and out of all television-equipped households with a television currently in use 15% were tuned in to that program.

Global Morning News is also starting to get passed by CTV Morning News … once unheard of in Vancouver!

That was a horrible week for my old stomping ground, where I have to admit,  we used to laugh as we regularly trounced CTV with six or even seven times their ratings.

Not any more!

Year over year viewership stats are also reportedly showing BIG shifts: the monthly year over year report for July for 6pm showed CTV up 65%, Global  is down 9%, CBC is down 35% and CHEK is down 60%!


Stations don’t give out their numbers easily … except to advertisers …  but if any of them have different figures they want to share with you, I welcome them to do so here.

Clearly the public are more frequently clicking their remotes AWAY from what used to be a province-wide  habit at 6 p.m. ….  watching The Newshour.

I have written many times about what I feel has been the reasons for TV news’ decline in general and Global’s in particular: many of those commenting on here agreed and even suggested I wasn’t harsh enough; others accused me of sour grapes (never understood that …  I had a most marvelous career there,  had won many awards, was paid well, genuinely liked almost all my colleagues there … and retired only when I decided I was able to and wanted to.)

It’s obvious: the ratings show something IS wrong there … and it’s not MY blog postings!

And even the shifting of personnel and anchors and/or dual anchors doesn’t seem to helping … nor does what seems to be more and more perky banter.

Perhaps they should SEARCH their own news shows/network  on my blog and carefully read what I and ESPECIALLY YOU wrote about what’s wrong.

What about CBC Vancouver local news?

Again, some from within and outside the media criticized me sharply some months ago when I decried their new look and  the  lack of gravitas of their very young new anchor:  chastising me for being too negative, too out of touch … living in the past etc. etc.

Well,  the local news CBC ratings last week were at O.O … goose eggs … from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. …the entire suppertime block.  ZERO! (I can hardly wait for apologies all those who pooh-poohed my criticisms: I was clearly keeping it real …  they were not!)

None of that, however, brings me pleasure: we ALL lose when quality deteriorates and viewers leave; and, when I write about it all, I’m  not gloating … just trying to inform blog readers what IS  really going on … because, the media here curiously do a terrible job of covering … the media!

However, I do still have feelings for my old station, where several friends still toil and try to do the best they can with what/who they are given to work with … each day, each week … under some very pressing conditions.

Truth is, it used to make me sad to see the way Global’s succession of new owners and new management brass  slowly but surely killed off the once proud BCTV quality, the almost-revered BCTV name, the BCTV dogwood, the BCTV sign outside their Burnaby station,  the BCTV logos on their trucks and their cameras and their microphones and their coats etc. … replacing them ALL with “Global” and “Shaw”.

Now,  watching the shows and the ratings, I’m kind of glad they did that …  and don’t even pretend it is still BCTV.

Harv Oberfeld

(PS: If anyone wants to comment on the new TPP trade deal, please wait until I publish a full blog on it Wednesday: will NOT  post them to this media topic.)

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  • 1 john // Oct 5, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Harvey: don’t you mean September rather than October?

    (Response: Many thanks, John ..corrected dates … was getting ahead of myself. 🙂 h.o)

  • 2 frosty // Oct 5, 2015 at 9:02 am

    There are some good reporters on CBC…but “O.O” is no surprise. The hand-waving, cackling Toronto import was an obvious Vancouver flop from the beginning…plus, they need SOME sports. CTV must improve on “Perry” to make that final leap, and Global Sophie does not need not credible Chris…then pull back on the ever present Squire, things will improve…..there, nothing to it.

    (Response: I certainly agree CBC has some good reporters, good story tellers, good visuals … but instead of playing to THEIR natural potentially HUGE audience (older, educated, issue-orientated audience) looks to me like they decided to compete for a much younger, flashy, high tech orientated audience … and not only did not WIN them, but LOST even their old stalwart viewers. h.o.)

  • 3 Gene the Bean // Oct 5, 2015 at 9:35 am

    If Global stopped acting like the media arm of the BC Liberal Party they might attract some viewers.

    (Response: Well, their “political” reporting sure is not what it was when I was there doing it …and had lots of fun too. I always had the impression people enjoyed watching it then … not now. h.o)

  • 4 G. Barry Stewart // Oct 5, 2015 at 9:49 am

    I don’t know where the habit started, but it’s CTV news for my wife and me at 6 and 11 p.m.

    Perhaps it started with CTV having compelling Canadian and American TV shows that most attracted us, then we stuck around for the news.

    I suspect that once a viewer is lost from one network, it takes a lot to bump them out of their new rut.

    (Response: I have heard that tv analysts believe once a show loses a viewer, it is VERY difficult to get him/her back. h.o)

  • 5 larry Bennett // Oct 5, 2015 at 9:56 am

    Every cloud has a silver lining, it is said, and frosty has rightfully noted that the CBC is still a non-starter (in my humble opinion). Frosty is wrong however, in suggesting Global get rid of male announcers and etc.,
    Too many women (everywhere) news, traffic, weather, and even, on some sports channels, women doing colour commentary and etc. for football!

  • 6 Old Islander // Oct 5, 2015 at 11:20 am

    L Bennett #5

    Your misogyny is out on display again, Larry.

  • 7 SC // Oct 5, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    Global – how far you have fallen. I used to watch most of their newscasts, however, over the years, and now thanks to their awful changes, I now only watch the News Hour/News Final on the weekends with Randene Neill (who seems to be woefully underused at the desk).

    Up until a couple weeks ago, I used to be a regular viewer of the weekday News Hour Final, especially since it was quite often the only TV newscast I’d watch in the day.

    However, watching the new 35 min Global News @ 11 for the first week, it was so mind numbing (it was 25% actual news, 35% pointless banter, and 40% fluffy news) that when I switched to CTV News @ 11:30, I learned/saw more news before their first ad break than I did in Global’s entire newscast (if it could be called that).

    I would consider watching CTV News @ 6 but I simply cannot consider Tamara as a credible main evening anchor. She, like her counterpart at CBC lack the gravitas needed as a station’s main anchor.

    (Response: I hope those in charge of the various stations pay attention to comments like yours: they represent many more with similar views, I’m sure. h.o)

  • 8 Rollie // Oct 5, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    Rob Brown at CBC Calgary has just blogged they’re changing their 6 to have more talk. Since they laid off their camera department what else would they do?
    I submit more talk is already well covered by radio. Goodbye to current audiences IMO.

  • 9 R // Oct 5, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    Since you and T Parsons left?
    And P Martin went to work in Victoria?less ratings

  • 10 nonconfidencevote // Oct 5, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    Yep Gene the Bean nailed it on the head.
    Global TV’s political pundits sound more like a Liberal “team player” than reporters after a story.
    Newsflash Global; Kissing Liberal butt aint gonna win you the ratings war…
    As for CBC. Total agreement Harvey. The young kid at the helm may be as smart as a whip but when they are pandering to a youth audience…they lose the older folks…
    CTV is ok. Tamara reminds me of a deer in the headlights everytime something unscripted pops up……
    I watch the news for the about the first 15 minutes now. I get the latest Surrey murders, the weather for tomorrow and sports….aint interested in sports.
    6:15pm My channel surfing resumes

  • 11 Mark // Oct 5, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    I find Global’s news items are predictable and their anchors and hosts are boring which would both be turnoff factors. CTV is not much better as Mike Killeen looks bored with his job and although she is a sweetheart Tamara Taggart might be in over her head.

    So I assume Global just has more negatives for a lot of people than CTV.

  • 12 AndyO // Oct 5, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    I haven’t been watching the 6:00 Global BC news for a while now. Usually, the 5:00am Global Steve Darling segment, then over the CTV Morning at 5:30 and the 6:00pm CTV BC news. I can fully see, just in the half hour I watch the Global morning, why it’s dumping. I think I have said this before, comfortability. The whole crew doesn’t seem like they are trying, Mr Darling want to be a celebrity and the rest are going through the motions. Don’t know how many times their banter stops by saying that the producer wants me to start with the weather/traffic. As much as the CTV Morning show has banter, they seem happy, energetic in their attitudes. Will Jill Krop make the right changes for Global BC to compete in this market? Moving people around show to show didn’t help, guest personalities with Steve Darling didn’t help. Find people who wont get comfortable in their jobs, you know the “they wont let me go, I am (insert name)”. And I wont get into the news content side of the issue.

    (Response: Once more, readers here are giving them some pretty honest reactions and suggestions; and they ignore it all at their own peril … or should I say further peril. h.o)

  • 13 D. Malcolm Johnston // Oct 5, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    No surprise, but both products are sub par and if one product is a 2 and the other a 3, the 3 will trump all the time.

    Memo to the CBC: My homestay student from japan is a rugby player and a few weeks back there was great commotion and Japanese yells emanating from his room.

    Upon inquiry, I found he was watching his school team game (grade 11) was being broadcast on national Japanese TV, which he was watching via the net!

    He told me that on Saturday many school games are broadcast live or national TV and schools vie to be so honored.

    Instead of daft programs or ‘international darts’, the CBC should do the same, high school game or games of the week, featuring different sports and schools? It is time to put real Canadian content back into Canadian TV.

  • 14 larry Bennett // Oct 5, 2015 at 6:53 pm

    Old Islander – Now that government, subsidized (and unionized) daycare has had time to do its damage, studies show that children (mostly males) have been found to be prone to violent acts, as they age. One shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but I have, and it seems to me that women should be with their children, especially in their early, vulnerable time of life. Haven’t seen results as they pertain to young girls, but I’m sure this will be revealed soon too. But you know – women shouldn’t have to forego their fulfillment because of some snotty, whiney child!

  • 15 larry Bennett // Oct 5, 2015 at 8:13 pm

    Well, in the spirit of reaching out and embracing new ideas, I have of late, begun enlarging my horizons (hard work for an old stick-in-the-mud, such as I) and have begun watching CTV News. AndyO has me in agreement with his angst about Steve Darling. Nice guy, and up on the sports end of things, but, as he notes, too much fascination with celebrities, who, admittedly – I haven’t a clue! However, I do find the big guy and Sophie and Mark and even Squire, are bearable.
    CTV, on the other hand, has Lisa LaFlambeau (Okay, LaFlamme) and some little pencil-neck reporters who hate anyone to the right of Enver Hoxa, and Dan Matheson looks like he should be on Mount Rushmore; were he to smile I’m sure his face would crack and fall into rubble. Actually I don’t really mind female reporters/announcers/editorialists and etc.. Love Megyn Kelly and Judge Jeanine over on FOX!

  • 16 Barry // Oct 5, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    At Global, I’m tired of Baldrey acting as a shill for the Liberals. My final straw was during the teacher’s strike, when instead of reporting, he was telling the teachers what they could and could not get. Palmer could do the same as well.

    Dump Campbell and Levi–I’ve has enough of a narrow right-wing viewpoint.

    In general for both Global and CTV [and CBC if they bother to listen]:

    1) Do actual reporting for a change! I’m tired of reporting via press release or just mindlessly regurgitating what a pol or PR types say without calling them on what they say.

    I know you have your issues with the BBC, but look at how they interview people–they firmly but politely call people out who misstate facts.

    2) Polling numbers are not news.

    3) I don’t need the weather/traffic every 15 min. In fact, why do I need the traffic at all?

    4) Get rid of the pet/animal videos! They aren’t why I tune into the news. I’ve had it with cougar/bear/whale stories! Maybe as the last thing on the newscast, but nowhere else.

    5) The illness/good cause/car crash/crime of the day is a stale formula used by lazy stations to fill time instead of going out and doing real reporting. Stop it.

    (Response: When I was working, I was accused of being biased in favour or almost every party I ever covered … of course, ALWAYS by people who favored another party! And it continues when I blog too! It goes with the job …or even the hobby. h.o)

  • 17 13 // Oct 5, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    “more and more perky banter”. Harvey it seems that the bean counters at shaw/corus have figured out that if the paid staff just blather away at each other it means that the air time between commercials doesnt cost one extra penny. No location shoots, no interviewing anyone that isnt in the studio. No spending money to feed a guest at the studio, no one spends one lousy dime.

    Over at NW they have perfected this art.
    Text us. Email us. facebook us. tweet us. and my personal favorite call the listener line. The listening audience provides NW with enough material to carry 25% of the air time. Then repeat the top 5 news stories on every show. Then replay an interview that Mcomb did on every show all day long. Begin and end every show with a chat with the production crew. “so Tim what is the best excuse youve ever used to call in sick”

    I used to never change the radio station but Im discovering 88.1 cbc. A level of discourse so far above NW that it is sad. Oh well at least the target audience of 25 to 45 have a radio station so dumbed down that one can only assume the target audience is dumber than a sack of door knobs.

  • 18 Hawgwash // Oct 5, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    So, what’s happening over at the Roundhouse, Harv?

    (Response: Haven’t heard when they plan to begin broadcasting… maybe someone there can let us know. h.o)

  • 19 Clarence // Oct 5, 2015 at 11:21 pm

    The local stations have got to stop following what they think is a formula (and a bad one at that) for bringing in enough ratings to get advertisers and pay the bills.

    This is a lot like grades or pay; hard work, innovation and effort at getting informed and then in turn informing others is the ticket and everything else will follow.

    Their work is not about becoming social celebrities or feeling important. I am tempted to think back to when I was in school. If my class mates and I prepared a report or presentation with little content and then proceeded to chat with each other off topic for half of the time, we would have received a bad grade. What’s so different in the adult/real world?

    Maybe the next step Harvey is to start some sort of Kickstarter campaign or the like for Lower Mainlanders to contribute to the purchase of a local TV station that would run real news and decent, informative programming. Like the CHEK deal, but the audience comes to the rescue.

    (Response: It would cost hundreds of millions to start up, get permits for, equip a tv station … not going to happen. CHEK is having lots of problems … including dropping audience: apparently they’re even dropping their own weekend news now. h.o)

  • 20 Crankypants // Oct 6, 2015 at 12:45 am

    I definitely dislike the new format Global has implemented for the late night news. Watching Sophie and Jay sitting on a sofa instead of at a desk for part of the broadcast makes me feel like a peeping Tom. I also find the new format where the weather is now obviously taped and inserted as if it is live seems hokey. They may have saved the salary of one body but the result looks amateurish.

    The saying that you reap what you sow comes to mind and their ratings seem to reflect this.

    (Response: Actually, I’ve heard the entire News Final broadcast on Global’s main station is recorded … after being done live earlier on their News 1 channel. h.o)

  • 21 nonconfidencevote // Oct 6, 2015 at 5:25 am

    Steve Darling on morning Global….ugh.
    I cant begin to count the amount of time he will pprattle on endlessly about some trivial personal story for 2 or 3 minutes. One morning he babbled so long he was running past the top of the hour. The cohost was looking at the directeor off camera and looked like she wanted to throat jab him just to get a word in edgewise.
    He wouldnt last a week anywhere else.

  • 22 BMCQ // Oct 6, 2015 at 6:24 am

    It seems that as with CKNW, Global, is losing viewers.

    We know that Global is losing viewership and CTV is increasing their viewership but what about local TV in B.C. as a whole?

    I do not necessarily agree with the point of view of those that feel Global is losing viewership because they are Conservative leaning. I am a Conservative as are a handful of others here and they have almost all been critical of Global.

    I left CKNW because other than a fairly balanced show of Jon McComb who is an equal opportunity basher of all parties the station has become a B.C. Liberal Federal Conservative “Pinata” for anyone that wants to throw “Crap” at either sitting Government.

    Interesting enough even those that are traditionally Left of Centre Voters here have abandoned NW. I find that strange actually.

    I do not know what the new 2:00 PM Host at NW is like but the recently jettisoned Eck, Simi, and the very confused evening guy from Australia make about as much sense to me as a Snow Storm in July. Frankly I get more sense out of “My Neighbours Dog”!
    Apologies to David Burkowitz!

    Talk about The NDP Farm Team!! Yikes!

    Does the Ratings Agency have numbers on TV Newscasts say at 6:00 PM in General?

    I would like to know if all local 6:00 PM Newscasts still have a total viewing audience similar to say 10 years ago, before heavy Social Media participation.

    As previously stated I have watched Global/BCT since I as a boy living at home. We now watch Global for the first fifteen minutes, then do something else until the Sports which we follow quite closely.

    We also PVR various other U.S. and some BBC News but BBC definitely has an agenda.

    We are now experimenting with various other local News Broadcasts and will see how it works out.

    I would like to hear more from some more retired local News People like Harvey, Parsons, Bell, Good, Grohman, etc. etc.

    Yes I know some of these may not be your favourites people but their opinion would be very interesting.

    Would very much like to hear some discussion from those that really pioneered the News Broadcasts in this area.

    Once again it appears that too many local stations are abandoning those of us over 45 say with Money and disposable income that could very well support their Advertisers.

    I wonder if Advertisers might consider contacting Jill Kropp or whomever at Global and having a whisper in her ear?

    I really hope some of those same Advertisers are reading here and getting the message from Harvey and other dissatisfied former Listeners!!

  • 23 Howard // Oct 6, 2015 at 7:56 am

    How is it that the product coming out of Lake City is evidently considered a “symphony” by those that create it, but is increasingly perceived by the viewing audience (verified by the numbers you disclose here) as being in a state of meltdown?

    Is personal loyalty/cronyism keeping you from pointing the finger at Clive Jackson, or do you disagree with these news people at Global that (in his role as assignment editor) he had a major
    (if not singular) hand in what they produced up until his retirement in August?

    Who beside yourself is in a better position to
    know what is really going on in the news department at Global? Keep it real.

    (Response: Clive and I worked at BCTV/Global for many decades together … and I believe he was a victim of lousy upper management decisions/appointments as much as the rest of us were. It is true that it was over his long watch as assignment editor that the ratings dropped quite badly, but when you’re given inexperienced “journalists”, lousy writers, personality-less bland or lazy reporters and/or directed from up higher to do/not do certain types of stories/coverage …there’s not much you can do on your own. My only disagreements with him personally came after I retired and started commenting on this blog about the declining quality of tv news generally and Global in particular: he was not happy about that; but as readers here know, that never stopped me from keeping it real and telling it exactly as I see it … and the rating seem to bear me out. h.o)

  • 24 Mad-Dog // Oct 6, 2015 at 11:46 am

    So the young CBC anchor lacks gravitas eh! What about the CTV anchor who has zero news reporting background?

    (Response: Ask the viewers who are watching CTV more and more …. and CBC less and less. h.o)

  • 25 13 // Oct 6, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    BMCQ, in my spare time a few years ago I called as many of NWs advertisers as I could. I explained that as a listener I was unhappy with the direction the station was headed and I would appreciate the company (kal tire, cartwrights jewelers, waffle house etc.) call the station to complain.

    Pretty sure they didnt and I gave them something to laugh about around the water cooler.
    Funny thing though, as an owner operator I spend a lot of money on truck tires. Not one penny at Kal anymore. As much as I liked the waffle house the pantry is just about a block away as is hons.

  • 26 BMCQ // Oct 6, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    13 – 25

    I find so very odd that so many People that Post here with so many opposing views feel so much the same way about Programming at NW and Global.

    My Wife and I watched CTV Local News at 6 tonight until we switched back to Global for Sports.

    We both felt that CTV was more serious and professional than Global. It was dual Man/woman Anchor but apparently not the regular Woman News Anchor.

    Could simply be the fact that it seemed that way because it is just different so we will try again.

    Personally I like Gaillus. I really believe the biggest problem he has is either his or the News Director’s persistent attempt to come across as “Folksy”.

    I am probably not qualified or knowledgeable enough to judge a Newscast on any basis other than by simply personal preference.

    As I type this I find mysel hoping that the News Director gives Gaillus the opportunity to put his “Game Face” on, Perhaps he could Channel Tony Parsons!

    What do they have to lose at this time?

    About every two weeks I meet some Golf Buddies for Lunch at Hon’s in New West.

    Incredibly Good Food! Love the ambience! A good mix of People!

    If you like Seafood and good Veggies, try the “Spicey Cod with Broccoli”!

    Somewhat spicy but very very good!

  • 27 Mad-Dog // Oct 6, 2015 at 10:56 pm


    Viewership alone is not a true reflection of the quality of a news program. CBS Evening News ranks behind its competitorss but anyone cares about journalism will tell you that Scott Pelley is the one who’s got the “gravitas”, the lower rating notwithstanding.

    (Response: I certainly feel viewership MAY not be a true reflection of quality: but viewership = $$$$ and that’s what they’re all after> I would argue that in NEWS, unlike pure entertainment shows, quality does bring viewers and lousy quality pushes them away. h.o)

  • 28 13 // Oct 7, 2015 at 5:22 am

    Harvey,I know its asking a lot but could you try to listen to a day of NW and offer them some assistance by way of critique aimed at improvement. Your opinions might hold some weight.

    One glaring example from yesterdays Jon Mcomb show. News item was some NHL player getting busted for using cocaine. So Jon is going to discuss the problem of drug abuse in the NHL. So who does he interview? Someone from any medical drug rehab program? Someone from the NHLPA? Trevor Lynden? Brian Burke? Hell even Don Cherry. No Jon talks to Tim Vickars one of his production staff. Tims “expert” opinion was that out of 800 players 20 have a cike problem and thats likely representative of drug use in all fields. Duh, based on Timmies exhaustive research into drug use in the NHL vs all other professions.

    All day long this “News Talk” radio station creates their own news and the goes on to anlyise their own findings using their own production crews to get to the bottom of the story.

    (Response: Listen all day to NW …let alone ANY station! Not unless I was being paid a LOT! LOL! In any case, mine would be only one opinion …and probably not from the demographic they now value. It will be interesting once RockeyMountain radio begins this fall as competition to see if that has any impact. h.o.)

  • 29 Rollie // Oct 7, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Ratings chasing has killed the CBC. They should not have been forced to ambulance chase like the other channels. They tried that and lost their main audience. Now they are a talk radio show at 6 o’clock. Their mandate has always been to reflect Canadians to Canadians and at one time did exactly that. The ratings chase has done them in – sad to say. All celebrity, panda and puppies is what drives ratings it seems so their audience has been taken off the main line.

    (Response: I agree. They should have accepted and tried to grow the niche they had in local news: appealing to a more sophisticated audience with issue-related coverage …kind of like running a successful boutique. Instead they decided to compete with a Walmart and Costco-type look and atmosphere, while not offering the same products/deals inside and their ratings have been trampled in the rush to the exits. h.o)

  • 30 Kendall Hanson // Oct 8, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    Hey Harvey,

    Always interested in your insights. Just wanted to clarify a few things.
    1. We are not dropping our weekend news at CHEK
    2. The numbers at 6pm (which I don’t believe are accurate) are related to our simulcasting of CBC Vancouver (something that ended this past week). 5pm has always been our flagship newscast. Going independent has not been easy but no one said we’d survive 5 years and guess what we’re still here informing and working for our viewers.

    (Response: Thanks for clarifying. Full disclosure: I was one of those who supported our BCTV Union 814-M’s financial assistance to keep CHEK going when the previous owners tried to close it down … so I have always wished it very great success. If you get any ratings showing month by month stats, feel free to send them along. h.o)

  • 31 Alex // Oct 12, 2015 at 4:16 pm

    I am glad as a ( Island) viewer , CHEK is discontinuing its similcast of CBC news.
    I wasn’t quite sure what the purpose of that was, considering if I wanted CBC news I could easily flip the Chanel .
    What I would like to see CHEK do , is a half hour Nanaimo & central Island centric newscast.
    I believe Nanimo is the largest metro area in the province without a proper terrestrial station.