Curious Case of Companies that Consciously Court Chinese Cheaters

Whites need not apply: nor, I assume, should blacks, browns, First Nations or even Asians who speak perfect English.

BUT if you speak Mandarin or Cantonese … or English with a Chinese or other Asian accent  … there are apparently a growing number of illicit Vancouver-area companies and businesses that will cater to YOU and want YOUR business … as long as YOU, along with THEM, are willing to help break the law, ignore regulations, cheat the government, the taxman, and your neighbours too … to save money.

I’m referring to those illegal Uber-type ride services that have now been operating in the Lower Mainland for a year or more …  even though unlicensed ride services are currently banned in BC.   Apparently the operators trust only Chinese and other Asian  customers to use but keep their cheating operations secret, in return for cheaper-than-taxi rides.

And of course, it’s a cash business … no taxes paid, no licences paid, and likely no chauffeur or commercial liability insurance either.

A story in the Richmond News said it can take $8,000 to $10,000 to legally licence and equip a legitimate taxi …on top of the vehicle cost.

Amazingly, it’s not that difficult for authorities to find the illegal businesses … and yet, they have not shut them all down.

In fact, according to Global News last week … the number of illegal ride companies/drivers has actually GROWN …. and they even showed a Vancouver/Richmond area map LOADED with available cars. However, once more, when the booked driver phoned to confirm, and the caller had no accent, the driver disconnected.

The companies are right out there on the Internet, but once you book a ride, the driver phones to confirm … and if you do not sound ethnic Chinese or Asian, they just hang up … no ride for you!

The media did expose and identify these services way back in January … and a number of drivers have been fined, as much as $1,150, so you would think that would deter drivers and put the ride services out of business.

Global reporter Nadia Stewart said officials have also sent out about 20 “cease and desist” letters to the companies. Big deal! The business model continues to  thrive … expanding from Richmond and Vancouver to Burnaby, Coquitlam and Surrey as well.

These cheaters …. companies and customers … are thumbing their noses at the rest of us.

When I saw that story, and others also highlighting the growth of ignore-the-rules mind sets, I couldn’t help but also think about the recent stories of alleged heavy cheating and money laundering at BC casinos and ALSO about the number of stories regarding multi-million dollar homes in Richmond occupied by people reporting very low level incomes!

You can read about that here:

As that article pointed out, the vast majority of Chinese residents and citizens here are just as concerned as the rest of the population about any cheating that is taking place.

When ANY multi-millionaires are hiding their incomes illegally, laundering money illegally and even operating secret tax and licence-avoiding “discount” services, the government has a DUTY to go after them aggressively, without fear of alienating ethnic sensitivities … or votes!

It’s all a total disrespect for the rule of law and a rip off of a country that welcomed many of those here. Shame!

Clearly, something has been going terribly wrong … and because our officials and politicians are either unable to keep up with it all … or are reluctant to do so  …. the problem is clearly growing.

And the divisive societal implications will hurt us all unless authorities step up their ACTIONS to go after the cheaters.

Harv Oberfeld

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  1. John's Aghast says:

    Don’t cheat! The government hates competition.
    Slip over to Norm Farrell’s site to see his latest on this (sorry, I don’t know how to copy and post as some erudite individuals do)

    (Response: Here’s the link to Norm’s blog: h.o)

  2. hawgwash says:

    I love the more or less biannual presser where the City of Richmond “requests” the merchants to use English signage.

    Anyone who follows Bob Mackin is aware of the “courtship of Chinese cheaters” by our former government and I am now starting to suspect our current one.

    You can follow this crap all the way back to Gracie and your banner buddy Vander Zalm.

    Where is the CRA?

  3. nonconfidencevote says:

    I’d say the crux of the problem is the lack of punishment.
    We have the Laws but the politicians dread being accused of racism if they appear to “go after ” a particular ethic group….. never mind that it is a particular ethnic group causing the problem…
    Then we have the Judges handing out fines when jail time is warranted…..because there is no more room available?
    Back to the politicians we go.
    Start PUNISHING these scofflaws with $10,000 fines PER event. SEIZE cars for 3rd time offenders. Jail tax cheats. Revoke citizenship for any immigrant breaking a criminal Law within 10 years of receiving “citizen” status.
    Too harsh? Racist?

    Try pulling these stunts in China and you would be lucky not to be arrested, tortured and possibly shot……. with bill for your incarceration sent to your immediate family .
    Canada . The laughing stock of the planet.
    Canadian “‘justice”…….. an international joke.

    (Response: Enforcing the law is not racist … as long as it is applied equally to ALL offenders. If there are driver services (or any businesses) that refuse Chinese clients, or any other identifiable group without a legal, identifiable reason, go after them too. But let’s keep it real: the current spate of problems with illegal driver services, multi million dollar home owners refusing to declare offshore earnings and casino laundering of barrels of money certainly seem to relate to Chinese clients. If I’m wrong, pls correct me. h.o.)

  4. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey a little touchy but thanks for having the backbone to bring this to light. Every thing you have reported is true, accurate and scary.

    I grew up with the large early immigration push in East Van. I have maintained good friendships with many of Asian descent who bristle a bit at being referred to as Chinese Canadians. One friend absolutely hates hearing that. He is a CANADIAN of Chinese descent. He cant even speak about all the dirty money, dirty politics and the invasion (his words) that is happening and we are being ‘taken over’ (his words). We don’t know the half of it…..

    So what do we do? We desperately need immigration. We do not need to be inavded. Make your point, clearly and quickly to all levels of government.

    No more baby factories. No more manipulation of the housing market and support of organized crime. Support these Asian charitable and fraternal organizations that are being taken over by these new comers who are playing a ten to twenty year game.

    To paraphrase, the ‘worst of the worst’ are the ones coming here now. They are the politicians, the military, the “businessmen” and criminals who have run/are running the ‘just barely legal’ economy in China. They are being squeezed out and are having to compete harder, so they come here. They have the ‘baby factories’ where he says a hundred babies are born each month, with Canadian citizenship. It is men against boys here in Northern Naïve Land.

    His predictions are, in no particular order of significance, money or influence:

    -land acquisition
    -slow take over of cultural clubs, societies and organizations.
    -infiltration of school boards and local governments.
    -buying influence with provincial and federal politicians until “their” people are ready to start taking control.
    -separating and expanding business interests, growing them out from exclusive to public, then taking over segments of the entire market.

    I could go on but you get the picture. It is a long game. One that Canadians and most westerners don’t play very well. He is terrified as he KNOWS they will win. They will become entrenched and a huge force to be reckoned with. He says they don’t care about us – him included. He knows and they know ‘he’ is not one of them.

    Again, he calls it an invasion. If he is afraid, we should all be terrified. Ultra right wingers with huge influence, unlimited resources and a massive dislike for the poor, disadvantaged, working people and the environment. All they care about is money.

    The BC LIEberals and Herr Harper encouraged these folks ‘cuz they are cut from the same cloth. Rules and societal norms do not apply to them (so they think).

    If you get upset when Gordo, or Christy or Richie C push you to the side, steal your money and laugh about it – how are you going to feel when a new bunch of morally bankrupt billionaire criminals and communist party officials have raped their country and after using our laws unfairly, move in, take over and demand YOU comply – to them.

    Very serious Harvey. When first and second generation immigrants are terrified of the people coming from the same countries they did – makes a brown guy with a Koran seem pretty innocuous.

    Or, just do nothing and complain. Let your kids and grandkids deal with it……

    (Response: This really isn’t about immigration. Immigrants have been very good for Canada … and I believe we should also welcome legitimate refugees BUT once they get here, once we welcome them … they MUST play by OUR rules, respect OUR laws, live by OUR bylaws … or be prosecuted for failing to do so. And I have no doubt that by far MOST new arrivals try very hard to fit in well … but more and more are just giving us the finger. And EVERY Canadian has a responsibility to make sure our authorities and politicians go after those who just ignore our laws. h.o)

  5. Ross Doherty says:

    don’t the cops have at least one mandarin speaking officer set up a sting and bust them.

    (Response: I’d bet LOTS of them in Vancouver, Surrey and Richmond. And I’m sure so does the provincial licencing authority. They MUST step up enforcement. Period! h.o.)

  6. e.a.f. says:

    Gene the Bean is quite correct. The new comers from Communist China with their hundreds of millions and a few billionaires are here to set up their way of life and not become part of Canadian society. You have to only look at Richmond. Some merchants still refuse to use French and/or English. They view it as “their” community. Not a Canadian community but their Chinese community.

    There is a deep divide within what we call the Chinese community. There are those whose families have been here for generations and over a 100 years. There are those who came for Hong Kong in the 1980s, those who came from Taiwan, Viet Nam, England, etc. They all came to become Canadian and have a better life. Some spoke Cantonese, the language most of us would be more familiar with. Others spoke dialects of Cantonese and all came here to improve their lives and those of their children. They maintained their heritage and became Canadians just like other ethnic groups did over the last century.

    The people you write about came here to continue a way of life they had in China. They have no interest in being Canadian or contributing to Canada. If anyone raises the issue, they use the old racist card…..racism, racism. We saw it in Richmond when Council wanted to built housing for the homeless. These same people didn’t want it in their neighbourhoods. It lowered the value of their properties. that has been their rationale and it includes Marpole. Its almost funny. Many haven’t even gotten the English language down pat and they’re out there calling us racists because our society want to build housing for Canadians who need it.

    When one Richmond council member stood up to them , Harold Steves, they called him a racist. Steveston is named after his family and they certainly have never been know as that. In fact when it was unpopular to do so, they helped their neighbours of Japanese descent, in the 1940s.

    When they wanted to build a hospice at U.B.C. the same mind set came out and said it violated their beliefs, they didn’t want a hospice in their neighbourhood. Again some accused the hospice society of being racist.

    It works miracles for some of those from Communist china. They know politicians don’t want to be called racists.

    It has been reported in Richmond, that one person who has decided to run for Mayor has announced, the Chinese have been polite long enough. Now they’re going to engage politically so they can be more comfortable.

    My message to them is, get with the Canadian agenda. don’t run illegal businesses, pay your taxes, don’t tell people who are Canadian citizens they can’t live in Richmond, etc.

    Running businesses without paying for licenses may be fine as far as they are concerned, but its not fine with me and our politicians need to grow a set. We have already seen what has happened to our real estate market, the money laundering, etc. The majority of people who have immigrated to Canada have adapted and have obeyed Canadian laws. .

    Some people see attaining Canadian citizenship as a method of hiding money, while benefitting from Canadian tax payers and our way of life.

    Yes, there are baby hotels in Richmond and as a result other Moms giving birth some times have to go to a hospital in another city in the Lower mainland. Excuse Me. That is a woman who is a landed immigrant or Canadians citizen living in Richmond, not being able to give birth in her own city because some one from Communist China has come over to give birth here as part of their 20 year plan.

    Communist China is looking at B.C. as a new province. Just like they have a lot of investments in Africa and see it as a source of oil, gas, minerals, etc. Many of us have waxed on for years about Quebec and its laws to protect their Quebec culture. In my opinion if things continue as they are in B.C., you’ll feel much more comfortable in Quebec. Perhaps it is time we looked at some of those Quebec laws.

    You walk past a school in Richmond, the language spoke on the play ground everywhere is Mandarin. Same in other areas of the lower mainland. You thing people are moving to Vancouver Island, just for the lower cost of housing? Some are clear. Their kids aren’t fitting in, where they have been living.

    Some of the Moms, from Communist China also don’t understand how things work here in the schools either. they think its O.K. to try to strike a Canadian child because the child said something to their kid, they didn’t like.

    In Communist China, you have a car accident, you pay a bribe to the “victim” and sometimes the police. They’re shocked when it doesn’t work here. We’re being racist.

    I’m tired of being referred to as a racist, having been subjected to enough of it as a child.

    Oh, those in the multi million dollar homes in Richmond actually had enough chutzpah to ask Richmond to pay for their children’s music lessons because they were so poor.

    Richmond is still a nice place to live, but I think it would improve if we perhaps invited 50K Syrians and Central Americans in. It keeps things balanced.

    There have always been areas in the lower mainland where one ethnic group or another had a lot of people living. However, the new comers all integrated and obeyed the laws.

    To the councils of Great Vancouver, start enforcing the laws. ICBC, start enforcing the laws. If they operate illegal cabs, who is on the hook for the accidents? We know David Eby has dealt with the money laundering in the casinos, but we need to deal with other issues also, like speaking English in Schools for a start, .

  7. Harry Lawson says:


    Your heart must be getting better

    The issue here is the unwillingness to enforce the laws period . Wether it is ride share, gambling , liquor act ,any regulation any ethnic group all break the rules. I put the blame solely on the governments for not enforcing the laws as well as not having effective detergents .

    (Response: Doing much better, thanks. Not yet out of the woods … but happily, expect to start walking in the woods again soon … a favorite activity. As for enforcing the law, we certainly don’t want a police state but when the violations and violators continue to steadily grow, and the monies involved do too, the cheaters are taking the authorities and the rest of us for fools. Time to do more than write “cease and desist” letters: as nonconfidencevote suggested, maybe they should start seizing the cars or the computers/software and lay charges against those placing the public at risk by driving them around in what I doubt are commercially-insured cars. h.o.)

  8. Barry says:

    Don’t forget that there is currently a case before the Human Rights Commission involving a strata owner in dispute with his strata committee.

    The crux of the matter: The majority of the residents voted to hold meetings only in Mandarin–English speakers be dammed.

    The ruling will tell us if equal rights apply to everyone, or just a favored few.

  9. 13 says:

    Just like Elliot Ness, justin and Horgan could form a squad of racist enforcers. Transit cops, could actually earn their keep. Send them after the thousands of un licensed uber operators in Richmond. Arrest the drivers , seize the vehicles and bring in the CRA. I realize that getting all these public servants to do some real work wont be easy but perhaps we can inspire them by making them watch “Adam 12” . (Edited.. h.o)

    The criminals are there for the taking. Which party will commit political suicide and star cleaning house.

    (Response: No need to get hysterical. Your reference to forming a squad of “racist enforcers” is disgraceful. As is your suggestion there are “thousands of unlicensed uber operators in Richmond”. Didn’t think you were someone who just makes things up! As for the slanderous statements you made about one particular restaurant or one particular townhouse development, if you really believe your accusations, call the city, the police or Immigration Canada … and get back to us once charges are laid. ho.)

  10. D. M. Johnston says:

    One has to be very careful wording this.

    After over 8 years providing a home-stay servcie for international students, the Chinese are treat much differently than the rest.

    First difference, Chinese students pay cash, unlike the rest, which pay in advance through the school board and we receive a cheque from the school-board every month. This creates big problems as Chinese students tend to spend their money on other things and not the rent.

    Chinese students also tend to get massive allowances, with one boy we had getting at least $3K monthly as an allowance.

    Which brings up a very important point, there is a complete Mandarin/Cantonese infrastructure, much of it illegal for Chinese students, which includes shopping and clubs. I could say a lot more about this, but for legal reasons I can’t.

    Like Trump selling out the USA to Putin, our politicians and bureaucrats have sold out to Chinese interests for the almighty dollar and with largely Chinese driven money laundering of money at BC Casinos, our government and the police are looking the other way.

    Who runs Canada? Certainly not Canadians.

    (Response: Yes, it is a difficult issue to write about … I thought about it quite a lot but decided there are indeed growing issue involving illegality, so it’s fair comment. Just like we used to talk about the Italian mafia etc. And as I mentioned, many, many Chinese residents who obey the rules are just as unhappy and ripped off (taxes, licences, etc) as the rest of us also want something done about the cheats. However, nothing wrong with any ethnic or religious groups organizing social groups, assistance societies, cultural clubs for newcomers or even long time residents … IF they follow the rules/laws. ho.)

  11. Gene The Bean says:

    Harvey response to #10.

    I agree, you speak about the social and cultural groups, some established for over 100 years …. there is a huge issue going on. They are essentially being attacked and the plan is for a ‘take over’. Long established ties and reputation, highly respected within the community, soon to be taken over by the ‘new sharks’ who have a completely different agenda.

    I hope they can fight them off.

    The established Canadian-Chinese community is very concerned about this.

    They do such tremendous work for housing and the poor within all communities. They raise money for social causes and do fundraisers for good community projects. They GET it. The new sharks don’t. They just want the influence and power and are as morally bankrupt as the established conservative movement here.

    The next year or two will tell the tale.

    Fingers crossed…

  12. e.a.f. says:

    I’d like to see an end to foreign students in our public schools. its one thing to have students from other countries, to give their country a leg up by helping their students achieve advanced degrees so they can help their own countries. However, having students from other countries in our schools simply because they are rich does not benefit the other students nor our country,. It becomes a back door to getting into our country. We don’t need financial elitists in our country. We need people who are willing to work and contribute to our country. Those who engage in money laundering who are not Canadian citizens need to be deported, sooner than later. We might also want to pay some attention to those who are coming from communist China when handing out Canadian citizenship.

    (Response: It’s my understanding the schools and taxpayers actually benefit from foreign students because they pay
    much higher fees than local students and that helps finance additional classes/spaces for local students. Plus it doesn’t bother me to have/welcome foreigners here IF they follow/respect Canadian rules and laws: cheaters should be prosecuted and if guilty of committing crimes, punished and penalized …. and if they are not citizens, shipped back to wherever they came from. h.o.)

  13. 13 says:

    HO response 9&10.
    Hysterical? Racist enforcers is a direct and sarcastic shot aimed directly at the public servants working for the CRA. They not myself used the race card as an excuse to not go after, investigate, or prosecute off shore buyers of multi million dollar property while claiming poverty level income.
    Other public servants that do not preform duties that would curtail crime and cheating among Asians would include CBSA, CVSA, RCMP, Transit Police etc. Personally I doubt that any of them are avoiding doing the work they are paid to do due to a fear of seeming racist. They are likely avoiding the work they are paid to do because their income and their continued employment does not depend on productivity.
    In other words the level of cheating would create a workload that the public servants would find onerous.
    As far as me going to one of those public servants with complaints about that restaurant (which has relocated to ….you guessed it Richmond) or the town houses much like you Harvey while Im not yet retired I am not going to champion lost causes. Only media exposure and public shaming will inspire public servants to work hard.
    If anyone thinks that the level of cheating among the Chinese is limited to a few taxi cabs they are indeed naive. Many Richmond based warehouses have zero English speaking employees. The WCB along with the CRA could cause havoc in Richmond based businesses.
    Its not that hard to discuss as long as you dont feel the need to be politically correct

  14. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, you are looking at this issue from the perspective of a privileged, white, male living in Canada of old. Since 1982 and the creation of the Charter by Trudeau the Elder (Praise be upon him) the nature of Natural law in this country has changed.

    The Progressive-Statists don’t have any place for your outdated notions of equality under the law, or the abhorrent notion that another culture could possibly be thought of as inferior in it’s development to Western Civilization.

    What you failed to consider in your argument Harvey, is that this nation is a Multicultural nation, and that all actions of the state must be acted with this “truth” in mind. Multiculturalism is not a public policy, nor a government program that can be dismantled, it is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Trudeau (PBUH) Charter.

    The Chinese new-comers have been welcomed with Canadian citizenship, and by welcomed I mean they have been sold citizenship. We do not have a melting pot approach, there is no requirement to integrate. In fact it is quite the opposite. Any out of style precepts like Canadian boarders, culture and language are, to the progressive-statists, dog whistle concepts that they equate to racism and xenophobia. To them the idea that Canada has a culture and new-comers should adopt it is repugnant.

    I’m sorry Harvey, but traffic laws (like illegal ride-share) are regulatory laws. New-comers have no concept of Western style of regulations nor their enforcement from their original culture. As we have no expectation that their original culture must be subjugated for Canadian culture and norms, then I must join my liberal minded friends on this blog and call shame on you for your intolerance. 😉

    We can’t claim to be open and welcoming to what new-comers bring to the Canadian family, then criticize that what they bring is corruption and criminality. We must embrace it. It’s what Trudeau (PBUH) would have wanted.

    (Response: This HAS to be tongue in cheek! LOL! And if it isn’t, I’ll treat it as such … just to keep my own blood pressure in check! LOL!! I know…ridiculous to actually experct immigrants to live by rules, laws and other encumbrances that are just ignored in the lousy, polluted, violent, dictatorial or corrupt places they left. LOL! h.o)

  15. nonconfidencevote says:

    Speaking of scofflaws.
    ICBC rates going up!
    I wonder if the driving examiners in Richmond still receive cash in an envelope to “pass” people ?

    Need an interpreter to answer the driving questions…. what could possible go wrong

  16. e.a.f. says:

    DiverDarren #14, is funny, and at some level its almost true. some don’t think they have to adjust to our laws. Its not that they didn’t have laws where they came from, they could just avoid them by paying some one off. In Canada, not always possible, so we have the racist card to play and anything else which might work.

    We aren’t a melting pot and I don’t know if that is a good way to go. all people who come to Canada can keep their own cultures while accepting the Canadian way of life which has been around for some time. A refusal to do so, means you don’t want to be Canadian, you just want to set up shop to continue the practises which were in your previous location. I would suggest the problem starts when people can buy their way into Canada by giving Quebec $850K and then moving directly to B.C. buy way into Canada, buy kids a Canadian education, buy a politician here or there, who knows, but we do need to have a country of laws and they need to be administered equally to all who live here. If the politicians can’t do it, perhaps they need to go or we need to see how much money they are receiving from whom. Look what happened in the U.S.A. with the Russians funnelling money via the NRA to Republicans.
    Lots of money floating around usually leads to a lot of corruption floating around.

    Banning Translators for driving licenses might not be a bad idea. How do we really know what is going on and who is answering what. While we’re at it we might want to have a good look at how long people keep their international driver’s license and if its legit. Saw the stats on the ICBC number of car accidents. that could be the next topic.

    When I look at the previous subject, free money etc. and then compare it to this subject, there was a whole lot more traffic on giving money to people who might need it than on corruption.

    (Response: Today the NDP government announced it will approve more taxi licences around the province but delay allowing uber-type ride services until the Fall of 2019 at least. This will create a very divisive situation in the Lower Mainland … unless there’s a MAJOR crackdown to shut down illegal car services, uber-type car services will continue to exist, as they have here for the past year or more … illegally … and if recent news reports are correct even expand, operating openly on the Internet, but only servicing Chinese speaking residents, who they seem to feel are more willing to cheat and support the unlicenced operations, if they can save money. h.o.)

  17. 13 says:

    Morning Harvey. I just read gtb post.his post outlining a quiet Asian invasion and complete take over of Canada by Asians stands unchallenged. Not even a hysterical warning?I agree with much of gtb s post except the blame lies squarely on the federal gov. Justin open boarders Trudeau.

    (Response: There’s a fine line between stating one’s belief that Canada is being taken over or whatever … and maligning and libelling a specific business and/or condo development. In that regard, gtb’s comment did not cross the line: your did. h.o.)

  18. e.a.f. says:

    the major influx of people from Communist China started in the early 2000s and Trudeau wasn’t even on the stage yet. Who was? Paul Martin and then 9 yrs of harper. Harper who visited Communist China and made a big show of our “closeness”, signed a “free trade deal”. harper wouldn’t open his mouth about human rights buses, as long as the money came. During that time more Communist Chinese corps. bought into the oil businesses of Canada also. Lets not blame Trudeau for this, he hasn’t been there long enough.

  19. nonconfidencevote says:

    Harvey, your article on illegal taxis is very timely.

    And once again.
    The politicians wash their hands of any real decision while kicking the can down the road.
    It amazes me that govt after govt kowtows to the cab industry. I heard on the news last night that the cab industry donated $300k to the NDP in the last election.
    Is this all it costs to throw the millions of voters of this province under the bus once again?

    The govt announcement ” 300 new cab licenses will be issued in the lower mainland and 200 in the rest of the Province…..” Wow. Knock me over with a feather.
    And then one politician had the audacity to suggest ” people should car pool to reduce traffic congestion”…….unbelievable arrogance.

    One wonders how many overpaid beaurocrats came up with that “500 more taxis” number.
    2000 more licenses might, just might be adequate.
    30 years ago the taxi system was archaic.
    In the early 1980’s I asked a cabbie after waiting 2 hours “Why cant you get a cab after 12am in dwntwn Vancouver?”
    The reply, “Cabs from different cities can’t pick up in another city?”
    Then I had to bribe the guy with another $20 on top of a $40 cab ride to drive me to Burnaby.
    I once had a cab pick me up and when I told him I wanted to go to Burnaby he gave me the song and dance” I’m almost off shift. I need fuel, blah blah blah. I had waited almost an hour to get in his cab. i wasnt leaving. I sat in his cab for another two hours refusing to leave while he argued . He eventually called the cops. They told him to drive me home…..
    Regional licenses, idiotic rules from when the lower mainland was unconnected towns in the bush .
    Another example. Cruise ship passengers. Ever been down town when a cruise ship pulls in? Cab and customer pandemonium. And thats at Canada Place. If the cruise ship pulls in to the eastern pier by BC Sugar …..the poor passengers there may wait for hours or have to walk , with their luggage through the drug addicts of Powell st…..I’ve seen it. Elderly tourists, little kids, etc dragging bundles and bags as they slog west.
    Welcome to Vancouver…

    And the govt STILL wont change the rules!
    It all comes down to lobbyist money.
    Lucrative Vancouver taxi licenses cost almost a cool $ million while a New West license will be half that.
    If all the taxis were allowed to pick up customers anywhere….the Vancouver taxis licenses would plummet in value….
    So here we are.
    Hostage to a few thousand taxi license holders because the govt…..every govt….. doesnt have the guts to do what Montreal , Toronto , Calgary, etc did years ago…..

    The taxi mafia monopoly in this region deserve everything they will eventually get.

    Uber ( or an illegal facsimile like the chinese language version currently operating) will prevail whether the govt legislates it or not……people arent going to sit and wait for the idiots in Victoria to get off their asses and make the right decision.
    Entrepreneurs will get the job done. legally or not.
    And I foolishly though we lived in a free market society….
    Silly me.

    (Response: It’s all part of the “no fun” …. and under Vision, no respect for individual freedoms … that pervade Vancouver. Big Brother ere and its Bigger Brother in Victoria feel they must regulate down to the minutia. So while residents in other first class cities enjoy the freedom to choose what transportation’s best for them or even the right to GET a ride on busy or rainy days or nights… in Vancouver, Vision … backed by allies in the provincial NDP … make sure you CAN’T choose or even get a ride on those busy rainy days or nights. That it will take them more than another YEAR to pass the legislation and implement ( maybe even longer!) ride services … probably with enough bureaucratic rules/hurdles to make it almost impossible to operate … tells you a LOT about Vision and the NDP’s attitude towards the idea … and/or their competence! Maybe better idea to learn Mandarin, become a cheat and use the reported growing available illegal Chinese ride services in the Lower Mainland. h.o.)

  20. 13 says:

    eaf , correct JT is not to blame for past government policies, but right now , today, JT is in a position to stop the insanity. Instead he has openly invited “refugees” that the USA doesnt want to walk on over to our welcoming arms, and our social programs and safety nets.
    So until someone else becomes PM , JT can and should wear the current blame.

  21. hawgwash says:

    nonconconfidencevote, I don’t believe cruise ships have use Ballantyne Pier four years ago but I get your point.

    Scroll down a bit on this Bob Mackin bit showing available Udi cars throught the lower mainland last night.

  22. Marge says:

    Just my personal experience here.

    A few years ago when we had just moved to the Lower Mainland I was a young teacher unable to get a position due to the government’s reduction of teaching positions. One day I was shopping in the Vancouver area with my young daughter in tow when I saw a storefront sign that advertised for teachers for an international school. I went in and was instantly hired. That should have been a warning sign to me that nobody checked my qualifications or references. But I needed BC experience so I took the job.
    This was an international school for Chinese students owned by a Chinese man from Hong Kong. The students could barely read or write English but wanted to get in to Canadian universities. They were good in Math and Science (subjects I taught) but their literacy was very low. Needless to say marks were often changed with money “under the table” especially in English 12, a requirement for Canadian universities.
    The students were great to work with but getting paid for teaching was usually something else. We were supposed to be paid every two weeks but this seldom ever happened. We’d all wait until quite late Friday hoping to get paid on time. We seldom were. We were always paid by check and many times the checks bounced.
    One time there was a check for “all of us”. I volunteered with the school janitor to go to the downtown eastside to cash it. Of course the bank clerk called over the manager when I asked for cash only. When the bank manager asked me why I wanted cash, I let him know that we had no other choice and we had better get the money while it was in the bank before it disappeared. It was quite an experience coming back to the school and dividing up the money amongst us. The owner obviously was phoned by the bank and I was called into his office for my making him lose face.
    We also worked year round. Summer was the worst for getting paid because there weren’t as many students in the school as there were in other semesters. There were no regulatory agencies checking on us other than an inspector sent from the Ministry of Education who visited my classroom for my formal certification. He was well aware as to what was going on and tongue in cheek suggested to me that we should join the teamsters as that would be the only union that would make sure we were paid properly.
    The owner of the school would advertise for students with a beautiful brochure stating that the kids would be housed in gorgeous settings with swimming pools of course. According to the brochure, the school had wonderful labs (none existed) and state of the art everything (Not so!). There was even a glowing reference not only from the premier but from the mayor of Vancouver as well (obviously forged). The kids were housed in flea bag motels unsupervised of course. All they wanted was to get into Canadian universities and were willing to accept anything for it.
    Finally I applied for a position in a nearby school division and was hired. I didn’t even give notice to the international school. I knew that if I did I wouldn’t be paid anyway and that I’d be working for free.
    Strange as it may seem when I got my first school board check (this was the time when there was no automatic deposit) I actually thought for a minute that I should take it to my bank and make sure it was legal…

    (Response: There were several problems a few years with private schools and colleges in BC … but I think that situation was mostly cleared up. And if I recall although some were owned/affiliated with Asian based businesses and investors, there also quite a few problematic institutions owned right here by Canadians. And at least, they didn’t discriminate: they were happy to rip off and/or provide low quality teaching/classes to everyone. LOL! h.o.)

  23. 13 says:

    Marge, great story. Once again the inspector from the Ministry Of Ed. failed you. Another story of a public servant that is getting paid to do a job, but is not accountable.
    Their are at least 4 government agencies that all have public servants that should be able to put an instant end to this blogs stated problem. Chinese companies cheating the system. We pay taxes with the expectation of public servants actually preforming tasks assigned to them. Were getting ripped off.

  24. nonconfidencevote says:

    @#23 13
    ” We pay taxes with the expectation of public servants actually preforming tasks assigned to them.”

    What can the taxpayers expect when you have “untouchable” public sloths protected til the end of time by their unions… matter how insolent, lazy, incompetent, or stupid……. untouchable , endless employment to be followed up by taxpayer guaranteed pensions………easily replaced by the private sector for half the pay and twice the productivity …..ya gotta luv it.

  25. max avelli says:

    Just to think outside the box for a moment.

    I appreciate all of the concern over illegal immigrants.

    But think about those who are making it here lately. Many are from Central America. They have travelled through Central American jungles and swamps, through the length of the Mexican desert, through the Texas desert and headed further north, through inhospitable climates, working their way north and sheltering themselves under goodness knows what in the winter to make the dash for the Canadian border.

    They may have travelled 4,000-5,000 miles. Canada was almost certainly not intended to be their destination. But they kept on trucking.

    Say what you want about all of these illegals, but they are not “lazy”. We could use more Canadians with their determination and drive. I suspect the vast majority of them will be outstanding citizens after a couple of years to get on their feet.

  26. 13 says:

    Max, your post is the perfect example of fake news.
    These travelers will become outstanding citizens based on distance traveled? Many are leaving the USA for Canada because they face deportation back to South America .

  27. e.a.f. says:

    Marge at #22. What you describe is not unusual. Many Chinese business people operate in this fashion. They will think nothing of not paying or paying only after great effort has been made to get paid. Its their way of demonstrating they are further up the “food chain” than others. its a power and control thing and it may have been reduced as Harvey suggests in the private school business, , but I’ve heard similar stories from people doing business with some of these “new types from China”. this is no reflection on people who are of Chinese descent who are Canadian and run businesses just like very one else. Y
    those who run these illegal businesses will pull these types of “tricks” on others as will those who go out and demonstrate if some one wants to build a hospice or house the homeless and then play the racist card when their actions are objected to. its all part of a package for some.

    Personally I’d prefer some of the Central American refugees, the
    DACA kids, Syrians–there are about 400 White Hats who are now sitting in Jordon who need new homes. I’m sure they’ll all be happy to be here,. unlike the “new types we are getting from China”, who just want to re make their former country over here.

  28. e.a.f. says:

    The post was a week early. Yesterday and today’s news on Global is reporting a woman who owns a townhouse in N. Van and has turned it into a hostel with 14 beds. The strata has tried to get her to stop. the city of N.V. has tried to get her to stop. Legal fees for the strata have resulted in the raising of strata fees and yet this woman doesn’t care.

    This evening she was on the news and it was clear she didn’t care and was going to continue. of course at 50% occupancy she is making over a $100K a year and at 90% occupancy she is making over $200K a year. Can you imagine purchasing your town house in North Vancouver and finding out another owner, who is obviously from China, running a hostel. A constant coming and going.

    Now that the Strata has won its court case they have to go back to court to get her evicted. Nice. This is the type of person Canada does not need. The woman knows she is in clear violation and told the “camera” she doesn’t care.

    I am quite sure this woman has more than one property where she is pulling the same stunt. it is these types of immigrant we don’t need. In this case though the City of North Vancouver is doing its job, but who would have thought some one would be this blatant. Well if you’re from China, you can be and it pays off there. So they bring that attitude to Canada.

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