David Eby was Never Transport Minister … But Brings LOTS of Baggage to NDP Leader’s Job

David Eby has a lot to answer for if he dreams of being elected BC’s Premier.

Like that piddly $110 ICBC rebate to BC’s motorists ($165 for commercial drivers) … the bulk of them, middle class working people and families with kids … who had been suffering for two years under Covid and the BC NDP with North America’s most expensive gasoline … thanks to a plethora of taxes added on to each litre … including TWO provincial levies.

What makes that one-time rebate even more insulting, Eby announced it (costing the government $195 Million) after ICBC rang up NET PROFITS of $1 BILLION in 2020 and $1.5 BILLION in 2021.

So much for NDP Socialists sharing the province’s wealth with the “people”!

Does Eby’s action sound like someone who relates well and will look out for working singles, struggling couples, families, seniors?

Not to me!

I have known David Eby a long time. I used to enjoy interviewing him when he was Executive Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association: found him accessible, affable and articulate. … a true civil libertarian.

But power changes people … and my observations of him in recent years, based on his own statements, actions and the ensuing news coverage, exposes more of a cold, calculating, pushy ideologue: a politician less open and transparent than the libertarian I saw in the past.

NDP members, the media and the voters should closely look at Eby’s role in power: beginning with his record as BC Attorney General.

It has been on Eby’s watch that the revolving doors at BC’s Courts have been spinning at record speed! Giving almost free reign to criminals, drug pushers and crazies … while honest citizens and past victims live in fear of even going out to work, for a walk or shopping.

Just last Spring Eby and the NDP faced province-wide criticism from municipal leaders after huge increases in street crimes, shopliftings, vandalism, robberies and even violent assaults …but fewer and fewer prolific offenders were being prosecuted and those that were rarely ended up in jail.

Read all the details here: https://www.vicnews.com/news/every-excuse-in-the-book-eby-under-fire-over-b-c-s-handling-of-prolific-offenders/.

Eby blamed federal laws and even Covid. But I have never seen him take ANY responsibility himself for the growing chaos and fear on BC’s urban streets … despite being the province’s Attorney General.

(Maybe Premier John Horgan can teach Eby HOW to do a “mea culpa”?)

While an Attorney General cannot interfere in judges’ decisions, he (or she) DOES have the power to direct prosecution policies to make sure “catch and release”, if not eliminated, is at least curtailed.

He failed.

Under Eby’s time in the job, the number of prosecutions of street crimes and other urban crime has fallen … while incidents have increased and the public feels less secure because, under the NDP, BC’s streets have become much less safe.

Surely this deserves more questioning by BC’s “working” media than it has received!

And then, there’s Eby’s handling of the administrative disasters at BC Housing, which is also his portfolio.

In a column July 11, Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer described the “sneaky” way Eby announced the firing of several members of BC Housing’s Board of Directors, after receiving the results of a highly critical authorized study/external report.

“He received the government-commissioned review on May 10. He posted it online with next to no fanfare on June 30, the eve of the Canada Day long weekend.”

Yes. Sneaky!

And Palmer noted more than just Eby’s timing.

“Because there are NDP fingerprints all over this mess, Eby could not fall back on his usual take-no-prisoners style of blame-placing, the way he did on money laundering and the ICBC dumpster fire, where the B.C. Liberals were entirely at fault.”

Read Palmer’s full column here: https://o.canada.com/opinion/columnists/vaughn-palmer-expect-government-secrecy-to-continue-if-eby-becomes-b-c-premier.

And just a month earlier, to push for greater density development, Eby threatened to INTERFERE with municipalities’ rights to regulate and approve zoning bylaws … that have preserved, protected so many family residential neighbourhoods for decades.

Read the details of that scary bullying threat here: https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/b-c-housing-minister-doubles-down-on-threat-to-seize-zoning-powers-from-municipalities.

Talk about a “Big Brother” dictatorial attitude by a provincial government! Imagine if Eby had the powers of Premier!

Eby is also backing the plan to build a 13-storey social housing high-rise for homeless, low income and mental health challenged people right in the middle of a prime Vancouver residential area on Arbutus at West 8th Ave. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/eby-slams-group-using-bc-housing-shakeup-oppose-supportive-housing.

That project … I have NO doubt … WILL turn out to be disaster: piling people with serious economic/social/mental health needs into a segregated “housing” tower in any neighbourhood is an archaic, isolating throwback to the disgraceful warehousing and crime-breeding social housing policies of the 1930s to 1950s!

Of course, as soon as any residents there walk out the front door, they will realize how isolated they are: with very few social services or public health facilities nearby.

And wait till they see the prices at nearby West side neighbourhood grocers, restaurants, barbers, shoe repairs etc.!

This project is only being foisted on the proposed location, I believe, because the radical far left extremists running Vancouver City Hall, with provincial funding, want to “stick it” to the well-heeled West side.

With Eby’s full support!

Read the details of that coming disaster here: https://globalnews.ca/news/8953614/kits-social-housing-controversy/.

Nevertheless, the NDP will effortlessly crown Eby their new Leader and BC’s new Premier Dec. 3.

But with all his baggage, getting Eby ELECTED to the Premier’s job by the “working” tax-paying people of the province won’t be so easy!

Harv Oberfeld

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13 Responses to David Eby was Never Transport Minister … But Brings LOTS of Baggage to NDP Leader’s Job

  1. D. M. Johnston says:

    David Eby is Vision Vancouver’s candidate to be premier of BC and we know all too well how that went in Vancouver.

    What I see is Vision Vancouver’s (via Geoff Meggs) bloodless coup against the NDP and the party has ceased to be the new Democratic Party of BC and now it will become the Vision Party of BC.

    Oh how the NDP sheep have bleated away and not learned from the lessons of 2001.

    I also have first hand experience of David Eby’s attitude to those who do not agree with him.

    I am a transit guy as your regular’s well know and I have sent Eby several detailed letters about irregularities with transit planning in metro Vancouver and TransLink. With researched questions provided by university professors and actual Canadian Transportation specialists, I presented the case for a judicial inquiry of TransLink and regional transit planning.

    What I got back was all further correspondence must be through a provincial Barrister. The letters were well vetted by professionals and deliberately not libelous, but instead corrected many of the misrepresentations of TransLink, the CoV, TransLink and the Mayor’s Council on Transit.

    Eby, the just past Attorney General of BC just did not want to know and he wants to be premier?

    I guess all he can achieve is putting out dumpster fires, while a major multi billion dollar fiscal conflagration engulfs TransLink.

    His stand on the housing issue shows him as naive, as the simpleton’s idea of increasing density also increases property values, making new rental accommodations even more expensive, thus well beyond the reach of the average family.

    My read of this upcoming fiasco for the NDP is that Horgan is somewhat sicker than he is letting on. His last appearances on the telly, he looked decidedly ill. Geoff Meggs, his chief advisor and former Vision Vancouver councilor orchestrated a coronation for Eby to be Premier.

    David Eby, the classic wrong man, will have a regal coronation and will be premier for a few months and then lose the next election to Kevin Falcon another disreputable person who has cheated his way to be Premier.


    Until the people again take interest in politics in BC, at all levels, federally, provincially and civically, all we are going to elect is “slick willies”, “con-artists”, and those lacking the moral fibre to gain office honestly.

    • Harry Lawson says:


      If you like what Vision Vancouver and the subsequent left leaning council has done to Vancouver then vote for Eby . Because that is what B C will be a mirrored image of.

      I am already predicting a coalition government with either the Greens or the BC Conservative party holding the balance of power.

      (Response: Vancouver is in disgraceful shape … even though taxes have gone up, up, up faster than incomes for several years in a row now. And yes, Eby, Horgan and the NDP have HELPED destroy the downtown core by funding so many homeless housing projects, drug treatment, free needle shooting galleries and troubled youth centres right in the downtown shopping/entertainment core … making it a frightening place yo go now, evening during the day. And they got away with much of it because so few of those who call themselves “political” journalists hold the municipal or provincial governments’ feet to the fire over what they have done! h.o)

  2. Not Sure says:

    2024 is a long way off and people have short memories.

    I will try to be objective here Harvey; I don’t need the spin spin spin knee jerk response.

    1. $110 rebate from ICBC (that we still haven’t got by the way) will not be an issue. If people remember anything it should be the reduction in premiums that we all received in April ’21. In my case my monthly payments dropped from $95 to $70 and this wasn’t for a month or the rest of the year. When I renewed in October it stayed at $70. That is a savings of $300 each year. And I am probably at the low end of those savings.

    2. I will take your word that Vancouver sucks and the housing projects for the homeless and drug addicted and those with mental health issues are a disaster. But that is a Vancouver issue. You have an election in a few months to deal with that. If there is a change of direction then problem solved (at least for you). If the city decides on a different location or a different method of dealing with street people, the province will just have to go along with that. And if there is no change, if the Kennedy Stewart council stays in place then that is on YOUR city. The rest of the province doesn’t care. Besides, the NDP won 9 of the 11 Vancouver ridings and at least six are probably bulletproof where the candidate won with over 60% of the vote.

    3. The repeat offender problem could be an issue especially given the widespread concern expressed by multiple mayors across the province. Didn’t Eby put a commission in place to report back in when? September? Whatever solutions are offered should be scrutinized carefully over the the next two years. That could be an issue but…

    4. What you are missing in your baggage analogy is the health crisis. This isn’t necessarily on Eby but there are definite problems. A friend went to emergency a month ago because of acute stomach pain. He was told it could be a couple of things but he needed to see his doctor. Luckily he has one but it took several days to get an appointment. She recommended ultra sound which took over a week to book. It has been 10 days since the ultrasound and he has not heard a word despite calling the doctor’s office. His pain has subsided but there are still times of discomfort. This is inexcusable and something that needs fixed.

    A health crisis or an economic crisis are more likely to bring down a provincial government than the ones you are worried about right now. (gas rebates, Vancouver’s homelessness, FIFA, the cancelled museum etc)

    And just to be clear, you know I have thrown out bets in the past. But if you asked me to bet on the NDP winning the next election, I would pass. Unlike DMJ, I don’t see this as another 2001. Not even close. But the 2020 covid election and resulting majority is not necessarily indicative of continued support. I can see the NDP winning an election if it were held today, but if Falcon can seize on a issue and prove that the Liberals are a changed party, anything is possible in 2024.

    (Response: If an election was held as soon as Eby becomes NDP Leader, I believe the NDP would win again. But, of course, it won’t come that fast. And I would also argue (as I did when Christy Clark was the un-elected Premier) that Eby will have no public mandate to wait until 2024 for the next “scheduled” election: I expect he will call an election in Fall, 2023. Or face LOTS of Blog topics by me calling on him to do it!! 🙂 As for issues at that time, don’t write off the piddly Eby rebate: there WILL be simmering resentment … so much so, I expect Eby/NDP will shell out another “rebate” in the Spring, especially if an early election is in their plans, and it will probably be more generous than this summer’s! h.o)

  3. JC says:

    Since the turn of the century, BC has had successive Attorney’s-General that have been terrible. We have far more crime and disorder than we deserve and its only getting worse. I don’t believe any of these statistics that say crime is going down. If drug offences, assaults, break and enter, prostitution/vice crimes, theft, and other ‘petty offences’ (what the politicians like to call petty offences but they aren’t so petty if they happen to you), were properly investigated and prosecuted (with actual jail time, not these ridiculous conditional sentences), the crime rate would be much higher than the fiddled numbers that are presented in the media.

    The BC Government made a decision yesterday, which they released on their Twitter account, that I found astounding: here it is:

    ‘British Columbia is ending its long-standing arrangement with the Canada Borders Services Agency on holding people detained due to immigration status in provincial correctional centers because it no longer aligns with our commitment to uphold human rights, social justice & equity for everyone.’

    BC will be the only Province in Canada not to hold individuals in custody for immigration offences. This is insanity and I think it has David Eby’s grubby fingerprints all over it. If you think the crime rate is high now, imagine next year, when we have illegal immigrant drug dealers, gang members, (or God forbid) terrorists are walking around without any fear of being picked up (many of the police agencies in BC no longer cooperate with CBSA) or being detained until deportation.

    And, every other Province in Canada does detain illegal immigrants on behalf of CBSA. I’ll bet every illegal immigrant in the country will be heading to BC next Spring, because they know they stand a better chance of evading deportation here in Lotus Land. Imagine what the streets will be like next year? (And you can bet the Human Rights Commission, along with the PIVOT Society [Eby’s former employer] and the others will be demanding illegal immigrants get access to Health and Welfare too).

    Social Justice and equity are coming to BC! We can all be equally afraid of the criminals! And we will be able thank (or curse) David Eby for it.

    (Response: BC’s Attorney General (ex-David Eby) and Solicitor General (Mike Farnworth) have a DUTY to uphold our laws and do their part to ensure those who willfully and wantonly break our laws are STOPPED … and , if they are here illegally, arrested, detained and deported. Canada should welcome immigrants and refugees …and provide support and assistance to help them in their new home …but when people lie, cheat and/or cross into Canada secretly or illegally and then work illegally, especially for cash under the table, they hurt our own workers and job-seekers. No government should pander to illegals … but once more the NDP will now HELP illegals break the law with its “catch and release” philosophy. h.o)

  4. Stu de Baker says:

    JC, I’m not sure I get your point.
    Immigration issues are Federal, why should the BC taxpayers foot the bill for housing Federal detainees?

    • JC says:

      @Stu de Baker: BC taxpayers don’t foot the bill for housing Federal Immigration detainees; the Federal government contracts with the Provincial Governments to detain people who have violated the immigration laws and are waiting for deportation. I believe this has to be done because Provincial Governments are responsible for detaining offenders who have pending cases before the Courts.

      Thanks to David Eby caving to the Human Rights Commission and other radical pressure groups, illegal immigrants won’t be detained until deportation in BC (unless the Federal Government builds a dedicated immigration holding facility somewhere in the Province). My point is that this is an irresponsible move on the part of the BC Government; it makes a joke of the rule of law and will likely cause crime to increase, this makes David Eby unfit to be Premier.

      (Response: For some peculiar reason, for Eby, Horgan, the NDP government, Vancouver’s NDP Mayor Kennedy Stewart and the radical lefties on City Council (Victoria too) it seems like only law-abiding, working, tax-paying citizens should be required to obey the laws and face penalties or any detention .. .while those who deliberately and even repeatedly disregard the laws are to be given free rein, catered to and never be detained or even inconvenienced! h.o)

  5. Stu de Baker says:

    By the way, I forgot to mention, I got my ICBC cash back very soon after it was announced, and I just renewed my policy at half the cost it was in 2014.

    (Response: I got my piddly check in July … not enough to cover even one tankful after TWO YEARS of being hosed at the pump by ALL levels of government. Not impressed. But yes, my ICBC rates (basic and optional) have dropped … but not anywhere near 50% … and, despite driving for 60 years without EVER having a claim that was judged my fault, and qualifying for the Maximum Good Driver discount, I’m still paying FAR TOO MUCH (based on ICBC’s HUGE profits). And I keep hearing that No Fault is only great if you never have a claim … but get injured and you will find the government bureaucrats heartless, blind and deaf to your suffering … and apparently, you can’t take Big Brother to court! h.o)

  6. R says:

    Ebycouver is turning into San Francisco.?

    (Response: Actually some of it is now WORSE than Market Street in SFO, WORSE than the Bowery in NYC and WORSE than Liberty City in Miami! h.o)

  7. Stu de Baker says:

    Lol, Harvey you crack me up.
    How many times did you turn down a story, and say “I keep hearing” isn’t good enough.

    (Response: I’m concerned! You, like Not Sure, also seem so confused. (Creeping old age?) Again, with my still very astute, sharp mind, I’m happy to help: there is a BIG difference between NEWS REPORTING of a “story” and OPINION/EDITORIAL writing. The first should always cite specific factual attributions, quotes, statistics etc.; while the second, which is usually very subjective in nature (like my Blog items and your and Not Sure’s comments. 🙂 ) often reflect opinion, hearsay and even just perceived public perspectives or feelings expressed by family, friends and political spin doctors. That is how reporting and dialogue differ in a free democratic society. Should be clear now. h.o)

  8. Not Sure says:

    Harvey, I am confused. At the end of your blog post you state “But with all his baggage, getting Eby ELECTED to the Premier’s job by the “working” tax-paying people of the province won’t be so easy!”

    But in your response to me you state “If an election was held as soon as Eby becomes NDP Leader, I believe the NDP would win again.” And you even admit that your concern about the piddly $110 rebate is easily solved because “Eby/NDP will shell out another “rebate” in the Spring, especially if an early election is in their plans.”

    And I was surprised at your response to Stu when he said he was paying lower premiums. You stated that you were as well, but “I’m still paying FAR TOO MUCH (based on ICBC’s HUGE profits)”

    I don’t know the ICBC books so I can only go by what is reported. Last year, we received two covid related rebates from ICBC + a rebate via reduced premiums due to Enhanced Care. One cheque averaged $190 and the other averaged $120. The reduced premiums averaged $150. And those reduced premiums continued so this year, in my case, I am saving $300 over the full year.

    Now why isn’t this year more than $110? I can’t find the article but I do recall reading a comment from the CEO stating that the profits this year would be used for capital expenses and to ensure that the books are in order. I honestly don’t know what that means, but I am guessing that a lot of stuff was ignored while ICBC was debt ridden. They are still sorting it all out. Some of these profits are covid related and won’t necessarily continue when things are fully back to normal but in the past 18 months we have received on average 190 + 120 + 150 + 110 = $570 plus lower premiums moving forward. In my case $300, a savings of 25%.

    What’s not to like?

    On a slightly different topic that you raised. I have no idea when Eby will call an election and I know the opposition and you will be demanding one as early as possible, but Eby does have a mandate as he now leads the party that won that mandate. Horgan was the face of that mandate. Now Eby will be.

    I won’t be surprised if there is an election in the Fall of 2023. But if that happens, it will be because the polls are aligned properly for Eby and the NDP and I would see that as opportunistic. I support fixed election dates.

    (Response: I think you create your own confusion … because the concept of “TIMING” is proving increasingly difficult for you to grasp. My first quote you cite refers to WHEN an election will likely be held … and that’s not for at least several months (probably Fall 2023) … so I DO believe Eby’s personal record (baggage) from the past and I predict his actions/statements and lack of demonstrated concerns for working middle class British Columbians from now until then will indeed hurt him/NDP. But, yes, I do stand by the second line you cite: IF an election were held as soon as Eby becomes leader (will NOT happen) I do think the NDP would win, because the government is still riding higher than the Liberals in the polls and Falcon/Libs are not yet quite showing readiness for prime time. Now, being ever concerned, ready and willing to help you deal with your apparent oft confusion, let me add: if your wife says there IS milk is in the fridge for your morning coffee, BUT you need to go out and buy some, don’t be confused … just remember the important concept of “TIMING”! 🙂 h.o)

  9. Not Sure says:

    I told my wife about your “there is milk in the fridge but you need to go out and buy some.” She wanted to know if the milk was sour. When I told her it had something to do with timing she wanted to know when the milk needed to be bought. Later today? Tomorrow? Next shopping trip? lol

    Harvey your title is Eby has lots of baggage. Not enough to lose an early election apparently but enough to lose one later. How later? The earliest he could call an election would be the spring of 2023. (He is not going to announce one on Dec.3) Is that enough time for the baggage to catch up to him. You suggested a likely election in Fall 2023. Is that when the baggage will catch up to him. Or do we have to wait until 2024 when “the ensuing news coverage, exposes more of a cold, calculating, pushy ideologue: a politician less open and transparent than the libertarian I saw in the past.”

    IF – that all important IF – is the case, then that has nothing to do with baggage (ICBC, housing, repeat offenders). That is us getting to know him as a premier and finding him unsuitable.

    And one of your baggage claims is not supported by facts and facts are important even in opinion pieces. You continually bring up the piddly $110 rebate. ICBC has refunded much more than that. It looks like the company is on more solid footing. Premiums are down. That is a pretty impressive set of luggage. (or not depending on whatever other facts someone wants to throw in).

    I am not arguing with you Harvey. Just seeking clarity. I think that Dix was the wrong guy at the right time and Bob Skelly was the wrong guy at the right time. By that I mean the NDP could have won but didn’t. Carol James was probably the right person at the wrong time. The NDP didn’t have much chance in ’05 or ’09 but she might have been a good premier. Forget the ifs, what do you think we will be saying about David Eby.

    (Response: Never buy milk on Sunday or early Monday! That’s OLD milk. Wait until Tuesday, after fresh delivery. Unless, of course, it’s skim … NOTHING will make that taste good. h.o.)

  10. nonconfidencevote says:

    Eby’s new “cold, calculating” style and his avoidance of answering questions about issues while controlling the message…… reminds me of another former leader.
    Harper taught him well……

  11. e.a.f. says:

    Every one has baggage by the time they reach the age Eby is. In the end it will be who has the worst baggage, Eby or Falcon? The problem for Falcon is the problems B.C. had during their time in office, which includes B.C Rail, the defunding of schools, and of course the money laundering. The right type of ads and it will put the NDP in office.

    People may not be happy with Eby, but do they want the B.C. Lieberals back in office. I always like another bloggers lists of “One hundred reasons the B.C. Lieberals need to go”
    we don’t really know what Eby will do when he becomes Premier. he may turn out to be a “hard ass” He is older now.

    Undocumented people in the province isn’t a pressing issue for most people in the Province. They’re concerned about the lack of health care professionals. If every undocumented person in Canada came to B.C. we might have more people who could take jobs, which are going vacant. As long as they aren’t involved in criminal activities, then I’m O.K. with it. The reason they are usually undocumented is the federal government isnt’ getting the paper work done fast enough and they’re afraid to go back to their country of origin because they may be killed, raped, tortunred, You know the normal ugly stuff.
    Another election issue maybe crime in Vancouver, the stranger on stranger attacks. Most of them are the result of mental illness. Is Falcon going to come up with a solution>? Well going back over the decades I cant’ find when the Socreds or B.C. Lieberals did any of that. Now of course the NDP hasn’t done much either beyond getting people into housing, but its more than the B.C. Lieberals did. Falcon like Shirely Bond have a lot to say and critize, but I’m not hearing about real solutions to any of it.

    As to Eby winning an election. Given he is the right age, demographics and all that, he could win. Falcon may not be much older, but he does talk old. timing of an election won’t hazard a guess. Probably when a B.C. Lieberals does or says something really, really dumb.

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