Despite “WE” Scandal: Trudeau Still Maneuvering For Fall Election

Justin Trudeau looked terrible … and I’m not just referring to his growing “Che Guevara” appearance (minus only the beret and camouflage garb).

He also looked, and sounded terrible, as a leader, as a politician, as a witness during his appearance before the Commons Finance Committee over the now-abandoned “WE” Canada Student Service Grant.

You can get a good summary of details of the mess here:

So I won’t go into all the sordid details, disappointments, deceptions and disgraces here.

Trudeau and the Liberals just looked terrible in so many ways.

But voters, especially financially “benefitting” voters, have notoriously short …. and forgiving memories!

So depending on three things: the Ethics Commissioner’s degree of condemnation, progress in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic; and, most importantly, the results of polling the Liberals will be doing over the next several weeks … I believe Trudeau is still maneuvering for a possible federal election this Fall.

Just look at the signs:

Trudeau did not HAVE to appear before the finance committee: he volunteered to face the heat, the disdain, the ridicule, the condemnations etc. … even did a “mea culpa” (of sorts).


To avoid facing persistent and mounting Opposition and public demands he do so, and knowing if he had refused to appear, how bad that could be played, especially during an election campaign, even next year! Opposition GOLD in any debates; but now he can tell voters he DID face the music, he DID apologize and he DID learn (again?) from his “mistakes”.

By the way, if you wonder why Trudeau refused to detail out loud ANY figures of amounts paid to family members as part of the “WE” debacle, despite several attempts by the Opposition to get him to do so: he didn’t want to serve up audio/visual “clips” for use in campaign ads of the Liberal leader saying how much is mother, brother etc. were handed in cash/expenses.

Quotes of “I apologize” or “I’m sorry” are much less usable by the Opposition.

Now Trudeau is pressing on with what sure look like more pre-election goodies … on top of the hundreds of billions of dollars already handed out.

Just after his Finance Committee hearing, the Prime Minister announced his government will spend BILLIONS more to extend the Covid Business Rental subsidy program, and also extend/expand CERB coverage for workers, transitioning it into Employment Insurance coverage after CERB expires, even handing out cash to voters … oops, I mean workers … who would not normally qualify for EI coverage.

How generous!

I believe most Canadians support that spending: benefitting themselves; or knowing family and friends who do; and, understanding the community need to support those suffering through the pandemic.

Something Trudeau could try to take advantage of in a Fall election.

Blog readers will recall that, at the beginning of June, I first predicted Trudeau will hold a Fall election, rather than wait until next year. (

Other media types predicted a Fall election weeks after I did, but several have since backed off, citing the “WE” fiasco.

I get it; I understand.

BUT IF the Ethics Commissioner’s findings are not insurmountable, if Covid remains well contained and the polls stay favourable, Trudeau and his Liberal strategists are still keeping the Fall option open … wide open.

And what better sign than if Trudeau soon shuffles his Cabinet: a tried and true way for leaders to push political scandals behind, get rid of or at least shift around Ministers responsible for, or tagged to take the blame for problems, embarrassments and satisfy public demands for “action”.

Remember, despite all the “WE” revelations, condemnations etc. public polling last week showed Trudeau/Liberals are STILL preferred by many Canadians to govern the country.

You can read a summary here:

And don’t forget: the Conservatives will just be beginning “rebuilding” with a new leader this month; the NDP have a leader already rejected once by most voters; and a testy, embarrassed Bloc Quebecois leader is under a cloud over alleged sexual misconduct.

Why would Trudeau wait for the Opposition parties to strengthen?

If the report of the Ethics Commissioner offers “survivable” chastisement(s); if the Covid numbers continue to be good and the crisis remains fairly well-handled; and, the Liberals’ own polling over the next several weeks holds up, watch for Trudeau to: invite, taunt, challenge and pressure the Opposition to defeat his minority government and force an election this Fall.

And despite all their blustering, if they don’t bite to “defeat” Trudeau’s minority in the Commons … knowing their own weaknesses right now and seeing the polls as well … don’t put it past Trudeau to react to their constant critiques with a “Let the people decide!” excuse to visit the Governor General and ASK for an election to restore “confidence” in his government.

Although I doubt he’ll mention it: I’m sure he’d also like to do it BEFORE all the BILLIONS of dollars in Covid spending have to be addressed, somehow, next fiscal year.

Happy BC Day!

Harv Oberfeld

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21 Responses to Despite “WE” Scandal: Trudeau Still Maneuvering For Fall Election

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    Welcome Back.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Trudeau vie’s for a Fall election….even after his third ( in three years) ethics scandal…his ego is that big.
    The voters have the attention span of fruit flies over a bowl of rotten cherries.
    It might help if the Conservative Party (leadership?????) actually got off their collective butts and held a Leadership vote but that would involve work ….and most of the political “leaders” we have in these perilous times seem to be more interested in self image and self promotion rather than “leading”. ( Mayor Kennedy Stewart comes to mind).
    Perhaps if voters actually had a choice for a conservative leader to rally around?
    They still wouldnt be 5 points back in the polls?
    Leslyn Lewis would be a great choice for leader but she cant speak french….
    As opposed to the same old political hacks from yesteryear offered up. Yawn.
    One can only hope that the Fall Covid scare doesnt keep elderly( conservative?) voters home in droves.
    Trudeau seems to be pumping Billions into the youth vote ( WE excluded) with CERB and every other billion dollar boondloggle handout they cant dream up.
    The sad result?
    The very same young voters that return Trust Fund Trudeau back to power will be paying for our soon to be Trillion dollar deficit for generations to come.
    Criminal if it wasnt so typical of the politicians of today.
    Financial spendthrifts with not a care in the world because they cant waste tax payers dollars with impunity
    Zero consequences for ruining Canada’s economy and credit rating for decades to come.
    Criminal……..but the Liberals do look good on CBC tv and radio catching softball questions lobbed to them by fawning reporters.
    I guess the CBC knows where its employee pension plan comes from.

    (Response: I’ve rarely seen such a weak Opposition roster. Remember, each party “leader” is supposedly someone millions of Canadians (not party activists, ideologues, participants, allies and partisan party supporters) would ELECT as Prime Minister. Yes, a platform and promises help, but in the end, it’s the personal appeal and campaign performance of the leader that counts … and frankly, I don’t see anyone at this point who would seriously threaten Trudeau’s grasp on power, despite his flaws. h.o)

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    As the late Rafe Mair observed often, You don’t have to be a 10 in politics to win, you can be a 3 if everyone else is a 2.

    Also, it seems I am one of the very few Canadians who did not receive the CERB, nor any government money, except for a BC Hydro Covid rebate, cannot be included in the bribe.

    Trudeau the Younger, was nothing more than a pretty face, extolling everyone on the virtues of “Globalism” and his version of being a Canadian.

    SNC Lavalin was a prelude to Liberal malfeasance and now this WE scandal has shown everyone the depth of Liberal cronyism and corruption. In Canada, all Canadian are equal, except Liberals are more equal than others.

    The sad fact is (not for Trudeau) the NDP are toast under their leader; the Conservatives will fail with their Trumpian cloned themes; and the Greens are, well to be polite, a one shot deal.

    My prediction, the Liberals will once again be elected into a minority government, as the West goes blue, Ontario goes red, with Quebec going BQ and the Greens & NDP shut out or greatly reduced.

    (Response: The weaknesses of the Opposition parties are what makes it highly possible, even arguably probable, that Trudeau going to the polls sooner than later … despite the WE debacle. It’s a fascinating, even if disappointing, scenario. h.o)

  3. max avelli says:

    I will simply repeat my comment from a couple of months back when you first hoisted this absurd idea of early elections being called during a pandemic simply because the timing might look good to the government. I stand by it. The voter backlash would be extreme.

    max avelli says:
    June 1, 2020 at 6:01 pm

    Dear Harvey,

    This will be far longer than my usual comments (edited…off topic). There is so much to object to.

    You and your followers have all lost your mind(s). Your posts have gotten regressively nuttier over the past couple months.

    Point 1) Where do you get info. that the NDP is having a convention to replace Jagmeet Singh? News to me. If you have a source for that, Enquiring minds want to know.

    2) The Federal Liberals were elected on October 21, 2019, losing their majority. So they are going to announce an election within 1 year? And how does anyone campaign? You have truly lost your mind. The voters would be so pi**ed off as never seen before. I may be a Machiavellian, but you are just a cynic. Are the Liberals going to manufacture their own defeat in Parliament to trigger an election? The election law calls for a vote every four years (unless triggered by a non-confidence vote. Maybe you missed that — although Harper threw his own legislation under the bus in 2008, and fooled around again in 2015). Which of the other parties are going to pull that trigger to bring down the government when they are in chaos? Real politics trumps cynicism. There is no way on earth Trudeau is going to try to pull the plug just one or two years into his mandate. That is another minority government. We know the deficit will be a disaster. Grown ups will handle it.

    3) The same goes for the BC NDP calling an election a year+ early. Horgan would completely destroy all of the goodwill he has built up over the past few months. This is not the time for cynical ploys. And if the polling you cite is anywhere in the ballpark, it would be a very dicey proposition if the NDP only has a 41-38 lead over the BC Liberals.
    , with the Greens at 16% (without any leader). That is another minority government. We know the deficit will be a disaster. Grown ups will handle it.

    (Response: Things have certainly “changed”, to put it mildly, in Canada politically since my Blog June 1. And as I have stated, key determining factors will include: what the Ethics Commissioner states; how the pandemic is doing; and, what the Liberal private polls say. A fourth factor could even include the state of disarray or any indication of growing signs of interest/popularity of the new Tory leader. As for Singh, he will have one more round, accomplish little, especially in Quebec … and then be gone. h.o)

  4. Gilbert says:

    The prime minister truly has no shame. Though he and his family are wealthy, they used a charity to make themselves and their friends wealthier. They also decided to pay students for volunteer work. They called it volunteer work so they could pay them less than the minimum wage.

    The strategy was clever. The purpose of asking WE to administer the summer jobs program was to help family and friends and to buy votes from students. It was brilliant work by Jesse Brown that brought this scandal to the public’s attention.

    The prime minister said that he didn’t see a conflict of interest when his mother, brother and wife were paid by WE. I think it would be a good idea to ask him how he defines a conflict of interest. In my opinion, really good people donate their services to charities for free. It reminds me of the time he was an MP and charged charities speaking fees. He later reimbursed them, but only after it became an issue in the media. He needs to remember that his role is to serve the people of Canada and not to serve himself.

    When the prime minister appeared to testify, he looked like he hadn’t slept in ages. He truly looked terrible. The Che Guevara look really makes him look like a communist.

    What would he have to do to resign? He truly has no shame. In South Korea, where I live, former presidents have gone to jail. Prosecutors here are powerful, and one of the former presidents of South Korea is in jail for far less than what the Prime Minister of Canada has done. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Canadian politicians ever go to jail. At least I can’t think of any.

    I don’t like this Liberal government, but I think Marc Garneau is a little better than most Liberal MPs. To his credit, he was at least willing to say that he knew nothing about the payments made to family and friends by the WE charity.

    I think it’s too early to say when the next election will be and to say what the result will be. We know that in politics polls can change quickly. Maybe this time voters will agree that it’s three strikes and you’re out.

    (Response: Our system here seems to allow for others (staff or cabinet) to take the fall and protect the PM. And although Trudeau’s ethics seem challenged, I’m not sure there’s anything that would/could stick criminally, complete with proof of intent. As for his Che Guevara look, maybe a change in that regard will be a sign: if Trudeau suddenly gets a haircut, shaves and tries to rekindle his former image ..if not his former charisma…. Elections Canada should go on alert! 🙂 h.o)

  5. D. M. Johnston says:

    If Trudeau is going to call an election, it must be before November, probably the first week in October because the circus down south will drown out the Canadian election completely.

    If I was a betting man I would wager he will call the election in the spring because if Trump looses and refuses to step down calling the election “fixed”, a simple Canadian spring election will assure him of a weak majority as Canadians will vote for the status quo.

    The NDP are in great trouble and even though I am rather left, the NDP leave me cold as a corpse. I just do not know who are advising them but the party is weak, their leader is weak and their candidates are either somewhat shopworn or so naive that they are just ineffective. Mayor dithers in Vancouver is a good example, being a former NDP MLA.

    The Conservatives or should I say the Harperites will scare the voter with their incarnation of corn pone, evangelical, American “good old boys” politic.

    The Greens don’t count and I wager will not elect one MP.

    The BQ will do well in Quebec and if there is a Liberal minority, they will support the Liberals (with enough slush money to be spent in their province)

    It could be a time for independents, with people just sick of the official lot like me.

    In an age where real politicians, honest politicians, patriotic politicians are sorely needed, we are ruled by apologists, buffoons and arrogant nobodies who managed to get elected.

    Dissect at will.

    (Response: I actually see Spring as the second alternative … very, very unlikely Trudeau will try to carry on/survive a minority government until next Fall. But again depending on the factors I cited, the signs are there that the PM IS maneuvering into a position to go this Oct/Nov if conditions demand or seem ideal. And the problem with waiting till Spring is that the Tories’ new leader who will have had time to become known, get lots of Parliamentary exposure/experience and perhaps impress Canadians as a viable, fresh clean alternative. And who knows, with all the Covid program costs added up till then what kind of budget 2021 will bring! h.o)

  6. DBW says:

    I am not even sure what we are supposed to be discussing here.
    1. that there WILL be an election this fall.
    2. that there SHOULD be an election this fall
    3. that anything will actually change as a result of an election.

    1. I do not think there will be election this fall. The pandemic is not over. Who knows what will happen with schools reopening and a possible second wave.
    2. There definitely should not be an election this fall unless the opposition successfully moves a motion of non-confidence which I can’t see happening. Nobody wants an election. I am not even sure if the Liberals want an election.
    3. The best outcome of the last election was a minority. I would prefer it stay that way.

    (Response: ALL of the above! I just find it fun and interesting to speculate on the political realties and potential moves we see evolving around us … like watching/predicting moves in a very complicated game of chess. History, of course, will determine whether any actions … taken or avoided at any given time … were the right thing to do. As for your reasoning why there should not be a Fall election, I agree the pandemic, and how it is still affecting us at the time, will be a BIG consideration, but I really doubt Trudeau/Liberal strategists care more about your other two points than their own readings on the possibility and/or likelihood of winning a majority if they go in the Fall ..especially if their assessments are they would do even worse, maybe even lose, in the Spring when the Tories’ new leader is up, running and maybe winning over many Canadians with new hope and a new message. h.o)

  7. Keith says:

    yea Harvey, although Trudeau has painted himself into a corner a fall election is probably the best bet depending on the timing of an ethics report a new conservative leader, a lacklustre opposition and for now continued few sittings of parliament. Can’t add much to the excellent comments and responses to Gilbert and D.M Johnson that sum it up quite nicely. I think Trudeau will keep the “ Universal Basic Income” ace card in his back pocket just in case.

    The further an election is put off, for the liberal party he becomes an increasing liability and would be in the interests of the party and individual M.Ps to change leaders.

    (Response: Yes, the time to wage a war with mortal foes absolutely determined to get rid of you as soon as they re-arm is when your enemies are at their weakest strength and you are at your strongest (and likely to get weaker, more unpopular with time) … not just sit back and let the foes rebuild, following some misguided rule of chivalry that you must wait because the last war, which you barely survived, was just a year ago. h.o)

  8. hawgwash says:

    Welcome back Harvey, I hope you share some of your local discoveries with us.

    “WE scandal.” Only a scandal in the eyes of a few political junkies like those found here; not that there is anything wrong with that. The words “charity, theft, scam, ripoof and fraud” should be part of the headlines.

    “WE” is just too nice a word; know what I mean?

    The average eligible voter, most of whom will not vote don’t have a clue what “WE” is.

    Just another slogan in an over sloganed society. Me too, Black lives matter, MAGA, fewer faces bigger spaces.

    WE is an unknown and will not affect JT’s chances so yes, I believe he will call, fall 2020…unless COVID takes off again and he sees another opportunity “lead” the country.

    With the NDP and CPC rudderless, Trudeau walks the bases.

    (Response: Very interesting point re use of the word “Scandal”. When I initially began writing, I used the word “Mess”, but somewhere around Draft 6 ( 🙂 ), I changed it to Scandal, feeling that more accurately reflected the reactions I was hearing, not just from the predictable political opposition, but also from political junkies (as you state) and also most of the public I’ve seen/heard discussing the issue right across Canada on TV, the radio, and in my own conversations. In fact, the overwhelming reaction does seem to fit the Cambridge Dictionary of the word “scandal” as “an action or event that causes) a public feeling of shock and strong moral disapproval”. Although, dealing with politicians, the word “shock” may also be challenged! Meanwhile, I agree many Canadians probably couldn’t detail the exact figures or machinations of what happened, but I believe those who vote (except partisan Liberal aficionados) would know something stinks, big bucks were involved and Trudeau family members profited … maybe Morneau’s too. Bad stuff … especially if the Ethics Commissioner comes down hard. BUT if there is little or no reprimand, and the other factors I have outlined fall into line favourably … I still think a Fall vote is still a distinct possibility. h.o.)

  9. max avelli says:

    Corporate team building blather proclaims that there is no “I” in “Team”.

    Apparently, however, there is an “I” in “WE” (i.e, the “charity” of the Kielberger Bros).

    This is absolutely scandalous. WE gives Justin’s mother, wife and brother a million dollars in speaker fees. Then WE gets and untendered contract for half a billion dollars. That investment sure paid off.

    That is what is called “payola”. This may be the most obviously corrupt deal I can recall since the 1872 “Pacific Scandal” (campaign contributions in exchange for building the Canadian Pacific Railway).

    How can the Liberals claim that WE was the only organization that could handle the program? I thought our government should be running such programs, with a well-established bureaucracy. They didn’t look to outsource CERB or the other coronavirus emergency programs, after all.

    So, with this “volunteer” program, what gives (or should I say, what “grifts”)?

    (Response: I also find it ludicrous when Trudeau/Liberals claim WE was the only organization capable of administering/carrying out out the student volunteer program. I have no doubt there are private social/cultural/university agencies that could have carried it out … even adjusting it according to meet regional/provincial needs. Sole bidder contracts always make me shudder, recoil, question … and now that we know Trudeau and Morneau’s family members had a financial relationship with the organization, the WE one stinks to me. h.o)

  10. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Welcome back

    Where to start , there are many governance issues at play .

    Trudeau was hoping that we would mean oui on election day. scandal yes will a election take place in the fall i say good chance . and if a non confidence vote can be manipulated Trudeau can blame the opposition for dragging the people to the polls .

    i also have issues with using non profits as service providers .i have seen financial, accountability and integrity issues .

    (Response: I think you are right on in suggesting Trudeau would “blame the opposition for dragging the people to the polls”. I have no doubt that regardless of what the Ethics Commissioner finds, the Opposition (as is their job) will harrumph, harrumph, harrumph about how terrible Trudeau is/looks on the WE “scandal” … and I would not put it past him to use that as his excuse for saying “let the people decide” …and off we go. Unless, of course, the report is truly devastating, the polls show him dropping like a rock etc. h.o)

  11. D. M. Johnston says:

    Just a note on charities.

    Charities and societies have now become the new “cash cow” for the unscrupulous. The emphasis is on “cash”. On the whole they are not well regulated and the leakage in cash is somewhat “Titanic”.

    That being said, the smaller charities do very good work and are self policing, with always someone to ask “sticky” questions, especially if the charity or society is strictly volunteer and aid needed concerns or local needs.

    But, and it is a big but, when charities get too big and hire employees, then the fun begins because there is no way the employees are properly vetted and with large amounts of free cash around, there is “spillage”.

    I know, I have seen it happen, far too many times.

    I will give you an example: What back when (mid 1980’s), I once dated a girl who was a supreme grifter and worked for a charity. It was fascinating, she organized kids to sell overpriced chocolate bars door to door. The chocolate bars (which wrappers were photos of staring children) cost about 25 cents each wholesale, at the time and were being sold for $3.00 each or two for $5.00.

    Cost per bar 25 cents

    Kids take 50 cents per bar $1 for 2

    Charity’s take 25 cents (minimum) per bar

    Her take, the balance $2 a bar $3.75 for 2.

    On a good day, over 400 bars would be sold!

    The charities she sold for knew this, but for them it was “free cash”.

    By the way, the relation ship lasted until she grifted me with an expensive lesson.

    The WE charity is far too big and when cash is used for gifting special speakers, etc. it ceases to be a charity, rather it has become a business.

    I never heard of WE before the Trudeau scandal, but I am not surprised as it’s how charitable business is done in Canada these days.

    (Response: There is an interesting Canadian website that examines the operations of various charities: …worth a look to check out any charity people may be thinking of supporting. As for WE, Charity Intelligence gives it an “A” for financial reporting; a checkmark for financial transparency; says 86% of funds raised go to actual programs (that’s very high); but only a Fair rating for demonstrated impact of its spending/programs. h.o)

  12. hawgwash says:

    Aga Khan and SNC Lavalin were trial balloons; dress rehearsals for the big show.
    If the media doesn’t state it like max avelli with increased volume and repitition, it’s just another “it’s how we’ve always done it.”

    Yesterday if I mentioned it to one, I mentioned it to a dozen; blank looks all around.
    The most I got was; “I saw something about it, is Bonnie Henry on today?”

  13. SG says:

    I was just reading this morning that an Ontario Liberal MP is permanently resigning effective September 1st.. Perhaps Trudeau will have a by-election ASAP to see which way the wind is blowing…. or Trudeau will simply hold a general election instead of the by election. Regardless, it’ll have to be no later than 180 days from September 1st.

    (Response: The timing of the announcement for a by-election will be really interesting. He wouldn’t want to hold it in the midst of Ottawa’s winter, and he surely wouldn’t want to hold one in early Fall …and lose it …just before going to the polls again within weeks. So if he calls one, that shows he is expecting bad news from the Ethics Commissioner etc and has decided to hold off a general vote till Spring, despite all his recent maneuvering preparing fo a possible Fall call. h.o)

  14. nonconfidencevote says:

    “And who knows, with all the Covid program costs added up till then what kind of budget 2021 will bring! h.o)”

    Taxes…… much higher taxes…….

    (Response: Apparently, Canada’s debt will soon surpass a TRILLION DOLLARS. for the first time ever. And yet, so many social groups, activists, urban and rural communities, environmental and business organizations, industries … and almost everyone else you can think of keep asking, demanding MORE, MORE, MORE. Even while we are fighting a pandemic. So who could be surprised to see Trudeau maneuvering for a possible Fall call … IF conditions would look favourable. h.o)

  15. Marge says:

    Headlines and articles recently published:

    “Quebec company with no factory snags $133M contract to make PPE” Sole sourced. SNC hired to design/build the factory.”

    “Trudeau government paying $84M to firm employing Katie Telford’s husband to manage rent assistance aid program”

    With headlines and articles like the above you’d think Trudeau would be scared to death to call an election. Sadly people don’t see what’s going on under their noses. They just see those nice CERB checks and that man with the nice hair who can act up a storm and make them believe he cares. Sad that people elect this kind of government and will probably re-elect him again.

    (Response: It’s almost as if they think no one is paying attention …or, as you say, so happy cashing cheques, few seem to realize it’s their money the government is handing out and we’ll all have to pay it back … plus interest. And I agree these things tend to make a Fall election a bit less likely …unless Trudeau/Liberal strategists think/believe they can get away with it all …or their chances will be even worse next Spring, once the budget/bills have to be dealt with …and the Tories’ new leader starts to gain traction. h.o)

  16. John's Aghast says:

    What if they held an election and nobody came?

    (Response: I’d vote. Wow … what power that would give me!! h.o)

  17. nonconfidencevote says:

    ” It’s almost as if they think no one is paying attention …or, as you say, so happy cashing cheques, few seem to realize it’s their money the government is handing out and we’ll all have to pay it back … plus interest. “….


    Eventually the international bond markets will force the money taps to be turned off….whether Trudeau wants the flow to stop or not.

    It would almost be worth it to see him “win” another federal Minority govt so he can finally face the public when it all goes to shite.

    Of course he could pretend he’s a magician and win and award for disappearing like the spineless gastropods infesting the Vancouver Parks Board or the Vancouver Mayor during the Strathcona Park meltdown.
    Only a matter of time before that pot boils over.
    Where have all the Leaders gone?
    Politically correct milksops that wash their hands of all the difficult decisions.
    They are so worried they might offend someone they pander to everyone.

  18. e.a.f. says:

    Happy to see you’re back. I always feel so deserted when you go on vacation. We understand the need for the vacation, you have all of us to deal with, but yet and as you age, yes, it gets a bit much dealing with all of us, or some of us in particular. So woke up and there you were. O.K. I first went to The Breaker by Bob Mckin. Had to do something in your absence. turns out Mr. Mackin is now 50. what a teenager…….anyhow, skimmed through the headlines and here is one you’d be interested in:


    Could be a busy fall, MacKin’s other headline is about B.C. elections getting ready in case the provincial government calls an election.

    As to Trudeau calling an election. Might not be a bad idea for him. the Conservatives are in a disarray. People have gotten through the COVID to date in fairly decent shape. He has kept the border with the Americans closed, which everyone I’ve talked to is happy about. In my new neighbourhood, many are younger families, and those cheques which the feds sent out have kept families afloat. Some have now been able to rtw, some are back to work part time. if he has an agenda he wants to complete without having to deal with other parties, now might be the time to call the election, before flu season. Fund raising is going to be a problem for the Greens, NDP, etc.

    (Response: I know it’s off topic …but your mention of Stanley Park bike lane reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend we drove around the park just the other day. The divided park looks REALLY ugly, is almost criminally disruptive of the Prospect Point restaurants/shops/viewpoint, and of course denies anyone with mobility issues access or a drive by of the 9 o’clock gun, Brockton Point, Burrard Inlet etc etc. (shameful!) and then it occurred to us: for 50 years bikes and cars shared the road and neither of us recalled EVER hearing of serious/numerous problems with accidents there: as you say, there were MORE ambulance calls when bikes only had the road! Hopefully someone in the media will compare the vehicle/bike Stanley Park accident stats over the years: could be a good story. h.o)

  19. e.a.f. says:

    D.M. Johnston, thank you for the laugh. I remember that line by Rafe Mair and he was so correct. Do miss his writings.

    some may think the WE “scandal” may effect an election. My take on it, not so much. People don’t care that much. All they see are the cheques they received from the feds and how fast they got out. Even the Financial Post wrote a very complementary column about that, 500K cheques within 2 days or so on the old computer. Yes, its 48 yrs old, but it did have a secret, which some of those young techies discovered. those of us old enough, who knew that computer when we were young and it was new, knew about it. That is what people cared about.
    i.e. A friend whose hair salon had to closed was in tears when I called to see how things were going, just sobbing. Afraid for the staff and her business. How did it turn out? Stylists got the federal cheques, she got a break on her rent on the salon and was able to get it ready to re open. They’re working longer hours to keep up with the demand and the new rules, but they’re all happy. Now do any of you think any of those people are going to care about much else?

    I’m left of the federal Liberals, never voted for them but sure am happy with how things have turned out so far. Would I vote Liberal? If it was going to be a tight race between the federal liberals and a party I don’t like, yes, I’d vote strategically. Most likely won’t happen, but who knows, we in Nanaimo have so many Albertans living here it could have an impact on the results of an election. We currently have a Green, via a by election and then an election. Prior to that it was an NDP riding. What was interesting was in the by election the Conservatives came in second. In the main event the NDP came in second.

    If the Conservatives decide to make a big deal of the WE “scandal”, all the other parties have to do is remind the voters of this: On the Take, the Mulroney years by Stevie Cameron and Harper and of course Scheer’s little “scandal”, having the Conservatives pay for his kids private school tuition. the ads could run something along the lines of you may not like our “scandal” but look at the Conservatives. Harper’s record is something which could work well given Scheer was part of it. Now it may be if MacKay is elected leader of the Cons, they can tar him with the same brush as Harper–8 pieces of legislation which violated the Constitution which were over turned by the Supreme Court. Given the goings on in the U.S.A. it might be enough to bring a few more votes over. the Conservatives at times have consulted with American strategists for election purposes. Bring that out in a few ads and omg, what fun those ads could be. Comparing the federal Conservatives with the American Republicans. We know where the Conservatives stand on “choice”. We all know how that has turned out in the U.S.A. Some of the Conservative leadership candidates don’t sound that different than Republicans. would make great ads and scare Canadian voters right into the federal Liberal arms.

    As to the money which has been handed out, which will have to be paid back. When people mention that to me, usually people who are retired and have secure pensions or money in the bank, I explain to them how it could have looked in this country without those cheques and remind them of the scenes at American food banks and , yes, the kids will have to pay it back, but at least they will be alive to pay it back. They ate, had a roof over their heads, etc. all during the pandemic. If the Conservatives had been in office, who knows what it could have been like. I also point out the Netherlands paid out 90% of income.

    In my opinion the biggest beneficiaries of the federal cheques where the children in this country and they are our future. They got through this in reasonably decent shape. Now think about how they would have gotten through this pandemic without those cheques. You do remember that stat about how long most Canadians would last without a pay cheque don’t you? about a couple of months. How well would those children have been eating if their parents hadn’t received those cheques? How many kids would have had to miss their medications without those cheques?

    (Response: I suspect Liberal strategists or politicians who follow or get reports on this and other blogs would be quite interested and even happy with your reactions and interpretations of the real or potential impact of the WE scandal or mess or whatever anyone wants to call it. A month or two months later is a very long time in politics AWAY from the Hill: people will care more about the state of their own lives and those of their friends and families at that time. That’s why I still believe Trudeau/Libs are maneuvering for a possible election … IF the Ethics Commissioner and Covid don’t slam that door in their faces. h.o)

  20. Gilbert says:

    The Liberals have too many scandals. This makes it difficult for them to say that their scandals are the same as those of the Conservatives. Yes, all governments have scandals but wh0 can forget the sponsorship scandal under Jean Chretien? Alfonso Gagliano, the minister who was actively involved in the scandal, seemed to be a great candidate for the mafia. By the way, he was born in Sicily and before he became the ambassador to Denmark, he was rejected for a similar post by the Vatican!

    The Conservatives must not assume that they will win because of the WE scandal alone. They need to also talk about helping our resource industries, cutting wasteful spending, and uniting the country from coast to coast.

    Now, let me say something about the topic of choice. I think it’s horrible that Canada is funding international abortion, and even worse that the taxpayer is paying for all the abortions here in Canada. However, let’s be honest. No government will restrict abortion here in Canada because the majority are opposed to such an idea. Even if the House of Commons passed such a law, I doubt it would pass in the senate. If it did pass both houses, which is very unlikely, the Supreme Court of Canada with our liberal judges would definitely rule against such a law. That should be the end of the discussion.

    (Response: No way will things like Chretien, Gagliano, abortion, sponsorship be the issues of the next election: and the Tories will lose if they try to make those the focus. There’s a LOT more recent dirt that can be dug up and shoveled at the voters! h.o)

  21. nonconfidencevote says:

    @ e.a.f.
    “Now think about how they would have gotten through this pandemic without those cheques. You do remember that stat about how long most Canadians would last without a pay cheque don’t you? about a couple of months.”


    Acutally most Canadians are about 2 weeks from insolvency.
    As for the HUDREDS of BILLIONSof taxpayer funds Trudeau has so happily shovelled off the back of the Liberal dumptruck….. it makes Mulroney and Harper look like small time pikers.
    But you are correct.
    Trudeau should hold an election this Fall…..before next year’s tax season and all those Canadians that are either too lazy, too immature, too stupid to save for a rainy day .
    (What ever happened to being self reliant?)……have to pay the taxes on their “free” CERB money.
    About $200 per $1000 CERB payment is tax.
    I cant wait for the incredulous howling of the “unfairness” of it all when these Covidiots realize ….the money was taxed…..and now they have to pay.
    And dont think the Trudeau election planners havent taken THAT tax time bomb into consideration.

    (Response: With the federal debt about to top a trillion dollars (maybe already there!) why would Trudeau want to wait till after next year’s budget! There is no guarantee he’ll go this Fall (politics NEVER works that way months in advance) but there is no doubt in my mind he is maneuvering to make an early vote an option. h.o)

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