Dispatch From America: Coronavirus Could Swing US Election

The coming US Presidential Election (Nov 3) will be unlike any other in the history of the republic.

I have always believed … supported by 50 years of actively witnessing all kinds of election campaigns in BC, Canada and the US … that by far the vasy majority of “undecided” voters make up their minds within two weeks of the voting date.

Usually based on some precipitous major event, promise or faux pas by the leader or party candidates and/or strategists..

Not so this time in America.

The future of President Donald Trump and his Republican Congress and Senate allies will hang on how many Americans die, suffer or lose relatives, friends, jobs as a result of the coronavirus.

Even Trump supporters know the US President BUNGLED the crisis at the start.

He called media warnings that the virus devastating China was heading this way “another hoax”.

What an idiot!

And that “anyone who wants a test could get a test.”


Then he told Americans the virus would abate by April, when the warm weather comes.


And even proffered that those with mild coronavirus symptoms could still go to work.

Endangering human lives!

In 2018 … a year after its director warned about the dangers to the US of a pandemic starting elsewhere … Trump disbanded the unit.

Last week, the unit’s former director said that move contributed to the “sluggish response” to the virus that is now sickening, killing Americans at a still-rapidly-growing rate.

In the US … where health care costs are higher than any other country in the world … test kits are still almost impossible to find. And Trump TURNED DOWN the offer of millions of test kits from the World Health Orgnization!

So the official coronavirus infection toll is 3,500 … but everyone knows it is actually higher … much higher … and many Americans are panicking!

So you might think that Trump’s ignorance, deception and deer-in-the-headlights reaction to the REALITY that is now crippling America would destroy any likelihood he would be re-elected?

Think again.

This is America 2020 … a country where the principles, standards and even rules-of law enshrined in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights no longer apply.

Those once-proudly proclaimed quoted and revered documents have become to those currently in power like the Constitutions of Russia and China … and probably North Korea, Iran and Egypt: they look good on paper … and make a splendid uplifting read … but do not apply to the countries’ leaders and their lackies, when inconvenient.

So election borders are regularly twisted like pretzels; identification rules are imposed to make it much more difficult for those leaning away from those in power to even vote; polling stations are severely limited in areas where opponents have strength … forcing determined voters to wait up to 8 hours in the sun to get in; and, where even provisions of the laws of evidence and witnesses and procedures governing the Administration and Congress can be regularly bypassed … or simply ignored.

So the US President can now: govern increasingly as an autocrat; terrorize almost all of his party’s elected officials into total submission; lie to the American people an estimated 14,000 times without any serious repercussions; dishonour and dismiss the findings of the country’s own top intelligence agencies; question the heroism of a Senator who endured torture in a Vietnamese prison rather than forsake his comrades; but pardon a convicted criminal US Navy Seal who brought dishonour on the unit; and can try to coerce a foreign government into creating troubles for his own domestic political opponent.

And abandon multiple allies and ethnic minorities who fought for and died beside the US in some of the worst areas of conflict around the globe. While kowtowing to killers and dictators like Putin, Bin Salman, Kim Il Jung.

This NOT what the United States used to stand for to much of the world.

Principles, ethics and honour have been pushed aside by many in the richest country in the world for the love of even more money, the celebration of xenophobic nationalism and the fomenting of domestic division and hate.

It’s sad to see in such a once-great country.

Frankly, in this the decade of ultra-tech instant visual media, many Americans see the current US Presidency as just another reality show taking place daily … even instantly … before their eyes and tweets: Trump is entertaining, brash, rash, dramatic and even funny.

And don’t forget, until the coronavirus struck, the US economy was doing very well (for many); the unemployment rate was very low; and nationalistic “pride”, verging on hubris, among many Americans was quite high.

So after spending much of this past winter in the US, I would not have ruled Trump out one month ago from winning a second term of office ….

But Coronavirus could change that…

If Americans conclude too many of their family, friends, neighbours, co-workers and other fellow citizens suffer or die from Trump’s bungling, lying and mishandling of the coronavirus crisis.

Harv Oberfeld

(A personal note: as you can see, I’m back safe and sound from my latest cruise … aboard the wonderful Celebrity Equinox, where sanitizing supervision and practices were superb … but I have still been largely self-isolating … because the new reality in Florida is more frightening than the conditions were at sea. Also cutting short my US stay … flying back to BC in a few days … where I will self isolate again … until I conclude I picked up nothing at the airport or on the flight. Thanks to those who wrote their concerns.)

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101 Responses to Dispatch From America: Coronavirus Could Swing US Election

  1. Len says:

    What chance gathers, she easily scatters. A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together; he who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader. Leadership is not a formula or a program, it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others. It is an attitude, not a routine. All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership. Be strong, but not rude; Be kind, but not weak; Be bold, but not bully; Be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant. Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.

    (Response: Clearly, in my view, I do not believe the US currently has a “great” leader… and the handling of the pandemic process it. h.o)

  2. 13 says:

    Welcome back Harvey. I hope you manage to get all the way home safely.As far as world leaders losing their jobs due to this virus there is only one that should go for certain and its not likely he will lose his job.Xi Jinping.
    This is my 3rd draft of a comment on your topic. Its good to have you back

    (Response: Thanks. Actually, I think in China, with its immensity and ancient cultural mores, food practices and huge under-educated population, no leader can prevent such pandemics from happening. And I suspect Xi’s dictatorial powers have lessened the length and toll of the disease there. h.o)

  3. Cora says:

    Happy to see you are okay. Safe trip home

    (Response: Thanks. h.o)

  4. Frosty says:

    Good to hear you’re well Harvey….considering your high flying life style (lol) Re the US election…bang on. Although I’m wondering, if this virus continues on until November, who will turn out to mingle and vote, and what could that mean re another term on Drumpf?

    (Response: Looking at the progress they’ve made in China already in fighting/eliminating infections, I am optimistic that by November the virus will not be a huge problem anymore. Trump knows he’s looked bad so far on this ..so has lately been on TV every day to show he cares (?) and is acting. Remember, it’s only March … and they are at last stepping up the fight in a major way in the US … so I think North America will be okay. The BIG problem will be keeping it away from our crossing US and Canada borders: that’s going to be a much bigger problem than I believe anyone yet realizes … especially as it spreads to Africa, South America, other Asian countries. h.o)

  5. G. Barry Stewart says:

    “Idiot, Liar, Fool.”


  6. e.a.f. says:

    I’m so glad you’re O.K.! I’ll be even happier when you are home safe and health, in Canada.

    Watched Trudeau do his thing this morning in front of his house. Went fine. Got the information. No problems.

    Watch Trump do his thing, well I think he is still doing it but can’t bear to watch it. When a reporter asked about respirators his response was along the lines of they were taking actions now so hopefully they wouldn’t need them. Some of what he says, you can tell he is not taking responsibility. He’s off loading that to the State Govs.

    Trudeau advised us he had spoken on the phone with the G7 leaders today. Trump. not a word. When reporters asked about the northern border it was, we’ll see, we’ll see. When Trudeau was asked the question, there was a clear explanation as to why it was open and that things could/would be reviewed.

    Xi after a very bad start has done a decent job of things. The health care professionals of China are to be commended for all their hard work. Doctors from other countries have been there to observe and discuss the virus and came away with good information. Studies done in China have been shared. Best of all, China is now sending ventilators and other supplies to Italy.

    On the other hand, Trump, tried to obtain the drug being worked on in Germany. It was first reported by one of their major papers and confirmed by the German gov. Trump wanted it and reportedly offered as much as a billion for the exclusive rights to the drug. The American CEO of the company has been removed and the original German owner is back running the company. The German government has issued a statement saying if the company develops a vaccine, it will be shared with the world. Now given these situations, who comes out the better country/person?

    I’ve been following Empty Wheel blog from the U.S.A. It’s usual content was Trump, Mueller inquiry and court cases emanating from it, impeachment, etc. However, some of them have been providing new posts regarding the virus and that is where I first read about Trump and his offer of “exclusive” rights to a virus drug. That man has no morals, no ethical core, in my opinion and neither does most of his administration. As some commented Trump didn’t want the drug for the U.S.A. it was to ensure his ability to be re elected.

    The Guardian newspaper has information on what is going on in G.B. and Europe.
    England has asked manufacturers to stop doing what they’re doing and start making ventilators. In France one of the major perfume houses has stopped making perfume and started making hand sanitizer.

    Watching Dix and Dr. Henry conduct their news conferences has been an exercise of watching professionals do their jobs and reassuring the people of B.C.

    Watching Dr. Tan, federal chief medical officer, has been on t.v. regularly and provides excellent information.

    Not all is going to be perfect during this time. However, we are lucky to be in Canada.

    Keep hand sanitizer in your vehicle and WASH YOUR HANDS!

    (Response: I wash my hands every time I go out, every time I get back, every time I watch Trump speak! h.o)

  7. 13 says:

    Harvey im not sure that the chinese are always as honest when reporting ….well anything. As far as treating the outbreak that originated in their country they have the power to self isolate anyone at anytime and 2 weeks would be a very lenient isolation.
    My guess is because most democracies dont have the power over their citizens that China does this outbreak will be far more troublesome for the rest of the world.

  8. Jay says:

    Not a Trump apologist but..

    He did not say it was a hoax..he said the politicization of the virus by the democrats and left was a hoax. These same people who are railing against trump tried to slip an abortion funding amendment onto the bill thus assuring it will get vetoed.

    Testing was probably a problem at the CDC not Trump. He could not possibly have known they would need the amount of testing kits they need. And realistically testing everyone is not necessary. Compound that with the fact we are in flu season, everyone with the sniffles will cry corona. This again is a political ploy by the dems to try and paint Trump as incompetent.

    Trumps statement about the virus abating in April does have some validity. Most viruses do not survive long in warm weather or warm bodies, hence why flu season is generally over the winter months. It does not survive on surfaces well with warmed weather. It does not survive airborne or droplet borne transmission as well since the weather is warmed. Now he has no real way of knowing how it will go but he is trying to calm the public not scare the crap out of them like the democratic left who have no plan at all.

    Oddly, as a paramedic, we have been told that even if we are exposed we are to report to work unless we have symptoms. Nurses and other healthcare have been told the same. Seems counterintuative since there is a 5 day incubation period where you could transmit the virus and not know you are sick. There are also people who are asymptomatic or even immune. How can any nation test their entire population. No one has that many test kits.

    This virus has got the entire world freaked out because the media and the left have blown things completely out of proportion right now. This may have a higher rate of transmission and in the immune-compromised and elderly a higher likelihood of hospitalization and perhaps death, but it is far below the common flu virus in terms of deaths and no one is advocating testing everyone for flu or closing borders for flu or all the others scare mongering tactics being touted lately.

    The democratic plan is to create open borders, how would that work out with corona like virus or any other transmittable disease?

    The real nation that should be blamed is China. Like every other totalitarian state they have suppressed as much as they could leaving other nations to guess.

    Trump is by far not a tyrant or autocrat. Has he muzzled the press? Jailed people who speak out or protest his actions? Has he arrested or disappeared doctors and virologists that have spoken out?
    There is an old saying that basically says how can you tell a politician is lying? Their mouth is moving. If that is your criteria for a president to be 100% truthful then no one will be able to fill the job. And if the country feels his lies are too much then guess what, November is coming soon.

    Xenophobia? Really? Based on what? Closing the border to Chinese or Italians or Iranians? What the hell was he supposed to do? Open the borders and let everyone in like the democrats want?
    Many first world nations have decided to close their borders to anyone but their own citizens and those need to be quarantined for 2 weeks following a trip abroad. Are all these nations being xenophobic or simple trying to stop the influx of more potentially sick people?

    As a paramedic I worked through SARS, MERS, Swine flu, H1N1, threats of Ebola, norwalk and a host of others problems that all were going to be the end of the world. None killed even close to the influenza virus and it mutates yearly. Flu shots are rarely more the 60% effective and only work for a few weeks not months. They also don’t cover all strains, only the ones known about at the time.

    Trump is trying to calm the nation out of their toilet paper hoarding panic caused by the media and the left. Or would you rather him declare a zombie apocalypse and let the purge begin?

    (Response: Let’s keep it real: Trump did NOT initially call it a “Hoax” by the Democrats: he called all the attention the coronavirus was getting from the media “hoax” . Here’s his EXACT quote comparing it to the “hoax” he called the Mueller inquiry:”“They tried the impeachment hoax. That was on a perfect conversation. They tried anything. They tried it over and over. They’d been doing it since you got in. It’s all turning. They lost. It’s all turning. Think of it. Think of it. And this is their new hoax.”. His reference to the Democrats came the next day when his downplaying the virus hit the fan. h.o)

  9. Jay says:

    Harvey, you left out the first part of this statement…

    ” Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. You know that, right? Coronavirus. They’re politicizing it. We did one of the great jobs. You say, ‘How’s President Trump doing?’ They go, ‘Oh, not good, not good.’ They have no clue. They don’t have any clue. They can’t even count their votes in Iowa, they can’t even count. No they can’t. They can’t count their votes.

    One of my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work out too well. They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. That was on a perfect conversation. They tried anything, they tried it over and over, they’ve been doing it since you got in. It’s all turning, they lost, it’s all turning. Think of it. Think of it. And this is their new hoax. But you know, we did something that’s been pretty amazing. We’re 15 people [cases of coronavirus infection] in this massive country. And because of the fact that we went early, we went early, we could have had a lot more than that.”

    From snopes.com

    “In context, Trump did not say in the passage above that the virus itself was a hoax. He instead said that Democrats’ criticism of his administration’s response to it was a hoax. He muddied the waters a few minutes later, however, by comparing the number of coronavirus fatalities in the U.S. (none, at that point in time) to the number of fatalities during an average flu season, and accusing the press of being in “hysteria mode”:”

    (Response: Actually he called it BOTH a media and Democrat “hoax”. Here’s the full timeline:https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/28/coronavirus-latest-updates-china-hubei.html. But the FACT remains it was NOT a hoax …by the media, the Democrats or the Chinese or Obama!!! Trump was an idiot for referring to it, in any context, as a HOAX. And many Americans will remember that ..and no doubt be reminded of that during the campaign. h.o)

  10. Gilbert says:

    President Trump decided to ban flights from China early. I believe most will agree that was the correct decision. He hasn’t handled the coronavirus perfectly, but many, myself included, didn’t expect it to became as serious as it has.

    I’m not convinced that the president will lose in November. The alternative, Joe Biden, mixes up his wife and sister, voted to go to war in Iraq, called a voter in New Hampshire a lying dog-faced pony soldier, told an autoworker in Michigan that he (Joe Biden) doesn’t work for him, and said 150 million Americans (almost half the population) have been killed by guns since 2007. We also know that his son Hunter Biden doesn’t speak any Ukrainian, but he made a fortune on the board of a Ukrainian company. President Trump is not perfect, but Joe Biden is definitely not better.

  11. Jay says:

    No he didn’t. He said that the democrats and medias criticism of his administrations response was a hoax. The democrats and media were pounding the airwaves with false information claiming that the whole administration was incompetant and doing nothing to stop the spread. They are now saying if you call it the wuhan virus you are a racist xenophobe.
    How could any leader of any country have anticipated this?
    Democrats want open borders. Imagine that in this situation.
    Does any country have enough of any test, the man power to carry it out and the ability to carry it out for their entire population? How fast could 350+ million people be tested even if they had the equipment and everyone actually submitted to the test.
    What you gonna do when someone refuses? Arrest them? Jail them? Summarily execute them?
    What kind of precedents are being set right now that will potentially be used by future leaders to remove our freedoms.
    The fact that Trump actually took the steps he did to stop travel and seal the borders means he is taking this very seriously. His advisers were against it. THe democrats and republicans were against it and the media who have a 95+% negative view of Trump were against it. If he was any other politician he would not have done it but he did. And now many doctors and virologists and just about anyone who doesn’t have an anti trump agenda says he was right to do so.
    This virus needs containment. It is spreading too fast in our modern society to allow people to travel at will with it. It is the first time I know of that countries are looking at complete lockdowns and closures. Is that reasonable? Perhaps. But how differently would the publics response have been if they weren’t being bombarded on a daily basis with fear mongering and anti trump rhetoric to the point they don’t know who to trust so they have to look out for themselves.
    As I have said, I am a paramedic. I have a fair bit of medical knowledge and have dealt with many contagious disease situations over the years. None have ever caused such a panic and I blame the media and the political diatribe that is full of half truths and leftist talking points in a desperate attempt to try and win an election.
    This is not the time for fear mongering. We have people fighting over toilet paper and soap for gods sake. Gun sales are soaring as people prepare to defend themselves from the throng.
    And what is the media doing? Only a democrat will save us, like they have some magical way to fix this. The couldn’t fix the flu or sars or swine flu or any other bloody problem. But they will save the US better than Trump.
    How do they plan to do that when they have a socialist and a probable dementia sufferer as their last 2 standing?

    (Response: “How could any leader of any country have anticipated this?” Well, the other countries that have dealt with it all much better …used their KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE in dealing with several past pandemics … they DID anticipate another pandemic was a great possibility. In fact ..under previous Republican and Democrat administrations the White House too had a special office to monitor/warn about such dangers. And the director of the office issued a warning in 2018 that a new pandemic was coming: Trump disbanded the special office shortly after …and she lost her job. Thus, the “sluggish” response … to put the dangers now sweeping across the US mildly. h.o)

  12. tf says:

    “Not a Trump apologist but…”
    To quote, I think it is Tyrion of Game of Thrones –
    “Anything before the word ‘but’ is not to be taken seriously”:)
    Safe travels Harvey!

  13. Barry says:

    Welcome back and the best of health.

    I have just one observation: What sort of morons voted for this idiot? It was well known before the election that he had serious problems with the truth. Now we are seeing that he’s utterly worthless in a crisis.

    Elections have consequences. So all of you in the red states, you got what you deserved.

    (Response: Trump is on TV every day now … I believe trying to repair his image and make it look like he is in charge and everything is going well. NOT!!! Just watch ALL of the local news stations here…and it’s easy to see how far behind many other countries the US is. So his biggest problem is ….I don’t think anyone … even his supporters … really believe/trust anything he says anymore. THAT could prove his ultimate Achilles heel. h.o)

  14. D. M. Johnston says:

    The United States is at a defining point in its almost 250 year existence and may not be recognizable in 2021.

    Trump and Trumpism is a the final piece of the Republican/GOP/Tea Party, the political Oligarchs slow moving coup against American democracy. Unfortunately, a tiny wee virus Covid-19 may derail the coming slow moving train wreck.

    As the ultra conservative right-wing now have control of the Supreme Court, the law is now seen through the tiny lens of the bible and what is good for the Republicans.

    The USA has so incompetently handled the covid-19 scare that fiasco is bound to happen.

    A relative who is a nurse in Seattle has kept us informed of the utter and complete disaster now unfolding in the American Pacific North west.

    No supplies; no protocols, no nothing except a memo saying “Pray”.

    The fear now is that Martial law maybe declared, not to prevent the spreading infection, rather to prevent the election.

    Over 42 dead in Washington St. and the death dirge increases daily.

    Then there is this: Trump administration tried to buy coronavirus vaccine ‘only for the US’.


    Panic is setting in and Trump knows it.

    Stay tuned and hold on your hats folks because the Covid-19 scare is now a major US fiasco which will have major repercussions for decades if not generations to come!

    (Response: Fort Lauderdale TV stations reported tonight that, despite Broward County having the highest infection rate in the state … there is only ONE testing station so far … and it requires a special approval to attend …. very few available. Others who think they have it approaching their doctors, hospitals and state health clinics are being told to go home, isolate and wait it out or their symptoms get worse. This is the REALITY under Trump! Love those tax cuts! h.o.)

  15. HARRY LAWSON says:


    Where to start lol ,
    I talk every day to friends in arizona , we just sold our house az the past year due to my wife’s serious health issues. Trump is in trouble he really dropped the ball. as a friend told ms cream is at the top and crap floats . now is not the time for partisan politics , now is the time for leadership, regretfully i do not see it happening with the Trump administration.

    please indulge me on a side note ,i want to thank Mission first responders who assisted my wife a while back, when they heard my name i was asked if i posted on your site lol they said they wouldn’t hold it against me , lol i believe they truly saved my wife’s life so guys thanks.

    (Response: With a flight home coming up in just a few days, I was just thinking yesterday of the risks involved and the need to self-isolate after getting home to protect others … and my mind turned to the airport staff (check in crews, TSA, flight crews etc) …how worried they must be … facing the risks every day! And thanks for reminding us of the first responders, health care workers … and all others continuing to “serve” the public good are especially vulnerable: how brave and dedicated they are!!! And we should not forget Dr Li Wenliang …the Chinese doctor who died after being pushed aside, even chastised in China for sounding the alarm over the dangers of this new virus … and continued to serve the public until the virus attacked him and took his life. These are the REAL heroes! h.o)

  16. Jay says:

    What are the governors of these states doing? They have a lot of power to do stuff but oh no lets blame the federal government.
    Ok so what are you asking for? A complete takeover of the situation by the federal Trump government? I seem to remember everyone saying he and his administration is incompetent. So you want him to be in charge? You want to hand over control to a guy who has been called Hitler reincarnated? Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?
    So what if he wanted to get the antivirus for the US only. The US is the worlds police so ya think he might wanna make sure his people and military are taken care of first. Yes that is selfish but I think any leader worth their salt would do the same thing. You can’t put out everyone elses fires if your house is burning too.
    42 dead huh. How many have died of the flu or cancer or auto accidents in the same time? Not trying to be uncaring but lets get real…

    “So far, the new coronavirus has led to more than 100,000 illnesses and more than 3,000 deaths worldwide. But that’s nothing compared with the flu, also called influenza. In the U.S. alone, the flu has caused an estimated 34 million illnesses, 350,000 hospitalizations and 20,000 deaths this season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). ”

    The problem here is that this virus is fast spreading and has, at this point, no vaccine. It also can cause severe effects in people who are unfortunate enough to get the full brunt of it. Is it something that people need to get into their apocalypse bunker over or start hoarding food and TP…no.

    Harvey, you know full well the power of the media. They can make or break a situation. When you have all the major networks saying it is the end of the world, people listen and panic even when it isn’t even a speed bump right now.
    Monday morning quarterbacking is great but please show me any politician anywhere at any time that could have prevented what is going on right now.

  17. Jay says:

    Honestly, don’t you see what is going on here? The left and democrats are screaming for a national control mechanism for everything related to health care right now. Masks, tests, gowns, everything should be nationalized. Why? Because that is the democratic plan for the country. A national health care system. Government control over everything. Medicare for all. quintupling the national budget then in the end having to ration everything.
    You have democrats screaming against the very pharmaceutical companies that will discover and reproduce the vaccine for this virus. Yeah lets bankrupt them so no one will be able to find cures for anything.
    You have countries now actively saying they will stop care for the elderly. Is that what you want here??
    Oh my god this is a tragedy, the government is incompetent and corrupt and run by a xenophobe but hey can we abort more babies with government funding and give amnesty to all the illegal aliens that may have brought this or many other diseases in to our country. Hell why not just extend the medicare to the world.
    Tell me Harvey, are you prepared to give every illegal immigrant full access to our healthcare system if it means you lose out? Are you prepared to open the borders and let anyone in no questions asked because that is the PC thing to do? Are you willing to give up everything that our citizens fought and died for so that the very people they fought against can use it as a bludgeon against us?
    I mean seriously it is like people are defending China, a totalitarian communist state rather then a US president who is doing all he can to try and keep this at bay. You have De blasio praising the Chinese government over the US. Really? And this guy ran for president.
    You have Cuomo actively saying they need a national response at the same time as he is blaming the national administration of incompetence.
    You have Joe Biden saying he won’t deport any illegal for the first 100 days of his administration no matter what they have done.
    You have Sanders wanting to take away all the wealth of billionaires so he can still not be able to fund even 10% of his programs.
    You think Hillary could do better? She couldn’t even save 3 dozen people in Benghazi. She couldn’t beat Trump.

    Stop being sheeple to the media.

  18. Jay says:

    Oh hey, Trudeau, a hard core leftist idiot just closed the border. Where are the cries of xenophobia and wtf is he doing? My god he must be among the worst people on the earth (well he is but do you see our media ranting about it 24/7). I mean we are Canada. My God he must be a racist xenophobe antiwhateverist. We need to throw him out of office and execute him immediately….oh wait that is only Trump.

  19. Keith says:

    Recently on CNN or MSNBC they showed those that John McCain described as “Bombastic Loudmouths” on faux news foaming at the mouth about the hoax and conspiracy that the democrats had dreamt up to bring down trump.

    Then they showed those same “Bombastic Loudmouths” having to face the reality of the virus and doing a 180 on their previous comments, for want of a better word. Even faux were so appalled at the comments of one of the aforementioned loudmouths they yanked her off the air.


    The irony of those fools lying and spinning is the faux news audience average age is 65. Those who are most vulnerable. I wonder if they thought about that and the consequences. Naah, not a chance.

    No need for me to go into the minutiae, a quote from H.L. Mencken sums it up. Not sure which president he was talking about as he died in 1956.

    On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

    Contrast that gong show with the calm measured approach in Canada from health officials, federal and provincial ministers, and most impressive is Doug Ford.

    When this has passed and the inevitable online post mortem is underway, I’m sure there will be a lot of folks in 3000 words or more smash away at the keyboard to say what took place was an overreaction. Myself, I will be thankful if it was an overreaction.

    Safe travels Harvey.

  20. DBW says:

    Hi Harvey, what’s up?

    I went to the library yesterday and took out a dozen books. I suspected our library would be closing and sure enough it is. I wasn’t looking for anything specific so I just made some random selections without putting a whole lot of thought into my choices.

    The first one I am reading is The Meeting Point. It is about a recent immigrant from Barbados who is a housekeeper in the home of a Jewish family in Toronto during the early ’60s. Written in 1967, by Austin Clark who happens to be a Canadian immigrant from Barbados, The Meeting Point is supposed to be “a brilliant study of the clashes, tensions and sheer comedy resulting from the confrontation of totally different ways of life”.

    After 30 pages, I can’t say it is a great book, but it will certainly pass the time as I am making every effort to stay inside except for walking the dog and making as needed runs to the grocery store.

    (Response: I’m just hoping they do not cancel flights to Canada for at least another week! h.o)

  21. BMCQ says:

    Hello Harvey, I hope the Cruise went well and I am most happy you are not off on the ship circling Borneo for the next month or two . Safe travels home, unfortunately the Air Portys are not your friend . I agree Workers in Air Ports, Medical, Paramedics, and so many others that come in contact with the public deserve a big thank you from the rest of us .

    JI am quite sure you and I might not agree on everything and that is just fine but I must Salute You and thank you for your “Voice of Reason” and Common Sense on this Blog Topic . People in Canada, the USA, the Soon to Be Free UK, the EU and all other Free World Nations should have the opportunity to read the Posts you have put up here, I am quite impressed .

    I especially like your comments regarding the Fake News “Hoax” comments that Media once again use to discredit Trump, the truth never lies.

    I would more than likely enjoy having dinner with you and Harvey than POTUS Trump as he probably is arrogant, egotistical, full of himself, impatient, boorish, and even “Orange” but he is doing a very fine job as President .

    The Western and Free World could not have continued to travel down the same “Rabbit Hole” that Obama, Merkel, Juncker, Lofven, Tusk, Holland/Macron, took the Free World, the good citizens of those countries needed change of Leadership and Policies, unfortunately for the EU it may be too late .

    (Edited; off topic. h.o)

    Yes there have been hic ups with the Copic-19 but has that not been the same in most places ? None have been perfect . We are now seeing where Canadian Politicans and Health Authorities were somewhat late to the Party .

    As to the pathetic attempt by Media in Canada and the USA to paint the USA problem in Kirkland Washington as poor response and bumbling? I can guarantee you that if someone who worked in an Old Folks Home in West Van, Burnaby, or Richmond from China we here would have exactly the same problem with Copid-19 infection and yes, deaths .

    We must also keep in mind that Italy has such a bad problem because of Tourism from China, Media can attempt to spin this anyway they want but the Origin of CV-19 is China, nowhere else .

    Rest Homes are literally a Petri Dish for this kind of Coronavirus outbreak and we are outright liars if we attempt to “Spin” the problem is the USA response, we simply got lucky, nothing more nothing less, our problems and outbreak would have been no different here .

    I believe Jay might confirm that, he has had enough experience to be aware of the possibilities of a contagious disease .

    Once the Covid-19 begins to dissipate Free World Nations led by Donald J Trump must take china on and hold China Leadership to account . Canada, the UK, Japan, Australia, the EU and other First World Free Naions must demand that China change practices or they will pay the price with Trade Embargo .

    China must stop eating Bats, Rats, Mice, Hamsters, Kangaroos, Koala, Dogs, Cats, Spiders, Wolves, Shark Fins, and so many more they seem to have an appetite for, a lot of the problem is the way in which these so called Foods are prepared/cooked, stored, transported, and served, it must stop ,

    China and Media also need to admit that when they report that the “Wet Market” where the Virus broke out was identified and closed it was more than likely a LIE. Just in that town alone there are more than likely over 1,000 Markets exactly the same and there ae more than likely at least another Million of those Markets scattered across China . they solved nothing and improved nothing, they simply reported that for the consumption of the Gullible Complicate Western Media and PC SJW Politicians who are afraid to challenge China like Trump is now doing .

    I am sure most here do not like Tucker Carlson but I ask all of you to watch the first 10 minutes of the attached Show, it illustrates very well the Hypocrisy and “Fake News” that many Conservatives including Trump and BOJO talk about .

    Media, especially CNN and Failed Broadcaster don Lemon look especially bad on this .


    By the way the above was Blocked by You Tube, I wonder why ?

    PM Justin and his position on China ? Really ? PM Justin is a Coward and when China is challenged on this very issue he will be as usual found “Hiding Under His desk” . Despicable .

    China must also be made to immediately stop harvesting, poaching, importing, and retailing of Exotic Animals and parts like Rhino, Bears, Tigers, Giraffes, and the rest .

    I agree Trump is not perfect but he is doing his best to control Illegal Migration, control Borders, the movement of Drugs, Human Trafficking, keep violent Criminals out of the USA and Deport the undocumented Felons at a rapid rate, how can that be wrong, who cares if he is rude ?

    (Edited…off topic. h.o)

    Yes Harvey, Trump is many of the things you say he is but he is exactly what the Free World needs right now and in spite of the problems with the CV-19 and the rest he will be re elected, the USA cannot and will not allow another four more years of the Obama Open Borders, Mass Migration, No Accountability for Criminals, and those same Americans are very happy with the Employment and Work Citizens now enjoy .

    Trump will also ensure that Pharma bring back the Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals and many other Products ignored by Obama, Bush, and Clinton, NAFTA was an unfair Trade agreement for the USA and the new USMCA will work for all three Nations . The UK will also soon have a Trade Agreement with Canada and the USA .

    In spite of his deportment, and his “Orange Hue” Donald J Trump is exactly the World Leader we need when taking on China, Middle Eastern problems, and ISIS .

    (Response: Today, Trump appeared again live on TV … clearly this is a new, re-election strategy after his earlier silence, distancing and downplaying was heavily criticized. This time he noted that there have been NO cases recorded so far in West Virginia and stated “Big Jim” “must be doing a good job”. Jim Justice, WV Governor is a strong Trump supporter. So the virus has political preferences??? Think that’s NOT what he was suggesting? Well, he added this: “Obviously it’s being treated differently (in west Virginia) than in New York (Democrat Governor) or California (Democrat Governor”. Trump IS disgusting! Interestingly he did not mention Florida…where the Governor is a Republican … and where there have now been a whopping 173 cases discovered so far … without any real testing program in effect yet!!! h.o)

  22. BMCQ says:

    I am probably off topic here but it was you that mentioned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who barely defeated Democratic Hero and all around Stand Up Citizen Andrew Gillum .

    (Edited … off topic: It’s not about who was best candidate in the election; it’s how TRUMP attributed the Republican governor as being the reason for no virus (yet) in West Virginia and dumped on two Democrat-led states where the virus has struck, but somehow omitted states where Republicans govern and the disease is flowing freely. DISGRACEFUL! h.o)

    Again, if someone returning from China had visited ANY Senior Care Home in YVR or GTA we would have at least as many or more CV-19 Cases on our hands, it is simply the luck of the draw .

    Adrian Dix and Head Health Dr. Bonnie Henry could vey ell be facing the same thing as Florida, Washington, or anywhere in the EU .

    BTW – Dix and Dr. Henry have done a very good job, I would like to see the Head Health Official of the Province be somewhat less emotional but she has performed well over all .

    I will give you this Harvey, far far too often Trump trips over his own messages, is rude, he explains most things very poorly much of the time, sometimes he says things he does not even intend to say, and he is very Un Presidential but he is making decisions that are protecting his country and his people especially by taking charge of Migration/Immigration and the Borders .

    Americans of all Political Brands do not want Open Borders, Open Migration, they want Jobs, and they want Crime to be addressed . Once he adds a DACA Legislation, brings back more Factories, brings back more Pharmaceutical/Drug Manufacturing, fixes and improves Obama Care Trump will be elected and the Republicans will re take the House and the Senate .

    America is not ready for Bernie and OAC and Americans are not ready for Joe Biden and the Second Coming of Obama .

    Then on top of all that Americans see what “Fake News” Media and Democratic Politicians are doing by creating falsehoods and untruths to convince the “Great Unwashed” that “Big Orange Man Bad” !!

  23. 13 says:

    Well I am a very lucky trucker. I had scheduled surgery on Friday 13th Lucky
    I had a fantastic surgeon and he used the Davinci Surgicle System on me Lucky..
    I went home from Hospital on Saturday morning and they cancelled all elective surgeries on Monday . Lucky.
    Harvey returned from a “cruise ” healthy as can be Lucky
    Harvey posted a blog topic from Florida to discuss COVID 19 Lucky
    Jay brought some rational discussion to the blog Lucky
    BMCQ posted and said many things that needed to be said especially regarding Trumps response and CHINAS GUILT. Very LUCKY

  24. Jay says:

    Again, LOL

    Do you see what you are typing? “a whopping 173 cases discovered so far” Like that is the end of the world.
    New York and California are sanctuary city havens. They are also dens of the most radical leftist politicians in America. Pelosi, Schiff, AOC and a bunch more come from these states and look at the rhetoric they are spewing to the media daily.
    If you listened to them you would get the impression that the world will end unless you put a democrat in the white house. While at the same time their party is actively supporting a socialist who wants to destroy America as we know it and turn it into a new Cuba or Venezuela.
    And what were the democrats doing for the first weeks of this problem? Trying to impeach the president over a phone call.
    They have control of the house. They could have been doing anything they wanted to help the situation but no. They sat on their hands for weeks and then when they lost that they started hitting the administration on the virus response.
    Where was their plan? Why haven’t they removed the restrictions on medical equipment and supplies? Why haven’t they helped the administration stock up on supplies rather then try to get more abortion funding. I guess they figure killing the unborn will help reduce the spread of the virus.
    They scream for more testing but when Trump gets tested and it’s negative they say it’s a lie or act like they are disappointed that their president isn’t sick and going to die. But Trump is the disgusting one…
    How do they plan on testing 350+ million people? or 7+ billion for that matter?
    How do they plan on testing all the illegals in the country? Do they even know how many there are?
    These idiots can’t even keep their own constituencies from having poop covered streets and rampant homelessness but they are gonna save the rest of the country?
    This virus requires people to be isolated yet when you try to isolate the country from people who might be sick they scream RACIST!! XENOPHOBE!!
    Hell even you are defending the Chinese even when we have no real idea what they are doing except what they tell us. For all we know anyone who is sick is being disappeared.
    Why are the democrats so intent on defending China? Seems they would rather have Xi in the white house.

    (Response: That’s 173 WITHOUT any testing or reporting results here yet! And only DAYS since Trump told them even with early symptoms, they could still to go to work. Wait till the tests all get done…the actual number will also be whopping, chilling, and most importantly, largely could have been preventable … if Trump and his administration wasn’t so incompetent … except in their ability to cut programs, cut protections, cut proper pandemic forecasting/monitoring abilities. h.o.)

  25. HARRY LAWSON says:


    i find some of the comments very interesting,

    The reality like it or not Canada and the world has changed. the effects on the Canadian and world economy could be more debilitating then the great depression .

    as a observer what is really highlighted is the differences in the Canadian and US governance systems .

    politicians need to lead, the hoarding must stop . we are now in a financial reset

  26. Art Smith says:

    Hi Harvey, glad you made it back to terra firms, now the hard part, getting back home.
    You still seem to be a part of the MSM, going after Trump on a daily basis, but studiously ignoring the clown show that is our government. Closing down Parliament, sending all of our politicians home, mostly I would guess, so they don’t have to answer any questions, changing plans on the fly (which is understandable in a crisis), but giving no clear directives. Setting up more committees to “study” things, none of which have any NDP or CPC members, and the Bloc there to back the Liberals, to make sure they don’t get defeated on a non-confidence vote. Have to look after Quebec, you know.
    The MSM have also been doing their duty as well and truly paid for sycophants, praising Trudeau as being calm and thoughtful, when I tend to think it was more like, “Why can’t Freeland, my minister of looking after everything I don’t want to do, be taking all the pressure and answering the questions? I just want to self-isolate and be left alone.”
    As far as I am concerned, he has been MIA, for almost the whole time since the election, gadding around the world trying to buy his UN seat with taxpayers money and shirking his responsibility at home. He had to be shamed into coming home to try and do something about the rail blockades So as bad as you paint Trump, and some of it may be warranted, we have our very own moron to be concerned about.

    (Response: Notice my piece is entitled Dispatch from America? So of course, I’m seeing and commenting on what is happening HERE: I’ll leave to my colleagues in Canada to cover Canada ….till I get back! But trust me …there is no anti-Trump plot here … the story I mentioned in another comment about the guy sick in hospital and waiting five days for results … was on the local FOX station. The US is horribly behind the other Western nations in protecting/testing its people … and I have no doubt Trump’s decision to CLOSE the office in the White House dealing with global pandemics bears SOME responsibility. Hope those rich beneficiaries of his cuts and now scared or sick or mourning are enjoying their Trump tax cuts. h.o.)

  27. D. M. Johnston says:

    I am always astounded by the Trudeau haters and the Trump lovers, it is beyond my ken so to speak.

    Trudeau is not to blame for Covid-19 and i think doing the best he can, considering Canada’s small population. Not closing the boarders to US citizens, I think is a mistake, but I think the mistake is with our local Liberal MP’s, more than anything else.

    Who would have done better? Certainly not the NDP nor the conservatives, so please mute your rancor and concentrate on the issue, the Covis-19 Pandemic!

    Quote: In spite of his deportment, and his “Orange Hue” Donald J Trump is exactly the World Leader we need when taking on China, Middle Eastern problems, and ISIS .

    All I can say to this is, you just got to be joking.

    This is delusional thinking at best as Trump downplayed Covid-19 during the vital weeks that this dam virus spread in the USA.

    The Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs.

    President Trump rolled back rules protecting residents of nursing homes. (Snopes it)

    I can go on but repeating this sort of old news makes one nauseous.

    Washington State is devastated with Covid-19 as Florida, California and most other US states. To date in the USA, 97 people have died of this virus. In Canada, 5 to date have succumbed.

    So it seems Canada is on the right track, despite ones politics, so let us focus on the real enemy, Covid-19 and not your pet peeve.

    (Response: The news tonight reported about a guy very sick in the hospital…one of the few who was able to be admitted tested… five days ago. But still no results because the test analysis centre has no “reagent” needed to process the test. It’s on backorder for days now. THIS is the reality under TRUMP!! And only very very few can even get the test done …even at this late date. h.o)

  28. John says:

    Hey Jay: I agree wholeheartedly with your factual and honest thoughts on President Trump and this pandemic. Unfortunately , many people’s minds have been polluted by the Democrats mouthpiece, the mainstream media. Many of the not-so-mainstream media are more honest in their opinions, and can look at a reality not poisoned by “trump hate”.

  29. e.a.f. says:

    For those who didn’t think things would get this serious, guess you haven’t studied history. The human race has had “pandemics” before. Humanity survived but millions along the way died.

    For those who forgot, we had small poxes and look what it did to the Indigenous People all over North America. Why would CO VID 19 not do the same amount of killing?

    Having studied history was well aware of the Spanish flu and the outcomes and have been in a grave yard to see the results, while travelling. It shocked me.

    As a child I remember polio. Even after we had the vaccine, some still became infected, but with fewer consequences. Perhaps a leg was slightly shorter. The vaccine started being used in Feb. 1954. Prior to that, children were told to be careful. Then we had AIDs. People thought that was “just” going to be a “gay disease”. Not so much. Then we move into things such as Legionnaires Disease, the various flus. People are frequently very arrogant about things. We tend to think this isn’t going to impact us or we’re not going to get it. Well wake up. Its here and this disease is an equal opportunity infector and killer. For those with existing health issues, such as diabetes it will not go well. For those who smoke or smoked in their mis spent youth, we have a higher chance of dying if we become infected with the virus. Our lungs are not going to be able to handle it.

    The Americans are way behind on testing. Last evening Rachel Maddox had a guest, the former democratic prosecutor for the impeachment hearings in the House. He had CO VID 19 AND COULD NOT GET TESTED. It was by community spread and thus he didn’t meet the criteria. He drove to Conn. was tested, he’s positive, so now his wife can be tested, who also has it. the testing criteria in the U.S.A. has been total nuts. that is why its spreading as fast as it has.

    this will be orange maggot’s downfall.

    The bill to deal with COVID 19 PASSED the House, but when it got to the Senate, it was watered down. Trump even tried to remove a clause from legislation which has been on the books for 30 years regarding sick leave. that is not some one who is interested in the good of the country. He’s into reducing costs for himself and his billionaire buddies. Note some of the legislation does not impact on companies over 500 employees. Then for those with fewer employees can ask for an exemption if they face hardship. We know how that is going to go. Trump has been giving some free advertising to his financial supporters as he mentions their names and their companies. He is clearly out of his league when he speaks.

    There are people who are concerned the election may not go forward, but the American Constitution is cast in stone. Reading an American political blog, it advised if there is no election trump is still out of office on the required date and the Speaker of the House becomes the President. Ah, I can die happy if that happens. President Nancy Pelosi. She is then free to appoint a vice President.

    For those who don’t think Biden is going to become President. Perhaps if the Bernie Bros keep at it, but given Biden has announced his running mate will be a woman from those who ran for the nomination, I’d suggest he is going to be a winner. Would not be surprised if he announces a Cabinet also before the election. they could well run as a team.

    People who have friends and family who die of CO VID 19 are going to remember that, for decades to come. They will blame Trump and his inability to get this act together. the opposition will have great ads, reminding voters S. Korea and Singapore and Taiwan got their act together but the U.S.A. didn’t. Voters will be reminded by ads who disbanded the pandemic teams which Obama established. The list goes on for all the ads which will be created.

    Practised the protocols while out picking up a few groceries to finish off what it is needed. Its quiet out there in Nanaimo. Getting gas was “interesting”. At least Richmond has people who pump the gas. No sanitizer at the gas pumps and all those little keys, yikes. Went into the kiosk and tapped, then pumped with Lysol hand wipe.

  30. e.a.f. says:

    State and civic governments are making arrangements to empty as many jails as they can, so those who remain can be placed in individually in cells. Federal prisons, haven’t seen anything about the plans. Guards will not come to work if sick. One the prisoners have the virus, it will sweep through the prison. No plans, just death. there are approx. 1.5 Million people in American prisons and jails. think about that. All of them have friends and family and some of them vote. If their friends die in prison, many will see voting as an act of vengeance.

    during the last flu epidemic the trump administration refused to give the flu vaccine to those in his concentration camps. People died. With the crowded conditions and yes children and adults are still there, once the flu arrives, people will die. There will also be the problem of guards not coming to work. who will provide cleaning, food, etc. No plans announced yet. Now some may argue no one is going to care, they’re not Americans, but many of those who die will have friends and family who do vote. Just the visuals of the body bags coming out will not play well on t.v.

    ICE has been moving their equivalent of SWAT teams into sanctuary cities. Not much on the news about it because there is only so much time. However, people are going to wonder why they are there when they were needed else where. I can just see the political ads now.

    Trump relies more on his moron son in law than professionals. This will not end well. It is not nice to wish death on anyone. However, should Trump develop a good case of CO VID 19, which he could recover from in a few months, I would not be unhappy.

  31. e.a.f. says:

    Watched the evening news on CBS. Not a good evening for Americans. There is a shortage of medical supplies. The armed forces has supplies and some are being released, but one does wonder where they will go. The hospitals in the U.S.A are almost all private corporations. If supplies go to them then the government is subsidizing their private corporations. While watching they highlighted a medical clinic in Chicago where the under and uninsured go. It had to close, 6 face masks left and no information as to when they will have some. One of the patients there was an employed day care worker, with no insurance. No tests available. What does she do? This is the allegedly the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world and it can’t get a hundred masks to a health clinic in Chicago. This is the world of trump. This is the man who dismantled the Affordable Care Act. This is the man who promised better health care, beautiful health care, etc. Just look up all his rally cries about health care………..he lied.

    It was interesting to watch the Canadian news also. A green house farmer in the Victoria area “really, really” needed the federal government to bring his 4 Mexican workers to Canada so they could help with the harvest. Like the government has time for that right now in the middle of a pandemic? The guy needs to get a grip. He can hire and train the unemployed restaurant workers. Its not that hard. Then there is the no small issue of taxes. He like all farmers have a great deal on property taxes. Some of these farms pay $950 or so per year on all their land and if they didn’t have the farm status they’d be paying tens of thousands of dollars a year.

    I’ve watched business organizations wanting assistance from the federal and provincial government, including the Chambers of Commerce. It was actually funny. Then it came to me, talk about hutzpah. they spend decades telling the government cut staff, cut services, we can’t pay more taxes. During all of this I always had the distinct impression they cared more about themselves than those on welfare, disability, public schools, etc. Now when they are faced with the possibility they may join the ranks of the economically deprived the government ought to kick it up a notch to ensure they don’t. Some may argue they provide jobs. Well they do but if they didn’t some one else would. No one seemed to care too much that 1 in 10 at the food bank are full employed. Now its a catastophy if their business goes under. It may be a catastrophe, but so was the situation people found themselves in when they had to go to the food bank or wind up homeless because they can’t pay their rent due to illness or job loss. Suddenly that is a just the most awful thing in the world for them and their employees. Where were you when it was happening to others?

    While all these Chambers of Commerce and businesses organizations are pleading for government assistance, remember this is tax money that all of us are paying to bail you out. So when this is all over do NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT TAXES. That is how government is funded. Don’t complain about doctors and nurses being paid too much. You will need them at some point in your life. Don’t complain about those “payroll” taxes which fund E.I. Lots of people are going to need it now and it will keep more than a few businesses afloat.

    what goes around come around. People might want to remember that. As many face what they think may be evictions, etc. think of all those on the street who already faced it and were never able to recover. Scary isn’t it.

    When we get through this start looking beyond the end of your nose. This is why I also advocated for taxes. At least we might have had a savings account. Now the country will have an huge debt.

    given the federal government lowered interest rates I wonder if the banks will lower the interest rates on charge cards to help people who are unemployed out. bet you we won’t be hearing about that from them.

  32. e.a.f. says:

    Vox media or Vox Explains the news has an interesting article up about American prisons and CO VID 19,. its the first serious article I’ve seen. They explain not only is there a problem with the number of people in them but that 5 million people go in and out of the U.S. prison system so people may be taking this from jail to homeless camps and visa versa and into the community. if social isolation is required to maintain a semi health population and you have a few million revolting out of American prisons/jails and they’re not getting health care, not being tested can you imagine what happens when they are released to the community. It makes mention of the lack of hand washing facilities available in prisons, the lack of health care–refers to the CNN doc. last yr on the subject. Even Iran has released 70K prisoners. If any one doubts how bad the medical system is in American prisons last year a study done found one case where a prisoner having under gone a C-section in the prison hospital. The incision had sugar put on it to prevent infection. They would not use anything more expensive. At one time sugar was used to dress wounds to keep bacteria out.

    Vox Media is also gives a quick over view of the American situation on CO VID 19. I’m so glad I live in Canada.

  33. Jay says:

    Ok arm chair quarterbacks..

    What are you saying here. That the US government should have 350+million test kits for every known an unknown disease available at all times? Apparently these tests cost around $3000 each. You want the US government to have a trillion dollars worth of test kits year round? And that is just COVID that doesn’t include every other known and unknown disease.
    Have millions of beds and ventilators and extra nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, etc year round?
    They should have tankers full of reagents that likely expire.
    Should have a whole new bureaucracy that oversees the ability to test everyone.
    The president should be able to snap his fingers and solve this problem or have some magic crystal ball that tells him when they need this stuff.
    How about the US demand that they can have CDC officials in every country. I am sure everyone will agree to that.
    You are talking billions of dollars that would be spent yearly in anticipation of something that might not happen. That is absurd and unsustainable. No one would design a medical system that way.

    Couple other items.

    As for the claim Trump tried to leverage the vaccine market in Germany…

    “CureVac @CureVacAG

    To make it clear again on coronavirus: CureVac has not received from the US government or related entities an offer before, during and since the Task Force meeting in the White House on March 2. CureVac rejects all allegations from press.”

    So no that didn’t happen and Reuters had to edit the story that it happened.

    THe claim that Trump shut down the prevention department…

    “Tim Morrison is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and former senior director for counterproliferation and biodefense on the National Security Council.
    President Trump gets his share of criticism ? some warranted, much not. But recently the president?s critics have chosen curious ground to question his response to the coronavirus outbreak since it began spreading from Wuhan, China, in December.

    It has been alleged by multiple officials of the Obama administration, including in The Post, that the president and his then-national security adviser, John Bolton, “dissolved the office” at the White House in charge of pandemic preparedness. Because I led the very directorate assigned that mission, the counterproliferation and biodefense office, for a year and then handed it off to another official who still holds the post, I know the charge is specious.

    He (Morrison) notes that Trump did shrink the NSC — because Obama had bloated it from 100 persons to 400 in just a few years.

    But the NSC retained its epidemic personnel — just merged with biodefense and counterprolifereation.

    One such move at the NSC was to create the counterproliferation and biodefense directorate, which was the result of consolidating three directorates into one, given the obvious overlap between arms control and nonproliferation, weapons of mass destruction terrorism, and global health and biodefense. It is this reorganization that critics have misconstrued or intentionally misrepresented. If anything, the combined directorate was stronger because related expertise could be commingled.

    So you can see how the media eagerly misleads the public — yes, an “office” was dissolved. But most of the personnel making up that office were retained, and added to a new, merged office.”

    So again another false story meant to make Trump look bad.

    Want more? This was posted but the New York times..

    “Julie Bosman


    “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves,” Mr. Trump told the governors during the conference call. via @jmartNYT ”

    But she left out the rest of the comment… here is the full comment…

    “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment – try getting it yourselves. We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

    So as you can see they deliberately clipped the statement to make it look like Trump was hanging the governors out to dry when he was in fact saying they would get backing but should try to get the equipment in their own states or directly first.

    This is the media consistently falsifying and manipulating things to make the administration look bad. And amazingly when they are found out to be wrong they still refuse to retract or clarify the stories or they do it in such a way that no one knows they did. Front page for the bad and page whatever in small type for the retraction.
    You still, after 3 years, 4 house investigations, FBI investigations, the meuller report and every other investigation possible saying it didn’t happen, have media saying Trump colluded with russia. Even when the vast amount of evidence shows it was Hillary that did.
    You have every democrat mouthpiece and candidate calling Trump Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc but then they want a massive federal bureaucracy that will be under his control. They want to take away the guns that protect that country from dictators.
    You complain about ICE agents? That is their job. To find and remove illegal aliens from the country. They work in a very dangerous job. Ever heard of MS-13? And they are just 1 of the gangs of illegals that don’t care who they kill or hurt.
    And then you wish the Covid virus on Trump. How immoral is that. I suppose you want to see his grandkids aborted or sick. How sick do you have to be to wish that on someone.
    This is a time to unite and fight this virus, not look for ways to tear down a government or wish harm or death on people just to score political points.


    (Response: Yes, SHAME! Shame that Trump turned down the World Health Organizations offer of test kits, even though he knew the US had almost none, needed millions and it would take a long time for the US to meet the national need on its own. The consequences? On March 2, there were 100 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US; today 6,496 … and estimates are the number of unreported/undiscovered cases are TEN times that! Trump’s incompetence or deliberate stalling is now having terrible consequences: literally hurting and even killing Americans. h.o)

  34. Jay says:

    Oh and comparing this to the spanish flu or black death is ridiculous. Our health care and prevention is far beyond anything they have even a hundred years ago. The fact that they could even identify what is going on within days or weeks testifies to that. The black death was thought to be spiritual and the spanish flu they had no where near the health care abilities we have today. Polio same thing.
    There is no way that 200 million will die as a result of this as they did during the black plague.
    And on the subject of testing…Why are people getting so panicked about who can get tested. Millions come back positive for flu but that does not immediately condemn them to death.
    If we believe the Chinese media tens of millions are infected but yet the death rate is far below the flu.
    Oddly enough the fact that many people are taking anti-viral drugs for everything may reduce the number of infections and deaths in north america.
    I find it absolutely amazing that governments are causing a massive panic over the death of a small number of people. They don’t do this for flu, cancer, heart disease, etc.
    It’s fear mongering at it’s worst.
    The nations having the worst problems, lets be realistic, do not have the infrastructure or medical resources to deal with a major outbreak. They are, compared to the US and Canada, much smaller nations with communities that are very close together due to geography. The end result is a chance for this highly contagious virus to spread easily. In Canada and the US people live in much more remote areas so yes the high pop areas will likely have high infection rates but the this doesn’t mean the end of the world.
    It means that we are able to predict and isolate people as needed. It does not mean that the media should cause a world wide panic just for the sake of ratings.

    (Response: You’re right… let’s be realistic. Read it and weep… for the UNECESSARY victims: the Wuhan virus alerts/warnings/shut downs started to raise alarms in November: but February 26, Trump told Americans he and his Administration were on top of the issue “There are only five people (affected in the US) and we could be at just one or two over the next short period of time”. Either incredibly stupid ..or deliberately lying through his fake tan. h.o)

  35. HARRY LAWSON says:


    I talk everyday to my friends ion AZ many who voted for Trump rather than Clinton, is Trump in trouble yes . the m a g a movement was a protest against the status quo . i spoke to a friend who everybody in their house lost their job. i have been told if the democrats keep Clinton and Sanders out the democrats will take the presidency . safe travels Harvey

    (Response: The long-term problem trump has is that almost no one …even Republican supporters … believes him anymore. Yesterday he said the US is now developing a corona vaccine “the fastest” in world history. Maybe. Maybe not. BUT if no one believes almost anything he says anymore….that could be a fatal flaw for any politician …even in the Age of Trump. And, of course, only if the Democrats are smart enough and competent enough to keep hammering that point in the coming campaign h.o)

  36. DBW says:

    You nailed it Harvey in your response to Harry.


    When Mike Pence made his first announcement as leader of the newly formed task force I joked with my Republican loving American friend that at least somebody sounds believable.

    When I watch all the experts speak like Dr Tam, Dr. Henry and Dr. Faucci in the US I listen. When I hear Horgan and Dix and Trudeau and Kenney and Ford and yes Mike Pence talk I feel I can trust them on the coronavirus. What’s the word? Gravitas.

    Trump’s entire shtick his whole life and especially his presidency has been one long TV reality show carnival barker showman. Donald “I take no responsibility” Trump when asked how he would rate his response to the crisis gave himself 10/10. No politician – nobody to take seriously in any walk of life – would have responded given these circumstances. Of course, there would have been spin, but anybody who has so little ability to self reflect, should never be believed. And if you can’t be believed then you can’t lead.

  37. DBW says:

    Can I shift gears for a bit.

    I am a very healthy 68 year old. I am a distance runner who has never smoked. I have no underlying health issues. The coronavirus is unlikely to cause me any health concerns. Still, I am doing everything possible to stay away from people because I don’t want to catch and in turn spread it. For example our local running group has cancelled our running program because there are more than 50 of us. I still run (alone) and I still walk around the neighbourhood with my dog but I am being overly cautious about social distancing.

    When I read comments from our paramedic friend who keeps says things like

    “I find it absolutely amazing that governments are causing a massive panic over the death of a small number of people. They don’t do this for flu, cancer, heart disease, etc.
    It’s fear mongering at it’s worst.”

    should I just say screw it and head to the local pub.

  38. BMCQ says:


    Unemployment in the USA has never been lower, wages are up, Latino/Hispanic and African American Employment is at its highest ever and millions more of all ethnic backgrounds have never been better off and millions more are not applying for food stamps . Think about that . With respect to your friends it is most difficult to lose work in the USA right now , of course it goes without saying the Covid 19 will have I hope short temporary affect . The most important thing is once under control Leadership needs to offer stimulus and support to business and citizens hurt by this outbreak .

    Honestly I am cautiously optimistic that the White House, The House of Reps and the Senate, along with various other Government Agencies will join together in a Bipartisan effort to get through this Major Crisis and I think we will see the same in the rest of the Free World . We already see efforts by California Governor Newsome and N.Y. Gov Cuomo, they are both interacting well with the White House and in fact giving credit to the WH response .

    Very soon Trump will demand restitution for the damages to American Citizens and the Economy from China and its Authoritarian Dictatorship and every other Free World Nation needs to join in and support that effort . Sanctions against China may be necessary but so be it, China has gotten away with this far too many times and millions in China and the rest of the World have died and suffered through absolutely no fault of their own . Time for PM Justin, BOJO, Merkel Macron, Lofven, Juncker, Tusk, Abi, and all other Free Nations to stand together and demand China Pay Up and those same World Leaders then need to demand China Change in so many ways, including what they eat, how it is prepared and stored, China also needs to stop imprisoning minorities who they use for Organ Harvesting and Medical Tourism, Intellectual Property Theft and so much more .

    Trump will begin this crusade within weeks and along with Border Security, Migration Control, Drug and Gang Control, DACA with a path to citizenship, a fix for Obama Care he will be re elected, even if he is “Orange” and all the rest .

    Trump is certainly not perfect and if I could I might like to see Pence as Presidential Candidate with Marco Rubio or Nikki Hailey on the Ticket but if Trump runs he can beat Joe Biden who would simply be a replay of Obama and Obama policies were rejected, that is why we have Trump .

    ‘Snells Law” goes something like this .

    “Angle of incidence equals angle of reflection”, that is exactly what we saw with the election of Trump, the desire to elect the opposite of Obama. People will not want to go back . Please also keep in mind that Mensa Members like Don Le Mon, Anderson, Jake, FREDO, Wolf, Rachel, Morning Joe, and so many more had Joe Biden ready to check into the Old Folks Home with a 2year supply of Depends to live out his remaining time but now all of a sudden when the Worlds Greatest Liar Liz WARREN is gone, Kamala is gone, Mayor Pete gone, and Beto has retired to his wealthy In Laws Basement Joe has somehow been resurrected sort of like El CID and he is all of a sudden World Class and in fact Churchill . Who’d a thunk

    BTW – I know this is a Trump Bashing Group but just exactly have the Great World Leaders from the UN Been during all of this, why are they not Leading and holding China to Account ? Oh yes, I forgot, they are “Hiding Under their collective Desks .

  39. helena handcart says:

    Harvey; You said ” The long-term problem trump has is that almost no one …even Republican supporters … believes him anymore.”
    There still seem to be a few people on here that will support him in spite of the evidence. I am glad to see you back and in good health. I missed your commentaries, but I did not miss the extreme comments from the usual folks. KIR used to be a lively forum, where people debated the issues in a fierce but civilized manner. It seems to have become a sounding board for one or two commenters, banging on about Trudeau, lefties and faux media. Do these people not watch President Trump on TV and draw their own conclusions? It is hard to struggle through 10,000 rambling thoughts of someone bashing away at the keyboard at 2 in the morning.
    Oh, right…this was about Covid-19. I think that the various levels of government are doing a pretty good job of managing this. I am particularly impressed with Dr. Henry. A calm sensible voice in a crisis. Stay safe. Keep your distance

  40. G. Barry Stewart says:

    Jay, I commend you for not believing everything you read or see in the media. The clipped quote on “try getting it yourselves” is a good example of what writers and editors do, to grab attention (for a headline)… or to suit their narrative… or to be conservative in their word count.

    So: fair to point out the loose threads and stains. Overall, though: does the jacket fit?

    Regarding the German lab story, we have this from the Berlin Policy Journal: https://berlinpolicyjournal.com/pride-and-hope-the-curevac-story/

    And this: https://www.biopharmadive.com/news/coronavirus-curevac-trump-access-research-us/574181/

    There are at least two levels to the story. The surface story is that there was a takeover action from the U.S. government. The company denies this… but there’s more to the story, including the abrupt turfing of the CEO, Daniel Menichella, who had met with Trump in early March.

    I’m satisfied there is enough orange dust in this story to call “Cheeto!”

    An aside, from the Berlin Policy Journal story: “CureVac’s main shareholder is Dietmar Hopp, founder of the German software giant SAP and certainly a much richer man than Trump. Hopp immediately promised to keep the company and its jobs in Germany and to make any vaccine available to people all over world. Incidentally, the second-largest investor is the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation—and Gates will certainly not accept that any vaccine be limited to the US public.”

  41. 13 says:

    Trump and Trudeau both come out and do their best to reassure the country that everything possible is being done. They outline measure. They point out strengths and ask for cooperation. There are many similarities until the gathered media gets to ask questions and then later when the opposition parties get a chance to go infront of the cameras.
    The media in Canada fawn over Trudeau
    The media in the US are much harder on Trump ( which he seems to handle)
    The dems in the US have set their hair on fire and are so partisan that if Trump could erase covid by waving a wand they would want him burned at a stake for being a warlock
    The cons in Canada seem to be self isolating

  42. DBW says:

    One more, Harvey.

    Yesterday, Trump said “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.”

    Everybody knows that is a blatant lie. Seriously how does anybody ever know when he is telling the truth.

    (Response: The use of so many self-congratulative superlatives so often hints to me that he actually has an inferiority complex he can’t help making himself or anything he’s involved in being the best, first, fastest, most historic anything EVER. It’s actually quite funny , once you’re on to it, but I believe …for a politician…it destroys ANY credibility on anything … even on the odd occasion when he does tell the truth. h.o)

  43. Jay says:

    ” Shame that Trump turned down the World Health Organizations offer of test kits, even though he knew the US had almost none,”

    Well lets see what really happened according to the left leaning fact checking politifacts site….

    “PolitiFact wrote in a post Monday that the countries helped by the WHO were ones that lacked the same kind of virology lab capabilities that the United States has, and cited work done by the Pan American Health Organization as an example:

    The group is WHO’s arm in the Americas. It conducted trainings and sent materials to conduct tests to 29 nations. The list included Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and many others.

    The group said it focused most of its efforts on “countries with the weakest health systems.”

    “No discussions occurred between WHO and CDC about WHO providing COVID-19 tests to the United States,” said WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris. “This is consistent with experience since the United States does not ordinarily rely on WHO for reagents or diagnostic tests because of sufficient domestic capacity.”

    The post goes on to explain that Biden’s comments leave out context about how different countries chose which kind of test to use, based on multiple different models. Even if the United States had adopted the same testing model of the World Health Organization preferred — which it didn’t — the country wouldn’t have needed the WHO to send supplies.

    While the U.S. didn’t try to employ the WHO test model, “Biden’s emphasis on WHO offering kits is simply wrong,” PolitiFact concludes. “We rate this claim mostly false.”

    So no offer was actually made but don’t let that stop ya from blaming Trump for it anyway.

  44. D. M. Johnston says:

    As I read the comments, the Trump Lobby seems to have misread everything.

    Glaring contradictions in fact as unpleasant news is ignored by the MAGA faction in Canada.

    To top it off, Hillary is still being blamed – fantasy land on planet Koozbane.

    BC now has 231 active cases of Covid-19 and 7 deaths; total deaths in Canada remain at 9.

    Total cases in BC 231
    45 since yesterday new
    144 VCH
    58 FH
    16 island
    14 interior
    4 north
    Most home in isolation
    13 in ICU (up from 7 yesterday)

    All dental offices are closed except for emergencies because an attendee to the Dental convention almost two weeks ago had active Covid-19.

    Trump’s USA is still faltering, lurching to a fro as the cases mount up and thank god the boarder has been closed.

    From the Business Insider:

    Top Republicans are still urging people amid the coronavirus crisis to go out to bars and restaurants — contradicting CDC advice not to gather in large groups

    What really shocks me is the denial of many of the seriousness of Covid-19 and it is deadly for the elderly.

    What can I say?

    With Dow Jones collapsing, I would say business has lost faith with Trump and Trump policies. His ever shrinking cadre of (to be polite) yes men and yes women also shows that he is losing favour.

    Those who deny the new realities of Covid-19 and Trump’s dismal performance reminds me of an earlier time, 1938, when an equally deluded British Prime Minister stepped off an airplane, waving a scrap of paper, proclaiming “Peace in our time”.

    Trump’s 7 worst statements on the coronavirus outbreak


    As I said before, the real enemy is the Covid-19.

    I do hope you get home safely also please everyone give a thought to the Earl Marriot school rugby team who are stuck in the UK or hopefully on their way home.

  45. BMCQ says:


    If this is not a lively debate please then explain what a lively debate really is .

    Of course it is not perfect on this Blog as some of us may run on a bit and even worse we may not say things you agree very often but is that not what the argument, discussion, debate is all about ?

    People exchange opinions and ideas that are even sometimes backed up by fact or theories one might have, and that is what in my opinion makes “Keeping It Real” a success . Why criticize KIR when it might be me you dislike ?

    Harvey does an absolute Fantastic job with this Blog and he is in fact still a better Journalist than most working Media we experience today . Keeping it Real is doing just fine thank you, give Harvey a Break, look at the diversity of opinions and almost all of us get along .

    You never really have much to offer other than criticism of myself or others that see life somewhat different than you do . Why not be more like BARRY, DBW, or even Harvey (on this one) and tell Jay, 13, BMCQ, and some others where we are wrong and why .

  46. Gilbert says:

    Prime Minister Trudeau told Canadians that the risk of infection from the coronavirus was low Was this true? Did he underestimate the danger of the virus?

    He was very slow to restrict flights and to have screening at airports. He said he would be in self-isolation but then gave a press conference. Surely Crystia Freeland, his minister of everything, could have delivered it.

    It seems that he only took action after Sophie got infected. Now illegal immigrants will be quarantined, but this is absolutely not enough. He should close the illegal border crossing at Roxham Road.

  47. Marge says:

    And it gets even wilder. After criticizing American officials for politicizing the pandemic, Chinese officials and news outlets have floated unfounded theories that the United States was the source of the virus. And people here think only Trump lacks ethics….

    It’s in the New York Times.

  48. Harry Lawson says:


    I don’t disagree with you . You may be correct i am just stating what i am being told. Harveys despatch from america is very astute yet it is truly a lifetime fore some between now and november. hopefully common sense prevails.

  49. e.a.f. says:

    Gilbert relax. Its true, if you follow the protocols the chance of being infected are low. Even with the many who have died in China, it was out of a population of close to 2 billion. You could say its almost like winning the lottery. the trouble is for some, if you catch this disease there is a dam good chance you will die, if you are old or have an underlying health condition.

    It is doubtful Trudeau under estimated the virus or its dangers. Its just that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. People aren’t much different. Had some of the measures been implemented earlier, people would simply have ignored them. People still went to bars on St. Pat. day and were served. Now the Mayor of Vancouver wants to ensure that will stop.

    When Trudeau gave the press conference he was in self isolation. Did you see anyone around him? NO The press was well back. Italy is in lock down, but on Friday they all got out on their balcony’s and sang. Self isolation doesn’t mean you can’t talk across a decent distance. He is the P.M. and he has to communicate and he did it in the correct manner.

    Don’t know what you’re going on about regarding illegal immigrants. The term you may be seeking is “undocumented people”. People may have over stayed their visas, etc. Haven’t heard any news they will be quarantined. Why would the government do that if there is nothing wrong with them, as in they are not sick. Whether some one is here legally or not does not have anything to do with their health. Any Canadian citizen may have to go into quarantine because they are ill or waiting test results, but just because you may be undocumented doesn’t mean you have to be quarantined. I’m, sure the government has more to do right now than that.

    You expect the P.M. to go and close down Roxham Road, where ever that is. If its some where people cross into Canada, so be it. Its most likely been going on for some time and isn’t having an impact on this country and the virus. Get a grip. Its two different issues. People do use un official crossings to come into Canada so they can apply for refugee status. This isn’t the U.S.A. where they force people to remain in other countries where they could well die or put them in concentration camps where they also die.

    The federal government is a huge organization and plans and directions take time. To suggest the P.M. only took action after his wife became ill is just plan stupid. Governments do a lot of work and then they make announcements.

    I liked what Michael Bubble had to say today: Our grandparents were asked to go to war. We’re being asked to sit on the couch. I think we can do that.

    I might add, calm down and sit on the couch.

    In B.C. they have tested over 17k people. In the U.S.A. they haven’t tested any where near that. The expectation is the U.S.A. will head into the same territory the Italians find themselves in right now and the Italians have a much superior health system than the Americans.

    Both our provincial and federal government are doing a decent job of things. No problem with them. Trump is another story all together. he lies and people don’t believe him any more. One of his recent statements had people laughing on twitter, one comment after another for more than a page, even Forbes declared they couldn’t find any evidence the masks were coming or they had been ordered. In one Seattle hospital they are so short of masks the admin people are in a board room making them from what they can source in stores because if they run out the medical staff will be unprotected. They may go home.

    There are some interesting cases of people not being able to get tests in the U.S.A, but Lindsay Graham got his.

    I’m thankful I live in B.C. and Canada during this time.

  50. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, I read your comment and laughed. don’t know what U.S.A. you’re writing about but its not the one I’m reading about. Employment is high, but wages aren’t. You may allege wages have never been higher for people of colour, oh really in terms of the cost of living? 20 million un insured working people, that’s not a first class nation. Remember the mortality rate for new mothers is higher in the U.S.A. than in Cuba and some of those so called shit hole countries.

    Not applying for food stamps? that is because Trump has ensured 750K people will be removed from food stamp programs and yes that includes children. No plans have been made for providing health care for prison inmates and there are 1.5 M in American jails/prisons and approx. 5 million go through the system each yr, in and out the revolting door. American prisons are notorious for their lack of health care and lack of hand washing stations. No provisions have been made to protect prison guards from infection nor for testing. Hell, distilleries in the U.S.A. are making hand sanitizer and giving it away free to first responders because they can’t get any and that includes nurses.

    Trump tried to play down the seriousness of the virus and its impact. The American federal government knew it was coming and did nothing. At the same time Singapore, Taiwan ramped up their efforts and did well. right now Thailand is doing more testing than the U.S.A. B.C. has done over 17K tests. the U.S.A. not so much.

    Trump/U.S.A. suing China, omg, are you for real? Where does Trump think he is going to sue? Court of the Hague is trying to investigate the U.S.A for war crimes in Afghanistan, but that is about it for law suits.
    China was off to a slow start but once it got going, its done a first rate job and as of 18 March they did not have any new cases from the virus. They have a lot of surplus equipment and have sent it to Italy. They have welcomed foreign scientists and shared their medical research. China is a long way from perfect, but so is the U.S.A. or do you not remember the children who died in the Trump concentration camps because the Trump administration refused to give the people in those camps flu shots. Now that is what I call a crime against humanity. The American government has not made any plans for those people should they be infected with the virus and none for the people who guard them.

    Once the body bags start making regular appearances around the U.S.A. there will be nothing Trump can do to stop it. he didn’t even want one of the cruise ships to come into port because it would increase the number of cases and he liked the numbers the way they were. omg,

    Between Donni and Boris there are going to be a lot of unnecessary deaths.

    I am very glad I like in Canada and we have very different politicians.

  51. Jay says:


    You must realize that the US population is at least 10x ours right.
    Masks are not going to contain this. Droplet precautions are what is needed. This virus is not airborne but will pass by droplet..ie..sneeze/cough. It has a short life time on surfaces. From what i have heard 3 hours most on the best surface it can find.
    The media is ramping this up so that anything they say is supposed to be gospel even when the who, cdc and many experts are saying it isn’t that dangerous.
    Yes is spreads fast in an uncontrolled environment and may have very significant effects on the elderly, but what doesn’t.
    The problem here is leftists and democrats constantly crying that the administration were incompetent and ill prepared and that anything short of precognition and having the virus eliminated at the border is unacceptable.
    This is complete nonsense. No democrat could have done better. In fact for 8 years before trump became president how much did the democrats stockpile reagents and test kits? Oh wait they didn’t. was that political or just because no one could have foreseen this.
    No president has complete control over the US. The governors actually have a lot of power since the US is more about states rights then Federal control. The fact that you have democrat leaders screaming for a national control system shows you they want complete control over the country. They are calling for universal minimum wages for people rather then trying to fight this virus. They are actively trying to put in their agenda that they can’t get otherwise into the stimulus packages. Unlimited abortion paid for by the government, universal income, medicare for all, paid sick leave…it has nothing to do with this virus, is is just a back door to try and get democratic plans enforced.

  52. BMCQ says:


    The facts basically speak for themselves, it is all out there in Black and White, I am not a big believe in Polling because like you I have seen Polls be so wrong so often (correct President Hillary, Premier Dix, PM Ignatius?) but even those that Hate the “Orange Man” on this Blog, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO admit that Polls show Hispanics and African Americans that support Trump are increasing very dramatically .

    I believe Trump faces an uphill battle to get re elected but I believe he can accomplish that lofty goal . I like Pence but I believe Trump would have abetter chance of re election with Marco Rubio or Nikki on the Ticket . They are both youngish, true Conservatives, Intelligent, and they are great with Media and in Public .

    I also believe that if Trump was to defer to Pence, Pence would stand a good chance of Election with Marco or Nikki on his Ticket as VP.

    Then of course there is the Joe/Hunter Biden Mess, there is a lot more to come out on that and the “Bad News” will be fed out bit by bit every few weeks as the campaign moves forward .

    The “Chinese” Coronavirus would be problematic for any President or PM seeking Election and it appears that most countries including the U.S., Canada, UK, Italy, Iran, and several others had a rough start to “Answering the Bell” on this . Not exactly sure I would have done .

    Yes, Trump and others including our own Government and PM have made mistakes, can you imagine that if POTUS Obama was still in Office Media would have given him a Free Ride and in fact compared him to Churchill because he finally corrected the missteps of his Minions and other Government Agencies .

    Facts do not matter, it is all about perception, manipulation, and politics for most of the Media, we see much the same thing in Canada except Media here fawn over our PM and overall wonderful “People Kind” Justin, they think he can walk on water .

    In the case of Trump he could walk on the surface in an ice and wind storm half way across the Potomac to rescue two drowning children carry them baqck to shore without getting his feet wet and the News Headlines the next day would be this .

    “TRUMP Can’t Swim”

    A sign of the times Harry, a Sign of the Times .

    (Edited…off topic)

    China needs to make restitution to all Countries, Families who have lost loved ones, Employees who have lost work and income, and Employers who are suffering unnecessarily and may in fact lose their Restaurant or Business, and I can guarantee you that very thing will be a Huge part of the Re Election Campaign of Donald J Trump, just watch .

    Canada, the EU, the UK, and the rest of the free World need to support Trump on this, even if he is Rude, Boorish, Stretches the truth somewhat, and is “Orange” , We need to Unify and Stand Up to China .

    BTW – I believe Italy is the key to all of this, watch and see if the Virus Peaks there and watch to see if it levels off within the next two weeks, that to me will tell the story .

  53. helena handcart says:

    I’m not sure what your comment to me had to do with the topic, but as it was a personal attack, I must respond:
    “You never really have much to offer other than criticism of myself or others that see life somewhat different than you do . Why not be more like BARRY, DBW, or even Harvey (on this one) and tell Jay, 13, BMCQ, and some others where we are wrong and why .”

    I enjoy Harvey’s commentaries, although I sometimes disagree with them. He and I exchange views in a civilized manner.

    As for you; I rarely make it through your rambling, repetitive offerings. You seem to think that everyone needs to know every random thought that goes through your head. You dilute your message with needless insults. Here is a needless insult from me. You and Trump are both borderline illiterate. Perhaps that is the attraction for you.
    I suggest that you re-read my comment, learn when to capitalize words correctly, then try to respond in a reasoned way.

    HO, sorry if this is too personal.

    (Response: I really hate it when people get personal and take shots at each other rather than having an adult discussion of issues raised. It’s like dealing with a bunch of children. I have allowed your response because BCMQ made a personal comment and I should’ve seen it and edited it out. It takes too much of my time on the blog to edit that kind of crud out. Enough! H.o)

  54. Keith says:

    Who knows where the U.S. will be come election time, but I’m sure the democrats has every lie and spin put put by Trump and his gofers on tape waiting for the right time to use it. And who would blame them.?

    The stock market gains under trump as of today, all gone. Got rid of the pandemic response folks of National Security, Washington State who’s governor according to trump “ is a snake”, a disorganised response and still trying to underwhelm until reality via. British research;


    Shortages of vital equipment and supplies, the list goes on which we are all aware of.

    Despite having seen the dire circumstances in other countries since January, – Italy, Iran, S. Korea, China they lied and spun until they couldn’t. New York.

    Also the Dems. must have tape of trumps allies on the Sunday talk shows et. al. saying: “yea, what he did was wrong, but we shouldn’t remove him from office”. Down ballot nirvana. But I still wouldn’t bet on him losing in November, nor put it past him and his team figure out a way to cancel the election, or scream the fix is in and end up in the Supreme court if he loses by whatever margin.

    (Response: it’s very strange at the age of Trump… Even when people know he’s lying or has only himself in mind, he still impresses much of his base and not even facts or exposure of his many many faults will change their positions. That’s where the independents come in… It will be interesting to see where they lean in the next election. H.o)

  55. Art Smith says:

    Unfortunately when one derives their view of the world from CBC,MSNBC,CBS,ABC, etc., etc., one doesn’t know where Roxham Rd, is because it is never reported on. This is the road in Quebec where illegal immigrants, (to use the wording on the border sign), enter Canada from New York, after their flights from Ethiopia, DRC, and others and a bus or cab trip from the airport to the border. At the border they are met by the RCMP and taken into town on a bus and after that, who knows? Bill Blair says they are screened, and we know he would never lie.
    FYI evidently 600 or so this past week, so a fairly significant number. And they still haven’t closed that portal and I sincerely doubt anyone knows where they disperse to.

  56. e.a.f. says:

    This morning Axios is reporting California Gov. Gavin Newsom advised in a
    Wednesday facebook live address hospitals fighting the virus ‘asking seamstresses in the L.a. garment district’ to make masks. Newsome also advised, “12,600 people have been tested in California so far and that 598 others had tested positive for the virus in California as of Tuesday night — a 21% increase over the previous day.”

    B.C. has tested over 17K.

    Trump and a number of Republicans are still using the term Chinese virus and refuse to call it by its name, CO VID 19. It is stoking racism. Vox is reporting,

    “Trump’s new fixation on using a racist name for the coronavirus is dangerous”
    ….whatever the reason, it appears the term he’s been using –with all of its potentially dangerous consequences, particularly for Asian Americans — is now the preferred nomenclature of the White House.”

    “looking at Trump’s Twitter account, his megaphone to the nation, he tweeted about “coronavirus” about 40 times between Jan. 24 and March 15. but on March 16, his rhetoric flipped: He hasn’t referred to the ‘coronavirus’ at all and has instead tweeted using his new preferred racist name five times in the past two days.”

    Reuters: “Coronavirus, oil price war put Canada’s crude sector on life support”

    Laura Perez Maestro, CNN, is reporting “In Madrid, 80% of people expected to get COVID-19, official says. According to the president of the region of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, they will have mild symptoms but it will be a problem for the vulnerable population which is around 15% of people.” She called the disease lethal for elderly people with pre-existing conditions, and said that in 24 to 48 hours it can end the life of a person who is in the vulnerable population group.

    As a result of this, the region of Madrid has sought to save time unifying healthcare in the public and private sectors, and convert normal beds into ICU beds.
    Some of the 580 beds in these critical units are occupied,,,,”

    The above is a snap shot of what is going on around us.

    Being in the “vulnerable” group all of this is of interest to me. the favorite sibling is even more “vulnerable”. Some of us who comment here regularly are also “vulnerable”. which brings me to you Harvey, how are you doing and where are you? Are you back in Canada.

    NBC NEWS: “Trump claims U.S. ws very prepared to handle coronavirus outbreak

    Angela Merkel addressed the German people and New York magazine headlined it as, Angela Merkel, leader of the Free World addresses Germany regarding the Coronavirus. Then went on to describe the speech. I’ll be looking it up, to watch. What I read, its amazing. Its how you lead a country in time of crisis. Scientists are also wondering why Germany has a lower death rate

    HuffPost reporters:

    Trump Tried to ‘Gaslight’ about coronavirus again. Twitter Users Weren’t having it. President Donald Trump drew scorn on Twitter with his latest attempt to mislead Americans about the coronavirus pandemic.
    Trump, whose administration has been fiercely criticized for downplaying the threat and mishandling the federal response to the public health crisis, on Wednesday said it “snuck up on us”.

    A day earlier, the president claimed he’d ‘always known’ it was a pandemic and even ‘felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic”.

    (Response: I have no doubt that Trump is and will try to take advantage of the coronavirus problem to make political points. I believe that’s the only reason he is now out there in front so much more… His strategist see it as a winning position. Clearly he knows very little when he speaks… But he knows about campaigning. h.o)

  57. e.a.f. says:

    Today on Vox, an article clearly demonstrates, in my opinion, how out of touch some politicians are. “Idaho’s legislature hasn’t addressed the coronavirus. But it has passed 2 anti trans bills this week.” Its an interesting read about the failure of some American states to take action regarding the virus.

  58. Marge says:

    And lookie lookie what those “evil conservative Republicans” are doing for the average person and family in the US:


    (Response: You don’t think it’s a pre-election attempt … maybe even two attempts …to buy votes, do you? Hmmm …wonder how you would feel if Obama or Trudeau had done the same thing. h.o)

  59. HARRY LAWSON says:


  60. John says:

    Yesterday, Trump said “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.”

    The only difference between an epidemic and a pandemic is the number of countries affected. A feeling is just that, a feeling. But, he was right wasn’t he!

    (Response: I saw that quote: it looks particularly ridiculous in juxtaposition with his comments just weeks ago that people with it could still go to work, it would all be over in a few weeks, etc. Maybe he doesn’t know what the word mean … or he is a pathological liar … or mentally challenged … or maybe a bit of all of those. h.o.)

  61. DBW says:

    Jay, you have said something similar several times now.

    “The media is ramping this up so that anything they say is supposed to be gospel even when the who, cdc and many experts are saying it isn’t that dangerous.
    Yes is spreads fast in an uncontrolled environment and may have very significant effects on the elderly, but what doesn’t.”

    I am following Dr. Henry’s advice. I am listening to Dr. Tam. I am listening to Dr. Fauci in the US. I am listening to experts on various TV news shows. I am not getting my advice from Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo. I don’t get Fox News so I haven’t been listening to Tucker Carlson (who took it seriously) nor any of the other Fox hosts who are now walking back their underplaying of the virus as Trump was doing earlier.

    You can defend Trump and say everybody has been blindsided by this but surely you have to admit that Trump consistently said that it was under control blah blah and now he is lying about how much he understands this stuff (because his uncle went to MIT) and how he knew it was a pandemic before it was called a pandemic etc etc.

    That is Harvey’s point. Trump has lied his whole presidency. Now when we actually need to know the truth we have no idea if we can take him at his word. Is this as serious as he now says or is it no big deal like you seem to be implying?

  62. Gilbert says:

    It’s clear how out of touch the Canadian prime minister is. While the coronavirus was a concern for many and we had serious rail blockades, he was travelling through Africa as part of his vanity project, a bid for a seat on the UN Security Council. He also wasted millions of tax dollars by giving money to African nations to implement gender equity. I suspect this was really just a bribe that went into politicians’ pockets.

    Here in Canada, while we had the coronavirus progressing, his government passed a bill to ban conversion therapy. That was a top priority for him.

    I wish I could stop here, but there’s more. The government announced that we would have screening at our airports. However, we have recently learned that passengers arriving from Karachi, Pakistan were not screened in Toronto. One woman on that flight said she was surprised that she wasn’t screened but only given some brochures. Another passenger said that there was very good screening in Karachi. He also added that Pakistan is a third-world country but seems to be taking the coronavirus more seriously than Canada. In any case, I hope we can all agree that this is not enough. Even if the passengers were fine in Pakistan, there’s no reason not to screen them in Canada. One can get the virus while flying. We know that airport screening is common in many countries around the world.

    The prime minister is lucky that he has such a supportive media. If the media were a little bit more neutral, his lack of qualifications and expertise would be obvious to far more voters. He should recognize his failures and resign. There are many ministers in his government who can do a much better job.

  63. Jay says:

    Well firstly, Chinese is not a race it’s a nationality. China is made up of a number of different ethnicity. That would be like calling all americans racist.
    Second, there seems to be a concentrated effort in the media to take away the blame from china by now going after anyone that says Wuhan virus or anything related to china.
    It has been a long standing practice to name a new virus after the location it was first discovered. The media and left have all of a sudden forgotten how things like this are named. Never heard of Lyme disease named after the town/county it was discovered in, West Nile, Ebola, Zika, Legionnaires etc. But heaven forbid you call this what it is.
    The media and left have called so many things racist that the word has no meaning anymore.
    China suppressed evidence, destroyed evidence, disappeared or silenced doctors and whistle blowers, they lied to the CDC and WHO and prevented them from going to Wuhan and finding out what was going on. They lied that it could not be transmitted human to human. They now deliberately are trying to change the narrative and actively blame the US for this virus.
    This is not directed against the chinese people, it is directed at their communist totalitarian government who lied to the world and prevented the very scientists who could have identified and initiated treatment and quarantine early in the first critical weeks.
    The response by the US and other nations was a direct result of these lies and failures of the chinese government, not Trump. His actions since this virus hit US shores has been nothing short of remarkable. I can not remember any time since WW2 that an entire country has been mobilized and put on a near martial law setting to combat anything. The blame game serves no purpose. Where was the democratic warnings back in Nov/Dec about this? Where were the bills for funding the fight against it? Where were the democrats and media stories about how they were increasing funding for medical equipment and supplies.
    There wasn’t any. They were too busy trying to impeach Trump.
    They still have next to no plan. Universal income, more abortions, nationalizing everything, universal healthcare, opening the borders to anyone…would any of these things have stopped this virus?
    You think Nancy Pelosi could have stopped this? She can barely form a coherent sentence and keep her constituency poop free.
    Biden? He plagiarized a bunch of the Trump administrations plans for response and doesn’t even recognize his wife over his sister.
    Any of them?

  64. e.a.f. says:

    Art. That road. Yes I’m familiar with it. 600 this week. That will be fine Actually more come in via Airport but we don’t notice them as much
    This country will survive

  65. 13 says:

    I have thoughts on why poor performers get elected. These election wins are not textbook. Trudeau is using his daily corona pressers to win the next election . Trump is also using the press conference to as Harvey points out to campaign.
    Now Jay and please consider this a straight forward question.
    Why are masks an ineffective tool.. Why are gloves ineffective? Do droplets just penetrate a mask? Virus on hard surface absorbed by gloves?
    Sorry I dont understand

  66. 13 says:

    BTW. I forgot to add this regarding Trudeau and Trump use of press confrences.
    Harvey shows his bias in only pointing out Trumps use. I show my bias by pointing out Trudeaus use. Difference in my opinion is Trumps use will help him with those that are not part of his base. Trudeaus use will help him with his base amd with the total lack of a conservative opposition he will likely win a majority next time out.

    (Response: I resent your suggestion that I have criticized Trump’s use of press conferences on Corona but have DELIBERATELY ignored Trudeau’s use of press conference. You know very well I was in Florida recently …thus the blog on what I am observing … called DIASPATCH FROM AMERICA!!!! I cannot BE or COVER everything everywhere in the entire world simultaneously … and believe it or not, Trudeau’s press conferences do not get total coverage in the US every time he holds one. Shocking??? So to say, when I write about what I am observing, at any given moment shows my bias is disgraceful ..and frankly, plain stupid. h.o)

  67. Jay says:

    It isn’t just a simple matter of wearing a mask and gloves and you are protected…

    The masks in use..N95 type…are not mean to be used for longer than 20-30 minutes at a time. At that point the moisture from your breath compromises the mask and drastically reduces the effectiveness. Even a slight creased or crumpled mask can result in up to 90% less effectiveness. I know this because as a paramedic we get fit tested yearly and have had to change the style of mask I use for various reasons and have seen first hand what a crumple can do to quality. Fit is also extremely important. You can have the best mask in the world but if it doesn’t fit correctly you will still have exposure to airborne or droplet pathogens.
    You also need proper training on donning and doffing. Wearing the mask is great but how do you take it off without causing cross contamination? Did you know that simply removing it is not enough? You can have droplet transfer as you take it off and allow the air and droplets free access to your mouth as you take your next breath.
    So yes, while it gives some comfort, in the wrong hands with no training the protection of a mask is drastically reduced.
    Other types of masks like surgical masks are not meant to protect you, they are meant to protect the patient from you. Hence why we call them reverse isolation. They reduce the exposure of others to your breathing and cough etc.
    Gloves also have a limited lifespan. Nice to have but again, do you know how to properly put them on and take them off to avoid contamination? How often do you change them? They should not be used on more than one person or object at a time so do you have a large enough supply to do that?
    Some types of gloves are not rated for use where viruses or blood-borne/droplet borne pathogens are a concern. Hence the reason there are hundreds of different types of gloves. Food grade gloves are not as effective as medical gloves. Certain chemicals can degrade the gloves while you are wearing them making them less effective. Gloves can tear easily so again do you know what to do and have replacements.
    So again, having gloves is not a perfect preventative. In some cases it gives a false sense of security since they can cause people to become less diligent.

  68. Jay says:


    Is he really lying or exaggerating?
    He has always been someone who exaggerates things. This rally is HUGE and the BEST rally ever. It is his quirk and I am pretty sure most people know that. Calling it a lie is a bit of a stretch, but even if he did flat out lie, show me a president who hasn’t at some point or throughout their presidency. The fact that the media has been trying to count the number of times he “lies” is a prime example of the media bias against him. Where were the lie counters for Obama and Bush and Clinton.?
    If lying is a non started for presidents then the democrats need new candidates since they all have lied daily about what they are going to do and have done.
    Politicians bend the truth. Yes they do it for political reasons. Yes i’m sure Trump is too. I am not condoning it but when you are under 24/7 barrage by the media and the left it’s gonna happen.
    But I will maintain that given the information they had at the time (much of it completely falsified by the chinese government) their response is still an excellent example of how this should have been done on a federal level. Trump cannot be blamed for the terrible response by the governors of the states. The US system puts alot of emergency response in the governors hands until they are overwhelmed or multiple states become involved.
    Another interesting question, why is Nancy pelosi and the other leftist democrats screaming that they want the defense authorization act imposed immediately? They are actually blaming Trump for not pulling the trigger.
    That act gives the president near dictatorial power over the economy and industry. I thought the democrats didn’t want Trump in office because he’s a dictator like Hitler and Stalin but now they want him to be a dictator? I am confused.
    OHHH no I am not. They want a precedent set so that when they have power they can nationalize everything in a crisis. Good buy free market, goodbye capitalism and goodbye America as we know it.
    Notice their “stimulus bills”? There is all sorts of crap in there that has nothing to do with the virus, but has a lot to do with their democratic agenda. The thing they don’t seem to realize is, if they get it all now, what is their candidate gonna run on???

  69. Ken Murray says:

    Harvey i recommend you and all your readers look up Mark Levin’s show called Life Liberty and Levin.
    1) Brent Bozell……january 6 2019
    2)Lara Logan……..February 2 2011
    3)Lara Logan……..April 19 2018
    4)Lara Logan……..April 7 2019 on Ted Koppel

    This all relates to how the MSM reports on things today, which all relates to the Corona Virus.

    You can watch Tucker Carlson, Hannity or Laura Ingraham shows on YouTube.

    I find it very hard to see a seasoned reporter like yourself to fall for all the misrepresentation the MSM is reporting about Trump.

    I myself have dual Canadian and American citizenship and never voted in the last US election but sure will in the next and it will be for Trump along with all my friends and family living there. We all used to be Democrats but have switched to Republicans because of how corrupt the Democrats are.

    I think Trump is doing a great job and would like to thank BCMQ, John, 13, Art Smith, Gilbert and especially Jay for there most informative comments. They seem to be the only ones on here that knows what is really going on in the USA.

  70. D. M. Johnston says:

    Since we are self isolating, I find myself reading each post on your blog and the politcs of it are mind bending.

    I just had a chilling email from a chap i know in the UK and his wife now has contracted Covid-19 and is at home seriously ill, but not ill enough to be in hospital.

    My wife has self isolated for 12 weeks because she attended the Dental convention, two weeks ago where a German attendee giving a lecture has this nasty virus.

    My two sons, both rather extroverted have also stayed close to home as they are taking heed of the warnings, plus of course, everything else is closed.

    The fine weather meant a lot of gardening has been done and much spring cleaning attended too.

    Watching American news leaves a chill in my bones because they just do not get it, even in Washington state, political peccadilloes seem to take precedence as those on the right wing Republican strain, seem to think it not urgent to take care.

    Washington State is reeling from 81 Covid-19 deaths, yet there is no great sense of urgency and there is a very small safety net for the working poor.

    In Kansas City, a city offical said; “Pandemic isn’t a problem here because there are few Chinese people.”

    And why am I worried.

    For the Trudeau haters (he has isolated himself because his wife has Covid-19) and the Trumpsters, be very careful what you wish to believe.

    The real enemy is Covid-19, playing petty politics is not going to help.

    The person to listen too is Dr. Bonnie Henry – listen, take heed!

    (Response: It amazes, disappoints and even puzzles me to see some people being so partisan that, even with thousands of people dead … many thousands likely more to come … they are so blind that they can’t see the obvious: which countries/leaders have done fairly well in facing the killer … and which have been very slow, ignored warning, denied the dangers and subsequently have done very poorly….taking an extra toll on their own people. It’s actually very sad. h.o)

  71. 13 says:

    Harvey I meant to point out my bias towards 2 world leaders. I simply quoted you re Trumps using the current situation to campaign. (which I agreed with) If you were offended by my interpretation of Trudeaus use of nightly news conferences and thought i was insulting you you were wrong. I have reread my comment and fail to see where I implied anything about you . I am sorry you misunderstood the gist of my comment.

  72. DBW says:

    Jay, whether you call it exaggeration or a lie doesn’t really matter. What matters is how he is perceived as a leader.

    When he says we have this under control (15 cases that will be down to zero) it doesn’t matter if he was exaggerating or just wrong. When he says he knows more than the scientists or the generals or the doctors does this exaggeration do any good when his base actually believes him. And then the base will ignore the scientists and doctors when they most need to be believed. Regardless of the context does a real leader call for unity in an Oval Office address to the nation and then attack Democrat governors the next day. Regardless of the context does a real leader flip out on a reporter who asked what he would say to scared Americans? Pence answered the same question with “don’t be afraid, be vigilant.” It is that simple. But not for the petty, vindicative man in the White House.

    People can blame the “Fake”Media or the Democrats and no doubt they are part of the problem. But a real leader should be able to rise above that to unify the nation during a time of crisis. There is no doubt that everybody has been blindsided by this. Everybody has made mistakes and is playing catch up. Every politician (Trump included) is now trying to do the best they can to get us through this. I just think Trump is too polarizing, too much into himself to be the kind of leader a country needs at this time.

    And I am still shocked at the number of people in Canada as well as the US who aren’t taking this as seriously as I think they should be. That is why I wanted you to clarify this statement. Maybe you don’t mean to be but it sounds pretty “ho-hum.”

    “The media is ramping this up so that anything they say is supposed to be gospel even when the who, cdc and many experts are saying it isn’t that dangerous.
    Yes is spreads fast in an uncontrolled environment and may have very significant effects on the elderly, but what doesn’t.”

  73. 13 says:

    Jay thank you for your tutorial on masks and gloves. I should have asked you about hand sanitizer as well. So if you have the right mask with a good set of instructions it might help a bit.
    So do you think that the purchasing department of the hospital (government ) dropped the ball. Its odd that the supply chain between public and private use of anything should be an issue. Privately if your have a large supply of sanitizer, masks gloves you likely have a few weapons ammo and a bomb shelter. The government should be far better prepared for a disaster. Low cost items like masks and gloves and hand sanitizer should be stockpiled in every army base across the country
    Jay have you ever noticed how much of your supplies and gear are from China?
    I hope you dont think these are stupid questions.

  74. e.a.f. says:

    DPW. This serious for every one. Every one can be come Ill and pass it on to some one they care about. They could die. That is serious. In China more men than women died
    Smokers have a greater chance of dying than non smokers. Women die less frequently than men Germans have a lower death rate than other nationalities

    This virus may leave many alive but we no not know the long term effects of it. As I’ve noted in previous comments the USA is lagging behind other countries

    There are now reports several Republicans and one Democratic after receiving classified briefings dumped their stock It was reported the briefing included hotels were to be closed. They dumped their hotel stock. It’s called
    Insider trading. Martha Stewart went to jail for that. Jail
    Is not good for any ones health p

  75. BMCQ says:


    Thanks for the effort on explaining a few things many of us may have wondered about .

    I do not agree with all of it but your post March 21 – 7:38 AM is quite fair .

    I have stated on this Blog and many other places many many times that Trump certainly has has his warts, steps on his messages, is boorish, and overstates, and even stretches the truth but he is addressing the big things that the past 3 Presidents ignored completely .

    Control of Borders, Migration/Immigration, DACA, Health Care, and soon to be the biggest challenge the USA, Canada, the UK, the EU, the Rogue Nation of China must all be dealt with and soon . Trump will also get support from Americans of all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and skin hues for Deporting undocumented Criminal Felons, there will be thousands upon thousands deported between now and November . Most of those Gang Members and Undocumented Violent Offenders victimize minorities, do you believe hard working immigrants want MS – 13 to stay in the USA ?



    You know as well as I do that China are literally taking it all and most of it was accomplished on the watch of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, facts are facts, there is no way to spin ourselves out of this .

    Again, I acknowledge many short comings of Trump but all of those I listed and more need addressing and we can no longer afford to “Kick the Can Down the Road” .

    Trump is and will address all of this and more .

    Trump is nowhere near perfect but he is a massive improvement on what the USA and World has ahd for over 20 years .

    My company carries out business in all 50 states and the protectorates, most of it marine related business on the coasts . We are fortunate to be a Unionized, B.C. Manufacturer that export product world wide, we compete with Chinese manufacturers . Each and every week i speak with over 100 different Business Owners, Corrosion Engineers, Reps, Agents, Armed Forces, and to a person they support Trump on almost everything he is doing . Yes, I get plenty of comments from people that do not like him that go something like this, “Sure, he is an ‘A” hole a lot of the time but I agree with what he is doing, he has made things better for all of us, I just wish he would keep his mouth shut and tweet less” . Thing is though Trump is getting things done and the polarization of which you speak is driven just as much by Nancy, Schumer, Chuck Todd, Don Le Mon, Anderson, Maddow, Schiff, NYT, WAPO, CNN, Morning Joe, MSNBC, and many others that simply hate Trump and still believe HRC should be President .

    Well guesswhat, as POTUS Obama once stated, “Elections have consequences” .

    Between what Trump is doing by taking on China, the new USMCA Agreement and between what Boris Johnson and the UK are now embarking on the world will be a much better place very soon .

    People talk about Obama, keep in mind that Obama once had the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office . When his Term was finished he had none of them and then they lost the Oval Office, might that not tell you Barack was not as good as one might believe ?

    (Edited…off topic.)

    Cuba was introduced into this discussion up the page so I believe I am still on topic addressing Cuba and other things mentioned up the page .

    Many here and of course in Media state that Trump made racist slurs about people from “Shit Hole Nations” . That claim is just not factual, Trump only said that “Some of those Nations are Shit Holes” and there is a big difference .

    I have visited 17 countries over the past year or so and I can honestly tell you there are honestly many “SH” Nations out there and they are very dangerous . Facts are facts, no way to spin yourself out of the truth . As a matter of fact there are about 200 countries in the world and most of them are SH Nations .

    Let’s consider this, when the U.S. or Canada for that matter deport Convicted Violent Criminals back to their home nation PC SJW all jump to their hind feet at the same time and tell us “You cannot deport that criminal to his home country because it is a horrible violent place and he or she will be in danger of experiencing violent attacks or worse” . Correct ? Does that not mean that the country might be a SH Nation ?

    How can you then criticize Trump when he calls those same nations SH Nations, how might one square that giant circle ? Please clarify .

    Cuba is always held up as a wonderful place for Health Care and Education, then why is it that each and every year thousands of good Cuban people attempt to escape Cuba and travel to the USA ? Please clarify .

    When was the last time you saw 100 Americans of any colour, religion, or skin tone, rush down to the beach in Miami, cobble together a raft out of old cigar boxes and tow off to cuba or Venezuela, Please show me the evidence of that, pictures would be nice .

    (Edited…off topic)

  76. BMCQ says:

    Trump did state many of those nations were “SH” nations but he did not use that term to describe people from those nations, there is a difference .

  77. Jay says:


    I agree that Trump needs to really use a mouth brain filter. Attacking reporters is a little childish but then again the Gotcha type ridonkulous questions some ask deserve a WTF are you asking you shmuck type of response. Honestly what he is saying does not worry me in the least.
    What would scare me is if he did start acting “unTrump” like. That would tend to mean to me that things are out of control in his mind and he is scared. I don’t mean to say that “in control” means no new cases or cured. I mean to say that the right people are working on this and progress is being made.
    Ever noticed that you can tell when your spouse or friend or child has something wrong. Their whole demeanor changes. The way they speak and the tone, cadence changes. Their body posture and such changes. That is when you worry. So when we stop seeing Trump at these press briefings, he stops talking like an ass and he starts going full teleprompter then I will be worried.

    My point was that the media has from day one turned this into the end of the world scenario. Who cares how many are infected, that matters little, it is the eventual death rate and death toll that matters. We cannot possibly know how many were actually infected in the flu seasons,. Many go unreported. Even now with the shelter in place order many COVID cases will go undocumented unless everyone is told to call in or is visited. Many have mild or no symptoms. Many have the flu and not COVID or the other way round. How many undocumented people have it and aren’t coming forward?
    I was trying to point out that the media and democrats have blown this up so much that it has caused an unnecessary panic at this time causing people to hoard and fight and eventually kill others.
    Some networks now have infection and death counters on the screen like it’s the stock market ticker. Why? What purpose does that serve other than to cause panic?
    Diligence is good, panic serves no purpose other than to cause mistakes to be made and people to get hurt. As a paramedic I was always told never to run to a scene and to use a calm reassuring voice even if you are panicking inside. Your tone and manner matters. Running boosts adrenaline and heart rate making it a lot more fight or flight which reduces cognitive ability. Ever notice that kids will instinctively cry if the parent is in a panic? But if you stay calm and speak calm it tends to lower the panic in the room.

    The masks i mentioned, that we use are N95 rated for medical use. There are many types of N95 masks. Some can filter droplets, viruses, blood, etc and some can’t. This is why I became concerned about the idea of construction sites donating masks to hospitals and emergency services. Those masks are likely not rated for medical use and may actually give no virus or droplet protection at all. So buyer beware.
    Hand sanitizers generally are alcohol based. You need to wash your hands, thumbs (often missed or not washed enough), wrists and nails for it to work effectively for at least 20 seconds. Do not wipe it off with a towel of paper towel, keep rubbing until it’s dry.
    Be careful though if you have small or new borne children as the alcohol from these sanitizers can be absorbed through the skin and could inadvertently lead to liver damage in children. Also keep it out of reach of kids.
    As for supply, many of these items have expiry dates. Yes even gloves, masks and sanitizer. They also deteriorate due to heat, humidity and exposure to light. So having a gigantic stockpile may not be a great answer. Having more may be better but no one can really predict a pandemic or outbreak so again, where do you draw the line? How much is enough or too much. Do you want 1 mask for everyone or 12-24 per day since they can deteriorate at that rate in some areas and under certain circumstances? Imagine having the stockpile 350+ million masks or 2 trillion. Trillions of gloves and gowns. What looks inexpensive at first will cost billions of dollars a year.
    A lot of equipment is from china. This is a result of its cheap labor and low corporate taxes. Something like 90% of antibiotics and the reagents come from China. They recently threatened to withhold them from the US because people were still calling it the Wuhan Chinese virus. Imagine that, a sudden 90% reduction in antibiotics and reagents in a crisis. Yet people here on this site and in the media defend China.
    I am pretty sure you are gonna see a rapid change in US policy for medical supplies and medications soon. America first has now become a bit of a mantra. China has probably shot themselves in the foot over this.
    Sadly we are likely to see the world go back tot he isolationist polices of the early 20th century.

  78. Jay says:

    As i said, I am not trying to be a Trump apologist. I am trying to reduce the panic and stop the flow of misinformation that some are spewing.
    Case in point. Today I read a headline that stated…
    “DOJ seeks new emergency powers; Detain people indefinitely without trial…”
    The jist of this was that the DOJ is essentially wanting to revoke the right of Habeus Corpus or speedy trial under the constitution during a crisis. This hasn’t been done since Lincoln.
    “So that means you could be arrested and never brought before a judge until they decide that the emergency or the civil disobedience is over. ”
    The problem is, what emergency? There is an ongoing opiod crisis. Should people be arrested and detained for years without a trial? The drug war is a crisis. You could conceivably be arrested and detained for your entire life.
    This would be totalitarian communist dictatorial tactics incarnate.
    I can say whole wholeheartedly that if Trump does this he should be impeached as this would be a massive violation of the constitution and many scholars even agree that Lincoln should have been impeached over it. I would go on to say that this one action could likely spark a civil war as people are arrested and essentially locked up until someone decides they can go.
    So no I am not a full throated Trump supporter. I understand the intent of this action, too allow the justice system to pause cases so that once the emergency is over people aren’t simply going to get away with murder per se. But I cannot and will not condone it as it would set a horrible and dangerous precedent and lead to the complete erosion of liberty and the rule of law in the US.

  79. 13 says:

    Jay I am enjoying your esays and your point of view. I see your point re expiry dates. Surely there is a sweet spot that an inventory control expert can come up with. Now we will learn how much is enough. I’m pretty sure that when this is over everyone will be better prepared for China’s next disaster

  80. e.a.f. says:

    American Medical Association is asking Trump for supplies. Doctors are wearing their face masks all day and washing them at home at night and making them themselves. Trump issued his emergency order Friday but no supplies yet. The AMA also advised the alleged medical supplies which the military had in storage is insufficient.

    Schumer has tweeted Trump asking him to release the promised goods

    This is not looking good for Americans Trump truly in my opinion does not care about his country. He might be better off just telling the truth. They don’t have the tests or. Supplies and won’t any time soon. Leveling some times works better than lying.

    (Response: Many programs on many TV stations (not Fox) are running those ridiculous clips of Trump from earlier on … lying, misleading, disagreeing with scientists, health officials about the virus. I found myself actually laughing watching how foolish he looked ..and suddenly I wondered: Where is Charlie Chaplin when we need him … imitating the Leader??? Guess we’ll just have to settle for Stephen Colbert… can hardly wait. h.o)

  81. e.a.f. says:

    If writing seems off. Broke tibia, in hospital, had surgery, on drugs. Staff at Nanaimo hospital are excellent. Am using cell phone to write so I’ll be much briefer.

    (Response: Get better soon. At least no need to self isolate! h.o)

  82. DBW says:

    Good morning. Hope everybody is hanging in.

    I don’t think we can say this enough. Aren’t we lucky to be in Canada. The Conservative Party is my last choice on the ballot but kudos to Andrew Scheer.

    “There really isn’t much philosophical difference when it comes to fighting a virus or keeping Canadians healthy and safe,” he said.

    What that means in practical terms as a minority Parliament gets set to deal with an $82-billion emergency aid package the Liberal government has promised is reframing how the party will approach its work, he said.

    “It’s less of a debate of the ‘what’ and more accountability on the ‘how,’ ” he said.

  83. DBW says:

    On another note. More time more research. Some people are excusing Trump, Fox and some Republicans particularly, for referring to covid-19 as the Chinese virus because we have names like the Spanish flu and Ebola for example that are named for specific places.

    According to Wikipedia the Spanish flu got its name not because it started in Spain but because Spain as a neutral country in WWl wasn’t censoring information and were the first to actually call attention to it. There is some debate about where it actually originated (Fort Leavenworth for one) but the consensus is an allied military camp in France.

    The naming of Ebola can be found here but short version.

    The doctors who were fighting it rejected Yambuku where it was first discovered because they didn’t want stigma attached to the village. They decided on a small nearby river Ebola because the Congo already had a name.

    Calling it anything other than Covid-19 is a complete distraction and serves no useful purpose. Just curious, are the leaders of any other countries – Italy in particular – calling it Chinese virus.


  84. BMCQ says:

    Today may not be the day but I am sorry, the Covid-19 Virus originated in China, China lied and attempted to cover up the spread of the Virus, people have died because of that and many other contributing reasons, China and it’s Government must be held accountable .and China must make restitution .

    I cannot understand and I cannot in any way comprehend why anyone would attempt to deflect and suggest that the China and Chinese Government should not be held accountable for the Death and Destruction of Human Life that has taken place up to this point and surely the carnage may more than likely continue on for a month or more with many more deaths right across the globe . Then in addition on top of that let us consider and take into account the long term catastrophic affect the results will have on on the Worlds Economies perhaps for generations .

    What about the number of people out of work, restaurants, bars, parks, family entertainment centres, tourist spots, cruise ships, air travel, all of the millions of hard working people that may never get their job back, and the economic disaster that awaits for so many other industries . The long lasting affects of this will ruin lives and sadly a high percentage of those good people from Canada, Italy, Iran, U.S., UK, the EU, and frankly the rest of the Free World may never ever recover .

    Then we are told it does no good to hold we are not to mention “China, or perhaps not hold China accountable ? Really ?

    I am sorry but acknowledging the origin of and in fact calling the Covid-19 Virus the “Chinese Virus”, or the “Wuhan Virus” is not a distraction, it is factual and it is justifiable .

    This is not about race or racism, but it is about the truth and to turtle under and avoid acknowledging the facts for a silly PC SJW philosophical argument of not offending ‘China’ or claiming distraction is really beyond reason .

    Is it not just common sense to question china and demand restitution and action from the Chinese Government ?

    You ask if Italy or anyone else is calling this the “Chinese Virus” ? I am just on my out the door so I cannot offer anything up at this moment but I can post something hee that we should all pay close attention to and consider very seriously . Of course I understand that Wikipedia has it’s flaws but the attached analysis is credible and the time line is very easy to follow and it is supportable . please read and then consider exactly what this might tll you, this is very important . As I ahve already stated I believe Italy is the place to watch over the next week, Italy will show us what we might face concerning the time line on Covid-19, if Italy begins to flatten the curb=ve we will soon see results worked wide . Needless to say anyone quoting stats and figures provided by China is like getting investment advice from your neighbour’s dog . Apologies to David Berkowitz .


    Here is just s small sample of what some were once only a few weeks ago and in fact calling the “Chinese Virus” or the “Wuhan Virus” exactly what it is but of course because Trump began calling Covid-19 the “Chinese Virus” things have reversed 180 degrees, how amazing . How Hypocritical of each and every one of them . Please watch and tell me what you think, the segment of interest I am pointing out begins after about 2 minutes .

    Please listen closely to Don Le Mon, and many more from CNN and the rest that hate Trump completely change their take on the “Chinese” “Wuhan Virus” it will make your head spin ,If you do not question this what will you question ?


    (Edited…off topic)

  85. Keith says:

    I wonder how fox news and the “it’s a hoaxers” will handle this one.


  86. Keith says:

    Apologies for another quick post Harvey.

    So while Trump and his minions lie and spin about face masks. France is testing a treatment.


  87. D. M. Johnston says:

    Day 10 at isolation. Yikes!

    My wife is a C.D.A. and was in attendance at the annual Dental conference two weeks ago, where a German Dentist attending had Covid-19. The time it took the BCDA to come to grips with the issue was, best to say, lacklustre.

    The sunny weather meant lots of yard work and now too much time reflection on monetary issues.

    First of all @ e.a.f. rest and get better! I too have had numerous stays at our local hospital and I can tell you, care was excellent.

    As for Covid-19 it is there is no evidence of artificial creation, rather it is a combination of Darwin and Mother nature. An analysis of public genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered. Thus calling it the Chinese disease is disingenuous at best.

    My fear now is the impending disaster South of the 49th. The bumblings of the White House and its staff is more than mind boggling, it is unfathomable.

    My wife’s sister is a nurse in Seattle and they are bracing for very bad news, such news that I am glad the boarder is closed and maybe closed for some time.

    I am no Trudeau fan but his daily news conferences are reassuring that the government is indeed doing something and the next 2 to 3 months will test the mettle of the country.

    Today, the Canadian Olympic authorities said the Canadian Team will not attend this summer’s Olympics and I say good for them. A timely sane decision.

    After this pandemic, life will change, travel will be harder and costlier; taxes will increase; and life as it was, will not be in the future. Politics will change as well, especially with the gong show by conservative/evangelical politicians in the USA, who have demonstrated a gross ignorance of reality.

    It still amazes me how the Trumpsters have been so bamboozled (Barnum moment) and makes it easier to understand other major political upheavals in the past century.

    My take, the country will be locked down until May at the earliest, but the vast majority of Canadians will be cared for and as we see the fiasco down south unfolding, I think Trudeau’s political cred will be resurrected, much to the chagrin of a few who post here.

    2020 will be known as the year from hell (Anno ab inferno) and 2021 we will enter a brave new world!

    So everyone, take care and isolate, your life may depend on it!

  88. G. Barry Stewart says:

    To BMCQ, re: the naming of the virus.

    Tucker Carlson has been educating Fox viewers on the dangers of the virus, saying in the piece you linked, that it spreads itself twice as easily as common flu virus — and is perhaps 10x more deadly. That’s useful “pay attention” information.

    Like Trump, though, he cares nothing for the news that Chinese-Americans are being targeted for abuse because of Trump’s (and Fox staffers’) use of the “Chinese Virus” term.

    The “stable genius” could Google: “What does COVID-19 stand for?”

    He’d find: “When it emerged, the virus was known as a “novel” strain of the coronavirus family.

    “Scientists gave the strain an interim name of 2019-nCoV, accounting for the year of discovery, its status as a “novel” virus, and its family name (CoV).

    “The new designation, while different, represents the same information.”

    It seems clear that Trump wants to score points, in blaming China for the outbreak. Throughout Canada, it is known as “COVID-19.” Canadian politicians don’t play games with the name.

    I did a brief check of major English-speaking countries and they all call it COVID-19. It’s a scientific term — and would thus make Trump sound more intelligent if he used it.

    But he won’t. He wants to be seen as scoring points.

  89. Leila Paul says:

    Seems to me more people die globally from drug addictions than COVID 19 – so far.

    Is the sky falling? One might think so, but the numbers of confirmed severe COVID 19 cases are not really enough to cause a global panic.

    But the WHO said it is a pandemic, therefore this U.N. tool gave the signal it was time for the world to panic.

    I’m hearing too little concern over the loss of civil liberties and the concept of freedom. Everyone is being dictated to – and the money will flow. But from where will all the money come to fund all those now gladly rushing to apply for EI benefits?

    Have there really been enough deaths to justify the draconian restrictions some countries are applying – curfews are being imposed in Europe some starting at 5pm, others at 7pm or 9pm until the following morning.

    Yet essential stores are shortening their hours, such as grocery stores and pharmacies. If hours are shorter then more people will be inside those buildings at the same time. That’s counter to what is the stated goal of keeping people at a distance and fewer in the same place at the same time.

    Meanwhile, Trump was vilified for calling it the “Chinese Virus”. Ummm, is that not where it started?

    For more than 70 years we’ve called the true pandemic the Spanish flu when it may not have actually originated from Spaniards but from soldiers of other countries.

    Now, maybe I’m dense but it seems to me a pandemic is when there are hundreds of thousands or – maybe like the Spanish flu multiple millions are claimed to have died – that might be a more appropriate event to label a pandemic.

    But hyperbole is such a trendy way to carry on monologues lately, and I say monologues because I don’t know if people are actually listening to each other as some raise the questions of – what happens when:

    1) the economy completely tanks, jobs and production facilities are past restoring, when this is all over and the sky is still above with the sun shining or the clouds drifting by if not raining down hellish diseases on us.

    2) the WHO website offers a laughable description of a pandemic and gives no distinct numbers. It also claims a pandemic is a “new disease”. COVID 19 is a cornoavirus – so too was SARS and others diseases that failed to attract all the hyperbole, and civil restrictions.


    Once again, the U.N. through WHO, is telling the world what it must do without giving adequate reasons for extreme panic and fear.

    Could one dare call the extreme reactions and dictates removing people’s freedoms a form of hypochondria and an excuse to get people accustomed to being confined ‘for their own good’?

    How many people can we really be sure died from this disease who were not already compromised or may even have had pulmonary diseases?

    Italy’s higher death rate may be due to the fact that many African migrants boarded ramshackle boats and rubber dinghies to get to Italy. How many from Africa may have already had tuberculosis or other chronic infectious diseases that would have affected their pulmonary functions and made them more vulnerable to a fatal result?

    How do we verify claims coming out of countries with unreliable news media or unreliable medical professionals more intent on showing they too are in the game of running around like chicken little.

    The CDC tells us the Spanish flu killed 50 million people. If that’s accurate, then that’s a pandemic!

    But how did they tabulate those numbers reliably in those days where they did not have computers. But after 10 million or 20 million dead, is there any point counting anymore?

    The CDC calls the Spanish flu (poor Spain!) the “Mother of all Pandemics”.

    Check out their cutesy summary:


    We’ve been hearing for years that a major pandemic would occur – and we heard it again, and again and again.

    Well, now the CDC and the WHO can all be pleased they have something to call a “pandemic’.

    BTW, for all those who tested positive for corona – might there be false positives if those people were exposed to previous cornaviruses, such as SARS and the others that were not glamorous enough to create chaos worldwide?

    Yes, China needs to be penalized for continuing such primordial eating habits. In this modern age of jet-setting for common folks, especially Chinese tourists with wads of money to spend, they need to ensure they don’t carry risks to other countries along with their luggage.

    Sanctions should be placed on China to ensure it changes the weird consumption habits of its residents. Also the wild Civet cat was identified as the source of the SARS Coronavirus. But it’s a delicacy in China. It’s not only eaten but also kept as a pet.

    The Civet is a darned ugly critter but the Chinese seem to like it’s taste and companionship as a pet too. (yuk, shudder)

    So let’s hold China accountable and meanwhile begin to calm down and prevent the total destruction of our economy.

    As though the blockades over the natives’ protests were not enough, we had this second double whammy to our economy.

    Let’s get a grip. When a million people have died globally, maybe then it’s time to panic. We do after all have 7 billion people globally, or is the population now 8 billion.

    With such a global population of 7 or 8 billion, how many deaths constitute a pandemic? What was the global population when the Spanish flu killed 50 million people?

    And, no, I’m not being flippant. I’m soon to be 75 yrs old but am not taking any precautions other than usual. I avoid grubby looking people and do not like crowds at the best of times. But I go out when I want to and will continue to do so. I do not wear those silly masks and I’ve always considered door handles and shopping carts breeding sites for all forms of pathogens.

    So I’ll continue as usual and hope we can get rid of the global tyranny and stupidity of the U.N. I’ll only really worry if the feds decide to impose a curfew. Then maybe I’ll even have to carry proof of being free of the COVID 19. Is that the track we’re on?

    If we’re not careful and allow these restrictions to increase – where will they end?

  90. Leila Paul says:

    Correction: The CDC article reports: Total deaths were estimated at ?50 million (5–7) and were arguably as high as 100 million (7).

    Elsewhere it says that 50 million would have constituted one third of the global population.

    Somehow, humanity survived and became such prolific breeders that we’ve reached 7 or 8 BILLION.

    Research on the Civet cat is plentiful online. Some of the sites I’ve read indicate it’s also favored for what its digestive process does to coffee beans – yes excreted in its feces and then consumed as coffee. Is it really any wonder zoonotic diseases inevitably mutate to be compatible to infect humans.


    I have no qualms in complaining about such repulsive practices.

    As for the Spanish flu I’ve read reports it originated in American farmers who joined the US military. If that report is accurate, they responded to Uncle Sam’s call to save the world from tyranny. Indeed, how ironic!

  91. DBW says:

    BMCQ, I think you made my point

    Tucker Carlson tried to show the hypocrisy of the MSNBC, CNN and the NYT by showing them using Chinese or Wuhan coronavirus in their reports. Problem: all but one of his seven examples were no later than Feb. 9 (Don Lemon the sole exception). WHO did not give the virus its name until Feb. 11. Reporters would have been calling it any and all names including its location because that was the story. Now that we have an official name, we should use it, simply so all know what we are referring to UNLESS you want to distract

    a. to take away responsibility. It is not Trump’s fault that the US didn’t react quickly enough. It’s ALL on China.


    b. to rile up the base.

    And I contend neither of those do any good in the middle of a pandemic. Right now our focus should be on keeping safe not figuring out who to take revenge on.

    Notice that I never said it was racist or xenophobic. If you want to call it the Chinese virus, that’s up to you, although in all your previous posts you referred to it as Covid-19. I just worry that innocent Asian-Canadians are the ones that are put at risk not Chinese government officials.

    Note too that I never said that we shouldn’t criticize China. Go for it all you want. The fact that China manufactures the vast majority of pharmaceuticals – I’ve heard as much as 97% – is outrageous. I am not sure how easy it would be to manufacture drugs in Canada but doing so would benefit Canada (jobs and security) while punishing China. Should be done regardless of how much China is to blame.

    And I am not trying to be politically correct or some kind of SJW. I am just asking what are the intentions of using “Chinese virus” (intentions are important) and whether those intentions serve a worthwhile purpose.

    Hope I have made myself clear.

    Stay safe everybody.

  92. Art Smith says:

    Wow! I find it very hard to believe how many Chinese Communist Party sycophants and apologists we have here. What BMCQ had to say was exactly correct. The one and only reason calling it the Chinese Virus is supposedly unpolitically correct to some, is their visceral hatred of Donald Trump. If calling it the Chinese Virus serves no purpose, what is the healing purpose of calling it COVID-19. As far as I can see it is just China trying to distance itself from their responsibility for this massive and very devastating disaster, caused by them, hidden by them and lied about by them. So just quit with the excuses and PC bull. It was not Trump at fault for this, it was the Chinese government, no-one else.

  93. 13 says:

    I disagree 100% with DBW . This epidemin/pandemic originated in China. If you choose to call it covid 19 thats fine but to call it a Whu flu or a China FLU is very accurate causes no distraction other than in the minds of those seeking to bury the guilt in a scentific name.
    Covid 19 is Chinas gift to the world .

  94. Leila Paul says:

    I’m sorry – I have to make some comments about this “wash your hands (constantly) mantra. Sanitizers also pose a risk if used too often. Their ingredients are absorbed through the pores and eventually in the blood stream.

    If the idea is to protect one’s self from one’s own hands – just don’t touch public surfaces. Use paper towels to turn on and off taps for water. The same for opening toilet doors and closing them – especially there.

    Doors going in and out of buildings – try using your forearms if they push open. If not, put your hands in your pocket and open the door handle or use the tip of your shirt.

    Avoid elevators because they’ve got stagnant air that’s inevitably a transmitter of infectious agents – not to mention the buttons. I always walk up and down stairs no matter how high up is the destination floor.

    I’ve also noticed people smother themselves in chemicals they think are fragrances or perfumes. If you can smell them and smell the chemicals and feel the bitterness of the vapors on your tongue, you’re ingesting the chemicals and any other tiny pathogens hitching a ride on them. If you can smell what someone ate, you’re inhaling the vapor from their breath. Elevators are horrible! When you get home, try to change all your clothes.

    The real problem is that one’s hair is a magnet for any micro-pathogens that stay suspended in the air. That is the far more likely source of infection as it’s always close to one’s eyes, nose and ears. Some researchers believe pathogens can enter through the ears as well.

    If you can smell anything on your hair when get home – wash your hair. It’s more likely to be all around your face than your hands or anyone else’s hands.

    I’m beginning to even consider that wearing a head scarf or a hijaab is a good idea – not for modesty or religious purposes but for cleanliness.

    If you can still get them, use protective gloves. But be sure to change the gloves often to prevent moisture buildup inside the gloves.

    It’s not just now that we should be taking these precautions. We’ve had many migrants and refugees come to Canada without being screened for infectious diseases. Immigrants used to apply at Canadian embassies in their home countries where they were required to undergo health examinations before even being considered for approval.

    The U.N. and federal governments are largely to blame for any pandemic. They have been pushing unrestricted migration and shaming countries into accepting them – either implying or outright accusing logical caution and labeling it as racist.

    This recent corona virus going around the world is not happening by accident. If it was not planned, it certainly was not prevented by logical practices that have existed in western advanced cultures for decades or even a century or more!

    The true victims are those who now must see their ways of life destroyed and their economies crumble under the pressure of those leaders who’ve been negligent in protecting their home countries and exposed their citizens to undue risks.

    The only one who’s objected is Trump and he’s been vilified for stating the obvious! Any informed, rational person knew what Trump was saying was true because it’s been known for decades or even centuries.

    Trump worried about migrants bringing unknown infectious pathogens as well as taking away unskilled jobs from citizens that cannot be done by robots.

    Like it or not, all those eager to wear their bleeding hearts and proclaim they’re caring souls are to blame for throwing away the logic that evolved over centuries of medical knowledge.

    Trump may swing back and forth in his monologues but he’s still in power. No one got him ejected despite all the efforts.

    (Edited for length)

  95. D. M. Johnston says:

    @ Leila Paul

    How do we know that Covid 19 was not spread to Wuhan China and first detected there?

    Calling it the Chinese disease is like the Brits calling VD the “French” disease.

    I though we were all past that?

    Evidently not.

  96. BMCQ says:


    As I stated, today may not be the day but China and it’s Government needs to be held accountable for what has been unleashed on the world, and all Free World Nations need to stand together to ensure that China makes restitution . To a degree this will be accomplished at the Hague but the real pressure will come from Free World Nations by implementing sanctions, tariffs, trade embargo’s and the many other tools available . This Catastrophe will devastate and quite possibly ruin or cripple things like Cruise Lines, Air Lines, Hotels, Amusement Parks where thousands gather, all other types of business, and then do not forget the possible on going treatment, treatment facilities, hospitals, diagnostic equipment such as ventilators etc. that will need to be added especially if the Virus is going to be with us for the more vulnerable, the need for more Tech Staff, First Responders, Physicians, Surgeons, Nurses, Hospital staff, the list goes on and on, remember we really do not know what we may be faced long term . Many youngish people that test positive today may have long term health problems, especially lung damage, think of all of that and more, should China not be held to account? Should we hate Trump because he is vocal about this ? Sure he could be more Presidential but frankly I really do not care, I want China to be accountable .

    No matter how one likes to spin this China is “Guilty as Charged” and china must help to correct this world wide catastrophic disaster .

    I hope you took note of CNN Don Le Mon and the rest of his ilk them with their Full Blown Hypocrisy on display .

    I also hope you found the 2020 Covid-19 Italian Wikipedia Report of interest, it is very telling .

    I hope Harvey revisits this sometime within the next two months or so and I hope he considers taking China on .

    This has been a very good exchanges of opinions, ideas, facts, and debate, I think I am a better person for it .

    eaf – Be well, stay away from crowded Hot Tubs and take care of that arm .

    I hope Harvey arrived home healthy and rested .

    A friend of mine arrived home from the Philippines yesterday and had top travel through 4 airports . He and his wife were tested very thoroughly at each and every one of those airports and they just breezed through customs and immigration at YVR . He told me that staff stayed so far away from arriving passengers that he could have had a 100 pound sack of Columbian Gold on his back and he would have breezed right through .

    Was that your experience Harvey ?

  97. Leila Paul says:

    @ DM Johnston –

    I believe that China’s spokespersons themselves acknowledged the “wet markets” as the source of the Coronavirus, including the SARS virus and other Corona viruses including Avian viruses.

    In fact, China has recently exonerated the Chinese physician who first sounded the alarm after denouncing him when the Chinese government was trying to hide the emergence of this new Corona virus. Since that doctor’s death, and the unrelenting indications of the Wet Markets being the likely source of the virus, he is being honored for speaking out early despite efforts to muzzle him.

    Wet markets are where wild animals are mixed in close proximity wiht one another that normally do not interact with each other in the wild. In these Wet Markets one species’ pathogens can jump to another.

    They are caged in close proximity and then slaughtered with bare hands with none of the containment safeguards for the detritus that results from unregulated slaughtering. It’s also unknown how they dispose of the body parts and blood.

    Further the repulsive practice of keeping Civet cats as pets is a know feature in China. Worse still, is the practice of feeding the Civets precautions to find the beans and process them for coffee for human consumption. I’ve provided websites for reference, so please read the sites provided and also do your own research.

    Would you consider it a normal western practice for people to feed wild animals coffee beans, then bare handed look for the beans in the feces and then make coffee with those beans? It appears to be a practice unique to China and possibly areas near China.

    Any other doubts?

  98. helena handcart says:

    I sense a little bit of xenophobia creeping in here:
    Of course, we Canadians are lily white in our animal rearing practices. It is not too long ago the Canadian pork was banned in China and Russia. Apparently we dose our pigs with ractopamine. A growth hormone.
    Canadian beef was banned by the USDA because of mad cow disease. We used to feed our cattle with bits of dead sheep! Does anyone remember avian flu. It ran wild in BC a few years ago. In the US, slaughtered chickens are so contaminated that they need to be washed in chlorine before they are fit for consumption. Let’s not get too sanctimonious about how much “cleaner” we are than other countries and the diet that they choose. I enjoyed a wonderful meal of sweetbreads in a nice restaurant in Paris. (that’s the thymus gland from a cow). Now, I’m off to enjoy a nice steak and kidney pie. Yummy.

  99. e.a.f. says:

    The Court of The Hague isn’t going to do anything. My take is they won’t give a shit about the USA and any politically motivated court actions. As I have written previously The Court is proceeding with an investigation into war crimes perpetrated by the Afghan government the Americans and the Taliban. The Americans have pulled the Visa of the Prosecutor to try and prevent a investigation

    China was slow but it eventually did its job and has shared medical information. As to any crimes against humanity the USA might want to back up. There are a lot of people who would like to take the Americans to the Court for the deaths of children in America concentration camps. What goes on in America prisons would qualify them for a Court appearance. As to China’s crimes against humanity the Americans and all the G 7 countries were complicit. We continued to import good we knew were being made in slave labour camps
    If we had a good look at Canada and it’s
    Mining companies “act” in African and South America countries we could have an “invite” also

    If Trump does not improve his act he will hav lawsuit galore. They’re called negligent homicide. Currently the Republican Texas Gov can not buy or acquire the medical supplies the state requires. They have the money nothing to buy. The Gov is not amused. Trump was asked if he had contacted any other Presidents. Response —NO

    No one is in control I The USA. The man can barely speak in a coherent manner

  100. G. Barry Stewart says:

    I thought of a way Americans of all stripes can pivot on the naming of this virus: “Trump 2020 Virus.”

    There’s no such thing as bad publicity, so Trump can use the first part for his re-election campaign. Whenever news programs name the virus, “Trump 2020” will always come first — and if supporters are quick enough to change the channel, that’s all they’ll hear.

    Imagine Don Lemon saying: “We’re seeing growing numbers for Trump 2020″/ click. (You like it, right BCMQ) 🙂

    Meanwhile, his detractors can use the full name to recall who was “in charge… but not responsible” during the pandemic.


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