Donald Trump DOES Have a Point On Foreign Aid

I’m no fan of US President Donald Trump: I believe he IS an emotionally unstable, ignorant, crude, rude moron.

I mourn for America in terms of the damage and even destruction he and his gang of henchman are wreaking on the US in terms of eliminating water and air pollution regulations and controls,  removing bank/financial controls aimed at preventing another mortgage disaster or fraudulent investments crisis,  the decline in education funding and standards, dialing back health care protection for the middle class and the poor … even children, as well as making race relations, poverty even worse …   while giving huge tax cuts to the very rich and huge corporations … adding another trillion, five hundred million dollars … or more … to the debt their kids and grandkids and great grandkids will have to pay off.

Disgraceful. Disgusting. Inexcusable.

BUT there is ONE area that I am sympathetic … and quite supportive of Trump as he careens through his term in office mostly like a bull in a China shop … and that’s his calling out several nations and the United Nations for their hypocrisy and failures to meet or live up to even basic standards of responsibility and integrity … while pocketing BILLIONS of dollars in US  (and OTHER countries’) foreign aid.

Canada and Prime Minister Trudeau should speak up as well … and not just leave it to Trump  and the US to start speaking TRUTH to the reality of how much our foreign aid is wasted, side-tracked and just plain stolen from those it is intended to help.

Here are some key areas where … as much as you may hate to admit it …Trump has made very valid points:

NATO: Since it was established by 12 nations (including Canada) following the Second World War, NATO has grown to 28 members …. but only a very FEW of them pay THEIR SHARE of NATO operating expenses … set in 2014 as 2%  of a country’s GDP.

The US has … for decades …  paid more than its fair share: in 2016, it contributed 22% of the annual NATO bill… equal to 3.6% of its GDP.  Why??

Despite an expandingly aggressive Russia, whose military has invaded/seized the Crimea, Ossetia, Eastern Ukraine,  only Greece, Estonia, Britain and Poland and the US  …of the 28 member countries … have paid their allotted fair share of the bill to defend themselves.

Canada’s defence spending is among the BOTTOM THIRD of the NATO nations … at 1.3% of GDP … despite Russia’s growing activities/claims to Canada’s oil-rich Artic territory and waters…  Canada no doubt counting on NATO …ie the US …to defend us. Why??

UNITED NATIONS: What a HUGELY EXPENSIVE farce the General Assembly and several UN agencies have become … set up originally as a venue for dialogue and co-operation … but now far too many of its 193 nation members are little more than corrupt political and financial sellouts to dictators, oil money and even promoters of religious, ethnic  bigotry . And far too willing to turn a blind eye to the worst human rights offenders …  REAL  genocidal regimes … while millions have been enslaved, starved and even murdered.

And the cost of the UN? A whopping $2.7 BILLION U.S. a year … for its OPERATING budget alone  (peace-keeping etc. by nation contributors extra).

Let’s keep it real: Much of the current UN could/should be disbanded …  an enormous wasteful bureaucracy with ineffective or even totally discredited agencies. Only the Security Council and a very FEW of the UN’s agencies should be retained (International Civil Aviation Organization, Peacekeeping forces, World Health Organization, World Court and a totally revamped UNESCO).

And under the current formula, the US assessment is now $610 million a year ….a whopping 22% of the UN’s budget ….BY far the LARGEST. Why??

FYI…China’s assessment is only 7.9% ($220 Million US in 2017);  Russia 3.1% ($85.7 Million) and Canada 2.9%  ($73.6 Million). You can read the whole list here:

And what do we get for all that funding?

The UN “Human Rights” Council is in total disgrace; the UNWRA organization is overwhelming slanted to Palestinian assistance … even aiding, abetting and supporting the Hamas terrorist regime in Gaza  … while millions of much more needy, suffering peoples in Africa, Asia get only a pittance of help.

And what does the US get in return for its unparalleled aid?  Burning US flags, shouts of Death to America …and invective/attacks directed at American civilians and even tourists.

PALESTINIANS: Not a SINGLE move by the Palestinians in TEN years to get back to serious negotiations with Israel to secure a peace agreement based on a two-state solution….despite repeated gestures by Israel, including withdrawal of all Israelis from Gaza, withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon and release of thousands of Palestinian militants/criminals…in efforts to encourage peace negotiations to going again.

What actual moves/concessions have the Palestinians made to get negotiations back on track? None! Nothing!

Instead, Palestinian leaders have actually allowed the continued teaching of hate in their schools, celebrated terrorists who murdered civilians, financially rewarded their families and INCITED violence  …. while collecting $600 Million a year from US taxpayers in “aid” … as US Presidents are burned in effigy and the American flag gets torched in their streets. While they line their own pockets. Some thanks!

Maybe Trump’s threatened cut of $285 million in aid to the Palestinians will finally convince them to step up to the negotiating table. And if not …cut them off.

PAKISTAN: It’s about time the WORLD …or at the civilized nations with backbones … call out Pakistan for the duplicitous state it has become: speaking of peace and security and co-operation … while turning a blind eye, hiding and even aiding terrorist groups at the same time.

Since 2002, the US alone (not to mention other Western nations including Canada) have handed Pakistani governments almost $34 BILLION in foreign development aid and security assistance.

Hints that MUCH was awry came well before Osama Bin Laden was found hiding for years in an obviously well fortified and defended compound close to a Pakistani military base. and no one knew?  Really?

Now we also know Pakistan has backed/supported/given safe haven terrorist groups that are active in Afghanistan, Kashmir, India.  Pakistan’s “security” forces have also aided the Haqqani/Taliban network who have targeted/killed Americans in Afghanistan and have been behind several of the major terrorist attacks in Afghan cities.

All the while the Pakistani government has been getting/taking $1.3 BILLION a year from the US in military aid.  Why??

Who really could blame Trump for cutting that off … at least until Pakistan comes clean, “restructures” its operations … and moral compass!

As I said ..I’m not a big fan of Trump on many issues, but it IS refreshing to see a world leader calling out those who make promises,  take billions with one hand and do little to meet their obligations … or even worse aid and support those who would enslave/kill us if they could.

What Trump is doing …or at least trying to do …is reverse the weak, spineless record of President Barick Obama in dealing with these villains who milked the US of Billions …and did little or nothing to attack terrorism, defeat corruption or resolve the core causes of their own misery.

Too bad Trudeau doesn’t have the backbone to speak/stand up as well.

Harv Oberfeld

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  1. I used to help a senior with his computer skills “tutelage,” as he called it.

    It was amazing, the things he actually taught me, by his awkward keyboard errors caused by his large fingers and imprecise key strikes.

    By complete fluke, he’d hit two or three keys at once and call up all sorts of very useful shortcuts, which I made note of for my own use. We both had a good laugh about it.

    My point being: my student had no clue what he was doing or why he was doing it — but sometimes, he was lucky.

    Your opening paragraph, for me, shadowed each of your following paragraphs. Yes, DJT may be right on his foreign aid comments — but he IS an emotionally unstable, ignorant, crude, rude moron.

    I doubt that he came up with his beliefs on his own — and all we have seen of him so far, says there’s no way that he could express your points as well as you have here.

    He got lucky; and his past record says he’ll forget about this ‘apparent’ burst of genius and flit on to some other cause or bit of negative press that needs to be addressed.

    It was announced on CBS’s Sunday Morning, yesterday, that Trump will be going for a full medical this week.

    I would hope the medical team will be allowed to be transparent in their report — but who would want to cause a dip in the stock market, with affirmation of mental unfitness?

  2. D. M. Johnston says:

    Foreign aide = lots of jobs and free travel for bureaucrats.

  3. Gary T says:

    An excellent column Harvey. I have been questioning the amount of ” foreign aid ” , the amounts of money, and the countries involved for years, and wondered WHY. The UN on most fronts is an expensive embarrassment , and has been for years. Canada’s expenditures on self defense, and the armed forces is another embarrassment also. And when we do spend money for equipment, it is usually far overpriced , and will not do the job it is intended for.

    (Response: Frankly, I believe the West have been “played” for many years by certain countries and organizations … because we are clearly a softer “sell” than the govmts/people of Russia, China and the rich Arab states. Even though we know there is terrible waste and corruption in many of those places … and a lot of what we send ends up in the pockets of those in power, their friends and relatives …or in goods sold on the black market. h.o.)

  4. E. Johnson says:

    I have long wondered why the US continues to send millions in aid to Pakistan given their dismal human rights record, support of terrorism and frequency of biting the hand that feeds them. I suspect it may be related to the fact that Pakistan is a failed state possessing nuclear weapons. Who knows what they are liable to do if the aid is reduced or eliminated. Trump’s calling them out on it may rattle them a bit but, as a previous poster suggested, Trump will move on and all will be forgotten.

    (Response: I don’t object to foreign aid … but I do think we (and the US) have been taken advantage of, lied to and deceived … and when a country we give millions to even aids and abets terrorist groups that target us, that’s the time to pull back. Wish Trudeau had Trump’s backbone in this regard! h.o)

  5. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, wow. You’ve covered the globe with this one. NATO, UN, Palestine and Pakistan, and you ask the tough question… Why.

    Why do some (most) countries not pay their “fair share” of the NATO cost? Because the US doesn’t care if the other countries pony up. Trump may say to his base that he’ll disband the alliance if the other countries don’t buck up, but the rest of the members pretty much said, “I’d like to see you try.”

    NATO exists for the benefit of the US. Yes, the other countries enjoy the protection of US and thus allows them to skimp on their military budget. But, the US gets what they want too. Legal authority to go to war if so much as a rock from a sling shot enters an allied nation. The ability to operate in NATO nations including bases and collective intelligence. And best of all, 28 nations that buy US arms exclusively. What fighter jet were we going to replace the aging US MacDonald Douglas F-18? Ah yes, the US Lockheed-Martin F-35.

    Why does the US keep the wasteful and ineffectual UN around? Come-on Harvey, You cant put a price on near dictatorial power over the planet. In exchange for UN funneled money down to the “fly-speck” countries they let the US and 4 other countries have veto power over the rest of the world. Want an example of why the US loves the UN? 14-1 Security Council vote over the US embassy move, and the US with their veto power tells the world to F-Off. That’s got to be worth the 610 million $ to the US.

    What’s the benefit to the US of supporting Israel while at the same time as funding the Palestinians? I’d guess the real question is why doesn’t Israel protest the US aid to their “frenemy”.

    How does Israel benefit from the continual conflict and no peace with the US financed Palestinians? Except for as long as there is NO 2-state agreement laying out boarders with the Palestinians, then Israel can continue to gobble up land that doesn’t belong to them. I guess Israel is just looking for some Lebensraum.

    As for your comment. “What actual moves/concessions have the Palestinians made to get negotiations back on track? None! Nothing!” Wow! I guess you forgot about the, Israel-PLO letters of recognition, the Oslo Accord, Sharm El Sheikh Memorandum, Taba Summit, ect… That kind of omission seems a little suspect, Harvey. Showing a bit of prejudice are we?

    As for the US funding Pakistan, that’s just smart national security thinking. If the Pakistan government were to collapse for any reason, I don’t think the idea of who could possibly get control of their nukes and ICBMs is very pleasant. A well funded and armed Pakistan government, even with their peculiarities is better than a failed terrorist state with access to the bomb. I only hope there is a plan by the US to seize control of the bombs in the event of a coup or uprising.

    Crazy World. Got to love it.

    (Response: A lot to ponder in your comment …but will certainly take issue with one thing you say: “NATO exists for the benefit of the US.”. To the contrary! The US is the ONLY member of NATO that could adequately defend itself from Russian aggression: NATO exists primarily to protect EUROPEAN countries that … as the Ukraine and Georgia (not NATO members) show … are quite vulnerable to Russian takeover. Let’s keep it real … Canada too would depend on the US military … through NATO and NORAD if the Russians move against us. h.o)

  6. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, Let’s say NATO didn’t existed. What would Canada do to ensure our national security?

    We would do the same thing any small county (militarily speaking) would do. We would invest in a strategic nuclear deterrent. We obviously have the tools and the tech to do so, we had nukes as far back as the 50/60’s.

    NATO has been great, it has ensured the peace for 60years. And we along with other nations have enjoyed protection without the cost of what a military would have to look like if we all stood alone.

    On the other hand IMO, the expansion of NATO into traditional Russian territory has helped build the instability in Eastern Europe. I can hardly blame the Russians for their aggression in Ukraine as they have watched their old adversary, NATO (ie: USA) move to within spitting distance of their Motherland.

    The same goes for Syria. That is Russian turf. We have no business “peeing in their pool” We would aggressively react the the same were the roles reversed. We all remember how we acted when the Russians put bombs 90miles of the coast of Florida in some two-bit Communist fly-speck island in the Caribbean.

    (Response: There is NO way Canada could or should ever devote so much of its budget to develop a defence force able to fight off the Russians single-handed. NATO is like a insurance policy co-op … where one for all and all for one can really work. I could just imagine how the Russians would be bullying Lithuania, Finland, Latvia and other “neighbours’ … intimidating their governments and grabbing more land wherever there are a few Russian-ethnic residents along its various borders. h.o)

  7. Harry lawson says:


    Where to start? The United Nations is a toothless she’ll of its former self. It may have had relevance and stature after the Second World War , however today the security council appears to be as impident as a unich. The USA for decades wanted to police the world to that end they paid the dime.

    I do agree with trump the nations need to pay their agreed dues. Perhaps the only way we will restructure the U.N is with a world war and that would be a shame.

    (Response: Agree … the UN is a toothless shell of what it was intended to be … just Google UN corruption, waste and allegations of rape, murder by its “peacekeeping forces” and officials…sad reading. Much of it can be disbanded, saving billions, BUT I think the Security Council and a few other orgs I’ve mentioned still do have some value … worth saving. h.o.)

  8. Rocker Rich says:

    Talk is cheap. And Trump has the attention span of a brain-damaged gnat.

    Any political leader of a NATO country knows that it’s easy to distract POTUS Cheeto—just throw him a parade or award him a medal.

    Granted that could be trickier in Canada, UK, France or Germany where Trump is publicly loathed. But a lot of NATO’s smaller nations have more malleable populations.

    Still, I am surprised that, so far, PM Trudeau isn’t at least hinting of higher defence spending. Some of it would qualify under Infrastrucure. Much of it would redound to Canadian subsidiaries or suppliers of US multinationals like Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin.

    Plus, it’s the right thing to do.

    And, who’s to say a future Democratic President (please God, starting in January 2021!) won’t be equally adamant that NATO countries pay their way.

    Stop schmoozing with creepy folks like the Boyles, Mr. Trudeau, and get focussed on what’s best for Canada.

  9. Len Graham says:

    Very good article Harvey.
    I found it very educational.
    I would also like to thank
    DiverDarren for his very informative
    response. Too me it makes
    a lot of sense. Kudos to all your very
    intelligent followers and participants.
    I love this site.

    (Response: Thanks. I do enjoy the exchanges of ideas we have on this Blog. Foreign aid is a tough topic to address: most of WANT to help other countries … but sometimes our leaders fail to keep it real and are too embarrassed or weak to call out those who take advantage of us or, worse, misappropriate or steal the funds we provide. Trump’s crudity, in this case, make be exactly what is needed to effect necessary changes … or cut at least the US’s losses. h.o.)

  10. e.a.f. says:

    even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    Trump maybe correct about NATO, BUT what motivates him to make the statement most likely isn’t the right one. Yes, all countries ought to pay their fair share of the bill. If Greece can pay its share than every other country ought to also. I’d give Greece a pass given their dire financial situation, but if they pay, every one else ought to also.

    I agree with you on the U.N. its too big. too expensive, and too corrupt. its a great place for other countries to send their political friends, family members, etc. to pay them back. Its the sort of gift which keeps on giving to politicians, dictators, etc. for ever.

    As to Pakistan. My take on foreign aid to them is a bribe to ensure they don’t use their nuclear weapons on India. That is about it. And in these times to ensure Pakistan doesn’t “share” their nuclear weapons with the terrorists. Quite frankly sending Pakistan all this money makes no sense. Sending Pakistan “aid”is simply bribery.

    In my opinion Trump’s statements regarding the subjects you have mentioned have more to do with his racism than any thing else. Its part of his America first rant, which actually means us the white rich first, screw the rest.

    (Response: What worries me about the UN from Canada’s perspective is the way Trudeau fawns over it to the point of saying/doing little to criticize it and its offending corrupt dictatorial member regimes … in a bid to secure a temporary Security Council seat. Ego over principles. h.o)

  11. JOhn says:

    “I believe he IS an emotionally unstable, ignorant, crude, rude moron.”
    You got this from the mainstream media, of course.
    Check some honest news sites.

    (Response: NO. I got it from WATCHING/LISTENING/READING what he says. And by the way, he’s a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR too. h.o)

  12. r says:

    politicians-the good, the bad and the ugly.

  13. RIsaak says:

    The UN has become a enabling mechanism for many of the worlds worst governed nations. Just before Mugabe was deposed for nepotistic tendencies, the UN as preparing to appoint him to some plum position. This is the stuff one cannot begin to fathom, as his nation was set to rid themselves of him after decades of questionable acts, but the UN braintrust was going to back up the brinks truck to his palace?

    NATO is conflicted, unaccountable, no where close to equally funded and has spent far too much time on issues like Turkey’s attempts to join, which with Erdogan imitating Mugabe, is never going to happen. The dynamics of Turkish governance are far too complex, conflicted and nationalist for any sound, ration discourse. Erdogan has failed on many occasions to acknowledge the Armenian genocide, reference Germany & Japan for lessons on contrition & the ability to own past transgressions. The Kurdish issue is also one which should cause every sound thinker to question Turkey’s agenda, given their national inability to own the past, one which will at one point or another explode in a warlike manner. Yet Trudeau brought our jets back and embedded our ground forces with the Kurds, because nothing bad will become of this? I’m far from supportive of the Turks and after decades of oppression the Kurds are due for the same autonomy discussion as the ones put forward on behalf of the Palestinians. But the Turks will never allow it, Hmmm…

    Trudeau & co. through subsidies for a Quebec based business, have completely messed up procurement of fighter jets, which has resulted in the subsidized company now allowing Airbus to effectively reap the rewards of Bombardier’s subsidized foray into single aisle jetliners.

    The national shipbuilding program has also been completely messed up, this is another reason we cannot come close to meeting out NATO obligations, all done for political reasons, which once the bills are tallied will cost far more than it should.

    Trudeau’s self-serving attempts to curry favor with the UN do not offer any real benefits for Canada, they do however offer a increased exposure podium for Trudeau’s pontificating ways, nothing else.

    The UN has failed to effectively sort out Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, Koreas, Myanmar, Former soviet states, Central America, and many other issues, all I’ve seen is loads of talk, loads of money and almost no remotely successful results. Nice buildings, nice cars, nice diplomats and huge bills, for mostly accomplishing nothing!

    Great topic Harv.

    (Response: The Security Council is at least a venue where the issues/crises can be vented … have the light of publicity shine on and occasionally get acted upon…but the General Assembly is virtually useless, a powerless playground to justify huge expense accounts and lavish lifestyles for patronage appointees, nepotism. h.o)

  14. E. Johnson says:

    Just a reminder that President Obama encouraged Canada to step up and pay its’ fair share to NATO when he addressed Parliament on his visit to our country. He was politely ignored by government and mainstream media gave his remarks on that subject minimal attention.

  15. Gene the Bean says:

    Find it hard to give any platitudes to anyone over the age of ten who can’t enunciate a proper sentence unless they are reading it …..

    (Response: Maybe I should have said I like the foreign aid policy direction of Trump’s advisers …and not have given HIM credit for the re-direction and honest appraisal of the lack of success of past policies. h.o)

  16. 13.. says:

    DJT is not a politician. All of the mud that is tossed at him is definitely not deserved or warranted. The news media in the States (or for that matter anywhere) has shown itself to be in the tank for the liberal left wing agendas. They use PC to cloud issues, the use the term “embrace the diversity” to allow us to forget how to behave like adults.
    DJT does deserve some of the criticism that he receives from balanced and fair minded people. I think that he responds to absurd situations in a less than presidential manner.
    So Ill sit back and wait for the diagnosis of insanity,the conviction for treason, the criminal charges and subsequent convictions, the imminent impeachment, all to occur.
    Until then I will happily read the comments that keep telling me at least we have Trudeau and not Trump. That might not be a good thing Martha.

  17. BMCQ says:

    Well Harvey, once again you have pointed out some very important reasons why POTUS Trump is correct about many things.

    I agree with much of what you say regarding the Failures of the Obama Administration and even Bush 43 and Bill Clinton.

    I will not go on to defend Trump too long here but we must first acknowledge why Trump was elected.

    The most important reason for the Trump ascendancy to POTUS can be attributed to “Snell’s Law”, Angle of Incidence equals Angle of Refraction, In fact the people of the U.S. had enough of the Obama eight years and they wanted change and they got it. People wanted exactly opposite of what POTUS Obama gave them.

    People loved the novelty of the PC Culture O, his wife, and the rest of the Higher Purpose Social Engineering Snowflakes rammed down the throats of the Tax Paying Hard Working People Poor or Rich, they were sick of O and his make believe Coolness.

    CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and the rest all keep telling us how well “O” does in the Polling without telling “The Great Unwashed” that in fact MOST of those participating in those Polls are done On Line, Heavily weighed to Democrats, and those over 45 do not participate.

    Let’s use this to illustrate my point.

    In 2014 Mid Terms “O” and the Dems held the House and the Senate by strong margins, the Dems also had 36 to 14 Governorships out of 50.

    Then after the 2016 Election the Republicans held the Senate, the House, and held 35 Governorships to 14 Dems and 1 Independent.

    Now what might that REALLY tell us about the popularity of BH Obama?

    Then we must also consider the absolutely scandalous Anti Trump/Republican Agenda by Media everywhere, their own Polli9ng shows that 90% of the Trump coverage is Negative. There is definitely an Agenda and if we cannot be honest about that we are Blinded by Ideology!

    I am not a fan of Glen Greenwald but we should read and digest the attached.

    Obama was a disengaged, impotent, and uncaring President, he was more interested in his own personal Legacy than anything and History will not be kind to him.

    Because of “O”, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, Junker, and the rest of Western Leadership ISIS was allowed to march from Eastern Syria into Iraq and occupy many different cities, they slaughtered innocents and then displaced up 10 Million People and they marched to the EU.

    There were only 3,000 of them marching that day driving in Hum Vees, Toyota Pickups side by side with no Mountains or Trees as shelter.

    The Western Alliance could have killed them all on that road in a few hours and there would have been NO Migrants march to the EU.

    It is because of the DITHERING, Social Engineering, CONFUSION BY Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Blair, Cameron, and the rest that the EU Cultures and Countries are in Mid-Collapse and they will never recover.

    Border Security, control of Migration and Refugees is most important and it was the lack of any controls that forced “Brexit”.

    Those same reasons are more why Trump was elected President.

    Without control of Migration, without defined Borders, and without the ability to defend those Borders one has NO Country. That is what we see in the EU.

    Also keep in mind that Obama was dragged into the ISIS Fight because the Russians entered and he did not want to be shown up by Putin.

    Do you believe that Obama really cared about the innocent Civilians and Children slaughtered, oppressed, displaced and abandoned in Syria and Iraq? In fact he paid more attention to his Wife’s Lunch Program. disgusting!

    Trump promised Borders and control of Migration, another big part of why he is POTUS.

    And for those of you that want to mumble he is Racist and proposed the Muslim Ban please consider this. The Country with the largest Muslim Population is Indonesia and they are NOT on that list. How does one square that circle?

    The reason Trump lowered Corporate tax is because out of the G 20 Nations the U.S. had one of the highest at 32%. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and most others all had lower Corporate tax than the U.S., Canada is 16%. Trump did the correct thing in moving to 21%

    Personal Taxes were reduced and they will contrary to those on this Blog and at CNN benefit ALL Americans.

    NATO as pointed out by Harvey needs to be reorganized and Member nations need to do their Part. Trump was not wrong about that.

    The UN is a Cesspool of Bureaucracy and their Activities in the Field are full of Human Abuse and the worst that Humanity can do to each other.

    Most UN Staff worry more about the type of Caviar and Champagne they will feast on each night rather than what they can do for the Oppressed and Starving in Hot Spots in Africa. disgusting!

    Then thee is the continual Agenda and Narrative put out by the ( CNN Clinton News Network).

    I bet Mensa Member and Democratic Supporter Jake Tapper is not too happy he had Trump Associate Stephen Miller on his Show recently.

    The Michael Wolff Book has already been discredited, yet I still hear local CKNDP (NW) Hosts talking about excerpts from the Book as though they were facts and written by KPMG for a Financial Report. Sickening!

    “Sources Say, It has been reported, Insiders tell us, and the rest. Ridiculous here say and NO FACTS!!

    I find it interesting by CNN, and the rest with their Warped view of Facts and their Agenda are able to get away with this for so long. Someone should explain to them that the Election is over and she will spend her Days living off of the Income from the “Clinton Foundation”

    And finally I have attached another reason why Trump is President.

    The Great Barak Obama played a very important roll in motivating Donald Trump to seek the Presidency of the U.S..

    If you do not think that the Obama comments during this Dinner played not part in Trumps decision you are living in Dream Land!!

    Yes Folks even President “O” assisted in convincing Donald Trump to run for POTUS!!

    the biggest downside to all of what Trump is accomplishing is the fact that when the U.S. Government begin to Deport Undocumented Criminal Felons they will not wait for ICE to arrest them for Deportation.

    They are almost ALL coming here!

    And just what is Canadian PM Justin prepared to do about that? Not much I bet!

    Then of course we have a Mayor in Vancouver that will attempt to House almost all of those Undocumented Felons, all with hard Working Tax Payers Money!!


    Time to get Vocal People!!

    (Response: The Michael Wolfe book has NOT been discredited. Haven’t seen those quoted in the book deny what they said about this man .. because they know he has a lot on tape. The “discrediting” you hear is just a very weak spin attempt by the sycophants and clearly self-interested politicians surrounding Trump. Can’t wait to buy the book …once it is in paperback… and read the keeping it real story of what it is like to work for and around him. h.o.)

  18. BMCQ says:


    There are scores of Articles challenging the credibility of Michael Wolff and ALL of his Books.

    Rather than list many of them I have attached one from a Canadian Publication you might be familiar with that points out some very interesting FACTS about what Mr. Wolff States.

    If he had written a “Tell ALL” about Harvey Oberfeld and he had as many mistakes, unfounded claims, and in fact untruths in that Book I for one would say he was a discredited Author.

    Hell even CNN have walked back some of their coverage on the Wolff Book and even Tapper has criticized Wolff. After the “Spanking” by Stephen Miller I suppose Tapper had to do something.

    Look Harvey, as a Conservative I was initially a Kaisich Condoleezza Rice or Rubio Ticket Guy, I was not a Trump Supporter.

    But I believe History will show us that Trump will in fact Drain the swamp, make Pakistan, Nato, the UN, The EU, Merkel, and the rest Pull their Weight and hold Islamic Extremism to Account.

    In October I was in Israel for 3 days and you would not believe the support for Trump and the U.S. there. It was gratifying to see how much better the Citizens of Israel feel about the change at the White House.

    Seeing as we are all still here.

    Trump will have a very successful 3 years and he will announce in 2019 he will not seek a Second Term. He will be an old man by then and he will go back to New York.

    Pence will hopefully choose Condoleezza Rice or Rubio as a Running Mate and they will be Victorious.

    Oh and to the sexist comments by Trump on the Bus? I have a Wife, Family, and Friends that follow this Blog and I freely admit that I have had sexist Thoughts in My Life and I have even eyed the Odd Attractive Woman as they walked by with even perhaps a comment to a friend, I cannot vilify anyone for that.

    Oh and by the way, just what do we imagine Bill Clinton the Great Communicator says when Melania Trump walks by him?

    There is so much Hypocrisy in the World today!!

  19. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, omg, Obama was not the great white/black satan. The country had gone through a great meltdown, remember the financial crisis, etc. Not only did many never recover from that==have a read of the new class of Americans who live in their R.V.s and work the amazon gig economy. Many of those were once comfortable middle class people.

    the problem was there was already an American under class and the 2008 financial melt down only made things worse for them. True things did not get better for them under Obama and then along comes trump, who tells the what they want to hear. The democrats had not delivered what they wanted so they were more than willing to give anyone a chance Clinton was never seen by this white poor under class as some one they identified with or felt understood them. Trump wore that base ball cap and told them America was going to be great again. Trump blamed everyone else for the country’s problems. They didn’t have to take responsibility for the country’s problems. If you want to see how bad things are for the white rural poor underclass go to Sixty Minutes of not this past Sunday but the one prior. They’re in Virginia. The poverty is horredeous, a young man going blind and then dying because he didn’t have medical care and insulin, etc. What that segment does is give you a really good look at American life for the poor white disenfranchised rural American and those are the people the Dems lost and Trump gained. These people saw their country’s money to go other countries while they lived in conditions ot so different. Lets not blame Obama for all of it, he did the best he could with a country which was in deep financial trouble, ie. the big melt down. Had Trump been President at that moment, the U.S.A. and Venezuala would have been running neck and neck. Now that the Trumpests have revoked Dodd Frank, wait for the next melt down.

  20. G. Barry Stewart says:

    BMCQ’s latest has a link to a Globe and Mail column where the writer concludes with a comment about Oprah: “Ms. Winfrey is also compassionate, informed and rational, all qualities which in this day and age could make her candidacy less viable.”

    The author doesn’t go on to explain his statement, which leaves me wondering. Who wouldn’t want a compassionate, learned and rational person leading their country?

  21. 13.. says:

    Im glad that Harveys blog has a following beyond the scope of his regular posters. Posts 18 & 19 are an excellent analysis of why DJT is in the White House.
    As eaf would say on behalf of the conservative right leaning crowd thank you for doing the heavy lifting.

  22. BMCQ says:

    For those here that are of the opinion the Michael Wolff Book is factual, insightful, well researched, and NOT Fictional I offer the following attachment.

    The attachment shows CNN, Jake Tapper, CBC News, NBC, Chuck Todd and others who ALL Hate POTUS Trump ALL question DISGRACED Author Michael Wolff, the Book “Fire and Fury” and then point out False Hoods/Untruths Wolff writes in the Book.

    Personally I would not consider Michael Wolff an Author I would trust no matter what the subject of his latest book.

    Unfortunately Wolff will not care because by the end of this month he will have made a very nice sum of Money and he will not care about the Credibility he lost many years ago!!

    e.a.f. – 20

    I would not dream of blaming President “O” for the Financial Crisis. In fact I would give him and his Admin fairly high praise for much of what they did with the Banking Crisis in their first Term.

    Having said that at the same time early in his First Term he began to discredit himself for using Race and Sex as Criteria for choosing People to serve the Obama Administration.

    He Politicized the Attorney Generals Dept. by appointing Eric Holder AG and then compounding that Disaster by following up with Loretta Lynch. The two of them were the worst AG Appointments in the Modern History of the U.S..

    And the Pathetic Untruthful Loretta Lynch claim that she was discussing Grandchildren and Golf with Bill Clinton on the Tarmac?

    Come on, Loretta Lynch has not swung a Golf Club since she was 7 years old!!

    And then Officially Directing Comey to refer to the HRC E-Mail Investigation as “A Matter” rather than an “Investigation”? Yikes!

    I will not even bother to bring up any more of his Appointees, those mistakes are glaring and their Failures in Office speak for themselves.

    To Clarify, Also keep in mind that Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, Blair, Lofven, Juncker, NATO, and the rest ALL stood by and allowed over 5 Million Displaced Migrants to march into The EU changing it forever.

    The EU including the UK will never be the same and it will never get better!

    We are unfortunately in the middle watching the collapse of the EU and by ignoring the rise of ISIS Obama, Merkel, and the rest mentioned set the wheels in motion for the World to witness ISIS destroy the EU and all of those Countries that only a few years ago were the Cultural Centre of the World.

    No History will not treat Barack Obama very well at all.

    And as to those Poor People you mentioned in Rural America that have been ignored?

    Here is what Your Hero “O” has to say about them.

    Barry – 21

    I believe that almost everyone anywhere in the World wants their Countries Leader to be Rational, Compassionate, and Learned, especially most Canadians!

    Can you recommend someone that has all of those Character Traits anyone for Our Country Canada?

    Yes, POTUS Trump has his Warts but the U.S. and the rest of the World could not continue down the same “Rabbit Hole” Barack Obama and others like him were leading the Free World so as I mentioned in my First Post up the page “Snell’s Law” was the natural course of events, and of course we cannot forget the wonderful motivational Speech offered up by then POTUS Barack Obama, after all he did encourage The Donald to throw his MAGA Cap into the Ring!!

    (Response: “Warts”??? The man is a pathological liar …sometimes several times a day! He is a crude, sexist, ignorant, narcissist. I have NO doubt if he worked in private industry as a CEO ..he already would have been fired … many months ago. My blog post, however, acknowledges I like the US current demands that countries taking US aid show some responsibility in administering it and meeting their own commitments… but I’mnot sure if that’s because of Trump …or Tillerson et al. h.o.)

  23. Gene the Bean says:

    The longer this alleged presidency goes on for the more I see that the only people that like Trump – are like Trump.


  24. Harry lawson says:


    Yes President Obama was stuck wit the financial crisis . In my humble opinion we would have been better of to let the markets reset. Instead the children of the U.S are going to be stuck with trillions in deficit and will still have to live thru a economic reset. President Obama had a chance tomake great change he chose status quo. .

  25. BMCQ says:

    Harry – 25

    I wholeheartedly agree with your take on the U.N. And that interestingly enough is the same opinion most people regardless of politics with any common sense seem to hold.

    I also agree with the Trump Admin and Harvey and probably you that we need a total reset at the U.N. And we need better accountability for Member Nations.

    If the UN worked the way it was intended the World would be a much better place. Can Yrump manage to get changes required there? Without a huge change change and probably a restructure that does away with the Security Council Veto nothing will be accomplished.

    I also believe that although Trump is uncouth, crude, sexist, and the rest he has a good point about countries paying their own way when it comes to security.

    I believe I can make my point and hopefully Trumps point by repeating what I mentioned on the Harvey Blog 3 or 4 years ago, i hope you have forgotten so it is not a repeat. Gene the Bean will not remember what I said because he does not read my Posts.

    Saudi Arabia and other OPEC Nations should PAY the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, France, Italy, and other Nations that keep the Straits of Hormuz Open and Safe and guarantee OpecNations get their Oil to Market and Refineries World Wide.

    Yes many Countries require that Oil but without safe passage of Oil the OPEC Nations would be broke and Saudi Princes would be back to living in Tents.

    I believe those OPEC Nations need to be responsible and pay a reasonable amount to World Navy’s that assist them to move their Oil.

    Instead we allow them to hold OPEC Meetings and then collude to “Cut Back” Production to create a demand for Crude to force the Price of Crude up Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Foirty, or more Dollars a Barrel.

    What kind of gratitude is that? How much sense does that make? I can guarantee you that the Trump Admin will address that sometime this year. It may not be discussed publicly but I believe it will be addressed. Saudi Arabia and other OPEC Nations need to know that the U.S. and it’s Alies will help but the Conditions and Agreements will be changing and changing to make things more fair and equitable for those Nations that ask their YoungService People to risk their lives so the Straits remain open so Saudi Princes can get their Oil to Market so they can profit and pay for those Gold Plated Bentley’s, Ain’t Life a Beach!

    Time for the Prince’s to Pay Up!

    I understand what you say about the Debt/Deficit but something needed to be done quickly to stop the Economic Collapse and I do not believe the Obama Admin was sure what to do. At the time many disagreed with the Auto Bailout and the Banking Injection of Cash but in my opinion they did the best they could given the circumstances and the fact that there were no guarantees or a Chrystal Ball. A lot of the strategy employed was nothing more than an educated guess and I believe they did well.

    After that first year it was not so good for Obama and the Dems.

    I believe it is well past time for all Free World Nations to do more to assist the U.S. do what is required, we need a strong United States in the World and we need to act as Partners. That includes NATO and the UN, we all need to do our part.

    And contrary to what the Dems now all of a sudden believe we need to work with Russia. Churchill and the U.S. were able to work with Stalin and he was as bad as Hitler but we all had a common enemy in Hitler and he was deafeated because of that working agreement with Stalin.

    Putin is not our friend but the West needs to work with him going forward, ISIS is down but ISIS and other Similar Groups and Rogue Nations pose a serious threat and it is best to maintain a relationship with Putin and Russia.

    I believe The U.S. and Russia shared much more than we are aware of in the fight against ISIS and I would rather work with them than against them. Yes we need to discuss the Ukraine with Putin but perhaps some good can come out of that if we approach it under different circumstances.

  26. 13.. says:

    Just a note re things that Trump “might” be right about. While Ontario and BC and Alberta all wrestle with the concept of legislating increses to min wages the US government has managed to increase min wages by cutting corporate tax rates. Walmart has raised their wage rates from 9 to 11 dollars per hour. Other companies in the US have also responded to the Trump gov. new tax rates with wage increases. Imagine that.

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