Doug Ford Will Be Canada’s Trump

He’s rude; he’s crude; and he was elected on a wave of shallow rhetoric and highly expensive promises …. and yet, no costed-out platform or detailed fiscal plan of how to pay for it all.

Ontario’s new premier, Doug Ford, will be Canada’s version of Donald Trump … and although his “base” will love him  and the richest will cash in …  Ontarians with deeper consciences and Canadians who understand Ontario’s wider national importance will rue the day he was elected.

I predict:

Under the guise of freeing up development and creating jobs, jobs, jobs Ontario under Ford will adopt a to-hell-with-the-environment attitude to resource extraction, industrial projects, any carbon footprint controls and air and water pollution reductions etc.

To pay for Ford’s promised personal tax/Hydro cuts/gasoline price reductions, watch for … despite his promises to the contrary … staffing and program cuts at Ontario schools, hospitals and social programs for the poor and elderly.

Growing Ontario deficit spending, along with increased taxes/fees/permit costs of almost every kind for individuals/consumers.

And, to pay the piper, corporate tax breaks.

All made possible and plausible because Ford and the Ontario Conservatives were … incredibly … allowed by their voter base to run an entire election campaign without coming up with a published Platform saying not only what they planned to do …but MOST IMPORTANTLY … HOW they would be paying/financing all or any of it.

Ford’s base was like Trump’s base: they hated what had gone before; wanted change; and were prepared to buy an entire new government … asking fewer questions than they would if they were buying a TV!

Speaking of which, many were also unaware … or shamefully unconcerned … that the man who would be their premier REFUSED any sit-down media interviews during the campaign … except for chats, of course, with his OWN team’s personal “campaign reporter”.

That does not bode well for the future.

I believe Ford will now, in power as premier, mirror Trump’s arrogance and disdain for transparency (despite his campaign vow to the contrary), will treat the free press as the enemy of the people  …especially those who ask tough questions or demand FACTS, not just rhetoric.

NO ONE in Ontario should believe it serves the voters’ or taxpayers’ best interests: electing a leader who publishes no detailed plan, refused any serious in-depth interviews … and having been successful … will likely now govern answering even less.

And the rest of Canada should care too.

Ontario …which produces 38% of Canada’s GDP … has also played a HUGE (if often unnoticed) role in keeping the country together: a calming source of understanding and accommodation when Quebec went through its ranting and raving stage; a sympathetic response to Western Canada’s demands for fairer representation; and, a tolerant constant contributor to the endless fiscal support provided the Maritimes and the North.

Doug Ford will NOT continue Ontario’s historical national leadership role: he will be a parochial, petty, provincial politician … becoming increasingly provocative, dismissive and eventually looking for scapegoats as his “plan” to make Ontario great again fails …and the cuts and costs come home to roost.

Just wonder if he too will blame Hillary … or Obama!

And, of course, the fake media.

Harv Oberfeld

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53 Responses to Doug Ford Will Be Canada’s Trump

  1. Oscar says:

    Unlike Trump, Ford’s caucus and cabinet will be comprised of experienced MPPs and former MPs and members with municipal government backgound who have a nexus with reality. Also, the Ford base is not evangelical nor racist like the American rump. Having spent a lot of time in Toronto and other cities in Ontario over the past 5 years, the McGinty/Wynne regime was fraught with ongoing stupid policies that made no economic sense and even Lefties were fed up and wanted to throw them not just out but basically exiled where they can no longer create havoc through incompetence and goofy ideology.

    (Response: Trump”s Congress is also filled with MANY long-time, experienced Reps and Senators … who have disgraced themselves by going along, staying silent … abandoning principles and even the law for the sake of personal power and gain. I predict Ontario’s Tory MPs will prove no different. h.o)

  2. Chuckstraight says:

    Complete agreement. Trump 2

  3. r says:

    FPTP but will he build a wall around Ontario.?:)

  4. Gene The Bean says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with every word and unfortunately, you will be right.

    When conservatism sold its soul and became the neo-con borderline alt right hating grim reaper that it is today, the movement was doomed. Many of the ‘benefits and qualities’ that conservatism used to bring to the table no longer exist. The corporatists, lobbyists and the morally bankrupt have forever tilted the board. It is really a shame.

    This flawed playbook has been formed over the last 25 years in Australia, the UK and both here and in what used to be the United States. Taking clues from tin pot dictators and egomaniacal strongmen around the world, conservatism has sowed fear to form a base.

    How? Purposefully putting 1%ers and millionaires against working people, putting working people against the poor and disadvantaged and putting the poor and disadvantaged against people of colour.

    It cannot be sustained.

    No one is born selfish. No one is born racist. No one is born morally bankrupt. Those are learned behaviours.

    Many people slag people under 30. I realize it is a generational thing because we had to WALK uphill, both ways, to school….right?

    Young adults, millennials and whomever is coming next will change the world. Once they annihilate conservatism via the ballot box, they will, slowly, continue to do it socially.

    I believe the nonsense has peaked and far better times are ahead. The road will be bumpy.

    The haters and racists will no longer feel emboldened and accepted. The morally bankrupt may even realize that selfishness and hate is far harder to sustain than being a decent person. Those that enjoy kicking a man when he is down may find that helping that man up is actually better for you than it is for him.

    Maybe, just maybe, conservatism will reinvent itself and be a balancing factor like it used to be – as opposed to being a country club for selfish, morally bankrupt haters. We will see.

    Tick Tock.

    If tRump and his ilk don’t kill us all first, the future is bright.

    Ford will be tRump V2.1

    Wonder if there is truth and traction in the lawsuit filed by his sister-in-law that he screwed her out of million$ from her husbands estate. Sounds like something a current conservative would do…..

  5. elle says:

    I am becoming quite insulted reading Gene’s diatribes about conservative voters. There are many different types of people in all camps. No one political party is more righteous and all-encompassing than another. Trudeau has divided this country like no other person ever did. Reading Harvey’s comments about what is going to happen to Ontario under Ford sounds a lot like what happened to BC under Clark although she got away with a lot with a wink and a wiggle. Same scenario though. Taxes went down and fees went up. Teachers were laid off, etc. all under a Liberal government. And the real Liberals just sat there and took their pay. What makes someone think that a person that thinks conservatively hates brown people or is greedy and uncaring? Maybe Obama only got into power because he was black and it had nothing to do with his qualifications. The media and Hollywood didn’t care what he did. They supported him because of his skin color. Does that make it right? I say we are all the better for voting for the best person for the job, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, gender, etc. No matter what party.

  6. 13 says:

    Tick tock its push back time tick tock
    So we had Obama pc left wing nausea we got DJT
    We had Harper hard line conservative we get Justin Trudeau.
    We had Christy we get Horgan
    We had the spend any amount to satisfy the pc public sector we get Doug Ford
    Its not racism, its not evil, its the extremes of a voting public unhappy with their current government.
    TIME FOR CHANGE and the voters speak loud and clear. IE TRUMP and FORD

  7. 13 says:

    #5 elle. Thank you for articulating your feelings towards that poster. Its irritating that he can as you put it insult conservatives at will. But its HOs blog and its free speech so it is what it is. I have to admit that every now and then I take the bait and try to respond to his trolling.

  8. Marge says:

    Considering the choices, Ontario’s citizens thought he was the lesser of all the evils. Great choices for leadership from the Liberal Premier who wasted money like crazy and increased rates even crazier to the NDP party leader who made incredibly outlandish statements about everything and everybody, I guess Ford (even though he is as disgusting as anything) was voted as the lesser of the three evils.

    As for Gene, add me to the list of people who think he is a little over board in his views. I don’t call people names like the racist ones he does, just because they believe something different from what I do. His outlandish predictions never come true as witnessed by the right wing swing yesterday.

    I think people are just tired of most politicians as they are greedy you know whats and this time they picked someone whom they thought would help them. Whether he does or does not remains moot. The same thing may happen with Trudeau who has done nothing for Canada other than legalize weed and keep a segment of the population high all the time. He can’t stand up for himself let alone Canada. My guess he will be booted out again for a right wing party. We seem to go round and round in circles from extreme left to extreme right. What ever happened to a middle ground party? Do they even exist anymore???

  9. BMCQ says:

    I just finished reading your essay and the first 5 Posts on this thread Harvey.

    I have my ideas and opinions on this but I first must state that much like elle, 13, Art and a few others I am becoming very frustrated with being labelled a Racist, Bigot, Intolerant, Misogynist, and the rest simply because we have the audacity to lean Conservative.

    Since when did that become a crime? Are we not allowed our own Political beliefs? Are ALL so called Conservatives all of those slanderous names as described by? Really?

    Whatever happened to the exchange of ideas, the argument, the discussion, the debate?

    Do Conservatives hold a Monopoly on Racism and the rest?

    It appears to me that at least one “Bitter, Angry, and Hateful” participant on this Blog has no ability or interest to offer facts and thoughtful arguments to defend his opinions or viewpoint on any one topic, instead They resort to Labelling Fellow Bloggers he disagrees with Racists and Bigots.

    As far as I am concerned name calling like that is always the sign of someone’s last resort when they cannot defend a position and they have no facts or fresh ideas to bring forward.

    (Response; I agree with you: to me name calling and personal denunciation is an indication of lack of rational ideas to defend ones position. It’s also appallingly juvenile. And it does make me sometimes wonder why I put all the time and effort into the blog … and, frankly, editing out all personal references would just take too long. But then, I see a great offering of really valuable information and exchange of differing ideas and facts and arguments …. and I’m happy again….feeling pity for those others. h.o.)

  10. Barry says:

    60% of the Ontario electorate voted for someone other than Ford, yet he gets a massive majority and the unchecked power that comes with it. If this doesn’t show the downside of the First Pass the Post system, then nothing will.

    BC has a referendum on introducing proportional representation for the next provincial election. If you think that no one should get a majority unless they have a majority of the votes, then I’d vote for it.

    For example, I live in a riding where unless you always vote for a particular political party, you may as well not vote. I believe everyone’s vote should count.

    (Response: The Ontario result…coupled with BC’s current governing reality … raises the important issue of proportional rep once more … think that may be worth canvassing in my next blog! h.o)

  11. Diverdarren says:

    Harvey, I don’t think anyone can so quickly dismiss the wisdom of the electorate.

    The people are showing that they no longer want the progressive agenda of leftist politics. Nor are they satisfied with the predictable conservative policies that we’ve had in the past.

    They are gravitating to what sometimes is called Neo Conservatism.

    The people want a roll back of; globalism, multiculturalism, high taxes leading to wealth distribution, and the boarderless nanny state.

    They see what the policies of the past have done to… Insert the jurisdiction.
    City, province, country, and they want a new direction.

    We are watching the wisdom of the democratic system unfold before us. I’m sure we can all agree that ultimately the people have the right to choose their path.

    Progressive types can see the shift in the populace, they are worried that the efforts of their past political gains will be walked back. Their worst fear is the damage to their movement will be long-lived if the Neo-Con ideas work and create a stronger nation with more opportunity for individual success.

    Progressive types, if they truly believe that Neo-Con policy will lead to ruin should smile at the global phenomenon of nationalist-populism, knowing that it’s inevitable failure will lead to the populace to a total rejection of Neo-Con approach.


    All that ends in ruin is liberal collectivism. That we see the value in individual responsibly, strength in nationhood, self reliance replacing reliance on the state. Progressive types will have to succeed on their own individual merits instead of being given the wealth earned by others.

    (Response: Clearly many Ontario voters wanted change …and they did not want the NDP as the alternative. But what I found appalling is how easily they ACCEPTED that the PCs and Ford refused to publish or reveal or cost out their detailed platform … or that Ford refused to grant ANY detailed interviews (ie possible sustained hard questions) during the entire campaign. I doubt politicians with such LOW respect for the public’s right to information DURING an election will end up being much better during their term h.o.)

  12. James says:

    So what you’re saying is another Christy Clark only for Ontario

  13. Harry lawson says:

    Harvey ,

    What we have witnessed is the Ontario conservitavie dump one leader for another reminds me of the Wilson ,Campbell BC liberal leadership change.

    The sad reality is a cheese sandwich or mr peanut could have won . People were that fed up with the Ontario liberals.

    Mr Ford has a huge job ahead of him , tough choices , his cabinet will be interesting . Many will say that Donald Trump hasn’t been given a fair shake by the media. Perhaps Mr Ford feels that he would not be given a fair shake too , hence the lack of cooperation with the media.

    The one wild card in this is how is this going to effect Justin Trudeau lead in to the next election.

    (Response: Interesting that, even with the Libs so unpopular and rejected and Ford as the PC leader, the NDP didn’t succeed. I keep hearing they may have had they stayed more center of the road but pushed by their radicals, went “too far left”. Think there’s a message there for BC’s NDP too … who I believe have started losing their moderate image with many voters here! h.o)

  14. Harry lawson says:


    Do you think the NDP did poorly because of the BC minority government drama. So the electorate held their nose voted for a populist rather than a blackmailed coalition ?

    (Response: I doubt most Ontarians paid much attention to our minority government situation: they rejected the NDP based on past experience and, apparently, what many felt was a fairly hard left platform this time … too far left. h.o.)

  15. Eldon says:

    This one hurts. After successfully fending off Leitch and OLeary, Canada has succumbed to mindless populism. I’d have not batted an eye at a Brown or Elliot Conservative government. This is disheartening.

    (Response: I like to think the people of Ontario who put Ford in office are more sophisticated and critical than Trump’s base in the US … and will demand a higher degree of dignity, honesty and respect for others … as well as his keeping all; his promises. h.o.)

  16. D. M. Johnston says:

    Doug Ford’s election has just laid bare a very serious observation that something is very wrong with both American and Canadian politics.

    Big money from big corporations now decides who will lead many right-wing parties because of the vast amount of money needed to win an election.

    Big Business do not want intelligent people because intelligent people make intelligent decisions, thus the most stupid of people are supported. Stupid people are arrogant, selfish, and despotic.

    Then there is the electorate, which a which many have become quivering jellies of fear, especially fear of change.

    There is the greed factor, where money has become the new religion and those who sing their tune of cutting taxes; cutting services; in short to hell with everyone else

    This is topped by the stupid factor, which if you don’t agree with me, you are stupid.

    Combine this together and one an see 1933 all over again.

    My grand mother observed to me back in the 70’s, her quaint Edwardian view of the world; “Everyone has a station in life and if one exceeds that station, they carry with them moral values of the previous station, thus corrupting the higher station they now occupy.”

    Today, I now understand; a lot of very unclever people are voting in elections for people who share their base moral standing, with no thought for the future.

    They vote for the same, a grifter, because they are too blind; too greedy; too scared to care that they are being played. Grifters love the uneducated.

    Ford, like his druggie brother, will provide much scandal and cost, until another politcal dead beat is elected.

  17. RIsaak says:

    Soon we could have right wing Provincial governments from Alberta to Ontario, the balances this affords when compared to the wishes of the PM is real. Going to be a real peach of a next federal election! The meme I saw of Ford & the Skipper from Gilligans Island was the funnies one in years, are they twins?

  18. Gene The Bean says:

    It is unfortunate that people of a certain political persuasion who have spent decades rallying against politically correctness and beating the drum of ‘speak your mind’ and ‘we want honesty and transparency’ are “uncomfortable” when someone else does it. Hmmm…..

    Trust me. My comments are not directed at you. They are directed to others who ‘cant bother to be involved’ and ‘aren’t in to politics’. Why? Because these days, everyone else is. Your landlord, your boss, your insurance broker, the owner of your local restaurant ….. and they will eat your lunch unless you stand up for yourself and what you believe in and what you want society to be.

    So, I point things out.

    What are you afraid of?

    Afterall, I am just a liberal ‘snowflake’?

  19. e.a.f. says:

    OMG, ITS TIME TO TAKE UP GETTING DRUNK OR STONED. And who said this couldn’t happen in Canada? He is just so tackie. Even his sister in law sued him. that might have been a clue. Oh, well we are stuck with him until the Party holds its first leadership review and he is bounced. Hey it could happen.

    It is hopeful that John Baird will be on the transition team, but he maybe one voice in the wilderness. some of those elected seem to have names similar to those on the harpercon train and with that comes the racism, the homophobia, etc.

    They’ll blame Trudeau,. his wife, Wynne and Quebec.

    Thankfully for those in Ontario who may want to leave, they won’t have to apply for refugee status within Canada and B.C. does have a shortage of tradespeople, medical staff, and teachers.

    doubie will take a huge wack out of health care. Fortunately the federal government still has some control over that.

    the people of Ontario wanted change and they’re going to get it. They can live with it or perhaps even die because of it.

  20. Ron says:

    Someone should independently examine the electronic “counting” system.
    I smell a waft of malfeasance in the system.
    Just look to Amurrica and the system involved in getting George Bush Jr. back into office a second time in Florida, his brother’s state. Only state at that time to have electronic voting and oh, by co-inky-dink, the state that held all the cards in the re-election.
    Smelling worse by the minute.
    Can we say a bloodless coup of Ontario?

  21. D. M. Johnston says:


    At least in the Canadian system, the party can dump the leader.

    Cabinet Ministers are also elected to government, thus they have to placate the voter.

  22. 13 says:

    I hate to belabor the point but Doug Ford was elected by sane rational people. He did not overthrow a government. If you feel the need to “blame” someone for the election outcome, blame a left wing pc sjw woman named Kathleen Wynn. Blame a bloated public sector. Blame big government and even bigger spending. And if anyone thinks that the clock is winding down on conservative values think about the outcome of the American election. Think about the dramatic swings in party ideology. Left to right and right to left. Wait for the election in Alberta. Do you think the NDP are getting a second term? Justin Trudeau might lose the next election to a ghost named Sheer. Seems that the public that cast ballots are polarized. Poles mean next to nothing.

  23. Gilbert says:

    Doug Ford is far from perfect. But I believe he’s an improvement over Kathleen Wynne. I also believe the Ontario election should make Prime Minister Trudeau nervous.

    (Response: Not sure. Provinces often go one way while nationally Canadians go the other: BC gave both Horgan AND Trudeau a lot of support. Ontario went PC and Alberta likely will soon too …but Trudeau has two things going for him nationally: the fight with Trump (people tend to support leaders at times of war) … and Andrew Scheer (so far). h.o)

  24. NVG says:

    It could get worse.

    Instead of Doug Ford being Canada’s Trump.

    Donald Trump being United States’ Ford.

  25. Jay Jones says:

    Good Lord, we’re truly not building a rocket here.

    All he and all of Canada’s Premiers need do, is use the playbook BC used to rise from great to world-class standing in just a few years.

    That success formula is of course pretty much the exact opposite of the leadership style you described.

    Wholly geez, Canada’s political community sure is communicating very poorly these years.

  26. Marge says:

    I think today’s voting represents the selfish self -centred nature of Canadian society. People want everything done for them and every service in the world provided so they vote in a left wing party. As soon as they realize that all of this requires a ton of taxation, the resentment builds. So they boot out the left wingers and elect a right wing government so they can keep their money now. Then they see that mom isn’t getting her hip transplant as fast as they wanted and now we have to look after her until it happens. Time to send the cons packing and elect the lefties again.

    As for the comment about the “bloodless coup” in Ontario, I laughed like crazy. Never going to happen as we’re Canadians eh?
    On a totally different vein, what do you make of Trump’s calling Trudeau a liar after the G7 summit?

  27. e.a.f. says:

    The head line, Doug Ford will be Canada’s trump certainly went through my mind this morning as I awoke to CBC reporting on dumpster and his spokes people’s comments regarding our P.M. Trudeau. Suggesting there was a “special place in hell” for Trudeau, made me think of the attacks on Germany’s Merkel and the comments the new American Ambassador to Germany has made. His comments were along the lines of he was there to “peddle” his right wing agenda. Many in Germany want him expelled for these comments. My thoughts were, this isn’t about the meeting with N.K. to demonstrate how tough dumpster is, but rather dump and his ilk were emboldened by the election of doubie.

    Trump wants Putin and Russia back in. Two people who stand in his way are Merkel and Trudeau.

    Given it is always about the oil, Trump and his oily friends want to open oil drilling in the Artic. A view not shared by a lot of Americans either. Canada wouldn’t be too interested, right now, but a change in provincial government in Alberta and a federal change, who knows.

    In my opinion doubie has opened the doors for the export of rumpsterism to enter Canada or so the Americans think. Disrupter in chief wants changes in Canada and so does Putin. We have already seen what Putin has arranged in the U.K. and Germany. Why start there? It will be interesting to see if Doug Ford stands by his commitment to stand with Trudeau on NAFTA and such. My suggestion, it will all depend upon what Ford and his band of deplorables think they can gain.

  28. Harry Lawson says:


    Many posters think the sky is falling because Doug Ford was elected. If anything this may be the best or worst thing to happen in Ontario. Ms Wynn and her policies left Ontario in a horrible mess that not only affected Ontario it also affected the Canadian economy. Mr Ford will have to make the tough decisions that Ms Wynn chose not to. The sky is not falling it just maybe glimpse of sunshine. Only time will tell

  29. BMCQ says:

    Bean – 19

    You asked a question.

    “What are You afraid of” ?

    People on this Blog are afraid of absolutely nothing you might have to say on any topic because YOU always come to the Debate/Fight unarmed.

    (Edited….off topic. PLEASE folks!!!h.o)


    Can a Woman like Christy Clark or Thatcher be Sexist or Misogynistic?

    Then of course you and many in Media stoop to calling those that vote for those just mentioned as “Low information, Bigots, Homophobic, Misogynist, Xenophobic, Uneducated, Hhateful, Nazi’s, Morally Bankrupt, Eaters of Little Children” and they rest.

    Yes even Churchill was Boorish, Rude, Racist, and the rest. Really?

    Perhaps those that Voted for some of those I just listed were sick and tired of those they replaced.

    Perhaps the American Electorate were sick and tired of the totally Disengaged, Impotent, PC POTUS Barack Obama and his Cabinet of HRC, Michelle, Holder, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden, Harvey Weinstein, Clooney, Lynch, and the rest of that group.

    Are ANY of you aware that in the Two Years before the Election of DJT the Dems in the U.S. lost over 1300 Elected Politicians at Municipal, State, Federal levels including 15 Governorships?

    Think about that, just how popular was Obama and His Wife?

    Might any of you that are so critical of Doug Ford and his Supporters take just a minute to think about the Catastrophic Disaster created and left to the Tax Payers of Ontario?

    Could the absolute Destruction of the Province of Ontario including the Economy by Wynne and her Minions might have just a little bit to do with the fact that Ford is now Premier?

    Or do you STILL believe that Ford was Elected Premier of Ontario because of the Morally Bankrupt, Uneducated, Low Information, Morons that happen to be Ontario Voters that voted Conservative?

    Seeing as Most of You are all still here.

    Keep in mind that “Fake News” Media actually had the NDP Slightly in front in the Polls the day before the Election. How did that work out?

    And to those Ill Informed low information individuals that believe Conservatives are on the way out?

    Take at some of the results in the EU as of late, Brexit, Italy, Germany, Ontario, soon to be Alberta, and then of course the Worlds Greatest Apologist Canadian PM Justin must face the Voters next year. How do you think that will go?

    Will Canadian Federal Voters that Vote Conservative all of a sudden turn Uneducated, ill Informed, Racist, Homophobic, Morally Bankrupt and the rest after Sheer is Elected PM of Canada?

    Yes, I am afraid that all of those labels will come out for Mr. Sheer very quickly.

    You know what?

    I really do not know much about Ford but the Liberals were untouchable and the NDP had some really odd people running for them and that same NDP would have been worse than the Liberals for Ontario.

    Doug Ford may be a 5 on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the best but when you are a 5 in a Sea of 2’s you look Pretty Damn Good!

    Stand Proud Citizens of Ontario You did the correct thing!


    How the Hell does anyone have any Idea what “Evil Things” Premier Ford will do?

    I can hardly wait for the results in Alberta and the Canadian federal Election.

    “TICK TOCK” !!!!!!!!

  30. BMCQ says:

    Just got back from a nice stroll along Denman Street from Davie and Up Robson Street to Burrard where my Wife and counted over 60 Empty Store Fronts!!

    I suppose we can thank Elite Progressive Leftist PC Mayor Robertson for that wonderful contribution to the Economy of Vancouver.

    Property taxes are Killing Business!

    Just one more little bit about the Social Justice Warrior Kathleen Wynne.

    Ah yes, don’t we just love the Progressive Left?

    Hey, guess what we in B.C. will soon experience from SJW and new LNG King John Horgan and His Minions in B.C.?

    “Socialism Works Great Until YOU Run Out of Other Peoples Money” !!!

    “Tick Tock” !!!

  31. e.a.f. says:

    it may not be just the property taxes. it could be the rent. A few years agon some Yaletown properties, the rents went through the roof. People pulled and others, after some time empty moved in and sold things which were not in line with the rents. Like how did they make those rents? there is more than property taxes at play when stores sit empty. Its so much easier to go and get variances, re zoning when property sits empty for a time. Some times they even burn, just like houses. I do agree property taxes on commercial buildings is a tad high and over the top, but why business owners pay them instead of property owners has always been a question to me.

    BMCQ, having been doing some reading and watching of docs late, its interesting how people can also be manipulated to vote for or against specific things, even if it isn’t in their personal favour. We all know why advertising exists. Now we know it can target people via information gathered while they were unaware. Cambridge Analytica ring any bells. We know about voter suppression, etc.

    People in Ontario have not seen things get better for a long time, because they lost a lot of manufacturing jobs 25 yrs ago. The province went from a have to not so having. Wynne did the best she could with what she had. Ford won’t do any better. People wanted a change, they have it. Will it be better for the people who live there? doubt it. He will go back to his old habits and if people like it, fine. If they don’t like what he does, fine, they can vote him out of office in a few years or the party can replace him. He will sell off assets, lower business taxes and cut funding for schools, health care, etc.

    Ford also was able to tap into the bible belters, the Christian Taliban. There was a huge back lash regarding the new sex education cirriculum which Wynn implemented. Many parents did not want their children taught about gender identity and sexual orientation. They went to the polls and made their opinions heard.

    With good fortune we will all be alive in 2 years to come back and discuss this, if Harvey agrees.

  32. e.a.f. says:

    BMCQ, just noticed your line about Social Justice Warrior, etc. Social Justice Warriors are essential not only in the past but now and the future. They will need them in Ontario. If you want to see how people benefited from “social justice” in B.C. go have a read of RossK’s post at the Gazetteer. He runs it each year. it clearly outlines how families got ahead in B.C. and it was something we know call social justice. Its a good read for any one actually, as a reminder of what our parents did for us and the province.

  33. D. M. Johnston says:

    After reading the preceding posts, I have come to the conclusion that Canadian politics, like our neighbours down South, have come a morass of petty bickering, xenophobic fantasy, and illogical decisions based on a complete lack of a classic education.

    I weep.

    There is no debate, not logical conclusion for our ills, rather it is a gross anti tax; anti anything rant by over aged angry white men and women.

    40% of Ontario’s electorate have demonstrated a politcal will that would make Barnum happy (there is a sucker born every minute).

    As a new round of politcal follies start in Ontario, the electorate may wish to reeducate themselves to understand issues of more than one syllable.

    The angry right, should try to look at the big picture and adapt.

    Ford is nothing more than a politcal dinosaur, looking for a tar pit.

  34. BMCQ says:

    D.M. Johnston – 34

    You just said

    40% of Ontario’s Electoratehave demonstrateda Political will that would make Barnum happy (there is a sucker born every minute)”

    Thank you very much for confirming my point that Leftist Progressives believe that Conservative Supporters are Morons, Low Information, and Uneducated Voters at best!

    How very Predictable.

    I weep.

  35. OldIslander says:

    As an old school, (‘angry old white guy’…) – retired for a few years now – it is difficult to understand what has happened in Ontario. As much as I’ve disliked many of the provincial candidates here in BC, and in assorted Federal contests over the past 50 years, I cannot think of a candidate who was a (edited..for legal reasons.)

    The G&M printed a 4,000+ word, well researched story, (Edited for legal reasons… please send a link to the actual story you allege was written and published in the Globe and Mail. ..h.o) The G&M knew full well that if their story was not 100% accurate, they would be subject to possibly the nastiest, costliest libel lawsuit in Canadian history. But they published and stood by their story. Ford threatened to sue, but never did – possibly knowing that the full sordid story would come out in court, and that he wouldn’t win.

    If a candidate had ever run in a constituency in which I could vote, who had been a (edited for legal reasons..h.o) – I cannot image any circumstances in which I might have considered voting for him/her. Or if they’d been guilty of any other crimes as serious as drug dealing. Yet here are the good folks of Ontario, with a Premier so tainted (edited..h.o), it is disgusting to even look at him.

    In BC, there have been a handful of elections when the government and leader have so annoyed the electorate, they were willing to put up with a term or two of the NDP, while the ‘free enterprise’ party of the day regrouped, tossed out their miscreant leader, and appointed another. Surely they could have done that in Ontario, too.

    It will be interesting to see what damage he does, as his (edited..h.o) nature influences his political decisions, as leader of our country’s most populated province.

  36. D. M. Johnston says:


    As I said, the Ontario electorate have been suckered, you don’t like it and too bad.

    The Ford’s and their Ford nation was a rip-off of the American Tea-Party, which in past years would have been called know-nothings.

    Who, in Ontario, actually voted on a policy, or any hard debate?

    Ford offered nothing but the right-wing brand and here is what politics are today, a brand.

    What the hell is a Leftist Progressive anyways?

    Again, imported American names, for an imported American politcal philosophy.

    With the vast majority of Ontarian voters, within reception of American TV and FOX news, it is easy to see the American fear and loathing ooze across the boarder in infect locals with American paranoia and fear. And this is what Ford and his ilk want, American style politics based on racism, fear and xenophobia.

    Th pandora’s box is now open and echoes of 1933 can be heard.

  37. Marge says:

    Here you go all the sordid details about the Fords by the Globe and Mail:

    (Response: Thanks. Happy, thanks to THEIR I’m sure extensive legal checks, to put the allegations out there. h.o.)

  38. Hawgwash says:

    Written and published 5 years ago and people are just catching up to it now? That right there is a major reason we are where we are. Lost kittens and royal weddings first.

  39. BMCQ says:

    e.a.f – 33

    I could go on for a long time here and make a great case showing you about how Property Taxes are killing Business but I would be off topic,

    Perhaps we might get a chance to discuss that on this Blog one day before it is too late.

    D.M.J. – 3y

    You are free to believe the Ontario Electorate are Moronic, Suckers, Low Information, or anything else but it still does not change the fact that McGuinty and then Wynne were we’re Disastrous for the People and Province of Ontario.

    It is as obvious as the Nose on ones Face!

    Why is it so hard to admit that If KATHLEEN Wynne provided the Good People of Ontario decent Government she would still be Premier.

    More often than not people don’t vote a Government in they Vote a Government Out.

    Ontario just did that very thing.

    As to the 1933 reference?

    I lost Family to Hitler and once again I find that comment very odd to say the least.

    Your insistence in comparing various Conservative Politicians to Hitler is more than ridiculous.

    As stated I know/knew nothing about Doug Ford but it is obvious to just about anyone with any common sense at all Ksthleeb]n was NOT going to be Re-Elected.

    To confirm that you might recall that the Great Wynne pointed that very thing out herself about five days before Election Day.

    You, your Leftist Friends On this Blog and the Leftist Media in this Gest Country should have taken her for her word.

    If Wynne herself recognized “She was Toast” and a Failed Premier you and your Friends on this Blog should have been able to conclude the same.

  40. BMCQ says:

    Marge – 38

    Thanks for posting that.

    I do not recall hearing anything about that at any time and certainly not during the Ontario Election Campaign.

    Did we just miss that story out west or was it largely ignored by Media in Ontario andright across the Country?

    We in B.C. Did not get a lot of Ontario Election Coverage but surely this must have been discussed and given exposure.

  41. Gene The Bean says:

    Is this outcome the end of political campaigns?

    Everyone agrees, the candidates were horrible but the winner:
    – did not provide a costed platform
    – did not provide details, just broad based wants.
    – did not involve candidates in debates or town hall meetings.
    – did not engage with or agree to media interviews.
    – used motherhood statements, fear mongering and attacks against ‘something’ instead of being for ‘something’.

    If there was ever a reason to change how we vote – this is it.

    85% of first world countries use some form or proportional representation to elect governments. It limits big money from buying elections. I think it would work here.

    Looking forward to the vote.

  42. Hawgwash says:

    The links posted by Marge were cited and displayed, across the country by media, both mainstream and social, many times over the years and I certainly saw it during the ON campaign.

    People gave it as much time as Norm Farrell’s Hydro rate warnings that Mr. Horgan is only now concerned about. As much time as continental sized gyres of plastic.

    Parrots in tutus get more attention.

    We really are a sick lot.

  43. BMCQ says:

    I was out of Canada travelling for much of April and May but I did do my best to keep an eye out on political events and current events in B.C., YVR, and the rest of Canada.

    I guess I missed the reporting pointed out here.

    Having said that I just did a search on the allegations and there were stories going back over several years but not much over the past year.

    I have attached a Statement from Globe and Mail Editor John Stackhouse which explains some of it.

    There is no exposure to Litigation, it is simply a statemen

    Personally I am a Law and Order Person and I believe in Punishment for Crimes committed.

    Can we as a society reject any Political Candidate of any Party because of Allegations?

    Is this another “Me Too” Movement”

    I would hate for a family member, friend, or anyone on this Blog to be convicted for any crime based on allegations only.

    I despise Harvey and think he should go to jail forever but how can he be found guilty of Crimes without concrete evidence?

    Can we convict anyone on accusations of crimes that may have taken place 5, 10, or even 20 years ago without irrefutable evidence?

    Can we convict anyone of crimes just because they are unsavory characters?

    Fortunately I think and hope they have enough to convict Harvey but some of the others accused? I wonder.

    Having said all of that I also must point out that very often Progressives on this very Blog, other SJW, and Liberals point out that “People change and they deserve a second chance, we should not judge them too harshly”.

    So which way do we want it?

    Can we have it both ways?

    Are now Conservative leaning former “Accused Drug Dealers” entitled to forgiveness? Should they be allowed that “Second Chance”?

    Has that individual in question changed his life and turned things around?

    Is he even guilty of of the crimes suggested?

    I am going to go out on a Limb and suggest that Kathleen and her Failed Ontario Liberal Government were even disliked more than a lot of others.

    As I stated up the page, Wynne admitted and very clearly pointed out that She and her Government was a Failure.

    The Voters took then simply her for her word and voted for others.

    And in Spades!

    Proportional Representation has been introduced into the conversation.

    I do not know Bill Tieleman but I have spoken to him a couple of times and I believe he is a very decent man.

    He is confused and misdirected in his political leanings much like many here but he is a good person.

    I think those of you that believe in PR should read this column.

    Personally if Canadian Voters want real change I believe we should be voting on Term Limits.

    No more than Two Terms for any Politician, we need fresh blood, fresh ideas, and we need Politicians that will vote without thinking about re-election first.

    In spite of what has been written in Harvey;s initial Essay and in spite of other comments up to this point I believe the Doug Ford Conservative Government will be a vast improvement over the Wynne Liberal Ontario Government.

    If you doubt my words you can simply ask Premier Wynne what she thought about the success level of her own Liberal Government.

    (Response: My next blog will be on proportional representation. h.o)

  44. e.a.f. says:

    There are some reports out of Ontario regarding the racist attitudes of some Ford supporters. Then there are others who were very, very opposed to Wynne’s sex education program. Ford promised it would be removed this Sept. Unfortunately many people do not agree with the rights of transgendered people, gays, etc.

    the Grade 8 sex education curriculum deals with sexual identity and sexual orientation. Many conservative religious types were very opposed to that. If you do not discuss LBGTQ people then in effect your telling kids, they don’t exist. In my opinion the introduction of the new sex education program cost Wynne a lot of votes.

    So when people compare Hitler to some Conservatives, you could say there is a connection because we all know what the NAZIs thought of the LGBTQ community, right up their with Jews. when people like Ford come along they tap into that attitude which is out there. My Mother taught me very well what went on in Europe and how it impacted her family. So I understand very well what D.M.J. is saying in her references to 1933. I see it all over the U.S.A. right down to separating children from their parents and holding them in detention “jails/camps” with no one able to find out what is going on there. Ford has unleashed the “dogs” and expect Kenny to do the same. This is not about right or left, this is about human rights.

  45. 13 says:

    Doug Ford is a carbon copy of his dead brother Rob but without the charm. I heard that bit of complete BS on NW. This am NW spent most of the morning critiquing the Singapore Summit. Without wandering off topic suffice it to say that the left wing PC sjw supporters at NW wouldnt know a balanced news cast if the tripped on one.
    I suppose the election of right wing politicians makes some people uneasy. Get used to it because the consequences of all the feel good big governments across the globe are starting to show the utter stupidity of every last moron that ever voted for a Trudeau or a Obama or a Wynne.
    Never before have so many idiots been allowed to cast the wrong ballots for the wrong party.

    Strange I was sure that spewing that crap would make me feel better. Perhaps if I managed to reference Hitler those outlandish statements would seem rational?

  46. John's Aghast says:

    Limiting a politician to no more than two terms might be a sound idea.
    Limiting a blogger to less than 15% of comments might also be appreciated!

  47. BMCQ says:

    I believe I am still on topic here because I am making reference to the Doug Ford, Harper, C Clark, Gordo, Trump, Churchill, Regan, and other Conservative/Nazi/Racist/ Labels used by several Posters when referring to Freely Elected Conservative politicians.

    I travel a lot and was recently in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, they Jewish Peeople are Conservatives, they embrace Conservatism, they love Donald Trump and in fact they just named their Largest Square in Honour of well known Anti Semite POTUS Trump who happens to have a Jewish Daughter, Jewish Grandchildren, and Jewish Daughters in Law.

    Doug Ford has also spoken about Protection of ALL Religious Minorities, when was the last time you heard a Socialistic, Elite liberal Leader of any nation in the EU come out and pledge Safety and Security for European Jews>?

    So let me get this correct, if D.M. Johnston, e.a.f., or any others on this Blog refer to Conservative Politicians as Nazi’s, Homophobic, Sexist, Anti Semitic, etc. would you use the same Labels to refer to Devout Muslims who IN FACT KILL LGBTQ, Christians, Jewish People, other Religious Minorities, and Oppress Women?

    BTW, when they kill Gays they throw them off of two Story Buildings, never higher. The reason? Because when they throw Gays off of two story buildings they only cause them Horrific Pain and Bodily injury but they DO NOT Die.

    You see, those Good Devout Muslims do not want the Gay to die because if they died the Crowds would have NO Opportunity to “Stone them to Death”. Sure, that makes sense does it not?

    Would any of YOU on this Blog come out and Refer to Devout Muslims as Oppressors of Women, Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, Xenophobic when they want absolutely NO Rights for any of those just mentioned in Muslim Society?

    Herr Harper? Racist Doug Ford, Donald Trump, Gordon, Churchill or any of the rest?

    Yes, those Conservatives are real Sons of Bitches aren’t they?

    I am embarrassed for you.

    Why let Facts get in the way of a Good Story.

    Doug Ford may not turn out to be perfect but as Kathleen Wynne clearly pointed out, her Government was a Disaster, time for someone else to give it a try.

    (Response: Interestingly, I saw a show on Joy TV last night called Israel Today ..and they showed/reported more than 250,000 attended Israel Pride events this week in Israel. Really surprised me so I Googled Israel Pride and came up with:; and an Israel Tourism site PROMOTIMG Pride MONTH in the country! Never saw ANY of it covered/supported on CBC, BBC ….or commented on by the fed Greens, NDP or any Canadian Unions. Guess they’re too busy praising Saudis for finally allowing women to drive !!! h.o)

  48. Gordie says:

    Commenters took Gene the Bean to task for his insulting comments earlier on this blog. Now I see that 13 (#46) has called about 40% of the voters in Canada “morons”. Where’s the outrage? Island Lookout hasn’t been on here lately, but s/he could hardly write a sentence without insulting somebody. The posters on this blog (both “right” and “left) are getting so bad I’m ready to leave.

    (Response: Saying 405 of voters are morons is a stated general opinion …not an individual insult at another contributor. Although saddens me this is the level of some of the debate. h.o.)

  49. 13 says:

    Gordie and Harvey. My post that has Gordie upset and yourself ready to leave was straight up sarcasm . I simply repeated the endless dribble as posted by gtb dbw an eaf. I also stated that my comments were Outlandish. Just making a point that it seems Ok for left leaning posts to call conservative posters names but it’s not reciprocal. Likely because cons are far more careful

  50. BMCQ says:

    Gordie – 40

    Who am I to speak for any other learned individual/Poster on this Blog but I believe I detected a little bit of Sarcasm in the Post of 13.

    In fact 13 is by far the most objective Participant on this Blog out of anyone and I do not believe many would argue that point..

    Calling a Group Morons, Goofy, Stupid or any other Generic Type term is simply a way of expressing an opinion.

    That is nothing like calling a group Homophobic, Racist, Xenophobic, Sexist, Hater, Nazi of some other hateful terms used to describe people on this Blog.

    Stay a While, take it all in get involved, and enjoy the Argument, the Discussion, the Debate

    Please Stay Gordie, it would not be any near as much fun if you were to “Leave” and retreat off to a “Safe Space”.

  51. G, Barry Stewart says:

    What happened to all the posts?

    Under the title, it says “51 posts”… but there’s only BMCQ’s.

  52. Darrell says:

    If you don’t want a party elected with only 40% of the vote then limit the number of parties to two.

    I predict Ford will lower taxes and reduce bureaucracy. He will roll back regulations and as a result Ontarios economy will pick up.

    The wild card here is future trade deals with the US.

    (Response: WHO would decided which two parties? Sounds very undemocratic. I have no objection to MANY parties on the allow …as long as several of them given a few seats under p.r. can’t manipulate their tiny support into a blackmail position. h.o)

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