Eby Butters Up British Columbians for 2023 Vote

It’s good to have a sense of humour if you’re a political news junkie. Because you have to laugh … or at least you should … as you watch and listen to politicians twisting and turning policies, principles and promises to set themselves up for election.

Previous statements, speeches and stances can give way to NEW sentiments and sensitivities as they serve up NEW Promises and Programs in a bid for people’s votes.

And it’s amazing how, in power, they will find suddenly NEW money for all kinds of NEW and/or IMPROVED Programs and Projects that, for weeks, months and even years (since just after the previous vote?) they had been saying the Public Purse could not afford.

Sure looks to me like David Eby has pretty well done ALL these things as he transitioned from civil libertarian to MLA to Minister and now Premier.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched Eby perform last week : the former lawyer for Pivot Legal Society and Executive Director of the BC Civil Liberties Assocation and who used to be such a thorn in the side of police and wrote the BCLA manual , “The Arrest Handbook: A Guide to Your Rights” and during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics helped organize special monitors just to keep an eye on police actions.

“He was an idealistic young lawyer back then, firmly on the side of the underdogs whose dealings with police were ­usually negative. That meant being in police departments’ faces more than a few times. He was very effective at it,” recalled Victoria Times’ columnist Les Leyne recently.

“Now he’s premier and ­realizing that B.C.’s crime ­problem is one of the make-or-break issues that will determine how long he holds the job.”


(You can read Leyne’s superb analysis here: https://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/les-leyne-as-reality-intrudes-eby-changes-his-views-about-police-6160258.)

Suddenly Eby seems so concerned about sidewalk tents, violent street attacks on people and businesses, as Premier, he announced $230 Million in NEW funding to add 275 MORE RCMP officers around BC and vowed to keep recidivist offenders behind bars.

Is this the same Eby that, as the NDP’s AG, reportedly did not want prosecutors to lay charges or burden the Courts with petty cases/charges involving thieves, druggies or crazies? Apparently, it was let victims take their lumps!

Not anymore. Now the emphasis is on cleaning up the cities, protecting the citizenry, keeping recidivist culprits in jail and funding a lot more police

Where did the sudden NEW money for MORE POLICE come from?

Well, from a $5 BILLION SURPLUS revealed by Eby’s NDP government … you know, the one that has been telling nurses, teachers, parents, seniors, motorists for years the government was broke: its bank account was in a deficit situation, deep in debt.

In fact, so poor the NDP government still was not yet able to fund the $400 Renters’ Grant they promised TWO elections back.

But with BILLIONS extra now bursting forth from the public purse, Eby announced a stand-alone Ministry of Housing to tackle the housing crisis, Housing Supply Act legislation to increase the number of homes in B.C. by working with municipalities, and changes to the Strata Property Act to remove age restrictions and expand rentals in B.C. strata buildings (except projects designated for over 55s). 

Details here: https://vancouversun.com/news/david-ebys-announcements-total-1-billion-in-first-week-as-premier.

From the politician who handed out the piddly $100 ICBC kickback last year, there’s another $100 kickback, this time from BC Hydro, to be paid out in early 2023.

And he’s not done yet: Eby has promised 100 days of “action”.

Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-Ching!

There is no doubt Eby is buttering up British Columbians for an early election, in 2023.

Voters will recall former Premier John Horgan pulled the early election gambit in October 2020, despite BC’s legislation that called for the vote to take place in 2021. It worked: Horgan won a whopping majority.

The next SCHEDULED BC vote is Oct. 19, 2024 … but we’ll be going to the polls again well before that.!

Eby has NO public mandate as BC’s Premier … and he knows it.

So after five years as Attorney General and two years as Minister responsible for housing … during which time many BC residents would say public safety, disrespect for our courts and housing issues/problems festered and got worse … maybe that’s why Eby has now seen the light.

Or did he long want to make all these recently announced changes and initiatives or policy changes, but Horgan wouldn’t let him??? How bad were the disagreements over policies?

Too bad so many of BC’s media have become little more than government messengers and so few BC “reporters” ask tough questions anymore!

The new Premier, who took office Nov 18, on Friday also reversed another policy of Horgan’s government that would have phased out individualized funding for children diagnosed with autism.

Sunday Eby made another announcement: “several new measures to bring more doctors to the province, amid an ongoing shortage and strained emergency departments,” reported the Castanet website.

“Premier David Eby says the province is expanding a program through which internationally-educated family doctors can become licensed to work in B.C,’ it added. (Here is more on that:https://www.castanet.net/news/BC/398536/Premier-David-Eby-makes-announcement-about-recruiting-more-doctors-in-B-C.

Watch the goodies flow; watch the streets get cleaned up; watch the pressures grow on municipalities to cut red tape delaying housing … all things that could have and should have been done while Eby was Attorney General and Housing Minister … but were not.

And who knows, maybe even the promised and re-promised Renters’ Grant will finally be paid out, before Election Day: after which, of course, whichever government is elected will tell us it’s broke again with no money to fund anything …until the following election looms on the horizon.

Harv Oberfeld

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25 Responses to Eby Butters Up British Columbians for 2023 Vote

  1. CB says:

    Thank you very much for your column on Premier Eby.
    The Liberal leader is not that much different even with a name change.
    What do individuals like me (a Conservative) do at election time? Where do we place the “X”?

    Keep up the great writing … love it ..

    (Response: Thanks. That’s a dilemma so many face: we know they almost all deceive, play us, ply us with promises and new funding for so many programs and projects BEFORE elections, and then we’re lucky if they do even half of them AFTER getting elected .. and, adding insult to injury, they RAISE all kinds of taxes and fees to create another surprise “surplus” for more promises and goodies before the next vote! So who to vote for? I guess the one you feel will do LEAST HARM to you or the public interest. h.o)

  2. Eby is in trouble and he needs to spread the provincial lolly to get good photo-ops, promising fairies from pixie-dust.

    I think Eby will have big problems over the E&N, as the NDP have let the railway rot into oblivion.

    As you know, I am the Rail for the Valley guy and we engaged a real company with expertise in planning for regional railways.

    I have been told that $3 billion would be needed to rehab the E&N to provide 2 trains per hour per direction from Victoria to Courtney and a train every 2 hours to Port Alberni. We are talking $3 billion for over 250 km of rail transit.

    But the NDP have made under the table deals with the Rail for Trails folks and the narcissistic bike lobby to turn the R-o-W into a bike route so everyone can commute up and down the Island by bike!

    Eby is fully behind the $11 billion to extend the Expo and Millennium Lines a mere 21.7 km, which both will not attract much new ridership, if any.

    I sent Eby a letter earlier in the year, pointing out a lot of transit “facts” including corruption (which were all from stories in the Globe and Mail and other reputable news sources) and our questionable regional transit planning. All I got back was a terse “all further communication must go through a provincial Barrister”.

    Really? What is Eby afraid of? The truth?

    What is more of a problem for Eby was the recent sham leadership race, where the Vancouver Oligarchs and the well heeled Union Leaders running the NDP did not want anyone with environmentalist credentials anywhere near the NDP leadership. I have been told that there is a growing demand for much of the membership monies to be returned because the race for the leadership was fixed.

    Site C, the $16 billion dam on shifting shale is an open wound within the NDP and it is wound that keeps bleeding.

    On the Liberal side is “Have you had enough Falcon”, which I have had more than enough. His bridge instead of a tunnel to replace the perfectly good Massey Tunnel demonstrates he is in someones pocket. As told to me my a MoT Engineer, 8 lane tunnel or 10 lane bridge all have one big problem, no increase in capacity since going North of the Fraser since the Art Laing Bridge opened in 1975. all the new bridge or tunnel will do is turn Hwy 99 into a parking lot in Richmond.

    Falcon, in my book, in concert with Gordon Campbell, raped the province of its assets, to sell to corporate friends. BC Rail one of the biggest rip offs ever is just glossed over by the mainstream media.

    So two leaders who are rather toxic, leading two parties, best described as Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum, will lead me to vote for the Greens, with all their warts.

    So Eby can throw as much money he can around the province but I have the distinct feeling that the populace have grown tired of the NDP and are willing to forgive Falcon for past misdeeds.

    The real question that Eby must ponder, how many NDP types will instead, vote for the Greens, with many in protest of their own party.

    (Response: But … will Eby’s aggressive redirection of NDP policies and spending work? Your analysis reminds me of the old adage: you can win being only a “six” …if everyone else running against you is seen as only a “three” or “four”. That’s the challenge facing Falcon/Liberals in the eyes of many British Columbians. h.o)

    • D.M. Johnston says:

      (Rafe) Mair’s Axiom #1: You do not need to be a 10 in politics to win, you need only be a 4 if your opponent is a 2.

      My problem is that I find both Eby and Falcon are 2’s and if the Greens rate a 2, I will park my vote there unless they do something really, really stupid.

      The media, though that is another story altogether. I have had the privileged on being on Rafe Mair’s talk show several times and I also met jack Webster twice and I can tell you, they would be spinning in the graves at the state of the news media today in BC.

      Example: last nights commuter fiasco due to the snow. Excuse me, where were the plows, where were any sort of official response?

      The excuses by the Minister for Transportation and various city bureaucrats, were mind numbingly lame. TransLink, sending buses on snowy roads without winter tires should see the CEO fired.

      All we got were videos of cars crashing and official excuses, no hard questions at all, none, nada!

      Politically it is the same. All puff ball questions so slowly lobbed that times seems to stand still!

      Well, tomorrow night it is supposed to snow again, and more puff questions by reporters who have seen what their craft is.

      (Response: Sometimes I TRY to be an optimist … and think maybe they ASKED the tough questions, but got deflected non-answers, so didn’t show it? Well, back in the days when almost EVERYONE watched the 6 o-clock news, all the stations DID show it (maybe not CBC) when politicians/officials did slide around/obfuscate etc. …and that (and the public reactions) embarrassed them to improve. Now it seems… they (politicians, officials, police, etc.) just stay anything … and it good enough. That HAS to change before almost EVERYONE tunes out! But I wonder if many of those we see “reporting” now on tv are even knowledgeable enough or capable of asking tough questions? Sad. h.o)

  3. Lynn says:

    Thank you Harvey for reading my mind and putting it into print.

    (Response: We have to really wonder why BC’s political reporters don’t push Eby HARD on this: it’s all so obvious what he is doing, buttering up the population for a vote next Spring or Fall (depending on the polling they will do); and, why oh why didn’t HE, HORGAN and the NDP government …in power since 2017 … introduce/do all these things until the “100 days of action” ???? h.o)

  4. Brian says:

    With Bill 44, Building and Strata Statutes Amendment Act now the law for Strata owners they are faced with their age restriction bylaw, other than 55+, and rental restriction bylaw being eliminated from the SPA. The 1.5 million strata owners, many of who bought because of these bylaws that, in their mind, protected their investment is now doomed to lose their investment. The good news for these strata owners is the buyer pool has greatly increased and buyers no longer face the age restriction and rent restriction bylaw if they want to buy a condo. Oh and let’s not forget because of Bill 44, the 1.5 million strata owners get to shoulder the housing crisis burden in BC.

    The SPA, which supposedly exists to “protect” the 1.5 million condo owners does the opposite. There are no consequences if their strata council violates the SPA. Sure they can take it to the CRT, but it will take 8 to 12 months for a resolution with most favoring the strata council.

    Who speaks for the 1.5 million condo owners that governments rely on? CHOA and VISOA who represent mostly strata developers and industry in general are given a seat at the table when the SPA needs changes. Individual strata owners are left in the lurch and mercy of the SPA that fails to protect them. It is a great day for the strata owners!

    (Response: The moves announced by Eby will make many people’s lives miserable: those who bought condos in what they expected to be quiet adult-orientated buildings may now have two or three small kids running around above them … maybe even a grow op or meth lab. I suspect lots of investors (especially offshore) who become landlords don’t really vet those they rent to very much …as long as the revenues flow. The solution … by the NDP which has been in power since 2017 …should have been INCENTIVES to build many more moderate rentals …not change the rules and force renters socialist-style on people who had put their life savings into buying what they thought would be adult-only condos. h.o)

    • Brian says:

      Condo owners in BC should read “Strata Crisis in BC” web page. https://stratacrisisbc.ca

      No oversight or enforcement to ensure strata councils comply with the Strata Property Act/Regulations or Bylaws.

      Strata property managers are shielded from accountability by the BCFSA, the Strata Property Act, the Civil Resolution Tribunal.

      Owners are allowed to hoard proxies to control strata voting at general meetings, in turn, controlling all decision-making.

      The CRT will generally not order a strata council to properly adhere to strata legislation, including the Strata Property Act.

      There has been no formal public review or audit of CRT decisions by the Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Housing since the inception of the CRT.

      These are just a few points discussed on the web page. Governments of either stripe have failed the 1.5 million condo owners in BC.

      (Disclosure: I am not affiliated with this webpage)

  5. Gilbert says:

    It’s interesting that David Eby suddenly has lots of money for police officers. He’s a magician who can produce money out of thin air. That’s impressive.

    Maybe he no longer thinks the police are to blame for all of society’s problems, evil doesn’t exist and criminals are simply misunderstood, especially if they’re NDP supporters.

    When my dad was alive, he said politicians often cut something before election day and later raised everything else. We’ve seen it before. It’s nothing new.

    (Response: Your dad was correct: all parties hand it out before elections ..and then raise taxes and fees after taking power ..to build up the next election’s goody basket. In Eby’s case, it wasn’t exactly out of this air …the latest scheduled Budget update revealed the projected $5.7 surplus and as Sun Columnist Vaughn Palmer pointed out, the government also shows “unallocated contingency fuds” top another $5 Billion. Why spend it now? Eby wants to impress … as he butters us up for that unannounced, unscheduled, yet coming, 2023 Spring (or Fall if early polling is bad) Election. h.o)

  6. Stu de Baker says:

    This government is so hugely unpopular and vile, I would have thought the replies here would be nearing record numbers by now.

    Whenever I deal with service people, be it in Save On, the crosswalk guard, the staff in my doctor’s office, or the library, I always make a point of being pleasant. This might not go beyond noticing their name tags, addressing them by name and asking if others are treating them well. Often they don’t know how to respond to niceties, because they are regularly subjected to negativity and rarely complemented.

    So, with that modern day human trait, I wondered how long it would take KIR to drop the anvil on David Eby and the NDP.

    Harvey, you are so incredibly predictable.

    You can’t be faulted for not keeping up whilst cruising the world through 2022. I doubt Variety or Cosmopolitan mentioned the NDP quietly settled labour agreements with a quarter of a million employees and created a payment model for BC doctors which was immediately applauded across the country.

    My ICBC premiums are lower than they have been in years, my grandkids get free transit, renters have been saved from huge increases, families can now live together in strata complexes and food delivery service fees have been capped. Just to name a few positives this awful Horgan-Eby government has brought about.

    But like the customer service desk employee at Canadian Tire, throwing rocks is so much easier.

    Or are the boisterous cheers being reserved for Boy Wonder at Vancouver City Hall?

    (Response: You have been spoiled by the current crop of BC “reporters” who have become messengers and even cheerleaders for the government. The role of any reporter in a democracy should be to: report WHAT is happening; question WHY it is happening; WHO will benefit or be hurt by what is happening; HOW it will be paid for and then keep politicians’ feet to the fire by asking TOUGH questions of someone like Eby … like How come you’ve suddenly changed your policies? How come you weren’t able to do all these things in the five years you were in office …until you became Premier? Is it because you know that before too long you will have to get a public mandate … so you’re willing to spend $5 BILLION dollars of public money to butter them up beforehand? Unfortunately, today, BC media get the Press Release on WHAT is happening, according to the government, do their story, get a quick clip from the Opposition and forget to REALLY go after them on the rest of the important questions! I’m happy to list them on behalf of my readers … and maybe (I live in hope) one or two of the good reporters still out there will get some answers for the people of BC ..even if pressing the issues upsets the Premier, his strategists and his partisan supporters. h.o)

  7. Not Sure says:

    Who ya voting for Harvey?

    Despite the the complacent, incompetent, even complicit media, it appears that you can see through all the noise that Stu tossed out.

    Why has Eby changed his policies? Has he? According to the complacent? complicit? Les Layne, Eby “ran a civil liberties group dedicated in part to keeping cops on the straight and narrow, and wasn’t shy about criticizing them”

    What is actually wrong about that? Is there a contradiction in wanting 227 more police officers and expecting them to work within the confines of the law? Or shift a bit. What is actually wrong with realizing that your point of view has to change when you are working for a civil liberties organization but are now serving the much broader general public. (Think Horgan who was criticized more by NDP supporters when he decided to continue with the controversial Site C)

    If we want to, let’s look at what Eby and Dix and other members of the government are promising now and argue about them on their merits. Is it good policy or not.

    But here is where I do disagree with you. You think Eby is trying to butter the public up for an election call sometime in the spring or fall. You are probably right but I wish you were wrong. I want the government to fulfill its four year mandate.

    In 2011, Christy Clark was criticized for not calling an election. Campbell/Liberals were highly unpopular. Clark figured she needed some time to distance her premiership from Campbell’s. Rightly or wrongly that was here prerogative. Politically, it was the correct decision to wait. The same doesn’t apply here. Horgan and the NDP are still relatively popular. An election call at this point would be to their advantage. So I say, let them put in place these new policies and let them run on their success/failure in Oct 2024 instead of wasting money on another early, unnecessary election.

    (Response: There’s nothing wrong with changing one’s views or positions, based on new information or evolving circumstances. Or increasing spending to deliver more and better services. I just find it almost cliche when politicians somehow can never find the money to keep most of their promises or do much just after an election …and even tell us they MUST raise taxes and fees .. and then miraculously find BILLIONS to shell out in the months before they go to the polls. They all do it …so it’s no big deal. BUT what does rile me up is that so many of the BC “political” media are so complacent, complicit that they don’t confront them (in this case EBY) on how they are using public money to butter up the electorate for an election …so they can retain power and keep their generous pay and perks. Maybe if the TV media confronted, challenged and pushed politicians more ON CAMERA, their ratings wouldn’t be so low now …compared to when I and others were regularly doing exactly that. h.o)

  8. daniel says:

    I totally agree on your take Harvey that we may be in for an early election call. It worked quite well for them last time.
    I’ve never been a big fan of Kevin Falcon but the other I saw him on the news stating that the NDP have been waiting for some time to make all these announcements just to make political hay. Shame on them.
    A while back I read somewhere that politicians are trained to lie and than sell it like the truth. I don’t really believe they are all like that but I do tend to wonder sometimes.
    It does seem to me that once elected, the next big goal is to be re-elected.

    (Response: As I have said before, all parties and leaders do it … hit you where it hurts after being elected, and then butter you up with goodies when they get ready to seek re-election. So I don’t even know if I will hold it against Eby/NDP when the “snap” election is called within the next 10 months. My decision will be on: the actual record, the failings, the platform, the campaign. My biggest problem right now, as Eby spends BILLIONS of public dollars to burnish his image, is where are my colleagues in the media??? Surely, with so much being announced in such a short time frame now, Eby (and the NDP government’s) feet should be held to the fire on EACH AND EVERY announcement: Why the hell didn’t Horgan and his administration … in power since 2017, do it?? h.o)

  9. Marge says:

    They buy us with our money and we fall for it every time.

    BTW what do you make of this loonytoons behaviour of our politicians:


    (Response: Very interesting article. I think it’s disgraceful that Trudeau/federal government … while giving lip service to denouncing the growing anti-Semitic lies, tropes and even vocal support expressed for Palestinian terrorists in Canada (on campuses, in the media and on the Internet) are so weak and wishy-washy when it comes to taking ACTION to stop catering to them, funding their organizations and even giving them PUBLIC-FINANCED air-time! In fact, Honest Reporting Canada has exposed several lies and slanted, biased, one-sided anti-Israel directed propaganda and anti-Semitic-generating remarks/statements aired on CBC … resulting later in apologies, corrections. Just a couple: https://mailchi.mp/49ece09f7419/cbc-ombud-acknowledges-shortcomings-of-our-montreal-report-which-failed-to-include-important-context-about-anti-israel-activist?e=ac7b52a2ac and this: https://mailchi.mp/de7f29b93d3e/cbc-corrects-its-spreading-falsehood-that-palestinians-threw-rocks-in-response-to-israeli-police-actions?e=ac7b52a2ac and this proven lie: https://honestreporting.ca/globe-and-cbc-falsely-claim-all-palestinian-casualties-were-killed-by-israeli-airstrikes/ . Where is Trudeau/Liberal government on these repeated breaches of journalistic standards and fair/ethical reporting by the PUBLIC broadcaster! h.o)

    • Edgar says:

      From a 2003 Globe and Mail article about 2001 census

      Canadian census figures show for the first time that Muslims outnumber Jews — a demographic that could ultimately affect this country’s position toward the protracted Middle East conflict.

      So it has come to pass – it is all about votes, morality and ethics are secondary.

      (Response: The ideal of Canada USED to be that ALL races, ethnicities, religions would be treated equally and with respect. But I see that now changing: most immigrants do try to JOIN the Canadian family, but there seem to be increasing numbers who have not only brought their old biases/hates with them, but are getting bolder in expressing/promoting them. Saw this in just the latest mailing of Honest Reporting Canada about a reception on Parliament Hill organized by Liberal MP Salma Zahid: “Canadian parliamentarians who were in attendance included: NDP MP Niki Ashton, Green leader and MP Elizabeth May, Conservative MP Larry Brock and Liberal MP’s Omar Alghabra and, of course, Salma Zahid. Also in attendance was Nazih Khatatba, Editor of the Mississauga-based Arabic-language newspaper Meshwar, which HRC has exposed as having engaged in Holocaust denial, antisemitism and who recently described terror bombings against Israelis – including a bombing that killed 16-year-old Canadian-Israeli Aryeh Shechopek – as beautiful.” Disgraceful!! Unless I see HRC sued and lose, I’ll assume their references are correct … which makes me wonder How in the world could any Canadian MP invite someone who says/writes anything like that to a reception on Parliament Hill? Can you imagine any MP inviting anyone who said/write in the same ilk about Blacks, Chinese, East Indians, Muslims or First Nations? Maybe it’s as you say: because now there are more Muslims than Jews in Canada … ie votes? It’s enough to put me OFF voting Liberal next time around, for sure!! Especially if I see Poilievre standing up and speaking out on issues like this. h.o)

  10. Gilbert says:

    It will be an interesting election. Kevin Falcon is far from perfect. He has to hope people forget the scandals and corruption that took place under Gordon Campbell.

    The premier, David Eby, is even more left-wing than John Horgan. In other words, he’s truly a radical leftist. He believes in a very big government, redistribution of wealth, overregulation, overtaxation, climate change hysteria and minimal punishment for criminals. He’s definitely soft on crime.

    The campaigns will be important. Voters need to decide if they want a very idealistic government that loves to spend or a more realistic government that believes in a strong private sector. Time will tell.

    (Response: I wonder whether we will ever see/know the REAL David Eby until AFTER he seeks a mandate, if he wins. Especially with most of the BC political media just being government messengers, seldom pushing or even asking tough questions anymore … like WHY didn’t the NDP government under Horgan, in office since 2017, do even HALF of what he has announced in just two weeks since becoming Premier??? Why didn’t HE, as Attorney General AND Minister responsible for Housing do what he has now so quickly announced? I would have enjoyed asking …and watching him respond. And NOT just be his messenger to the public! h.o)

    • Gilbert says:

      Harvey, I wish we had someone like you to ask the politicians the questions you used to ask.

      (Response: Thanks. It wasn’t just me. BCTV used to have SEVERAL good questioners/reporters: Clem Chapple, John Gibbs, Neal Adams, Alyn Edwards, Margo Harper, Mark Schneider, Mark Miller, John Daly etc ,etc. All practicing the craft of REAL journalism under REAL Newsroom Management …News Director Cameron Bell and Assignment Editor Keith Bradbury who taught and pushed and demanded REAL questioning and REAL stories … never allowing BCTV to become willing messengers for government and more like a community neighborhood outlet than a REAL News powerhouse. h.o)

    • e.a.f. says:

      Horgan isn’t that left wing. You may consider him so, but there are people who were Conservative Party members and former B.C. Lieberals who voted for Horgan. People were fed up with the cabal.
      Would not consider Eby all that left wing. His work for legal societies could have been done by a right wing, middle of the roader, or left winger. His positions were all about defending the rights of people with not much money. If you have money, you have rights and if you have enough, you have great lawyers. No worries.

      Eby provided a valuble service to British Columbia in his former, youthful career. As a kid in the 1950s I already knew about police misdeeds, but who won’t if you knew some of B.C. and Vancouver history. I’m sure Harvey has heard about that Police Chief who headed for the border……………

    • e.a.f. says:

      Harvey, really asking those questions about why politicans dont’ do……

      Its about getting elected. The first order of business for any governmentn is to remain in office.

  11. ebrbar says:

    Yes, @bcndp dropped a report it commissioned about its response to the #COVID19 pandemic on a Friday afternoon during a week when the weather has dominated and the PM came to town for a photo op with @dave_eby. Make no mistake, they’re in election mode…

    (Response: Watch for another ICBC “rebate” in the Spring! A guaranteed sign of a coming vote. h.o)

    • D.M. Johnston says:

      I think Eby is in trouble in “Lotus Land”, with tonights self congratulating “BC applauds its Covid response……………….”. Problem is, the great unwashed have different ideas.


      The final report of the “COVID-19 Lessons Learned Review” was posted Friday. The 150-page document says that “overall, despite being unprepared for a province-wide emergency the Government of British Columbia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic was strong, showing resilience, balance, and nimbleness.”

      However, the same document shows 74 per cent of respondents “disagree” with the statement — 64 per cent “strongly” — that “overall, the B.C. government managed the pandemic well.”


      It seems the NDP with all its back slapping and cheering, now seems to be estranged from the BC voter, a dangerous situation indeed.

      You can shovel all the money you want off the back of a truck, but when the taxpayer/voter turns sour on a politcal power it is soon “regime change” time.

      It seems in BC, we are racing towards the bottom of the barrel with our politicians and that is extremely dangerous for our democracy over the long term.

      (Response: Despite all my criticism of BC government/politicians’ actions, lack of actions, policies, I don’t see them as “extremely dangerous for our democracy over the long term.” That description I’d apply more to what is happening in Alberta right now …read my next Blog Monday. 🙂 h.o)

      • D.M. Johnston says:

        To clarify.

        When politcal parties cease listening to the voter and instead do as they please, so openly, so without care for the future that the common person ceases to care because voting merely changes the faces in government and not policy.

        provincially around 50% do not vote, increasing to around 70% civically and that, I believe is extremely dangerous for our democracy.

  12. Not Sure says:

    I know you are upset at the media and think they are doing a poor job but I noticed that people including yourself are posting links from the media to make their points. Here is another from Rob Shaw.

    From this article and your post and your two links from Vancouver Sun and Les Layne and the one DMJ linked and information from various future sources we have to decide how w we will vote in a coming election.

    But Shaw’s article is interesting because it is asking IF the NDP should call an election sooner rather than later. Eby has said he is not thinking of an early election but as Shaw points out, they always say that until they don’t.

    So here is the information. We know that the NDP has a huge windfall to spend. And we know that the money has to be spent in the next four months or it goes against the debt.

    Do British Columbians want that money spent on solving problems or reducing the debt. I think the former but I might be wrong?

    Is the money being directed at the right problems? Not an expert but it looks like it is.

    Now what excuse can Eby use for calling an election. You have claimed that he doesn’t have a mandate because he is a new leader. But if the election occurs in the spring he avoids the predicted economic downturn that may occur closer to the set election date of Oct 2024.

    I asked a friend of mine who is a much more committed NDP supporter than I am when Eby should call an election. “When he thinks he can win” was his response.

    So politically with a $5-10B windfall, that needs to be spent now and the excuse that he needs a mandate to move forward on these new projects, he can call this election and have a better than good chance of winning. (The NDP is still relatively popular and the BC United is still in the beginning stages of rebuilding.)

    Wouldn’t he be crazy not to.

    But as crazy as it sounds coming from an NDP supporter, I believe in set election dates. We don’t need elections every couple of years when the party in power thinks they can win. Probably why I would suck as a political strategist.

    And I don’t know what hard questions you are expecting from the media. Where did the money come from? The Shaw article explains. Why didn’t you do this early? we didn’t have the money. Covid.

    Harvey you are the one that has said Eby doesn’t have a mandate therefore he must call an election. So you really can’t blame him if he does.

    (Response: Now this is funny. You cite a Rob Shaw article on Why Eby SHOULD consider an early election …and Stu cited a Rob Shaw interview to show Eby saying NO early election is coming …and I responded with a link to a Rob Shaw article in August 2020 saying No early election was likely …a month before Horgan called it! 🙂 Truth is anything is possible when you’re dealing with politicians … so don’t take as Gospel ANYTHING they say, they promise, even an AGREEMENT they sign or a LAW that is on the books. As for the BC media, yes, I am saddened by the current state of the art, and their low readership and low ratings shows hundreds of thousands British Columbians have noticed. However, I always point out there are still some very good reporters out there and I am happy to cite and credit their work. h.o)

  13. Stu de Baker says:

    I know you don’t want the ink to dry up in the poison pen Harvey, but they’re cheap and you can get another in 2024.

    Five minute mark; “no early election.”

    (Response: Oh my! You’re even more naive than I thought! I wondered at first if someone was impersonating you this time? But the return e-mail is correct ..so I must assume not. First of all, here’s exactly what Eby said “I’ve talked to a lot of British Columbians and not one has said ‘You know what I’d like from the government is a provincial election.” NO ONE??? Really??? Clearly, he hasn’t talked to Kevin Falcon or many the 900,000 BC voters who cast ballots for other BC parties! And Eby also stated “An election is not one of the priorities of British Columbians, and their priorities are my priorities.” Get it?? “Priorities”. Does ANY of that really look to you as a PROMISE not to call an early vote? NO!! Well, my “pen of truth” still has more ink in it, so I’ll also point you how USELESS are NDP “PROMISES”: here’s what The Vancouver Sun reminded readers in Sept. 2020, after John Horgan called an EARLY election: “His decision violated the written power-sharing agreement he signed with the B.C. Greens in 2017, in which he promised to wait until the next scheduled election in Oct. 16, 2021. He also disregarded B.C.’s fixed election date law, though there is no penalty for doing so.” So …it’s a historical truth: NDP Premiers DO LIE, NDP Premiers DO BREAK PROMISES and NDP Premiers DO EVEN DISREGARD THE LAW when it suits! And guess what, I still have ink left in my “pen of truth” …so I can leave readers with a link to an article written in August 2020 by the same reporter who YOU just cited as coming up with Eby’s early election deflection:” https://vancouversun.com/news/politics/rob-shaw-early-election-unlikely-in-fall-possible-by-spring“. Election unlikely! Horgan called it a month later. LOL!! h.o)

  14. e.a.f. says:

    The changes you mention are the result of being in a new job, with new demands. Job description changed Eby’s life has also changed in the interving years; got older, got a domestic unit and two very cute kids. Puts a whole new spin on life.
    If the rateings are good, Eby most likely will call an election. He’ll then have 4 years to achieve his goals.

    Even if the press asked the right question, I’m not sure Eby would put all his cards on the table. You give the public what they want to see.

    Now as to how Falcon will fare, hhe talks a lot on t.v. slaming the NDP, etc. but he hasn’t offered up much in the way of suggestions to improve things. He was part of el gordo’s and CC’s governments. There are all sorts of messy stuff attached to him.

    Lets see there was B.C. Rail, the contract on the new electric meters, the runn of the river projects which were’t good for us or the fish, El gordo was not to be trusted yet there was Falcon…………..Then we had CC and money laundering at casinos and elsewhere. When the medical officer of B.C. announced a state of emergency regarding drug deaths what did Kevin and Christy do? NOTHING. In Alberta they at least banned pill presses. Then of course there was Christy’s demand that children in receipt of chidl support from their non custodial parent could not keep the money if the custodial parent was on Disability from the provincial government. Those children were living at 50% below the poverty line. Kevin was O.K. with that. All CC took back was $14M a year. They spent more on advertising. It was cruel and I’d suggest that was the whole point. For every year the B.C. Lieberals B.C. had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada except one year when Manitobia tied with us. Some nice attack ads should be a reminder to voters. Do you really want to go back to that?

    As to buying voters with their own money, a practise of all politicans in this country for as long as I’ve lived and the history books confirm it was a practise prior to my birth
    One of the main things I’ve looked at when it comes to political parties is, who will do the least damage to the children in this province. Who will provide them with a better life. While very young. realized children had little to no power in life. Not their fault, they didn’t vote. Interest rates come and go as do taxes, the economy up and down, roads, etc. It all goes in cycles but the treatment of children needs to improve.

    As to comments regarding the NDP handing out a hundred here and there, I think it reasonable to conclude you’ve never been so poor that a $100 even once a year can make a big difference in what a child can eat for a week or two. We were a middle class family but there were children at school who weren’t.

    (Response: Your last paragraph is totally wrong. In my early reporting days in Saskatchewan, I spent many days with empty pockets, between pay days. And during my stint at The Vancouver Sun, I spent 8 MONTHS on strike ..with only strike pay income …and learned the many ways to live on Kraft dinners and coupons. But remember, every BILLION DOLLAR surplus or $100 sent you by the government is just YOUR money being returned … because you were overtaxed in the first place. h.o)

  15. Not Sure says:

    I am trying to figure this out. This is how I am reading you. Maybe I am wrong.

    You don’t like the NDP. You think they have failed. And you don’t think the press has done enough to promote that narrative. Not everybody agrees with that narrative by the way. The NDP have not been total flops. They can run on their record as well as the current string of promises. Stu listed some of their accomplishments and that was a short list. But you have your opinion and lots agree with you. The election whenever it occurs will decide.

    And it sounds like you are mad that the NDP have a windfall surplus that they can use to fight crime, improve housing, send rebates to people in need etc. which is right out of the playbook perfected by the Socreds led by the Bennetts and the Liberals led by Campbell and Clark and likely every single government in western democracies. Mind you it is an interesting debate. If they don’t target the money for programs within the next four months, it has to be used to pay down the debt. Which would you prefer. I like the former.

    So the question ultimately is should/must Eby call an election in early? late? 2023 and fight it on the promises of the goodies or complete the NDP mandate and fight the election on the success/failure of these new programs.

    In a summer post (that questioned Eby’s baggage), you suggested that Eby had to call an early election because he has no mandate, that he would face criticism if he didn’t. If Eby agrees with your assessment, then you can’t really blame him for taking preparatory action for an election call. And if he is ignoring your opinion, and I hope he agrees with me on set election days, then I guess we have to wait a while to have our say.

    And when we get our say – this spring or later – there will likely be other issues besides these ones to argue over.

    (Response: It’s not that I don’t LIKE the NDP. I have voted NDP provincially several times … and, long ago, even federally, until it became what it is today. I have also voted Liberal, Conservative and even Green. But my role on this Blog is to KEEP IT REAL ie reveal the TRUTH about what is going on: I am NOT just a government messenger, like some of my colleagues have become. So when I see politicians (especially those in power with BILLIONS of public dollars at their hands) buttering up the electorate for what sure looks like an early election in 2023 or deceiving, changing their positions etc. I am happy to point it out to my readers. h.o)

  16. Not Sure says:

    Harvey, this is what you said in your latest post but I am commenting here because it is more appropriate here than there.

    “leaders who understood they have NO PUBLIC MANDATE when picked by their party to replace a Premier who resigned … and realized they govern in a DEMOCRACY and MUST seek the public’s approval/endorsement within months of being anointed.” h.o)

    This is another dig at Eby. And I am struggling with your outrage. You are mad that Eby is making announcements that look like he could be calling an election and at the same time you are mad that he hasn’t called an election even though he has been premier for less than a month.

    We can debate whether or not Eby should call an election to get a mandate but I can find no indication that he has to call an election, that he has no mandate to govern. Let’s look at precedent. A premier/PM resigning mid term is unusual. Usually they lose an election or quit near the end of their term, just before an election would be called.

    In our lifetime …

    Clark lost; Campbell resigned mid term; G. Clark and Harcourt and VanderZalm and Bennett Jr all retired at the end of their term; Barrett lost and Bennett Sr lost. In the case of Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark waited the two years until the election had to be called. We may not like that but why she should suffer because of Campbell’s unpopularity. And it turned out that she made the correct political decision.

    How about federally. In our lifetime every Prime Minister either lost like Harper or retired close to the next election like Chretien. We did have a situation where somebody left mid term. And that was John A. Macdonald. He won the 1891 election in March and died in June. The next election was held 5 years later and the four !!! Conservative leaders that became PM in that 5 year period did not call an election until Charles Tupper had to in 1896. (One of the four also died by the way.)

    What about the British who invented our parliamentary democracy. We only have to go back to 2007. Blair won the election in 2005. He resigned in 2007. Gordon Brown the new Labour leader took over and waited until 2010 before calling an election. Theresa May took over from David Cameron in 2016. She called an election a year later not because she had to but in a minority government she wanted to strengthen her position for negotiating Brexit and asked for dissolution. She failed to get a majority and ultimately resigned.

    Liz Truss and now Rishi Sunak replaced Boris Johnson after his 2019 victory, but with a majority I expect Sunak to wait until he needs to call one in 2024.

    This is not to say that we can’t discuss whether a new leader should call an election immediately. Maybe it should. But there is nothing to say that they are being undemocratic if they don’t. The party won the mandate and like Sunak and unlike Clark Eby was a member of the government when that mandate was won.

    (Response: I am not outraged. My position re Eby is the same as it was when Christy Clark took power …but had no public mandate for BC’s top job …either for herself or for her agenda. The voters MUST decide, even if it is indirectly, WHO will be our Premier …and not have to wait almost TWO YEARS to do so. No way is Eby’s position tenable …and the BC media should do it’s job and hammer a way at this lack of respect for voters’ democratic rights by the NDP. Too bad most of them are so complacent and complicit …and just messengers of the government. h.o)

  17. Not Sure says:

    This is interesting Harvey. Was this ever discussed in any of your political science classes at university?

    Summarizing your response to me: You think Eby MUST call an election. That Eby’s position is untenable. That he is showing a lack of respect for democratic rights. And the media – the complacent, complict media – should be hammering him on this.

    But you began your response with “MY POSITION re Eby is the same as it was for Christy Clark…”

    Your position. Your opinion. And you want the media to hammer Eby on YOUR opinion. It is not my opinion. Whose opinion should the media listen to.

    I have taken the position that he doesn’t have to call an election. I am not saying that Eby won’t or can’t call an election. I am just saying there is no justification constitutionally or whatever for demanding that he call one. It is his call at least until Oct 24

    As well, there are huge differences between the Clark and Eby transitions. Clark was sworn in as premier in March of 2011 just after she won leadership. But unlike Eby she was not a member of the legislature having stepped away before the 2005 election. When she was sworn in as premier she literally was unelected. She had to win a by-election, ironically defeating David Eby. On top of that, she was replacing a highly unpopular premier who had bungled the HST debacle among other things. And Clark didn’t call (and didn’t have to) call an early election and still won a big majority. The public didn’t seem to care.

    If you really want the media to be hammering Eby, it should be on the policies and programs he hopes to implement and the success of those policies rather than demanding he call what at this point is an unnecessary election. The NDP won a four year mandate and Eby is not doing anything much different than Horgan would have been doing if hadn’t had to resign because of illness. We will have an election on or before Oct. 24. That’s all that matters. Just my opinion.

    (Response: Yes, that was MY opinion ..and as it turned out, the opinion of many, many other voters … who pushed Clark to hold an election before her maximum mandate ran out. But I think without realizing it, you expose the BIG difference of too much of the media today: our media USED TO carry and even push the public’s message to the politicians … even expressing their anger and frustrations and demanding a response/action; today clearly many of the media … but thankfully not all … have become more messengers of government to the people … waiting for a press release or media conference and almost never pushing very hard to get real answers or actions. h.o)

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