Election ’17: Signs of Higher Interest and Higher Turnout

Some good news at last for those of us who care about how BC is governed  … and want more of the public to do the same.

Turnout on the first weekend of advance polls for the May 9 provincial election was GOOD … even HEAVY in some ridings!

On Saturday, Elections BC reports 122,067 voted province-wide … compared to 110,000 on the first advance voting day in 2013. On Sunday, another 108,967  cast ballots in the province’s 87 ridings…. for a total advance weekend vote of 231,000. In just two days!   The entire advance vote over almost three weeks in 2013 was 367,000.

CHEK News in Victoria has reported heavy turnout on Vancouver Island: https://www.cheknews.ca/thousands-cast-ballot-advance-voting-309833/.

And the numbers of those who watched the televised leaders’ debate last week were AWESOME!

Take a look at the tv audience the debate scored in the key demo group aged 25 to 54 … not just seniors who have traditionally been most interested in politics:

CTV led the pack with a 3.9 rating and 25 share of those watching tv between 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.;  Global BC scored a 2.9 rating, with a 20 score; and CBC drew a 1.3 rating and 6 share.

By the way, according to the industry definition  “Share is the audience of a particular television program or time period expressed as a percent of the population viewing TV at that particular time. Share, then, is a percent allocation of the viewing audience and differs from the rating which is a percent of the potential audience.”

Since the debate was identical on all three stations (delayed on CBC), I could not help, of course, wonder why more watched on CTV than Global?

Perhaps just a bleed over from the 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. newscasts that evening on CTV and Global? Or maybe those interested in politics are deliberately choosing CTV’s coverage?  If anyone at either station wants to go on the record and explain the split, feel free to let us know.

Meanwhile, what makes the fairly high numbers scored by the debate even more interesting …. and TERRIFIC for political junkies, the candidates and the parties …  is the revelation that, at the same time of the evening, the NHL hockey playoffs had a 1.4 rating.


Who would have believed that any BC political discussion/debate would draw more viewers … by FAR …. than hockey????

I think it’s great news and shows that maybe, just maybe, people generally, including those 25 to 40, are starting to realize politics and parties and promises and policies ….. and  THEIR participation ….. do affect their lives.

Maybe that’s why more than 231,000  attended the advance polls held Saturday and Sunday throughout the province.

In 2013, the number of ELIGIBLE voters who cast ballots was only 55.32%, and the number of REGISTERED voters who actually voted was 57.1%.

Highest turnout of registered voters who took part in a BC provincial election was 77.66% in 1983.  (The Social Credit Party under Premier Bill Bennett was re-elected,  defeating for a third time the NDP under Dave Barrett, who had been Premier 1972-75).

These latest high numbers could bode well for improved voter turnout May 9.

Harv Oberfeld

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40 Responses to Election ’17: Signs of Higher Interest and Higher Turnout

  1. Gene The Bean says:


    I think what has happened in the Excited States of America has finally prompted those to finish their double shot low fat no foam latte’s, put down their phones, get their arse of the sofa – – and vote.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if voter turnout returns to the levels of forty years ago.

    Funny what can happen when an uneducated populace brings a serial abuser, racist and perpetual liar to the most important job in the free world.

    Who woulda thunk it?

  2. Hawgwash says:

    Debates are watched by ones and twos.
    Hockey by groups.

    I think the hockey vs debate numbers are skewed.

    No matter though, I do hope the vote count is high to leave lesser doubt, either way.

  3. elle says:

    Think the numbers would have been different had the BC team, the Canucks, been playing.

    (Response: I agree …. but with this blog called Keep it Real, even the idea of the Canucks in the playoff this year was highly UNREAL. 🙁 h.o)

  4. r says:

    bcl -the 2% party?
    ndp -the 98% party?

  5. e.a.f. says:

    went and voted at the small rural fire hall/community centre on Vancouver Island on Sunday and would describe the turn out as steady. Lets hope lots of people go out to vote this time. ‘

    Reviewing the places and times for advance voting, I’d suggest there be more dates available though.

  6. e.a.f. says:

    That 25 to 54 group may have finally figured out their future, as they see it, may depend upon them voting. Many in their late 30s suddenly realized their extended youth is over and they still haven’t achieved a whole lot of things their parents and grandparents had by that age, i.e. the house, the summer place, the boat, the 2 cars, etc. They may have suddenly become concerned and decided to pay attention to what is going on around them, especially if they don’t have a pension plan..

    Watching hockey is nice, but it won’t help you decide which party will provide you with what you need in your life, only voting can do that. Some may have decided they needed to know a tad more before they voted. Now lets hope every one goes out and votes.

    (Response: I hope you are right: in truth, those 25 to 54 have MORE at stake in government policies than those who are older/retired. h.o)

  7. harry lawson says:


    the higher turn out is encouraging. however we we will not know until the election is over if the turn out is up, this may just be a convenient opportunity to vote.

    i think why more watched on CTV is a direct result of the hard work CTV has done producing a better product then global.

    it would be very interesting to see the results if there was exit polls by the media at the advance polls.

    (Response: It’s hard to say what causes ratings in the lead-up to a single simul-broadcast. But I will say that I recall last BC election night, CTV’s broadcast was FAR superior to Global’s: faster results, better graphics, more interesting panel and, if my memory serves correctly, they called the Liberal win almost a full hour ahead of Global. And then Rob Brown had an exclusive interview with Clark as she stepped off the stage after speaking …. BEFORE she headed over to the scrum, where Global was waiting. h.o)

  8. Scotty on Denman says:

    Higher turnout would be encouraging—if such can be forecast by advance-poll turnout—so far—if it holds up. If the last federal election is any guide (and I think some of the same factors are at play in the largest picture: income disparity, the most people get the lowest wages, just when Mother Nature is about to get Armageddon mad), then this as-yet speculative increase in turnout probably revolves around a broad and simple consensus—which is always nice to see in an age of hyper-partisanship among political elites—that it’s time for a change.

    Yeah, sounds cliche (in fact it’s often used as such), but I mean it in the sense that citizens what change partly for the same reason as ever (the cliche aspect), that is, they’re pissed at the government for the shitty job it’s doing, but, more pertinently this time, as it was in the last federal contest, they see something to change to.

    Much of the political tumult of the last few decades has effectively defaulted elections to less-than mediocre parties. Thus the unloved frankenstein CPC Harper and MacKay treacherously concocted took advantage of the vacuum provided by the quarrelling Liberals: voters reluctantly, as shown by low turn-out and three (including Martin’s) minorities in a row, elected Harper’s Cons—and when the Liberals finally legitimized themselves in their own members’ eyes by letting them, instead of the party executive, select their own leader, voter turnout increased sharply (particularly among young voters) and Harper was summarily flushed to national and international relief and applause.

    The BC parallel is a similarly unloved BC Liberal government that has won by default, arguably, more than a few times because voters did not see viable alternatives, as bad as the BC Liberals have been; they simply stayed with “the devil they knew.”

    It’s my perception that, this time, voters do see viable options to change to, and are therefore more enthusiastic about voting: hence the apparent higher turnout.

    I’m hoping that another parallel exists that will further the demise of a spate of less-than mediocre governments in BC, that being the now-conclusive fact that the enthusiasm to rid the BC Liberals will encourage citizens to avoid splitting the vote in their favour—to make sure the change happens. As the last federal election showed, whatever veracity one might have put on pre-election Green polling numbers, the vote count was less than half of that—moreover, the difference appeared to be due to strategic voting and, further still, SV was availed by young voters whose turnout increased an eye-popping 12%.

    Splitting the vote by casting for the Greens risks not getting the viable change voters can see and want.

    Unfortunately, the venerable and perfectly legitimate polity of conservative-minded citizens continue to witness the disintegration of nominally conservative parties. While that suits many of us, I think it’s ultimately unhealthy in the long run. Maybe if conservatives had a patriotic, compassionate and environmentally responsible party to vote for, society could exit the past 25 years of political tumult, and all ideas on the political spectrum can constructively contribute to dealing with the pressing issues of our time.

    (Response: I find the latest Global News/Ipsos poll results also VERY interesting. Will do my next blog on the figures …and what I believe the voters are saying. h.o)

  9. ST. CAROLE OF VICTORIA-BEACON HILL…and her re-election prospects?

    The apparently impregnable Fortress of Victoria-Beacon Hill, that bastion of NDP “progessive” political whatever, could bear a little more looking into in this campaign.

    In other words, is Carole James vulnerable to an upending by either the Liberals or the Greenies this time?

    James has held the riding since 2005. It seems as if this riding is her’s for the taking, regardless.


    In skulking around Fairfield, that part of her bailywick, I find the young Green Party lad, Kalen Harris, wearing out his footwear in an effort to unseat the apparently unseatable Carole.

    Meanwhile Her Ladyship does not go door-to-door, according to my source.

    Instead she hangs out at her Fort Street office redoubt posing for selfies out front then retreats back inside.

    Meanwhile across that same street is Mr. Harris burning the midnight oil trying to create some kind of political career.

    Down another street Karen Bill, the Liberal candidate, continues her tough campaign work. She is also a hard worker, and young like Harris.

    Don’t know what this all means. Perhaps nothing. But it’s fun to speculate and opine.

    You never say never in BC politics.

  10. D. M. Johnston says:

    Good news that.

    I have been telling my oldest son that he must vote and he must tell his Friends to vote. It is their future.

    This, I believe is a watershed election and if the status quo is maintained, I greatly fear for this province.

    I also have great reservations with the mainstream media and their BC Liberal bias. There is so, so much questionable activities being done by so, so many good Liberals that what was once thought as highly dishonest and corrupt, is not.

    This province has debt and contractual obligations topping $180 billion a $140 billion more than when the NDP were last in power.

    This is massive, yet it is being pooh-poohed by MSM as a trifle.

    I hear the likes of Vague Palmer on Horgon getting mad and yes I want a Premier that gets mad, because I am damn mad at the Liberals, damn mad at the vast damage they have done and will do to this province.

    Weaver is far too cozy with the current prem and I see no Green in the Green party anymore.

    All I am thinking about is democracy and truth, something absent in the past few years and honour, a commodity lacking in BC for a very long time.

    Let us remember a one Adolf Hitler was voted into office in 1933, by a public memorized by hate, self loathing and scapegoating. Very few looked back at his criminal activities, when they cast their ballot.

    I hope people in BC who vote take a long hard look at at what has happened, current party ethics and lend their voice for change.

  11. BMCQ says:

    Just what are so many encouraged about when they talk about the perceived Turn Out of Voters?

    Exactly what do any of you think that perceived increase Voter Turn Out will provide you?

    Are any of you aware that back in the day John Kerry was all but anointed POTUS because of what Dems thought was a very encouraging Voter Turn Out?

    Are you also aware that last November Hillary Supporters were Thrilled and Encouraged by Polling, Voter Turn Out, and Early Exit Polls in Her “Blue Wall” of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, and several others?

    The Early Exit Polls that Evening had Hillary actually Picking Out Colours and Drapes for the White House while at the same time Bubba was already picking out the Interns for his Job as First Husband.

    And just how well did that turn out?

    If I am not mistaken many Voters were very encouraged and excited in Early Voting during the last B.C. Provincial Election were they not?

    Premier Adrian Dix was so excited and encouraged he said that he could not wait for Election Day!

    Really, other than a smattering of Biased Opinions from Media Pundits, a bit of Wishful Thinkimg on our own part and a few Mumblings from Some that Post on this Blog what real evidence/proof do any of us have that our Ponies are a Nose ahead at this Juncture?

    As to the comment by e.a.f. that some that have not started to save or provide for themselves by the time they are 35 – 55 are Voting for the Party that will “Give them Free Stuff” (I paraphrase) there is only one thing I can say, “Heaven Help Us” if that is what we have come too.

    Yeah, sure, that makes sense, “Let’s Tax the Older People that worked hard, saved money, paid off their houses by NOT going to Hawaii, sacrificed to support Families, and Paid more than their Fair Share of Taxes”.

    “Yes let’s Vote for the Party that will take from Older Retired Secure Folks by Taxing them so we can get what we want, Let’s Vote for John Horgan and the NDP!


    Is that really what you want?


    Do any of you think that the early encouraging Voter Turn Out might just possibly be by those Voters that could support the B.C. Liberals?

    Could that actually be possible?

    (Response: The higher the turnout…the more likely people generally are not happy …and will vote for change. Of course, it could also be enough are worried about that change to get out and protect the status quo … but the polls are NOT showing that. Watch my next blog. h.o)

  12. r says:

    OF BC
    Off to vote I gloat.
    I wanted to drain the moat.
    But to my suprise, the lib green disguise.?
    I decided not to split the vote.

  13. #10 D.M Johnston


    Are you completely nuts?

    First off, understand what Germany was like in the last days of WW1, and the 1920s.

    The war ended badly for its military (Prussian) leaders Ludendorf, Hindenburg and what was left of German royalty.

    Berlin and the German countryside became the scene of riots and other violence between the Communists and the Freikorps, the forunners of the Nazi Party, beginning in 1918.

    In the 1920s the Nazi Party got its start in secretive meetings arranged by Germans desperate for some kind of political sanity and order. Adoph Hitler was the pathetic figure who emerged from this German civil wreckage and eventually wrought havoc upon the world.

    In 1933 the Germans finally got order thanks to a three-party split and Nazi goons who strung up voters in public if they voted the “wrong” way.

    That year Hitler was “democratically” elected as Chancellor, only to soon dissolve the Reichstag and name himself dictator.

    So, to equate, in any possible way or inference, the BC Liberals as 1933-style Nazis is utterly disgraceful.

    There is simply no connection of any kind between a nascent Nazi Germany and B.C. post-election 2017.

    For instance BC has never lost a world war; never suffered the loss of millions of men through combat in said war; had to accept onerous penalties imposed by a Treaty of Versailles; and, hyperinflation of thousands of percentage points that begat widespread hunger, civil strife and other horrors amongst the populace.

    I’m not defending the indefensible actions of Hitler and his Nazis up to 1933 and beyond.

    It just happened and the West could have stopped Hitler’s madness in the Dirty Thirties but, instead, just looked the other way as WW2 eventually emerged.

    Winston Churchill was the only key politician who warned an uncaring world of the danger of Hitler ‘s Nazis.

    Premier Christy Clark became premier in 2011, and was re-elected in 2013.

    She stands for re-election, or defeat next week.

    If she loses, what will she do? Conduct a coup and seize power from the democratically-elected successor?


    Will she conduct street riots?


    Has she advocated extermination of an entire race of people, the Jews, or the deaths of Communists, or gypsies or gays?

    Are you beyond crazy?

    We live in a very peaceful place created in large measure by the legacy left by thousands of our ancestors who lie forever in the cemeteries of Flanders Fields, D-Day beaches, Holland, Hong Kong, the bottom of the Atlantic, or the ashen remains of captured Canadian spies whose ashes were scattered outside Nazi concentration following their horrific executions?

    Look pal, be damned careful what you say when you involve yourself in B.C.’s democratic political process.

    There is nothing wrong with free speech.

    But you are forever wrong when you equate the Holocaust based on racial “superiority” with what’s going on in our election campaign.

    Years ago I served in the Canadian Forces and, in doing so, had the great privilege of meeting many Canadian war heroes, amongst them the now late retired Major General John Rockingham. Look up his CV.

    Also, during the 1960s I took flying lessons from instructors some of who fought in enemy skies, or trained young men to fly in the Battle of Britain or Bomber Command. Lest We Forget.

    Ask yourself, how desperate must be your mind to even think of writing up such tripe, much less submit it?

    Study your damn history!

  14. AndyO says:

    Voted on Sunday, abit of a line up. Asked the people volunteering and they had said it was very brisk and constant. Walked out within 5 minutes. Said to my wife that I couldn’t understand why people say they are too busy or some excuse not to vote. It would be nice to see 65-70% turnout this year (if not more).

    (Response: Just updated my blog post with latest numbers: Elections BC told me the TOTAL advance vote over the TWO DAYS was more than 231,000 … really amazing in view of the total advance voting, over three weeks, in 2013 was 367,000. Amazing the “working” media haven’t been on to these figures in a BIG way!! h.o)

  15. Marge says:

    @Island Lookout. I can’t remember in a donkey’s age anyone who has knocked on my door and asked for my vote and I live in a strong Liberal riding…. so that is meaningless today. The newcomers of course are going to knock and hope and knock and hope but the “real” candidates don’t want to be bothered, be they of any political stripe. That’s too above them talking to the average person.

    Years ago a gentleman knocked at my door and told me he was running for election and that my front lawn was on fire. He told me he had been a voluntary fireman (can’t remember his name or if I voted for him) in the past and helped put the fire out. He’s the only one and I believe that was more than a few years ago.

    I did see a billboard today on Fraser Highway missing one of the letters in the Liberal candidate’s name so that gave me a big chuckle. Will not print it – use your imaginations!!

  16. 13 says:

    It might be a bit of counting your eggs before they are hatched to be excited about advance poll voting.
    Could be the regular crowd just getting a chore out of the way.
    We will get a clearer picture the evening of May 9th.

    @Isl Lookout #13
    Thank you for trying to put a lid on the hyperbole. Hitler, you would think that after DJTs press secretary stuck his foot in his mouth .
    (Response: It could very well be that people are just voting earlier. But that does not explain the relatively high ratings …at the same time some pretty exciting (non Canucks) NHL playoff game is on opposite at the same tome. I’m optimistic about that. h.o)

  17. D. M. Johnston says:

    @ Island lookout.

    I did not equate the Liberals with old Adolph, rather I used an historical election where a great many people turned a blind eye to the digressions of a most criminal political party and voted accordingly.

    Those who do not read history are doomed to make the same mistakes.

    The BC Liberals are a corrupt political party, corrupted by arrogance, corrupted by massive corporate donations, which, in part, the Premier was paid a $50K annual stipend.

    The Liberals are kept in power by a blind base, who turn a blind eye to party extravagance, arrogance and borderline criminality.

    They vote to keep the “dreaded socialist” out of office, yet those in office now are more dreaded than the alternative.

    Like those who voted for that funny little man with the quirky mustache, or 80 years later for Trump in the USA, they voted not about facts or good government, they voted for hate, self loathing, racism and more.

    For BC, voting for the Liberals is voting for the most evil, corrupt government in BC history and if Clark is elected, I can sum up that those who voted for this party are equally arrogant and corrupt .

    Those Germans in 1945 who protested that “they didn’t know”, yet they did and willfully turned a blind eye to old Adolph and reaped the whirl wind as a consequence.

    The same can be said in BC for those who vote Liberal, which government will impoverish most of us with massive new taxes and user fees and yet those who vote Liberal will claim “we didn’t know”.

  18. BMCQ says:

    Johnston – 17

    Loathsome, at best.

  19. harry lawson says:


    with talk of a vat tax by the Liberals as well as the NDP talking about increasing taxes for those making $ 75 k a year . this too will get more people out to vote

    watching Clark and Horgan remind me of spy vs spy cartoona from the old mad magazine.

    (Response: Now that takes me back!!! h.o.)

  20. Gene The Bean says:

    Johnston – 17

    Great comment that sums it up perfectly.

    Who knew……?

  21. r says:

    All vote NDP to get new voting system in, them vote what you want.cause you aint getting proportional representation with BClibs?or by splitting the vote.?


  22. Edgar says:

    I am caught in a dilemma, I live in a safe Liberal riding, a case of gerrymandering in 2008. A community that moved from NDP to Liberal (Socred) was split in two and joined with neighbouring liberal strongholds. Consequently, we are not having an election campaign in our riding. The Green candidate is an unknown who does not seem to be campaigning and the NDP candidate is from Vancouver and has only put out a few John Horgan signs. If it was a presidential campaign I could see the reason for the signs but it is not a presidential campaign.
    It should be a local campaign because there is no shortage of local issues ranging from public transportation, growing homelessness, a trust crisis in local health care, and a riding with the second lowest median income in Canada.
    Despite what should be important issues the opposition parties do not see fit to nominate candidates of any merit because they don’t want to spend money in a riding that they perceive is unwinnable. No door knocking, no phone calls, no public speeches, no public appearances, no signs, and only one all candidates meeting.
    The Federal Liberals won the riding from the conservatives with a lot of hard work so it could be done.
    Anyway, here is my dilemma, do I vote on the basis of the party leader and perhaps get a representative who is not qualified or interested in the riding, vote for a reasonable Liberal member because he is known but risk electing a party that I don’t care for, or stay home an not vote as protest. I have only missed one election and that was because I was living outside the country.
    My understanding, and you probably heard it as well as that the election is really about 13 potential swing ridings and the money and resources are going into those riding. I know it is for another discussion but it is time for a new election system.

    (Response: This really is a difficult election for many …myself included. I am not particularly impressed by the record of the Liberal government, hate the MSP, and have been hit hard by Hydro, ICBC, gas taxes etc etc. and don’t seem to have benefitted from almost any programs they have announced; but the NDP platform, as I’ve blogged earlier, also offers almost nothing long term for me … and don’t think I heard much or was impressed by anything my own local NDP MLA has said/done; and I find the Greens platform would be too radical for an old pensioner. Ugh! What am I going to do? Go over their platforms again …carefully …to see if ANY are acceptable, or least objectionable …if not great. But frankly, I’d better not have serious parking problem this time when I go to vote!!! h.o)

  23. #17 D.M. Johnston

    I don’t believe your contention that the BC Liberal government is one of the most corrupt in BC history.

    What about the NDP during the 1990s? What was it, four premiers who ran that crooked, decrepit “ship of state?”

    What about some of WACCY Bennett’s administrations? The CCF/NDP railed against him for years, yet he kept getting re-elected until he didn’t, in 1972 when the great Boomer tsunami rolled in.

    Were Socred voters just robots back then? No, they didn’t want the socialists gathering at the gate a fair enough desire, I’d say.

    And today most British Columbians still don’t want that to happen. Do you really think Liberal voters are a blind base?

    The Libs here have done nothing that deserves such recriminations as your’s.

    I don’t know who’ll win this round.

    But once in government, decisions have to be made by said same government, and sometimes “bad things happen.”

    But should Christy Clark and Co. be seen as criminals as you may infer? No.

    As for the Germans voting in Hitler, a bad dude who was not funny looking especially if you were a Jew, his voters were not all “blind” to his strident pitch and I’m not sure if there was anybody else on the ballot!

    Germans really thought he’d make a difference to their post-WW1 miseries.
    He sure did, but for an outcome that was a catastrophe for them and millions of others.

    Don’t forget, Hitler made himself dictator.

    Christy was and is and never will be a dictator. She will stand or fall on her record.

    I don’t believe there will be widespread poverty amongst the people should the Libs be re-elected.

    About the NDP I’m not so sure. Horgan’s social housing initiative will cost upwards of $30-billion according to housing experts. See the CBC website on that .

    Your obsession with Clark’s Libs are a little extraordinary.

  24. Gene The Bean says:

    How you can lose all credibility in one or two sentences. #22

    “The Libs here have done nothing that deserves such recriminations as your’s”

    “Christy was and is and never will be a dictator.”

    Barry Lite perhaps….?

  25. #22 Edgar

    Why do you have such a problem deciding whether or not to vote?

    Keep in mind those Canadians who lie buried in foreign battlefields.

    You’re voting for them, more than you are voting for yourself. They didn’t stand a chance.

    Stop whining, Mate. Put someone else ahead of your own self-perceived greatness. You’re just like the rest of us.

    So for whom should you vote? The one who can do you the most good.

    Get out and participate.

  26. Marge says:

    An update. My Liberal candidate actually showed up on my doorstep. He told me who he was, handed me his pamphlet and I politely told him I wasn’t voting for him. Does this mean the Liberals are scared? This man has never done anything before like this and is a career politician, municipally and provincially. Does he see his safe seat in jeopardy? Or was this a nice sunny day and he decided to go out for a long walk? Conjecture, conjecture. Who knows? Still wanting Ms. Clark wiped out politically to take the smugness out of that stupid smile of hers.

  27. Hawgwash says:

    So, if the Liberals win, do they replace Christy?

    If the Liberals don’t win, but she does, what does she do, bail?

    If the Liberals win and she doesn’t who is the new leader?

  28. Helena Handcart says:

    If the NDP wins this election, it will be interesting to see how long Ms. Clark sticks around. She seems to enjoy being Premier but not so much turning up for work each day. Like Trump she seems to find it too hard to put in a shift at the legislature. Here is a link to a NY Times article on how your tax dollars are helping the needy zillionaires among us. Too bad we don’t have any reporters in BC that can figure this out;

  29. Scotty on Denman says:

    Hawg: what a fun question! So, if they win, I don’t see the reason to replace Christy: she hasn’t been allowed in the policy kitchen since before she won her own mandate, anyway. Her ministers are content for her to decoy—and I think you’ll agree she loves the spotlight much more than boring old policy.

    If they’re defeated and Christy is re-elected in the safest seat in BC—and I do mean the safest because the BC Liberals were trying to avoid any more tumult (it attracts too much attention to what they might be doing wrong) and could not risk her losing a by-election which would have caused waves that might take a year to ride out (way too many books to cook to let that happen)—well, I expect Christy would resign as leader and probably retire from politics altogether (I suspect the party wouldn’t survive forensic investigation of their public book-keeping, anyway). She’s probably got some nice directorships lined up, just in case, anyhow.

    I can’t imagine her not winning that safe seat—but, you never know, happened to Prentice in Albetar…but, in the event, unlikely as it seems, I would expect some of the ministers remaining after the Campbell period would have even more reasons to control what we can find out about inner workings of the BC Liberal kleptocronyocracy.

    For the sake of all that’s perfidious, I would think the BC Liberals really, really want to win under a re-elected Christy.

  30. R says:


    Get your wallet ready May 10th.
    Oh yea and that vat tax talk also

  31. nonconfidencevote says:

    man oh man I dont “get” where the Liberals have been spending their money during this reelection campaign.
    4 years ago Christy babbled. “Its about the kids!” “Its about families!” “Its about jobs!”
    $15,000,000 later we have the same tripe.
    4 years ago in the lst week of the election we had a tv ad showing Adrian Dix on a weather vane spinning which ever way the wind blew on an increasingly stormy night with thunder and lightening booming and flashing.
    Its a picture of Donald Trump with strom clouds, thunder, lightening and …..Christy to the rescue!
    She gonna negotiate in our best interests for NAFTA! Hurray!
    NAFTA a federal trade agreement.
    Christy, another in a long line of grandstanding powerless politicans.

    Then again she might be able to swing a back room deal a la BC Rail…..

  32. #326 Marge

    It’s good that your Liberal candidate (MLA) showed up at your doorstep. Should have been showing up more often.
    But he is not alone in that kind of electoral behaviour, apparently.

    Talk to constituents in Victoria -Beacon Hill where incumbent Carole James (for the last 12 years) has not been pounding on doors (according to some folks I’ve spoken to), but her opponents are, especially the Green guy, a Kalen Harris and Karen Bill, the Liberal.

    In fact Harris ran out of signs to distribute, thinking they wouldn’t be so popular. I hear the Sierra Club is backing him.

    Ms. James’s folks also put up some of her campaign signs illegally on public property in Victoria this week and complaints have been made to City Hall.

    Other constituents tell me, Ms. James spends more time at Burns Lake (Lady of the Lake?) because that’s where her husband lives, than she does in Victoria.

    I think she still may win, but the two other main candidates, Harris and Bill are years younger and more energetic; Millennials. They will put several dents into the NDP armour there.

    There will be a radio debate tomorrow at 9 AM on a local AM radio station dealing with Victoria-Beacon Hill.

    Overall, according to one poller, the Libs, province-wide, are 4 points behind the NDP overall. Horgan is down in popularity by 1 %.

    BTW, watch out in Oak Bay-Gordon Head riding.

    Snapping at Mr. Weaver’s (God-like heels) is local lawyer, BC Liberal candidate, Alex Dutton.

    She is bright and during public debates she stands up well to that terribly self-important Nobel Prize winner, and member of the Noblesse Oblige. She also does a lot of door-to-door campaigning.

    So Marge, you have such a heavy hate-filled heart it seems. Buck up there, girl.

    AND, remember that the day before the 2013 BC election the NDP was 20 points ahead of Clark! Quite the outcome wasn’t it?

  33. Hawgwash says:

    By golly the Liberals are desperate.

    Someone up the page, who is blinded by the light, used the word “loathsome.”

    Very descriptive and appropriate, in this case.

  34. BMCQ says:

    Spoke to a recently retired friend of mine in Vancouver today who informed me he had just Voted in Advance.

    Asked him how busy it was and he said it was fairly brisk and he had also heard that from others as well. He said the Advance was mentioned to be busier than other years.

    I mentioned to him that most on the Harvey Blog are attempting to say that the higher Turn Out for AP was because people want change and they are confident that translates into an NDP Government.

    He then said, you should explain to them that from what he saw the AP for his Riding was full of Retired People that lead busy lives and in his opinion most Retired People support B.C. Liberals and they wanted to Vote early.

    He did not see one person under 50 years of age at his A Poll!

    Yes, of course those under 50 are all working, they don’t have time to Vote Advance.

    Will they have time to Vote May 9?

    I suppose if the NDP continue to Promise more “Free Stuff” by Taxing Hard Working Individuals more so they can provide more!

    “Blinded by the Light”?

    Yeah, sure!

    Scotty – 29

    If memory serves, Did NDP Titan and Superman DAVE Barrett not suffer a defeat way back in the 1970’s?

    Did he not have his good friend Bob Williams step down for a nice reward in a VERY SAFE Seat of Van East so DAVE could get back into the Legislature?

    Or we supposed to pretend that did not happen?

    (Response: Depends on WHEN your friend voted: most people who are still working are not likely to be at the weekday advanced polls during the daytime …except, of course, nightworkers. h.o)

  35. BMCQ says:

    This is more of a question than an opinion.

    We are all more than well aware that we have a rapidly changing population in B.C.

    Of course we have great huge change in Demographics where it is reported that we have more over say 60 year old Residents than those under what, 35?

    That new and rapidly changing Demographic must surely play a significant part in the Vote in any given Election Contest.

    Then there is this.

    We never talk about the fact that over the past 40, 30, 20, 10, and even 5 years or more recently we have seen a Sea Change in our Population with the number of Immigrants that have come to B.C. from Countries like India, Hong Kong, (before China) China, S. Korea, Philippines, Middle Eastern Nations and other World Nations.

    Many of those Countries have Governments that are to say the least not very Democratic, in fact Autocratic, Militaristic, Communist, Hard Left Socialistic or some other Brand of Strong Man type Government.

    Do they want a “Free Enterprise” Government, a Green, they might see as problematic or a Horgan NDP who they may feel could Tax Them into Oblivion?

    I am not even going to guess where those Votes will go but I am going to guess that those New Canadians may have a fairly high Voter Turn Out.

    I am also only going to guess that many of those same people may have their first ever chance to Vote when they come to B.C. and Canada.

    Over the years we have seen most Parties attempt to put forth a Candidate that is somewhat reflective of the Demographic on any given Riding.

    No doubt that will prove to be important this time around in B.C.

  36. Marge says:

    @Island Person Only a Liberal troll would make such an offensive statement that I have a heavy heart because I told the Liberal candidate (who has done squat and forever on the public purse) that I wasn’t voting for him. Your hate on for Carol James is something else. I didn’t wax on and on about my awful Liberal candidate but you certainly did about the NDP one. I strongly suspect that you are of the party faithful and are here to do the same thing as I see at other sites such as CBC to attack the person who has a different view than you. The heavy heart lies with the Liberal party. I hope they are toast. And good luck to Ms. James. Always liked her and thought she was a decent person.

  37. 13 says:

    Amazes me how easily “troll” gets tossed out. Marge because we dissagree and even take a shot ( not literally) at one another I dont think the troll label fits as often as it shows up
    Hell even Gumby wasnt a troll , just an offensive …..


    Your’s is a very offensive comment.

    I’m no troll.

    But when I was a kid I was always fascinated by the various kinds of fishing boats that were used to hunt for salmon, on our west coast, notably the Pacific Troller a 38 to 42 foot long wooden vessel. A beauty of a boat to be sure.

    So please don’t insult the rest of the troll(ers) out there, eh, Marge.

    They’re looking for fish!

    I’ve met Carole James on many an occasion but not at our door-step. She is very nice person, and I fully expect her re-election next week.

    But one can be critical of a candidate, seasoned or otherwise, because that is part of our democratic process. You rail against the Liberals, while I rail against the NDP. What’s wrong with that, Marge?

    As you search relentlessly for Socialist Utopian perfection in BC kindly understand that not everyone agrees with your cohot’s perfect left-wing theories and their impossible outcomes.

    Damn those deplorables!

  39. Marge says:

    @38 Too funny. I still believe that you will disappear under the bridge once the election is over. Had you read any previous posting of mine, you would found out that I am a strong CONSERVATIVE who voted for Harper in the last election. Can’t stand what the Libs have done to BC so want them gone at any cost. Will help you locate a new bridge if that happens!!

  40. e.a.f. says:

    don’t what classification to put Island Look out under but the person by that name has been around for awhile on other blogs. Have seen it before, He may have come over here to check out the last of the 5 or so blogs which are daily reading for some of us.

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